Monday, May 23, 2011

LOST: One Year After The End

HELLO LOSTIES!!!  Happy Anniversary!  WOW, I can't believe a year has gone by since one of the greatest shows ever on television moved on into the bright white light.  It has been one crazy year since.  A fanbase divided straight down the middle on the legacy of the show, many shows vying to be the successor of said rabid fanbase, and everyone mourning and having a tough time letting go and moving on.  You can count me as one of the fans who can look back fondly on the LOST experience without any regret.  I think the finale still holds up and I do not believe it deterred from the 6 seasons that led to it.  We got many answers along the way.  Yes, there were some answers never provided, but there were also questions that were never questions.  And there are still things to discuss to this day about the show which makes me think it will stand the test of time.  No one can deny the experience we all went through over six years discussing this show.  We tried to recreate that experience this past year with several other shows.  While some got close, nothing yet has matched the power of that mysterious (create your own answer/theory) show about a strange mystical Island housing a bunch of tormented, damaged, broken people seeking redemption.   I will gladly say, that even a year later, I have been unable to move on.  In fact, to celebrate this anniversary, after typing this up I think I'll probably pop in the Blu-Ray and watch THE END all over again!

So, there was a couple things I wanted to do today in this unforgivably delayed blog posting.

  1. 1st, I had promised I would share some findings from the LOST Encyclopedia that I bought last summer.  There were a few things that I wanted to get to the bottom of when I first opened the book and I thought I'd share my findings, if anyone still cares!   Maybe along the way I will reflect on the show and how I feel a lot of it tied together. 
  2. Filling the LOST Void - Let's reflect on the past year of Television and talk about shows that attempted and somewhat may have succeeded in filling that LOST void.  
  3. Shameless Self-Promotion - Even though LOST has ended, that hasn't stopped me from writing about television.  I'll discuss what you've been missing and what you can anticipate if you decide to start following me and the loyal commenters at the TV Addicts Blog
That should keep us busy for a bit, right?  Let's dive in after the jump!