Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST: Season 6 Episode 16 - What They Died For

Hello LOSTIES!  It's getting very real now isn't it?  As Jacob may tell us, "We're very close to the end."  And this episode seemed very clear in proving that to us.  In every penultimate episode to a LOST season finale, we usually witness the ever essential SETUP epic end-game mission of that season.  It is no different for this episode leading to the Series Finale of what will go down as TV's greatest achievement (yes, I mean LOST!).   For all of the mysteries that have befuddled us all season and some even longer, we are beginning to see everything take shape.  The Sideways Stories are coming together in an awesome way, our remaining candidates are getting ever so close to their true purpose and the antagonist of the story has raised the stakes of his ultimate plan as well.  I only have 2 more opportunities to do this and I'm not going to waste them folks.  Even for a setup episode, it has done its job tremendously and has me super psyched to see how it's all going to end.  I'll save my tears for later folks.  This episode gets a bonafide WOW!!!!!!! from me.  I almost don't want to get into the recap, because once I do, I know I will only be doing this one more time!   But alas, the show must go on.  Let's do this!

"What They Died For" - One could assume we are going to learn the tale of why Sun, Jin, Sayid, well EVERYONE has died.  And by the peak point of this episode, we do get a lot more information from someone who does have answers!  But Jacob's chat with the Candidates was only part of the fun of tonight's episode.  The Flash Sideways continued to focus on a large collection of the LOSTIES and getting them all moving closer to being in the same place.  There may have even been a hint of the ol' Man of Science vs. Man of Faith with a dash of Mr. Eko thrown in there for good measure!  Man, I love coming full circle.  Anyway, we also rejoin Richard, Miles and Ben to see what they've been up to.  And we have a meeting of 2 folks that I sure have been waiting to see for a couple of seasons.  And, in my opinion, their relationship concluded the way I always wanted it to!  Oh yeah, in case I forgot to mention, Smokey is in this episode too!   Time to dive in!

Flash Sideways

As I mentioned, we were visiting many of our LOSTIES in the Flash Sideways timeline.  Of course, there was one CONSTANT (pun definitely intended) that strung the scenes together and is causing them all to unfold as they are.  You guessed it:  Desmond David Hume!  Here is what went down in Sideways Land.

Jack and the Extended Family
Jack wakes up and heads to the bathroom as we have seen him do a couple times this season.  One more time he looks into that mirror and notices something. 
  • That cut is back on his neck. HUH??   Remember the cut he saw in the mirror in the premiere this season?  (LA X)   We have said since then that this cut was somehow tied to Island Jack, once comparing it to the Season 5 ventures to blow up Jughead and then again comparing it to when Widmore sent a rocket to the Island that blew up right beside Jack.   It's not really looking like it's going to tie to either of those events anymore, but it certainly must be related to his Island existence.  Of course, we also know Jack looked in the mirror in the LIGHTHOUSE episode and noticed his the scar from his appendectomy which he didn't seem to recall happening when he was a child (and we know in the Island timeline that it happened right before he first left the Island).   Stay tuned on this one.  Surely, we're going to find out what is tying Sideways to the Island story in the Series Finale!  

  • David Shephard, Jack's Sideways son, comes in to let Jack know that he made breakfast.  They have a nice joke about how pouring cereal is not "making breakfast".  And we have some more golly gee shucks "we are happy" father/son moments.  
  • David asks Jack if he is coming to the CONCERT.   We get more tidbits on this in future Sideways scenes.  Apparently, there is going to be a benefit concert at the almighty museum.  Yes,  we thought that the Hospital and Police Stations would be the big meeting grounds for everyone.  And they did play their part as INITIAL meeting grounds.  But it looks like everything is pointing towards this grand meeting place at the Benefit Concert.  Will David be playing there?  That would be my guess.  Will Daniel Faraday be his piano teacher and also be taking part in this event?  That would be kinda funny wouldn't it?  Perhaps this benefit will be funded by the Widmore Family.  I'd say it was the same benefit that Eloise Hawking was planning in Desmond's "Happily Ever After" episode but I think a few days have passed since then and it seemed like they were getting ready to have that event that night!  But you never know. 
  • Oh right, David's MOTHER is going to be there!  We'll finally find out who it is.  Could it be Juliet?  I think it would be a safe bet that we might be seeing her in the final episode that airs in the existence of LOST.  You know, we do need to see her and Sawyer go Dutch on coffee after all!   Could it be Sarah?  We do know that Julie Bowen has been hard at work on Modern Family, but she just so happened to be filming an episode in Hawaii (that just aired last week).  It sure would be a shame if they didn't somehow work her into the final episode, right?   It has to be one of those 2, right?  I know other people have said Ana Lucia, but I'm still not seeing it!    Of course, it also was interesting that Jack seemed to still have feelings for whoever the ex-wife is.  David told him not to get weird.  See, I have just been figuring that Kate and Jack would meet up in Sideways land and get a rush of feelings back.  But Jacob did make that point about them all being alone and flawed (we'll get to that) in the Island timeline.  Jack doesn't seem to be alone in this timeline.   Would he still NEED Kate in this timeline?  Based on his comments at the end of season 5, he still loves her and thinks he could have another chance with her if the stakes were different.   Surely, them running into each other at the benefit ball will be the key to him remembering stuff.  We'll see! 
  • But that's not all folks, Claire was at Jack's place too!  If you recall, he asked her to come stay with  him.  Seems like that baby will be coming along pretty soon.  Hmm what if she goes to the concert too and ends up going into labor?  That sure would be interesting!  Maybe Kate would be forced to deliver her baby again.   Maybe Boone will be there and fall from a scaffolding and Jack will need to work on him (kidding folks!  Or am I??).   Lots of possibilities, but only one episode left for it all to happen. 

  • Jack gets a phone call.  It's Desmond pretending to be Oceanic Airlines.  And he claims that they have found Christian Shephard's coffin.  It will be arriving in LA by the end of the day.  Desmond then apologizes for the delay.  Hmm, not sure how that's going to play into things yet.  But, I sure would like that final scene between Jack and Christian somehow in the final episode!  
Desmond goes Back to School

We see a very familiar site with Desmond sitting in his car outside of the school where Ben and Locke teach.  He sees Locke returning back to school for the first time since Desmond ran him over the last time.  It looks like he's about to start the car and get ready to run him over again but then...

  • Dr. Benjamin Linus to the rescue!  He throws himself in front of the car and refuses to let Desmond try and kill John Locke.  He even tries to place him under citizen's arrest.  Ahhh good times.  

  • Desmond tells Benjamin that he is not here to hurt Locke, he is trying to help him let go.  A recurring phrase being used in these sideways episodes, well pretty much throughout the series.  But we'll touch on it more in a bit.
  • In the meantime, Ben wants to know who Desmond is.  And how does Desmond tell him?  Well he beats the crap out of him of course.  Nothing new for Island Ben!  He has been a punching bag for his entire run on LOST.  But, we sure have been missing it this season.  Glad we're coming full circle on that too.   Oh but wait...while Ben was getting punched, he seemed to visualize Desmond beating him up on the docs when he tried to kill Penny.   He started to remember is former Island existence! 

  • Of course, this reminds me that Ben HAS been to the Island before with his father even in this sideways timeline.  So when we're hearing thoughts of Flocke wanting to destroy the Island (I know, I'm way ahead of myself), we immediately think about that sideways Island underwater.  But, now that I'm remembering that the Island DID exist at one point in Sideways Land, I'm having a problem thinking that it is some sort of EPILOGUE to the Island story.  Unless we find out that the Island being underwater is the result of something else that happened.   2.5 hours folks.  2.5 hours!  Maybe Pierre Chang will be able to explain some stuff at the benefit concert?  We'll see!  Until then, we have 4 days and chance to theorize! 
  • We rejoin Ben later at the Nurse's Office in the school.  Locke comes in to see if Ben is okay.  When Ben recounted what happened, Locke begins to call the police.   But Ben tells Locke that he SAW something while he was getting beaten.  And when Desmond told Ben that he was trying to get Locke to let go, he totally believed him.   The words "Let Go" triggered something in Locke. Something in his conversation he had with Jack before leaving the hospital.   By the way, this whole storyline pretty much confirms that Desmond wasn't trying to kill Locke because Flocke threw him in the well in Sideways land.   He is going through these actions to get these people to "wake up".   Slowly but surely, it's happening.  And I would hope it would happen to ALL of them this Sunday, May 23rd!

Back to the Police Station

By the way, great scene transition using Locke's phone call to the Police to transition to a new Sideways locale.  And what do you know?  Desmond is now at the police station and he's requesting to see Detective James Ford! 

  • Before Desmond gets back to him, Sawyer is talking to Miles who is getting all dressed up.   Miles just happens to be going to a benefit at his dad's museum (Pierre Chang is his dad in case anyone forgot!).  And yes the benefit is a concert and he has been telling Sawyer about it for a week.   I wonder if there will be any significance in what the benefit is for or if it's just an excuse to get all of the LOSTIES in one place.   Sawyer did get an invite but once he found out Charlotte is going, he passed.  Something tells me he will change his mind!  The more I think about this, the more it seems like it would be perfect if Juliet is Jack's ex-wife.  But I'm not ruling out Sarah just yet! 

  • So anyway, Desmond comes back to talk to Sawyer.  He explains the hit and run and then the beating of a school teacher that happened by the same suspect.  And then he turns himself in.  What's his plan?  Oh you know, he just so happens to be put in a holding cell with Sayid and Kate, not to mention he got to run in with Sawyer too!   Oh wait a second, I know exactly how Sawyer will end up at the benefit.  Miles is going to spot Desmond and Kate and the benefit and call up his partner to inform him that 2 escaped convicts are there!  Or you know, something to that extent.  

Ben's Romance???

Okay, so I'll admit I had heard a rumor that they were going to develop a bit of a love interest for Ben.  But for some reason, I never thought it would be this.  Yet, it makes the most sense I can't believe I didn't think about it.   This was high comedy, but some sort of sweetness to it all that it was perfect.  Anyway, injured Ben Linus runs into Alex at school and she is so upset to see that he is all beaten up and bruised. 
  • Love that Alex called Ben "like...the nicest guy ever!"  He might just be that in sideways land but we all know of his ISLAND Existence!  This is one guy that would benefit from not knowing what he was/is in the Island timeline.  

  • Anyway, Alex insists that Ben should not be driving and offered for her mother to give him a ride.  (Love the Napoleon reference too)  And we finally get to see Sideways Rousseau!  She had initially turned down appearing in the final season, but they worked out a deal to get her back.   Just in time!  She still has her French Accent but she is VERY happy to see Ben in this sideways story.  He has done so much for her daughter, that she couldn't be more pleased to help Ben out.  They even get him to come over for dinner!  (He's come a long way from being a baby-napper!  Then again, we found out he only kidnapped the baby so that he could spare both of Rousseau and Alex's life)
  • After they ate at Casa Rousseau, she tells Ben how Alex has always looked at him as a father figure since she never knew her father.  Alex's real father died when she was 2 (I think that's what she said, it was kind of mumbled).     Of course, we do not know how he died here but it probably wasn't because Rousseau shot him due to his Smoke Monster infection!   We also do not know why she has come to be living in Los Angeles, but we could say that for every character that just happens to be residing there in sideways land! 
  • Ben got all choked up at learning how much of an impact he is in Alexis's life.  He blames the onions to Rousseau and then she gets in one flirty line about how she'll put in fewer next time.   CRAZY!   Yet, crazy ironic that even in Sideways land, Ben and Danielle Rousseau seem to be parenting this child.   And now, we throw in a bit of a love twist and he might become an actual legal parent to Alex.  

Man of Science, Man of Faith

We return to Jack's story in his office when John Locke comes to visit him.  He wants to discuss with him about everything that has been going on since Flight 815.

  • But first, Locke sees a picture of Jack, his son and his father sitting on the desk.  Not much worth noting.  Seems like just a little small talk with Jack telling Locke not to tell David they look alike.  But at least it's an excuse to put an, as always, "lovely" photo-shopped picture in here! 
  • Locke goes into all of the events that have transpired.  They were on the same plane, Jack gave him his business card.  Locke threw it away (no offense!).  A few days later Locke is hit by a car and out of all of the doctors in Los Angeles he ended up with Jack (starting to sound like the old Locke!).  Then after Jack saves Locke's life, he still wants to fix him and Locke still doesn't want to be fixed.  Now, the same man that ran him over came back and beat up a school teacher but said he wasn't there to hurt Locke, he was there to help him "Let Go."   The last time we heard this?  Jack was speaking to Locke about how they both need to let things go.   Jack has dealt with the inability to let go in his Island life too which caused him to lose his marriage and his father.   Same with Locke as he became obsessed with his conman father and it ended up ruining his life.
  • Then Locke said the phrase we have been waiting for him to say.  "What if all of this is happening for a reason?"  It harkened back to his first Man of Science/Man of Faith discussion he had with Jack in season 1's EXODUS.   He even suggested that maybe Jack is SUPPOSED to fix him.  
  • Jack resumed his role in the eternal debate saying that he wants to fix him but that Locke might be mistaking coincidence for fate.  And yes, as I mentioned earlier, this was an Eko line from back in season 2! 
  • Of course, the difference here is that there are no ISLAND stakes in the mix and Jack isn't fuming mad and Locke isn't coming off TOO crazy in the discussion.  Locke disregards the debate on fate and decides that he is ready to get out of his chair! 
Prison Break!

Sawyer comes into the holding cell and lets Sayid, Kate and Desmond know that he's shipping them all off to the County prison.  

  • Kate pleads with Sawyer to let her go.  She goes on even further about how she is innocent.  I'm guessing we will get confirmation on this innocence in the finale as well. (maybe?)   She tells Sawyer that she knows he believed her.  He kind of agrees but also will not let her go because he's still an honorable cop.  (you know, until he finds Anthony Cooper and wants to kill him!)   Kate does put a bug in his ear that he doesn't seem like a cop to her.  He looks like he is regretting his decision to let her walk.  
  • But alas, they are in the Police Van being moved to County.  But Desmond already has other plans.  He asks if they're all ready to get out of here.   Kate has no idea who this guy is and Sayid is calling him a crazy guy that turned himself in.  Desmond tells them both that the driver is going to stop and when it happens they're going to have to trust him and promise to do something for them in return.   Considering they think he is crazy they both just promise to do whatever if he can get them free.  
  • Then the Van stops, and guess who opens the door?  It's everyone's favorite cop, Ana Lucia!  We knew we'd see her eventually!   Ana Lucia was apparently bought off by Desmond and they are waiting for the "BUYER" to arrive.   Desmond assures that he will be there soon. 

  • A yellow Hummer rolls up and we already know who it is!  It's Hugo Reyes!!   "Sorry I'm late dude!"  And then he sees Ana Lucia and says that Desmond didn't tell her that she would be there.    Ana Lucia does not recognize Hurley at all and then Hurley right away hysterically changes his stance to "uhhh...No, we never met".   Woa, so wait a minute.  Does Hurley remember EVERYTHING now?  It sure seems like it, right?   So, does that mean both Desmond and Hurley (and maybe Charlie) are fully enlightened about their other existence? 

  • Ana Lucia takes her $125,000 from Hurley and then says "Nice not knowing you!"  (ahhh the puns are off the charts!)   Hurley wonders why Ana Lucia isn't coming with them.  Desmond gives Hurley a very Eloise Hawking-esque response by saying that she is not ready YET.   Interesting, I wonder if we'll ever find out what constitutes someone being ready.  Or, maybe Desmond is suggesting that waking up Ana Lucia is not important to the big end-game he has in mind. 
  • Hurley also has his Camaro there for Desmond and Kate to take.  And Hurley is apparently taking Sayid somewhere else!  But Desmond and Kate?  They just happen to be going to a concert and he has a dress for Kate to put on.  

  • Desmond's last command is "LET'S GO" and they're off!  Kate and Jack will most certainly run into each other one more time.  Miles, Charlotte, Chang, Desmond will all be there.  Most likely Sawyer will show up.   Where are Hurley and Sayid going?  Maybe to the hospital to pick up Sun and Jin?   Perhaps Claire will be at the concert too?  (I know, I speculated above already).    When will the Locke surgery happen?  Before or after this concert?  Surely, he can't just go into surgery that afternoon and be done by nightfall right?    How will all of this happen in a 2.5 hour episode where we still have an Island story to close too?   I have the utmost faith they can do it.   But I will say one thing, I am VERY engaged in this Sideways Storyline.  I have always found it enjoyable throughout the season, but these past few episodes, since the Desmond "awakening" have been very interesting.   I am not upset at all that we'll be spending half of this series finale in Sideways Land and I cant wait to see how it all ties together!  I have faith that it will.   We can only have faith now people.  Get excited!  
Oh right, we still have an Island story to get to in this recap! 

The Non-Candidates and their Smokey Encounter

Ben, Richard and Miles arrival at Barracks
So the last we left Ben, Richard and Miles they had left Jack, Hurley, Sun and Frank to head to the barracks and get some explosives to blow up the plane.

  • I could get into semantics here and argue how Sawyer and Kate were able to travel from the Temple to the Barracks in what seemed like no time and now Ben, Richard and Miles appear to have taken days to get there.   But, it also took some time to get there back in season 3 as well (back in the "milking time" days).   I guess they do try to cover this by having Miles ask Ben if he "REALLY" knows a short-cut.   But it is a little strange that we are meant to believe that they actually have accomplished "NOTHING" during the period of time where everyone else reunited, separated, got captured, rescued, reunited again, got on the plane, got on a sub, 4 of them died and now here we are.  Meanwhile, this trio has just been wandering around the jungle and Richard's "Don't get in our way" comment becomes utterly pointless!    Oh well, I'll argue also that it's unimportant because the route they went with the story was pretty good anyway! 
  • Plus the line where Ben says he has lived in the barracks a long time that he thinks he can find his way back; followed by Miles saying that he lived in the houses 30 years before he did, "otherwise known as last week" was a classic!  Of course, it was inaccurate too because little Ben lived there too!   But, hey it was a funny line! 
  • Richard wonders if the C4 will still be there years later, Ben said he went to much trouble in hiding it (his secret room that we have seen a few times).  There was a brief moment where I thought we were seeing events that preceded the Ajira plane being wired up with C4 that we saw 2 episodes ago.   But this error in thought was quickly dismissed in the episode.  
  • The trio arrive at the barracks.  There was a touching scene where Miles walked over the site where Alex died.  Richard explained to Ben that he came back and buried her  there after they all left.  
  • We then move onto Ben's old house.  He heads to the bookcase that we have seen pushed back a couple times before.  

  • Miles sees the "Smokey Summoning Door behind the Door" and gets another great line in.  "What's that? A 'Secreter' room?"  Ben retorts that that was where he was "TOLD" he could summon the smoke monster, but that was before he realized that it was the one summoning him.  Who told him?  Eh, we'll probably never know.  Maybe it was MIB himself.  But many people had questioned how Ben could summon smokey we had several theories on it.  I'm guessing that line was thrown in there to help explain that it was all part of Smokey's long con of Ben.  

  • Ben opens the safe to the C4.  He asks Richard if he wants to cripple the plane or blow it to hell.   Of course the answer always has to be BLOW IT TO HELL!   Ben takes all of the C4 and put it in his backpack.   Maybe this C4 will still factor into the final episode somehow.  But we did confirm that this C4 is different than the C4 that Flocke snatched from the plane and that these events happened after all of those Hydra events already took place. 
  • How did we confirm this?  Oh you know, because Charles Widmore and Zoe show up at Ben's place! Nice!  I must say, I didn't think this reunion was going to happen until the finale so this was a nice surprise for me.   

Reunion with Widmore
  • Widmore and Zoe are held at gunpoint but Charles continues to rant off orders to Zoe anyway.  He tells her to take equipment from the outrigger and then sink the boat.  Looks like they have no intentions of heading back to Hydra.  
  • Ben tries to hold some authority over Widmore saying that no one is going anywhere and he wants answers to why they're there.  Widmore argues that they won't survive without him so there is no point in shooting him.  He then sends Zoe on her way assuring her that Ben will not shoot her. 
  • Charles asks Richard what they're doing here.  They fill him in saying that they were getting explosives to destroy the plane on Hydra (Ben looks frustrated that Richard would just give away their plan).  Widmore states that he had the plane rigged with explosives since he got there.  There you go folks.  2 answers in one.  Widmore definitely planted the C4 (Flocke told the truth), and Ben, Richard and Miles were just lost trying to find the barracks for a couple days.
  • Ironically, Charles says that, as usual, he is 3 steps ahead of Ben.  The ironic part is that Ben always seemed to be 10 steps ahead of everyone else! 
  • Ben asked Charles how he got back, since there were apparently rules in place to prevent him from coming back for so many years.   I believe I had mentioned a few times in this blog that it seems like maybe Widmore had been visited by Jacob.  It would appear this definitely was the case.  It would have been great to see it but with the format of Flash Sideways and Island stories in episodes, we kind of just have to accept that it happened.    
  • Charles says that Jacob visited him not long after "Ben's People" destroyed his freighter.  Wait a second, Keamy was hired by Widmore and was the one that wired the ship with C4!  Why would he suggest that BEN'S people blew it up?   Well, I guess we could argue that Richard shot Keamy and Ben finished the deed which caused the freighter to blow up, but I think part of the blame still goes to Keamy there.  
  • Anyway, that's besides the point, Jacob apparently convinced Widmore of the error of his ways and told him everything he needed to know for "this exact purpose."  He doesn't get to explain what purpose but apparently did not trust Ben enough to have any desire to tell him anyway.
  • Zoe radios Charles on the walkie talkies and says that Flocke is already on his way back.   She is instructed to run back to the barracks as fast as she can. 

  • Charles then suggests that they all need to hide.  
  • Flocke continues his way from the dock but notices all of the equipment in the outrigger.  The stuff is probably all Desmond related, so perhaps it will come into play in the final episode! 

  • Charles plans to hide in Ben's hidden room, a room that Locke has seen before, so theoretically Flocke should know about it too.   There is not a consensus on what to do.  Ben has no interest in hiding.  He wants to get it over with.  Miles doesn't like either plan so he plans to run away (my guess is he will run into Jack and crew next episode)  
  • This seems meaningless at the time, but Ben asks Widmore for their walkie talkies so that he can give one to Miles in case he needs him.  Considering what we know by the end of the episode, this is probably how Ben is going to try to find the LOSTIES.  

  • Widmore is convinced that Smokey will kill Ben but continues to go into hiding.  
  • Richard decides that he is going to talk to Smokey.  He knows the guy and all that he wants is for Richard to join him.  (eh, I don't know about that anymore Richard!)   He wants to try and buy everyone else time by getting Smokey to leave with him.  With this, Miles runs off.  
  • And then Ben and Richard wait for what is coming.

Smokey Arrival

  • It's not long before we hear the infamous "tikka tikka" sound that alarms us of Smokey's arrival.   Smokey doesn't waste any time taking Richard out!  No talking, just speeding through and plowing Richard and sending him flying off into the air.   Is Richard dead?  Yikes, it looks like it doesn't it?  I won't rule out his survival until we see the final 2.5 hours, but it would make sense that MIB has no interest in keeping Richard alive anymore since he was eavesdropping on the whole Richard/Hurley/Ghost Isabella moment where Richard was convinced that Smokey need to be kept on that Island.  But, maybe we'll see him again.  I'd like to think we would.   All that a shocked Ben can do is sit down and wait for the inevitable.  

  • Flocke shows up to Ben in human form and we find out that Ben was just the man he was looking for.  And you know what?  I should have seen this coming.  Other blog commenters saw something like this coming but I have been a firm believer in Ben's redemption.  (some suspected that Ben and Smokey were in cahoots the whole time.  That, I still do not believe and this scene seems to dismiss that idea)  I did definitely want to see Ben's mischievous side before the end and his revenge on Widmore but I didn't think he would consider teaming up with Smokey.   And that is exactly what Smokey wants.  Since his other method of killing ALL of the Candidates in one show is gone, now he wants Ben to do the rest of the work for him.  Ben has already killed Jacob, why not kill a few more?  

  • I will say this, it would seem like Ben is converted by the end of these scenes to being UBER Villain again, but I'm still holding out for the possibility that he is LYING to Flocke.  Why not use his best strength to his advantage in helping out the LOSTIES?   I could see Ben's arc ending in some kind of big sacrifice for the benefit of the LOSTIES.  But we shall see.  
  • For now?  It would seem like Ben is going with what will keep him alive.  And Flocke promised Ben the one thing he has always wanted once again: POWER.   First thing is first, where is Widmore?   "He's hiding in my closet."  Don't hesitate or anything there, Ben!   If one thing is certain, there is definitely no love lost between Charles and Ben!

  • Ben takes Flocke inside and brings him right into the secret closet.  Flocke asks Ben to wait outside, but Ben wants to SEE what Flocke is going to do to them.  Nice.  They flip the lights on and there they are.  Gotta love Ben's "Sorry Charles."   
  • Flocke comments about how nice it is to talk without the fences between them.  Flocke asks Zoe who she is.  Charles tells her not to talk to him or say anything.  And immediately upon saying that Flocke slits her throat.  Yep, Tina Fey is dead!   Why?  Flocke said that once Widmore told her not to talk to him she was useless.  Is that because she wouldn't be able to be persuaded into anything?  Or just because she wasn't going to spill the information he needed?  I'm going to guess the latter in this case.  Zoe ends up being a pretty pointless character in the end.  I guess it did help us piece together the importance of the electromagnetic properties of the Island, and Widmore's interest in it all, but she didn't really accomplish much!      

  • Flocke is aware that Widmore is not afraid to die, so he decides to take a page out of Ben's playbook and threaten to kill Penelope Widmore when he gets off of the Island.  He gives his word that he wouldn't touch her if Charles gives up the information he wants.  Apparently, based on enhanced LOST re-airings, when Smokey gives his word on something he has to stick to it.  Charles still had his reservations but he does end up telling Smokey why he came back.  
  • He brought Desmond back to the island because of his unique resistance to electromagnetism.  He was a measure of LAST RESORT.  
  • Of course, because he doesn't want Ben to know anything that would give him any kind of useful information, he whispers what he meant by LAST RESORT to Flocke.   

  • And then, Ben finally gets his revenge.  While Widmore is talking to Flocke, Ben starts firing several shots at him!  His justification?  Charles does not get to save his daughter, because Ben couldn't save his from Charles' order to have her killed.   NICE!  This was one moment that I definitely wanted to see happen before the end of LOST, and I got my wish.  It would seem kind of unresolved if Ben didn't get his revenge on Widmore in some fashion.  Now, there were RULES to prevent Ben from killing Widmore before.  I guess because Charles still had a purpose on the Island?  Now that he has brought Desmond back and showed him what he needed to show him, there was no more purpose.  This is what I'm going with!   The question still remains if Eloise Hawking is working for Man in Black as she still was the one that MIB (as Christian) sent Locke to when he left the Island.   Maybe, it's not important.  Or maybe it means everything!  We'll see. 

  • Flocke was a little frustrated with Ben for killing Widmore, but it doesn't matter in the long run because he already got his information.  Ben then gets another creepy line in, "Good.  Did you say there were some other people to kill?"   Oooooh boy.   Hey, wherever this goes, it's great idea pairing up Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson for the final episode of LOST.  Some might even argue that it is PERFECT!! 

The Candidates

Mourning and Resolve

When we last left Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley things were pretty emotional.  They had just gotten back to the beach and we confirmed that Sun, Jin and Sayid were no longer with us.  Still no confirmation of Frank on the actual show, but there were some definitive comments made by executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, as well as Jorge Garcia on their respective podcasts.  Damon and Carlton said that there might be some commentary on it in the show before the end.   But for now, the LOSTIES have suffered a great loss and they're still recovering.  
  • We first catch a glimpse of Jack pulling some thread off of a shirt.  He needs to stitch up Kate's gunshot wound.  The bullet went straight through but if he doesn't it will get infected.  Come on, this is great mirroring of the pilot episode when Kate stitched Jack up, right?   I'd even argue that he was using "standard black" thread to stitch it up!  Jack warns her that it's going to hurt but she just nods in approval.  
  • Kate brings up Jin and Sun and how they had a little girl Ji Yeon.  And that Jin never even got a chance to meet her.  Everything that we brought up 2 weeks ago but it was great to hear it brought up on the show too.  And very emotional of course.  Kate says that "Locke" did this to them and now they have to kill him.  Jack acknowledged that they were both on the same page.  Oh it's on now!!! 
  • We next catch Sawyer staring out into the sea of wreckage from the Sub explosion/sinking.  We will learn in a bit that he feels responsible for what happened.  But it was still a great moment watching Hurley and Kate join him staring out and reflecting.  I also love that the musical selections of Michael Giacchino for the moment harkened back to those first moments after the initial crisis of the Flight 815 crash had settled down.  Jack just stood there and reflected on what happened.  Nice mirroring not only with the plot and story moments, but the music too.  Good stuff. 

  • Jack soon joins after and reluctantly tells them they all need to get moving to find Desmond.  If "Locke" wants Desmond dead, then they're going to need him.  They all gather their things and begin their trek that would enlighten them all. 

On the Journey

  • Jack and Sawyer have a brief discussion on their way to the well.  Sawyer thinks he knows where it is since it's not far from the camp where he was residing with Flocke and crew.  
  • Sawyer then asks Jack why Flocke wouldn't just kill Desmond.  Jack seems to understand a little bit about these rules governing things now.  He thinks, as we thought, that Flocke cannot kill Desmond himself.  
  • Sawyer then starts talking about the bomb on the sub and how Jack said he couldn't kill them either.  Jack doesn't want to put any blame on Sawyer for what happened (Sawyer did pull those wires out of the bomb which caused the clock to move further).  Jack simply says that he has been wrong before and essentially that Sawyer shouldn't beat himself up about it.  It was FLOCKE that put them in that situation and he is the one that killed their friends.  Still a great humbling scene for Sawyer to concede to Jack.   I think this definitely had to happen before the end.  Jack needed everyone behind him one last time! 
  • Meanwhile Hurley and Kate are following behind.   Hurley happens to see GHOST BOY Jacob! Now, that we confirmed it is Jacob, they Jacob theme music is playing with his arrival.  (I know I know, I keep talking about the music.  But hey, the SCORE is half of what makes LOST so great! Maybe even more than half.)  
  • Boy Jacob creeps up from behind on Hurley and asks for his ashes back.  He knows that Hurley has them.  Hurley pulls them out of his pocket and then asks why the kid wants them.  "Because they're mine!"  He grabs the ashes and then runs away.  So crazy how these Ghosts can physically grab things and do things as well.  We first saw this with Charlie slapping Hurley in season 4. 

  • By the way, is there anything greater than watching Hurley run?   He chases down ghost Jacob only to find the older Ghost Jacob sitting by a fire with his ashes burning in it.  Jacob tells Hurley that it doesn't matter where he has been because he is there now.  They make it sound so important that we should be questioning where he has been, but we know we're not going to see him anymore as a Ghost after this episode.  He tells Hurley that once the ashes burn out, he will never be seen again.  Jacob tells Hurley to gather his friends because they're very close to the end. 

  • One other quick note, I guess Jacob was able to appear as both a Child and as Adult Jacob as a ghost?  I'd try to tie this into Taller Ghost Walt, but I just can't figure out a way.  Walt is still alive! Let's move on to more important things. (but I still hold out hope that we will get "SOMETHING" on Walt in the finale.)
The Candidates Meet Jacob
I guess it took Hugo the rest of the day to find his friends because Night has fallen once again when they all arrive to the campfire.  Then again, Jorge Garcia did make a joking comment on his podcast that all of the LOSTIES are late sleepers, so they don't begin their adventures until the late afternoon.  And they also stay out all night and don't go to sleep until the sun rises.  I have one response to Jorge: GOOD TIMES!   
  • The big difference between this encounter with Jacob and other encounters?  Everyone can see him and hear him now.  Of course, as GHOST BOY, he did appear to Sawyer and Desmond too.  Not sure if Ghosts can just all of a sudden make themselves visible when they want to or Jacob can do it or maybe all 4 of them are believers now about what needs to be done so THAT makes them able to see him.  Guess it really doesn't matter in the end.  They all can see him and we can get a brain dump of what is going on! 

  • Kate doesn't waste any time, she wants to know if he wrote their names on the wall and if he is the reason that Jin, Sun and Sayid are dead.  He confirms it all and apologizes.  I guess this kind of confirms that Jin and Sun were both candidates.  She is not accepting that he is sorry.  She wants to know why and wants to know that they didn't die for nothing.  Well, Jacob gives us a bit of an explanation! 
  • He asks them all to sit down and says he will reveal all and everything they need to know about protecting the Island.  Because by the time the fire burns out, one of them will have to start doing it.  
  • Hurley asks why they were brought to the Island.  Jacob explains that they were all brought here because he made a mistake he made a very long time ago (we confirmed it was about 2000 years ago by producer comments and comments in the script that actors in the show recalled).  He refers to turning his brother into ol' Smokey and he comes clean to the Candidates that he made him that way.   The mistake he made essentially has set up a scenario where every one of them and anyone they ever cared for is going to die.  They still have not gotten into explaining how this is possible.  If Smokey leaves the Island, does the world cease to exist?   Does it cease to exist as it is? (a la sideways world)  It would seem that the Man in Black has every intention of leaving the Island and threatens Widmore with killing Penny.  So MIB doesn't think the world will cease to exist.  And this would pretty much imply that maybe Widmore doesn't think that either, even though he implied it to Jin and/or Desmond in his conversations.   So this part is still left very vague. 
  • Jacob says that ever since he turned MIB into Smoke, he has been trying to kill Jacob.  And it was only a matter of time before he figured out how, so he needed a replacement.  And THAT is why he brought them all here.  Yeah, we kind of figured all of that out already, but the scene is essential to let them ALL know why he did it and for confirmation to us.  
  • Sawyer asks why he has to be punished for Jacob's mistake.  He claims to have had a good thing going off of the Island.  And then here it came, the moment that tied everything together.  Things we have discussed season after season.  Why was Jack so adamant about going home?  What did he really have to go back to?  Same with Sawyer, Kate.  Really, any of them!  Yes, some of them had true reasons for needing to get off of the Island.  Sayid wanted to be reunited with Nadia, but once he was about to lose her, THAT is when Jacob touched him.   Desmond wanted to get back to Penny.  And he did.  And he still has a chance to go back to that.  But he was brought here as a LAST RESORT.   Interesting.   Anyway, Jacob pretty much insists that they were all flawed individuals.  He didn't pluck them out of a happy existence.   Something we spent the first 3 seasons getting backstories on.  They were all searching for purpose in their lives (well, kinda all of them).  Coming to the Island started their clean slate.     He chose them because they were all like him.  They were all alone.  They needed this place as much as it needed them.   Hey, it all makes sense to me!   And it brings a sort of closure, at least to me, why they're all there. 

  • Kate asks why she is crossed off of the list.  Jacob said he crossed her off because she became a mother.  Now, we must assume this had to be because she became a mother to Aaron.  Of course, there are some speculations out there that perhaps Jack and Kate had conceived a child in their one night prior to coming back to the Island.  It certainly would make things interesting!  Of course, I don't think we'll be spending any of the last 2.5 hours with Kate looking for those Widmore Pregnancy tests!  So, I'm going with the Aaron thing for now.   And now that she is trying to get Claire back to Aaron, Jacob is saying that it was just chalk on a wall and the job could be hers if she wanted it.  Nice.  (I guess this really doesn't confirm why her name wasn't crossed off on the lighthouse, but maybe it really was just to throw MIB off as Jacob was still keeping his eye on her). 
  • Jack asks Jacob what the job is.  And sure enough, it's what we learned in last week's episode.  There is a light at the center of the Island.  The job is to make sure that it never goes out.  That's how to protect the Island.  Sawyer retorts that Smokey said there is nothing to protect it from.  Jacob re-retorted that the light must be protected from SMOKEY himself!  Because, yes, Smokey is going to attempt to return to the source! 
  • Jacob tasks them all with something that he wasn't able to do.  The Man in Black must be killed.  Jack asks if it's even possible.  Jacob hopes it is because he is definitely going to try and kill all of them.  Looks like even the all knowing Jacob doesn't even know how to kill Smokey.  
  • Hurley then asks how Jacob will pick the next protector.  And, as we have been hearing all season starting with the end of season 5, he wants to give them all something he never had.  A CHOICE. They have to choose to be the next protector.  Kate asks what if none of them choose?  Jacob responded that then this ends very badly! 
  • No fear though, the man that seems most prepared to take the job volunteers: Jack Shephard.  I think we all knew deep down it would be him.  It HAD to be him, but it was great to see his journey over 6 seasons to the point where he would accept it out of free will.   Great stuff.  Jack states that this is why he is here and what he is supposed to do.  Jacob asks Jack if that was a question.  And Jack responded firmly that it wasn't.   Jacob was happy with the response and then knew it was time to pass the torch to the new protector.  

The anointing of Jack Shephard - Island Protector

  • Jacob takes Jack to a stream to begin the initiation process.
  • Gotta love Sawyer's one liner about thinking Jack had a God Complex before.  Kate insisted he calm down.  Sawyer knows that Jack is letting them all of of the hook and just had to get his one liner in.   Hurley acknowledges that he's glad it is not him.  
  • Jacob tells Jack how to get to the Heart of the Island.  He said it's near the bamboo field that Jack woke up in when he first crashed on the Island.  Jack does not recall ANYTHING being there.  Just as we learned last week, it is a tough thing to find if you're not the Island protector.  Jack will NOW be able to find it.    
  • Jacob confirms that this is where the Man in Black is going to try to get to and what Jack needs to protect.  
  • Jacob asks Jack for a cup which he does have.  And then Jacob does the same incantation in Latin that his "mother" did prior to his initiation.  Of course, this time he is doing it to water and not wine.  Very symbolic of the whole Jesus turning Water into Wine.   Jacob fills the cup and asks Jack to drink. 

  • Jack asks how long he will have to do the job.  Jacob says "As long as you can."  Jack fully accepts the responsibility and drinks from the cup.  Jacob responds just like his predecessor did with telling Jack now he is like him.  Did it seem like Jack experienced an enlightenment to everything after he finished his drink?  We'll find out soon!  

Hard to imagine the end of LOST will be a scenario where we can expect Jack to be protecting the Island for 2000+ years doesn't it?  Maybe that isn't how it's all supposed to end.  We still have to find out what this Sideways world is all about.  But for this end-game, their mission is to STOP and KILL the Man in Black AKA Smokey AKA Flocke.   And folks, pitting Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Miles and Desmond against Flocke and Ben is a beautiful scenario!   Can't wait to see how it all ends up!   

The Well

We next rejoin Flocke and Ben on their way to the well where Desmond was "supposed to be killed" by Sayid.

  • Ben asks the Man in Black why he doesn't always remain as a Smoke Monster instead of bothering on walking around as a man.  MIB responds saying that he likes to remember that he was once a man. 
  • When they arrive to the well, it is empty!  Hmmm, didn't Sayid tell Jack to go there to get Desmond out of it?  Maybe Sayid helped him out of it anyway?  Maybe someone else? (Jacob perhaps?)   There is a rope hanging down into the well.   Interesting.  In any case, Flocke knows that Desmond is not dead as he had requested.

  • Of course, this seems to have turned out to be in Flocke's favor.  Ben wants to know what Widmore said to him about Desmond.  Flocke tells Ben that Desmond apparently is a FAIL-SAFE (yes, we all remember the imagery of Desmond turning that Fail-Safe key when he blew the hatch).   This was Jacob's last resort in case MIB managed to kill all of Jacob's candidates.  One final way to make sure that he never leaves the Island.  
  • Ben wonders why he is happy that Desmond is still alive.  Flocke says when he finds Desmond, he is going to help him do the one thing that he could never do himself.   There is only one fitting way to bring finality to LOST right?   
  • Flocke raises the stakes of his plan:  "I'm going to destroy the Island!"   


Well, yes, that would seem like a great way to end the show!  No more Island, no more show!  Of course, it brings the idea of the underwater Island in sideways land.  But I retorted this with the question of how Ben and Roger Linus would have memories of the Island?   Perhaps Roger in his old age, was remembering another life, and Ben was just going with it?   Eh anything is game for the final 2.5 hours!  But, I'm sure Jack and crew will do anything they can to stop Flocke.  And surely, there has to be some heroism to end the show.  Flocke can't certainly win in the end can he?  I guess he could.  But here's something to chew on.  What would be Ben's motivation to continue to help Smokey now?  He was promised THE ISLAND, and now Flocke is going to destroy it?   I can't find a better motivation for Ben to switch sides at the opportune time than that.  We shall see though folks.  Only a few days away!  

For now, I will bid my adieu and cry a few tears knowing that we only have one more opportunity to do one of these recaps!  But we'll save the final tears, thank you's and farewells for then.  Don't forget that the Series Finale is on SUNDAY May 23rd with 5.5 Hours of programming.  (2 hour pre-show, 2.5 hour episode and 1 hour Kimmel special at Midnight)    Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week after THE END!   NAMASTE!

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Candidate said...

Great Recap Mike once again. I'm really gonna miss your recaps. I'd like to shout out to thank your wife for putting up w/ us. Although this episode was did set us up for The End I wouldn't call this a "set up" episode but that's just me. Great screen caps and another well written recap.

On my last post I was asking about the 300,000 hits goal. Just wondering where we are at? Oh yes as far as Twitter, I think I will sign up for an account and join your following so
I can be posted on whats next.

As you asked me to post this... The Rebroadcast for the tribute to Lost part 1 will be streaming tonight complete with plenty of shout outs to the Lost Addicts Blog Community. The Lost tribute web stream starts at 11:00PM - 1:30 AM Est Tonight. A great soundtrack while reading these thought provoking comments.

Happy reading and NAMASTE

hg said...


Awesome Recap, Mike!
Still soaking it all in, I'm in denial that Sunday is it.

AUStarwars said...

FIRST!!! LOL, JK, what are you slacking Mike this is usually always up way before we get to work lol...I havent read it yet, but I will say this episode played like a complete set up episode and unfortunately the pacing was very slow to me

They still introduce and kill random minor characters for no reason, other than TPTB liked the actor/actress...and their death comes across as rushed and does not hold the emotion that it "should." I am speaking of Zoe, but honestly the amount of screentime that Widmore had this season combined with the fact that we really never knew which side he was on (other than "not the castaways apparently"), also lost its luster

Without a full explanation of the Sideways world, that all still comes off as table setting, which is fine, but we dont understand WHY it happens, just that it is..again, rushed

hopefully in the finale Hurley, Sawyer and Kate will have a was Kate "a mom" or is she pregnant? I know Mike wants dedemption for Ben, but can that happen? He just seems to have done too much evil at this point..unless of course he now undestands "The True Nature of the Force" (the reason for the Sideways world)

I'll comment more later..the episode just had bad pacing and was complete was a necessary evil, but just wasnt well written or acted imho

MJ said...

'Season 5 ventures to blog up Jughead'

Normally I ignore fat fingering - but this one was too too funny Mike. Very freudian

Paulo said...

Rose and Bernard found Desmond and let him out.

plumbarius said...

I really enjoyed the episode, I guess with lower expectations come greater enjoyment!

I didn't care for how Widmore died though, for someone who was supposed to be such an integral part of the story from the just seemed like lazy writing to get rid of a great and controversial character. IMHO ;-)

plumbarius said...

What is the over/under on posts this week? I will set the line at 700!

Liz said...

I did get the vibe that Jacob confirmed that both Kwons were candidates. Instead I thought when he explained that Kate was crossed up b/c she was a mother, I thought the same might have applied to Sun - confirming for me that Jin was the Kwon candidate. Not that any of that matters, just what I thhought as that scene played out.

Liz said...

I did not*

oops, left out the word not.

Unknown said...

Haven't read the recap yet, just wanted to put this in before I get influenced by another great MV recap, I think Jack became the Protector WAY too easy, and in the end, his AS LONG AS YOU CAN, will be as short lived as John Paul I, and someone else will end up as Protector.

Steve said...

The one thing that struck me after this episode was that I can't see myself being satisfied with the finale. I mean, on the surface of it, it will probably wrap up the main points, but there are so many questions I don't think will be answered. For example, why was Walt special (he could heal birds), why is Aaron special, why should no one other than him raise the kid, what is the origin of the island, what are the numbers, etc. I just feel like they possibly introduced more questions than they could give answers to, and are running out of time.

As far as the endgame, I can only imagine it ending in 2 ways.

1) In the end, Flocke convinces both Jack and Desmond that the island must be destroyed. Through an understanding of good and evil, and humanity, and Jacob could never get by living on the island his entire life Jack comes to the conclusion that the island is not, after all, a force for good, and destroys the island and the smoke monster. Flocke's final words echo his mother's "Thank you". To destroy the island, they change the "light" energy so that it reacts with the atomic bomb set off in the 70s, which destroys the island starting then and changes the time-line (allowing all of our heroes to live their lives as if it had been destroyed in that time). This is what the flash sideways world is, though there is bleedthrough of time (hence scaring and memories).

2) Sideways land is not actually the end game, but rather a hallucination the MIB puts them in in order to achieve his end game. Desmond's final task is to get them all together to "wake up", remember the island timeline, and act before it's too late.

Number one makes more sense to me, but the urgency of Desmond's plan seems to indicate that he isn't getting people together for a reunion, rather there is something they can DO. Maybe the MIB does manage to destroy the island and get free, and the final confrontation with the MIB isn't on the island at all, but rather in the real world, and Desmond and crew are the only ones able to remember who he is, and act accordingly. Who knows, all I know is that I would be surprised if they wrapped everything up in a nice bow.

Gwen said...

Great recap.
In regards to the walkie talkies I actually think Ben will redeem himself, isn't is possible that he wanted Miles to know Smokey's plan? Is he still a sneaky guy, for sure but I am betting this is an act. I think there is more Ben related suprises to come. Charles is a big reason Alex died why would Ben have any reason to protect him.

Mike V. said...

@Candidate - Thanks! I'm gonna miss them too. I'll still try to find something to talk about eventually LOST-related and possibly something else so stay tuned! Big shout out is deserved to my wife! lol I think she knows we're nearing the end so she is more patient with it. But she'll get some big props in the final recap! (if I remember by the time I get through a 2.5 hour recap! lol) Thanks for the props on the screen caps too...ever since I started doing them 100% myself, it's taken a lot longer to get through it!

As for the hits goal...check the bottom of the blog...the hit counter is there! Thanks for joining the Twitter crowd too!

11pm -1:30 eh? I'll try to listen to some of it if I get a chance!! Thanks for the heads up!

@Holly - that about sums it up! And thanks for the props as always on the recap. I'm a bit in denial as well. Probably won't hit me until it actually is over! Maybe not until the comments die down on this blog! :-(

@AuStarwars - Technically, this was up before I got to work! As for slacking, don't EVEN! This was the last recap that I had to do on little to no sleep. You can be assured that next Monday's recap will be VERY LATE compared to these early morning postings. I'm sleeping in! :-) lol (I say that, but I'm sure I'll be up at 6 working away on it. That's an hour later than I usually get up for these recaps)

I think that we found out that Widmore WAS on the castaway's side. That's why he was protecting them in the cages. (not great protection of course)....but he also was tasked with bringing Desmond as the LAST resort. This all happened AFTER his evil intentions to kill the castaways and everyone on the island in season 4. The Enhanced LOST episode of Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham made a note to point out that Widmore's demeanor had changed. So we started speculating if Jacob had come to visit him. And it turns out that he did!

I don't necessarily feel this is rushed. It could be a one line or one visual explanation to explain Sideways land...and Jorge said on THE VIEW (i'm tivo'ing everything they're appearing on) that this comes together nicely. So we'll see!

I asked the same question about Kate...I guess we'll find out! I am not ruling out Ben until the end. I still think he can do the right thing in the end. It would seem so repetitive to last season's finale if he went and tried to kill the protector of the Island again!

Everyone is entitled to their opinions...I just don't agree with you!

@MJ - Funny freudian reference but I'm not sure where my fat fingering was. That was worded exactly how I intended it! lol Whether grammatically correct, I'm not sure :-)

@Paulo - Great theory on Rose and Bernard helping Desmond out!! I temporarily forgot that they will most likely arrive for the end game as they always do!

@Plumb - Yeah...Widmore's offing was a bit "lazy" I guess....but I'm just glad that I got to see Ben get his revenge. And it seems like a lot of these deaths are happening after "the island is done with them". Maybe they're trying to beat us over the head with that. You think 700 comments this week? Wow...I was gonna say maybe less than last week but that next week's would be ridiculous! We have to remember there will be a couple less days to speculate on this episode!

@Liz - Interesting thought on Sun not being the candidate because she was a mother. Good point! Of course, the whole logic seems flawed when considering Jin and Sun....they may have been candidates at one point, but then they had each other...and a child...why would Jacob keep them from that happiness if this was one of his requirements? A loner, him. Interesting to speculate I guess!

Mike V. said...

@Gallo - Interesting theory that someone else will be the protector in the end....I'm still thinking that maybe there won't be any need for a protector in the end. I just can't see Jack being protector for thousands of years like Jacob was...and that's how the show ends. THAT seems too easy. Too easy for them to make a movie! It leaves things way too open. BTW...thanks for the props! :-)

@Steve - Yep, totally agree that many people will not be satisfied with the finale. I think it's going to be a great episode, but a lot of the questions we have brought up over the years will not be answered. Totally agree about Walt and Aaron...they seemed like such big components, and maybe they still will factor in. But finding why Walt was special? Probably the same as finding out that MIB was special...we're not gonna find out why. Very interesting on theory #1! That would involve more time travel, right? Definitely would be interesting. #2 is also very interesting. But it would negate the fact that our LOSTIES seem to be "awake" in the island timeline anyway. I'm very interested to see what happens when all the Sideways LOSTIES are enlightened and together!

We'll see!

Mike V. said...

Thanks Gwen! I agree that I think Ben still has a chance at redemption. And totally agree about Widmore. I always thought that Ben would have the final say in that conflict. We'll see what happens soon!

Unknown said...

great recap (as always)!

Candidate said...

I gotta say I was getting tired of Zoe anyway. I wish Richard would've went out differently..of course little ol me took the cue from whoever started the Richard rapidly ages thread. I think that again the writers want to show us that the Smoke Monster shows no mercy once it is done w/ you. Smokey I guess had no use for poor Richard Alpert.
I am going to go on board with Richard can die because Jacob is gone, Jacobs magic touch faded away with Jacob. Burnt out with the fire. So Jacobs rules no longer apply.
Which leads me to Mr. Linus.
Benry oh Benry....WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Yes it was cool that he shot Mr. W. (Mike v got what he's been asking for)...I was hoping that Ben shot Charles before telling evil Flockey what he needed Desmond for but of course too late.
Finding love with Danielle in SW land is really just as weird as it gets and great writing.(Except for Boone and Shannon which is truly as weird as it gets.) Anyhow Ben and Danielle, Didn't see that one coming. Hoping that Ben has a trick up his sleeve to get away from Flockey and Join up with Jack.

Mr. Fox says noone has guessed the ending. He may be right. At this point in the story I can't even begin to theorize what's next. I throw my hands up and surrender to Darlton and just ask to please let Hurley and Vincent live.

Deebo said...

Wow…just Wow…that episode was absolutely my favorite of the season mainly because Ben is my favorite and Darlton finally gave him his balls back! Miles was just amazing this episode, was great to see him back…When Widmore walked in Ben’s house my jaw hit the floor, I thought he was going to blow his head off right then and there…Best line- Didn’t you say there were some people to kill? Ahh…Loved it!

My questions is if MIB can only use bodies that are not buried, Richard said he buried Alex, so how did she appear to Ben in the temple when Flocke was manipulating him in DID?

Richard said...

Thanks again for a quick and good recap.

1. I have been one of those who suspect Ben and Smokey have been in cahoots all along. I think Ben confirmed this with his comments on how he summoned smokey. They have been working together all along. His statement that maybe smokey had been calling him all along makes you wonder if Ben realizes that smokey may have been playing him just as Ben HAD been thinking Ben was in control. Basically the old idea that it's hard for two criminals to truly trust each other.
2. I would like to hear other comments, but I did not take the scene at the well like you did (although at this point, it may not matter?). I thought his first option was to kill everybody and leave the island, ie leaving it to Ben. His fail safe was to just destroy the island. The takeaway on this exchange for me was Ben's future actions based on the upcoming double cross. Of course since Flocke told Ben about this, how could there be a covert double cross? All their cards are on the table. So Flocke will have to come up with something for Ben. As we know, but perhaps Smokey doesn't--he's already too late to prevent one of the candidates from being a new protector. So, the Dez course seems the likely course.
3. Miles is a wild card and could have helped Dez out, or as Paulo said, so could Rose and Bernard.
4. Rules--with Jacob gone, Jack will have to make up new rules. As far as I know, there is no rule where Flocke can't kill Jack now that Jack is the protector. Which also means that THIS protector(Jack) is not under a rule preventing him from killing Smokey. Shouldn't Jack have the touch to keep his friends safe. If he doesn't then show will have a big plot hole.
5. It would be interesting if Jack went down the well and became what I suspect Mother was--a combination smokey/protector. He would then have huge power. Who knows, LOL.
6. It seems like the story could all end up in SW land. Where either in the actions of or result of fixing Jacob's mistake, things reset. In that case, I am really pulling for a Sawyer/Juliette reunion, Locke walking and a Dez/Penny happily ever after.

David Salako said...

I will miss these recaps as part of my "morning after" ritual following the airing of a "Lost" episode the night before.
Great episode, some things did feel a little rushed but I always remind myself that folks like the late Charles Widmore are still apparently alive in the Sideways reality! His ISLAND death did seem a bit anti-climactic although still surprising, Why MIB threatening Penelope would sway him is a mystery considering EVERYONE would supposedly be dead if MIB escapes!
Great to see a cleaned up and cute Danielle Rousseau!
Loved the fact that Kate is being given a cute, little dress to wear again!
Loved the call out to the late Mr. Eko!
Why do I get the feeling to that Jack's stint as ISLAND Protector will be short?
Claire's still stuck on Hydra Island?
Great idea on Rose and Bernard being Desmond's possible rescuers!
Can't wait for Thursday night and then Sunday, May 23rd!

Weasel said...

Have not been able to read the blog yet, but lmao @ "Even if we have to kidnap you" - Classic!

Lostie said...

Mike, another great recap.

You mentioned that it looks like Richard is dead after Flocke came into the barracks. I would hate to think they got rid of such a great, beloved character like that. I think Jack's role of protector will be short as a few people of stated. He is being used to kill Flocke since he may not be held to the same rules as Jacob i.e. can't kill MIB himself. Once this is done Jack will turn the role of protector over to Richard (not dead, just knocked out) so Jack can return home with Kate.

David Salako said...

Hugo: "I didn't know Ana-Lucia would be here?" - or something to that effect - LOL!

Gwen said...

I always forget about Bernard and Rose LOL. That darn rope was irritating me, now I feel a little better about it.

I like the idea of Jack not necessarily being the final protector what another great twist that would be.

Okay in regards to Richard, you would think MIB/Smokey would have taken him 'out' a while ago if he could right? I just got the impression that not only could Richard not kill himself but Smokey really couldn't either. I may be forgetting something though.

I am loving some of these finale secenrios!!

gwen said...


plumbarius said...

@Mike V.

Forgot about the short week when making my betting line of 700 comments...for entertainment purposes only :-0 I will stick with that number; always go with my first instinct!

Great to see some of the "senior" posters back up who haven't been around in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike!
Thank you again for all your hard work on the blog. I found your blog late but I find it valuable the day after an episode. I will miss it as much as I will miss Lost. I thought this episode was good, however, I wanted more. I am sad that Widmore went out that way. I know he was a hated character but I wanted him to make more of a difference in the end game. Everything he seemed to bring with him to help Jacob seemed to be very easily foiled. The force field was a joke, the protection of the Candidates was a joke. I mean he always seemed so powerful to be thwarted so easily did not seem to flow. But oh well.

Also, what about Richard? (He along with Desmond are my two favorites) To kill him off like that... not happy! Will we see him in Sideways world? We saw Dogan? I want to see him happy, especially since all he seemed to do is suffer throughout this entire series. He lost his wife and was pretty much a pawn through out his long 200 year life. I know this was his choice, but it just seems to show that Jacob was wrong. I always felt Jacob was the good one and doing what was right but now I am feeling I was mistaken. May be his fake mother was a nut. May be the island should of been destroyed the entire time. I hate to think but maybe the MIB was right. Although he is evil in his deliverance to get off the island, may be he is truly right. Didn't the producers say that MIB might not exact be "Evil" per se. May be he is Evil by choice, but to achieve the greater good which is to get rid of the island? I don't know. I really hope not since I hate to think Evil will win out.

I am excited to see the end now but dreading it sort of. I hope good wins! I guess I am just an optimist!

Thank you again Mike for everything! April424

Gidget Girl said...

Hey Mike,

Great recap. Regarding your question about "taller ghost Walt"...

could that ghost have been a child version of Walt's father Michael? They would look alike, being related, and apparently the island ghosts can manifest at different ages (like Jacob). Plus, we know for sure Michael is a ghost stuck on the island.

Mike V. said...

@vfx - THANKS!

@Candidate - I was never a big fan of Zoe's anyway lol Richard: definitely wish he would have went out differently. I'm holding onto hope that he didn't die. We'll see! But it does make sense that Smokey shows no mercy when he's done with you. Totally agree I hope Ben is going for some trickery! He has always been the best liar on the show. It would be great to put him up against another decent liar! LOL on Hurley and Vincent...I think we already know the dog lives! Confirmed in season 4 by Darlton lol I would hope Hurley does too. We'll see! But least point, it's just time to sit back and relax and watch the final 2.5 hours. I'm not even writing down ONE NOTE during that airing! I just want to experience it LIVE one last time.

@Deebo - Agreed, there was some fabulous BEN stuff in this episode. There really needed to be before the end! I don't think MIB has ever said he can only use bodies that are not buried. Locke is buried right now and he can be him. I guess the fact that Yemi, Locke and Christian weren't initially buried....that's a good point. But, I don't ever remember that being a requirement!

@Richard - Thanks and you're welcome! I think Ben has been doing things for Smokey all along. I'll give you that much. CAHOOTS means he was willingly doing it. Ben thought he was doing the will of Jacob! But now he realizes he was being conned by the Man in Black. As with #2, I think I already forget what I said. But yeah, we don't really know if Flocke plans on destroying the Island and still leaving or just detroying it in general. Yeah, Flocke's cards are on the table, but I wouldn't say Ben's cards are.
3.) Good point with Miles possibly helping Dez out too. 4.) I'm not so sure that PAST rules don't apply anymore whent he new protector takes over. If you recall...Jacob still couldn't kill the Man in Black when he sent him into that Light Cave....and the mother was dead then. But yeah, it will be interesting if Jack starts making rules! lol 5.) that certainly would be interesting....we'll see! 6.) I like all 3 of those things you're pulling for. I'd add Jack/Kate to the list...but I'm still a sucker for happy endings lol I still am not sure if Island Jack will survive until the end.

@David - I'm glad you made this part of your ritual...and I'm going to miss them too! Good point that everyone is still alive in Sideways land. Agree on cleaned up Rousseau, Kate with the dress (mirroring season 3's opening episodes), and the Eko shout out. I think we're all getting that feeling about Jack! lol Claire would seemingly be stuck on Hydra, there is a sailboat there if she learned how to sail in her 3 years on the island lol Can't wait for Thursday and Sunday either!

ugh..I've been swamped today at least I'm off next Monday and can comment at my leisure :-)

@Weasel - That was a classic line! lol

@Lostie - Thanks! Agree with all of your comments. As I mentioned I'm still holding out for more Richard! And agree with Jack's role being short-lived. Good idea of turning it over to Richard as a possibility! I can't wait to see where they go with it!

Stacie said...

I haven't read the other comments yet, so I hope I'm not rehashing what someone else has already said. Was anyone else wondering where Claire was? Last we saw her, she was with Flocke right after he blew up the sub, now she's strangely missing! I was under the impression that Flocke was pretty protective of her, but apparently that's not the case! Maybe she will play some part in the killing of MIB?

Stacie said...

Sorry for the double post, but I had an epiphany! Claire has been with Flocke for at least 3 years, right? No one seems to know how to kill MIB, so what it during her time with him she learned his weakness? She imparts that wisdom to Jack who in turn "pulls the trigger?" What do y'all think?

Mike V. said...

@David - LOVED it! (Hurley/Ana Lucia quote) Even Ana Lucia's response "Do I know you Tubby?" LOL good times

@Gwen - Yeah, I'm really leaning towards Rose and Bernard too. It's almost TOO perfect lol That would be interesting if Smokey couldn't kill Richard either. After all, he was protected by Jacob! But at the same time, he wasn't a candidate or the LAST RESORT lol I'm enjoying the finale scenarios people are putting out there too. They did say we'd have no idea how this show is going to end by the time the finale rolls around and they sure were right!

@Plumb - I'm totally cool with the 700 comments prediction! lol Of course, if it happens, there is no way I'm keeping up! :-) And agree on the 'senior' posters. Great to see everyone chiming in one last time. It would be awesome if everyone that read the blog posted a comment just to see how many readers there really are vs. how many people just keep clicking back to the site and registering a hit count! lol j/k

@April - You're totally welcome on the blog. Better finding it late than never, right?! And I'm honored that you will miss it as much as LOST. But keep coming back or follow me on twitter (@LOSTAddictsBlog), I'm not going anywhere after the show is over. I may even post a few more posts now and then. Not sure what about, but we'll see when it happens! lol Maybe when the encyclopedia comes out in August though.

I gotta run out for a quick lunch, But I'll respond to the rest of your comment, Gidget's and anyone else's when I return! Thanks everyone for all of your props and for bringing such great discussion to the blog!

MJ said...

Theya re re-airing the 2 hr pilot on saturday - enhanced. Wasn't going to watch but now wonder if their enhancements will point something out that we would not have caught early on ?

Got my tickets for the simulcast tomorrow !

'The more I think about this, the more it seems like it would be perfect if Juliet is Jack's ex-wife. But I'm not ruling out Sarah just yet! ' Yeah - I could see the symmetry - first Jack and Sawyer pass Kate back and forth, now Juliette. Also Jack/Juliette did have some heat when he first brought her to camp. But my romantic heart does not want Juliette to have been with Jack before she meets her soul mate Sawyer.

It's apparently unsafe to be a physacist on this island. LOL RIP Zoe

'Of course, this time he is doing it to water and not wine.' I think on Totally Lost Mark Pelligrino states that originally his mother gives him water not wine.

Darlton summed up the final eps with one word - water ! LOL

Unknown said...

Jacob's 'problem' with Smokey is flawed. He said it was only a matter of time until MIB figured out how to kill him. Well, Jacob, since he can't kill you himself, don't bring anyone to the island for MIB to con/corrupt/manipulate and no one can harm you!

This ignores the obvious frustration that Jacob and MIB must live in eternity with only each other to talk to and never being able to die. Which would suck.

Richard said...

Thanks for the reply. Here are some adders.

1.I think when Jacob asked Ben "what about you"--that Ben's allegiance was in/has been in question. The fact that Jacob never really brought Ben into his place was an indicator to me that he never really trusted Ben. Maybe throughout time Ben waffled--more with Jacob, more with Smokey. But it's like a lot of conmen/criminals, he's choosing the best side at the moment.
2. You're right, Ben's cards aren't on the table.
4. I think the Rules question is a big deal. Mother's rules applied after she was dead because those she touched was still alive--imho. In the case of the candidates, since they are no longer candidates, their Jacob protection depends on whether he gave them protection as candidates only or as themselves seperate from being a candidate.
6. Yes, I'm probably a little bit of a Kater, but by the end of this a Jack/Kate deal would be good. Especially now that he doesn't seem to have his baggage. Maybe his wake up moment will be when he sees her at the concert.

Ben is a big wild card(except that we know he is best at looking out for his own skin) and he has some knowledge of the island. I was disappointed that he apparently did not have as much knowledge about the Dez deal and the island as Widmore had. I still don't even think of the SW Ben as being all that good. He had someone break into a government email account to get blackmail information to further his career. It's still interesting that Locke put him up to it. Kind of like what Ben said last night, that Smokey has been controlling him.

MJ said...

Hurley's 'Glad it isn't me' gave my tummy some flip flops of foreboding.

I'm going with Ben playing a con here. While I can see him getting his revenge after Widmore attempts to save his daughter - he has started his redemption already and I want him to continue. I think they will need Ben to turn on Flocke in the end - and he will !!! There IS a reason he gave the walkie to Miles.

Good catch though MikeV on Widmore falling for Flocke's 'if you tell me I won't get off and kill your family' when Widmore keeps telling people that if Flocke gets off all the people we know will cease to exist. LOL

Anonymous said...

I am hesitant to post this since you meant to say "blog up jughead" instead of "blow up jughead".

I usually just gloss over any typos, because you do such a great job and most people probably don't even catch them. Anyways, I felt bad last week after you said a sarcastic thanks for not pointing out the major typo in the first paragraph.

Under the "Reunion with Widmore" section there are 3 errors which might not make any sense to a casual reader:

1. Sink not sing the submarine
2. They won't survive withOUT Widmore
3. Deed instead of dead

Unknown said...

Mike, since we're almost at the end of this historic television experience, I figured I'd take a moment to thank you for your personal contributions to the series. Over the years, your blog has grown beyond the limitations of a supplemental editorial & recap and has become part of the viewing experience itself. It has become an institution. Your ever-climbing viewer & comment counts prove it. Don't get me wrong - LOST is easily one of the best written & performed dramas in television history, with or without day-after blogging. But your dedication to the show has taken the best and made it that much better. I honestly don't feel like my weekly LOST experience is complete until after Wednesday afternoon, when I've had time to read over your in-depth analysis & prognostications. I sincerely hope that, years down the road, the rest of your loyal readers will remember LOST Addicts as fondly as I will. Thank you, Mike!

MJ said...

you wrote bloG instead of BloW !

Anonymous said...

So Nestor was on the radio yesterday morning in NY and talks about the last episode being all about love and how there were something like 11 peices and him not knowing the end b/c he wasn't in the 11th and only people in the 11th know what happened and then he said opps ive said to much... thought id share that


Unknown said...

i second doug

Richard said...

About Ben. Remember when Richard took Ben into the temple to heal him as a child and he said he would not be the same. Maybe what happened to Sayid in a way happened to Ben? That somehow he DOES have control over Ben? And like Sayid he may have his moment.

crashriprock said...

Out of the five possible although still relevant endings I posted last week that relate to classical literature they only have two left.
"The Odyssey" and "Evrything that rises must Converge." I hated to see Nemo go like that but I guess the roll of the dice didnt favor him.
But there was something that Desmond said in the up coming sideways world congregation at the concert that opened a slight door for another classical ending.


"Because he is... The Kwisatz Haderach!"

and you will never guess which toe headed little moppet that will end up being.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Great job as always bud. After reading your recap I feel as if I just finished watched the episode all over again.

I think that in the FST, Jack will be performing surgery on Locke at the same time as they are fighting in the OT. During the surgery, Locke will have a near-death experience. Unlike the others, his will be similar to Desmond's in that his OT counterpart will flash over briefly. Because the MiB is in possession of Locke's body, he will experience the flash. He will then realize that it is time for him to let go of as well and allow himself to be killed by Jack.


Anonymous said...

I haven't read the recap yet but I want to say:


His death was so random and undignified! the least the characters could be made to do was recall he existed!!!!

People are dying like crazy this season. Everyone who was ever important is dying! Today we lost Widmore (and Zoe) and Richard without either doing what they needed to do (or thought they needed to do). and WE the audience are still clueless about what Widmore had been plotting to do. All we know is that Desmond is a last resort and special. But we've known that since the hatch. Ilana and her team were picked off like flies this season too. I'm amazed! I guess this show has characters to spare. Is Jack going to be the last one standing by the very end? at least in the island time line? I wouldn't be surprised.

Personally, I felt this episode was rather anti-climatic (not that I didn't enjoy it). Again, everyone speaks in repetitive cryptic phrases. We get very generalized answers that we already hypothesized. Plotlines just die with the people leading them. This season is driving me nuts!

Why the hell was Kate running when Sawyer found her? Do the Losties in sideway land remember dieing and all the other tragedies? Why did Jacob commit suicide? How can Jack take over if he doesn't know the complete picture of how things work? How incomplete is the picture anyway? Cuz it seems to me the whole island purpose/jacob's abilities stuff was really simple all along and we were lead on to make us over think things to be more complicated than they really were. So. In the end, it took Jacob like a 1000 years and a 1000 deaths to finally pick someone to take his place and tell them, 'fix my mistake'. WTH!?!?! THAT'S THE END GAME!!!!!! FIXING JACOB'S MISTAKE. WHO BETTER TO FIX IT THAN THE OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE FIXER: JACK. suddenly, everything that happened on lost seems so pointless and small and insignificant. greater purpose my a$$.

*sigh* well. I think I vented all my frustrations. I think I can go back to just enjoying the story this weekend.


Snafu11 said...

@ Mike V - Nice recap, very good episode. As for the use of water instead of wine; to qoute Adam sandler -That was some quality H2O.

I'm on the fence with Ben. He was acting very much like infected Sayid but as always with this character-there always seems to be an ace up his sleeve (except for the whole kill Jacob thing, nothing major). I belive he will die in a similiar fashion as Sayid. How ironic would it if he were to kill both Jacob and MIB. The loop hole turns around and kills MIB. Nice irony.

Interesting how Jack was able to stitch kate up through the bullet whole in the shirt. Sorry AUStars, that the only complaint I'll concede--there was a missed photo op there, and that would have "revealed" Kate's true purpose of being there ;-).
I hear what your saying about it looking a little rushed, but in the grand scheme of thngs--it really wasn't that bad.

MJ said...

Thansk to Doug for putting into words what alot of us think and feel. Very well put !

I've stopped trying to find where Lost is going in the classics for one reason - that's already been done. I don't think Darlton or their writers want their story to be just like any other. So while it was fun to find similarities to either religious text or classic lit - they were just fun easter eggs. I have to believe that the ending will be all theirs and NOT parallel a tale that's already been told.

Lauren said...

I dont know if it's just me but there is no way in hell that I can imagine Jack killing MIB. Has he killed anyone? In my opinion, it has to be Ben, or maybe Kate and/or Sawyer. Although, I have to admit that I'm not buying that Ben is good and is going to double cross Smokey, that guy has been bad news all along. The only reason he followed Locke in the first place and had found some redeeming qualities is because MIB manipulated him to feel that way, and he still got what he wanted: Ben Killed Jacob. Unless Ben is POed that smokey was able to exploit him and wants to get the last laugh, I can picture that, but I'm sorry there is no way I can picture Ben doing anything for the good of the island/losties/anyone really.

I do like the idea that Claire may play a role in the end as someone else suggested. She has been with MIB for some time now, and she and Jack are siblings (one is light and one is dark... hmmmmm)Will she protect her brother or will Jack throw her in the light just like Jacob did to MIB (oh boy... so many way's this could play out...)

Also, I kept getting the feeling that Desmond was trying to manipulate Locke (in Sideways land) into wanting the spinal surgery so that Jack (or someone else) can kill him. Perhaps I'm reading to much into it...

Either way I cannot waitttttt until Sunday, I think the show is ending a little more suddenly than I'd like but I'm going to try not to complain. I'm definitely one of those people who wants to see more of the mythological side of the story, and to see those questions answered, but I realize there are a lot of fans out there that want some closure to all of the relationships that have formed between the characters over the last 6 seasons. Either way, I think we're going to get a good mixture of both in the final 2 1/2 hours!

Oh, and I completely agree that Jack seemed to be enlightened after drinking the wine. Jacob must have transferred all of his, and all of the protectors before him's knowledge into Jack. At least that's the impression I got. I mean, how else could Jacob figure out how to protect the island without a crash course from his Momma? And his final line, "now you're like me" pretty much confirmed that for me.

Anonymous said...

OMG I hope I don't see any complaints about last nights episode because that was a perfect lead up to the FINALE!!!!
I am so sad after each episode but Mike you keep the excitement alive knowing your recaps are waiting for me to read!! thanks so much for all the time and effort you have put into this.. If we could award the best Lost blogger you would be the winner hands down...
Will miss your recaps!!

Mike V. said...

Man, you guys are on commenting fire as always!! LOL

@April, as promised more on your comment - I hear you on Widmore making a difference in the end game. It seemed like he was only there to bring Desmond there and for Ben to kill him. Not much time to flush anything else out in addition. Oh well indeed though! I don't know how we'd see Richard in the Sideways world unless it is NOT real...because would he be immortal in Sideways land? I guess seeing him pop up there would raise many questions on what happened to the Island in Sideways. Not much time to answer it all either. I also am not 100% convinced that Richard died. We'll see! I'm sure you wouldn't be alone in thinking that maybe was right the whole time. There are definitely people that think he might be justified in the end. Darlton seemed pretty intent on saying this guy is the bad guy. And with 2.5 hours to go...we have our heroes aligned to fight AGAINST him. I just don't know if they're going to switch it on us at the last minute. We'll see!

@Gidget - Interesting idea that Taller Ghost Walt may have beem Michael. I dunno though...Michael didn't die until AFTER that moment happened. So I'm not sure if Ghosts can travel through time! lol You never know though!

@Jerry/Stacie - I don't think Claire went with Flocke at the end of "THE CANDIDATE" She seemed utterly shocked that Flocke was hoping all of her friends died in the sub. I'm sure she will be coming back in a surprising way. Maybe SHE was the one that got Desmond out of the well. I still like Rose/Bernard though. Definitely meant to touch on the missing Claire in this blog....but it just slipped my mind when I was writing :-) Never apologize for Double posts! Good idea that Claire might know MIB's weakness somehow! We'll see!

@MJ - I set the Tivo! I don't know if they already had done the "ENHANCED STUFF" before...because all of this stuff is available to watch online. But it would be interesting if they pointed out stuff based on the 6 years worth of episodes. I'm doubting it though. NICE on getting tickets to the TIMES TALK! Yeah...i hear you on not wanting Jack to be with Juliet before Sawyer. Of course, we saw Sawyer "do the nasty" with maybe it would serve him right? I mean..come on that's Faraday's girl! Plus he's been flirting with Kate as he always has! Funny on the pysicist on the island comment! lol interesting on Jacob being given water too. That would make sense with all of the water and light comments too with the Island. But I could have sworn I saw her pour wine out of that bottle! And yep..."WATER" we'll see what they mean soon enough!

@Timothy - Good point! Now that I think about it, this has been brought up before in the comments. Maybe the fact that he was lonely made him seek out company? lol Kinda of what you implied with your 2nd paragraph.

Mike V. said...

@Richard - 1.) makes sense. I won't be upset either way that Ben's character goes...but it seems like he genuinely did want to do what was best for the Island throughout his time there. But you bring up a good point about the "what about you" scene... Ben Ben also repented for this to Ilana. I'm just not giving up on his redemption yet! 2.) yep lol 4.) What would be the difference between both Jacob and MIB being candidates vs. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley being Candidates? MIB was still protected by the "you can't hurt him" clause. I would think kate, sawyer and hurley are too. Or else it would make no sense in them recruiting Ben to kill them. Yes, MIB may not know Jack has been annointed yet....but that's irrelevant. The show has a script and the plot points are essential to get to a point where Ben is pitted against those 4. But hey, maybe I'm wrong there! 6.) Yeah, that's what I've been thinking about Jack/Kate....the next time they see each other there would be a "wake up moment"...that just happens to be the concert. Should be interesting! Yeah, I too had speculated that maybe Locke was Smokey in sideways...but I just refuse to believe it! I don't want our John Locke to be gone from both timelines! Of course, with one episode left...all bets are off who will live and die and where we'll end up!

@MJ - I'm with you on Ben as I've stated much throughout the blog and the comments! Thanks for the catch....that's why I don't think Widmore fell for anything though. It just seems to have meant something else when he was talking about ceasing to exist. I have no idea what though!

@Anonymous/MJ - OHHHHHHHHH wow, that's so crazy that I didn't see "BLOG" even when I re-read it! lol Thanks for calling it out. And thanks for the typo corrections! I'll get right on them :-) lol Seriously...thanks!!

@Doug - Wow, thanks for the really kind words about the blog! I am truly honored by all of you guys making this part of your weekly, yearly, lifetime (lol) LOST ritual! It would have never been as great of an experience without all of you great people reading it and commenting yourselves! I thank you all. But you're totally welcome too! (And Brian, I 2nd this comment to you as well lol)

@Anonymous 12:06 - Yeah, I wasn't going to talk about how Nestor had that finale script! lol I had read that in interviews too. I guess it doesn't necessarily mean he's alive though. Who knows? Maybe the finale will contain Flashbacks, FlashForwards, Time Travel AND Flash Sideways!!!! LOL Thank you so much for the compliments on the blog! And a reminder...the blog will always be here! And I may even most some more. Keep in touch and follow me on Twitter for updates! (@LOSTAddictsBlog)

@Richard - about the water in the temple....also keep in mind that Dogen and Lennon had noted that the water wasn't clear. So is it really the same thing that happened to Sayid and Ben? But I do agree with your last comment...he should get his moment! I will venture out a 75% that Island Ben will not survive to the end. And a 51% guess that his end will be a heroic death! lol

@Crash - I'll let your literary endings speak for themselves as always. lol Glad to hear that your knowledge of how it will end is all still intact.

@Jackson - Thanks! There's a good reason for that feeling...I recap the whole damn thing! LOL j/k Woaaaa Jack kills Locke in Surgery AND in the Island timeline? YIKES. I guess it's possible....I'd prefer more of a scenario where Jack ruptures that dural sac again and freaks out...then has to count to 5 lol All kidding aside, it's definitely an intriguing way they could go about it!

MJ said...

Deebo: 'if MIB can only use bodies that are not buried, Richard said he buried Alex, so how did she appear to Ben in the temple when Flocke was manipulating him in DID?' Did the show ever confirm that if you're buried smokey can't emulate you - or was that an assumption WE made ?

I didn't feel as if it were rushed, but felt the crescendo building !

SIGH! I can't wait til sunday now. Glad it will be a shorter week between eps.

MJ said...

oh the 'mom' definitely gave him wine in the ep. Pelligrino just commented that it was originally supposed to be water in the script and was then changed.

Yeah - I know that Sawyer 'did' Daniels gal - but she was never truly Daniel's ! And I never saw them as a couple. LOL But I can live with it if Jul is David Shepard's mom - but just want it to still be Sarah. Jack's already had Sawyers seconds, so maybe now Sawyer gets his. LOL

hg said...

@Mike V - I could not get the Claire, Jin & Sun covers. I have all the others and will ship this week for you.

My question is why does Desmond need Jack to go to the airport and not the concert? Wonder who else will be at the airport for the enlightenment.

Candidate said...

I'm on board with Claire knowing Smokeys kryptonite and sharing the info w/ Jack.

Mike V. said...

@Lauren - As far as I know the producers have said that this oversight will be corrected before the show is over! (Lapidus)

Still holding out on Richard until I know more! I think we found out all we needed to know on what Widmore's plans were. He revealed them in 2 conversations. One with Flocke and one with Ben, Richard and Miles. We did NOT know that Desmond was a LAST RESORT to the candidates until this episode. We knew he was special, yes. I have no idea how to answer how the Island timeline nor Sideways timeline will end....or if both can exist at the end. But I can't wait to find out! lol

Well, they don't call them setup episodes for nothing! I guess it could feel a bit anti-climatic, but I thoroughly enjoyed all of the nuances in the episode. And I thought lots of our speculations over the season were clarified in conversations by people who know the answers!

As for plotlines dying....anything in Sideways land that you may consider a dying plotline, may have not been important to know at all. We know Kate is running from the law, so why do we need to know why she was being chased down? I never even asked that question myself, but I guess I could see that if this was the first season of LOST, we may have wanted to know what caused that encounter. I think we don't know yet exactly how much the LOSTIES in Sideways remember. But it sure seems like Hurley remembers everything. When Jack takes the drink of water....he may have become more enlightened to what must be done. It's not like Jacob had all the answers when he took over either, right? WOW....those are some big complaints at the end. I'm not sure what to tell you! I guess this is bound to happen with the final episodes. Not everyone is going to be pleased with how they wrap it up. I still am enjoying the ride!

@Snafu - THANKS! and Nice Waterboy reference! It would be VERY ironic if Ben somehow killed MIB! We'll see if that's possible. NICE on the photo op! LOL As for things being rushed....I think when this show is watched back from the beginning and this season is rewatched...I think people will draw new conclusions about how all the pieces do or do not fit together. Time will tell!

@MJ - Thanks for echoing Doug and Brian's sentiments! It may or may not have made me a bit teary eyed when I read it! (okay, maybe I went too far lol) Agreed on trying to relate LOST to the classics. Carlton Cuse even went into further description about their use of literature references in LOST on his podcast interview with ESPN's Bill Simmons. It was a great listen, especially after the intense debates we got into last week! lol I'm sure whatever the ending of LOST is....some people will still attempt to compare it to literary endings that are already out there. Not that it's wrong, just saying!

Mike V. said...

@Lauren - No, it may not be Jack that actually delivers the final blow to MIB. He did kill the Air Marshal though! But that was a mercy kill after Sawyer punctured his lungs. I still disagree that Ben has been bad news all along. It totally takes away from his redemption arc all season. He definitely has done some very very very very very very bad things and continues to do some bad stuff. But, I have to think, in the end, he will have one moment that will SOMEWHAT redeem things that he has done. He has shown enough regret for things he has done for me to think he just went 100% bad again in the end. I, too, like the Claire idea as well. I still think Claire needs to get off of that island and back to her son. Maybe this happens with Sideways being the only thing that exists in the end. I dunno.... Looks like you're not the only one that thinks that Locke may "let go" and die in surgery. But of course....the other theory in the comments (sorry, I already forget who wrote it! LOL) didn't suggest it was Desmond's intention! Interesting ideas!

I agree...I think we'll get the best of all worlds in the finale. But, I think it will mainly focus on how they bring these character arcs to a close. I loved the mythology too, but I have no doubt in my mind that it was these characters that have kept me invested throughout the years. Cool that you agree on Jacob being enlightened! Everything you said about it makes sense too!

@Anonymous 12:40 - WOW...A LOST Blogger Award? There definitely SHOULD be one of them. I'd love to be in a dead heat against Doc Jensen and win out by the slightest of margins lol In all seriousness, he should be disqualified for having a Full-Time Job to write about LOST! lol This is just my passion! LOL (with minor compensations) Anyway, thank you so much for your comments about the blog and acknowledging the efforts. Thank you for reading and you're totally welcome! We'll all miss the recaps, but there still will be lots to discuss when it's all over!

Mike V. said...

@MJ - I gotcha on the wine. I still want the mom to be Sarah btw...was just saying it would make sense to somehow factor Juliet into the story! And yes...I like the KARMA on Seconds too! lol

@Holly - awwww man!! That's totally cool Holly. Thanks so much for getting the ones you did! Maybe I can look on ebay for the rest or something.
Hmmm...I didn't even consider that Desmond needed Jack to go to the airport INSTEAD of the concert. Interesting.... I just thought he'd have to go there at SOME point...but that he'd still be at the concert. Interesting question who WILL be at the airport though.

@Candidate - yeah, it's a pretty good theory! Not sure why Smokey would reveal it to her though...unless he did accidentally.

gnni4 said...

I can wait until Sunday, I need to process this episode a bit, and don't want it to be over!

I need to watch the episode again to make sure I caught everything. Your blog helps me to sort through it all, but a second watch really is necessary for me.

Jack did have a suddden enlightenment look on his face from drinking Jacobs water, and I was glad to know that you have to be 'special' to see the cave and the light, or someone would have found that thing before at some time during the mapping and treking around the island.

Ben must be up to his old tricks. He must. I have noticed that the 'previously on lost' usually shows us something important that we need to keep in mind for the viewing we are about to watch, and this weeks 'previously on lost' had the bit of Ilana telling Ben, "I'll have you." when he said that no one but smokie would have him. I think that is important (and made me cry when I first saw it)to remember how Ben felt so lost, and to know that he could be forgiven and chosen because he wasn't completely beyond hope. I think that he will come back to us somehow. I hope. I believe!

I didn't understand why they didn't just turn on the sonic fences to keep FLocke out of Dharmaville, but then I always questioned where Wil E.Coyote was buying all that TNT. Was the power out or something. I don't remember the fences ever being destroyed or anything.

Thank you for being on the right coast and getting this blog up so early, so that I can wake up and read it when I have my coffee in the morning here on the other side! I love your screen caps too, it is nice to see something different than everyone else gets!

my word verifiation is veriend!

gnni4 said...

I like the thought that Miles will spot the escaped Kate at the concert, and call Sawyer and that is how he gets there,

and raise you one

Claire goes into labor and Kate delivers while Sawyer and Juliette watch helplessly from a distance and then discuss going out for coffee.

hg said...

aha!!! Maybe that's why he needs Jack at the airport and not the have Kate deliver the baby and not Jack!!!

Candidate said...

On Richards # 4 comment. Mother's rules still applied after she died.
O.K. so that makes sense that Jacobs rules still apply. Maybe Richard isn't dead but I still think that he is. So maybe Jacobs Gifts (Eternal Life for Richard) go out with Jacob but the rules still apply.

Mike V. said...

@gnni - I hear you on the 2nd watch. I still haven't watched Across the Sea a 2nd time. I'd like to watch that and this one back to back to prepare for the finale! Hopefully, I'll have time. But I'm not really seeing where that time is going to come from! Totally agree on Ben's redemption arc, as I've mentioned. It just had to have been there for a reason...not so he could crap it all away by helping the Man in Black! But we'll see. Good question on the DHARMAVILLE fences. I thought about that as well. Oh well...maybe the password somehow was changed since everyone left there lol Of course, it probably would have been Richard that changed it! Oh well...suspension of disbelief! Nice Wile E. Coyote reference!
Glad you like the screencaps too! I take pride in them ever since I splurged on the MAC this year! LOL As for getting the blog up...I'll say it again...I'm glad that has worked out for everyone all of these years. But we all must remember that the FINALE BLOG 'ALWAYS' is posted later. This year will be no different...and could take even longer. It IS the final recap after all. Hopefully everyone can be patient with me :-)

Love ante raising scenario you brought up on my Miles spotting Kate prediction! Good times! lol

Mike V. said...

@Holly - niiiice lol

@Candidate - Gifts Die....Rules live....interesting! hmmmm

hg said...

thanks go gnni4 for "enlightening" me on that one!!!

Kate & Claire will be enlightened when she delivers Aaron.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I had also mentioned Kate possibly delivering Claire at the benefit concert too....of course I joked that maybe Boone would fall from a scaffolding so Jack would be occupied with that! lol

Kate becoming enlightened with Claire makes a lot of sense. I just always thought it was gonna be a Kate/Jack moment. Maybe it's a combination of things. I feel like the whole episode is going to be enlightening all over the place. It actually could work out really well to make this show really come full circle from the beginning. All of our LOSTIES could be re-experiencing events from seasons' past and we'll get to reminisce as we move forward to the final moments of the show.

Good stuff!

LauraG said...

Mike V, thanks for making my Wed. mornings at work so interesting!

Did the episode open the same way the pilot did with Jack's eye?

When Richard visited the boy Locke, didn't the boy choose the dagger as his over the baseball mitt and other items? Was this how Richard knew he would be the MIB?

crashriprock said...

I donnot think that Darlton are going to give anymore answers. Except maybe the new home of the Light of Life. I dont think they can without revealing how much of the "Classics" they got thier ideas from.

So Mike
I would like to make a suggestion for you and anyone who is left wondering after the series ends sunday. Maybe you can turn your Lost Addcits Blog into a Dharma Book Reading club. And once a week you pick one of the many books given as easter eggs over the years and everyone read it then discuss its relevance to the Lost story.

Candidate said...

@ Ginni4
ACME lol

Anonymous said...

Namaste Losties!
I hope you will enjoy this virtual party! I will warn you that it is low tech.
Please view this party in the festive, light-hearted manner I meant it to be. I have been so inspired by the series LOST and by the wonderful, creative, loyal LOST fans themselves. Many of them have shared their previous season finale parties with me. I in turn share with this virtual party with the world.
These are the posts (
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Virtual LOST Finale Party-Activities
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Virtual LOST Finale Party-Character Foods
Virtual LOST Finale Party-Afterglow
I will see you there!

Anonymous said...

I feel better after reading the recap and everyone's comments. I see I wasn't the only one who felt Widmore's death was anticlimatic.

OMG! I just thought of something that could totally happen!

Ok. so Jacob disappears and Jack is the new protector. Jack becomes all enlightened. He knows how to get rid of Smokey. Somehow he manages to get Smokey back into the light, or the heart of the island. MIB becomes human again, as in good. Except he's dead and becomes a permanent island ghost resident along with everyone else. Hopefully we'll learn his name too. my other theory is that after becoming good again, he'll become the permanent island protector, just like his mother wanted him to. you know how everyone speaks of the island as a thinking thing. "the island's not done with you yet." Well maybe this whole thing with Jacob was the island's ploy to get MIB to accept his fate as protector of the island. And his becoming good again sort of represents the redemption of mankind as a whole, once and for all proving that even though humans are corruptible, we are inherently good. remember what his mom said?
BIB "What is death?"
MOTHER "Something you'll never have to worry about."
After MIB is transformed by the island again, he becomes one with the island, and protects it for the rest of eternity. so all of the Losties are off the hook. then MIB uses his island powers to reset time and everybody lives happily ever after. Afterall, the island's light encases life, death, and rebirth. so MIB the protector, being one with the island, can of course manipulate these things. Then, with all the Losties tucked away, MIB sinks the island to prevent anyone from even finding it again. and as I said before, he becomes the protector for eternity...that never leaves the island. Thinking about my idea makes me sad. poor MIB left alone for eternity on a sunken island. and even after all he went through, he still never got to leave the island.

Anyway. My theory on Richard. I don't think that Richard was never not able to die. I think Jacob's touch just prevented him from killing himself. So Smokey being able to kill him has nothing to do with Jacob's death. Also, I don't think rules break when their inventors die. Smokey still coudn't kill Jacob himself even after their mom died. or vice-versa.

It makes me sad thinking about the end of LOST. Where will I get my weekly dose of sci-fi fantasy mystery? Another show I love, Dollhouse (also eerie and mysterious), was cancelled after just two seasons. suggestions anyone?


Mike V. said...

@LauraG - You're totally welcome! Thanks for reading and for your commetn! The episode just may have opened with Jack's eye. But I think we have to remember that many of the season 1 episodes opened up on the eye of whoever's centric episode that was going to be. That being said...I'd still love an ending where the final shot of LOST is Jack's eye closing! lol There was LOTS of discussion about Richard testing Locke at the end of the comments on last week's blog. And some people suspected that Locke choosing the dagger indicated to Richard that he would end up being MIB. I, however, didn't really agree with that line of thinking. MIB has been many people over the years...and not all had knives. I think the Knife really is associated with John Locke more than MIB (of course, we do see that MIB does have his special knife now). I dunno...I would hate for this discussion to go back to that crazy Richard/Locke test again! was like 50 comments worth of it yesterday on the Across the Sea recap! :-) LOL You should check it out!

@Mayday - Thanks for the links to your stuff! I'll try to check it out later.

@Crash - I think there will be more answers, probably just not on the questions that a lot of people have questions on. Again, I'm leaving the "classics" comment alone! lol It's an interesting idea to turn the Lost Addicts Blog into a book club....but selfishly, I'd probably decline that idea! I'm not much of a book worm. I just like people reading MY words on things! (J/K lol) I don't think I'd be able to keep up with Reading a bunch of books and then discussing them here. That's not really what the intent of this blog has been. In fact, when books are referenced in LOST, I have done well to link to additional information about those books and maybe touch on how they may be some inspired reading. But, I have never wanted to get into the details of these novels on the blog. I like to stick to the LOST story itself....and maybe touch here and there on how some other works may have inspired LOST.

I thank you for the suggestion though! And feel free to keep on referring to these novels you have read whenever you like!

Mike V. said...

@Candidate - NIIIICE on Acme!

@LOST Fan - Nice on the Virtual LOST party...DOUBLE nice that you did it on GATHER! lol I'll try to check it all out.

@Lauren - Glad you feel better after reading a bit of consensus from the Lost Addicts community! :-) That is one interesting theory on the end of LOST! Anything is possible and on a tale of might make sense that the Man in Black can be redeemed as well. We shall see! As for Richard...I think people were saying that maybe Jacob put a rule in place that Richard cannot be killed by the Man in Black....kind of like Man in Black can't touch Desmond and the Candidates. Oooh this just reminded me...Juliet and Kate were both candidates at one point (prior to Kate being a mother) this makes sense that when Smokey came up to them he scanned them and then couldn't do anything! point is...this is a separate thing from Richard not being able to kill himself. He told Jack that other people could kill him...I agree with that. And I'm not disagreeing that the Man in Black CAN'T kill him. I'm just saying what I think other people meant by the idea.

As for other suggestions? I would have suggested FlashForward but that got cancelled too. There really isn't going to be anything resembling LOST for a long time, or possibly ever. There is a new show on the ABC Fall lineup called No Ordinary Family (or something like that) stars Michael Chiklis (the Shield) and the Julie Benz (Dexter) as the parents of a family who develop super powers after a....yep...PLANE CRASH into some crazy waters lol It sounds kind of ridiculous...but I watched the preview (and posted it late in the comments of last week's blog)....and it doesn't look too bad! We'll see if anything else shows up. Fox's Terra Nova (a sort of BSG meets Jurassic Park) might be an interesting one to keep an eye on next spring too!

MJ said...

I'm not that put out about Widmore. I never felt he was all that much of a character on the actual show - just referenced alot. He never did truly have his own story even - he just kept showing up in everyone elses story. He was an antagonist for Ben (a character who himself was only supposed to be on for 3 or 4 eps), was a catalyst for Des and Pen, sent the freighter. Yeah - the island was done with him, and I was too as it allows that our faves are the ones who get to save the day - not a 'red shirt' type of charcter. Well - red shirt might not be fair, can we invent a 'blue shirt'? Not quite expendable but not a main character either. LOL

Mike V. said...

@MJ - totally agree that Widmore was never a main character on the show. Just a character that seemed to have answers! Blue shirt sounds good to me! lol But yeah...I think there were too many people fighting for the same cause, so it makes sense that some of been weeded out.

The one thing I'd argue about BEN's character is....they cast Michael Emerson in the Henry Gale role in hopes that he would evolve into the LEADER OF THE OTHERS. That was Plan A. But they only initially cast him for a 3 episode stint just in case the actor didn't work out the way they imagined. Of course, things worked out better than they could have possibly imagined. And apparently, with Eko wanting off the show it gave them even more room to expand Ben's character. This could be a re-writing of history on Darlton's part to make them sound like geniuses, but I'm willing to buy it. If you're casting an emmy winning actor onto the show, I would think there are hopes that it's going to work out! I love that Carlton brought up on the Sports Guy podcast that Emerson won his Series Regular Part when he uttered the lines "You guys got any milk?" LOL Love it!

Gidget Girl said...

Some thoughts on "mothers being disqualified to be candidates":

1) This may explain why Claire and Sun did not travel back in time with the rest of the Losties. They were both Mothers and the island didn't need them to make that journey.

2) Perhaps Jacob, being Island Guardian and Maker of His Own Rules, fixed it so that no pregnancies would carry to term? Thus allowing those women to be candidates.

3) Or perhaps MIB, being a Maker of Rules himself, fixed the no-pregnancy thing. If he could kill off the island population (like the Dharma purge) and prevent a new generation, there would be less potential candidates to deal with after killing Jacob.

hg said...

@MikeV --- Good news, Claire & Jin showed up today! The only one missing is Sun...
Coincidence/Fate - was she really a candidate, LOL...

Gidget Girl said...

Of course, after pregnancies were impossible, children became a hot commodity. So the Others were stealing kids to convert them to their side (like Alex, Walt, Aaron and other "stolen" children).

So I just can't figure out who would have the motivation to make pregnancies impossible: Jacob or MIB?

Anonymous said...

did anyone else notice the flashes of light in the window behind jack multiple times during the episode?

crashriprock said...

ok Mike
fair enough
So here is a CHaet sheet in case everyone was wondering What or Where Jack's tatoo is a reference to.

"He who walks among us but is not one of us"

Its from Dante's Devine Comedy

lines 82 thru 93

82 More than a thousand at the gates I saw
83 Out of the Heavens rained down, who angrily
84 Were saying, Who is this that without death

85 Goes through the kingdom of the people dead?
86 And my sagacious Master made a sign
87 Of wishing secretly to speak with them.

88 A little then they quelled their great disdain,
89 And said: Come thou alone, and he begone
90 Who has so boldly entered these dominions.

91 Let him return alone by his mad road;
92 Try, if he can; for thou shalt here remain,
93 Who hast escorted him through such dark regions

Its a Classic and all the other questions you have can be answered in the Classics.

Lauren said...

My favorite line in this episode BY FAR:

MIB: "Ben, you never cease to amaze me."

gnni4 said...

@ Candidate, ACME, you crack me up! I am looking forward to the replay tonight to hear in its entirety.

@Gidget Girl - nice thought on why Clair and Sun didn't time travel. I think that no babies thing was a bit of a ruse, I believe that Richard even said Ben was wasting his time on that.

@Mike, was Juiliet a candidate? I don't remember Jacob ever touching her, was that off show and her name was on the wall? I like the thought that Smokie scanned them and left them alone because they were candidates, makes sence.

I now find it interesting that Locke is missing his knives in sideways. Those knives seem to have importance somehow both to John and to Flocke, so it seems like it means something that they are missing in sideways.

I read most of Crash's book list way back in high school or college, but if we have a book club, we need to start with Juliete's favorite all time book...CARRIE!

Mike V. said...

@Gidget - 1.) Interesting! Of course Kate went back and was Aaron's adoptive mother....of course she had given him up before she went on flight 316 so tha kind of works! 2.) Another interesting idea to tie the mother comment to the pregnancy issue on the island. The only problem, the women died when they were how would that help them be candidates? 3.) The Smokey one was the one I had heard people talking about last week. I'm sure if we begged and pleaded Darlton for an might have something to do with this. Except...why would it have happened AFTER 1977? What was the magic thing that happened then? yeah the purge was in 1992...and maybe that started the issue. I dunno....I guess we just aren't getting a flat out answer on that one!

@Holly - YAY!!! and ugh on Sun....I couldn't find that one ebay either :-( Thanks for getting the other ones! I'm still gonna frame them! And funny on the candidate stuff! lol

@Gidget - Good points as well with the stolen children. I have no idea whose motivation it would be. But it does make sense it would somehow be one of them that caused it. And if Jacob is the protector of the Island...I would guess it might be him that put it in place. But I don't know for sure. And why? Don't know that either.

@Anonymous 3:05 - Totally didn't notice that, but I have seen flashes of light in other Sideways stories. Very subtle, in particular I remember seeing some in Hurley's episode. Maybe it means something but I'm gonna go with "probably not" for now. We'll see!

@Crash - Nice reference to Dante!

Anonymous said...

Mike V, your blog is great! All the kind words will never be enough to thank you for what you have done in making the already amazing LOST experience even better.

I really liked the episode. It was great to see many of the old characters in sideways land, especially Rousseau not looking crazy. Some of the deaths may have been rushed, but we are near the end.
I have a bottle of MacCutcheon :) ready to be opened to celebrate (or mourn) the last LOST show. I I won't be pouring any of the 60 yr old whisky for old Widmore, he deserved to bite the bullet. As for Zoe, who cares... pointless character. Brings back memories of Nikki and Paulo (RAZZLE DAZZLE :) )

crashriprock said...

I personally think Stephen King is a genius at STARTING a story I cannot think of any writer that has ever grabbed the attention of a reader better but when it comes to ending a story a six year old could do a better job.

Mike V. said...

@lauren - it was a great line!!!

@gnni - We never saw Jacob touch Juliet...but we did see "BURKE" crossed off and on the wall. As for Locke's knives..don't forget, he got them back in his centric episode "THE SUBSTITUTE" I was suspecting that there was more to that story too but then he got his case full of knives and showed them to Helen!

You guys can feel free to have yourselves a book club, but I do not want to volunteer to run it on this site! :-) But of course..nice reference to Stephen King's CARRIE! Dartlon have admitted that they are large fans of Mr. King...and King has said the same thing about LOST! It will be great to see if he writes up anything on how he feels LOST did with ending their story. He sometimes writes stuff for Entertainment Weekly too.

@Sebastian - Thanks so much for the Kind words about Kind words! LOL I appreciate you and everyone's comments about enhancing the LOST experience. You guys do the exact same for me...just thought you should know!

I still have my DHARMA Beer ready to crack open on Sunday! I can't wait but am still dreading it a bit too! Nice Razzle Dazzle reference!

@Crash - Poor Stephen King!! lol Granted, I haven't really read any of his stuff either. I'd love to read Dark Tower since Darlton are big fans of the series....but...I read reviews on that last book...and apparently it wasn't so good! lol So maybe you're onto something there.

Anonymous said...

Stephen King is the man! For those of you interested in a "book club" you could read The Dark Tower Series. There are many similarities in these books with LOST. It is a long series (7 books plus many connections with other of King's works) but the series is truly captivating and hypnotic. King considered it his "Magnum Opus" and it took him more than two decades to complete. The first book in the series "The Gunslinger" can be a little slow at times, though you come to love in retrospect. I know that King has had a strong influence on LOST. Let KA guide you and enjoy an epic series.

Richard said...

If MIB thinks the candidates are still candidates (ie that Jack hasn't been made the protector) then MIB thinks he can't kill them(needs Ben). However, IF Jacob's touch on the candidates works for them only as candidates then MIB could kill them. If Jacob's rule/touch is that these people as just people are off limits, MIB would then still need Ben. Mother said that she made it so Jacob and MIB could NEVER kill each other.

New Rules could become critical to how the upcoming battle goes. And depending on how Jacob's touch worked, they may have already changed with a new sheriff in town. For example--Some of our Losties were not off limits to smokey until Jacob made it so--recall the boy scene to remind Smokey. However we don't know if Jacob's rule is for Jack,etc individually, or as a candidate(for example). Also, we don't know if Jacob was protected as the protector or if he was protected from smokey as a result of Mother only. Since MIB(before becoming smokey-no special powers) killed Mother and as she said "Jacob is now as she is(at the ceremony)" indicates that she maintained her powers, it seems possible that smokey could kill Jack as well(if Jacob's touch doesn't transfer and if the protector has no special protection automatically). Maybe Mother did not want to defend herself at that point, and had protection if she wanted it? But the jury is out on whether the protector has special protection from smokey

May sound confusing-LOL.

BTW, the fact that Smokey did not know about Dez being killed and Sayid being able to lie to him, makes me believe there is a weakness that could be exploited by someone with good conman skills.

gnni4 said...

Thanks Mike for reminding me about both of those things, I totally forgot the knives came back. Too bad, I was cooking a thought!

On another note, I was not thrilled with Jacob's words of why he brought them all to the island. He touched James and Kate when they were children. (Boy that sounds bad!) How could he possibly have known that they would end up so broken? I guess the same way he knew everything about everyone else, but it felt a bit bland when I was looking for a stronger revelation. And Hurley? He didn't touch him until after he had been on the island.

I did find the Totaly Lost hysterical with the touching!

Mike V. said...

@Sebastian, see my comments right above yours. GREAT MINDS! LOL Of course, hearing your recommendation, maybe I would re-consider reading them!

David Salako said...

I to did notice some interesting stuff with light in this episode and in "The Candidate". Several of THE ISLAND scenes are now starting to resemble the "look" of Sideways world. Two that stand out were Hurley's scene with Boy Jacob and the ashes - there is definitely a purple light shining on Hurley. Also Richard Alpert's scene just before Smokey pummels him - light shining and reflecting on him also. Many other examples. Laughed at the purple box of "Super Bran" flakes on Jack and David Shepherd's breakfast table! Could those two be any chummier? GOOD TIMES!

David Salako said...

BTW - I fully agree that the "Dark Tower" series is great stuff and just like "Lost" in many ways but different to. They are great to listen to on Audio Books if there is no time to read the physical books.

crashriprock said...

Maybe Im just weird but I think Stephen King's Nightshift collection is closer to the Lost story line than Dark Tower all though it has been awhile since I have read either. His Nightshift collection included most of his more famous works and were originaly published in magazines.

Mike V. said...

@Richard - The more I think about these people making up rules the more ridiculous I think the whole thing is! LOL I mean come on...are we really going to see Jack just start making up rules in the last 2.5 hours of the show? Just picturing it makes me laugh a bit! And then with all of these IF/Then Conditions on if the rule still applies or not. It just doesn't seem like something LOST is going to make us think about TOO much lol But I totally get what you're saying! I just wonder how much of this they're really going to get into with the final episode. Of course, maybe Flocke doesn't even care about killing Jack or the other former candidates anymore...if he destroys the Island...that might be just as good! It would kill them by default probably. So, it would seem like everyone is going to be looking for Desmond in this final episode, right? So, that's where the conflict will seem to come in....who can die...who can't?? WHO KNOWS? I agree that MIB may be able to be exploited by a good conman...of course...Sawyer is a great conman and his con didn't work! But Ben, he's an expert Liar....I could see him pulling a fast one on the ol Man in Black. head is spinning once again...I thought the time travel season was over! :-)

@Gnni - no problem on the reminders! As for Jacob touching the kids (lol) Well Sawyer he came to in his darkest times. He probably could have known that there was no real "coming back" from something like that. Kate, is a good point. Hurley may have just been on flight 815 and became a candidate later...same with Sayid (since he lost his LOVE right after Jacob touched him) is weird that Jacob would have the foresight on these people. But maybe it has something to do with the extra Island powers they have lol I dunno.... I hate looking too much into this stuff because yeah...we're gonna find holes! :-(

The Totally LOST Stuff was fantastic!

crashriprock said...

This is a list of King's short story classics that are found in The Nighshift

Jerusalem's Lot
Graveyard Shift
Night Surf
I Am the Doorway
The Mangler
The Boogeyman
Gray Matter
Sometimes They Come Back
Strawberry Spring
The Ledge
The Lawnmower Man
Quitters, Inc.
I Know What You Need
Children of the Corn
The Last Rung on the Ladder
The Man Who Loved Flowers
One for the Road
The Woman in the Room

Richard said...

How about a poll on how it ends? Give us some choices and let us pick

Maybe ask for comments on suggested options?

Mike V. said...

@David - nice on the color observations again. And yeah SUPER BRAN FLAKES was a good time lol

I've said my piece on Stephen King so I'm moving on! lol

@Richard - I think I did that poll awhile back with a couple other options and asked for comments on the others. I am so befuddled by how this show is going to end, I don't know if I could think of options! lol But I'll see what I can do!

Mike V. said...

This guy Keck drives me crazy with puting spoilers into articles all of the time but this is a good one!!! Looks like we have a reason for a blog soon after August 24th. They filmed so much for the finale, there is going to be a version of it with 20 minutes of extra footage! woa....

LOST DVD/Blu-Ray Information!

Mike V. said...

My's not in the's just 20 minutes of additional storyline that they filmed!!

crashriprock said...

Ok moving on.
In Dante's Devine Comedt when he decends into Inferno one of the first Charaters he encounters is names Beatrice who bares a strking resemblance to .
Beatrice Klugh.

susieg said...

Okay, figured it behooves me to help you reach the goal of 700+ given how much I enjoy the recaps.

Great job, as always, and I loved this episode. Strange that with that much going on, it actually didn't feel rushed.

Anonymous said...

Mike - I'm also one of the silent dedicated readers of your blog every week! I've just never posted a comment before. But you deserve a huge kudos for your insight, humor and dedication. Love reading your blog and everyone's comments.

I will truly miss LOST each week - but I'll also truly miss reading about it here on this site with everyone else. Sniff.

Anonymous said...

Ben can't kill Widmore, I still think he is alive. We never actually saw him die, he fell behind the cabinet.

David Salako said...

Perhaps Widmore and Alpert have served their purpose and THE ISLAND is done with them?
A new Age dawns on THE ISLAND - the Age of Jack Shepherd?!

crashriprock said...

Sorry I got called into work in the middle of my point. So rather than go thru all the reasons why Jack is depicted as Datne I think it would be better to just post the titles of Dantes Canot's in hi Devine Comedy. I cherry picked the titles because there are over thirty in each book. The Devine Comedy is the story of Dante being guided through Hell Purgatory then Heaven and even after cherry picking the titles make a long list pay attention to the last one Paradiso and like I said think of Jack when reading the titles.

crashriprock said...

The Inferno

The Dark Wood of Error
The Descent
The Opportunists
The Virtuous Pagans
The Carnal
The Gluttons
The Hoarders and the Wasters
The Fallen Angels
The Heretics
The Violent Against Neighbors
The Violent Against Themselves
The Fraudulent and Malicious
The Panderers and Seducers
The Fortune Tellers and Diviners
The Hypocrites
The Thieves
The Sowers of Discord
The Falsifiers
The Treacherous to Kin
The Treacherous to Their Masters

crashriprock said...


The Departure
Nature of the Mountain
Those who died by Violence
Prayers for the Dead
The Angel at the Gate. Seven P's. The Keys

The Proud
The Humble Prayer
The Sculptures on the Pavement.
Dante's Visions. The Smoke.
Lament over the State of the World.
Dante's Dream of Anger
discourses of Love and Free Will.
The Mystic Tree
The Mystic Tree
The Seven Virtues
The Tree of Knowledge
The River Eunoe

crashriprock said...


The Ascent to the First Heaven. The Sphere of Fire.

Spirits who, having taken Sacred Vows, were forced to violate them

Questionings of the Soul and of Broken Vows

Of the Wisdom of Solomon
Dante's Judgement
The Radiant Wheel
St. James examines Dante on Hope
St. John examines Dante on Charity
Dante's Sight. Adam
Discourse of the Creation of the Angels

Fall of Lucifer
The River of Light
The Two Courts of Heaven
The White Rose of Paradise.
St. Bernard points out the Saints in the White Rose

crashriprock said...

hope that helps

Linda Zoe said...

What if . . . Jack's wife is Claudia (Jacob & MIB's birth mom)? And they divorced, and each took one twin? Claudia will show up at the concert with young Jacob and Jack will be there with David (and now we know MIB's name!).

I know its a stretch, but I have always thought is was a little strange to just throw in a son for Jack in Sideways Land. There must be a reason for it.

crashriprock said...

Did I post that too fast?

Floreen said...

Hello Losties, this is going to be a long one because I like to help, not to brag but to point out that and why this is a such special TV series whereas a lot of planning and research has been done despite all odds and what said, at least from episode 3, season 1 and on.

First, thank you to all of you for putting up with my insistence on Jacob been nothing but the good guy, MiB the bad one and the hostility toward certain characters that caused a few flares here et all. Congrats to those who saw the merits of my posts as well. I hope Ben will redeem himself again and that the NO SPECIAL - no more than anyone else that is, John Locke will proposed Helen and get the heck out of this naiveté of his, which makes him so prone to evil con. In another word knowing that Locke was not himself does add up to it.

I haven’t even read the blog yet or posts so mea culpa if many things have been said already, but I posted In Advance on the old episode while watching the new one life on air and thinking about it ever since. That should be promising to Mike V as how much work he’ll have to do, the hardest yet. cont...

Floreen said...

Ockam razor’s sharp One line answer from our Doctor Benjamin Linus in the same basement of his casa, symbolic tie in, pictorial and dialog me and Mike went on and on; ‘He was summoning me...’ translation: I was an Idiot all this time. So were all the other ones which leads me to the Flichard theory, the two cabins and the long, long con. Did the creators read this blog by any chance? I wonder...

Picture again the BR in calm, sunny, wonderful weather just outside Jacob’s place, the statue. Jacob was bringing candidates in a peaceful fashion.
Next, we have a terrible storm - anger, that crushes the ship, wrecks planes, destroys Jacob’s place, kills a lot of people, some do the killing themselves in a manipulative, conniving, corrupt, way for survival, etc. Who’s behind all this? MiB, not Jacob. Yes is hard to be Jacob to see that people chooses evil vs good and just stand by because free will is more important than intervening to do good.

The sonic fence was a joke and I think the same with water, but I will hold on that for a while. I asked why Smokey is stopped by it on the ground when he can jump over it or crawl beneath as he did already. The fence was a long con of the game good cop - bad cop he played to insure people will toe in line with his manipulated agent, been Ricardo to whom Smokey spoke first, not Jacob very important answer tot eh clue, Ben, Eloise, Widmore, Locke etc. and so forth which made those people looked like “we’re the good guys here Michael” I quote.

Ben said Jacob whom he thought he’s talking to, doesn’t like modern technology. Jacob used an advanced Lighthouse solar dial, hhmm... It was Smokey who didn’t, because science as Dharma was poised to, would have unfolded his plan. The more mysterious, primitive and shrouded in mystery; ‘the island is not done with you, sacrifices has to be made’, yeah - my a**, it was MiB way of controlling, manipulating and do the killing of the good ones so nobody can see through the screen of smoke and mirrors - symbolic, hey? as what he was up to. MiB didn’t like tech and that’s why he orchestrated the Dharma purge and Keamy killings so Ben killed the wrong guy - Widmore, for al the wrong reasons asd manipulative part of Smokey’s long con. cont...

Floreen said...

ends once, everything else in between is progress’. The more advanced our civilisation, the better chances to find the suitable candidate and have people understand the island and its properties to do good for the human kind.

Oceanic 815 - the ending once, happens to cross through a portal in that dome of energy at the right angle accidentally created by Desmond not pushing the button timely. The whole island had to be moved as such in a time frame before Locke was pushed off the window, before Rose contracted terminal cancer, before Hugo won the lottery, etc. and so forth. Remember the doctor washing ashore before been killed for example? They retained the same memories from the real time line, but they were in one slightly behind, thus Desmond’ flashbacks and the deja vue feeling of a Mobius loop-hole - emphasis added, which the SW et all brought up.

Smokey after the crash of BR has already imprisoned Jacob in his cabin - Smokey’s or Ricardo’s, Horace built one and Smokey takes advantage of it to get Locke move the island. Smokey pretended to be Christian who speaks for Jacob - yeah, how convenient and with Claire right there like possessed by evil, smirk and all.

All the incidents or only one of them from the original button not been pushed in time to the jughead makes the island move through time and space even before some of the characters were born - Locke. That created the mobius effect in which Smokey didn’t had to travel outside the island and claim Locke before he was borne, because Locke among many, did the travelling himself. That happened because the first meeting Locke-Monster Smokey takes place, Smokey realises that he found the perfect candidate for him, a counter candidate to the one for Jacob, gets the island moved backwards and the next John Locke been borne is not a good one, he’s bad news for everyone. Life is linear, but here Smokey created a loop he took advantage to rig the ‘ending once’ to his favor. That explains why in this season SW frame, the island is sunken with a statue still intact. So double and multiple loop-holes mobius style were created by Smokey to choose the best one to put an end to all that, Jacob, island and take his leave. Why didn’t mother let him go when he was BiB? oh, we wouldn’t have Lost.

But this is the kind of ending (show) I like, one that ties in, makes sense even simplistic answers like why Smokey likes to walk or enjoys rain. How does branches snap under his foot, I don’t know, it would be too much to ask the creators, Locke’s body is buried, right, but Christian’s missing, I’ll think of an answer to that on my own. So far, so good. Phew...

@Mike V - Remember Michael visited by Christian saying you can go now? So is not far fetched that it was Ben who did that and Smokey did his part through Abadon playing a double agent.

Floreen said...

Widmore was a coned person just like all the others, Locke included and some minus Oceanic candidates. The killing of all minus the revenge of Ben who avenged against the wrong dude - Widmore, everything else makes sense. I liked it.

crashriprock said...

sorry for this post but Im not seeing the "newer" post that usualy shows up when we go over 103

Floreen said...

Zoe was killed because:

I I let Smokey talk to me first, I end up under his spell.
If I talk talk to him first, he ends up under my control.

Zoe was told Not to talk to him by Widmore first. She became an enemy of Smokey.
Widmore was killed because he let Smokey talk to him first.

Floreen said...

Desmond is kicking everybody out of the loop part of the hole to disable Smokey's plan and hopefully kill him altogether.

Anonymous said...


Floreen said...

Ah what the hell? I lost an entire post here. I was explaining the Flichard theory. Now I have to start over.

Floreen said...

This ep is very good. We have Jackob the next protector, tie-in’s and answers, funny lines, former characters back in, I mean what’s not to like about it? So yeah, why mothers crossed off, why special children, how does Smokey walks in the body of dead and buried man, Christian body was originally missing, yeah they are a few hanging chads, the fact that Smokey kills candidates and that’s hurtful to Jacob who brings them in but is free choice vs forced into it, I agree.

We have an answer to the ‘speak to him first, or don’t let him talk to you, first’.
We have the one Line ANSWER to many questions form Doctor Ben: He was summoning me... surprised at the realisation Smokey ws running a Long Con ever since?

Since the beginning. I will answer a lot so read carefully.

Jacob said: ‘It only ends once, everything else is progress.’ Jacob the good guy, brought candidates to the island in a nice fashion. BR is within a ear shot of the shore and perfect weather. Then we have a raging anger - Smokey, storm - Smokey, which crashes the ship, topples the statue - Jacob’s house - hint.
People come in corrupts, kills, destroy because as soon as the wreck reaches the island, Smokey rushes in to help with it, not that the human nature needs any help there.
Ricardo lands on the island and the one talking first to him is Smokey; oh-oh.
Jacob gets imprisoned in a cabin Ricardo built for himself that became the Jacob’s cabin - Ilana.
The long con is afoot. Ricardo thinks he’s dealing with Jacob, when he’s dealing with an con artist impersonator - Smokey. He knows the game is coming to an end. According to Ben, Jacob hate tech, but he used a modern equipment at the Lighthouse. Is Smokey who hates tech because the more primitive the culture, the easier for him to keep people in darkness, hence the ‘island is not done with you, sacrifices are required, etc. He ordered the expulsion of Widmore off the island, he was to clever perhaps, although not a good man. Smokey orchestrated the purge of Dharma because Dharma was about to discover the secrets of the island and bring Smokey to a halt. The sacrifices were his covering for the murders he committed.
So Ricardo represent a so called Jacob. Ricardo meets Ben, meets Smokey. The whole line of people now are under the coning game of Smokey. Des almost misses to push the button and Oceanic 815 enters the dome of energy at the right angle and crashes but it moves back in time before:
Locke became paralytic
Rose had terminal cancer
Hugo won the lottery
Kate killed Wayne
Sawyer had his parents commit suicide
to be continued

Floreen said...

Remember the missile experiment from the freighter, the helicopter ride in time off the island to the ship and the washing on the shore of a doctor who’s still to be killed tells me that the island was out of sync with the rest of the world in a time frame of its own and that those incidents moved the island back in time.
That’s why Rose has no cancer anymore and Locke walks. Now Locke meets Smokey who jubilates over finding the perfect counter candidate to Jacob’s potential choice and not a moment too soon. Jacob is locked up in a cabin where Ben goes against the protocol to see Jacob. Hugo accidentally releases Jacob and Smokey uses Horace cabin with a new sit in Jacob impersonator - Christian and Claire. Smokey and Claire and children a draw back to his BiB memories. Because of this alternate scenario Smokey is able to maintain the con game.
The sonic fence and maybe water are a dramatic idea overshoot on the creators. As all this, I was asking as why a sonic fence on the ground when Smokey can go under or over it? Because the fence was a good cop - bad cop ploy to keep everybody under the control of Ben from his basement of his casa believing is Jacob who put it there as protection - hint.
By the final act of the turning of the donkey wheel and to go visit Eloise, is not Smokey who travels off the island. The island was brought in a time before Locke is born and that explains the mobius loop-hole theories as why we have clues of Locke been claimed long before the island - hint and why Des has flashbacks as a deja vue. Because the loop went around at least once in SW, FW, BW or any combination you choose. Each and every way opens the potential to a different outcome, but Smokey’s plan is closing in.
John missed proposing to Helen and go about his life. He goes with his father to retrieve the money, looses Helen and the subsequent misery in his life. His naiveté is his worse enemy manipulated by Smokey. I am happy to see that as I said, it adds to the character that Locke wasn’t doing that on his own - last ep posts. Locke was no (more or less) special than anyone else. So the things develop to the hatch implosion the jughead and the turning of the donkey wheel which allows Locke and others to travel off and that gives the opportunity to Smokey to tag his victims. When they return sic with Oceanic 815 again as deja vue nobody remembers at that point, the stage is set and Locke acts like he possessed by Smokey already with no explanation in those eps and seasons. End so far...

Floreen said...

So in conclusion, the mobius loophole scenario and the Flichard theory explains that Smokey didn't got off the island, it was his agents like Abaddon and those free to travel off the island - Jacob did that too, and Mr Friendly, etc., doing the works outside the island in behalf of Smokey. I am convinced that all characters at one point or another as such got coned and did Smokey work even if unknowingly so. I am sure that Keamy was hired by Abaddon to kill everybody on the island on the Smokey's orders. Smokey orchestrated the assassination of Alex, none of that was Widmore. Ben got coned again in killing the wrong guy, a tie-in with Sawyer in Australia, just read my prior posts. Boy that's a lot of work in a hurry, twice, Mike I appreciate you again.

gnni4 said...

I thought it was funny when Ben and Miles were going back and forth about where they were, if Ben was lost, who knew the island better, when they were with Richard - who has walked everywhere on the island for a couple of centuries?

I thought it was funny, Richard just bringing up the rear. I live on a small island, and it doesn't take 2 days to walk from one end of it to the other, they must have been walking in circles!

EJ said...

One thought that came to me after this episode is that Ilana is Jacob's Kate. There are a lot of likely parallels for Jacob/Ilana and Jack/Kate, if you take a little time with it.

I agree that Jin was the Kwon candidate. In addition to Sun becoming a mother, Jin time traveled to 1977 (and Sun did not when Ajira 316 crashed).

Not mentioned yet, but not necessarily missed, parallel: Flocke and Ben looking down the well for Desmond vs Locke and Jack taking their first look down the hatch shaft, where Desmond was.

Interesting that Jacob lasted until his ashes were gone in the fire. What if Ilana had not recovered them the day Ben killed Jacob? Would Jacob have disappeared that day? Also -- did anyone else MARVEL that a sack of ashes lasted -- in Hurley's pocket, no less -- through a submarine explosion in the ocean and desperate swim for the surface??? :-)

David Salako said...

@EJ - Hurley did say that he may be big but he is spritely! The ashes were fine in his pockets - a bit wet - but fine! lol!

I wonder if Jacob paid Rose, Bernard and Vincent a visit in their cosy little ISLAND family home. I bet he would really dig their faithful love and peace loving vibe! Jacob was raised in a bit of a dysfunctional family. Perhaps this might explain Bernard's seemingly omniscient aura in Sideways world?

gnni4 said...

Too funny EJ, never even thought about the watery ashes, ha!

Anonymous said...

Penultimate Poster (PP)

Post Blog Suggestions

Mike - When my boys and I began reading your blog last year , we read it chronologically. To our horror, you started the blog in the second season. You might want to consider writing an episodic analysis for all the missing episodes. This action will make the blog complete, and an even greater reference source for current and future Losties. Of course, the fact that you know how almost everything will turn out will make things a tad more challenging – but I’m sure you will be able to pull it off.

Two contradictions caught my attention – If MIB wants to destroy the Island, why is he promising Ben the Island in exchange for his help. Furthermore, why does Smokey threaten to kill Penny when we have been told that eveybody will die if Smokey leaves the Isle.

EJ – The sack with the ashes was waterproof – Alana was prepared for all contingencies!!!!

Glenn R. said...

Wonderful recap, Mike -- You're at the top of your game!

I must say, this episode renewed my faith. After three episodes in a row which I found disappointing, I loved "What They Died For."

I'm hoping to find time before the finale to read all the comments and add my own. If I don't though, I will definitely be following up after the finale. I know I will be re-watching the entire series sometime over the summer -- I'm hoping you will continue to allow a space here for ongoing commentary.

I really don't think the end of Lost will truly begin to sink in until the first Tuesday that we have no Lost to watch! Ugh.

JD in SCS said...

Don't know if this has been suggested yet. I would bet that on their way to Dharmaville, the Ben Trio pulled Desmond out of the well and Desmond filled them in and are now on Team Jack. That's why: Miles had to leave because Flocke would have no problem killing him and is probably on his way to team-up with Desmond; Richard tried to buddy-up with Flocke as a spy (but failed); and Ben successfully buddied-up with Flocke but is a spy.

Mike V. said...

So, maybe in my last post I didn't make it clear enough. The 20 additional minutes of unaired footage on the LOST DVD/Blu Ray - This is ALL specific to answers that they couldn't cover on the show where it would make sense. I think this is the stuff that Damon and Carlton were alluding to on their podcasts when they said certain things would be answered but not within the show itself. The one that brought up the issue? DHARMA FOOD DROPS!!!! So we may actually get to see this. Maybe since they had Libby back, they'll explain why she was in a mental institution. Etc..

The thing with doing it OUTSIDE of the show is that they can break their normal format restrictions. In other words...we can have more flashbacks instead of worrying about the flash sideways.

And you'd be surprised how much stuff can be crammed into 20 minutes! That is a lot of time. It's half of an episode. For the people who were waiting for them to just ramble off answers, this is for you!

I'm pretty excited about it....and I definitely will have to blog about it soon after August 24th. Of course, not sure how I'll get screenshots or video feeds but I'll work on that!

I just wanted to do a more in-depth comment on this because I think the importance of my previous comment was overlooked! LOL Okay, now I'm going to start responding to everyone else's comments. It could take some time and a commute to work in-between because you guys were on fire again last night!

Mike V. said...

@Crash - Nice information on all of the literary references. The one that stood out to me was THE RIVER OF LIGHT lol So maybe they did draw some comparisons there.

@Susieg - Thank you so much for reading and for your compliments on the blog!! (BTW...I think we need to save that 700 comment goal for The Finale Blog...and I think it'll be very attainable lol) I totally agree the episode wasn't rushed. Some would disagree but all of us LOST fans are looking for different things in these final hours. I'm just enjoying the ride while we can. 2.5 hours left :-(

@Anonymous 5:32 - So glad to see some silent readers come out of the dark near the end! Thanks for the big Kudos on the blog and acknowledging my awesome sense of humor!! (Kidding!!) I'm glad you have enjoyed it and hopefully we can keep discussing it here until everyone is tired of LOST (how could that possibly happen?) I am sure not going anywhere. Obviously, the blog will slow down, but it'll still be here for everyone!

@Anonymous 6:21 - I think we were debating exactly what David said below you, maybe the Island was done with Widmore because he brought Desmond back to the Island. That was his purpose. BUT, you do raise a good point that we never did see a gun shot wound on Widmore. You never know what kind of twist they may throw at us!

@Linda Zoe - That would be absolutely insane of Claudia somehow existed 2000 years after she was supposed to! lol But it definitely is an interesting theory. And if it was the same actor that played David and the Boy in Black, I'd be on board with the idea (you know...forgetting the 2000 year thing). It's definitely an interesting idea! Also, David has been spending time with BOTH of his parents. If you recall, in THE LIGHTHOUSE, David didn't want to spend ANY time with his father but then they mended ties. Totally agree that it is strange for Jack to have a son in Sideways land though. Except that it showed him resolve his father issues through his son. He didn't follow in his father's footsteps. If sideways somehow ended up being the epilogue or how LOST ends up...then we see that Jack is better off in this world...and his Island life played a factor in these changes. And once he regains his memories from the Island experience...he could possibly be with Kate again...(if it's meant to be it's meant to be) Still not sure if that's where they're going with it....but it's an interesting concept!

Mike V. said...

@Florin - That's harsh to call yourself an idiot on the Flichard theory! lol Who knows if the writers/producers read the blog or not...I like to think they might have...but with the way they have filmed lost the past 3 seasons, it's hard to fit in many of the fan questions that arise. Then again....why Ben summoned Smokey if he was not working with the OTHERS was a good question that has been brought up. I think the writers probably felt they needed to say SOMETHING about it. And kudos to them for fitting it in. As for the calm day turning into a storm. you could be right that it's MIB....i would HOPE that this stuff will come up in the 2.5 final hours since the producers SAID it would be featured in this season! lol

Totally agree with you on the simplistic answers being enjoyable. Some interesting thoughts in between that I will try to read in more detail later! Christian's body is still missing yes (in both timelines)...Locke's body is buried yes..... As for Christian appearing to Michael...I have no idea how it is not far fetched that Ben somehow sent Christian Shephard through using Abbadon as a double agent LOL This has to be Christian as a Ghost telling Michael he can go.....or it's Smokey somehow telling Michael he can go. Of course it doesn't really make sense why Smokey would do that based on what we know NOW about him. It seems like whatever is governing the rules of dying and when the Island is done with somebody would be what appears to Michael. I forget to mention always that GHOST Libby showed up to Michael too when they were further from the Island. Maybe he was seeing things...I dunno. But this makes me think even more that it was Ghosts somehow.

Mike V. said...

@Florin - totally disagree that Ben took his revenge out on the wrong dude. He already killed Keamy....but it was Widmore that gave the order to kill his daughter. I had been waiting for that scene where they would meet up and SETTLE their differences. And in settle I mean Ben get his revenge! Not that I think what Ben does in life is justifiable....but you can't help but root for him in his battle against Widmore. Even when we were hoping he wouldn't kill Penny, we still wanted him to get back at that dude! At least I was!

I'll have to read the rest of your posts later Florin! Gotta move on lol

@Gnni - Yeah that whole storyline of them getting to the barracks so long after the other LOSTIES had done so much was just bizarre. And then the fact that the 3 of them couldn't find their way was just even more bizarre! It took them a long time to find the barracks in season 3...but they didn't know where they were going. But ever since they found it? In season 4, 5 and 6 it hasn't taken long at all. I know the story started moving quicker and that's fine...but all of a sudden because they need to stall these characters...they just make them get LOST? lol

I also noted that Miles' joke about living there 30 years before Ben....doesn't even really work because Young Ben already lived on the Island! lol And Miles knew that!! It was still funny though lol

@EJ - Ilana was Jacob's Kate eh? Even though Ilana called Jacob a "Father-Figure"? I think we're getting into George Michael territory here lol

Yeah the whole thing with Jin and Sun and the candidate thing is interesting...and the time travel stuff. Definitely all interesting. If we're supposed to be able to deduce on our own why she didn't travel back, then it all makes sense. So maybe she was a candidate at one time, but then since she was a mother...she didn't time travel. But the job still would have been hers if she wanted it....i dunno. Sounds good to me!

I did notice that parallel as well....when I saw Flocke look over that ledge it looked a lot like him looking down the hatch. Good times. Didn't think about Desmond being at the bottom in each case though. nice!

The ashes thing is hysterical. Good point!

@David - You mean SPRY right? lol Or however you spell it. I loved that scene in "NUMBERS" (season 1). Interesting thought that Jacob may have visited Rose, Bernard and Vincent!

@PP - You aren't the first to suggest that I complete my BLOG Saga by posting about season 1 and the first 6 of season 2. I wish my emails from back then could have been saved because I just would have posted them (that's how the blog started....the first 3 or so were originally EMAILS to a distribution group....the ones before that were LOST. This was before GMAIL was prominent and we had infinite storage! LOL) Totally agree's tough to write about stuff with already having the answers. Where it would come into play is if I were to do a Rewatch. Maybe I could do a Season 1 Summary Blog or something like that. I have no idea. But thanks for the suggestion!

Totally caught the contradictions myself...I think Ben isn't an idiot...and he'll catch this too! As for the 2nd one...and even further it was WIDMORE that told people that they and their loved ones would cease to exist (that is..before Jacob did) why was he so scared for PENNY? lol Bizarre

@Glenn and JD - I'm running late for work..I'll get to you a bit later (and everyone else that posts of course)

crashriprock said...

And Mike
I Left out the Mirror ones Dante does this trick with Mirrors then the mirrors gets destroyd.
And Purgatorio was suppose to have taken place on and Island mountain in the south pacific. Only At the time of Dantes writing Columbus had not discovered the new world yet and there really were no islands in the south pacific.

Unknown said...

Hi Mike!
Thank you for all your hard work on the blog. I found your blog late but I find it valuable the day after an episode. I will miss it as much as I will miss Lost. What if Ben used blanks and Widmore is still alive. Ben is smart enough to know Flocke will kill him eventually.

Mike V. said...

@Glenn - Thanks for the props! Glad your faith has been restored in the show. Everything builds to something bigger, right? I'm a firm supporter of the fact that the first half of the season was essential to building to this awesome end game. yeah...maybe a few holes or plot contrivances here and there but even LOST isn't perfect! Anyway, take your time catching up on the blog! It's not going anywhere...and there will always be the ability to comment! And I'm sure I will post things later on....especially after the S6 Blu-Ray/DVD and official Encyclopedia release in August that I'll be hoping people come back to discuss! But yeah....after Sunday and the couple weeks that definitely won't be as crowded around here. And that is sad. But I look forward to further discussions with any of you that still want to have them!

@JD in SCS - Hmmm...interesting idea that Ben and crew pulled Desmond out of the well. I'd agree with this except for the fact that they were still going to the Barracks to get the C4 and talked at length of blowing up the plane. They had no idea that the crew already tried to escape via sub and the tragedy that occurred in the process. But I totally agree that Ben has an ulterior motive to helping out Flocke. And I think the walkie talkies between Miles and Ben are going to come into play in the finale...whether for good, bad or both...we have yet to see!

@Crash - interesting points with the mirrors and that awful dreaded "P" word in the south pacific! lol!

@Gmmisp - You're totally welcome! Sorry you didn't find the blog until late but I appreciate the major props! I'm gonna miss all of the discussion as well! But, don't be a stranger, keep coming back because there will be plenty of LOST to discuss until we're tired of it! Interesting idea with the BLANKS and Ben shooting Widmore with them. It's possible, but I don't think that's where they're going with this. Agree that Ben isn't going to stay loyal to MIB in the end! But we shall see!

plumbarius said...

@Mike V.

Okay, I set the line at 700. I think I'll take the UNDER this time LOL!!

Mike V. said...

@Plumbarius - LOL, nice. I'm with you on that one!

Now another goal I'm struggling on but I think it might be attainable...I need about 74 more followers on twitter to hit my 815 followers by the finale! I may have to start Twitter campaigning but I've tried to avoid it all season lol

crashriprock said...

Im not saying its purgatory
But you do have to admit that there are overtones of what could resemble purgatory.
My point is Dante picked a setting that in his time didnt exist.

Mike V. said...

Oh i know you're not saying it Crash. Totally agree there have always been the overtones, undertones whatever you want to call it! It's just every time I see that word...I know someone out there still thinks that the show still is about purgatory! LOL

crashriprock said...

Next up
Desmond as Odysseus
Odysseus is wed to Penelope who is the duaghter of King Icarius. Icarius said that no man may marry his daughter unless they beat him in a race. When odysseus goes to fight in the Trojan war his son is one month old. When he returns his son is twenty. The Illiad depicts the Trojan war, The Odessey takes place after the war and takes Odysseus of a starnge tour of being tested by the gods. Including being trapped on an Island in which Posidon wont let his boat leave.

Mike V. said...

This is pretty crazy LOL - I got a shout out on someone's Blog about Food Recipes! Anyway, they said some great things, so I thought I would do them a favor and give them a shout out!

Gotta love Googling yourself! lol

Life Told in Recipes: Shout out to Lost Addicts Blog

Mike V. said... THAT one kind of makes sense for Desmond, Crash! I still say it would be "LOOSELY" based on that story and not exactly.

crashriprock said...

while Odysseus was being tested by the Gods Penelope had 108 suitors because it was thought that Odysseus was dead.
also the number of minutes on the swans clock

Candidate said...

Just catching up on yesterdays comments.
@ginni4. This was probably answered but Julliets last name was on the cave wall. Burke (I think I misspelled her last name or maybe not. Thanks for listening and you crack me up too. I'm sure gonna miss this.

crashriprock said...

Im not saying it is an exact story Im just demostrating that alot of what the writers have used from the classics have specific meaning in the Lost story line.Like Desmond helps kill Mikail who had one eye and Odyseus first blinds the Cyclops then kills him.

Mike V. said...

Don't worry Crash, we all know what the sum of the numbers equals and that the clock represented that as well! And of course 108 on the Lighthouse dial was Wallace...was there a Wallce in The Odessy? LOL It is interesting that Penelope had 108 suitors though. Maybe they were inspired by this when they summed up the numbers they introduced inseason 1.....and thought.."hmmm 108...where can we go with this? ooh Penelope in the Odessey story had 108 suitors...we can make that the name of Desmond's love interest!"

I think we all understand that the writers use references from literature. I think this one you are pointing out now has seemed the most relevant to the show for me lol So I'm speculating now on how they were inspired.

Anyways... @Candidate - yeah I answered that for gnni! lol

crashriprock said...

Well Odysseus kills the the 108 suiters. and is punished for it by having to spend more time away from Ithica and his family. Desmond is part of the ending of the 108 minutes that bring the plane down and ultimately ends the swan.

David Salako said...

Congrats on the mention in the Food Recipes Blog Mike.
I meant to say "sprightly" in an earlier post but I think you are right that Hurley did say "spry" which I think generally means the same thing depending on which side of the Atlantic you're on! lol! has the definitions if anyone is interested or bored.

Candidate said...


I started noticing weird colours in The Candidate as well. I wasn't sure what to make of it at first and wondered if it was intended as a clue or was it just some post production crew that thought it would look cool. Now that you have brought this up I'm thinking more on the "Clue" side of things. The nuances of ideas going into this production are so nicely detailed and subtle. Good Eye David

Mike V. said...

I gotcha David! lol That makes sense.

crashriprock said...

In order for Odysseus to redeem himself for killing the Suiters he is asked to make a sacrifice.
Im not saying what that is. Also Book 23 of the Odyssey I belive will be depicted in the end of the show and Im not saying what that is either.

Anonymous said...

@Crash - can we PLEASE ease off on the literal references to literary classics?
I think virtually everyone that reads this blog gets the fact that the writers draw inspiration from all manner of sources, literature included.
Perhaps once the finale is over, you can take a bow as a reward for all the things you knew before everyone else aside from the writers?
Until then...

crashriprock said...

Ok anonymous I get it.
But waiting til august for an additional 20 minutes to a 810 minute season six series I dont hink is going to answer alot of questions. That works out to be about 1.2 minutes per show. All Im saying is if you want answers to where the food drop came from you are either going to have to talk to Darlton one on one or....

Read Mysterious Island

MJ said...

Wow Mike ! A foodie blog is referencing you now. LOL Too bad it's so late in coming to the 'table'. Couldn't resist.

Mike V. said...

@Crash - I think 20 minutes in air time is a lot longer than you think. I remember when they added 5 or 6 minutes to Star Wars for the Special Edition and it seemed like a lot! lol

Plus...most scenes on LOST are only about 2 or 3 minutes a piece. Some even shorter. I can see them covering some cool stuff with this 20 minutes. But we'll see. The back-up will be the encyclopedia which may have more info.

I'm done talking about the books for now. It was rare that I actually DID start talking about The Oddessey but of course, that is a well known story!

Anyways, @MJ - Great pun! lol

crashriprock said...

Well I think this has been a FAILED experiment on behalf of Darlton. It is failed because I think it was an attempt to get people to read. I Applaud thier effort and understand thier frustration with people asking questions that have been answered over and over again Not to mention the countless number of Easter Eggs they gave and have pointed people to only to see thier effort at gaining a more Liturate public has go UP IN SMOKE.

crashriprock said...

literate lol

Mike V. said...

@Crash - The producers have gone on record many times saying that they reference literature in the show because they carry similar themes. They said that these were all books that they have read and enjoyed and were able to put into their show to recommend to others. Damon and Carlton have both talked about it time and time again. But they have always INSISTED that the books do not need to be read to answer questions on LOST or even understand LOST. And the answers are not CONTAINED in the books. They were INSPIRATION.

I have urged you and continue to urge you to listen to Carlton Cuse on ESPN's Bill Simmons Podcast (The BS REPORT) from last week. It was fantastic and they actually had a good laugh about all of the references they put into the show to egg people on to look further and develop theories that have nothing to do with the show. The whole thing cracked me up and reminds me of a lot of the conversations we have been having about these literary references lately. I think that podcast was created for YOU to listen to! lol

Again, I feel you drawing very close to naming people, who do not want to discuss the literature references of LOST, as people who are UNINTELLIGENT in comparison. And I would hate to have to go on another disciplinary rant as I did in last week's blog posting! Of course, I'd probably just copy and paste it into this post! lol

crashriprock said...

If anything that podcast proves my point. Terms like "Mythological download" and "Diactic answers"

Diactic -designed or intended to teach b : intended to convey instruction and information as well as pleasure and entertainment

Im not the student that asks about the piano. Im the kid behind him who already understands what the word DIACTIC means.

Im not looking for answers I already have them I understand what they are doing and I give them two thumbs up.

Im just trying to help fill a void that seems to be between the Kid with the piano question and the Janitor who just likes big explosions.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be really sad when Lost is over, but at the same time I am DYING to find out what the heck is going on with the island, light, how it is going to end.. etc etc...
My husband has just started watching LOST we are half way through Season 2, and he is HOOKED.. but listening to his early theories makes me laugh because he is sooooo far off what we already know.. just made me think how far we have come in LOST, what we didn't know about the island in Season 2... Does everyone remember what their theories were back in those days??.. After 6 years we have almost come full circle only 2.5hrs left and we will be enlightened... BRILLIANT!!!

Bill said...

Did you mean didactic?

Mike V. said...

Well, actually they said they said they didn't want the show to be DIDACTIC. They didn't want the show to be a lecture on answers in the final season. Mythological download is meant to be represented in Ab Aeterno and Across the Sea. As in a braindump of LOST Mythology. I don't think we're meant to be looking into the multiple meanings of things that DARLTON say like we do with the show itself! You may already know about the piano that had no intention to be defined by the Director but you do need to work on your spelling of "Didactic". Definition is right, but you're missing a letter!

That's great that you understand what they're doing. (or at least you think you works either way if you're satisfied) I've already said my piece on the EXPLOSION thing in the last blog post.

Anyway, I'm glad you listened to the podcast, just sorry you missed the point of it! Carlton was essentially saying that there is no way the could have done all of this research into the stories they're telling. People are able to interpret what they're doing and compare it to various works of literature or philosphers referenced in the show. But my guess? They may have done a WIKI search on certain terms like Electro-Magnetism or Time Travel or Physics or you name it...and then they found names that were associated with those terms. Yes, in some instances, they may have read a book and liked the theme of a certain novel and decided to play out those themes in the show. But there is no way that every answer to LOST was based on books out there that they've read. Sure, they love the fact that people are reading books they're referencing in the show.....but they did not base all of the answers of LOST IN those said books!

Anyway, I'm tired of arguing about this. We all enjoy the show in different ways. But we don't have to force each other's method of enjoyment onto the whole community if they're not really interested in it! Granted, this is my blog so I can do whatever I want. And it would seem that most people enjoy my take on the show so it's win-win! I do welcome yours and everyone's opinions here. But, you have to understand that many people want to enjoy LOST the TV show and discuss LOST the TV show. So I can understand the frustration when there are posts and posts of information from various works of literature other than LOST. Not really sure what else to say about it.

crashriprock said...

Ok I give up
Your right Carlton Cuse is just a shill that cashed a paycheck.
Because I remeber alllll those names in the Sapranos that were related to literary and philosophical writers. And not to mention alllll the TV shows today that have direct references to the classics and even show them in the show. Im sure the twins in Across the Sea was nothing more than a rip on "Two and a Half men".

And at the end of the day they got thier script ideas from watching Popeye reruns.

Mike V. said...

@Anonymous - it's great to look back at the older posts I made on this blog to see some of the things I talked about...and eventually some of the comments people had about where the show was going. Of course, for a new viewer, the posts still seem very relevant because they don't know any better until they get further!

I recently got someone into LOST and they talked to me all the way through was really tough not to spill the beans on stuff but it was very entertaining to hear their theories and remember that they were very similar to the things I was thinking back then!

Anyway...yeah..I totally agree that Sunday is going to be bittersweet. Can't wait for the end but don't want to see it come! One might call it a Catch 22...but then we'd be talking about a literary refence

Mike V. said...

Crash - give me a break. You know that was not my point at all. If you want me to spell it out for you....people are tired of seeing your endless references to literary references and philosophers! Yes, it's all very small are piling it all on us and it's too much! So just settle down!

We almost made it to the finale before I had to actually complain about someone's posts. Congrats! YOU WIN THE BIG PRIZE!

MJ said...

Us dumb people who like explosions might not know what didactic means - but at least we can spell it. LOL

Anonymous said...

It's not the constant literary messages - we are all capable of just reading on past them

It's the arrogance to assume that one cannot have intelligence AND enjoy some explosions.

It's the arrogance that says that if we don't agree with someone - we are idiotic.

And I can spell SOPRANO'S - Wow.

Come on folks - 1 more recap to go. LEt's all get along. And hey Crash - it's thanks to you and Florin that Mike's hits have gone up so very much these last few weeks.

Unknown said...

Hi Mike, How do you think the month gap between time lines will come into play now that we have experienced more LOST. We might want to note that the date on the picture says 10-22-04 instead of 9-22-04 the original Flight 815 date. Surely, the writers or prop guys wouldn't mess up an important detail like that, right? Is there any significance in the flight being a month later? Ethan did say that Claire was 36 weeks pregnant which is 9 months. She was only 8 months pregnant in season 1. That's 2 details indicating that it is indeed October. Oh well, let's just note it for now and see if anything comes from it!

Mike V. said...

Yes, anonymous, the unintelligence references are really the worst part, I would agree. lol

Anyway, I vented my frustration and will return back to "MODERATOR" status!

I would say that the COMMENT COUNT is attributed much to Florin and Crash, yes lol But the hit count? naaa Google Analytics tells me that most people coming to the site are googling "LOST BLOG" and finding my link 4th or 5th from the top. Good times! :-)

As always, I appreciate everyones commentary on the blog and I apologize for my outburst! It was highly unprofessional.

crashriprock said...

He said
This is what answers on Lost look like People want answers but they really dont want answers in the sense that giving answers can be Didactic...introducing new characters was the trade off... we wanted to despence with that so we could get to the resolution.

I loved across the sea. It answered everything for me.. It was what defined the "mythological Download" for me. The rest is just lots of water and a big bang.

I was just trying to help. so erase my posts. and
Hapyy reading:)

word puzzle (I swear) IMOUT

Anonymous said...

Mike, I think if we all just ignore certain posts.. and not comment back, it will just go away!!!... slowly but surely!!

What about that great show called LOST.. I am so mad at myself.. I was looking at another LOST blog (Sorry Mike there were some annoying posts here so went elsewhere - why do I feel like I was!) anyway this certain blog (which is boring compared to yours, did not put a spoiler alert and I think I read a Major spoiler... I just wanted to warn everyone to becareful what you read...

Mike V. said...

@gmmisp - Are you referring to the Sonogram picture that we saw in What Kate Does? Darlton have actually confirmed that this was a prop error. It is meant to represent 9/22/04 and not October. I brought up that 36 weeks pregnant thing too....and someone corrected me that 9 months is actually longer than 4*9 as there is sometimes a 5th partial week here and there in a month. Since I've never gone throught he magical experience of having a child (yet)...I always forget the actual # of weeks that women typically carry. Maybe it's something like 40? Since she was 8 months pregnant in the original flight 815 crash. So how do I think it will play into things? It won't! LOL

Unknown said...

Sorry, thanks for clearing that up I am new at this.

Floreen said...

I have to apologise in advance if I double post. The first one didn’t seemed to have made it in. That was not the way to help this blog... lol

I have to say that Desmond delivering the ‘she’s not ready yet’ is more humane and warm than Eloise’s delivery which is cold and condescending.

The not ready is something like this; I wake up with no memories of a prior life and I am a hot Hollywood hunk every hot Playboy chick is lining up to have a shot at me and I live the life of privilege and luxe.
Here comes brother Desmond splashing around that that’s not the life I was supposed to have, but I should be what I was and that’s hauling trash for a living.
Of course my immediate reaction would be; How can I feed this brotha to the alligators in a hurry and not a moment too late? I am sure that I said enough.

@Mike V - I am still not convinced that Widmore had anything to do with Alex been murdered. I need an exact word from him and so far he never admitted to have ordered a such thing or anything murder related. At the least the shadow of the doubt is still there. Let’s not abandon hope in him no more than in Ben. As long as we have a long con murderer like Smokey I think that he deserves a fair hearing and Eloise as well next to him.

I actually invite all of you when you’ll rewatch the series, keep me in my posts in mind and check me out.

Mike V. said...

@Crash - I appreciate you trying to help. I'm not going to erase your comments. It is all interesting information and I'm sure, yes, if we read them we would identify very similar themes and stories that we are experiencing on LOST. I apologized for my outburst, but I've also said my piece. I do not feel there is any need to be insulting anyone's intelligence. Yes, this is what Carlton said that in this instance. But if there is one word that has been repeatedly used by Darlton in all of their podcasts and interviews for season would be DIDACTIC (in other words, they don't WANT to be that in the final season) this was one example of how they resolved a situation.

I totally agree that Across the Sea was a great episode full of the answers for the show....and it was progressed even further with the subsequent show. Like I said, Ab Aeterno and Across the Sea were the 2 big Mythology episodes of season 6. But that doesn't make the rest of the story BAD. The thing that makes LOST, LOST is relatable Characters. Yes, the mythology is awesome and very interesting and I agree it wouldn't be LOST without that either. But if we didn't have characters we cared about, it would mean a whole lot less. Case in point: FlashForward. I loved the show, but I'd be the first to say they needed more relatable characters!

@Anonymous 2:11 - It's not in my nature to ignore! lol I have developed a reputation of responding to all comments because I appreciate everyone taking the time to comment their thoughts about LOST and sharing them on the blog!

Funny talk about the CHEATING by looking at other blogs! lol Believe it or not, I do check other places too! Not many though because I'm usually so busy responding to comments here :-) (not complaining!) I follow many sites on twitter, so I usually just click on the posts that interest me. But thanks for the warning!! And sorry that you felt forced to leave the blog temporarily. Welcome Back! :-)

Mike V. said...

@Gmmisp - No apologies necessary!! I'm happy to help!

@Florin - understood and nice "hollywood hunk" fantasy there lol

As for Widmore ordering/not ordering the Alex death. True, we didn't confirm it either way...but I think we're meant to believe that Widmore was a man that would do anything to reclaim the Island prior to getting his visit by Jacob. He was willing to kill EVERYONE on that Island. And yes....I guess we did kind of confirm that BEN killed Alex. Widmore told him that, Flocke told him that...and Ben finally agreed with that. But I would assume that Widmore told Keamy to use any means necessary to make Ben surrender. And even if he didn't..Widmore still sent the man that DID kill Ben's it's indirectly his fault!

Man...see? that's all we needed to get to 700 comments people...a small argument to keep things exciting!! LOL anyone else out there going to the TIMES TALK LIVE at a movie theater near you tonight? I know David and MJ are. Anyone else?

Bill said...

Crash, Nothing wrong with finding interesting tie-ins between the show and The Bible, classic lit, plane crash in Spain, etc., just don't try to cram it down everyone's throat as fact. You can catch more flies with honey ...

As an aside, I am working on a quite elegant theory for the ending that revolves around the True Love and Redemption arcs of the series. Unfortunately, I won't have time to post it until Monday.

Mike V. said...

@Bill - Sounds like a great "THEORY" for the finale recap! lol Funny to say theory when the show is over, right?

MJ said...

I think Gnni was going - didn't her son get her tix for mother's day ?

Thanks anon for the spoiler warning - I've been trying to stay apoiler-free. As a matter of fact the simulcast tonight supposedly has a sneak peek at the finale - and I'm not sure if I will look.

Oh - who am I kidding - I won't be able to NOT look. But I promise to not share ! LOL

Floreen said...

@Mike V - You mean near at my location with MJ and David. I am startled that two more losties live in my town. The actor who played the dude saying that someone knocked off the generator when the Losties were in the cages, guess what? He's from my town. I just learned from the news on tv in my town.

A few comments like the one with the blanks, I liked it.
You are putting it in a different light when assuming 'by all means necessary’ although that does not have to include murder, but you do have a good point.

MJ said...

Very funny Bill ! Good times.

Mike V. said...

@FLORIN - No I didn't mean that, but I can totally see why you'd think that! LOL I don't even know what town you live in! No I was just asking if anyone was going to see Times Talk Live tonight (in a theater near wherever they live)....I'm going with my wife! She's so thrilled :-) lol Thanks for acknowledging the good point!

BTW...that character on the generator was named SIMMONS....and he was named after ESPN's Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy) who just happened to do that Podcast with Carlton. Good times.

@MJ - Yes, you're right! She is going too. Don't look at that spoiler MJ, it's just 3 days!!!

Bill said...

Mike, Yes, that was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

Here's something I would be interested in hearing others' (not The Others) comments about. Let's assume that the show has to end with only one existing timeline, and that no new timelines are introduced in the final 2.5 hours. Which would you prefer to see as the epilogue?

1) The original timeline where many beloved characters are dead, the island still exists, Smokey is confined or destroyed, Jack is the Protector, and everyone that survives Sunday night goes on about their lives. or

2) Sideways world where everyone's alive, seems better off, happier, the island is sunk, yet there is a "phony" feeling about it. I guess there are A and B choices here, depending on how the island sinks. A) As a result of the good guys (ie, Des) destroying Smokey and somehow sinking the island. B) Smokey wins, sinks the island, and is on a rampage outside LA.

Mike V. said...

@Bill - Whoops sorry! Totally missed it lol I think I've lost the ability to be funny temporarily. I'm back now!

You present the ULTIMATE QUESTION of how Lost will end! I'd say that MAYBE a Sideways World where our LOSTIES are all enlightened and remember what they went through to get there wouldn't be to bad. I just can't see LOST ending with Jack living on immortally for thousands of years. Do you know what that spells out to me? MOVIE!!! Now, granted, I might be up for a LOST movie one day....but the fact is that the producers PROMISED that there would be finality to LOST. So it just seems like the cycle needs to end. Does that make Sideways the definite epilogue?

Ugh...I dunno...I still don't understand how the Island sunk plays into it. Why on earth if the Island sinks in 2007 would we go back in time and see a world where the island is under water? Why do Roger and Ben remember going to the Island in this timeline? Or was Roger just "near death" and hallucinating about a former life and Ben was just humoring him? Did jughead really SPLIT the timelines? Then how is BEN okay in the Island world? He would have been corrupted from that TEMPLE BATH he took when Future Sayid Shot him (who should never have existed in 1977 since Flight 815 never crashed).....I just don't see how they're going to get out of this mess! But I know they will lol

How is that for an answer? Or non Answer? lol

Mike V. said...

ugh...worst typo ever! i meant "too bad" not "to bad" I hate that!

Actually the worst typo is YOUR/You're, but that's another topic for another time! :-)

MJ said...

I don't know that I can resist looking at the spoiler on the screen right in front of me ! That's gonna be hard.

And my husband is kinda in the same boat as your wife. LOL He's a fan of the show - but not a 'nutter' as he calls us. But he understands my affliction and is willing to put up with it.

I had downloaded the dharma food labels and have put them all over the place. we've been having dharma milk, chocolate, peanut butter, mac and cheese, water - all for weeks now. LOL He just rolls his eyes. For the finale it will be Dharma con queso.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I think my wife is counting the days until it's over...but she really does love the show. I don't think she realizes that my obsession really never will go away! But, that's another story lol Obviously, it will die down as all things do. I'd hate for the day when all of this becomes a distant memory. That's depressing. Anyways...what spoiler site are you looking at anyway? lol Dark UFO? SL Lost? ODI? Something else?? I just don't know why anyone would want to ruin the last possible episode by spoiling the experience. Even Damon Lindelof reached out to the fan community and said "don't ruin it for yourself by finding spoilers!"

DHARMA CON QUESO sounds awesome!!! I'll definitely be sipping on my self-brewed DHARMA BEER! Can't wait! lol

hg said...

I just thought about something...when Ben 'shot' Widmore, wasn't Flocke standing in front of him, off to the side just a bit? If bullets bounce off Flocke (or go through him) wouldn't it have missed Widmore? Something about this bothers me now. I don't recall any blood either, at the close range, there should be some splatter behind him.

Things that make you go hmmmmm, this whole show does that for me and I LOVE IT :-)

Bill said...

Yea, I just wanted to step back and consider the big picture vs. getting caught up in the minutiae anymore than I have been. I'm leaning towards the happily-ever-after sideways world also, but with some folks lost along the way. For example, probably Desmond. It makes sense to me that he's not with Penny in SW so that he can make his sacrifice without hurting her (unless she becomes enlightened by a thump to the head and remembers their history).

However, and I don't remember what they were specifically, haven't there been some clues that SW isn't real or isn't what was supposed to happen? Maybe something Eloise or Charles said?

Lastly, if option 2B from above pans out, we can expect to see Smokey on Fringe next season, where Dr Bishop will say, "Oh yes, Dr Bell and I worked on something very similar at Harvard in the early 70's. Unfortunately, I remember very little from the early 70's".

Hope your sense of humor's back.

hg said...

Everyone must check out the video from this site. It's Letterman's Top 10 Lost Spoilers given by Lindelof & Cuse themselves. #5 is my favorite, along with #1 of course.


MJ said...

No no no - I avoild all those spoiler sites is what I was saying. But sitting there at the silulcast they said they have a clip from the finale. - I don't know if I can just not look. I mean - it's right there ! LOL

I'm guessing that either there will be a mob scene tonight - or like 5 people in the whole audience. LOL

I'm outta here - til tomorrow !

hg said...

Letterman's is not a spoiler...promise! It's his Top 10 list, all comedy!!!

I swear on my EW covers for Mike V :-)

Mike V. said...

Thanks Holly! I watched live last night...definitely a good time!

I gotcha MJ! Hope you did okay not looking! Yeah, I'm really interested to see what kind of crowd is going to the movies to watch an interview! lol Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I just re-watched "across the sea" and is wondering if the place where Claudia was drinking water in the beginning of the episode is the same place where the light cave is??... remember only the protector can find it - so it was invisible to her... also the thing that I can't stop thinking about is when Jacob told Jack that the light cave is located where Jack woke up after the plane crash... I bet it is all connected somehow!!!

Mike V. said...

Thought you guys might want to see this week's TV Guide cover. I don't have a subscription so I'm gonna have to pick this one up! You can zoom in to see all of the pictures. Pretty cool!


Mike V. said...

@Anonymous - I guess it could be the same stream of water, not sure if we'll ever find anything out beyond knowing that only the protector can find it!

As for the heart of the Island being near where Jack first woke up? I think that's all about the show coming full circle. It was a very nice touch!

Rene said...

Hi Mike,
Just wanted to chime in and and give you props for the blog. My only complaint is with myself for not discovering it sooner! Im going to the Interview tonight, are you going to give a rundown of it tomorrow? Just curious. I am also in the Catch 22 not wanting it to end and not able to wait to see the Finale!! I am also questioning the "death" of Widmore, I have got to think he will show up at that concert though!

I really hope you can continue find something to write about, I really enjoy your style and your take on things.

Thanks again!

Mike V. said...

@Rene: Thanks for the props on the blog! Sorry that you didn't discover it earlier either! But like I've been saying, better late than never and we're not done yet and won't be after the finale either. I'm sure stuff will pop up to discuss. Oh yeah...I think we'll definitely see Widmore in Sideways. I have no idea what's gonna happen and I like it that way lol

As for the interview...whew...I'll see if I can post my thoughts about it tomorrow. It's gonna be tough since I'm determined to finish the FlashForward recapping even if it is cancelled! lol And work and all of that fun stuff. But I can definitely see me commenting on stuff during the day in this comments section. That would be probably our best bet!

I'm sure I'll find something to write about...whether it will be anything that matches the greatness of this show? Well, it's a longshot, but we'll see! Thanks for the compliments!

Okay kids...I'm outta here...gotta go home, get the wife, get dinner and get to that movie theater! Everyone that is going, enjoy the show! And feel free to share your thoughts and observations in the comments here. I don't have to do it all by myself :-) lol

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