Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Lost" Season 3 Episode 4 - Every Man For Himself

Hello LOSTIES! Welcome to Blog 4 of Season 3! Exciting stuff. Hopefully it'll be a little more exciting than the episode! For all of the hard hitting violence, romantic plot movement, and big reveals...why was I left unimpressed with this episode? I dunno, maybe I just haven't had time to digest it yet. Maybe because there are still too many story lines hanging out there unresolved. While I do have faith that they will resolve it, why am I getting the feeling that the writers definitely knew what they wanted accomplished in the 1st 6 episodes, so they were willing to stretch some story lines to fit it? (AKA - Jack, Kate and Sawyer's imprisonment). Not sure if I'm as excited about the 6 episode "pod" of episodes anymore, if it gives them imaginary writing constraints to have logical setups and conclusions. But, as always I will keep my blind faith in the producers that they know where they are going with these stories. While I was disappointed, there was still a heck of a lot of interesting things that happened, and tons of stuff to discuss!

First of all, we need to RE-HASH last week's episode. In the blog, I discussed a lot of "Time Travel" theories jokingly as explanation to why Desmond could see the future and Eko was telling Locke about his mission, and couldn't find a reasonable LOGICAL explanation of it all. Well in the comments, we got to discussing it a bit. There was the key little missing piece of information I forgot that Locke, Desmond and Eko were missing for 1 day! Well what on earth happened in that day? For all we know they could've been taken in by the others and brainwashed or fed some information. I mean, we didn't even discuss why Eko was in the Cave with the polar bears! There's a whole day missing in the lives of these 3 people, and we need some explanations! I just can't buy into the fact that Desmond can actually see the future! We will need this information as we explore last night's episode. Also the "MISSING DAY" piece will come into play as we discuss Jack, Kate and Sawyer and their Venture to "ISLAND #2." And, remember Henry had told Locke that his whole reason for coming to the hatch was to get Locke and bring him back. If we still believe that is true, he may be testing Locke with this "Rescue Mission" and Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are the bait. Guess we have to keep waiting to see!

With that said, let's move on! As always, check out for recaps, Lost goodies, and if you want to watch the episode again on your computer!

This week's episode featured a Sawyer flashback, movement of the Jack/Kate/Sawyer captivity saga, and we shared a couple scenes with our very own island "MISS CLEO," Desmond and his crazy premonitions.

Jack To the "Rescue"

So, this week Jack is pulled to the operating table again in a failing attempt to save Colleen (2 Deadwood cast member sightings this week on Lost!), or Danny aka Pickett's wife. Here's some things to point out:

  • Jack stirs the pot a bit with Juliet very similarly to how Henry questioned why Locke let Jack push him around. Jack questioned why Juliet takes orders from Henry. Juliet was visibly angered as Henry came in bossing her around. Some rumors flying around that Juliet and Henry might not be ex-lovers at all....and in fact, they might be SIBLINGS....and even further than that...TWIN siblings. There's always rumors flying rampant about twins on LOST, so this rumor really isn't far-fetched. May not even be far-fetched by saying they were island born descendants of the Degroots. But I can't take credit if this theory comes into fruition. You can read the TV Watch from entertainment weekly and read for yourself!
  • Jack was forced to watch cartoons during his continued imprisonment. Don't know if there was any significance to the actual cartoon showing, but am I mistaken or was that the Disney's "Ugly Duckling" cartoon? I dunno...haven't seen it in ages, but it reminded me of it. Just thought I'd share that useless knowledge.
  • Jack heard Sawyer screaming on the intercom. He thought he had heard his DAD saying something in the intercom in the season premiere (his "DEAD" Dad). Juliet told Jack the intercom doesn't work....well we know for sure that Sawyer was screaming, so what gives??? I guess there is always the Jack's Dad really dead? We saw the corpse! And the producers say he's dead! Dead or not...I think there has to be some involvement of Christian with the island activities PRE-CRASH.
  • When trying to save Colleen we find out that the Paddles are busted and Juliet says they've never really had to revive anyone before. Is this indication that the others are a peaceful breed? With Ethan going on a Killing spree in season 1, I'd hardly think so.
  • We learn that Juliet is a Fertility Doctor. Anyone want to place bets that this will come into play in determining the father of Sun's child?
  • Henry shows more of his evil side by letting Jack sit handcuffed with the recently deceased Colleen for awhile until Juliet comes to the rescue.
  • Okay, really only one other thing to touch on with Jack's storyline is the X-Ray. As Jack stated it looks like a man in their 40's has a very large tumor on his vertebrae. So, we can assume that Jack is here to save whoever it is. The question is, WHO does he need to save? The obvious choice would be Ben, but I think that seems too obvious, especially since they lead us to believe that from the previews. Maybe Jack THINKS it's supposed to be Ben. So who else is in their 40's on the island? My immediate thought other then Henry was LOCKE. But Locke is older than in his 40's. Unless, the X-rays are not current, and the others snagged those puppies up from awhile ago. So there has to be more to explore here. But we have to assume that there was more of a reason to bring Jack in than to just perform Surgery, right? What else does Ben need him to do before he sends him home?

Sawyer Flashback
So Sawyer did time for the LONG CON. Looks like Cassidy (Other deadwood sighting!) had him put away for what he did to her in the last flashback we saw. (Ran away with her 600,000 dollars I believe?) Sawyer was able to con his way out of Jail by helping the US Treasury in retrieving $10 Million from Munsen (another Con-man locked away for the same reasons). Here's some tidbits we learned:

  • From the ID Badge for the Prison, we determine that Sawyer was imprisoned in Florida. Remember when he told Jack he had been to Tallahassee? Is that where the long Con took place?
  • Apparently Sawyer has some boxing skills and threw a nice set of punches in prison.
  • Sawyer got a nice commission out of his helping the US Treasury. That was kinda bizarre. Wouldn't you think that his Get out of Jail Free ticket would be enough?
  • Apparently Sawyer has a daughter, Clementine, from his relationship with Cassidy. And in an un-"sawyer"like move, he had his entire commission set up in an account in Albuquerque (spelled good enough!) for Clementine with no ability to trace it back to him. Very noble of him. But here's the thing, Sawyer spent a long time teaching Cassidy how to pull of the LONG CON. Maybe she was conning HIM all along? Depends how much that Commission was!
Sawyer and the Pacemakers

Great name for a Band isn't it? Well, I gotta tell you. It was really hard for me to buy into the fact that they actually had planted a Pacemaker into Sawyer to control his rage. It just seemed too much like a mental game right from the start to me. I just couldn't see Sawyer having to control his heart rate for the remainder of his life on Lost Island. I'll be the first to admit though, I have no idea how easy it is to install or remove a pacemaker! So maybe it's my ignorance that led me to know it was a GAME! Anyway, it led to some nice dramatic scenes with Kate (whom he wasn't allowed to tell about the pacemaker or else she'd get a matching one) and the big reveal at the end.

  • Sawyer has to control his emotions in an array of different ways, watching Kate get dressed (loved the heart rate monitor!), getting beaten to a bloody pulp by Pickett who was taking his anger on him for Colleen's death, and even some nice mountain climbing action!
  • Henry also got in on the fun of beating up Sawyer who outsmarted him with the Electric Shock POLAR BEAR button. Henry had some crazy strength that he was using in his beating. Reminded me of Ethan's strength in season 1 when he just kept bouncing back from several hard punches from Jack.
  • Kate finally tells Sawyer that she loves him, but takes it right back. Is this due to Sawyer's post-pacemaker attitude? Or is it because she really prefers Jack? Well, based on some subliminal would seem she's leaning towards Jack. After Kate finds a way to escape her cage, and then she gets back in the cage...Sawyer states his motto "Every Man for Himself" Kate quickly retorts with Jack's famous line from his Season 1 speech "Live Together Die Alone." ZING! That's gotta hurt Mr. Ford! The love saga to continue another day...
  • Kate and Sawyer get their first Glimpse of Jack as he's being moved (blindfolded) to the Operating Room. They were able to drown out Kate and Sawyer's screams with a deafening sound.
  • Okay, before we get into the big reveal can I just say how much I loved the interaction between Henry and Sawyer? The whole Of Mice and Men bit was fantastic. And of course Ben's "You're good Sawyer. But We're Better" line was stupendous. Of course he was referencing to conning a con-man. The question the CON still on?
  • And that's our beautiful segueway into the big reveal. Oh yes, Apparently these guys are not even on the same island they crashed on anymore!

    But I'm not totally convinced that's true yet. Sure we've been talking about this mysterious POWER CABLE that just seemed to go into the middle of the Ocean, and the Shark with the DHARMA Logo that Michael and Sawyer saw off the coast of the Survivor's camp. But we never saw an ISLAND just sitting out there! Is it possible that the island was always there but just out of view from the survivor's? Even from the Tailies camp? The only thing I could come up with (and the TV Watch person shared with me) was that apparently this Alcatraz*2 island is cloaked somehow where you can't see it from the other island? What else ties in here? Well, let's recall how Desmond tried to sail away from the island and ended up right back AT the island (he called it a "bloody snooo globe!" like my Scottish accent?) And if we go back a couple episodes in this season Juliet made a comment "Who cares if they have a sailboat, they're just going to sail around in circles!" And of course, all the references that the island cannot be detected by the outside world. WHERE IS THIS ISLAND??? So it works both ways? you can't see in OR out from the island? Then how did Henry show Sawyer the island?

    More on earth did they move Kate, Sawyer and Jack to this 2nd island without them knowing it? Again, we're missing a day when they were brought to this imprisonment. We did see them at a DOCK. And we have heard references of this "Ferry" from the Pearl station (which we see in previews for next week). But unless the 3 heroes were would they not have known they were put on a boat and taken to another island? Oh right....did Juliet mention that a SUB was back in this episode too? Okay, so they have a submarine now? Same questions! And where is the OTHER's camp? (you know Suburban Othersville?) looked like that WAS on the same island. We also had Ethan and Goodwyn RUNNING to the crash sites.....So do the others live in a different place than the Hydra station Island? Or are we still on the same island? I know I come here looking for answers.....but we always leave just asking more questions!

    And I always answer it with...I guess we'll find out eventually!
Desmond and the Premonitions

Alrighty, so on to Desmond and him saying he could fix Claire's Roof and Charlie saying he's "HANDY" in his crazy accent. Desmond once again reveals to the survivors that he is seeing things before they happen and that he prevented lighting from striking Claire's "tent" by creating a lighting rod with a golf club. And we continue to ask...HOW is he doing that???

Well this is a little more problematic than him knowing about Locke's speech. The speech could've been part of a brainwashing or a pre-planned session where Desmond and Eko knew about the speech and just had to tell people about it. Now we're talking about knowing when lightning is going to strike an exact spot. Well, remember when Locke predicted when it was going to rain in season 1? What was that all about? It's like he had found some system to when it was going to rain. And well....back to the theory that the Island is in some controlled environment....can they dictate when it's going to rain and also pinpoint exactly where they want lightning to strike? That would seem a little odd. But little by little...the survivors are believing that Desmond can see the future. However this is possible, I'm sure will eventually be explained.

Oh and we saw more of Paulo. Today he was golfing into the ocean. I just don't understand why they need these additional characters as part of the survivors yet. I have heard rumors that Paulo might be a potential love interest for Claire creating a bit of a Love Triangle. But isn't he with the other girl, Nikki? Weird...

Okay, that's all I got. Feel free to share your thoughts as well. We got into some good discussion last week! That was always my dream for this blog! If not, just keep on reading. See you next week when we begin to realize that EVERYTHING WE EVER THOUGHT ABOUT LOST WILL CHANGE FOREVER! Thanks ABC for your crazy over dramatic promos!


Anonymous said...

Pretty lame episode, don't you agree? I hope there is something better in the wings in the remaining two episodes..I haven't seen the previews for next week yet but I will find some time to get hold of them and view them.

I did like Sawyer's flashbacks and him having to keep his heart rate down..but thats about it!! The 'big reveal'at the end was interesting and did make me think a bit but I am pretty sure we won't find out much about it until after the break you guys have coming...unless there is something in the preview I haven't seen! :p

Amazed that you got so much out of that eppy, Mike...your recap was better than the episode...

Anonymous said...

Maybe the x-ray belongs to the guy that Ben referred to back at the original hatch as the leader of the Others. (Assuming he wasn't talking about himself.) Maybe they keep him hidden for protection and because he's too weak to go out in public.

Mike V. said...

Yes David....kinda lame indeed. I mean I did get a lot out of the episode (obviously), but I think I'm just a little tired of them being imprisoned and want some action taken now! And I'm sure that's what we'll focus on in eps 5 and 6.

Joy...good call. The infamous "HIM" that all the others refer to.

I totally forgot to mention in the blog...(i may even add it)...Jack heard Sawyer screaming on the intercom. He thought he had heard his DAD saying something in the intercom in the season premiere (his "DEAD" Dad). Juliet told Jack the intercom doesn't work....well we know for sure that Sawyer was screaming, so what gives??? I guess there is always the Jack's Dad really dead? We saw the corpse! And the producers say he's dead! Dead or not...I think there has to be some involvement of Christian with the island activities PRE-CRASH. (Okay....i'm adding this to the BLOG!)

Anonymous said...

We have to take into conderation that the x-ray belongs to none other than JACK! Ultimate irony! He thinks that he was brought there to save someone but it will be him who needs saving.

Unknown said...

Yea i automatically thought it was jack's own x-ray, but i highly doubt that now.

Claire said...

Hi Mike,
I don't expect you will see this comment, because I am writing it years after you wrote the blog entry, but i am extremely behind the times, and only just watching lost now!! I love it, obviously. Your blog is so good, after almost every episode I come on here to find out what you've made of it, I love it! Good work, it's really great. I feel a bit like Im going back in time talking to you, because you now know what happens at the very end of Lost, whereas I am only part of the way through season 3! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks so much for the blog

Mike V. said...

Hi Claire! Oh dont you worry, I get emailed whenever a comment is made on any post. And I'm thrilled people still are reading the blog! You're totally welcome for the recaps and thanks for the props. Near the end of season 3 things really picked up with the comments. People started finding the blog and we had some great conversations. I've even talked through the show with people who watched it after like you! So feel free to comment as you go along. I'll respond but won't spoil anything! :-) enjoy! And thanks again for reading!

Unknown said...

I'm watching Lost for the first time and I love reading your blog after most of the episodes ! What a great show.

Mike V. said...

Thanks thanks Ashley! Feel free to comment throughout your journey through the show. I still don't mind discussing the show and I won't spoil!!

Pebbles said...

I’m impressed. Very informative and trustworthy blog does exactly what it sets out to do. I’ll bookmark your weblog for future use.


Miles Balzard said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's with all these new commenters posting years after the show ended? I feel like I'm encountering some strange new characters on an uncharted island in the South Pacific!

Anyway, it's interesting to read the recap and comments about this ep being dullsville and hoping the writers have an end game in mind (for the six-episode arc that apparently preceded a winter break back in 2006). It's interesting because I am often slow to agree with negative "nothing happened" reviews of serialized TV series, partly because I enjoy a languid pace now and again.

Moreover, I tend to be trusting of the writers "going somewhere that's worth the wait," which has sometimes burned me in the past. As I must admit, I'm usually the last person to give up on a show that has jumped the shark and lost its way (persistent binge-watching of Weeds and Dexter proves that point).

It's particularly interesting to read these "gee, that was kinda lame" feelings in relation to Lost, as I have seen the same thing with "modern times" reviews and comments on eps of Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Usually, the "kinda lame" eps of these shows are so superior to the competition it makes me wonder what people expect: every single episode will be scripted perfection?

This dynamic reminds me of the TV reviews I read on A.V. Club, which boasts some of the most discerning TV fans on the interwebs. They often trash a perfectly good episode of Parenthood, Game of Thrones or Hannibal because it didn't meet their expectations, then become enthralled again by the next episode, which reaches the nirvana they celebrate by leveraging the very plot points they bemoaned the week before.

Oh, I do blather on. Let me get to a few quick points about this episode of Lost!

I swear, Josh Holloway must've gone into his audition for the character named Sawyer and the casting director turned down the stage lights, clicked on a flashlight and asked Holloway, "Give me your best glower." Holloway nailed it and the best glower since Clint Eastwood was born.

Funniest scene this season for me: Sawyer's heart racing when Kate was changing clothes, spitting at her to "get some clothes on" and dumping a bucket of water on his head.

Yes, Kate, I too would have said "I love him!" to stop a vicious beating. Doesn't mean it isn't true, girl! I'm shipping Sawyer and Kate evermore!

As for Desmond (racing up every fan's favorite character list, I'm sure) or Locke predicting the rain, hell, I can do that pretty well myself. Not down to the minute, but.... And the lightning rod constructed by Desmond wouldn't detour lightning that might've struck Claire's roof per se, but it would, like all good lightning rods, attract a lightning strike by being the highest metal object in a flat plain. That said, yes, it was magically delicious.

As for the quality of this ep, I give you all credit for recognizing that this was indeed a bit slow. Also, the cliffhangers at the end of each episode aren't as gripping as they used to be. But not surprisingly, I enjoyed it as much as a leisurely, character-driven episode of Mad Men.

Mike V. said...

Hmm..looks like this post got hit with some SPAM comments. I usually get them and clean them up when I see them. Missed a few on here.

Funny that I agreed and called the episode LAME back then. I don't view these episodes as bad in hindsight. But, it certainly was the slowest plot movement of the show. I commented on this either in the last episode or the episode before that, so I won't repeat myself! The writer's knew they were stalling and they used episodes like this probably to negotiate the end date.

I definitely leaned on the "trust the writers" with this show more than any other show, and I felt the experience rewarding in the end. Not everyone did (which I also mentioned before). I don't think this show was ever going to satisfy everyone! (BTW...I watched Weeds and am watching Dexter till the end also. Weeds certainly was the most dramatic change that I've ever seen from the show it started as!)

Man...I can't remember one bad episode of Breaking Bad. Even the slow ones are just so filled with tension I can barely breathe! Mad Men is like a fine wine just waiting to be slowly enjoyed. lol As for LOST, especially in rewatches, I don't mind the slower paced episodes. They usually provided great character growth. But yeah...not every show hits it out of the park every time out. LOST's batting average was very very high.

Ahh...Game of Thrones fan eh? You should certainly join our discussions over on the TV Addicts Blog. I don't recap them, but we definitely discuss them each week when they air. I read the books but I pretty much approach it the same way as I do these LOST posts. I won't spoil what's ahead!

Wow...Kate/Sawyer shipping forevermore eh? Interesting!! I will not comment further!
Thinking about it more. I think the issue with these "nothing happened" episodes is that we knew we were only getting 6 in the fall before a long hiatus. So, when we got episode 4 and it was this was a hard pill to swallow. When you pair these 6 with the rest of the season, it's all good setup and a perfectly good episode of television.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching years later. I am so glad I found your blog. I watch an episode and then read your recap. There are so many things I miss and then when I read the blog I can put it all together. Just wanted you to know it is still very much used after all this time.

Mike V. said...

Thanks anonymous! So crazy, someone else is going through the series right now too. They're a little further ahead of you just wrapping up season 3. Definitely glad that this blog still gets some activity!

Feel free to comment on your way through and I'll respond when I can. I'm pretty good at remembering what happened when so I do my best not to spoil!

By the tail end of this season, you'll start to see lots more comments in the comments sections. The blog picked up and the discussions with all of the readers became half of the experience! Enjoy!

Rob UK said...

Lol, I'm another one who's only just seeing this show for the first time and coming here for the recaps after each episode. I'm not sure but I think I found it with a Google search something like "what the hell is going on in Lost season 3" or words to that effect, and chose this blog as it was written at the time to avoid spoilers (I just wanted to discover if I was the only one to be baffled yet intrigued!). I'm not much of a poster but I'll probably post a few thoughts along the journey as I get Lost along with the characters. thanks for writing your blog :-)

Rob UK said...

Hope you are OK Mike V. not seen you post anything for a bit anywhere - I've started reading your Walking Dead recaps in anticipation of the new season in October. Hope you are not LOST on an island somewhere, pushing buttons!!

Mike V. said...

Sorry rob! Lol you caught me on my vacation week! I'll be back in action tomorrow and will catch up on your posts! Thanks for checking out the blogs!

Rob UK said...

Ah I see lol! I am getting towards end of season 3 now but still come here for the recaps! Desperately trying to avoid spoilers so appreciate your discretion in the more recent comments :-) Good to know you are alive and well and hope you enjoyed your vacation!

Mike V. said...

Hi Rob, sorry for the delay! I did see your comments when you posted them but like I said I was on vacation (and it was great, thanks for asking!). Wifi was awful where I was and I only had my mobile devices. For a true LOST Blog response, I'm better on the trusty computer! lol (one that does more than just enter numbers and hit execute! lol)

The Non-Spoiler strategy seems to be why people keep finding this blog. I appreciate the new visitors and the comments along the way. I usually do try to keep up with the comments, and will definitely do better now that I'm home!

Thanks for checking out my newer site too. Getting married and having a couple kids has changed my blogging strategy a bit (less words, less pictures, etc...) but I still do love a good TV chat! We have a nice little community of TV fans on the blog that discuss a bunch of shows. Feel free to join us!

I'll catch up on your other comments now too. :)

tarantino88 said...

I ain't got much to say on this episode, but dude, you were overthinking it way too much back then, not sure if you are still that way with other shows... "how Desmond can see the future..." I don't know, he just can, it's LOST and the island is weird and that's it lol. That is at least my theory on it, maybe they do explain it rationally later I don't know. As for Locke predicting rain in season 1 I think it's just experience, he feels change in the air, in the environment, etc.. like every experienced "adventurer".

Just my two cents on it.

Mike V. said...

Oh I know I was overthinking things! It doesn't really change in the future recaps. I enjoyed the discussions but was pretty content near the end to know that a lot of these things I pondered weren't really important. But they do kind of touch on Desmond and Locke and their interactions with the island in a more vague sense.

You seem to be in a good position with the way you're consuming the show to be totally happy with how things wrap up in the end. I would suggest you continue not to overthink things and just enjoy the show for what it is. Of course, it doesn't hurt to read about what people were obsessing about at the time. (i.e. reading this blog! :-))

As for overthinking things today? Nope. LOST was a special show that hit at the right time where I could devote a lot of attention to it. I do not have that luxury of time anymore. I still love watching TV shows and discussing them, but I do not really dig deep into any shows airing today...with maybe the exception of Game of Thrones...but I'm reading the unfinished book series too so it's fun to discuss differences between book vs. show and discuss theories of where the series and show are going.

LOST was designed for theorizing and overthinking...of course, in the end it was the downfall for many fans who were expecting the Universe's mysteries to be resolved by the mere mortals writing the TV show and that the questions they posed that the writers themselves were never intending to ask would be answered. Well..spoiler alert...they weren't! Though, I was able to satisfyingly answer any lingering questions I had by the end of the show through the context of what was shown us over the 6 years. Not every answer was force fed through dialogue or had to build on what you've already learned to figure it out. And that's how LOST should be. Live on through discussion forever.

Look what I did...I ended up overthinking my response to you! lol LOST can still do it to me 4 years later!

tarantino88 said...

Well, what mostly got me hooked to the show was that mystery that surrounds island and weird things that happen there (Jack's dad appearing, along with empty coffin, or for eg. people miraculously getting to full health quicker than normal etc...) but I was never expecting the answers for that. The island is weird and does weird stuff to people and that's it, that's why I watch the show, not to find out how or why the island became like that. Now, I'm aware lot of people are disappointed with how the show ended but I don't care, I'm pretty sure I'll like it. But let's wait and see :)

Mike V. said...

Some of that stuff has answers but it's a good attitude to have to not worry about it! Enjoy!

The island is certainly a crazy place and that was the setting for awesome character stories. In the end that's why the show worked and was so successful. The mystery and theorizing was icing on the cake!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog!!! Only just watching Lost now. I watched the first 2 seasons back in the day when I was overseas & when I came back was totally out of sync so gave up & have intended to catch up ever since. I started from the beginning 10 days ago and am already halfway through season 4!! Frustratingly only found your blog last night whilst trying to get some other thoughts on what was going down, and am now reading EVERY SINGLE blog post before I get back to watching as it's made me realise how much I miss of relevance every episode (especially as I'm bingeing so hard sometimes I get brain melt). So I now know what happens up to mid season 4 but now feel so much more in the picture having found your blog. It's taking me a while to read through it all but it makes up for not being able to discuss theories with anyone at the time...! I'll save my theories until I've caught up with myself as I'm already ahead of the game as far as your blog is concerned ;) But just wanted to say thank you & let you know that more than 10 years later you've still got at least 1 grateful reader ;)

Mike V. said...

Hi anonymous or should I say Emma? :) thank you for checking out the blog! Always great to hear when bingers find it all these years later. Once you get into later recaps you'll see the blog caught on and there will be a lot more discussion! But it sounds like you may have read ahead?? I could never do that before watching the episode but to each his/her own! This blog is here for you as a coping mechanism after each ep and you can feel free to comment. I still will get notified and unspoilerly respond when I get a chance. Enjoy watching lost for the first time. I'm jealous you get to experience it as a rookie viewer!! But it still retains its value on rewatch too. Great characters, wacky story great drama!!! Enjoy and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, thanks for the response - good to see you're still manning the blog! Just wanted to explain that I haven't read ahead - this is as far as I've got with the blog but I've already watched up to mid Season 4 before I found you. I've stopped watching so I can catch up with the blog & make sure everything fits into place so will continue reading until I reach the episode I last watched, and can then start reading each blog after the specific episode! Does that make better sense?! ;)

Mike V. said...

Ohhhhh lol whoops! Misread. That makes a lot more sense. Enjoy your reading!

Simon Sandiford said...

I don't mind the slow pace of Lost as it is very common in US shows to pack in so much drama that blink and you've missed a whole plot point and it feels so fake... But the slower pace, although sometimes it is feeling like it is padding out the season, it is so much better this way.

My thoughts on the new island... Well that cable then probably links the two... We know (unless it isn't true) that they are in an underwater aquarium with Jack and there are submarines so maybe there are also underwater tunnels that they use to get the aquarium and that is halfway between the two islands. There maybe controlling the curents so you can't sail to the other island without a speedboat? Also in the season 3 premier when we saw the plane break up, my memory of it is that I thought it was a weird view as the beach it landed on was on land to the left and I did think that they are on another island but then when the overhead view of their little town came on and it looked like they were on the main island, I forgot about it.

Charlie is an interesting character as he is from Manchester which is literally 5 miles to the city centre from me here. That scene with his mum and brother when he was young was so Coronation Street accents (is supposed to be Salford & Manchester but sound more West Yorkshire).. Made me laugh anyway... And Desmond's accent is very real... I now work with 3 Scottish people who sound exactly the same.

Almost 4am now so it is definitely time to go to bed and leave more episodes for this weekend... Unfortunately Xmas day plans and then working Saturday means I'll have to wait till Sat night to ger to epsiode 5 :)