Friday, July 27, 2007

LOST: Comic-Con Q&A Panel with Producers

Hello my fellow Losties! 2 months without a new episode or a new blog to read, you must all be going a little crazy like myself! But still some loyal readers have been checking in regularly (based on the hit count - quickly approaching 10,000 hits since February '07!) and I can't thank you enough! I had promised that I'd at least write a blog this summer to recap the Comic-Con session with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (executive producers). Unfortunately, the podcast is not available yet, but when it is I'll definitely post the link so you can all hear it. But, obsessive with LOST as I've become, I was scouring the Internet for details last night (yeah, my social life is in question!) as the Q&A was taking place. Unfortunately, details were hard to come by, but I'm sure they will be trickling out to the Internet throughout today. Apparently, they just didn't reveal much. But they at least revealed a few details that might advance some speculations as to what's going on.

Damon and Carlton arrived on stage after a brief video about THE OTHERS was shown (not sure if there was anything revealed in this video or just a recap). They each had bells to ring just in case the other gave too much information. Here's the general information they dished out:

  • LOST Video Game trailer was premiered and is due out early 2008 for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. I'm guessing this will coincide with the start of season4. The link isn't working for me right now from where I am, but it did last night. Game looks pretty cool!
  • Season 4 confirmed start is February. Not sure why they consider this breaking news as we already guessed or heard this. If season 3's 16 episodes went from February to May why wouldn't the 16 episode 4th Season? Rocket science isn't it?
  • Season 3 DVD Release slated for December 11, 2007 - Again, this was already announced! Rumor has it that there might be a Blu-Ray version for anyone with the advanced technology (rumors come from the ability to pre-order on

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT!!! Below, I'm going to mention a few tidbits the producers mentioned regarding season 4. So read ahead at your own risk. I don't really consider these spoilers. Really just little clues to help advance some personal theories on where this show is heading. We have 7 months to speculate! Here we go:

  • Harold Perrineau (Michael) returns as a series regular in season 4 and was present at Comic-Con. He said he's excited to get back to Hawaii and hang out with his friends (not to mention start yelling "WAAAAAAAALT!!!!" again! Can't wait for that!) Damon describes that the WAY he comes back will be pretty awesome. Thoughts out there anyone? Would it be too easy to say that he has been with whoever Jack talked to on the phone at the end of season 3? And why no mention of WALT? What's going on there?
  • A question was asked to whether Ben getting trapped in Rousseau's net in season 2 was accidental or intentional. Answer: Accidental, more information to follow in season 4
  • Another question: in season 1 when Hurley saw a man fall past him in the building, was it Locke? Answer: No (they already confirmed this, what a waste of a question!)
  • Much more of Rousseau's back story will be given to us over the next couple seasons. Maybe we'll finally see Montan lose his arm! (Producers always joke about this in the podcast because she mentioned it the first time we met her as she tortured Sayid)
  • Season 4 will be comprised of both Flashbacks AND Flash Forwards. This is the direction I was leaning towards, since there are still a few back stories we need fleshed out (primarily Ben, Rousseau and Desmond). We'll probably need some history on where Michael has been for the past 22 episodes! I guess that answers the fact that ISLAND LIFE will still be the Present Day. So we can start speculating to how they're going to get stuck there, unless we'll actually be following them off of the island in present day. Yeah, I guess they really didn't reveal anything with that statement! Hmmm....a big question was if they started showing Flash Forwards how will they keep a secret who lives and dies? Maybe we're only going to get Flash Forwards of Kate, Jack and a couple others? hmmmm who knows? Maybe in 7 months we'll figure it all out!
  • The only other tidbit I got was that they closed out the session with a DHARMA VIDEO about station 6, "The Orchid Station" and that the symbol was a white rabbit with a 15 on its back. And there was a statement that said station 6 was "not a botanical research unit." Yeah, your guess is as good as mine!

That's all the info I've found so far. If anyone else was at Comic-Con or has found more information, please share! Once I get my hands on the podcast, I'll update this blog with the link and any noteworthy additional information. (note 7/31 - I added below: links to blogs recapping comic con as well as the You Tube VIDEOS from Comic Con!!! Definitely all worth watching!) I guess the next thing we have to look forward to are the Mobi-sodes premiering in the fall which will feature the main cast members in 2 or 3 minute segments. Unfortunately, I don't have Verizon so if you're going to get my feedback on these, we'll have to wait until they're available on The Lost Website. So, stay tuned for more updates and keep passing on this blog to any LOST fans you meet! Tell them to bookmark for February! See you sometime in the future (or the past!).

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