Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LOST: Season 5 Episode 6 - 316

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, blog post over. NAMASTE, see you next week!


Okay, I'm kidding obviously. But I'm still trying to digest everything we just learned in that episode. Answers galore, and a brilliant beginning to the episode mirroring the pilot episode. Well a brilliant beginning, middle and end to the episode. Just great all around! I was almost upset that I had to feverishly jot down notes the whole time instead of just sitting back and enjoying the episode. But that's what Thursdays after work are for!

Without further adieu, I present to you my best attempt at recapping what Ms. Hawking was talking about and then getting to the rest of my normal disjointed thoughts! Here we go!

Pilot Episode Redeux

If you didn't watch the "Previously on LOST" prior to starting the episode, you may have thought the sort-of delayed Analog to Digital transition screwed up your cable feed and sent your TV back in time to 2004! Because we opened up on Jack's eye with him lying in the jungle in a suit! Wait a minute, something is different. This is NOT the pilot episode! He's back on the Island! How awesome is that?! Just when you think they're going to abandon character-centric stories forever, it's like we start the show all over again with Jack on the Island. The details to be filled in over this season and possibly next probably in re-energized flashbacks. Geniuses these writers. That's all I can say! After this opening sequence, the entire episode essentially ends up being a Jack-centric flashback to who ends up back on the Island and how they got there. So anyway, Back to Jack! He's in the jungle. He seems disoriented for a second. But then you see a hint of a smile (he did it!). And then in the distance we hear Hurley scream. Jack, like in the pilot, begins to run to go start fixing things (oh how he misses running in the jungle!). Confusion ensues....

  • When Jack wakes up, we see a piece of paper in Jack's hand with the words "I wish" on it. We wonder if this is going to be something that won't be explained until next year sometime. No fear, we just have to wait until the end of the episode!
  • Jack arrives at the waterfall where Kate and Sawyer found the briefcase with the guns way back in season 1. He sees Hurley unable to keep afloat in the water, hanging onto a Guitar case for dear life. (hmmmm...Hurley plays guitar? Maybe he packed a video game system with a couple guitar hero guitars in there hoping he could plug in at a DHARMA station? Or maybe he brought it upon a certain ghost Charlie's request? I just thought of that. There was after all a guitar on Flight 815! More on this in a bit.)
  • Oh and Kate is there too! Unconscious. Jack is tired of performing CPR to everyone. Kissing Kate back to life just isn't the same as kissing Charlie and Desmond I guess. So he just kinda shakes her and tells her to wake up. And BAM.....Kate's awake! Jack is one miracle doctor! He can even make paralyzed future wives walk again and dance at weddings!
  • The 3 of them wonder how they got do we do we.... Stay tuned!

The Lamp Post
(46 Hours Earlier)

Professor Hawking's Class in Session

You'll have to forgive me if I get too wordy in this section below. But there was a massive brain dump in 15 minutes worth of time. I felt everything was essential information! But I will try my best to put my spin on it! We last left Jack, Sun, Ben and Desmond with Ms. Hawking at the church with a zillion candles. Ms. Hawking informed everyone "We better get started." Well, she immediately takes them down into that crazy science filled basement of hers. Or was it hers after all? "THIS is how they found the Island!!!!!"

  • We are informed that the DHARMA Initiative called this station the Lamp Post. off-Island DHARMA Station! That confirms why the DHARMA-like computer was in this station as well. We can assume that they called it the Lamp Post as a literary reference to C.S. Lewis's novel "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" the first published book in the Chronicles of Narnia. The Lamp Post served as a gateway between the real world, and the magical land of Narnia. We know the writers love getting C.S. Lewis references in there. Much like Charlotte Staples Lewis's name and her introduction (which we learned last week was a re-introduction) to the Island. Very much like when our 4 protagonists return to Narnia in " Prince Caspian" (Book 2). Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked!
  • Jack asks Ben if he knew about the station. He says no. Jack asks Eloise (nope, I don't like it yet. I'll keep calling her Hawking!) if Ben is lying. She says Probably! Ahh, "Ben Lying" jokes are a delight aren't they? You can't help but think there is more to his lying though. Lots of discussion last week was with people being infected by the Smoke Monster (like Rousseau's crew). Surely it can't be just them that were infected. John Locke came in contact with Smokey, and was crazy ever since. We know Ben knew how to SUMMON Smokey, so he may have come in contact before. And man, does he know how to lie! Could be all coincidental. But I just don't know!
  • Taped to a Chalkboard full of formulas, we get a glimpse of a U.S. Army Photo from 1954 (the assumption would be this picture was taken when the military was doing their H-Bomb testing) The date on the Photo? September 23, 1954. 49 years 364 days before Flight 815 crashed on the Island. Should we be looking into that? Eh who knows???
  • We learn from Hawking that the room was constructed years ago over a unique pocket of electromagnetic energy which is connected to similar pockets all over the world. (this sounds similar to that crazy FAITH HEALER that Rose went to see in Australia who talks about there being different energies all over the world) The people that created the Lamp Post, however, were only interested in ONE pocket. Dum dum dummmmmm Yes my friends, THE ISLAND!
  • First they gathered proof that it existed (I'm guessing the 1954 Photo helped a bit!) They knew it was out there somewhere but they just couldn't find it.
  • Then a "clever fellow" decided to build the Pendulum. I'm going to guess it wasn't Focault himself! The theory was that they needed to stop looking for the Island where it was SUPPOSED to be but where it was GOING to be. The new tidbit we learned tonight? The Island is ALWAYS moving! huh? Then what did Ben do when he pushed the crazy Donkey wheel? Did this have no relevance to making the Island disappear? Or did the Island always used to move, but then SOMEONE "froze" it in one place in time and space? AKA DHARMA? (possibly even Daniel Faraday?). And once Ben thawed chipped away at the ice...the Island started moving again? I know I know. I making no sense. But that room was not as COLD when Locke was in there as it was when Ben was in there! There has to be a reason for the temperature!
  • More Pictures from the Lamp Post (constantly updating coordinates across the globe, and the map of the globe that the Pendulum swings over.
  • So Hawking also asks "Why do you think you were never rescued?" I'm confused. Penny followed coordinates based on Desmond's phone call. And she found them right outside where the Island was. So it couldn't have been moving too quickly then! Widmore and crew found the Island (was that with Hawking's help? or because Penny's crew found the Island when the Hatch blew?) I guess we don't have enough information to go on quite yet. Well, at least I hope we don't because I'm still confused! And I think I'm already contradicting my FROZEN DONKEY WHEEL theory with this bullet point right here!
  • Anyway, this man and his team created a series of equations (see chalkboard) which tell us with a high degree of probability where the Island will be at a certain point in time. Windows, while open, provide a route back. And Jack and crew's window closes in 36 hours. So there's a 10 hour differential between them being on the Island and the window closing? I'm not even going to bother theorizing on that.
  • What I want to theorize on is WHO is this man that created the DHARMA station? Is it Pierre Chang (Dr. Marvin Candle) himself? Or could it be the crazy Psychic in Australia, Malkin? Or maybe the Monk that Hawking is pictured with at Desmond's Monastery? Or someone else? For all we know, it could've been Daniel Faraday! I doubt it's Malkin, but one of the things Hawking said tonight reminded me a lot of what Malkin said to Claire before she got on flight 815. More on that in a second. We need to let Desmond flip out for a little bit.
  • Dez is shocked that they are all planning to go back to the Island willingly. He explains to Hawking that he came to deliver a message. That Daniel Faraday needed HER help, not the rest of the lot. (sounds like a phrase a Scot or Brit would say!) Hawking insists that she is helping. And then it came. Desmond explained to them all that he knows Hawking and that he wasted 4 years of his life because she told him he was destined to go to the Island. That it was his bloody purpose. Ahhhhh Desmond remembers previously running into Hawking. When he traveled back in his own consciousness and relived some key moments in his life after he blew the Hatch. "Flashes Before Your Eyes -Season 3"
  • Desmond tells Jack that they're being used as part of a game and to not listen to anything she says. Hawking tells Desmond that the Island isn't done with him yet. Desmond says he is done with the Island! Ahhh take that ELOISE! So the big question is, what WILL Desmond's purpose be? We sure got hints of something in this episode, we just don't know what yet! Does Ben kill Penny? Does Desmond beat the crap out of Ben? We're not quite there yet. But the bigger question is...will Desmond have motivation to return to the Island? All signs point to -----MOST LIKELY!
  • Break is over! Back to Hawking's lesson. She gives Jack a Binder which has coordinates of where she believes the Island will be in a little more than a day from now. There is a commercial airline flying from L.A. to Guam that will fly right through the window, Flight 316. It MUST be that flight. And right there is where she sounded like Malkin. He told claire it MUST be this flight. Flight 815! Coincidence? Naaa I think this guy was always in on something with getting these people to the Island. Whether Christian paid off Malkin to get her there or Malkin serves a higher purpose, I don't know. Well, here I go rambling again!
  • By the way, who had bets that 316 would be the Bible verse referenced on Eko's stick? John 3:16? Well, I'm sure it's no coincidence that they used the same number again! besides the fact that 16 IS one of the numbers!
  • UPDATE: Nevermind it was 3:05!
  • Hawking's final tip for Jack, Sun and Ben? They need to recreate as many of the circumstances of how the Oceanic 6 got there in the first place. And they need as many people as they can get. If they can't get everyone the results would be unpredictable. How unpredictable? And how does Ben fit into this equation? Does he just get a free ride back to the Island? This is why I started contemplating that Hurley brought the guitar on the plane because of Charlie's guitar being on 815. We don't quite know how Hurley ended up at the airport and on that flight, but could he have been visited by Ghost Charlie?
  • There is probably tons to theorize here with the recreation of the circumstances for the flight, but we will continue to discuss throughout the rest of the blog.
  • We learn that getting everyone on that flight is basically the mission, but Hawking has another private mission for Jack.

Hawking and Jack

  • Hawking takes Jack into her office and gives him a letter addressed to him. She tells him it was Locke's suicide note. ahhhhh So Locke kills himself? It was the most common guess. I'm not entirely sold on it quite yet. We had some theorists on the blog last week that Ben kills Locke after we learned Ben went to see him. Then again, previews for next week's episode shows Locke hanging the noose from the ceiling.
  • Anyway, we'll get to that next week. Jack takes the news pretty hard that it was a suicide.
  • We learn that Locke is going to help them get back to the Island by acting as a proxy (substitute) for Christian Shephard. ahhh! She instructs Jack to get something that belonged to Christian and give it to Locke. This is when Jack starts to lose his faith again. How could he not? It all sounds absurd!
  • Hawking says to stop thinking of how ridiculous it sounds and start wondering whether or not you believe it's going to work. Jack has come a long way since those early days on the Island. The Man of Science now needs to take a Leap of faith!

Ben and Jack

  • Sun left and at this point we're not sure if she's going to join them for this crazy journey.
  • If I weren't mistaken, I would think Ben was a little jealous that Jack got some alone time with ol' Eloise. He wanted to know what was said, but Jack didn't spill. And when Jack asked who she was, Ben starts to explain the story of doubting Thomas the Apostle.
  • I heard this story enough times in religion class growing up, but for everyone who didn't go to Catholic school, Ben does a pretty good job re-telling the story. He initially talks of how when Jesus had to return to Judea knowing he would be killed, Thomas bravely said "Let us also go, that we might die with him."
  • But Thomas was most remembered for doubting the resurrection of Jesus. He needed to see it with his own eyes and touch his wounds from the cross to be convinced. And eventually he WAS convinced. Ben explains to Jack that "we're all convinced eventually" This reminds me of "Exodus" (the season 1 finale of LOST) where Locke and Jack have their first Man of Science/Man of Faith debate. Jack tells Locke "I don't believe in Destiny." Locke tells him "Yes you do, you just don't know you do yet." about tying things together!
  • Now was Ben talking about the resurrection of Locke? That remains to be seen.
  • Of course, then the darker Ben comes back with his comment to Jack while walking out of the church. He said he had a promise to keep to an old friend. We all know he is referring to Charles Widmore. And he's going after Desmond who will lead him to Penny! Oh no! "See you at the airport Jack"

The Preparation
After the big brain dumping of information, we now follow Jack putting the plan in motion. Well, really the plan being put in motion FOR Jack as he tries to have a few drinks!

Grandpa Ray Shephard

  • We visit Jack at some flashy bar getting some final drinks in before he's Island-bound. He stares at his drink in deep thought. And he gets a mysterious phone call. "He did what?"
  • I'll spare the suspense, Jack goes to a nursing home and finds out his grandfather (Christian's father) Ray has attempted to leave the premises 4 times.
  • We enter a Magic show where the magician unveils a rabbit (in no doubt, a writer's shout-out to the DHARMA rabbits, but I don't think we need to look into it more than that.
  • We meet Ray, and Jack rescues him from the magic show.
  • Okay, so let's talk about this before we learn more about Ray. Lots of rumors going around that maybe the Island is directly related to the Shephard lineage. And maybe since Christian isn't Jacob that perhaps Christian's father might be Jacob. Well, we now see that RAY is off of the Island. But he says certain things during this meeting with Jack that makes you think that he's been there before. He doesn't give off an awe-inspiring aura about him that you would think the almighty Jacob would do. So do we think that this feeble man could be the one and only Jacob? Well I don't know, but I'm just throwing it out there because we've all been discussing the possibility of it. Also, listen to his voice and then listen to the voice from season 3's "The Man Behind the Curtain" when Jacob says "HELP MEEEEEEE" to Locke. Do you notice the resemblance? I could be grasping at straws, but I couldn't help but think they sounded familiar.
  • Okay, so Ray (which is what we will call him until told otherwise!), explained to Jack that he essentially wants to leave the nursing facility. Jack asked where the bus was headed, and Ray said that it didn't matter because any place is better than here.
  • Ray even packed a bag and told Jack one of these times he'll actually get away and that "they won't ever find me either." Hmmmm, sounds like Island speak doesn't it?
  • Ray asks if Jack is seeing Kate still (called her "the girl with the freckles" a shout-out to Sawyer's grandest nickname of all). Jack says he's not seeing her anymore.
  • Jack explains to Ray that he might be going away for awhile as he's unpacking the suitcase. Where is away? Somewhere better than here. Touche'. Ray just seems to be "in the know" of what Jack is up to. I mean come on, this scene had to be in there for more of a reason than for Jack to get a pair of shoes!!
  • Speaking of, Jack sees that in the bag was packed a pair of shoes, that were NOT, in fact, Ray's. They belonged to Christian Shephard! Any keen eye would have noted here that whenever we've seen Christian on the island, he's sporting a nifty pair of sneakers (or tennis shoes as some people call them) with his funeral suit. (well, that is until he somehow got changed on the island in the latter half of season 4 and this season. Maybe there is a Macy's for Ghosts on the Island?) So Jack has indeed found what he needs to GIVE to Locke.
  • Ray explains that Jack's mother sent a box of Christian's stuff when he died. And that the shoes must've gotten mixed in when he packed for a quick getaway. Hmmmm seems awfully convenient! Come on, it seems like Ray was trying to get to the Island, doesn't it?
  • Jack asks to take the shoes and Ray with the most serious look ever says "be my guest." I just have a sneaky suspicion we have not seen the last of Ray Shephard!

Jack's Apartment (another chance for a drink? naaaa)

  • Jack attempts to pour himself a drink in his kitchen and then hears a noise in his apartment.
  • Kate's in his bed, crying.
  • Kate asks if Jack is going back to the Island and tells him that she is going with him. She seemed very determined to do so. Aaron is clearly missing.
  • When Jack asks where Aaron is, all Kate says is "If you won't me to go with you, you will NEVER ASK THAT QUESTION again." And she's clearly upset about it. Hmmmm.....what on earth happened to Aaron? You have to think back to when Dan Norton said "you're going to lose the child." Well, here we are. She lost the child. Was it DAN that took the child? Ben has been kinda busy! Was Aaron killed? That would seem kind of anti-climatic considering Aaron is supposed to serve a higher purpose in the world. Well kids, here's our first piece of NEW Off-Island mystery that will allow room for more flashbacks in the future. Theorize away!
  • But for now, Kate decides to have one more night of passion with Jacky boy. Because after that, she's going to be torn again between him and Sawyer! Ahhh the good ol' Days. But I wonder if we'll find out that Sawyer is shacked up with a doctor himself by the time they get back to the Island. Hmmmm. The Love QUADRANGLE continues!
  • The next morning Kate and Jack are together for a quick coffee. Kate sees Christian's shoes. Jack explains to Kate the story of why Christian was wearing sneakers in the coffin. When he went to pick up the body he didn't have any nice shoes. His mother wanted to have the funeral as soon as he landed in L.A. and he thought who the hell would see his feet? So the tennis shoes turned out to be Jack's old shoes. Jack requested that they were put on Christian's body because he wasn't worth a nice pair of shoes to him. Just as Kate asks why he doesn't get rid of the shoes, the phone rings. Kate flees the scene and uses the line of the night "I'll see you at the airport"
  • Ben is on the phone. Not just any Ben. A clearly flustered and BLOODY Ben! Ben, almost crying, tells Jack he was "sidetracked" and needs Jack to pick up Locke's body. Coffin is at Simon's Butcher Shop on the corner of Grant and Hayes (2 presidents? Eh I'm not gonna look into it!). Ben doesn't explain his predicament and I think we've left room for yet another flashback. Did he fulfill his mission to kill Penny? I hope not! But one would think this would sure motivate Desmond to go back to the Island and find Ben. One thing is for sure, he is definitely bloody! I guess we'll find out eventually! Theorize away folks!

The Butcher Shop

  • Jack meets Jill the Butcher and they certainly didn't fetch a pail of water! Jill tells Jack that she knows who he is. We already knew she knew from Ben. So nothing really extra provided here about who Jill is. As suspected, Locke his hanging out in the Meat Locker, "chilling out" (no pun intended). Jill asks what's in Jack's bag (the shoes) but doesn't persist. She goes to get the van for Jack and leaves Jack alone with the body.
  • Jack opens the coffin and begins the process of changing the shoes. He starts to laugh while doing it. This was a good time. "Wherever you are John you must be laughing your ass off that I'm actually doing this! Because this is even crazier than you were!" He also gives the suicide note back to Locke telling him he can have it back. He's already heard everything John has to say. "You wanted me to go back? I'm going back." (I guess we'll see what Locke says to Jack next week!) "REST IN PEACE," Jack says and closes the coffin. Chilling stuff, and not because we're still in the meat locker!

Ajira Flight 316

In Airport

  • We have a scene mirroring season 1 when Jack is explaining at the check-in counter of why he needs to stow a body on the plane. Reason for transporting Bentham to Guam? Jack says they were his wishes. He wanted to be buried there. Recipient of the deceased? Jack will escort the body. Relation to the deceased? He was a friend.
  • Jack sees Kate arrive at the airport, looking much more somber than the last time we saw them. It seems like her attitude towards Jack has changed since the apartment. Why? Maybe reality is setting in about what happened to Aaron. Or maybe something else happened since the apartment.
  • The check-in guy tells Jack they need to inspect the body and that it's standard procedure. Jack agrees.
  • We get our first glimpse of a new character on the show. The actor's name is Saïd Taghmaoui and he will play a man named Caesar. If you'd like to know what the casting call sheet said about Caesar, go ahead and check this site out. We know there will be a woman named Ilana joining the cast too. Perhaps it's who has Sayid in custody (we're not there yet!) And of course, Michelle Dessler (oops...old 24 habits! Reiko Ayesworth) will be joining the cast at some point too!

  • Caesar tells Jack that he is sorry for his loss. The dude just looks evil doesn't he? He will be onboard flight 316. Perhaps he arrives to the Island in future-land where people are shooting at Sawyer and crew in the boat? Maybe that's where the plane ends up while some people (i.e. at least Jack, Kate and Hurley) end up some time else? I know I'm getting ahead of myself....but I'm starting to think more about this and wanted to get it out there! We know there is an Ajira Airways bottle on the Island at some point in the future afterall!
  • When Jack is entering security he runs in to Sun! She says she must be on that plane if there is any truth to Jin being alive. No sign of Ji Yeon, naturally! (not that there was time to get her) Everything is coming together!
  • We get a shot of a cop of some sorts escorting Sayid through Security. Sun, Jack and Kate all see it. What on earth happened there??? Maybe they caught him for one of his assasinations? Maybe it happened in Guam and he needs to be tried there? Maybe it's the same reason Sayid cannot stand the sight of Ben again? Lots of maybe's. Sounds like another flashback waiting to happen!
  • We see Hurley is through security and reading a new comic book! It's called "El Ultimo Hombre" I did some Google Work and this was a spanish translation for the film "The Omega Man" starring Charlton Heston as Robert Neville, the last man on earth after an apolcalyptic war using biological weapons. Fun!! I think the bigger thing to note is that Hurley has a spanish comic book, similar to what he was reading on flight 815. Someone seems to have tipped him off that he needs to be on that flight, that he needs to make everything as similar as possible to that original flight. It explains the guitar and the comic book. And I'm just guessing it was Charlie! Flashback opportunity!
  • UPDATE: I totally messed this one up. The comic book was a Spanish version of Y: The Last Man. It is about the only man to survive a mysterious simultaneous death to every male mammal on earth (according to Wikipedia). Also, one of the comic's authors is Brian K. Vaughan, one of the principal writers on LOST. MAN, did I REALLY mess that up! Hope you all will forgive me!
  • We learn that Hurley buys all the remaining seats on Flight 316 as he is scared the plane is going to crash. "they can take the next plane"
  • Jack and Hurley have a quick discussion. Jack is surprised to see him. "All that matters is that I'm here, right?" Jack is happy he's here. Hurley doesn't look as thrilled.
  • They board the plane. Jack is in Row 8 (another number! He was seat 23b on flight 815). Sayid sees Jack and realizes what might be going on. He didn't seem to be in the know before.
  • He passes by Sun who looks up at him. He passes by Kate and is happy she made it. Her? again, not so happy. Hurley boards with the guitar.
  • Ben is a last minute arrival in a sling. Hmmmm. Ben's face looks all scratched and cut up. It looks like he DID take some sort of beating for sure! Hopefully, Desmond gave Ben a little lesson!
  • Sayid definitely looks surprised to see Ben too.
  • This is hysterical when Hurley causes a scene saying Ben isn't supposed to be there. Jack calms him down saying this is how it has to be. Hurely says that no one told him that Ben was going to be there. Ben asks who told him to be there. Obviously, we don't get an answer, but we have our theories!
  • The flight attendant gives Jack back the suicide note saying that security found it. He just can't get rid of it!
  • Jack asks what will happen to the other people on the plane. Gotta love Ben's response...."Who cares?"
  • I think I noted this earlier, but Sayid being in custody of a Cop or Air Marshall is helping to recreate the scenario of flight 815 as well.

The Flight

Flight 316 takes to the air, and we have some final moments before we return to Paradise Island!

  • Jack visits Kate Jack seems to be starting to become a believer in fate. He tells Kate how crazy it is that they all ended up on that flight. That they're all together again. Kate takes on more of the Jack role in not believing in fate. She says we're all here, but that doesn't mean we're together. Not sure if she was implying that she and Jack are not together or if all of the Oceanic 6 (really 5) are there for different purposes. Could be a dual meaning line!
  • Just as Kate is finishing her statement, the pilot comes on the loud speaker. And it's none other than FRANK Lapidus!!! At this Kate looks a little befuddled. If you recall, Frank was SUPPOSED to be flying Flight 815. Is this more of recreating the circumstances?
  • Jack finds a way to get the flight attendant to talk to Frank and have him come out to talk to Jack. Looks like Jack isn't the only one who shaved their beard. Frank looked totally different and was explaining to Jack how he picked up the route to Guam awhile back. And while he's talking he looks into the cabin and sees ALL of the oceanic crew sitting on the flight. "We're not going to Guam....are we?" CLASSIC!!! I wonder if Frank ends up on the Island too and when?
  • Fast forward to night time. Jack is becoming restless. Ben is reading a book. It's James Joyce's Ulysses. Read all about it at the link. I'm getting tired of doing Book Reports in the blog! (I already went to Ms. Hawking's class!) Feel free to share what you learn!
  • The best line of the night was Jack asking Ben "How can you read?" and Ben responds "My mother taught me." Ahhhh as much as I want to despise Ben, he cracks me up!
  • Anyway, he tells Jack reading is better than what Jack is doing and that's "waiting for something to happen."
  • Jack begins to tell Ben about Locke's suicide note and how he keeps ending up with it. He said he feels like Locke NEEDS him to read it. Ben tells Jack essentially to stop feeling sorry for himself and guilty for Locke's death. It wasn't his fault and to read the damn letter!
  • Ben gives Jack privacy and Jack opens the letter. It simply says


    I wish you had believed me.

    - J.L."

    Yikes. Talk about holding a grudge! What did Locke mean? Was he told to write this letter by Hawking? Or was it simply that he knows he had to die to get them back and it's because Jack took everyone off of the Island? I'm sure we'll find out more about this next week in Locke's Bentham episode. The producers told us that this episode and next week's episode were written simultaneously and could've been aired either way, but there was information in 316 that would be helpful when watching "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham." I'm guessing it's Locke's "Suicide" and his suicide note.
  • Then...the turbulence begins! Hurley tells Caesar to buckle up. Everyone prepares for a crash landing and then....a familiar flashing sound happens. The same light and the same noise that was made when Sawyer and crew were flashing through time. hmmmmm. More on this in the Questions section!

We're Baaaaaaaaack!
We return to the Island and Jack's eye once again, but this time we have the knowledge of how they arrived there. We see Jack with the piece of the suicide note in his hand again, now knowing it was a suicide note (why did the rest of it not come with him?). We watch him dive in the water and save Hurley again, avoid kissing Kate with CPR techniques. And then we hear Kate ask how they got there again.

  • Jack says all he remembers is the flash and then he woke up in the jungle. Did the plane not crash? Did 815 only crash because of Desmond not pushing the button in time that one time? Did everyone survive 815 unscathed because they were destined to complete something on the Island? Ahh tons of questions, and I have more after we get through the recap.
  • In the meantime, Jack, Kate and Hurley are wondering where everyone else is. Jack suggests they split up and look for everyone. But before they can get too far, a vehicle is coming their way! Don't know the song was playing but I'm guessing it was something from the 70's or early 80's. It's a brand spanking new DHARMA VAN!
  • A man gets out with a rifle and points it at our Ajira 3 (get it? man I'm so creative!). But it's not just anyone. It's JIN! In a DHARMA Suit!


WOW!!! Okay, I think many of us knew that whoever returned was going to end up in the DHARMA Past. We knew that Faraday was going to be back there because we saw him there in the season premiere. We saw him working for DHARMA which suggested he was there longer than for a brief FLASH. We also knew that he told Charlotte not to come back to the Island. Entertainment Weekly also showed us a picture in their feature of Jack, Hurley and Sun arriving to OTHERSVILE (or the DHARMA Barracks) in a time that seemed like the DHARMA age. I've avoided spoiling that for everyone until now! I was intrigued by the photo, but a little annoyed that I saw it! So this is exciting stuff. We are going to experience the DHARMA days first hand. And apparently our survivors played a role in DHARMA all of this time. Should be interesting to how it all unfolds. But there is still room for plenty of questions!

Questions to ponder

  • Okay, so are they ALL stuck in the age of DHARMA? Are Sun, Sayid and Ben there too? What about the Ajira people in the future that were shooting at Sawyer and crew? Could it be this Caesar guy and his band of survivors that were shooting at the other boat?
  • Update: Duh forgot the most important. WHERE/WHEN is LOCKE and what happened to him???
  • The tail section of the plane was FULL of new people. Do they crash on the Island? Perhaps they don't travel back in time like our former Island residents? And they go in THEIR Present time which is the same time that we saw Sawyer, Locke and crew on the boat heading to the Orchid? We saw an Ajira Airways bottle afterall.
  • Does Jack and crew ending up in the past have something to do with the UNPREDICTABLE nature of returning? They recreated the flight pretty well didn't they?
  • How about Flight 815? If all of the above is true. Were there people on Flight 815 that had been there before? Cindy sure seemed to be comfortable settling into her role as an OTHER. What about Christian Shephard's body? Was it returned to the past maybe kinda like Jack and crew were this time? Would that explain why his GHOST was in the Donkey Wheel Cave before the well and Orchid were built? Or again, can GHOSTS transcend time? Or can SMOKEY who has taken human form before transcend time?
  • Did Frank Lapidus end up on the Island too? I hope so....that guy is awesome!
  • How long have Jin and crew been in the past at this point in time? Will it have been 3 years for them too so that they've all evened out in age? If that much time has passed, they may have lost hope that LOCKE succeeded in his mission. It seems that the writers have found a way to get us back into flashback mode for everyone. There are plotholes still left out there when the Oceanic 6 were off of the Island. And there could be a lot that happened after Locke turned the wheel that we might not see right away. I could be wrong on that piece though!
  • Okay, so with locating the Island in order to return to it. Is this just some convoluted way that DHARMA came up with to find the Island? What about Richard's ability to get to and from the Island? And Tom (a.k.a. Mr. Friendly?)? I guess Juliet getting to the Island via Submarine fits into this equation too. Surely, they're not going to expect us to assume that Hawking's explanation of the constantly moving island explains all of THAT too! Right?

Whew, I have tons of questions and I'm sure I'll think of more in the comments. I'm sorry if I got too crazy with theories for this episode and for my wordiness in some places. But this episode really got the wheels turning. So much information, and the episode was just a great piece of dramatic television also. Like I said in the beginning. I can't wait to go home and just watch it again and just enjoy it for the GREAT TV it was!

Next week's episode should be equally awesome! The story of Off-Island John Locke. From the previews it looks like he'll be able to walk still. Interesting stuff! Hope you all enjoyed my ramblings and I look forward to reading all of yours! Now, for real this time....NAMASTE and See you next week!

Thanks again to Sledgeweb ( who provides excellent pictures on their site that I shamelessly "borrow!"


Anonymous said...

Jeez butzo...

Ok couple things.

I think your right that the island stopped moving when the ajira 3 "landed" and the leftbehinders caught up in age. It could explaine Jins access to a van and flashy new jumpsuit. The Leftbehinders had to adapt to survive and joined Dharma.

Could their whole purpose be to stop the purge of the island, and kill Ben? Is that why the Losties are here?

Have Sawyer and Juilette been getting it on in a little hut for the last 3 years?

Im thinking that Ben went to kill Ms. Hawking, the revelation that she was faradays mom seemed to set him off (quietly).

Im also hoping that the only thing he did to penny and Des was taking their kid, and getting his ass whooped in the process, but still making it out alive. This way, they both have to come to the island to get their baby.

One last thing. If your a Co-Pilot, flying a plane, and all the sudden the captian disapears, along with all of your first class passangers, would you look for a place to land the plane to figure out WTF just happened? The Runway the Others were building might look pretty sexy in those circumstances. Why hello there Ajira Water Bottles and pissed off people shooting at sawyer and co.

Mike V. said...

Some interesting theories there. not sure i agree with the Ben/Hawking one. ben takin Dez's kid is interesting. but then where was he on the flight?

I agree with the runway for Ajira. I think I mentioned that in a previous blog and had a momentary brain fart. I'm thinking that the plane was able to land on Alcatraz 2.0! But it must be the future (or 2008 present day) right?

Unknown said...

so let me get this straight, once locke turned the wheel, we don't know wut happened to the left behinders, but we think that they've had three years on the island since? this wuld explain how jin is now working for the DI, but it also seems like he doesn't recognize his old friends, someone help me with this.

Mike V. said...

brendan, it's just a guess at this point. It could be only a few months after they left for all we know. I didn't get the impression that Jin didn't recognize them. I think at first he didn't which is why he pointed the gun. Unless Smokey got a hold of him and gave him the crazy Frenchie Sickness! lol

We'll see probably in a couple weeks!

Unknown said...

yea it culd just be shock of seein them again but i got the feeling that he didnt recognize them, which kinda reminded me of when desmond didnt recognize farraday when he knocked on the hatch door, idk if theres any correlation what do u think?

Mike V. said...

I guess it's entirely possible that he doesn't recognize them.

Of course, Jin IS from the future. So he SHOULD remember them, you know?

Desmond had met Faraday in the past before their hatch encounter but there was some interaction with FUTURE desmond there too. And I think i mentioned this in the comments of last week's blog. Desmond said to Faraday something similar to what he said to Jack the first time he saw him on the Island "Do I know ya brothaaa?" lol So maybe it just takes Dez a little while to realize where he knows these people from. Of course, we know Desmond didn't get that memory of Faraday until some point in the future. Sooooo crazy.

Don't think I answered your question, but it gave me an opportunity to make my head spin again! lol

Mike V. said...

hmmmm i just read a comment somewhere that i thought was an interesting idea.

Kate may have taken Aaron to Claire's mother and explained everything to her. Maybe Kate took DREAM CLAIRE'S advice to not bring Aaron back and decided that she does need to go back.

I kinda like that theory! Thought I'd share.

Michel Koch said...

Nice recap !

Maybe I'm completely wrong on this, but I think we still don't know exactely what was the use for "the button".
Maybe the real "button" use was to move the island. When Desmond uses the key and destroy the hatch, the Island would not move anymore, so this would explain how Penny and the Freighter were able to eventually find the Island.
Then, when Ben spins the wheel, the Island starts to move again.

Well I don't know if this could make sense, moving the island every 108 minutes seems a bit short ... But I really don't seem to find any logical use to the button except for this (since after the hatch exploded there was no more button pushing, and everything was fine ...) and I admit that this Button nonsense is one of the "plothole" that bugs me the most :p

If I missed something about the button, please could you enlight me ?

Chris Stedman said...

"El Ultimo Hombre"

If you look closer you see it’s the Spanish version of “Y The Last Man” written by Brian K. Vaughan who just happens to be one of the Lost writers. The only thing I found that parallels Lost is that three astronauts fall from the sky returning to earth just like our O6.

Chris Stedman said...

My guess about bloody Ben is Widmore knew Desmond was out of hiding and sent some of his people to protect him knowing he would run into Ben. Ben shows up to kill Penny and his goons ruff him up and throw him in the ocean. Ben does shoot Penny and a desperate Desmond goes to Hawking and she tells his only the island can save prompting his quest to return himself. Probably way off but I like it. :)

Unknown said...

If Mr. V ever listened to the ramblings of his wonderful fiance` on the subject of Lost, he could have included the "Claire's Mom" theory in the original blog post!

Ugh, I just get no respect!

Chris Stedman said...

oooooooh Bad move Mr. V. Always listen to your women.

Mike V. said...

Yeah yeah yeah....I'm sorry's the greatest theory ever and I'm sorry I missed it when you said it! lol

Thanks Stedman for the El Ultimo Hombre reference. That one makes a little more sense! lol But I guess both of them kinda make sense. Interesting theory with Ben/Widmore. I can't wait to find out!

Michel...thanks for the props! I'll try to write more later...but Kelvin explains what the button does in the season 2 finale "Live Together Die Alone" releasing built up charge of electro-magnetic energy so it doesn't blow up the world! lol

Michel Koch said...

Mike : yep I've heard that too, but to me it seems more like complete bullshit that was told to Kelvin to force him to push the button. I mean, after season 2 finale there is no more button to be pushed and the world doesn't explode. Ok there has been a small explosion/flash when Desmond used the key and it did blow out his clothes, but not the world :p

I don't know if you see what I mean (sorry for my bad english) but I don't buy the "push the button to save the world" idea, when it was that simple to use this key and to destroy the hatch. for now it really seems to me like a plothole until they come back at it and explain it better. I hope that we will hear more about this from Darma in the future episodes.

Michel Koch said...

ok I just did read some infos on lostpedia about the swan, the fail-safe and the button and some things seems to make more sense that I remembered, and I hope that the unanswered questions will be adressed now that we are at Dharma time period again :p

Anonymous said...

As others keep reiterating, love the blog! It keeps me entertained throughout the week and gets me to the next Wednesday. Keep up the good work.

I’ve read a few other discussions out there, and most are talking about the Caravaggio painting in relation to Locke/Jack. My original thought while watching was that it was meant to be Christian/Jack. Maybe Jack shouldn’t assume that Christian is dead, or maybe in fact Christian is or will be resurrected. Christian Shephard is that the writer's witty way of referring to him as Jesus? Maybe reading too much into this.

Also, perhaps there were other proxies on the Ajira 316 flight besides Christian’s shoes. I agree with you that the guitar may represent Charlie. Perhaps John Locke’s letter represents Sawyer (he had a letter in his pocket during the flight). Perhaps Kate is pregnant and represents Claire (although they’re clearly not at the same point in their pregnancies if Kate is indeed pregnant).

Michel Koch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

wow my brain waves are dead after last night episode. Couple of things:
The Lamp post serves like a portal beteween different time zones.That helps explain things a little better.

Aaron could not return to the island becasue what it they returned in a different time zone (which they did) He would not have been born. It make sense that kate left him with Claire's mom.

I agree that the island always used to move, but then SOMEONE "froze" it. I believe it was Faraday when we saw him during the Dharma orchid time.

Jack last name Shephard , although spelled differently from "shepherd" it alludes to PSAlm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd..... which makes sense with who Jack's Grandad might be,(Jacob), leap of faith and the number 23 (Jack's seat in the 815flight) and one of the numbers. It ties in with Jack's apprehension to believe in Locke and the island.

When the magician unveils a rabbit (again like you said Dharma rabbits) but wasn't there also an episode called white rabbit?

Well I can't wait for next week!!!

Michel Koch said...

So my idea about the button moving the Island must be stupid.
But the idea that the island stopped moving when Desmond activated the fail-safe might still work. And this would explain how the freighter was able to find the Island.

It is still weird that the purple/white flash that happened at the end of season 2 looks like the flash at the end of season 4 and during all the time travels. In season 4 and 5 this flash is related to time travel, but at the end of season 2 nobody travelled in time except for Desmond, but they still all saw this flash, when in season 5 only the peopl actually travelling in time are seeing the flash ...

And if the island was always moving like Mrs Hawking is saying, those moves were "invisibles" since the flashes only happened at the end of season2 and in season 4 and 5 and not before ...
Like you said this also doesn't fit well with the submarine that brought Juliet to the Island, Tom and Richard Alpert leaving and coming back to the Island (well Richard might be more related to the island and might have higher powers so this could work for him) ... this is very hard to ties everything up with this new information about the island always moving.

Anonymous said...

Everything was perfect on the plane.You had your fugitive Sayid (instead of Kate). You had Hurley with the guitar instead of Charlie. You had Ben in the Bathroom (instead of Charlie) when the plane starts going nuts. You had Lapidus, who was supposed to be the pilot last time. I like how calm he was, "we're not going to make it to Guam are we?" I like that dude. And Sayid must have been like, "Oh Snap!, everyone is on this plane, i'm going back to the island whether i like it or not". This was going to be the 3rd time they crashed after Oceanic 815 and the Helicopter going down in the ocean. But did it crash? We know someone had a water bottle from the plane, but that's it.
Everything except the pregnant woman, Claire. That's why she ended up at Jacks, she is playing the role of pregnant woman now. That's why she's acting all weird, cuz she's still torn between Jack and Sawyer.
Sawyer in the meantime could be getting it on with Juliet. Or even worse, Juliet and Jin? Just a thought.

So here is my thing right. We know people we following the Oceanic 6. we had Sayid kill people, we had notes with Kate's address, people watching Hurley wouldn't there be a plant (perhaps that dude that says something to Jack at the airport) from Widmore/ Abbadon that told Locke to go on a Walk About, on this flight? Maybe they are bringing back more than they know to the Island if you know what i mean. We already know someone is shooting at Miles/Sawyer/ Locke in the canoe. Think about it

Mike V. said...

sounds like we're all on the same page here for the most part. I've covered in the blog on a lot of things things being brought up (the stuff on the plane...guitar, lapidus, sayid in cuffs etc...) I'm glad we're agreeing! ....I like the Kate being pregnant idea. I didn't even think of that one until I started reading about it today. I like the Ben possibly being in the bathroom idea (although, charlie eventually did sit down before the plane "crash")

I also like the continued compliments on the blog! lol Thanks guys!

Michael - looks like you worked out your hatch issues. i was going to bring up the whole "Fail-safe" thing after your first response. I agree, there is definitely more to uncover there, but the primary reason for the hatch seemed to be because DHARMA was messing with the energy on the Island and had an INCIDENT! And we also have to suspect that that H-Bomb is buried there too in the concrete. Seems pretty coincidental that Dan mentioned concrete if that's not the case!

As with moving the Island? No idea. I'm glad someone agreed with me on freezing the Donkey Wheel! I thought I was going crazy! lol (i may still be, but at least I have company!)

As for the FLASHES and The Purple Sky. You might be onto something there with the Island stopping moving. Perhaps when Dez blew the hatch, the island became visible (we know that) but it also stopped moving too. And this is why Jacob said that they needed to begin moving the Island again! At that point, people may have stopped looking for them to rescue them as Flight 815 was believed to have crashed and been at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

We were told from the producers that the Purple light at the end of season 2 is DIFFERENT from the FLASHES that we started seeing at the end of season 4 and all of this season so far. I like the idea that maybe the ISLAND STOPPED Moving. I'm sticking with it for now!

Good analysis everyone!

Anonymous said...

I also think that Kate left Aaron with Claire's mom. Kate knew that she was in town and where she was staying. Perhaps Ben's plan was actually to use the attorney just to point Kate in Claire's Mom's direction. Because of her dream, Kate would never have brought Aaron back to the island with her. If Kate didn't have someone she trusted to take Aaron, she might not have made the decision to go back.

Mike V. said...

Here's a good question. I wonder if anyone in the real world will have a warrant for Kate's arrest since she boarded that plane? Remember her court settlement? 10 years parole and she can't leave the state. I would say GUAM is leaving California!

But then again, I wonder if it will really matter if Kate never returns from the Island. Just something to note!

Good thought Jenn with Ben leading Kate to Claire's mother through Dan!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mike - thanks so much - as usual. By the time this show is over we are going to have to all chip in as a thank you to help pay for your carpal tunnel surgery !

For years my husband has said 'hello, McFly' when I am being dense. LOL NOW it's gonna be "We're not going to Guam, are we?" when I clue in. LOL

Anonymous said...

Have heard a couple of theories on Aaron. Claire's mom - which I like the best. Also that Aaron is on his way to stay with Ji Yeon in Korea. Or even that Kate called her old friend (who's name escapes me) who is Sawyer baby Mommy to Clementine.

Can't wait to see it, but am pondering how Sawyer, Jul, Dan, Miles, Jin - and probably Bernard and Rose could just slink their way into DI. If I recall from seeing Ben's backstory there was some sort of vetting, and jobs were pre-assigned before they arrived at the island. Remember how mad Ben's dad was at his lowly position? Seems hard to just infiltrate and pretend you are one of them. But I have faith in team Darlton !

Liking the thought that Sayid's being Ben's hired assasin is how Ben has now somehow gotten Sayid in trouble with the law.

Of course - that is assuming that this chick really is the law. This could have all been set up for Sayid just to get him on the plane.

Anonymous said...

Excellent catch with the letter jack has representing Sawyer and his letter!

Hmm - I took the doubting Thomas the obvious way - meaning Jack. But felt the producers were doing a double ententre the we the fans have doubted at times and now they are proving it to us.

Liking Beatriz' point that whomever convinced Kate to go told her not Aaron as he will not have been born. But that would mean Kate will have known they will land in a different time.

Michel Koch said...

We know that what brought Oceanic 815 to the island the first time was the electromagnetic field resulting from Desmond not pushing the button.

Now the idea is that they need to have proxies and recreate the events from the first flight.
This would mean that "the island" (or jacob or something) will feel that an airplane with those people is near it and will somehow provoke something like it provoked Desmond not pushing the button ?

Anonymous said...

I like the theory that Kate left Aaron with Claire's mother. She looked very depressed when she got on the plane, like I imagine a mother would look after she hands her child over to someone else to care for, perhaps forever! I also like the theory that she is pregnant. Then what happens if she is, is Jack going to want to get her OFF the island because babies can't be born on the island? Not sure I agree with all of the other theories mentioned. Unfortunately I fell asleep for parts of the show (I've been sick!) so I need to watch it again.

One thing I did want to mention is that I've been watching season one, and I believe Charlie was still in the bathroom when the plane came apart. Also, somehow I had never seen the episode "The Moth". I thought it was a very well written and thought provoking episode that gave me a lot of insight into Charlie that I didn't have before. Don't know how I missed that one, but I really enjoyed it. Anonymous "LuLu"

Mike V. said...

Wow, a Thank you! lol you're welcome MJ! Sawyer's LONG CON was Cassidy by the way.

I'm not sure if I'm following the whole "not being born yet" thing. Because, clearly in 1954 we know that NONE of our left behinders were born yet (not even Locke who told Richard to witness his birth) but they were able to EXIST ont he island there. Wouldn't that be the same concept?

doubting thomas was definitely in reference to Jack. I guess the question that was posed in the comments here was if Jesus represents Locke or Christian? Who is to say it isn't both of them if they both become a similar entity on the Island?

But yeah, I don't think it's a coincidence that he was named Christian in the first place. The LOST writers love their naming conventions!

Also with the White Rabbit. Good call, there was an episode called that as well which I think we ALSO tied to the DHARMA Rabbits. So it's just an ongoing theme. (also their love for Alice in Wonderland!). But showing a WHITE RABBIT as we reveal Jack's Grandfather? Just as the White Rabbit episode revealed Jack's Father walking about on the Island? Yeah, I'd say strong symbolism there!

Mike V. said...

Hey LuLu...just fyi, Charlie definitely came out of the bathroom. He was in the bathroom when they first hit turbulence and he slammed on the ceiling and hit the floor. then he got out and grabbed the first seat possible which was in the front of the plane. I remember pondering this before because if charlie was near the did he end up on the beach with everyone else who were in the MIDDLE of the plane? I've since given up on answering that crazy question! lol

Anonymous said...

I think Kate took Aaron to Cassidy and Clementine. If Kate wanted to hide Aaron why in the world would she take him to his grandmother. Anyone that would be looking for Aaron knows who is real mother is and would look there first. Giving Aaron to Claire's mom would be like handing him directly over to Ben or whoever.

Great Recap!!!!!

Ian said...

Wow. So much going on here.

I like the "Kate is pregnant" theory, the "Claire's mother has Aaron" theory, the "Charlie's ghost told Hurley to take the flight" theory, the "failsafe key stopped the island from moving" theory, the "people in the back of Flight 316 were the ones shooting at Team Locke" theory and probably a few other theories I've forgotten.

Jack is surprised to learn that Locke's death was a suicide. That confused me. I thought we'd already learned somewhere along the line that it was a suicide. Maybe I'm confusing it with another theory?

I wanted to mention Ben's "my mother taught me" comment. It was good for a laugh, but my brother pointed out that Ben's mother died in childbirth, so that couldn't be true unless the ghost/white rabbit/smoke monster in human form/whatever mother he saw taught him.

I'm looking forward to next week's episode, as Locke is my favorite character. Too bad I'll have to watch it online the next day because of "American Idol" going over it.

Anonymous said...

Mike, are you sure that Locke's note said "Jack, I'm sorry you didn't believe me." as opposed to "Jack, I wish you had believed me."

Not a big difference, just I don't have DVR anymore, so I can't go back and check!

Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

No, it was "I wish", because that is all you see on the scrap that jack has in his hand.

Mike V. said...

You guys are right. My editor (Shanna), whom I am very grateful for finding these things, caught it maybe a half hour after the blog went live.

The strange thing is I updated it to "I wish' right away, so I'm confused to why you're still seeing it on there! (unless you read it on a blog feed or something) Anyway, thanks for the heads up!

Ian, good call on Ben's Mom. I thought about that when he said it, but forgot to write about it. I just thought the line was hysterical. But you know how Ben likes to lie. He very well could've just lied to Jack for the sake of the sarcasm. He loves messing with Jack!

Anonymous said...

There's no way in hell I would watch AI over Lost...especially not this season!!! Not only is AI awful, but Lost is at the top of their game right now in my opinion. I'm loving it, and I'm sure there's someone out there who can tell you I wasn't always super excited about it every week.

I was reading the TV Guide recap, and for some reason the writer said there was no one else on the plane because Hurley bought all the seats. Ummmm, how did he miss all those people in coach?! Not that it has anything to do with anything....I just thought it was interesting! Lol

Ian said...

Sorry, Shanna, but I'm a recapper just like your guy Mike, so I have to watch "Idol." If I want to evaluate performances without bias and vote for my favorites, I need to see it live. I can always watch "Lost" the next day online.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your mental ramblings as you share all the re-caps and wonderment with us. I have an image of mental acrobats going on in your head as you write up the blog.

One suggestion --

I may be the only one who wishes you wouldn't refer to previews. They are spoilers. I avoid watching the previews for this reason, so I can get the bigger impact of a surprise when I see a scene for the first time. When I read your blog, there it all is in the preview references.

I appreciate your time, patience and effort to enhance our Lost experience. But maybe you would consider leaving out preview material.


HurleyAteMe said...

wow, what an episode, my nose started bleeding during the show! that was wierd! Does anyone else think Christian orchestrated his death to originally return to the island? as a proxy or for some other reason. He knew his death would result in Jack coming for his body. After last nights show we have evidence he could have know flight patterns over the island and Malkin could have pushed Claire toward the flight so that 3 generations of Shephards would be on the flight.
Also, I am really interested where Ben is now, Based on other shows, I assume he will not be able to interact with himself as a young boy. Maybe he got kicked to another time.
And finally I agree with Mike V. Grandpa Ray will be back for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Another great recap! I just wanted to say that we are all assuming Hurley spoke to dead Charlie and that is why he is on the plane, but what if (since Hurley is speaking to the dead these days) spoke to Locke? What if Locke told him why he had to go back. I mean before when Hurley had to choose btw Jack and Locke he chose Locke and maybe in some ways trusts him more b/c of the more "weirder" things that have happened to both of them. I guess next week we'll find out more about what Locke said to each of the Oceanic 6 and maybe that will tie in with Locke visiting Hurley from the dead.

I also wanted to ask that Hurley reading the comic book in Spanish - wasn't Walt reading a spanish comic book too? I know he read it on the island but was he reading it on the plane???

I don't like Kate being pregnant. I don't think she is - I just want to point out that Ms. Hawking said they had to recreate the circumstances that brought THEM there.... No need to recreate other people's circumstances, understand? So Kate is not pregnant - that is Claire's thing not hers... she is just on it. Syed tho had to be forced on the plane (hence the handcuffs) but it was a nice allude to the whole beginning Flight 815.

Also this just hit me... Say it was Charlie that spoke to Hurley, what if he said something to him like Man in my dead state I want my guitar or something and asked Hurley to bring it with him?? LOL was just a random thought.

Also, I agree with you about the island being frozen in time in 1954and that is how the US Gov't came upon it and then it had to be moved again after.... also someone before asked about "pushing the button" - i just wanted to point out a theory i read... If you are moving thru time, but can only move fwd and you build a time machine but the problem is you cant go back in time from that point but from any future point you can go back to the time you built the time machine (i just wanna say i dont knw if i believe that part but just listen) - so now your moving along in time - normal time line and this alternate time line that is being created so that from the future you can go back (alternate universe) but these 2 universes are going on at the same time but differ in space time travel or (windows) by 108 mins so by pushing the button every 108 mins your keeping the 2 paths apart... anyways I dont know if I'm making sense but in some essence I think we will find out - or it could just turn out to be some hoax concocted to keep Desmond there and push the button til he didn't.

Also, I had a theory about the Frozen Donkey Wheel... when Ben went down it was cold but then when Locke went down it wasnt.... What if that room/wheel was the core of the island - way deep inside the earth. So if the island was originally in the pacific near Indonesia etc... the island core room could possibly point deep into the earth - being near Antarctica and Ben may have known this b/c he knew where exactly (the coordinates) of the island at all times, but Locke goes down and its not so cold... The island moved, the core moved, we are no longer in the South Pacific.

Anyways just wanted to say that, oh and I don't like the new guy. He's creepy and has yet to prove to me he's worth it. Who put him on that plane and why? And oh remember Cyndi being an other? What if that Indian flight attendant is also someone like that?

Thanks Mike,

Miriam Greenbaum said...

What if Kate is pregnant with Jack's baby? They did get it on before leaving. Who knows if they used protection. That would recreate Claire's role in the last plane crash.

Mike V. said...

HurleyAteMe, I think we agree on more than just Grandpa Ray lol I've always been thinking there was more to Christian Shephard's trip to Australia. And a reason why we've never seen how he died. I think since we know Christian is signed with an option to become a series regular in season 6, we might finally see his story. I've been waiting for years to get that piece of the puzzle! lol

Kathleen, I appreciate the kudos on the blog. And I understand your fear of spoilers. I usually make pretty good judgement calls on what I consider TOO spoilerish. I'll try to be mindful of this in the future but I can't make any promises when it comes to SCENES for next week (besides calling it out in the blog before I talk about it so you can look to avoid it). In my opinion, once a clip airs on TV, it is considered public knowledge! I may have gone too far explaining the picture in Entertainment Weekly in the blog, but considering what we learned about their return to the Island in last night's episode, I figured it was pretty safe at that point to discuss.

The producers released the names of the first 6 or 7 episodes before the season even started. So we always knew that by episode 6 or 7 we were going to see the JOHN LOCKE story off of the Island. (the order of this week's episode and next week's episode were switched at a later date. Locke's episode originally was going to air before this week's episode). I hope you keep reading, and I promise that, as I try to avoid spoilers myself, will not attempt to reveal anything that would completely ruin your viewing experience.

Mona, thanks for the compliments! That's quite a post you left there. And definitely some interesting theories. I know we're all assuming GHOST Charlie came to Hurley, and that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Considering Locke died OFF of the Island, I'm guessing he can't take this supposed GHOST form yet! But who knows?? I think the bottom line is that Hurley was probably visited by A Ghost of his past who told him to get on the flight and bring the guitar.

As for the comic. Walt actually FOUND Hurley's comic on the Island. We didn't know it was Hurley's comic book until the season 1 finale when we see him put his headphones on, sit in his seat and pull out the comic book that walt was reading all season.

Hope that info helps!

Great discussion again everyone. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Mike, you are right, I forgot, Charlie did run out of the bathroom and jump into a seat. I should know better than to doubt you, the expert! I just watched last night's episode again, and I'm not so sure Jin knew who the Ajira 3 were. He kind of cracked a smile right at the end, but I think that was just because he felt they weren't enemies if they knew his name. He certainly had enough time to recognize them if he knew them, so I don't think he did.

Now that I saw the scene where Kate goes to Jack's apartment (the scene I fell asleep on last night) I am convinced that she gave Aaron up to SOMEONE because she had obviously been crying and because of what she said. I think she feels she needs to forget him.

Forgot to mention earlier that I was a little disappointed in the way they got back to the island. I felt like it was a little anti-climatic, just hop on a plane to get there? White light and you're back on the island? I don't know -- I expected something more creative and elaborate after seeing that mysterious pendulum.

Enjoying all the blogging and can't wait for Locke's story next week! He's my favorite! LuLu

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Thanks, I guess you might be right about Locke not being able to be a "ghost" right now - maybe when he reaches the island.... But I had a question and something to point out.

I was trying to remember the original boarding of Flight 815 and when Jack was trying to get his father on board didn't someone behind him also give their condolences?? I am trying to remember if it was someone significant or just a person standing behind him? So if you know...

And I wanted to point out something crucial to the whole recreating events thing - didn't Boone and Shannon have a one night stand the night before they boarded Flight 815??????????? Coincendence?????? I got excited when I remembered and had to post it.

Ok thanks,

Anonymous said...

I wasn't really all that hot on the way the trip back to the Island was handled. We had the build-up and tension for five episodes leading us to believe that EVERYONE needed to be at Mrs. Hawking's place that night for them to make the trip, and then we learn that, surprise, they have a day and a half to sit on their hands and wait for a plane.

I also was more than a little disappointed to see Hurley as being the only person who really cared that they were going to bring down a plane full of innocent people to get back to the Island. Uh, Doc Shephard....what's happened to your conscience of guilt? Frankly, I expected Ben to not care, but I was surprised to see Jack, Sayid, Sun and Kate so OK with it. Wouldn't stopping the plane have been the right thing to do?

And how dense is the crew of Ajira 316 (and apparently the federal marshal escorting Sayid, as well)? Five out of six of the Oceanic Six (who've been on TV for months and whose faces would surely be recognized by anyone working for a major airline) coincidentally show up on the same flight, one of them books half the seats on the plane and gets into an argument with a late arriving passenger who was obviously beaten up very badly within the last few hours, and no one raises a finger? If ever there was a candidate for a grounded flight, it was Ajira 316. And why didn't Lapidus just turn the flight around?

I love Lost and all but as much as I loved some of the "reveals", it's the mind-numbing ignorance of some that's so irritating to me.

Anonymous said...

I need to finish my rant before I go to bed...LOL

Why did nobody think to ask Mrs Faraday about how she knows what she's telling them? No character thinks to ask her why they need to recreate the details of Oceanic 815? No one thinks to ask her or Ben how they know each other? Why WOULD they even trust her??? And in spite of Desmond's insistent refusal for them to ignore Mrs. Hawking, they instead heeded the words of a woman whom they had previously never met INSTEAD of a person whom they had lived with and known quite well. Why?

And Jack... would he really accept not ever knowing what happened to the child Kate treated as a son for 3 years, essentially so that he can sleep with her again? My gawd! She ain't THAT great.

But to his credit, Jack finally gets the bright idea to ask Ben the questions all viewers are thinking, but when Ben ignores the questions and gives Jack a metaphor about the apostle Thomas, Jack doesn't insist on getting answers to his questions?

And of all the questions NOT asked, I think the largest and most astounding of all is: "Exactly WHAT are we supposed to do AFTER we get back to the island?"

But my last point..for tonight about the term proxy. Now I don't want to get all religious-happy here Mike V. but there's no way anybody should be able to ignore the implications here.

Since this episode is named "316" and since they do discuss Jesus' resurrection and such, it seems rather obvious to me that the ultimate proxy/substitute is Jesus Christ Himself (reference to John 3:16). But exactly who and what did Jesus substitute for? Simply, He took OUR sins and died in OUR place. It should have been us on the cross but He died in OUR stead.

To quote John 3:16: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life".

What, if anything, are we to make about this? Much has been made about faith vs. science; believing vs. doubt; fate vs. destiny, etc. It seems that, for one reason or another, all the Oceanic 6 (sans Aaron) believed that they HAD to get back to the Island. Why? To be able to save the Left Behinders? To save the world? There has to be much more to it than that.

Anonymous said...

I think it bothered me more that Jack was disturbed with having to get a personal affect from his Dad than the knowledge that innocent people would be sacrificed in order to get back. I'm glad that Hurley tried to save as many people as possible by buying up the seats. Then again I'm not sure if the plane even crashed this time. I'm also thinking some of the passengers might be Widmore's people. If they saw most of the O6 getting on a plane then they have to think they're up to something.

I'm beginning, as others are, to wonder if Ben killed or attempted to kill Penny not just for revenge, but to force Desmond to come back. While it was impossible for him to kill Nadia since he didn't reemerge until after her death she was the only reason Sayid ever had for returning to the mainland. Still wonder why Ben's trying to go back. Didn't he say that if he turned the wheel, he could never come back? Or was that a lie too?

Now, Kate leaving Aaron doesn't bother me nearly as much as Sun leaving her child. On the one hand, this is no place to bring a child, but on the other it's still her and Jin's only child.

Wonder if the 316 ties in with an earlier verse in John where it says John the Baptist was unworthy to wear Jesus's shoes? Yet, here a man named John is now wearing the same shoes that belonged to Christ(ian). Is that funny or what?

Anonymous said...

I also like your theory about the island being "frozen" in time, and now that the wheel was turned, it is moving again. This might explain the pregnancy problems and the fact that Richard doesn't age. Widmore is getting older and maybe he wants to find the island to prevent himself from dying of old age.

I also think that in the past Dharma may have done something to cause time to move (building the Orchid station maybe? polar bears?) and that is why the Others had to purge them. If time was moving, the Others would age and die! This would also explain how Ben was able to age and grow up (because time was moving when he was part of Dharma). The only problem is, if they stop aging, they sacrifice their ability to have children.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention the other theory floating around about the other Ajira passengers being the people in the second outrigger. This makes sense to me as well. It is almost as if those other passengers are now the new "losties" and the old losties have become "others." Since the new losties haven't been to the island before (or so we think), their internal time clocks are still in sync with the rest of the world and they landed in their current time. The losties have been to the island and their internal time clocks were affected by the time that they spent there before, so they ended up in another, less "predictable" time.

Jessica - I was thinking the same thing about Sun - I just don't think most mothers would choose their husband over their child. Maybe there is something else motivating her.

As always, great recap Mike! Between all of the revelations on Lost and BSG, my head is spinning!

Anonymous said...

Shanna - I also read the TV Guide recap yesterday early in the day. Their re-capper is a newer guy named Mickey, and while he is a little amusing he often glosses over things and makes mistakes in order to be so amusing. I mostly read it just as a pre-amble to this blog here.

Agree - watch Lost and tape AI. On the DVR there's barely 20 minutes of AI even worth the watching.

Mike V. said...

I do have to say I feel Ian's pain on the Idol front. some people here might not know but I have a lesser known Idol blog that I keep up with as well. ( So, I'll be doing double duty Wednesday night. But as always, LOST will get my FULL attention while my Idol thoughts will suffer a bit! (a shame because I do enjoy ripping apart those contestants! lol)

Thanks again for the kind words everyone! Wish I could write more right now, but I'm kinda swamped at work. keep up the great discussion as always!

Unknown said...

So heres wut im tryin to gather, when locke fixed the donkey wheel, the constant time skips probably stopped, which means that whatever time period they were thrown into, they probably stayed for awhile this time, unlike previously when they've only been in a time period for hours or minutes. This would explain how a lot of time has gone by and Jin was somehow able to infiltrate the DI, correct?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the time discrepancy in "316"? At the meeting with Hawking the Lamp Post she tells them they have a little over a day (36 hours?) for the window to be open. After the talk with Ben about Doubting Thomas, Jack goes to a is still night. He gets a phone call about Ray trying to leave the nursing home again...and in the next scene he is at the nursing home and it is daylight. Is it the next day? Then, after the visit with Ray and collecting Christian's shoes Jack goes home. It is night again..he finds Kate on the bed, etc.. Then it is morning and he is fixing her breakfast. That adds up to way more than 36 hours! But hasn't this happened a lot over the years and never gotten explained. Some characters are one place on the island and it is day and simultaneously other characters are in the dark? What's up with that?

Also, Simon's Butcher Shop was totally different from when Ben went in there the first time to drop off Locke's body. Things are changing all the time. I don't get it.

And why do the characters always ask the question, "Now why would I do that?" It is a line that is repeated over and over and no one ever comments about it on the boards. Is time shifting so frequently that they don't remember anything?

HurleyAteMe said...

This past episode leaves me with alot of questions. If the Island was constantly moving how did Richard and Tom travel so freely in the past. It appears that the island was no secret in 1954. The Military has a picture of it and we know they deliverd a bomb there. They must have found it with no problem. DI traveled to the island without problems. Michael and Walt left without issues. If Hawking knew the coordinates for the planeflight why couldnt Widmore use her charts to send another freighter to the island like he did before? Why was he trying to capture Ben on the island but he is not after him in LA? Who are Hawkings true alliance with? Ben and Widmore both seem to know her pretty well. any ideas much appreciated,, I have to eat now!

Anonymous said...

Here is what is bugging me since our newest ep. Eloise explained that they have problems finding the island, but can predict where it will be and so then get the O6 back. My impression is that they have known how to do this for quite some time.

Widmore has been desperately trying to find the island. Widmore knows where to find Mrs Hawking because he told Desmond where to go to find her.

So - then why has Widmore not been able to get to the island ??

Also - the afterthough (on my part) that Ben was at a marina when he was all beat up and the possilbe implications for Penny and little Charlie have added some shading to the scene where Ben seems so shocked to see Des looking for Daniels mom. I had assumed that Ben was either shocked to learn that Hawking was Daniel's mom, or shocked that Des knew that. But NOW - I'm wondering if he was just shocked to see Des, which then gave Ben the knowledge that Pen had to be close by !

Mike V. said...

Brendan, your assumption is what I'm guessing as well. When Locke fixed the wheel, they got STRANDED in the past. Whether that's a good thing or not, remains to be seen!

The whole 36 hour thing? I dunno. I wouldn't look too much into it. I think it works. The bar thing could've been the same night (or early morning) of the Hawking meeting. He goes to see ray that next day. he sees kate that night, they wake up the next day, he picks up the body and goes to the airport. Easily 36 hours!

So the question is...were they only the plane for 10 hours before they flashed to the Island? Naturally i haven't looked at a map to see the flight path that L.A. to Guam would be. lol And the bigger question is, does it even matter? Maybe we look too much into this stuff! lol

HurleyAteMe, I posed similar questions to the whole moving Island and Richard/Tom coming and going freely from the Island at the end of the blog as well. I'm utterly confused! The whole Submarine thing is still a big question too! I think we're still going to get those answers as Richard told Locke how to leave the Island is "PRIVELEGED INFORMATION" We know that taking certain bearings off the Island and towards the Island also works (michael/walt....the freighter moving towards it, the helicopter flying back and forth)

TOM had mentioned that "SOME OF US" can come and go fromt he island freely. So they're obviously more in the know than...say..the DHARMA Initiative who had to build the LAMP POST to find the Island.

Then of course, there was the FLAME Station that communicated to off of the Island. Perhaps the FLAME communicated to the LAMP POST? Remember when Ben talked to Richard and then showed live video footage of Juliet's sister? This is a totally new thought, not necessarily related to coming and going from the Island lol (just thought of it that's all)

Anyway, I'm rambling and not making much sense, so I'll quit while I'm behind! lol

Anonymous said...

HurleyAteMe - only just saw your post and we kinda said a same thing - about how Widmore knows where Hawking is yet can't get to the island. Sorry about that!

Mike V. said...

I think the only explanation to Widmore not being able to find the Island and then finally finding it has to revolve around the hatch imploding and the purple light around the Island. I think it WAS moving and then all of a sudden, it stopped making it visible and vulerable to the outside world. Somehow the wheel got FROZEN....

This may have allowed at least TOM to leave the island and start gathering intel on Widmore's attempt to return to the Island. And allowing him to give Michael the information on how to get back. (not that he actually ever got back to the island!)

But yeah..this doesn't explain Richard's ability to go see Locke be born and all that fun stuff. They must've had a way even back in the olden days!

Mike V. said...

ahhh touche' when I read both comments I didn't even catch the whole Widmore knows Hawking bit. Good point! I have no explanation for that right now lol

Just like with a majority of Joe Edmonson's complaints. No explanations for those either. Those are all good questions. Except the one about the passengers. Jack did ask Ben what would happen to the survivors and looked p.o.'d again at Ben when he said "who cares??" Then again...we also know Jack had been flying for awhile just hoping the plane would crash not caring about what happened to anyone else. Kinda rough stuff! lol

Anonymous said...

Love the comment about the episode title referring to Locke not fitting into Christ(ian)'s shoes! I also agree with a lot of other theories. I think someone may have mentioned the theory I had that the plane never crashed, but that some of the people on board time traveled out of there as the island was time traveling again and ended up with the Left Behinders (though, I don't know what would have happened to the plane without a captain then, if Frank comes along as well).

I also think the Left Behinders may be in a time around "the purge" and stole some random Dharma stuff to get around on the island. That may be why Jin is all Dharma-ed out.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the note to Jack, do we have any actual proof that it's in John Locke's handwriting? On the outside of the envelope, it sure looks like a lady's handwriting addressed to Jack.

Notice how the whole return-to-the-Island-in-one-of-those-harrowing-flashes didn't occur, UNTIL Jack actually read what was inside. Can we read anything into that? It would make sense that the note itself is a major key set up by someone else (Hawking being my first and only suspect at the moment), but why? I don't know.

Anonymous said...

What is going on with our formerly beloved characters?
Ok, the last we knew of Hurley, he was in county lockup correct? How did he get out? And can a man who's mentally uneven be allowed to take a trip abroad without any assistance? And as far as Kate is concerned, it's still well within her 10-year probation period isn't it? How is she even ALLOWED on the plane? Is she NOT famous? Doesn't everybody know her story? Furthermore, who in their right mind would accept Kate's plea to NEVER ask about the fate of Aaron??? What's wrong with Jack?

Sayid is in custody? And being transferred to Guam???? I know Guam is still a U.S. territory and all but what did he do there that forces him to return in handcuffs?

And if you can figure out Sun's problem, you're much better than I? To leave your daughter (probably in the care of her mother and the father she despises?) really irks me to no good. This can't be just about a reunion with Jin. I'm thinking she's in cahoots with Widmore.

And Ben? What's up with him? Why is he attempting go back to a place where he swore he could nver return? Furthermore, if it wasn't Des that laid that whoopin' on him, it was probably Penny! LOL She seems man enough to be able to take care of herself.

And for those that believe that Aaron is in the care of Claire's mother, last time we checked, she didn't even know that Aaron was her grandchild. Has something changed that I missed? If Aaron is not with Claire's momma, who has him? Dan? Please. I don't think so. The state of California. Nope.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember who was talking about the Adam and Eve thing in last weeks forum discussion but I got to thinking about something that may fit.

Is it possible that Aaron and Ji-Yeon are the Adam and Eve? Perhaps as they grew, they heard the stories of their parents, grandparents, etc. and made a trek to the island to find out more about them. Is that too far-fetched an idea?

Anonymous said...

Eko's stick didnt have Jogn 3:16 on it. it was the 23rd psalm

Mike V. said...

Pete, I raised the 10 year probation period and not leave the state concern for Kate too. Maybe the sunglasses got her past security lol And besides, do you think airports are monitoring for people that have to stay in the state? If anything, they would realize over time that Kate has left the border and it would be too late. (of course, if she ever left the Island, she'd be a fugitive again) As for Hurley, I think he was voluntarily admitted to the mental institution. And Dan and Ben discussed his situation in the parking garage. They said the case held no shot in court and that Hurley would be a free man. So I'm sure Dan handled all of that.

But I think there are plenty of flashbacks to go around to explain a lot of this stuff. A lot of it was left to the imagination intentionally. Just like in season 1, we began with Jack in the jungle AFTER the crash, not everything that preceded the crash. We worked backwards from there. I thought this was a brilliant way to reintroduce FRESH flashbacks back to LOST.

As for GUAM and Sayid. I'm guessing Sayid performed one of his many assasinations in GUAM, so he needs to be tried there. And I'm guessing it has SOMETHING to do with why he can't stand the sight of Ben again. (the "dirty linen" as Ben called it)

Ben? simple solution...he lied to Locke about not being able to return. He wasn't even supposed to turn the wheel! He lies about everything.

Sun? I'm with you...I don't get that one bit. But I'm sure they considered it since they had Sun talking to Ji Yeon right before she confronted Ben....and and interesting sidenote to that conversation was about finding her a new friend in Aaron. Some people are noting that maybe Kate and Sun worked out a deal for Sun's family to take Aaron. But I dunno.

If it was Claire's Mom that Kate took Aaron to...then this all could easily be explained in a flashback. Kate would pretty much just open up and tell the truth to Mommy Claire. And I could see that ripping Kate apart that she told her they had been lying about Claire for 3 years and that she's still alive and stuck on an island with her ghost dad! lol

Bottom line...the answers are still coming!!

Anonymous said...

the stick was John 3:05 not 3:16 or the psalm

Mike V. said...

Anonymous, i wasn't referring to the 23rd Psalm. I was referring to the etching that John followed to the FLAME station. I was wrong about 3:16 was 3:05! lol

Check out my blog from "FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS" It said Lift Up Your Eyes and Look North -> John 3:05

Mike V. said...

you beat me to it! :-)

Kathleen said...


I am such a purist about avoiding references to future episodes, that I don't even know the titles of upcoming episodes. Maybe I am being unrealistic, but this is such a fantastic, unworldly, other-worldly TV trip, that it is fun to be caught completely off guard when a major scene comes down(like Locke reappearing).

If you were to put a spoiler alert before revealing upcoming info, even if you consider it public knowledge by then (by design, it is not part of my knowledge), that would be so sweet of you.

Again, thank you for all of it -- your blog rocks.


Mike V. said...

Kathleen, you are much stronger willed than I am and I completely understand. For the most part like I said, I avoid spoilers. I watch previews and listen to teases from the producers lol but I will try to remember to give warnings in the future! Thanks again for the feedback!

HurleyAteMe said...

does anyone think that Walt's dawg is still alive?

Mike V. said...

Regarding vincent: "spoiler alert!!!"

The producers confirmed prior to season 5 that vincent will make it to the end of the show alive. So yes. I think vincent is okay. He may just have had a nosebleed or 2!

Anonymous said...

Here are some of my thoughts...

About the purple flash: The flash when the button wasn't pushed was not a time jump, but the electro-magnetic field being taken out of commission. That is how Penny's boat was able to locate the island and contact them. The button was to regenerate the electro-magnetic field to keep the island shielded from the outside world. When it wasn't pushed, the shield/force field came down and therefore the island could be seen by radar/satellite, etc. The DI didn't want the world to know about there discovery.

Time Jumping: The donkey wheel being ajar was what was causing all the time jumping. Locke fixed that before leaving the island in the last flash, therefore freezing the time at pre-darma initiative building the orchid time. It might have been the time period right before they got there and started constructing the orchid. That is where we see Faraday during the construction and the blasting of the rock around the donkey wheel. That is how the losties are able to infiltrate because the the DI would have just arrived at the island.

Going and coming freely from the island: With the force field in play, they know the coordinates and trajectory into the island, so they can travel through that way. That is why Faraday had the coordinates to bring the boat back and forth. That is also how Michael and Walt left, and how the Others travel back and forth.

Bible references: The comment about with Christian standing in as Jesus Christ. His Father giving his only son for the sins of the world, meaning Grandpa Ray is God/or Jacob!! The name Jacob reminds me of a bible reference to Jacob's Ladder. There is a biblical story surrounding Jacob's ladder, or the dream of a meeting place between Heaven and Earth (Genesis 28:12). "And he [Jacob] dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.
And, behold, the Lord stood above it, and said, I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father, and the God of Isaac: the land whereon thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed...."-- Genesis 28: 12-13 (KJV)There might be some hints about where the Lost story is going.


Anonymous said...

first off, I heard that Claire was going to be guest starring for this season, but I was wondering if that flash with her in it counts as her guest starring or will it be during everybody elses time?

Although I like the theory of the guitar represented charlie and sayid in handcuffs representing kate, but i don't like the idea of kate being pregnant, mainly because i think she belongs with sawyer rather then jack, but i have some other reasons too,lol.

I don't think that kate willingly gave up aaron. by how upset she was it seemed as more of someone taking him. Maybe because of what jack said claire's mom got a little suspicious and did some infestigating. but i don't no just a thought.

and as for ben i think that maybe he went to try to go and talk to sayid again and sayid beat the crap out of him and got in trouble while doing it,(lol) which put him in handcuffs, maybe by one of ben's men. but the thing about that is why he would have to go to guam. so i don;t really know about that one

I do think a ghost visited hurley, although it doesn't have to be charlie's ghost, it could have been eko or someone else.

hahaha i am kinda rambling so i am going to end with........AMAZING EPISODE!!!
and good recap

Anonymous said...

ok so i just remembered that in the Bible Aaron is the great-great grandson of Jacob. and that made me think that maybe Jack's grandpa, Ray, isn't Jacob, but his son making Jack and Claire his great grandchildren and Aaron his great- great- grandson. just a thought

Anonymous said...

Much has been said about the 316 referring to John 3:16. But what if it's not.
What if it alludes to Genesis 3:16? Genesis 3 is titled 'The Fall of Man' and tells the story of how Adam & Eve were banned from Eden (in this case, possibly Jack & Kate finding themselves banned from their lives off the island).

Genesis 3:16 goes like this in the King James Version:

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

Kate is in sorrow over losing Aaron and why else would they throw that implied sex scene between Jack and Kate if a child wasn't gonna come out of this?

A woman pregnant with a Shephard baby (a proxy for Claire) is missing to recreate as close as possible the circumstances of the original 815 crash.

Also, just like Jack tended to Hurley and Claire after they originally crashed, Jack tended to Hurley and Kate this time.

Anonymous said...

We know now that the Island is always moving. The freighter must have moved with the Island, or it wouldn't have been able to keep up. This explains the cryptic response "If you say so" to "we haven't moved in 2 weeks". The Island must have its own gravity, or at least some sort of radius that moves with it, or the Freighter and Jin wouldn't have moved with it. Faraday has the freighter shoot a rocket to the Island. However, as soon as the rocket is in the air, the Island has already begun to move away from it!

It eventually caught up to the Island, but it took an extra 20 or so minutes. Considering that it was a rocket, that means the Island is moving pretty fast.

Now think about the 06. They got in the helicopter and took off from the freighter. Once they hit a certain height, they are out of range of the Island's "radius", and they begin to fall behind the Island. They have begun to catch up to but are not in the radius of inside it when it disappears. This is how Jin was inside the radius and they were outside the radius even though they flew from the freighter towards the Island!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Im just commenting cuz my friend wanted me to! So my friend had to explain some things, but i think this weeks show was totally and completely amazing! Ok i was looking at LostPedia and Claire Theories.It was saying all this stuff about Jacob and Aaron relating to the Bible , but personally I thought LostPeda was wrong cause wouldnt Jacob be Rays Dad not Christian???

Anonymous said...

Great blog Mike...Here's something I've been pondering:
The fragment Jack holds after "returning" to the Island says' "I wish..."

Now remember that Ben at one time (I can't recall the exact episode though it may have been The Man From Tallahasee) asked Locke a very simple question:
He said, "Let me put it so you'll understand. Picture a box. You know something about boxes, don't you John? What if I told you that, somewhere on this island, there is a very large box and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it when you opened that box, there it would be? What would you say about that, John?"

I believe we now know that the Island itself IS the magic box. Now when Ben said,"and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it"...isn't that a sort of wish?

What do you suppose Jack needs to wish? We know the note from allegedly Locke stated that he wished Jack would believe him. Believe him when? Believe him how?

Anonymous said...

Faith and belief have always been major themes throughout Lost's four+ seasons.

As Ms. Hawking's new preferred student, Jack gets expert tutoring in the one subject he's always failed at: Faith. No better place for this than in a church, too. Five seasons and a ton of weird crazy happenings later, Hawking knows Jack will still have problems with something as simple as swapping out a pair of shoes. With Locke gone, and Ben mistrusted by everyone, her purpose here is to make Jack believe. Jack's always been a tough nut to crack in that regard, but after everything that's happened to him, both on and off the island, I think we're starting to see the chinks in his armor.

But here's something I have yet to hear around here Mike V: It's not enough to just want to go back to the island - I think the island has to want you back as well!

Jack's trans-Pacific flights always failed because he never had faith that they'd work in the first place. Hawking asks him to take this leap of faith, and for Jack that leap is to put his father's shoes on Locke's feet. For Hurley it was listening to those inner voices/visions, realizing that he's NOT crazy, and denying the big lie. For Sun it was believing that Jin is alive. For Kate it was giving up Aaron. And maybe for Ben, it's *not* knowing everything and letting someone else take the reins for once. He all but asks Jack what Eloise said to him in the church, but later on he leaves Jack in peace to read Locke's suicide note. Ben's always been seemingly omniscient, manipulative, controlling, etc... but now he must let go and let things play out the way they're supposed to. That's his penance for returning to the island.

Hawking tells Jack they must recreate as many 'circumstances' as possible in parallel with the original flight. But in essence, it's not so much a physical scavenger hunt to scare up random objects that the island needs to get them back. But I believe that bringing these items is no more than a demonstration of faith; much the same way Locke had to show the island that he believed way, way back in Season 1.

Remember when Locke didn't believe? The island took his legs. Yet every time he restored that faith, Locke came back stronger and better than ever. Belief is everything in LOST! And belief seems to manifest itself into reality, time and time again, all throughout the show.

And speaking of Locke, his own act of faith was dying so that he could return to the island. Back in Season 2, Locke explains to Eko that Boone was "the sacrifice that the island demanded". Now he himself is this very sacrifice, acting as "proxy" (Hawking's word) in parallel to Christian Shephard's corpse from flight 815. What happens when Locke returns to the island is going to be very big and probably just as weird.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Locke, didn't his mother once tell him that he was "immaculately conceived"?

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested - this week's TV Guide 'Getting Lost' video raised a very interesting question to Team Darlton - and they had a veeery interesting but vague answer. Not spoilery but thought provoking. But - as a warning - there is a spoiler about someone who will be in this weeks ep - for those that avoid such things.

Mike V. said...

nice...thanks MJ! I think I had posted about that "LOCKE" theory during the off-season...that those 2 sayings could've been taken 2 different ways (not my own theory, but I had heard/read it). Interesting that the producers think so too.

As for it being a spoiler about who will be in the episode? I dunno....i just figured that was a given since he/she did have that whole "you'll owe me one" line last season. (how's that for vague? lol)

lots of posts from the weekend, and I don't know if I'll get to them all, but the immaculately conceived question is easy enough. Yes, John's mother did tell him that at first. But then she told him that she lied. And we did find out that Anthony Cooper was the father (hence the kidney transplant). But it is interesting to note that these Christian themes started that long ago for John Locke.

That's all for now!

Peter said...

not sure if its been mentioned here, probably has, but wats the deal with ben calling jack ,john, in the church that time?? and i could be wrong but it sounded like jacks granddad refered to christian as "it"

Mike V. said...

New Doc Jensen column

Miles Balzard said...

Haha, I finally managed to skip commenting on an episode! Not that I didn't find the last one entertaining (the Rousseau stuff was good and I loved seeing Jin back in action), but I resolved to keep watching eps until the Oceanic 6 (minus Aaron) made it back to the island. And I didn't have to wait as long as I feared!

I actually thought the previous ep was perhaps the best of the season, but this one was even better. I loved Eloise Hawking and her interesting history lesson about Dharma and the peculiar nature of the island. Unfortunately, what she said appears to have killed my "the island is a state of consciousness" theory, but I can live with that. I've guessed a few things right (or semi-right) but many more guesses were wrong or will be proved to be wrong, and I carry no false pride about being right all the time!

Mike, I can see how more Christianity references are peppering the show, but I don't mind that as long as the show doesn't end up pinning everything that's ever happened on the island on Christianity. Clearly, and justifiably, one of the show's driving forces is illustrating a conflict between science and faith and there's a long-running spiritual underpinning to the show. That's actually one of the reasons I most enjoy Lost, because I love debating faith vs. science and hearing how others think.

I really enjoyed the scenes in the airport and on flight 316, even if there still seemed to be some open questions about how or why everyone got there. By the time we get on the plane, with surprisingly little dialogue, we get the sense of anticipation, destiny and doom the passengers feel. We all know what's supposed to happen, but there's still a tension in the air as we wait to see just exactly how it will play out.

And then it does. And then we see a new Dharma van riding up to Jack, Kate and Hurley. And then Jin steps out in a Dharma suit. And then I realized we've only begun to see some really crazy good times! I can't wait to see more of the core characters get together (and by this point, I'm including Daniel, Miles and of course Juliet...and perhaps Rousseau, depending on her role in the future).

Mike, you say season 5 is your favorite for rewatching, but I'm not sure if I will agree with you on the first three or four episodes (which overall were very solid, but I feel like most of the present-day stuff could've been squeezed into two episodes). But I can see a lot of potential now that we've reached this point. We've got a long way to go in this season and now I'm excited to continue the adventure.

Mike V. said...

Good job on skipping an episode commenting! lol Yeah, I was waiting for you to get to this one to see your theory go up in flames. :-) But, like I said, they don't provide much more clarification than this and if you try to really overanalyze it, things won't add up. But, it works! I like to theorize that because the donkey wheel was "FROZEN"...the Island was stuck in one place. I like to think that Desmond blowing the hatch somehow froze the donkey wheel and made the island stationary and exposed to the outside world. This is how Widmore was able to find the island. But, there were never any answers to help come to that resolution so it still remains a theory with holes of mine!

There are lots of religions other than just Christianity represented in the show. And the show doesn't try to prove any religion correct in the end. And the show may possibly lean in one direction by the end of the series in the Science vs. Faith debate. I don't want to say more than that. Maybe I've already said too much. But, like you tend to forget things by the time you get to the episodes where it matters! lol

Well, come've watched 5 seasons of this show. Surely you know they skipped over things so that we'd have more room for flashbacks later on!! lol LOST has always loved playing with time. Just more literally in season 5!

I will say that maybe the first few episodes of season 5 are the weakest of the bunch (but play much better on rewatch because you know where it's all headed). But from 316 onward, it is some really engaging television. And you have the fortunate experience of watching them all back to back. No waiting a week to focus on each set of characters to get them all in the same place. (that was painful, but the episodes were so good it didn't matter!) I'm glad you see the potential. You will not be let down. I promise you!

Season 6? Well...everyone has to make their own judgement on how to take it. I personally reflect on it very positively. But, that's me. Enjoy the ride!

Jason B. said...

I just want to quickly say that I was really hoping Walt would be on the plane somehow (I'm sure it's still possible that he was) and I'm surprised that no one mentioned it on here. We know from last season that Locke went to see Walt at some point (hoping to see that in the next episode) and I'm assuming that at some point he's gonna make it back to the island. Maybe not though, I'll just have to see haha.

Mike V. said...

I'd tell you but I guess that would be spoilerish. So no comment. Lol

Onigirli said...

Jesus Christ this was the best episode of the season, so fucking goood

Mike V. said...

Hi Edriss...sorry I can't keep up with you! Loving your commentary though. I loved 316....honestly I loved season 5 so much. It's one of my favorites to rewatch.

Simon Sandiford said...

Having read all the comments and your amazing blog post (which filled in loads of gaps that I'd missed watching it)... I was not enjoying the episode as much as everyone else... By the end I was back on track again but I felt it was getting so Harry Potter-ish (which I don't like) that I was almost wavering and pausing it to watch another day. However since then I've had my own thoughts...

Yes it is clear that every detail is critical and that its parralels to the Christian religion is irritating... But let's not forget that even the most engrossed and lover of the show realises that this is a made-up story and isn't real... And to me it is saying that despite this, could you take a leap of faith and believe and believe that something like this could be real... After all there are enough flat-earther-style conspiracy-believers out there that insist the world is controlled by whoever... And all the various religions themselves it has to be said are surely no more than conspiracy theories about life... And if this Lost story parralels Christianity then isn't the Christianity religion no more likely than what's going on in Lost... If you have faith in Christianity but somehow think Lost can't be true then you need to reassess why you are a believer in the religion conspiracy! Maybe that is one of the overall messages of Lost... That helps me accept the way that Lost uses religion to build its story.

I'll start the next episode later tonight... But one last point... The extra tickets that Hurley bought... Was it not odd that almost no-one had bought tickets with them in the front before Hurley only that day bought all the rest... And surely Kate would have had to surrender her passport if she was banned from leaving the state?

Mike V. said...

Don’t worry there’s more to it than religion. The show has deep roots in science and faith. It will continue to lean towards the religion and faith angle all the way to the end but there’s always some science to back it up (I’ll have a disclaimer: in most cases LOL). But yes best to remember it’s just a show. It’ll definitely help to keep that mindset as you approach the end. People have lots of crazy theories but in the end they had to tell the story they wanted to tell without getting bogged down trying to answer every minute detail people speculated on in every episode. I was satisfied at the end but you can’t please everyone!

Yeah you just gotta go with it on the Hurley and Kate stuff! Lol the show isn’t perfect but the good outweighs some of that stuff in my opinion!

Glad the blog helped you sort out some stuff!