Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 11 - The Hunting Party

Crazy episode last night. Gotta love the Jack episodes. Well I guess I'll get right into it. I'm going to try and be brief with the episode plot (probably will turn out to be a novel) and get right into the hidden stuff. Also, this Blog is meant to be an interactive discussion. If you guys hear anything or find anything that I missed, feel free to add comments so we can all share information.

Storylines tonight

Flashback - Jack

Ever since Jack miraculously fixed his future wife, Sarah, he has been referred to as a miracle worker (hmmm...Jack "Shepard"....Miracle Worker....definitely some Christian overtones here). Some good looking Russian lady (don't remember nationality..we'll go with Russian) wanted to save her father who has a pretty bad spinal injury (just looking at the XRAY you could tell that. It would take a miracle to save her...jack's Dad says, so that's why they came to see Jack. And Jack being as persistent at saving people as he is (and always having a sore spot for the ladies), he takes on the task. This means, less time with his wife and more time with the Russian lady. It begins to take a toll on his marriage as he arrives at sunrise and wife is getting up to start her day. By the end of the episode, the Russian Dad dies and the daughter is looking for comfort and kisses Jack....and Jack kisses back but then refuses to continue. He returns home..and like the great guy that he is...admits to her right away what happens. Sarah one ups him by saying that she's seeing someone and is leaving him. I believe I saw the luggage packed in the background before Jack even came clean. My immediate thought (as well as many others) that Sarah was seeing Desmond. This is obviously based on the Jack/Desmond conversation in the jungle as Dessy ran from the hatch. Also...there's that crazy picture in the hatch that Jack looked at. It didn't look like Sarah with Desmond, but that's always been the theory. Maybe it's someone that is associated with Sarah. Who knows!? But anyways....the key comment is when Sarah says "you will always need to fix something." And this is what makes Jack a loner....and why he has commitment issues.....and why he can't close the deal with Kate. (of the end of the episode Kate is looking to fix something too).

The Hunting Party

After Michael goes completely off the deep end and is determined to find his son (man....the Commodore 64 Instant Messenger must really be getting to him), he knocks out Locke in the Gun closet...and then locks Jack in there with him. Michael then runs off. There is the "button" issue that is immediately a concern for our main rivals. But Kate, looking out for her other man, escorts Sawyer to the hatch to get new dressings for his wound. Once they arrive...kate goes for button...and sawyer unlocks closet. you can start to hear the combination...which we touched on before. Locke was saying something like "Right 3 times to 25, Left 3 times to 29, and the 3rd part was very hard to understand....gotta check the closed captioning!" Then Jack, matrix style, loads up in the armory and tells Locke that he is going with him to get Michael. Sawyer then says he's going with. When they get outside and find a trail (not necessarily Michael's trail!), they head out. Kate asks for a gun and Jack is adamant (as always) about her not coming. Someone needs to stay behind and push the button! This fight goes on for a little bit...but then they leave her behind. (sidenote: Kate gets Hurley to push the button and she heads off to find the 3 lead characters). Sawyer, Jack, and Locke have some brilliant words exchanged on their trek through the jungle. Jack mentions in passing that Sawyer is in love with Kate.....and Sawyer is confused. Sawyer calls Locke "Mr. Clean" and tells him all he needs is a mop and an earing and he fits the bill. Which leads to the unveiling of Sawyer's real name. Locke then calls out Sawyer and asks where he got the the manifest lists him as James ____ (can't believe I forget the name already, anyone out there know it??) Rumor has it that Sawyer may be the name of Locke's conman "DAD" as well. But the whole exchange was awesome because Locke got the last laugh on Sawyer.

Locke also realizes that Michael is not going back the way the Tail Section crew came. (Maybe he was....and the Hunting Party was following a false trail). Eventually...they hear 7 gun shots and run towards them. They find 3 bullets, assume they are michaels, Locke suggests the go back, Jack and Locke get in a verbal dispute and then the Gordon's Fisherman arrives! Rumor has it that this guy (from the boat in the finale) is the HEAD of The Others and also a member of the DeGroot family (in orientation video, heavily involved with Dharma). Sawyer calls him Zeke. Not sure where this name comes from (does Sawyer know him? or is it another nickname?), but it seems to be what everyone has attached to, so that's what we'll call him for now. Zeke asks Locke to start a fire. He states that Jack and crew are trespassing on their island and the only reason they are there is because THE OTHERS allow them to be there. Jack calls Zeke out after they get shot at (with what??? Sawyer was bleeding again!). That there is one other person shooting at them and Zeke and they're creating an illusion. He also said Ethan was sent by them to spy on them (contrary to my beliefs!).....Zeke states this is an interesting theory...then requests for The Others to come out in the open. We see torches light up all around our 3 heros. Long story short....Kate has been captured.....Michael is nowhere to be get Kate back...they have to hand over their weapons...Jack gets pissed at Kate but does save her. So did they bring ALL of the weapons with them?

Kate is then adamant about "fixing" her relationship with Jack and keeps apologizing to him for going after them. This could be seen as Kate leaning towards Jack over Sawyer....but I think it will have the opposite effect. I think Jack is going to distance himself from Kate bringing her closer to Sawyer in the short-run. Doesn't help that our Rectangle reforms as Jack immediately goes to Ana Lucia. Of course, his intentions are ALL Business. Jack goes to Ana Lucia and questions her being a cop....and how she killed "one of THEM" (the others). Jack then asks her help in creating an ARMY. It's time for WAR people! Let's just point out that he went to Ana Lucia over Sayid. This has to cause some friction in the upcoming episodes.

Miscellaneous Storylines:

Sun and Jin spice up their marriage. Sun was in the boss's chair for the day and they have decided to be more of a couple than a Jin Dictatorship. Jin wanted to go find Michael, but Sun wants him to stay. Hurley delivers some fantastic one liners about everyone going after Michael (who went nuts)....and then having to go to the Hatch. He brings Charlie along with him. And they have a fantastic heart to heart about their blooming and deteriorating relationships with the ladies. Hurley admits he kinda has a thing for Libby (which we see in the musical montage in last week's episode)....and he states that it's a perfect "desert island" scenario and thinks he has a shot. Charlie discusses how he misses Claire and hopes she misses him. The musical selection was interesting. I don't know the record they put on but they discussed Geronimo Jackson whom neither knew. I didn't either but I did some research. Apparently it's a 1970's band who released one album and had a big hit. Sound familiar??? I believe it was meant to be a little pun on how Charlie feels Drive Shaft is huge but they are has beens and no one will remember them. But who knows...could have a totally different meaning. Sayid also comes in with a fantastic line "The music is depressing." Obviously sayid is still mourning the loss of Shannon, but that line was hysterical. Best scene of the night! I lied about the short recap. Here's the stuff that we should all take note of:
  • Zeke quoted Alvar Hanso "a man more intelligent that any of us here" or something like that. the quote is “From the dawn of our species, Man has been blessed with curiosity. Our most precious gift, without exception, is the desire to know more - to look beyond what is accepted as the truth and to imagine what is possible.”
  • Zeke calls for ALEX to bring Kate out. Alex is the name of Rousseau's daugther that was taken from her (the french chick)
  • great picture of the ring of fire. You can see "The Others" next to the torches
  • Big did Zeke know everyone's names? Did Walt tell them? Are they spying on them? Or maybe Kate told them before they got there?
  • Did Michael head back the way the Tailies arrive...and the OTHERS create false tracks for the the Hunting Party to follow? Or is Michael captured as well? Was it all part of their plan to lure him into a trap and convert him and his son?
  • The book of Ezekial in the bible mentions a ring of fire. And Ezekial was priest who was in exile for the later part of his life. (didn't look that just taking someone's word for it!)
  • Good picture of Zeke vs Degroot
  • Zeke apparently was holding a Luger pistol, which was has long been associated with the Nazi's.

I could keep going on. But I'm sure we'll find things as the day goes on. Feel free to post comments here with any of your findings. And I will do the same.

Great episode and it has set up a larger plot that will probably run for the remainder of the season, if not longer. Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

Here's my 2 cents:
1) Since Mike forgot, Sawyer's real name is James Ford.
2) I think Sawyer just randomly called the DeGroot guy "Zeke" as a nickname. Isn't Zeke a stereotypical hillbilly/redneck type of name? He's been dropping a lot of nicknames lately(Doughboy, Mr. Clean), so it would go along with the theme.
3) Remember when Hurley handed Charlie the record and said to play it because the the woman on the cover looked cool or something? Is it just me, or did the song that played sound more like a band, and not a woman singing? I don't know if that means anything, but it was an observation I made.

Anonymous said...

maybe he'll believe it's Ford now that someone else has confirmed it! lol

i think it's a nickname too...i guess i should know hillbilly names but i'm not familiar with it. Mr. Clean was hysterical!

I think Hurley was referring to the album in general when he said "she looks cool"...he used "she" as the pronoun instead of "it"

Mike V. said...

yeah..the nickname thing isn't a recent thing. Here's a list of Season 1 nicknames sawyer came up with. Don't worry. I looked it up, I don't have THAT much time on my hands. Wish someone maintained a list somewhere (i'm sure they do)

Boone: Metro, Son

Hurley: Lardo, Pork Pie, Stay Puff, Pillsbury

Jack: Hero, Doctor/Doc, JackO, St. Jack, Jack-Ass, Chico, Cowboy, Dr. Quinn, Dr. DoRight, Sherriff, Brother, Hoss

Kate: Freckles, Sweetheart, Belle of the Ball, Sherriff, Baby, Sassafras, Boar Expert, the Mighty Huntress, Hon, Girl, The Lady, Woman, Sweet Cheeks, Puddin'

Sayid: Abdul, Al Jazeera, Omar, Captain Falafel, Muhammed, Boss, Ali, Arab, Abu, Genius, Sheik, Buddy, "the terrorist", Chief, Gen-u-ine I-raqi

Shannon: Sticks, Sweetcheeks

Charlie: Sport, Amigo, Rock God, VH1 has-been, Limey runt, Chucky

Walt: Tattoo, Short Round, Kid, Kazoo

Jin: Mr. Miyagi, Bruce, Chief, Cato, Sulu, Boy, Chewie

Sun: Betty

Michael: Daddy, Boss, Pilot, Chief, Mikey, Han, Hoss

Claire: Mamacita, Missy Claire

Ana Lucia: Sweetcheeks, Sister, Cupcake, Rambina, Hot Lips, Bitch, Ponce de Leon

Mr. Eko: Shaft, Mr. Ed

Baby: Baby Huey

Ethan: Jungle Boy

Bartender: Slim

Policeman in Australia: Doctor

Places: Jungle of Mystery, Cave-town, Bear Village, Magic Forest, Rock

"The Others" - Pirates, Bluebeard, Fishermen

Nicknames for Sawyer:

Chainsmoking Jacka-s-s (Hurley)
Redneck Jerk (Hurley)
Hick (Boone, Ana Lucia)
Jackass (Boone)
Jethro (Hurley)
Southern pervert (Kate)
Sawbucks (Hibbs)
Bastard (Charlie)
Cowboy (Jack's Dad, Christian and Ana Lucia)
Hillbilly (Dr. Arzt)
Blight, Stain, Scavenger (Policeman in Australia)
Redneck (Libby, Michael)
Genius (Ana-Lucia)
Pack rat (Kate)

Mike V. said...

guess it's more than season 1 since the tailies are in there too!

Mike V. said...

Interesting theory passed on to me by a fellow blog reader. It's an excerpt from Gulliver's Travels about a floating/flying island powered by magnets. Would definitely explain how the Nigerian plane may have crashed on the island. Even though it is highly is still an interesting read when trying to relate to what we know about LOST.

Anonymous said...

Another crazy theory