Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOST: Season 6 Episode 12 - Everybody Loves Hugo

Hello LOSTIES!!!  Right now, I'm still a little speechless from this episode.  Still picking my jaw up off the floor.  Don't worry, I think we all can be assured I'll eventually find some words to fill out the always lengthy recap!  But WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!  LOVED -------- THIS ---------- EPISODE!   Am I an easily pleased LOST fan?  You betcha!  But this episode had everything a final season episode should have.  EXPLOSIONS, tying up loose ends to previous season mysteries, EXPLOSIONS, twists, turns, turns, twists, EXPLOSIONS, picnics on the beach!, Hit and Runs, fried chicken, EXPLOSIONS, reunions (still no Jin and Sun), groups splitting, great music, movement towards the end game in both timelines, and have I mentioned it yet?  EXPLOSIONS!   "Dude, you have some.....Ilana on you"   Insane!  Okay, in all seriousness, explosions are a good time and the ones we got in this episode came in some shocking ways.  But what it all boils down to is great character moments.  And we had some great ones in this one.

"Everybody Loves Hugo" (mirroring the season 2 episode entitled "Everybody Hates Hugo" was  a very solid Hugo "Hurley" Reyes outing.  With Desmond, now "in the know" on things, the Sideways story is getting more interesting by the episode.  We keep exploring the LOVE Connections of our former Island dwellers who are in this timeline that seems "Off".  Hurley has a run-in with a love interest of his in a former life and they go down the rabbit hole together to relive a little bit of their other existence.   On the Island, Hugo gets another ghostly visit and is put in direct conflict with Ilana and Richard's plans to blow up the Ajira plane.  Flocke is intrigued by Desmond's arrival with Sayid to the group and we have some interesting moments there.   Sawyer and Kate are getting impatient on when they're actually going to DO something.  And of course, the biggest shocker of the night was saved for the end with a non-Hugo sideways moment that will surely get people buzzing!   All of these events are building towards an awesome climactic conclusion where who knows what the outcome will be?  I'm getting more and more psyched with each episode.  Let's dive into the recap!

Flash Sideways - Hugo Reyes

Golden State Natural History Museum
Now, I know Hugo doesn't go by Hurley in the Sideways realm, but I'm still going to call him Hurley anyway!  This "Hugo" stuff is for the birds!  Anyway, so we open up to a black screen with a very familiar voice talking about how Everybody Loves Hugo!   I think we all knew whose voice that belonged to! 
  • It's none other than Pierre Chang!  As we found out in prior episodes this season, Miles said that his father works at a museum with Charlotte.  And of course we found out last week that Daniel Faraday ran into Charlotte at this very museum.  Now we have another crossover by seeing Pierre Chang actually honor Hurley with a "Man of the Year" award and dedicate the new Paleontology wing of the museum to one of the city's greatest benefactors: Mr. Hugo Reyes.  

  • Also by using a slideshow, we get a little backstory on Sideways Hurley.  Although, they don't talk about how Hurley comes up with a large sum of money.  Do we assume he won the lottery in this timeline also?  Does it not matter?  They just talk about his lifelong love for chicken allowing him to acquire the Mr. Cluck's franchise, making it a world wide competitor, and then also getting into humanitarian stuff.   He clearly has lots of money to throw around, so I'm not sure why they wouldn't bring it up.  If he was never in the institution he never would have met Leonard to get the numbers.  And of course, it looked like even Leonard wasn't in Santa Rosa either when we go there later.
    Update: Thanks to Commenter Jackson for refreshing my memory that Hurley tells Sawyer in episode LA X that he won the lottery.  Whew, can't believe I forgot that one.  Maybe he didn't play the numbers though?

  • Not sure if it's worth noting that we see Hurley opening Mr. Cluck's chains all over the world including Egypt, which we know has strong ties with the Island as well as Hugo painting a picture of the Sphinx when he was at Santa Rosa.   And of course, another picture with a Volcano.  Not sure which Volcano it is or what Asian country it is (feel free to comment and let me know!) but we do know that there is a volcano on the Island as well.  So, little intentional or unintentional shout outs there.
    UPDATE:  Thanks for the many emails and comments letting me know this was Mt. Fuji.  I probably should have known that one! 

  • Chang refers to Hugo as a "Beacon of Light" for everyone he comes into contact with.  This could be a subtle allusion to the Lighthouse or just add onto things we have already seen with how helpful and friendly this version of Hugo is with all of the Losties he comes into contact with.  Granted, Hugo is always friendly!
  • Note in Chang's list of things that Hugo has done, it included donating to open hospitals.  Hmm, maybe the hospital where Jack works?  Since it seems everyone is heading that way anyway, maybe Hugo will be meeting up with everyone there too.  (And, yes, we cannot forget the Police Station either as there are many gathering there as well)    
  • We also saw a picture of Hugo supposedly standing in front of the Box Company that he owned in both timelines (where Locke works and Randy is his boss)

  • Anyway, it appears that everyone thinks Hurley is the greatest thing ever, except his concerned mother.  All she wants is for Hugo to find a nice woman.  Again, with the theme of most of these sideways LOSTIES being unable to find love (exceptions: Locke, maybe Sun/Jin).  And leave it to Mrs. Reyes to set her son up with some chica named Rosalita!  
  • We must also note that Hurley's Mom mentions that Rosalita is Grandpa Tito's neighbor's daughter.  If you recall way back in season 1's "NUMBERS" episode, Grandpa Tito died of a heart attack right after Hurley was interviewed for winning the lottery with those dreaded numbers!  Looks like he is alive and well in this timeline. 
Hurley's Date at Spanish Johnny's
We join Hurley at what looks to be a Mexican restaurant with an interesting name.  He is waiting for Rosalita who appears to be a no show.
  • That is totally okay because guess who DOES show up?  Yep, LIBBY!  And this isn't just your ordinary sideways Libby.  This is a Libby who has seen the light.  She has drank from the Charlie Pace/Daniel Faraday-Widmore Kool-Aid and believes in true love.   She also believes that she has seen Hurley in another life. 

  • Poor Hugo, his first reaction was thinking it was Rosalita and saying he didn't expect that he could be set up with someone so pretty.  He claims later to not be great with the ladies.
  • Libby thinks Hurley will think she's crazy if she told him why she was there.  She asks Hurley if he believes 2 people can be connected, like soul mates.   Hurley just nods saying "I guess" at the pretty lady saying she that he is her soul mate and goes with the flow.
  • Libby is upset that Hurley doesn't "remember him".  Here's a question for you, do we think it's strange that the characters that are deceased in the Island timeline are identifying with the Island timeline quicker than everyone else?  (Charlie, Daniel and now Libby)  Granted, I don't know what that says for Eloise, but there's still tons to speculate about with her! 
  • Before Libby can explain any further, guess who shows up? Dr. Brooks from Santa Rosa Mental Institution!  If you recall in the season 2 episode "DAVE" Dr. Brooks was Hurley's psychiatrist.  She has come to take Libby away say that she just wandered off. 
  • Before Libby is taken away she tells Hurley that she meant everything she said and looks very serious.  Hurley follows them out and sees the Santa Rosa van.
  • Now, we're going to get into future scenes where we can try and see if we got an answer to why Libby was in the institution on the Island timeline.  I'm not sure we will be able to 100% deduce the reasoning just yet though. 
Mr. Cluck's
Depressed/Confused Hurley goes to one of his franchise restaurants and orders a Family Size bucket of chicken.  He will have a "chance" meeting with a fellow Sideways Flight 815er.  But before then we must meet the Mr. Cluck's employee operating the register!
  • Why it's Samm Levine of course!   I know he has been in tons of stuff, but his "street cred" started when he was on Freaks and Geeks (which shamefully, I have never seen).  I guess he is probably a big LOST fan and was able to sneak into a little cameo!

  • We hear the order numbers being called off starting at 38 and going up to 41.  And what do you know Desmond just happens to be in the Mr. Cluck's as well!   He asks Hugo if he knows him from somewhere and then says they were both on Flight 815 (if you recall last week, Hurley told Desmond at which baggage claim their luggage was going to be).   Hurley is not really in the mood to talk but Desmond asks just to sit with him until his number is called. 

  • Hurley says that he eats when he is depressed.  And Desmond asks "what's her name" immediately diving right into why he is there.   Hurley goes on a rant about how he met a great girl who was crazy.  Once Desmond mentions that all women are a little crazy (Hey he said it, not me!), Hurley had to specify that he meant she was full on nuts and in a looney bin.  And then what made it even stranger is that she claimed that they already knew each other.  And HE would certainly remember. 
  • This triggers Desmond and what happened to him recently with his Charlie and Penny encounters.   He asked Hurley if he believed her when she said that she knew him.  Hurley said that he kinda did.  Des tells Hurley to go with his gut on this one.  And that he should try to find out where she thinks she knew him from. 
  • And of course with that bit of knowledge dropped on Hurley, Desmond's number 42 was called. (so saw that coming a mile away and loved every minute of it!)   Desmond leaves after he says it was "Nice bumping into you".   Ironic that he chose those words especially with what happens later on in the episode.  But clearly this was not a chance meeting.  Desmond is on a mission to "SHOW" all of the Oceanic 815ers their other existence.  To what end?  Well, that we're not sure yet. 
Santa Rosa Mental Institution

We open up at Santa Rosa on a very familiar, if not the same, picture of an Island in Dr. Brooks' Office.  Hugo came to talk to Libby. 

  • Dr. Brooks doesn't really think this is a good idea.  He made a mistake in bringing Libby out for a "Fajita Field Trip" (nice one Hurley!) thinking she would be okay.  But he says that Libby has issues with Reality.  Hmmm, we'll discuss in a bit.
  • Hurley ends up paying off Brooks with a $100,000 donation for the Rec Room so that he can go talk to Libby.  Good times!
  • We head into the said Rec Room and see a different man playing Connect 4.  In other words, like I said before, not Leonard!  So we still have numbers being thrown all over the place in this Sideways realm, but we don't have Leonard spouting off the numbers at Santa Rosa?  That's what makes me think Hurley didn't win the lottery.  At least he didn't win it the same way if he did win. But whatever, if we find out we find out!   We also see Hurley scanning around the room.  There is a chalkboard with another picture of an Island on it. 

  • The only thing I have seen close to a "reflection" in this episode is a quick glimpse past the TV in the Rec Room.  Not sure if this counts or not! 
  • Then Libby arrives, and is very happy to see Hurley.  She thinks he remembered their past life.  But he hasn't, he just wants more information on where she thinks she knows him. 

  • Libby then goes into it.  She saw Hugo on one of his Mr. Cluck's commercials and then it hit her.  It was like all of these memories of her life came washing back.  Only, it was of ANOTHER life.   She remembers a plane crash (hmm was she on Flight 815 this time around?  We never found out).  She remembers being on an island and she thinks Hurley was there too.   She said that they knew each other and they liked each other.   She said that when she got to Santa Rosa that she felt like she had been THERE before too and that Hurley was there with her as well.  
  • Hurley says he has never been in a mental hospital before which she knows.  But she had to go and talk to him because if he remembered her, then ....who knows!?!    
  • Okay, let's pause for a second.  So we don't get an official answer to why Libby was at Santa Rosa in the Island timeline.   But we do know she looked a little more crazy then.  We know that she had a husband named David (hmmmm imaginary DAVE?  will we ever know?) that died.  And that Libby gave David's sailboat to Desmond.   But why was she in that institution?   Was she obsessed over Hurley in BOTH timelines?  Was she having REALITY issues in the Island timeline too?  Having memories of the sideways timeline?  That doesn't make sense if Jughead truly caused this sideways timeline.  Will we ever get this answer?  This episode seemed to be the best possible chance of getting it and we skirted around the issue once again.  Maybe Libby will return for a future episode, but I'm not sure the Cynthia Watros signed on for more than one spot!  It would be nice if she did.  
  • Hurley still doesn't remember and Libby acknowledges that she's crazy.  Hurley is nice to her though saying that it takes a lot of guts to go up to a stranger and say that she knows him from some Bizarro/Alternate Universe (nice, I happened to use all 3 of those words in the Season premiere blog until I read that Darlton informed us that they do not like the worlds "ALTERNATE" or "Bizarro" because that suggests it is not real.)  
  • Hurley mentions his fear of even talking to women.  Libby smiles and tells him he's doing just fine.  And then Hurley finds the courage to ask Libby on a date.  And well, the water was starting to fill in my eyes because if you add in all of the Island talk about Hurley never getting to take Libby on that first date, and then we see that he's going to in Sideways land?  Well, if you don't get a little choked up, you have no soul like Sayid!  (I know, harsh, but true!)  
  • It turns out that Libby is voluntarily in the mental institution so she can leave whenever she wants!  Interesting, was she voluntarily there in Island time when she was absolutely psycho looking and obsessively staring at Hurley?  Probably not, but I still want to know!
Could the date have been any more perfect?  A beach picnic just like Hurley had planned for him and libby before Michael had to go and shoot her?   Awesome! 

  • While Hurley is ranting about cheese, Libby just senses that everything is "OFF".  Being there feels so familiar, like a date they never had.  Crazy, which is exactly what Libby says Hurley must think of her.  She asks why he even wants to be with her and Hurley asks the same question to her.   And poor Hurley goes into the whole "Come on, look at me" thing.  Libby says that she likes him.  (awww so PG!)  Hurley then says that she likes him because she's delusional (ahh good times).

  • Before he can say anything else though, Libby plants a big kiss on the rotund guy!  And that is when the fireworks happen!  Hurley starts to remember things from the Island!   Libby realizes she's not crazy and they all live happily ever after!  Well, that may be going a little too far, right? 

  • And, we also get a shot of Desmond watching from afar as Hurley and Libby make their connection.   Who is next on the list?   We'll see shortly.  I don't even know if we got anything more to speculate on here.  All we know is that our Sideways Losties are slowly realizing their former lives.  Will they get FULL knowledge at some point?  Do 2 timelines merge into one in the end?  Will the Island LOSTies become aware of their sideways selves?  One would think so, right?  And if we see Charlie, Hurley, Daniel and other couples divided by death having a happily ever after ending in sideways land, are we really going to root for the Island timeline to win out?  Definitely, an interesting question.   And it's all of the same questions we have had since the beginning of the season, but at least we're seeing this play out now.   Everything is coming together!
  • One more note on reflections in the episode, the only other thing I could possibly consider a reflection would be Hurley's "Man of the Year" trophy which was see through and lots of light reflected off of it.  But we never saw Hurley's face in it.  Also, Desmond was wearing those sunglasses the whole episode and they were showing reflections but never clearly anyone's face.  Did they just abandon the theme for this episode? 

Team Flocke
As mentioned before, Sawyer and Kate ate getting antsy in Camp Flocke.  They're also not thrilled that Jin is over with Widmore and they're doing nothing about it.  Some interesting moments here to bring up including another classic Sawyer line. 

  • We see Flocke whittling a big stick and Sawyer comes up asking if it's going to be a spear.  Flocke says he doesn't know what it's going to be yet but when the time is right it will tell him.  Sawyer says "You talk to wood now?"   Love it!  
  • So Sawyer goes on his rant about Jin and hating sitting around.  Flocke says that they're waiting for something.  Kate asks what for.  Flocke explains that they were all only able to come back to the island because they did it together.   If they want to get on a plane and leave, it has to happen the same way.  So they're waiting for Hugo, Sun and Jack to show up.  As crazy as this dude is, that actually makes a lot of sense!   Now, if he's telling the truth, that's another matter all together.  After all, we did see him tell Jacob that if he kills Jacob then he would kill any potential replacement of his too.  

  • Anyway, Kate doesn't see it happening that Hurley, Jack and Sun will just roll up into their camp. Flocke says "let's just hope you're wrong" and that's a WRAP on this scene!  I didn't really see it happening either, but you know, things happen and crazy ghosts appear to Hugo and seem to convince him to move in that direction.   Oh by the way, Flocke gives his evil face again and it's as creepy as always. 

Sayid and Flocke go to see "The Package"
Dead-inside Sayid rolls back into the camp and asks to speak to Flocke in private.  They head out into the jungle and Flocke asks him for a situation report.

  • Sayid explains (coldly we must add) that Widmore never saw him but some of his people did.  He said he didn't kill them because he had what he was there for.  Well he did kill a couple people and just left Zoe alive.  Interesting that they worded it this way.  But he confirms that he did find out what Widmore had locked in the sub.  And we roll up on Desmond tied to a tree!
  • Flocke apologizes for Sayid tying him up but they were afraid he would run before the 2 of them had a chance to talk.  Desmond, fearless, said he had nowhere to run to.  This leads Flocke to cut him loose.  
  • Then Flocke goes into Question & Answer mode again.

    Why did Widmore bring you back to the Island?  Des's answer:  I was kidnapped, you need to ask him.  Sayid confirms he was under "armed guard"  Desmond said that they threw him into a shack and got blasted with  massive amount of electromagnetism.   Flocke asks how he would know specifically that it was that.  And Des just answers with "Experience".

    Flocke then asks Desmond if he knows who he's talking to.  Desmond acknowledges that it is John Locke.  Now, I don't think we ever saw a scene where anyone confirmed to Desmond that John Locke was dead.  So, the question is if Desmond really thinks it's Locke or he is just playing along with the game. 
  • Flocke sends Sayid back to camp while he takes Desmond for a walk.   Flocke says there is something he wants to show Desmond and does extend his hand.  Desmond actually DOES take it too.  Not sure if there is significance to this or not. 

Flocke and Desmond go for a Walk

  • Flocke asks Desmond to remind him how long he was in the hatch pushing that button.  We recall that it was 3 years of Desmond's life.  Flocke says if he didn't know any better that the Island has it in for him.  Desmond retorts with the fact that the Island has it in for all of them to which Flocke agrees.  
  • Then Desmond sees another mysterious boy (similar to Sawyer seeing one).  Flocke can see him as well.   Desmond asks who it is and Flocke angrily suggests ignoring him!  This kid smiles at Desmond and then runs away.  Just because I already got a couple questions on if this is the same kid that we saw before, I'm putting that picture right below this new one.  Seems like 2 different kids.  One with blonde hair and one with brownish hair. 

  • Working theory?  This might be Jacob and MIB as kids.  And possibly we will see a backstory with these kids in more detail.  Other working theory?  We have really been watching Peter Pan for 6 seasons and these are some of the Lost Boys in Never Never Land!   (okay, that one was obviously a joke! )   But clearly, we know that the Man in Black is not thrilled to see these ghostly kid images that only certain other people can see.  Desmond can see them now too?  Significant?  It would certainly seem so.   We also know that the Man in Black talked about being a "man" before and that he had a Crazy Mother.  It would seem like we will get these details filled in at some point before the season's end.  So why not drop in images of MIB and Jacob as kids throughout the season?  Like I said, just a theory!  It could be something totally different.  
  • Night falls, and Desmond and Flocke reach their destination.  And it appears to be a well similar to the one that led Locke to the Donkey Wheel (prior to DHARMA building the Orchid Station around it).   We find out from Flocke that there are many wells around the Island. 
  • Flocke asks Desmond if he's wondering how deep it is.  Desmond says that he read his mind.  When Flocke drops the torch down the hole it's very reminiscent of the season 2 premiere "Man of Science, Man of Faith" when Locke and Kate drop something down into the Hatch to hear how deep it is.  Based on how long this torch fell, it certainly seems not as deep as the Swan Site or the Orchid Site which we know Ben says is "Deeeeeep".   But we certainly draw comparisons to these other holes on the Island. 

  • Flocke tells him that the well is VERY OLD.  Of course, he wouldn't pinpoint a date or anything. Why would he?  Obviously, we'll be guessing forever how old this crazy Island is! 
  • Although he did say that the well is so old that people dug the well by hand.  (So just for kicks I googled when the shovel was invented.  I got a kick out of the Wiki-Anwer for that one.  "No one Knows")
  • Flocke says these people digging the well were not looking for water but for answers.  A long time ago places like they are standing in made compass needles spin.  Yep, you guessed it: Magnetism.  This must be one of the pockets of electromagnetism on the Island.  And if you recall from season 1, once Locke was done with the compass he gave it to Sayid saying that he didn't need it anymore.  Sayid was concerned about the compass not pointing directly north and shared this information with Jack.  We can assume that the proximity to the swan hatch or just electromagnetic activity on the Island in general was throwing the compass off.  But we never saw a compass spin!   Anyway, the people holding the compasses needed to know why they were spinning.   Flocke says that they did not find what they were looking for.   Hmmm, here's a random thought, was MIB and/or Jacob part of this well digging crew?  I guess we'll find out! 
  • Flocke says the reason he is showing Desmond the well is to prove that Charles Widmore is not interested in answers, only power.  (Kind of reminds us of Widmore telling Ben off island "That Island is mine Benjamin.  It will be again.")  Flocke suggests hat Widmore brought Desmond back to the Island so that he could help him find what he's looking for.  Like I mentioned earlier, Flocke says that this is not the only well.  Something isn't adding up.  Does Flocke mean that Charles wants to bring Desmond to a bunch of wells and holes in the island and expose him to electro-magnetism to find something?   Do we think that MIB was exposed to some of this electromagnetism  a long time ago and somehow it caused him to take the form of Smokey!?   I know, I'm just throwing out bizarre ideas.  But come on, how do we explain a SMOKE MONSTER without bizarre ideas!? 
  • Desmond isn't buying that this is why Flocke brought him out here.  It would seem he is correct.  Flocke asks Desmond why he isn't afraid.  He is out in the middle of the jungle with HIM and o one knows where they are yet he isn't afraid.  Is Flocke suggesting that Desmond knows this isn't John Locke?  Anyway, newly enlightened Desmond sees no point in being afraid.  Flocke smiles at Desmond and then just throws him into the well head first.  WHAAAAT!?!?!?! 

  • Well, that would be an awful way for Desmond to meet his end right?  Especially with the BIG PLANS that his return to the Island have promised.  I'm not going to get into previews for next week's episode so I cannot comment any further on speculation to if he's alive or dead.  Crazy ABC and their promos!   
  • I will say this though, clearly Flocke sees/saw Desmond as a threat!  

Team Jacob
Hurley at Boone Hill
So we join Hurley on the Island replacing an old flower with a new flower by Libby's grave and giving her an update on what has been going on.  He seems kind of surprised that she hasn't come to visit him.

  • Ilana interrupts Hurley and asks if he's ready to go.  She is going to the Black Rock to get some dynamite and then says they're leaving when she returns.   Okay, really?  Remember how long it took them to walk to the Black Rock in season 1?  Did Ilana really have to rush Hurley's conversation with dead Libby because she's going to be gone for half of a day?  Anyway, it was all for the sake of the story, but I still love how traveling on the Island happens so much more quickly now in these later seasons!  
  • Hurley suggests that dynamite may not be the best move to blow up the Ajira plane.   Ilana suggests that it's the only plan she has.  And then he defers to the expert. 
  • When Ilana asks about the grave, Hurley gives a sweet little recap of his love life with Libby.   Tail section girl, they were gonna have their first date.  It was going to be like a picnic but then she was murdered.  (ugh Michael!)  Oh well, they still got to have their date in sideways land!  Ilana apologizes and then heads to the Black Rock.
  • But we're not done yet because we hear some of the infamous Island whispers and then  someone else shows up. (and thank you again ABC for ruining this one in last week's previews!)   It's the ghost of Michael! 

  • Michael says he is there to stop Hurley from getting everyone killed.  Hurley doesn't want to trust Michael after what he did to Ana Lucia and Libby.  Michael insists that it doesn't matter right now.  If they blow up that plane, people are going to die.  A LOT of people and it's all going to be Hurley's fault.  He says that people are listening to Hurley now.  So who are the people that would die?  Anyone trying to blow up the plane?  
  • And please, I hope no one is going to suggest that this vision of Michael is Smokey!  He clearly was busy the whole episode and judging by us getting an answer on the whispers in this episode I'm going to guess this clearly was a ghostly vision!  The bigger question is, what side are the Ghosts on?  We have Isabella telling Richard through Hurley to stop the Man in Black.  Now we have Michael telling Hurley to not blow up the plane.  Are they suggesting they need to prevent MIB from leaving the Island in a different way?   Oh well, stay tuned! 
  • Jack comes and interrupts Hurley's ghostly conversation.  He asks who Hurley is talking to and Hurley denies talking to anyone.  Jack lets Hurley know that they're leaving. 

Debate on blowing up Plane
Ilana rolls back into the beach camp with the dynamite and says that they have to get on the outriggers and across to Hydra Island by nightfall.

  • Okay, it's coming more and more together now!  There are outriggers at the beach camp. So maybe when it's finally time to go to Hydra Island they're going to have to go back for the boats to cross the Island (Flocke has one, but they might need more).  And when they get there someone is taking one of the boats into the ocean to get to the Orchid station.  (yes, those someones would be the Time Traveling LOSTIES from season 5)   Whoever needs the outriggers mistaken these people for one of their adversaires and open fire!  Or it's team Widmore shooting at what seems to be the smoke monster disguised as Locke when it actually is Locke.   I'm more convinced than ever that we will get the other side of this scene!   It just turns out that we were witnessing events that were part of the end game of LOST last season.  Good times! 
  • Anyway, Ilana and Richard discuss how much dynamite she got.  Ilana explains that she got 4 sticks and that it's enough to blow the cockpit and all of the components. The plane will never fly.   And I'm just wondering after Jack and Rousseau blew up the others in season 3, where they're getting the rest of this dynamite!?!  
  • Hurley chimes in suggesting that using the dynamite is not a good idea.  It's highly unstable.  Ilana told Hurley that she has been training for this her whole life and that he needs to trust her.  (Love how Hurley asks if she's been training her whole life to blow things up).  
  • Hurley doesn't understand how blowing up the plane will protect them.  Ilana says that "that thing" won't be able to leave the Island.  Hurley brings up a good point "Neither will we and then it will be angry at us."   good times!   
  • Ilana then says that Jacob said that Richard would know what to do and this is what Richard told them what to do.  Hurley mentions that Jacob never told HIM anything about this so maybe Richard is wrong.  Ilana says she is looking out for their best interests.  And that "THAT THING"  is evil.   And then she delivers a common line we have heard the past couple of seasons.  "God help us if it ever leaves this island because...."

  • Woa........very similar to Arzt blowing up in mid-conversation we get a shout out to the past by blowing up Ilana in the same manner.  But this explosion was 4 sticks of dynamite instead of one leading to a very explosive mess!  WOW.   I spared you the pictures of raining bits of Ilana.  RIP Ilana, you served your purpose well.  Sorry you trained your whole life just to deliver a message!
  • Next we see what seems to be Hurley looking through Ilana's stuff.  He sees a book which I have absolutely no idea how to translate!  No fear, I turned to Lostpedia on this one.  It appears to be a Russian Version of Notes From the Underground by Dostoevsky.  That's as far as I'm going with this one.  Read on if you like in the links!  Hurley also looks into a pouch.  I almost forgot what it was, but I just remembered.  It's Jacob's ashes!  Hurley gets a brainstorm. 

  • Richard is telling everyone they need to go back to the Black Rock for more dynamite.  Jack argues that maybe Ilana died to show us to stay away from Dynamite.  Richard is willing to take the risk.  Jack brings up that he promised Sun he'd get her off the Island.  Richard says to blame it on him!

  • Hurley puts his plan into action and says that he thinks Richard is right and he tells Jack to trust him.  So, just like Michael said, everyone is listening to Hugo and they all go with Richard to the Black Rock. 
Black Rock

  • On the way to the Black Rock, thankfully someone starts talking about Island intervention again.  I was beginning to think this whole show is going to boil down to Jacob vs. MIB.  It's good to know that the Island is still an entity and a character on its own in this show.   Ben discusses with Jack about Ilana dying so suddenly after informing them all that they're Candidates.  She was hand-picked by Jacob, trained to come and protect the candidates, no sooner does she tell them who they are then she blows up.  "The Island was done with her."  It's making Ben think about what the Island will do when its done with them.  Very interesting point!  I don't think this line of dialogue was just placed in there for Ben to have something to say.  This seems pretty important!  And it reminds me of stuff that we have been seeing...well from season 1 but more specifically season 4 when Michael kept trying to kill himself but Tom Friendly told him "The Island is not done with you."   And then, on the freighter Christian Shephard appears to Michael and tells him he can go now or whatever.  (I still believe that this was NOT Smokey...I don't know how he would have gotten there!)   This all seems to be part of this whole "The Island is not done with you" thing.  Yeah, maybe this stuff is linked to Jacob's touch in some way but it would seem that the Island is playing a part in this stuff too, in particular, deciding when life ends for certain people.   Should be interesting how this all plays out! 
  • Everyone shows up at the Black Rock and then they notice Hurley is not with them.  Next thing we see is Hurley running out from the Black Rock and yelling for people to RUN!  Oh no, he didn't.   Yep, he did!  

  • Looks like Hurley pulled a fast one on all of us!  Did anyone else get flashbacks to Locke blowing stuff up in season 3?  i.e.  The Flame station and the Sub.  Of course Locke was trying to prevent people from leaving the Island.  Hurley is trying to keep their method of transportation OFF of the Island viable!   In any case, RIP Black Rock.  We certainly know we are nearing the end of an awesome series if they're blowing up historical landmarks! 
  • Richard is beyond peeved and Hurley just says that he is protecting them.  Jack tries to calm down Richard.   Meanwhile, I love how Miles said to Hurley that "A warning would have been nice" and Hurley respons with "I did yell RUN"   Ahhh good times.    
  • Hurley explains to Miles that Michael told him to blow up the Black Rock (well, not specifically told him to do that but we get the point "No more dynamite, no more blowing up").   He said it's one of the people that comes back after they die and yells at him.   He tells him that dead people yelling at him "happens enough."  And then he explains that he listens to them because Dead people are more reliable than alive people.   Now, I don't recall all of these ghosts ever yelling at Hurley.  Only Michael!  I guess maybe Ana Lucia raised her voice a bit and Charlie too.  They all have been helping guide his way though.  
  • Meanwhile, Richard is not giving up.  He is now planning to go to the DHARMA Barracks and pick up some explosives, to which he asks Ben if there are any left.   Jack wants to stop and talk about it.  Richard says there is no time but he'll welcome any other suggestions to keeping Smokey on the Island without blowing up the plane. 
  • Hurley says that he knows what to do.  They have to go talk to Locke.  Ummmm what!?  Everyone looks at him like he's crazy, but then he brings up that Jacob told him to do it.  Recall Jacob's ashes folks.  Clearly, Hurley is lying.  And long story short.  This splits up the group. 
  • Richard asks who is with him and states very clearly that if that thing leaves the Island then it's all over.  What is?  EVERYTHING.   Widmore and Richard seem to know what will happen if Smokey leaves the Island.  Naturally, they won't share.  Of course Richard may be motivated by Isabella who said "They're all going to hell" if they don't stop him.  I just love how Hurley went and convinced Richard to come back and now he won't listen to him.  I really hope we don't have argumentative GHOSTS on the Island too!  It's bad enough we can't tell who is fighting for the right cause vs. wrong cause with ALIVE people! 
  • Ben and Miles elect to go with Richard.  But Jack clearly states that he's going with Hurley.  And considering the last time that the group split up between Jack and Locke (season 4) and Hurley not wanting to listen to Jack, this was a great moment!   And of course, Frank and Sun decide to go with Jack and Hurley as well.
  • Miles tells Hurley that he saw that thing in action at the Temple and it doesn't want to talk.  This is his motivation to go with Richard. 
  • Richard advises Jack, Hurley and crew to not get in their way.  Oh boy!  Well, at least it puts all of our original LOSTIES in one place!  And it makes Ben an adversary once again.  Of course, we don't know where talking to Flocke is going to get them all yet.  
Hurley leading the charge

  • Night falls, Sun writes to Frank asking if they made a mistake.   Frank says probably. 
  • Hurley asks Jack what they should say to Locke when he gets there.  "How do you break the ice with the Smoke Monster?"  Ahhh love it!   Jack assumes Flocke will do most of the talking.   Hurley is worried that he made the wrong decision and Smokey could just kill them all.  

  • Hurley comes clean to not seeing Jacob to which Jack already knew.   Jack explains that he came with Hurley that ever since he got Juliet killed all he has wanted to do was fix it.  And he just can't.   Jack said it's very hard for him to sit back and let other people tell him what to do, but he thinks that is the point.   Maybe he's supposed to let go.  Hurley suggests that maybe Jack letting go gets them killed.  Jack said that Hurley asked him to trust him and that's what he's doing.  
  • As Hurley explains that he doesn't know where he's going we hear the whispers again and while everyone panics with their guns up, Hurley seems to know what "these things are".    
  • Hurley goes away from the group and yells out for Michael.  And he shows up! 
  • We find out that Michael is stuck on the Island as a ghost because of what he did.  I guess saving his friends and sacrificing himself wasn't enough?  Interesting.   Anyway, there are others like him that are stuck on the Island.  And THAT is what the whispers are.  ANSWER!!   Okay, so I don't know if this resolves Ghosts in general but we find out Michael is stuck on the Island and "can't move on".   Yes, kind of like PURGATORY (shudder).   It doesn't really explain why we usually heard the whispers when the Others were showing up but I guess it could be the Ghostly figures discussing it and trying to warn the LOSTIES.  I dunno.  Hmm, I wonder if this means that Goodwynn's wife WAS dead when she showed up to Juliet?  There were whispers and we haven't seen her since!   But what exactly does "MOVING ON" mean?   Is Charlie not punished for killing Ethan and he can appear to Hurley as a Ghost OFF of the Island?  Is Eko not punished for all of his murders in his life?   Ana Lucia for killing that guy in cold blood that shot her?   Does killing someone make you an automatic candidate to be a Ghost?   Is that why Libby hasn't shown up to Hurley?  Why is Isabella a ghost on the Island then?  Just because she wants to be where Richard is?  Why wouldn't Libby want to be where her soul mate is?   And Christian Shephard....what's up with his Ghost?  Yeah, he may have been smokey at times but he also seems to have been a Ghost as I've mentioned countless times.  Did performing that surgery while impaired and killing that girl and her unborn child give him an eternal Island sentence?   
  • Yep, so we sure got an answer and we can be thankful for Hurley actually asking the question "Is that what the whispers are?" and for Michael simply answering "yeah" but of course it's going to raise a hundred more questions!   Sorry for all the readers who I just frustrated with my over-analysis and more thought provoking questions!  We need something to talk about when this show ends! 
  • You gotta love that Hurley asks Michael where Locke is and then he points to another clearly visible campfire and says "there."  Thanks Michael! 
  • Hurley asks if there is anything he can do to help Michael.  He says to not get himself killed.  I wonder if that was code to say that Hurley would be saving the Island ghosts if they don't blow up that plane.   I am still confused then why Isabella is telling Richard to not let Flocke off of the Island.  Maybe we have to go with the ol' "The LOSTIES are going to disregard both MIB and Jacob in the end" theory of mine.  But in the meantime, we're going to see all of our living original cast mates together in one place! (well, minus Jin and plus Terry O'Quinn playing a different character)
  • Michael also says that if Hurley ever does see Libby again to tell her he's very sorry.  Hurley said he'd be sure to pass it on.  

  • Flocke returns to camp after disposing of Desmond into the well.  He tells Sayid that he will no longer be an issue.  Sawyer shows up all annoyed again at Flocke skipping town and going for a walk.   And just as he's getting ready to let him have it Hugo walks into the camp just like Flocke had hoped.  And we get Sawyer's classic "S.O.B." response! 

  •  Hurley said that he doesn't know who Flocke is or what he wants but they have to talk to him and promise not to not bring any violence if they keep the same promise.  Flocke hands over his knife and promises that the will not do anything.   Hurley signals them all in.  We see Sun looking around for Jin and sadly she still does not find him.  We see Jack and Kate smile at each other. awwwww   Woa, I just realized this is going to be the first time Jack sees Claire while knowing that they are related!  Exciting!!  Too bad she's crazy.  

  • But the biggest meeting we have been looking forward to is Jack vs. Flocke.  This is the first time Jack has seen a walking and talking Locke since The Orchid station in the Season 4 finale.  "Hello Jack."  Jack, even knowing what he was going to see is still shocked at the site.
    Update: Man, I'm losing it! Obviously Jack and Locke met off Island when Locke was trying to get him back to the Island. (season 5)  Thanks anonymous commenter for correcting me!  

This probably would have been a big enough "BOOM LOST" Moment for the week, but we got more! I'm still looking forward to next week's meeting of the minds and where this will all go. 

Flash Sideways - Desmond, Ben, Locke 
Instead of ending, we flash sideways to Locke wheeling his way into the High School with Desmond watching from afar in his car.  

  • Ben Linus knocks on his window thinking Desmond is a child predator or something.  Desmond is quick to respond that he was checking out the school for his son.  Whom he quickly refers to has Charlie.  (We must remember Desmond has no son in this timeline, so he must be remembering his other existence.  As we did see him flash on a vision of little Charlie last week).

  • Ben goes into praising the school and says that Desmond's child would do well there.  Desmond can't keep his eye off of Locke though.  

  • Once he dismisses Ben, he sees Locke dead ahead in his path, starts the car and speeds right towards Mr. Locke!   He barrels right into him and keeps on driving! 
  • WHAAAAT!!?!?!?  Ben comes running over and yelling for someone to call 911.  He says they're going to get him to a hospital right away.  We see Locke shaking and twitching and all bloody.   


Wow, totally didn't see that coming!!  Immediate questions.  Is Locke being brought to Jack's hospital?  Is he getting there the same time that Sun and Jin will show up there?   I would guess yes.  What was Desmond's intent?  Does he want Locke to have a near death experience to see his other life?  Does he remember "John Locke" throwing him into a well to his pending death?   Does Desmond know by hitting Locke that it will cause a scene where many LOSTIES will run into each other at one time causing an awakening?  Jack has already been made aware of Charlie and Desmond being on the same flight and coming to his hospital.   Desmond also knows Jack works at the hospital.   Very interesting stuff folks.   One thing we can't deny, THINGS ARE GETTING CRAZY!  And all of these storylines that everyone complained about from the first half of the season are starting to pay off.  Especially the time we spent in sideways land getting accustomed to the landscape and situations that all of our Sideways Losties are in before all hell breaks loose!   

I cannot wait for more!  And yes, sadly, there is not much more.  There are 4 more episodes before the 2 hour Series Finale!  Of course, many may have not heard we will be taking the last Tuesday of April off.  They will re-air the Richard Centric "Ab Aeterno Episode.  Hey, it's fine with me.  I could use a breather before the final onslaught!  Maybe I will plan on posting an updated list of answered questions and questions we still have that week.  We'll see how I'm feeling! 

But for now, I'm done and can't wait to start the discussion with all of the fine readers of this blog!  I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!  NAMASTE

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Anonymous said...


Okay, theories:

I think that desmond in the sideways timelien is desmonds normal consciouness. When widmore zapped him, I think his regular consciousness switche which leads me to figure how he told ben his sons name was charlie. And I think that Desmond on island is jacob inhabiting des' body.

more in a little bit.


Stacie said...

I believe that's Mt. Fuji in the background of one of the Mr. Clucks franchises. That's random, but I'm still reading the recap!

Anonymous said...

Mike V,

You mentioned that we do not find out how hurley gained his fortune.

If I do remember correctly, dont we find out that hurley won the lottery when Hurley tells this to Sawyer on the plane in LAX?


Anonymous said...

From lostpedia

"Sawyer goes back to his seat, where Leslie Arzt is pestering Hugo Reyes to do an impression of a character in his Mr. Cluck's commercial. Arzt finds it hysterical, then asks how a guy like him came to own a major corporation like Mr. Cluck's. Hurley replies that he won the lottery and happens to like chicken, leading a downcast Arzt to quickly excuse himself. Sawyer warns Hurley not to share his lottery win with strangers, saying it will make them try to take advantage of him, but Hurley brushes it off: can't happen, because he's the luckiest man alive. "


Mike V. said...

My bad Jackson. I guess my Sideways knowledge isn't as fine tuned as my island timeline knowledge! :-) Thanks for checking into it. I guess I could have easily just checked my own LA X recap to get the info. So tough when I'm pressed for time to get this thing posted! I'll update the blog. And then I'll get to the comments!

Mike V. said...

Woaaaa...very interesting theory Jackson! Jacob inhabiting Desmond on Island...and the Desmond we know inhabiting Sideways Desmond. Very interesting. Can't wait to hear your additional thoughts.

But based on what we know, that actually makes a bit of sense! lol I just am not sure that's where they're going it it but it certainly would be interesting.

Jerry/Stacie - Thanks for the insight on Mt. Fuji!

Rukshan said...

WoW! I have to agree with that initial tweet from the blog… it was an awesome episode. There were some great lines in there, my favorites were “Waiting is not the same as not doing any thing” and “ Dead people are more reliable than alive people” haha gota love Hurly.

Things did get even clearer in this episode. Desmond is doing his task of making people see the light, but I don’t know why he had to run over Lock? Does he get a spinal injury that makes him meet jack, and is he Lock’s island constant? The way John looked at Jack in the last scene made me think so.

One more Question is, why did Lock push Desmond in to the well? I’m pretty sure Desmond can survive, He did train for a sailing trip and I’m sure he could swim around and get to the cart wheel from there ☺
Shame about Liana, She was beginning to grow on me, but I guess Hurly as the new captain of team Losties seems to be taking us places. I love the fact that he told Libby “ weird alternate universe” and he told Michael “ You guys are stuck here” making it seem more like Limbo/Purgatory, both points that I’ve been considering for a while.

Anonymous said...


Maybe Flocke threw desmond down the well so Widmore couldn't get to him / find him.

I also find it interesting that Des is in a Zen like state like sayid.

Anonymous said...

Jack saw Locke after the Orchid station when Locke turned the frozen donkey wheel and tried to get Jack to come back to the island. But this is the first time that Jack has seen Locke since he died.

Mike V. said...

@Rukshan - All good questions with Locke. There definitely is a connection between Locke and Jack...but remember that was not JOHN LOCKE looking at Jack in that last scene. That was the Man in Black with John Locke's memories lol As for Desmond getting pushed into the idea...but it sure seems like Flocke is threatened by Desmond. It didn't sound like there was any water running underneath that well though....and Flocke even said they weren't looking for water lol But funny stuff with the Cart wheel/ Donkey Wheel!

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! The island is NOT Purgatory!!! LOL Do not be considering that! Ever since day 1 (or day 15) Team Darlton have dismissed rumors that the Island is purgatory. Sure, it shares a lot of similar themes but that is not what is going on. Well, maybe dead SOULS are stuck there so it could be considered a purgatory for them....but our alive LOSTIES are just that...ALIVE! It is not a purgatory for them! lol If they strung us along for 6 seasons telling us it was NOT purgatory and then actually make it PURGATORY.....NO NO..uh uh....people would be P.O.'d Personally, that is worse that the Sopranos cutting to Black. It totally eliminates the life/death stakes that we have been watching for 6 seasons...and that is EXACTLY the reason they told us it was not purgatory!

BTW - I still feel Jack is going to have to take a leadership role before all of this is said and done. This is all part of his learning process...him taking the backseat and trusting others. We'll see what happens! Yes, it was sad to see Ilana go where there was still some questions we had on her (probably not enough to justify keeping her alive)....watching her blow up was much more entertaining! LOL

Mike V. said...

Good call anonymous on Jack and Locke meeting each other off island. DUUUUH LOL I'm losing it!

Anonymous said...

Mike –
First, have to say I love your blog. This is my first time commenting. I just started reading it this season because I don’t have anyone to discuss with at home, LOL. My daughter thinks Lost is dumb (teenagers), and my husband says it is too confusing. I do find that I miss a lot, so I love reading your recaps. I am working my way through earlier seasons as well. So, here are my comments (sorry they are so long):
Illana – she blows up – I wasn’t expecting that. Guess we won’t be getting her back story, LOL
Desmond – I was screaming at the tv, no, don’t go near the well, he is going to push you in!!! Do you really think Desmond believes it was Locke? He seems to be too smart to think that, but maybe. And, why did Flocke/Sayid see him as a threat?
And – why did he run over Locke in Sideways? Seemed a little extreme to me!!
Jack – It is interesting that he followed Hurley, knowing he didn’t see Jacob. Nice statement, though, about letting go. Towards the end, is that the first time Jack has seen Flocke? He seemed very surprised.
Sun – at least, since she can’t speak English, she didn’t say where is Jin? But, you could tell she was looking!
Sayid – I definitely don’t like “possessed” Sayid. My husband had a theory. What if he is pretending, and he is not really the “possessed” person he seems? After all, he was a specialist in Iraq (I think). But, I still think he was really dead, and therefore, must be “possessed.” But, I still don’t like it.
Hurley – I loved his back story – He is my favorite character. In Sideways, he seems to be trying to do a lot of good. I wonder if the museum is going to tie into something else later? There seems to be a number of connections there. On the island, he is trying to do the right thing as well. I don’t get why he trusted Michael. Yes, he speaks to dead people, but Michael was the least-trustworthy of all the people when he was alive on the island. Why does he think he changed?


Mike V. said...

@LOST in MT - Thank you so much for the props! I have people to discuss LOST with at home but I think I frustrate them with my desire to discuss it ALL of the time! LOL So, the blog was a perfect outlet :-) Wow, maybe your daughter will see the light one day on LOST! As for it being confusing...yes it can be...but it's still such a great story even if you don't want to pay attention to the nitpicky details! But I don't have to sell you, you're a fan! No problem on long comments...i do the same thing!
- Ilana - there are always other ways to get backstories....through other people's perspectives perhaps??
- Desmond - I really don't know what to think on if he believed it was Locke or not. He seems to just be unafraid and all knowing right now. Which makes me consider jackson's comment above that maybe it's not even Desmond at all! Not sure how Jacob would inhabit his body...but I guess stranger things have happened lol For all we know, Desmond is right where he wants to be. No idea why Flocke sees him as a threat...but if Widmore thinks it's a way to put an end to Smokey for good...then it would seem he would need to eliminate that threat! And it would seem that electromagnetic events might be a bit scary for ol' Smokey. I'm not throwing away my idea that maybe such an event is part of Smokey's origin story! As for running over Locke in sideways...i defer to my questions at the end of the blog...they're all strong possibilities!
Jack - yep, sure is the first time Jack has seen Flocke.
Sun - She certainly was looking for Jin!
Sayid - I don't think Sayid is pretending at all. I agree with you. The man was dead for 2 hours so I have no idea what is going on. I'm not a fan of this version of Sayid either...but it is still awesome watching him snap necks!
Hurley - ahhh don't you mean his SIDE Story? lol I loved it too. There seem to be lots of connections at the Police Station , the Hospital and the Museum...all attractions that will show up on your GPS! LOL I would think we are going to see an assembling of LOSTIES at some point.
Good point on being able/not being able to trust Michael. Maybe all Michael wants to do is be able to leave the island as a ghost so he can go see WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!!!! LOL Oh good times.

Thanks for writing in MT!

Rukshan said...

haha ok fine, Its NOT purgatory... YET :) lets see what those ghosts are doing there... Im not saying that the Losties are dead,its just confusing.

I think the last episodes will show Jack vs Lock or some thing to that point, they have always been opposites since the start.

Intresting theory that Desmond could be Jacob. Did he say "brotha" at any point after he turned up in the island? if he didnt, its not desmond :)

Mike V. said...

@Rukshan - It's definitely confusing I'll give you that! But I agree, we should see what is up with these Ghosts. Seems like we're getting closer to an answer.

Yeah Jack vs. Locke/Flocke would certainly be the interesting conflict to be watching in the final episodes.

Good question on hurley saying Brutha...I'm not quite sure that he did! He might have said it when Flocke said the island is out for Desmond....Des may have said "are you sure you know that brotha???" lol

Anonymous said...

Since Widmore is looking for these pockets, he should find Des in the bottom of the well??

Mike V. said...

@Anonymous - one would think yes, if someone else doesn't get to him first!

Richard said...

Great post again.

1. Dez in both worlds seem very confident of what he must do and how the two worlds are related. It's like the IW Dez knows that he has a predestination whereas the SW Dez knows he has a purpose. Given the resignation of the IW Dez and the drive of the SW Dez, it makes me wonder if we won't see the SW become more the reality as the two worlds merge?
2. Which leads me to maybe what the characters see as off in SW can be fixed by merging? Not sure, it just doesn't seem logical that the island will want to have all the characters stay as their purposes will have been fulfilled.
3. And that ties into when the island is or isn't done with you. Meaning that your stay on the island is up to the island(or whoever controls the island).
4. I know you don't want to hear this. But I am beginning to wonder if there aren't good ghosts and bad ghosts ie, those Jacob related and those MIB related? I hope not, but it's the only way I can accept(with my limited knowledge) the various ghosts and possible reasons for being on the island vs those that aren't "trapped". Of course there is probably some "rule" on why some are and some aren't on the island that we just don't know about.
5. GREAT catch on the boys being different. Wasn't there a 3rd boy that had a red shirt?
6. At first I thought Dez ran over and tried to kill Locke because of what Locke is and did to him in IW. So that when the two timelines merge, the MIB won't destroy everything. But the idea of Locke going to the hospital where Jack can fix him "remember Jack said anything can be fixed(as I recall anyway)" might really be the reason. I'll have to say I was a little disappointed that Locke wasn't dead in SW land after what he did to Dez.
7. It looks like we're going to have two groups in SW land coming together. Those at the hospital and those at the police station.
8. There are two characters not shown yet which is really bugging me. Juliette in SW and whoever is Jack's ex wife in SW. It seems to me that Sawyer's constant (I am going to also have to say love interest) is Juliette and without her he may not "wake up". I know it could be Kate as well, but he sure seemed happier with Juliette and so lost without her now in IW. It also seems that either Sawyer or Jack in SW land is going to be without their constant/love interest?
Again, thanks for what you do.

Anonymous said...

Okay, So heres another theory of mine. We all know that MIB had his loophole to kill Jacob by inhabiting another persons body. What if Jacob has his own "loophole" to either kill MIB or keep him on the island, which is through creating a different timeline. Remember when we saw Jacob weaving his own string in tawerets foot? And Discussing how long it takes for someone to make there own string? Maybe this was a hint that all of the "progress" was Jacob creating a new timeline or "string", if you will. And in the end we will find out that this was jacobs backup plan all along.

I wasnt a huge fan of this episode, but it really has me thinking about alot.


David Salako said...

Another great episode!
The final scene was a killer!
Island Des does seem a lot like Jacob - perhaps that just happens when one achieves "zen-like, all-knowingness"? lol
Hurley finally assuming visible leadership is great, he will make a great one and his inability to lie effectively is a great quality! Speaking of which, one of my favorite scenes of the entire series is a very quiet, short sequence from season 4 with Ben and Hurley sitting on a log outside the creepy cabin and Hurley shares an Apollo bar with treacherous Ben. At this point in the show there are two other characters that have been shown more than once sitting on a log and having some deep conversation. Just saying!
Still wanna know what Libby's actual connection to the island and the losties is! Hopefully Ms. Watros will be back before the end of the series?
Was the brunette apparition kid holding a stick similar to the one MIB was carving out earlier in the season?

Unknown said...

I am not well read enough to connect Lost characters and places on the island to famous authors, philosophers, and all the biblical things that are going on. I do know my Springsteen enough to know that Hurley meeting “Rosalita” at “Spanish Johnny’s” was definitely not a coincident. One of the writers must be a big fan of Bruce’s album The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle. Everyone knows who Rosalita is, but Spanish Johnny is a character from Incident on 57th Street. Sorry for being off topic a little just thought some Bruce/Lost fans would appreciate it.

Gwen said...

My take on Desmond is pretty simple I think that both versions are fully aware of one another now and aware of the pros and cons of both 'situations'. As far as the rest of his plans in sideways land I am baffled.

Also was that cut to Locke identical to when the plane crashed in season 1???

Mike V. said...

@Richard - Thanks for the props!

1.) I agree, we cannot rule out that the Sideways World wins out in the end. I made a comment in the blog about how we're seeing these meetings of couples who have no shot at being together in Island world (because one person is dead)...we're seeing happy endings for these characters in sideways land. Do we take that away from them? I just don't know. I think we still need to uncover what exactly Sideways world is.
2.) Possibly! no idea...absolutely no idea. I just feel like one timeline has to win out in the end. So I just don't know.
3.) yep..sounds about right.
4.) Hey I know I don't want to hear about Good Ghosts vs. Bad Ghosts either...but it sure seems like we're getting conflicting directions now! So I guess we can't rule it out. I just didn't want to touch on it too much in the actual blog post. But definitely worth speculating.
5.) there was a 2nd shot of the Blonde boy with bloody arms...but I don't know about a different shirt!
6.) That was my initial thought too with Dez and Locke. And your 2nd point is the 2nd thought I had. It's all possible! LOL
7.) yep...still looks that way as we've been saying for weeks! lol But i think we need to add the Museum group possibly into the equation.
8.) Juliet is shooting V and Jack's ex-wife...I'm sure it's coming. Could be Juliet, could be Sarah....and I heard rumors of a certain Julie Bowen filming a Modern Family episode in Hawaii....Carlton Cuse sure seemed please to hear that too! I am pretty sure we have not seen the end of Juliet. I think she worked out a way in her V schedule to be able to come back for "a few" episodes. So I think we'll see that coffee scene!
You're totally welcome!

@Jackson - interesting theory with Jacob having a loophole of his own. I think, based on what we have seen, that Jacob definitely has a had a plan to counteract against MIB's ultimate plan. So this season we have just yet to see all of the chess moves that preceded the current events and of course the final chess moves that will play out in the current events. It is interesting to make the connection that Sideways land is Jacob's doing. I'm not sure if I buy that one, but it IS possible. We totally need more info on Jacob! And I think it will be coming.

Unknown said...

Thanks again MikeV! Great post. Good times. As always. :)

One possible aha moment. (Maybe this has been mentioned before.) Looking at the following quote in your blog:

Jack said it's very hard for him to sit back and let other people tell him what to do, but he thinks that is the point. Maybe he's supposed to let go.

Seems like Jack is fulfilling a Jacob kind of role. By sitting back he is letting others do the right thing. Like Hurly taking charge to confront Locke.

Reminds me of Heisenberg's uncertainty principal. Something like - when trying to measure state pairs (like position and momentum) of an electron the act of measuring it influences it's state so that you can never really know where it is. So at most you can get a stochastic probability of where or what the state of the electron is. I think this leads to the notion of the observer affect. (My apologies to any physicists/chemists I took Quantum Mechanics 30 years ago. So my definition may be a bit rusty.)

Is Jacob's role than that of an observer? And Jack is started to pony up to that role.

Anyway's this whole 'recruitment' phase by Jacob randomly drawing in folks fits some sort of probability model where one of these days he'll get the right people in to do the right thing at the right time. (What ever that may be. Arg.)

As I write this I'm reminded of Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. Harri Seldon was the main character who could predict and influence the outcome of certain crisis'es humanity faced using some social mathematics. (Spoiler alert) If you read all upteen books, it turns out that the math was all hogwash and Harri was selected, by robot guardians, out of all other humans cause stochastically he always made the right decision. Like calling the outcome for every coin toss as an example. Sorry for the digression.

Anyways, all sheer speculation == fun.

Anonymous said...


First just want to say I love reading your blog every week. Very entertaining and always points out anything I may have missed. This is my first time commenting so I'll keep it short with just two observations.

Just like everyone I was shocked when Des ran over Locke. I agree with you that he needed him in the hospital to hook up with his constant which seems to be Jack. The main reason he ran him over, I think, is that he remembers being pushed down that well by Locke on the island and wanted to exact a little revenge on him. Otherwise he could have just helped Locke along with his desire to call Jack about his free spinal consultation

Secondly, was it just me or was Flocke's hello to Jack when they walked into camp very suspicious and sinister sounding? It seems to me he thinks Jack is the leading candidate to replace Jacob and the man he needs to kill to get off the island.

Mike V. said...

Okay, so I'm gonna get to a few more comments, and then...unfortunately I'm going to be pretty busy for the rest of the day so I'm going to fall WAY behind. I can't promise I'll catch up any time soon but I will certainly try my best!

@David - Yeah, I would think there is a lot of "CALM" that comes with knowing everything. And it definitely freaked MIB out, that's for sure!

Loved hurley in this episode as well. And Loved that candy bar scene as well. So naturally you're referring to Jack and Kate sitting on a log when Kate apologized for Kissing Jack and then Jack said "I'm not" and they're about to kiss again and then Michael comes out of the jungle right? LOL No, I know you're referring to Jacob and MIB. I dunno about that...Hurley and Ben eh? Stranger things have happened!
I just don't know if Cynthia will be coming back but I would certainly hope so if we're going to see Sideways Hurley more! Maybe they were able to film more scenes with her when she was there. dunno. Yeah, I would still love more on Libby's ISLAND backstory.

I was waiting for someone to bring up the kid holding a stick! LOL It looks like that in the picture...but when you watch the's just a skinny jungle tree or vine that he was holding. But yeah, I was going the same route you were for a second! Then i pressed PLAY! lol

@Justin - LOL ....good call! I do not know how I didn't pick up on that. I was even thinking of "Rosalita" the song as well. BTW...great album. Thanks for the heads up. That's a good time!

Mike V. said...

@Milan - THANKS!!
Very good point on Jack fulfilling the Jacob role. It's always a possibility!

@Anonymous - Thank you too for the props!! And thanks for writing in! all good points! I totally agree, Flocke did seem very sinister sounding and I look forward to their conversation...hopefully next week!

Oh man...I gotta run actually....I'm sorry I cut the responses short. I'll try to hit them up again next chance I get.
Keep up the great discussion everyone, I'll catch up eventually!

SandyS said...

Hey, Great blog, Great episode. Have been reading it for two seasons know this is one of my fist times posting.

I have a theory on the opening scene of next week. Vincent runs out of the woods to Jack, starts growling and barking jack " What is it boy little desie fell down a well!!!" LOL

For a real theory is a time travel loop. They blow up the bomb and it worked period. Start flash sideways episodes. Flash sideways continue on. Until, at the end of this season they think they made the wrong the decision. this causes them to do something to reverse the bomb. Juliet is there and has something to do with it that is why the hatch looks so different and she said it worked. Start on island time line where Desmond flashes and sees what has happened because what happened, happened.

This isn't a very well thought out theory. I actually stared thinking about it when the Russian lost his eye :P I agree that jack is going to be inmporatant or why would he have the whole black rock/lighthouse faith thing.

SandyS said...

Another thing, does anybody else see that this is Schrodinger's cat. The nuclear isotope the island is both sunk and not until someone opens the box. What the box is and who would open it? i haven't got a clue but it is following all of the same things.

Weasel said...

@Mike V.: Yes, Desmond does say Brutha when FLocke is getting ready to cut him lose from the tree

Max said...

You are a Rock Mike V! My boss never gets any work out of me on Wednesday mornings until I've finished reading your blog and all of the comments. Thanks so much!

I think it is a little curious that Flocke would bring Desmond to a highly magnetized spot on the island after Desmond admitted being blasted with with high amounts on more than one occasion and surviving. It seems like with that information, if Flocke intended to get rid of Desmond, that would be the last method he would try. It's almost like he is playing into Widmore's hand...

It did definitely seem like revenge when Desmond ran over Locke.

Love the show, love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Okay, the MIB found a loophole to kill Jacob by taking the form of Locke when his body came back to the island and convincing Ben to do his dirty work.

What if Jacob's loophole is getting the MIB off the island where he is able to be killed by the candidate who could replace Jacob. I like almost everyone else believes this candidate is Jack.

I don't know how for sure, but I believe that electromagnetism will play a part in placing the losties into the sideways timeline and suppressing their island memories. Since electromagnetism doesn't have the same effect on Desmond, he is able to remember everything from the island timeline once he was exposed by Widmore on the island.

This allows for the losties to rid themselves of Jacob/MIB and still remember the connections that they formed on the island and are reforming with their love interests in the sideways (now permanent and only) timeline.

I think that the losties won't ever be truly safe and left alone until Locke and his suppressed MIB existence is taken care of off island. I believe the only way the losties can leave the island is with Flocke and that Desmond will play a part in helping Jack to see who Locke really is once he gets to the hospital. Plus, Locke's near death experience should reawaken the MIB part of him.

My question is can Jack kill the MIB in Locke and still save Locke himself?

Richard said...

I'm not sure of Schrodinger's cat with the island being both sunk and not. But, it is intriguing given that there is a reason that subs are needed.

I have tended to think the island is in a part of space/time that cannot be accessed from our natural world without first either going through a type of "wormhole(although maybe better though of as a gate)" activated by an electromagnetic or via some underwater "doorway" requiring a sub.

I still believe the Blackrock is in the center of the island because the island moved as a part of an overall storm.

Maybe the iterations over the millenia are a part of the Schrodinger experiment and the box is bigger than we think, or changes sizes??

Weasel said...

as far as there being 2 kids... I think it is the same kid. He keeps getting older every time we see him. I know a few kids that started out blonde and their hair changed color when they hit puberty. Also, FLocke seems scared of the kid (especially last night), so I don't think it is MIB. I am sticking to the theory that it is Jacob, and he was somehow reborn on the island after he was killed by Ben. He is aging fast, so we should recognize him as Jacob soon enough.

gnni4 said...

I second your WOW Mike! I am still just spinning from the episode, so my comments are a little all over the place!

I found myself having some of the same thoughts as some of the other posters here...hearing Springsteen sing,"You pick up Little Dynamite, I'm gonna pick up Little Gun", laughing thinking of Vincent trying to warn Jack that little Des fell down the well! Yelling at the TV to Des not to go near the well cause Flocke would throw him down, and then still being shocked when he DID throw him in the well.

I am surprised that you didn't even mention that Richard knows WHAT THE ISLAND IS!!!! Jacob told him, and he STILL won't tell anyone else? I think I would hog tie him and force him to tell!

I didn't think that Des was trying to get revenge, seemed more like trying to force Locke into a near death experience, but damn! Did Locke look like he freaked a little when he saw Ben at the end? Like Jack looked when he saw Flocke, he knew that they were going to see Locke and that Locke is dead, but still looked very shocked actually seeing him.

Ilana was being SO reckless with the dynamite, I couldn't believe that she was tossing those water bottles right on top of it, and then slammed the bag down, what the heck was she thinking?

My son now thinks that the island is Hell and the Sideways is Heaven, I am not thrilled with Michael being stuck on the island because of what he did...seems a bit purg -- I can't say it, it can't be, I want Miles to as Richard what it is, kill him and get the answer. Miles. Miles, Richard and BEN? Aaaahhhhh!

And who is that kid, or those kids, I think it is just one kid...who is that kid?

Thankful and angry with ABC for a key spoiler in the preview of next episode, would have cried all week, but should have cried all week.

Thank you for your sleep deprivation and getting the recap up bright and early.

Again, just WOW!

Steve said...

Hey, just one quick comment on a few things:

We already know that death, and near death experience, seems to bring some kind of "enlightenment" (see Juliette talking about coffee, and Charlie remembering the island) on both the island timeline, and the alternate universe. Knowing that, are we sure that Sayid is truely possessed? I'm just thinking here, what if his death experience not only showed him the other timeline, but how it was going to come about? Once he came to terms with that, he is no longer really living in the island timeline, because as far as he is concerned, it isn't "real".

I don't know if you remember, but I brought something like this up before. Think about it, sure, Sayid seems evil, but everyone who we know that died on the island in the island timeline, is ALIVE in the alternate timeline. That means that he isn't actually killing anyone, he's merely doing what's necessary to bring about the future. The same can almost be said for the MIB, sure, it's hard to see him as a good guy with all the killing he does, but if the killing is not permanent, and somehow ends in everyone living happily ever after, is it really evil?

Again, quickly, I wonder if Jacob isn't the bad guy here. I feel like the island is indeed a stopper (like he said) but a stopper that is preventing the dead (any dead) from being "free". Instead of allowing life and death in the normal fashion, he is so afraid of true death (death without a spirit living on) that he keeps the island there as a "net", only the dead are not very happy about it.

gnni4 said...

Oh, I also was trying to figure out who Rosalita might have been. I was wondering about the Rosalita and Santa Rosa and thought there might have been some connection. It was all making me think of Rose, since Santa Rosa is Saint Rose, I wondered if Rosalita was little Rose.
I googled the meaning of Rosalita, and came up with this site

it is funny, gives these meaning for Rosalita:

rosalita is the word for assassin in the ancient Wookie language.
Mexican plant lover (Spanish origins)
Slut (Polish origins)
cute little pig (unknown)

I'm also glad that Hugo remembered the blanket for his date this time!

Mike V. said...

okay have a little time before my next meeting.

@Milan - Whew...that was a lot of science talk! LOL Can't say I followed it all but definitely interesting. In simplistic terms...I just don't know about the Candidates and taking over for Jack. I think we're going to find out who the chosen candidate is...i'm NOT sure though if they're going to ACCEPT the job. I still like the idea of breaking the cycle of whatever the island has been doing. If we end the show with Jack as Jacob and whoever as Smokey....and the pattern repeats....I do not see a CONCLUSION there. and Darlton promised us conclusion! No big setups for a movie! We'll see though.

@ SandyS - Thanks for the props on the blog and thanks for your loyal readership!
LOL...great idea for vincent's return! Love it. On a sidenote, that actually reminds me...where are Rose and Bernard?!?!? Did they come back to 2007?? Do they need to be part of whatever plan Flocke, Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Widmore, Richard or whoever has cooked up!? lol Or does their retirement disqualify them? I sure don't know! But I still think we'll see them again.
Interesting theory on Jughead and how everything is working. I really don't think the hatched looked very different than it did in the Island timeline. I think Juliet just time traveled with whatever she was touching at the time. I do like the idea of Sideways crew all deciding that they made the wrong decision. But where that goes? I do not know!

I don't even think we need proof that Jack will be important in the endgame...he's been the Lead Hero guy since episode 1. It would be silly to not make him a vital role in the end game! LOL

As for schrodinger's cat....MAYBE! I'm not well versed on the theory except that they used it on BIG BANG THEORY LOL (great show as well) Anyway, if you're looking for a about the island's "MAGIC BOX" that Ben refers to? hmmmm

@Weasel - Thanks for the clarification on Island Dez and his Brutha'ings!

@Max - If you can't get work done, then my job is done! LOL Thank you for reading and for the props! Yeah, it definitely is questionable for Flocke to throw Desmond into a magnetic area. Of course...I don't know if this is possible but maybe it was "FORMERLY" magnetic? Flocke did speak of how the compasses "USED TO" spin near these spots. I dunno...that may be a classic case of overanalyzing the dialogue for clues! LOL

@Anonymous - Interesting theory! Get MIB off island and THEN kill him. Yikes, I dunno. I agree, Jack seems like the most viable candidate is JACK. But I guess I overthink this one and think that it's too obvious if it's him. Regardless, Jack will have a big role to play.

If Daniel is correct in assuming that JUGHEAD caused the sideways world...then we already know that electromagnetism had an effect on these Sideways characters' existence. But if we're thinking that the Sideways realm isn't created until AFTER season 6 events have completed...then yeah...I'm with you that electromagnetism will play a role. Just seeing what it did to Desmond in season 3, 4, 5 and 6 is reason enough to believe that! lol
So you think Sideways Desmond hitting Locke will wake up the MIB side of Locke in Sideways land? Interesting. I would think Locke might see himself walking on the Island and feeling the joy of living in a place "where miracles happen"...and it might inspire him into a different person. I would hate for John Locke to be gone in both timelines completely just yet! We shall see though! Ahh I just read your last sentence about saving John Locke while killing MIB. Interesting question!

Mike V. said...

@Richard - sounds about right with the wormhole vs. underwater doorway....But what about the BOATS that have left the Island and come back? The zodiac raft leaving the freighter and going back.....Michael and Walt leaving via boat on a certain bearing. I am still thinking that when Desmond turned that key....the island stopped moving as normal allowing the freighter and penny to find it.....hmmm maybe even allowing Michael to leave with Walt! I didn't even consider that part until right now. Eh I dunno.

@Weasel - Yeah...I thought about the "aging kid" scenario too. I just liked my 2 kids theory for now! LOL It's not a bad theory that it is a reborn Jacob...but why can only certain people see him!?

hg said...

I heart Hurley

hg said...

Colors again:

Purple - Libby & Hurley both wearing it in SW. Ilana in Island time. Was Dr. Chang's tie mostly purple? Mr. Cluck's employees uniform was a purple polo style shirt. Love me some MR.Cluck's!

Red - Des wearing a very solid red/maroon shirt in Island time.

Mike V. said...

@ginni4 - Whew...I'm gonna pick and choose from the comments. I did forget to mention Richard mentioned he knows what the Island is. But I don't think you're gonna learn much more if you ask him. You want me to answer it for you? think "CORK!" lol

Seems like everyone has similar opinions on Des and his intentions of running over Locke so I'll let them speak for themself!

Yeah, I loved Ilana stuffing the bag with bottles and then slamming it was good stuff!

DON'T SAY THE "P" word! LOL heaven and hell sideways and island....interesting. I don't buy it though! I just don't think this show is going to prove the existence of God and/or a devil...they will leave it ambiguous!

You're not the only one that still thinks it's one kid. My wife does too. Oh well...maybe I'm crazy! LOL It could be an aging kid. I could buy that. Taller Ghost Walt and all....

You're totally welcome for the sleep deprivation...i just wish i wasn't always so pressured to get it done before work....because i definitely wouldn't forget important things like Richard's comment! whoops! lol

@Steve - Interesting theory on Sayid experiencing the full Sideways. I dunno though...when would have have experienced this? at first he seemed to be totally Sayid and humbled to have his life saved....and then after talking to flocke...the darkness came out. more speficially when he killed dogen it came out. Do you think Flocke showed him something? I dunno...yeah I can get on board with Sayid not being evil....but i can't get on board with Sayid saying stuff like "I don't feel anything" what is THAT all about?

And I will not disagree with you that Jacob might end up being the "badder" guy of the 2. Considering Darlton keep telling us to have an open mind about it, it makes me think that it might be true. I dunno. Interesting theory about "TRUE DEATH" and Jacob's fear too.

@Ginni4 - Well obviously Rosalita is Chewbacca then! LOL ahhh good times.

Mike V. said...

Nice Holly on the colors. David will be a fan of yours for life! LOL

And I think we all HEART Hurley!

Weasel said...

I am sticking with the "1 kid" theory. My stepson had really blonde hair when he was younger... he is 14 now and his hair is a lot darker; more of a dirty blonde - almost light brown. Plus, they seem to be making it a point to have him in the same attire...

hg said...

I don't think Smokey wants Des hurt at all. I believe he's hiding him on purpose so Widmore and Smokey 'followers' won't find him. He believes Des is his ticket (pun intended) off the island. He needs to keep him safe and pushing him in an electromagnetized hole in the ground is just the right spot LOL.
He's going to bring him back up when he's useful to him in the end game. He's very aware of how special Des is to EVERYONE and he wants to be the only one to 'claim' him (again pun intended).

Do you think Charlie & Claire will run into each other at the hospital soon? We need that reunion because I don't agree w/Doc Jense that Charlie's vision was the Virgin Mary statue.

Anonymous said...

Flocke is never happy about seeing the "jungle boy"...when he appears at different ages. Is that Aaron? Is Aaron MIB? both have crazy moms. Is MIB going off track and the vision of his younger self is there to keep him on track?

HurleyAteMe said...

When Dez rolled Locke, my first thought was MIB took Lockes body to Sideways land and Dez is Killing him to save the world, but I also like the other theories mentioned that he is trying to get him to remember his island life. The shot of him looking straight up from the ground, blood on his head is similar to his other fall when Jacob touched him. and who touches him first this time? Ben, may not mean anything!

A couple of things that puzzle me are why Ben could not kill Widmore in there meeting seasons ago? and if Ben knew why he was building the airplane runway used for Airja.
If he did then it would seem to me that Richard and Ben have much more knowledge of what is going on now then they act like and may not be who they have represented in the past and have there on ulterior motives, hence Richard and Ben leaving the Candidates,, and Richard is acting really stange!

Mike V. said...

@Weasel - Sounds good to me. I guess I can see it either way. I definitely know hair can change over time. Yes, they do have the same attire but I many of our losties wear a t-shirt and jeans? lol It may have just been the style back in the day. It looks like OTHERS GARB...which a lot of them seemed to dress the same.

@Holly - interesting idea with Smokey "protecting" des by throwing him in the hole. Although, I think he would have done it a little more subtley than throwing him down there head first! I am sure Flocke does realize how important Desmond is though. So there we can agree! I really do think Charlie and Claire will reunite in sideways land. Doc Jensen was off his rocker with his crazy prediction. He has even admitted he makes ridiculous predictions that he forgets about a few minutes after he comes up with them! lol

@Anonymous - Yeah, the Aaron=MIB theory started getting thrown around after Flocke said to Kate that Aaron is going to have a crazy mother and that so did he. I guess in LOST-land is possible and I even speculated it myself. Just don't know. The boy could be Aaron...that's possible too. Like I mentioned above and before....we did see a "TALLER GHOST WALT" appear to Locke before....and there was no real way to explain that. So if we see an aging kid appearing to Flocke and Candidates and Desmond...maybe there's something to that.

Mike V. said...

@HurleyAteMe - yeah, all different variations of why Desmond rolled Locke are equally intriguing! The difference between Locke falling to the ground in island timeline is that he appeared seemingly DEAD and then Jacob touched him. Sideways Locke seemed just out of it and all shaky and stuff. I was wondering if maybe he flashed on his sideways already in this moment. And interesting point on Ben touching him first. I will go with you in saying it might not mean much.

Yeah, no clue if Ben knew they were building the runway for Ajira...maybe Richard gave him that order from Jacob. (since we know they never met). Emerson said we may not get information on the rules until the finale but he was just speculating on that on Jorge's podcast. So who knows? But yeah, I sure would like to know why Ben couldn't kill Widmore unless it had something to do with the Island not being done with them. And of course Richard is acting strange...his whole world has been changed since Jacob died! And now he is motivated by the ghost of his wife! lol

Mike V. said...

think i'm off to a couple meetings now folks. Keep the great discussion going!

Deebo said...

When Flocke throws Desmond down the well I thought that he maybe hit his head and that he went to the sideways world and realized Flocke/Locke was evil and that why he ran him over…I HATED Illana’s death…it was cheap and already done before…I mean she trained her whole life for this and that’s how she dies?? It was embarrassing for a strong female lead to go out like that…I thought Cynthia Watros was excellent in this episode, great acting…I may be in the minority but I also did not like the whispers answer, purgatory really??? I did not explain why we heard them when the others were coming and seemed to be thrown in to please fans…People having been speculating that answer since season 1…I thought I saw Eloise Hawking at the Man of the Year dinner?? Am I crazy??...Love that the plot seems to be moving at a faster place…Was it me or did this episode really drive home the feeling that it is really coming to an end…So sad but its going to be a crazy ride!! Great recap Mike but when isn’t it lol

Anonymous said...

Man was i pumped when Desmond ran over John Locke!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A reason why I don't think Desmond ran over Locke for revenge is because he didn't even seem upset when Ben was talking to him and Ben tried to kill him for sure. I don't think Flocke was trying to be nice or anything, but he could have done other things if he wanted Desmond to be dead for sure. Remember that Flocke didn't know Desmond was the package and may be just trying to buy time by putting Desmond in the well until he can carry-out his plan.

I think Desmond's intentions in running Locke over were to get Locke to wake up. Maybe if Locke in sideways land has the MIB suppressed somehow, then by waking Locke up to what happened on the island he can somehow influence Flocke on the island since Flocke seems to know John's memories, etc.

Another thought is what if the MIB can be neutralized by being hit with electromagnetism in both timelines at the same "time". Maybe an MRI at the hospital and being hit by Widmore's contraption on the island. I think this is why Desmond is so important because he can get Flocke to where he needs to be to receive the electromagnetism and still survive.

Richard said...

Interesting comment by Flocke on the compass needles rotating, in essence not getting a bearing.

For me the one consistent compass reading/bearing that has worked all series is that Ben is bad. And when he was looking like a good guy it was to ultimately deceive. (I know in SW land he seems good--I'm still waiting for the shoe to drop here. But, he allowed his daughter to be killed (admittedly a violation),misled Juliette, killed his Dad, led the purge, killed Locke (for smokey?), killed Jacob, etc. So when he decided to go with Richard vs with the candidates(Jacob's replacement) it made me consider that he might be going along to spy for/help smokey? I still remember smokey getting revenge for Keamy killing his daughter, kind of like smokey and Ben were on the same side. He called smokey the security system.

Maybe in this world where bad could really be the correct good guy (ie Jacob vs MIB) LOL, he's a good guy?

David Salako said...

Richard, Miles and Ben??
Not so sure about that particular trio!

MJ said...

54 comments already ! I'm way behind again ! Whew - just finished the great recap, no comments read yet though.

'(Hey he said it, not me!)' - very smart to poin that out so quickly Mike. LOL

It was definitely a different actor for the kid, but was it supposed to be the same kid, just a little older? From the first to second sighting the kid seemed to age a bit, and now again. Seems like the same clothes in your 2 shots. So either the same kid a little older (blonde hair can get darker on kids as they age) or Jacob and MIB in their youth and they wore the same clothing - like brothers.

We find out from Flocke that there are many wells around the Island - and wasn't that strange ? Like Darlton wanted us to chew on that little nugget or something ?

Ah - but this was Jack's first time seeing Flocke after Jack went to see Locke/Benthams body !

gnni4 said...

Mike V,
sorry to burst your 2 boys bubble, but found that Kenton Duty is listed as Teenage Boy on both episodes over at IMDB.

Also, just rewatched the episode, and Sideways Hurley says something about a banquet for The Human Fund, apparently he is attending with George Castanza!

gnni4 said...

Kenton is listed from Everybody loves Hugo and The Substitute. What episode was the bloody arms boy from last season, anyone? Was that kid credited? Is it the same one?

Mike V. said...

@Deebo - Definitely agree that the episode had a feeling that things are moving towards the end! I'm not going to say I'm thrilled about the Whispers answer. I feel like it's incomplete. I'm thinking if we're going to get more information on the ghosts maybe we can formulate a better opinion. But I dunno. But yeah, it really doesn't explain why the whispers were associated with the others...only allows speculation. Can't agree on Ilana's death...anytime someone blows up it's a good time! LOL I think the fact that she DID train her whole life and how abrubtly she was offed was significant and laid out in Ben's line later about the Island being done with people. Interesting point about Desmond hitting his head and going back to never know! WATROS was great in this episode. Didn't see Hawking but I'll have to check again. and THANKS for the props!

@Anonymous 1:48 - yeah it rocked!

@Anonymous 1:52 - Ben tried to kill who??? Locke? Do you mean in the Island timeline? You could be right on Flocke just throwing Desmond down there until he knows what to do with him. Flocke may not have known that Desmond was "the package" but I think he may know what Widmore wants Desmond for.

Interesting thoughts on MIB in both worlds! We'll see if it all happens. But for now I think I still like John Locke being John Locke in sideways land...and if he "wakes up" it's Island John Locke that he would be seeing.
@Richard - I disagree that Ben led the purge....we were told someone else ordered that. But yeah, ben has definitely done bad things. But after that great Dr. Linus episode it seems like he has repented for these things. Yeah, I think there is still more conniving Ben to come in the End Game, but I don't necessarily think it's for a bad reason. Well Rousseau called Smokey the security system too....I still think we need more information on why Smokey helped out in that occassion and could be summoned by the others. Of course, maybe you're right..maybe Ben has been in cahoots with Smokey all of this time. But then that whole conversation between Flocke and Ben in the foot after Ben realized he was Smokey.....just doesn't seem to make sense! Seemed like it was the first time he was officially meeting him. I guess we'll see!

@David - definitely an interesting trio!

@MJ - I had written that a different way the first time around, but then changed it up thinking it was more PC! :-) lol Seems like I am in a big minority thinking this is 2 different kids. Looks like Ginni went the next step and looked up imdb or something. But she said it's the same actor playing the same kid. Yikes...i dunno. I was thinking more along the lines of Jacob and MIB as brothers.... but I guess we'll see. I'll have to check out the IMDB stuff!
As for the wells...yeah...i wonder if this is what Zoe is investigating and why she needs Jin's help. Yes it definitely was the first time Jack saw Flocke after seeing the dead body!

@Ginni4 - like i mentioned above, looks liek you got me on that one! lol Yeah I heard about the George Costanza reference too. Totally missed it when watching though lol The Bloody arms boy, btw, is the same episode THIS season it was "the substitute" We saw 2 different shots of the boy.

I just can't believe more people didn't think that this was 2 different kids before looking it up!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else catch the background music playing during the preview for next weeks Lost? It was Gene Wilder singing a song from Willy Wonka. And not just any song, but the song he sings as they take that scary boat ride through a tunnel. You can see the preview here:

And the Youtube link to the original is here:

I remember this scene from when I was a kid, and it scared the living _____ out of me!

Mike V. said...

@Anonymous - I recognized the song but couldn't place it. That is kind of nuts! That move did scare the crap out of me when I was younger. Those crazy Umpa Lumpas or however you spell it! LOL

Richard said...

Lost BOY
Whether the boy is supposed to be the same character or not, there are at least 3 very different portrayals of the boy:
1.Blonde with bloody arms turned open on his sides. Richard and Locke Here at Lost Media:

2.Blonde with facial expressions near zero. Sawyer and Locke
3.Darker hair (apparently older) but smiling as Flocke became upset. Dez and Locke

The 3rd boy appearance had a grey colored shirt whereas the first two appearances had a kind of yellowish colored shirt.

These appearances of course bring into question whether he is the personification of the island or it's "controller".

I am leaning toward the first appearance with blood reflecting the loss of Jacob or some other loss? Of course it could be a result/reflection of him having killed something/someone?

Still can't tell whether this boy is good or bad, but seems to be keeping Flocke on a short leash.

Richard said...

Lost BOY
Whether the boy is supposed to be the same character or not, there are at least 3 very different portrayals of the boy:
1.Blonde with bloody arms turned open on his sides. Richard and Locke Here at Lost Media:

2.Blonde with facial expressions near zero. Sawyer and Locke
3.Darker hair (apparently older) but smiling as Flocke became upset. Dez and Locke

The 3rd boy appearance had a grey colored shirt whereas the first two appearances had a kind of yellowish colored shirt.

These appearances of course bring into question whether he is the personification of the island or it's "controller".

I am leaning toward the first appearance with blood reflecting the loss of Jacob or some other loss? Of course it could be a result/reflection of him having killed something/someone?

Still can't tell whether this boy is good or bad, but seems to be keeping Flocke on a short leash.

Anonymous said...

Interesting lryics to the Willy Wonka "Wondrous Boat Ride" song:

Round the world and home again
That's the sailor's way
Faster faster, faster faster

There's no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There's no knowing where we're rowing
Or which way the river's flowing

Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a-blowing

Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing

Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they're certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing

Anonymous said...

People in the FST can only become cognizant of the OT in one of two ways: A) Due to a near death experience or B)Feeling a love for the first time in the FST with a character they loved on the island in the OT (or re-connecting with their constant if you like). Locke will now have his near death experience and remember in the hospital but Jack will not. Jack will have to wait for his presumed re-connection with Kate before he eventually remembers (as will Kate, killing two birds with one stone as we're running out of episodes now). Which leaves A) Sawyer, B)Sun and C)Jin as the only ones left to remember: A) Sawyer's need to remember opens the door for a possible 'three-way' memory retention scene where Jack, Kate and Sawyer all meet up in the one spot (How about Sawyer arresting Kate and somehow winding up at the hospital in a room with Jack anyone?) B) Sun has a bullet lodged deep in her bladder and so she can't hold on much longer (...thank you!), this near death experience will cause her to remember quite shortly as Jin will presumably be by her side as she fights for her life C) Jin will realise his true love for Sun as he watches her nearly slip away from him and this will be the push he needs to remember the OT. If you argue that Sawyer and Kate wind up at the hospital (which might be a stretch but just go with me on this) you can have an excuse for Locke, Jack, Jin, Sun, Sawyer and Kate being at the hospital at the same time. For giggles, let's assume Desmond finds his way there to keep an eye on Locke *(who he intentionally put in the hospital to have him awaken to the OT - as Locke had no love interest on the island, his was always back on the mainland, the only option for Locke was to go with a near death experience, love always seemed to be a step too far away for him, then all you need is an excuse for Hurley to get there and you can have the whole crew in the one spot for one big scene of "Hey, I kind of remember you"


Mike V. said...

@Richard - Agree that there are 3 totally different portrayals. Yeah MIB could either be seeing stuff from his past (that other candidates are seeing too)...whether it be Jacob and/or Him....or it could be some 3rd entity possibly representing THE ISLAND. I'm on board for either! lol Definitely seems like it's someone that MIB has to answer to. Didn't someone on this show (maybe Ben) say "we all answer to somebody" ? Maybe Jacob and MIB had to follow whatever this thing's rules are. And maybe it indeed is THE ISLAND. Eh...who knows?

@Anonymous....yep...that's the creepy song I remember! LOL Definitely interesting lyrics. Either the ABC Marketing department having a good time thinking about things that sound LOSTY or direct intervention from the LOST Squad (aka Darlton)

Mike V. said...

@Jackson - Man, everyone has so many different abbreviations for the same thing! FST = Flash Sideways Timeline = SW = Sideways (or Star Wars..take your pick) whew. OT = Original Timeline = Island Timeline (or Original Trilogy or Old Testament....yikes) crazy stuff! lol Anyway, now that I have my bearings!

So based on who you think will become "in the know" do you think Ben, Boone, Shannon, Miles, Chang, Charlotte, Juliet, etc....all other people that have been on the show before won't become in the know? funny bladder comment btw! Anyway...yeah I see where you're going with this and I think it's just a flushed out possible scenario of what we've all been saying.....all signs point to the LOSTIES meeting up at the Hospital....possibly the police station too (but I could see that evolving the the hospital too) BTW...I think you left out Sayid! His brother is in the hospital too. I'm looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

This is my first comment on your blog! I only started reading it this season but its awesome!

I don't know if its ever been said before, but I feel like hurley has to do with everyone being on the island! I'm not sure how or why..but some things don't add up with him! And in this episode instead of seeing his reflections in his sw..we see light. Also, with hurley you see him in every single sideways story even if its for 3 seconds. It reminds me of jacob in that way! Also you have brought up the question of why everyone is in LA. could it have to do with the fact that LA is also called the city of angels? I may be wrong but it does tie into the whole fighting for good vs. Evil story! But these may just be ramblings of mine!

JSchaf said...

I think the 2 groups coming together in both timelines is key. In Island Time: everyone is coming together (except Ben, Miles, and Richard who just went back to the Dharma initiave). In Sideways time: Jack, Sun/Jin, and Locke/Ben will all be at the hospital; while Sawyer, Kate, and Miles will all be at the police station. So the question is: where will Sayid and Hurley end up in Sideways time? At the police station, then somehow the police station people and the hospital people will all come together somehow? And I know I'm leaving out Frank, have we seen any of him in the Sideways time? He is still confusing me, does he serve some larger purpose?

Katiee said...

I dont know if anyone brought this up or not yet because I skimmed through all of the comments...but I wonder what happens to Walt in Sideways land? Because its obvious that anyone who died on the island before jughead seems to be having these realizations of their alternate life...but Walt left the island completely and as far as we know, was alive when John Locke went back to collect those who left. Its random, but it just makes me wonder.

Then with that Kid that Flocke keeps seeing..I def think it is the same kid but just that he has aged since the last time that we saw him...and he's starting to resemble clue where its going tho lol

One last thing. From the beginning of the season when we saw Locke's sideways world and when he didnt look in the mirror, I was convinced that Locke wasnt really Locke, but it was MIB who had escaped the island and continuing to live Lockes life. Maybe Desmond realizes this and thats why he tried to run Locke over at the end of the episode...

Idk..i have so many questions and theories and I have a feeling ill still have plenty once the series is complete lol

Regardless, great job on the blog've def opened my eyes to things i never realized before, even in past seasons...


Weasel said...

@Jackson... I think Sawyer will meet up with Juliet for coffee, and that will be how he remembers.

Anonymous said...

Great blog..... i read it often but never comment..

just a few thoughts.. there seems like there is a definite connection between dying & the two timelines.. in the first show this season, when Juliet is dying she tells Sawyer 'it worked'.. almost as if while she was dying she could see the sideways timeline & she was off the island. which also connects to Libby, Charlie & Faraday who all died on the island being able to connect to both timelines.... i don't think the island is hell or purgatory but something about dying is critical..
Also I think you said this in a previous blog but i think the little boy is a reminder to Smokey that we can't kill certain people.. so i think that's why he throws Des down the well.. he can't kill him but he needs him away from Widmore whose ultimate plan is to use Des against Smokey somehow..

Kathleen said...

ABC, stop giving us spoilers in the previews!!! Usually, I turn off the TV before the previews, but I forgot to do that last week. It totally took away the surprise element with Michael's reappearance.

ABC, this may be news to you: surprise elements make for great TV.

gnni4 said...

hmmm, didn't catch the Willy Wonka song, that is interesting. Willy Wonka was looking for a replacement also, and it was Charlie!

I was wondering if Des might be having time traveling flashes again after Charle's experiment. We didn't know it was happening to him after the hatch until a few episodes later, we just thought he was acting bizarre. He could be unafraid because he is seeing into the future again. I like the idea that MIB is stashing him so Charles can't find him, and think MIB might have tossed him headfirst without concern of injury because the island IS NOT done with him yet.

This is a hard day to have off work, as I am a Lost Addicts Blog addict and keep comming back to the computer!

Yankeescov said...

I just wanted to add a couple of things quickly. Seems like Locke can't catch a break in any time line. Such an awesome character gets beat down every time. I would love to see a form of Locke as the new Jacob.
I also loved the Willy Wonka themed preview for next week. Awesome fit.

Bolger said...

The last scene with Des running over Locke struck me. Why should he want to kill Locke? It made me think of a completely different theory about what the sideways might be:

What if it is MiB´s way off the island??

This would mean that it would have been MiB who had plotted the creation of the sideways timeline. And he certainly had helpers like Eloise Hawking who pointed the losties to detonating the bomb (through her son Daniel, whom she brought to study physics) and by making Jack take the dead body of Locke on the Ajira flight. She said something like "He has to replace your father" to Jack. If we believe that Christian Shephard was MiB on the island, this has a nice double meaning. Her reward? Daniel will be alive, as mentioned by several others here in the forum. A mother´s love.

Other hints: The life of the losties in the sideways is much like the promises MiB made to convince them to join his side. Those aware of both timelines have the feeling that something in the sideways is wrong.

So how is it going to work for MiB?

When the two timelines converge, only one will continue to exist, the other will be purged. Remember Widmore saying that everything we know will cease to exist once MiB gets off the island, probably referring to the island timeline. So MiB will have to take action for the timelines to converge. All he has to do then is to switch from one timeline to the other, if he isn´t already there (being Locke in the sideways too).

So the question is: is Locke in the sideways timeline really Locke or MiB? Did Des ride him over because he wanted to kill MiB in sideways or because he wanted to prevent MiB from finding a suitable body once the timelines converge, so MiB cannot get off the island?

Or maybe this has all been planned by Jacob, as some other poster mentioned before, as a kind of trap for MiB??? In a few weeks we will know...

Anne said...

Could Desmond have wanted to kill Locke to hurt Island-universe Smokey-Locke?

Also, this show is so relevant to life. The life lesson I got from this week was: If you are Desmond, and you are talking to BEN outside of a school full of little children, and YOU come off as THE FAR MORE CREEPY OF THE TWO, you are doing it wrong.

(It being life. Lots of teenage slang in that post; got rid of most of it, that I couldn't.)

Anonymous said...


"A reason why I don't think Desmond ran over Locke for revenge is because he didn't even seem upset when Ben was talking to him and Ben tried to kill him for sure."

Ben tried to kill Desmond when he shot him on his way to kill Penny. If revenge is Desmond's motive at the end of last night's episode, I think he would have taken action against Ben as well.

Anonymous said...

I like Bolger's theory about the sideways timeline, that MIB created it. I would like to add this: what if MIB is coming into this universe in the form of Aaron? Or possibly David? I just don't think he is going to be inhabiting the body of any of our Losties. But maybe this is wrong too, because if the series ends with us thinking that MIB is still on the loose then is that really an ending?? I think an ending would be that there is no evil force in the final timeline! One can only hope...

Misti said...

MAN, Mike, do I love your blog! I'm with a guy who posted earlier - I'm completely worthless on Wednesday mornings at work until I've read your recap with a cup of coffee! So, thanks for your blog. I'm totally sad that we are almost done. Maybe they'll end the show amazingly enough that you have a thousand more blogs to write about No? Maybe? :)

For some reason, I knew Des was going to drive Cruella Deville style into Locke at the start of that scene. I LOVE that you posted that crazy look in Desmond's eye while he was speeding towards Locke - and the sick side of me had to laugh a little!

One of my favorite themes this season has been redemption, and I have to admit that I find myself wanting for Man-in-Locke to have a redemption story. I can't put my finger on it - whether it's the incredible acting or writing or what - but I keep holding out for something good from him.

Then again, it's going to take something extraordinarily good for me to forgive him for throwing Desmond into a well :)

No rich insight from me, just wanted to say thanks!

Unknown said...

I'm going to be so bummed when the series ends! I have a few theories, questions, and comments.

1) I think everyone will end up at the hospital. Kate crashed her car into the car Sawyer and Miles were sitting in on a side flash. Though they were all able to have a foot chase, it's possible they may need to go see a doctor...Jack? And this could be the Jack and Kate reunion!!!

2)Doesn't the mysterious boy talk to Flocke? When Flocke chases after the boy in the jungle after Sawyer sees him too, I believe the boy tells him something important. Maybe he tells him something along the lines of "He can't do that" or "He broke the rules"? Someone help me out here!

3)The museum is going to be something important. I think it may turn out to be the DI station The Lamp Post, or another DI station with a similar purpose. I think the Losties in the side flash will need something to bring the two realities together, and since the Lamp Post told them how to get back to the island the first time, I hope it will make another appearance. The reason why I think the museum is the new cover is since it was hidden in a church in a different reality, a museum would be the opposite. It also deals with a theme of religion vs science.

Maybe I'm making things more complicated than what they are, but what fun would it be if we didn't think of off-the-wall theories!

Shelly said...

A theory of mine....

Des is Jacob. He was told he would have to sacrifice and he survived the big Event. That's why he woke up naked in the jungle the first time and the second time he just became at peace and accepting of it all, like he was all-knowing. He was reborn both times and now he's following everyone around in the sideways universe, just like Jacob did. He wasn't on the manifest so we wouldn't see it coming. No coincidence he looks like Christ and he was spiritual before all this either.

Like I said, just a theory :) Can't wait till next week!

Floreen said...

I don’t know how others feel about this episode, but let’s just say that the way Ilana blew herself up so all of a sudden left me like; Huh?

Than, the way Hugo turns up to a be a hero...? Once he did that with Sawyer when he threw the portable radio in the ocean after Charlie’s death and it didn’t end up well, but it seemed so artificial compared to his outburst wonderful scene when he visited Danielle Rousseau in the jungle in S 1 I think.

He blows up the ship because Michael told him blowing the plane is bad? And he believes it? But how did Michael knew that?

That been said I have to say that the writers outwitted me again, fortunately...and it was a good one as well. ;-0

We discussed the purgatory thing a couple times and I was half Wrong... We do have a sort of purgatory, but one of the irremediably damned with no chance to redemption. At least one answer down. But...

That will make me Completely Wrong about MiB/Smokey/Floke making those ghosts appear??? Christians apparitions already caused me confusion, Isabela is problematic, both pokes holes in my opinions and now it’s just not getting any better? If so, were we left with more questions than answers?

Yet, we now know what about those whispers and apparitions an the fate of the wrong ones. We know what Des was doing for Widmore. I think we even had a fast one on the charity event?

And I could spoil it if I advance a new theory as to how I think the universes will merge, but whom am I kidding..., I was wrong before.

I did liked the Libby/Hugo entire saga. I applauded them. I liked the apologetic Michael since he was so sincere, but I still enjoy him been lost for the time been for his killing of Libby. That is until the whole thing gets undone. And Des running John over with his car, what a scene? I mean... hold it! That’s not the Des we know.

Mike V. said...

Hey guys! Just letting you know I'm keeping up with the comments and will catch up on responding tomorrow. Lack of sleep catching up with me again lol

thanks for all of the props on the blog!

Floreen said...

@gnni4 - I will say her that Rasalita could be the girl working in the genral store, where in the first season Hurley built up the courage to ask her out. Operative word, could...

joe said...

Hi Mike,

I enjoy your blog. This is my first time posting a comment.

I haven't seen anyone else mention this, but when Flocke threw Desmond into the well, it reminded me of when Ben tried to kill Locke and left him for dead at the bottom of the well. Do we know how Locke recovered from that wound? I wonder if something similar is happening here. Will Desmond's reappearance be as haunting to Flocke as Locke's was to Ben when he showed up again in the camp?

I agree with a previous post that the boy's appearance in this episode was to remind Flocke that he is not allowed to kill Desmond because of the rules (whatever they may be). That is why Flocke got so angry. There may have also been an element of taunting on the boy's part since it seems that Desmond will have something to do with Flocke's ultimate demise.

Which ties back to the sideways story. I was surprised when Desmond did his hit-and-run on Locke. This was not to knock him back to island consciousness--I could see Charlie trying something like that but not Desmond. I agree also that it wasn't revenge, but it was definitely Desmond going after Flocke to stop him from something (whether Flocke is already there, or to stop Flocke from showing up later).

As for Sawyer, I don't think that Kate is his sideways contact. The show has made a big deal over Sawyer's grieving for Juliet, so you know it is going to be emotional when they reconnect with island consciousness is sideways land. It will also be interesting to see Jack's reaction since he is obviously still blaming himself for Juliet's death.

David Salako said...

Locke must be getting one incredible "consciousness rush" in Sideways reality following Desmond's bump!
The dude went through a great deal in the original timeline.

Great question on if Desmond remembered Ben Linus and his altercation with him on the L.A. waterfront?

The musuem may indeed be another Dharma station!
I did briefly see a lady with big, white hair at Hugo's award dinner - thought it might be Eloise.

David Salako said...

I think FLocke knows he can't kill Desmond.

Anonymous said...

Twelfth Time Poster (TTP)

Still on a beach hammock on the Sandwich Isles.

The reason Desmond is so serene in both timelines is that he now knows the future in both worlds. He’s keenly aware of what is going to transpire and knows the actions he must take to ensure that the future, as seen by him, comes to pass. This is similar to what he was doing in Season 3.

Loved Chang’s “Orientation” video of Hugo.

Floreen said...

Whew... I finished with the reading... kudos to everybody... good points and Milan, I enjoyed your scientific elaboration. I had to look up a word in the dictionary just to be sure I read you right.

Floreen said...

@Mike V -
I hate this limit on characters in a post, I have to do it twice...

I wonder why don’t you believe in good ghosts - bad ghosts? Case and point:

When the ghost of Christian led Jack to the caves, Jack found the much need it water for the Losties who were just about out of it and Boone was almost to get in trouble for stashing a few remaining bottles for him and his sister. Christian acted like a good doctor in that apparition.

Goodwin’s wife on the other hand, tried to get Juliet to kill Charlotte and Daniel at the Gas Station. We know that the containers were reaching a boiling point, spilling the gas and killing everybody on the island in yet another purge. Juliet would’ve been killed and we know that Juliet cheated with Goodwin, meaning his ghost wife would’ve loved the revenge. Is not a coincidence that she’s the one who showed up to Juliet instead of any other ghost. I think that the ghost also have an allegiance to MiB or Jacob, or they have the memories of what they felt when they were alive. To say that even the ghosts are split in two groups could go both ways in been either right or wrong theories.

Consider than Libby who always shows up for the better good just like Michael on this one. I did not appreciate Michael been sorry for Libby’s death, but no mention of Ana-Lucia, unless he knows Ana will not bump in Hugo.

I DO Not Have Any Mercy for Michael post Ana/Libby murders and that leading the group in an ambush, On Purpose. I have no such feelings for John Locke post his involvement with daddy money in a safe-box, thus loosing Helen for good. I feel for them pre such events, I hope the finale will redeem them however. I do have sympathy at all times for Kate, Ana and Sawyer, even Sayid.

I think that a taller Walt here is just because the kid-actor simply grows up, it doesn’t have any mystic connection in my opinion.

Desmond, I subscribe to the majority and I saw it coming, that he wants to run over Locke, so Smokey would get ‘kicked out’ off Locke in the island time. I only assume that Des recognised Ben, but he was told by Widmore about the killing of Alex, and Des was the better man. cont...

Floreen said...

end...I didn’t wanted to post a spoiler, so Alert, but I think that the the charity event Eloise was planning was for Hugo, and that Des was working for Widmore in bringing characters like John Locke to that merger point. Des went to Australia after John at the Walkabout. Here is a bit tricky. Either John as originally was not allowed in and came back home - Des missed him there but got him here home, because from the other episode, I think John said to Helen that the walkabout was good, but I could be wrong about it. Point is that this episode would have naturally came before the Happily after...

So, all our conversations of Smokey making apparitions using dead and living people (perhaps) bodies is dead, Smokey wasn’t doing it, Jacob wasn’t, where are we on that, cause I am Lost on that now.

I also maintain that we have a right line, time, reality and we have false readings. I did advanced the idea that Smokey did claimed Locke when he was a kid, see the Richard visit with the tools and John’s doodle episode. I think that the posters who said the sideways are the life full of Smokey’s promises but harbingers of bad things to come as pay back. I could go on here like Milan in many ways to support my position.

I also think that ‘the island is not done with you’ is just a phrase used by the movers and shakers to hide their agenda and what are they doing to achieve that. If the producers move on making the island as they say, a humanistic sort of material, it would suck. I am already disappointed by how they put an end to Ilana. Come on, a girl groomed and trained all her life, and she gets offed like that, like she doesn’t know how do deal with unstable boom-sticks? Cheap, Cheap, Cheap like the end of Sopranos. Very disappointed. Blowing up Smokey, good stuff, Ilana; No way. And Hugo a hero and taking charge I find it to be also a cheap ‘let get this one done and out of here.’ I’ll say that even Jack becoming more of John Locke of Season 1 looks like a cheap exit. Just my opinions though.

Floreen said...

Her's another thought; What if the parallel time lines, happened right after the Oceanic 815, broke unto the island position following the right bearing - Jacob's work, and the hatch imploding and the jughead only accelated that process?

Let's remember that the island was already living out of sync with the rest of the world already. That's why those not entering the right way would suffer the consequences, like Minowski for one example.

Anonymous said...

i think jacob has taken over desmonds body.

it feels like desmond has become the new jacob in the sideways world as well.

helping the candidates etc.

by the way this episode is the best of the season so far.

PS when will they explain WALT.

thats really all im waitng for now.

Floreen said...

@Anonymous - I am wondering what's to explain about Walt? We don't even know what was that freak thing about birds crushing into windows. His character is been such a wash, I really don't miss it. I would like other things to be explained long before Walt.
The last we know is that he was enrolled in school in NY and that was it.

Mike V. said...

Yikes - 27 comments since my last comment with substance lol This could be a tough endeavor. I will try my best but please forgive me if I miss responding to your comment!

@Anonymous 4/14 4:36 - Thanks for blog props and for taking the time to comment! Interesting theory that hurley is involved with everyone being on the island. He did think in season 1 that he crashed the plane, ironically (because of his "bad luck") but then we found out that Desmond actually crashed the plane. As for seeing Hurley in every sideways story, I'm not sure I agree with that. I definitely don't remember him in Sayid's episode or even Jack's . And actually, not even Sawyer's (but he did interact with Sawyer in LA X) Interesting idea with the city of angels I am thinking it's mainly because it was the destination of Oceanic 815 that everyone is in LA. LOL But, it just doesn't make sense that some people are actually living there that lived in other places before. Makes me wonder how real this reality is....and if maybe they're all there because someone is keeping a watchful eye on them living these lives and making sure there are no VIOLATIONS (Eloise Hawking? MIB? someone else?) Oh well...we'll see!

@JSchaf - Yep, everyone coming together always seems to lead to big events on this crazy show! I wouldn't rule out an Ana Lucia appearance at the police station either. Sayid? well, he may go back to the hospital to check on his brother. Hurley has begun seeing things, so maybe he'll start seeking out people on his own. Or Desmond will return to visit him. I dunno! As for Frank...your guess is as good as mine. Seems like they just have him hanging out on the Island right now because he's a funny dude and he can fly planes! LOL Hopefully, there's more to it than that.

@Katiee - The Walt thing has probably been brought up on other posts but not this one! lol Yeah, it would be interesting to see if Michael and Walt are in sideways...of course with Michael saying he's "TRAPPED ON THE ISLAND" maybe he doesn't exist in the sideways realm. And if that's the case, maybe Walt doesn't exist either. Kinda crazy, right? But if MIB leaves the island maybe it releases all of the trapped whispering ghosts too? Sounds ridiculous but seems logical on LOST! lol Ironically, Michael says he's stuck there "because of what he did" which was an evil thing. Perhaps the whispers are part of the EVIL that would be released into the world? I'm just making stuff up now....and I'm thinking that really would be even a hard sell for LOST! lol

As for Locke being MIB in Sideways, yeah I pondered it too when he "pushed" Ben to become Principal of the high school. It's definitely a possibility. But I would hate the fact that John Locke doesn't exist in either timeline this season. we'll see!

Thanks for the blog props!! Glad it could be a helpful guide throughout the run of this awesome show!

@Anonymous - 5:12 - Thanks! And welcome to the commenting world!! Totally agree that there is a connection between death and the sideways. It would be interesting if everyone had to die on the Island or vice versa in sideways land for the timelines to merge. Yeah the 2nd time we saw that boy in "THE SUBSTITUTE" he tells Flocke "you can't kill him, you know the rules" or whatever. So that's a good point that this could be why he shows up with Desmond too. Good point that he's just putting Desmond out of commission for the time being.

Mike V. said...

@Kathleen - totally agree with ABC and the promos. Darlton have even complained that ABC shows too much. Yet, I can't resist watching them after each episode lol There was a bit of a spoiler in the preview for next week's ep too...but it was nothing I wouldn't have really guessed on my own!

@ginni4 - Yikes...time travel AND sideways flashes at the same time? That would be super confusing! lol Considering Darlton said that time travel stories are finished on LOST, I'm going to guess that he is NOT flashing on the future. But, if anyone would be an exception to the certainly would be Desmond. Maybe he's all time and all dimension knowing! lol A total omniscient being. ONE with the Island. Would be pretty interesting! Yeah, I have a day off tomorrow...I wonder how much time I'll be just sitting online and typing comments LOL Maybe I can find something more productive to do :-)

Mike V. said...

@Yankeescov - Agree that Locke seems to get a raw deal in both timelines lol Locke as the new Jacob would be interesting...I just don't know how it would work! Unless this sideways version of Locke somehow ends up on the Island. Like I've said IS Lost!

@Bolger - Interesting theory about Sideways and MIB and that this was his way off of the island! Woud also play into his line to Jacob "you have know idea what I have had to go through to get here" Some things that still don't make sense to me is if MIB can take the image of dead people OFF of the island (see Isabella, possibly Ben's mother) then why did they have to go through all this trouble of bringing Locke's body back to the Island? The PROXY I understood....but did MIB actually NEED Locke's body for some reason? That I still don't understand. All good questions and comments you bring up though with MIB in sideways. Definitely an intriguing idea. Like you said, we'll see in a few weeks! Can't wait!

@Anne - It's definitely one of the possibilities being thrown around with Desmond wanting to hurt Island Smokey. We'll see! LOVE the life lesson! LOL

@Anonymous 6:49 - OHHHHH duh...I get it now! lol Good point.

@Anonymous 8:51 - Interesting idea with Aaron and David in the Sideways realm possibly being MIB. After that episode where Flocke talked to Kate I started theorizing (well many of us did) if Aaron and MIB could somehow be the same person. (due to the crazy mother syndrome) David? I dunno if I can see that one..but you never know! I totally agree though...I would think that "in the end" whatever cycle that keeps repeating on the Island should come to an end. That's why I really don't like the idea of seeing Jack and Locke sitting on the beach repeating the Season 5 finale scene with Jacob and MIB. Seems like there is no closure. I want a definitive END! lol We'll see what happens.

@Misti - Thanks for the blog props! I love being a major cause of work procrastination! I'm guilty of it too (granted, at least I'm typing this post from home) I would love to keep writing about LOST when the show is over. And I'm sure there will be things to discuss. Just not sure what yet and if people would come back to read it anyway! lol There is the encyclopedia release on 8/24 that I'm looking forward to!

Yeah, ever since I got this iMac with the ability to take "screen captures" I have gotten pretty crazy with the pictures I find for the blog! lol

I think every character that we have met has some kind of redemption arc....why would MIB be any different? I'm sure when we get his backstory, we might actually feel sympathetic to his character. Wouldn't be the first time this has happened!

You're totally welcome!!

@Tesia - Totally with you on being bummed when the show ends. This blog will be available for consolation! lol

1.) Well, I don't know if after having a foot chase that anyone will need to consult a spinal surgeon! lol I think Jack is going to be busy tending to Locke...but maybe Ethan or Juliet will be tending to Sun....and I just think everyone is going to run into each other at the hospital. Not sure how Sawyer, Kate, Miles get there though...we'll see!

2.) The boy says "you know the can't kill him" i personally think he was referring to Sawyer. This makes sense since we know MIB has intentions of killing all of the candidates (see scene from Ab Aeterno) might make sense that the boy shows up again when Flocke is walking with Desmond for the same reason. We'll see!

3.) Agree on the museum being another important location...or something at least that is tied to a lot of former Island dwellers. It would be interesting to see how involved Chang was with DHARMA when the island wasn't sunk. as we know..DHARMA still existed since Ben and Roger were on the island and in iT! lol

Mike V. said...

@Shelly - Yeah...Desmond definitely seems to be reborn with lots of knowledge in both timelines. It's a good theory! I can't wait for next week either!

@Florin - woa...that's a lot of posting! lol Yeah, the character limit is kind of rough, but maybe Blogger is trying to tell us both something! LOL I don't think this comments section was every built for what this blog has evolved into. But hey, I'm not complaining! I love all of the theories!

Anyway...I'm going to have to wait until a little later to get to the rest of the comments. I promise I'll try to catch up guys! Gonna be a busy day today though. We'll see.

Keep up the great discussion!

David Salako said...

Hugo/Hurley's growing confidence and "rising" to a leadership position of some sort is not sudden at all. Watching over the course of 6 seasons, he has actually been able to motivate and manipulate - in a good way - other losties like Sawyer, Charlie and even Jack. His character is a lot like Samwise Gamgee in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. If one looks really closely at who was the most steadfast, always present, consistent and loyal character....

Mike V. said...

@Florin - Yeah, don't know what Ghost Michael's motives are just yet and if all of the ghosts have the same motives. I still am apprehensive on throwing arond the PURGATORY word for anything. The writers were so adamant that Purgatory has nothing to do with this show, so we'll see. I think you ask later why I don't think the Ghosts all have different motives. I didn't necessarily say I thought that....I was just HOPING that was the case so that they didn't go overboard with complicating a complicated show. But I trust the writers to do whatever makes sense! BTW...I enjoyed all of the scenes you mentioned. As for Ilana blowing up...I still thought this was fantastic!

In listening to Jorge's sounds like there was a deleted scene there where Michael reappears to Hurley and says "See? I told you people were going to start dying!" interesting. OOOH Also, they said there was a description of how Hurley won the lottery....and it was very similar to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where he picked up his "golden ticket" off the ground or something and it just happened to be the winning lottery ticket. I guess it goes into the whole thing of how Hurley is the "luckiest guy alive" in sideways land. I'm surprised they cut that out of the episode. Another thing they brought up when reading through the script was if they were going to make Pierre Chang look older. I'm not sure why I didn't even bother to look and see if he was 27 years older than when we saw him in 1977 lol I'm sure they put some grey in his hair. I'll have to check the picture again! Anyway, sorry for the sidebar...that was for more me just getting my thoughts out! LOL

As for Rosalita...I don't think that was the record store girl's name. I forget WHAT it was though...Too bad I didn't start writing the blog until episode 7 of season 2 :-) Anyways...I don't think she will end up being important...but it was still pretty cool with all of the Bruce Springsteen references. It made me go back and listen to some of that album again with "Rosalita" and "Incident on 57th Street" or whatevs....good times!

@Joe - Thanks for the blog props! And welcome to COMMENTING LAND! There does seem to be similarities with Ben shooting locke and leaving him in the DHARMA pit....(with Flocke throwing Dez intot he well)....but I'm not sure they were trying to tie that together. Of course, I have been trying to link the "KID" we keep seeing growing and the Taller Ghost Walt that appeared to Locke in the Dharma Grave. So maybe there will be some kind of interaction here. I dunno...just throwing out crazy ideas. As for Desmond not being like Sideways Charlie with his motives....are you sure about that? Charlie said he was "trying to show" Demsond something and not trying to kill him. Desmond says at the end of that episode "I want to SHOW them something" ....sure seems like he's trying to do the same thing to Locke here. Near Death experience and all. But I'm liking all of the theories going around...we'll see! Yep...I'm a closet JATER, so I agree that Sawyer and Kate are not the connection....besides Kate looked at Jack in sideways land as if she recognized him...not Sawyer. of course Sawyer and Kate's NUMBERS are 15 and who knows? lol

More responses to come after a quick meeting!

David Salako said...

Pierre Chang looked the same age he was in '77 and I don't think his left arm is a prosthetic in Sideways land as far as I could tell. It should be following the "Incident". Right?
Yet again, Francois Chau is not credited for his portrayal of Pierre Chang. Weird.
He does make some great "orientation" videos!

Mike V. said...

@David - I agree with Locke getting a "consciousness rush"...if he got any insight to what he's been through in his other sure will be interesting! I also agree Flocke probably knows he can't kill Desmond...even though when the boy appeared to him before he used Locke's ol line "Don't tell me what I can't do!" It might not stop him from TRYING to kill him.

@TTP - Keep rubbing it in about your vacation! Yeah someone mentioned above that Dez might be seeing the future again too. I guess it's all possible! if the rules don't apply to him...he may just see it all for what it all really is. He may just GET IT now. If that's the case, can't wait to be let into the loop! lol

@Florin - I think I covered the character limit thing lol And I think I covered above the good ghosts vs. bad ghosts...or at least my opinion on it. BTW...we don't know if Goodwin's wife was a ghost or not. That was just a speculation of mine in the blog. She claimed to be helping Ben. And Juliet didn't act like she thought Mrs. Stanhope was dead by any means. I think Michael has apologized or made comments that he was sorry for killing BOTH Ana Lucia and Libby. But because this episode dealt with Libby...Michael telling Hurley to tell Libby he's sorry makes sense. then again....Ana Lucia was intentional.....he always said killing Libby was an accident.
As for Taller Ghost Walt....I definitely would agree with you that it's just the actor aging. But the simple fact about it is...Darlton always said that they factored Walt's aging into the show. That may have just been the fact that they got him off of the island and revisited his story 3 years later. But in season 4 they make specific reference that Locke saw Walt but he looked "taller" and then Sawyer calls him Taller Ghost Walt. If they're not intentionally working the aging into the show...then why make reference to it? My thought was that when Walt tells Locke (in season 5) that he had a dream about Locke surrounded by people with guns that wanted to hurt him.....maybe Walt has some connection with the island...we know it's all mental...he pictures things...things happen. Maybe it's the reverse too. Maybe Walt appears to people on the island through his dreams... but MAYBE the Walt that appeared was an older version of him. I dunno....really doesn't make sense. But I can't let this go simply because THEY put it into the show. THEY recognized he looked taller. And now we see a kid appearing to Flocke and Candidates/Desmond and he ages each time we see him. I'm sorry...but I'm forced to compare! LOL

Interesting idea that the charity event was in honor of was at a museum....the other one was like on the Widmore grounds wasn't it? Could be the same thing though.

Mike V. said...

@Florin (continued) Not sure I understand what you're saying about Smokey appearing as dead people is false now. There are 2 different entities on the Island. A.) Smokey appearing as dead people. B.) GHOSTS Possibly a 3rd with this aging Kid and Walt appearances And of course there is Christian Shephard who may fall under both A and B. There's also someone or something behind the DREAMS people are having. I don't think we can rule out Jacob, MIB or plain and simple "THE ISLAND" from this yet.
The ISLAND has always been a character on the show. This was the intent of J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof when they were asked to come in and help Jeffrey Lieber with a final script for the Pilot of LOST. There were many versions of this Plane Crash Drama that ABC attempted to put into production before they teamed up Abrams and Lindelof. And both of them were on the same page with making the show a MYSTERY and make the actual Island a key character of the show. Now, I'm not saying that the Island is a HUMAN form or anything like this. But it seems like the MYSTERIOUS ISLAND has an agenda. And I actually prefer this to Jacob and MIB calling all the shots and the Island is nothing but an Island (as MIB suggests) I think it kind of cheapens the show if we find out the Island really has no unique properties and there are just 2 supernatural beings that can heal people, appear as people, and make people time travel and what not. Nope...don't buy it. It's the ISLAND that is so special. And I think I would be upset if that's not the case in the end.

@Anonymous 3:28 - I agree this episode was awesome! But i have a lot of favorites from this season already! Tough call to make for me right now. you're not alone with thinking Jacob has taken over Desmond. It's an interesting idea...but I'm not sure that's what is going on. It may be but I'm not convinced yet! Besides...we know Jacob is a "don't get involved" type of character. It would seem like Desmond is getting involved in both timelines now. I'm hoping we get a WALT explanation before the show is over. And I have heard rumors they were working on a way to work him back into the show. pretty crazy though...we actually have seen Walt at least 1 time in every season. I didn't really think about it until now. So hopefully they get that awful kid actor back! LOL

Mike V. said...

@Florin - I still think there is plenty to explain with Walt (I think I brought it up in my 23 Mysteries Blog...a link to it somewhere on the main page). Why did the OTHERS want him? (get more than they bargained for...) Why did things happen when he pictured them? How did he appear to Shannon? How did he appear to Locke (taller as i mentioned before)? Miss Klugh even asked Michael questions about Walt....because they were curious about him too. I think there's more.

@David - Nice comparison to Hurley and Sam in LOTR. Good stuff. Hurley has definitely evolved of the 6 seasons.
As for Chang - I didn't bring up that whole podcast commentary on it. But Jorge's girlfriend Beth also brought up that they'll definitely probably grey up his hair so people don't start speculating "WAIT CHANG DOESN'T AGE EITHER!?!?!" Interesting point about his arm though! Although...I still say that if a new sideways world was created...then in that timeline "THE INCIDENT" never happens. I don't think Jughead blows up and then the timelines split from there. I think it's a brand new timeline where 815 doesn't then they never go back in time...and chang never loses a hand. I all starts to make my head swirl if I think about it too long! Same goes with the Ben/Roger commentary. It doesn't seem like Ben and his father were ever at odds in this timeline..or maybe they were...but it doesn't seem like Ben was shot by Sayid and then taken to temple, FOREVER to lose his innocence! (according to Richard) So it goes with my idea that it's a brand new timeline. But...I really don't know what i'm talking about. I sure would like a definitive answer on it though! lol

whew...finally caught up!

David Salako said...

BTW - the license plate n Desmond's grey BMW in Sideways reality has a different license plate number in every sequence it has been shown in. Not certain about "Happily Ever After" but in "Everybody Loves Hugo" it is different in different scenes AND the camera angles seem to want us to deliberately notice this.

- Desmonds "what's the point in being afraid?" statement reminded me so much of Jacob's "what about you?" rhetorical question. Both retorts provoked the same kind of response! MIB and Ben were pissed!

Anonymous said...


Okay, I am going to try to word this carefully, but since some of us watched the previews for next week with the interesting music . . .

Did anyone else notice the facial sequence that seemed to have two characters faces (Claire/Flocke)switching/overlapping to the beat of the music.

I think this might lead to more about Flocke having a crazy mother just like Aaron. I don't know if I think Flocke is Aaron, but this sequence had to be done on purpose, right? With the conflict brewing between Widmore and Flocke, why not do the sequence with their faces instead of with Claire and Flocke.

hg said...

Per FB Lost Fan page:
The final cast shot will be revealed in TV Guide magazine on newsstands today. 300 of the limited edition prints are signed by ABC photographer Bob D'Amico and are available for purchase

Mike V. said...

@holly - Thanks for the heads up. I actually saw the picture in TV Guide. Someone took a snapshot and put it on one of the LOST sites (Dark UFO, Doc Arzt, ODI, one of those) It's pretty sweet! And this final poster sure would be a great gift from the LOST Addicts Blog readers to the Lost Addicts Blog AUTHOR in thanks for all of his efforts! :-) LOL (JUST KIDDING!!! But I sure would like one! lol)

@David - I'm going with PROP error on the license plates. lol With Happily Ever after...we know that car went into the water...not sure if it's the same one in Everybody Loves Hugo. Similar to how the paintings were in different places in Widmore's Office with every camera angle in "Flashes Before Your Eyes"....i just don't think we're going to have a deep investigation into why the license plate was different in each scene. But you never know!
Good point on des/jacob comparison!

@Anonymous w/ Preview Spoiler stuff: I really didn't watch the preview very closely so not sure I can comment on it! Oh wait...I know what you're talking about now. Yeah, I noticed that (I'm being vague intentionally lol). It could be some foreshadowing for sure...but sometimes I wonder how much ABC's Marketing Department is just trying to get people excited to watch the next week than they are with actually HINTING about what's to come!

That all being said, I certainly saw other things in the preview though that I have been refraining to comment on!

gnni4 said...

Thanks for refraining. I know why I missed the music you guys were talking about, I usually turn off after the boom/lost so I don't get into the next week. I don't like time traveling, messes with my stomache. I'll wait until next week to see next week.

Have a great day off!

Mike V. said...

no problem ginni, I do what I can! lol And thanks about the day off. I'm looking forward to vegging all day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

On Ben being in cahoots with MIB...

I kinda of like the idea and it makes sense that he could have been duped all along the way and it was not until after he killed jacob he truly began to piece things together.

Ben never spoke or saw Jacob. But he told Locke once that he use to dream. In those dreams, he might have received the directions to wipe out the Dharma Initiative (per smokey deception, since he could not get beyond the fence). Why would Jacob want them dead? We haven't seen him directly cause anyone's death, although he looks the other way a lot. MIB seems to do it with ease.

Richard pointed out to Locke in the Man from Tallase(sp?), that Ben had lost his way and was preoccuppied with this fertility business. re-inforcing the fact that Ben was either acting on his own or believed he was doing the islands business (per a dream).

For those reasons, Ben fell out of Jacob's grace and allowed Ben to get a tumor. Which MIB next move was to corrupt the next leader of the Others, heir apparent John Locke.

John has been manipulated by his dreams as well, which led them to the cabin to find Smokey Christian and Coocoo for cocopuffs Clair. Coincidence?

For every move by Jacob there's been another by MIB. Trying to piece the timeline of moves together like a mosaic makes it next to impossible...


David Salako said...

Regarding Desmond's license plates, I don't think they are a continuity error but deliberate on the part of the production folk. They film in Hawaii and would have had to specifically make those Californian plates.
I think they are a nod to some hardcore fans!

In "Everybody Loves Hugo" they are:



David Salako said...

Smart move on Hurley's part taking Jacob's ashes, they may protect him from MIB in some way!

Rene said...

Hi Mike
Love your blog, I just discovered it a few weeks back and Im addicted. I love all the commenters too! Not sure if this has benn brought up lately, but I keep thinking about it...remember in The Constant when Faraday was explaining to those left on the Island that time wasnt passing as they thought. They thought a day had passed and it was only 20 minutes or something. I keep thinking this will play a big role in the explanation of Sideways, but I cant figure out how! Well just throwing it out there! Thanks again, keep up the good work!

Richard said...

anonymous and Mike on Ben

I have always said to heed what a person does, not what they say. And so, yes, to me Ben is still bad, at least IW version, maybe even SW version(one good deed does not a good guy make you). Even in SW world he followed Locke's idea with deception to get an advantage! To me this just points to a near 100% guarantee that MIB/smokey is using Ben.

As I said earlier, the only constant that has worked for me all series long is not loose track of Ben being on the "bad" side.

I still cannot forget how Jacob asked Ben, "yes, what about you(basically)"-- Jacob knew that Ben was not necessarily on his side--right before Ben stabbed him. Again prompted by Flocke.

And because of Locke prompting Ben into deception in SW, I automatically thought that Dez was trying to kill Locke as a fight against smokey. I am not sure of this obviously.

As far as Locke in SW world, he doesn't appear any nicer than what Flocke can appear(when trying to be extra nice) in IW. Deception is tough to spot.

I sort of wonder if Ilana's saying to Ben that she knew he was lieing when he spoke(basically)--being tied to Ben's comment of when the island is done with you??

To me the only question is how much of Ben's working with smokey is voluntary vs persuaded.

MJ said...

TV Guide article with Jorge Garcia. Interesting - not really spoilery though.

Sorry if this was already posted. I still haven't had time to read any comments yet. Work has been crazy busy, and had a work related funeral today (second in a month really). Hey Mike - was probably in your neck of the woods - memorial today was in Chester County - Morton Pa to be exact.

Mike V. said...

@V - I still say Ben did not wipe out DHARMA. He killed his father but someone else ordered the Purge. I do, however, agree with the idea that perhaps MIB/Smokey has intervened with Ben before similar to Locke..pushing Ben in directions that Jacob may not have intended. I do want confirmation on who or what is behind those crazy dreams!

@David - Okay, well I'll accept that they could be a nod to fans or whatever...but I meant I don't think it will be essential knowledge for the show. But it is interesting to see them in a row like that. If you look at it vertically we see a 42 and 23 on either side of PCI FAN lol

@Rene - Thanks for the props! Sorry that you just got on board now..near the end! (granted, I'm sure I'll still find something to write about on the blog from time to time...but it will certainly be different!) Yeah...I think the whole idea of "light not scattering right" and "time on and off the island" seemed to be a big deal...and we haven't really discussed it lately. How about the Doc's body washing ashore before he was even killed!? crazy right? It might factor into sideways...I'm not sure how...but you never know!

@Richard - See...I never really considered Ben to be evil. I always questioned whether he was good or evil. He certainly has done evil things...but good and evil is very ambiguous on the show. As many keep bringing up to me with Jacob and MIB all season....and how the show has even brought up with the Scale and what not. Of course...Darlton have gone on record saying that people like KEAMY are definitely "BAD GUYS" no matter how you slice it. Ben may have some more "evil" or "morally wrong" deeds coming up in the end game...but it might not make him necessarily one of the BAD GUYS. As Ben said...he has done everything he has done in the name of the Island. He think he was sincere there. And I would hate for them to tarnish Dr. Linus episode by us finding out he was NOT sincere! If he was in cahoots with MIB.....I would believe it was accidental....summoning smokey or not...I don't think he knew MIB vs. Smokey were the same thing. So...I guess we'll see!

@MJ - Thanks for the link...i haven't had time to look at anything or post anything I'm glad you did. I'll check it out! Sorry about the funerals. Yeah...Morton isn't too far from my neck of the woods....but far enough! lol closer to where I went to school (Widener). I grew up in South Jersey, went to Widener...then lived 10 minutes from philly, then 20 minutes from philly, now 40-50 minutes from philly lol just keep moving further and further into suburbia!!

Paula said...

I wonder why FLocke can't leave the island in the sub, cause Richard thinks blowing up the plane is the only way to keep "it" on the island.

Mike V. said...

@Paula - First of all, I don't think Richard or anyone from that crew KNOW that there's a Sub there just yet.

But it sounds like leaving via WATER is not an option for Smokey for whatever reason. Because even Flocke knows there is a sub there!
Many have been speculating that water is a weakness for MIB...but then there are counter-arguments that we have seen smokey in rain who knows!? lol

But Flocke did tell Sawyer that he couldn't turn into smoke and just fly off of the island!

David Salako said...

In "Happily Ever After"....license plates...



Anonymous said...

I liked the episode but it seemed to be a little dis-jointed. Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying the ride and I know we are building up to the end.

Illana getting blown up seemed like an unfitting way for that character to go out. Not a huge factor since I think most of the folks will die in the end. Getting the Ardtz treatment just looked like an old joke being replayed, not as funny. At least Ardtz was an annoying jackass and everyone likes to see a now-it-all get blown up.

The Libby-Hugo scenes were nice and required to move the story along. Did think it was funny that Libby must have visited Claire hair dresser. lol

Mike I agree with you on the ghost whispering. Is it me or does it seem anti-climatic when we get some of these anwsers, since we've waited so long? Ok dead people "souls" are stuck on the island--so its must be Purgatory then right... SIKE just kidding Mike, it's really Limbo. LOL

I definetely like the Desmond scenes in this episode--can't wait to see where this goes.

I agree with whomever said the two boys are Jacob and MIB setting up the back story to come. Locke seemed really annoyed at this boy.

I know the multiple wells are where large pockets of EM was found but are there any theories around there use? I think I saw an inscription on the side of the well that read "The way is shut, it was built by those who are dead and the dead keep it.."

Loved the Lassie joke who ever that was. Maybe it will lead to a SW story for Vincent. lol

Keep up the good work Mike.


Anonymous said...

Desmond told Flocke that he survived the electromagnetism test and it scared Flocke. I think there is something Widmore/Flocke knows will kill Flocke and it has to do with electromagnetism. With Desmond being the only one who could do/activate it, smokey threw him down the well. Widmore did say there would be a task he would ask Desmond to do and the electromagnetism test was his way of finding out if Desmond could handle it.

David Salako said...

Hurley taking the initiative and speaking to MIB first may have some sort of consequence. He is the first "candidate" to do this. All the others let MIB speak first. I don't know if this means anything but MIB then handed Hugo his knife. Both Dogen and MIB - Titus Welliver version - seemed to think this "speaking first" was somehow important...

Floreen said...

@davidsalako - Hugo is indeed what you said. It’s his working with his heart instead of the brain what makes him difficult in those leader thing.

Floreen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Floreen said...

@Mike V - I know the purpose of character limit might help you in theory, but sorry, we need to do the reading. The typing is what bothers me... lol.

The blowing up is fantastic, I agree with you Mike. Is the character that’s blown up that bothers me. Imagine what a wealth of info we could’ve got from an Ilana-centric episode, right?

The Rosalita thing would’ve been a nice tie in with that episode, I was hoping.

I didn't say it’s purgatory, it just feel like a sorta, kinda, type of purgatory. Let me expand a little. From my college and post graduated courses if not just plain good common sense, in creative arts, the plot line - even with several variations, has to be linear. If ‘A’ has been said in season 1, and then ‘B’ is affirmed in season 2, we have a severe problem - plot consistency been broken.
Case and point:
Jacob talks to Ricardo in plain English about the island, he even pictures that with the bottle of wine. After that, anything that makes Jacob less than the white, good rock and MiB/Smokey/Flocke less than the black, evil rock will break that consistency in the plot line, a break not even a JJ Abrams can be excused for he should know better.
So when Michael as a dead character is stacked on the island with nowhere to go because of the evil he did, that sounds like a purgatory of some sorts, no matter what the producers says. If they insist otherwise, then they definitely missed a class or two in cinematography, plot consistency and the logistics of building one.

The Goodwin’s wife apparition was a ghost. The same whispers et all, happened before she appeared to Juliet.

On everything you said Walt, your opinion now makes good sense. So my latest thinking says that they either just dropped the ball, failed to build up on the character and expand on it. That’s why to me now is all like: So whaaat... But a good point came out of your answer. If he was alive on the island as we know he was, why the ghostlike apparitions to Shannon, Locke, Sayid?
So that’s another reason I now wonder again about those ghosts. According with Michael they are the ‘evil’ souls punished somehow for what they did and trapped on the island yet with an will of their own. So, were they acting on their own, were they taking some sort of orders from Jacob/MiB? I still stand on what I said before as it was then, based on what we knew. But this new knowledge brought by Michael made me rethink and wonder if I got it wrong before.

On the charity event I was just speculating. It could’ve been a two parts ceremony, al fresco drinks and snacks, then the inside hollywood style Oscars ceremony for all we know.

Ahhh... the Island... anyone Mr Echo! ‘Do not confuse coincidence for faith!’ Sure the island has unique physical properties - operative words, that’s undeniable. But when you read my plot thing, I don’t care what the producers/writers says. They are humans, they can be wrong and with that stmt made, they make the island look like a cognitive thing with all the attribute of cognitive humans and or/ animals because they qualify for it as well. So the reality here is that they over stretched, and it will be nice to see how are they going to wash themselves of that blunder.

Floreen said...

@anonymous - “On Ben being in cahoots with MIB...”, you’re catching on. Me and Mike V went at it for a while.
For the “At least Ardtz was an annoying jackass and everyone likes to see a now-it-all get blown up.” Annoying-yes because of the corporate culture he was brought up at school, forgive him for that. Know-it-all however he wasn’t and if he was, that would be a good attribute. Ignorance is not a bliss.

Floreen said...

@rene - @Mike
I did espoused the fact that since the island was out of sync with the reality, thus making it invisible to the rest of the world. One had to enter or exit the island through a certain bearing, 3.5.0 if I got it well - Ben making that clear to Michael/Walt departure and we hear that later with the freighter crews coming to the island, or else - the Minowski and even Desmond effects as shown by Faraday will kick in and kill the victim as shown on the freighter episode.
So isn’t it safe for me to say it again that the original entering of the Oceanic 815 and its subsequent crash is what produced the split in time lines with all the consequences we saw so far and the hatch imploding after the code was not in because of Locke, before that it was Desmond and then the jughead just accelerated that?

Anonymous said...

2 things.

1)Charlotte is dead in the island timeline and hasn't remembered anything....yet

2) in the ep where Ana Lucia shows up and talks to Hurley, as she is leaving she says, "Oh and Libby says hi."

I REALLY REALLY hope they explain the controversy surrounding Christian Sheppard's ghost.

Also, the stuff about Claire and Aaron. Wasn't it sooo important that Claire raise her son?

Walt. nuff said.

Also, I find it rather uh ironic..? funny...? that at this point the lethal "Others" have been reduced from mysterious island native kidnappers/murderers to stragglers seeking refuge. I wonder how they originally convinced the 815ers that the island was an excellent place to exist worth your affection and devotion. Ben perfectly exemplifies this fall of structure, supremecy, and Other society. Others used to be people with designated jobs and purposes with extensive resources. they used to be the dominant force threatening our stranded Losties (next to Smokey). essentially, now all the islanders and Losties are in the same boat.

Whatever the final outcome of Lost, I hope it really ends with a bang. It deserves that much. An ending so spectacular and mind-boggling, an ending so satisfying, doing justice to all that has happened in the past 5 seasons, that we are NOT sad to see it end.


David Salako said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Salako said...

@Florin Milea - I think Hurley/Hugo has actually been correct many times on the show and ignored by the other losties to their own detriment. For example - he yelled that Ben shouldn't have been on the Ajira flight - he was right - the outcome of that was deadly for Jacob! He told Ilana that the dynamite route was wrong - she ignored him - got killed. He disagreed with the lies of the oceanic 6 - they all ended up very miserable. His hanging out with Sun and Ji-Yeon at Jin's "grave" in Seoul was very thoughtful. So was his buying as many seats as possible on the Ajira flight in order to prevent maximum casualties and loss of life. He has always been "lucky", even though stuff may happen to those around him. If I was on that island, I think I will be sticking with whatever side Hugo chooses! lol!

Mike V. said...

@David - There's 23 again! lol (on the plates)

@V - I think you hit the nail on the head. Season 6 is all about closure but also coming full circle and getting that season 1 feel back. So blowing Ilana up helped us relive some of those great season 1 moments. Even though LOST is a serious and dark show most of the times, there are certain characters and certain moments that let us know the writers don't take themselves too seriously. And I love that!

Yeah I agree that some of the answers are going to seem anti-climatic. And the WHISPER one? That may have been thrown in there because people always wondered about it. It may have been something that the writers never really intended to answer. And sometimes it may be better to leave those things UNANSWERED lol (btw...the official LOST podcast is up with Darlton so I'm going to listen to that after i catch up on comments. I'll post my findings)


I'm the one that said the 2 boys are MIB and Jacob but I was in a huge minority! LOL So much so, that IMDB decided to go against me too and tell me that it's been the same actor every time we've seen him! :-) lol Oh well!

Thanks for the props and I'll try my best to keep it up for the final stretch!

@Anonymous 9:46 - Yep, sounds like you're right on board with us. Widmore and Flocke are both in the know. Whatever Desmond can do it's important and Flocke needs him out of the way.

@David - Actually both Dogen and MIB said "don't LET him speak" There was nothing about speaking first. But I still like where you're going with it. Hurley did do something different so I can't wait to see where it goes!

@Florin - trust me...I get tired of typing sometimes too...I just can't help myself! lol I don't get the character limit either...I was just kidding around!

I think any Ilana information that we needed to get we already they've been largely straying from Flashbacks and all. And of course, the Sideways story isn't over yet...we may see her again! A Jacob/MIB backstory could possibly show us more Ilana stuff if necessary. There are always ways around things!

Yes, I know that what Michael said makes it SOUND like purgatory. But lots of things that have been said on this island SOUND like Purgatory. It's been a consistent theme since the beginning. Hence the theorizing since the beginning. I think every season, I have mentioned in this blog "IT'S NOT PURGATORY!" based on comments being made on the show lol I could get into examples right now but I'm lazy lol Anyway, I think this idea was introduced with Michael not being able to leave the island....and the comments or the blog i started theorizing that perhaps the cork is keeping the GHOSTS with "evil pasts" in too. (probably the comments after discussing lol) That doesn't make the Island "PURGATORY" per say....but yes...Purgatory LIKE.... just not in the "in between heaven and hell" literal Purgatory sense. Because we definitely aren't going there. So I can agree with you to that extent.

Mike V. said...

As for Goodwin's wife...I KNOW...i said it in the blog that the whispers preceded Harper showing up. And that's why i suggested that maybe she WAS a ghost. But at the time we were led to believe she was alive. Just like all of the Other OTHERS that showed up who were alive when the whispers were there. Think about season 6 in the caves near the temple....whispers...then others grab Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sayid and Jin. Those OTHERS weren't dead! So what gives? The whispers were always associated with the others. Maybe it's intentionally linked to dead spirits...but we haven't been told how then!

As for WALT, yes, I fully agree that they introduced a character here that they have had problems revisiting due to his rapid aging process. But, I still think there would be an easy way to get a line or 2 into the show to explain what was going on there. But maybe an encyclopedia entry will be good enough.

@Lauren - 1.) Maybe Charlotte didn't make a connection with Daniel yet. He may have only seen her and not vice versa.

2.) yep...Ana Lucia definitely says that. So what's your point? lol That there are non evil ghosts in OFF Island land? That would be my point if I was saying it! lol There are some ghosts trapped on the Island but there were still ghosts that visited Hurley OFF Island. Charlie, Eko, Ana Lucia....and she makes mention of Libby. Christian visits Jack....i mean WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THAT!? I totally agree they need to explain Christian Shephard and I have to say that it's been intentional that we have been waiting until the end of the series to get that answer!

The psychic, potentially a fraud, told Claire to raise her son....and it's been brought up several times since then with Kate raising Aaron and Hurley getting a message from Charlie "you're not supposed to raise him" ....and Ben telling Kate "he's not your son" in season the theme has still been there. I think it will still play into the end game. Especially since MIB brought it up to Kate that Aaron is going to have a crazy mother. We still don't know what was going on with Malkin, the psychic either. But I'm not holding onto hope that we will get any more info!

I was right with you all the way until that last comment where you said we should NOT be sad to see it end after an amazing ending. I think I get what you mean...but if LOST plays its cards right and ends spectacularly...I'm going to be VERY sad it ended because it went out at the Top of its game making us hungry for more! (even though we are satisfied lol)

joe said...


You may be correct about Desmond just wanting to knock Locke into island consciousness, but realistically, slamming into somebody with a speeding car is much more likely to cause a death experience than a near-death experience. I guess this is television though, and if we demanded that they be realistic, then we would lose the premise for the entire show. It just seemed so extreme for Desmond, especially compared to how gently he handled Hugo.

Mike V. said...

Joe, I'll let Darlton do my talking for me lol here comes the official podcast brain dump!

Mike V. said...

Darlton Podcast (Here is my Live Blogging while listening to the podcast)

Not many podcasts left :-( Darlton likes the Willy Wonka promo. Thought it was really awesome. If there was a scale for promos it would be tipped to the white.

"We're gonna answer what we can answer but at the end of the day the show has to speak for itself." Goal was to tackle the big important mysteries.

There are questions that the show HAS to answer. THE WHISPERS is one of them. It matters to the characters, they've experienced this. Sometimes it heralds the arrival of the others. The Whispers, turns out, happens to be voices of those who cannot move on. Still on island in some unreconciled state. When Rousseau heard them, maybe they were trying to warn them. Certainly Michael was trying to warn Hurley of something. Do you think by blowing up the Black Rock Hurley ended up saving lives? Carlton: I hope so. Damon: Hurley is our guy. Talking to Locke can't be a bad thing.

They acknowledge they're rehashing Hugo ep: Why did Desmond run over Locke? Damon - We are now getting a connective thread between Sideways and Island timelines. Desmond seems to have some awareness of the Island in the Sideways and vice versa. One can't help but wonder if Desmond ran over Locke because Locke threw him in a well on the Island. Carlton - Yes but we also can't forget what Desmond said at the end of the Happily Ever After episode where Desmond had something to show everybody! Damon - maybe he just wanted to show Locke his car BADUM CHING!!! Then they joke about Terry actually getting hit by the car ...and they did 3 takes LOL Good times. (So, we're definitely discussing the right ideas here folks!)

Prehash of next week's episode (SPOILER ALERT!! I will put the TITLE of the ep and some clues from Darlton on what is going on in it)....skip past the stars if you want to continue reading in the Q&A Section!

6.13 The Last Recruit - WHO is the LAST Recruit? Carlton suggests probably Jack (that was my guess anyway lol) Carlton would be interested to see Jack and Locke have a conversation. Damon - you might have to wait to long. Only 6 hours to go. Time to stop lollygagging around and get to it! This episode is NOT a character centric episode...not focusing on just one person. More of an INTRIGUER than a SPOILER lol Damon copyrighted the word INTRIGUER LOL


Mike V. said...


Question: Carlton, I heard you and Damon will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the finale to explain everything!

Answer: The truth is we'll be on Kimmel's show on Friday 5/21 and will be live on that show. And we are going to TAPE a bit for the Sunday ALOHA LOST show. We will not be appearing after the finale ANYWHERE. WE will be in radio silence. The show will speak for itself. Not a permanent condition but we want the audience to have the same experience with this finale that they have had with every other season finale. We stand by the finale...really like it.

Question: If Daniel Faraday's mum is Eloise Hawking and his dad is Charles Widmore why his is surname Faraday?

Answer: Damon - Great question....related to a subset of questions....Penny's last name is Milton in Sideways and Daniel is Widmore. Island: Daniel was born off Island to Eloise Hawking...she had an affair with Widmore at some point on the island...but then they had a falling out. Why did she name him faraday? One reason could be she didn't name him Daniel Widmore because she didn't want anyone to know his name was Widmore. She essentially was HIDING from her past. But lo and Behold Widmore found him anyway....even started sponsoring his research...which we know Hawking was very upset about. Widmore wanted to help his son fulfill his destiny. In Sideways: We see these 3 people are happier....and the last names are all Widmores...and the only person that is no longer a Widmore is PENNY. Penny's mother is someone else entirely...perhaps an earlier wife of Widmore...but that's a good question.

Question: Is it likely that every action that Eloise has taken off island has simply been for the love of her son Daniel?

Answer: Yes, it's possible that everything she did for the love of her son...and of course the Space Time continuum. (on a scale Space Time Continuum might be higher than love of son)

Question: Do Nikki and Paulo still suck in Sideways? LOL

Answer: I'd like to think that Nikki and Paulo are having an awesome life in Flash Sideways. Let's just assume she's on season 5 of Expose and Paulo is cooking for guy in Australia.....etc.... they aren't bringing them back lol

Question: What's the great next TV show to watch? Do either of you have favorites?

Answer: Damon - Personally, Huge Dexter fan. Loved pilot of Treme. I'm very transfixed by JUSTIFIED. Carlton - Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Office more on a comedy thing right now. Justified has a lot of potential.

Question: Did Keamy say THE ISLAND or something else to Jin?

Answer: NO

Question: Do you feel there are any tragically missed merchandise opportunities with the series?

Answer: If Paul Newman can make Popcorn and Salad dressing, then why can't I buy DHARMA Initiative Ranch Dressing in a supermarket? That would make us Billions! LOL

Mike V. said...

And that was it. LOTS of good stuff to ponder on!!!

whew, I know i'm off tomorrow and everything, but it may be time for bed now! LOL

rhinoceros said...

Dostoeyvsky's 'Notes from the Underground' is considered one of the first works that explores the idea of existentialism.

Hard to define but it kind of means you define your own existence by your own life experiences.

Definitely some existential themes in Lost.

Glenn R. said...

No time to read comments yet for me. I'll get to them all eventually, but I'll be out of town through Sunday. My quick take on the episode is: I LOVED this episode. Great great great Hurley storyline. I had goosebumps when Jack saw fLocke for the first time since putting his dad's shoes on the dead body -- very electric scene. I loved Desmond's storyline, and how he has become the total Joker/Wildcard in Sideways - so much fun!

I loved the implications that Desmond somehow his linked his consciousness to what happened on-island and has full -awareness of that now.

I tended to take Desmond at face-value that on-island he did not know that fLocke was anything more than John Locke -- after all, where would he have heard if Widmore kidnapped out of the hospital? But I'm undecided on whether he thought that Locke was fLocke off-island, or not.

But I don't think it matters - in either case, I believe that seeing Locke wake up in the hospital in sideways is going to be a MAJOR reveal about the nature of sideways reality. Has he been fLocke all along, as some have speculated? Or, more likely in my mind: He is just regular ol' John Locke (although with some "leakage" over from the island, as is happening with all the characters), and he is going to have a huge shock when --after his very own near-death experience -- he will come face to face with the knowledge that someone else is inhabiting his body in some other reality! Oh my, wonder what he would do with that? Maybe John Locke from sideways will be the show's martyr, giving his own life to thwart MIB somehow? Just a crazy thought there! ;-)

Come to think of it, the "leakage" could very well explain why John Locke was influencing Ben to take over the school back in the lunch scene at the high school. He's the real John Locke, but with some infiltration of MIB's personality? I like that idea.

While walking out of the museum event, Hurley told his mother there was another charity event "next Saturday." Will that be Eloise's event, by any chance? I'm still liking the idea that that may be the place where all the off-island losties hook up. Imagine a scene where all the off-island Losties get together and confront Eloise at the charity event for Hurley. it would be like the lamppost scene from season 5 on steroids! And maybe then that is where we'll finally get our Eloise (and maybe even Charles) backstory! Oh, can't wait! :-) In fact, I think I will put my money on that scene becoming a reality!

Oh so much to say, but I will hold it until the next Lostday Eve -- Monday. Have fun Lostifying yourselves over the weekend, guys and gals!

Glenn R. said...

Oh, and so cool that we finally got the definitive whispers answer! And Michael's appearance seems to be another huge reveal that confirms our belief that not every single "ghost" was MIB. I am guessing that's been a significant topic of conversation in here this week (reflecting back on all the "ghosts" on island in light of the new not-purgatorial information), and I can't wait to catch up on everything when I have time. But, without knowing what ya'll are saying yet, for me Michael's ghostly appearance pretty much lockes up that we DID have the real Christian ghost in the earlier scenes on-island. I may be out of the loop on consensus theory on that one, but it seems clear to me from my p.o.v.

Awwwww man, the final 4 episodes, plus finale are shaping up to be hair-raising! We're in the end-game folks! Enjoy it with beginner's mind for the last time! 50 years from now when you tell your grandkids about your favorite show of all time on network television, and how much fun it was speculating in the final seasons, way back in 2010... well, you just got to go back in time 50 years and re-experience it all as if for the first time! And without Jughead or the Incident to deal with, to boot! I'm loving it, and enjoying every moment! Are you?
[ok, stepping down off the soapbox now!]

Floreen said...

@davidsalako - So you reintinerated my point. Hugo/Hurley is a good guy et all except for when he goes emotional and things don't exactly end up good, or it's a miracle it does. Here is a list:
He wants to blow up the pantry.
He forces Danielle Rouseau to say that the numbers are cursed.
He tries to even prevent the hatch emergency exit because of the numbers on it.
He goes ballistic on Sawyer throwing his walkie-talkie in the ocean with the boat not been Penny's boat.
He goes with John Locke group at the radio tower.
He does go along with the false hopes in the S1 instead of telling all Losties of the real situation. With Sawyer been conned into been a good guy he's even conceding that Losties are screwed, but hey... a good meal and a few gestures like a politician looking for votes is good in making those Losties not realize how bad it is.
He goes along into the ambush like a sheep.
Then he blows up the BR, he wants to talk to Locke, I am more of Miles type myself here, he lies about talking to Jacob, he thinks that dead people are more reliable and the one in question is the guy who killed his love life and yet in a few short seconds, they're buddies.
Came-on buddy! I like Hugo, but he's not perfect. He's done a lot of good for the Losties as you pointed out, but he's not all positive.

David Salako said...

@Florin - No one mentioned anything about any character being perfect. The point of character development is to show the growth and evolution of characters. These are make believe but your assertion that the "sudden" leadership qualities are out of place isn't quite true. There has been a deliberate build up to it over six seasons. Michael's character has expressed remorse - and seems to be being punished - for his accidental shooting of Libby, so it is believable that he really has no reason to lie and that he would be believed. Michael was flawed, overwhelmed and manipulated by the circumstances of his life and life on the island. Seems to me to be almost as tragic a character as John Locke.
Please don't take my posts personally, we can opine differently without any rudeness. We don't know each other so no need for buddy comments.

Weasel said...

A couple things:
Was thinking about the "True Love" theme for sideways and then the fact that Sawyer and Charlotte had intimate contact, but obviously they are not meant to be because they did not see any island flashes.

The Purgatory thing: When Darlton said at the beginning that the island was not purgatory, I think they actually said that because some fans thought the Losties died on the plane and were in purgatory. So, I think they just meant that the Losties were not dead and in purgatory. That is not to say that if you die on the island, you are not stuck in the Island "purgatory"... get me?

Mike V. said...

Rhino - Something I forgot to mention is that this isn't the first time Dostoeyvsky has made an appearance on LOST. Locke and Benry Gale have a large discussion about one of his books in season 2 when Ben is being held captive at the swan. Crazy stuff. I forget if it's the same book but I'm too lazy to look it up right now lol

@glenn - interesting insights and theories Glenn. And interesting idea on the "NEXT EVENT" being a big reunion event. Florin mentioned a similar thing but he thought the CURRENT Hurley event might be Eloise's event. Same concept either way I guess. I think Eloise was already planning her event and it seemed to be happening soon. Hurley's Flash Sideways is 1 week after Oceanic 815 (desmond mentions this at Mr. Cluck's) Desmond's sideways is immediately after I dunno. Maybe some time passed after the Chang Museum event and Mr. Cluck's. I still say that it looks like the hospital will be a big meeting scene! But maybe it's just one meeting scene before a BIGGER meeting scene lol

I'm with you....enjoying every moment!

@florin/David - I think you guys have the Hurley thing covered so I'm gonna let that one go lol

@Weasel - Yeah, was thinking the same thing with Sawyer/Charlotte last night when someone commented about Charlotte not having any flashes of her Island existence yet (but also being dead like Libby, Daniel, Charlie on the island). So yeah I think the TRUE LOVE aspect has something to do with it. And possibly Charlotte didn't see Daniel when he saw her.

As for Purgatory, yeah I totally get it...and I think I even have brought that up too a few times (where is that negative Anonymous poster that loves me saying this!? lol). They definitely meant something different in Season 1. But that word is TARNISHED in LOST Lore...anytime someone mentions purgatory it gets people all up in arms! Me included lol I get the concept of an ISLAND PURGATORY....but I don't think that it's keeping these ghosts from "moving on" to Heaven or Hell because i do not think these places will be proven or defined on the show. And obviously, the living candidates and other people that aren't ghosts on the island are NOT Dead. Not even if Richard says they are! LOL

Mike V. said...

Just checked out my 23 Mysteries Post from January. They are actually doing a really good job at answering those questions! LOL Funny that 7, 8 and 9 were all answered in one episode too lol Of course, not all answers are to our liking but we're getting them!

23 Mysteries Post - Lost Addicts Blog

Richard said...

I know the podcast alluded to Jack being the last recruit.

So, I am doubtful, but think it would awesome in so many ways if Locke in SW was to be the last recruit or at least involved with a battle vs Flocke. His name was not scratched off of the cave. Some believed that to be because Jacob was killed. But, in reality Jacob had plenty of time since it took a few days between Locke's death and Jacob's being killed.

David Salako said...

The show does seem to be answering some of the questions that you raised Mike V. and that we all have. It is strange that some answers do seem a little anti-climactic - like "the whispers" for instance - perhaps we actually enjoy the torture of wanting answers more than we realize? lol!

I was sad to see Ilana exit that way. Maybe she will get an extra scene or two in some form b4 the end or in "bonus DVD scenes land"? Zuleika Robinson did a good job in that role.

The last recruit huh? Sounds ominous! For some reason I still don't think MIB is ALL evil. Terry 'Quinn and Titus Welliver must be playing mind games on us!

Anonymous said...

Teleworking from Hawaii (TFH)

As we get near the coda, I’m offering up some end game theories….

The Mid Air Collision Theory

In an effort to get to the Island, the sideways Losties, brought together by Desmond, will charter an Aljira plane with Lapidus piloting. As the inbound plane “flashes” it will collide with the outbound Hydra Island Aljira plane, carrying the on-island Losties gathered by MIB - when it also “flashes”. At this instant, the “essence” of the Losties will be merged. Post collision, the individuals who were destined to be on the Island will flash there, while the remainder would be flashed off-island.

The Joe Versus The Volcano Theory

Had a chance to watch the quirky classic - Joe Versus The Volcano. I must say that the movie had some nice similarities to Lost, and could explain why the Island is underwater in one timeline. In short, the movie is about a millionaire who offers a supposedly terminally ill loser of a man - Joe, unlimited money for twenty days - if he will jump into a volcano on a island in order to appease the fire god. The millionaire, in turn, will get the rights (from the natives) to a mineral produced on the island. Unfortunately, when Joe jumps into the volcano, called the Big Woo, the volcano rejects Joe, spits him out, and promptly sinks the island.

So maybe in the alternative timeline, there is an absence of acceptable Candidates for the Island, so the Island commits suicide and sinks itself.

Is there any hidden meaning to all the Mr. Cluck Mascots we saw in the last episode? Jacob or MIB maybe???????? Very suspicious…………..

Anonymous said...

Hey Florin your very Ardntz like at times. Give dave a break. LOL

Mike V. said...

Yeah Richard...that would be an interesting one. But Locke vs. Flocke? Ugh....I dunno that could get real cheesy real fast don't you think? lol I still think based on previous Dalrton comments that the CAVE names were put there to throw MIB off. He put names on there and crossed some off but left certain ones off or crossed off that may be important (e.g. Kate) for not crossing off dunno...I think that's all just for dramatic effect that he wasn't crossed off yet. Flocke went there afterwards and crossed it off with Sawyer seeing it.

Anyway...from what Darlton made it sound like....the LIGHTHOUSE Dial is the REAL list. And, well, I can't remember if locke was crossed off there!

Yeah, David...i think some of the answers are better left untold. And I'm sure there still will be some when the show ends! lol Yup, I'm still keeping an open mind about MIB. I just dont know if either Jacob or MIB have the LOSTIES' best interests in mind. But we'll see!

TFH - nice mid air collision theory LOL That would be kind of nuts actually! Talk about INTERSECTING Timelines. Literally!

As for the volcano theory, yeah I am keeping that one around in my mind as well. We know a volcano was mentioned in season 3...and Darlton said that we might be hearing more about the volcano this season. Well, there's only 6 hours left! :-(

It's gonna be an epic run to the end. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Mike has probably already put this theory out there, lol, but here it goes.

When Desmond forgot to put the numbers into the computer and released the large amount of electromagnetic energy, what if it caused two alternate timelines/realities. One being the plane crashing into the ocean with everyone dead and the other being Flight 815 crashing onto the island.

Extrapolating this thought with what happened in 1977 could have resulted in the two current alternate timelines/realities that people are referring to as sideways land and island time. Detonating an atomic bomb combined with the pocket of electromagnetic energy could have created (split time) as well as accelerating the timeframe of the characters on the island to present time. Think of how certain people flashed through time when the donkey wheel was "loose". Maybe the detonation of jughead again caused and fixed this loose condition at the same time.

Now I believe Widmore and his team of scientists have some how figured it out that there is more than one timeline as well as how to "control/fix" its occurence. Also, since Desmond seems to be special and aware of what is going on in both timelines maybe he can be everyone's "constant" when the next big electromagnetic event occurs ending one timeline and making the other one the one and only permanent timeline.

Also, call it what you want, I won't use the "p" word, but what if some of the ghosts like Michael are "stuck" on the island because they can't go to heaven or hell yet because they still exist in the other alternative timeline. Since in theory the two alternative versions of the same person share a "soul/subconsciousness" etc, if a person dies in one timeline, he/she is stuck until he/she dies in another timeline. I think this is why true love moments and near death occurences is what triggers cross-over memories, since these events would really affect one's soul.

Bryan said...

TFH's mid-air collision of the two timelines would be truly epic!! Too bad you didn't come up with that before they wrote the finale! ;)

Anonymous said...

How cool it is that the one character whose name we don't know has the most names?
1. John Locke JL
2. Man in Black MIB
3. Smoke Monster
4. The Monster
5. Smokey
6. Smokesaurus Rex
7. Lockeness Monster
8. Fake Locke
9. SmokeLocke
10. Flocke
11. Esau
12. Jeremy Bentham
13. Not Locke
14. Jacob's Nemesis
16. Anti-Jacob
17. Cerberus
18. The Security System
19. The Black Smoke
20. Nemesis
21. The Guardian
22. The Devil
23. Evil Incarnate
24. John Locke impostor
25. (Un)Locke
26. Smocke
27. The John Lockness Monster
28. Mocke
29. Smocke
30. other Lock
31. Non-Locke
32. Man in Smocke
33. Man In locke
34. Bad Locke
35. Lockey
36. Black John
37. Smokey Lockinson
38. Smokey John Locke
39. Mr. Smocke
40. John Locke + Man in Black = John Black
41. Smoke McLocke
42. Smockly
43. MatLocke
44. MockLocke
45. McLocke
46. Smoky + FLocke = FLockey
47. Cylon Locke
48. Blocke=black and Locke
49. Glocke (his gangster name)
50. Locke-A-Like
51. Smockey
52. Bizarro Locke
53. Evil Locke
54. Lockelganger
55. Lockretia McEvil (Remember Blood, Sweat & Tears
56. Lethal John
57. Dread Locke
58. DeadLocke
59. Bad Locke
60. Faucke (Faux Locke)
61. Locke X
62. Locke Monster
63. Black Jocke
64. CLocke (counterfeit Locke)
65. Mock Locke
66. Zombie Locke
67. The artist formerly known as Lock
68. Blocke
69. Anti-Locke
70. Locke Reloaded
71. Mohn Locke (Monster Locke)
72. John v2


Floreen said...
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Floreen said...
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Richard said...

Mike or anyone,
Are we sure that Widmore is the one that Jacob was looking for when he spoke to Hurly at the Lighthouse?

Maybe it was Dez?

But this is really a question about has that person arrived yet?

David Salako said...

@Richard - I am guessing that Jacob was referring to Desmond courtesy of Widmore. Perhaps Desmond is Wallace - 108? Maybe we will be guessing until "the end"? I may be mistaken but did Mike V. confirm that Team Darlton said it was Widmore? Can't remember...

Anonymous said...



I would love to see the planes collide too. To me, it’s the only plausible way to combine the off and on island Losties “consciousness”. My kids think that the off island Losties will nuke L.A. in order to merge the two realities, but that’s a bit extreme!!!!!

Mike V. said...

Hey guys, can't talk much right now but just wanted to drop in for a sec. Just wanted to ask everyone to settle down a bit! lol Let's remember that this is a TV show (an awesome one)....there are fans all over the world and we're all in this one place chatting about our love for the show. And lots and lots of theories of course! There's no need for anyone to be petty towards each other. I'm not going to speak about what has been going on but just wanted to ask everyone to cool it and let's stick to friendly banter and LOST chatter! THANKS!!!

Can't respond to all of the comments yet but I can speak to the Widmore thing "is it who jacob wanted to find the island" YES...Darlton confirmed it was Widmore. But that doesn't mean that it couldn't be because he had Desmond with him. Remember, Desmond wasn't looking for the Island. So Jacob needed widmore to FIND the island and bring Desmond with him. That's my guess at least. I'm thinking Jacob visited Widmore and told him how important Desmond is and how he needs him to bring him to the Island. But i dunno...maybe widmore has known all along that Desmond was important to the island and that's why he treated him the way he did and why he pushed him away from Penny. We'll see!! 6 hours to tell a whole lot of story! :-)

I'll respond to the rest of the comments tomorrow and thanks everyone in advance for your cooperation on NON-INSULTING commentary! :-) lol

TehCount said...

Very thorough and good work you're doing here! I can't believe how detailed your posts are, but that's fantastic.

I wanted to point out that your "LOST Recap on Gather" link seems to be broken (says hhttp instead of http) so you cannot click it.

Courtney said...

hmm i really think the two boys are jacob and mib now that we got the glimpse of the dark haired one in this episode.

this is how it plays out in my head... they are brothers, young mib killed their "crazy" mother and young jacob found there mother slain and was trying to save her, hence the blook on his arms. the apparition/vision of young jacob with bloody arms was to remind flocke of what he did..

maybe flocke has guilt about killing her because of how he always seems irritated when young jacob shows up, but probably not :)

David Salako said...

The plane collision theory does sound interesting! Perhaps another Ajira Airways flight from LA X?
I wonder when Frank Lapidus is going to get to do something pivotal?!
Is he on the show purely to serve as the person who will pilot the plane off of Hydra Island?
Surely there must be more to him than that? lol!

Mike V. said...

4/16 Anonymous 5:04 - LOL nice. I actually didn't put that theory out there. That would be interesting if we found out this sideways world was created much earlier in the series by an event such as Desmond not entering the numbers. With the donkey wheel being "loose" or whatever they called it..."unlodged" or something. I think Locke fixed that when he went into the cave and reset the wheel. I'm wondering too if Widmore is aware of both timelines or not. And how he find out or whatever. Your angle on it is definitely intriguing! We'll see what happens.

And yeah...i get that whatever is going on with the ghosts is "LIKE PURGATORY" lol I still refuse to believe that they're trying to get anywhere like Heaven or Hell in any scenario because I still don't think LOST is going to define that as part of the show. But it's very interesting what you're saying about being stuck until dying in the other timeline. I think I'm thinking that people like Michael may not even exist in both timelines (because they're stuck)....but i really have no idea! lol We'll see!

@LOST Fan - Love the list of nicknames for MIB/Smokey! lol That's what happens when we don't get a name...we make our own! lol

@Richard - Don't worry I'll clean up your double posts! And I think I responded to this last night lol

@The Count - Thanks for the props on the detailed blogs! I can't believe I put that much effort into a TV show myself sometimes lol But, you know, we got 6 hours left...I am gonna power through to the end! Thanks for the heads up on the Gather link. I'll fix that! FYI you can get to any of my posts at But I like to take the work out of it for people because I'm asking a favor in the first place! :-)

@Courtney - That's what I thought too, but after many comments disproving my theory I have come to accept that this is ONE BOY...(imdb says it's the same actor in both episodes) But yeah...I'm still liking the possibility that Jacob and MIB are brothers/cousins or whatever! And can't wait to meet the crazy mother!

@David - we have to think Frank will be pivotal in the final episodes right? Or else what is he doing there!? Maybe it is specifically for him to fly the plane...but I dunno...I agree there should be more.

Mike V. said...

Was feeling a little nostalgic last night and decided to rewatch The LIfe and Death of Jeremy Bentham (I know...Nostalgic and I went back to last season LOL).

Anyway, some things weren't really adding up based on what we know this season. Like Flocke and Ilana's first conversation on the beach. I wonder if Jacob even bothered to put John Locke's name on the list of candidates he provided Ilana. Or if he knew that Locke was dead (we were discussing that yesterday with the cave vs. the lighthouse dial). Because when Flocke says his name is John Locke....Ilana didn't seem very concerned. Of course, eventually she found the body on the plane. But that gets me to another point. If Locke and Sun were on that list (or KWON was at least)....why didn't Ilana let them know THEN what was going on? Why did she let Sun run away to the other island and prance all around DHARMAVIILLE. You would think she'd try to keep a watchful eye on her. I guess her first goal was to PROTECT JACOB so they were assembling to go see him.

Granted, I know this is a case of writing from season to season. They may not have entirely flushed out the ideas for season 6 yet but they knew Ilana would be important and working for Jacob. They may not have decided on the "6 Candidate" idea until this season. But I just thought it was interesting going back and re-watching with the additional knowledge now. I'm sure that's going to happen a lot when we're re-watching seasons 1-6 with knowledge of the eventual ANSWERS we got. We'll be challenging each answer to see if it adds up. (e.g. Whispers in the jungle accompanying the OTHERS even though they are dead spirits trapped on the island)

Okay, I'm done for now!

David Salako said...

@Mike V. - I re-watched the "...Jeremy Bentham" episode as well last week and I had a similar reaction to yours. I was also surprised by the "finding FLocke in the river or water" comment as well! How did this "thing" or entity get to the Hydra Island in the first place in order to duplicate the late John Locke? Smoke monster has only ever appeared on the main island so far as far as I know. Isn't he allergic to water or something? Is the water "birth" some vague reference to baptism?

Doesn't Frank Lapidus just going along with all this candidate stuff seem strange? I would think the Frank from season 4 pretty much does his own thing and would be repairing that jet plane. lol!

Mike V. said...

Yeah...I really want to know what's going on with Flocke/smokey and the water. And I agree, he has not been the smoke monster on Hydra Island yet. Hopefully in the final 6 hours we'll find out! There's a lot that we hope to find out in 6 hours lol

Frank definitely is just going with the flow since he's returned to the Island. At first he wanted to protect Sun when she was going to the Main Island in search of Jin. But since then he has kinda taken a backseat to everything and making awesome sarcastic comments here and there. Not sure that I have an actual response for you though lol I guess it's strange, but I'm cool with it as long as he has an important role to play. Which, I'm guessing fixing the plane and flying it could be pretty important! Maybe that really IS all he's there for. And comic relief! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey all, just wanted to mention about the countless times the 'island' has repeated itself. There have been mixed feelings regarding llanas death but it had to be done to mirror arts in season 1. Afterall the show could have been called the loop. All the reflections we have been seeing in season 6 are clues.

Jin washes up on shore from an explosion twice.
Jin couldn't speak English, now sun can't
siayd gets caught in bear trap-rousso now Jin caught in bear trap- crazy claire
there countless examples
Anyway my point is maybe we can deduce who Adam n eve are by looking at season 1?


David Salako said...

Maybe "Adam and Eve" are Sayid and Claire?!

David Salako said...

What if St. Sebastian hospital turns out to be some sort of Dharma station? I know it's crazy but maybe there is a reason 4 all that Google Maps speculation of the address on Jack Shephard's business card and the Dharma logo shaped flower bed and submarine shaped building? lol!

Floreen said...

@Mike V - Per your invitation I am back posting.

I think that the davidsalako’s idea of baptismus and water might be connected. John Locke savagely beat up Charlie for the attempted baptismus of Aaron in his visions, which Claire did proceeded with enrolling Mr Echo for it. To me it looked like an important clue at the time, davidsalako just put the dot in ‘i.’

You finally came around with the so called purgatory and I think anonymous did the ‘i’ thing too. Those characters are trapped until the merger takes place and...

I Sincerely Hope that All Characters Gets Redemption. I may be a tougher guy on people who do wrong, I am not a moral relativist - no pun intended, but I don’t wish them dead. I admit to a guilty pleasure to see them punished for awhile so they can find the light though, not the death. As fictional as they are, I still like them all at the end. That’s I why I like the show so much more than other.

So the purgatory of some sorts of idea, is not to be confused with the Biblical purgatory. If that would be the idea, you Mike would be totally right about it.

I did brought before the idea that the initial crash of Oceanic, Des punching the code in the last second, could had opened the sideways, mostly on the assumption I got from watching the show again back to back and noticing the Daniel experiment with the missile which landed 20 minutes out of sync with respect to timing and the chopper taking so long to arrive to the freighter with Sayid and brother Desmondo on their first trip. For lack of better idea, I also think still that the implosion of the hatch and the jughead only accelerated that process.

I will venture to say that the Adam and Eve could be either Rose and Bernard, which disappeared all together, sight, or Sayid and Shannon.

I think that the Artz character is one of the producer/writer personal revenge on a good guy who happened to be smart. In deleted scenes they even had one where he was a real a**, but I guess somebody woke them up to the reality that they will come across the wrong way and they (fortunately) decided to delete it. As I said about Locke, my answer to Ben would’ve been: I prefer living in the shadow of a genius, than otherwise.

The idea of a plane collision seems nice, but I could find some loopholes as how that would fix the problems.

Finally, I surely hope that the anonymous idea of a loop, Ilana-Artz plus, is the way the show intended it. I would hate to see a good show make a hasty exit and put a such a bad spot in terms of resolves. I think that the idea to end the show should’ve been in two phases - one providing the answers with character-centric episodes like Ab Aeterno, Season 6 and close the adventure in Season 7. But budgets, creative fatigue might’ve force their hands and now they are in a hurry to slap it together. That could lead to underdeveloped characters to be forced in and holes in logic, gaps in reason to aggravate the plot, which you and davidsalako noticed in The Death of Jeremy Bentham. Remember that our investigation in the Smokey/Water issue, might turn up to be a blunder from the first pilot episode ands some subsequent ones like Juliet/Kate handcuffed together episode.

I would always advise such producers to watch their own work from the beginning, so such blunders in plot consistency and character underdevelopment does not happen. That’s what I am working on my comic strips right now myself as; Lesson learned ;-)

gnni4 said...

I don't buy the 'P' word in any situation of Lost. I am not satisfied with that answer. Michael is 'stuck' on the island because of what he did?...why is Keemy not stuck there also, or Mr. Friendly or Goodwin or so many others? I just hope that we get a bit more elaboration on that subject, but there will never be any time that I buy the 'P' word, biblical or not as an option.

I believe that there could be a multitude of dimensions, and this is just one that is crossing paths. I guess I've read too much Heinlein in my life, but I never thought that there was one instant that split or created the sideways universe. If you have not read "Job - A Comedy Of Justice" or the short story "All You Zombies" you are missing out! These 2 works specifically come to mind regarding Lost for me. I have a feeling that some of the ideas from LOST have come from these books, and that is where the Zombie Season joke began. If not, then they just mirror some of the same thoughts!

Whatever the outcome may be, I will NEVER NEVER NEVER be in a "P" camp, even if Damon and Carlton tell me personally it is!

EJ said...

Random Thoughts:

1. Don't forget, Desmond is Daniel's constant. This could contribute to the shock Eloise, the protective mother who read Daniel's journal, exhibited when Desmond came to her event prep. What bugs me there is why it did not trigger anywhere in Daniel, if he could (1) tell Desmond that Penny was who Desmond was seeking and (2) allude to Island Time.

2. If you are old enough to have seen "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in a real 1970's theater, you will never forget the dark tunnel scene. Close your eyes while you listen to the LOST preview and that C&TCF scene will come right back in your head. It totally illustrates how things are evolving on LOST!!!

3. Has anyone else considered that adding to Desmond's calm is his conviction that no matter what timeline he is in, he will always be able to find his Penny????

4. I know Richard's suddenly uncharacteristic behavior has come up in this discussion before, but he just seems so insecure. I recognize that spending 150 years devoted to something you suddenly believe was a lie is grounds for a personal crisis, but it's still a hard sell for me!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Does anyone have any idea what brand of sunglassed did Desmond wear???? I just GOTTA have them!


EJ said...

Too bad the whispers were explained (no matter how lamely)-- we could have postulated oompah-loompahs after that preview!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's and excerp from another site on ITS NOT PURGATORY. Splitting hairs but it's an interesting break from the christianity view.

"Could the producers get off on a technicality that it’s not Purgatory because it’s actually a Bardo? The Tibetan word Bardo means ‘intermediate state’ or a ‘transitional state.’ There are SIX seasons of Lost, and each one could represent the SIX stages of Bardo. The brainwashing video in Room 23 included a flash of a Buddha. 108 (the sum of all The Numbers) is a key number in Buddhism. Desmond says ‘Sangha’ instead of ‘Cheers’ when he and Widmore have a toast. *Sangha is a group of ‘noble ones’ who have attained the first stage of Awakening. Buddhism has four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold path, which leads to the end of suffering and the achievement of self-awakening."

David Salako said...

Someone asked earlier why dead folks like Mr. Friendly, Mikhail, Keamy etc. aren't also trapped on the island like Michael is. I believe that some of them are trapped along with Michael. They just haven't focused on them or shown them because they are not the main story line characters and there just isn't enough time to cover them all. Reading the transcripts of what "the whispers" are saying at Lostpedia is quite interesting. Not sure if they are completely accurate but some folks sure have spent a lot of time deciphering nearly six seasons worth of them. lol!

Regarding Richard Alpert's changed demeanor and behavior - I was struck watching "Everybody Loved Hugo" that several of our characters have also changed on the island.
- Jack has "let go" and is no longer Mr. Fix It. A kind of faith based on reason attitude has set in.
- Hugo did not utter the words "whoa" or "dude" after the explosions and goings ons in that episode. A firm resolve of some sort has set in.
- Sun has lost her bilingual skill, or sort of!
- Lapidus doesn't seem like the independent, , determined, maverick form season 4.
- Desmond is no longer that frantic and frequently drunk guy with an "important job" we remember from season 2 onwards. He is now zen-like and in tune with the universe's will!
- Sayid and Claire speak for themselves.
- Kate hasn't run off from FLocke's cult.
- Sawyer, well he IS still challenging authority. lol!
- Even Ilana's rant before she blew up did not seem like the confident and strong hunter that subdued Sayid and lead a band of Jacob's body guards to the shadow of the statue.
- FLocke, can he still become the smoke monster? He seems to be spending a lot more time just being John Locke's doppelganger and carving things like John used to do in recent scenes.

Mike V. said...

Florin, I would say I came around on the purgatory theory. I said that i might be able to accept something "LIKE" purgatory is going on with the ghosts. (this goes towards ginni too)....If we consider purgatory a place where dead spirits are stuck and waiting until they go to heaven or hell....then I am just saying that these island ghosts are STUCK on the island for some reason. Nothing about heaven or hell. nothing really about purgatory either. They're just STUCK...that's the similarity. There are other reasons for why they're stuck. So ginni...I don't think I'd really accept any use of the P word as a resolution to the show either! lol I've been pretty adamant about that.

Yeah, it is interesting that Rose and Bernard are still missing (besides the fact that they usually are only showing up in season premiere and finales these days (and maybe an episode in between)....I still don't think them being adam and eve adds up with 1977 vs. 2007 thing and the 50 year degradation of the bodies/clothes....but I guess it could. it was a great theory last year. We'll see!

As for plot inconsistencies or continuity issues, I get it to some extent. I think they, more than other shows, are VERY aware of past episodes and seasons and they have people hired that are mainly there as continuity experts. But they also have a story to tell each season, and based on the way they write these characters from scene to scene (with a sense of mystery) they're bound to write themselves into corners. I think sometimes they may just ask us to go with it.... Ilana's is a minor thing in the scheme of things and there could be lots of interpretations for why she acted the way she did. I watched NAMASTE last night and when the plane crashed she was very nervous that Jarrah was missing and then she looked around the plane as if she was looking for Shephard, Austin and Reyes. So it can be explained. I would say I would hate to be in their shoes keeping track of all of this stuff when I'm knee deep in writing the show...but who am I kidding? I would love to be involved in producing a show like LOST! lol

@David - Not sure if I can get on board with the hospital being a DHARMA Station...but you do bring up good points with those crazy addresses! lol I thought that was last season or the one before wasn't it? (with the google maps thing) Whew, speaking of mind is on LOST overload and like the 2's all melding together!

Mike V. said...

@EJ - Yeah, I would have liked for them to elaborate more on the "if anything happens, Desmond Hume will be my constant"....and I guess they only time they put it to use was when Daniel talked to Island Desmond during his HATCH stay and it communicated with present day Desmond. I guess they could put it to use in Sideways...we'll have to see!

2.) I'd have to say I never saw that one in the theater but I definitely watched it at home and it probably did creep me out. I have to see that scene again. may watch on youtube if it's there! lol

3.) Well, I figured that's why he was content with the Sideways world...because he found yeah I guess that would make sense! I still think it's crazy that he'd be content with losing the son he already has though, even if he thinks he'd have him again.

4.) Yeah...I guess I can see it with Richard, but he was so confident because Jacob had a plan and he was part of it. Jacob is dead now and his whole reason for existence is up for grabs right now. Maybe a hard sell, but I could see it.

As for the oompah loompas....Hey, let's not a little explanation ruin our fun! LOL Those things still creep me out!

@Yiannnis - No idea what sunglasses brand Desmond was wearing. But sometimes this stuff shows up online if you google it. I know a lot of people (like my wife) sometimes see an outfit on a show and have to know who makes it and stuff. Maybe the same could be true for sunglasses!

@Anonymous on Purgatory vs. Bardo....interesting stuff! But I still say it's a form of purgatory! Like you said, it would be a technicality lol Interesting on what Desmond said in his toast though. If anything, I still say symbolic/metaphoric and not literal!

@David - I was going to bring that up earlier too...maybe I forgot to respond to that comment lol But yeah, I would think those people ARE part of these whispers. In fact, if Jacob has been bringing people here for who knows how many years in hopes that they would choose to do GOOD vs. Evil...and most of them have chosen EVIL??? There could be a S##TLOAD of Dead ghostly things stuck on that island....corked away from the rest of the world. I guess we'll see where it goes!

Yea, all characters have definitely gone through some evolutions/changes. And that is another reason why the producers thought this Sideways Storyline was interesting from a writing perspective. We could see how the characters were somewhat back in season 1 vs. where they are now.

But come on! That Hurley not saying "dude" was a stretch I think! lol He's been DUDING all over the place on the Island. Granted, I did expect him to say it again after Ilana blew up but alas he didn't. But I did hear there was a deleted scene right there where Michael shoes up to Hurley again and says something like "See? I told you people were gonna start dying!" So he may not have had a chance to say DUDE in the original script. So...this one may be able to be chalked up to the editor's room! lol

@Holdo - whoops! Missed your comment. Yeah whether it's a matter of the Island repeating it self or the writers just wanting to mirror past events to show things coming FULL circle...I definitely think it's intentional.

As for deducing Adam and Eve....yeah if what Darlton says is true...when we find out the identity of Adam and Eve, we'll be able to look back on the show and know that they had a plan since the beginning. I still am not buying that lol I think we'll find out and then start to dissect reasons for why they may NOT have known since the beginning! lol But that's just the nature of the show and us as fans!

I'm sure it will be a cool revelation when they do it....and I guarantee will happen in the next 6 hours! LOL

Mike V. said...

Willie Wonka and the Creepy Tunnel Ride

Mike V. said...

I love that all of the comments on that youtube clip are about LOST LOL

David Salako said...

I am telling you Mike V., "Island Hugo" didn't say his trademark 4 letter words in "Every Body Loves Hugo". "Dude" was replaced with "hey man" and not a "whoa" in sight! I think....
"Sideways Hugo" - different matter. lol!

Mike V. said...

As promised, my dharma beer!!!

David Salako said...

Very cool Dharma bottle sticker. Swan hatch inventory to!

David Salako said...

I take it back...Hugo did say to FLocke "I don't know who you are dude..."

gnni4 said...

Dude, that beer looks great!

Floreen said...

@Mike V and gnni4

I do agree with you about this Not Been a Purgatory in any sense; Biblical or atheistic. I guess some overtones lead to this word and it stuck.
Let me respectfully suggest here the word ‘Prison’. Maybe that’s the better word to describe it for lack of better ones.

The producers/writers took inspiration from a variety of sources and book are a central piece of the whole show.

As with the show Mike V, I also totally agree with you. That’s why I pointed two big hurdles they have to fight with, budgets and creative upbeat spirit. I would also love to be in it and also fully aware of what a nightmare that would be. I did gave them credit for the logistic nightmare, to shoot three different scenes, in three different locations, with three different actors, scenes from three different perspectives, episodes if not even seasons. If that doesn’t paint a picture of immense hardship in keeping track of everything, than nothing does, so I agree with you.

I admit and it’s wrong of me to be overly critical, its’ immensely easy for me to do Monday Morning Quarterbacking. So I guess I have to say that when I do bring some criticism, I do it as an end user who see the finished product and forgets how much work is involved. Thus, you point Mike V is well taken and I stand corrected.

I love the ‘Dudding” thing, very funny. And no, Hugo ‘dudded’ every place on that island he stepped on it. We should revere and build an altar, a slap/thing on youtube - if there isn’t one already, a monument or something to this ‘Dude’ thing. Until Hugo I can’t remember on who says it and does better than Hugo/Hurley.

David Salako said...

I think Keanu Reeves in the "Bill and Ted" and even in the Matrix movies will give Hugo Reyes a run for his money in the "dude" and "whoa" exclamation arena. lol!
It's definitely a West Coast USA thing!

EJ said...

Hey Mike,
Don't be creeped out by oompah-loompahs. They were a gentle, peace loving society being displaced by aggressors and Willy Wonka gave them a place to go. He solved their problem and they solved his (Slugworth). It kind of brings to mind the literary concept of there being only 7 true plots and the variations are simply because of how the stories are told.... And, we know we're loving Team Darlton's way!

And, David S, that's a great summary list of character changes -- thanks!

Floreen said...

@davidsalako and the run for the money on Hugo Reyes trademark ;-)

Keanu Reeves yes, and if I would have the time to search, I am pretty sure we could find at least a handful more of actor/comedians who would do that.

How about the 'Brotha' thing of our brother Desmond?

Anonymous said...

Something that I noticed at the time but ignored: When Hurley was talking to Richard and he said that Isabella had told him to stop the MIB because otherwise they all go to hell. We didn't actually see her say that!

I was reminded of it again when Hurley tried to manipulate the team by lying to them. However, he does seem genuine and I think they would show him in a more obviously "dubious" way if he was being underhand but still, maybe one to keep an eye on!


Mike V. said...

Hey Guys, I'm gonna catch up on the comments in a bit but I wanted to share a listener theory that I heard on Jay and Jack's Friday podcast last week. Someone has the idea, adding on top of our theories that everyone meets at the hospital in sideways land....that maybe Claire will be there and give birth to aaron. and for SOME reason, Claire and baby will need to leave the hospital in a helicopter on the helipad. LOL It's a stretch, but it would be very interesting if they tied Desmond's season 3 vision (that we never saw come true) into a Flash Sideways event!

Mike V. said...

Okay, I'm back! Glad you guys liked the DHARMA Beer. I brewed some beer with a friend a few weeks ago and they let us create our own while my friend is not a LOST watcher (the horror!) I couldn't help myself but create a few labels for myself. So I have 12 22oz Bottles of DHARMA Beer and you can bet I'll be saving a couple for May 23rd! And one bottle will remain for my LOST shrine of an office at home lol I'm sure the wife will love that! Maybe just a picture of the bottle will suffice. Framed of course!

Anyway back to something less dorky...responding to comments!

@David - Sorry you found a DUDE in there LOL And nice on the West Coast mentality. Keanu vs. Jorge in a dude-match of wits would be fantastic (but like you said Bill and Ted Keanu... if we want a Woa match it would have to be Matrix Keanu lol)

@Florin - Okay, I will settle with PRISON! lol A Ghost Prison. An MIB prison....seems that is what the cork analogy is comparing it to as well. We'll see! Sorry if I missed you mentioning the 2 big hurdles Florin. I was just adding my 2 cents on the matter too. As I dissect the show a little too much sometimes too. But then I look for ways to justify it because of a couple reasons. 1.) I love the show too much 2.) I'm in denial that they can make mistakes! lol Definitely not wrong to be overly critical. It just happens when we're very invested in a show!

@EJ - I'll try to get over my Oompa Lumpa fear! lol

@Matt - Good point that we didn't see Isabella saying it. I know you said it doesn't seem very much in his character but let me add my 2 cents! I think it was for dramatic effect that they had Hurley tell Richard after she left. He didn't want to ruin the sweet moment they were having..etc... I don't think that in the end we'll find out that Hugo was pulling a long con on us! lol It's just not in his character. He usually shoots straight from the hip...except for this current LIE he told that he talked to Jacob but he did it in the crew's best interest and he wouldn't have done that unless Michael revealed to him that people are gonna die and that people are listening to him now. But, as you said, something to keep our eye on if it resurfaces!!

MJ said...

Geez - haven't read any comments this week. Woefully behind. Just listened to Getting Lost on TV - and per Jorge Garcia it has been 'established that MIB has to keep his word' to the candidates. What did I miss and how was that established ?

a little spoilery/hinty...

We'll need tissues for tomorrows ep.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Well to not kill your spoiler by just flat out saying it in the next post, I'll just say that I better need them for every hour of the final 6! LOL

As for Getting LOST, I didn't listen to it yet but I do remember hearing that before. Maybe it was on Jorge's Geronimo Jacksbeard Podcast last week. I don't know if MIB has literally "given his word" to anyone except Hugo though, right? But no, I don't remember them firmly establishing on the show that MIB has to keep his word. Interesting though!

gnni4 said...

I always thought that Desmond was placating Charlie with the 'seeing Clair and the baby getting on a helicopter' vision, I thought he was saying whatever he needed to in order to calm his friend and help him find some peace in the face of his imminent death. I could be wrong, but I feel strongly that we were never supposed to take that literally.

Mike V. said...

I don't know about that ginni...I even listened to an interview with Henry Ian Cusick a couple weeks ago (THE ODI website interviewed him on a podcast)....and he said he was surprised in the season 4 finale that they were all leaving on a helicopter and Claire wasn't there. He felt that it wasn't right based on what they shot in season 3. Granted, he just reads the lines and may have not known he was lying. But I just don't think he would have lied to charlie...remember in Catch 22 when he lied to charlie because he wanted to get to Penny? In the end he couldn't let him die. And even at the end of Looking Glass he tried to take Charlie's place. Not sure what my point is there....but I think if Des was lying about that vision, we would have found out by now.

Now, I'm not saying we HAVE to see Claire leaving with baby Aaron in a helicopter. Because I'm sure in his quote he mentioned something about leaving the island too. This will probably go down as one of the greatest moments we wish we would've seen but never did. But, I am saying that I think desmond truly did mean what he said to charlie. Des is a standup guy and we owe him that!

Mike V. said...

And yes, a standup guy whose sideways version just ran over john locke! LOL

David Salako said...

Regarding MIB having to keep his word - it is strange but somehow I believed FLocke when he did give his word to Hugo. He also in a very twisted way kept his word with the Templetons who decided to stay and those that chose to leave the Temple.

As for Isabella's comment regarding the MIB and going to hell - like Mike V. said, I think this pause was for dramatic effect. Also, we the fans and the more ancient characters on the show - Jacob, Richard, ghost Isabella use that term MIB, the contemporary characters on the show do not use that term as far as I know. The say "him", "that thing", "he", "my friend", "John Locke" etc. I guess they haven't seen the Titus Welliver incarnation in the black shirt! Hugo would not have known to call him that. Unless Richard had told him previously f course.

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