Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 13 - The Long Con

Hello Losties! Another outstanding episode last night...and we're gonna get to it in a sec. First here is the ABC Recap in case you want to catch up on what you missed:
(fyi...for some reason it's posted on the 212 episode page. They will probably change this to "213.html"

So, the episode was titled "The Long Con" and well folks, that's exactly what we got to see. I don't think anyone should've been surprised in the flashback that Sawyer was ultimately trying to get the money from the girl. What may have shocked everyone was that he was behind the whole uproar on the island. I have to admit...I was a little slow on it. I figured it was someone within the group and too obvious to be Ana Lucia, but for some idiotic reason I didn't think about the episode title and assume that we'd see Sawyer working what he does best (no..not his looks ladies) and screwing over the world for his personal benefit. Well, I promised no episode walk-throughs, so let's see how this thing evolves as I just dive into the fun stuff to point out from this episode:
  • So, did anyone catch Kate's Mom serving Sawyer in the diner? Once I saw that hand hit the table with the food, I knew it had to be her. Granted, I did know in advance that there would be some character "crossover" in the episode from the Lost podcast, but I was still quite impressed with myself for catching it!
  • Sayid and Hurley added some nice comic relief and some more tidbits for the mythology this week. We had the "Lime in the Coconut" joke and then Hurley stereotyping Sayid as not an a guy that likes gadgets! Hurley tries to cheer him up with the 2-way Radio that the Tailies talked to Boone with. (Yes..on the "Norwegian Plane!" Hurley's awesome!!!)
  • Long story short, Sayid gets it to pick up a signal that plays some Glenn Miller music.... Apparently the radio station letters "WXR" - were the call letters used for Coast Guard Radio in Kodiak, Alaska in 1945. Someone noted on P&S that they also mention Goodwyn in the radio broadcast as one of the DJ's. Not sure about that. I'd need to verify by rewatching!
  • Glenn Miller also disappeared in a Plane over the English Channel in 1944.
  • Sayid said that the radio waves could've bounced all over the ionosphere and allowed them to receive it. Hurley makes a joke reference to "Or another time........just kidding dude" A little shout out to all of the time travel reference Losties are making.
  • Bernard's a dentist. Maybe we're going to have a "Very Special" episode in the near future where the smoke monster or Zeke has gingivitis and comes to Bernard for the cure!
  • Charlie got his revenge on Locke after the beating he got last episode. And didn't want the heroin. He also took out his aggression on poor Sun.... Any bets that she'll find out Charlie did it?'s a no brainer.
  • Book Locke was looking through as he was "alphabetizing" was "Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge" Can you believe that I actually read this thing in High School? What a great short-story. It's about a guy that is about to be hung but the rope breaks and he goes on an amazing journey to escape the clutches of his enemies (or officers of the law...i forget!) Anyway....we find out in the end of the story that it was all in his imagination between the time that he got pushed off the cliff and ultimately is hung and killed. Yep....another allusion to the fact that this is all a dream! But it's just a teaser from the writers/producers. That won't be what we ulimately find out about our Lost Castaways (or will it??? I'd be fired up!). Also...I don't think Locke was alphabetizing....he probably is just trying to make sense of what has been happening. He thought that the hatch was going to provide him answers and he's getting frustrated....(hence taking is aggression out on Charlie)..... Did I figure this out on my own? no no.....Lost Podcast people! Subscribe to it!!!
  • Ohhhhh right. Forgot...the manuscript that Hurley found (was it in the hatch or from the plane wreck?) was entitled Bad Twin. This has subsequently been released on (just for the's not really for sale)....apparently the author is the guy that got sucked into the Plane Engine in the Pilot Episode (Gary Troup). Well at least that's what they said on P&S. This is what I found:
    "About the AuthorBad Twin is the highly-anticipated new novel by acclaimed mystery writer Gary Troup. Bad Twin was delivered to Hyperion just days before Troup boarded Oceanic Flight 815, which was lost in flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles in September 2004. He remains missing and is presumed dead. " Says for sale May 2nd. Maybe they actually WILL release it! lol. Also look here Pretty cool stuff eh?
  • Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Ana Lucia Love Rectangle is getting a lot more interesting. Jack, although angry with Kate, still went on her advice to question Ana Lucia on the Sun beating. And Sawyer orchestrated the whole thing....making Kate once again lean more towards Jack than Sawyer....but where is Jack leaning? Ahhh these writers are brilliant. Evangeline said in the Lost Podcast interview segment that we shouldn't expect Kate to make a decision in this season. Well I know I didn't expect one!
  • And of course, Sawyer's got the guns. A caller into P&S mentioned that the guns are actually probably safer with Sawyer than with the braintrust of Jack/Locke as he will only whip them out when they are needed. But we'll see where that story goes. Sawyer has reminded us that he is not someone "everybody loves" and thank god for that!!! But Kate is probably right, he just wants to be hated for the person he has been in the past.

Update from "Fire + Water"
Remember I said I heard in the podcast there was supposed to be some writing on the building in the Charlie flashback? Well if you read the comments in the last recap, we did find out that the building is from a Pink Floyd album cover. But the writing on the wall (thanks to the Lost Podcast) we discovered said "Widmore Construction." Doesn't mean much now, but the producers noted it would be wise to write it down! Probably something of the Hanso Foundation similarity.

As always, I'm sure there's more. But I definitely provided enough info to chew on. Definitely some rivalries forming once again within the original fuselage passengers. That's where this show works its magic. So, now I leave the blog in your hands. Anything else you caught? Anything that I messed up? Feel free to chime in with your thoughts. See you next week where you'll have to debate on watching Women's Ice Skating or Lost. Hmmm....I do like Michelle's a tough


Mike V. said...

This is a good time. Someone put Gary Troup into an anagram generator. Something interesting to note what the letters also spell:

Purgatory! are we supposed to let this go when they keep putting references in there!?

JD said...


Don't know if you saw this...


Mike V. said...

I actually had seen that before, but not since it was updated. Thanks for the link! I posted it in the Links section for future reference.

Pretty crazy stuff in there. Whatever we find out in the Series Finale (however many years away that is)...they'll have a lot of explaning to do!

Miles Balzard said...

Not sure if it is posted in subsequent recaps or comments, but it should be posted here as well: Gary Troup's Bad Twin was certainly published on Amazon:

Apparently it's mediocre detective fiction, but the Amazon page has over 100 reviews, most of them from Lost fans!

Mike V. said...

Hey Miles, yes at some point I think that discussion did come up about ABC/Lost team actually publishing Bad Twin. lol I never purchased it, but at the time it "suppsedly" had some clues about where the show was going.

I'm not sure where else you're reading LOST stuff (besides LOSTpedia) but I'm sure you can imagine some of the theories people came up with over the seasons. It got pretty ridiculous. FUN, but ridiculous. lol

Miles Balzard said...

Oh, no sir, I am NOT reading anything on LOSTpedia, believe you me! But I have googled a couple things and that site keeps coming up in the results.

I don't plan on visiting LOSTpedia until I am done with the series altogether. I figure there is virtually no way to avoid spoilers there and will just leave it for a nice digestif after finally making my way to The End.

Mike V. said...

Good idea Miles! You'll get plenty of theories on this site eventually from other commenters. :)

Anonymous said...

This episode had reminded me of how childish Sawyer was.