Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOST: Season 6 Episode 8 - Recon

Hello LOSTIES!  Welcome back to the final season countdown.   I am sure I am not the only one that may have been a little underwhelmed by this episode.  Yeah, interesting things were happening (and we will get into that), but as a whole it just felt like something was missing.   Maybe it is finding out what Sawyer's motivation is after 3 years of being on the Island.  Maybe it is still the Sideways land frustrating people.   Maybe it was meeting a cast of new characters that we can hate for joining LOST in the final season.   Eh, it could be a lot of things.  But you know me, I am always looking for the positives folks!  This is a necessary building block to get to the end game of LOST.  Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have a vision, and this is part of it.  And just what is behind that locked door?  And who is the MIB's crazy mother!?  And when did Sawyer learn how to drive a submarine?  Let's be honest folks, there is no way that I am giving any episode of LOST in this final season anything less than my WOW stamp of approval! So there it is!  But, I will say this before we get into our discussion.  NEXT WEEK's episode looks awesome doesn't it?  I won't say what it is for the 100% spoiler free (including not even watching previews), but I have been looking forward to this one for a few weeks now!

Recon - A military term, short for reconnaissance.  To go behind enemy lines and gather intelligence.   Darlton have also hinted that it could also be interpreted for this Sawyer-centric episode simply to be "To Con Again".   Ahhhh those silly LOST writers and their hysterical wit!   Well, we see both of these definitions in play in this episode.  Sawyer, Jin, Claire, Sayid and Flocke all unite as Flocke brings "his people" together after the Temple Disaster.   Flocke has a mission for Sawyer on Hydra Island.  Meanwhile, Kate and Claire come to terms with the revelations about Aaron that they each learned.  And of course, we have another Sideways Story, with another Mirror  and more interesting character crossings! Let's dive in folks!

Flash Sideways - Sawyer

Detective James Ford
We open up Sawyer's Sideways story very similar to how 2 of his flashback episodes started before.  One from Season 1 - "Confidence Man, and the other from Season 2 - "The Long Con".  In both stories he was just finished "having relations" with a pretty unsuspecting woman and she realizes that he is running late for a meeting.  The meeting is always a fake and just an excuse for Sawyer to grab his briefcase that opens up with a load of cash falling out.  And then, the woman was to invest her and her husband's money (or ex-husband's money) in the sure deal.  Yes, in the Long Con, Cassidy calls Sawyer on the bluff but it was all part of a longer con where he did get his hands on the money, but not before he fell for her.  There is one big twist in this opening scene of Sawyer's flash sideways episode. 

"You weren't exactly supposed to see that...." 
  • Sawyer is working on the other side of the law.  He's a cop!  He was setting up the woman to bring him to her husband, another con man.  Of course, we eventually find out even though he's a cop he turns out to not be as different as he seems. 
  • I knew I recognized the woman from somewhere.  It's Jodi Lyn O'Keefe.  She played Gretchen on Prison Break.   Pretty small role she signed up for! 

  • We must note that the clock happened to say 8:42am when Sawyer did the whole "I'm late" act.  Do I even need to point out the relevance? Okay, I will!  8 and 42 are 2 of the numbers!  (for old time's sake)

  • Sawyer's secret codeword to get the cops to storm in was "LaFleur", of course this was a nod to his Creole 1977 Dharma Cover Name.
  • Guess who is partner in fighting crime is?  None other than his former Dharma Deputy Miles Straume!   Guess they were meant to work together in all timelines.  

  • Moving on, we see Detective James Ford calling an Anthony Cooper.  We all know by now that Anthony Cooper is John Locke's father.  He conned Sawyer's parents out of some money, causing Daddy to kill Mommy and then Kill himself, all while Jimmy was laying under the bed.   Looks like nothing has changed in this timeline folks!   Hmmm, raises some interesting questions to why John Locke and his Dad are so chummy in sideways land, doesn't it?    Some speculation started last week, even by myself.  What if the John Locke in sideways land is not even John Locke?  What, if we stick with the Epilogue Theory (that everything we are seeing in sideways land, happens as a result of everything happening on the Island. Including season 6 stuff) then could John Locke be inhabited by the Man in Black still?  It sure seemed like he was pushing Ben towards a position of power with his suggestion that Ben become principal.     Of course, this is all just speculation.  I still am not a huge fan of the Epilogue theory and think something else is up.  But it is always interesting to speculate.  Why would Locke's Dad still be a con man and not con Locke out of his kidney?   Surely, he wouldn't have conned John and then they became buds anyway, right?    Darlton have stated that it's probably a safe bet that we will find out how John became paralyzed in this timeline.   Anyone also want to bet that we'll be seeing a run-in with Mr. Ford, John Locke AND Anthony Cooper all at one time?   Ahh, it will be memories of the fantastic episode "The Brig" all over again! 

  • Anyway, Miles interrupts Sawyer from making his calls to every Anthony Cooper on his list.   We see a running theme about Sawyer and Miles' relationship.  Sawyer lies about everything he is doing.  He lies about going to Australia, about who Anthony Cooper is (Laker Ticket hook-up).  Miles catches him in the lie with the Laker tickets and just wants the truth from him.  But we'll get to that.  For now we need to ponder about Miles.  He was born on the Island during Dharma times.  He was an infant in 1977.   Was he still born on the Island?  Does he still have crazy ghost talking powers?  Was Pierre Chang still part of the Dharma Initiative?  Did the Island sink before 1977 causing Miles to be born OFF of the Island?   Questions will get a little crazier when we start talking about Charlotte! 
  • Speaking of which, Miles sets up Sawyer on a date.  Speaking of Pierre Chang, Miles says that this woman is a friend of his that works with his dad at the museum.  So Pierre Chang works at a museum in this timeline?  Interesting... Same question, did he always work there? 
  • We also find out that Miles has a girlfriend, but we don't know who.  Would it be safe to assume it's someone we know?
Date Night
So Sawyer goes out on his date and just when we are thinking he's going to meet Juliet for coffee (but why would she work at a museum?), we see a red head sitting at the bar.  And we see our second Freighter-crew from another lifetime - Charlotte Staples Lewis! 

  • James and the redhead sure hit it off right off the bat.  They're all talking Archeology and whips and Indiana Jones.  She says she travels quite a bit to far off and romantic places.  Doesn't really sound like the Island is what she's referring to there! 
  • Okay, so let's sidetrack for one second here.  Let's imagine that this sideways wrinkle is indeed caused by Jughead (yet to be proven).  Wasn't Daniel's whole motivation to detonate the bomb so that he could bring Charlotte back and have another chance with her?  POOR DANIEL!   I'm not woman, but I'm guessing there's no going back after a shot with Sawyer!  Granted, he does blow it in the end (Spoiler Alert)   
  • The other question is again about figuring out when this Island sank.  Charlotte was a little older than Miles when she was told by Daniel to leave the Island.   Has she lived on the island before?   Her whole inspiration for becoming an archeologist was to find her way BACK to the island.   Is this motivation still the same?   
  • Sawyer refers to his job comparing it to the Steve McQueen movie Bullet.  A classic movie with famous car chases, heists, and police!  I'm sure some classic movie enthusiasts will chastise my summation.  But I have never seen the movie and this is a recap of LOST, not Bullet!   Sawyer is fibbing a bit anyway.  It come back to this concept of telling the truth, which Charlotte requests.    Sawyer ends up saying that he got to a point in his life where he was either going to become a criminal or a cop.   In this timeline he chose to become a cop.  I wonder what that point in his life was?   I wonder if it has something to do with Jacob's intervention at his parents' funeral in one timeline and possibly not in the other?   But would the end result still be the same?  It seems his motivation is still the same, looking for Mr. Cooper! 
  • But in this timeline, Sawyer does what he does best.  He woos his woman into bed!  Never would have imagined this pairing folks!  When Sawyer gets Charlotte some water, she wants to borrow a t-shirt and goes into his top drawer. 
  • First off, we should point out that there are 3 books on his dresser.  And they all just happened to be books that Sawyer was reading on the Island in previous timelines.  Check out the Lostpedia analysis pages for each of these books to see a basic synopsis and how it might relate to LOST.   What I take from this outside of the themes that could be at play, Sawyer still loves reading books and he was going to read these books with or without the Island's help!  It seems in this one, he got a head start since it's only about a week after flight 815. 

    Watership Down
    (Season 1 - Confidence Man, House of the Rising Sun  Season 3 - Left Behind)
    A Wrinkle in Time (Season 1 - Deus Ex Machina) and
    Lancelot (Season 2 - Maternity Leave)

  • But Charlotte stumbles upon a photo of James Ford and his parents and a folder entitled "SAWYER" with a news article in it about his parent's death.   Sawyer sees her looking at it and all hell breaks loose.  He wants to know what she saw.  Charlotte denies she saw anything and then he kicks her out at 3 in the morning.  Yikes, Sawyer still has his baggage!   (By the way, not sure I had to mention it, but Anthony Cooper went by the name "SAWYER" when he killed James' parents.   In this timeline, it appears that James does not take on the name of Sawyer due to the fact that he is not following the conman path.  He is simply James Ford.  But I'm gonna keep calling him Sawyer if you don't mind!)

Back at the Station

  • We see a familiar face in Liam Pace, Charlie's older brother!  Unfortunately, no Charlie.  But he probably is somewhere in that prison.  He ends up asking Sawyer if he could get some information on where Charlie is.  He was arrested on the drug charges at the airport.  As we saw in the season premiere, Jack saved his life on the plane by pulling bag of heroin out of his throat.  Charlie wasn't too pleased about this!   Sawyer ends up not helping Liam because it's not his department. 

  • Miles runs into Sawyer and we find out he did some investigating and found out that Sawyer didn't go to Palm Springs for vacation.  He went to Sydney.   Miles wants to know what he was doing there.  Miles is all upset that Sawyer lied to him and that he can't trust him.  And since Sawyer won't come clean he gives up on being his partner.  
  • After Miles rambles on about Sawyer going to Australia and taking Oceanic Flight 815 home and then storms off, Sawyer looks at himself in the mirror (yep, a mirror!)  Frowns, gets angry and punches it.   Well kids, we're 7 for 7 on episodes with reflections.  Tell me this isn't something that will come into play down the road!?   

 Sawyer "Reflects"
  • The next Sideways scene has Sawyer reflecting on his life and his actions.  He grabs a beer and watches some Little House on the Prairie (Which Sawyer mentions in season 3's "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" he used to watch when he was a kid and sick).  In this episode of Little House, the daughter is worried about losing her parents (RIP Michael Landon!).  The advice is to stop worrying about what's going to happen and just live each day.  Stop worrying about things or you'll miss half of your life.  Sawyer seems to take the message to heart and tries to go apologize to Charlotte.   But it was already too late for her.  She tells him he blew it (Told you I Spoiled it above!)  He leaves her a flower anyway.   But it may not be too late to mend ties with Miles! 
  • Sawyer does run into Miles later in the episode and asks him to get in his car.  He shares the Sawyer folder with him and tells him all about what happened to his parents and how he has been hunting "Sawyer" down ever since he left the academy.  He followed a lead that took him to Sydney.   He got a name there, Anthony Cooper.   Interesting, he never got a name in the Island timeline.  He ended up killing the wrong guy.   He tells Miles he got a list of names and he has been calling them.  When he finds the right one, he is going to kill him.   He didn't want to tell Miles because he knew Miles would try to stop him.  (Which Miles agrees to)   Sawyer laughs and says "Fair enough."   Does that mean he's talked out of it?  I doubt it, but maybe Miles isn't done with his convincing.  Something tells me this story is far from over anyway based on what happens next.  
  • There is a car being chased by a cop car and it slams right into Sawyer's car.  The person in a hood jumps out of the car and starts running.  Sawyer and Miles drive after them.   
  • Sawyer gets out of the car and pursues on foot and outsmarts the runner.  And guess who it is?  SURPRISE!!!  It's Kate Austen!  Gotta love how Sawyer says his famous line "Son of a B____" with a little flirtation to it! 

And that's where we end things folks.  So, Sawyer takes a good hard look in the mirror and doesn't like what he sees.  He tells the TRUTH to Miles, and all seems to be right in the world.  But like I said, this story doesn't seem over.  He just caught Kate and things are getting interesting.  Will we get to see how this story pursues?  Well, maybe if we get a Miles flash sideways story.  But I really see all of these stories culminating by the end of the season into all of the LOSTIES being interwoven in each other's stories.  But what do I know?   We have lots more story to recap so let's put this part aside for now!

Island - Team Flocke Gathers

Gathering at Casa Claire
The episode opens up with Sawyer making himself some tea.  He touches the kettle burning over the stove and yells his signature line.  Then he goes into Claire's hut to wake up Jin. The excitement unfolds from there. 

  • Well I guess we find out where Sawyer has been this whole time.  It's nothing glamorous.  He must have come with Flocke when we first saw him arrive at Claire's hut.   And he has just been hanging out with Jin ever since.  He apparently was letting Jin sleep to recuperate from his wounds.  Of course when he woke up all he wants to do is get away from the guy that is not Locke.   Sawyer tells Jin he is with Flocke because he promised him a way off of the Island.  
  • All Jin can talk about is needing to find Sun.  Sawyer promised that they wouldn't leave before they find her.  If there is one thing that I can complain about in this final season, it is them stretching out the Jin/Sun reunion even further.  I think if they knew they were in the same time period again and Sun knew Jin was alive for sure that they'd be racing across the island trying to find each other.   Sun following this stranger Ilana and Jin sticking with Team Flocke seems a little forced.  But, I guess bigger stakes are at hand and they are willing to stay put for now.   And who knows when they do reunite if it will be a sweet emotional one if they are both supporting different sides?   
  • Anyway, Flocke returns with Crazy Claire, Evil Sayid, Confused Kate, Cindy, The Kids and a cast of OTHERS (get it?).    Kate seems relieved to see Sawyer.   They have one of their intense and meaningful conversations that they always have.  Kate "Hi"  Sawyer "Hi Yourself"   Nice.

  • Next we see Claire gathering a few items including some rope and a knife.  And then she takes a look over at squirrel baby.   Still as creepy as ever! 

  • Kate, still not learning her lesson that Claire is nutso, goes into the hut and asks Claire if this is where she lived.  And then asks about the crazy squirrel baby.   Claire tells Kate that it was all she had, while giving Kate an evil look.   Yep, this girl fight ain't over yet!  
  • Flocke gathers the troops to give a speech about what the plan is.  Flocke acknowledges that they have all been through a rough night and claims he will make himself available for questions.  But for now they need to move and take advantage of the daylight.   
  • Cindy asks what happened to the rest of the people at the Temple.  Didn't she already ask Sayid that AT the Temple?   I guess with all of this commercial work she has been doing lately, it's tough for her to memorize more than 1 line?!    Flocke half lies to the people indicating that the Black Smoke killed them.   Zach and Emma look frightened, to which Flocke comforts them.  He knows they're scared and he's going to take care of them.   And Claire may look a little frightened (like a child) too.  She grabs Kate's hand.  WHAT????   

  • Claire seems to be going through some intense mood swings.  One moment she hates Kate, then the next she is clutching on hoping that Kate will keep her safe from the boogie man.  Very interesting.  Meanwhile, Sayid just looks EEEEEVIL!  Is the same thing really going on with these two? 
  • Sawyer checks with Kate for a status on the rest of their crew.  Kate mentions she saw Jack and Hurley leaving the temple on her way back.  (mmm hmmm when she said she "wasn't" going to the Temple! That crazy Kate!)  She wasn't sure what happened to Miles.  But we know that they're all hanging out on the beach.  Kate asks if Sawyer is with Locke to which Sawyer responds that he isn't with anyone.   I guess we should have seen his plan coming together just from that statement.  And maybe we sorta did! 
  • Flocke leads his expedition into the depths of the jungle.  He points everyone towards a clearing a quarter mile away where they will make camp.  He says they will be there a couple of days to which Sawyer starts providing some frustrated commentary. 

  • Sawyer wants to know WHEN they are leaving the Island.  It appears James has angered the beast and Flocke requests a private discussion.   This, my friends is where our stories split. 
Sawyer's Recon Mission

Flocke's Orders
  • Flocke states his displeasure in being interrupted.  Sawyer sarcastically apologizes to which Flocke sighs and sarcastically forgives him.  Well, there you go, even the Man in Black has a bit of a sense of humor.
  • Sawyer asks how Flocke knew to rescue the people from the "Smoke Thing".   Even though MIB is lying to the OTHERS, he came clean to Sawyer.  He takes a breath and then says that he IS the Smoke Thing.   Interesting.  MIB is all about being up front with Sawyer and it seems pretty much everyone.  We see more of Flocke defending why he has been doing things here.   He said that he gave them the opportunity to leave peacefully and didn't take it.  Sawyer wants to know why.  Flocke says that the Others that didn't follow him are convinced (and possibly the ones that did) are convinced that they are protecting the Island from HIM when all he wants to do is leave.  It's Kill or be Killed and he doesn't want to be killed.   Interesting.
  • So now since we know Flocke is telling the truth about being the smoke monster can we buy his explanation?  Is the sole purpose of THE OTHERS to defend the Island against Smokey?  What has Smokey really ever done to the ISLAND?   He has killed people, yes but he has also defended the Island from threats (See Keamy and Freighter crew).  I smell a bit of a fib here.    And what about this whole "I don't want to be killed" comment?   As we see, it's no easy feat to kill Flocke.   He has been shot and stabbed and nothing seems to affect him.   After all, he is a pillar of black smoke that can take dead human's forms.   Is he even ALIVE?  All theories welcome on this one.  Truth vs. Lie vs. Mix of Truth and Lie.   Regardless to what we want to believe, by the end of the episode it doesn't seem like Sawyer really cares WHAT Flocke has to say.  
  • Flocke then walks Sawyer to one of the outriggers pointed towards Hydra Island.  Funnily enough, there have been people out there wondering what happened to the rest of the Ajira folks still stuck on Hydra Island.  Flocke tells Sawyer that some of them mean to do them harm.  He wants Sawyer to go over there and do some Recon.   He also states that the PLANE is the ultimate goal.  The Ajira flight that brought his friends back is their ticket off of the Island.   I wonder if that really is Flocke's end goal?  Is he going to need Lapidus then to fly the thing?   And how does a pillar of Black Smoke just leave the Island and live a normal life?  Surely, he's not planning to get off of the Island and terrorize the world with his Smokiness right?  

  • Flocke says he is not worried about anyone doing Sawyer harm because he is the best liar that he ever met.  Tell them whatever he needs to tell them to gain their trust, find out everything about them and then come back.   Ironically, in a Sideways story so full of Sawyer needing to tell the truth, everything that follows shows Sawyer telling the truth to BOTH the people on Hydra and to Flocke.  Except maybe one small detail.  And as we learned from Sawyer in "The Long Con,"  it's all in the details. 
Sawyer Returns to Hydra Island
Even uttering the term Hydra brings back some tough memories for a lot of LOST fans. It reminds us of those first 6 episodes of season 3 when things seemed to be moving at a snail's pace (no end date for the show defined and some "Stalling" was happening).  Some people are even comparing season 6 to this (to which I have to disagree).  But, we continue what we have been doing for a lot of this season on the Island.  We are revisiting all of the settings from Seasons 1-5 that made this show what it is today.  It's a chance for reminiscing and "reflection" on all that we have been through with this show, good and not as good.  (I still argue that in the big picture, those 6 episodes weren't really that bad!)  So before Sawyer runs into any humans on Hydra, he has a chance to reflect and reminisce himself on those "good times" of season 3.  Polar Bear Cages, the Hydra Station, Kate's dress (on loan from Alex) that he removed back in the day.  Maybe the dress would have looked a little worse than it did here if it had been sitting there for 3 years.

  • Ahhh memories.  It must have been nice for Sawyer to see all that hard work building a runway come to fruition with the Ajira Plane sitting nice and pretty on Hydra.  It definitely will need some repairs though if anyone plans to take that thing off of the Island!  After inspecting the plane, Sawyer catches the whiff of a trail and follows it.  

  • Or maybe he caught a whiff of something else because he comes to find that any passengers that were remaining on Hydra were dead and all piled up together.  Uh oh.  
  • Before long, Sawyer realizes he is not alone and he runs and grabs a woman claiming to be the last Ajira survivor.  Her name is Zoe.  And then we all start thinking "Great, more new cast members."  
  • Zoe continues to pretend that she was on the plane.  Sawyer tells the absolute truth to her saying that he didn't come on this plane and eventually explains more.  For now the story we get on the dead bodies is that Zoe was waiting for rescue along with everyone else.  She was collecting wood and then she heard screaming and they were all dead.  She spent 2 days dragging their bodies here to get them out of the sun. Sounds pretty incomplete to me! 
  • Again Sawyer tells the truth saying he's not alone and can take her to the group of people on the main island.  We get a little shout out to thanking God to which Sawyer claims God has nothing to do with it.  Some people will probably look at this as a hint that Flocke is the Devil or whatever.   And I am sure some will find many religious themes to tie this to.    I'm just going to take it as Sawyer being Sawyer and making a comment on his current situation.  
  • Sawyer asks Zoe if she thinks the plane will fly.  She says it will take some work and someone who knows how to do it.  And of course, no one knows where the pilot is.  She then asks Sawyer for a head count of who is with him.  She asked if they were all on the plane with him, asked when they crashed and asked if they all have guns.  Definitely sounded like she was gathering intelligence as well.  And Sawyer caught right on.  Of course Zoe did know that the flight was going to Guam.  But considering there was one individual who ran into Eloise Hawking last season and was last seen heading to the Island, it's not a stretch that Zoe would know that.   Sawyer turns the tables and points his gun at Zoe.  

  • Sawyer calls her out on being a fraud, Zoe whistles and all of these goons pop out with guns pointed at Sawyer.  And of course, one of them looks like this.  Anyone really scared?   We do find out at least that Zoe didn't lie about her name, not like Sawyer has about his for years! 

  • The goofy goons proceed to take Sawyer to their leader.  On the way, we see them putting up some pylons to which Sawyer later notes are to protect them from a certain Black Smoke.   Does this prove that Widmore is on Team Jacob?  Or is he perhaps on Team Widmore? 

  • Whoops I got ahead of myself.  Sawyer is escorted to a submarine which is most certainly the sub we saw at the end of last week's episode.  Charles Widmore's sub.  I guess there were more people on that thing than we first saw.  Perhaps there are other people "locked" away on the sub?  Time will tell.  

  • Inside the sub, we see it is a lot bigger than when we saw it last time.   We also notice, as does Sayer, that one door has a lock on it.  Obviously, something important is behind that door as Sawyer brings it up again to Flocke later.  Maybe it has something to do with the end game of LOST.  Maybe it is some ONE.  Could Desmond be behind that door, brought back against his will because the Island is not DONE with him?  Anyone else have any theories?  Tina Fey....errrr Zoe tells Sawyer that it's none of his business and asks him to keep moving. 

  • So Sawyer finally gets to meet Charles Widmore.  Of course, he already has met him in 1954 as Charles and his buddy (which he killed) had him and Juliet captive until Locke came around.  Charles most certainly probably remembers Sawyer.  But what Sawyer knows is that Widmore sent the freighter to kill all of them which in turn caused Ben to turn that wheel and send them all traveling through time.   He does bring up the freighter part of this and refuses to shake Charles's hand.  

  • Charles thinks it is sad how little Sawyer actually really knows.  Is he referring to that they had met before?  Is he referring to not knowing what is going on with the Island?  Is he referring to the people watching this show that are hungry for answers?  Or is he possibly referring to the fact that Sawyer is a candidate to replace Jacob and he is surprised how much he doesn't know?   Or, maybe, all of the above? 
  • Sawyer says that he does know that they murdered all of those Ajira folk and put them in a ditch.  Of course, when he brought up the ditch part, it sounded awfully a lot like the purge of the Dharma Initiative which could most certainly be an order of Widmore's.    But Widmore claims that they didn't kill the Ajira people and doesn't expect Sawyer to believe him, which he doesn't.  Well then who did?  Did Smokey make it back over to Hydra and kill them?  Or would something/someone else have done this?  Ohhh wait a minute, could it have been Ilana and crew? That would definitely be an interesting twist and maybe reflect Jacob in a more negative light.   I guess time will tell (and no, I still am not forgetting about that whole scene in season 5 where Sawyer, Locke, Juliet and crew time traveled to the future and were taking an outrigger from the beach camp and someone was following them and shooting them!  There are more "candidates" now to make this scene happen!  I'd like to see it please!)  
  • Anyway, Widmore asks why Sawyer has come to the Hydra Island.  Sawyer, again, tells the truth.   John Locke sent him.  Widmore gets a fearful look in his eye stating that Locke is dead.  Sawyer says that they both know it's not John Locke.  Sawyer says that he will tell Flocke that the coast is clear and that he didn't find anybody and he'll bring the man right to them.  Then Widmore and crew can kill him.  Do they know HOW to kill Smokey?  Is that what is locked behind that door?   
  • Widmore smiles and wants to know what Sawyer wants in exchange.  1.) People on his boat don't get touched, not even a hair on their head  2.)  Widmore give them safe passage off of the Island.    (Interesting on the boat thing.  Especially if the Time Traveling Sawyer comes into play and there IS shooting at him.  I know I'm grasping at straws here but I want that scene!)    Widmore and Sawyer seem to come to an agreement and at the time it seems like Sawyer has just conned Mr. Flocke.       

The Battle of Kate and Claire
So while Sawyer is off working on his con, Kate was sitting around with the bunch of crazies at their temporary camp.   Sayid has been starting into space this entire episode and Kate finally decides to try and talk to him. 
  • Kate says hey, and Sayid, with no emotion, respons with "Kate."  Kate asks if Sayid believes Locke can get them off of the Island.  He, again staring at nothing, says that he does believe him.  Kate asks if he is okay to which Sayid finally looks at Kate and says ".....No...."  Oh boy. 

  • And while Sayid just sits there staring, Claire grabs Kate from behind and puts a knife to her neck.    One second Claire is holding Kate's hand now she wants to kill her again!  Kate calls for Sayid to help and he just keeps staring with no emotion.  Woa, this stuff is just nuts guys!   What is going on with these 2?  Is there any hope for getting them out of the spell they're under?  And how is Sayid even still walking around after he clearly was DEAD?  (maybe Claire too, but we still have not officially confirmed the invasion on Othersville by the Keamy and crew actually killed her)   

  • No fear folks, Smokey to the rescue!  He pulls Claire off and Kate grabs a rifle and is going to swing it at Claire, yikes!   Flocke says that Kate had no choice.  Claire had disappeared and Kate took care of Aaron.  Acting like a child again Claire keeps screaming "She took Aaron she can't just do that!!!"   And then who saw it coming when Flocke smacked Claire?  Ouch!!    Then scolding her like a child he tells her "This is completely in appropriate....I'll deal with you in a minute."  

  • Kate is now flipping out and crying and what not.  She runs off to a private place and cries for a bit.  And then Flocke comes to talk to her.  Flocke apologizes and takes responsibility for Claire's behavior.   He told Claire that the Others had her baby.  Flocke then asks Kate if she ever had an enemy, someone she needed to hate.  Is he talking about Wayne, her father that she killed?   He continues saying that Claire was devastated without Aaron and she needed something to keep her going.  He gave her something to hate.   When Kate came and told Claire the truth, all of the emotion was then pointed towards her.   I'm not sure I'm buying this one, are you guys?   Kate didn't seem to either with her "very insightful coming from a dead man" sarcastic comment.   Is Flocke trying to recruit Kate to his posse now and just telling her something that she can identify with to seal the deal?   Or is he telling the truth about Claire that he just "Told her" something and she isn't possessed like Sayid appears to be?  Of course, Sayid has been a changed individual after Flocke "talked" to him so who knows what is going on?   I'm sure it will all be as clear as mud eventually! 
  • Flocke apologizes again and then said if she gives Claire time everything will be alright.  He promised he would keep everyone safe and this includes Kate.   Kate doesn't seem to care and wants to know where Sawyer went.  Flocke says that he will show her and offers his hand to help her up.  Kate gets up on her own.  Nice. 
  • He walks her all the way to the beach where she can see Ajira Island.  She wasn't very happy since Flocke could have just told her. 
  • Of course, Flocke wanted to talk to Kate.  And goes into a little history of the Man in Black.  He says that he is not a dead man.  If he's being honest, then I guess that answers my question above on if Smokey is even ALIVE.  Flocke says that he knows what Kate is going through because his mother was crazy.  A long time ago before he looked like Locke, he had a mother just like everyone.  She was a disturbed woman and as a result he had some growing pains, problems that he is still trying to work his way through.  Problems that could have been avoided had things been different.  He is telling her because now, Aaron has a crazy mother too.   
  • Okay, well there was a brain dump of information.  We're so used to Daddy issues on this show, it's interesting when we get a Mommy issue to deal with.   But who on earth is MIB's mother?  Maybe it's the Island itself?  We know the Island is crazy!  Okay, that's ridiculous.  MIB claims to have once been a man, to have suffered loss and now to have had a mother.  Now that the mother has been introduced, it would seem pretty pertinent that we need to meet this woman in some fashion.  And I guess this goes into the question to if MIB and Jacob are related in some way.  Brothers, Cousins, whatever.  Perhaps they share the same mother?   Maybe all of these people on the Island have so many issues with their parental figures because those are the people that Jacob brought to the Island?   It's possible right?   So is Flocke genuinely concerned that Aaron has a crazy mother now?  Didn't he cause her to be that way?  
  • Crazy Theory Alert (99% chance of being wrong): Hmmm, is it even foreshadowing that Aaron is somehow the Man in Black??   That would be crazy trippy wouldn't it?  The Juice Box kid becomes the Smoke Monster and somehow comes to the Island and is present in all times?    Obviously, I'm throwing ridiculous theories out there because we know absolutely nothing and as we have seen, absolutely ANYTHING is possible on this show! 
  • So Kate is returning to the camp and Claire runs into her and seemingly being herself again. Kate didn't take any chances though and help up her gun.   Claire just keeps apologizing and that she doesn't know why she did what she did.  She knows that Kate just cares about her and that's why she took Aaron.   And then she thanks Kate for taking care of him.  She seems very sincere here.  And the music playing would seem to indicate it's a sincere moment too.  What is going on???   Did MIB re-wire her?   Or is she only crazy at times?  Or is she so crazy that she keeps going back and forth between hating Kate and holding her hand or hugging her?   Flocke seemed to indicate that the girl is loco.  But here's hoping she can be saved!    

Sawyer Returns to Camp Flocke
  • Sawyer comes ashore and Flocke helps him get the boat onto the beach.   Sawyer asks if Flocke really sent him to check on the Ajira passengers.  And he says no.  He knew it was Widmore that would be waiting for Sawyer. 
  • Sawyer tells Flocke anyway that the Ajira crew is all dead and he doesn't know what happened to them.  Sawyer then proceeds to tell Flocke the whole truth about Widmore being over there not letting anyone get on the plane without a fight.  He came over on a sub with a locked door and they brought pylons to keep the Black Smoke out.  Sawyer seemed surprised that Smokey knew who Widmore was.   He then said he told them that he'd tell Flocke that the coast was clear so Widmore and crew could kill him.  Then Sawyer says they can change up the plan and catch them with their pants down.   Flocke appreciates his loyalty.  The question is Flocke really buys what Sawyer is saying.  After all, he knows that Sawyer is the best liar around. 
  • And there was one small DETAIL that Sawyer left out of his discussions with Widmore and Flocke.   And when he runs into Kate that night he tells her.  
  • Kate, seems to still be on her own side and not following Flocke.  She wants to know why Sawyer is running errands for him.  Sawyer said he isn't doing anything for anyone.  He fills her in on the Plane and Widmore with crew there for Locke.  Then he says he is planning to let them fight their own battle and while they have their hands full he, Kate and whoever are going to leave the Island.  Hmmm sounds like something I had been suggesting.  Forget the Jacob vs. MIB battle.  Just do whatever is in the best interest of the LOSTIES!  But, I don't know if leaving the Island is what is in their best interest.  We have gone through so much to bring Jack and crew BACK to the Island.  It would be silly if all they need to do now is leave it again.  Then again, Sawyer never left.  And the only reason Kate went back is to get Claire.  It should get a little more interesting when you throw Jack and the beach crew into the equation.  (Ben knows Flocke and crew are all headed towards Hydra Island).  Surely, Hydra Island isn't where this final battle will occur is it?   Oh well, trust the writers!!  
  • Anyway, the biggest joke of the night and the cliffhanger at the same time was when Sawyer said that they won't be taking the plane off of the island.  Kate said that neither of them know how to fly it.  And Sawyer suggests instead that they'll be taking the sub.  

That is the cliffhanger?  Sawyer can't pilot a sub!! Sure, I guess they could kidnap the driver or whatever, but THAT is the cliffhanger?  Well, every cliffhanger can't be a winner.  It was still a decent episode.  As I mentioned above, I am sure many will be frustrated with it.  But we definitely did get a few more tidbits of information to chew on.  And definitely some more pieces falling into place.  For anyone who has been waiting for a mythology brain dump, I think we are in for a large helping next week.  Again, I won't spoiler, but from what I have been reading it seems like a "Can't Miss" episode.  Not that we would miss any of them!  

Anyway, I have spoken more than enough and am now going to turn it over to you guys!  What did you think of the episode?  And have any of your theories on what is going on in Sideways Land or Island Land changed with after this?  

NOTE: If you guys are excited about the return of FlashForward this Thursday, be sure to check in on my new blog(  that I started last fall!  It won't be as elaborate as the LOST recaps have been, at least not this season.  But we'll keep following along with the story and see where it's all going!

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!  NAMASTE! 

Ending Credits
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MJ said...

Guess it's just me - but I liked the episode. Sawyer as a cop was a good time ! Was sad that he still had the same past with his parents though. And maybe I enjoy the subtlety and humor more than others - but last nights conversations on the show were a lot of fun. Flocke was in rare form.

Wasn't surprised to see Charlotte - thanks to the damned credits ! SIGH.

Yes - next week looks like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

If this episode were in season one, I'd have decided that it had "jumped the shark". Personally, I thought it was lame, especially how Flocke had to keep taking people aside to explain everything. Show us the story! Don't have a character do a monologue to explain it!!

Glenn R. said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the summary. I'm in the... "it was good" camp, but far from great. And yes, any new info is great, but I have to say that for the first time I'm getting a little impatient with the never-ending flirtation with bigger answers, without consummation; with so much still left unsaid. It was captured perfectly for me when Widmore made the comment to James about how little James really knows. Aaaggghhhh. C'mon, out with it already! What doesn't he know, Senor Widmore, tell us, plz!

My money is on Desmond being behind the locked door in the sub.

I found the parallel between Smokey having a "crazy" mother and Locke's mother being pretty "crazy" too to be interesting. There do seem to be some parallels between Lockey and Smokey.

Josh H. was awesome, as usual.

I'm intrigued by the relationship between Widmore and Smokey. I'm not sold yet that they are enemies. Widmore's pylons may be necessary for him to negotiate with the Smokester, b/c I seriously doubt Widmore is going to trust him straight out of the chute. I'm still holding to Bram's comment to Miles last year that Ilana's team is the opposite side of Widmore, which would put Widmore either on flocke's side, or his own side with his own motives.

They sure made Flockey out to be a trustworthy, very human believable guy this week, eh?

Glenn R. said...

Also, I find it interesting that we've now got Sawyer teamed with Miles (and yes, that needs to be a spinoff show!). Looks like Kate is going to be brought back to their station, where we know Charlie is being held with Liam nearby. Kate has Claire's credit card, and it seems likely that Claire could be called in to explain why. Jack also now knows that Claire is his half-sister, connecting him to the group. Sayid just killed three people, and his brother was at the same hospital as Jack. Plus, Jin is with Sayid, as far as we know. Locke is with Benny, and still may end up calling Jack about the spinal issues. And, Locke knows Hurley, whose employee is Rose... And then there IS that wedding coming up, and Helen is probably going to need some wedding help (Boone anyone?)

If I'm getting this right, every single one of our main characters is connected to the rest of the group through at least one other character!

One sure might be able to make a case that they are beginning to gather the Sideways Folks together for something big, eh? Something that might solve our mystery of how Sideways and Island Realities will intersect!?

AUStarwars said...

I know you are dying for my "non popcorn crowd reaction"...but my power was out until 11:30, i had to travel to watch the episode...had no internet access all night either..

so i need time to collect my thoughts and i havent read the blog yet, but the episode was well acted, but again ultimately answered nothing (though next week looks different)..the sawyer eps are always good imho, but they really seem to be crowbaring random people in (Charlotte)... the sawyer episodes are always cool cause he is such a bad A$$, i think that the MIB is either Cain or Abel, with his "crazy mother" being eve...that makes the island Eden (and hence the Adam/Eve skeleteons the ACTUAL adam and eve) or it is Jacob/Esau, but I dont remember who their mother is, I am going to wikipedia (channeling my inner Jeff Jensen lol) before posting to you all soon

thanks as usual Mike!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that neither Widmore nor Flock stated that they wanted to kill each other, Sawyer just assumed they did. Each also had a sly smile when Sawyer offered his intel... I just wonder who is conning whom here...

And Rebecca Mader looked REALLY good last night!

Glenn R. said...

I agree, Anonymous. On BOTH counts! :-)

hg said...

I hope they all don't end up in jail like the last episode of Seinfeld.

Mike V. said...

MJ, let me clarify that I enjoyed the episode. I think the problem was I just didn't enjoy it as much as last week and I have been over-anticipating NEXT WEEK's episode for some time now. I think when all is said and done, I will rewatch this episode and enjoy it. Sawyer and Miles as a tag team cop duo was fantastic! Don't worry, I enjoy subtelty and humor as much as the next person! lol

I was spoiled on charlotte being in the ep and Sawyer being a cop...there was an interview with someone that said we'll find out Sawyer is working on the other side of the law...ummmm durrrrr Couldn't be many other things!

Anonymous, I think the big reveals are coming, but they want to keep showing us Flocke trying to identify with each of our LOSTIES with whatever defines them most. So yeah it seems repetitive, and it is...but there has to be a point to it all!

Glenn, no prob on the summary. yeah i agree (and commented in the blog) that Widmore's comment was probably a wink at the viewers! lol I also thought about Locke's mother being crazy too. Actually, when he first said it...that's what I was thinking of...but then he got more into the MIB story.'s very confusing who is on who's side....and based on the Enhanced Lost's i think they seemed to indicate that Widmore seemed like a changed man when he met with Locke off-island. I thought we'd get a straight answer in this episode...i should have known better! lol But unless we are being sure looks like they're Anti-Smokey.

And agreed...they were working hard this episode to make us trust Smokey. It's just so tough to do though! I demand a backstory! lol

Agree on the Sawyer/Miles spinoff show as much as I would like a Locke/Ben/Arzt show too! lol Maybe we can just have a spinoff called SIDEWAYS LAND and alternate stories each week!
I like your ideas of how all the LOSTIES will end up together in this sideways path. It does seem to be pointing towards that and that's a good idea of how it will happen. Do we think that Charlie and Claire will end up together in Sideways land? That sure would be sweet! Of course, then I might root for an epilogue theory. Ugh..this show drives me nuts! LOL

AU Star Wars: You're welcome! and I responded to this post in an email so I'll just copy and paste the response here! "When you read the blog you'll see that I wasn't exactly thrilled with this episode. I enjoyed it but I thought something was missing lol I don't think we're going to have a LITERAL Biblical assocation with these characters. Also, suggesting that the Adam and Eve skeletons are actually Adam and Eve would suggest they are very very very very very very old! I know not all is as it seems on the Island but Jack stated that based on the decomposition, the bodies were dead for about 40-50 years. But I do like the idea that maybe the EVE skeleton is MIB's mother....but then they'd have to explain the 50 year thing! "

Mike V. said...

Good point on Flocke and Widmore anonymous!

and very funny Holly! I sure hope that's not where it's going either and I seriously doubt it lol

Weasel said...

Mike V.: In your recap you said "Anyway, Flocke returns with Crazy Claire, Evil Sayid, Confused Claire, Cindy, The Kids and a cast of OTHERS"... did you mean "Confused Kate"?

As far as crazy Claire, she just needs a shower and to wash her hair! Then she will feel normal again :)

Also, I heard that next week's episode will have an extra 5-6 minutes of material. Make sure you set your DVR to record a few extra minutes!

Weasel said...

It seemed like sideways Miles still has a knack for being able to tell if you are lying.

@Glenn R.: Yes, they seem like they could be gathering soon. I'm still sticking with my prologue theory :). Maybe Clair still becomes crazy and Aaron becomes MiB...

Mike V. said...

Thanks Weasel, I sure did! lol I'll fix it. Agree on Claire...
and heard about the 6 minutes as well. My TiVo automatically adjusted!

Something I thought of (or read) after I posted about Sawyer...he may just not be as good of a liar in Sideways land lol Of course, when did Sawyer become the "LIAR" on LOST? Yeah he cons...but wasn't Ben always the master liar? I guess because Flocke isn't fooled by Ben's antics, he considers Sawyer better at it? lol

Weasel...that is the crazy theory i brought up in the blog...Crazy Claire could be MIB's mother and MIB is somehow Aaron. It sure would bring new meaning to the psychic Malkin telling Claire that she fears there is great danger in who raises the baby. of course, he also said Claire must raise him lol

noel said...

I was the second Anonymous... don't know why the name didn't post.

Don't think Claire is MIB's mother because my theory is that MIB and Jacob are brothers... Aaron has no brother.. at least not yet.

Nicole said...

Well, from the female perspective, last nights ep was great because of the number of minutes of shirtless Sawyer after weeks of withdrawals ;)

I am confused on something, and it may be due to incorrect recollection on my part. We learned that the pylons keep the black smoke out. When the Others lived in Dharmaville, they were within the pylons, right? But wasn't Smokey in the basement of Ben's Dharma house, where he released him to take care of Keamy? The Others aka Jacob's crew, sure weren't Smokey enemies then. Am I forgetting something about that episode?

Mike V. said...

Yeah...Noel...that's another good theory on MIB. That he and Jacob are brothers...I also mentioned that as a possibility in the blog. I'm just all over the place! lol It would be interesting if adam and eve end up being Jacob and MIB's parents. but then they certainly have to explain the 50 year decomposition thing. I guess we'll see!

Nicole, nice that the ladies got something to look at in this episode! lol

I've been bringing up the same thing about ben summoning Smokey. It makes me think that Smokey was still serving a role as "Security System" for the island, even if he wasn't happy doing it. There has to be a connection to the Others being able to summon Smokey but the fact that they're still afraid of him.

But the DHARMA Pylons were built by DHARMA to keep smokey out it wasn't built by The Others. I think Ben and crew may have made some "enhancements" to othersville after the DHARMA Purge. We already knew that the caves run under a lot of the Island including the Temple and Dharmaville (where Jughead was stowed away) Smokey did have a way to get in if he wanted to as well.

Not sure where I'm going with all of this...just that there has to be some explanation for Ben summoning him. It might be as simple as the fact that Smokey had started his manipulation of Ben earlier than last season....and was assisting him to accomplish his long term mission.

MJ said...

'She was collecting wood and then she heard screaming and they were all dead. She spent 2 days dragging their bodies here to get them out of the sun. Sounds pretty incomplete to me!' - Sounds just like a 'smokey party' to me.

I KNEW you'd bring that up the outrigger shooting Mike - good times.

Back to my changes in one timeline seem to affect the other - Sawyer seems to love the truth these days ! Like telling the truth in one timeline almost puts him on a different path.

I can see Sawyer not thinking of Penelope when meeting Charles - but Kate should have given her a mention ! Something like, it was Charles daughter who recsued us when the helicopter went down.

'Sawyer never left.' Sawyer and Jin both never left.

Seriously though - if people are disappointed with the pacing then they were being unrealistic to think that the entire season 6 would have answers in every sentence spoken. This IS a chess game and Darlton is putting the pieces where they need to be - just like every other season. So no - I'm not disappointed in the least, I am enjoying the ride knowing it's almost over.

Nicole said...

My confusion is: if Smokey has a kill or be killed attitude towards Jacob's peeps, why didn't he just kill them when they were in Dharmaville if he had access to Dharmaville? Or, did he not have access unless he was summoned? And then when he was summoned, was he only allowed access for the purpose he was summoned for, which prevented him from undertaking other tasks he may have wanted to do, like killing all the Others? That seems to maybe be the only thing that makes sense.

Jenn said...

I wonder if MIB's mother might be Taweret?

MJ said...

Weasel - thanks for the heads up on the extra mins for next week - will check my DVR !

And what am I forgetting with all the Locke's mom is crazy ? I don't remember that. I recall the foster mom who was a little mean when Richard came to test young Locke. And I remember the lady who took money from his dad to help get Locke's kindney. So when was she crazy ?

Gwen said...

Okay so at first Claire grabbing Kate's hand 'threw' me but then I remembered the moment in the hospital where they focused on Claire holding Kate's hand, I think the parallel was drawn on purpose.

hg said...

In the beginning wasn't it mentioned that all children were safe? Also, why has it not been explained why Sawyer could see that blonde kid with Flocke? Flocke seemed surprised by that...that needs explanation! Last night when Sawyer asked how he'll con the other Others on Hydra to believe and not hurt him, Flocke said they couldn't hurt him because he's a good liar...maybe Flock knows that he can't be hurt because he's "chosen", not just a liar. I think Widmore & Flock are in cahoots and testing Sawyer, which Sawyer is aware of thus double-crossing both of them by telling Kate what the 'real' plan is.

All Smoke & Mirrors, my friends.

Mike V. said...

MJ - it certainly does sound like smokey killed the ajira folk...we'll see! I'm going to bring up that outrigger shooting until we see it! LOL And yes I know Jin never left too but I think whatever I was talking about was Sawyer specific! I'm enjoying the ride too MJ. I'm not expecting answers every episode, but I know you're not referring to me specifically and just "We Need Answer" nuts! lol. I really loved last week's episode which a lot of people didn't like.

Nicole, I think being summoned has something to do with it. I remember reading back in season 4 that Darlton was saying there would be consequences for Ben "summoning Smokey". It's not something you do every day and he did it as a last resort. I think we still need some info filled in here though.

Jenn - interesting theory on Tawaret being the mother. That would be kinda bizarre! lol could you imagine a flashback scene where a half dog, half human gave birth to a Smokey? lol

MJ - Locke's Mom also told him he was immaculately conceived lol But could have all been part of the con.

Mike V. said...

Holly, yep we still an explanation for who that kid is in addition to why Sawyer can see him. yeah, someoene else mentioned that Widmore and flocke may be in cahoots as well. It's possible! We'll see. Don't remember them saying "the children are safe" but I'll have to watch again. But Zach and Emma were with the Flocke crew.

Mike V. said...

Gwen, nice catch on the sideways parallel and the hand holding with Claire/Kate. Now that you mention it, it definitely might be intentional. Of course...the reason WHY...i still up in the air! lol

As a heads up, for anyone that cares, I am going to be in meetings for the next few have fun in your discussions and I will try to catch up later!

HurleyAteMe said...

Good job Mike V

In last weeks episode, didnt Flocke tell Ben he would need to go to Hydra when he broke his shackle? if Ben wanted to be the protector of the island? Could he have been trying to get Ben or Widmore in a fight? Ben can't kill Widmore because it is "against the rules" but is seems coincidental he told him to go to Hyra, if i remember that part right!

The Smoke Monster Flocke being so nice to the children and Kate in this episode is throwing me off! He is acting like a father figure and true leader. I cant figure out where his character is headed.

Rukshan said...

That was another great episode. Gave us some answers and a lot more questions.. but WOW really good stuff. I'll miss this when its gone.. at least we can all meet up in the Flash Forwards Blog.

My theory now is that every one does some how leave the island, and its probably not in a flight or submarine.It will have some thing to do with the Flashes coming on again. For the out rigger shooting incident to come about there has to be a flash where an old time line crosses the current one.. still cant imagine how that will be..

May be MIB will live up to his word and set every one back where they belong, but they have to live with what ever was in there past up to the crash, but with a small after taste of the island...

If it was Jacobs crew that killed off the Ajira survivors, that would be a huge revelation on who is good and who is evil. said...

maybe it was my 3.5 month old keeping me busy throughout this episode but it felt short. time flew by quick in this episode. was pretty boring. i enjoyed it but i felt like we ended up with more questions than answers...again?

anywhoo...i don't have much to add. enjoyed the recap. im really excited for next weeks episode. the one thing i will it me or is sawyer a prostitute cop? i don't know many cops but do they go around sleeping with others while undercover? also...were all the other cops listening in while he was having relations? eww! sorry...the episode wasn't that great but i found that hilarious...peace.

MJ said...

Jdot - didn't think of it like that. Sawyers a Ho. LOL And what does that say about LA Miles - he listens to Jim have sex while undercover - then sets him up with a chick who works with his dad. Ewwwwww! LOL

Hurleyateme - good point ! Locke was trying to get a Ben/Widmore throwdown going !

Thought I recognized the actree who played Zoe - she was on LA Law. Egad - now I've shown my age. LOL

Pat said...

Hey I've never really posted on here but read a lot and I just have one little theory about the adam and eve bodies in the cave. I might have missed if people brought this up but I've heard theories of time being a loop on the Island.
So this may be crazy but what if the Island is on a loop and those are in fact the parents of MIB and Jacob? There is a possibility that the bodies look 40-50 years old because that is about how long the loop is and they died before it started. I just wanted to put that out there and see how crazy of a theory that actually is.

Joy said...

Now that we know that Sawyer is a cop in Sideways land, does anyone else think it's a little strange that he helped Kate escape from the airport elevator in the first episode of this season when he could tell that she was running from the authorities?

Also, I noticed a lot of instances of hands touching and not touching in this episode. I know someone already mentioned that Claire reached for Kate's hand both in Sideways land and on the island. Claire also gave Kate a huge hug near the end of the episode.
I think that Flocke was trying to touch Kate too when he extended his hand to help her get up when she was sitting in the jungle crying, but she didn't accept his help.
I also noticed that Widmore tried to shake Sawyer's hand when he came into his sub office, but Sawyer rejected him. However, after they agreed to work together against Flocke, they shook hands.
Do you think that Widmore and Flocke somehow use touch to help "convert" people to follow them, similar to how Jacob's touch allowed him to "guide" the Losties throughout their lives?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I just realized that Sawyer might not be talking about leaving via the sub. He watched Locke leave via the donkey wheel. That might be what he has in mind; sneak to the Orchid while everyone else is fighting it out.

By the way, I thought it was an average episode. And Joy, I had the same thought that you did about Sawyer and Kate in the elevator.


Unknown said...

How about Smokey and Jacob were brothers, Cain and Abel, and crazy mom was Eve, who in eating the apple caused "growing pains." Some have literally interpreted Cain to mean "from the evil one" or "son of the serpent of the Garden of Eden." Abel in all accounts of the story is a shepard (or is it a Shepard?). I have heard that there is an episode coming up that does not have any of the current cast members and that takes place at a very different time and place. I think it will be the story of MIB and Jacob, and I think it might take place at the very beginning of time.

Unknown said...

I just remembered what I heard in Geronimo Jack's Beard blog (Jorge Garcia's blog and podcasts) when they had Michael Emerson on as a guest. They were referring to Smokey and somebody said (Emerson, I think) that the makeup people call MIB Esau. Jorge tried to cover it up, saying that he was "Locke" in the script. Maybe it is Jacob and Esau, sons of Rebekah and Isaac, that have been fighting literally since the womb. Rebekah favored Jacob and helped him scam Esau out of a blessing from Isaac that was intended for Esau, the first born.

Nicole said...

I'm digging Christian's Adam/Eve/Cain/Abel story. No one ever really thought to take "Adam and Eve" literally, but it could work. The island is paradise, i.e. Eden. Hmmm...

I also like the point of the Claire/Kate hand holding in both timelines. I wonder if there are other instances of our Losties doing the same thing at the same time in both worlds. This would definitely go to the convergence theory, which I wholeheartedly subscribe to. The two versions of each character are going to converge with each other... which I'm hoping results in redemption for some of them (like Claire, Sawyer, and Locke).

AUStarwars said...


My question to you would be: Why do you feel that this episode disappointed you (when we at least received some new MIB facts we can at least banter theories around about even if nothing "real" happened), but the rest of the season was good to you? I think last week's episode was infinitely worse in terms of putting forward the plot of the show overall, at least this one put the chess pieces in place and was not focused on one characters struggle for redemption, which we frankly just do NOT have time for any longer...

HollyP said...

Cop-Sawyer didn't turn in Kate at the airport because he didn't want to draw any attention to his visit to Sydney. Remember, he told Miles he'd been in Palm Springs.

I think actually that many answers were given, in a very subtle manner. Cop-Sawyer had several books in his apartment including A Wrinkle in Time. He also read the book on the beach in an earlier season. If you don't remember the plots of the Wrinkle series, go read the wikipedia entries for them. Several very striking parallels which lead me to believe that Love is the answer.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the props as always guys!

Hurley Ate Me - I can't figure out Flocke either with the being nice to kids and kate and stuff. Of course, he had a crazy mother so maybe he is sensitive to kids. I think Locke told Ben that they were "ALL" going to Hydra Island...the events that happened in Dr. Linus I think happen simultaneous to the events that happened in Recon. And at some point Smokey stopped by for a visit to Ben. Maybe it was after his talk with Sawyer about Widmore being there. Maybe Ben couldn't kill Widmore YET...but he might be able to in the end. I dunno..we'll see! We need to know what these rules are!

Rukshan, thanks for promoting the FlashForward blog! :-) lol I don't see why the old timeline would have to intersect with the sideways timeline though for the outrigger scene to come true. That was all one timeline i would imagine. There were some people in the "future" chasing Locke/Sawyer and crew and then the timetravelers FLASHED to the Rousseau 80's lol I'm not sure if they'll ever tie that scene in...maybe they intended to last season and never got to it. But I'd sure like to see it!

It would definitely be interesting if Jacob's crew killed off the ajira crew...did I suggest that? I think I may have...i seriously need to find a way to get more sleep on Tuesdays! LOL (not possible!) nice on Sawyer...I guess once a ladies' man always a ladies' man! even if he's a cop! LOL

MJ come on...that was so Tina Fey, don't try to confuse us! LOL

Pat it's definitely a good theory..and I think between me and AUStarWars...we put that theory out there in these very comments lol It's the 50 years thing that's throwing me off. But I'm sure they could explain it like you said.

Joy, I thought the same thing about Sawyer but I think in every timeline the man just has a soft spot for kate.
Very interesting stuff with all the hand holding, touching, not touching. Especially after seeing that Jacob's touch does do things...i wonder if MIB's touch may do something as well? I know you just asked that i'm just speculating too. Not sure about Widmore though. How many people with supernatural powers do we really want on this show? LOL

Jim, didn't sawyer specifically say "we're taking the SUB?" What else could he have meant? yeah I guess he could try to go through the Orchid station but I think he knows now what that could potentially cause! He also told Widmore that he will be on a boat heading towards Hydra...widmore will think something is up if he isn't. Should be interesting!

Mike V. said...

Christian's Mom - I think AUStar Wars suggested a similar idea up above. I really hope they don't go with a literal Biblical reference in the show. It's fine to allude to them and use them as themes...but for them to actually answer 'What is the Island' with "it's the garden of eden" and the skeletons are ACTUALLY Adam and Eve...and Jacob and Smokey are Cain and Abel...i just don't know. I did hear the same thing about this episode...and also figured it would be a Jacob/MIB episode. As for the beginning of time? Well...i don't know. Darlton have said that they are telling a very specific story...and there is always going to be questions that end up with the BIG BANG. Like..."okay..but what happened before those people and what happened before THOSE people???" which you could literally trace all the way back to the big bang....and then ask..."Well what existed before the big bang?? lol" So there may be characters that were on this island prior to Jacob and MIB...but they are only going back so far and talking about so many different characters. That just leads me to believe that we're not going back to the beginning of time with LOST. But, as i always say, you never know! I think Jorge, Beth and Emerson referred to Esau based on a lot of internet speculation after season 5 that it was Jacob and Esau. It was a popular theory and many people started calling MIB Esau during the off-season. That may end up being MIB's name...but I still think it would just be a reference to a biblical story and not the actual Biblical characters! lol I love the Geronimo Jack's Beard podcast though!
Nicole...i never heard it called the Convergence Theory...but that's the one I'm most likely supporting as well...somehow these timelines are going to intersect. I'm still not sure how. But I like it better than a prologue or epilogue theory! lol

Mike V. said...

Did I ever say I was disappointed in last night's episode? I said MANY might be disappointed. I still found the positives in it. And I enjoyed last week's episode so much and am anticipating next week's episode so much, and I was tired when I wrote the blog.....that I just didn't get as excited about it when I was writing! lol But is it my favorite episode of the series? no the season? no I apologize that I like a well constructed episode that ties themes together in the sideways world and island world and can almost stand alone as an episode outside of the LOST world. I am not an ANSWER addict Star Dubbs...I like a well constructed episode that MOVES me. Dr. Linus moved me. THE CONSTANT moved me. Did we get many answers in either of these episodes? HELL NO. But they were beautiful pieces of work. Even Darlton have gone on record saying Dr. Linus might be their favorite episode of the series. I didn't hear them say that and I still thought it was my favorite of the season to date. Can't help how I feel. Just because it's season 6 doesn't mean every sentence of every episode needs to provide an answer. The sooner people just sit back and enjoy the ride, the easier it will be for them when the finale comes May 23rd and you're left with 815 questions! (pun intended!)
Holly P - good call on Sawyer not turning Kate in. I still think it's because he had the hots for her! lol All of those books are referenced in the blog post with links to Lostpedia FYI. And the producers have also gone on record stating that the books they reference do not necessarily provide answers for what is going on but they carry similar themes. All 3 of those books are books that Sawyer has previously read.

AUStarwars said...


Did you read Jeff Jensen's crazy theory (Im sure you did !)...I just got around to it, busy day today up in Finance ;-)..

Courtney said...

mike, did you notice that miles said to sawyer, "do you want to die alone?" when he's talking him into going on the date?

thought you'd like that live together die alone referrence off-island :)

Mike V. said...

Courtney...i did notice it and for some reason I did not make the connection to Live Together Die Alone! Shame on me!! lol

AU Star Wars...i've had a busy day too...sometimes those Jensen Recaps are overwhelming...I'll have to check it out! I have had some Doc Jensen'ish theories today on this blog AND on the Gather comments. Is that incentive enough for you guys to click over to the GATHER page and check out my comments over there :-) Every click helps! lol

Anonymous said...

i have lots of love today! love this season, love last night's show, and love this blog! this season of lost is making tuesdays and wednesdays much more interesting!

one comment. for those wondering why sawyer would not turn in kate at the airport, i think there are two reasons. one is that, as someone else pointed out, he lied to miles about where he went. if he got involved, it would blow his secret. and two, it looks, at least to me, like sideways sawyer has the same interest in kate as island sawyer. the way he looked at her on the elevator and after the car crash last night looked more like flirting than police work. i was waiting for him to call her "freckles".

i think the last few episodes have been very good, but it looks like next week will be the beginning of an even wilder ride....

thanks again for the great read!

AUStarwars said...

Mike, took me all day, but heres the start of me expanding on Cain/Abel to MIB/Jacob:

1Adam knew his wife Eve intimately, and she conceived and gave birth to Cain. She said, "I have had a male child with the LORD's help."[33] 2Then she also gave birth to his brother Abel. Now Abel became a shepherd of a flock, but Cain cultivated the land. 3In the course of time Cain presented some of the land's produce as an offering to the LORD. 4And Abel also presented [an offering][34] — some of the firstborn of his flock and their fat portions.[35] The Lord had regard for Abel and his offering, 5but He did not have regard for Cain and his offering. Cain was furious, and he was downcast.[36] 6Then the LORD said to Cain, "Why are you furious? And why are you downcast?[37] 7If you do right, won't you be accepted? But if you do not do right, sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must master it." 8Cain said to his brother Abel, "Let's go out to the field."[38] And while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.
– Genesis 4:1-8 (HCSB)
Now, let’s look at this. You can clearly see the parallels between Jacob and Abel: Shepherding a flock of candidates to be used as an eventual offering to the Lord. He is constantly bringing candidates to the Island that he will deem worth to be these offerings, “but it is always the same.” Now, what we mean by “offering” is not a literal thing where the castaways are killed in the name of the Lord, but more of a “these are people who were once evil and are now redeemed, and I offer them up to you, Lord, as proof of the ability of man to forgive and grow.” Now, this paints Abel/Jacob as “good” in one sense, but ultimately he IS manipulating those around us, he is doing all of this with a specific purpose of satisfying a higher power. Cain/MIB is also looking for offerings, trying to offer up the Island itself and what it naturally offers. He is only offering up those who have sinned, against G-d (sorry cant spell it out for religious purposes), and either choose not to be redeemed, or accept their fate (the Temple Others, Ecko).

AUStarwars said...

Now, we all know that Cain and Abel is looked at as a story about Jealousy and ultimate evil (killing one’s own brother), but you have to understand that “at that time” the favor of G-d was so important, that to not have it (and not have it as your “right to have it” as the first born like Cain) would have been the most important thing ever.

11So now you are cursed [with alienation][42] from the ground that opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood you have shed. 12If you work the land, it will never again give you its yield. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth."
13But Cain answered the Lord, "My punishment[43] is too great to bear! 14Since You are banishing me today from the soil, and I must hide myself from Your presence and become a restless wanderer on the earth, whoever finds me will kill me."
15Then the Lord replied to him, "Therefore,[44] whosoever slayeth Cain vengeance will be taken on him sevenfold. "[45] And the Lord set a Mark upon Cain,lest any finding him should kill him. 16Then Cain went out from the Lord's presence and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden.
– Genesis 4:9-16 (HCSB)
Hrm, so we have Jacob/Abel living in the Temple, the house, and the statue, and Cain/MIB wandering the Island all the time with no real home…hrm..sounds like more allegory to me!

“Cain's curse and mark have been interpreted in several ways. Following the literal Biblical text, most scholars interpret the "curse" as Cain's inability to cultivate crops and his necessity to lead a nomadic lifestyle.”

“Historically, some Christians have interpreted the Biblical passages so that the "mark" is thought to be part of the "curse". In 18th century America and Europe, it was commonly assumed that Cain's "mark" was black skin[citation needed], and that Cain's descendants were black and still under Cain's curse…

Black Skin, Black Cloud.hrm..hence Cain is the Smoke Monster or Black Cloud.

Cain thus wanders the Earth, seemingly forever, as a punishment, unable to get back to Eden/Heaven…now, we are never told if Cain can EVER do ANYTHING to get back into G-d’s good graces, but if I was forced to wander and never be allowed to go home, ever, I would think of ways to do so. So we have MIB hatching this plan to get off the Island, to get home…

Like I said, it is not a literal translation of the Biblical story, but the Bible is an allegory anyway, so this could be Lost’s interpretation of such..


Mike V. said...

Thanks Anonymous! You actually just reminded me that I keep forgetting to point out that SAWYER got a nickname in this episode....DIMPLES! LOL Totally meant to put that in the blog.

AUStarWars - whew...that's a long one! But it makes total sense. Like I said...I am totally game with them THEMATICALLY tying this to a biblical long as it's not the ACTUAL biblical story! I really don't think LOST is going to go and prove the existence of a higher power on this show (unless you want to count Smokey and Jacob lol). But I am totally cool with the concept of Smokey and Jacob being the children of the Island's Adam and Eve. I still want the explanation of the 50 year decomposition though. Sorry, they put it in season 1...they said they put those skeletons in season 1 to prove that they knew what they were doing back PROVE IT! lol But I am not cool with these 4 figures actually being Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel.

My opinion = FACT! (just's just my opinion lol)

Mike V. said...

just saw your 2nd post on the subject...looks like we're on the same page with allegory!

Mike V. said...

Just read Jensen's theory on Smokey being a disembodied Daniel Faraday....yep...I was just reminded that my wacky theories cannot come even close to his wacky theories! lol Then is interesting because Daniel is 99% potentially Widmore's son. But that is just a flat out truly bizarre theory! lol

Last paragraph, last page of his 8 page article:

Doc Jensen Recap

Rob said...

I was looking at the most recent poll and couldn't decide whether to choose "Desmond Brothaa!!!" or "something to kill Flocke". Then I thought... it could be both! First of all we know Desmond has some greater purpose and the island is not done with him yet. Second, he has all of those wierd time traveling/time loop stuff going on. Oh and third, Faraday said "the rules don't apply to you Desmond". Faraday may have just been refering to the time travel rules, but maybe Desmond is also different in that the rules of the island don't apply to him. I.e. he may be able to kill Flocke unlike Sayid

Anonymous said...

Yes we get it Mike. You have mentioned every possible theory at some time or another. You don't have to say so in responding to each post.

Mike V. said...

Yeah anonymous and you don't have to post as anonymous to lecture me on my own blog either. But you did. If you didn't notice, some people mention that they're not sure if this has been mentioned yet. So I kindly tell them if it was. And I know my blog post is long and understand if people scan over things so I will mention if I agree with them and reference something I said. I'm not even sure why I acknowledged your comment as this is my blog and I can comment as I please, but I guess I'm just nice like that and respond to everyone who takes the time to write in. Thanks for your comment!

Rob, interesting theory I think I mentioned it before!! LMAO (god I'm funny) interesting concept on the "rule-less" Desmond being able to take down smokey! I too want to know if desmond's time travel rules vs. the other island rules are one of the same. Hopefully we will find out!

Glenn R. said...

Nicole, My guess is that Smokey couldn't have accessed the Barracks without the drain summons. I took the Smokey Summoning Drain to be something that overrided the pylons and allowed Smokey to get in.

As far as how a drain could have possibly impacted the pylons... well, maybe it would fall under a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy! ;-)

Glenn R. said...

One thing that is really bugging me:


C'mon already!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I can read. Yes, sometimes people say that they aren't sure if such and such has been said before. Many other times though, a poster will present his/her theory and your response is always something to the effect that you have already put that theory out there.

It is your blog so go back and pick a week and count how many times you make a point to say that you have already said all the theories.

Anonymous said...


When you have your own blog, you can say whatever you want. It's called ownership. This blog belongs to Mike and we are here as guests. Blog on, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Mike didn't want people to post, why did he creat a comments section? Comment on, lol.

Mike V. said...

Glenn, wouldn't the pylons only work "ABOVE" ground? We even saw Kate and crew go "OVER" the sonic fence. I'm guessing people and smoke beings can go under it too. But I dunno. Agree though, I'm not sure why Kate wouldn't have brought up Claire's mother yet. She might be interested to know that Mommy Littleton is awake!

Negative Anonymous - I think you give me too much credit with "creating" the comment section lol That was all! I just allow people to comment...and I welcome all comments positive and negative. But like I said...there are some commenters who do not read the whole blog (or any of it) and the comments eventually get too long to even read them. I like to inform the commenter I am writing to if it has been discussed before. I'm not discrediting them for bringing it up again, I am just letting them know they are not alone in their thoughts! It's not even always a comment of mine that I'm referring back to! And I do not expect anyone to read every word of this blog and the comments. Although, I am surprised that some do. You are free to have your opinion and I appreciate you reading the blog and apparently reading for awhile if this has frustrated you enough to comment. But I hope you can appreciate the fact that I will continue to comment as I always have.

Supporting Anonymous - Thanks for the "support" lol I like to think of you guys as more contributors and "LOST COLLEAGUES" than simply guests! Like i said, all comments are welcome.

As long as people are accepting of a little "friendly" retaliation from the author!

David Salako said...

Another interesting episode with really clever links and reminders of episodes gone by. These writers are brilliant! The color palette of the Sideways world is very interesting - they have deliberately thrown in a lot of gray color into it. Every episode so far has had a lot of it in Sideways world - Sawyer and Miles cop car, Locke's shirt in the high school cafetaria last week etc. Something ain't quite right I tell ya! lol!
Daniel Faraday as MIB sounds crazy but there really could be something to it. He does have a lot of strange paradoxes surrounding his life and so far has not appeared in Sideways land, unless he is David Shephard as suggested. Faraday's last name remains an odd mystery and even the calculation of his age seems a bit slightly off, if he was born in 1977/1978. He technically was killed in 1977 before he was born some months later while he was in his mother's womb. Talk about a crazy loop. His first love Theresa is lost in time traveling never-never land and his second love Charlotte died in his arms on the island in whatever year that was during the time jumps. May not be correct in the end but Faraday's mysteries require some explanation.

David Salako said...

PS. Eloise's knowledge of future events exceeds just using the notes in Faraday's journal. She knew the dud with red shoes was going to get killed. That was probably not in Daniel's notes.

Anonymous said...

This post might cover a couple of weeks.

I first heard about this blog during season two while out for dinner. I think it is the best blog on Lost out there and thank you Mike for all the hard work you do.

There is a lot of backlash about Lost here on how it never answers any questions, is too hard to follow, etc. It is a big punch line on local radio. I think it is a great show and have directed several co-workers, friends and family to your blog Mike.

All that being said, some of them were early viewers and are now returning to see how it ends. Some believe that since you are so insightful on your recaps that your theories that you list within the recaps are the TRUTH.

That would probably be my only constructive criticism on your great work covering Lost. I don't mind so much that over the seasons you have put more of your theories into the recap itself instead of the early comments. It does bother me a little that some of these people now think anything you write in the recap is what is actually happening as if you are one of the writers of the show.

Not sure where exactly I was going with this, but a couple of weeks ago you asked for people to share when they started following your blog. And I am in the "way to go Mike" camp in terms of the blog instead of the "you suck Mike" camp.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this episode, partly because Sawyer was shirtless AND cleanshaven, but especially that he turned out to be a cop! Who saw that coming? Not me! I thought it was significant that he had only been back from Australia for two days. It makes me wonder if some of the other side-ways stories are just two days after the safe landing. I had been thinking that they could be at any point in time after the safe landing, but maybe not. Not sure Locke would already have that substitute job after just two days, so the Dr. Linus episode seems like more time has passed. Same this with Jack's episode with his son. Just thinking out loud.

I am anxious for answers, but still enjoying the ride! I hate that it will end soon! Now my husband knows how I feel during baseball season. He can't wait for LOST to end so he can have his wife back!

Mike, don't pay any attention to Negative Anonymous. Keep up the interesting recaps and thoughtful insights! Cajun QT

Mike V. said...

Thanks anonymous! were with me all the way back in season 2 eh? That's awesome. I totally know what you mean with some people thinking what I speak is actual FACT. I never intended for that...only when I speak the words directly from the mouths of Darlton in their Podcasts or Interviews. But yeah, friends, family and i'm sure various internet unknowns dissect my words as if I actually know what's going on! lol

I don't normally post many theories though...I just try to connect the episodes together and throw out questions that we might need to be asking. If I do throw a theory out there, I definitely point out that it's just a wacky theory of mine! LOL

But if that's the only beef you can come up's a good one in my opinion. Thanks for sharing! :-)

That other anonymous is going to get annoyed at me David...but yeah I've been harping on the Red Shoes thing with Eloise too. It's in my 23 Mysteries Post from back in January lol I just can't get over it! I want to think we'll get more on it, but I just don't know now! Totally agree that there are mysteries to Faraday that need to be resolved. I hope we get the chance to see some of it resolved!

As for the use of color? Definitely an interesting observation! I cannot say I really noticed it. But you never know if there is something intentional there!

Mike V. said...

Thanks Cajun! I appreciate the props!

Yeah, I think all of the Flash Sideways we have been seeing take place pretty soon after the Oceanic Flight...the one exception could be Ben's episode. We don't know how long Locke has been a substitute at the school. That could have been a little later. But maybe not too much later if these events are all planning to intersect later in the season. I guess we'll see!

Okay to bed. That 1 hour of sleep is catching up with me! Talk to you in the blogosphere tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Seems they missed the boat on having Anna Lucia show up as a cop in this episode...was Michelle Rodriguez not available?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, MikeV! Keep up the great work please!
N D cookies of lyf, Mike, ur D chocl@ chips!
Translation: In the cookies of life, Mike, you’re the chocolate chips!


Unknown said...

While it is entirely possible that Smokey killed the Ajira passengers, I thought that in a previous season it was revealed that Smokey cannot cross water (trapped)?

Where is Daniel Faraday? Loved his role, and man do I miss Desmond! 2 minutes this whole season for this important character is just not enough. Speaking of great characters, it's sad for me to see Jin and Sun reduced to, " I have to find Sun or I have to find Jin" in every episode.

Cheesy moments: 1. Saywer so curious as to what is behind a locked door on a sub he's never been on. This is after he lived in 70's and is now being told what to do by a smoke monster who took over a dead guy's body.
2. Sawyer's little "were not gonna take the plane of the island, we'll take the sub" boom lost.......terrible. I was almost expecting David Caruso to show up and with his stupid sun glasses. "(puts the glasses on) "We'll be taking the sub" (YAAAAA!)

Rebek said...

I haven't read through all the comments to see if someone already mentioned this, and it's very trivial to the episode as a whole, BUT- did anyone else draw a parallel to Jack when Sawyer smashed that mirror? They're the only ones who've reacted that way.

Floreen said...

There was an episode of a flashback to John Locke, I can't recall it now but Richard visited him as a child in one of the foster homes to ask him which objects belong to him already. Richard showed him a knife, a horror comic book with a scared man and a smoke, a bottle of ash, a compass and a baseball glove I am sure. John made the wrong choice.

But before that, Richard saw a doodle drawing - black and white, made by John, showing a crude depiction of a man been killed by a black smoke coming out of a camp fire. John was asked by Richard if he drew it and he nodded as yes.

If the writers didn't screwed up, that's an early clue, hard to detect that John had been 'claimed' by the smoke'ster long before just liek the others were screened by Jacob at the lighthouse we see it in ruins in the episodes '?' and the next one with Michael been captive at the others camp. Locke's mother didn't seemed crazy to me at all however. It seems that every character is a constant for another in the words of Faraday and I would love to see what the writers will do about that.

Is also interesting the smokey shows in a dream to Kate as Claire telling her not to bring Aaron back the the island, which means the smoke'ster doesn't intend to keep his promise to Claire.

Floreen said...


I think that all the time Ben was thinking he was summoning Jacob, he was in fact summoning smokey. That's way smokey didn't killed all survivors, plus the rule of not interfering directly. Jacob acts by touching directly, but the loophole theory says that Jacob and smokey and their proteges can't kill each others directly. Is the reoccuring theme of making people think is their idea and not Ben for example. In all occasions, Ben smiles when he gets someone to do the dirty work, like Sayid to do the killing as it would be his war.

Hurley saw two people in a cabin that vanished and the ash was holding someone prisoner or protecting someone against smokey.

John found a cabin based on a dream given to him by smokey most likely.

Correction on a post on Cain and Able.
Eve ate an apple and got pregnant with twins? That's a story for kids. Jesus said to the pharisee and saducee that their father is the father of the first murderer - Cain. So the father of Cain was the snake - satan with whom Eve had sex, as in later the fallen angels. After this metaphoric apple moment, Eve knew her husbans - Adam and as such she was now pregnant with twins who also symbolically fought over God's favors. So the twareth or better yet a parallel to Jacob and Esau is most appealing.

And the books in James Ford house and the holding of hands also points me to the Faraday constant. Let's not forget that in the original sideway flash, the plane flies over an island that is under water and nothing is alive or running anymore with a statue which is intact and nothing of what we came to know ever happened. I actually thought that smokey is a woo-doo evil spirit.
Maybe Jacob wants to put an end to this fight with smokey and helps the chosen ones to help with retiring the island for good with smokey burried in. I actually feel sorry for Esau been cheated out of his inheritance. MIB said that humans come to the island, corrupts and kills, which sorta makes him a good guy and a protector of the island. Jacob hoped humans can improve and give a good name to the island by doing good.

Floreen said...

Rebeck you're right. I haven't even thought of that but it is a monumental point, yes, there's got to be something to it.

Floreen said...


Smokey as smoke can't cross water or any strong field of electricity, But John Lock who had the boat already could've and kill those people. Why would otherwise Widmore bring the pylons?

And I apologise my misspellings, I am in hurry.

Floreen said...

David salako

Faraday was an inventor and electrical engineer who build the Faraday cage protecting transformers from lighting strikes.

He was conceived on the island by Eloise and Widmore long before 1977 if you review season 5 and he does not strikes as MIB.

Plus as in the case of Anna-Lucia, to answer another post what's dead is dead, period.

And is anyone on what was in season 5 when Charlote said the island is a 'place of death?'

Floreen said...

Mike V

The electric field through the fance can be regulated from non harmful to deadly pending on the setting on the dial. The Russian got thrown through by John, Miles went through it, all to various degree of harm.

Floreen said...


I have only two theories about the bodies in the cave:

1 It could be the parents of MiB and Jacob due to the black and white pearls and paralels to the game of backgemon John was playing, the rock he trew out of his cave with Sawyer as an inside joke. That was his cave because he cross out the John name long after John died.

2 It could be Harold and Rose who didn't left the island at all and went through all the hell until the frequent changes in time frames and time travels could had killed them just like the others without a constant.

Floreen said...

Mike V
I guess the children are safe because they are in a purer state of mind, compared to adults. Jacob touched many in their infancy, Kate, Sawyer.
The smoke monster to reply another post, could not access the dharmaville without the lid been opened and the heavy door been also opened.
The living together or dying alone is also a metaphorical point to the Bible where Abel was received in the company of God and Cain was rejected to be solo. I never understood, but the offering of Cain was turned down not because of the veggies vs meat although Jesus was not a veggie, but because of the state of mind. Did Cain tried to Con God where Abel was sincere in his offering?
Echo was killed after he said he was without sin, bad mistake right there.
And what's with Hugo been able to see or talk to the dead as in playing chess with Mr Echo? Was smokey manipulating him too?

Mike V. said...

Good point anonymous on Ana Lucia! It was probably a casting issue or something. I think I heard she will be later in the season so maybe she will still come into play lol

LOST Fan! Nice analogy on the cookies and thanks for the big props! Love Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Don, I'm sure Florin responded to this below lol But I don't think he mentioned the fact that we saw Flocke in season 5 "ON" Ajira Island. Yes, at the time we thought it was John Locke but it was good ol Flocke. But do you remember the one interesting thing that he did? He took his shoes off before crossing the water. And I'm not sure if those are ACTUALLY Christian Shephard's shoes or just smokey's rendition of them LOL Not sure if it matters that they were Christian's but they definitely went out of their way to show us the show removal and him putting them back on. Not sure where I'm going with this, but I wanted to get it out there!

As for Faraday..well...he's dead! lol But yes, I think we're still going to see him show up in sideways land. I like the idea that he'll somehow be involved in David Shephard's life due to him probably never giving up the piano.

I didn't think the locked door thing with Sawyer was too cheesy but I'm sure if I watched CSI Miami I'd be laughing at your last comment DON. You know what? I don't even watch it and i still think it's hysterical! lol

Rebek - (and anonymous who hates me referring to things I and others have said don't read this) - No one has specifically called out Jack and Sawyer looking in the mirror as similar...but it has been noted that in every flash sideways scene the character has looked into a mirror or their reflection has been seen. (in the script of Sayid's sideways scene as he is looking in the Nadia's door....jorge garcia menioned in his podcast that something is "OFF" with the reflection...interesting right?) As for Sawyer and Jack....well Jack keeps noticing things in the mirror and getting confused. We found out there was a difference in the appendix surgery in both timelines. in the island happened on the island. He also noticed that red mark in the season premiere. Sawyer, after getting reemed out by Miles about going to Sydney on flight 815 and then losing a partner, he looks in the mirror and punches it. It's tough to say if he reacted at the mirror because he thought something was just seems like he was P.O.'d But there can be no mistake made. Mirrors and Reflections are a key component to these Sideways stories. And I think we're going to find out why eventually!

Florin, yikes...I'm going to have to tackle all of that in a separate post! lol

Mike V. said...

That's a lot of commenting Florin! Love that there is some back and forth conversations going on. I would also love if this comments section was a little more dynamic so people could reply to certain comments specifically. But oh well...we take what we can get!

I'm just going to pick and choose with what you talked about and respond directly to the ones you wrote to me! lol

You think smokey did that off-island dream appearance to Kate? With Claire saying don't bring him back? Do we know if Smokey has any interaction off of the island since he so desperately wants to get off of it and hasn't been able to? I think we still need an explanation on who or what is responsible for these dreams. Of course, as time is dwindling down, it's getting less and less likely! lol

As for the sonic fence...i wasn't asking how it worked! lol I know how it works. But someone asked about smokey traveling underground or whatever and mentioned that the fence might stop him. I was merely pointing out that i think the fence only works from the ground level to the top of the pylons....anything below or above it should be fine. We even saw Richard, Eloise, Jack and Sayid travel under it to get to Jughead.

Hmm...I don't think we saw Smokey come out of Ben's house after he summoned came from somewhere else. Granted...there is a chance that Keamy didn't reactivate the fence and once Ben summoned smokey he just hopped right into Dharmaville and took care of business.

I don't think the Ghosts are a Smokey thing. Jacob even told Hurley that seeing his dead friends is "a gift"....and of course once Jacob died...he started appearing to Hurley. Yeah, if you're under the theory that Jacob and MIB are one of the same...then maybe we can assume the ghosts are smokey...but i don't think that's what is going on.

It is interesting that the ghosts have appeared off island though (charlie, christian shephard, eko, ana lucia)....and we know that MIB has been trapped.... Of course it gets really hairy because it seems like at time Christian Shephard was a Smokey incarnation as well.

Ahhhh the fun of LOST! Thanks for commenting everyone! Keep it up! (once again I'm running late for work! lol)

Anonymous said...

There was an earlier post about throwing new characters at us in the last season. One of them mentioned was the girl that was on Hydra Island. She is Sheila Kelly, was on LA LAW and many movies, including Nurse Betty (fooling around with Betty's used car dealer husband). Coincidentally Elizabeth Mitchell was also in Nurse Betty as the actress playing the nurse who was hooked up with Greg Kinnear, the object of Nurse Betty's obsession. According to IMDB, Sheila Kelly is only on two episodes, this week and next week. Just a little FYI! Cajun QT

Mike V. said...

Cajun, since you're okay with me referencing previous posts, I'm going to! (man, I wonder if that anonymous guy/gal knew he'd/she'd make things worse! lol)

As I told MJ in a previous comment, stop ruining the illusion for me! It's TINA FEY! Cased Closed! LOL No seriously, thanks for the info. Maybe she dies in the next episode we see her...i wouldn't be too heart broken if that was spoiled for me. lol

Mike V. said...

Check this out guys! A friend of a friend and fellow huge LOST fan spliced together this "Sawyer Beatdown Video" It's a certified "GOOD TIME"! Lol

Sawyer Beatdown

Mike V. said...

btw, the youtuber's name is Eric. Nice job Eric if you are checking out these comments!

David Salako said...

@Florin Milea - thanks for the responses to some of my statements. I think you slightly misunderstood the points I was raising about the mysterious Daniel Faraday. I know who the historical figure Faraday is, what I was getting at is why does Daniel Faraday on the show LOST have a different last name from his mother (Hawking - coincidentally named after another great scientist) or from his father's (we assume is Charles Widmore).
Daniel as you pointed out apparently was conceived in 1977 (give or take a few months) and most likely born in 1977/1978. However, he was murdered by his own mother that was also pregnant with him at the same time which presents a very interesting paradox. Basically, his gravestone will read something like this: Born in 1977/1978 - Died in 1977. Perhaps this kind of paradox is exactly what Pierre Chang warned about when doing his time travel experiment in the Orchid orientation video?
No big deal as apparently "dead is dead" on LOST although there seem to be a few loopholes to that! I just thought that Doc Jensen's assertion of the Daniel Faraday connection was an interesting one that seems "out there".

MJ said...

Ok - zap2it has had a lost podcast going on but I never really listened to it - just not enough time. The people on the podcast watch the ep and then discuss as it's going on. Read a tidbit that their guest that week had some really interesting thoughts about where we are going - so I listened to the last 16 mins. The real interesting stuff is at the 50 min mark, but some Desmond thoughts at 45 min mark.

**spoiler - maybe***this guys end game theory below

in brief - the opening of seas 6 was everyone jumping in from the LA timeline due to Des's/Hawkings doing. And basicly the ending that Jacob WANTS and has yet to get is that people say we don't need no stinking demi-gods, we're outta here. And that sideways world is there to show them that even though circumstances change - alot of times your life doesn't. So then you have to accept that you have to look inward for the causes of all your ills and not blame externals or fate.

MJ said...

Doh ! Meant to put the link in. Sorry.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link MJ! I listen to the Official Podcast, the Jay and Jack podcast(s) and the Geronimo Jack's Beard podcast...that pretty much fills up my weekly work commute (throw in a little ESPN's Bill Simmons Report as well) way I can take on another one!

But I'll try to check this one out when I get a chance. lol At least the last 10 minutes!

Mike V. said...

nice, it was short enough for me to add to my iphone through itunes! maybe i'll get to it sooner than i thought! lol

Mike V. said...

MJ - I'm listening from 45 minutes on. I like that Mo Ryan and the Guest guy brought up what I want to happen lol That the LOSTIES come up with their own plan and pretty much say "To hell with Jacob and MIB!" lol Definitely nice speculation during the whole chat. Thanks for the link!

MJ said...

Wow - Jensen is achieving a whole new level of crazy this week. But - davidlasko you give some very interesting points on Daniel and his mom & dad. And Lost does LOVE it's parental issues. LOL SO maybe there is some germ of somthing in there - but don't like Daniel is Smokey.

Nagative Anon - do the rest of us a favor and make up a name for yourself since you won't use your real one, which shows how lame you are any way. This way we can know to just skip right past your idiocy and read the good stuff.

Mike is a great guy who is willing to put up with your crap - but the rest of us don't want to read it.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the defense MJ! But I think I've said that before LOL j/k obviously. I do like that this season we are seeing some negative comments showing up. I think my ego was getting too big in seasons 3-5, so it's nice to have a "challenge" every now and then. Keeps things exciting!

- Signed "The Only One Who is Allowed to Invent Theories on this Blog"

MJ said...

I only noticed color in the Locke sideways show - alot of purple. Helen's shirt had purple, Rose and the woman asking Locke the idiotic questions were both in purple as well as Locke's tie might have been. Just thought that the wardrobe chick ws digging purple that week. LOL

SO do we think we will see any more Charlotte ? I am curious to get more 411 on her story about being born on the island and such, and if it is still true.

Sawyer Beatdown was hysterical ! Forgot how many times someone has hit that boy ! Even Hurley ! LOL

David Salako said...

Watched the Recon episode again last night and I am beginning to think that Sawyer in Sideways world is the one getting coned by Miles AND Charlotte. Miles mentioned that Charlotte works with his father - Pierre Chang at the museum. We know that the Dharma Initiative existed in Sideways land and one person that does have a lot of information about the island and time travel is the mysterious and many named- Dr. Pierre Chang. What if Miles and Charlotte know about their time as children on the island? Miles running a credit check on Sawyer seemed odd. Charlotte's "search for a t-shirt" seemed odd to and her fleeting look of disappointment at what she found in Sawyer's clothes drawer. What if Pierre Chang and co. are investigating the mysterious time travelers that appeared and disappeared in the 70s? Miles in Sideways land is the same baby Miles that we saw previously now all grown up BUT grew up with his father present? C'mon, Charlotte hardly looks like she would have any trouble finding dates in Los Angeles! lol!

MJ said...

Mike - you slay me. ROFLMAO.

' Signed "The Only One Who is Allowed to Invent Theories on this Blog" '

Your sense of humor is just great. Sarcasm truly is an art form ;-0

MJ said...

Mike - you slay me. ROFLMAO.

' Signed "The Only One Who is Allowed to Invent Theories on this Blog" '

Your sense of humor is just great. Sarcasm truly is an art form ;-0

Mike V. said...

See, I just noticed the idiotic woman asking Locke the questions was the same fake psychic woman from Hurley's season 3 flashback episode "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" lol (an underrated hysterical episode btw!)

I would like to see some kind of scene between Sideways Charlotte and Sideways Faraday. Daniel went to all of this trouble to try and reset things for that woman. Now we are not officially sure if we're seeing a reset world based on Jughead....but one would still think we'd want to see Daniel and Charlotte united or something! lol I too would like to know if Charlotte was born on the island or not in sideways land. Lots of questions there ...also with Chang working at a this POST Dharma for him? Why did he leave? I'm sure they won't answer all of it...and maybe just finding out what happened to the island to make it sink will answer a lot of it.

Yeah the hurley beat down was my favorite of the sawyer beatings...i love how Jin just stares and laughs LOL

David, definitely an interesting twist of a theory! It would be a unique way to turn this story around. Of course, I was more curious to why Sawyer told her to look in that drawer when he knew he stashed his "SAWYER" folder in there! LOL So I guess with you're would be subscribing under the fact that this is the timeline that continues immediately after the Jughead/Incident.....and then the Island LOSTIES were returned to the OLDER timeline...right?

I still say something different is going on there but I guess we'll see!

Mike V. said...

I do love my sarcasm! :-)

Anonymous said...

Mike - Thanks for another week of uninspired, uninsightful trite. [j/k] Truthfully, I think your recap is about as insightful as possible for someone not part of the writing/production crew (I don't even have to watch the show anymore, lol). Come June, I'm sure I'll miss reading all the comments, theories, and opinions (but at least I'll get more work done).

After this last episode, I think I'm done trying to theorize about what will happen. To paraphrase George Costanza, every instinct (theory) I've ever had is wrong (so maybe the opposite is right, right?).

I nearly jumped off the couch, screaming NOOOOOOO when they brought in new characters with only about 10 episodes left (sarcastic "thanks" to Darlton for that). And, yes, that was definitely Tina Fey (glad I'm not the only who thought so).

Bill [PA]

Mike V. said...

Thanks Bill! Too kind once again, but I appreciate it! I'm definitely going to miss the comments and theories when it's all done....but I hear you on work! LOL Love the George Costanza reference. That is always the endless struggle with LOST, after awhile you just want to give up theories and just enjoy the ride. But once you think you're out...they pull you back in! I think I had given up in season 4 on theories. But now that we're getting close to the end, I have started throwing ridiculous ideas out there lol One of them is bound to stick, right? Naaaaa But at least when it's all said and done I will have suggested every possible theory and then I can tell all of you "I SAID THAT BEFORE!" (sorry, just can't's addicting, and what is the name of this blog? LOL)
Nice, another Tina Fey convert! I didn't mind the new characters once we knew it was Widmore's crew....but the people they are getting to play these goons are just laughable. Even some of the turban wearing OTHERS. Where did they pick up these guys? I put a picture of the one goofy looking guy on the blog...i mean SERIOUSLY? THAT is the guy Sawyer is supposed to be afraid of? He looks too scared to pull the trigger if he had to! lol I have seen that actor on another show before...i just don't know where!
Thanks for writing in Bill, and good luck on your "NO MORE THEORIES" policy...something tells me next week might pull you back into the fold!

David Salako said...

I noticed all the purple in Locke's Sideways tale as well but didn't comment on it as I think folks may be tiring of my "notice the color of this and that" comments regarding Sideways world. I know they are important though.
Interesting fact: in the Catholic world, the color purple is used a lot during the periods of the liturgical year when the faithful are anticipating or expecting a culminating event. For example, Lent season's color is purple in anticipation of the death and resurrection of Christ and Advent season's color is also a shade of purple anticipating the birth of Christ and the Second Coming.
Maybe Tricia Tanaka is still alive in Sideways world? Good times indeed! lol.

Mike V. said...

David - I personally, am not tired of the color comments. It's just not something that I notice when I'm watching. It might be a subtle thing that the producers/writers or costume folks are considering as they put these people into their wardrobes but I don't think at some point in the show they're going to tell us to go look back at all of these episodes where they were forshadowing things to come with all of the Purple and Grey and stuff. You're probably not really saying that either lol You could be right and it could be them dropping little hints for the observant that notice it! lol So, continue with your "color commentary" (ahhh nice pun isn't it?) and I will try to start taking notice to see if I catch onto a trend as well!

BTW...have we discussed the sky turning purple at the end of season 2? That is the one purple thing I still want more info on! I thought, and still think, that the events that ended season 5 might somehow mirror the events that ended season 2. ahhhhh there's that "MIRROR" word again lol So hopefully, whenever they decide to clarify things with the Jughead and the Swan Site...maybe they can kill 2 birds with one stone on what on earth happened there! Otherwise...they'll be getting my monet for that Encyclopedia in August! lol

Mike V. said...

no...i don't have a Monet painting! lol I meant money! My typos are out of control these days lol

David Salako said...

That is true about the sky turning purple - forgot about that to! lol!
The comments about colors and props and stuff usually turn up on the bonus features of the DVDs by directors, set designers, writers etc.
Just an additional way to tell a story that probably is only perceived subconsciously by most viewers if at all.

Mike V. said...

Yeah that makes sense that they would consider certain themes for clothing. I definitely have watched all of those bonus features on the discs. That's probably the part that doesn't stick in my head though! LOL

Weasel said...

Negative Anon: When I posted my "prologue" theory (as it has been dubbed), Mike did not try to claim that theory :)

Just saying...

Mike V. said...

Ahh Weasel, but I might take credit for the NAMING of it! :-) lol

Glenn R. said...

Mike, you're awesome, I love how you've been handling the friction. And Amen, MJ, to your comments about our hidden Anonymous person! To that person I say -- appreciate Mike and his blog for who he is or else go find another blog that allows more judgmental, acerbic commenters, where I suppose you will feel more at home.

Interesting idea, davidsalako, about Cheng leading a team of previous islanders on a mission to learn more about the mysterious 77 time travelers. Of course, that would validate the theory that the sideways split came sometime AFTER Sawyer/Juliet & company arrived in the 70s, as opposed to prior to that point, which a lot of people seem to be arguing about on lostpedia.

Yea, Jensen's new summary was out there! I'm still trying to get a visual in my head of Faraday floating around the island as a "feral supernatural force" or as a "a disembodied mutant hybrid soul"! lol, I just don't know if I can buy into that one!

Steve said...

Hi everyone, time for another crazy theory!

Ok, so, I've long considered Jacob and the MIB to be brothers (most likely) and today I'd like to explore some of the parent implications of this week. Now, MIB said that he had a crazy mother, which brings up both Claire (crazy and possessed) and Rousseau (likely possessed and crazy). The first thing that came to mind was "are one of them his mother?" which I quickly discounted, since that would be dumb. The next was "Well, if they aren't, maybe his possession is actually making them more like his mother". I say that because if you look at Sayid (the only other confirmed possessed person) you see a stark difference. The girls went crazy with emotion, Sayid became, if anything, less emotional. He became more hard, more of a killer, and didn't care to even help Kate when being attacked. That's when I thought "maybe he's recreating his parents".

From there I took the next logical step, and looked at the parents of our candidates, to see if the same parental theme existed (since they are candidates to replace, maybe they needed similar parents?). Essentially I took it as father: Cold, hard, does what he thinks is necessary with no emotion. Mother: Crazy, unbalanced.

Locke: His father was a con man, was ruthless, pushed him out a window. His mother was actually admitted to the hospital for schizophrenia. I'd say he fits

Sayid: His father was an iraq war hero, and when young forced him to kill a chicken. His mother is not mentioned, but it still fits.

Hugo: His father left when he was young, and came back when there was money involved. Cold? I'd say so. His mother seemed a little nuts and crazy religious to me. Fits? Yes, but not as well as some.

Sawyer: His father killed his mother. His mother fell for a con. I think this could fit fairly well.

Jack: His father fits this perfectly. He is cold, calculating, and pretty severe. His mother doesn't from what we have seen, but his father does say he made a mistake marrying her, which might be revealed later (some fatal flaw?).

The biggest problem we have is with Sun and Jin. See, we don't know who is the candidate! Sun has the father who perfectly fits the mold, and Jin has the mother (crazy prostitute trying to blackmail her own son). Maybe that means that they are BOTH actually the candidate (since Jacob only interacted with them when together) and would have to work together. Which could also explain the extended absence from each other. Jin is with MIB, Sun is with Jacob, maybe they will be chosen in the end as a Yin/Yang sort of thing, to bring balance to the island.

Deborah said...

Okay, I've been re-watching earlier seasons lately. I just watched "The 23rd Psalm." Does anyone have a theory as to why Smokey did not harm Mr. Eko? Is it because he thinks Eko has a black heart already, or because the "security system" did not see Mr. Eko as a threat for some reason? Any ideas, anyone?

AUStarwars said...

In Response to Florin:

"Correction on a post on Cain and Able.
Eve ate an apple and got pregnant with twins? That's a story for kids. Jesus said to the pharisee and saducee that their father is the father of the first murderer - Cain. So the father of Cain was the snake - satan with whom Eve had sex, as in later the fallen angels. After this metaphoric apple moment, Eve knew her husbans - Adam and as such she was now pregnant with twins who also symbolically fought over God's favors. So the twareth or better yet a parallel to Jacob and Esau is most appealing."

The problem with your theory and "correction" is that what you say is from a certain point of view..not trying to really start anything..but your view is based on New Testament...i got my quotes from the Source ;-)

Glenn R. said...

Deborah -- Smokey did not harm Mr. Eko because he was still considering him as a possible person to manipulate into becoming the body he would possess to fulfill the second half of his plan to find a loophole (i.e. the role that later Locke would take in the story). Ben was the first half.

This topic was up for discussion in the comments from last week's Ben episode, you might want to check those comments out. My belief is that Ben was the first half of Smokey's puzzle to manifest a loophole to kill Jacob. He was just biding his time, hoping to find the second part of the puzzle -- a man of great faith who was also emotionally vulnerable.

Eko had the former, but ultimately proved to be too strong to be molded by Smokey. Once he determined in the later episode that Eko would not blindly listen to Yemi, his usefulness was over and Smokey became so frustrated at being so close to finding the second half of his loophole that he up 'n killed the man.

My sense is that the first time he scanned Eko, he saw the faith, and saw Eko's vulnerability and weaknesses too, and thought he could manipulate him by becoming Yemi. (lucky him that Yemi's body was on the island.) But ultimately, Eko did not succomb.

So Locke became his vulnerable man of faith instead of Eko.

Btw, I also believe that Smokey also manipulated every single one of the time jumps on the island to drive Locke towards Smokey's intended goal.

Mike V. said...

Thanks Glenn, I do what I can! lol The best thing to do in life is to not take things too seriously, especially when it comes to a totally awesome and life changing BLOG! LOL j/k Agreed that David's theory may depend on when the sideways "SPLIT" happens. And agree that Jensen's Smokey/Faraday theory is just crazy wacky! lol

Definitely some nice analysis Steve! Another thing with Jin's father is that Jin was ashamed of him...but he seemed to be a pretty decent human being. But yeah...I was sorta thinking that maybe there is a reason many of these LOSTIES have had issues with their parental units. Maybe it was a common bond that Jacob saw when he lured them to the island. You could even throw kate into your analysis if she's a "hidden candidate"...since her father was a deadbeat as well! I agree that the KWONS may both be chosen ones. Since we know that he touched them both. Of they just ditch their child Ji Yeon to be protectors of the Island? lol Well, I guess we did see that Jacob was able to leave the maybe that's not an issue then. Anyway, very nice analysis and it will be interesting to see how it pans out from here!

Deb - I think Smokey was doing some "RECON" of his own in the 23rd psalm...if you remember...Smokey captured Images from Eko's memory...if you slow it down (or just check out my blog from that episode) you can see it's images from Eko's flashbacks. During season 2...i didn't think it was a coincidence that after Smokey did this....then Locke was having dreams and seeing Yemi in them. But then that gets me tripped up on the DREAMS we have been seeing...are they triggered by smokey? or something else? But that's another story. anyway...we know that Smokey does end up killing eko later on. And it seems to be after he fulfilled some purpose on the island. His whole showdown with Locke in the Hatch comes to mind. The writers didn't want to kill him off so soon...but Adewale wanted off of the things will always seem a little incomplete with his character unfortunately. Here's hoping the encyclopedia will fill in some stuff! Glenn's theory on all of it still sounds pretty good too btw lol

AUStarWars - Very interesting insight on the Adam and Eve story..I may have to go back and read the SOURCE! I just remember the "kid" vesion! lol

hg said...

Tangent Time:
1) I think Miles' girlfriend in Sideways Bizarro world is Ana Lucia
B) Smoke & there any reality to either Island Life or Sideways Bizarro world? It's all Smoke & Mirrors, kiddos

Mike V. said...

nice holly LOL I'm sure the writers have been having a fun time with the whole Smoke and Mirrors aspect of season 6 as well!

As for Miles and Ana Lucia....that makes sense since they're both in the same field! I've also heard Naomi floating around as a possibility too. If we're seeing stuff like Charlotte with Sawyer...really it could be anyone! lol

hg said...

Let's hope it's not liek the St. Elsewhere (I think it was that show) where they pan the camera back from a snowglobe with the Island inside of it...shaken by none other than WALT!

I know I've brought up some cheesy last series episode references (Seinfeld) but the snowglobe was the dumbest! Well, there is the whole Dallas "it was a dream" about Bobby Ewing being dead. I'm really showing my age here aren't I :-p

I love LOST & I love this BLOG!

Keep on rockin' Mike V

Courtney said...

i felt this episode was lacking a bit, with the whole "sawyer is such a man whore!" thing, and the "we're taking the sub" thing. lol i totally agree Mike that that was the tackiest "cliffhanger" ever.. however, the fact that i've read through all 114 comments on here shows that i'm definitely still excited for another tuesday to come along :) :)

i guess i enjoyed sawyer being a cop alright. but my least favorite part was miles in this episode. i am so used to his quick wit and lack of caring what the heck is going on around him. and in this episode he seemed to me just like... a wining baby, mostly because he was so concerned about sawyer. the reason i like miles so much is because of his "whatever" type attitude. does that make sense? but as i've mentioned before, many things are different or opposite in sideways land so maybe miles' personality type is one of them.

by the way, do you remember when jack thought he recognized/knew desmond from somewhere on the plane? ("maybe in another life brotha.." love it!) that was the first time that we thought that these characters might have recollection of the island (like subconsciously).

can anyone recall a time in the sideways story that other characters have had moments like that? when they realized something or someone from the island was familiar? i was kind of wondering if that was part of why sawyer helped kate, like maybe he felt something for her.. who knows. jack may be the only one, but i'm just thinking about it :)

great recap this week mike! next week will be a doozy - can't wait!

Bryan said...

@Courtney - That moment when Jack thinks he recognizes Desmond could also refer to something that happened before flight 815. We do know that in the original timeline the two of them had a heart to heart in the stadium.

Courtney said...

Bryan - that's a great point, he may remember him from running up and down the steps :) i guess i was being optomistic that he remembered him from some 'previous life' (or WHATEVER it is lol)

Mike V. said...

Thanks guys!! I'm gonna be short again (on phone and have been drinking and watching NCAA games lol)

Bryan do we even know of Jack and desmond would have met at that stadium in this scenario? Would widmore even be sponsoring a race where Desmond would be training? Is widmore even alive? Maybe he drowned on the island lol and would Jack be working on a miracle cure for his future wife? He already was married and had a teenage kid in this sideways story. So much is different it's tough to know if that scene ever happened with Desmond. Should be interesting to find out!

Anonymous said...

So do all of us anonymous posters have to stop reading the blog? Some of us (me at least) read this at work. If you don't want us to post anymore Mike, no problem. Didn't know we are unwelcomed. I am guessing we can still read the recap though . . .

horseman said...

Darlton told us last season something like we are on the right path that MIB is Esau because Jacob is Jacob but that we shouldn't take the name "Jacob" too literally. To me that meant they are not Jacob and Esau from the Bible but "close" in some way.

Also, the episode was flat to me, probably because Sideways-land was too cliche. "Look at me, I'm an 'undercover' cop and my partner sets me up with hot redheads." Did the writers mail it in this week or was that the point? It didn't seem "real". Again, maybe that's the point?

Courtney said...

haha horseman, i totally agree with you that it was cliche. because i didn't want to watch some stupid cop show where everyone is in detective status and can dress how he wants and do who he wants. it was just pretty ridiculous. that plus my frustrations with miles' character pretty much made the sideways part of the episode 'flat' for me as well.

Mike V. said...

I apologize to any anonymous posters who were offended by my comments to the "negative" anonymous commenter. I have no issue with anonymous comments and, like i have said before, encourage all comments. The only point I was trying to make with the NEGATIVE Commenter is that he/she accused me of something and posted as anonymous so that the comment could not be traced back to anyone. It could have been anyone making the comment. So this poster remains safely "anonymous" and could be logging in as anyone and commenting as if they never said anything. I don't really care either way...It was just my "friendly" retaliation like I said also. For all I know, the person that is posting as anonymous and seems offended could be the same anonymous person that complained in the first place. That is the unfortunate result of the anonymous posting! LOL But I don't discourage it. I post from work's not just you! I think there are other ways to post if you don't want to sign in and don't want to be anonymous though. There is the "name/url" option. You could sign your name as any number of things...doesn't even have to be your real name! lol

But like I said...I am not discouraging anonymous posting. I didn't even discourage negative comments! But I'm repeating myself now. Sorry for any confusion caused.

Funny stuff Horseman! lol

btw...thanks for the props courtney and holly!

as for remembering something from another "life" seems like so far the only character that seems to be having these deja vu moments is Jack. But it did seem like Kate recognized Jack in her sideways too....but the enhanced lost just said she recognized him from the plane. Yeah Jack could have remembered Desmond from the stadium...but see my speculation above on how that might not be the case. Plus...if you recall in season 2...Desmond eventually remembered Jack as well...and when he first saw him in the hatch it wasn't long before he said to Jack "do i know you?" So i dunno....

anyways..FlashForward time...I'll be writing a recap on that sure to check it out if you watch the show!

David Salako said...

@horseman and courtney - I think the hamminess and daytime soap opera feel to the Sideways world in this episode and the Hydra-Tina Fey encounter was intentional. Remember that Sawyer was holding a mug that boldly proclaimed "Hollywood" in this episode, I think it was a wink at the audience. Sawyer couldn't con anyone in Sideways world - they (Miles, Charlotte and the "Cassidy replacement") all saw right through him. I think it is us the audience that were getting conned in this episode to. Something is up. How many Cambridge (or is it Oxford?) educated Ph.D beauties with North London accents would need a blind date arranged for them in Los Angeles? Even the cliched chasing the criminal down the alley sequence made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

OK Mike, if you want to fantasize that it's Tina Fey, who am I to ruin your fantasy?

I like the theory that Charlotte is working with Pierre Chang to find out what happened to the Losties....interesting....although I AM ON MY 4TH GLASS OF WINE! Everything sounds interesting at this point! Going to watch FlashForward - catch you on the other blog! Cajun QT

Floreen said...

Hi all, and thank you for the patience and understanding that I could misread your intended post or that my Christian point of view could spark a debate outside of this post. Also at 4am after a long day is hard to spell right even with a spellchecker. And thank you all who replied to my points. I have re-watched all the seasons before, while studying the blogs so I can make sense of what I am watching. I am a big fan like all of you so why not participate.

Floreen said...

Response to Deborah

Smokey didn’t killed Mr Echo then because Mr Echo was still to bring John Locke back into the faith that pushing the button is needed.
After that passed, Smokey had no need for Mr Echo.
The Others also did not kidnapped just anybody. A Kate, Sawyer to say it at least, were not just flawed but they were inquisitive, asking questions, etc. and no villain wants to be second guessed all the time by those pesky people, which explains why Flocke forgave Sawyer when was asked when will they going to leave the island. Flocke is not done with Sawyer, otherwise Sawyer would’ve been killed already I assume. Sorry about my prior spelling, speed typing is not my thing.

Floreen said...

Response to AUStarwars

My theory? Is the fact from the Bible since the analogy to Cain and Abel or Jacob and Esau was made and I am not bent on starting a polemic on that topic. In all of them however, Eve and the snake-satan in the Garden of Eden - to be recreated on the island, Cain jealous and killing his brother Able, or Jacob been helped to cheat Esau out of his blessing from his father, ties with the theory that was assumed and I just connected the dots. One can not take only the old book or the new one separately and not miss the point. Even satan is at war with Jesus on the same note. We even had a clue that John Locke was created immaculate like Jesus, which is really disturbing for Christians, but if you read Egyptian mythology of Isis and Osiris it ties in really nice, which makes it for a disturbing war among the ancient gods of Egypt. Tawareth -the tall one, whereas in English we have tower, the four toe statue was mythologically speaking, the daughter of Hathor - a goddess of love who married in Isis family.

Floreen said...

Response to davidsalako

Got your point now, my bad...

But from S5 we know that Daniel Worked at the orchid station when the incident with the guy cut in half happened and that was the 70s’s. Daniel somehow had to be conceived earlier. Eloise was pregnant with one ‘?’ back in the 50’s flash backwards when the island was going nuts back and forth in time, or at least that’s how I remember. The explanation with Pierre Chang makes sense but something still doesn’t add up. And if Eloise could see the future even better than Desmond, then what’s with the confusion? You’re on to something there. Yet let’s not forget that the island moves through time and space and the paradox of parallel universes is in creating problems to the writers if they are not careful. If mommy kills her unborn child - the adult from another life, that’s a logistical problem. That’s why Michael could commit suicide, Keamy couldn’t kill him with a good working gun and why when Jack pulled the trigger on Locke the gun didn’t went off and I’ll stop here because those crimes were taking place in the year let’s sayy 1996, when the rest of the world was already in 2004 so you see the paradox. Plus one person cannot come close or in the same universe his/her alter ego occupies.

I lol at Mr Friendly’s line; Did the bullet bounced off your skull or the gun jammed.’ Sine that type of gun never jams, go figure. But since Faraday has Desmond as a constant, I think we will see Daniel again. And from the visions and Hugo seeing and talking to dead people, I even wonder if dead is really dead. Could it be the writers messed up?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you already do, but as a blogger you can track and tag every ip address that visits your site. So you either already know who is who or you can. A problem that exists with this is common servers for a large group of computers. Another issue is crossover when several people visit your site at once in determining who does what, but once again, you can set up your tracking and tagging system to accomodate for this.

-Long time reader (LTR)

Floreen said...

Response to Mike V

When I say John Locke, I will refer to the living one and Floke for smokey.
The writers of the series aren’t perfect, so some dissonant notes will occur.
We all make assumptions, the writers can and did proved us wrong.
That been said;

Thank you for reminding me that the shoes had to be that significant and tied in clues. Jack had to bring the dress shoes of his father Christian and put them on John Locke’s feet at the mortuary along with the fine line; ‘I must be crazier than you John.’ Since you also watched the bonus features, remember the mobisode on S 4, whereas Christian was in the jungle, he had the white tennis shoes on and summoned Vincent the dog to go to the bamboo forest and awake Jack because Jack’s got work to do. The writers did kept many things confusing so we don’t really see what’s what.

I am not under the impression that MiB and Jacob are the same thing. But you’re right, is quite confusing what’s with Christian, and who is he really working for, and if dead is dead, why Hurley/Hugo can see and talk to the dead, and why only some of them?

Is possible that Smokey can also live the island just like Jacob, but in smoke form and not a physical one like Jacob. Or maybe he’s able to use the dead people and project his power somehow. Him been trapped is in the smoke that bothers him ad he wants to be a human again.

Let’s remember that the parallel universes theory is in, and to make it worse in each and every one of them different decisions are made all with different outcomes.

With the sonic fence I disagree. I will admit the writers did messed that up. Remember that the fence works due to those bell sized metal things at the top of the pylon, which are quite angled in an almost 180 degrees. It doesn’t make any sense to have a such powerful defence, if smokey can bypass it over or under especially when one disactivate the fence to go in or come out of Dharmaville. Alex did opened the gate shutting down the power when Keamy forced her to do so, which explains why smokey got into Dharmaville. But Ben went into a basement, opening a heavy door and going through a tunnel, which looked like an appendix of the temple with all hierogliphics.

Mike V. said...

LTR, I probably could but I don't really care too much to go to all of that trouble! lol Especially with only 10 hours left of LOST :-(

Plus, the comment section is hosted by BLOGGER. I'm not sure I have much control over it. I would have to host my own blogging to track it. I am able to track a lot of stuff on the actual blog pages. But not so much the comments. Thanks for the tips though!

And I see there are lots more comments! I'm going to have to pass up on responding to any right now. FlashForward and all...Keep on commenting and i'll catch up when I can!

Floreen said...

I know that the writers will have their way and I was pleasantly impressed to see that each and every time they were able to surpass my expectations or do totally different. Yes Desmond could be behind that door or maybe not. Yes they are holes in the plot, not everything is perfect and not all questions can be answered, like where did Charlie got a gun to kill Ethan. So some of them we can guess.

Let me ask all of you as what would you make of this theory I thought of last night. We were told that the island is not done with Desmond. So here is what I am thinking; Penelope never visited the island or had nothing to do with it. She is Desmond’s constant. Through Desmond just about every character could call him a constant either directly or through somebody. Could it be possible that he’ll be a like a reset button the island will use to redeem and liberate all losties back to the first episode of sideway flash where they fly over the island buried under the ocean like nothing ever happened?

And what’s your favorite line or scene/s.

Mine are: the beating Sawyer gets from Hugo,
and Hugo loosing his cool with Danielle Rousseau wanting some frickin’ answers.

My favorite lines are among so many that is and along with the one above:

Mr Friendly to Michael: ‘Did the bullet bounced off your skull or the gun jammed?’

John Locke with respect to Ben, answering Hugo as to what happened to the Dharma people: ‘He did.’

Hugo to Jack while the boomstick was lit: ‘I’ll be a mile away from here’

Rebeck said...

Mike, sorry to go back to my comment about the reflections and mirrors. I was actually referring to when Jack smashed the lighthouse mirror! Not those times when he's looked into regular mirrors and been confused. When Sawyer smashed his mirror I immediately thought back to when Jack smashed the lighthouse. (Even if they were for completely different reasons, it's something to notice, right?)

Rebeck said...

Mike, sorry to go back to my comment about the reflections and mirrors. I was actually referring to when Jack smashed the lighthouse mirror! Not those times when he's looked into regular mirrors and been confused. When Sawyer smashed his mirror I immediately thought back to when Jack smashed the lighthouse. (Even if they were for completely different reasons, it's something to notice, right?)

Mike V. said...

Sorry about that Rebeck....I should have caught onto that! lol Totally makes sense.

Florin...favorite scenes...i have so many. But off the top of my head...Desmond getting in touch with his Constant Penny and their vow to find each other. jack saving charlie in season 1 "All the best cowboys" Gut wrenching stuff. Sawyer telling Jack about meeting up with his father in sydney and that Christian was proud of Jack. I love the scenes between characters that pull at our heart strings. Probably why I don't mind Character-centric outings! lol

All of the mythology stuff I'm into too...but the stuff that comes to mind? Those touching moments between characters. That's why we care about this show so much.

I know there are other comments...but i'm in meetings all day today. Just wanted to stop in and say hi! (HI - lol)

Keep on commenting folks and go check out my flashforward recap!

David Salako said...

Some of my/our favorite scenes:
> The Des and Penny 'phonecall on Christmas Eve, very well acted - could easily have been over the top but it was very touching instead.
> Des and Penny reunion on the Portuguese boat.
> In fact, almost every scene with Des and Penny :-)
Those two have such a great chemistry on screen.
> Sawyer and Jack talking about Jack's Dad AND Sawyer's childhood tragedy.
> The scenes with Rose and her steadfast faith and declaration that Bernard wasn't dead.
> Rose and Bernard, pretty much any scene with the two of them.
>Older Charles Widmore, love his gravitas.
>Older Eloise Hawking, love her gravitas and mystery.
>Juliet's emotional and tragic trying to hold on to Sawyer and her plummet to certain death in the darkness of the well..
>Season 3 opener with our introduction to Dharmaville/Otherville and the spectacular view of the Oceanic 815 jet splitting into two.
>Scenes with Mikhail - great enunciation of the English language!
> Jacob scenes
> Ben and Jacob - what about me?
> Ilana and Richard - what lies in the shadow of the statue?
> Final season finale scenes in seasons 3,4 and 5.

I know that's a lot but what can I say, I love this show!

David Salako said...

Isn't it strange that Hurley doesn't get to see his island love - Libby "Smith" as a ghost after she died?
I saw his final scene with Libby on TV the other night where he left her to go get a blanket for their planned picnic and he said maybe he would finally remember where he knows her from when he gets back. He never saw her alive again. Touching stuff, right?! lol.

Deebo said...

Recon was not my favorite episode…My first issue was the undercover cop having sex with the criminal while the cops are listening? Very unrealistic…My other beef is that no one asks questions…When Richard told Jack last week that if he told Jack he wouldn’t believe him?? Jack should have said ummm I blew up a nuke, time traveled, why wouldn’t I believe you?

I really hope there is a satisfying conclusion to these flash sideways because I am having a hard time getting invested in them…When Sawyer was revealed to be a cop I was like…So? If Locke’s Dad still killed his parents then did he con Locke and take his kidney? Locke had a picture on his desk with his Dad which seemed to indicate they were on good terms…I’m not holding my breath on an answer on this one. I love Lost as much as everyone else just a little concerned at this point

Courtney said...

some of my favorite lines/scenes:

in Flash Before Your Eyes, Desmond: "I've tried brother, I've tried twice to save you, but... the universe has a way of course correcting, and I can't stop it forever. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, because... no matter what I try to do... you're gonna die Charlie."

in Looking Glass 2, Charlie's heroic death and NOT PENNY'S BOAT. i get chills just thinking about that scene!

other touching scenes i loved, like Salako said ANYTHING with Des and Penny. they are definitely the best and most believable small screen couple i have encountered. Des is especially an amazing character, i'm so glad they're not done with him! doesn't he just seem like a person you wish could be your best friend? i would love to see him save everyone!

and... Hurley quotes, so hard to pick but i'll narrow it down to three for me 1) "Dude, you've got some... Arzt... on you." 2) "I'm writing 'The Empire Strikes Back'." 3) Sawyer: "What's your problem, Jumbotron?" Hurley: "Shut up, red... neck... man." Sawyer: "Touché."

creepy scenes: anything with christian or jacob or claire in the creepy cabin...eek! and claire sitting in aaron's room (she was freaking me out way before we knew she was crazy and evil! lol)

Anonymous said...

Mike, as Lost comes to an end, I am just curious as to where you and others rank it in terms of tv shows all time? For me, it is definitely top 10 as of now. I am hoping that it makes the top 5, but depends on how it ends, lol.

Deebo said...

@ Courtney- The red…neck….man... Line has too be my favorite too I love that episode- Hurley- dude that beers been there since Rocky 3 it probably poison

My favorite moments

-Hurley’s speech after Charlie’s death when Jack said Locke is crazy
- Sayid and Keamy fight in season 4 finale
- The flash forward reveal in season 3
- Jack and Locke conversation in season 4 finale-wait till you see what I’m about to do!

Funniest Moments
-Sawyer calling Ecko Shaft and Mr. Ed
-Hurley’s reaction to time traveling in Namaste- uh what?
-Miles last week to Ben- Uh-oh!!!

@Anonymous – Top 5 already no matter the ending (Dexter, Breaking Bad, Shield,) but I agree the ending could send it either way lol

Mike V. said...

Okay, I'm gonna try and catch up from comments yesterday and today:

LOL nice Cajun! I think the beer was making me a bit tired yesterday..I'm surprised i got through FlashForward, but it was pretty good!

Florin - good point on maybe smokey not being able to go over it...but then why was Kate and crew able to go over it? Yeah Ben went into the tunnel to SUMMON smokey but we don't know where smokey came probably really doesn't matter but i like the idea that the fence was down because of Alex shutting it down.

David - all great scenes that you mention...I could have made my list as long as the show is! lol I'd probably just delete a few lines from Bai Ling! lol
I wouldn't count out Hurley seeing Libby as a ghost just yet. Darlton did promise us some closure with her character and she's been confirmed to be coming back. I'm not entirely sure that it will be a sideways story.

Good points Deebo...and if Richard watched Jack die (his words to sun) why wouldn't he ask how he was still alive? lol I guess that was kind of resolved by the whole dynamite scene...he's destined for greater things on the Island. But yeah...Richard not answering questions was kinda nuts....I think it was almost a wink at the audience because his episode is very imminent! lol

Courtney - All great stuff too! I need to do a post of favorite quotes..favorite scenes...favorite episodes one of these days. Maybe when the show is all done I will find a way to keep things relevant a little longer lol I'm probably all talk! btw..i got a good laugh out of "" when you wrote it there. I loved "Tricia Tanaka is Dead"....the bond between Sawyer, Charlie, Jin and Hurley was awesome lol Roger Linus's skeleton was Skeletor....Roger Workman....Jin learning the 3 things a Woman needs to hear "no you don't look fat in those pants" I LOVED IT!!!

Deebo - definitely the flashforward reveal in season 3...that blew me away! I was ready to knock the show on them using an advanced cell phone in Jack's flashbacks for 2004...but then we found out it was 2007! CRAZY! lol

And for anonymous - I have obsessed over very few shows in my day. The last one you guys would be really surprised lol It was a comedy ...FRIENDS (go ahead and laugh it up..I love that show!) LOST came around at the perfect time...Friends was over, and I needed a new show. I can honestly say that of all the dramas on TV ever....LOST has to be one of the best of all time for me. I don't know what I'd rank above it. I love Sopranos, I loved Quantum Leap, Mad Men is superb, X-Files was a good time (though I wasn't an every episode watcher), Dexter is fantastic. But there has never been a show like LOST on network television and I'm not sure there ever will be again. It is truly unique and however it ends....I don't think we'll be taking that away from it.
I'm a little biased but I put this show at #1! any day that a new episode's an EVENT. The finales of every season were epic and amazingly produced. Even if they made this stuff up as they went along...they made a believer out of many people! LOL Just an amazing job by Darlton and crew. Major props! Okay...done rambling for now.

David Salako said...

Favorite creepy/chilling moments:
>Christian Shephard apparition to Michael - "you can go now" - then Kahana boat explosion - BOOM!
>Sun's screams in the helicopter after the BOOM!
>Jacob - "what about you?". COLD!
>Claire's "Jar Jar Binks" Aaron substitute baby doll.
>Drunk pill popping Jack Shephard and shampoo commercial Kate surprise flashforward at LAX - "WE HAVE TO GO BAAAAACK!"
>The realization of a dying Daniel that Eloise Hawking pushed her own son to go back to the island so that she could kill him. COLD!
>The 19th century "Black Rock" slave ship in the middle of the jungle.

David Salako said...

Did anyone else notice that neither Cassidy nor Sawyer's daughter - Clementine were in his Sideways world?
Maybe they are not important? lol

MJ said...

I didn't mention the purple thing cause I thought it was to 'chick-ish' LOL. But - in the extras for Sixth Sense M Knight said that red had meaning - I think it was every time red was on screen there was a ghost present. Sure enough when I watched it again it was true. SO ya never know.

What did Chang do scientifically? I mean - what was his specialty? I can't remember except that he was sorta in charge. Cause how does being a scientist of physics or magneticism translate to museum work ? Hmmmmm.

I agree that Lost is definitely unique. I've never obsessed with another show like this. But I certainly loved Babylon 5, Firefly, Farscape, Friends (me too Mike), Sopranos. Current faves are Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Better Off Ted (which will probably be cancelled), Chuck, Supernatural, Modern Family, Flash Forward, Burn Notice, and Big Love.

To anonymous - I think it was me who complained about that ONE negative anon person not having the nerve to say who they were but yet were so free with their opinions. I did not mean the other anons !

Mike V. said...

nice creepy scenes david! I'd add the Henry Gale/Ben scene where he's talking to Locke and Jack of how he would have set up a trap for Sayid/Ana Lucia and Charlie and then just said "got any milk?" LOL loved it!

And good call with Clementine and Cassidy!

MJ, I have no idea what Chang was into but he certainly did know stuff about time travel lol weren't a lot of the DHARMA folk just all kinds of scientists on the ultimate playground for science? (the island) lol I have no idea if we need to know exactly what they do!

Wow...if I named all the shows I have watched over the past 10 years or am still watching there just wouldn't be room. but yeah..CHUCK is a super favorite of mine right now. Used to be 24 obsessed but this season isn't quite doing it. I'm still watching! Fringe but i'm way behind this season. The Office, Modern Family, 30 Rock, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Weeds, Mad Men, Rescue Me, Always Sunny, Scrubs (not counting this year)...i could keep's really insane. I didn't even bring up the crappy ones I still watch from time to time! I think after this season I may just have to take a year off from TV!

Anonymous said...

(PTF) retsoP emiT htfiF

Mike!!!! You have just answered one of the biggest mysteries of Lost – at least too me. The story of Mr. Eko has irked me to no end. The writers introduced one badass character, both physically and spiritually. When I first saw him, I could not wait for him to meet up with Locke - the writers did not disappoint. They paired those two beautifully – and then, then, they whacked him. For months, I have pondered on this during meetings, flights, and custom lines, but alas, I just could not figure it out until I read one of your post blog comments. I see the light now…..The first time Mr. Eko met up with Smokey, Smokey saw an actor with a long term contract, so he turned tail and ran; the last time Smokey saw Mr. Eko, he saw an actor who wanted to leave the show, so he killed him. Excellent, that’s one mystery solved!!!!!

Onward to my pontifications…

Smokey and the Plane

Now that Mr. Smokey wants to use the plane, he needs and wants Lapidus. I have no idea how Smokey will do this, all I know is Lapidus is “Special”. One of the first things Smokey did after the 815 crash was to go looking for the cockpit to see who was piloting the plane. It wasn’t Lapidus, so Smokey killed him. We all know that Illana and her group wondered about Lapidus being a “candidate” and we saw Ben’s eyes pop out when Lapidus told him that he was scheduled to be the pilot on 815. I’ll venture to
say that the Others were expecting Frank three years prior when they were building the airstrip. Unfortunately, Frank screwed up again by coming to the island on a helicopter - not a plane. So Ben let him leave along with the other Losties knowing that Lapidus would return to the island once again – hopefully with a plane.

How Will Smokey Fix the Plane

The plane needs repairing. How will Smokey fix it?? He will use the Force, of course!! Just like Master Yoda raised Luke’s X-wing from the swamp, Smokey will rotate and repair the Aljira plane. Keeping with the Star Wars Theme, my eldest son told me that on the sixth season on the sixth episode, Smokey executed Order Number 66 on the temple. Coincidence??????

How to Kill Smokey

Smokey is comprised of black smoke. Black smoke has no water content and needs a constant source of combustion for fuel. Occasionally, we have seen people successfully run for cover in banyan trees when Smokey is chasing them. Banyan trees have extremely high water content. Recently, Sawyer offered Smokey a drink and he promptly declined. So, if the show’s writers follow the laws of physics -a big if – the way to kill Smokey is simply to hose him down on the beach where there is no fuel source. Remember, hydra in Greek means water….

Who’s on the Sub?

It’s Wallace of course. Who is Wallace? I have no idea, it might be Walt, Desmond is too obvious.

That “What, me worry look?” Sayid gave to Kate when Clair was trying to slit her throat was priceless

Thanks again Mike…..

I apologize if some of my words are backwards, I’m south of the Equator today.

That Zoe lady sure looks like Sarah Palin…….

David Salako said...

@Anonymous - I thought about hydra being a root word for water in Greek to - as in "hydrate", I just thought it was too!
Hydra used figuratively also means "any multiplicity of evils".
The writers have said "water" is an important clue to the end game of the show.
The Dharma Looking Glass station was under water and did get flooded and revealed important information - "not penny's boat" AND Charlie's ultimate sacrifice.
Perhaps the Hydra island is going to suffer the same fate? With some more sacrifices?
The view of the Hydra island in several shots of the "Recon" episode do make it look like it is a volcanic cone.

Weasel said...

PTF LMAO at Saran Palin! heheh priceless...

I currently watch LOST, 24, Burn Notice, South Park, Heroes (although I was not impressed with the last season).

LOST is my #1 fav show of all time. Other favs include, but not limited to, Stargate SG-1, The Equalizer [original Burn Notice :)], Farscape, Babylon 5, BSG

Weasel said...

oh and Flash Forward as a current one I've been watching since ep 1... Good show

Floreen said...

Response to Mike V and others so I don’t clobber all of you with many posts.

Mike V: You’re right as I said. Alex either lowered the harmful effects by the code she input, she definitely triggered the alarm for her father in an act of gratitude only to be paid in COLD blood by Ben, but then she wasn’t indeed his daughter anyway. Creepy Ben. Remember that we were shown a dial with blue, no harm and if you turn the knob clockwise it takes you in the red which is deadly. When Kate and crew went over the fence, Mikhail, nice Russian accent with good enunciation in English, he was thrown through and didn’t died, although suffered a lot. That told me that the fence can be adjusted in terms of levels of deadly or not. So since that was the case, Kate and crew were able to go through. The fence was also left deactivated and the Ghost Whisperers told him is safe to go through. I think that the whisperers, are the souls of dead people or from a different time warning those living of an imminent threat.

I need to correct myself here. Michael couldn’t commit suicide back in NY and I confused Bernard for an inexistent Harold.

I have pulled the most witty faves, but the whole show is a Fave, I am having a difficult moment trying to figure out all of them and so many. Don’t forget the mobisodes. That’s why I think that even a weak episode is still important in the greater scheme.

I am sure that all things, shoes, colors, hydra and mirrors among many are important clues. The question is; Will the show answer all of them, even subtly? Here is another thing to ponder and I haven’t seen reactions to my Desmond and constant theory.
Sawyer is just about ot die in the hatch after the bullet he took on the raft. Who’s idea was to be claimed by Wayne - the dead and natural father of Kate, asking her ‘Why?’, which prompted her to explain herself and thus the black horse. That horse and the boar rummaging Sawyer’s tent were indicative of things the characters had to let go. That makes me believe that Jacob could also induce dreams just like Smokey.

Smokey and water doesn’t mix and he’s trapped, but that doesn’t mean that if he claims a body he can’t go through time and space and cause visions or influence John Locke as a kid in the doodle moment.

With the character making a comeback in side, backwards or forward flashes, it depends on the actors and actresses wanting or not to be back in. Why would Echo’s actor want out of a such good show? Shannon not wanting back? Ego? Other commitments. Juliet is on another show already, so I can understand the conflict of schedule.

In many episodes and sometimes that gets to me, a lot of convenience writing is done, which explain why Jack doesn’t ask the question which would make the episode Richard-centric. The writers have another line to go on, but the post is right; I would have asked the questions right away.

In the sideway flashes, only the parallel universes with different choices and therefore different outcomes could explain the missing Clementine of Sawyer, the missing wife of Jack, why Locke is still paralysed, but for a different reason most likely.

People! Smokey doesn't want Off the Island,he made that clear in the ‘Incident’ episode. He doesn’t like people because they come, they kill, they corrupt as he said to Jacob, as in wondering; Why do you even bother with, and since you continue doing so, I will find a loophole (the make other do the dirty work) to kill you, those people and put an end to it, whereas I will be the only one on this island. Flocke is manipulating the survivors of all to one common point where he can kill them off, one by one or all together. The Jack stmt; Live together or die alone fits in. Together they can sabotage Smokey, but the discretionary use of info and the secrets which separates them, allows Smokey the loophole to exploit.

Pharmer said...

I like the explanation of the water in the banyan trees. I always wondered about that. I think you're either right that the water in them protects from smokey, or simply at that point in "the game" the people hiding were actually safe because they were still protected as candidates.
And I have to agree my favorite scene is Ben standing above the graves and Hurley asking what happened to them. Locke: "He did." Then that awesome look by Ben (whatever)! I missed season one, but Michael Emerson totally sucked me in in season 2. He was funny in the Brady Bunch X-files too!
And noone has brought up Lockes weird smile when he was talking to Kate?? What was up with that??

Floreen said...

By George, I got it... Pharmer

IF anyone remembers, when Smokey appears there's always a sound associated with electric connectors been activated. Electric engineers would know that.

When Smokey takes his first close look at Mr Echo, the camera pans through Smokey and we see and hear the sounds of small electric static discharges and the pics of Mr Echos' memories.

The island has unusual electromagnetic properties. Rain come all of a sudden and quits just as fast. John Locke can predict rain almost to the second and enjoys it a lot. Heavy electrical storms happens when Frank flies the chopper.

The brain is a static electrical machine and the neurons connects with static electrical discharges. Einstein said that the soul (and all associated with) is actually energy.

Water will wreck havoc with electric machines, which explains why, John Locke likes rain, but Smokey or Flocke all of a sudden hates anything water.

Courtney said...

well it looked to me like Flocke got his feet wet in this episode as he was helping sawyer take the boat out (or in, can't remember). just putting it out there lol. we shall see!

Floreen said...

That's because, the body of John Locke provides Smokey with the right 'body' for cover. Heck... Smokey should have a hell of a time just with the humid weather of the island after all, but I guess he can put up with a bit of vapor.

David Salako said...

Flocke is definitely very complex, those weird expressions on his face when he was talking to Kate in Recon are just so...weird. Have no idea what is going on his mind. His whole "daddy of the tribe" vibe and approach is so bizarre, like he is over compensating for bad personal experiences.

On another note - something Charlotte mentioned in Recon could be a clue. In the original timeline we were told that she studied Anthropology which is the "science of the natural history of man." She studied this because she was searching for her origins on an elusive island that she had been told that she imagined by her mother. She needed proof of the island's existence. In Sideways world, Charlotte mentions that she studied Archeology which is "the scientific study of ancient, historic or prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, and other such remains, esp. those that have been excavated." Looks like she has a slightly different focus now - I suspect that she knows that the island exists for sure due to Pierre Chang's knowledge and they are looking for it to study and excavate being that it is now buried somewhere on the planet. Does Dr. Chang have knowledge of whatever tragedy befell the island to make it submerge? Does Dr. Chang also now have degrees in archeology and history since he works at a museum? Is the Dharma Initiative totally disbanded now in Sideways world or a new incarnation?

Anonymous said...

As many of you, I was pretty underwhelmed with this episode. However, since it was a Sawyer-centric episode, I feel compelled to offer a couple of insights that I think are evident but maybe less noticable than others.

If this episode had a fundamental fault, it’s that it is not clear what we’re really rooting for Sawyer to do: by episode’s end, Sawyer has positioned himself as a dangerous free agent whose goal is to help people like Kate, Jin and Sun get off the island, but I have this fear that it will be a mission of sacrifice, that he is committed to their well-being (for Aaron, for Ji Yeon) more than he is committed to his own. I don’t know if Sawyer believes he has anything left to live for, and his willingness to play both sides in this broader conflict is just as worrisome as Jack’s unwillingness to get involved. While some have wondered if the broader conflict between Smokey and Jacob (or Widmore, as the case appears to be) would overwhelm the characters in some ways, it’s actually drawing out some of their most interesting qualities. Here, with nothing to lose, Sawyer is becoming both extremely familiar (in his duplicitousness, for example) and extremely strange (in that his endgame, getting off the island, seems more arbitrary than what we’re used to). The Flash Sideways offered a nice counterpoint to demonstrate how Sawyer’s personality is multi-faceted, perhaps reminding us to expect the unexpected from Sawyer’s current insistence that he “ain’t with anybody.”

Charles Atherton

JD in SCS said...

Regarding Adam and Eve: When they were first found, Jack said it would take the clothing (not the bodies) 40-50 years to degrade like that. Maybe the skeletons are much older and someone simply redressed them 40 years ago. I'm thinking it's similar (or do I mean identical?) to Claire dressing up her critter baby because that's all she has to remember her baby. Whoever or whatever (Smokey?) is dressing up the skeletons as a remembrance.

♡Kim♡ said...

If you love Sawyer, how can you NOT love Recon???? That ep was my fave of season 6 aside from the first one LA X.

can't think of anything cool said...

I am in the camp of totally LOVING Sawyer, so for me, this episode was awesome, only (unfortunately) for that fact alone. You know, Sawyer being shirtless & all is oh-so dreamy...OK- back to it. When reading these posts, I tend to agree with the observation of "something being definitely OFF". I think that's exactly what we're supposed to be thinking. EVERYTHING is off, what, with Jack having a SON, Locke being OKAY with his life? Huh? It's all very simply, OFF! Reflections everywhere? Mirrors at the LightHouse, but they show the candidates childhood homes or meaningful places? Miles being a cop with a father working at a MUSEUM? And with a 'hot-friend-that-needs-a-date' CHARLOTTE? WTHeck? It's all very confusing, but at the same time, most definitely INTRIGUING! That's why we're all here, trying to analyze, break it down, and trying really hard to figure it out!

Mike V- I hope by now, I love your recaps, your insights, and this blog. I know I'm not alone. MJ, I love reading your thoughts, Glenn R & Weasel, yours too, AUStarwars, even yours. Quite easily stated, Mike V, you are the most level-headed guy when it comes to someone trying to put this blog down. You out-wit with the best of them, almost as good as the 'diamond-stealing, scene-stealing' Miles we've come to love, not the 'caring for Sawyer, bizarro-one' in sideways-land, that we have no idea what he's doing!

Speaking of Miles, I was thinking that I was liking him almost as much as I like Sawyer & Jack; I want to see how he got his gift, and what is going to happen with him & his story. But will we get to? I can't believe we only have what, about 10 hours left???? How in the world are they gonna do it? How will they be able to satisfy us with such a short amount of time left? Answer all the questions? Well, who cares at this point? I'm pretty sure ya'll feel the same way, but I'm already completely satisfied! I've been committed to this show from the beginning, and I'll enjoy the ride all the way to the end. Whatever happens, happens (pun intended)! It's still, like ya'll said, one of the best TV shows ever. THAT is something we ALL can agree on!

Next week is going to be probably the best of the best- I'm almost positive of it! Everybody has been waiting for this history lesson since we first saw a certain ting in season 1 (trying not to spoil).

I was thinking that sideways-land is what we are seeing from the young losties being in 1977, but because of Sun not going back, I am enjoying the theory of how all the characters in sideways-land are merging together. Like, how they are all in LA, we've got Sawyer, Miles, and now Kate together, Kate's got Claire's credit card. Claire will need to be questioned, but she's at the hospital, having Aaron. Jack's probably at the hospital? Do we even know for sure in sideways-land if Jack is a doctor? Uh-Oh, what if he's not a doctor? But wait, he is because he was there when Sayid's brother got beat up. Right? I'm confused! (As always), but I love it still!

I think somehow they all may just end up at the Lamp Post, and Eloise will be telling them the steps they need to do to get 'back'. But back to what? The 'island' life? The 'before the plane crashed' life? Or the 'what if the plane NEVER crashed' life? Whew, that's a lot to think about! How's it all going to end? I hope it never ends, we know we'll have the encyclopedia, Mike V says we'll always have this blog, maybe they'll even do some sort of spin-off, like has been suggested here on this blog. Jokingly cop show or not, you know you'll watch! I think we'll be questioning Lost for years to come. Always coming up with our own thoughts & theories.

can't think of anything cool said...

Oops- Mike V, I hope by now- YOU KNOW...we all love this blog. Is what I meant to say...

can't think of anything cool said...

Oops again- "certain ting", should be "certain THING"...

David Salako said...

Maybe Locke and Helen's wedding will be at the Catholic Church that has the Lamppost Dharma station in the basement? With Eloise Hawking's acquaintance Brother Campbell (Desmond's Franciscan monk boss) as the officiating priest?
The imagination runs wild! lol!
I to can't wait for next Tueday's episode!

♡Kim♡ said...

can't think of anything cool - I am with you on a lot of what you wrote. Would LOVE a cop show....a spinoff. ANything to do with Josh Holloway is ok with me, I just don't want to see him come up as a meanie or something. Hero all the way.

Mike V. said...

Wow guys, you were crazy commenting last night and today! I'll try to hit what I can but I will probably be brief lol

PTF - good times on the backwards stuff! And some funny commentary! I'm glad I could help you out with your Eko mystery lol I like the whole tying together Smokey looking at the Pilot and it not being Lapidus in season 1. Very interesting. I don't know if the OTHERS necessarily would have known that they needed Lapidus but maybe Jacob or Smokey needed him there. Eh who knows? lol Very nice with the FORCE and Yoda commentary. I like Smokey being killed with water! Damon did say water would play into the finale so we'll see (i think david mentioned that as well) As for Walt being on the sub...i dunno...the writers were still looking for a way to work him into the show because of his age...but maybe they did and they're just keeping it up in the air to keep us guessing! Desmond might be too obvious but that brotha needs to get back to the is not finished with him! LOL

Loved the Sarah Palin comment! And you're welcome..thanks for writing again!

Weasel, you checking out the FF blog yet? It needs some serious help in the comments section! lol Of course, my FlashForward blogging needs help too...I think it's pretty obvious that I don't have the passion for it as I do for LOST! lol But I do like the show a lot.

Florin - Good point with Mikhail not dying because the fence wasn't set to deadly....but Kate still went over without feeling the was the whole reason they went over it after locke pushed Mikhail through. Whisperers being the dead people is a good theory since we already know those ghosts are around. I really hope they answer that one!

I thought Smokey already found the loophole to kill Jacob through John Locke? You think there's more to the loophole? One thing I agree with you there is that the LIVE TOGETHER DIE ALONE will play a part in the final battle of the show....not sure if Smokey will be the thing they'll have to defeat, Jacob, both or something even greater...but it will be a good time.

btw...Damon Lindelof tweeted yesterday..but the end of this weekend the script for the final episode will be complete. :-( equal parts excited and sad!

Okay...I'm posting then more comments to get to!

Mike V. said...

Pharmer - I love that scene too! No idea about Locke's weird smile with Kate...but maybe he doesn't really know what to do with her since she's not one of the candidates on the wall. (even though we know she's on Jacob's dial in the lighthouse) just speculating

As for the water...i'm rethinking...hasn't smokey attacked in the rain before?? (think Pilot episode and Exodus when going to the black rock) Not sure if water will be the way. but we'll see!

Good point too Courtney...i think he did when he went from Hydra to Main Island in season 5 too...he even took those shoes off as I mentioned earlier. What is that all about!?!?

David - hmmm i didn't notice that Charlotte's job was different in both timelines....the one flashback we saw of her she was doing "very Indiana Jones-like work" with her excavation of the DHARMA Polar Bear.....But I guess you could be right that they are trying to show her job description is different. I was thinking more of the fact that she still may have been living on the island and wants to get back. I have all of the same questions about chang...we'll see!

Charles - it's crazy how much people either loved or hated this episode. I have a mixture of feelings on it but I'm thinking in the long run I will enjoy it for what it there were some great scenes/moments in it. Nice Insights on the differences between Island and Sideways Sawyer! Do you mean Jack's unwillingness last season to get involved? Because this year he seems VERY interested in being involved! Jack has his mojo back and I'm loving it! lol

JD - (a certain anonymous poster is about to get angry with me again)....I've been saying the same thing about the 40-50 years thing with Adam and's the one thing I'm harping on because it rules out so many options for Adam and Eve...but this is an interesting theory you're throwing out there. Was jack basing it on the degrading clothes and not the shape of the skeletons themselves? I'd have to check that episode again. I guess we'll see!

Kim, thanks for sharing that you loved the ep! Like I was saying, everyone is all over the map with this one. I stilll liked Dr. Linus and Lighthouse the best so far. But they all have been good in some way in my opinion. No episodes can ever be as bad as Stranger in a Strange Land! LOL

Wow - Can't think - Thanks for the major props! And I'm sure the other regulars will be happy you mention them too...I appreciate all of their commentary as well. I appreciate everyone's commentary! You guys rock! And yes...the blog will always be here. I'll have to come up with some excuse to post a new post every once in awhile lol We'll see!

Thanks for sharing commentary on your enjoyment of the episode as well! Yeah Miles has definitely done a lot to grow on us the past couple of seasons. Pretty crazy since he was so easy to hate in the beginning of season 4. But Jin and Sawyer were good examples of Villains that got backstories and totally turned our affections for them. Good times!

Can't wait for Tuesday's ep either! Agree with you and Kim that a Spinoff Show would be great! A lot of these sideways stories would be great spinoffs...unfortunately all of these actors are going to part ways after LOST :-(

David - interesting with the Locke/Helen wedding being at the Lamp Post church! And throwing Brother Campbell in there for good measure. I liked it! Doc Jensen has been a big proponent that Locke and Helen's wedding will be a big culmination event in the sideways land. We'll see!

Great comments as always guys and thanks for all of the props as always! Keep it up!

JD in SCS said...

Mike V, I re-watched that Adam and Eve scene this morning and Jack specifically said 'clothing'.

Mike V. said...

nice...thanks JD...very interesting! you could be right!

♡Kim♡ said...

Mike....I hated Stranger in a Strange Land. But of course, I have no fondness for Jack.

ANYTHING to do with Sawyer rules. What is your take on him....hero or villain?

Mike V. said...

Kim, I really have a hard time hating any of the LOSTIES! I love Jack, Sawyer...everyone! lol I know there are a lot of Jack haters in the world which confuses me. This is LOST, Jack is the central hero of the show (many will disagree, but that is the design of the show regardless of what any would say!) I just don't know how people can love LOST so much and hate Jack that much. It's crazy but to each his or her own! :-) lol Granted, people love Grey's Anatomy but hate Meredith so maybe it's a similar thing lol

As for Sawyer...I do not think he's a villain. I don't think any of our LOSTIES are villains! Even Michael who killed a couple tailies was still helping out his friends in the end. Sawyer is a tortured soul but his heart is in the right place when it counts. Even when he seems to be out for himself he still will help everyone when needed....remember in season 4 when Jack went off to get Hurley...and Sawyer hesitated then went after him " don't get to die alone!" love it. Whether they know it or not...all of these guys are in it together and I'm still hoping in the end they will all be on the same side fighting for the greater good. That's when this show works best. Just my opinion though!

♡Kim♡ said...

It might not even be Jack that I have no fondness for....I think it's the actor and the manner in which he plays him....whatever it is, I don't care for the self-righteousness and overacting that we get sometimes.....

Anyway - the rest of them are all ok with me! I want Sawyer to become a hero SO BADLY.....I hope he gets a chance to. I see him the same way you described.

Have you heard (or did you start) the rumor/idea of a spinoff show about the cops???? I'd totally love that.

Mike V. said...

naaa i didn't start the rumor lol Lots of people suggested it after the episode. I really don't think it's going to happen. I think when LOST is over it's over...they wouldn't want to tarnish the legacy with a spinoff show and the same characters! But in theory it would be a pretty cool show. Of course, we still don't know where this sideways story is going might not even be a possible spinoff when and how these 2 timelines intersect lol

As for Matthew Fox...yeah I could see how people don't like how he portrays the character...but it never has bugged me. I bought into his role in the Pilot episode and never stopped liking it...even during his low point of season 3-5 lol

David Salako said...

I have no idea why Matthew Fox's portrayal of Jack Shephard is disliked, I think he does a very good job of it actually. He actually makes the obsessive and god complex traits of the character very human and believable. When "Stranger in a Strange Land" first aired, I dodn't enjoy the episode much but re-watching it last summer during our LOST DVD marathon, I can see why that episode is there in light of the overall story development arc of the character - Jack Shephard and the show itself. It re-enforced the repeating cycle of Jack's relationships starting well and ending badly.

No spin-offs please! LOL!

can't think of anything cool said...

Like I have said before, (and being a chick), I love both Jack & Sawyer. That's why Kate could end up with either one of them, and I would love it. She has cosmic chemistry with both. I even love Kate. I know more people than not can't stand her, or her story, but I think she portrays a very strong person. She's magnificent at 'persuading people to do what she wants', which I think is super-cool! She's definitely needed for the dynamic of the show. And I have to agree with davidsalako, Matthew Fox does Jack good! One of my favorite scenes is also the one where Sawyer told Jack about running into his father at the bar, and how Christian was really proud of him...Sawyer didn't have to do that, THAT was very hero-like!

Oh, and to Kim- please, don't take this the wrong way & no offense, but the spinoff comment I made was really kind of a sarcastic joke. IF there were ever to be a spinoff, I would watch out of curiosity, but I don't think anything would ever work as good as Lost is. It'd be like the 'Joey' spinoff, right? 'Friends' was awesome, but Joey by himself, not so much! You really need the entire cast & story for it to work like it does so well on Lost. I just feel like the writers and the cast have done such a wonderful job, that it could never be duplicated. Heck, isn't Flashforward done by some of the Lost writers and/or producers? And I like Flashforward, (yes Mike V., I go to your blog & love it too!), but it's no Lost. I don't think there will ever be another Lost.

Back to Miles- the more I think about that other theory that someone posted, about him & Chang & Charlotte possibly trying to learn about all of the losties, the more I kinda like it. That would be wild, if they were trying to follow them because they knew how they have always affected the history & big-picture of what could possibly be going down. However, because of my growing fondness for Miles, I was kinda hoping that he would end up being a hero, too. And who could his girlfriend be? Maybe Juliette? That would be a twist, huh? Maybe when she was dying, she was talking about her & MILES having coffee together? Who knows? We really won't know for sure until we get ANSWERS! But I love the discussions & wondering! Oh, and Mike V. for giving us the place to do it!

Floreen said...


I should be looking for a job on Internet, but you’re all a such good bunch of people I can’t ignore you.

You Are So Right Sir Davidsalako, -
Every character is Overcompensating for something, that’s why I think the boar and the black horse could’ve been hallucinations Jacob-inspired telling Kate and James - I think we should be done with ‘Sawyer’ since the daddy got what he deserved and that name wasn’t James’ real name either. Those two characters in my opinion were told; Let Go of The Past. Jacob told that to little James; What’s done is done. Dead is dead sort of. Kate I think was to.

That’s one of the meaning of the theme “Live together or die alone.” Don’t keep secrets! Be honest! Communicate with the rest of us! Don’t be selfish, self-centered, etc. That’s what got so many characters in trouble so far when you think of first of all.

Let’s run a little list here. follow

Floreen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Floreen said...

cont - I emphasise with Michael. BUT... I’ll start with one character I HATE.

He was overcompensating for Giving Up his parental rights over to his conniving wife. That weakness got many killed and deservedly so, killed him in the end.
He’s got a wristwatch with Asian engravings and he’s not thinking to ask the only Asian Lostie/survivors if the watch is theirs? On the blowned-up raft he’s even downright mean to James who took a bullet and almost died. He was reckless and selfish. Then he knows he’ll lead the crew in an ambush, or he has a good inkling that they’ll not going to end up well, yet; He’s not telling them he’s been in communication with the others via the computer in the hatch and they could not know that a computer is also a communication tool? yeah right. He assaults John and Jack and runs wild locking them in the armory living the hatch alone with the consequences of the alarm going off and nobody punching the code? In the mobisode - extra on dvd, even Juliet shows up and blackmails him - his wife did that and he learned nothing, using all the good sweet arguments to ambush his friends so he can leave the island alone. Then he kills Ana-Lucia on will and Libby by accident? And he’s not able to read that all those things will cost him? Or that Ben will not really going to leave him off the hook?
Come-on! He was an ASS. I don’t feel anything but contempt for the character and joy that he got killed. He didn’t got redemption. Yeah writers are throwing curved balls a us, but let’s face it; He got punished for what he did in poetic justice. He came back on the freighter because he had no choice and because he wanted to put an end to his pathetic life seeking the easy way out. Don’t make a hero out of him, for a hero he wanted to be for his kid, he was not.

John Lock or Locke? I hate him too like I do Michael. He was searching for a meaning in life and he couldn’t let go of his been so gullible and been conned even by his own mother and father. Helen was as in the sideways, his meaning in life and acceptance of living in a wheel chair. But that’s not enough for John. He wants to be Rambo, man vs nature, he wants to prove that he can be more and winds up killed by Ben as poetic justice not understanding what and why as he’s last thoughts were as described by Smokey. Poetic justice for confusing faith for gullibility and coincidence per Mr Echo. Or the same for Life saying to John; You had a beautiful purpose but you had to screw that up for undeservedly more. He didn’t even the guts to kill his own father, he brought James, but a bit of poetic justice there. - follow

Floreen said...

cont - Ana-Lucia, simply put, has a chance to put her assailant in jail, yet she chooses the vigilante style. Enough said.

Kate kills her adoptive father, not knowing that he is the real one. She want justice for her mother but outside the justice system and she winds up hurting more people while on the run.

Nikki and Paulo are self explanatory although in the mobisode, Both wants to change in good people.

Saiyd has his tortures in his souls which are eating him alive spiritually speaking and we see now with what result.

James ‘Sawyer’ Ford wants revenge/justice for his parents and winds up killing the wrong guy. Suffice on this one.

Jin loves the girl, he’s ashamed of his father been a fisherman, a parallel to John wanting more from life. He marries the girl but winds up hating himself for what he has to do now, almost a parallel to Saiyd.

Sun gets the man, then realises that it was a raw deal thinking Jin is bad and not her father. She’s confused and wants to leave him while he wants to start over and on a good note.

Desmond is not together in getting Penny, because he suffers from the same complex as Jin.

Charlie? Where should I start on the poor schmuck?

Claire! She’s good to marry the father of her child and he quits. She also without a father herself and so many problems because of it.

Juliet plays GOD more so then Jack. She violates medical ethical rules and standards to get her sister off the cancer and procreate a child. She’s like Michael, only the female part.

Jack is the easiest one. He carries the burden from his father that he doesn’t have what it takes and he work himself into proving his father wrong. Christian on the other hand, in the bar in Australia redeems himself and in the mobisode, he even gives Jack his grandfather’s watch as a gift asking Jack not to be the father Christian was.

Mr Echo to end this list here, despite his past, he’s a character I liked. He saved his brother in the first episode we saw them. He tried to make amends and long story short, he took a stand with Smokey by saying in essence; Screw you Smokey! I didn’t asked for the specific life it was given to me, and I did the best I could. What A Difference in between Mr Echo and Michael or Juliet or Ben to say a few.

So yes, they were all victims of some circumstances, but somewhere along that line, they compromised or made a downright pact with the Evil and that haunted them and/or killed them outright because like Boone or Shannon to mention a couple in addition, they tried to overcompensate on their own hoping to bring the balance back in their lives. - follow

Floreen said...

end of post - Good point on Charlotte. There’s here again the life without a crash where I think is going, but with potential clues or signification.

I love Jack and Matthew Fox. Both plays the conflicted characters whereas a corporate culture wants them to be perfect,
Godlike, yet both Christian and Jock are aware of their humanity and conflicted by it.

Mike V - I think the fact that they used a non conducive electrical tree branch to go over could have something to it, they were lucky to find the blind spot, or the power was so low, you had to go right through to feel the effects. My opinion; Convenience writing.

I was thinking about that Smokey and Rain, and if I’ll have time I’ll watch it again but good point. If true, the writers messed that up. And what’s with the water pool in the temple turning dark? Smokey able to alter water? Yeah, I think that if true, the writers spaced over that logical argument.

I think the writers Are Having Tons of fun with those connecting point like the wedding of John and Helen plus the monk. Either is significant, or is just plain fun for them to throw in.

Davisalako and Kim - The episode of Stranger in a strange land points to something significant; His tattoo, which says: He walks among us, but he’s not one of us. Something to do with; He’s not even on Jacob list, although we now know he’s on both of them, Jacob and Smokey who mimics the Jacob’s list actually.

Check my blog if you will, clicking on my name. I am trying to get my comic strips syndicated. If unemployment will not make me homeless, I will try and hopefully you'll have fun with too.

Floreen said...

I think the word was I have empathy for Michael, BUT...

and excuse my English phrase building. I am in a hurry sort and English is my Third Language. I should take time to edit, and check for errors.

can't think of anything cool said...

Oh- one more thing, Mike V.- I was wondering your take now on Flocke making the comment to Kate about him having a crazy mom, just like Claire? You know, and my theory about how Locke has always been 'claimed' or whatever by Smokey? You know, how a few weeks ago, Flocke said the 'don't tell me what I can't do' thing, and now, he's telling Kate he had a crazy mom, just like Locke did...

"The LOST Buster" said...

Comment on episode #4 "Substitute". John Locke or "The Man in Black" leads Sawyer to a cave. Once inside we see a scale with a white stone on one end and a black on the other. John then picks up the white stone and throws it out into the ocean. When sawyer asks for the reason, John replies "It's an inside joke....". Then something comes to my mind. I remembered those stones. I flip out my LOST Season 1 to Episode 6 "House of the Rising Sun". As I remembered,Jack finds the two bodies, and a satchel containing none other than the said black and white stones! I want to hear your thoughts as i will post mine later :)

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that the LOST survivors often have escaped bears and the Smoke Monster by taking refuge in the upright branches of a banyan tree. In the Recon episode, Kate was sitting under a banyan tree after Claire attacked her. SmokeLocke offered her his hand to help her stand up. She did not touch his hand.
In Hinduism, the banyan tree is considered sacred. It is thought of as perfectly symbolizing eternal life due to its seemingly unending expansion. It is called the 'wish fulfilling divine tree'. In many stories of Philippine mythology, the banyan is said to be home to a variety of spirits and demon-like creatures.
I wonder if the LOST writers mean for the tree to act as a sort of “gool” (a place of safety in the children’s game of tag) for the LOST survivors. On the other hand, banyan trees are plentiful in the tropical Pacific area. Jacob touched people to “claim” them for his own side.

Floreen said...

the lost buster - That was Smokey's cave whee he recreated the Jacob's list. John Lock also played backgamon with Walt, showing the white and the black pieces.

So Smokey is the black stone while Jacob is the white one. Will see what next.

Floreen said...

can't think of anything cool said...

Check my comments and watch the episode Richard is paying him a visit when he was young, and see the doodle of a black smoke devouring a man. It's a clue that Locke was claimed as a young kid.

Floreen said...

That is a good point and info you gave us about the banyan tree. Now I am thinking...

Glenn R. said...

Quick check-in for me about tv shows. I've been away all weekend, but I found when I had a minute, I missed ya'll! had to come and check out the ol' Mike Lost Blog!

For me, I have watched extremely little live network television in my life. Or cable for that matter. Until Battlestar Galactica last year, I never watched a live program with commercials on television since high school. To put that in perspective, I'm 43 now. In all honesty, it was the advent of dvds that I started watching some newer shows (relatively speaking).

So, as far as all tv shows go for me: Northern Exposure has always been my no-holds-barred number one show. Lost may overtake that; I'll tell you at the end of this season.

Beyond that: Weeds, Firefly, Six Feet Under, Battlestar Galactica. And, ummm, that's about it for me, ever. Well, throw in Star Trek Original and Next Generation too.

I'll probably watch Caprica once it comes out on dvd.

If anyone else who has similar taste as me has any suggestions with what I can watch after Lost is over, I'm a wide open book! Just don't tell me I should watch live shows. It would have to get me hooked as much as Lost for that to happen.

God, I can't wait for Tuesday's episode! this upcoming episode is being highly anticipated in my household!

♡Kim♡ said...

Glenn R. - if we are going to talk about television shows we love, I'd put in Lost, Star Trek TOS (only), Dexter, The 4400 and Twin Peaks as my all-time faves. After Lost, I've been wondering the same thing! Suggestions for the next obsession would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Mathematician Paul Cooper theorized that the fastest, most efficient way to travel across continents would be to bore a straight hollow tube directly through the Earth, connecting a set of antipodes, evacuate it (remove the air), and then just fall through. The first half of the journey consists of free-fall acceleration, while the second half consists of an exactly equal deceleration. The time for such a journey works out to be 42 minutes. Remarkably, even if the tube does not pass through the exact center of the Earth, the time for a journey powered entirely by gravity always works out to be 42 minutes, as long as the tube remains friction-free, as while gravity's force would be lessened, so would the distance traveled at an equal rate. The same idea was proposed by Lewis Carroll in the book Sylvie and Bruno. We have seen many nods to Lewis Carroll in the LOST series. Maybe this is how Ben and Locke left the Island after turning the frozen donkey wheel. Tunisia is half-way around the world from the Pacific. By the way, 42 was a special number for Lewis Carroll who also was a mathematician.
Touzeur, Tunisia has been the trading center of the desert for a very long time. Years ago, the town hosted a thriving slave market. The unfortunate individuals were brought up across the Sahara with other goods by Tuareg-led caravans. I realize many fans think Richard was a slave on the ship Black Rock. Perhaps he was an Egyptian slave brought through the tunnel. We will find out his story on Tuesday.

David Salako said...

I don't know what show my household is going to enjoy watching together as a household once LOST is over!
Some of my all time favorite shows: Star Trek DS9, Battlestar Galactica (re-imagined series not original series), Mad Men, Dexter, Rome, Stargate Universe (I like it so far..), Twin Peaks (early seasons)...
Probably some more I can't think of.
Still on the fence with FlashForward, I kinda feel it is a very self-conscious show that is riding the coat tails of LOST a lot, we'll see how it goes.

Mike V. said...

Wow, lots of comments again! lol I'll see what I can get to here. While I'm typing I'm listening to the Jay and Jack 30 Hour Podcast for Autism. Doc Jensen is on at 12:30 eastern time (running a little late I guess) Unfortunately, I missed Damon last night but hopefully they'll share a recording of it this week or something.'s the link:'s-25-hour-podcast-for-autism

Now I'll respond to comments

Mike V. said...

David, I'm with you...I think Matthew Fox does an awesome job in his role. Rewatching Stranger in a Strange Land, I still wasn't a big fan, but I could put up with it lol

I actually am rewatching Recon now (halfway through) and took a break to listen to Doc Jensen, but I'm really enjoying it this second time. lol I just love this show too much to even pretend I hate an episode!

Can't Think - I'm still a Jater at heart but I could see this show going any of 3 directions with that triangle and I'd be fine with all of them lol Of course, depending on who dies at the end may help decide who Kate ends up with...and it depends on how this sideways story plays out as well. Agree that JOEY was not good LOL I can't lie and say I didn't watch it though. But I missed the last 3 episodes that never aired and couldn't bring myself to buy the DVD lol it was pretty rough! I don't think FlashForward has any of the same team besides some of the actors...but there could be "behind the scenes" people from LOST that I don't know about. David Goyer from Dark Knight/Batman Begins fame has been involved but he stepped down as showrunner. That show is a mess behind the scenes right now. Hopefully they can clean up their act and get the ratings they need to stay relevant! Agree that there will never be another LOST...there will be another TV phenomenon around the corner but I don't see me loving anything like i've loved LOST again. But we just don't know what the future holds!
Maybe we should ask Jacob! :-)

With Miles/ i rewatched the Sawyer/Charlotte Hibbity Dibbity scenes (yes i'm a dork)...i too started to notice Charlotte seemed very interesting to what was in that drawer..maybe there was more than meets the eye to that scene. We'll see!

Florin, no way I can get to all of your comments! LOL But I"ll just respond to the stuff towards me. The fence thing...i guess you could be right on the branch. Probably more so on the "convenience writing" part! LOL I'm just gonna give up on this one. lol

We'll have to see how this water thing plays into smokey's demise. But the rain thing is definitely confusing on the issue. I know we heard the monster but did we ever SEE Smokey and the Rain at the same time? I'm thinking maybe when it came to Juliet and Kate....but I can't remember for sure.

I'll check out your blog when I get a chance!

Can't think again - Well my original thought, as many speculated, was that maybe Flocke may have been suggesting that HE is actually aaron and Claire is his mother. Probably a little too crazy even for this show. Yeah there is definitely some of John Locke into Flocke....maybe inhabiting that form brings some of Locke's traits....but I think MIB was talking about HIS mother in that comment. Plus I think we kind of mentioned in these comments that Locke's mother may not necessarily have been crazy...she was helping Cooper with the con. Not sure though!

Okay a few more comments to get to...just gonna post this for now!

Mike V. said...

LOST Buster - Yeah, definitely a connection with the black and white themes on the island. and possibly more specifically with these stones. In that episode, I started speculating that maybe MIB was Adam because of the rocks.....some had speculated that MIB and Jacob are Adam and Eve....and maybe MIB was originally female....but I don't know about that one. I had thought that MIB may have had a female significant other on the island and somehow suffered her LOSS....and maybe he blames Jacob for it. But there is still the 40-50 year decomposition thing to factor in. People have found workarounds for that. I really have no idea at this point where they're going to go with those bodies!

Anonymous/LOST Fan - very interesting points on the banyan trees and their symbolism. you never know!

Glenn - thanks for checking in! I hear you on busy too! I'm actually just getting started on BSG...this past summer i watched most of season 1 but the Fall TV onslaught has taken over my life now...maybe this summer I'll get back into it. But it depends on if the wife will still want to watch with me! LOL I can't wait for Tuesday either!

Kim - no idea what the next obsession will be. I know I love Dexter, Chuck, Mad Men, Rescue Me (only 2 seasons left), and lots of comedies...but for the next big thing??? I just don't know. I'm trying to give FlashForward and V the benefit of the doubt. And while they're entertaining I don't see them having a LOST-like phenomenon. We'll see though!

LOST Fan - very interesting stuff again with the 42! Yeah a lot of people originally thought Richard might be egyptian and then at some point it was just BLACK ROCK or BUST! lol Nestor Carbonell said he was very surprised when he found out what is going on with his maybe the black rock stuff is a red herring. We'll see!

David - i know i mentioned a lot of these shows already but I saw you mentioned ROME. Man I loved that show. I heard a movie is in the works...I will be first in line if it does get made!

whew...okay..not back to this podcast! lol

Mike V. said...

whoops - "NOW" back to podcast. Man my typos are getting real bad! lol

David Salako said...

Seems we may have similar tastes in TV entertainment Mike V.
Rome was such a great show with great actors. It prematurely ended after 2 seasons due to rising production costs, hopefully the planned movie will be of the same quality to. I watch "Rescue Me" as well, although my wife hates it as she thinks several of the characters are too dysfunctional! I thought that WAS the point? lol.

Courtney said...

hey mike>? do you think this episode will take us into richard's past like season 1 episodes? or do you think it will be a flash sideways like we've seen this season. it let on that we would understand more about him and where he came from, but i don't see how they could do a flash sideways with a character we don't have a history to compare it to. right?

and then, if they do a flash back, will that be the first time the producers have not kept with the same routine in a season (i.e. flash back, flash forward, flash sideways)?

Courtney said...

Episode 9...."Ab Aeterno" - (english translation) since the beginning of time
sounds like a flash BACK lol

i am so excited for tuesday! do you think richard has been around since the BEGINNING OF TIME? or is that the island, or is that Jacob and MIB? will we really find out??? ahh! can't wait to see if we really find out :)

Mike V. said...

David yeah it was a pricey show. Season 2 of Rome encapsulated everything they wanted to show with the entire series. Made for an awesome season though!!

Courtney- it's a flashback ep. Of course we don't know how far back the sideways timeline is different. That may play into it. But even in season 4 and 5 they did go back to flashback episodes on occassion. Locke, Ben and Juliet got one in season 4 (as well as the freighter folks). And once people got back on island in season 5 we started getting flashbacks but covering larger periods of time.

I'm interested to see how they differentiate since the audience is used to sideways storytelling this season. The "whoosh" sound is definitely different for scene transitions to and from sideways scenes than it is for flashbacks but I don't know if everyone would catch onto that! Lol I'm sure it will tie into Richard telling his story to the losties and then we will whoosh back in time to see it first hand. Can't wait!!

Mike V. said...

Jorge on the jayandjack podcast just reminded me of another show I love...and there's only one more season for those who have already seen season 4: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!

and now back to LOST! :-)

Rob said...

Response to Aaron being Flocke theory - I like your theory on Aaron possibly being Locke. Looking back at the "Raised by Another" episode from Season 1, there are a few interesting things I found. Here's the lostpedia article,

Under the recurring themes tab at the bottom of the lostpedia article it says this: "Claire is warned, both by Locke in her dream and by the psychic Malkin, that she must raise her baby herself or else she will release a great evil on the world."

In the dream sequence with Locke, Locke, with one black eye and one white eye, speaks to Claire:
CLAIRE: What's happening?
LOCKE: You know what's happening.
CLAIRE: But I don't understand. Why --?
LOCKE: He was your responsibility but you gave him away, Claire. Everyone pays the price now.

Maybe the Locke in the dream was Flocke... the white eye and black eye tie back to the white and black stones Flocke showed Sawyer in the cave, so maybe the producers want us to make a connection. Even if the Locke in the dream isn't Flocke, I don't think that would disprove the theory.

So in conclusion, maybe I'm looking for excuses to prove a theory that has a 99% chance of being wrong, but honestly I believe there is something to the theory.

And one more thing - Malkin said something to the effect that Claire would cause something very bad to happen if she did not raise Aaron. If Aaron does not become the smoke monster, then what bad thing happens? What are the terrible consequences of letting Aaron be raised by another?

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