Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lost Season 2 episode 9 Recap - What Kate Did

Lost episode 209 What Kate Did

In a word.... "Wow" much happened in last night's episode, I don't even know where to start. So let's start with some comedy.... "So, Rose's Husband is white!.........didn't see THAT comin" This show cracks me up. They're always finding ways to incorporate what the audience is thinking. I'm sure the ladies loved seeing topless Jin after a night of crazy relations with his wife.....but I preferred the thumbs up from Hurley!

Well, the episode didn't leave much to the imaginiation on what we'd be finding out last night (due to the fabulous title) and they didn't make us wait too long to find out EXACTLY what Kate did. What we did need to watch the episode for was WHY....and that came in the redemption scene near the final minutes. So what did Kate do? She blew up a house......what was in the house? Her abusive/molesting step-father who turns out to be her real father. Something to note on second viewing....WAYNE (??) asked "what's that smell?" as camera panned to the oven....and Kate said "probably your breath".....well obviously we're dealing with some gas leakage....and not Wayne's posterior either. So we see Kate doing what she does best....trying to run from the law....and our favorite Air Marshall makes a cameo but gets shalacked by the reincarnated Black Horse Wayne in a convenient car accident allowing our anti-heroine to escape his clutches. We find out that the Seargent that was portrayed as Kate's father (you know...the guy that taught her all the tracking skills she used to help rescue Charlie and Claire in season 1)....was in fact...NOT kate's father. But he was playing the part to keep Kate from knowing the truth which would ultimately result in her killing Wayno... Well...guess she found out somehow! So did anyone recognize Kate's Mom from the episode when Kate visits her in the hospital? Yeah...I didn't until Kate said "Mom."

So while Kate is reliving the above experience in her head....on Fantasy Island she's trying to fight her feelings and keep her from going truly insane. NEWS BREAK: We finally know who Kate likes!'s Jack!'s Sawyer!!! As producer damon lindeloff said in last week's podcast (yeah...i'm getting dorkier by the minute) "Jack and Sawyer are both half of the perfect man and Kate cannot decide between the two" Well don't take that verbatum...but it was something like that. So...she kisses Jack then runs away....then tells Wayne who's supposedly hiding in Sawyer's body (Hurley discussing Transferrence anyone??) that she tries to have feelings for Sawyer but keeps thinking of him. Woa...female version of Oedipus Rex stuff there...nice.

I mentioned the Horse above. Now I know there are some biblical meanings behind the horse being black and stuff (I think it's references to Satan or evil)....but I'm going to look at it from the angle of what we've seen in prior episodes. We've seen multiple characters coping with personal deaths (whether they be Murder or of loved ones)..... All of these deaths are accompanied by some form of an animal counterpart. We see Sawyer (accompanied by Kate) dealing with the abusive Boar in season 1.....the Boar is haunting him...messing with his stuff. In his flashback we learn that Sawyer killed the wrong guy that he was hunting....i believe sawyer ends up killing the boar and feels better. (or he just makes his peace with it...gotta watch again). When Boone dies...Walt gives Shannon his dog (2nd time in 3 days i forget that damn dog's name!) for her to watch after. Jack also has visions of his father (when he was sleep deprived) early in season 1 who's dead body was supposedly on the plane (we still don't know for sure!).... The title of that episode? White Rabbit. (yeah...that one's a stretch lol)..... but the similarity between Jack and Kate's that they were both having hallucinations.....except in Kate's story....that hallucination turned out to be real. She pet the horse...and Sawyer saw it too. Does that mean Jack's vision was real too? who knows....this show is crazy! OOOOH while we're on the visions thing...we have confirmation that Sayid DID see Walt in the jungle. (more on walt in a bit!) Anyways...all this redemption on the island stuff....still reflects back to the Purgatory theme....but we are told that it is NOT purgatory. But we do know that many of Fantasy Island's guests have ghosts in their past.....and these people have NOT been abducted by The Others yet. ahhh yes Goodwyn "Nathan was not a good person"

As if all of those plotlines weren't enough.....that wasn't even the best part of the episode! Sure there was Shannon's funeral (who is the 3rd body in the cemetary? Is that the drowned girl? Arzt???....the air marshall was buried in the jungle so it's not him). We have the everybody hates Ana Lucia thing going on. (Which Jack rememered what kind of drink she liked? Yeah...we have our Love Rectangle in Motion....)

But then we have the Michael, Locke, Eko storyline...which....I gotta say....was outstanding!!!! Locke mentions the orientation video which peaks Michael and Eko's interest. They watch the video (and we get reminded of some parts of it....not like we needed to....i've watched that video tons of times!).....and they finally mention that there are some glitches or skips on the film. We can only assume there was more information (which we've known for weeks!)......i don't know if anyone else cracked up when Locke asked Eko's opinion of the film...and he just got up and walked away. I'm sure we're in for many outstanding scenes between these two crazy cooks in upcoming episodes (that is....unless Eko gets eaten up by the black smoke monster in the next episode)..... We learn what is in the Bible that Eko had found in the other hatch.....but of course we have to listen "FROM THE BEGINNING".....which happens to be in Biblical times! lol....loved Locke's comment to Eko there. Now I'm sure there's tons of meaning behind the story Eko told...but the payoff was the best part.....The missing film!!! Didn't see it coming at all. We also find out that Locke and Eko aren't exact parallels of each other. While they both may be men of Faith.....Locke is a man of "FATE" which is a path Eko was not keen to. "Don't mistake Coincidence for Fate" So the missing film explains that the computer should not be used for any other purpose than entering the numbers (which how could it? they couldn't enter anything until the alarm sounds!).....and they suggest that communication OFF of the island could be made and lead to another "incident." Meanwhile....Michael has been scoping out the hatch. Notices the blast doors! So this baby is definitely equipped for specific "incidents".....what will trigger those blast doors? I can only assume we'll find out. After Michael watches the film with Eko and Locke...he begins to examine the "hardware"...or 1950's computer server.... Doesn't look like he really touches anything....but a different alarm sounds....and the "108" clock stops at 51 (did it stop? or am i crazy?) what does that number mean? who knows....but only thing I could come up with was the original 48 survivors + 4 Tailies - Walt. But that's kind of silly. There is a message on the computer waiting for its viewer.... "Hello?" Intrigued Michael...(as giddy as a child)....responds "Hello." "Who is this" "This is Michael. Who are you?" ..........."DAD?"


Like i a word...."WOW" but so much more going on in that episode. All i could think about was the Reverse Talking Walt "Don't push the button the button is bad!" ......and now we're meant to think Walt is talking on the computer? (which ruins the integrity of the experiment...preventing them to push the button?)..... could be Walt...could be a trick.

Well this, my friends, is what they call the PAYOFF EPISODE......we have episodes in between that seem uneventful (while deep in character development)...dropping little hints along the way.....and they pay off in these Amazing cliffhanging episodes. I relate this one to the episode when Clarie and Charlie get abducted last year. That episode really set season 1 on a non-stop rollercoaster of a ride to the finale. And it just happened to be a cliffhanger before the Long Christmas (Holiday for our non christians) TV Break. That's right....we have 6 weeks until the next new episode. And that's one of the reasons for the long Write-up today. Because I know I have 6 weeks to rest my fingers!

At this time I'd like to apologize for the DANNY linking to Kate. Someone that called into Preston and Steve was full of crap..... Kate's childhood friend that she got killed was Tom not Danny.

I usually have a bulletized list of crazy easter eggs from the show. Only one I've heard so far is that Sayid was on TV in handcuffs during Kate's flashback!

That's awesome!!!!! I hope everyone enjoyed the episode as much as me...(My opinion? Best one of Season 2!).....And I'm sure we're going to find out much more after some wonderful Post Lost Day Research.


The Rush Blog said...

Kate's father had never abused her. She made that clear in her "confession". And considering that she continued to feel no remorse for killing Wayne, I didn't see any sign of redemption for her.

Mike V. said...

Whew, doing my first rewatch through the show since it's been over (have done many before. lol). I will say some of these early postings, which were originally emails to friends, were pretty awful! Grammar errors, typos galore, and lots of periods! I remember back in the day I had some obsession with "......" between sentences. So glad I outgrew that phase! lol (Now, I still need to work on those LOL's all over the place!)

@The Rush Blog, sorry I never got back to you. I never really said that Kate's father abused her. I did say "molesting" in my description of him which may have been misleading. But, when he was drunk he did look at his daughter in a more than fatherly way. You cannot deny that! And he made that "aren't you gonna take my pants off first?" comment too. So, I believe my description, even if a little inaccurate, was still okay. :-)

As for the "redemption" comment, I was probably just all about these characters finding redemption since that was pretty much the whole point of the show. So, I probably jumped the gun a bit with Kate in calling that. But, she did make peace with what she had done by justifying it out loud to who she considered to be Wayne's spirit in Sawyer. (and just may have been...) The "making peace" part of it mirrored Sawyer's episode with the boar when he made peace with his old demons.

And yikes, I commented above that he killed the boar and then second guessed myself. I can confirm that he let the boar go. OOPS! lol

I'm glad my recapping improved a litle bit after these first few posts!

Anyway, I'm sure you'll never read this but I figured I'd respond anyway for future readers of the blog. Stick with the recaps folks. I promise they get better and much more organized!

Miles Balzard said...

Hey Mike, when Lost was first broadcast in 2004, my two kids were 5 and 7 years old, so I was busy watching the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network instead of great TV.

Fast forward to 2013, and I'm divorced (kids are doing great, tho), on my own, and just got NetFlix, where I am finally binge-watching Lost for the first time.

Just letting you know I discovered your blog after the 17th ep of season 2 and I think it is awesome. I'm going back to read all your posts from the beginning and enjoying it greatly. I look forward to the recaps of future eps, and I know you are correct in the post above when you say the recaps get better and much more organized, because I looked at the 17th ep recap when I discovered your blog, and it was very Impressive.

So, thanks for doing this; you have a new fan and yet another great reason for keeping your Lost blog active forevermore (I'll check out your new blog after getting through Lost, which will take me weeks of exhaustive power-watching!).

Mike V. said...

Miles, welcome to the lost addicts blog! Always great to see new people discovering the blog and that people still find it useful and possibly entertaining. Sorry to hear about the divorce but I totally hear you on kids. I got married near the tail end of lost and have a 19 month old now. He's a handful! Can't imagine 2 at 5 and 7 and trying to keep up with TV. My blog posts have gotten much shorter these days and not nearly as obsessive as I was with lost. But I still do love watching and discussing TV! So definitely check the newer site out when you get around to it.

I'm going to respond to all your posts just maybe not tonight. (The kid and all. Lol). Thanks again for finding the blog and sticking around!

Miles Balzard said...

Thanks for the reply comment, Mike. Ah, I remember having babies in the house. You've hit the beginning of the sweet spot for sure at 19 months. It only gets better from that point on (well, neither of my kids had a bad case of the terrible twos, so take my thought with a grain of salt). For me, the absolute peaks came from three to eleven or twelve years old or so. Those were the best and most joyful years of my life, despite missing the best of TV during those years.

Take your time with responding to my posts, since you'll be a busy dad! Plus, a lot of my comments probably won't be trying to decipher the secrets of Lost; I'm more into the character-building aspects. Besides, I never seem to be the first to catch on to the big secrets and reveals until they slap me in the face.

Which makes your blog so effective for me: pointing out the connections and plot shifts that I would've missed if not for you and your commenters. At least I did catch the fact that Eko would be building a [non-spoiler thing] at the same time you did! Your blog is really helping me understand what I just saw!

Mike V. said...

LOL on the terrible two's. My son's been a handful since day 1 so I don't know how much worse 2 can get! Of course, I say "worse" when it's really been a blast. We're having the best time with him even if he keeps us on our toes!

The way you're watching LOST is truly the best way to watch it. Sure, I had my fun dissecting the little details of the show along the way and it's what made the internet chatter so intriguing during its run. But, in the end, it's the character journeys that are the most important and what kept us around for 6 years. I started taking notes during the initial airings of episodes so I had my material for the blogs (I rarely looked at the notes when I wrote the recaps. lol). So, it wasn't until my 2nd watching of episodes that I truly appreciated what good storytelling, acting and writing was going on in each episode. And on my countless rewatches of the show, I forget the mysteries and just enjoy the drama. The show totally holds up.

But, the reason for this blog's creation was to hopefully help people catch certain things that they might have missed. I never saw it taking off the way it eventually did, so it was originally just for friends, family and co-workers of mine. But, a timely placed link on EW message boards here and a google search there....and the thing caught fire. I had a blast with the blog and I'm glad you're enjoying it too!

I'll respond to your comments but don't feel the need to respond to all of those! I'll catch up with you on your most recent episode at some point.

BTW, I saw you mention how I may have been spoiling things in "previews for next week". At some point, someone called me out on that (that not everyone watches them). I was a little stubborn about it at first, but then I got on board with not writing about it or at least posting a "spoiler warning" or something first.

Enjoy the ride!

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