Sunday, January 10, 2010

23 Days Until the Final Season of ABC's LOST Premieres! 23 Mysteries to Ponder.

Hello LOSTIES!   Yes, in 23 days time, as of this posting, we will be transported BACK to the magical island of mysteries.  WHEN and HOW in the Island timeline are still very big questions and I'm sure the immediate answers will not be very clear either!  But, we do know one thing.  After 18 more hours of LOST, it will be over and we will have QUESTIONS answered.  All of them?  Well, let's be honest, Team Darlton (Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse) cannot possibly and do not intend to answer everything.  But they will bring FINALITY to a show that has had an amazing run.  And they will resolve questions we have been asking about our favorite characters and their favorite resort away from home that we have been asking since September 22, 2004.  So I am counting the days until I dive back into the blogging world to recap these sacred 18 remaining hours of one of the best, if not the best, TV shows to ever grace the small screen.   I figured, since there are 23 days remaining until the premiere, I would make a list of 23 mysteries that still perplex me about the island.  Surely, not all of them will be answered, and I know this.  But, they are things that I want to know!  This list will be far from complete, and I encourage everyone to continue the list in the comments.  Maybe we could get to 42, 108, and dare I dream: 316?   Here goes nothing...23 Mysteries in no particular order or priority:

  1. What's up with Walt? - Okay, they better have plans for the boy with special powers in the final season!  Yes, they had to work around the kid aging so they wrote a kidnapping story and eventually got him off of the island.  But before his departure, we saw Walt had some strange ability to make things happen by looking at objects or visualizing them (The polar bear in Hurley's comic book, the dice in backgammon, Locke teaching him how to throw the knife, the dead bird hitting the window in Australia after him reading it in the book, etc...).  Then there was that crazy moment where Locke touched his arm at the end of season 1 and Walt got a weird feeling and said "Don't Open it!" (referring to the hatch)    And of course, let's not forget him appearing drenched in the jungle in front of Shannon and talking all backwards and stuff.  And then Ben (Henry Gale at the time) told Michael that "they got more than they bargained for with Walt) before he sent them back to the real world.   If that wasn't enough, then the writers/producers decided to address Walt's aging in season 3 when they had him appear to Locke and save him from killing himself...telling John "you have work to do" (a common theme in LOST).  We could have passed it off as the actor getting older if John and Sawyer didn't discuss it and call him "Taller Ghost Walt".  Yes, we see him 3 years later off of the Island and he's clearly older.  And he's having crazy dreams about Locke surrounded by people with guns.   So then I asked in the time was passing off of the island, was Walt possibly having dreams about Locke and unintentionally making appearances ON the Island to save his life (a la in season 3)?   Sounds far fetched, but this IS LOST we are talking about right?    So, this sounds like a lot of stuff about a character that needs resolution, right?  And yes, the icing on the cake would be to have some kind of resolution between Michael and Walt after they left things unsettled in season 4.  Will Walt return to the island and get a chance to talk to Ghost Dad and be reunited with Vincent?  For this story to be complete, I'm going to required some of this to happen! 
  2. Desmond's Incomplete Story - Henry Ian Cusick (actor portraying Desmond) did something amazing when joining the LOST squad.  He found a way to become one of the most interesting and one of my favorite characters on the show (even though he didn't appear until season  2).  But he did earn a character-centric finale (season 2) where many details of his pre-island history were dished out to us.  One of the biggest things that seems unresolved from Desmond's past is his Military background.  Yes, we see 1996 Military Desmond time jumping to 2004 and needing his Constant and everything, but we have yet to see WHY he was dishonorably discharged from the Scottish Guard.  Are we to assume that it is because he was a coward and ran away from everything he had ever done?  Are we to assume the introduced that tidbit in season 2, as a possible lead for a future character-centric story if they didn't get to define their Season 6 end date?  Or, is this some vital piece of information from Desmond's history that will be revealed in his final character-centric episode of season 6?  (Cusick is no longer a full-time castmember on LOST but he will get his on Centric story).   In addition to this, Eloise Hawking told Desmond that the Island is not done with him.  And of course, we know that Desmond somehow defies the Time Travel logic and rules as Daniel told him the "rules do not apply to you.  you are unique and special" or something like that.  Will that play a role in all of this Reboot craziness?  So will Desmond return to the Island in present day?  Will Penny and little Charlie come with them?  I'm sure some of this will be answered.  But as for the military story?  That one I see going either way.   
  3. Eloise Hawking's Knowledge of the Future - Okay, this one I pretty much have figured out.  When first meeting Mrs. Hawking in Desmond's first time travel episode (Season 3's "Flashes Before Your Eyes", she clearly had knowledge of what Desmond was supposed to do.  It made no sense to us.  How did she know what was going to happen?  Had she already experienced it?  Was she time traveling?   It appears like she was not.   It was her son, Daniel Faraday that was time traveling.  Young Eloise Hawking ended up killing Future Daniel and taking his journal.  By reading this journal, she would be able to learn about Desmond (since Daniel wrote about Desmond being his constant) and be able to know the future until 2007.  So when Desmond and Eloise talk in I guess 2001, it makes sense that she says "you don't take the ring.  You go to the island and push the button to save the world. And this is the only good thing you will do your entire life"   Or something like that.   It all makes sense right?   Okay, then riddle me this:  how on earth did she know the man with the red shoes was going to die?  Was that in the journal too?  Seems like a pretty random event to be captured in the journal.   Yes, it was meant to be a Wizard of Oz reference, but is there more to Eloise's knowledge of future events?  Something tells me we might not get this answer.  But it has bugged me since we saw "The Variable" in season 5.  It's questions like this that we'll probably have to draw our own conclusions to after the show is over!

    (don't worry, some of these mysteries will be less wordy!)
  4. Who are Adam and Eve? - Season 1, Jack finds the cave.  He brings Charlie, Locke and Kate back with him.  They find two bodies lying next to each other carrying black and white stones.  Jack estimates from the decomposition that the bodies had been there for 40-50 years.  Damon and Carlton have said on countless occasions that they put the Adam and Eve skeletons in season 1 so that we could look back on it when the show was over and say "they knew what they have been doing since the beginning!"  That makes me think that the identity of these 2 people is very significant.  The popular theory since season 5 has been that these 2 people are Rose and Bernard.  Do we think whatever happens to the rest of our LOSTIES after "The Incident" that Rose and Bernard would somehow stay behind in 1977?  And, correct my math if it's wrong but 2004-1977 = 27 right?  And who is to say that Rose and Bernard were going to die right away?  So this doesn't get us to 40-50 years.  Should be interesting how this one pans out.  But our likelihood of getting an answer to this one? 100%
  5. The Tale of Henry Gale - Yes, we know the FAKE tale of Henry Gale.  The man that pretended to be him turned out to be one of the most awesome villains of all time - Ben Linus (remember when we all refused to call him Ben because we were so used to Henry?  So we called him Benry?  Ahhh those were the days.  But Michael Emerson certainly made us all believers in BENJAMIN LINUS!)  But Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie DID find a body buried underneath a smiley-faced hot air balloon and the driver's license did belong to a Henry Gale of Minnesota.  We have been told several times that we would get his story, but we never have.  Will we in season 6?  Is it important? 
  6. Libby's Stay at the Mental Institution - Again, we were promised this many times.  They even brought back the actress Cynthia Watros in season 4 but didn't get a chance to tell this story.  The actress has decided not to reprise her role in season 6.  And Damon and Carlton have gone on record saying that this is not a priority for them to address.  But the people demand answers!  It was a huge cliffhanger in the "DAVE" episode of season 2.  She knew Hurley. Hurley recognized her.  She is a clinical psychologist but also had a stint at the mental institution as an in-patient and clearly stalking Hugo Reyes!   Add onto that that her deceased husband's name was David (we learn that in the season 2 finale when she gives Desmond her boat), and you have a pretty juicy story, right?   Well, Damon and Carlton have agreed to address the issue in the final season.  Someone will have to bring it up in passing since we will not have Libby back to tell the story. (1/12 update - Executive producers confirmed at the TCA Press Tour that Libby will return for a stint in the final season! WOO HOO!)
  7. The Whole Richard Not Aging Thing - Yeah, I know "Jacob made him that way", but what does that mean?  Why does Jacob not age either?  And Richard looks so clean cut all of the time from 1954-2007.  Why was there a period in the 70's when he grew his hair out and went all native on us?   And of course, where did Richard come from?  This brings me to my next question.
  8. Where is our Black Rock backstory?! - The Black Rock seems to be a pretty essential story in the LOST Mythology.  So important, that they have saved it for the final season to reveal it to us.  Will it come as part of Richard's back story?  Was he aboard the Black Rock vessel?  We know that Magnus Hanso was aboard the ship who is a descendant of the DHARMA Initiative's financial backer: Alvar Hanso.   But here's a big question I'd like the answer to:  How did that darn ship end up in the middle of the jungle on the island?   After season 4, I just assumed that the Island moved and appeared right underneath the ship (crazy I know), but in the finale of season 5, we see the Black Rock sailing towards the Island as Jacob and the Man in Black talk.  So, I ask, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?
  9. How did the 4-toed Statue (Taweret) get destroyed only to leave the one foot (Jacob's home)? - Many look to the volcano (mentioned in season 3's "The Man Behind the Curtain") erupting for answers.  Could it have been in a battle between the Black Rock people and The Others?  The Man in Black mentions to Jacob "They come, they fight, they destroythey corrupt".  Could DESTROY have anything to do with the statue?   And while we are on the subject, where is this volcano on the island??
  10. What IS the Smoke Monster? - Obviously, we need answers here.  They reveal something special about this monster every time it appears.  We know that it is a security system, according to Rousseau.  We know that it can infect people's minds (as we saw what it did to Rousseau's crew).  We know that it can look into people's memories and that it can take the form of dead people from these memories.  (Definitely Eko's brother Yemi and Alex.  But possibly Locke and Christian Shephard?)   We know that it judges people and has a pretty bad temper with people that will not repent!  We know it sounds like the monster is on tracks when it moves.  It can be summoned by Benjamen Linus (well at least the one time) by pulling a drain out of a muddy toilet.   But WHAT IS THIS THING?   I wonder just how much they're going to tell us about the monster.   If they get into explaining what the composition of the monster is, it could get very much like explaining that midi-chlorians are what make up the FORCE in star wars.  (aka - As Damon Lindelof explains "something no one really wanted the answer to").  Some things you just assume are part of that universe and it should be accepted.  Maybe that's a cop-out, but I don't think any answer to the monster would really be satisfactory to me!  Except maybe that it is somehow related to the Man in Black. What say you peanut gallery?!
  11. The Interconnected Lives of our Island Dwellers - Why are everyone's pre-island lives so interconnected?  Were they all MEANT to be on flight 815?  Was there some purpose for them being on the flight?  Was Jacob behind recruiting all of these people for the island?   Is there some higher power than even Jacob?   What exactly IS the end game of LOST?  And why are these people so important for it? 
  12. The eternal Love Triangle (Jack/Kate/Sawyer). How will it End? - There are times when Jack and Kate seem perfect for each other.  There are times when Sawyer and Kate do as well.  Is there any really happy way for this to all end?  Is a happy ending even in store for any of our LOSTIES?  I keep thinking that the only way to end this love triangle is for one of the leading men to die.  And how will they die?  In some huge sacrifice for everyone AND specifically for Kate and other said man.   Now, come on, Jack wanted to blow up the island for another chance with Kate!  Call me a sucker, but I always root for the Leading Man to get with the girl!  But, I am also conflicted.  I feel like Jack isn't going to survive the final episode of the show.  But, we have also seen how selfless Sawyer can be at times.  I could see him making an ultimate sacrifice.  Or, would Option 3 be a possibility?   Kate dies and Jack and Sawyer survive?  Crazier things have happened.   Any way this one ends up, there are sure to be some portion of fans upset by the result!
  13. Desmond's Vision of Claire and "baby" getting into a Helicopter - So, did they completely forget this storyline?  Desmond tells Charlie that he saw Claire and "The Baby" getting into a helicopter and leaving the island.  This is why Charlie gave his life in one of the most gripping moments of prime time television EVER!   Aaron is now 3 years old and really can't pass as a baby!  So even if he did come back to the island Desmond wouldn't see Claire taking him as a baby back on the chopper.  Of course, it could be in an alternate timeline that Desmond saw this happen.  Perhaps in a rebooted history?  Why did dead Christian Shephard (or Man In Black possibly) find it so important that Claire had to stay with him while the island moved?  Did he know that Claire was SUPPOSED to get on that helicopter?  Oh, that brings me to another question - is Claire even alive?  Miles was certainly getting a weird vibe from her after Dharmaville was attacked by the freighter crew and the house blew up on top of her.  She wakes up talking about Charlie, and then Miles can't stop staring at her.  Did I mention Miles has a thing for Dead people?   Oh boy, can this show get any crazier?  We will see Claire in the final season, so maybe we can clean up this mess! 
  14. The Ghosts, The Dreams and the Crazy Animals  - Before Hurley Talked to them and Miles was "feeling" Dead people's last thoughts and experiences, there were still ghosts on the island.  Jack saw his dad 4 or 5 episodes into season 1.  Now we think Christian is some kind of smoke monster apparition, or Man in Black or both.   How are these ghosts following our survivors OFF of the island?  Jack saw Christian in the hospital right after the "smoke" alarm went off (hmmm smoke?).  Hurley played chess with Mr. Eko, hung out with Charlie, talked to Ana Lucia.  You name it!    And what about all of the crazy dreams people have on the island?  Eko talked to Ana Lucia, Charlie had those awful baptism dreams, Locke saw his mother pointing to the Nigerian plane crashing, Hurley dreamed of Jin speaking english in a chicken suit, Ben said he used to have dreams, etc...  Locke had lots of crazy dreams even the one with Boone taking him through the airport, and the other one with Horace building the cabin.  What is it all about?   And yes what about all of those animals in season 1 and 2?   Kate seeing the black horse on and off of the island (not to mention Sawyer talking as if he was Kate's father asking why she killed him)?  Sawyer with the crazy Boar? (I don't expect answers to these animal ones but I wanted to bring them up while I was thinking about them!)    Crazy crazy show....can they answer ANY of this?
  15. Is Ben really a villain or truly a good guy who has done bad things to get the job done? - And will we ever be able to know if he's telling the truth about something?  
  16. Christian Shephard - How exactly DID he die in Australia?  We never saw it happen.  We just heard it was heart failure.  Had he been to the island before?  Did it lead to his alcoholism off of the island?  How important is the Shephard family to the Island?  What was up with Jack's grandfather trying to run away from the nursing home with Christian's shoes?  Was there more to that story than meets the eye?   Will Jack and Christian finally reconcile on the Island?  
  17. The Psychic Malkin in Australia - This is another one that I always thought there was more to the story.  Malkin tells Claire that she HAS to get on Flight 815.  It seemed as if he KNEW that plane would go to the Island and that SHE would raise the baby.  He also interacted with Eko and told him that he was a fraud.  But then why was he so insistent on Claire getting on that plane?  Was Malkin involved with anyone else getting to the island?  Was he in cahoots with Jacob, Man in Black, Christian, Widmore, anyone???  I want more answers!   Malkin also was very concerned about Claire raising Aaron.  And we saw Kate raising him in season 4.  The theme was brought back in season 5 when Ben tells Kate Aaron is not her son.  And Hurley hears from Charlie and tells Jack "You are not supposed to raise him" in season 4.  Of course, that could have been about John Locke for all we know!   There just seems to be more to this story of the psychic and Claire.  And of course, how important is Aaron to this Island?
  18. What's in the Guitar Case? - Jacob brought Hurley a guitar case, and he was convinced he had to bring it on the plane.  Yes, it was probably, in part, to recreate the events as best as possibly on Ajira Flight 316 to Oceanic Flight 815, but there has to be more, right?
  19. Who are the Shadow of the Statue people?  - We have met Ilana and Bram and they have exposed Locke as "NOT Locke".  They appear to be allies with Richard and therefore Jacob.  They tried to recruit Miles for THEIR TEAM instead of Widmore's team.  We see a flashback of Ilana where Jacob comes to see her.  She is wrapped in bandages in some Russian medical facility.  He asks her to do something for her.  It probably had to do with coming to the island.  Maybe even bringing Sayid with her.  But what else?  Have these people been to the island before?  What were they doing OFF of the island?   Are they part of the whole conspiracy to bring the 815ers, Desmond, and others to the Island in the first place?
  20. Who or What is/was Jacob? - An ageless being, who seemed to have brought Locke back from the dead after he was pushed out the window from his father.  He seemed to have healing powers but he still managed to leave Locke paralyzed until he came to the island.  He clearly has been involved with some of the 815ers since early on in their lives.  He went out of his way to touch them.  Did this make them special?  Make them able to survive the crash of Flight 815?  Some of them were visited by Jacob after their initial stay at the Island (Sayid, Hurley).  So what did this signify?  Is Jacob the almighty FORCE of GOOD on the Island while the Man in Black is Evil?  Or could it be reversed?   The themes of Black and White have been on the show since the very beginning.  Light/Dark.....Jacob was wearing white when he talked to the man in "black".  There were the backgammon pieces, the black and white stones with Adam and Eve.  Is the end-game of LOST truly a battle of good vs. evil?  What will it accomplish in the end?  Is Jacob truly dead or did Ben killing him make him more powerful than we can possibly imagine? (a la Ben Kenobi?)   Stay tuned for season 6!

  21. What is the Temple? - First heard of in season 3, Ben instructs Richard to bring their people to the Temple.  Ever since then, a group of others (including Cindy and the kids) have stayed there.  (If I had more questions than 23, I'd ask about Cindy and the kids!!)   Richard brought Ben to the temple to HEAL him but also take away his innocence. (There is no way to say that without taking it the wrong way!).  We have seen the outside WALL around the temple in season 5.   We know the Smoke Monster lives there.  But we have yet to see the Temple and what its purpose is.  It is guaranteed to be a part of the final season of LOST!   Do we think this is where Richard and some people can go to come and go from the island as freely as they do?  (Tom left the island to give Michael his mission, Richard somehow get Locke's father to the island after causing a crazy car accident a magically transporting him to the Island.  Richard also left many times to check on Locke's birth, and different stages of his life)   Is the temple the MAGIC BOX that Ben speaks to Locke about in season 3?   We shall see!  
  22. Is Locke really dead? -  We are told on LOST that Dead is Dead.  So, by default, Locke must be dead.  But, even after his return to the island, Fake Locke had memories of his former self and seemed to be able to communicate with Sun and Ben as he always had before.  It didn't seem like a DIFFERENT person, just Locke with more confidence and with a purpose.  Yes, in the 4 toed statue, that looked like a different person.  Both Christian Shephard and John Locke died off island and were brought back to the island and seem to be walking again.  But Shephard was staying in the cabin and told Locke he could speak for Jacob.  We found out that Jacob hasn't been in the cabin for a very long time.  Hmmmm  It would seem that the Man in Black has been assuming the role of both of these people.  But it just cannot be that clear cut.  The character of John Locke needs closure and I'm sure we're going to get it.   But unless we are rebooting the clock, I just cannot figure out how they're going to do it!
  23. What is the Island? - Ahh this open-ended question will allow me to ramble on a little longer!  A magical moving island (through space and time) that has the power to heal and kill all at the same time.   The Island is over a pocket of electromagnetic energy which is inevitably responsible for the crash of flight 815. A plane that when it crashed, 48 people (plus 23 of the tail section) survived with superficial wounds.   How did they survive that plane crash?   Was it due to Jacob making them special?  How did Locke regain his ability to walk?   Why/how does the Island move through time?   Where did the island come from?  What is up with all of the Egyptian artifacts on the Island?  How old is the Island?   Is it the Garden of Eden, the lost island of Atlantis, is it Purgatory? (ahhh always worth a laugh!)

    Sadly, I do not think there is a single sentence answer to this question that would satisfy all of the viewers whose imaginations have been allowed to run wild for 6 years.  And, this might be one of those questions that the producers decide to leave pretty ambiguous in the end going with the whole "midichlorian" analogy again.  "It just exists, accept it and now let's deal with the characters who were put into this world."   Is there really a way that they can explain it to us?   I have confidence that Damon, Carlton and the writers will strike the right balance when they decide to answer vs. leave open ended.  I believe they will give us a satisfying conclusion! 
If I was going to go on to 42 these would be a few topics that I still didn't get to!: 
  • DHARMA Food Drops - How were they able to do it? Where did they come from? 
  • Kelvin's recruitment into DHARMA and his involvement with training Sayid to be a torturer
  • THE NUMBERS! (How could I forget the crazy numbers!?)
  • How/Why did the Island prevent people from dying before their work was done?   Michael couldn't kill himself, when Jack tried to jump off a bridge there was a car crash and something for him to fix, in 1974 one of the others that killed Amy's husband Paul shot Sawyer but the bullet whizzed right past, etc...
  • Who built the Lamp Post station?  Was it Daniel Faraday?  Eloise talked about a man so brilliant that created it.  
  • Nikki and Paulo - Are they really dead? (just kidding)
  • Will we learn more about Annie?  (Ben's best friend during DHARMA Times)  And will there be anything made of my crazy theory where Ben told Jack that Juliet looks just like Sarah (Jack's ex-wife) and Goodwynn's wife told Juliet that she looks just like someone Ben knew?   My theory was that Annie was Sarah.  I know, completely ridiculous but I never let it go!    Chances are more that Juliet looked like Ben's Mother which is why he grew an attachment with her.   But what do I know? 
  • Why did some people on Flight 316 go to 1977 when the others went to 2007?  Convenience for the writers or is there a reason? 
  • I could go on and on and on....
I encourage everyone to chime in with their favorite mysteries, conundrums and even theories as we await the exciting concluding season that begins in 23 days!  As always, I will be there with my wordy recapping and look forward to the great discussions we always have.  One...LAST...TIME!   See you then LOSTIES and NAMASTE!  

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Mike V. said...

Okay...I'll start! lol

24 - Locke and the Island Weather: This may have never been a mystery they planned to answer but what is up with the way Locke knew exactly when it was going to start raining and when it was going to stop? And on the same note, what was up with the weather on the ISLAND...the rain never gradually drizzles and moves into a's either pouring or it's a beautiful sunny day...and it changes instantly. What is UP with that!?!?

25 - The Numbers! - I mentioned it in the blog but I didn't get into details. 4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42 - Yes from the LOST EXPERIENCE between season 2 and 3 we learned that the numbers represent the Valzenetti (sp) equation which equates to the End of the World. this was never brought up on the flagship show. But from the show's perspective, where did the numbers originate? Did Hurley really make the recording of the numbers that Rousseau's crew heard? are the numbers really CURSED? The producers have always said there is no way they can possibly have an answer to the numbers...and it was always just more fun to stick them in from episode to episode. You would think there needs to be some kind of additional information on the numbers we love. But again, this could be dangerous territory where any attempt to explain it, would actually take away from the fun we've all had with them! (I think I just rambled on enough to make absolutely no sense and contradict myself 3 or 4 times!)

anyone else want to continue the list?

Unknown said...

Hi from Sweden and a BIG Lost-fan!

I want an answer of those russians who show up suddenly a while ago. You remember for sure when Mike :)

I got addict to your blog a while ago and now was time to add something..

But maybe you mean this issue when talking about the animals (was also polarbears ha?)

Looking forward to the end season with mixed feelings....


Mike V. said...

Per, I wish I knew what Russians you mean, but sorry I'm not exactly sure. There were the men in the arctic working for Penny that spoke Portuguese at the end of season 2. And there was Mikhail the Russian in season 3 who was part of the Others and working at the Flame station, but I thought we got all of those answers.

Ilana might be Russian and we definitely need to learn more about her!

As for the Polar Bears, that isn't exactly what I was referring to with the animals. I was talking about Kate's black horse that showed up in season 2 on the island and was also off of the island that caused a car crash...almost helping her get away from the Marshall. There was the boar that was taunting Sawyer in season 1. But yeah, I guess mainly the Horse lol

The polar bears...I think we have an answer, kinda. DHARMA was doing crazy experimentations on Hydra Island and had the bears in cages (the same cages where they kept sawyer and kate). But there is one question that we could add to the list.

26 - How did a DHARMA Polar Bear end up in Tunisia (where Charlotte found the fossilized remains)? Did one of them turn the donkey wheel and end up in the past there? We know the Polar Bear that held Mr. Eko captive was living in a cave on the Island...and we know there are tunnels underground on the Island that the Others use to move around. And that donkey wheel is definitely very deep underground. Could a polar bear potentially have traveled to the donkey wheel and transported himself off? Do we even care??? I'm guessing it's not at the top of Team Darlton's priority list to answer that one! lol

Mike V. said...

by the way, thanks PER for your comment and for being a LOST ADDICTS BLOG ADDICT! :-)

Ian said...

Hey Mike! My brother and I are counting down the days until the final season begins too!

Some mysteries I'd like answers to:

Definitely second the DHARMA food drops mystery. They can't leave us hanging with that one. That moment will stick out like a sore thumb if they never explain it.

Is Eloise pregnant with Daniel when she kills adult Daniel? We learn she's pregnant in the next episode, but do you really think Daniel was born in 1977/78? I've seen the theory that Daniel was off-island at the time and Eloise was pregnant with someone else, but...who knows? I have a feeling they won't address that one.

This probably can be lumped in with your dreams/ghosts section, but what are the whispers?

In "The Hunting Party" when Jack, Locke and Sawyer meet Tom/Mr. Friendly, Sawyer apparently fires a shot that ricochets right back at him. Is that indeed what happened, and if so, why? I'm guessing that one won't be answered either.

What's up with the "Hurley bird"? Surely there's some simple way to explain that. Maybe Hurley met the bird in 1977 and it recognized him years later?

Another extremely broad one: where did the Others come from? How did they get on the island? Are they connected to the Black Rock, or have they been there longer? I doubt there'd be many women on a slave ship, so maybe Jacob brought them all there by various means?

About the polar bears, I thought the generally accepted explanation was that DHARMA trained the polar bears to turn the wheel for them so none of them would have to leave the island. That's why the bear cages have such elaborate systems of food dispensation. They were teaching them to figure out how to do what they needed to do.

So much to look forward to!

Mike V. said...

Ian, all good ones you bring up!

can't believe I didn't think of the whispers! Although, I'm not sure we're getting an answer to that one either. At this point, I think we've been told that whispers are associated with The Others....that might be all we get! lol Of course, maybe when uncovering the temple and what makes an OTHER an OTHER...the "whisper" explanation will become apparent!

I didn't think the polar bear thing with the donkey wheel was accepted as fact....but I agree...we can pretty much imply the answer based on the facts given...and also agree that might be all we get!

i don't think they'll make Eloise being pregnant more complicated than it already is with the time travel. It was definitely Daniel she was pregant with! my guess anyway lol

i'd love a hurley bird explanation...but i'm guessing a no go on that one! But hey...they ARE still mysteries whether we're getting answers or not...and it's always fun to bring them up!

There's always Jorge's classic question from Comic-Con..."who actually has Shannon's inhaler?" LOL Which, actually, I think was answered in a DVD commentary on one of the seasons by Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz!

Anyway...thanks for your input! You ready for the Idol onslaught beginning tonight?

MJ said...

Well you certainly covered most of them Mike. Great job.

I want to know exactly what would have happened if Claire had not raised her child

Were all these people pre-destined to be on this very flight, was it fate, or were they selected and somehow it was arranged to have them on the plane ? We know that some Dharma people were selected (Juliette), but not about the plane travelers.

Did Widmore try to keep Des and Pen apart because he KNEW Des would go to the island, or did he just hate him on principle.

Depending on what they tell us by the end - I want more 411 on Mrs. Hawking. Cause that jounal of Daniels didn't hold everything that she seemed to know. She might have read that Des was a constant, but not where and what day he would be somewhere to help him stay on his path. Not - there's more to it.

Faraday's behavior when watching the tv with the plane being 'found'

I never believed Libby was a phychologist once we found out she was a patient. So there is definitely more to be found out in her story.

Why Ben keeps baby Alex to raise as his own ??? Why not any of the couples ?

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ! I tried my best!

Agreed on Hawking..something doesn't add up there.

The whole pre-destined vs. recruitment of 815ers is something i'm definitely interested in...and how they survived that crash! I want to see a scene where we actually see the fuselage crash on the island and what happens to our survivors. Not sure we'll get that either, but it would be nice! lol

Hmm Faraday's behavior...yeah, there's probably more to it...but I guess just with his experimentations with time travel and his mind being the way it was when Widmore came to see could be assumed he was in an emotional state. Yeah, I know it makes no sense...maybe there is more to would be nice if we get the info...But I'm thinking in their minds they've addressed it!

So much to cover in 18 hours...we all know some stuff we want to know just isn't going to happen!

Agree on Claire...of course, that is if Aaron ever really HAD to be raised by Claire or if that was just the ramblings of a fraud psychic. but then, how did he know about flight 815..and was he hired by someone to get Claire on that plane!?

I like the one about Des and Pen. I have wondered that one myself! Also, if he knew Desmond was bouncing back and forth through time when dez came to see him in The Constant. Why did he clog the drain and leave the water running?

good question on Ben...but again...i'm guessing we are to assume he felt an emotional attachment to alex after going to kill rousseauand felt it his responsibility to raise the baby. I just don't know how much time they'll spend revisiting this stuff....but we could be pleasantly surprised!

We'll start finding out in 22 days!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Great list, but I'm also curious on the backstory of the skeleton w/ Dharma clothing and toys in the Polar Bear cave.


Ian said...

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to watch "Idol" as much this year. In fact, I'm not going to go out of my way to watch all the incredibly boring audition episodes, except maybe the Chicago one, since I was actually there. I still need to get a digital converter box if I'm going to be able to watch anything. I've been putting it off for a while.

Another minor mystery that occurred to me while I was watching "One of Them" yesterday, how did Sayid learn English?

Mike V. said...

That's a good one Jim. I forgot all about that! I wonder if they'll find a way to slip that story in there!

Ian, not sure about Sayid learning English...I would just guess that he learned both Arabic and English while growing up. I'm gonna guess Team Darlton are going to let us figure that one out on our own!

As for Idol...I'm sure you're not missing much. If I wasn't posting for Gather too, I probably would've given up on it as well. Of course, now, with it being the LAST season of might be fun to do one more time!

vandee said...

great stuff, love your blog and your thoughts on things! Here are a couple things I want answered:

- what ever happened to the children that the 'others' took in the first season? The little boy and girl.
- when ben and locke turn the wheel, why do they end up in the middle east? and why is it so cold and icy by the wheel?
- why can't widmore get back to the island? why did he leave? what/why is the fued between ben and widmore?

MJ said...

Press Tour: Lost.

MJ said...

Vandee - YES ! I totally forgot that one about the children. I also want to know why they were taken, what happened to them.

Mike V. said...

Hey guys, I'll check your comments in a second...I've been on a retweeting rampage for the TCA Press tour lol

Check it out!

Mike V. said...

Vandee great questions! I too want to know about the children....and as for Widmore..I want to know if he'll return to the island! he refers to the island that it WAS his and also says "it will be again" he definitely plans to return.

What is the WAR that is coming? Another grand question!

thanks for the link MJ...i'll check it out but I'm sure it's the same stuff lol

MJ said...

It's very amusing. Carton and Cuse were in rare form

David said...

Hot off the press guys! Quote from the Facebook Lost thing..."Lost is live at ABC's Press Day. Damon and Carlton just announced that Libby and Michael will be back for season 6."

Mike V. said...

Thanks David...I tweeted this as well...but I agree...check out the link MJ put in the comments. Great Press Tour....and I did rewatch seasons 1-5 from July-December...but I agree I may need to pop season 1 back in! LOL

Mike V. said...

Pretty crazy...that reveal on Libby..btw, since they had previously confirmed they couldn't get Cynthia Watros to film anything this season. Sounds like they're really pulling out all of the stops with the final season!

Can't wait for 21 days from now!

Unknown said...

Ey Mike and the others ;)

Sorry if I seemed unprofessional but i havent seen the episodes quite as often as you!

I meant the portuguese people then (not russians - big misstake), but if they worked for Penny it maybe wasnt such a big question actually...

Then of course Penny and her family is a mystery of themselves!

Interesting about the polar bears but for the other animals we can just wait and see..

I always have to defend Lost among friends (mostly) because here in Sweden a lot of people got tired of so many questions without answers. But i guess that is one of the biggest reasons that Lost for us is so special!

We really have to see how many answers we can suck out of team darlton - but i appreciate this blog as a lovely help.

So the first episode will be a double one? Hope in Sweden too..

Mike, you have to comment as much as possible and then we together will try to make answers of maybe at least half of the questions. (16 maybe?)lol.

Ok, bla bla bla from me :P

Hey dudes!

Mike V. said...

Per, don't worry about professionalism! LOL I may have watched the episodes a lot, but I'm no professional. Just an obsessed fan! I was just trying to make sure we were talking about the same thing :-)

Agreed that Penny and Family is a very interesting story worth exploring. Does it matter who Penny's mother is? We've never even heard of her besides the fact that Charles Widmore was living 2 lives. One on the island and one with a woman OFF of the island.

Tell your friends to tune in for the FINAL season! The answers are coming! (most of them anyway lol)

Yes the first episode is 2 hours and called "LA X". It's not 2 episodes lumped into one like last year's premiere (where ABC decided to air 2 episodes on the first night). So it will all be dealing with the how we left things in the Finale. I am pretty sure it will air the same way for you!

I'm glad you enjoy the blog Per and don't you worry. I'll have plenty to say during this final season and once the show is over. If we don't get answers, we'll make them up ourselves! :-)

Peter said...

Hey Mike, great recap on all the mysteries.
I think your right in sayin we wont be getting all the answers, half of them would be the best we could hope for really!

Sorry to go off topic, but recenty started thinking about favourite series, and I know we should really have this conversation after the 6th, but just wanted to rank my favourites and hear yours and other peoples opinons!

1- Season 1 (what a season, nothing like it)
2- Season 2 (so many mysteries, all the stuff with ben was great)
3- Season 4 (shorter but they packed so much great episodes into it)
4- Season 3 (took a while to get going and had a few nothing episodes, but was still great towards the end)
5- Season 5 (great series, but the time flashes got a bit annoying)

Im hoping seasn 6 features somewhere at the top of this list by May!

Mike V. said...

Thanks Peter! Ahh yes, the infamous favorite season question! It's tough with LOST because I love the show so much. But I think I have to do this one based on Rewatch-ability! My list is a little different than yours...but the race is very close between all of them:

Season 1 - Hands down the best season. Most of us wouldn't be watching today if we didn't get hooked in the beginning!

Season 3 - Yeah, those first 6 episodes and the Thailand ep were pretty painful...but everything else was AWESOME. And the season finale blew the doors wide open on possibilities. (I can never decide if I like "Through The Looking Glass" or "The Constant" better)

Season 5 - I could probably go either way with this season and season 4. But, season 5 is fresh and I just rewatched on Blu-Ray...I was so busy recapping the episodes that I didn't fully realize how great this season was! Forget the time travel...the drama, the comedy, the character stories were at an all time high! Loved it!

Season 4 - The Strike year did affect the storytelling and some things were a bit rushed. But the show was still phenomenal and does have one of the best episodes ever made for the small screen "THE CONSTANT" The finale was Epic...and the Oceanic 6 plot-line and trying to figure out who was in the coffin was awesome!

Season 2 - Now don't get me wrong...I LOVE season 2. I wouldn't have started blogging if it weren't for all the intricate mysteries and mythology that were introduced that year. I love the SWAN station. But there are 2 factors that are an issue with re-watching season 2: Team Darlton didn't know how long they needed to have this story the show ran at a snail's pace. (what we saw as creative when first watching it...4 of the first episodes dealt with the first moments in the hatch from different people's perspectives!) And, let's be honest...Ana Lucia wasn't the best character on LOST! The other worst episode of LOST was in this season as well "FIRE + WATER" with the whole Charlie crazy dreams and the Aaron baptism storyline. But, even with the problem on re-watchability...season 2 has a lot of information that brings us to where we are today. Introduction of the DHARMA Initiative, Desmond and Ben's arrival to LOST, Charles Widmore, Penny flight 815 crashed....turning that crazy hatch key and the sky turning purple. But to get to those have to sit through some pretty slow stories! (We should also mention lots of the flashbacks didn't add anything to the stories!)

Note: This is also what made season 3 the #2 season for me. It felt like after those first 6 episodes, Team Darlton knew they had to up the tempo and start firing off answers. And it also inspired them to work with ABC to set the end date leading to the action packed final 3 seasons we're seeing now. The 2nd half of season 3 was so good that it negated anything that happened in those first 6. (and surprisingly, when re-watching those first 6 eps, I found them very valid...since afterall, Sawyer and Kate were building that runway that Ajira 316 landed on).

But, that's if I have to actually pick my favorite and least favorite season. In all honesty, the show lives as one entity and all of its parts sum up the greatness and legacy of the show. So, if I ever re-watch the series again...I will not skip one episode!'re right...we should wait until season 6 is over to do this! lol

Mike V. said...

Straight from Lindelof's mouth. This is kinda what I was thinking and what I said in a majority of this post!

"Damon Lindelof has admitted that Lost fans will not get answers to questions about the island.

Previously, the executive producer had promised that fans would get more answers about the series in the sixth season premiere than the first five seasons put together.

However, Lindelof has said that those answers will not involve questions surrounding the island’s mythology.

“There are certain questions I’m very befuddled by, like, ‘What is the island?’ or ‘What do the numbers mean?’” he told SFX.

“We’re going to be explaining significantly more about the numbers, but what is a potential answer to ‘What do the numbers mean?’ I feel like you have to be very careful about entering into midi-chlorian territory.”

He added: “[The island] is a place. I can’t explain to you why it travels through space-time, it just does. You have to accept that.

“So we intend to answer the big questions, but in terms of the island itself, there will be questions left unanswered after the show ends.”

I think I'm fine with this lol

Mike V. said...'s the link where I read it:

mark said...

Hey guys

I know its not a huge mystery but i always wanted to know who the watch was for

Mike V. said...

Jin's watch? Hey you never know. The producers said that they'll be touching on a lot of things from season 1 in the final season. In the past, I thought Mr. Paik played a bigger role in island events than what we had seen. And what was up with that american guy (who spoke korean) keeping tabs on Jin at the airport? We may see stuff never know!

Peter said...

Well Mike our lists were completley different except the 1st season being number 1 lol. Anyway back to the mystery subject, just thought of one there.
I wonder will they address the whole Jacob in the cabin thing. When Ben brought Locke in and all this weird stuff started happening, then the quick flash of a pirate or something. Seeing as Ben has said in season 5 that he has never met Jacob. What was all that about, it was a really cool scene, I hope they get around to addressing it!

Mike V. said... I's a fine line between each season and my opinion on them. I would probably re-rank them today differently than yesterady! lol But season 1 will always be #1!

I think they began to address the Jacob's Cabin in last season's finale. There has to be more there. Ilana said someone else has been using it....and the circle of ASH was broken..... Maybe someone was trapped there? "HELP ME" the voice said And we know that the cabin started moving too....and that Christian Shephard was in there saying he could speak for Jacob.....but everything Shephard led Locke to do was leading to this LOOPHOLE for the man in black. Which makes us think Smokey = Shephard = Man in Black = Fake Locke = Whoever was in the Cabin. But that's just a theory...... I think this is DEFINITELY something that will be addressed in season 6!

Good question to add to the list too!

Ian said...

Interesting that you rank Season 2 last, Mike. I just rewatched Season 2 with my brother and came to think it may have been one of the best. I should probably rewatch Season 1, since there are a few episodes from that season I've only seen once.

I agree with you on Season 3 too. Those cage episodes were pretty dull, but the rest was great (save "Stranger in a Strange Land"). "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" and "The Brig" are both among my favorite episodes. Heck, even "Expose" isn't that bad, in my opinion. Speaking of "Expose," I always wondered if Paolo was supposed to be connected to Penny's Portuguese-speaking employees before they killed him off. I'm sure we'll never know the answer to that one.

Mike V. said...

Like I said, I'd rank them differently on any given day of the week. I loved season 2 and it's what got me into blogging about LOST, but when ranking an awesome show by season, something has to come last! Lol

And season 2 seemed like the season where they were stalling the most due to an unclear end date. Other than that I still thought the individual episodes were a good time!

Yeah I always thought season 3 got (and still gets) a bad rep for how it started. Most people tend to forget how awesome it got. Even the episode with Sawyer facing off against Anthony Cooper! Ooh chills!

plumbarius said...

Bravo Zulu (military speak for well done)for all your work and attention to detail on this blog. It has been a Saturday morning ritual since I discovered it a couple of years ago.

One question for you:
In last season final episode, at the beginning, I believe the man in black says something to Jacob like "We will find a loophole" not "I". That has bugged me for months but my DVR died and I lost the episodes I had taped.
Any thoughts on we v. I??

Mike V. said...

Thanks Plumbarius! I'm happy my efforts don't go unnoticed! Lol As for MIB, I am pretty sure he said "I'm gonna find a loophole" and then Jacob said "when you do I'll be here" you can probably look up that scene on YouTube if you want to see it again. If I get some time I'll put a link on here. Thanks for making this blog part of your ritual!! :-)

plumbarius said...


Before my DVR died, I played it back multiple times and I swear I heard we instead of I.
Anyone else out there hear it? :-)

I will YouTube it and check it out again!!

Mike V. said...

I just checked it too. I guess it kinda DOES sound like "we" if you want it to! Lol I just assumed it was I. Now I'm not so sure. Guess we will find out soon enough!!

plumbarius said...

Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill but if MIB does say "we", it makes me wonder what others he is referring to. Does this mean that it is simply more that good v. evil or black v. white?
Maybe we is referring to those who would fight in the coming war?
Probably completely over thinking the whole situation!! LOL!

Oh man...can't wait for the season to begin!

Pharmer said...

Speaking of that scene, I always found it very interesting when the man in black says "No thank you, I already ate" or something like that to Jacob when he offers him the Red Herring. Don't know why, but I think there could be something more to that.

Mike V. said...

plumbarius, yeah I agree the implications could be big if there is more than one person acting against Jacob. Sorry, I was posting from my phone yesterday! I also agree that it might be looking too much into one word! LOL But, that's the beauty of LOST! Overanalyzing! It could be a key factor in how this mess unfolds.

Which leads into Pharmer's next post. I never really thought to look more into that line either "i already ate"....but you bring up a good point about the Red Herring. The fact that it is a red herring could be symbolic that the conversation they're having is meant to throw us off. We have all discussed the possibility that maybe Jacob is the bad guy and Man in Black is the force for good. Or maybe the herring is trying to say that the whole SHOW has been a diversion to what is actually going on....something that will be uncovered in the final season.

But yeah, from that perspective, if the Man in Black turns down the red herring, I guess that could mean something. But I still look at this as a case of over-analyzing. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Besides, I'm still looking way too much into my whole Sarah = Annie conspiracy! LOL

Chris Stedman said...

My season three rewatch had me thinking about these mysteries.

Will we ever know why the pregnant women keep dying?

Why did Ben get a tumor on his spine if the island heals?

How did Ben cure Juliet’s sister’s cancer? He said Jacob would do it but wasn’t it revealed that Ben has never actually talked to Jacob.

Mike V. said...

Good Call Stedman. on the Island healing and hurting people and the pregnancies. Why did Jack get sick when he was planning to leave the island? Because he wasn't SUPPOSED to go? Same with Ben getting the tumor....and women unable to get pregnant. What caused that? It obviously hadn't happened in 1977 yet since Juliet delivered that baby.

It's amazing how many questions are out there for the show. Easy to forget a few every once in awhile!

I thought Ben lied about Juliet's sister getting cancer again to keep her on the know the whole "YOU'RE MINE" thing that he says in the season 4's "The Other Woman" He was manipulating everyone to stay on the island to keep doing his work. At least that's what he told Locke in "The Man From Tallahassee"

Chris Stedman said...

Now that you mention it I think your right about Ben lieing about her sister's cancer returning. He even took Juliet to the flame station in "one of us" and showed her a live feed of her sister with her baby and a full head of hair just to keep the lie going.

Peter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter said...
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Peter said...

Thought this was funny!

Link text

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link Peter, I saw it yesterday on Twitter and still haven't been at a computer where I can watch it. (blocked at work...ugh!)

I'll try to check it out later today!

Peter said...

that is annoyin, ye Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on der, good sports by the look of it!

Jenn said...

The pregnancies! Definitely the pregnancies! It is a huge mystery that I hope they explain. It was such a prominent part of the show for the first three seasons.

During the rewatch, I was trying to formulate some theories about it, but was only able to come up with one. Pre-incident, Amy was pregnant with Ethan, and although he was in the breech position during labor, he and Amy survived the birth just fine. My theory was that the "incident" released the electromagnetic forces from deep inside of the island and that these forces had a deleterious effect on the pregnancies.

As far as Tunisia being the exit point for the Donkey Wheel, the original theories floating around were that Tunisia was a straight line through the earth from the approximate position of the island (which I think was based on the numbers somehow). But once we learned that the island moves, that theory doesn't quite fit. We do learn (in Season 5 I think) that the elecromagnetic enery pockets are all connected, so perhaps the explanation is that Tunisia is the site of another pocket.

Mike V. said...

Jenn, I think the pregnancy issues have been pretty prominent for 5 seasons. Sun's pregnancy remained a concern in season 4 and she needed to get off the island to have Ji Yeon. And in Season 5 Juliet was concerned about delivering the baby in 1977. They definitely have a lot invested in this mystery. I would guess that we won't learn HOW exactly the island is killing the pregnant women...but we may learn WHY it happened. Team Darlton may have jumped the shark on using the word "MIDI-CHLORIAN" over the past month or so LOL But it does drive home their point well!
(and of course, the term "jump the shark" has jumped the shark long ago, hence my using it incorrectly in this scenario! :-))

Your theory is a good one though. I thought similar things that the INCIDENT was involved. I also thought maybe it had something to do with the PURGE of the Dharma Initiative. who knows??? I guess we'll see!

Very interesting theory on Tunisia being a pocket of energy. That would make more sense than anything else I've heard or read! I'm guessing this is another one they're just going to let us deduce our own conclusions.

I don't know if they're going to address this either...but I sure would like to know more about the ORIGIN of the Island....and like...WHO put that Donkey wheel there! That goes along with my questioning all of the ancient ruins on the island. And wanting to know more about The Temple. So hopefully they don't shy away from answers on this one!!

MJ said...

Peter - that was hysterical. Have to show the husband that. He's been rolling his eyes at me since season 2 everytime I bring up my theories. LOL

Mike V. said...

another segment of Maureen Ryan (twitter: @moyryan)'s interview with Team Darlton. Good stuff:

Mike V. said...

Finally watched the ONION video about Annoying LOST fans. LOVED IT!

Mike V. said...

Interview with Michael Emerson:

he doesn't really spoil anything but talks about how he thinks things are progressing towards the end (or not for that matter).

Chris Stedman said...

Emerson may have put an end to your Sarah = Annie conspiracy. Unless he's setting us up for the series final surprise. lol

Mike V. said...

lol indeed he probably did! I was figuring anything ANNIE related would get pushed to the backburner before he even mentioned it!

I still think it was really bizarre how Ben and Harper both said Juliet looked like someone else. Ben to Jack "Juliet looks like Sarah" and Harper to Juliet about Ben "Of course he likes you, you look just like HER"

How could they make 2 distinct comments like that and NOT link them!?? Indeed it IS a conspiracy! And even when the show is over, I will maintain that it's true! LOL

Peter said...

Don't ask me why I just thought of this, but remember when Desmond was in the Hatch for all those years pressing the buttons. How was he not driven to insanity by pressing the buttons ever 108 mins, u wudnt be able to sleep. Surely you would go actually mad and do yourself in!
Can't see this cropping up in S6 but still...

Mike V. said...

Well, he did seem a little agitated when Locke, Kate and Jack showed up. And he got really nice and drunk when he left the hatch! LOL I think they explain that Radzinsky DID go nuts by pushing the button for MANY years. He shot himself. Kelvin was working on a way OUT as well. But you have to remember, he was only pushing the button alone for about a month and change. He accidentally killed Kelvin on September 22, 2004, the day Flight 815 crashed (because he didn't get to the button in time)

I think he was the right amount of crazy for that!

Mike V. said...

I was talking about Desmond btw....he was only pushing the button alone for a month and change after flight 815 crashed.

Chris Stedman said...

I think your right, Annie will be pushed to the backburner. In the end Annie will just be a childhood friend who showed young Ben some kindness in contrast to the abuse he received from his father. The statue he kept is just a reminder of his former life.

Peter – Rewatch season two final, Desmond did go mad. He was going to end it all when he opened "Our Mutual Friend" and found Penny’s letter to him. For some reason Locke crying and pounding on the hatch door saved his life. Radzinsky before him wasn’t lucky enough to have Locke bang on the door and blew his brains out.

Mike V. said...

Another GREAT point about Desmond. How could I forget such a pivotal scene! "You saved my life i'm gonna save yours!!"

Totally agree on Annie too. I'm sure there will be some Expanded Universe Novel after LOST is over about the life of BEN in DHARMA Times lol

Peter said...

ahhh, its all clear again now about Desmond thanks! Phew. Should really start rewatchin earlier seasons, bought the 1st season on blu ray last month, aint go a chance to check it out yet.
Right just thought of something else I hope they address but probably won't...
Miles, Whats up with him, and what the HELL was all that about when he went to the house and had that weird device.
Some Miles answers would be nice this Season.

Chris Stedman said...

LOL. “BEN’S ADVENTURES IN DHARMA” I would so read that.

They could even do a young adult line about Ben and Annie as young detectives.

“The case of the frozen donkey wheel”
“Where in the world is the island”
“The case of bunny #15’s twin”

It’ll be a gold mine!

Mike V. said...

Yeah it would be like the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles...."Young Ben Linus" Ahh I can see it now! There would be lots of sacrificial bunnies too! (wrote that before I finished reading your comment too...funny stuff!)

Peter, I think they HAVE to provide some background on the GHOSTS on the Island...and Miles' communion with the dead. I guess they might file this under MIDI-CHLORIANS but COME ON! People have been wondering since the beginning about the GHOSTS (which could simply be answered as "they're not ghosts, they're smoke monster manifiestations which is The man in black" yeah it's far-fetched but it's an answer! LOL As for Miles being in communion with the Dead...that is just weird. And Hurley talking to ghosts too... There needs to be SOME kind of explanation. But what do I know?

I highly recommend the re-watch! I re-bought s1 and 2 on blu-ray and got my $40 rebate for already having the DVDs. Best purchase EVER! LOL (yeah i know, I have serious problems!) The worst thing is - during my rewatch sometimes I was too lazy to still put the disc in, and I just opted to pull up an episode or 2 on my HD Streaming Netflix through the TiVo! So many ways to watch LOST, it's crazy!

Juna D said...

These are great. I do hope they answer them all. I can't wait.

Mike V. said...

Thanks Juna! I'm just hoping for a satisfying conclusion at this point. LOL I don't think we'll get an answer to everything!

Unknown said...

ohh yeah!

I love Desmond an his accent :)

Got i bit sentimental now by hearing you talk about the hatch... That was the most exciting and classic lostperiod for me!

Some sort of highlight for more people? Mike what do you say?

It was there I think Lost started for real and when we got all those answers one by one for a time it was like "stop - dont tell everything!" Lol if we had known then how many more questions that was to be announced later on....

Was a bit annoyed for the time-jumping but on the other hand we might get to se more from the period around the hatch!

Just my thoughts after a stressy afternoon at work Brothaa!

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I loved the HATCH storyline. Everything from the running season 1 story of trying to open finding out what it really was....and then finding out it caused the plane crash. Love Desmond's story with the hatch. It's all good stuff. And ironically I ranked Season 2 as my least favorite season. This is what I's so hard to rank them. But I ranked them based on REWATCHING and STORY PACE. Season 2 was definitely the most drawn out.

Yeah the 2nd half of season 3 is when I thought we were getting answers to everything! Locke ending up in the wheelchair....confirming Sawyer's target was Locke's father...and Sawyer actually killing him. And then them working towards getting off of the island. It seemed like the show was going to end! But then they threw the FLASHFORWARD bombshell on us....and it became a whole new show. That's why I loved season 3...It just blew me away what they pulled on us!

i loved season 5 in the fact that we found out the characters pretty much set things up in the PAST for future events. That is, IF they don't pull the RESET Switch on us and change things.

I like the idea that Jack was so convinced to detonate that bomb to PREVENT 815 from crashing years later...that he actually caused the chain of events to the button having to be pushed every 108 mintues, and then the plane crashing. Of course....then Free Will is out the window if the answer is THAT easy.

So I'm thinking we're getting some kind of hybrid result in season 6...where we do see some kind of alternate timeline....but we will also see the story play out as we've known it for 6 years. the characters HAVE to remember everything that has happened to get them where they are. EVENTUALLY, if not at first. I require this!

Speaking of rambling...those are my ramblings for another day at the office as well!

Jenn said...

My wishlist for minor mysteries to be solved also include Miles, specifically, with whom did Widmore need him to communicate?

Speaking of the hatch, I am also hoping to find out who spliced the orientation video and why? The spliced portion is a warning to the hatch inhabitants not to use the computer to communicate with other stations or else risk another "incident;" however, we know now that the computer had nothing to do with the original incident.

Chris Stedman said...

Kelvin said that Radzinsky made the edits to the film. I don't think we were ever told why. In Live together die alone part 1.

Mike V. said...

Those are some good ones Jenn!

The Miles one I think we have a shot at an answer because that's a pretty recent introduction.

There is more to that splicing of the film...It was at the Arrow station and found with a Glass Eye.... Here's a theory that we can deduce on our own: It was all a brilliant plan by Ben to get Michael to communicate with Walt on the computer.....Mikhail spliced the film and decided he didn't need his glass eye anymore! LOL That just sounds ridiculous! Plus...I always thought that the producers said that Ben had no knowledge of the Swan hatch before he was taken there as Henry Gale. But that doesn't add up because they show him in "Expose'" at the Pearl Station with Juliet watching Jack in the hatch. Maybe they changed their mind after season 2!

There are going to be so many loose ends at the end of this show. I hope we don't get too upset about them! I would love like 5 years down the road if Team Darlton put together a LOST Encyclopedia or something that included more background on stuff they couldn't fit into the show. I thought they had expressed interest in doing something like that at one time. But, they seem so burned out right now just wrapping up season 6...they would probably need a lengthy break from LOST before they even contemplated it!

Mike V. said...

You know I was thinking we learned that about Radzinsky in the S2 Finale but I just figured I dreamed it lol

But, the only reason I could think for Radzinsky doing it is because he was CRAZY!!

I wonder if we'll see the 1977 aftermath of "The Incident" ...or if we'll just start somewhere else in the timeline (reset or original)

There are the things I ponder at night

Mike V. said...

the official ABC Promo Trailer #14 has a "single frame" of the new season.

Here's the clip:

here's the link to the single shot if you dare want to look at it!! (note spoiler of the picture in the name of the link!!! but not very will just make you question what's going on!)

MJ said...

Hey - 2 people both saying that Juliette looks like 'her' - could they mean Julie ? If I recall, when they go back to the 70's Juliette tells them all that her name is Julie - not Juliette.

MJ said...

I am watching season 1 now (Boone just died, Locke just saw the light come on in the hatch) and this is my first re-watch at all of any seasons. Wow - it's great fun to see them all again in the early days, just discovering things and getting to know eachother.

Always swore I'd wait til it was all over then watch thema ll - but after Darlton said to know season 1well - then I could resist.

Mike V. said...

MJ, i think i remember talking about that in season 5...i guess that could make sense...but would the OTHERS really remember Juliet from DHARMA times? The only significant time Ben probably spent with Juliet was in the surgery after Sayid shot him....and according to Richard....he wouldn't remember any of that. So, I dunno!

That's crazy that you've never rewatched the show! So do you mean you've only seen each episode once? If so, that is crazy! But yeah those rewatches are a good time. I never get tired of watching them!

It's gonna be a crazy feat to do it again...but I'd love to rewatch them all again even when the show was over. But I'm guessing it may take awhile for me to do it!

crazy thoughts said...

I feel like the adam and eve have to be bernard and rose.

I always thought that it was bernard was the one that was sick/(already dead) not rose. We dont ever see him on the flight or the airport do we? Rose always has lines like your not invincle or super man. Rose alwasy said she wanted to stay since she was feeling better but locke went back and could still walk. One is black and one is white. They are usually always in disagreement over things which goes along with much of the island stuff. i feel like someone told rose that if she brought bernard back to the island they would be able to be together again and live out their lives. I know that would go against flashbacks of seeing rose being the sick one but have we ever been told all flashbacks had to be the truth?

i would love to see them being the orginal people on the island

They always say they knew what they were doing with the show the whole time and having it be jack or sawyer with kate wouldn't make since if they were planning on killing jack in the first episode. So jack is out. Without jack in the show it wouldn;t had been such great relationships i think that we fell in love with kate/jack and kate/sawyer since they played off each other so well.

HurleyAteMe said...

Mike V
Re watching season 1 , the audience is lead to believe that Locke has a face to face with the Smoke Monster on his first Boar hunt. He seems to be special after that, at least thru the 1st season! but weaker in later seasons to me anyway.
any thoughts??

Mike V. said...

very interesting theories crazy thoughts! Not sure I follow with Bernard maybe being the sick one... I am thinking though that what we have seen in the flashbacks is FACT....i don't think the producers would go out of their way to confuse us THAT much! lol trying to figure out which ones are right and which ones are wrong.

As for having a plan for the whole show in the beginning...I don't think they went into creating the PILOT episode with a full plan of how the show was going to go. They started talking about how the show would end in the 1st season...they thought about the final scene. But the story has evolved over 6 years. at the end of season 3 they started flushing out their 3 season game plan how to get to that end scene. the characters we have met over the seasons weren't flushed out in the beginning. Yes, they wanted to kill Jack in the pilot episode.....but they had also considered casting a bigger star in the Michael Keaton. When the pitched it to ABC, they said "no, jack is your hero...he needs to stay alive".... So they cast Matthew Fox.... I don't think they had mapped out a plan for the Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle and every single story line that we have seen since the Pilot episode. The show is a living and breathing entity...and they keep storylines going that are interesting (Jack/Kate/Sawyer) and scrap the ones that flopped (nikki/paulo) - extreme examples! lol

So, in conclusion, I don't think it's safe to assume that Jack ending up with Kate is "OUT" as you say. But...I also think them getting together in the end would be a very cliche' ending for a very non-cliche' show. So, I guess we'll have to see!

HurelyAteMe - nice to hear from you again! I think Locke is a man that wanted to believe in something all of his life....that he was special. When he got to that island and was able to walk again...he DID think he was special...whatever he saw when he saw the Monster (he later told Eko he saw a bright white light....and Eko said that is not what he saw) probably did give him the confidence to follow the island's every wish. (or Jacob or Man in Black's...or something else..) He did lose faith along the way when things went wrong....Boone dying, getting inside the hatch and the computer getting shot.....but there would always be another sign or dream that would put him back on his path. A path that ultimately ended with Ben killing him and his body being used to the Man in Black's advantage to "find a loophole" and kill Jacob. At least, that's the impression we are under now. There is still one more chapter in the story of John Locke (or the Man in Black AS John Locke) that needs to unfold. So, just maybe, John Locke's story isn't over yet. (and of course...if time is reset...Locke might be alive again....i don't think it'll be THAT easy though!)

I probably didn't really answer your question...but i just felt like rambling about Locke anyway! I think Locke's weakness over the seasons can be derived back to his struggles with his faith in the island( "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!") and his desire to be SPECIAL.

btw...i retweeted another interview with Team Darlton and also an awesome LOST Poster that is in a Brazilian guys should check them out!

Follow me: @LOSTAddictsBlog

Here are the links: (interview) (poster)

crazy thoughts said...

if the island can heal why can't it get rid of jacks horrible tattoos

Mike V. said...

That I can agree with! Lol

HurleyAteMe said...

Mike V, that is actually the kind of information I was looking for. I read somewhere that Season 6 would revisit some Season 1 story lines so I wanted to watch again, and Lockes confidence really struck me thru these first 8 episodes. I did not remember Eko conversation, (have not got to yet) It sort of sounds like Locke and Ben have something in common. Locke had experiences losing faith in the island and Ben ultimately lost faith in Jacob and stabbed him after following his instructions for so long!! looking forward to your blog this year, you do a great job!

Mike V. said...

Thanks hurleyateme!!

Btw everyone, just retweeted again. Here is maureen ruan's part 2 interview with team darlton. Really long and really good. Part three will post before Friday!

Trent Frazier said...

Hi... I'm new to your blog and I LOVE IT! I just wanted to brag a little and say that I'm fortunate enough to live on Oahu, where "Lost" is filmed and locals enjoy occasional celebrity sightings. (I saw Michael Emerson at the post office last year!) Best of all, there's going to be an outdoor showing at Waikiki Beach of the final season premiere, but we get to see it early! It's this Saturday night, Jan. 30th. I suppose I could post spoilers, but that would ruin everyone's fun.

Also, a co-worker of mine got a bit part in an upcoming episode! His name is Eddie Cavet and he plays a delivery man in the season's fourth episode. He's in the scene with Katey Sagal, so it looks like Locke's ex-girlfriend, Helen, is returning, at least briefly. I'm not sure if it's a flashback, or flashforward, or something entirely different!

And just to answer Mike V.'s first question about the weather: I don't know about Locke understanding the weather, but I DO know that the weather here really is that crazy. It will be perfectly sunny, then BOOM, you get soaked by a downpour for ten minutes, then sunny again. It keeps life interesting, and keeps the tourists befuddled.

Mike V. said...

Trent, THANKS for the props! Always nice to have a local visiting the blog. I have heard about the premiere and am extremely jealous about anyone that is going. Sounds like you are attending? Awesome stuff.

Yes, I think all of us non-goers would very much appreciate NO SPOILERS! It's going to be tough enough from all of the LOST Tweeters out there that I follow. I'm not going to be able to look at anything for 4 days! lol

Pretty cool about your co-worker Eddie. I had heard that "Helen" would be back this season, so it should be interesting in what form we will see them. Sounds like she'll be in the LOCKE-centric episode called "The Substitute" Based on everything the producers are telling us about the new season (which is not much)...about their "new narrative device" and based on the commericals/video clips at comic-con....i keep thinking that we're going to be seeing an alternate timeline...but maybe one that isn't necessarily true. Like a "what would've happened"..... and if THAT'S the case, I'm not really sure how I feel about it! But I also can't believe that the remaining 18 hours will be dealing with a timeline that was reset due to blowing up jughead!

So, I'm still very intrigued to know what on earth they have decided to do! Can't wait until next Tuesday!

Crazy about Hawaii weather....maybe they just decided to write the "sudden weather changes" into the show as an homage to where they're filming it! lol

Thanks for stopping by and hope you continue to do so for the weekly recaps!

Mike V. said...

Harold Perrineau on his return to LOST

Chris Stedman said...

Harold's comments on Nikki made me laugh. "but then people kept telling her tales of what she shouldn’t do on set, and she panicked. And then they killed her."

Did people tell her not to reveal she had a DWI or she would have been killed off sooner? lol

Mike V. said...

yeah....i don't even think a perfect record would have helped save Nikki and Paulo! That was pretty rough stuff! lol

Chris Stedman said...

The thing is after rewatching them they could have worked. Nikki’s I want to get involved attitude was good and Paulo’s anti-adventure attitude could have really work. The problem was they were introduced as a couple with a horrible diamond theft back story. Imagine if Nikki was introduced as a love interest to Charlie to add even more friction between him and Claire. Paulo could have rallied some of the 815er to resent Jack and crew for always going into the jungle and stirring up trouble with the others. We’ll never know though.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, that may have been better than the diamond-theft story...but the problem is that we hated nikki and paulo before we knew they were diamond thiefs. The fans just didn't accept them being inserted as survivors that we had never heard of until then. At least FROGURT we had heard of before and he was in a mobi-sode....AND They killed him off right away lol

The producers said that they were writing N&P off of the show even before the fans started complaining about them because they knew it didn't work. They got much better in season 4 and 5 with introducing new characters. Plus, they weren't 815 fuselage survivors so that already helped!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Getting back to your "questions we want answers to" request, I want to know how Widmore earned his millions. One minute he's a hippie on an island, then somehow he's a multimillionaire who can influence almost anything.


Mike V. said...

Good question Jim! Not only Widmore though, look at all that money Ben had too! All in different currencies from around the globe. And of course Miles tried to get 3.2 million from him, so what's up with that?

Of course, we don't know where Charles Widmore came from. Where was he before he was a teenage punk on the island? Maybe he was born into money. Great question though. I'm hoping we'll get some more background on Widmore this season. Of course, in one of those interviews I linked to in the comments with TEAM DARLTON, they said they have to be careful with the "BIG BANG COMPLEX"....meaning they're only focused on answering so many questions. You could keep asking the question "yeah but what happened before that? and before that? like Ohhh Jacob is only 400 years was the island there 500 years ago? Who was running things then?" And you could keep asking and asking until you get all the way back to the creation of the universe......and THEN...people might still ask "what was before the big bang???" LOL

Pretty funny interview actually (they all are)....but it kinda makes me wonder about what exactly are their top priorities to answer. And maybe Widmore having money isn't one of them! But I hope it is!

Unknown said...

Hi again!

Just a quick question that YOU can answer Mike! No, but where are the recap of season 1? Maybe i am blind, but can only see the other seasons as topics..

Less than one week left.....


Mike V. said...


Very simple explanation for that one. I didn't start writing the blog until Season 2!

A little history of how I got into the Blogging World:

I used to exchange emails with friends, and the distribution list for the emails got so large (on work email) that I thought it may have been looked at as "counter-productive" to getting work done! LOL So, I started the LOST Addicts Blog (and the American Idol Addicts Blog since I was emailing people with my thoughts on that too). The first 3 season 2 posts were copy/pastes from emails I still had.

Anyway, it was really just a group of 40 or so people reading these blogs for awhile...then something crazy happened near the end of season 3 where people started flocking to the blog! It's been a blast ever since!

I never saw it as a worthwhile exercise to go back and write something up for the first season. I'm glad you're taking a look at older posts though. It's nice to see they're still good references!

Trent Frazier said...

Hi, Mike! This is Trent in Honolulu again. I'm currently watching the encore of "The Incident," keeping in mind all of your 23 questions (and more!). It also happens that we're experiencing a very windy downpour right now, one which wasn't predicted by the local forecasters. I'm beginning to think that the crazy weather on the show simply reflects the fact that the producers don't have the time or money to wait around for the perfect weather to suit their needs, so they just take what they get and roll with it. Most of the show is filmed on the North Shore and on the eastern part of Oahu, which receives much more stormy, unpredictable conditions.

On a personal note, last year, after I first moved here, I was hiking on the North Shore and ended up at Waimea Falls, a small waterfall that drops into a natural pool where visitors can swim. The place looked strangely familiar...then I realized that Jack, Hurley, and Kate landed right here when they returned to the island in the episode "316." It was such an odd moment of fiction intermingling with reality.

My only hope now is that we don't get a sudden downpour on Saturday night, when the "Lost" premiere will be shown on the beach!

Mike V. said...

Hey Trent, I was watching some of the Enhanced "The Incident" episode last night as well. Put it on as I was going to sleep so I'll have to watch the rest later. Definitely some good tidbits, but some were flat out offensive! "Jacob's touch is significant" NO SH**!!! LOL But they did allude to the fact that his touch may have been what kept them alive in the flight 815 crash. I have pondered that and may have even mentioned it in this blog posting. That's great and all, but then how do you explain Hurley and Sayid meeting Jacob AFTER Flight 815 and BEFORE Flight 316??

As for the crazy weather you're having...I would believe that is the case with them writing it into LOST if they didn't specifically show John Locke predicting when the rain would start and when it would end! lol

I'm sure I'll visit Hawaii one of these days...and when I do I'll be excited to check out some of the LOST filming locations! That's awesome that you saw one of them.

Good luck with the weather at the premiere. Hopefully you don't get rained out. Hey, do you know if they're showing both hours of the premiere or just the first hour? I wouldn't think they'd want too much information to leak out before Tuesday!

OH That's right, the next Tuesday we see will be LOST DAY!!! 6 Days folks, 6 days!

Trent Frazier said...

I, too, found some of the "enhanced" comments a bit obvious, but I suppose they need to consider that some viewers may be totally "lost" themselves. By the way, I'm not sure if you've mentioned this in your blog, but it seems to me that in every episode, one character says the word "lost." Last night I noticed it when Jacob said to Sayed, "I think I'm a bit lost." Is this true, or have I been imagining it?

From what I heard, they'll be showing only the first hour on Saturday, which I think is a good idea. There's no parking in the area, so I think it will be a mob scene. But at least it's on the beach, and it's warm.

If you ever visit Hawaii, there are some guided tours to all the "Lost" sites. I haven't taken the tour myself. I do know that the "village" of the Others is a YMCA camp where many locals have stayed during their childhoods. It kind of takes the mystery out of it all, but it's fun to know.

MJ said...

Holy crap ! New Doc Jensen. He hasn't lost his crazy during the hiatus, I'll say that. But hey - it was fun hearing Synchronicity again. LOL - I'm dating myself by saying that I haven't heard it since like senior year of HS.

Not spoilery, but article is his thoughts and what we will see in the final season,,20313460_20339244,00.html

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ, I meant to put that up on here yesterday but it slipped my mind! lol he definitely is crazy. His 2 theories for the final scene of LOST are just flat out silly! If it is Jack at AA I think I'll boycott the last blog! Locke and Linus in place of Jacob and MIB? Well, maybe i'll be okay with that...i dunno! lol

Trent, I agree, some people don't catch onto this stuff or read blogs and I should take it easy! Like today I was just talking to some casual lost fans at work and brought up the whole link between Man in Black/Smokey and Locke...and they just looked at me like "woa...really? I just want to see what happens with Kate and Sawyer" LOL All different kinds of fans to this show. But i'll definitely be linking them to my blog before the season's end!

I had heard rumors it was just the 1st hour as well on Saturday. That's why I wanted to check with a local! And I think I heard that YMCA bit does kind of take away from the magic, but it's also very impressive what they have done with hawaii to make it look like many different locales across the world!

Ian said...

Another mystery I'd like an answer to: What's the meaning of Hurley's nickname? He says "My name isn't Hurley, it's Hugo Reyes. Hurley's just a nickname I have, alright? Why? I'm not telling." They make it seem like there's some sort of story behind it. How indeed, did a large Hispanic guy come to be called by an Irish surname?

Mike V. said...

You know I never really thought much about it. I just assumed hurley was a nickname in relation to his size lol so when he said he isn't telling it was meant to be a joke because it was obvious! Then again, I guess I never thought about hurley not meaning fat either! In any case, I'm gonna guess they won't be tackling that one! Lol

Mike V. said...

Ian, not sure if you watched the Enhanced version of The Incident but they brought up the Hugo/hurley thing as well...maybe it WILL be covered in season 6! lol Funny that I never thought about it.

BTW everyone....i've been posting links to Maureen Ryan's (Chicago Tribune) interview with Team Darlton. Very long, very good. Here is parts 1, 2 and 3!

Pt 1
Pt 2
Pt 3

MJ said...

Thanks Mike. Been waiting for the 3rd part !

Mike V. said...

No prob! It was awesome. I'm going to be so sad when this show is over and won't hear from Darlton together for awhile! lol Can't wait for the audio podcasts to start back up again. Even if they don't tell us anything, those 2 just crack me up. Makes for an easy drive to work in the morning lol

Mike V. said...

If you don't subscribe to EW Magazine (first of all Shame on You! lol) you might want to go out and pick up this Collector's Item gem! Here's a sneak preview of the LOST - Final Season Cover issue:

Anonymous said...

Mike, so good to be reading your blog again. I've been away for the off-season but now that Lost is back I'm getting prepped by reading up. This is a great post and you're reminding me of some things I've forgotten about.

I have an off-topic question for you and the other readers, if y'all are interested... You mentioned in point #12 or 13 about the episode where Charlie died being such a great one. And I totally agree. In fact, it got me thinking: What was the best episode of Lost ever? I've always said it was that episode, the Season 3 finale. Such a nice mix of actually answering some big questions/advancing the plot, but also introducing new questions.

The other contender, in my mind, is The Constant. I am by no means a sci-fi person, but I loved the whole time travel angle, especially the introduction of that angle. And that episode just had me riveted.

So, basically, it's between the S3 finale (I forget the title) and The Constant. If I had to pick one, I'd say the former.

What do you, and others, say? And if you've already discussed this question, my apologies for missing that and please point me toward wherever that discussion may be.

Looking forward to reading this in the new season. Also, I'm thrilled to see that you're taking up a FlashForward blog. While it's no Lost (nothing could be), I think it's a great show in the same ballpark as Lost. I'm surprised by how critical of it some people have been, and it's good to see that people like yourself are excited about it, like I am.

Mike V. said...


Welcome back! Glad you made in time for the final season, and thanks for the props on the post. I'm glad everyone is enjoying it!

Looks like you're on the same page as me. Obviously, the best episode ever is subject to people's opinions. But I go back and forth between the S3 Finale "Through the Looking Glass" and "The Constant" as my favorite episodes. S3 by far was my favorite finale. It just blew me away. The Constant was just a great stand-alone episode (that still kinda advanced the plot) but it was just so brilliantly executed. And if you don't cry during that 2 minute conversation between Desmond and Penny, you're not human!! Just awesome stuff.

I think I've had that discussion many times with various people but I don't know if I ever threw it in the blog or not. Regardless, I always like bringing it up again!

Glad you're onboard with FlashForward. I've been testing the waters with a few shows, but I jumped in head first with FlashForward in hopes that we all had something to fall back on when LOST was over. It could be tough in March when LOST is airing and FF is airing for me to commit to such lengthy and detailed blogs for FF (LOST is my top priority!) But I will try my best! I've also been sharing my thoughts on for V in anticipation that that show could take off as well. We'll see! I agree though that people are being over-critical with's a great concept and I think it's only getting better with each episode.

Thanks for writing Chris! And I'm looking forward to one more glorious season of recapping! I have already taken February 3rd off from work to dedicate to the wonder that is LOST Season 6!

Chris Stedman said...

"Stranger in a Strange Land" by far my favorate episode!!! (one more) !

Mike V. said...

Well yeah that and fire+water were the next 2 on my list!! :-)

rhinoceros said...

Great post. 2 days out it have ignited some thought.

LOL at the crazy ep. on the beetale sting and that couple being buried alive. Lets just not get our ghost whisperer chap to stand near there. (forget all their names hehe, was it niki and paolo)

I'd like to see how they worked out they needed a button to press every 108 minutes?

What does the button actually do to discharge to upcoming electromagnetic blast; it can't be just a matter or running a batch file?

Interesting point about The weather - almost as if it is controlled by a computer or something; like they're in a bubble.

I'd like to find out who evil siinster dark person has taken the form of (if he has at all) in the past and the explanation to the comment, "Do you know what I had to go through to get here?" when he confonronted Jacob. What has he done. I imagine a lot to get all the pieces to fit in.

Why is there rules? Why must there be a loophole?

Keep it up

rhinoceros said...

Also, 4 days out (I may have said 2 above), the significance of the white lost screen at the end of season 5.

OK, so we know about the symbology and the dichotomy between good and evil.

But I think this screen is very deliberate. We have, for 5 seasons seen white LOST letters, kind of 'lost', on a black background.

Now we have the Dark LOST letters on a white background.

Does it mean that indeed the island has reverted to a white, pure form? Does it also mean it was in its black state for all those 5 seasons?

Just getting back into Lost mode.

rhinoceros said...

Oh, and I agree with recent points of fave ep's. Season 3 fnale was great. I really liked Season 5 cliffhanger finale too; it was pretty intense.

I like Season 2 ep 3 I believe when Locke and Jack go at it about the button, Faith vs Science; ie "Was it is so easy for you to believe?"
"It never has been easy!!!"etc.

Thought it was great acting.

Mike V. said...

4 Days folks....4 DAYS!!!!

and of course...1 day for the hawaii folks. NO SPOILERS PLEASE! But enjoy! :-)

Mike V. said...

Rhino, I thought I responded to your comments. Whoops! Thanks for the props as always.

That would be kind of funny if miles walked over Nikki and Paulo's grave lol

For the hatch button...I think we saw all we're gonna see, but they may have to do some fall out from THE INCIDENT. I would love to see Radzinsky and Chang cleaning up the mess after it. (you know...pending Jack's plan just went in accordance with "whatever happened happened!")

But yes...I'm thinking we're going to get the Man in Black's backstory. Infact...maybe the new storytelling device this season will be reliving events from previous seasons from the Man in Black or Jacob's perspective? Like...the plane crashes...that night...the smoke monster arrives. (yes, even though i completed my re-watch...i watched eps 1-3 last night again lol) Was it the man in black? What was his purpose? why did he kill the pilot? because he wasn't supposed to be there? Frank Lapidus was supposed to fly 815.

Would be an interesting angle to take it...but I'm thinking more "alternate reality" for the narrative device this season. we'll see.

definitely want to know about these RULES!!!

so do you think we'll get the white screen with dark LOST titles on every episode this final season?

loved that season 2 episode as well. you're's ep 3 "orientation".... can't tell you how many times i watched that orientation video! LOL

Mike V. said...

Hey guys...there is supposedly a clip on DarkUFO of the first couple minutes of the Season Premiere. I did not look at it (yet) and not sure if I'm going to. But I wanted to let you know in case you do.

Mike V. said...

I caved! lol be careful if you decide to discuss! Always note spoiler warning!

Wow...what did I last, 10 minutes?! I am very weak! lol

Trent Frazier said...

Yes, it's about 24 hours away for me (as long as one of those wild downpours doesn't hit Waikiki Beach tomorrow night!). But don't worry, I'm strongly anti-spoiler. I'll just let you all know if I liked it or not ... if I'm able to do that without giving anything away!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike!'s some 'Darlton" love for you to digest. Enjoy!


vandee said...

the first 4mins of the last season of lost

Mike V. said...

thanks vandee, I actually posted it a couple comments above!

thanks for the link Gene. Someone actually emailed it to me and I read it but forgot to post it for everyone!

Trent, enjoy the show! I'm not even sure if I want you to tell me if you liked it or not. It may lead me into too high or low expectations either way! But knowing me...I'm going to love the episode regardless and give it my WOW approval. Which, you that we're in a new decade and everything, I may TWEET my rating of the show so you all don't have to wait for the recap the next day! lol Is that enough incentive to get you guys on twitter!?!?! Follow me: @LOSTAddictsBlog (

Trent Frazier said...

Here's an update from Waikiki Beach...

It's 3:38pm Hawaii time, and as I walked home from work, I saw that the entire area where they'll be showing the premiere tonight is already filled with people! It turns out that this isn't just a "showing", but it's also a RED CARPET EVENT!!!! I'm assuming that means we'll see some stars from the show. It starts at five, so I'll go try to find a spot for myself. And instead of risking any spoiler-talk, I'll perhaps just report on any "star-sightings." I'll be back later!

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah. It's all over Twitter. People are posting lots of pictures. Team darlton have been tweeting too. They're all there. I'm guessing a majority of the cast will be there. Good luck seeing some of them! Maybe even talking to them.

Carlton says they're expecting 15,000 people. Nuts. Enjoy! And no spoilers!! :-)

Trent Frazier said...

Okay, I just got back from being Lost at the beach. So the first scene opens with ... just kidding!! My lips are sealed. I'll just say that it was an amazing experience to be among thousands of "Lost" fans. I'm sure all the tweeters have shared some good pics... all the stars were there, so it was very exciting and satisfying. That's all I'm saying ... until your first post on Tuesday night!

Mike V. said...

Lol dude it will be Wednesday before I get it posted. My recaps are epic. But I'll probably tweet something Tuesday night. Anyway, I watched streaming video live of the red carpet and then darlton introducing the cast and crew. Watched all videos all the way up to the "previously on LOST" and then I had to force myself to close the browser! Lol

the video was choppy but audio was perfect. I hope a lot of that makes the bluray/DVD for s6. Comes out 8/24 btw!!

Thanks for your discretion Trent. It's great that you had an awesome time!!

can't think of anything cool said...

I am so excited about Lost!!!! Saw the Red carpet pics, and got more excited. However, I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the show coming back, or getting back to your blogs! Ha! The show, then your insights of course! I want to know about Claire, and Miles, and I'm a chick, so I have to know about Kate & Jack, or Kate & Sawyer! Whichever- I love them all, so it doesn't matter which hunk she ends up with, as long as they don't throw someone completely different in to the mix! ARGH!!! Can't wait!!!

Mike V. said...

Wow, that's very big talk to be possibly looking forward to this blog more than the show!! But I thank you and I know exactly what you mean.

My favorite part of LOST has been the interaction and discussion with everyone. Dissecting everything, finding out what other people caught that I didn't...etc.

Doesn't hurt to have an absolutely fantastic show to be talking about either! And hey, I am just as interested as you to see how the whole love triangle will end up! I'm sure we'll find out in the 18th hour of the remaining episodes lol I still am not sure if all 3 of them would survive the end of the show though, so that may absolutely play a factor!

Not long now!! 48 hours and 5 minutes until the Retrospective...49 hours and 5 minutes until the Season 6 premiere! (i may have to watch the retrospective on wednesday...damn it IDOL and those stupid blogs i write for money! LOL)

Matt said...

Hey mike, just be greatful your not from the United Kingdom :S

Sure i can find a way to get around the delay in airing here though :P

Mike, any idea if you will be doing a television interview at the end of the final season? would be funny, the last one was full of shock and awe, this one would surely be you mumbling and shaking :D

Only kidding, would be good to do one, maybe you should do a video raction to the Finale group on youtube or something :P that might be more funny. Make it a competition :D

Mike V. said...

Matt, I have no idea about doing another newscast. I'm sure if they ask me, I'd do it again...but something tells me I won't be getting that call back! lol I feel much more comfortable not being on the spot and getting a chance to gather my thoughts and put keyboard to screen (i.e. pen to paper lol) But, maybe if I'm feeling up to it I will do a video journal entry and post it on the LOST blog so you can all laugh at me as i'm writing the finale recap!


Mike V. said...

RT @TVGuide: 13 questions with the producers of Lost: Polar bears, the Smoke Monster, and the Man in Black:

(just copied and pasted my was easier! lol)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike....Great post, great writing. Looking forward to Season 6 with baited breath---and that can be a good thing, believe it or not. LOL

Anyhoo, here's a link of sorts to a great writeup in yesterday's New York Times in regards to Lost's timeline.

Hope that you like it.


Mike V. said...

Awesome! Thanks Devon for the link on the props. I'm checking it out now!

Tune in Wednesday for an epic premiere recap!

rhinoceros said...

But yes...I'm thinking we're going to get the Man in Black's backstory. Infact...maybe the new storytelling device this season will be reliving events from previous seasons from the Man in Black or Jacob's perspective? Like...the plane crashes...that night...the smoke monster arrives. (yes, even though i completed my re-watch...i watched eps 1-3 last night again lol) Was it the man in black? What was his purpose? why did he kill the pilot? because he wasn't supposed to be there? Frank Lapidus was supposed to fly 815.

Would be an interesting angle to take it...but I'm thinking more "alternate reality" for the narrative device this season. we'll see.

Interesting points. I think the Alternate Reality method would not attract the viewers they want. Sci Fi doesn't bring in the big ratings - generally. However this was decided 6+ years ago; they're not making up the 'big plan' as they go.

So who knows. My money is on the former. I have thought that and I think it would unravel the story and mysteries very conveniently if we saw Jacob/Anti Jacob stories. I am not wholly convinced Locke has been Locke the whole time.

That will be the one answer I want; has Locke always just been Locke.

Anyhow, enough chatter. Keep up the good work on your blogs. I have done my rewatch and read of your page.


can't think of anything cool said...

ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!! (& 30 mins)...BRING IT ON!!!! Did anyone catch the new commercial, looks like stuff I have not seen before? I think it came on during Desperate Housewives. Mike V- What do you keep saying about Wednesday? Oh, nevermind, you ARE still taking off work to do the recap, right? I almost took the day off just to read your recap! But everyone at my work thought I was crazy for it, so I'll just have to read it from work...I'll probably read it over & over again! CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Mike V. said...

Happy LOST Day everyone!!! We made it!

TOTALLY LOST has returned to EW. Good stuff and lots of cameos!

Rhino...agreed on Locke. Rewatching those season 1 episodes, it really makes you wonder if it's always been him. There were definitely times throughout the 5 seasons where we saw a very vulnerable John Locke, but other times the man seemed possessed!

I agree on alternate reality stuff too....might be intriguing for a little while, but it would get old if it's not relevant!

Can't Think of anything - Okay, I'm glad everyone enjoys my blogs but anyone besides me taking a day off is a bit insane!! lol But I can't say I'm not impressed by your dedication!!! I have always looked at this blog as "a great distraction for people at work" I've talked to many people who have it up all day and take breaks throughout the day to read it . But I guess there's not only one way to digest the blog of gargantuan proportions!

I apologize in advance for the 2 hour episode probably leading to EXTRA GARGANTUAN QUANTITIES! :-)

Mike V. said...

Also a Doc Jensen column!,,20313460_20340777,00.html

MJ said...

Did not realize that Hawaii only viewed the firt hour of the premier ! I know that it's been leaked to the web - but I'm not going for it. I want to watch it in HD on my big screen.

And do NOT apoligise for that long recap that is coming Mike - I think we are all looking forward to that.

I'm hoping for lots of wows ! Worried that I am so excited for the premier that I am building it up for myself - but I can't help it !!!!

Mike V. said...

Yeah I thought that was pretty wise of the LOST crew and Marketing powers that be to only screen the 1st hour. Enough to generate excitement and envy for the non-attendees...but not enough for it all to be spoiled before it even gets to today!

I have refused to watch anything beyond that 2 minutes that leaked friday (which i also shouldn't have done!)....but i know new promos with new footage have aired starting saturday/sunday...and I have avoided it all! I'm very proud of myself!

You can all expect the first WOW! to be tweeted tonight after I finish the episode!! And I'm sure many WOW's will follow in the next 16 weeks!

Anonymous said...

not sure if this has been brought up but do you think we will find out about the apollo bar?

Jase said...

Not necessarily mysteries, but still questions in my mind:

1. Who comes up with the button pushing system, how does it work, and how is it Radzinsky ends up confined in the Swan Station pushing it? Why 108 minutes? Why not 100 or 110? (And for that matter, what really happened when Desmond turned the failsafe and the hatch blew?)

2. What will become of Sun and Jin's child?

3. Will Sayid survive to the final episode or beyond the first of this season? As of the end of last season his story seemed to have run its course, and he was dying of a bullet wound.

4. Will Jack die in the final episode? Since the writers had initally planned to kill him off in the first, it would be ironic to see him die in the last, with a close-up on a single eye closing as the final shot.


Mike V. said...

anonymous, I'm not sure if Apollo Bar is going to have much of an answer to it except that it is fictional candy in the LOST universe! But I guess we'll see!

Jase, all good questions. I'd love to see more about the hatch construction, but something tells me we're mostly done with our DHARMA stories (well actually TEAM DARLTON said that!) Although I still want some food drop info!

Yeah Sun just ditching her child for Jin is a big'll be interesting to see how that pans out. But right now she's going down as WORST MOTHER OF ALL TIME!

I'm thinking Sayid will be in a majority of this season. Whether he will live to the end? No clue. I would put money on NO though! Unless his redemption path leads him to living a better life after their Island mission is done.

Jack, i've always thought he would die. Matthew Fox wants him to die. But I'm conflicted because of the whole Kate thing and how they'll resolve that. Obviously Sawyer is involved there too. But I do like your idea of the show ending with Jack closing his eye! It almost seems TOO perfect!

less than 8 hours to go now! (or 8 hours and 19 minutes if you plan on going with the no commercial: TiVo delay! I think i'll be opting for'll be a tough first half hour knowing that it's on, but I do it all the time!)

Weasel said...

WooHoo we are almost there!!!!!!

can't think of anything cool said...

Just almost an hour left! When I read that comment about Jack and his eye, I thought it would be pretty cool, too! I'm so excited! I hope they touch more on Miles- I love his character. And I want to know more about Ellie (Eloise) & Widmore, young & older versions. Like her pregnancy thing, the timing is off or something. But maybe that has something to do with the time travel and junk? Not sure, something just doesn't add up with her being pregnant with Faraday, like he would be younger I think? Did we ever found out why his name is different? And Sun's dad, surely there's more to him than we've seen already. So many questions...hoping for ALL the answers- starting tonight! Mike V- Enjoy tonight, my brotha, and hurry up with your recap!!!! JK- take your time, it's so worth it!

Matt said...

Oh My Freaking GOD, been watching through some of the trailers released on ABC today :D :D :D :D :D :D :D WOWEEEEE
It looks imense, i cant wait, over in the UK here, so posting at the moment knowing you are all watching it right now, and it hurts so bad, going to wait up until 11:30 central and try and find a way of watching it :D yeah i know thats like past 0500 UK time but i want to see it that much :D plus that will give mike enough time to write up, so when i finish i can read his thoughts and post :D BRING IT ON!!!!!! an hour and a half to go :D

uwriyel said...

I think that the life happening in L.A. and the life on the island as we are seeing it now are happening simultaneously (thanks maybe to the bomb -after all...'it worked'. Could there be some sort of microscopic fluctuations in the space/time continuum that causes some sort of cross-over on the two paths that normally run parallel? Maybe the two parallel worlds (for lack of a better term) are connected to everything else like an invisible web. The space between the threads of reality is where Jacob and man in black -black (god/satan (?) kind of issue?) exist and can control things through people that were chosen by them since lining up their chess pieces for the game. Man in black chose Locke.... Jacob chose Said, but why? Because of his past. He is giving him the chance to be redeemed.
How do we resolve the end of the game? hmmmm there's a check mate somewhere.
Yeah... the numbers... those are the points on the gameboard where changes or choices to alter something can be made.
hmmmmm....let's think this out a little more
I'll get back to ya

Mike V. said...

Matt, good luck waiting the rest of the week! Be careful when you come back to the blog (don't read the comment below you! lol) And also, it will be replaced by a recap of the new show later in the morning.

urwriyel - i'll reserve my comments for the next blog post! But interesting thoughts!

Stay tuned guys!

Unknown said...

Re: Point #1. Since the recap didn't include one word or image of Walt, I'm guessing that that question is not going to be answered. Or at least if Walt is going to come up at all, he's not going to be a major piece of the puzzle. I mean, Lost is a notoriously difficult show to pick up midstream. If Walt was going to play a big part, the producers would want people just picking up the show to know at least something about the backstory on him. That's disappointing. It seems really silly that they would go so far out of their way to make a big deal of Walt's abilities and then not do anything significant with that. But I'm guessing that that's going to be the case.

Anonymous said...

I have some pennies to add.
First of all, Ben recruited Juliet to the island to solve the "cannot having baby" problem. But how about Clarie having baby on the island? What was the thing they injected into Clarie? Am I missing somthing coz I remember Juliet said she failed she can't.
The second thing is, Ben convinced Locke not to push the buttom? Why he did that? What's the purpose of doing this?
Another related one is that the Dr on the video said pushing the buttom is to save the world. But when they stopped pushing the buttom, the world seemed still OK. What about that?

Mike V. said...

Actually, Claire had a baby because she conceived OFF of the Island. This is why Juliet wanted to do an ultrasound on Sun to see if she conceived with Jae (off island) or Jin (on island). Claire was their control experiment!

Don't know why Ben convinced Locke to stop pushing the button. I have always wondered that too! I never knew how much The Others knew about the Swan hatch because DHARMA kept it secret! Even though Richard and Eloise did help jack get the nuke so maybe they knew a little! lol

I don't think chang(candle) ever said it was to save the world....he implied that it was very important to keep pushing the button. And then the pearl played tricks on their dharma members by saying it's all a hoax (but the Pearl was really the hoax). Anyway, we learned there was a fail-safe key.....but no one knew what would happen if they turned it. So it took a lot of guts to turn it. Desmond saved the world by turning that key!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're fast, Mike.
Sorry I mis-spelled(?) claire's name, not native speaker :)
If I remeber it right, Chang did say "to save the world". It could be wrong. Should check it again.

Mike V. said...

Not usually this quick...but I did take the day off to dedicate it to the LOST recap of the premiere! lol (did you see it yet?)

Chang may have said it...but he talked more about the incident that happened and that the button has to be pushed every 108 minutes. It was everyone else through season 2 that talked about "the world exploding" if they didn't push it or Kelvin in the finale saying "saving the world" Oh right....and when Desmond explained to jack at gunpoint how he got the island he talked about Kelvin "saving the world" and how the saved the world together for a long time. But I don't recall chang ever saying it in the film. i think he says the results would be catastrophic or something like that which could imply the same thing! lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah~I have seen it! But...
I didn't know there were 2 hours and only watched the 1 hour review and the first 1 hour, what a shame!

As I expected, as mysterious as it could be. But that's why we are so obsessed with it, right?

Mike V. said...

Definitely! Be sure to check out the full recap after you watch the 2nd hour! It's a doozy! (the episode AND the recap lol)

Miles Balzard said...

Mike, I've been paging through your blog posts to get to the Season Six Season Premiere Episodes recap just to make sure I read everything you posted during the hiatus, and I've been resisting posting a comment (though I did on the first one about Comic-Con), but I couldn't resist commenting on this one. You put so much work into it, I had to say something!

My favorite mysteries of the 23 you mentioned:

6. Libby's Stay at the Mental Institution: Yeah, minor thing, but I definitely want to know about that! Glad to hear the producers plan to answer it!

7. The Whole Richard Not Aging Thing: I'm guessing (and I've read right here on this blog) that Richard gets plenty of screen time in season 6 and I look forward to getting some answers to his past.

8. Where is Our Black Rock Backstory?: Indeed, how did it end up in the middle of the island? I want a full accounting of the mysterious ship!

10. What is the Smoke Monster: This is an essential mythology question. They can't finish the show without answering it! It makes sense, as you hoped it would be, to be related to the Man in Black.

12. The Eternal Triangle (Jack/Kate/Sawyer): Well of course. It was once my driving interest in the show. Not so much now, but I want a satisfactory resolution.

20. Who or What is/was Jacob: See comment to question 10!

21. What is the Temple?: This aspect of the show has been underplayed to a degree and seems like it will be central to the show's mythology. You can't call something a Temple on THIS island and have it be innocuous. I want to know more!

23. What is the Island?: Though they may never provide a satisfactory answer, I want more details on the nature and history of the island.

Plus, from your comments as well as others (only read about half of them): Yeah, the numbers! They can't just be random. And the food drops! Been gnawing at me for quite a while. However, I simply accept that all the heavy machinery and building materials on the island were brought by some freighter and some smaller boats that the island "allowed." I can't get caught up in pragmatic little details like those when a plausible answer is fairly apparent.

Yes, the whispers. Who? Why? And did Aaron really have to be raised by Claire (alluding to your question about the psychic Malkin). And who is actually coming to wage war on the Man in Black/Jacob? Why will the war even be waged? And why did the pregnant women keep dying (did it have to do with the statue)?

Well, this post turned out to be dumb, since it just regurgitated what you've already wrote, but I couldn't help myself. I'm not going to comment on anything else until I watch the season 6 premiere!

Mike V. said...

Thanks for reading these and commenting Miles! I actually revist them near the end of the season too.

6. Libby does return, but don't get your hopes up on a clear answer! lol

7. You won't be disappointed!

8. Stay tuned!

10. You should have your answer by now!

12. was everyone's least favorite "mystery" about the show, but it had to be resolved in one way or another. And, I'll say that it does.

20. Yep!

21. You will! Jury is out on if you'll be satisfied about it. lol

23. This is one question going into season 6 that I didn't think we'd get an answer to. But, I was surprised at the information we did get. Stay tuned!

Food Drops - I think I mentioned in another post. You're going to have to find the epilogue to season 6 where they satisfyingly answer the food drop question. If they were every going to answer it in the show it would've had to have been in season 5. I guess they just didn't have time or a logical way to bring it up. Of course, most people had already theorized the answer anyway. I have a recap up of the epilogue but surely it's on youtube by now. The lost Mobisodes from season 4 are on youtube as well.

Whispers - Sometimes some answers are better left "not provided". We do get information on this, and it sorta makes sense. But, it was one example where I was happy they didn't try to answer EVERY question as clear as day in the final season because we would have ended up disappointed.

It wasn't dumb at all! I see you're through 5 episodes now. Are you trying to get it all done today?? lol

Simon Sandiford said...

Had a read of the 23 mysteries (and the first 20-30 comments) - unlike all the other blogs though I haven't completed the comments as I remember you mentioning that some spoilers of the S6 premiere slipped in I think?

Anyway, yes it will be great to get the answers - and the Libby backstory has been bugging me since I saw her in the institute, so hopefully that will be answered :)

Think it might just be time to watch S6 Ep1-2 now!

Mike V. said...

Better safe than sorry with the comments i can’t remember if they leaked on this post. I will say to not count on resolution to Libby’s arc. But there might be a little more still. :)