Wednesday, May 06, 2009

LOST Season 5 Episode 15 - Follow the Leader

You may be a little confused with what happened on ABC's LOST this week, and you would have a good reason to be confused! Our LOSTIES and OTHERS exist in all different time periods now and are intersecting with themselves left and right! And somehow, our 1977 and 2007 stories are seeming to head towards an intersection. Yep, definitely easy to get LOST on this show. And I don't think they will be making it any simpler for us to understand with our season finale next week. But we have an hour's worth of TV to recap before we get to that. And, I'm sure you're guessing what I'm going to say next. WOW, what an hour it was! Sure, it was a lot of setup for the finale, as every penultimate season finale episode of LOST is. But for a setup episode, it sure was a thrill. Let's not waste any time getting into it!

The synopsis: Daniel Faraday was killed while on a mission to prevent the known future of our LOSTIES from ever happening. Jack is inspired, Kate is reluctant. We see Eloise Hawking begin to assume her role in her son's life and learn of her motivation. Meanwhile back at DHARMAVILLE, Sawyer and Juliet are in custody and being tortured by slaps-like-a-girl STUART (hello first name!) Radzinsky! Hurley, Miles and Jin have a run-in with Pierre Chang. Oh right, and we revisit 2007 where Locke assumes his role as the OTHERS. Yes, in "Follow the Leader" we see Jack finally taking charge of the situation in the 70's (right, wrong or indifferent) and Locke doing the same in 2007. And of course, we have Richard Alpert FOLLOWING these 2 leaders in 2 different time periods. Of course, you could also say Sawyer and Chang continued to take on leadership roles in this story. Let's dive in and see if we can make any sense of it!

Mission: Retrieve Jughead
We open tonight's episode right as Daniel is about to be shot by Eloise. This time we are watching from Jack and Kate's perspective. Jack and Kate are arguing about Dan's plan. Kate thinks Daniel is crazy and Jack thinks he finally has his "calling."
  • Jack, based on Dan's explanation, essentially thinks (and brings up several times in the episode) that they were transported off of Ajira 316 and into the past in order to stop the past 3 years of their lives from ever happening the way they did. Preventing the incident at the Swan would prevent Desmond from needing to push the button which would prevent him from not pushing the button one time when flight 815 crashes and then so on and so forth. He think it is their destiny to which Kate eventually will relate him to John Locke. We'll get into discussing the possibility of LOST doing such a game changer in a bit.
  • After Daniel is shot, Jack was going to run in after him. Kate tries to run away. But no fear Charles Widmore and his fellow horse rider knock Jack to the ground and capture them both.
  • We learn that Eloise comes to have possession of Daniel's Journal which she will purchase for Daniel as a graduation gift in her future (his past). Pending time doesn't change on us, this would explain how Eloise knew many things that were to come to pass. It might also explain why she knew DESMOND had to go to the Island. We all know there was a page in there that says "Desmond Hume Will Be My Constant." This does not explain how Eloise Hawking knew details of Desmond's life and why the man with the red shoes was going to get killed Dorothy style by a building in season 3 or why she was in that picture with Desmond's MONK boss, but we'll take whatever answers we can get right now!
  • Charles brings Jack and Kate into the camp and is confused to why all of these DHARMA folks are all of a sudden attacking them. Eloise learns that Jack and Kate were with Daniel and ask for them to be put in her tent. She knows they aren't DHARMA folk!
  • Random Other guy, Eric, that we have seen in a prior episode this season brings Jack and Kate into Eloise's tent. Jack and Kate have another discussion about erasing their past. Jack wants to eliminate all of the horror and tragedy that has happened to them all since they crashed on the Island 3 years earlier in their lives. Oceanic Flight 815 would land in Los Angeles. Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby, Mr. Eko, Charlie and Michael would all still be alive. Kate tries to tell Jack it wasn't all bad (referring to them meeting, and probably her and sawyer meeting too). Jack is still convinced it's the thing to do.
  • Eloise asks for an explanation about what Daniel needed the bomb for. She then goes on to explain that she knows they are time travelers. She knows she just shot the man that came to her 23 years earlier when she was 17 and told her what to do with Jughead (when Locke, Daniel, Sawyer, Charlotte, Miles, Juliet and the rest of our time jumpers went back to 1954). She now knows that Daniel is her son based on what he told her when she shot him. She also asked how her handwriting was in the journal (the inscription on the inside cover) when she hadn't written it? Jack explained that she hadn't written it yet. Jack goes on to say that Eloise can help avoid killing her son by helping them retrieve Jughead.
  • So here is where we can have 2 lines of thought. Was Eloise ALWAYS motivated to help Jack retrieve Jughead to try and prevent this horrible timeline where she kills her son? If so, what would happen AFTER it fails? Would that positively make her realize the future cannot be changed and force her to send her son on the path of science and eventually to the Island where she would kill him? The other line of thought would be that this is the first time this scenario is ever playing out. But I'm still thinking that makes no sense based on everything we have seen so far. I guess we are just going to have to see how it plays out!
  • Eloise asks Kate if Jack knows what he is talking about. Kate, clearly upset with Jack, tells her that he thinks he does. Eloise agrees to take them to the bomb. We learn that Jughead was indeed buried 20 years ago but DHARMAVILLE was built on top of the site since then. Since Jack and Kate started a gunfight leaving the barracks, they won't be able to just head back in.
  • Eloise asks Richard and Random Other Eric to come with them to retrieve Jughead. She covers up Daniel's body. And we see Eloise and Charles have a conversation from afar.
  • Richard explains to Jack that the man is Charles Widmore and that he and Eloise are......"well, let's just say that love can be complicated"? Huhhhh??? what on earth does that mean? We also, see Charles arguing against this mission Eloise wants to go on and touch her belly and say something like "not in your condition." Can we assume Eloise is pregnant with Daniel in 1977? And does that make Charles the biological father explaining his concern? Based on Richard's comment, there seems to be some other baggage going on there.
  • Eloise leads Richard, Jack, Kate and Eric out to a pond that gets to the tunnels. Kate refuses to swim and thinks this is totally the wrong thing to be doing. She has had enough and tries to leave against Jack's wishes. Bad Boy Eric points his rifle at Kate. Eloise says they do not reveal their secrets and let people walk away. Before Eric can shoot, SAYID returns with his pistol and takes down Eric with 2 shots. Crazy how Sayid could so accurately shoot and kill Eric from further away than little Ben was but still not manage to kill Ben instantly! Ahhhh gotta love television! Also, what on earth did Sayid get out in the wilderness to tie back his hair?
  • Richard is worried about what these people are doing and why Eloise is okay with Eric being killed. Eloise tries to convince Richard that it won't matter that Eric was killed if these people can do what they say they are going to do. Are you guys getting on board with OPERATION ERASE 5 SEASONS OF LOST yet? Yeah, I'm still not buying it!
  • Jack catches Sayid up on the current plan. Sayid does not believe it will work because he thinks he killed Ben and they are all still there. When he finds out Kate rescued Ben he is not too thrilled! Kate is fed up with both Jack and Sayid. Shooting kids, blowing up hydrogen bombs are logical solutions! Kate explains if Jack is wrong about the bomb everyone on the island dies.
  • As I stated before, Jack starts sounding like Locke talking about destiny. And he admits that he thinks he was wrong about Locke. At this Kate leaves to find everyone else and hope that they can stop Jack's crazy mission.
  • Jack, unsure if Sayid will follow, follows Richard under water through a long tunnel that eventually heads to a pull into the underground tunnels. These seem to be the same tunnels we saw Ben in a few episodes ago when he met with the Smoke Monster. The same interconnected tunnels across the island that we saw drawn on Radzinsky's map in the Swan Hatch in season 2.

  • Richard explains that they will get the bomb out the same way they got it in, and it is not through the pool. I guess we will find out next week how!
  • Best line of this storyline had to be when Sayid showed up to Jack's surprise. "If it works, you might just save us all. If it doesn't, at least you'll put us out of our misery!"
  • Sayid shows concern that Eloise's motivation to take Jack to the Hydrogen bomb is to destroy the DHARMA Initiative. Jack says that he trusts her because 30 years from now she is the one that helps get them BACK to the island. I'm with Sayid, how does that make him trust her? She would have known that they HAD to go back to keep the loop going. (assuming that is what is going on here still!)
  • They walk further into the tunnels and light up a room with a large archway and uncover ol' Jughead. Eloise then asks "Now What?" and we wonder the same exact thing. Tune in for the Season Finale to see how this all is going to play out!

The Battle of Wits: Hurley vs. Chang
As Sawyer and Juliet have been captured, Hurley stocked up on DHARMA food and brought it out to the secret rendezvous point with Miles and Jin. Little did he know that he was followed by Pierre Chang. Drama and Comedy ensue:
  • Hurley immediately wants to go to action and rescue Sawyer and Juliet while Miles wants to stick to the mission and get to the beach.
  • Chang shows up and immediately starts asking about if what Daniel was saying to him was true. Are they from the future? What followed was a hilarious Q&A between Hurley and Chang.
  • Chang: You're friend Faraday says you're from the future. I need to know if he was telling the truth?
    Hurley: Dude, that's ridiculous
    Chang: What Year were you born?
    Hurley (responding without thinking too much): 19 uh 31
    Chang: You're 46?
    Hurley: yeaaah, yes I am
    Chang: So you fought in the Korean War?

    (Miles and Korean Jin exchange glances)

    Chang (with his gotcha face on): Who is the President of the United States?

    (a comment Chang mentions in his video to the future - from comic-con - after confirming there are people from the future on the island)

    Hurley:..........Alright dude we're from the future!

  • Then Chang and Miles have their moment. Miles reveals that he is, in fact, Chang's son. Perhaps both Miles AND Hurley are present for the filming of the aforementioned video.
  • Chang confirms that there will be a massive accident at the SWAN. Miles says that everything Dan has told them has come true so yes, he should evacuate everyone.
  • After some Sawyer/Juliet scenes transpire (mentioned in the below section), we then follow Miles, Hurley and Jin as the watch Chang load up the women and children on the sub. We witness Chang YELLING at his wife and baby Miles demanding they leave the Island with no explanation. Miles realizing that it was the only way for Chang to get them off of the island. No more Daddy issues for Miles!
  • We also witness Charlotte and Mother boarding the sub.
  • And of course, we also witness Sawyer and Juliet boarding the sub, cuffed. (we will discuss in a second!) Will this call Hurley and crew to action to prevent them from leaving the island? tune in next week!
  • By the way, all events seem to be transpiring as they should have. Chang has sent Miles off of the Island. Child Charlotte is leaving the island. The ironic thing is, she probably would have left the island anyway due to the evacuation of women and children, but because Daniel talked to Charlotte, it kept their loop alive. Basically, all of this is happening because Daniel came back to the island and set things in motion. So do we really think there was a loop of time where Daniel was motivated to come back and set these events in motion when he DIDN'T tell Jack and Kate about Jughead? And of course Daniel was killed by his mother like he always was supposed to be killed. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Yeah, it just doesn't add up that the future is going to change. And if something DOES change in the timeline because of this storyline, then I am going to want some explanation to what Dan did differently the last time!
Dharmaville Drama
The fallout from the shootout at the motorpool with Daniel, Jack and Kate vs. Radzinsky and crew led Radzinsky to LaFleur for help. To his surprise, he found that Sawyer and Juliet were holding a captive in Phil, the holder of the security video of Sawyer and Kate taking Ben off of the DHARMA premises. Now we join Sawyer and Juliet in the Security station being tortured by Radzinsky for information.
  • I mentioned before, Stuart Radzinsky slaps like a girl! But somehow he was leaving a bloody impression on Sawyer's face.
  • Radzinsky shows Sawyer the security video of him helping Kate take Ben off the premises. He asks where she is now. Sawyer hilariously asks for his lawyer.
  • Horace tries to prevent the torturing and Radzinsky pretty much tells him that he's going to have to take a back burner on this one to protect their work at the Swan.
  • Radzinsky threatens to kill Sawyer for information on Kate. Sawyer does not give in. It is not until no morals Phil decides to pitch in and start beating up Juliet. Sawyer threatens to kill Phil, and I have a good feeling that this might come to pass. I don't think anyone would mind. Sawyer did promise to kill Mr. Friendly/Tom/Zeke in season 2 and he finally did at the end of season 3.
  • Some dude with the sub manifest of new recruits comes in. They have been looking for Jin and Miles but also noted that there were 3 late add-ons to the manifest. Jack, Kate and Hurley. Phil recognizes Hugo Reyes as "the fat one."
  • Chang shows up after his meeting with the Future Dwellers. He is yelling that they need to evacuate the island based on a high probability of a massive accident. Radzinsky mentioned that they are supposed to break ground and begin drilling for the Swan Station today. Well, I guess that would be when the Incident happens! Stuart goes on to mention that he is in charge now and his decision is to keep drilling. Yeah, I would be real intimidated by THAT guy! But we'll go with it.
  • Sawyer tells everyone that Chang is right, it is not safe here. He says to put the women and children on the sub and get them out of here. He requests for him and Juliet to be put on the sub also in exchange for information. Juliet seems to have never loved Sawyer more for his idea.
  • Radzinsky asks for a map to the Hostile Camp in exchange for their freedom. Hmmm, will this cause DHARMA and the OTHERS to start their war that will eventually lead to Charles Widmore ordering the purge years later? The only person we know still at the Hostile camp are Charles Widmore and young Ben Linus. Will Radzinsky "RESCUE" child Ben from their camp? We were already told by younger Widmore that Ben will be brought back to his people. And we know Ben ends back up with them because he kills his father while still continuing his DHARMA duties, right before the purge.
  • As Sawyer and Juliet are walking to the sub cuffed, Sawyer brings up that they can invest in Microsoft and bet big on the '78 Cowboys and live normal lives. Juliet wonders what they will do when they get to Ann Arbor. Sawyer says that there are no controls in the real world. Once they get there, they will be free.
  • By the way, I thought all passengers were knocked unconscious for the Sub trips? Why are they just sitting up and cuffed to tables? And how big is that sub? Where are all the women and children?
  • Right when Sawyer and Juliet exchange their loving comments for each other (Juliet - I love You, Sawyer - I love you back.....still not as cool as Han Solo's "I know" but definitely more Sawyer to say that than "I love you too!"), someone else enters the sub. Yep, it's Kate to rain on Sawyer's happiness yet again! They captured her on the way back to the DHARMA camp. Good job Kate!
  • The last we see of them in this episode, we see the sub actually in motion (first time ever we see that) and submerging under water.

  • Surely, something will stop them from leaving the island. But I have no idea what at this point!
Locke's New Plan
Finally, we return to 2007 to see what Locke's Plan has been since taking Ben and Sun with him on a trek across the island. Locke said he had some ideas on how to get Sun back with Jin. The last we saw in this storyline was Locke making Ben visit the Smoke Monster. Ben was visited by some version of Alex (most likey smokey induced) in which she instructed Ben to listen to every word John has to say and do not try to kill him again. Ben seems to oblige. We now follow Locke, Ben and Sun to the OTHERS' camp which now seems to be on the beach. We see Richard messing around with a model ship in a bottle.
  • Richard seems to be using the same tweezers or whatever you want to call them that he uses to eventually take out John Locke's bullet at the Nigerian Plane crash site/Pearl Station. Richard is working on none other than a model version of The Black Rock! As you can see by the comparison to the picture from "THE CONSTANT" compared to this shot, it is essentiall the same ship. Lots of theories have been circulating around that Richard was a member of the Black Rock when it arrived here some hundred years before. We also know that a certain passenger on the Black Rock went by the name Magnus Hanso (an ancestor of Alvar Hanso financial backer of the DHARMA Initiative). We know from the executive producers that we will be getting much more information on the Black Rock in the final season. So, this was probably a little nod in that direction.
  • Locke rolls into town with a dead boar over his shoulders announcing that he brought dinner! Ahhh good to have the old yet somewhat new Locke back!
  • When Locke and crew show up, Richard is surprised to see Locke. If we ever thought Richard was a man with answers, we definitely were proven wrong this entire season. He doesn't seem to ever know what's going on even though he has seemingly always been there. Richard mentions that the last time he saw Locke was 3 years prior during the season 4 finale when Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel. Locke was standing right next to him and then POOF he was gone. This sets the time table for us as we knew there was a point in the future where Richard would come to an injured Locke and give him information on leaving the island and what he had to do.
  • Locke realizes it is going to be night soon and that he and Richard have an errand to run and they don't have a lot of time. Richard notes that there is something different about Locke now. Locke, all smiles, acknowledges that he has a purpose now.
  • Richard is surprised to see Ben with him. Locke explains that he helped him get back. (that's one way to put it!)
  • Ben explains to Sun who Richard is. He is an advisor to the leader of the Others and that he has had that job for a "very verrrrry looooong time" Sun doesn't even question this and just heads straight over to Richard to show him the DHARMA Recruitment photo.
  • Sun asks if she remembers Jack, Hurley and Kate from 1977 as they were there with her husband Jin. Richard says he does remember the people in the photo as he watched them all die........woa.
  • So this adds a whole NEW wrinkle to our Time Travel philosophy. Did our LOSTIES truly die in this incident or did it SEEM like they died? And how did Richard survive? I guess we have no knowledge of who of our LOSTIES survive the Incident anyway even if they don't reboot time. But I seriously doubt that ALL of them will die! We do know that Richard is now not the most reliable resource as he does not seem to understand what is going on on the Island that he has been for so many many years. The other question would be did they originally die in 1977 but then prevented their deaths this time around which we witness next week? Ugh, that just seems way too complicated. My guess is we will see events transpire where they will seemingly die in Richard's eyes. How that is shown to us? No idea!
  • Locke tells Sun that he doesn't think they went through all of this for nothing. Well, I think I can speak for all LOST viewers when I say "I sure hope not!"
  • Locke asks Richard if he still has the compass he gave him. I would assume Locke means the compass that he gave him in 1954, which Richard had given to him to take back in time. Richard says that it's a little rusty but still can show them North.
  • Locke asks Ben to join them. Ben goes on a rant about Locke suspecting he'll throw a coup. Locke claims he is not afraid of anything he can do anymore. "well in that case I'd love to come!" he says sarcastically. Still loving the role reversal! Locke also tells Sun to stay behind and he will see what he can find out.
  • As night falls Locke explains that Richard is about to find out where he disappeared to. And once they are done with that he wants Richard to take him to see Jacob. And everyone pauses....Ben says that that is not how it works. Richard seems hesitant. Locke says he is the leader now and he wants to see Jacob. Richard reluctantly says "yeah of course" and then they keep moving. We'll discuss this more in a bit.
  • As suspected, Locke brings Richard and Ben to the site of the Nigerian Plane crash. He explains to them how the beachcraft flew from Nigeria smuggling heroin and ended up here. Wouldn't Ethan have told Ben and Richard about this when he saw the plane then? Could they really have not seen it for however many years that it has been there?
  • Anyway, Locke tells Richard that he is going to have about 3 minutes to get this right. So, we knew that we had to see a scene where Locke informed Richard of everything that happened since he left. Because we knew Richard would tend to Time-Jumping Locke's leg and give him a brain dump of information "you must leave the island and bring back everyone who left back to the island." and that to do this "you're going to have to die." What we didn't know was that ressurected Locke would know the EXACT moment that this event was going to occur and that he was going to give Richard the information immediately before the event happened! He also gives Richard the tools to get the bullet out of Time-Jumping Locke's leg. Richard and Ben are totally perplexed. But next thing we see Richard carrying out the task we have already seen him do in the season premiere. We see Richard confused by what TIME the Locke he is talking to is from as he said "you told me to tell you this" Time Jumping Locke says "no i didn't"....then Richard says "well, you will." So he figured it out on the spot. Interesting, as always with LOST, how a couple extra scenes will change the way an old scene works!
  • Meanwhile we have Ben asking Ressurected Locke how he knew the exact moment this would happen. Locke said that the Island told him and asked if the island ever told Ben anything. Ben says that the island never told him anything and that the island didn't tell Locke where Jacob was or he wouldn't need Richard to show him. Locke accuses Ben of never seeing Jacob. This goes back to "The Man Behind the Curtain" episode in season 3 where we see Ben pretending to talk to a chair that has Jacob in it. He played it off like Locke couldn't see him but Ben could. But the twist was that Locke saw a glimpse of Jacob and HEARD him say "Help Me." And Ben shot Locke at the DHARMA grave because he was spiteful that Locke heard Jacob.
  • Time-Jumping Locke disappeared and Ben asked where he went. Ressurected Locke says "to give Richard his compass back." As we guessed, the compass is in a never-ending loop. We don't know where the compass came from except for the fact that it's always being passed back and forth from Locke to Richard 2007 to 1954 to 2007. My question is, if the Compass got rusty since it was given to Richard, then how did it become UNRUSTY??? Or did it not? Wouldn't the Compass keep aging?
  • Richard offers Locke the bullet. John says to keep it. Richard mentions that the time jumping Locke seemed convinced especially by the "you're gonna have die" part. Richard was glad that didn't have to happen. And Locke assures Richard that it did. Met again by crazy stares.
  • They head back to camp. Locke wastes no time in telling Richard that he wants to head to Jacob immediately and that he is "eager" to go. When Richard hesitates again, Locke explains that he would like to talk to all of his people. (note: we are told that there is another group of them at the Temple. I guess we'll be seeing that place next season!)
  • Locke explains to everyone that they have been accepting orders from a man named Jacob. Someone they've never seen nor heard. He said there is probably a good reason why his existence is a secret but, looking at Richard, he doesn't know what they are. If there is a man telling them what to do, he wants to know who he is.
  • Sun asks if Jacob can tell them how to bring Jin and their friends back? Locke says absolutely.
  • Locke tells everyone that Richard has agreed to take him to Jacob and he's going to go. And he asked everyone to come with him. Everyone seems to be very onboard with this. Random question, where are Cindy and the kids???
  • Richard tells Ben that he thinks Locke is going to be trouble. Ben awesomely says "why do you think I tried to killed him?"
  • Morning arrives, and Locke leads his expedition down the beach. A scene we have seen in pretty much every penultimate season finale. A band of islanders heading down the beach. Gotta love the mirroring!
  • Locke and Ben have a chat on their walk. Ben explains to Locke about Richard's concerns about Locke's leadership. As Alex instructed Ben, he seems to be helping Locke out. But there always is an ulterior motive to Ben isn't there?
  • Locke tells Ben he is not interested in being reunited with his people, even though that's what he told Sun. That is not why they are going to Jacob. Locke then explains to Ben they are going to Jacob so he can KILL HIM! Zoom in on Ben's reaction:


Well, didn't see THAT coming! So can we expect to finally meet Jacob in the season finale this year? I am going to go ahead and almost guarantee it. Now, we must remember that Christian Shephard advised Sun and Frank to go with Locke if they want to find their friends in the 70's. So even if Locke isn't planning to help that happen, it would seem that it might. Will Locke succeed in killing Jacob? Yikes, I don't know. Will that have some kind of effect on what is going on in 1977? Will what is going on in 1977, vice versa, have an effect on 2007? Will our LOSTIES paths cross before the end of the season? Will Sun and Jin be reunited? Will TIME be altered? What about our Ajira/Shadow of the Statue folk? Surely, next week we will finally see them get to the LOSTIES' old camp and chase the Time Jumpers down in the boat, which means surely we will run into Rose and Bernard too! Lots of questions going into our season finale. What kind of cliffhanger will they leave us with? My guess is something totally confusing and mind blowing. Which will make my tasks next week even more challenging!

If any of you are in the Tampa area (I'm not, but I do know that we may have some readership down there due to some excellent referral jobs!), you might want to watch the 11:00 Action News on ABC right after the LOST finale airs. Apparently, they want to do a lead-in story interviewing a big fan of the show. Who won the opportunity? Yours truly. This is your chance to see me be a bumbling idiot on LIVE television! Minutes after I am blown away by whatever cliffhanger LOST throws us, I am going to have to give immediate thoughts to my reaction to it. Yikes. Wish me luck! Eh, who am I kidding? It will be a blast!

In other news, you know that those 2 hour blogs are killer to write. So, you can expect the blog to be posted a little later next Thursday. But I think you guys can give me a break. It's a 2 hour episode and you will have 9 months to read it as always!

I feel like I did an extra amount of time recapping this week and less theorizing, so let's start breaking things down in the comments. What do you all think is going to happen? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Hope you enjoyed me ramblings and I will see you next week!

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Special thanks for Get Lost Podcast Media, that I found through DARKUFO this week. Sledgeweb decided to include no screen stills this week, so I had to seek pictures elsewhere. They have loads of them!


Mike said...

I thought I had followed the time travel pretty well, but now I am a bit confused by what the bomb will accomplish. How will that change the death of Daniel and Eric (Is that the name of the other Sayid kills)? Isn't that already in the past no matter. I thought the Variable meant they could only change the future.

But I guess changing the future has to change the past, becuase if flight 815 doesn't crash, then Daniel never goes to the island; nor does Sayid travel back to kill Eric.

This is what is always hard for me about time travel--trying to figure out the very first loop.

Mike V. said...

Yeah Mike, I think that's essentially what they're saying. if they prevent their presence on the Island, they will never be there in 1977 thus essentially preventing any of the deaths they have caused.

I think that would be kind of nuts! lol

Mike said...

Also...A very interesting idea about Richard being from the Black Rock. I like that.

Perhaps when Jacob told Locke "Help me," that meant to kill him. Perhaps he needs death to free him from something. (Perhaps some sort of slavery thing tied to the Black Rock.)

And with the sub, my guess is that it is going to go dock with the underwater station, and something will happen there that will cause our friends to go back to the island.

Unknown said...

Nice Thought Mike! I hadn't thought of the underwater station!!!

horseman said...

Yeah, it would be nuts because we don't know the rules for that scenario. If 815 never crashes in 2004, what happens to our Losties who are already alive in a 2007 world where 815 did crash? As it is now, the "young" 1977 versions of our Losties are destined to crash on 815. That history is already written. If an alternate path is created where 815 does not crash, that non-event is still 27 years in the future. So what happens to our Losties (that are on the island) for the next 27 years? We don't know what magic happens when something different happens "this time". Everything we have seen is what really happened. With parallel universes this will work but I think we have been promised the show is not going there. So assuming there is only one timeline, preventing 815 from crashing affects the 1977 version of our Losties future, not the 2007 version (those that crashed). We don't know how the two versions get reconciled.

Mike V. said...

yeah...definitely a good though with the Looking Glass Station...i always thought that's where the sub had to go anyway to "LEAVE THE ISLAND" we'll see!

Horseman...i would think that preventing 815 from crashing would have an immediate effect on the 2007 versions of our LOSTIES "RESIDING" in 1977. The true 1977 versions of our LOSTIES would be unaffected because they were already off of the island and have had to interaction with the island as of that point in their lives.

I just think creating a new timeline is a messy endeavor and I can't see them going that way! And if they totally WIPE OUT everything that has happened for 5 seasons....that's even worse!

but...I'm sure there will be some kind of game changing moment at the end of the season. I mean, what else is there really left to do in 2007 on the island anyway? We know a WAR IS it would make sense if they were back for that.

I think we have to go back to what Locke said..."we didn't come back for nothing"

I mean the simple fact that Christian Shephard has the option to become a regular cast member next season would lead me to believe that his corpse still needs to crash on the island! lol

Chris Stedman said...

Locke is going to kill Jacob! WOW! I called it earlier this season that the war is between Jacob and Christian. And with Christian the one guiding John on his journey we’ll see if he on his side.

I think Ben and Richard knew the Nigerian beach craft was there, they were just surprised that Locke meant that plane.

Richards’s comment that “Locke is going to be trouble” also mirrors Jacks in the season one finale telling Kate “if we survive this we’re going to have a Locke problem.” Doesn’t matter which group Locke is in nobody likes it when he rocks the boat.

Congrats on the interview. I’m sure you’ll put it on your site for everyone to enjoy, and you better not wear any makeup lol.

horseman said...

Hi Mike, Yeah, it would get messy quickly! What about the non-Losties, like Desmond? His life would be different, as would the Dharma folks who survived. Would people become undead? Yuck. And the people that were on the island in 1974, when the Losties first came. They are now in 1977. Do they go back in time so it's 1974 again (the Do-Over scenario)? We just don't know how they are going to handle it if they go this way and I hope they don't.

dthollis said...

From the ComicCon video we always hear a child crying and Chang asking them to leave. I always assumed it was Mrs. Chang and baby Miles. I wonder who they are now. Unless they also come back with Sawyer.

Mike V. said...

dthollis...good point! I guess we may not actually see Chang film that video unless it's a flashback from where we have seen him sending his wife and miles onto the sub. Because that was definitely his wife and miles in the video (i forget the name but he mentions it in the video).

Thanks Stedman. If I am able to find the video,MAYBE I'll post it. It depends how much of an idiot I make of myself! lol Yeah you did call a war between Christian and Jacob. I guess we still don't know for sure that this is the case. I forgot to get into the Island Speaing to Locke more. Do we think that when Locke went out into the Jungle when Ben and Sun where at the barracks, he was speaking to the island then? And do we know if Smokey and Jacob are of the same "SIDE"? We know Smokey is on John's side right now. And we know Smokey was hanging out with Christian. So, it should be interesting to see what happens there!

I also wanted to get into asking if JACOB is the ultimate Enemy making Locke the ultimate GOOD GUY going? Kind of like Yoda vs. the Emperor or something. I know that Team Darlton have compared Jacob to Ben as the Emperor to Darth Vader (only reason I bring it up!).

Horseman, in the unlikely event that time RESETS, it would affect anything that was caused by the INCIDENT. So yes, essentially...our Losties traveled as far back as 1954....NONE OF THAT would have ever happened. Even before 1977.

Just crazy! I really don't think they should go that route! But like I said in the comments from last week's blog. The show never lets me down. If they go that route, I'm sure they have a plan. I just won't be on board with it right away!

MJ said...

Wow - you're gonna be on the evening news ! That is so cool, congratulations.

Richard did always seem to have the answers, and now we know it is because he'd already met alot of the castaways. And - seems to me that Eloise was giving the orders, not Richard. She didn't ask Eric and RA to go with her - she kinda told them to. And 77 RA was following Eloise - not Jack.

All you faithful Whatever Happened Happened lovers are cracking me up. 'OPERATION ERASE 5 SEASONS OF LOST' I doubt will ever happen. LOL. Sure - I think something is gonna change, but it's not going to be so drastic as to make the last 5 years not count.

ABC sucks for showing what I think they showed on the previews for next week. I won't say what for the peeps who don't like coming attractions, but man - they just might have taken some of the fun out of it.

Mike V. said...

yeah...RA was following Eloise directly...but Jack is the man following through with Daniel's plan and everyone else is listening to it! So then in theory, Richard is following Jack!

i watched the coming attractions too and don't remember what you're talking about! lol

I am just expressing my concerns of ALTERING TIME in terms of continuity and irrelevancy! The Whatever Happened Happened concept was a perfect way to get around this. And for the most part, it stays intact. I just worry about what is going to happen if they mess with it! Like I said, I have complete faith in the writers....always have even in the DARK times of season 3. But this is nuts!!!

And thanks for congrats on the news!! It should be kinda crazy! We'll be doing it live via webcams on SKYPE. Hopefully I don't freeze up on LIVE TV! Or be so mad at the cliffhanger that I don't want to talk about it! lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mike V. - I always look forward to my Thursday mornings on your blog.

I think Daniel was just telling Jack what he needed to; the same as he did for Dr. Chang, Charlotte, etc. Five seasons of Lost will not be, well, lost! I recall hearing Daniel say to Charles Widmore in "The Variable" that he tested the machine on himself before using it on his girlfriend. Daniel may know EVERYTHING about what happens next and he was simply giving Jack a purpose. It kind of reminds me of the Oracle in the Matrix (not the sequels, those were unwatchable) when she told Neo he wasn't The One simply to get him on the right path. Eh, just my two cents.

How about this, folks: Why did Hurley get on Ajira 316 and why did he have a guitar case? And why does he STILL have the case now? I want to know what is in that case, who told him to bring it, and why he still lugs it around, even now when they're leaving Dharmaville. Hmmm....


Huleyateme said...

Mike V, good job, you have to post your interview!!!!
Locke doesnt even seem like the same person anymore, could someone have take over his body? I really feel like Jacob is going to be someone we already know and it is going to blow our mind.
2?? Mike, can you refresh my mind on when Locke was shot in the leg and what happened leading up to that time jump? and finally Ellie kept insisting that ben get everyone to go back to the island at the lamp post. Do you think everyone made made it back that was suppose too? or could this loop be flawed?

Mike V. said...

Thanks Tim and HAM! lol

Good observation with the MATRIX (totally agree about sequels even though they talked more about "PURPOSE" ugh) Yeah, maybe Daniel was just telling Jack what he needed to tell him. That's actually a very likely scenario!

The guitar case...yeah I definitely am intrigued and we're so used to getting answers right away, it would not be cool if we had to wait until next season to find out! I think Hurley is lugging it around right now because they were supposed to be leaving DHARMAVILLE for good. So he wasn't going to leave it behind!

HAM - as for could be right...but MILD SPOILER ALERT

based on the CASTING news that was announced a month or so ago, I'm going to guess it's NOT someone we know....or at least it USED TO not be someone we knew if that makes any sense (doesn't to me either!!)


end spoiler...back to speculation!

As for Locke getting shot...yikes it's tough to remember it all right now....but I think the initial flash put them at a time in the not so distant past (a few years maybe whenever the hatch existed). The nigerian plane grashed on the island and Locke witnessed it...when he went to climb up to it...he got shot by ETHAN. And then flashed to the point in time in the future that we just saw last night.

Does that help??

ssof333 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ssof333 said...

Man this is crazy. I am loving this season. I hope they don't get rid of whatever happened, happened. It is cool because they tell you what happens and you get to see how it came about. It reminds me of last season with the forward, flashes, the two times are coming together for the epic final.

It is to interconnected for them to do it. I mean Locke would never have been important. Charlie would still be on drugs. Not to mention there might not even be an island with Jughead not being buried. It just doesn't seem right with all they have been telling us this whole season.
With this whole Jacob thing, wasn't there a theory that Locke was Jacob or did they confirm that it is Christian Sheppard.

Here is an idea. Maybe Jacob is a future Locke and he went back in time to make sure things went as planned because he seems to have everything figured out.
Anyway thank you for this blog it helps sort out some of the jumbled mess called lost.

Mike V. said...

SS, thanks for reading and for the THANKS. You're welcome!

Very good point about Jughead. It's not like the LOSTIES were involved with the military finding the island. So if Daniel never told them to put that bomb underground...would the island even exist? VERY good point!

I totally agree about them showing us a narrative from a different point of view. We are going to see the INCIDENT first hand next week. How much of a let down would it be if we never got to see the said incident that we've wondered about since season 2?

Of course, Doc Jensen mentioned on his TOTALLY LOST video that maybe they don't prevent the incident...but that time is altered on a more personal Miles and Chang finding out they are father and son causes some changes that didn't originally happen.

I dunno...I still think that if they change ANYTHING...they have to be very clear why something changed in THAT instance and not all of the other times!

ssof333 said...

Sorry didn't mean to double post my compuer keeps messing up.

MJ said...

Don't know how many of you read Ask Ausiello on EW - but his first two questions/answers are about the Lost finale. I won't post them - just the link to them for those that want to avoid. Not totally spoilery - but very telling on what we can expect to get answers on from the finale

Mike V. said...

I was just going to post that! lol

MJ said...

I notice you didn't put 'none' in your poll as a choice of who will die.

MJ said...

I don't think we will get two timelines. Nor do I believe they will do as Daniel wanted and stop the plane from crashing. I do believe that something is going to change though. I think somehow the 'incident' will place everyone back in 2007 as they should be, but some things will just be different. Just can't figue out what yet. LOL

MJ said...

Locke was also missing for several days right after the 316 crash I think. Remember they (ceasar/ilana) found him somewhere just standing there ? So he could have 'communed' with the island at least twice now

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being on the news Mike! Thats cool! u have to post it. Excellent blog btw too!

What an awesome episode, I can hardly wait a whole week for the finale! Kill Jacob...?! CRAZY!

Ian said...

We know that baby Miles and young Charlotte get off the island on the same submarine Sawyer, Juliette and Kate are on. Are we sure those three don't get off the island too? Of course, Richard said he saw Kate die along with Jack and Hurley, so maybe there is some sort of intercept at the Looking Glass.

I have to believe you're right about Richard only thinking he saw them die. As we know from watching this show, people who appear to be dead often aren't.

Did anyone else think it was interesting that Chang assumed Hurley fought in the Korean War? Do all DHARMA recruits have a military background or something?

Mike V. said...

I noticed I missed the None right after I posted the Poll....and I couldn't go back and edit it! And way too lazy to go back and change it lol Oh well, if people don't want to vote, then they don't have to!

Yeah, i think the show will definitely continue on in 2007. That seems to be where they are setting up this "WAR" Plus we should be out of the Time Travel loop after season 5 too.

Thanks anonymous! I will post the news clip if it is possible and if i'm not too embarassed by it! lol

Anonymous said...

Ian, I dont believe he assumed he fought in the korean war. He was stumping him to prove that he wasnt from their time period. He asked him what year the korean war was. If he was 46 years old living in 1977 then he would know at least an approximate year of the korean war. I am 23, i had no idea what year it was, but i found after i looked it up it was 1950-1953.

AreUPokey said...

I really enjoyed that episode last night. I was giddy throughout the whole thing. Now I just want to go to sleep and wake up next Wednesday.

A couple of thoughts-
I think we can rest assured that we won't have any reboot scenario in the season finale (I'm not so sure about the series finale, but that's another matter). Ever since the time jumping began, each time someone has attempted to change something they actually end up being the cause for that event happening in the the first place i.e. Sayid shooting Ben. I have a feeling we'll see the same thing playing out this time as well. Jack's attempt at using the Hydrogen bomb will actually be the thing that causes the Swan to be built and the button to be pushed.

The thing that would actually change the past might be if Jack just left it alone and let it play out, just like with young Ben. If Jack had been willing to operate on young Ben then Ben might have never been taken into the Other's Temple.

Of course this could also explain why Eloise knowingly sent her son Faraday to place where he would ultimately die. Maybe Daniel would have done something that really did alter the future and that was not an acceptable outcome for Hawking and Widmore.

That was just a long way to say I don't believe anything history-wise will be altered this season. All that will come next season. This season will likely end with everyone realizing that no matter how many times they have played out this scenario (how many time loops there have been) they would always try to change the past. There are always going to do what they think is right based on that moment. The only way to actually change things would be to do the opposite of what their personality would incline them to do.

Or something like that...

AUStarwars said...

Its not so much "whatever happened, happened" or "you can change the past"..most time travel theories say that the general timeline is can change the past, but the big incidents will still exist.

For example, if you went back in time to "Kill Hitler" (the one everyone chooses to use as an example) one of his generals would simply rise to power and history would repeat itself, basically.

This is what I feel is happening on Lost, we are seeing attempts to "alter the past" but in reality one of two things are happening, either they are writing the past themselves (which I doubt due to things like Faraday telling Desmond something and then he remembers later, and did not remember earlier) or certain large events (the Incident, the Purge, etc) are GOING TO HAPPEN anyway, now they are still going to happen, maybe a few years later, maybe with different actors playing the roles (not literally), but thats what "whatever happened, happened" usually means in time travel terms. Like in Terminator, each time Skynet sent back a machine to wipe out some part of the Connor Clan, all it did was delay its own "birth"


Diane said...

I'm predicting that the series finale will end next season with the Losties time jumping to 2004 aboard Oceanic 815 and landing safely in LA and all the Losties will walk off and go their separate ways total crash...just a safe landing with no knowledge of each other and no memory of what previously occurred to get them to that point.

horseman said...

OK, Mike, set me straight please! The scene when Locke told Richard to go tend to the wounded Locke...wasn't that in their past? I thought they are now in 2008. How did they suddenly zip back in time?

Mike V. said...

horseman they are in 2007 right now and the time jumpers at one point flashed to a point in the future. That future is now ressurected Locke, Richard and ben's present!

Make sense?

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Thanks so much for putting in the time and effort each week for us.

Congrats on the interview and you HAVE to post it!

I have a question, didn't the bomb seem much smaller this episode than when Daniel climbs up on the scaffolding in a former episode? That kind of inconsistency always bothers me on shows that are good.

Thanks again for burning a vacation day next week to write about the finale. I'm looking forward to reading it; although, I will be sad the season is over.

Ian said...

Anonymous - I suppose Chang must've been asking based on the assumption that Hurley would've been the right age in the early 50's to have been drafted. It just seemed weird to me that he phrased the question the way he did.

Diane - I would hate that ending. That would mean Kate's going to jail, Locke's still in a wheelchair, Hurley's still cursed by the numbers, Sun and Jin are being tracked by Sun's father, etc. I know it means a lot of the characters who died would be alive again, but it also means a lot of the characters would be worse off than they were before. There needs to be a good reason that all this happened or most viewers will feel cheated.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Diane's prediction.

When Locke said he is going to kill Jacob, could he have meant that he is going to prove he doesn't exist and therefore "kill" him from everyone's thoughts?

horseman said...

Thanks Mike. I forgot that flight 316, which took off in 2008, went back to 2007.

Chris Stedman said...

Flight 316 did not travel in time; they took off and crashed in 2007. Only the 4 815er went back in time to 1977. Hence the 30 years later/earlier text in the episodes.

Mike V. said...

beat me to it stedman!

rk said...

Thanks to Mike V for the blog it helps pass the time in between episodes. [what are we going to do over the summer?]... there is lots of speculation about exactly what the "incident" will be. What if the incident is what it always has been. Radzinsky seems pretty keen on continuing with drilling at the Swan and in fact defies Chang in last show. Jack tries to set off the bomb but the drillers beat him to it.The force of the incident knocks everyone back to their proper time zones and Jughead still remains beneath Dharmaville. can't wait till weds

Chris Stedman said...

Have they ever said what Radzinsky’s title is? First he’s working in the lookout station, then in charge of the swan building and than takes over Darma with no questions asked. He even talks down to Dr. Chang, he’s just a jack of all trades.

Anonymous said...

i think he is like head of security or something, isnt he?

Chris Stedman said...

No Sawyer is head of security.

Mike V. said...

RK, thanks for the props! Keep tuning in over the summmer. We'll either be continuing discussions in the comments of the finale blog, or I usually post new blog postings when we get some news. (i.e. after Comic-Con with the Producer Panel, after podcasts with the producers, any significant news released, promos for new season etc...)

I'm thinking along the lines that the Incident will be what it always was. I would be kinda let down if we didn't see what always happened! But I think Jughead might be involved in what always happened. We know that when Desmond blows the hatch, he starts to get "unstuck in time" He flashes back and relives parts of his life with some knowledge of being there before....and then when he leaves the island...he starts flashing back and forth through time from the mindset of 8 years in his past. When asked for an explanation Daniel mentions exposure to Electromagnetism OR Radiation would do this to someone. We also know there was a sign on the HATCH door that says QUARANTINE on the inside. And that the people in the hatch wore radioactive suits when they went outside.

I think these are good signs to indicate the h-bomb always went off. But we will see!!

Mike V. said...

stedman i'm not sure what Radz's role is either actually...but even when he was working at the Flame, he had a model of the Swan station. I think his role in the DI is WHINY B***H! lol

Koob said...

Radzinsky needs a juice box and a little nappy time…

I agree with AUStarwars; I don't think we’re going to see a major shift in history caused by our Losties. I think "whatever happened, happened" and no matter what our guys are doing to prevent the incident the island will course correct itself, like we saw with Dez and Charlie. It might happen a little later or in a different fashion but it will still happen.

When Whidmore looked at Daniel and said he looked familiar, did anyone find that weird? Daniel looks NOTHING like Ellie or Charles, but does resemble Richard a little - sans the eye liner :). Do you guys think there may be something there? I’m not sure Whidmore is his real dad.

Chris Stedman said...

Widmore thought Dan looked familiar because they met in the 50’s during Jughead.

Koob said...

You're right, thanks!
This shows got me reading WAY too deep into everything...

RK said...

Mike, I forgot about the quarantine thing. Maybe the bomb doesn't go off but just releases radioactivity. would make it real undesirable to go back down in those tunnels. Either way jughead is definitely involved.I'm still leaning towards the bomb not going off hence the appearance of the "under the statue peeps" As for our buddy Radz its good to know he gets his due later/earlier in time.

RK said...

Sheesh..! its hard to keep all this stuff straight. I'm guessing I'm gonna be renting all the cd's in the coming months ahead.

Mike V. said...

Farrah, I almost even wrote about that scene in the blog but then remembered that Charles saw him in 1954 too. Don't worry, we all overanalyze every line of this show!

RK, I agree, Jughead will definitely be involved in some way. I guess we don't know if the Ajira Folk were actually there for jughead or not. We theorized that this might be the case but never confirmed.

I'm pretty darn psyched for this finale!!!

mrk327 said...

Just want to say I LOVE this blog. Don't think I would enjoy Lost as much as I do without the recaps and comments to help me keep it all straight. You all are WAY better than me at remembering what happened in previous episodes/seasons. Thanks to everyone who contributes.

I agree with AUstarwars and Farrah, that "whatever happened, happened" is all about course correction. I think the whole interaction with Desmond and Eloise regarding Charlie's death was a primer to get us ready for what was to come. The Losties can try and change what happens, just like Desmond tried to prevent Charlie's death, but it only delays the inevitable. I think all of what is happening now is to show us how the end comes about. (And by "end" I mean whatever this all eventually leads to...series finally.)

Whatever the final outcome is, isn't it fun just debating and discussing what's to come?!?

horseman said...

Let's not forget that Jughead or no Jughead there is an Incident that happens! Assuming Daniel was telling the truth, that incident is going to happen because of drilling. Of course that could be a lie and using Jughead to prevent the incident is what causes the incident.

I'm glad they had that "Now what do we do?" scene because that's what I was thinking! Do you think they use Miles to communicate with dirt-nap Faraday to figure out what to do? I vote YES and is why they did not bury him.

Weasel said...

I do not think that the timeline will be altered in any major way. If the 815ers never crash so they can time travel, then the bomb might not get buried. But even IF they still buried it, nobody would be there to stop the incident the next time around, so the incident would still happen and then the 815ers would crash. Did I lose you?!?!

Weasel said...

Oh, and with Hurley doing the food gathering this episode, I am now even more convinced that he has something to do with the food drops.

Karen said...

I absolutely love LOST!
it's just so wonderful!

everyone should take this survey if you have a minute.
it's awesome

Anonymous said...

i was thinking the same thing weasel. If they stop the incident, then how would they be around to stop the incident... its a paradox...

Mike V. said...

Thanks MRK!

Yeah, it does make sense that the Incident still would happen eventually anyway because they wouldn't be there again to prevent it the next time. Which seems imply that the incident may have never happened WITHOUT their involvement.

I think a POST earlier mentioned about JUGHEAD. Preventing this incident wouldn't prevent the US Military from bringing the bomb to the island. BUT, if our time travelers never went back to 1954 to tell Eloise to BURY the bomb, there is a chance that the bomb may have exploded way before the DI ever got there. And THEN what what have happened after that? That's anyone's guess. it Wednesday yet? lol

Mike said...

Have they ever shown smoke monkey in the 70's. I was thinking when they showed jughead in the tunnels that perhaps the radiation leakage from the bomb created smokey. Aren't those tunnels the same ones that Ben went to? Perhaps not, but they did look similar.

Anyways, Smokey seems to be a mystery that is more supernatural even than the rest of the show. It will be interesting to see how it came to be. Perhaps its creation has something to do with the incident.

Mike V. said...

yeah, we have not seen Smokey in the DHARMA-times. BUT (big but), we did see an engraving of Smokey and Anubis (supposedly the 4 toed statue) on the wall in the tunnels where Ben faced the monster. So that seemed to suggest that the smoke monster has been there for a very long time.

I don't know if i would like the fact that an explosion would cause a monster that can take pictures of your mind and JUDGE you on things that you've done and decide whether to kill you or not. That would be a little too far fetched for even a show showing us people traveling through time based on the turning of an ancient wheel buried deep in a moving island! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

i got something off topic...

what about the "magic box" or whatever it was called. The thing that anything you imagine appears in the box. You think that will ever be shown again or explained? Or you think that is something the writers are going to have to nix because it isnt essential to the storyline?

At the time i was really excited to see what the heck that thing was.

Mike V. said...

I actually think the "Magic Box" was meant to be a metaphor for something else. What that something else is? Oh who knows? One thing for sure is, Locke's father was brought to the island somehow or another. And he said he was driving down the highway and ended up in an thing he knew he was there in front of Locke and figured he was dead. Ben had asked Tom to "get him the man from Tallahassee" and hours later it was done. Now, interesting that an accident happened and Cooper was on the island.....remember when Juliet said she wanted her ex-husband hit by a bus and then he was also????

kinda crazy. Anyway, perhaps something at the "TEMPLE" which we will not see until next season will reveal how these things were possible.

I think the fact that Locke brought up the magic box again last year when they were in the Orchid last season and Ben looked at him like he was crazy...meant that this subject matter WILL be addressed again.....regardless of if it's an actual magic box or something else!

Unknown said...

i think i heard somewhere that the magic box is just a reference to the island. but i could be wrong.

and i have a question, how long was radzinsky in the swan station pushing the button. not really too relavent to anything but i was just kinda curious.

and also, i think in the last episode after getting on the sub sawyer says to juliet that they will get off where ever they first dock, so maybe they go to the looking glass before fully departed and they get off thinking that that is a docking station and don't realize it is still the island till the sub leaves. OR kate tells them they need to stop jack and the get off at the looking glass knowingly. (i hope that made sense,lol)

also, wouldn't there be two time lines if they did stop the incident? one where it was stopped and they land in LA and one where it wasnt stopped and they crash?

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I agree that the Looking Glass seems to be the most logical way for Sawyer, Kate and Juliet to get off of the sub. I've always wondered if that is how the sub left the Island so it will be interesting to see if they show us that!

Radz...hmmmmmm I don't know if we know exactly when he blew his brains out. We just know that he was pushing the button with KELVIN for a long time. And Kelvin didn't get there until after the Gulf War...desmond got there in 2001.... The purge happened in I'm going to guess either the OTHERS were not aware of a man sitting in that hatch from the DHARMA INITIATIVE or they left him alive to keep the electromagnetism at bay.

Man, Radzinsky was already crazy in 1977....i can only imagine how crazy he went after 20 years of pushing a button! lol but i would guess that it was some time in the 90's when he killed himself.

Unknown said...

oh ok, got. thanks mike!

and yes, i bet he became very crazy!i am surprised he didn't kill kelvin too or

oh, great blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i dont think the magic box is just a reference to the island, because Ben says to Locke "what if i told you there was a place on this island that whatever you wish for appears", or something like that. Not word for word, but he definitely is referring to a specific place on the island. then again, its ben, so who knows...?

I totally forgot that john brought it up again last season. Thanks Mike! Your right, i cant imagine the writers bringing it up and then not explaining it.

What do you think, Richard exploiting the island along with ben, or do you think he is actually a good guy? Stuff is crazy... what is even a good guy anymore???

Gary said...

i just finally created a blogger name. About time, i am always commenting under "anonymous"

Sri Lankan said...

I`m pretty sure that the O6 went back to 2008 and not 2007, The cars and phones in the last episode of the previous season showed 2008 models.

I think that Richard may take some action to stop Johns frenzy. This may cause John to become Jakob. I know that Jack is a likely candidate to be Jacob as we we see his dad in the cabin with him... but I don`t see Jack to be the type of guy to ever whisper "Help me" to any one..

Gary said...

they got to the island sept. '04. they were on the island for 110 days i believe.... making it december '04 or january '05 when the O6 left the island. They were off the island for 3 years, meaning they got on ajira 316 in either decemeber 07 or january '08. Not sure which tho...

Mike the plumber said...

Using the whatever happened happened scenario, if the bomb is not used, then the drilling continues, energy is tapped and the INCIDENT happens and everything else falls into place ending/beginning with 815 crashing. but also, what if the bomb is used, that also inadvertently releases the energy, and there is still the INCIDENT and so on.
Like Jack not helping with little Ben, that is what is supposed to happen.

Going the other way, it would not really bother me if they somehow manage to reshape the timeline and like Diane said, they land in LAX and go on their merry way with all of their "baggage". We still saw great television for these 5 (to be 6) seasons. Or, why couldn't the writers use a Matrix type "reset" and as I posted last week, Jack opens his eyes after the crash and the whole thing presumably starts over?

Looking at the previews for next week, it certainly looks like Sawyer, Juliet and Kate are involved in the action, so they must get off the sub somewhere close to where it dove.

Finally, a small question to throw out there, could the donkey wheel be the ship's wheel from the Black Rock?

Mike V. said...

Gary, good job on finally getting a name!...were you the anonymous right before you posted as Gary? Anyway, I have no idea what to think of Richard! And I'm guessing we won't be getting many answers on him until next season either.

Of course, I'm almost SAD that all the answers are going to start coming in less than a year's time...because that means we'll be in the home stretch of LOST!

anyway...this 2007/2008 nonsense going's my thought. December/'s a matter of days we're talking even if it was 2008 when they left the "REAL WORLD" then "30 years earlier" could still be technically referring to 1977.

I don't know if they really want us to be worrying about the exact date too I'm sure they have some continuity issues going on anyway. I mean...if Locke's Passport had a date of 12/2007 on it....and Jack hadn't fully grown out that beard yet when they met.....we could be talking MONTHS before Jack's beard was in full swing! Anyway, one of those interviews with Team Darlton suggested we might be revisiting Locke and Jack "off island" to satisfy my current dissatisfaction with no explanation of time lapse between the hospital scene and the "ben kills locke scene" whew....where was I going with this? I have no idea.

Anyway, we do know from Richard talking to Locke that it's been 3 years since Locke left the island. they left in January 2005 (108 days after flight 815 crashed) maybe it is January 2008.'s the "PRESENT DAY" as far as LOST goes. Just for continuity's sake on MY part...I'm going to keep calling it 2007 on the blog! lol

mike the plumber...i think i've probably talked too much already on my opinions of your 1st three paragraphs so I'll skip to the last lol That's actually an interesting theory about the donkey wheel! Of course, considering i was thinking that wheel might have had to be turned for the black rock to just "END UP" marooned in the middle of the island, i just don't know!

man 19 hours left of this show and it just doesn't seem like enough to wrap it up anymore does it?!

Gary said...

yes that was me that posted as anonymous right before i created a username.

Good call on it being a matter of days, thats kinda what i was getting at...

It really doesnt seem like 19 hours is going to be enough to rap up the show. Hopefully they can wrap it up and do a good job. I have all the confidence in the world in them. I would imagine they are going to come out with more, "the lost experience" type stuff after the series to answer a lot of the questions they couldnt answer on the show.

horseman said...

I agree the date issue is not a big deal, but, for the record, Lostpedia and other sites agree that 316 took off in January 2008 and went back in time to 2007 and 1977. I'll drop it now, I promise!, with one final caveat; that the re-animation of Locke has nothing to do with going back in time to a point where he was actually alive. Meaning, if Locke's reanimation is tied to the date then it matters, otherwise I agree it does not!

Anonymous said...

I have thought for a long time that Jack is going to end up being Jacob. We see Christian and Claire in the shack (his family); he is not on the list that Ben has of 815ers (if I remember rightly); his tattoo says "He walks among us, but is not one of us".

My guess is this season finale is building up to Jack taking some radiation (a bit superhero comic style I know!) and becoming Jacob.

Can't wait for next week.

Great blog by the way. I have to remember to avoid it from Weds to Sunday though. I am in the UK and it's aired on Sunday nights here!

Mike V. said...

Thanks Anonymous! Yeah, there's no way I can refrain from posting until Sunday, so probably best to stay away! lol :-) That will be a very tough 4-5 days for you!

Jack = Jacob?? It definitely has some weight to it...and would be awesome for Locke to run into Jack when he is on a mission to kill him. But I dunno....I'm thinking Jacob is someone we don't know. But what do I know??!?! lol Hopefully we will find out in a couple days (or a week for the UK!)

horseman said...

No one is talking about Aaron. Do we think his story is over? I doubt it since the Shepherd bloodline seems to be an important part of the show.

Mike V. said...

I think Aaron is one of the reason we WILL be back in 2007/2008 next season. Kate is clearly on a mission to find Claire...and we know Claire will be back in the picture in season 6. Whether Claire is a live or dead or whatever remains to be seen...but if Kate made a promise to Claire's mother to bring her back....i don't think part of the promise was to find claire in 1977 or a rebooted history and then bring her back in that time period...or whatever.

i think aaron's story is far from over!

Mike V. said...

Well we had the official LOST Podcast FINALE for the season. And it was a darn good one! We won't hear from Damon and Carlton until Comic-Con now...which they said they have some nice treats planned!

Synopsis of what was discussed:

Follow the Leader - they discussed Locke and Jack coming into their won. Locke is a very strong and compelling guy in communion with the island. we should be very disappointed if we don't get more information on his "resurrection" by the end of the season. Jack, after weeks of being a janitor finally has his mission. But he doesn't have 50 people following him like in the olden days....Just Sayid who is up for any excuse to kill people (their hysterical words, not mine!)

They joked about Jacob being a 60 foot tall flaming being and kept the theme going the whole podcast. That was a good time, since one of the Q&A's asked if Jacob was french and that's why he doesn't have a shower in his cabin! LOL They said, it's not in Jacob's best interest to take a shower because he's a 60 foot flaming man! ahhh good times.

They discussed as with every penultimate episode of a season, they like to get their characters as far apart from each other as possible and see what happens (and in this case they are separated by TIME too!). Anyway, they also mentioned their disappointment in ABC's promos showing Sawyer, Kate and Juliet's status after going on the sub. But then asked the key question "HOW" do they get back? Carlton Joked....."magic box???" the Q&A's

Q: Someone asked the question we've discussed a lot. THE COMPASS. Where did it come from? How does it get rusty when it's just goin to time travel back to 1954? Will it eventually deteriorate causing a hole in the space-time continuum?
A: They said everything with the compass is intentional. They think of LOST as a mysterious show with a bit of Magic and Fantasy elements. There is a theorem out there called an Immobius Loop....which is similar to the Chicken and the Egg (which I have brought up on many occassions in comparison thank you very much!!). They said they spent way too many hours in the writer's room discussing the compass. But they really dont want to take away from the mystery of it. They don't want to OVEREXPLAIN Lost on certain things. With the's just one of those fun things that it has no beginning or end....and the deterioration? They said it's intentional...purposely perplexing, but will have no resolution. That's the fun of it apparently! lol Well, I can't lie, I did think it was pretty cool. But I thought the decaying of the compass would go somewhere!

Oh and Damon joked at the end that if Jack succeeds in his mission, the compass would be freed from it's eternal loop. And mentioned a scene they should have written between Kate and Jack. Kate: Why are you doing this? Jack (seriously): I just have to free that compass! Well it was funnier when Damon said it!

Q: Ahh yes, the Comic-Con Video. The question was, the video never happened. But that was Faraday's voice....what is considered canon on the show?

A: It is confirmed, the voice in the video is Jeremy Davies. And they said that the video was made before season 5 ever went into production. At the time they knew that some of their losties would end up in DHARMA times. They knew that Sawyer's crew would be living there for 3 years. They initially envisioned Daniel having this discussion with Chang but it isn't the way the story panned out. They compared it to J.K. Rowling having complete control of her characters, but there are 400 people working on the story of LOST over the course of a season and things just didn't work out. Instead, they sent Daniel to Ann Arbor. This might explain why that scene with Daniel in the Orchid looked so goofy when he walked down the platform with the crazy cannister and then ran right back to talk to Chang. It probably wasn't their original intention with the scene. They apologized but also said that in previous seasons things worked out for them to tie things into the Comic-Con events. But with this season, the theme remained alive, but they only consider events "ON THE SHOW" as canon.

So satisfying or not, there's your answer!

Q: When will we know who the good guys and bad guys are on LOST. Which side do we root for?
A: They played a game of good guy/bad guy and named some characters. Hurley - Good, Kate -Good, Richard -Not sure yet, Frank Lapidus - Good, Sayid - Depends on the day lol

Q: Years ago the producers told us that we didn't have enough information to formulate an answer to how the show is going to end. When will we have enough information to put it together?
A: This is pretty exciting news: By the end of this finale and by the end of the season premiere of season 6 we will have all of the building blocks to put together the fundementals of what it's all about. We will get a sense of where they might be going with the story. Cartlon further added jokingly...we should be able to really put it together by the last episode of season 6 lol

Well my friends...THAT is crazy. Sounds like we may have lots to talk about on Thursday!!

Anonymous said...

Great i love the show. Best episode ever. Look J.J Abrams in new role

Sandra Kidd said...

Remember the good ol' days when a flashforward was mind-boggling??? I don't know what I make of this season but I think I liked it a lot better when it wasn't as confusing. I'm probably in the minority there but it's just the way I feel.

MJ said...

Well - at least they admitted that it was indeed Daniel in the vid with Chang and we should just forget it. And I can live with that. Another great show had a 5 year plan - Babylon 5 - and they too in the end had to switch a few things as time went by for expediency and for other reasons.

And yeah - the ABC promo definitely took some fun out of my week.

Unknown said...

yeah, the promo did. i was kinda angered when i saw it,lol. it usually doesn't reveal THAT much, i just don't know what they were thinking when they did that,lol. oh well, i am sure the episode will be just as good non the less.


oh yeah, i had a question, since the finale is going to be 2 hours instead of 1 will start at the same time and end later, or will it start at 8 instead?

Mike V. said...

I'm psyched too!! The show is on from 9-11 Eastern Standard Time tomorrow. with a recap special from 8-9. Don't make any's a night with LOST tomorrow! lol

Mike V. said...


Mike V. said...

Great Video Interview with the Producers (3 parter) for Totally Lost this's at the end of the Doc Jensen article.

Gary said...

Mike V- Good luck tonight Hollywood! You'll be great

Happy lost day! So excited!

Mike V. said...

my bad there was a part 4 of the interview with Team DARLTON too. Might have been the most intriguing for tonight as well!

mark h said...

I was wondering do we know if the statue is still erect during the 70's.

I was just thinking that since we have not seen the smoke monster yet if somehow an earlier group found a way to trap the smoke monster in the statue or somewhere else and if they explode the bomb maybe the will end up releasing the smoke monster and that is the incident they are referring to.

I was thinking when richard said he saw them die maybe the smoke monster killed a bunch of peopel after being released and then took the losties so it seemed like they were killed but actually smokey transported them to there correct time.

With the whole black rock it is intresting to see that the inside of the ship has what we are brought to believe are slaves but it is also alsmot the exact same scenario as what we have going on in the sub with them being handcuffed.

Mike V. said...

mark, we saw the Statue in the WAY ANCIENT past right before the final time jump....I guess theoretically they did not show the statue again when they arrived to 1974 (even though they would have been able to see it where they were at if it was still erected) technically no...we don't know. I was under the impression though that it was NOT erected in the 70's. But that's an interesting theory with Smokey!

I will agree that Richard "THOUGHT" he saw them die but they may have been transported to the future...whether Smokey is involved with that, I just don't know!

I just figured it would be something Electro-Magnetic/H-Bomb related....since the last time we saw an Electro-Magnetic/H-Bomb event, the sky turned purple and Desmond was transported back in time in his mind.

hmmm...who is to say that the Fai-safe switch actually didn't trigger Jughead in 2004 when Desmond turned that key? and maybe the exposition of the H-Bomb combined with the Electro-magnetic force caused the implosion at the hatch?! eh...i'm just getting crazy now!

interesting with the cuffs on the sub vs. the Black Rock. I am very interested to see how they tie the Black Rock into everything...perhaps we'll start seeing some of that tonight, but I just assumed it would be a season 6 reveal.

Needless to say, I can hardly contain my anticipation for tonight!!

Chris Stedman said...

We haven't seen smokey in the 70's but i'm sure he's out there. Why else would Darma build the sonic fence and Richard made the comment about it keep certain things out but not us, that certain thing being smokey.

Weasel said...

Good luck tonight Mike V

horseman said...

My two hunches for tonight are...

1. We see the front of the statue and it is a female and it is someone we know.

2. Ben dies.

Good luck tonight Mike V.!

Mike V. said...

Thanks guys! I'm gonna need all the luck I can get.

Good point Stedman about the Sonic Fence and Richard's line. we think THE TUNNELS are how they get past the fence?

Horseman, those are some wild theories! I'm thinking we will confirm what we already think about the's ANUBIS! I mean, why on earth would they have that sketch on Smokey's lair of Anubis, if that wasn't going to pay off?

As for Ben dying? Nothing on earth would surprise me right now. It just sounds like we're not going to know WHAT is going on by the end of this episode. Should make for a dumbfounded Mike on LIVE TV!

MJ said...

I don't think it's Anubis but it will be the god of fertility - who's name I don't remember.

When we first saw the back of the statue someone found a site that showed the fertility god and it looked just like the statue - from the back any way.

Good luck on your interview tonight Mike ! I KNOW you will do well - so already look forward to seeing it tomorrow.

Mike V. said...

Yeah it's either one of those MJ...i think it will be an animal god of sorts lol

Thanks for the luck! Unfortunately, I don't know if I am going to be able to post the video tomorrow. If someone in Tampa has YouTube abilities...I challenge you to create a clip of it! lol

I will be asking for a DVD version of it...and then see what I can do over the summer with it! lol

horseman said...

Yes, you are thinking of Taweret.

Mike V. said...

Found this on the ABC Tampa Bay website. It was a big banner ad off of the homepage to this! I sure hope they're not OVERSELLING me with this "SECRETS from the show" business! lol

Tampa Action News PromoI guess if there is any hope of this thing being posted online, it would be on that website.

Chris Stedman said...

You have SECRETS from the show! Why arn't you sharing! lol.

Here are some other secrets you can share.

Ben and Sun are related.
Jack is really a robot from the future that wants to change the past.
Jacob really lives in the mushroom hatch with all the other smurfs.

Don't say I never helped you out. lol

Gary said...

Thats pretty cool that they have an ad for you and everything. Secrets though? Thats pretty crazy! Like steadman said, what are you holding out on us?!

MJ said...

EXPERT ! Who knew we had hooked up with a lost EXPERT with HUGE secrets ! LOL

MJ said...

Yeah - Taweret. And thanks Horsemen for the name. ;-P

I can't go with Anumbis - that was soooo SG-1. LOL

Mike V. said...

I'm as shocked as you guys are! And Stedman, don't be surprised if I use those! LOL

Ugh...I'll have to be sure to pay really close attention to any of the Easter Eggs that pop up in the finale which means LESS NOTE TAKING, more OBSERVING! lol And I may have to find out how to pronounce Taweret! lol

Perhaps I'll just throw the whole Richard is an Egyptian or Black Rocker out there and it will shock the masses!

All I can say is..thank God I took tomorrow off from work!

horseman said...

Mike - just tell them you could say more but you don't want to ruin the suspense of season 6!

Mike V. said...

lol...good idea! Or just direct them to the blog to get the scoop in the morning!

Gary said...

hey Mike V, do you know if they are going to be streaming your interview over the internet at all?

Mike V. said...

Gary, I really don't know but from what I have seen on their website, it doesn't look like that is something they do. It does look like they post some of their news segments online though. So there is a chance of that.

Considering how much I love seeing myself on video (sarcasm)...I'm hoping they don't! LOL But if there is a way I can get a copy and make a YouTube video out of it, I will work on it. It might have to be a summer project and reason for everyone to keep checking in during the off-season lol

Mike V. said...

Just a reminder guys to please be patient with the posting of the LOST blog today. It was a long night and I still have a lot to cover!

But in the meantime....WOW that was a crazy episode! And WELCOME any new Readers from around the globe and a special welcome to readers from Tampa Bay who saw my "potentially outrageous" newscast! Please stick around to discuss the finale with all of us crazy LOSTIES, you won't be disappointed! :-)

horseman said...

Take your time Mike! We have 9 months to talk about it! Of course now we have to rewatch everything...maybe we can watch the episodes again and do the Blog over while watching from the new perspective! Your own Blog timeloop!

Michelle Eddy said...

what does NAMASTE stand for

LostFamily said...

Whoa - what's up with that underground city under Dharmaville? We've only seen a piece of it before, but it seemed huge in this episode. And how did they get Jughead down there (they said not through the water the way they swam). Hmm. I agree that Sawyer and Kate can't be leaving us this easily (and I did not watch the preview or read the spoiler, so I don't know what does happen, yet). I'm getting really suspicious as to whether or not there IS a Jacob - why is Richard so nervous when Locke says he wants to go there now? I really hope we find out during the finale - who, or WHAT, is Jacob? And why ARE all those Others following his/her/its orders without even knowing what the heck it is? Do we know how long Jacob has been ruling? Was he in charge in the 50's too? Can't remember if we ever heard a reference when we were in that flash?

And yes, what's in Hurley's guitar case? So many questions still!

Great recap as usual; your blog is our lifeline at this point - just the finale and a week from now we'll be able to start watching Season 6 on DVD!

Mike V. said...

@LOST Family, you're just trucking along aren't you? I'll probably be watching season 6 right alongside you...of course, after I watch the 12 minute epilogue on the final disc and then blog about it! :-) I'm really glad you found this blog and were able to read along as you watched through the series. As I've mentioned before, it's nice to know that the old stuff I wrote stays relevant for newcomers to the show! And, I hope that you join me in my new venture over at! Not sure what's going to come of that site yet, but we'll all find out together! As for the LOST blog, you're going to find in season 6 that the comments section gets WAY out of control. Pages and pages of comments. It's uncanny. I don't blame you if you don't read it all!

As for the underground City? Well, I think we're to assume that the OTHERS build these underground tunnels. Richard has made comments that the sonic fence keeps other things out (smokey) but not THEM. The tunnels were there way before DHAMRA planted their stake in the ground. And those darned polar bears had to get around somehow too! (remember Charlotte found one in Tunisia? It had to have turned the donkey wheel, right??? Eh..we never found out but maybe in the epilogue! LOL) I don't want to say anything about your other questions because I think you'll be getting your answers sooner than you think. Enjoy the finale of season was really good! And I find season 5 highly rewatchable. (as I do most of the show...season 2 might be the tough exception where I wish we could skip the whole tailie storyline and flashbacks and just watch the hatch and beach storylines lol ironically, season 2 is what got me obsessed with the show and into BLOGGING mode!)

Ironically, even if you don't get some of your answers in the season 5 finale, it's not a very long wait until the beginning of season 6....I really think you should wait 9 months to watch the season premiere of season 6 just so you can know how big of a cliffhanger they left us on!!! You really need to spend at least a few days reading through comments and pondering it before watching the premiere of season 6 so watch THE INCIDENT as soon as you can! And of course, you'll see my awful TV interview at the bottom of that blog posting lol

Thanks for posting your progress through your journey and enjoy the rest of the ride!

Miles Balzard said...

This episode obviously had to put pieces in place for the two-hour series finale and it did all that and more. But on the great debate between detonating the H-bomb (Daniel's idea, led by Jack now) and leaving everything alone (Sawyer's idea), I'm leaning in Sawyer's direction. I get what Jack is thinking and it's tempting, but I'm not the least bit confident that the idea would actually work!

And of course Kate doesn't want to change the past three years because she feels it was all worth it. And for her, yeah, it probably was, but she's not thinking of the other 300+ people that ended up dead. And I don't think Lost fans are supposed to dwell too much on those 300 people either, so I won't let it influence me too deeply. But before I abandon that notion, I have to add that 300 dead people can devastate the lives of thousands of people (family, friends, business associates, etc.). But I'm gonna drop that and just focus on the living!

So yeah, I don't know if the H-bomb idea will work. Sure, the H-bomb would cause a huge rupture, but would it really eliminate an energy force that they haven't even measured? How do we know the H-bomb wouldn't cause (or be precipitated by) a time flash (white sky, anyone?) and throw everyone into another time era, like the '20s or the '90s? How do we know the H-bomb won't actually cause the Incident? The island has a purpose, and if its purpose is going to be compromised by the H-bomb, then Jack's plan won't work whether or not it was a good plan.

Nice to see Sayid back in the mix. I've missed our kind-hearted torturer. He had that great line, "If it works, you might just save us all. If it doesn't, at least you'll put us out of our misery!" Hurley also has a multitude of great lines, especially in the scene with Dr. Chang! I was also happy to see Sawyer and Juliet on the sub and apparently on their way to a new life. The chances of them getting to that life are virtually nil (thanks to KATE), but I really think they would've been a happy couple if it did.

Yeah, Richard doesn't seem to have the answers we might've been hoping he did, but there's little doubt he's still the conduit to getting those answers from Jacob or the smoke monster or whoever it is that has them.

Locke, who remains in my top 5 fave characters but is no longer the one I identify with most (that might be Juliet at this point, despite me crossing genders), existed in two places at once when he had Richard meet the "other" Locke to take the bullet out of his leg.

I must say it bugs me when one character exists in two places at the same time. This was shown with Miles (grown-up) and Miles (baby), and Daniel (grown-up) and Daniel (fetus), and now it's been shown with Locke. I don't remember this happening before this season except when a character has "visions." Miles is clearly not having a vision when he sees himself as a baby in his father's lap.

It takes time-travel to another level and clearly steps over the line into dual planes of existence. Now, I'm not going to go back to my theory that the island is a place of consciousness, but the fact that Miles could have held himself as a baby in his own arms and Lock could have dug the bullet out of his own leg needs a better explanation.

One possibility is that Miles and Locke aren't really there, but represented by ghosts of themselves. We've seen Christian manifest his appearance to several living people, so Miles and Locke could do that as well. It wouldn't surprise me at all that the new, post-murdered-by-Ben Locke is not actually the real body of Locke but a manifestation that has gone to the ultimate degree of interacting with other people. But it would surprise me if Miles was doing the same thing, given that his role (so far) is not as important as Locke's.

Okay, I can't wait anymore. On to the finale!

Mike V. said...

Hmmmm...I really hesitate to comment on anything right now! You put out some strong theories there, that's all I'll say.

As with the Incident. I went into the finale thinking that our survivors would be involved and actually CAUSE the incident that we first heard about in season 2. Of course, that's because I was hardcore in the "Whatever Happened Happened" camp. So, for me, it was just actually getting to see what The Incident was. And then, that would allow me to go back and watch season 2 and those orientation videos as a brand new experience complete with my own memories of season 5. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that's what will happen! :) I really have to be vague here.

And, I will not comment any further on Locke or Miles than you have already. Enjoy the finale! It's a great one! And hopefully you won't think any less of me after my televised interview that's at the bottom of the recap. I didn't have a lot of time to process the finale...and of course, I can't comment too much on what I said in my predictions on the video, because I might tip my hand on some spoilers! lol So...we'll catch up in season 6 on that!

Hunter said...

Hey, Mike! It's been a while! Thank goodness I am back to my regular Lost binge! I'm not sure I'm ready for this season finale, as it means I will have to officially start the final season of one of my favorite television shows of all time! Bittersweet. However, that is in the future and I need to pay attention to the present (that is what this season of Lost has tried to tell us isn't it?) Anyways, I have to say I LOVED this episode. I'm not entirely sure why, but I thought it was fantastic.

I loved seeing Richard flowing seamlessly from scene to scene even though they were thirty years apart. That was a great little touch to the show. It was quite comical actually watching him hanging out with Kate and Jack and then jumping up in front of Locke with torch in hand the very next scene! And I was really happy to see the scene where Richard pulls the bullet out of time-traveling John Locke's leg. I always enjoy seeing our characters watch something that has already happened firsthand.

I swear Juliet and Sawyer are quickly becoming my favorite couple on this show. And that's saying something because you know how much I love Sun and Jin! Watching the two of them be tortured was actually hurting me! I was ready to jump through the tv and kill Phil myself!

I really don't know what to think about this hydrogen bomb plan. I just don't see it working as I am in the same boat as you are, (or were I guess as you wrote this in the past), that whatever happened, happened. I mean if the island planned for our 815'ers to crash on the island, then I feel like setting off the hydrogen bomb is what is already designed to happen. I kind of look at it the same way that I looked at it when Ben got shot. Sayid thought he was changing the future by shooting and attempting to kill Ben, but really that was something that was already designed to happen. I feel like even if they succeed in setting off the bomb it is just something that has always supposed to happen. I don't know, just rambling.

Anyways, as always, can't wait for the season finale! I have thoroughly enjoyed season 5, but I must say I am beginning to miss seeing our survivors trekking through the jungle and living on the beach! Ahh the good ole days of Lost! I am sure I will be talking to you soon, Mike!

Mike V. said...

Hi Hunter! All good comments from you. You're not far off from what we all were feeling back when it originally aired.

As for the Whatever Happened Happened...I recall exactly what I was feeling when these episodes aired. We knew an INCIDENT happened on the island due to the Swan Station's use in the present day (season 2). Something happened that caused them to have to press that button every 108 minutes to discharge a build-up of electromagnetic energy that was caused by "THE INCIDENT". When the hydrogen bomb plan came into the plot...I had a feeling that we'd be seeing "THE INCIDENT" first hand...i.e. what actually caused the event that they had to stop every 108 minutes in the future. In other words...their future selves caused their present day selves to crash on the island and eventually press that other words...FATE drew them to that island.

That was my theory then. that the theory that plays out until the end??? I can't say. :)

Season 5 was awesome though. Such a great one to rewatch. And you may see why by the time you finish it! Enjoy!!

Lesley Anne Brown said...

Kate is really annoying me now. (The character not the actress) I love the Sawyer/ Juliet story and Kate keeps messing it up along with pretty much everything else. Will she ever learn to breathe before racing off for her next "rescue" however well intentioned.
I got really excited when I read you had become famous enough to warrant a TV interview! Your passion for Lost still comes through all these years later.

Mike V. said...

Yeah Kate got a lot of hate from fans back then so you’re not alone! Then again so did Jack. But I tried to keep the faith it was all going somewhere! :)

Yeah I think I have that interview attached to the finale recap. I mean in hindsight I didn’t do too badly with what I said but man I had no idea what I was saying as it was happening. Once you watch the finale imagine having to go on air and talk about it right away! Lol thanks for your kind words about the blog. I had a fun time doing it! I’m getting more motivated for a rewatch but I just need time!

Simon Sandiford said...

Exciting times... I have 2 episodes left of Season 5 and as they are both half of the Finale, I can watch them consecutively without missing out on a blog post!

I'm looking forward to seeing your TV interview... I've never done TV, but over the last 20 years I've been a radio reporter for football matches (the rest of the world version of football) here in North West England, mainly matches from the 5th to 10th level of the pyramid... Goal is scored, they rush over to you for a live update, and you had better be ready for a free-flowing explanation of what you have just seen happen! I made so many mistakes, I don't know how I would live it down if it was TV 😀

So this episode... Near the end, they scan from above to see the people walking with locke on the beach to see Jacob... The camera pans to the end of the queue where locke chats to Ben... But then a second later they are at the front with people behind them... Did I see that wrong or was it a glaring continuity error? I didn't bother to rewind and check so may be me!

Did we ever get to find out how Widmore covered up the 2nd plane crash, 316? Or did he not bother this time, and if so, what went on in real life world with that, search parties etc... Did it get glossed over, forgotten about, or not yet covered on the show?

Thing that confused me is the sonic fence... We saw someone (locke? Forgot now who) climb over it via a tree branch. So any other / hostile / whatever could do so too... Plus surely the smoke monster is clever enough to work out how to fly over it?

Given it is 5.30am and I have work in the morning I'd better get to sleep. In 24 hours I should have seen the s5 finale but I assume there will be several trillion comments to read so it may take me some time to add mine!

Mike V. said...

Nice enjoy that finale! I’m telling you. Once you’re done you’re going to want to rewatch it! I love season 5. Ahh that interview. Someone had just commented on watching it and I thought it might be you posting anonymous. Lol it’s not my greatest work but I think I held my own. Coming up with theories on the spot right after an episode airs. That was asking a little much. But...maybe I didn’t do too badly. Lol this was like 12 years ago or something and I was living in a small place with my brother. They had to send me a lost poster to hang behind me in my bedroom so I didn’t look too unprofessional! Good times. Now married with kids I have that same poster framed and hanging in my basement office. :)

I’d go with continuity error on the panning shots. I never noticed it. I don’t recall a coverup discussed on 316. Wouldn’t worry about it too much but that’s a good point! Some details like that got overlooked or ignored in later seasons. Just rushing to the end. I’d probably argue the same on the sonic fence. Or maybe not. Just keep watching! :) As for ol Smokey have we ever seen the smoke monster go to higher elevations or is it stuck closer to the ground? Maybe the sonic fence keeps it from moving higher. Regardless a good point that I hadn’t thought of!

Enjoy the finale and the loads of comments!

Unknown said...

Mike V. Can I get your social media pages profile? Thanks