Sunday, July 26, 2009

LOST: Comic-Con 2009 Panel - Producers Tease Season 6

Greetings LOSTIES! Hope you all are enjoying the hiatus from LOST. Who am I kidding? It's torture! Just think how we'll feel in May 2010 when there is no more LOST at all to look forward to. It'll be a sad day (but exciting nonetheless!)

I have been keeping myself busy over the past couple months (wedding, new house, you name it!), but with us months away from the final season of LOST, it never truly leaves you for too long. Add on top of that the Blu-Ray release of seasons 1 and 2, so I've been trying to start my marathon viewing prior to season 6 (way behind on the LOST Re-Watch that has engulfed the LOST Blogosphere though). And of course, as much as I may annoy my new wife with my obsession, she still encourages it by letting me drink out of my DHARMA Station Pint Glasses every Wednesday (in honor of LOST) and even constructing a LOST Cake for the GROOM'S Cake at our wedding? Say what you will, but that tops anything that the Ace of Cakes Put together!
(yup, she and the best man even managed to swipe my Jack Action figure from my clutches and put it beside the cake too!)

Anyway, enough with updates on my LOST obsessed life! We're here to discuss Comic-Con 2009! Just like every other year, the Executive Producers of LOST (Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse) go into Radio Silence after the season finale until the massive Comic-Con event. This being their final panel at Comic-Con they pulled out all of the stops with lots of guests, funny bits and mind puzzling videos! (Although, I wonder if they reference the "CHER FAREWELL TOUR" comparison to indicate that it may NOT be their last comic-con panel.) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the panel in person, but thank the inventor of TWITTER and YOUTUBE for making the world a small place! We have 4 video clips from the Comic-Con Panel below plus various other goodies that they unveiled to us. Naturally, we'll need to speculate what it all means. Without further adieu - The Comic-Con Clips!

Comic-Con 2009 LOST Panel
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Video 4 of 4

Highlights and speculation from the Clips Above:
  • Props to Damon and Carlton for visiting the line that was camped out all night for the panel. They truly appreciate the fan dedication to their show. Also, Damon references having camped out for Comic-Con panels in his day too. Gotta love the NERDVANA of Comic-Con!
  • Damon and Carlton supposedly lock away the final pages of the final script to prove that they are not making it up as they go along. They were going to reveal it on Jimmy Kimmel Live on the night of the series finale, but Josh Holloway, Michael Emerson, Jorge Garcia and Nestor Carbonell had other plans! (all present). But the end of the panel Emerson, insulting Josh Holloway's ability to read, takes the pages from the locked chest and reads them. Yup, they are pages for the ending of HEROES and not LOST. Classic!
  • Season 6 will have a similar feel to Season 1 in terms of Tone and Adventure. Running through the jungle galore, a sense of discovery and unpredictability. Plus they promise we will see many characters we have not seen since season 1. (hmmm Boone, Walt? sure we've seen them but not much!) Note: Ian Somerhalder (Boone) did indicate he was asked to return in some form. I would guess it would be safe to say we'll see most of the main characters we've seen over the years in the final season in some way, shape or form. I mean, it's the final season!
  • Funny bit with some comedian (can't remember his name) who drew a picture of Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear on velvet. Hysterical. He also referenced which I have yet to visit, but did verify it was a real site!
  • It would seem that Calrton Cuse may have slipped on a question where a woman asked if we would see Daniel Faraday happily married in season 6. Carlton indicated that Daniel Faraday was dead. The questioner pointed out the theory of Jack resetting time with his plan to detonate the nuke. Damon swooped in to the rescue and stated that we have not seen the last of Faraday. He will be in season 6 in some form. But did Carlton slip by certifiably saying that Faraday is dead? The commercials they aired seem to suggest otherwise (I'll post them below)
  • Season 6 will feature a new storytelling device. We've had Flashbacks, Flashforwards and Time Travel to tell our stories. There will be something new for the final season but they didn't want to tip their hand. Theories anyone? Here's a crazy one. Perhaps the flashes will be to an alternate timeline with things that COULD HAVE BEEN had time been changed? I think that would get old after one episode though, so I doubt that's what they'll try to do. But it would certainly help explain the commercials they aired during comic-con.
  • Jorge Garcia was introduced by acting as a questioner in line because Damon and Carlton wouldn't return his calls. It was hysterical. But he did ask the big questions. The commercials indicate that time was reset and seasons 1-5 never happened, thus upsetting everyone that has watched for 5 seasons. Damon and Carlton simply said "trust us" and that they wouldn't do something that would upset the fans that have dedicated their lives to watching LOST!
  • Jorge makes a knock that Team Darlton also told him to trust them that Nikki and Paolo would be cool too. NICE.
  • Producers indicated they would answer all questions that are important in the final season. Jorge asked if we'll ever find out what happened to Shannon's inhaler in season 1 when Sayid interrogated Sawyer for it. HYSTERICAL!
  • Michael Emerson makes his presence known by telling Jorge he's only supposed to ask one question. This leads to a hysterical back and forth between the 2 where Jorge tells the audience that Emerson originally auditioned for Hurley. (THANKS Commenter Alex for finding a clip! Audio is kinda rough, but still funny!)

  • Darlton indicated that Richard Alpert's back story is fairly involved in the Island's history so it's pretty safe to say we'll be seeing it. (Mentions of the Black Rock in the middle of the island were made too!) This just in, Nestor Carbonell has been announced as a series regular for the final season!
  • Elizabeth Mitchell will be in the final season of LOST. (we already knew that, but still nice to hear!) We just don't know how much of the season as she is the main character in the "V" Reboot. (I'll be watching that as well folks. Potential blog pending the success of V or ABC's other new show FLASH FORWARD, starring former beloved LOST actor Dominic Monaghan (Charlie)!)
  • Is the Man in Black's name ESAU? Emerson attempts to answer this by indicating people are being too literal with the Biblical reference, but he likes what they're thinking.
  • Does Nestor Carbonell (Richard) wear eyeliner? Hysterical clip included in the videos above of Nestor applying the eyeliner and cursing out the people filming. Quote of the day "Richard Alpert is not Immortal, you are" as he looks in the mirror!
  • While Team Darlton indicates that we won't be seeing much more DHARMA material on the MOTHERSHIP (the actual TV show LOST), they still plan on addressing the FOOD DROPS. But they reference the new online series MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE that is being shown on ABC's website. They will reveal other DHARMA goodies on that. I watched the first one. Seems pretty cool!
  • Has Jacob ever appeared to anyone as someone else? The answer is NO.
  • They close up the show with an IN MEMORIAM of LOST Characters that couldn't be with them. It ends with Charlie as Dominic joins them on stage! (I can't find this clip either!)
  • Commercials: Hurley has had nothing but luck since winning the lottery. Introduces a new menu item at Mr. Cluck's Chicken revolving around the Australian Outback. Oceanic Airlines promoting 30 years of Safe Flying from 1979-2009 (i.e. no crash in 2004). America's Most Wanted looking for Kate Austen. I think I read that it indicated her step-father was still alive too. (7/27 - Found Kate Clip! This is crazy stuff!)

So I'm still missing some clips. If anyone finds them, please share them in the comments and I'll add to this post. Hopefully, that helps everyone get their LOST fix for the time being! If not, check the next section!

  • Thanks to Christian and the Super Secret Project for sharing their LOST FAN-THEM! Check it out guys, it's hysterical!
  • Also, I'm on TWITTER NOW! I fought it for a long time but it has come in handy to get real-time updates from Comic-Con! I also thought it would be great to keep in touch with the Lost Addicts Blog readers for whenever new blogs are posted or immediate thoughts after an episode airs. And of course, once LOST is over, I certainly won't be done with my TV obsession. I'd be able to communicate my next project with everyone. So please, follow me on Twitter to stay tuned!

I think I had more to share, but I just can't think of it right now. Look out for updates to this blog post throughout the next couple weeks if I find more updates. And please, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on what was revealed at Comic-Con or if anyone has developed new theories since LOST went on hiatus. I'll post a new blog post if we get any big updates from the producers (Season 6 trailers, Season 6 start date, etc..) As always, I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you probably in a couple months! NAMASTE!