Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Lost" Season 3 Episode 6 - I Do

Alright, so I got some feedback. Apparently there was something missing from the first 4 blogs this season and it returned for the 5th. Yes, I am referring to the trademark, "WOW!!!!!!" that begins each of these fantastic blog entries. I'm sorry, I'll try not to let it happen did I feel about our FALL FINALE? well, in a word, WOW!!!! It was pretty darn good. And as promised, the producers were out to annoy their fans with a cliffhanger that will leave us itching for more. They figure the more annoyed we are, the more we'll want to come back. Well, I'm sold. I mean, how can you just end an episode with BENRY under the knife bleeding to death, Sawyer about to be shot and Jack holding all the cards? Oh, and what will happen when Jack realizes there is no way off Alcatraz 2.0 (that being if they ARE actually on another island!)

Hmm, that's not very like me to just get right into the end of the episode right up front. But I felt it was warranted here. There really doesn't seem like much to discuss in this episode, but we will do it justice. And then we'll look on to what else we can expect in season 3 when it returns in February for 16 STRAIGHT EPISODES! NO REPEATS! NOT....EVEN......ONE! Or, you all can just watch Daybreak every week to get a sneak peak of Lost. ugh! SERIOUSLY?! (Yeah..maybe i'll set the tivo and just watch the commercials! Isn't THAT ironic?)

As always, you can re-watch the LOST episode at as well as check the ABC recaps for the show.

Well we sorta had 3 story lines tonight. 1.) The Kate/Sawyer Love Saga & useless Kate Flashback 2.) The Eko Funeral with weird Locke/Sayid moments and 3.) Jack's Big Plan

1.) Kate/Sawyer Love Saga and Useless Kate Flashback

Well I'm still at least trying to figure out if there was a point to the flashback except continuing to let us know that ALL women are crazy! (No offense to the female readers! Obviously I don't mean it!) But seriously, Kate is certifiably CRAZY! She blows up her Dad, goes on the run. Then tries to hide by going all domestic and creating an alias for herself, finding herself some man marrying him under her in a relationship where "TACO NIGHT" is in the vocabulary, almost get pregnant (while also learning that the Democrats took control of the Senate...Thanks ABC...really could've done without the musical overtones to your WORLD NEWS SPECIAL UPDATE!).....oh yeah and then she drugged this husband of hers so she could run off again. Did I mention she married a COP? Smart Kate! (FYI, despite rumors the actor Nathan Fillion who played Kevin is neither ETHAN nor Jason Bateman despite very similar appearances. He's the guy from Firefly (and the movie spin-off Serenity) and also apparently got his start on BUFFY) Anyway, I guess we're just be able to see how far Kate will take something before she starts hating herself for it. Are we supposed to relate this to her budding romance with Sawyer? Who knows??? Well, there's one thing worth noting from this flashback:

  • Speaking of being alerted by ABC about the changes in the Senate, we just happened to miss the only easter egg of the night. Yep, Kate's pregnancy test is from Widmore Labs (as in CHARLES Widmore, as in Penny's father and Desmond's Nemesis, as in Widmore Pregnancy test that SUN took). You I'm writing this, I'm starting to think. Widmore Labs, Pregnancy Tests.....Juliet - Fertility Doctor....hmmmmm CONNECTION? Guess we'll have to wait for the non-stop 16 episodes in February to find out!

Ok, so on the Island (or should I say Island #2) Kate and Sawyer are forced into some tough decisions, or decisions really made for them. Kate finds out Sawyer is going to die...she finally gets to see Jack (which I deemed mandatory if she was going to choose between them)...Jack gives her no this forces her mentally to care MORE for Sawyer and lead to the scene deemed TOO GRAPHIC FOR ABC! That's right folks...They "DID IT" and for once, no one died as a result! Well, not yet. But, I have a hard time believing either Kate or Sawyer will be dying anytime soon! Well obviously, we have more to discuss when the story lines cross with Jack's but we'll get to that in section 3. What are some tidbits from the continuing Kate/Sawyer (SKATER!) Saga?

  • Well, we see Alex with a Slingshot going commando on the OTHERS. She is apparently fired up! Now, I don't recall hearing, but apparently CARL (the prisoner we see in the Season premiere that tries to help Sawyer escape) has been killed and was Alex's Boyfriend? Not really sure. But she wasn't very happy! She was also trying to help Kate and Sawyer escape. She said that they're all liars! More on Alex in section 3!
  • Jack asks Kate what do they have them working on (with the whole break rocks and carrying them)....Kate says "I dunno, but something big!" Well, I'm glad we got an answer there! Geez, I guess we'll have to wait to see what this BIG construction will be. Maybe they want to use the rocks to sculpt a body to go with that GIANT Foot on the island! (don't worry...i have even more stupid theories for this blog that I will get into shortly!)
  • Sawyer and Kate both express their LOVE for each other. But does Kate know the meaning of love? She really never says it to him...she just kisses him. We already knew Sawyer did because he "unconsciously" told Jack in Season 2.

2.) The Eko Funeral with weird Locke/Sayid moments

So this whole sequence seemed very misplaced in this episode...I'm pretty sure that the writers/producers didn't want us to leave for a 13 week hiatus without letting us see some of the other survivors. They had to give us something... while we did get some just seemed like a scene or 2 was cut from the final version of the episode. But eventually what we see is Locke "finding his way."

  • The Smoke Monster is addressed by Locke and Sayid and crew. Locke explains his beliefs in the monster to Sayid. That Eko died for a reason and he is going to find out why.
  • Apparently Sayid and Locke were supposed to go on some detour before heading to the camp to get shovels....was the detour to get Eko's stick to bury it with him?
  • Speaking of the stick...just wanted to touch on what I said in the "Further Instructions" Blog. (I always do this when I'm RIGHT about something!)

    "In the beginning of the episode Locke sees Eko's stick. It has a new inscription on it for Genesis 13:14 "Lift up your eyes and Look North" The actual passage reads "Now lift up your eyes and look from the place where you are, northward and southward and eastward and westward" Perhaps this is an indication to John to go North to rescue the other friends when the time comes? Perhaps it's nothing!"

    Well apparently it was NOT nothing and it WAS a sign to Locke. Locke is going to head North to find their friends. So this gets into a whole bunch of questions. First...WHO carved this saying into the stick? It wasn't there last season. Who dropped the stick on Locke 3 episodes ago? I think this all goes back to that DAY we are missing after the Hatch implosion. Producers confirmed that this subject WILL be addressed in season 3.

    Okay, also what NORTH is it? Remember in the 1st season when Locke said he didn't need the compass anymore? And then Sayid realized the compass did not even point to what they thought was north? So this gets into questions of if the Electro Magnet was messing up the compass or if the island is MOVING. Let me just say that the producers have not DENIED that the island is moving, but says they cannot answer the question as it is an over-arching mystery of the show. And it would sure explain a lot of things if it IS moving. A.) Desmond sailing right back to the island, B.) Nigerian Plane ending up on the island as well as Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney to LA ending up on the island and possibly C.) Giving Henry the ability to make Sawyer "THINK" they're on a different island by moving the island closer to another land mass....DUM DUM DUUUUUMMMM!!! At least that's ONE of the theories I'm throwing around. But a MOVING island? What on earth does that MEAN? There are still some holes in that theory. But apparently, if it's not a theory to dismiss, there is some weight behind it.

    Anyway, apparently Locke knows where he has to we may get some of these answers rather quickly in February when we return.

3.) Jack's Big Plan

So in this whole sequence, we follow Jack's decision making progress to do the surgery. In the end, we don't know if his master plan is in accordance to Juliet's wishes or not. But it sure looks like Jack is just trying to gain the upper-hand, FINALLY! He IS our Hero isn't he? He was just patiently waiting for the right opportunity. So there's tons to talk about in this storyline. And can I just mention that this may have been the most suspenseful sequence in LOST yet? I literally stopped jotting any notes down and was on the edge of my seat for the whole thing. It was fantastic. And right when you think something is going to happen....BOOM....LOST! Oh I agree with the producers alright....that is a very unsettling way to end an episode. And I'll definitely be there in February to find out what is going on! Oh yeah...Questions/ we go!:

  • Okay here's a big one: did Henry actually break Jack in the end? Was the whole exercise to keep Jack isolated from Kate and Sawyer while they got closer and Kate was forced into a decision? Even Ben made a comment in the premiere this season that Kate said "Sawyer's" name first. Then the intercom (voice sounded like Alex's, but i doubt it) conveniently tells Jack to go out of his door where there is access to GUNS and of course the TV ROOM where Sawyer and Kate are conveniently cuddling in a Post-"TOO GRAPHIC FOR ABC" moment. Just looking back on the 6 episodes, it seems like this was the intent of the others all along. Henry wanted to break Jack into making him WANT to do the surgery, by making him WANT to get off the island. Remember I said in Blog 2 that Jack would NEVER abandon the survivors, he has nothing to go back to. Well it seems that Ben knew that too and set up this situation where he would think there's really nothing for him on the island either! Well, I'm going to answer this question on my own. Jack made Henry THINK he was broken, but was able to assess the situation and react accordingly. That's why HE is the hero! But either way, you gotta love Ben's one liner "I would've thought she'd pick you!"
  • But just as we see a manipulative and strategic Ben, we also see a vulnerable one at the end of the episode. Prior to going into surgery, we were almost forced to sympathize with his character. And then he asks if ALEX asked about him? Alex in her slingshot attack did ask to speak to Ben. Juliet flat out says "NO" that Alex did NOT ask about him. Well, that's strange! First of all....what is Ben and Alex's relationship? Many people are guessing that Ben may be Alex's father. I guess we don't know much about her father...we just know that Rousseau is her Mother. Well if Ben's been on the island his whole life and Rousseau just got there 16 years doesn't add up! We need some OTHERS Flashbacks pronto! 2nd point, Juliet seemed to come off as the cold one here. I'm starting to feel the distinct possibility that JULIET might be the brains behind BEN too! She comes off as the innocent one that wants change and has a crush on Jack, but what if SHE is the ruthless one in charge and BEN is only another pawn? Big IF's, but that scene shed a whole new light on the situation. I'll let everyone ponder on that for 13 weeks!
  • Oh yes....another big question....Pickett makes mention of JACOB and that "Shepard isn't even on Jacob's List" Well, I know of 2 lists so far. Ben asked for 2 lists when the plane from Ethan and one from Goodwyn. Maybe there is a JACOB list that is separate from even THOSE lists. And if we're to remain consistent....they Others have identified who is BAD and who is GOOD. Based on Pickett's comments, we have to assume being on JACOB's list is a GOOD thing. If you take the Biblical reference of JACOB and his Ladder that he built to heaven....then yeah...being on Jacob's list probably means you are good. Which is indicating that Jack has some more demons in his past that we haven't seen yet. Apparently we're going to learn more about Jack's tatoo this season....which I can only assume happened when he was in Phuket, Thailand (remember the poker match between Sawyer and Jack?). Gotta figure we'll get a flashback of that! JACOB, who is he? Is Jacob the "HIM" the "GREAT MAN" that all the others speak of? Is Jacob the EYE PATCH man? A lot of people think so....and the producers have confirmed that EYE PATCH man will play a prominent role in season 3. If we put the pieces together....We saw Eye Patch guy when Eko was being judged for his past.....could he be in control of the Smoke....and could the Smoke be judging everyone on a certain LIST? If Jacob's list is the GOOD list...and Eko is considered a BAD person....then there's something not matching up there. But I think we're on the right track! Anyways...stuff to think about.
  • Okay, so what else....right...So Jack takes control of the operating room and turns the tables around on the others....just as sawyer is about to be killed by Pickett. Jack tells Kate to RUN (WITH or without Sawyer? previews suggest both of them)...but where are they going to run to? If they're on a separate Island, they're going to have some problems. But if we go with the theory that they ARE on the same island...then Locke will probably find them. Too much theorizing right now....but the good news is...JACK is the man in least for an HOUR.

    So Jack told Kate to recall the story he told her when she stitched him up in the Pilot episode. Remember, Kate was nervous about stitching up Jack and Jack told the story about when he was doing surgery on a girl and tore open a nerve sack...Jack panicked...but then he let the fear take him as he counted to 10....but then afterwards he was calm and collected and able to do the surgery. Jack is asking Kate to retell that story over the Walkie Talkie as soon as she's free from the Others. Meanwhile...Jack will let Henry's kidney bleed out. Doesn't seem like this was Juliet's plan. Juliet just wanted Ben to die during the surgery with no one knowing Jack did it on purpose. This is ALL Jack. And it's awesome!

    Loved the cliffhanger!

Don't you love how I always say there's not much to talk about?

A Look Ahead:

Okay, in case you don't religiously read, there was an interview with the producers that revealed what we can expect to find out in season 3. This is to address the impatient audience out there who think that they are just doing the stories on a WHIM. There is a PLAN for everything! This Mike Ausiello guy is a bit much, so you just have to accept that he can't get enough of himself....but eventually you'll find the interview with Damon (Lindeloff) and Carlton (Cuse), the LOST producers. Here's the LINK:

I'd say it's a bit SPOILERISH, but they don't give anything away...they just tell us what we WILL find out sooner than later. For example, Why Locke is in a wheelchair will be resolved THIS season. We WILL find out what happened immediately after the HATCH implosion. We're going to find out about the missing TAILIES (remember CINDY? the kids??). ETC... It's a good read. I encourage it!

So that brings us to the end. I left you with a nice long blog to keep you busy for the next 13 weeks. Read a sentence a day and you should be finished in late January! If there's anything interesting in the previews during Daybreak, I'll consider posting blogs....or if they show up on YOUTUBE...maybe I'll just post them!

Well, hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always. Hope the complainers enjoyed the WOW in the beginning. And I hope people continue to post comments about their own theories! I'll see you in February! STAY PATIENT! We've got a whole lot more Lost to discuss when we return!


trwebster said...

Hi Mike! Im watching Lost from the very beginning (and am SOO addicted btw) Anyway I JUST watched the episode "I Do" and I was trying to remember the story that Jack told Kate and came across your blog. I dont have too much time to write right now, but I think Juliet is the not-so-GOOD one too!!
I guess I will find out if its true soon :)

Mike V. said...

Hi trwebster! Glad you found the blog. You're in for a treat with the episodes ahead! Keep checking in with the blog as you read. The site really caught on with readers by the end of season 3! Enjoy!

Mike V. said...

whoops I meant "as you watch"!

Marcos said...

Same here Mike, I love your Blog, and I didn't know much about Lost until Season 6, when I seen a brief description of the series on Netflix. I'm going through the whole thing as we speak hahaha. In 2 weeks I have watched approximately 3 seasons and a half.

I am also leaning towards Juliet being the "bad one" .. especially after Sawyer mentioned- "she ain't playing no games" about Juliet in the episode where Sawyer was sizing up the strengths and weaknesses of the other's "army" .. Matter of fact, I'm pretty certain Juliet is the bad one. but I guess I'll just have to keep flying through it.

In a way, I'm kind of glad i didn't hear about the show until i did, I mean, I can't imagine wha it was like for you guys to be left for that many weeks, especially being left on a fall finale such as this one. LOL. For me, I just wait till it ends, then click "play next episode" and let the story take its course.

I haven't watched any of the Season 6 shows because that would be too much of a spoiler and I'm trying to get things done right. Only 2 and a half more seasons to go and I'm there. Catch up to you guys soon :)

Mike V. said...

This is so great that people are still finding these old posts useful when watching for the first time! Thanks Marcos...I appreciate the i said in the last post...ENJOY the episodes ahead. It's so crazy how much theorizing we did and what we all were thinking at the time and how different it ends up.

But yeah...the 13 week wait was rough between episodes 6 and 7 of season 3....but nothing like the 9 month waits we had from seasons 3 to 4, 4 to 5 and 5 to 6! Totally worth it though...what an awesome show!

LostFamily said...

Okay, Mike, like the last poster, my daughter and I are watching from Season 1 Episode 1 and just watched "I Do" - we are completely addicted and now have my wife watching Season 1. We watch online via Netflix and have watched the two seasons in about 3 weeks! It's crazy! And we follow each episode by reading your blog. So, you can feel good that these are still out there and that new fans are discovering them. Thanks for writing!

Anyway, re: this episode - did anyone else think, when Sawyer and Kate were 'uniting' that, hello, they have cameras on you. Do they not know that? I guess not, if Kate can climb out of her cage and no one comes running.

I do like the theory that maybe the second island they showed Sawyer is indeed a second island only seen from that part of the original island where our friends are, and they are just making Sawyer think that all is hopeless for escape. And I agree, the whole Kate marriage thing seems like it doesn't really advance the plot - we already know she's done some bizarre things. I did react when he called her Monica the first time - it was like 'here we go again'! Anyway, can't wait to watch the crazy next episode - thank God we don't have to wait weeks for it! - Lost in "Lost"

Mike V. said...

Lost Family - Thanks for writing in! I'm so glad these old posts are still useful! It's funny, when you go back and start reading these old theories, and seeing where the show has gone...they make absolutely no sense....but it's still fun to theorize! LOL

The blog probably still holds up well because it IS what most people were discussing at the time. Enjoy the ride ahead! This blog is out of control in the final season. Like 200 comments each episode crazy!

Isn't Netflix great? For each season 6 episode...sometimes I want to get caught up on some character-centric episodes prior to viewing the new I'll just pull them up on netflix (even though I have the dvds, blu-rays you name it!) Hysterical!

Anyway, keep on theorizing and reading! I'd love to comment but I'm afraid I'd say too much! :-)


LostFamily said...

Thanks Mike! I know, it's hard to avoid seeing pics or even one-liner headlines from Season 6 - but we're striving to catch up and we will soon enough - cuz when you see a picture of a character in Season 6, then you know they don't die, etc. After posting about "I Do" I thought of one random detail that I don't think was mentioned. Even if Sawyer and Kate are on Island #2, as Sawyer thinks they are, there is always Desmond's boat somewhere...

Thanks for the good work on the recaps - we are obsessed with not only the show but the lostaddicts blog too!

Mike V. said...

Ahh yes, you're referring to the ELIZABETH that Ben ordered taken...and then Sun shot the woman (forget her name but she was Trixie on Deadwood! LOL) So yeah...the others have the sailboat. Good point. I wish I could say more, but I just can't! :-) lol

No problem on the recaps. Like I said, I'm glad the still hold value and I'm glad you guys are addicted to them! Enjoy catching up!

Miles Balzard said...

Yeah, it's good to see a few commentors who also did the whole power-watching thing that I'm doing now. I know a lot of people are in the same boat as me, and not just for Lost but a lotta other shows too. The power of streaming TV!

First off, I'll say it again after sayin' last episode; ain't no way Jack is gonna let anyone die on the table, even jolly old Ben. Even so, how terrible it must've been to wait 13 weeks to find out. Hey, I've had wait 11 months for Breaking Bad to return from its little hiatus!

The three funniest characters on Lost, in descending order: Sawyer (undisputed #1), Ben (what a dry wit), Charlie (though lately, he seems to be losing it a bit). Ben is the surprise, of course. Who would've thought he'd be such a card?

Was there some fuss back in the day about a steamy scene with Sawyer and Kate that had to get cut? Cuz I'm "lost" on what that was all about. Has the excised footage made it to the internet yet? (I'll bet it has.) Under any circumstances, I'm glad to see Sawyer putting a little distance between him and Jack in the Kate Love Marathon!

The eye patch man even LOOKS like a Jacob. But whoever Jacob ends up being, I get the feeling he's not just an "equal partner" with Ben. If there's one thing we can all be sure of at this point, there are much bigger things going on than just Ben's fragile ego and diseased spine.

Oddly enough, Ben is one of my favorite characters now.

By the way Mike, I've always known you loved the show's characters every bit as much as the mythology. I can tell you do just from what you write. It's just fun watching you work yourself into a fever.

Lastly, like LostFamily commented, even I couldn't avoid every single bit of media hype about Lost in season 6. My best friend was/is a total nut job about the show and she was so excited about the series finale. And with all the crazy hype, I actually sat down and watched 20 or 30 minutes of the series finale despite not having seen any of the previous episodes.

All I can remember about that was I had no idea what was going on and (obviously) didn't identify with any of the characters. I literally cannot remember as much as five seconds of what I watched.

What a different story it will be watching it this time around.

Mike V. said...

Miles, I've been in the same boat waiting on Breaking Bad! lol But, yes LOST hiatuses were extremely painful. Especially the ones between seasons 3 and 4, 4 and 5 and 5 and 6 because they were even longer as the seasons started in January/February. But, it became "event viewing" when it happened so it was a good thing.

Funniest characters on LOST - Hard to argue with you but I'd throw Hurley in the mix too as he is the intended comic-relief. lol

I'm just going to let the Jack/Kate/Sawyer thing speak for itself. Though, obviously Ben put Kate and Sawyer in close quarters for a specific reason. He is a master manipulator.

Funny, a lot of people assumed that the eye patch man would be Jacob. I thought that was too easy at the time. Of course, I forget what I said in my recap. But, I won't say if that's right or wrong!

Not surprising that Ben is one of your favorites. They really did a great job with that character. Emerson went from being a recurring guest star in season 2 to a full-fledged series regular. He turned in quite a performance!

LOL on the mythology vs. characters. Yeah...I'll agree with that!

All I can say is I'm absolutely glad you can't remember the series finale!! It'll make more sense this time around...of course, there was a large percentage of the viewing audience that OVERTHOUGHT the finale and it was a large reason why they were pissed off. They didn't get it. lol

Miles Balzard said...

Yeah, one thing you count on from me, Mike, I won't overthink the finale. I'll enjoy it on an emotional, instinctive level and won't get all caught up in whatever degree of implausibility they reached for or the loose ends that weren't wrapped in a tidy bow.

Well sure, I say that now.

By the way, I do come back and read every reply you give me on my comments, but I know better than to start a running conversation on every episode in seasons 2 and 3. Especially since I'm burning through my binge-watching at a pretty good clip.

Mike V. said...

Ironically enough, I don't think there were THAT many loose ends. And the ones that were, I justified them a year later with my anniversary post. lol But, most fans that hated the finale/final season will say that they strung us along for 6 seasons and didn't provide any answers. Though some of their questions were never really intended to be questions. And the answers were there, they just didn't get it or it wasn't the answer they wanted. But, if you just watch the final episode for enjoyment without a personal checklist of questions to be answered, it's one of the finer finales out there. But, we're getting ahead of ourselves. You're still in season 3!

Glad you're reading the replies. Also glad you're not responding to all of them. That WOULD get messy! :-)

This has been fun though. It's always nice to revisit the world of LOST!

AJ said...

Still watching and reading this blog in 2020 only 14 years later. This blog is great!

Mike V. said...

Thanks AJ! Glad you’re enjoying. You’re surprisingly not the only one finding value in this binge era of tv! But there will be some more comments from back when it aired towards the end of season 3. People started finding the blog and the discussions got really good. Enjoy!

Simon Sandiford said...

I managed to squeeze in a couple of bonus episodes today so I have just finished ep 6... That setup the intercom telling Jack to open the door and then just happens to be no one around... Jack must have known he was being played to see Sawyer and Kate... And I wonder if the locks on Sawyer's cage were purposely easy to break as Kate only needed to tap it with a little rock and she was in... Sawyer could have done that from the inside. Plus I find it hard to believe Sawyer wouldn't have mentioned yet about the 2nd island. Also if they regularly use a boat to get from there to the main island, there is a chance someone on a wander would have seen it travelling, even if they can't see the actual second island.

At least I don't have to wait months for the next episode. But given I am in work in 5 hours, I'd better go to bed and wait till tomorrow night for Ep 7. One thing is for certain... Lost is making me have much less sleep than is good for me!