Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST: Season 6 Episode 10 - The Package

Hello LOSTIES!!  Was anyone expecting a letdown after last week's spectacular Richard-centric episode? I half-way was, but I am happy to say that I enjoyed it just as much as I have been enjoying all season.  Granted, I am providing the LOST writers/producers lots of patience for them to tell the story that they want to tell.  I am putting a lot of faith into the storytelling device they have chosen to use this season.  It could all come crashing down one week and I will be as disappointed as many others are with this final season of LOST.  But it hasn't happened yet!  I'm still loving the mystery and I want more of it!  It's what the show thrives on, and who are we to ask them to take that away from us?  We'll get the answers that are important, just be patient folks.   And I thought we got LOTS of answers tonight.  Answers to people's intentions but not necessarily who is right and who is wrong.  It's going to be hard to figure that one out until we actually start seeing the conflict play out.  But we're getting there!  So with an intense Island Story progressing towards a climatic battle, a Sideways Storyline progressing towards lots more character crossing and hints of TIES between the 2 stories starting to appear a little more here and there, I provide this episode with yet another WOW!!!

The Package - A Jin/Sun centric episode where the sideways story has Jin delivering a Watch and potentially some money to some familiar friends.  The package also refers to Widmore's secret stashed away on the sub (you can all thank me later for calling this one! And yes, many others did as well!)   We were all over the place in this episode.  No character out of the ensemble was left out.  We had the Beach Story with Team Jacob, the Flockies in the Jungle and Charles "Charlie" Widmore and his cronies!  The pieces were moving into place all episode, some of the stakes for certain characters was clarified, hands were extended, only one was taken.  And we'll get there folks!

One more comment before moving on: Yes, I too saw the 60 minute countdown to the return of V throughout the entire episode.  While I like that show, nothing should take away any part of the screen of the beautifully shot show we know and love as LOST!

Let's get on with the show!

Flash Sideways - Sun and Jin

We got a break from Sideways Land last week and now we return to the land of things being "a little different" and the land of crazy mirrors!  When we last left Sun and Jin, they were at customs with a whole lot of money.  We questioned why they called Sun "Miss Paik" (you're welcome btw), we wondered if Sun really couldn't speak English and we wondered what was going on with Jin and the money.  Then in Sayid's Flash Sideways, we saw Sayid have a run-in with Sideways Keamy and Omar who are trying to collect from his brother.  Sayid goes on a shoot-a-thon and then opens a fridge to find Jin tied up in there.  Well, it's safe to say we get answers to how all of this ends up!  But it doesn't quite end there as we are left with yet another Sideways Cliffhanger.  This all seems to be going somewhere crazy folks! Keep the faith.  Let's dive in! 

  • So, it turns out that Customs is confiscating the $25,000 that Jin brought from Korea.  He needed paperwork to claim it.  

  • We find out that Jin missed his meeting at the restaurant.  Immediately, we know the restaurant they are referring to is the same one Sayid found him in.  (I didn't make note of this before, but the restaurant looks very similar to where Naomi took Miles to "audition" and do his ghost talking thing to the dead corpse)
  • We found out the money was from Mr. Paik (Sun's Dad) and Jin didn't ask any questions.  He does what he is told.  
  • There is a mix-up at the front desk and Jin clearly clarifies that they booked "2" rooms, and shows his hand indicating that they are NOT married!  As we suspected, Sun being called "Miss Paik" was no accident.  

  • We find out that Sun's story was that she was going "SHOPPING" in America and Jin was going as a body guard.   But we soon find out that they have been carrying on a relationship in "secret" as Sun's father would forbid any relationship with people he employs.  
  • Interesting, in the Island timeline Mr. Paik gives Jin the job after he knows about their relationship.  So, it would seem that maybe Jin met Sun AFTER already working for Paik in this timeline.  Crazy.  
  • Anyway, Jin still wanted to deliver the package (the watch) that night but Sun convinced him out of it with a little bit of her charm and things get hot and heavy! 
  • The next day, we find out they are in love and that Sun wants to run away with Jin so that they can be together.   And that she also has a secret.  Again, probably easy to guess what it was as I did right away, but we'll save it for a little later!  
  • There is a knock on the door and on Sun's way to answer she takes a nice long look in the mirror. Do I need to restate all of these again?  For all of the Flash Sideways episodes we have seen our LOSTIES looking at reflections.  Sometimes, it seems like they're sensing something is off.  And most of the time something Island related is right around the corner.  Let's recap:

    LA X - Jack looks in mirror and sees a mark on his neck in the mirror.  He doesn't know where it came from.  When he leaves the bathroom he runs into Kate.  Coincidence?  Maybe.

    What Kate Does - Kate looks in a mirror while at the mechanic's shop.  Then she opens Claires bag and sees some of future Aaron's stuff including a stuffed whale that Kate actually gives to Aaron in the Island timeline (after she is raising Aaron off island).

    The Substitute - Locke is in the bathroom, we see his face in the mirror but he doesn't look.  He is looking at Jack Shephard's card and decides to call him.   But then he changes his mind.

    Lighthouse - Jack looks in mirror and sees Appendix Scar and asks his mother when he had it removed (he doesn't remember).  In Sideways it was removed as a child.  On the Island, it was removed by Juliet when he was getting ready to leave the Island.

    Sundown - Sayid sees his reflection in Nadia's door.  According to Jorge Garcia's podcast (geronimo jacksbeard), the script says that something is "OFF" in the reflection.  It's tough to see it in the episode.

    Dr. Linus - Ben sees his reflection in the Microwave right before he talks to his father about previously being on the Island and right before he gives his father "GAS" not to kill him (like on the island) but to give him oxygen to keep him alive.

    Recon - Miles calls Sawyer out on going to Australia on flight 815 instead of going to Palm Springs as he said.  Sawyer looks in the mirror and punches it smashing it into pieces.

    Ab Aeterno - Flashback episode.  I will argue this until I am blue in the face.  Try me!  That being said, there is always the possibility that whatever is different in the sideways timeline STARTS at a point in time AFTER the Richard story.  If that's the case, then it's still a Flashback!

    The Package - Sun looks in a mirror and it seems like she senses something off as well.  Ironically, something flickered on my screen in the mirror and I thought it was a big tip off on the Flash Sideways for a second!  But I think it was just some pixelation on the cable feed!  Oh well.    One thing is for certain, these Mirror scenes are definitely intentional! 

  • And what happened right after Sun looks in the mirror?  She gets greeted my none other than Martin Keamy! 

  • Long story short, the watch was to be delivered to Keamy (we saw him wearing it in "Sundown") but also the $25,000.   We find out Sun does NOT speak English in Sideways land.  So Jin, who Omar retrieves from the bathroom, and Sun keep talking back and forth in Korean.  I loved Keamy saying that he felt like he was in a Godzilla movie (Ironic, because I compared Smokey getting off the Island to something Godzilla-ish last week!).  But in this case it was just hysterical! 

  • This may have been a stretch but I still liked it.  They brought in Mikhail, the Russian OTHER, as a translator for Sun and Jin!  Apparently, he speaks 9 languages not just Russian and English.  All of these former Island visitors, not just the LOSTIES, seem to be involved in each other's lives as well.  And they all live in Los Angeles!  How convenient!? 

  • Anyway, Keamy wants his money and he's getting nowhere.  Sun says that she will pay Keamy with her own money.  And Jin's only condition is that no one tells her father about the secret relationship.  Keamy seems to agree with this approach and takes Jin to the restaurant while Sun goes to the bank. 
  • Things didn't turn out too well for Sun and Mikhail at the bank.  Her account has been closed by none other than Mr. Paik himself.  Hmmm, why would he do that?  Well we're about to find out! 

The Restaurant

  • Omar takes Jin into the fridge that we have seen in Sayid's Flash Sideways.  He accidentally bangs Jin's head on the door.  I only bring this up because Sun bangs her head on the Island in this episode too.   I am going to explore it a little more in the Island storyline. 
  • Keamy orders Omar to go get the Arab guy (Sayid).  Omar takes offense as he is Arab too.  Good times!   I did wonder for a second if there was more to Keamy being involved in Jin and Sayid's capturing.  Like he is in the know that all of these people are tied together.  But I don't see any evidence to really support that yet!  
  • Keamy unveils to Jin that he already knew about Jin and Sun's secret affair.  He was actually hired by Mr. Paik to kill Jin.  The $25,000 was his fee for doing the deed. 
  • Keamy goes on a whole speech about how the heart wants what the heart wants.  He ties up Jin.  And Jin strangely says "Thank You."  Maybe it was because he didn't understand one word of what Keamy was saying.  Because I think Keamy still had every intention of killing Jin after he dealt with Sayid.  Keamy leaves Jin saying "Some people just aren't meant to be together."  I don't know about that Keamy! 
  • Jin sees a razor blade on the shelf but cannot reach it.  He hears the "Sayid Events" taking place and the gun shots go off.  And then before we know it Sayid is in the room.  
  • This time we get a translation for Jin.  He begged Sayid to not kill him and to just let him go.  It turns out Sayid isn't going to help Jin very much as he doesn't even care.  Seems like the emotionless Sayid that is wandering around the Island these days!  He does hand him a razor blade and wishes him luck! 

  • Next thing we see is Mikhail and Sun arriving at the restaurant to see a bunch of bodies on the floor.  And of course, just like I had hoped, Keamy wasn't quite dead yet (actually, he may have never died).  Mikhail leaned over and it turns out Jin did get free and had a gun to his head.

  • Things get kind of crazy, Jin doesn't shoot quick enough, Mikhail attacks Jin, Jin fights back, Mikhail fires shots,  Jin grabs a gun again, Mikhail grabs a knife and then Jin shoots him.  Woa...crazy scene.  A little different then the crazy Kung Fu stuff we saw on the Island when Jin fights Mikhail.  

  • But here's the thing.  Mikhail got shot in the EYE!!  Woa, what?  We always wanted to know how Mikhail lost his eye in the Island timeline.  I could start doing some crazy speculation about how this Mikhail might be the same Mikhail that was on the Island in the Island timeline, but that would be crazy, right?   Of course, Mikhail looked most certainly dead, as most people shot in the eye would!   This was probably just a fun nod to fans who would love to see Mikhail losing his eye as much as they'd love to see Keamy get shot and not quite be dead yet.  In other words: GOOD TIMES! 

  • But the other kicker is, Sun got shot by Mikhail!   Looks like it was right in the stomach too.  And yes, as I was guessing earlier in the episode (and many others probably did too), she's pregnant!  

  • Couple things to speculate now:  Once again we are seeing a sideways storyline that didn't quite end on a high note for the characters like some of the earlier episodes did.  And we're seeing a continuation of the story.  Naturally, this story lends itself to going to a Hospital, right?  Do we know who is a surgeon that could possibly help Sun?  Jack came to mind first for me as well.  But he's a spinal surgeon, it might not fit.   But Sun is PREGNANT, right?  Hmmmm, perhaps Juliet will be her doctor OFF Island as well?   Wouldn't it be interesting if all of these stories started intersecting into the same place?  Sayid is probably heading back to the hospital to check on his brother, right?   Sawyer, Kate and Miles are in one place with a chance of running into Charlie and Ana Lucia at the police station.  Locke could always change his mind and go to see Jack as well.  Lots of potential here. Where is it all heading?  Well, who knows?  But it's going to intersect at some point so let's just enjoy the ride!
  • One more thing - Sun is PREGNANT?  Wasn't Jin supposedly "infertile"?  How does one become all of a sudden "FERTILE" in a different timeline.  Sure, he may not be the father but it would make sense if he is.  This would be the first biological difference in the 2 different timelines.  The only thing that I can think of that might be different is that Jacob never touched Jin in this timeline which goes back to our "this sideways story is the story where there is no involvement from Jacob".   I guess it could be something else, but we'll have to keep watching to find out.  Please speculate in the comments! 

The Beach - Jacob's Crew
So while Richard was off having his Island revelation with Hurley, the rest of the crew was still hanging out on the beach pondering their next move.  Ilana's plan of action didn't sit well with everyone.

Waiting for Richard

  • Frank and Miles are playing cards and meanwhile Ben and Ilana are having a heated debate about waiting for Richard to return.  Ilana is "PRO-Richard waiting".   Sun is listening in as well and Jack shows up in the middle of the conversation.  Ben is all up in arms that Richard has gone crazy, but Ilana stays cool and collected.  She is convinced that Jacob would never lie to her and thinks that Hurley will track down Richard and return with him. 

  • Had to love Miles saying "Unless Alpert is covered in bacon grease I'm not sure Hurley can track anything"   and Frank one-upping him with "Hey, don't talk about Bacon!"  (oh great, now I'm hungry!) 
  • It kind of makes me wonder about what others are speculating though.  Richard will eventually come back to the beach with all kinds of purpose, just like Jacob had apparently known (since he told Ilana that Richard would know what to do).  Maybe these Ghost Visions are all of Jacob's doing.  Or Jacob may just have a little more knowledge on the ghosts and knew that Richard would be visited by his dead wife who never even set foot on the island.  Oh well, just something to think about.  
  • But one person who doesn't want to think about any of this is Sun.  She flips out and throws her mango knife into the table out of frustration of "WAITING" any longer.  Well, it's better than just saying "I want to find Jin" one more time! 

  • Jack follows Sun into the jungle and we visit yet another old setting from previous seasons.   Sun's Garden!  Of course, the tomatos have all died off since no one has been caring for the garden.   Jack revisits memory lane and refers to it seeming like 110 years ago since they had last been to the garden.  

  • Jack then brings up the whole candidate thing and asks what Sun thinks about it.  She has no care in the world about it.  All she wants to do is find Jin.  It's the whole reason she came back the Island.  Jack goes on about their purpose, of being brought to the Island for a reason.  He talks about Jacob's Lighthouse with the mirrors.  We have said this many times, but Jack has truly become the old John Locke just like Locke foresaw in season 1's finale.  Jack "I don't believe in destiny" Locke "Yes you do.  You just don't know you do yet"  
  • Anyway, Sun is having none of it, she just wants to be left alone!  Jack obliges. 

Flocke Visits Sun

  • While Sun was working in the garden, she cuts her hand and then gets a surprise visitor.  Yep, Flocke left his Camp of Zombie Peeps, and as he promised Jin, came to try and recruit Sun.   As always Flocke is beyond nice and apologizes for startling Sun. 

  • He tells Sun that he can provide her the one thing she truly wants most (just like every other person he has tried to recruit).  In this case, he has found Jin.  He is totally honest though saying that Jin is at their camp right now.  (of course, he doesn't know that Jin has been captured)   The thing that ISN'T true about his conversation with Sun is that he told Sun before that he would bring her to Jin but his ultimate goal was to kill Jacob.   And then he told Ben that he never planned to get Sun to Jin (all at the end of season 5).  But Flocke is talking to Sun as if he has been looking all this time.  Jin just happened to stumble upon Claire and right into his master plan.  Now, whether his master plan is actually the RIGHT plan to be supporting, that apparently remains to be seen.  (Darlton have stressed that MIB could still be justified in his actions and Jacob  could be a huge fat liar.  I guess we'll see!)   I still don't know how we could see this guy as good when he even told Jacob he plans to kill any of his successors!  Yeah, he's telling them they're all leaving the Island, but is that really his plan?  
  • Now, once again we see Flocke offer his hand out, this time to Sun.  Once again she doesn't take it.  I guess the whole hand offering could be all metaphoric but we have seen it over and over again.  Kate didn't take Flocke's hand either.  I still wonder if MIB's touch does something in relation to Jacob's touch.  But I just wanted to point this out. 
  • Sun goes on and on about how bad of a person Flocke is and how he killed all of the people at the temple.  Flocke went into his whole "I didn't want to hurt them.  They were misinformed about me and they had the chance to join me" speech.  Well, that wasn't very convincing!  He then says he is offering the same choice to Sun.  Flocke then tells Sun he wouldn't make her do anything against her will.  Hmmm a little Free Will vs. Destiny here?
  • Well, if it's a choice Sun has, she chooses to RUN!  And run she does.  Flocke follows her yelling after her.   And they keep running until Sun runs right into a tree, bangs her head and falls down.   We never see if Flocke just leaves or if he does anything before he leaves.  But she definitely is a little different when she wakes up. 

Sun Injured

  • Ben is first on the scene and wakes Sun up.  She is speaking in Korean and saying how Flocke chased her.  Ben, doesn't understand and just asks who did this to her.  She says "Locke".

  • Next, we return to the beach and Jack is looking at Sun.   You gotta love how no one can still trust Ben and Ilana figures that he did this to Sun.  And her justification for thinking he's lying?  "Because you're speaking"   
  • Jack does his best concussion analysis.  We figure out that Sun can understand English still but can only speak Korean.  HUH?  Jack attributes this to possibly being aphasia which triggers language issues in the brain.  But forgetting just ONE language?  Come on!  Don't we know another version of Sun that only speaks Korean?  That's right, the SIDEWAYS Sun!  What if somehow their minds are fused together somehow?  Which is why Sun still remembers everything on the Island and still understands English when she hears it, but she hits her head and inherits a trait from her Sideways self.   It's a thought.  The producers said they're going to be dropping some clues here and there into the episodes.  This is the first noticeable one that I have seen, if it's anything.   And of course, this is why I brought up Sideways Jin bumping his head too.  It didn't seem like he did anything out of the ordinary afterwards except maybe say "Thank You" to Keamy after his big speech.  That still struck me as odd.  Anyway, let's move on.  I'm just theorizing like a crazy man right now!  Jack says that aphasia is usually temporary.  
  • Miles "She hits her head and forgets English.  Are we supposed to buy that?"  Frank "Asks the man who communes with the dead"   LOVE IT!  

Richard Returns

  • While the Sun analysis is going on, Richard and Hurley return to the beach.  Richard has a a confident and determined aura around him as he tells them all to pack their bags.  

  • Richard asks Ben where Locke is.  He knows that Flocke attempted to recruit Ben and we know that Flocke told him that they were headed to the Hydra Island.   Ben passes on this information.   So then Richard knows that it's the plane that Flocke is after.  Richard confirms that the plane is the only way Flocke can leave the Island.  Is that because he doesn't know about the sub or do we get into this whole WATER conversation again with Smokey?   We'll talk about that a little later.  
  • Once again Miles and Hurley generate some good comic timing.  Miles "This is your fault isn't it?"  Hurley "Sorta"
  • Richard says that they're going to destroy the Ajira Plane so that Smokey cannot leave.   Sun FLIPS out at this.  She wants off of this island once she finds Jin!   She rants in Korean about who she has no intentions of saving the world.  She just wants Jin and wants out.  She says that she is not going anywhere.  
  • Hurley: "I don't think she wants to come"   Good times!
Jack and Sun

  • Later on, Sun is sitting by a fire on the beach and Jack comes to talk to her.  He refers back to a patient in his residency.  He was in a car crash and when he woke up he couldn't speak.  But Jack thought maybe he would still be able to write.  And Jack offers Sun a Pen and a notebook.  To which Sun does write in english back to Jack.  
  • Jack said he went back to the garden looking for Flocke, but he wasn't there.  But he did find a "stubborn" tomato that was still alive ("no one told it that it was supposed to die").  I'm sure this scene is ripe (no pun intended) with symbolism.  But I just saw it as a sweet scene between Jack and Sun.  But the stubborn part of the conversation is Jack still working on Sun to come with him.

  • Sun writes down that she is sorry (with a frowny face and everything!)  and Jack is already over her telling him to leave her alone.  
  • Jack asks what Locke said to her and she writes that "He has Jin."  Jack wonders why she didn't go with him.  And she responds that she doesn't trust Locke.  

  • So then Jack asks if Sun trusts him, and she nods yes.  awwww  Jack offers the same thing that Flocke offered in season 5.  "Come with us and I'll help you find Jin. "  He says he'll get them on that plane and they can fly as far away from the Island as they can get.  And then he promises while extending his hand out (just like Flocke has been doing).   But this time, Sun DOES take Jack's hand.  awwwwwww  Such a sweet scene. 

  • And by the way, I'm sure people are tired of me harping on it now, but you guys might recall that I suggested in the end, that the LOSTIES will all team up for their own cause and that Jack will be leading the charge.  This promise of Jack's to get Sun on that plane directly goes against Richard's plan of blowing up the plane.  Now, we do know that Sawyer has intentions of taking the SUB off of the island, so there are multiple forms for transportation to leave if they need it.  Anyway, I'm just happy to see a confident Jack back on the Island!  
  • Which makes me still wonder what the end game of LOST will be.  Will all want to leave the Island?   Will some (the chosen candidate maybe) want to stay?  Do we continue the cycle of Island Protector keeping Smokey at bay in the end, or do we break the cycle completely?   I'm sure the Sideways timeline plays into it somehow, but I'm still interested to find out how!   Anyway, just speculating again.   Whatever the case, it does seem like we are in for a showdown on Hydra Island!  Everyone is moving in that direction.  

Camp Flocke
The entire episode opened up with Widmore's cronies in nightvision goggles watching over Flocke's band of merry men, women and children.  They are hearing every word said.  And it is very clear that we see Sawyer and Kate talking about cocoa (Sawyer saying "it's not really cocoa just pretend!").  Which makes me wonder if Widmore is "in the know" on Sawyer's ultimate plan to take the sub.   We see Flocke have a few conversations with the LOSTIES and there is an invasion we should probably discuss too!

Flocke and Jin

  • Flocke checks in on Jin and asks how the leg is.  Jin says that it still hurts.  Flocke suggests leaving the bandage off as the air will do it some good.  I wonder if he is referring to the Island's magical healing powers?  
  • Flocke then discusses the "CAVE with the Candidates" with Jin.  He was already aware of it as Sawyer filled him in (off-screen).   Flocke discusses the importance of the people without their names crossed off being together when they leave.  It's the only way they can leave the Island.  He also stresses that he doesn't know if Kwon is him or Sun but it is implied that he wants them both to leave with him just in case.
  • I wonder if Flocke just wants to round them all up so he can kill them all at one time and there is no danger of anyone taking over for Jacob?
  • Jin expresses concern that Sun isn't with them to which Flocke smiles and tells Jin to take care of his leg and he's already working on Sun.  (Which we already saw.  He didn't do to well as she is going with Jack.   And of course, Jack or Hurley have yet to get a recruitment attempt from Flockey)  
  • We see Claire listening in on the conversation and beginning to become concerned. We'll discuss that in a bit. 

Flocke and Sayid

  • Flocke tells Sayid that he has an errand to run so he is leaving for a little while.  He'll be back in the morning and told Sayid to keep an eye on the camp.  
  • Sayid tells Flocke that he feels NO EMOTION.  Anger, happiness, pain, he doesn't feel any of it anymore.  Flocke suggests that maybe this is best to help him get through what is coming.   Creepy!!  What is going on with SAYID!?   I'm still confused to how he is even walking around.  Maybe Flocke is going to need Sayid to kill the rest of the candidates for him.  Remember, that little boy suggested that there are rules and that he can't kill "HIM" (to which I assumed Sawyer at the time)    Maybe Flocke is unable to kill candidates.  I'd have to look at that wall and lighthouse dial again to see if there is anyone on there that Smokey did kill!  Of course, maybe once the name is crossed off, he can do as he pleases.  
  • In any case, Sayid is just getting weirder and weirder and I'm sure it won't be getting any more normal soon!    
  • Once Flocke leaves the camp, Jin begins to gather his things.  Sawyer gets concerned and checks in on him.  Sawyer reminds Jin of his deal with Widmore (hmmm, did Sawyer only tell Kate the truth?) but Jin doesn't care.  He wants to find Sun.  He plans to head to the temple and then the beach until he finds her.  
  • And then the whole camp gets shot with tranquilizer darts!  And Widmore's cronies come in and look around.  They then see Jin and Tina Fey (Zoe) and Mr. "Intimidating" acknowledge they found their guy.   They grab Jin and leave the camp.   

  • The next morning Flocke arrives and is very disturbed by seeing his people passed out all over the jungle.  He wakes Sayid up to find out what happened and realizes that Jin is gone.  

  • He informs Sayid that they're going to go get Jin back and asks if Sayid is a good swimmer. He says "good enough." We saw Sayid swim underwater with Jack to get to Jughead near the end of season 5 last season.   He hands Sayid a gun and says they're going to take the outrigger.

Flocke and Claire
  • Flocke addresses Claire's concerns.  She wants to know if her name was on the Candidate Wall.   Flocke tells her that it isn't (he did hesitate before saying it though).  We know that "LITTLETON" is on the wall but it's crossed off.  It could mean Aaron, but I'm thinking Flocke just lied to Claire.  

  • Claire then thinks she is off the hook and doesn't need to get on the plane with them.  Flocke assures her that he needs her.  She begins to become concerned that Aaron isn't going to know who she is.  He thinks that Kate is his mother.  She then asks if Kate's name is on the wall to which Flocke says that it isn't.  But he says "Not Anymore".  Maybe we just didn't see it but maybe Austen was on there but crossed off.  Regardless, we do know Austen is on the Lighthouse Dial and NOT Crossed off.  The producers have suggested that Jacob may have allowed Flocke to find that cave and threw him off by not having Kate's name on the wall (or crossing it off).  Maybe it throws MIB off the scent of Kate and maybe she is very important.  We'll see! 
  • Flocke says that she needs Kate though.  Flocke says that he is 3 people shy of getting them off the Island and Kate can help.  Looks like Flocke knows he won't be able to convince Sun, Jack and Hurley to go with him.  And of course Kate always has Jack's attention! 
  • Then Flocke makes a comment that once Kate DOES help him, then "Whatever Happens Happens."   Obviously, this is a call back to last season and all of the crazy time travel discussions.  But did he just suggest to Claire that he'll kill Kate after he gets what he needs?  And did we sense a bit of satisfaction in Claire's eyes?   Interesting....stay tuned on this one! 

Flocke and Sawyer

  • Sawyer then inquires about what Flocke and Sayid are heading out to do.  Flocke says they're taking a boat to the other Island.  The Sawyer has the best line of the night and excuse my mild profanity but it must be said to get the joke just right!  "What do you need a boat for?  Can't you just turn into smoke and fly our ass over the water?"  

  • Flocke says "Do you think if I could do that that I would still be on THIS Island?"  to which Sawyer sarcastically says that would be ridiculous.   But hmmm, this goes into speculation about Smokey and water.  We have never really seen Ol' Smokey in his SMOKE form near the water.  He has always been in the jungle or indoors (the Statue) when he turns into smoke.   I do question though some of the scenes where there is RAIN.  I have to look back at the Juliet/Kate encounter with smokey to see if it was raining.  And of course, the scene where the Pilot is taken in the first episode.  I do recall it raining when Kate counted to 5.  But Smokey was gone then.   Anyway, it's a loose theory.  
  • But what we do know is that Flocke can't cross the water as Smokey.  We also know that when he last took an outrigger between Islands with Ben, he took his shoes off and then put them back on when he crossed.  (we don't see him do this in this episode though, so maybe it was nothing)    I guess this conversation was also trying to explain that Flocke can't leave "THE ISLAND" in general (Main Island or Hydra Island) as a cloud of smoke which is why he's trapped there.
  • Flocke tells Sawyer that one of their people is taken and he's going to get him back.   I do love that Sawyer has started calling Widmore - "Charlie Widmore".   Flocke and Sayid head on their way to the outrigger.    
  • We'll get to Flocke's "Jin retrieval" in a bit.  

Hydra Island
The next we see of Jin, he is in ol' Room 23 at the Hydra Station.  You all might recall Kate, Sawyer and Alex busting Karl out of there in season 3.  

Room 23 
  • Jin has never been in this room so he does not recognize where he is.  He flips the switch and we see the "brainwashing" film go back on.  You know, the one that said "God Loves you as Jacob Does" or something like that.  It seemed to be the same messaging as last time that we saw.  "Think about Your Life"  "Everything Changes" "We are the Causes of our own Suffering" And of course we see a shot of DHARMA founder Gerald DeGroot. 

  • Zoe comes in and explains that this room was for DHARMA's experimentations on subliminal messaging.  Not so subliminal if you ask me!   But then she knows that Jin knows all about the DHARMA initiative.  
  • She begins asking Jin about a map that DHARMA used to identify pockets of electromagnetism.  And that whoever signed them could really help her out.  She thinks the signature is Jin's.   WHAAAT???  Oh wait, we do know that Jin was working the grids in 1977.  So maybe he was helping to identify these pockets of electromagnetic activity?   We are aware of the Swan Site and the Orchid site as 2 of the pockets of activity.   Why is Zoe interested in this information?  Will it come into play in the end game of LOST?  And will we finally learn why that darn sky turned purple at the end of season 2?!

  • Jin plays hardball and says he wants to talk to Widmore before he gives any answers.   To which Zoe says that Widmore would like to see him too! 
Smokey Visits Widmore

  • As I mentioned before, we see Flocke arrive on Hydra with no taking off of his shoes or whatever.  And Sayid is clearly not with him.   Mr. Intimidator and Crew come out with their guns.  Flocke walks the line of Pylons and says that he comes in peace. 

  • Widmore comes out to talk to Flocke.  They both acknowledge that they know who each other are.  Well Widmore acknowledges that he knows he's NOT John Locke and then goes into the myth, ghost stories and jungle noises in the night of Smokey that he has heard.  Flocke knows that Widmore knows more about Smokey based on the pylons.  

  • Flocke accuses Widmore of taking one of his people, Jin Kwon.  Widmore denies it.  They stare at each other for awhile and then Flocke says "A wise man once said that war was coming to this Island.  I think it just got here"  And of course, with Flocke knowing all of Locke's prior thoughts and memories, he knows that Charles Widmore told John Locke this very information when he retrieved him from the Tunisian desert in last season's episode "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham".  
  • This was a nice brief scene of 2 leaders meeting before a big battle.  It's just getting more and more amped up for the final showdown!  It's going to be EPIC, it's going to be, wait for it,  LEGENDARY! 
Charles Widmore and Jin

  • It seems that perhaps Charles Widmore was telling the truth when he told Flocke he didn't know they took Jin.  Because he comes in and starts yelling at Zoe for not sticking to the plan.  They weren't supposed to get Jin for days.  They have a time table their sticking to.  Interesting.  Zoe said that they panicked because Jin was leaving the camp.  Widmore said they should have let Jin leave and taken him in the jungle.  
  • Zoe then says Widmore should have put a mercenary in charge instead of a Geo-physicist.  (hmmm, a Mercenary like Keamy whom Widmore sent before?)   And what does Widmore need with a geo-physicist for this final battle?  Obviously, it's the same questions to why she's investigating the electromagnetic activity on the Island. 
  • We find out Jin has been listening to the conversation.  Widmore tells Zoe to take the package from the sub and bring to the infirmary (once I heard that, I was 99% convinced that our speculations of what was behind that door were correct)

  • Everyone leaves Charles and Jin.  He apologizes profusely for what Jin has been through.  Widmore then says they searched the Ajira plane and found some of Sun's baggage.  In it was a digital camera.  And what came next was one of those tear inducing moments on LOST.  It was pictures of Jin's child Ji Yeon.    AWWWWWWW   This is the first time he is seeing her!   Great stuff.   Jin is so happy! 

  • And yes, I'm wondering too if that's the same dog that Jin took from his first "Mr. Paik mission" and gave to Sun!  That would be pretty funny if it was, but definitely not necessary to resolve the remaining mysteries of LOST!  
  • Widmore then identifies with Jin and says he has a daughter too (Penny, of course, who probably will not be making an appearance any time soon with her FlashForward day job).  He knows what it's like to be kept apart.  He knows how great it would be for him to be reunited with his wife and daughter.   But he suggests that it would be short-lived if that "THING" gets off of the Island.  
  • Widmore suggests that everything they know and love would "simply cease to be" if Smokey were to leave the Island.  Okay, so we can take this 2 ways right?  Either we go with my Godzilla theory where Smokey is rampaging around the world and making everyone evil, spreading his darkness throughout the land.    ORRRRR  Perhaps this is suggesting more of that "Epilogue Theory" where when Smokey leaves the Island, the timeline that they have known their whole lives would cease to exist.  And things would be rebooted to an Island-less existence.  We see that Jin is not married to Sun nor does he have a child yet in the sideways timeline.  But it looks like those things are imminent, granted in a different timeframe (2004 vs. 2007).  Of course it also looks like Sun may die and with it, their child.  Things aren't looking very happy for everyone anymore in this island existence (as I had predicted earlier in the season).    
  • Naturally, we do not know WHAT Widmore is referring to or who informed him of what would happen if Smokey left (Jacob?).  What we do know is that he is very determined to prevent Smokey from accomplishing his mission and he is very convincing in doing so.  Stay Tuned and please speculate in the comments! 

The Package
Flocke Returns
  • We see Sawyer and Kate huddled over a campfire.  Kate wants to know why Sawyer isn't worried.  Sawyer confirms that he is worried but is just pretending.  He has a feeling that it will all be over soon.  While the writers are nodding to the audience that the show is almost over with this line, Sawyer thinks that Flocke is going to get what is coming to him when he goes to visit Widmore.  And if that doesn't happened, then they're screwed! 

  • What do you know but Flocke returns!  And Kate and Sawyer note that he is neither with Jin nor Sayid.  Flocke tells them that Widmore said they didn't have Jin.   Flocke didn't believe them but he just left anyway.  It appears his main mission was with Sayid doing some RECON on what was in the Locked Room on the sub. 
  • Widmore says he has a way to prevent Smokey from getting his way.  He takes Jin to see "The Package" which we find out is not a thing but a WHO!  (yep, it's who we thought it was!) 
Back at the Sub
  • We see Sayid pop his head out of the water near the sub as folks are pulling a drugged man out of it.  They said they knocked him out for the trip. 

  • Sayid gets a good glimpse of who the Package is and it's none other than Desmond Hume!!! FINALLY!  And we see that Desmond recognizes Sayid.  But he's so out of it he could just think it's weird that there's a guy in the water. 
  • Mr. Intimidator says "Let's Go Mr. Hume" and they carry him away as Sayid creepily watches.


Nice! Desmond is finally back!  Is that why Widmore was in Los Angeles meeting with Eloise at the hospital?  To go grab Desmond?  Did Widmore need Desmond to get to the Island?  Will we find out what Desmond has been up to?   Do we think there is a tie between needing Zoe, an geo-physicist studying electromagnetism, to Desmond's blowing of the hatch which gave him massive exposure to electro-magnetism?   How is Desmond important to preventing Smokey from leaving the Island? Will we find out if there is a tie between Desmond's Sideways story and the Island story or if they're one of the same?  I would hope that these answers would be coming shortly, and I would hope a Desmond-centric episode is in our near future!

Hey, at this point, I'm just glad to have one of the best LOST characters ever back on the Island and probably for the remainder of the show!  And with that, I am going to wrap things up.  I look forward to our discussions in the comments.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week!  NAMASTE! 

Ending Credits
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Anonymous said...


Mike, wonderful recap as always!

Just wanted to say....Desmond.....DEsMOND>!?!?!? Come on, this was a little too predictable and I am almost upset it was desmond who was the package even though hes my favorite character. I was hope it was going to be christians body or something like that.

btw, this is a question that has been bothering me and is unrelated to last nights episode. When the island sinks, will the hydra sink as well? hmmm....

BTW, I guess Sun will be speaking korean to jin whenever they meet up! hahah so at least that bet was settled.
Speaking of this, what if it was the MIB who made sun unable to speak english.....just a side though.

Thanks again for an awesome read during my breakfast and morning coffee at work!


Mike V. said...

Jackson, thanks for the props!

I, too, even said "can this show be any more predictable?" with the Desmond reveal. But truth be told, I would have been upset if it was anything OTHER than Desmond! lol I think some mysteries are just easier to guess than others.

As for Hydra...considering when the island "moved" in season 4, hydra went with it...i'm guessing if the Island sank they both are gone. It didnt' look like it was hanging around anywhere next to it in the one shot we got, right? But it's a good question regardless.

I did ponder MIB possibly making Sun unable to speak English, and even hinted at it...then forgot to mention it! LOL So yeah I guess it's possible. But I'm liking the possible sideways angle right now. We'll see! I think it would be an interesting twist if Jin would have to translate for Sun after they reunite lol

No problem for the Breakfast read!

hg said...

I'm thinking there has to be a connection with blood here. Island time - Jin injures leg, did Flock touch him w/open wound? Sun bangs head, not seen if Flocke touches her w/open wound.

Sideways - Jin hit in head and Keamey cleans him up, evil touching him? Sun gets shot, but do we see who had the trigger finger, could have been Jin accidentally or Cyclops?

I think Flock can claim people with open wounds, much like he did with Sayid probably....don't know where I'm going with this but there seems to be a lot of symbolism with this.

Mike V. said...

Holly, I was thinking there might be a blood connection too...especially when Sun cut her hand...but then there was no follow up on the cut, so I just ignored it. But you could be onto something! Why on earth would they show Sun cut her hand? That was just bizarre. But very interesting especially with Sayid having the open wound. We'll see!

When rewatching the scene I noticed Mikhail shooting while Jin had grabbed him...i think that's when Sun got shot.

Anonymous said...

Pulled this from lostpedias theory page for "The Package" regarding Desmonds purpose. Thought it was pretty interesting:

As told to him by Daniel Faraday outside the hatch, "...right now me and everyone else you left behind--we're in serious danger. You're the only person who can help us.." (Because You Left transcript) This may mean that he is the only person who is not specific to a timeline (therefore his consciousness shifts between them) and thus has the ability to kill the MIB, once convinced to by Widmore.

I think it would be pretty cool if desmond was able to transfer conciousness in timelimes. Maybe a setup for The Constant 2!

Hey...I can always wish!


Mike V. said...

Yeah, I figure it has something to do with "THE RULES" not applying to him. At first, we thought it was just "one timeline" specific (because we didn't know of a sideways timeline at the time)....but now after that strange shot of him in LA X, we started pondering he spans mult-timelines. It certainly would be interesting! A Constant part 2 would be great, but I think that kind of magic in an episode only strikes once. I loved "THE VARIABLE" but Darlton called it the Companion episode to THE CONSTANT (get it? Constants and Variables?) and I think that set our expectations way too high for that episode! lol

I have loved all of the Desmond-centric episodes, so I'm looking forward to when we get his (I'm still going to stay pretty vague on when this is actually going to happen for now)

BTW - Damon Lindelof tweeted last night "in one week, the conversations will change" Very cryptic but seems to point towards a game changing event in next week's episode. Perhaps we get a reveal on the sideways timeline?

hg said...

MikeV - Sun cut her hand and walked off, Jack was the one to go after her ultimately convincing her to stay with him by extending his hand, he 'touched' her...He's the Dr., the healer, so maybe that's our Jacob connection w/Jack.

Maybe that's how Flocke claims people, by entering through their blood. He wanted Jin to leave his wound open to "air out", hmmmm, yeah right you tricky Flocke.

Mike V. said...

Well, Sun actually cut her hand and then was visited by Flocke before she "ran off" But I get what you're saying...she ultimately took Jack's hand. Could be all kinds of symbolic lol

ahhh very interesting on Jin leaving the wound open! And Claire was a little banged up after the Barracks explosion in season that may have been how she was claimed too. interesting!

Courtney said...

hey mike! thanks for the recap!

1) how irresponsible of sun to drink champagne when she knew she was pregnant! lol, i think the writers may have missed that one

2) claire HAS to be wearing a wig right? that mop is so disturbing!

3) i'm so happy that widmore is supposedly on jacob's side and therefore will help the beach losties when they get there! the whole locking desmond in that sub room seemed pretty prisoner-like to me at first (especially since widmore has never been a fan of des lol), but it was probably necessary to drug and kidnap desmond because he was so unwilling to ever go back to the island (and widmore knows he HAS to come for them to win) hmmm..

Mike V. said...

No problem Courtney!

1.) Did we ever see her DRINK the champagne? lol But yeah, good call!

2.) I think I read that it was a wig. It is crazy though!

3.) I guess there is always the chance that Widmore knew about Desond's island involvement and his need for him down the line. But considering he told Desmond that the Island thing doesn't concern him seems like his mind has changed. Yes, it does seem like Widmore is on Jacob's side for now. The question is...if the LOSTIES will be on Jacob's, MIB's or NEITHER side when all is said and done. Can't wait to find out!

Weasel said...

I have to disagree that we KNOW that Sun does not speak English in the sideways timeline. If she was planning to run away from her Father to America (with Jin), she may have already started to learn English. She could be just pretending she does not know English.

On the other hand, we are pretty positive Jin does not speak English or he would not have been so calm through Keamy's rant.

Richard said...

A few of things
1. I really like this blog.
2. There is a reason that subs are used to get to/from the island, maybe it's because the island is surrounded by water? That would also help explain why Smokey can't just fly away. I cannot remember a time when people came or went without some sort of crash/event. The freighter/helicopter came when the island was caught in some sort of warp. There is a reason Sawyer wants to take the sub. Maybe the Blackrock hit the top of the statue because the island was not fully surfaced? Kind of weird, I know--how do they breathe, have sky, etc? We know the island moves and subs are used in normal transportation. But if this theory is right, then the plane isn't leaving without the island also being involved.
3. Widmore wants to stop MIB. Widmore and Ben have a feud and have been fighting each other a long time. What if Ben is on Smokey's side and Widmore is on Jacob's side? Ben has basically done a lot to help Smokey so far, he killed Locke(which could be a help for more reasons than already discussed) and he killed Jacob. He also used to have some relationship with releasing Smokey(which I thought used to be referred to as the island security system) and he never did get that tight with Jacob when he was a leader. Maybe when Jacob asked Ben "yes, what about you", he was waiting for Ben to choose a side?

Courtney said...

aww... i HAVE to believe that ben was redeemed in Dr. Linus. i just HAVE to. i couldn't stand for him to go back to the dark side again.

it is quite possible that ben will eventually make a big sacrifice to HELP the losties, but i just know that he will not be a bad guy again!

Mike V. said...

Weasel, you could be right...but I'm thinking her decision to run away was when she found out she was pregnant, so she may have not had time to learn the language yet! lol But definitely true on Jin.

Richard - 1. Thank you very much! 2. totally agree on the subs....and I still want to know why they have to be knocked out for the trip! And I agree we have never seen anything else arrive to the island without some malfunctioning. Except when Lapidus was able to leave the island and then return with Keamy and crew and leave again...(they crashed because they ran out of gas). I think the black rock was a giant WAVE that it road in....and I think we're going to get more information (based on the producers) on the Island storms.

btw...just thought of this...when Michael took a certain bearing off of the island with his boat...they were simply able to leave. And Faraday told lapidus to stick to a bearing as well. So that may come into play with the Ajira exit too. interesting speculations!

3. I think Ben has been used as a pawn by Smokey just like Locke....I also don't think Widmore was always on TEAM JACOB. I think i read in the enhanced LOST that when Locke goes to see Widmore, he "seems" like a changed man. So maybe something happened to Widmore during those 3 years when the Oceanic 6 left the Island. Maybe Jacob visited him too.

We shall see!

Mike V. said...

Courtney, I see that happening too....although, it would be nice to see Ben and Widmore meet up again. And even Ben and Desmond! Ben has some serious apologizing to do!

Granted, Widmore did allow Keamy to kill it will be interesting to see how he deals with seeing Charles again. I still would like to know why there were rules against Ben killing Charles too. I want to know the rules already!!

Anonymous said...

I think we are seeing two sides to the LOST story. The original timeline is Jacob’s version and the sideways timeline is a world without Jacob or the MIB’s version. I think Locke and the MIB are the same person/merged in the Sideways version. I thought we got a glimpse of the MIB in the Sideways version when Locke tried to instigate Ben taking the high school principal’s job.
I think the Sideways timeline is the MIB’s idea of heaven. He did not want to just get off the Island, he wanted to escape from that parallel world he was trapped in by Jacob.
When our Losties (Jack, Kate, Locke, Ben, Sayid, Sawyer, Sun ) look in a mirror in the Sideways timeline, they are remembering events from the original timeline.
One man’s hell is another man’s heaven.
The original timeline that Locke thought of as hell is what the MIB views as heaven. Locke, whose father Anthony Cooper used him to get a kidney and then pushed him out a window causing his paralysis, was trying to escape his everyday life by going on the walkabout in Australia only to be turned away by the walkabout’s organizer. Locke loved his life on the Island. He could walk again, he was handy with tools (making things like Aaron’s crib), a hunter and eventually the leader of the Others. He stopped the Losties from leaving the Island whenever he could.
Although Jacob, Richard, Isabella, and Widmore tell us the MIB leaving the Island would unleash destruction and death on the rest of the world, I think MIB just wants to get on in the world like a regular guy.
The Eagles lyrics “Two Sides to Every Story” reflect this line of thought:
"Well I don't know, but I've been told
Two sides to every story
One is right and the other is wrong
Guess it depends which side your on
Cuz one man's blessing is another man's curse
One man's drink is another man's thirst
One man's pleasure is another man's pain
One man's loss is another man's gain
One man's lie is another man's truth
There's two sides to every story

Well good guys bad guys all the same
Good guys win bad guys get blamed
I don't care what side you're on
You might be right, you might be wrong
And one man's freedom is another man's prison
One man's honor is another man's shame
One man's guilty one man isn't
There's two sides to every story

One man's heaven is another man's hell
One man's buy is another man's sell
One man's day is another man's night
One man's peace is another one's fight
One man's loss is another one's glory
There's two sides to every story
There's two sides to every story"

David Salako said...

Keep up the good work Mike V.!
Great episode.
It does seem like there is some connection between MIB and blood. Could Jacob giving him - MIB - some wine last week be some vague allusion to the "changing wine into blood" consecration that occurs in Catholic/Orthodox theology?
I also wonder if Sun's skill with herbs, remedies and poisons is going to come into play again? It has not been mentioned since season 1.
I also want to know what is in that black backpack MIB carries around all the time?!
I think this may have been the first episode this season where there was no "tika-tika-tika" Smokey sound effect heard at all. Even right b4 he engaged Sun in her island garden. No sound effect heard unlike his interaction with Ben digging his grave "tika-tika-tika" plus wind and circular camera motion. Maybe nothing.
PKeep up the good work Mike V.!
Great episode.
It does seem like there is some connection between MIB and blood. Could Jacob giving him - MIB - some wine last week be some vague allusion to the "changing wine into blood" consecration that occurs in Catholic/Orthodox theology?
I also wonder if Sun's skill with herbs, remedies and poisons is going to come into play again? It has not been mentioned since season 1.
I also want to know what is in that black backpack MIB carries around all the time?!
I think this may have been the first episode this season where there was no "tika-tika-tika" Smokey sound effect heard at all. Even right b4 he engaged Sun in her island garden. No sound effect heard unlike his interaction with Ben digging his grave "tika-tika-tika" plus wind and circular camera motion. Maybe nothingKeep up the good work Mike V.!
Great episode.
It does seem like there is some connection between MIB and blood. Could Jacob giving him - MIB - some wine last week be some vague allusion to the "changing wine into blood" consecration that occurs in Catholic/Orthodox theology?
I also wonder if Sun's skill with herbs, remedies and poisons is going to come into play again? It has not been mentioned since season 1.
I also want to know what is in that black backpack MIB carries around all the time?!
I think this may have been the first episode this season where there was no "tika-tika-tika" Smokey sound effect heard at all. Even right b4 he engaged Sun in her island garden. No sound effect heard unlike his interaction with Ben digging his grave "tika-tika-tika" plus wind and circular camera motion. Maybe nothing. Is MIB gradually becoming more fully human? He seems t be really sensitive about the "monster" and "thing" labels!

Nicole said...

I am a convergence theory supporter - the two timelines are simultaneous and eventually our characters will converge with their parallel selves. So, being a proponent of that theory, I do agree that Sun's loss of English is a clue connecting her to her sideways self. I don't think it's the first clue, though. Jack's forgetting of his appendix surgery is a clue, and Claire's inexplicable grabbing of Kate's hand is a clue (she grabbed it on the island, because her sideways self was grabbing it at that same time). I'm guessing there are others.

I do not think that Claire was looking to be "off the hook" with regard to the plane. I think she was worried that she would be eliminated as unnecessary and not be able to leave on the plane. I also do not think that Flocke was hinting that HE would kill Kate - he was giving Claire the green light to kill Kate once Flocke didn't need Kate anymore.

Sun and Jin aren't married in sideways land because without the island and Jacob in sideways land, there was no need for them to get married. I.e. the point of their marriage was to have the wedding at which they were destined to be touched. So, Jacob made their wedding possible for the purpose of being able to touch them. Without Jacob's intervention, Mr. Paik's daughter is certainly not permitted to marry the likes of a commoner like Jin!

Mike V. said...

LOST Fan - That's kind of the direction I've been headed too. A timeline with and without Jacob intervention. Not sure if it's right, but it sure seems that way right now. I too thought we saw a bit of MIB in the Sideways version of Locke. Whether that is true or not as well? Don't know yet! You did lose me on the MIB's idea of heaven though lol Do we even know if MIB is aware of what will happen if he leaves the island? He may be just as shocked as the losties if it creates a sideways timeline. But it's definitely an interesting idea! Nice parallels between Locke's Hell and MIB's Heaven though. If this all is true, then yes it would seem like MIB was just trying to live off the Island as a normal guy. That would kind of suck that the real Locke ceased to exist in both timelines though.
And nice Eagles song reference!

Mike V. said...

Thanks David! I try my best...only 7 more recaps to go. I think I can make it! lol 7 more nights of little sleep! (of course I did take Monday 5/24 off, so I'll be able to rest a little longer and you guys will just have to be patient for the final recap!)

It might be a stretch with the the whole wine/blood analogy but they definitely do have all of the crazy religious themes on the show. You never know!

Interesting thought with Sun and her gardening skills. It reminds me of the Three Amigos when all the town knew was how to they made up a bunch of Amigo suits and threw El Guapo off! Ahh good times. Look out, here comes Sun with her Gardening SEEDS!!! lol

No idea what MIB has in his backpack...i wonder if it's just out of habit of the LOSTIES always walking around with backpacks lol

Was it really the first episode where we had no "smokey" sound? That is kind of nuts. I have been so used to so many episodes in between Smokey appearances in prior seasons...I didn't even think about it being in EVERY episode this season. But I think you might be right! The only one that I can think MAYBE we didn't hear it was in What Kate Does or Lighthouse. I forget if we saw Flocke in those episodes. Interesting thought with him becoming more human...but I'm guessing not...i think we still are in for some more SMOKEY before all is said and done!

Nicole - I'm with you on the convergence theory as well. I can see both of them at this point. But I like the joint-consciousness idea a little more. Not sure what it means or how that works...but it intrigues me! You could be right about Claire...but it seemed like she was scared that Aaron would reject her and maybe she could stay on the island. And yes...good point on Flocke hinting that Claire could kill Kate. In either case, he'd be a supporter of it!

Interesting thoughts on Sun/Jin's marriage being arranged by Jacob!

Deebo said...

Great episode and I enjoyed it a lot…The parallels in this episode were crazy…Sun writing her thoughts down reminded me of Locke is season 3 communicating with Charlie…I think that Locke was lying about Kate being on the wall as we all saw Claire’s name…Kind of funny Jack said that I promise I will get all of YOU not US off the island hmmm? Weird how Suns Dad had Sun’s lover Jay Lee (the bald guy) killed and then in the Alt. had Sun’s lover Jin attempted to be killed…Desmond must have something to do with Zoë’s comment about the electromagnetic energy on the island…Did anyone else hear Keamy say “island” when he was tying up Jin? I replayed it multiple lines and it sure sounded like he did say that…is the sideways bleeding thru? Amazing recap Mike, I was waiting patiently for it!!

Mike V. said...

Thanks Deebo! Very good point of Locke going mute in season 3 and needing a pen and paper. Flocke lying to Kate might be true...but I still think he is being mislead by Jacob on Kate. Why do I think it? Because Darlton told me and the LOST community to think it! LOL As for Jack, yeah, I don't think he has any intention of leaving the island. He has nothing to go back for. Ben told Jack that there is no going back before they returned to the island. What was Jack's response? "GOOD" very interesting indeed. Interesting parallel with Jae being killed in island timeline and the attempted hit on Jin in the sideways timeline. I guess in both cases Mr. Paik might view the act as "dishonoring" his family. Agree on Desmond/Zoe (how did you get that e on Zoe? lol Maybe I'll just copy/paste yours! Zoë ahh there we go) You know...I thought Keamy mentioned Island at one point...and then I just concluded that I was hearing things...maybe not!

hg said...

Humor me for a minute, but is there any connection to the elements~earth, fire, air, water?
Earth - Jack the healer
Fire - Volcano
Air - Smokey traveling means, airplane
Water - Sawyer, subs

See where I'm going?
All need to exist in balance or die alone?

Mike V. said...

Holly, nothing would surprise me at this point but I don't know about this one! LOL

You might be onto something with the BALANCE we did hear about the scale in every human of good and evil. And maybe if one is wiped out more island! LOL

Of course oceanic 815 did crash in SEPTEMBER and that IS the name of an Earth, Wind and Fire song! LOL And now, I've gone too far! :-)

Deebo said...

I thought the line by Widmore about everyone who we love will cease to exist…I think he was implying that everyone connected with the Losties would be dead not the entire world? Also with Desmond being back and Zoë mentioning the pockets of energy I also think the hatch was a lot more important than we realize, maybe it really was saving the world?...We know it was used to keep the energy at bay (Smokey?) and also have to mention that Sun (no buttons) was looking damn good last night Wow! So MIB and Widmore have never met huh? Interesting? That scene was classic

hg said...

Love that song! Glad you're the one to reference the band and not me :-)

That's a good one to have in your head all day....

Mike V. said...

Deebo - interesting thought on just everyone connected to the LOSTIES. It just seems based on Jacob and Widmore's comments together, that they are keeping EVIL from the world...or reprecussions to the entire world. It may directly affect the LOSTIES, but it might have impacts to all. Dunno. I think I have always thought the hatch was really important. And I think it had been stated on the show many times after the fact that Desmond truly did save the world by pushing the button and turning that key. But I still have unresolved questions from it all....the sky turning purple...did that have effects on the Island? Did it stop the Island from moving allowing it to be visible to the outside world? (a la Penny, Charles Widmore, whatever) Did it FREEZE the donkey wheel where it was no longer moving? Allowing the freighter crew to come to the island? I dunno...maybe none of these were actually ever questions and just something i put together in my head. But, the Hatch has been a central component to the show since season 1 and it came back into the picture in a big way in season 5. We still haven't even resolved what happened with Jughead yet....maybe Zoe is here to provide some answers to these questions. It sure would be nice!!

The Widmore/MIB scene was certainly a classic...and yes very interesting that they never met!

Holly - I'm trying to forget I ever mentioned it and really trying not to get it in my head! lol

Mike V. said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just crossed 200,000 views since 2007! WOW! To think when this all started, I would have been happy with 1000 views, then 10,000 views, then 50,000...and then the site just snowballed into the great community that it is today!

Thank you all for checking out the blog and sticking around all these years or even as recently as this season! It's truly been a remarkable journey!

Onward to 250,000...and of course, Weasel recommended we shoot for 316,815 hits by the finale. THAT could be tough, but we learned on LOST...anything is possible!

Carry on with your discussions!

Rukshan said...

Oh good Old Lost. Ill miss it when its gone. It was a predictable episode, nothing revolutionary for me but it does patch things up.. would be interesting to see how Desmond fits in to all this..

I just wish he said " Hello Brothaaa" when he saw Sayeed, that would have made my day

Mike V. said...

Rukshan, I just can't wait to see Desmond's reaction when he's BACK on the Island. lol He was very adamant about never returning there!

I do agree some parts we predicted but I still wouldn't have had them any other way! lol Kind of like predicting Anthony Cooper was the same conman that ripped up Sawyer's family (I always go back to the well on that one)....yeah we all guessed it...but seeing it play out was awesome!

I don't want the writers to get TOO Creative with mysteries where it's like "okay, we want to go with Desmond here but the audience will guess that too let's make it..." the fact is not everyone would have guessed Desmond. Not everyone out there even knew Henry Ian Cusick would be in this final season. I mean, one would hope that what we saw last season wouldn't be the end of his story, but there are people out there that had no idea!

But for many of us who speculate about this stuff 24/7 and answer turns out to be what we speculated? Yeah, it seems like it was predictable lol Same thing with Sun and Jin not being married...upon rewatching when I wrote the blog...I noticed the woman call her Miss Paik...and thought that was pretty strange so I noted it in the blog. And I think other people noticed it over time as well after analyzing upon analyzing. But not everyone going into that episode would have even considered the idea that they weren't married. It's all based on the level of effort you put into the POST episode discussions! LOL

And I don't think every twist is created equally. Maybe whatever is going on with the Sideways timeline is something we haven't even considered yet. And of course, maybe it's a variation one of the 3 we have come up with. Where am I going with this? I have no idea! Just rambling at this point lol

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but there was a little debate (between me and my husband) about what Keamy said to Jin before he taped him up. I thought he said he was doing it before he (Jin) figured out what was going to happen to HIM.

My husband heard 'before you (Jin) figure out what is going to happen on the ISLAND'.

I re-watched the episode on and at around the 30:15 mark, Keamy DOES say 'ISLAND'.

Mike V. said...

Anonymous, yeah we discussed it but we didn't know for sure what we heard. So you're pretty sure he said Island eh?

I think I would side more with what you thought he said. LOL I'm gonna have to check the closed captioning on this one!

Anonymous said...

The ABC episode is 'choppy' for me for some reason but I'm 99.9% sure that is what he said. I would have sworn 99.9% that he DIDN'T say ISLAND had you asked me last night LOL

Anonymous said...

While it is true that Desmond has apparently manifested an ability to appear in two versions of history, in (Flashes Before Your Eyes) it has not been established that either one of these versions was the the FST. In FBYE, Desmond meets Eloise Hawking in the ring shop. She 'reminds' him that he buys the ring, and talks about "course correction". Clearly, the first time around, Desmond did not buy the ring, and ended up in the race in the OT and on the island. In the second version, where he did buy the ring, Eloise talks about him needing to press the button. If this were the FST, there would be no button to press, as the island would not exist. On the face of it, this means that on neither the first occasion, nor the second occasion was Desmond in the FST. The author of the above theory is making the assumption that one was the OT, one the FST, but the evidence seems to show that this is not the case. In addtion, Daniel appears to change history in the OT by knocking on Desmond's door, which Desmond remembers later. This is an entirely OT-based change.
In addition, all of the theories above seem to require that Widmore knows of Desmond's ability, and that he knows there are two separate timelines running simultaneously which 'need to be merged'. There has never been any indication that Widmore was aware of these facts. The last time that Widmore & Desmond had a conversation, in Jughead, Widmore says to Desmond "Don't put Penny's life in danger. You're getting yourself involved in something that goes back many, many years. It has nothing to do with you, or my daughter. Wherever you were hiding go back there." It seems inconceivable that at this point, Widmore would have been planning to kidnap Desmond and bring him to the island.


Mike V. said...

I'll definitely have to check it out again...because that has HUGE implications if he said ISLAND lol

Oh well...on that note, I'm off to some afternoon meetings. Keep up the great discussion guys! I'll try to keep up with comments over the next few days, but with the Holiday weekend I may be a bit busy. So, if I don't respond to any particular comments, please don't be offended! I will be reading everything!


Mike V. said...

Chimmy Chonga...i think you made a lot of assumptions there. I never really considered Desmond was flashing back and forth from a Sideways Timeline in those previous season episodes (Flashes and Constant)...i suggested that MAYBE when we see him in LA X, he might have been from the island timeline. I think we all have speculated that one.

As for Widmore...there is a big reason why he needs he is calling him "THE PACKAGE' and knows he is important. Considering that Eloise knew of Desmond's involvement with the Island...I would think it's pretty plausible for her and Widmore to have talked. But I also mentioned Widmore maybe having a change of heart later on with a possible visit from Jacob. (e.g. after the conversation that Widmore and Desmond have in his office where he says you are not important to the Island..or whatever he said)

Anyway..wish I could write more but I gotta go!

Anonymous said...

Great recap as usual.

This might be a little far fectched, but in the Ab Aeterno - Flashback episode, there was a reflectioni of the Black Rock in the puddles of the rain storm in the one shot after it was on the island. When I saw it, I immediately thought of the mirror things throughout this season.

Penner said...

It was hard to top last week but I agree it did give us some answers & not more questiongs plus it moved us further along.

The sideways Jin is a lot less uptight with having the secret affair and only having Sun button up her shirt as part of their act. So he's a little less moral in that world. By the way the close up of Sun's chest seemed to be a body double but the scene still worked. Did Jin look in a mirror?

I thought the scene with the night vision goggles & knock out darts was pretty cool but a little too easy. They should use those instead of guns all the time. Though the dosage would probably kill the kids. And it was nice to see the Teddy Bear again last week too - poor kids must be bored to death - it's getting pretty depressing seeing them. All of them need a bath or a hot tub time machine to clean up. Glad there is no smellavision.

With all the plyons on the beach that has to be a BIG sub...

Does having a possession of those who died allow MIB to recreate some one too? I saw him return Isabellas necklace to Richard last week & he had Yemi & Christians Body. Jack did need to bring something of his dad's back to the island. There are times he didn't have a possesion but that scene when he returned the necklace made me think that he needed it earlier to recreate her (sorry if that was covered last week)

Courtney said...

mike, you are so right about how the general audience probably never had an idea that desmond would be in that locked room. when widmore said it was a "who," i said to my husband it's gotta be desmond then!!!!! and he argued with me, "why in the world would you even consider desmond was locked in there?" and he didn't think i'd be right!! haha i told him... because that's what most people thought on the blog. LOL he thinks i'm such a dork :) :)

hg said...

Penner - Jin's reflection was on the stainless steel door in the restuarant when Keamey put him in there, I actually caught that.

My thoughts are about the reflections themselves.
*Who had a mirror: Jack, Kate, Sawyer
*Who had other type of reflectin: Ben (microwave), Sayid (glass door), Jin (refrig. door)

Who am I missing?

Other random thought on the tomato. Sun sowed the seed and harvested the tomato, then it died. Jack found a live one and brought it back to Sun....parallel=Sun & Jin sowed their seed so to speak and then she got shot~Jack will be at the hospital to save her & the baby...just sayin' something to think about.

Courtney said...

penner- i don't think jin had a reflection "moment" like sun. and that makes me think that SUN is the Kwon candidate (maybe the writers are telling us she is the important one since she had the reflection, not jin in the sideways story) and that makes it all the more important for flocke to recruit her!

David Salako said...

Also seems like the Candidates have to choose to go with Flocke i.e. the "free will" motif again.
He can't force them.

hg said...

Jin definitely had a reflection moment in that refrig. door, I'm 110% sure of it.

Random thought: Maybe Jin/Sun are an Adam/Eve symbol and become those skeletons. In the preview for next week it shows them hugging on the beach, so I bet they get reunited, please let them so we don't have to hear Sun whining anymore. Anyway, Jack ala Jacob offers Sun ala Eve that tomato, the forbidden fruit (after all Tomatoes are a fruit). Sun gave birth but Jin was sterile, immaculate conception? Maybe their baby girl & Aaron hook up later in life...
I love this show!

Mike X said...

Mike V. - Great recap. Thanks!
I have to say, the V countdown was beyond obnoxious and annoying! Is a countdown really necessary? Is it that hard to keep track of your time for one hour? For this disaster of a promotional call by a cheeseball ABC executive, I am never going to watch V! I also, am boycotting all ABC programming except LOST through May sweeps. Forgive my language, but Dancing with the Stars can go to...well..go to under the Island.

David Salako said...

I agree..."V" isn't a great show...

I wonder if the "Danny" that Keamy referred to as in - "Danny's friend that speaks languages" is Daniel Faraday? Although, I wonder what Daniel would be doing hanging around with these thugs! lol!

Richard said...

It's hard for me to view the FS land and island land as being one with and one without Jacob. The reason is that Jacob has had an effect in both, at least it appears that way. Jack's surgery, Ben and his Dad are just examples of why we know at least some of the characters are on FS after some type island life. The assumption there is that Jacob was involved with the island when they were there. I can more buy into a concept where the FS world is post Jacob. But even that is tough because all of the candidates are in the FS world. Unless the escape of Smokey occured, no one took the Jacob job and big time evil as a result did not happen. In my opinion at this point the best possible reason for the FS world is that it is a possibility world, where based on certain events, certain outcomes can occur. At one point, there was thought that it was a "good place, where things worked out" After watching the last couple of episodes, I don't buy into that any more. It seems that whatever happens has both good and bad results.

Since so much of the show seems to be wrapped around the concept of choice verse destiny it makes it difficult to relate the FS and island worlds. Without knowing which side the show may take. At this point it seems to be taking the destiny route. Particularly with the upcoming war, foretold for years.

Bryan said...

There has been some speculation that Keamy referred to 'the island' when speaking to Jin. According to the closed captioning he says "Just in case you figure out what's about to happen to you. I can't have you freaking out." Here is a screenshot from

Bryan said...

I personally don't think Sun seeing her reflection in sideways world has anything to do with whether she is the Kwon candidate or not -- Ben saw his reflection also and is not one of the remaining six.

I think most would agree the best hint we have so far as to which Kwon is chosen is the fact that Jin flashed back to the 70's with the other remaining candidates and Sun did not (the key words in that statement being 'so far' as we know things can change very quickly with this show!)

MJ said...

48 comments ! Whew - I read the recap this am but have not had time to post.

Wanted to post this before I read all your posts now - interview with Mark Pelligrino. If you do NOT want to know the name of the finale do not listen. Otherwise not spoilery but interesting.

Anonymous said...

just a quick question. Where does the fact that Widmore hired Keamy and co. in season 4 to pretty much kill everyone on the island, fit into this story now. it seems he is now trying to protect the losties not kill them...or did he have some type of revalation

David Salako said...

Widmore apparently has become a "changed man" between the time he had his confrontational talk with Ben in Widmore's bedroom and his meeting Locke in Tunisia and providing him with his Jeremy Bentham identity in the outside world.
Maybe Jacob paid him a visit?

Bill said...

If Sun was a candidate, wouldn't the name be Paik? I'm assuming the names in the lighthouse and cave have been around longer than the Kwon's marriage.

Stacie said...


Yes, those names have obviously been around longer than the Kwon's have been married, but it appears that Jacob had a hand in the Kwons' marriage. So he would have used the name Kwon, knowing that she would be married to Jin by the time she came to the island. If it turns out that Sun is the candidate, then this would prove that Jacob either knew what the future held for her, or he directly had a hand in their marriage!

MJ said...

Haven't read all the posts yets. But - 7 more recaps ! It sounds better to say 9 hours left somehow. 7 recaps seems waaaay to soon.

I heard Widmore's crew called the 'dorky militia' - and I think I like that one. LOL

Was cool that they gave us confirmation that the losties who lived with Dharma in the 70's still exist now with Jins writing on the map. What happened, happened.

Interesting that all candidates have to leave with Flocke - the very opposite of all who left had to return

Martin Keamy is wrong ! Just wrong about Sun and Jin.

When Mikhail got shot in the eye I just about peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

'this story lends itself to going to a Hospital, right?' It also lends itself to going to the police station - or both !

'It's going to be EPIC, it's going to be, wait for it, LEGENDARY!' Nice shout out to HIMYM ! LOL

As for "in one week, the conversations will change" well to me that is saying that whatever we think we know - we don't. LOL Can't wait

"changing wine into blood" consecration that occurs in Catholic/Orthodox theology? I'm no expert even though I was raised catholic but water was turned to wine and wine is used during mass as a stand in for Jesus's blood

And congrats to all who picked up on the water seeming to be an issue for smokey ! Looking like you were right.

Gwen said...

Shooting for the moon here with tying everyone in buuuut, Jack calls in his ex wife the fertility specialist for help with Suns precarious situation. Sawyer the cop (after handling the Kate situation) is somehow the cop assigned to follow up on the shooting at a restaurant.

David Salako said...

In Catholic/Orthodox theology - during the Mass/Divine Liturgy, bread and wine (with a little water) are consecrated into body and blood of Jesus Christ.

There is a separate miracle - his first and at the request of Mary, according to the Gospels, of JC turning water into wine.

Probably no connection to the show at all! Just thought "Ab Aeterno" was packed full of Catholic imagery - even Latin!

Anonymous said...

First time poster, hung up on the name lists in the cave and lighthouse.
Could it be as simple as the cave names being those that MIB needs to have on his team and the lighthouse names being Jacob's list? If so, I wonder if the names are constantly switching from place to place as the "alliances" evolve. Sorry to bring a lame Survivor term to a Lost blog.


Mike V. said...

Hello fellow LOSTIES! I'm back. And I'm gonna try to hit up what I can here. As always thanks for the props on the blog!

Anonymous (12:52pm) - I guess it's possible. But I'm sticking with the fact that they abandonded Sideways storytelling for an episode and it was a Flashback. I defer to the sound effects transitioning between Flashback and Current Time period as the proof. The sound effect for Sideways transitioning is a little different!

Penner - LOL I love how everyone is fixated on Shirtless Sun! lol Naturally, I tried to avoid talking about it all together to keep this a family oriented blog :-) Good point, I don't think we saw Jin look in a mirror....but we at least had a mirror scene in the episode. Hmm totally missed the Teddy Bear...that was in Ab Aeterno? or the week before? Touche' on the size of the Pylons vs. the size of the sub...although they did look like they were "fold-out" pylons lol As for MIB with the possessions of dead's a good question and I've been pondering it myself! Could be!

Mike V. said...

Holly - Interesting on the Jin reflection on the door..I'll have to check that out. And yeah, I don't know if it matters or not about where the reflections are as long as they're in each episode! Locke was a mirror too, btw. Nice Tomato analogy! And I totally agree Sun/Jin will have a run-in with Jack in the hospital as mentioned in the blog! And hopefully, juliet too (fertility doctor after all!)
David - yep, sure does seem like they have to choose to go with Flocke. But Jacob also has given "choices" as well. He offered Richard a job, Dogen a Job, maybe even Smokey himself a job! And of course he gave Ben the choice to kill or not kill him.
Holly - Jin and Sun are always a popular Adam and Eve theory...I still have to argue about the 40-50 year decomposition statement by Jack in September 2004 lol Yeah, anything is possible on this Island...but I still think it has to be within reason. And don't forget...Jin was sterile but the Island enhanced his "mojo" a ridiculous multiplication of times! The question becomes...why isn't he sterile in the Sideways timeline!? And yeah, I've heard the Ji Yeon/Aaron hook up theory before too. I remember when we heard there was going to be a wedding scene in season 5 (turned out to be Jin/Sun's) but some people had speculated we'd flash to far in the future and it would be Aaron and Ji yeon's some crazy imaginations out there! LOL And I love this show too!

Mike V. said...

Mike X - Thanks! The V countdown was rough...but I'm still gonna watch (still didn't watch last night's for obvious reasons...the blog! lol) And all of you people need to be watching Modern Family...STAT! The show is phenomenal!

David - There's also Danny Pickett which might make more sense. I totally didn't even pick up on the Danny thing the first time. I need my 2nd viewing!

Yikes...I'm getting called into another meeting. I'll have to catch up on the rest when I can!

Floreen said...

@Anonymous - I did not wanted to Spoil this, but I also deducted in my previous postings on this topic that the best candidate for the 'package' is Desmond, since he's got a constant and he is one as well, the island is not done with him, and he was the only one, I know of, that Did Not Came to the island.
We don’t know for a fact that Widmore wanted all on the island, Alex inc., dead do we? Could it be possible that Keamy was given the order to get Ben and use his discretion on the details?

@ Mike V - I am happy to see that you do take in consideration clues like the mirrors just like I took that blasted cabin thing. As with many clues, the question is: Will the writers follow up on and tie them together? The Jin-resataurant-money-watch-Keamy-Sayid and Mikhail in addition, wow, the tie came in nicely.

Desmond and Daniel = Constant theory. That might help.

Very interesting theories on all who participated so far, but blood, convergence, loss of memory, hand written messages SUn-Locke, revelation, yeah even the tomato and how Jacob did or not interfere on FS or side ones, very good.

What eye was Mikhail missing in those timelines. In the island episode with Sayid and Kate we were lead to believe that he was wounded in the war in Afghanistan. But nice touch with the eye.

Sun could have been pregnant with the bold guy who thought her English in Korea in the prior seasons back flashes.

The hand thing on Flocke is meaningful of the free choice vs destiny but for good or bad? Here I see Flocke more of forcing himself then allowing free choice. Is like the hour is at and and time is short for free choices.

Widmore would know that Sawyer is a con artist.

With Claire about Kate, I think Flocke said in other words; I saved her once of your hand, but as soon as she’s done with my plan, you can do whatever you want, I won’t save her again.

“Charles Widmore told John Locke this very information when he retrieved Island from the Tunisian desert in last season's episode "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham". He retrieved Island?

I am not going to test your face-color because you're right. So what if the first sideways - not happy ones by the way, were the ones before Jacob was released, helped, escape the prison or Ricardo for that matter as I see it? Of course that leave gaps with the fact that Jacob did visited Sun and Jin at the marriage ceremony and neither one of them comes with not one single bad thing happening, but you might be on to something with this idea.

Mike V. said...

whoops...I had this comment prepped and ready to go too.

Courtney - Yeah, it's crazy how people with different levels of LOST analysis can enjoy the show and get different experiences out of it! I will make no comment either way on if you're a dork....but I know the very fact that I obsess over this show and write this blog makes me a dork! LOL But I accept the label with open arms. Can't help but love this show!

I'll be back in a bit with more.

David Salako said...

I am going out on a limb here but I suspect the color RED is going to feature very prominently in upcoming episodes. I will expand on why I think that is, if it indeed comes to pass.

Unknown said...

Anything to do with Desmond, I'm in! Too predictable? Nothing is predictable with Desmond, brutha! Remember Walt telling Locke that he had a dream that Locke was on a beach, surronded by people who wanted to kill him. I wonder if that was it last night, or after Jacob's death, or a scene yet to come.
Also, were Ben or Charlie Widmore ever candiates? Remember in Widmore's bedroom where he asked Ben, "Are you here to kill me"
Ben replied, "You know I can't do that"

I'm confused and love it!

Nicole said...

I think both Jin and Sun are candidates. After all, Jacob touched them both. No reason to bring them together in marriage for the purposes of touching them both otherwise.

Mike V. said...

Richard - yeah, I'm really torn between the "EPILOGUE" theory and "it's all happening in parallel" theory. A "POST JACOB" world makes sense. Not sure I understand what jack's surgery had to do with Jacob. Are you referring to him getting his appendix out as a kid instead of on the island? I dunno... But for your last point....I can happily say that I called the flash sideways story heading to a place that was not "happy" for everyone! That's why I think this whole Epilogue theory goes out the's not like if they accomplish a certain mission at the end of the series and they spawn off this Sideways land...that they're any better off. (well, we don't know for sure yet) So then what would be the point of showing us it? I dunno....I'm still waiting to see more of what it's all about! Okay you had a comment after what i thought was your LAST comment around choice vs. destiny. Yeah, it seems to be sorta destiny....but even as recent as Ab Aeterno...the producers have gone on record saying they wanted to show that Richard is "immortal" because he made the CHOICE to be that way. not to mention Jacob wanting people to CHOOSE to do the right thing. So, yeah, maybe Jacob lured this people to the Island...but he is all about them making their own decisions. It's kind of a combination of Free Will AND
Bryan - Thanks for clarifying the closed captioning...i couldn't imagine Keamy bringing up the Island so subtley! lol Agree on the mirror not meaning anything about the candidates. And agree that Jin flashing back to the 70's was the best lead "so far" on which kwon is a candidate. But then we'd have to speculate if all of the Red-Shirts that traveled back in time with the LOSTIES were candidates too. Maybe not since they got killed off so quickly. And for the people that went back on Ajira was only Candidates (including Kate) that went back. so it's a good theory!

Mike V. said...

MJ - thanks for the link...i'm gonna check it out after i catch up here! lol And to anyone that doesn't want to know the name of the finale....let me just say "it is NOT spoilery!!"

Anonymous (2:32) - I think it has been hinted by the "enhanced lost" episodes that Widmore seems to have been different at some point after the Oceanic 6 left the Island. When he picks up John Locke in Tunisia...he seems to be a different man. My running theory is that Jacob came to him too to tip him off on a few things. Including possibly getting Desmond back to the Island. (and apparently, David is thinking the same! lol)
Bill - good point on Sun's name on the lighthouse...dunno! Unless he knew that she WOULD be a Kwon one day lol (or refer to Jerry and Stacie's post lol)

MJ again - Well it's only 8 hours left now! :-( We're more than halfway through! The Dorky Militia is a great name! Agreed on getting 70's losties still being there. Naturally, I never had lost faith on the "Whatever happened happened" stance! LOL But we still don't know what on earth that SIDEWAYS timeline is!
As for leaving with Flocke - definitely the question is...DO THEY REALLY? Agreed on Keamy being wrong, Mikhail getting shot in the eye was fantastic. And totally agree on the Hospital and Police station, and I think i mentioned both in the blog (that was for the negative anonymous poster who loves when I talk about already mentioning things. I'm not sure if you were quoting me there or not though, so I felt I'd be safe!)

I was hoping someone would get the HIMYM reference! Just had to do it!

Totally agree on Damon's comment...hopefully he didn't cause too much hype with that one sentence!

I had 12 years of Catholic school growing up. do you know we're actually supposed to believe we're eating and drinking the body and blood of Christ? Crazy, but it's true! Yeah, maybe it's symbolic to some point, but I remember studying that. Some Christian religions it is flat out a symbol. But in Mass the whole 2nd half of the service is the "Liturgy of the Eucharist" where the Priest, through God, turns the bread and wine into the body and blood of christ. Pretty crazy stuff! lol Of course, it's been a few years since my last Religion class, so I may have embellished some of that :-)

Ditto on the Water kudos!

Mike V. said...

Gwen - good thought that Juliet could still be the ex-wife and Jack calls her in. That would be a good time! And very good idea on Sawyer handling the shooting!

David - once again you beat me to a response! lol But yes, good call on the Wedding at Cana (i think that was the name)
Coop - I guess anything is possible. But I am thinking that based on comments the Executive Producers have made they never meant to cause any confusion by the 2 lists of names. They pretty much insinuated that both lists were Jacob's...but that maybe MIB only knows about the cave, so there could be some red herrings on the CAVE wall ( Kate...or Kate crossed off when she really isn't)

Florin - I'm glad you like that I brought up the Mirrors...but I think this is very different than the Cabin thing! lol (btw....i have speculated on many posts about the Cabin stuff prior to this past couple of weeks. I eventually just gave up because it was giving me a headache lol) But the Mirrors are blatantly being placed in every sideways story. I fully expect them to follow up on them! I am pretty sure it's the same eye missing on Mikhail in both timelines...I don't recall ever learning how he lost an eye...but we did see a "GLASS" eye in season 2 at the Arrow Station. I think it was just pretty funny that he lost his eye in both timelines....of course..he lived to see another day in the Island timeline. Then again, Mikhail always did seem to escape death several times before finally blowing up outside the Looking Glass! LOL

Yikes..thanks for the TYPO find...I have to go and fix that STAT...Retrieved HIM (or Locke)

Mike V. said...

David - I'll keep an eye out for RED! lol

Don - good point with Walt's dream. Could be a scene yet to come! But it could be either of those scenes you mentioned!

I will defer to LOSTPEDIA on who is on the candidate wall or dial. I'll have to look up that link. Totally remember that line Ben said to Widmore as I just mentioned it today too. I want to know what these crazy RULES are! LOL

Nicole - It's definitely possible it could be both Jin and Sun!

Anonymous said...

1st, Thanks Mike V for all the work you do toward this blog. You give all LOST addicts a fix!

I liked the episode (though the V countdown drove me crazy!) I was most intrigued when Keamy said ISLAND!!I don't care if the closed captions didn't catch it. I rewound it several times, and I am sure that while Keamy is tying up Jin with the tape he said “I’m gonna strap you in, just in case you figure out what is about to happen to the ISLAND. Can’t have you freaking out.”

That is so interesting. I believe that this is the first time that the island has been mentioned in sideways land. What is Jin going to figure out that is going to cause him to freak out? Furthermore, why does Keamy have knowledge of this? By the way, great point about Keamy saying Danny's friend... now that you mention it, I too believe that it is Faraday!

I loved the fight in the restaurant and the way Mikhail lost his eye!

BTW, great point by Penner about the sub fitting all the pylons and ppl, lol.

As far as Sun showing some skin – Love you long time, even if it was a body double!


Mike V. said...

Sebastian...definitely checking that scene with Keamy/Jin first thing when I get home! LOL

Don't forget though...Roger Linus mentions the Island to Ben and that they both were there at some point in Sideways Land.

LOL on Sun and the body double

And you're very welcome for the blog efforts...Happy to do it even if I don't get any sleep in Tuesday nights! (starting to drag again lol) Thanks for reading and contributing to all of you!

Shawn said...

THOUGHTS: The final episode is called The End. Smokey says it always ends the same. Jacob says it only ends once, and anything before that is progress.

WHAT IF they are moving towards another ending of this game. Another iteration. Maybe Jacob and Smokey restart their dance in the final scene? As Eloise said, the universe course corrects, so the sideways is the epilogue to the end of the island adventure. Live together or die alone? Perhaps each time, everyone dies alone, and Smokey proves correct. But, Jacob is trying to make progress before each end. And maybe, as Daniel said, the variables can break through the equation, perhaps wipeout the sideways timeline (help from Desmond?)

Shawn said...

and by course correction i meant to point out thats why sideways is so similar to island.

Anonymous said...

Mike V,great point about Roger. I forgot about that.

Mike V. said...

Woa Shawn, easy on the SPOILER! LOL Granted, I just said it really isn't spoilery but some people might not want to know the title of the ep. So to that, all I'll say for now is Good speculation!

So, I just watched the Keamy scene again...and I really cannot think of any other word he might be saying there besides "ISLAND" ....and how about him freaking out when Omar hits Jin's head? Maybe it's related? Afterall, Sun hit her head (as I mentioned the comparison on the blog) and loses her ability to speak English...of course...could be smokey related but we don't know. Keamy made sure Jin didn't know what he was saying before he proceeded to talk...and it seemed like him tying up Jin could be related to his head being bumped. Very crazy.

Anyway, if he did say has major implications to what the Sideways story is....if he DIDN'T say Island...well, it was still fun speculating! LOL

Mike V. said...

Forgot also to mention that it makes Keamy bringing Sayid to the restaurant more interesting also. Maybe Sayid's brother's debt was never even an was just a way to get to Sayid.

I listened again on the TiVo (couldn't get the closed captioning to work)...really sounds like "ISLAND" lol

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say it is very conceivable that Sun lost her ability to speak English but not Korean, and also that she can understand English but not speak it. Your speech output and speech recognition are located in different parts of your brain (frontal lobe vs. temporal lobe), so Sun could very well have hit her head and injured only the part of the frontal lobe where her English was located.

Also, I think this is the case and not that Locke did this to her. Why would it benefit him?

Also, couldn't the pylons have been stored at a Dharma station instead of packed into the sub?


Anonymous said...

How are we so sure Sun doesn't speak english in the flash sideways?
Just because she said "no english*?(which she said in perfect english by the way) or is there something else that happend that further proves she can't speak english? because she lied about her english on the island for like a month, so why wouldnt she lie about it now?
but I guess Sun and Jin aren't married in the sideways, so she wouldnt have learned english to escape from him

another solid recap though :)

Anonymous said...

does anyone think that MIB and Jacob could be brothers

Mike V. said...

Ugh...i just had a whole comment typed up and deleted it by accident!

Jude - definitely possible...there's been lots of speculation on it on this blog and elsewhere!

Anonymous 7:34 - thanks for the information on the brain and the speech stuff...very informative!! I have no idea what flocke has to gain from it...just considering the option given what happened! lol (I had more typed here about Locke losing his ability to speak after the hatch blew and the crazy dreams he induced with Boone in it....but I'm too lazy to type it all up again....but i considered that possibly a smokey induced dream/muting)

Anonymous 7:43 - We don't know for sure Sun doesn't speak English. I just assumed, like you said, she would have no reason to learn it based on what we learned tonight. Yes, she wanted to run away but that was most likely AFTER she realized she was pregnant which was very recent considering NO BELLY! lol I know yunjin kim has said "no english" with no accent twice now...but that could just be the way she acts it LOL

Anyway...I just rewatched the episode again. It was nice to just watch with no note taking as always!

Oh I remember what I wanted to say...someone suggested earlier that they showed a preview for next week showing Jin and Sun reuniting on the beach. The preview for next week showed NO NEW FOOTAGE! It was all clips from previous we saw Jin and Sun's Season 2 Reunion on the beach lol But, I believe the last audio clip of the preview WAS from the new episode...and it reminded me of something we already heard in a season 5 episode. Mild "next week's" CHARACTER CENTRIC SPOILER AHEAD


The audio clip had Charles Widmore saying something about sacrifice and then "THE ISLAND IS NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!" Remind anyone of something Eloise Hawking said to ol' Dezzy at the church? I thought so too lol

I'm sure it'll be a doozy!


Glenn R. said...

To those frustrated by the "V" countdown in the bottom right of the Lost screen, please share your feelings with ABC at their contact page so that -- hopefully -- we can have our voices be heard and never have to see that again!

Shawn said...

Are there other prior instances of the Losties getting knocked out and moving consciousness to some type of "dream" that could conceivably be a sideways life or similar oddities? Outside of desmond examples.

Floreen said...

You're welcomed Mike V. I thought that much that you refer to Locke, but then I thought I could've missed something.

I agree with the mirrors thing, they are so much better placed on the emphasis scale. That cabin/s are so short lived and confusing. The reason I get caught up on this is that if the writers wanted a specific thing to be a clue, they should follow up. Take the Flocke and Christian's shoes. Once they're off with the water crossing, than in the next scene is not important. That makes it hard to follow. I also believe that even sci-fi has to play by the rules of good common science.
I also thought that I heard Keamy saying island.
I also wondered, why Flocke gives chase to Sun, but than leaves her under the tree? He could've thrown her over the shoulder and take her to his Zombie Camp after all.

Mike V. said...


Do you mean all of the people that had crazy dreams on the island? Hmm..before I list some, I was tossing around the idea that the Flash Sideways is some elaborate dream (since the ultimate answer to LOST won't be all a dream maybe the Sideways story is an explanation of what the crazy dreams have been on the island since season 1....a stretch maybe...but a different thought we haven't considered!)

Weird dreams:
Locke has had several - Boone "Theresa Falls up the stairs" and his mother pointing to the nigerian plane, the dream where Yemi is in a wheelchair at the top of the cliff near the pearl and the plane, Horace Goodspeed

Charlie - the whole crazy baptism dream in the 2nd to worst episode of LOST FIRE PLUS WATER

Hurley - Jin speaking english in a chicken suit and the song playing in the dream, Rose is humming later in the episode. (Everybody Hates Hugo)

Ben - claims to have had dreams before

Claire - crazy dream with CREEPY LOCKE in season 1's "Raised By Another" WE see the crib that we will eventually see in the Dharma Medical Hatch.

Locke again - the sweatlodge dream with Boone and everyone in the airport.

Boone - sees Shannon get killed by the monster after Locke drugged him.

Lots of crazy dreams on that island...that would be kind of cool if they tied it into the entire season without us knowing it but it ends up being an elaborate explanation of what they are and why they are so realistic. Definitely a stretch at this point. But speculations like Keamy bringing up "if you find out what's going to happen to the island" (if that's what he said) makes me start thinking like this lol

Why would they all be having some kind of joint dream? I have absolutely no idea.

Hey, it's just a theory...plenty of holes to be poled in that one!! lol

Mike V. said...

maybe even POKED instead of POLED lol my typos are off the charts!! LOL

Glenn R. said...

Okay, 6:15 p.m. Seattle time, and I've finally read through everyone's comments!

I loved this episode! Feels like there is a tangible movement towards the end game now, for the very first time for me. I mean, I've known it was coming, but after this episode, I can now feel it and see it really happening! Sad, but awesome at the same time. All groups moving towards Hydra Island for the grand finale.

My thoughts, to add to the already great ideas being generated in Mike's mind and by all you great commenters.

-So are we seriously considering the possibility that Sun has been "claimed" now? Ugh, i sure hope that isn't true. It would really suck to see Sun running around in a sayid-like stupor, let alone what that would do to the eventual Jin reunion.

-Jack is acting more and more "jacob-like" in my eyes lately.

-Other than Desmond, and of course Jacob/Smokey, the one other backstory I want more than any other is... Charlie Widmore! Seems like his backstory could wrap up about 50% of the unanswered questions on Lost! Please Darlton, Please!

-Haven't seen anyone speculate yet on just who are the three people that fLocke says he needs to have in his camp to get off the island. Seems obvious that Jack & Hurley are two of the three, right? But after that? Sun, it would seem, because of his interest in her this episode. But what about Ben -- why did he try and get Ben to the other island? Actually, I think we know the answer to that one -- b/c he was using Ben to try and kill Ilana. But, more importantly, what about Lapidus? He would seem to be just a wee tad important to fly the plane, no? Ohhhhh, unless fLocke doesn't really intend to fly the plane off the island, eh? Wow, could that be a Darlton hint as to Smokey's ultimate plan? (emphasis on ULTIMATE)

-While I agree that Widmore's motivations appear to be aligned with Jacob's at this moment, I am not sold yet that he doesn't have motives of his own that are yet to be revealed. After all, he did spend a whole lifetime wanting to go back, didn't he? What were his motives in the past for going back? Surely more than just getting even with Ben. The island has some intrinsic value to him, and I don't think we know yet what that might be.

-So who in here believes the pylons will really keep Smokey out? I sure don't trust them. Can't Sayid or anyone just push them over in the sand, for one? Or, didn't we decide that the sonic fence did not keep Smokey from getting into Dharmaville to respond to Ben's summons when Keamy was there? e.g. couldn't smokey just go up and over the sonic effects? Or under? Yup, Charles Widmore never seemed more fragile to me than when he was standing face to face with fLocke with only the fold-a-pylons to keep him out.

-I have to say I'm excited by Lindelof's tweet about the "conversation changing next week", esp. given our favorite character who was just re-introduced! Oh baby, can’t wait. I’m gonna take a guess that Lindelof is referring to the conversation changing about the nature of Sideways Reality!

TA said...

So I haven't read all comments and apologize if this has already been addressed, but did anyone else wonder who was holding the leash for the dog in the picture with Sun and her daughter? Maybe I make too much of nothing, but to me it seemed convenient that the person was just out of the picture yet it was made obvious that leash was being held. Am I over-analyzing??

Glenn R. said...

On another blog, someone just raised an interesting question that could help resolve some of the the cabin issues in the debate we've been having for awhile.

Is it possible that MIB has always had the capacity to be in both human and Smokey forms at the same time? That would explain why we heard rattling in the Black Rock while Richard was talking to fIsabella. And it could ALSO explain how MIB could have been trapped in the cabin in the ash, but still been the smoke monster out and about the island. Maybe that smoke monster really did reside in the temple, while MIB was trapped in the cabin.

any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

(same anonymous from 7:34 p.m.)

I have been thinking about how the 2 timelines relate, and also the possibility that Keamy mentioned the island... It has been mentioned that it seems like the Losties are experiencing deja vu in sideways land. What if they are having dreams of some sort from the island (like maybe Jack had a dream with Kate in it and that's why he looked at her weird at the airport)? What if Keamy has had a dream where he sees something happening on the island and this is why he said "before you (Jin) figure out what is going to happen on the ISLAND"?

Could they possibly be dreaming about what happened to themselves on the island? Maybe Keamy saw the freighter blow up in his dream with Jin on board or something. Any thoughts??

p.s. Did anyone think that Sayid looked like he recognized Jin when he opened the freezer door, like maybe from a dream?!

Christina said...

I have to believe that Lost will end more powerfully than just the 2 theories that have been proposed: that the sideways land is an epilogue, and that the 2 timelines are simultaneous and will converge. How would either of these 2 outcomes leave us with our jaws dropped? Before this season started, Matthew Fox did an interview with The Guardian ( The article said that Fox was the only cast member (at that time) who knew the ending of the series, and Fox said it would be "beautiful and powerful." These flash sideways are going to have to be more than a dream or an epilogue showing a happy ending for me to view them as beautiful and powerful.

Also, in that article, Fox makes this statement:

"When Damon [Lindelof, co-creator and executive producer of Lost] and I started talking about Jack in the pilot, neither of us was interested in ­having him play the knight in shining armour," explains Fox. "I think the audience would have been bored to death. But what we wanted to do was set him up that way, have the audience believe he was going to be that way, and have the people on the island look to him for that kind of leadership – then completely destroy him."

Interesting huh? Jacks character has been destroyed emotionally lately, but will we see him physically destroyed?

--sorry if this seemed random, but I am just seeking answers as to how these flash sideways stories will factor in to the end of Lost...

Ian said...

I think we all noticed that Sayid's accent sounded different after he came back from the dead. It seems that the different accent has stuck with him throughout the season. Significant, or is he just supposed to sound like he's dead inside?

Mike V. said...

Okay, so I've had time to rethink my crazy ways from last night lol I might be actually upset if the Flash Sideways was one elaborate dream (to provide an answer to what the Island Dreams have been). The producers have clearly said that both timelines are REAL. But it was an interesting theory while I had it. And maybe they could still make that work.

And I had my wife sanity check that Keamy scene and it may really just be the way he played the line..."just in case you find out what's about to happen to YOU AND I can't have you freakin out" Makes a lot more sense for the scene lol YOU AND, not ISLAND. But we'll see!

Onto the comments!

Glenn - I feel the same way about things moving towards the inevitable battle. I think people want this battle to happen already. Come on, I think we know that all battles on lost last like 5 minutes or less LOL Unless there will be multiple confrontations between these groups, I don't see it happening until we get to the finale. But we'll see.

I pondered the whole Sun being claimed thing but at the end of the day, she took Jack's hand and not MIB's. I think that's a clear statement.

Jack has definitely become the confident leader guy that he has always been "DESTINED" to become. Before, he was always the reluctant hero.

I sure would love a Widmore backstory. Not sure if we'll get it, but I do not know "ALL" of the centric episodes from here on out. (and I think I only want to know if I find out by accident LOL)

Didn't I speculate in the blog on the 3 people? If not, I meant to. I just figured it was Hurley, Jack and Sun....those are the 3 "POTENTIAL" candidates (potential because of SUN) that he thinks he'll have problems recruiting. Not sure why he'd want Ben....I guess it depends on if you think he lied that someone needs to watch over the island when he leaves. But Linus's name was crossed off the I don't think MIB really thinks he needs him for his ultimate goal. Unless he wants to use BEN to kill the candidates. OOOH...or if he uses Sayid to kill the candidates maybe he needs Ben to kill Sayid?? Weird I know lol

Agreed on Widmore's motives. We can't assume with 100% confidence that he's playing for Team Jacob....but he's definitely anti-smokey lol

I don't think we decided how smokey got into DHARMAVILLE (don't get Florin started! LOL j/k Florin) It was either through the toilet bowl in Ben's ancient basement, another underground hole, or Keamy didn't turn the fence back up. I don't know if the pylons will necessarily keep smokey out. That would be kind of boring if he wasn't part of the battle! lol But we'll see.

That would be my guess as well about Damon's tweet. Whatever it sounds game changing...and based on whose centric ep it is...I can see no better character to reveal it through (see spoiler alert in my comment a few above this)

Mike V. said...

TA - I can honestly say I did not even wonder who was holding the leash for the dog lol Maybe over analyzing....the point of the pictures I saw were that there was Sun, Ji-Yeon and then an open space in the shot where Jin should be...the Happy Birthday picture looked the most bizarre with the whole right side of the picture empty. So sad...but so sweet at the same time because Jin was seeing his daughter for the first time!

Glenn again! - Well one thing we have never seen is MIB or any human form of his actually BECOME smokey...i always thought it was for budgetary reasons LOL They spend all of their CGI dollars on just creating Smokey...not turning a human into smokey form! LOL But yeah...I guess it is possible that they are 2 separate things as 1 entity.... But that would be bizarre if they could be in 2 spots on the island at one time. That doesn't seem like the way they're going. But I would agree...yes that would explain it if MIB was trapped in the cabin.

Of course...i guess we have never addressed the reason that only Locke SAW and HEARD what was ever in that cabin. Does Smokey have the ability to do that? It seems like he's visible to everyone. hmmmm

7:34 Anonymous (LOL you will forever be known as that!) - Yeah..that's kind of where I was going with my "SIDEWAYS IS A DREAM" theory from a couple posts up but after 1 post up, I changed my mind LOL We can't rule it out though. It certainly would clear some stuff up. But then we'd still need an answer to what happened with Jughead! But I'm guessing our resident Geo-Physicist might clear up anything that has happened at that Swan site from 1977 to 2004 (including Dezzy turning that key!)

Maybe Sayid recognized Jin...but he didn't seem to care one way or another. He seemed as emotionless as he does on the island right now. which was kind of bizarre! lol He didn't seem upset at all that he broke his vow and killed a few people.

Christina - I hope you're right that LOST has some more tricks up its sleeve and we're not able to guess the ending. Matthew Fox has said he's known the ending of LOST since like season 2 or 3...and none of the rest of the cast has ever believed him lol But I have agreed since these flash sideways have started that I don't think it will reflect happy endings for all...and I don't think it's an epilogue. But we still have to consider it until we know what's going on. It's fun to add new facts each week to all of the running theories to try and crack the code.

The producers have admitted though that there might not be one JAW DROPPING scene where we figure out the flash may be a few clues here and there. And then we get it.

I think matthew fox has also gone on record saying he hopes Jack dies in the end. It certainly might happen. But I think he's talking about Jack's arc on the show rather than his ENDING in that quote. We have seen Jack start off as the reluctant hero...him be bogged down with his Daddy Complex and the weight of the world on his shoulders....all the way to being a broken man....and now we see him reformed and confident as we head into LOST's end game. He may still end up dying in the end....but I think it will be heroically (is that the right spelling? lol) if it happens.

I think we're all trying to figure out how the Sideways factors into LOST...and we're all hoping it pays off and the half of the audience that hates the show right now will be like "OOOOOHHHHHH that's awesome!!!" It was definitely a gutsy move on the Producer's part to go this route....but hey, we can't discredit them for taking risks with this show. And I'm still loving it!

Ian, I still don't notice his accent being very different. Didn't even notice in that "wake up" scene...I think it is just how Naveen is playing the emotionless soul-less Sayid lol

Glenn R. said...

Hmmmm, my son commented tonight that the music in the preview clip for next week's episode sounded like a...

----Upcoming episode preview spoiler alert -----

... a Scottish bagpipe Funeral Dirge! oh man! I hope he's wrong! However, we looked it up on Amazon, and found that the first song on the first cd we found featured the exact song played in the preview... Amazing Grace. And the name of the cd? Bagpipe Funeral Music!

Ugh. I sure don't like the implication there! Please, say it ain't so!

DK MD said...

Good stuff !

Some thoughts to through out for further munching:

Timelines & Porous Boundaries:

Connections exist between all flashes (any direction in time). The Keamy episode -- [where I also agree after several listenings --Keamy said “I’m gonna strap you in, just in case you figure out what is about to happen to the ISLAND. Can’t have you freaking out.”] is one of many clues that those connections exist. It is the first overt clue of a conscious connection, however. Others, like the appendectomy scar on Jack, Charlie's vomiting of sea-life (in addition to drug bags).....speak definitively of there being a porous boundary between timelines.

On Good and Evil:
Richard's comment on this blog said this well using the Eagles' song "Two sides". Any war is like that; and there is War coming here; Buddhism is like that; the good side is a matter of perspective. If MIB did not see death as an end, then his (or even Ben's ) killing might be in service of some other (as yet unknnown) purpose. Of course, n human terms, it is always the winner that ultimately is declared good, post war.

Containment- Why?

Witmore/Jacob's drive to keep MIB contained on the it because MIB will spread ...what? Death entirely (doubtful as he seems to relish the company); death to some (possible); a differing philosophy, way (Perhaps). Could be a political (think Dem-Repub) type animosity, therefore. Or it could be a super-initiated prison MIB is enduring. What are MIB's motives? Could they ultimately be positive for mankind/planet? Maybe he sucks up the ozone layer or something else upon which Widmore's fortunes reside.

Mother, Father, & Parents

Strong, strong throughout Lost.

A key unknown is MIBs mother, she who went crazy. Key.

A fun consideration related is Keamy's nod to Woody Allen "The heart wants what the heart wants." Which WA spoke after he ran off with his daughter, now his wife. Is this a reference to Oedipal/Electra-- mythology. Quasi-Freudian Parent-Child love/hate interpretations do abound in Lost: Widmore-Penny) (Claire-Aaron) (Sun-baby Kwon) (Jack-Father) (Locke-Father) (Kate-Father).
The ticket:

Finally...the six are a ticket to and from the island. The six-off-island Ocianic 6 parallel the six--island candidates needed for gathering; The ticket is required according to Eloise (to go back)..and according to Flocke (to leave). Perhaps they form a key that fits in a time-space keylock.



MJ said...

New Podcast ! No podcast next week though as they will be in Hawaii filming the finale.

Glenn R. said...

It occured to me that the name Hanso is pretty synonymous with leading or funding projects which bring people to the island.

Both the Black Rock, and the Dharma Initiative seem to be contributors to bringing a lot of the candidates whose names are on the lighthouse list to the island. And if the theory discussed in here is correct -- that the Black Rock made multiple trips to bring people there, then this is even more true.

I'm doubtful this is a coincidence.

Glenn R. said...

One more point about the Black Rock, to followup on the comment Bill made in last week's comments, about slavery being abolished in the US prior to the sailing of the Black Rock:

According to lostpedia, which references the script from the scene where Widmore bought the Black Rock's first mate's journal at auction... the Black Rock was on a journey from England to Siam when it disappeared. Now I don't know if that's really true, because it's a pretty serious number of miles out of the way to the south pacific area in which we think the island might have existed. But it would seem to suggest that any talk about going to the "New World" may have been a ruse.

Glenn R. said...

Finally, Mike... I agree with your assessment about Jack, Hurley & Sun being the three people that fLocke "needs" to get off the island.

But my point is this: If those are the only three people he needs to get off the island... and Lapidus is the only pilot on the island... then it shoots a pretty big hole in fLocke's suggestions to "his people" that they are all going to fly off the island, doesn't it? How are they going to fly without a pilot?

This might imply that he doesn't really plan to get all those people off the island.

And when you think about it... his comment to Jacob at the end of ab aeterno, that he will kill not only Jacob, but anyone who replaces him... seems to strongly infer that it is very much in MIB's interests to be rid of ALL the candidates.

I'm beginning to think that fLocke is planning a mass genocide of all candidates. It's the only way he can be sure no one will take Jacob's place.

Glenn R. said...

Also, Mike -- you are taking Sun's taking of Jack's hand as proof that Sun was not claimed? Don't forget that Sayid acted more or less normal after he was first claimed, and even put all his trust in Jack, re. the poison pills.

I'm certainly not buying into the fact that Sun has been claimed yet. But I don't think it can be discounted yet either.

[I think I'm getting all my posting ya ya's out, since I won't be around much over the next few days. Thanks for providing this space, as always!]

Mike V. said...

Glenn, you didn't know that was Amazing Grace by just listening to it? I's "AMAZING GRACE!" LOL Anyone who saw Star Trek II knows that bagpipe version! :-)

DK - lots of good stuff in your post! But that's very interesting about the 6 being the ticket to and from the Island. Of course that wouldn't explain why Sawyer and maybe Jin weren't on ajira also doesn't explain how Widmore got back with Desmond either. But, in theory...pretty cool idea! Agree that MIB's mother should be a pretty interesting and important story. I'm also back on the "Keamy didn't say 'island' bandwagon" for now as I stated in my previous post LOL So we'll see. but yeah I do think there is a strong connection between the 2 timelines...and not just an EPILOGUE thing. So we'll see!

NICE on the podcast MJ! It's not up on iTunes yet but I'll check your link! I love those and will miss them as much as the show when it's all over.

Glenn, agreed on the HANSO Black Rock/DHARMA statement. But yeah, it rides on the fact that the Black Rock made multiple trips to the Island. You know what? We didn't see where the Black Rock set sail from but we'd have to guess the Canary Islands right? In The Constant...we hear that it left in 1840's from Portsmouth, England. So maybe it never returned...and maybe it just kept going to these other locations and picking up recruits! That would be pretty cool. And it would explain why in 1867 Richard arrived on the Black Rock...and the discrepancy with the 1840's/1850's dates thrown out before. This factors into your second post about SIAM.

I totally get where you're going with the "3 people"...i think i even suggested that he doesn't want to leave the island with them at all. He wants to get them all in one place..and KILL THEM! He told Jacob he will kill them. We know there are RULES that he probably can't. So maybe he's going to get Sayid to kill them...and Ben to kill Sayid. I thought I made that clear in my last post, maybe not LOL It's a lot of maybes and I don't necessarily think that's true... And yes...I agree that Frank is still on this show because he's a PILOT! lol

Mike V. said...

I wasn't discounting the Sun idea...i'm just saying that my personal opinion is that the SYMBOLISM between Sun taking Jack's hand vs. her NOT taking MIB's hand seems pretty clear. She has all intentions of following Jack. If we start guessing at everything that happens on this show (which I know we do lol) we'll be guessing forever! In this last season, I'm just starting to make assumptions that what they're telling us for the most part is what is happening. Maybe that's a foolish I'm sure we're going to find out that Jacob has been lying about some stuff. But if we don't start making assumptions...we're going to start taking for granted answers that are being provided to us. We'll question everything! Know what I mean?

You're welcome for the space. I won't be around much this wknd either starting after work today LOL (family in from out of town...don't think they care too much about my LOST blogging needs! :-)) So I'm getting in my fix too!

Glenn R. said...

Mike, I knew it was Amazing Grace. What I'm saying is that that version of it is played in a style that is played at traditional Scottish funerals -- i.e. a "funeral dirge".

I'm just hoping that the fact that it's a funeral song, played in bagpipe funeral dirge style, is not a hint of things to come.

David Salako said...

I really don't think that theorizing that MIB/Smokey may have the ability to bi-locate may be that far fetched.
Bea Klugh once hinted that Walt may have the ability to bi-locate during her interrogation of Michael way back in season 2.

Mike V. said...

gotcha Glenn lol I read the post too quickly. I was just messing around anyway. But my reference to Star Trek II was because it was used during a funeral and it was bagpipes as well! lol But the only Scottish guy on Star Trek was SCOTTY! lol

touche' David. we'll see!

Mike V. said...

Okay, for those that didn't check out MJ's link to the podcast. Here is a braindump. It seemed to cut off in the middle but it's a TV Guide exlusive. My guess is the rest of the questions will be on iTunes version.

****WARNINGDefinitely LIGHT spoilers ahead including Episode Centricity, episode name and generic information about next week's episode. And if you don't want to know if we'll see any more explosions in LOST, then that could be spoilerish too LOL Nothing mentioned about the SERIES FINALE. They will not say a word.


Next LOST Slapdown Video is Darlton with the Muppets!

----Exclusive TV Guide Podcast questions -----

Q - will more losties cross paths in sideways
A - Yes. Absolutely.

Q - Is Vincent's last name Wallace?
A - NO

-----Re-Hash "The Package" --------

Happy to see Desmond is back on LOST. Just the way we like him..Groggy and Mysterious.

Locke vs. Widmore...who would you bet on? D - Widmore has no powers...tough question. If they were just having a staring money is on Widmore.

--Pre-hash "HAPPILY EVER AFTER" ---

If you liked Desmond you're gonna like this episode. Sometimes Desmond episodes tend to rock the boat....they have said the rules don't apply to Desmond. Is it possible that something really interesting is going to happen on lost next week? YES.

----------Fan Questions------------Q - Man Behind the Curtain - Why does Richard have long hair but clean cut every other time on Island?
A - It was the 70's..Richard was trying a new look lol. (fine)

Q - Why isn't Squirrel Baby a viable candidate to replace jacob?
A - Unfortunately for Squirrel Baby...the Jacob selection process pre-dated its existence lol

Q - Creative Decision never to use word WHOM on LOST?
A - Yes...WHOM is banned from the set. LOL (joke)

Q - S1 Finale blew up hatch, S2 - Swan Station imploded, S3 - beach camp and other exploded, S4 - Freighter crew exploded, S5 - ended in a NUKE any explosions planned for S6 finale?
A - Damon: there is an episode in the near couple of weeks. Never before has he seen so many explosions in an episode of LOST (feels like every act). As for of the finale...they can't say.

next questions To Be continued on the iTunes podcast


Yankeescov said...

Hey guys,

I didn't read the rest of the comments yet so forgive me if I a repeating something. I felt that this episode gave us a key phrase to connect to something Mike spoke about in his recap and also what many others have theorized. When Widmore says that flocke leaving the island would make everything they love "cease to exist" I thought it was a major hint to the epilouge theory. I feel as if the second to last episode will have flocke leave the island causing they current island timeline to never have existed, resetting the timeline to the point of the sideways story where everything is different. But I also believe this is part of Jacob's idea that "it only ends once, everything else is progress" because all of our characters are crossing paths anyway and we are now setup where they are seemingly all gathering in one place for the finale where I feel we will see Jacob appear in sideways land and reveal the greater plan. This is just a theory that more than likely could be completely wrong, but that line "cease to exist" really got me thinking. Thanks for the great recap mike!

hg said...

we also saw Sun & Jin hugging on the beach in the preview.

Mike V - Did you have a chance to catch the reflection scene with Jin? I want to be sure I'm not crazy when I say I saw it :-)

Mike V. said...

Holly, I mentioned a little earlier about the hugging on the beach in the preview. Those were all clips from prior seasons of LOST. That was the season 2 reunion.

Totally forgot to watch for Jin's reflection! LOL I'm an idiot. lol I'll have to check later if I get a chance.

Yankeescov - Thanks for writing in and for the props on the recap! I think it did seem to HINT towards an epilogue theory for the sideways story....but I just don't see it working out that way still. It just seems way too easy. But it's interesting that you take it to the next level. That all of the LOSTIES will gather and Jacob will appear to them with a greater plan. I don't necessarily know if JACOB will appear, but I do think/hope the LOSTIES will be working together in sideways land by the end for whatever purpose.

I think the SIDEWAYS LOSTIES need to become aware of their prior or OTHER existence. So whether it's taking place AFTER island events or parallel to Island events...I still think I want that to happen. I want the 2 stories to "converge" at some point. And I think all signs from the producers are pointing that way. Who knows? Based on Damon's tweet maybe we'll be finding out REALLY soon!

I'm sure none of that made sense or i contradicted myself a few times! But that's the fun of LOST! :-)

Weasel said...

I am thinking we may get to see our "outrigger chase and shooting" scene from the other perspective next week.

@Glenn R. - I don't think anyone really thinks that Sun is "claimed". I think she has to make some sort of choice for this to happen (or be mortally wounded and get healed by the spring).

mark said...

I know this is trivial, but did anyone notice that the woman walking behind the Kwons(actually Paik and Kwon) when they were checking in to the hotel looks a lot like Illana? You never get a closeup look at her face, but it would be hard to say it's not her.

Weasel said...


Don't know if anyone mentioned this... did anyone realize the numbers add up to 108?

hehe APRIL FOOLS! We've known that since the first time the numbers were mentioned and we saw the countdown timer.

Weasel said...

@Christina - Actually, there were three theories, but mine has not been mentioned in a couple weeks. I think sideways is a prologue... it is all what happened ORIGINALLY, and the "Island Time" is what happened because of something they did in the sideways timeline (or something like that... it has been a few weeks since I put that theory out there)

Mike V. said...

Weasel - that would be awesome if we finally see that outrigger scene! lol Hysterical APRIL FOOLS joke btw...that is my biggest pet peeve of season 6 so far...people bringing up the 108 as if we didn't know that in season 2! (no offense if any of the readers did that. It just boggled my mind! lol) Sorry Weasel...I didn't mean to ditch your prologue theory!! LOL It's still in the back of my mind.

Mark - Totally didn't see that. I'll have to check it out!

Weasel said...

As far as smokey being in 2 places at once (like the black rock scene), I am still going with the theory that he is projecting the image into their mind. It's not really a ghost or incarnation...

Mike V. said...

Weasel - I may have asked this last time you mentioned this. Do you think that's only in certain scenarios? e.g. when we see Flocke or the Man in Black...they are walking around and everyone is seeing them. And Yemi and Alex were similar where they actually touched people....Yemi set fire to Eko's tent i think...and Alex pushed Ben against a wall. I'm pretty sure Isabella touched Richard too but that one I could see it being in his head (if it wasn't so inconsistent with all of the others)

Deebo said...

I am 100 percent convinced that Keamy said Island (I don’t care what the captions say)…I listened to it over and over…What if their minds go back and forth between realities? Sun was knocked out on island and then waking up in the sideways? If that was true then maybe in FBYE Desmond was in the sideways world? He was hit with the bat and woke up in the jungle hmmm? Is that why Widmore wants Desmond? If their conscious can go back and forth that could open many different possibilities where we saw the sideways world and didn’t know it? Personally I would love to see this happen

Mike V. said...

Deebo...totally a good call with Desmond getting hit by the bat in season 3...and Sun hitting her head...and possibly jin hitting head too. that could totally tie everything together.

I still don't know why Keamy would say ISLAND though! lol I keep going back and forth on it...and I can be convinced either way!!

Richard said...

I think the island will have to experience some sort of event or movement for the plane to be of use. So, with Jacob gone, who's going to activate the island? Was Jacob the one who always did it in the past? Is this why Desmond is here, to keep it from being activated? He seems to have knowledge of the island that Widmore needs at this time to keep MIB from leaving.

Is it possible that MIB/Flocke needs a Jacob replacement to activate the island?

Otherwise the sub seems the best choice to leave the island.

Mike V. said...

Richard, maybe the WATER prevents MIB from taking the sub. I don't know why or how since he can ride in a boat just fine (exception - taking off shoes last season)

I'm not sure what you mean by ACTIVATE the island though. Isn't the island ALWAYS moving? the only theory i have had is that the island STOPPED moving for a bit when Desmond turned the hatch key....the donkey wheel was frozen and inactive...when we went back in season 5 it was "skipping" and jumping all over the place. I think when Locke gave it a nudge it put it back on its axis and the island just started moving "normally" (as normally as a moving island can LOL) again....Because the Lamp Post had to track the point in space and time that they would be able to go back to the island.

I just want to know how they think that plane can be in working shape again! LOL who is gonna fix it? the handyman pilot Frank Lapidus?

Deebo said...

What about Jacob controlling the weather on island? If water is MIB’s kryptonite that would explain all the rain sequences and give them new meaning? Have we ever seen Smokey in the rain? Is that how Jacob got the black rock to the shore?

David Salako said...

I think we have seen Smokey chasing folks in the rain. In the pilot or second episode it chased Jack, Kate and Charlie when they found the dead pilot. I also think there was a chase sequence in the rain with Kate and Juliet. I may be mistaken.

Mike V. said...

Deebo, it certainly seems that we're going to learn more about the weather, night turning to day stuff based on Darlton comments...whether it's Jacob doing it or something else...who knows!?

But I have wondered the same thing on if we've seen Smokey in the rain. The first time we actually have a chase scene in the pilot episode it is raining...we never heard the monster but we know he got to the pilot...i don't remember if it was raining when that happened but i'm pretty sure it was. Also, when Kate and Juliet were running through the jungle handcuffed and Smokey came...i believe it was raining. So i just don't know! lol

Mike V. said...

damn're just too quick!! LOL

Mike V. said...

not sure why i said we never HEARD the monster in pilot scene...i meant "SAW" oops!

Coop said...

Does anyone think we have seen the last of Daniel Faraday? I keep thinking he is going to show up because of his knowledge of time travel. I find it hard to believe he didn't have a backup plan before marching into his Mother's camp with a gun--he's way too smart for that.

Mike V. said...

coop - I don't think he ever would have imagined his mother would kill him. He was surprised when he died realizing that his mother was pushing him toward the island the whole time "YOU KNEW!!"

But I had heard we would see more of Faraday this season. Based on whose centric next week's ep might make a lot of sense for ol Faraday to pop up. I'll keep my fingers crossed! lol

(still trying to be spoiler if anyone knows anything...ZIP IT!)

Anonymous said...

if suns secret is she's pregnant i'm not sure she should be drinking alcohol because they definetely had two glasses out she's not winning the mother of the year anytime soon.

Amber said...

I'm confused... if Sun and Jin were married when the plane crashed on the island originally- how in the hell are they not married when it safely lands in LA in Sideways Land?

MJ said...

V actually was pretty good - despite ABC's annoying campaign. Their change of showrunners was an improvement. I already adore Modern Family ! My dream would be to put Better Off Ted with it.

ALso - Dani could be Danielle. Cause I have read....... Spoiler ahead

Mira Furlong (sp?) will be back afterall. I still think of her as DeLenn. LOL

Mike V. said...

Anonymous - yeah some people join your confusion on the champagne. My argument was that I'm not sure we ever saw her drink it lol So maybe Jin poured her a drink and she pretended to drink it or something like that. but good point!
Amber - You said it's SIDEWAYS land! Something is different in the sideways. Something triggered different decisions in life to be made. One theory out there is considering the idea that Jacob was not involved in these people's lives...pushing them towards certain paths that lead them to the Island. Some suggested that Jacob intervened in their lives and caused the marriage to happen in the first place. And of course we saw him touch them AT the wedding. And we know that he has been watching them as we saw the wedding location in the mirror at the light house. But...the thing that's the SAME in sideways land is that they still end up falling in love with each other but under slightly different circumstances. And of course Sun is pregnant...and we know Jin was infertile in the island timeline until he got to the island. So, then the question was he not infertile in Sideways land? Another jacob intervention? Or perhaps a different dad? I would say not a different dad at this point in the show.

MJ - I tried watching V late last night....i had to turn it off because I was falling asleep, but it did SEEM good lol BOT with Modern Family would be a good combo. I do watch that crazy Cougar Town show though. It has improved but it's not my favorite. Very true on "DANI" Makes sense with the language thing...but I dunno. Maybe Danny is nobody...but names usually tie up on this crazy show lol

Stacie said...

I don't think that this is a spoiler as much as it is a theory based on an interview. According to a TV Guide interview with Daniel Dae Kim, he says that it's possible that NEITHER Sun nor Jin could be the candidate, but that it could be their daughter! That would be crazy! Link is below:

MJ said...

I always enjoy the podcast, but those were the absolute worst questions this week ! LOL

Flocke always says we'll get off the island, or I want to go home. Home can be a very subjective term. He never says what that means - LA, or the US or Austrailia, etc. And he promised Sayid he'd be with Nadia - he never said he'd bring Nadia back from the dead though !

Weasel - too funny. I thought the same as Mike at first - this person is just realizing this now ? LOL

Anonymous said...

I am just throwing out to the blog readers and posters a few recently acquired tomato facts just in case anyone can perceive any clues in them.
Tomato Mania on LOST
1. Another name for the tomato is “love apple”. Perhaps the tomato Jack hands Sun represents “forbidden fruit” or is symbolic of the Garden of Eden.
2. The Pueblo Indians believed that those who witnessed the ingestion of tomato seeds were blessed with powers of divination. Perhaps this is why certain special people (Miles/Hurley) can hear/communicate with the spirits of the dead. I am certain all the Losties have eaten tomatoes at some point in their lives.
3. The scientific species name lycopersicum means "wolf peach", and comes from German werewolf myths. These myths said that deadly nightshade was used to summon werewolves. I consider SmokeLocke “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Although, everyone knows the real Locke is dead so seeing SmokeLocke puts everyone on guard.
4. The leaves, stems, and green unripe fruit of the tomato plant contain small amounts of the poisonous alkaloid tomatine. Tomato leaves in the form of a tea have been linked to at least one death. Sun is very knowledgeable about plants and herbs. She planted the garden on the Island. She provided Shannon an herb to help relieve her asthma attack when Shannon could not find her inhaler. Perhaps, SmokeLocke will be poisoned with tomato-leaf tea. Once again, the MIB previously refused to eat the fish Jacob grilled on the beach and did not drink from the bottle of wine Jacob gave him. I have not witnessed SmokeLocke partaking of food or drink either.


Amber said...

Mike V- OK, I get that this is Sideways land- However, ponder this:

Jack- was on the plane to bring his dead Dad back to the states and still was in Sideways Land.

Kate- was still being brought back by the Marshall in Sideways only to escape.

Locke- was still coming back from Australia on his Walkabout in Sideways Land.

Claire- still coming to have her baby and give it to the adoptive parents in Sideways Land.

etc, etc. My point is that in SL, the LOSTIES just don't crash on the island. It appeared to me that they were all carrying on as "normal" because the plane no longer crashed on the island. So how are Sun & Jin all of a sudden not married when they get on the plane to LA. I just don't get it and how some characters' pasts now have changed. Just seems like a major plot hole to me, is all.

Shawn said...

Have we figured out the answer to the question of how they set off a nuclear bomb (S5 finale) and didnt all die in the process (they're seemingly fine and walking around in the aftermath of that episode this season)?

MJ said...

The Lost slapdowns are hysterical! The link is below for any one who does not know - these are not at all spoilery or hinty. #3 and 9 are my faves. LOL

Bill said...

I wasn’t going to post this, out of respect for Mike’s serious efforts here, but it is April 1. It’s natural that most folks try to relate the show to other aspects of life with which they are familiar; e.g., literature, philosophies, the Bible, Egyptian mythology, etc. So I was thinking about how Lost relates to one of my favorite movies, Cool Hand Luke. Of course there’s the big picture that both Luke and MIB want out of their respective prisons and return to their old lives, but several lines from the movie also relate directly to the show (helpful if you can imitate the slow southern drawl of a 1960’s Fla. prison boss).
Sayid walking around like a zombie: "Son, we need to get your mind right".
Ben digging his own grave: "Boy, you better get your dirt out of my hole".
Smokey flying through the jungle: "Shakin' the bushes, boss, shakin' the bushes".
Sun can't speak English: "What we have here is failure to communicate".

OK, sorry if I wasted anyone’s time. On a (slightly) more serious note, is this really how the two timelines converge – everyone has to get thumped on the head? Desmond, Sun, Jin, a different character each week?

Bill said...

Desmond’s appearance on and disappearance from the sideways 815 flight – I’m assuming this was an example of his “traveling consciousness” (a topic we discussed several weeks ago), which I think must be key to merging the timelines. My question is, is this a real, physical manifestation? Did anyone see him except Jack? Could this explain Christian’s appearance to Jack in the hospital – he flashed forward (better link that to your other blog, Mike, lol) from a time before he died? I have some other thoughts/questions about this, but they will have to wait until I have more time (if I could just flash forward to a time when this report I’m supposed to be writing was finished).

Mike V. said...

Jerry and Stacie - Yeah that speculation has been going around would explain why Jacob touched both of them....that Ji Yeon would not have been born unless they had gone to the island. Of course Sun would then have to leave the island or else she'd die....and Jack was told that they weren't supposed to who knows!? lol And then the fact that Sun was pregnant in Sideways timeline makes things even more interesting. She didn't get pregnant until a couple months after the 815 crash in this it's definitely not Ji Yeon that would be born in sideways land lol But would be crazy!

MJ - I think they intentionally just picked silly questions this week...they just don't want to provide answers like they normally do like "yes will find this out on the show" or "no we won't" they don't want people to get all psyched for an answer and it not be what they expected. But i could listen to those 2 talk about anything! BTW I love the slapdowns too but haven't watched this week's. Thanks for the link!

Yep...very good point about Flocke too....He actually never says NADIA either (neither does Sayid)...i think we assume that is the case, but some people still think Shannon! lol But yeah...i still want to know what MIB's version of "HOME" is.

LOST Fan - so funny, yesterday, I was jokingly going to bring up the TOMATO has a garden of eden thing and link it to adam and eve. but that's very interesting stuff. all interesting other tomato tidbits too! But, I'm gonna stick with what I said in the blog. Sometimes a tomato is just a tomato lol And of course, Jack was being stubborn by trying to get Sun to go with him. (hence, the stubborn tomato!) But others may be able to perceive some clues better than I can! :-)

Amber - Point see my refutes (they all have SOMETHING different going on)

Jack also has a 16 year old son (maybe a little younger) in Sideways land. NO SON in Island land.

Kate - in comic-con we saw a America's Most Wanted Video that talked about Kate TRYING to kill her father but kills someone else at Wayne's plumbing business by accident instead. And Kate also tells Claire she is innocent. I think there is more to this story than we have seen so far. DIFFERENT because she was definitely guilty in island timeline and she definitely killed Wayne her father. (granted - we still need to see this other information on the show instead of just relying on comic-con....but Hurley's Outback Roaster commercial ended up being tied into the show if you listen to Hurley on the phone in the cab line of LA X)

Locke - never went on the walkabout in either timeline. similar things happened. But he is also friends with his father and engaged to helen. DIFFERENT

Claire - hers seems the most similar right now...but we haven't gotten her sideways story yet (not sure if we are)

Jin and Sun - Since you noted the's the similarity. Jin was still delivering a WATCH to Los Angeles on a mission from Sun's father. jin and sun still ended up having a relationship but "in secret"
Something different happened in all of these people's lives to make them choose different things. Just look at sawyer...he came to a point where he was going to be a criminal or a cop...he chose cop...but his motive is the same. I don't think Jin and Sun are any different. We saw Jacob come to Jin and Sun at a pivotal time in their lives...the WEDDING. Maybe the symbolism to them not being married in this timeline is that Jacob did NOT come to them. I really don't know...but something will most likely be revealed to let us know!

Weasel said...

@Amber: There were still some major differences as well...

1) Jack has a son!

2) Jack had his appendix out as a boy in sideways land, but had it out on the island in island time

3) Sawyer is a COP

4) Miles is a COP

etc etc etc. No, not just events after the plane crash changed. Something changed between the year when Ben and his Father left the island (or possibly before) and 2004. Whatever this event was, it may have caused the island to sink. So, there were differences before the flight, not just the flight's lack of crashing.

Jessica said...

I agree that at first it did sound like Keamey said Island, but if you turn your sound up really loud, he definitely mumbles "happens to ya eh and I". It sounds like Island the way he says it, but he doesn't annunciate his words. I doubt the closed captions on ABC would be wrong that would be very strange.

Also, Jin definitely doesn't look at a reflection in the fridge door. He's staring at the ground, then we see a quick glimpse of Omar in the door, then BAAM Jin smacks his head on the edge of the door. Watch the scene again he doesn't even look up until he hits his head, and then he looks back down.

Mike V. said...

Shawn - well...we know they time traveled right when Juliet detonated the bomb....hence, they're in 2007...and Jin also says he felt like he felt after time traveling. But we don't know what happened right after the bomb went off. I'm hoping Zoe will be able to explain this now that we know her profession.

Bill, never worry about respecting my efforts! LOL I only wish I had seen Cool Hand Luke to be able to relate to the comments! good stuff though.
No idea with the thumps on the head...MAYBE?? Of course, you'd think with as many times as Ben has been punched in the face he'd be in all different sorts of places LOL Oh wait, maybe that's why he lies all of the time (j/k)
Yeah that's one theory on Desmond appearing there...but he did seem to be there in body as well. I guess he could be just a manifestation. But i have no idea...might explain christian's appearance to Jack...but is it the same explanation of Hurley seeing ghosts too? I'll wait to hear the rest of your theory. And nice call out to the FF blog. I'm gonna be late on that one this week FYI!

Mike V. said...

Weasel - I 2nd all of yours that I didn't say as well! lol (the ones I did? I 3rd them!)

Jessica - I agree, the more i listened to it i heard what you heard.

Thanks for the clarification on the Jin/fridge scene too. But, if jin doesn't look at the reflection that's one thing. WAS there a reflection at all? lol Because many would point out that Locke didn't look at the mirror either...we just saw his face in it.

MJ said...

April Fools Day - a Dharma Clock

Anonymous said...

I am officially convinced, now that i read Nicole's post about jin and sun both being a canidate. Jacob touched both of them which means
A: what nicole said : they are both canidates.


B: Which i am convinced now : Their daughter is the canidate. I read a Daniel Dae Kim(went to my high school) interview on tvguide that suggested the daughter may be

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Mike for your excellent blog! It's gotten me through lots of long subway commutes!

I agree with everyone saying that Flock's got to round up the remaining 6 and will kill them off. Kinda doubting that he would want to take any chance that they are going to come back to the island after he leaves.

We definitely need a lot of answers regarding Desmond! Let's hope the next episode centers around him!

Jessica said...

Mike V. - No there was no Jin reflection, the only reflection in that scene was of Omar’s upper body and maybe the side of his face as they were approaching the door, but just as Jin's reflection was about to appear next to Omar, He smacks his head on the side of the door. You never actually see Jin in the reflection at all and even when we see Omar it's really quick. If there was meant to be an intentional reflection in that scene it would have been longer and we would have seen Jins face. We don't ever see him in that fridge door. I watched it twice online to make sure. :)

Also, totally off subject, but I am sooooo happy that Jack is Back!!! I am falling in love with him again!

Mike V. said...

Subway Anonymous - you're totally welcome. Wow, I never thought about my blog being read on a subway! Good times lol I'm getting pretty psyched for the next episode btw....sounds like it's going to be an awesome time!!

Jessica - thanks for the we have sun in the mirror...i think one mirror per episode is enough. I don't think it matters about the CHARACTER that is looking in the mirror anyway...i think it's just the idea that there is a reflection in each episode...and something ISLAND related right around the corner whether it be a character crossing, confused memory, or even a discussion about the island (ben/roger)....good times!

As for Jack...I've always been a fan so it's good to see him with his Mojo restored. I kept the faith on that one! And if I were a woman...i'd probably be falling in love with him too! Alas, I'm not so I'll just say he's really cool LOL

Jessica said...

LOL!! Thanks Mike, I appreciate that you take the time to respond to even the tiniest of comments.

Mike V. said...

I do what I can!

It's gonna get tougher over the next few days to comment, so I'm trying to get it out of my system now! :-)

Jessica said...

I was just thinking back to The Lighthouse episode earlier in this season when Jacob told Hurley that "someone" needed to find the Island and then it was later revealed that he was referring to the sub with Charles W in the Recon enhanced episode. But I wasn't ever buying that he wanted Charles W. to find the Island, even when I saw the enhanced comment, I still always thought it was Desmond that he was trying to bring to the Island. Now that it's been revealed the Des was the Package and he was on the sub my gut instinct was confirmed. I didn't know he would be what was locked behind the door, but I knew he would be who Jacob was referring to. I still don't think that Charles is on Jacob's side. I think he's on his own side and against MIB, but not necessarily for Jacob, even if he's a changed man, that doesn't mean he's changed for the better. I think next week might help us understand all this better and maybe Charles will be "good", but at this point we don't even know if Jacob is good anymore! I just hope in the end Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer are good, they're the ones I care about.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, Darlton confirmed right after LIGHTHOUSE that it was Widmore that Jacob wanted to come to the island...but it may have been BECAUSE Widmore was bringing Desmond. We'll see! Agreed that Charles may still have his own agenda.

I really think all the LOSTIES will team up in the end. The only ones I question right now are Sayid and Claire because of their CLAIMED status...and well...the fact that we know Sayid died! lol We'll see I guess!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Jack getting his Mojo back, he seemed almost Jacob like in his mannerisms. Almost like he's feeling his destiny.

I thought it was interesting that Jack was talking about them being potential candidates before Sun stomped off, almost like he was hoping it would be him.

On a different topic, did anyone get the impression in the final scene where Sayid and Desmond are face to face, that maybe just maybe Desmond will have a positive affect (somehow) on Sayid and snap him out of this funk...

Any truth to the rumor that Vincent will get his own sideways story? j/k ;-)


Anonymous said...

Seventh Time Poster (PTS)

Happy Catholic and Orthodox Easter everyone!!!!!

A couple of quick takes on the on the “The Package”:

Sun’s verbal smack down of Richard was the best ever on Lost – so hilarious. There is just something cosmic about being told off in a foreign language.

It is clearly evident that MIB has just had enough of Clair’s nagging and endless complaining. Would not be surprised to see MIB go into smoke mode, and just completely thrash Clair, ala Mr. Eko style, - with his next words being … “God, that felt good.”

Has anybody noticed that THE ALJIRA PLANE HAS BEEN TURNED AROUND?????
Please correct me if I’m wrong or if this has already been mentioned.


Everytime we see Desmond return to the show after an extended absence, we always get a Desmond – centric episode, so in anticipation, here are my Desmond theories:

In Sideways land, Desmond will most likely meet up with Charlie. Most of Desmond’s on-island time was spent with Charlie. In fact, I would not be surprised to see that silver fox – Ellie, show up too. My ultimate Desmond Sideway scenario would be for him to meet up with Faraday, Ellie, and that other guy on the freighter who was in need of a Constant, all at the same time – but I don’t think that will happen.

The reason Desmond is really, really “special” is because he’s the one who turned the fail-safe key. After he rotated the key, he was exposed to a copious amount of electromagnetism and was blown into various Sideway lands (just like the Losties after the Incident) as shown to us in Flashes Before our Eyes – the very first Lost sideways episode. Since that episode, Desmond has been living in various realities – just like the other Losties are doing now. However, the Losties are not yet able to skip from differing realities as Desmond can, as such, it will be Desmond teaching our Losties how to get various realities to intersect. Also, because Desmond is a walking glob of electromagnetism, he is always attracting rain, as such, Smokey cannot kill him. Has anybody noticed that in EVERY Desmond flashback, we get healthy doses of Jacob raining on him?? Both Ellie and Widmore knew of Desmond’s importance after he turned the fail- safe key. Ellie has always pushed him back to the island and Widmore saved Desmond’s life by giving him Penny’s address in The Constant. Speaking of the Constant, it was Sayid who assisted Desmond. Who’s the first person Desmond sees on the dock, Sayid. Coincidence????

Widmore and his gang are fully aware of the Sideway Losties – just note the pecular actions of the original freighter crew - Keamy (He seems very concerned about Jin hitting his head) , Miles (checking up on Sawyer via a credit report), and Charlotte (snooping thru Sawyers photos) in the Sideway world. Zoe is interested in all the magnetic hotspots because they will be used to: 1) merge all the alternative timelines or 2) be used to try to defeat Smokey or 3) be used to build a time machine – or any combination of the aforementioned.

As always, great stuff Mike…

Nice too see Sarah Palin on the show again – that’s one talented lady……….

Floreen said...


Mike V does and outstanding job with the blog. We have a few points of contention, Smokey and rain/water, the Eggtown smokey thing and the cabin, to say it at least. I got started again did I... j/k ;-)

So I thought to myself; What better way to clear up the smoke ;-) but to go to the source, the episodes on dvd and see them again, my contribution to this blog. Here’s what I found:

Eggtown - Ben goes in the closet, open a heavy door and we see a temple type door. He does the pull the plug thing, comes out, takes the team out of the house telling them to stay away from the tree line. The scenes cuts fast. In the last scene, Smokey shows up from around a corner of what seems to be the Casa del Ben.

True to Mike V, we know that the fence was disabled by Alex who also triggered the alarm represented by the phone call with the code, Ben was not happy of not been told right away, and much to the consternation of Sawyer and all, pulls a shot gun from the piano chair saying that intruders made it in. So we Do Not See Exactly where Smokey came from. It is possible that the plug was telling SMokey the exact location where he’s need it, but he could’ve come from afar or from a hole in the ground like the one he tried to pull Locke in, or from a temple tunnel, who knows? Point is that the scene as shot, shows Smokey on location in one column and then split ones.

The cabin - Again, phase one; Locke and Ben goes to Jacob’s Cabin and finds it where expected. We know what happened.
Phase two; Hurley stumbles on the same cabin. In both phases we see the man rocking in the chair and the creepy eye with Hurley.

Phase three; John and his group goes to the Jacob's Cabin, but OOPS; The cabin is gone. Locke has the dream, goes to the Dharma Al Fresco Mass Cemetery, gets the blueprint - literally, and finds the Cabin built by Horace. In this one we see ONLY Christian and Claire who run from Sawyer and Miles group. No sighting of the man in the chair or the creepy eye. I think that Smokey/MiB used those things as tools of deception.

Smokey and Rain - From the first episode, Pilot 1, we see in that first night Smokey made his presence felt but it was dry. Next day while Kate, Jack and Charlie goes to the tip of the plane to retrieve the transceiver, the rain comes, every lostie looks for shelter against the rain - Except for John Locke who’s having an Orgasmic Experience, emphasis added, with the Sitting in The Rain,spreading his arms and enjoying every drop of it. This is not the only time he did that. He can also predict rain to the minute and the rain is coming out like an axe from blue sky.

While this first rain shower came in and every lostie was under some cover, Smokey makes his presence felt not far in the jungle scaring the losties again. The Trio of Kate, Jack and Charlie finds the tip of the plane, is raining, they go in, short story - Seth Norris tells them what happened with the flight been of course, is raining and the smoke makes a pass by the windows while it’s raining, the Quatro now is scared, Seth goes to the window to check that thing and gets snapped and killed, his blood been sprayed on the windows. Everybody gets out and run, smokey is on their tail. So we saw Smokey only once passing by the windows and the nose of the plane, he causes the plane to fall flat on the ground and he apparently gives a chase tot eh Trio.
SO it seems to me that the Lost team spaced over this Smokey/Water big time. You watch those episodes again just like I did and see what can you make of it. Now back to my comic strips I create and I try to syndicate.

Floreen said...

@Shawn - Your question is good, but they only used the detonator, which has interacted with the the pocket of energy and that triggered the flash, they didn't use the whole bomb.

Floreen said...

So here I go again. Why not parallel worlds, where different choices leads to different flash-side-forward-backward ways?
Why shouldn't Smokey be able to be in several places in the same time, impersonating different dead people? Or why not been two different things in one place?

What happened in between the moment Sun knocked herself out been chased by Flocke and the moment Ben found her? Why didn't Flocke just kidnap her right away right there as she was unconscious?

Correct me if I am wrong, but after the Penny boat rescue of the Oceanic 6, Desmond lived a pretty normal life on his boat. The only thing out of ordinary was Ben trying to kill Penny and Ben gets banged up by Desmond who got shot fatally as the scene show, but didn't died. In the Package, he looks like he's been drugged and brought to the island against his will.

Floreen said...

@Glenn R - You are onto something. If MiB was trapped in the cabin with Jacob, why couldn't he manifest himself as Smokey who lived beneath the temple? I see it very possible.

Floreen said...

@ Mike V - With BR, ships are unlike a bus which comes back to the depot at the end of the route. Ships can live Tenerife, go to NY make a drop - pick up something, then sail to Buenos Aires and do it again and then sail to South Pacific without coming back through Britain where their home harbor is.
(I will also going to go nuts if I have to type so much in a such short amount of time)

Floreen said...

@Coop - I think we'll see Daniel Faraday in some form and again. Desmond is his constant and maybe the writers killing him was a mistake? We'll see what happens. His death as Mike V points out is going to be a hurdle in getting him back tough.

Besides many congrats to all participants in this blog, davidsalako - you saw it right with the Smokey and the rain. Yes it was raining many times Smokey was chasing someone. I just revisited the episodes. In some instances, there were very short periods of rain-off, just a few short seconds, rain was coming like an axe and leaving just as fast or it was raining here but not over there a few paces over there. It looks at times like the whole thing looks like a game of cat-and-mouse chase with Smokey and rain.

Glenn R. said...

Awhile back, after we were first exposed to the Sideways Reality, I argued that Darlton had already shown us how they were going to link the Sideways and Island timelines -- through Desmond. To me, Desmond's experience of having his consciousness exist in multiple realities might very well be the exact method that the writers will use to link the two timelines.

I still think that will be true. So it was nice to read your theory, Anonymous Seventh Time Poster.

Now lately some of us have been discussing the question about whether hitting one's head might have something to do with linking the two timelines. Well, while reading Anonymous' Desmond theory, it reminded me that when Desmond first woke up in Penny's apartment, he had just fallen off a ladder, and all signs point to the fact that he hit his head immediately prior to him remembering both realities.

So, interesting... we've already seen a sort of "sideways reality" wherein Desmond fell off a ladder and hit his head in one reality. And immediately following the fall, he had his consciousness linked between two realities.

Are there implications for the other losties and their head hits?

Courtney said...

jin's reflection is at time 31:07 on the online episode. i don't think it's a refrigerator, but it is a reflection. RIGHT after keamy says "the heart wants what the heart wants" and RIGHT before jin says "thank you"

Mike V. said...

I checked it Courtney! There definitely is a reflection! I took a screenshot but don't have time to share right now lol But yes, there definitely is a reflection...whether intentional or not, I don't know. But given our reflection discussions this season, we have to lean on intentional!

Sorry everyone else, it's gonna be a busy weekend but I'll try to respond at some point!

Mike V. said...

Jin's Reflection

Weasel said...

@mj: That clock is cool! I want one... Did you watch the Video? SWEET!

@Seventh Time Poster: I don't think Desmond's "consciousness traveling" was "Sideways". Those were all points in his life on the current time-line.

David Salako said...

I think the proposition that Desmond's flashes in previous seasons are in fact to some extent flash sideways may have something to it.
It kind of works but how do we explain the Christmas Eve 'phone cal to Penelope and her triangulating the call to get the island's approximate location and rescue the oceanic 6? Maybe some things are the same and some different?
Maybe Minkowski and Daniel's Theresa was and is also flashing between timelines?
When these two timelines merge will they have "caught up" in terms of the approximately 3 year gap? Island time currently 2007/2008 or whenever and wherever! Sideways time currently September 2004 in L.A.?

Richard said...

Sorry to take so long to reply, but had to work a lot.

By activate, I mean that the island brings to it the people it wants, or Jacob has, by using the island. Since this is not happening all the time, but selectively, something has to turn on and I suspect it is the electromagnetic interference or something similar.

Also, we know the island can travel multidimensionally, ie at least through time and spatially (on Earth). There ma be other dimensions through which it can travel? This may explain why we sense there is a connection with the mirrors/reflections?

The island traveling spatially, I am not yet sure of is an all time thing as opposed to it being moved. Maybe both are occuring that is--it moves continuously, but has adjustments to the path? I tend to think it is stationary in time and space until it is moved. Otherwise there would be some effects felt by the islanders.
The lamp post therefore would detect the island moving via sensing electromagnetic disturbances/surges caused by the energy released by the island or something similar being released--when turned on for moving. This if true, would be another form of activation.

This is another reason I think Desmond may be important because he knew how to work the island--ie hatch.

With Jacob gone, who is controlling the island? Is it on a kind of autopilot?

Mike V. said...

I'm on my phone but wanted to share! Jimmy kimmel will be hosting the finale post show on his show with producers and cast. Nice!!! Hope this link works. If not just go to dark UFO or maybe ew to check it out.

Mike V. said...

Here is ew:

Bolger said...

I must come back to the submarines mentioned earlier. I totally agree. Why would someone come to the island by sub if carrying all the stuff in a freighter would be so much easier? Because the island is probably submerged.

Only at times or at Jacobs will can a boat reach the island (Black Rock, Desmond...). Jacob seems to have these powers over water. There was once a theory of Jacob being the egyptian god Sobek, who has power over the water. So maybe Jacob keeps the island "dry" but still submerged.

In the flash sideways, we see the island submerged and flooded. Why? Because Jacob ceased to exist in 1977 after the Jughead explosion. The sideways show how the lifes of the protagonists go on without Jacobs influence. The flooded island is the hint.

So why is the island still dry after Jacobs death in the island timeline? Maybe it´s because the candidate has already taken Jacobs place. Maybe he isn´t dead after all (being the boy?)

Sorry, not many answers but even more questions. But I am pretty certain about the flash sideways being a timeline without Jacob.

Casey said...

I like the the Desmond aspect of bringing both realities together somehow, since we have seen him travel consciously in the past.

I keep coming back to these reflections / mirrors which are playing almost too much of a role this season. I say too much of a role because there HAS to be a reason reflections and mirrors are used in almost every episode, and I hope it's more than a sybmolic reason.

A rather humorous connection I've come up with is the idea of Smoke and Mirrors :) Playing on that, maybe the island is continually being hidden from the rest of the world using smokey ('protecting the island' from anyone coming to it) and the mirrors that were in Jacob's lighthouse. It seems rather interesting that Jacob told Hurley he needed to bring Jack to the lighthouse to 'bring someone to the island' and conicidentally, as soon as Jack smashed the mirrors, all the sudden Widmore knows exactly where the island is.

Also thought about mirrors sometimes being two-way mirrors, and what if everyone who is seeing their reflection in a mirror, is actually seeing the island itself, much like when Jack looked in the lighthouse mirrors and saw different locations, instead of his own reflection. It seems like they are looking at something they recognize, but like it shouldn't be there, i.e doesn't make sense that what they are looking at isn't their own reflection. I'd have to go back and look, but doesn't everyone who is looking into a mirror get their stare interrupted by someone or something ... except Sawyer who punches the mirror, real mature Sawyer :)


Love the Blog, first time posting, Thanks Mike!

David Salako said...

It does seem strange that Widmore used a submarine to get to the island. Freighter does seem like it would have been more practical. Water may be the answer? Daniel Faraday did say that the light dispersion is odd on the island - maybe under water?

All the stuff about bleeding, blood and infections....looks like Island Sun is being changed by Sideways Sun and Sideways Sayid is becoming colder like Island Sayid.

MJ said...

Whew ! Caught up to most everyone's comments. Great discussions this week. Can't wait for next Tuesday.

Have a happy holiday to those who celebrate !

Bryan said...

Check out Jorge Garcia's FB post regarding whether Keamy mentioned 'the island' to Jin.

Mike V. said...

FYI still on phone but Jorge confirmed on latest podcast that he does not have a facebook! So I dunno about that link lol

Bryan said...

True, Jorge does not have a personal facebook page... this is his podcast fan page. There's even a link to this FB page from his main podcast site on blogspot -- Geronimo Jack's Beard.

Richard said...

That's right, the submarines are not convenient transportation and must be necessary for a reason. Also as Mike said- they crew is usually knocked out--like Sawyer and Juliette were going to do on their trip off the island.

I can't let go of this since I heard the producers talking about the storm that wrecked the Blackrock. The way they responded made me realise when I thought about the subs and island under the water shot--that something else is going on. It's like they were using the word storm in quotes. So, if it wasn't a storm as we traditionally think, what else could it be. And that's when I went--WOW--the island must be under water or the subs must go through water to get to it in some strange dimension.

We know the island can travel in atleast 2 dimensions--time and location. That in itself makes me think almost anything is possible in this show.

There could also be a dimension involving a spiritual aspect that the island moves within or connects.

Maybe that's what the island does with location travel/time travel? It folds space/time connecting locations/times, but not like we think of--outer space, just within our atmosphere?

Don't know about the later stuff, but the subs are needed for a reason.

BTW, this is my 4th blog ever. It took this site to get me started.

Thanks, Mike!!

Bryan said...

@Anonymous (PTS) -- I don't think the Ajira plane has been moved since crashing back in 'Namaste'. See these screen shots of the plane just after crashing in 'Namaste' and when we see it again in 'Recon' respectively.

Mike V. said...

whew...finally have some time at my desk (not much, so i'll probably be brief) Hope you enjoyed my little snippets here and there through the day lol

V - I actually didn't get that impression on Sayid and Des...but that's a good point. Maybe he can fix Sayid somehow. Vincent sideways story would be awesome! lol

7TP - agree..loved Sun's rant on Richard. That would be pretty funny if smokey just went to town on Claire! lol something tells me that isn't going to happen but we'll see! I agree with the other poster...i don't think the ajira plane has moved.

Totally agree that Desmond turning that key is what makes him "SPECIAL"....but i think he may have been exposed to radiation too...depending on what happened with jughead! but i have no idea. your last paragraph about the Widmore clan being fully aware of the sideways losties is interesting. And could be dead on. Hopefully this tuesday will shed some light! Thanks for the props and funny again with sarah palin!

Florin - whew...that's a lot of stuff! LOL I'm gonna go with the small post directed at me. Yeah I think i was suggesting that the boat may have never returned to portsmouth....and that's why the dates might be fine that we learned in THE CONSTANT. Good job researching those episodes with Smokey and the rain. And you could be right with the cat and mouse thing. We know water is going to factor into things...hmmm...maybe sinking the island is what destroys smokey for good!? lol If they have a big scene with them leaving the island in the ajira flight and the island sinking behind them...i sure hope they pull out all the stops and funding with the CGI department to get us a better shot than those moving sub shots! LOL Anyway..we'll see.

yikes so many more comments! i'll get to what i can!

Mike V. said...

Glenn - I'm very curious about the head hits as well....and totally agree about Desmond, as I mentioned in my response to 7TP....we'll see what happens! But I also agree with Weasel that Desmond traveled back in time in the island timeline...not SIDEWAYS....but I think his ability to transcend timelines might be shown. I dunno...if it's anything like THE CONSTANT (like someone suggested)'s gonna be a good time!

David - More interesting points to look at with the connections. We'll see! I really don't think we have seen sideways until this season...but I think there might be some kind of least through desmond. but alas, i'm repeating myself now!

Richard - no time on taking so long (i've been busy too..still am! lol) Whew...that's a lot of techy talk there! LOL It's very interesting though. I think I caught in there that you said you don't think the island is moving through "SPACE" just dimensionally and TIMELY right? I may have messed that up....but I think it HAD to move through space too...because of the Nigerian Plane and the Black Rock ending up on the Island. Both would have headed into the Atlantic but somehow ended up on the Island. Do we even know if Jacob is the one CONTROLLING the island? I'm still perplexed by that kid showing up to MIB and telling him about the rules...what if there is something else governing the island besides these 2 supernatural-like beings?!

Bolger - I still am not sure we can 100% say that jughead flooded the island. I still go back to the 2 separate in which if 815 never crashed on the island then they never would have been on the island to go back in time and cause jughead incident. Think about Roger and Ben...they evacuated the island. Last we saw Ben was still with the others in 1977 and Roger had just shot you think he ran into the jungle, found ben...and then fled the island before it sunk? I just don't know about it! But...just my thoughts. I have a feeling we're going to find out that Jughead didn't cause the flash sideways. but we'll see!

Mike V. said...

Casey - Thanks for the props and for posting!! I agree, I hope the mirrors come to play more than symbolically as well! Good stuff on the smoke and mirrors lol Interesting idea that widmore found it when Jack broke the mirrors! we'll see. Yeah i was thinking about that 2 way mirror thing too. Not everyone seems to see something in the mirror when they look. sayid and ben barely even looked at their bizarre reflections in the door and the microwave. locke didn't even look in the mirror. Kate looked and then went through claire's bag and started seeing stuff. I dunno... it seemed near each mirror scene was something reminiscent or linking to their other lives. I'd retype it all, but I think i posted it in the blog LOL So i'll spare you from filling up this comment with the same stuff! (Cue Anonymous poster who loves when I say "i said that already")

David - I have thought of the idea too that maybe the island is already under water...but i never could make sense of that! LOL how would people have left via boat on a bearing and gotten out of there...or even by helicopter!? But yeah...definitely interesting! I can't wait to see what they have planned for these final episodes! But i'm savoring every minute we get!

MJ and everyone else...happy Holiday to you guys too to all who celebrate. It's definitely been keeping me busy off of the blog! :-)

Bryan - gotcha..sorry..i couldn't get to the links as I was driving when i posted that comment about the podcast (impressed?? LOL) So I guess he talked about it saying ISLAND in the script? INTERESTING. I'll have to check it out.

Richard - you're totally welcome!!

whew...Okay...i'm off to my next family event. See you guys later...and keep commenting!

Bryan said...

Wow, Mike V! You are talented ;). The FB post from Jorge's podcast page actually says this:

Keamy did NOT say "your island" while tying Jin up in "The Package". The script says "Because if you figure out what's about to happen to you, I can't have you freaking out"

David Salako said...

Hilarious how a secondary, but loved, character on this show can have throwaway dialogue that can cause so much speculation and controversy!
What ARE we gonna do once the show is over - yikes!

PS - I never heard "ISLAND" BTW! lol!

Anonymous said...

Ate Time Poster (ATP)

Bryan and Mike - Thanks for setting me straight on the plane, when I was watching “The Package”, it sure seemed to me that the plane was perpendicular to the shoreline, but after looking at the images and watching the episode a second time, the plane is indeed parallel to the shore.

Just to elaborate further on Desmond pioneering traveling sideways on Lost, in Flashes Before Your Eyes, there is an extended scene where Desmond is bemusingly looking at himself in the “mirrors” – lots of red in that episode too, as well as some Hatch sound effects for added flavor.

Bolger said...

Mike V. - Regarding Ben and Roger: If the Jughead incident had created the sideways timeline -life without Jacob- there wouldn´t have been a Sayid to shoot at because flight 815 would have never crashed. But I agree, the question is if the island was flooded (because Jacob disappeared) when this had happened and what had happened to the people still on the island.

Anyway, there is quite a chance of both timelines converging, leading to only one end (as Jacob said). The mirrors may be sort of windows from one timeline to the other, making the losties aware of what happened in the other timeline. By the way, does anybody remember similar mirror scenes in the island timeline, maybe in another season? I don´t have the DVDs, so I can´t check on this.

Since Lost is a lot about destiny and choice, it might well be that in "The End", lol, the remaining losties will have to choose if the island timeline or the sideways timeline will be continued.

Just speculating.

Mike V. said...

Bolger that was my whole point. I thought you were suggesting (As others have) that the sideways story is of the losties that were still young in 1977 when the losties we know were on island blowing up jughead and altering time(attempting to). I was just throwing the Roger/Ben story out there as evidence that this couldn't be true. (most likely couldn't. This show can always surprise us! Lol)

ATP - nice call on the mirror in FLASHES. I wonder if the writers/producers knew about the mirror stuff they were gonna do all the way back there. Or maybe that's how they decided to tie it back. Because they did use a mirror in that episode. We will see!

Off to another family outing! Lol

Mike V. said...

Bolger btw i don't remember if it was you that suggested that lol but that's why i responded to whomever like I did!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bryan!
Wow, Mike V! You are talented ;). The FB post from Jorge's podcast page actually says this:

Keamy did NOT say "your island" while tying Jin up in "The Package". The script says "Because if you figure out what's about to happen to you, I can't have you freaking out".

The actor that portrays Martin Keamy is Kevin Durand, an actor from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Who would think that this one line of dialogue from a secondary character would have stirred up so much interest among LOST fans internationally? It was simply his Canadian accent and pause in delivering the line that started this flurry of interest and speculation.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the clarification LOST Fan. That was how I interpreted the scene after listening a few more times. (I think I listened over 25-30 times lol) Definitely is Kevin Durand's accent.

Although, I still do find it interesting how he was so concerned about Jin hitting his head when Keamy was planning to kill him anyway. I guess he still wanted his money first. I dunno. Can't wait to see how this Sideways Stuff plays out. I'm sure others just want it to go away lol

Mike V. said...

Just watched "Flashes Before Your Eyes" again in preparation for Tuesday!

First of all, OMG, LOVE that episode every time I watch it. I fully expect to be emotionally a mess on Tuesday lol Giacchino's theme music for Des and Penny gets me every time! lol

So, let's consider this episode is a flash sideway...and pointers that could prove it.

The mirror - The red paint on des's neck (similar to the red mark on Jack's neck? is it meant to "MIRROR" that? pun intended)

Eloise says "You don't take the ring". First of all, I don't know why she would know all of that detail based on Faraday's journal alone. And I"m still perplexed on the red shoes guy. But, what if in one version of time Desmond DIDN'T take the ring? Or Maybe Eloise just didn't know the details, she just knew that Desmond ended up on the Island.

When Desmond is breaking up with Penny he goes on a rant of asking her why she'd leave her flat to move in with him. Her EXPENSIVE flat....and Penny said "don't you dare rewrite history, you were too PROUD to live in my flat, remember??" Maybe Desmond is remembering a different past.

It's all really rough speculation. I still think it's the Island timeline and not a sideways timeline. But it is interesting to point out this stuff.

And while we're on it...Desmond tells Charlie in the episode he would have drowned if he went after Claire. And remember in White Rabbit (season 1) when Charlie tells Jack he would have went after the drowning girl (or boone too) but he can't swim? And then later in season 3 we found out Charlie's dad taught him how to swim? Before we thought of it as a continuity error....or just the fact that Charlie was all HIGH on the island. But, what if there are 2 different versions of history here? Again, a real stretch....but it IS interesting!

We know Desmond is seeing different versions of the future in season 3 and we know it is all SWAN HATCH related (so was the ending of season 5)....maybe that plays into how the sideways works. I know we have speculated all of this throughout the season and even BEFORE season 6 started....but I just thought it might be a nice refresher course as we prep for a potential game changing episode on Tuesday.

Even the title of the episode (which I'll note as a spoiler at the end of this post) reminds me of some of the Sideways stories that we saw in the beginning of the season where people seem to be in a better place. As predicted as we got more into the season, we know that is not the case for everyone and things seem to be moving towards something. So maybe the title of this episode..or the episode itself is referring to that. Okay...ending speculation now!! Here's the episode title....SPOILER WARNING!!


Happily Ever After


Happy Easter to all who celebrate! I'll be out with the Fam once again today....we'll be back to our regularly scheduled posting during employment hours tomorrow!! LOL (shhhh don't tell)

MJ said...

At first I was excited about the Kimmel thing following the finale - but my husband pointed out that Kimmel (like Letterman) tapes hours before it airs. Last time for the premier the producers were on Kimmell and said a few things about the premier and had the audience yelling that they just got spoiled. So it makes me wonder just how much Darlton will say with an audience full of peeps who have not yet seen the finale !

Mike V. said...

MJ, the issue with Kimmel was that the WEST COASTERS hadn't seen it yet because they were in the audience. Kimmel does record a few hours earlier, but I think it's after the east coast feed already airs.

But I get what you're saying. Maybe the audience will get to watch the episode in the studio prior to the show recording.

people who attend will know that this is a special "SUNDAY" airing of LOST and a the KIMMEL show as well. So they know what they're getting into. Also, with events like this on Sundays, Kimmel usually does a LIVE airing. But we'll see.

I still think they're going to let the show speak for itself for the most part though. They may answer some questions that didn't make it into the show though. Darlton did say that the "Food Drops" would be answered but not in the show itself. And they couldn't reveal what that meant. We all assumed the encyclopedia. It could be on Kimmel LOL

One thing is for sure...I definitely am not missing Kimmel that night, so it will be at least one more hour people will have to wait for the last RECAP BLOG! :-)

But I have monday the 24th off...and those 2 hour blogs take forever anyway. I think for the last RECAP ....people will be patient and cut me some slack! :-)

MJ said...

You know we will ! I might just stay up myself - though I don't have the day after off. UGH.

Can't wait for tomorrow already!

Mike V. said...

If it makes you feel any better, I still would stay up and watch it if I didn't have the day off the next day. Did they say WHEN it was airing? Is it at 12am or maybe earlier at 11:30 after the news?

The other funny thing with the final recap blog is I'm not sure how I'm going to write it! Every recap I write has lots of questions and statements like "hopefully, we'll find out in the coming episodes!" There won't BE any more episodes! LOL I guess for any questions left over it will just be up to us to speculate or hope for more info in the Encyclopedia!

I'm sure I'll figure something out. lol

Anonymous said...

Do you think LOST fans could persuade the producers and writers of LOST to do a two hour “Making of LOST” TV special once the series ends? I would find it interesting why/how they chose the actors appearing in the TV series, what actors had previously been considered for these same roles, the plot line changes they made, how much the LOST fans’ comments/responses were taking into consideration, also, how they produced some of the special effects. I would be extremely interested how they developed the whole concept for the series and what religious/mythological elements they drew from for the series.

David Salako said...

@Mike V. - you just gave George Lucas the idea of STAR WARS 1-6 in 3D now! lol!

Mike V. said...

I wish I could take credit for that one David, but he already was a 3D convert! LOL Before even Avatar came out, Lucas was singing along with Cameron's praises of 3D technology. Lucas fully plans to re-release Star Wars 1-6 in 3D. Not sure how I feel about it! LOL

Mike V. said...

btw...there are also plans for Titanic, LOTR, etc.... biggest cash cow for the silver screen in a long time! LOL

MJ said...

Forgot to mention it all last week but did anyone else recognize the hotel clerk that gives Sun and Jin their rooms ?

He's from the first Final Destination, the guy who dies second in the bathroom.

Too funny - the guy wo check in Sun/Jin is from a movie where his friend is sitting on a plane and sees that it will crash so gets off and drags a few fellow studient with him - and winds up saving them when the place crashed as he saw it. But death has a plan and tries to kill the ones who got off the plane to set the plan right.

Hmmmmmm ! LOL

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