Friday, February 22, 2008

LOST: Season 4 Episode 4 - Eggtown

WOW!!! Just thought I'd get that out of the way up front. This was one solid episode of LOST, wouldn't you all agree? A nice balance of plot movement, more mystery, but a little dash of information to change/confirm all of our theories just a bit. Knowing that there is a season 4 conclusion in our near future is also comforting as we continue trucking through the "FREIGHTER FOLK"/"FLASH FORWARD" ERA of LOST. In the last blog's comments, I posted a link to the most recent interview with Executive Producers Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse. I highly recommend the read. Some of what they said, as it usually does, may influence some of my comments in this blog. But I assure you, nothing they said will take away or spoil anything about the show...merely add to your viewing enjoyment and lessen your viewing frustration. Something to note: The producers confirmed that Wikipedia is a major source in naming their characters! That makes me feel a lot better of referencing a site where anyone can make up the info you find there! Also, might be worth noting that CANE (the CBS show and stealer of Nestor Campbell "Richard Alpert") has been cancelled! I apologize for anyone out there who was a huge fan, but come on....RICHARD might come back this season! Anyway, enough of my blabbing...I know why you're all here. Let's pack our bags and move into EGGTOWN!

Kate's Mission at the Barracks

When one googles the term "Eggtown" all you get is a bunch of hits on LOST episode 4! So, I am not sure if the LOST brains had any significance to this term besides the fact that TEAM Locke have domesticated themselves in OTHERSVILLE (The Barracks) and we open up with Locke cooking the last two eggs (is that because he slaughtered the chicken?). While Locke has created a "I'm not going to Kill anyone" dictatorship at the Barracks, it turns out Kate stayed behind for a specific reason. Here's what happened/what we learned last night:

  • We open up with Locke cooking breakfast and bringing it to one of his prisoners, good ol' Ben. He relocated Ben to Ben's own basement (where Locke spent some time before becoming reacquainted with is father). Ben does his work to get into Locke's head one more time. "Here we are just like old times, except I'm locke in a different room and you're more LOST than ever" ahhhh. How true it is. Very reminiscent of season 2 when "HENRY" at the time tried to create tension between Locke and Jack as we see Locke leave and show his frustration with the fine china! Mr. Locke is always looking for the island to show him his next move. And without direction, he is very vulnerable.
  • We have been introduced to a few more literary "masterpieces" that we should all add to our library (well, I never get into that level of obsessiveness!) Locke hands Ben "VALIS" by Phillip K. Dick. Wikipedia (thanks again Darlton for allowing me to freely reference this!) states that it's some science fiction novel dealing with Horselover Fat. Kate loves black horses???? Yeah, I'm not gonna look into this too much! We later see Sawyer finally having some new literature to read. He picked up "The Invention of Morel"). I stole this plot synopsis from Sledgeweb: "A fugitive hides on a deserted island somewhere in Polynesia. Tourists arrive, and his fear of being discovered becomes a mixed emotion when he falls in love with one of them. He wants to tell her his feelings, but an anomalous phenomenon keeps them apart." Well that sounds eerily way too familiar doesn't it?
  • We pretty much see Kate trying to get information and closure on her Island quest this episode. We find out that Sawyer isn't the only (if any) reason that she stayed behind. Bottom line is she was trying to get information from Miles on what he knew about her. I guess she wanted to see what would be waiting for her if she were to be rescued.
  • But her quest wasn't as simple as merely confronting Miles. First of all she had to find Miles, which Locke wasn't giving up so easily. Problem solved: Hurley is bringing Miles food, Kate tricks him. We're introduced to a creepy shack called "The Boathouse" I wonder if this is near where the SUB was? However Miles isn't ready to give up info. He wants 1 minute with Ben. yikes!
  • Kate then recruits Sawyer into talking to/tricking Locke into bringing him down to the boathouse. But Kate as already taken Miles to see Ben. And boy what an exchange we saw. Miles is willing to stay quiet and tell everyone looking for Ben that he is already dead. But he wants 3.2 Million dollars. Followed by comments like "Don't treat me like I'm one of them. I know who you are!" Geez...I sure would like to know who Ben is! I thought he was just a tortured Kid with Daddy issues that grew up only to conspire and kill a bunch of people he lived with. But nooooo...he has to be some millionaire playboy with all different types of passports, assuming different aliases (no wonder he could pull off being HENRY so well) and lots of different foreign currency who knows how to remove bullets! Well, what on earth is going on here? The last thing Miles says to Ben is that he wants the cash in 1 week. Ben had requested to be removed from his current captive situation. And why does Miles want exactly 3.2 million dollars?
  • Miles gave a brain dump of info to Kate. Told her she's a fugitive and her whole backstory. Suggested that she stayed on the island. He also mentioned that they knew EVERYONE's story from the manifest. long has that freighter been there? Is it possible that Ben has been getting his information on our castaways on these people from his man on the freighter? I just assumed that Mikhail and the Flame station was his source, as well as his off-island investigators. Maybe not???
  • Other things to note: very "non-subtle" scene with Claire, Kate and Aaron that was meant to foreshadow a future scene (and Future means a whole different thing in the LOST world!)
  • Hurley Comedy: the wink to Sawyer when Kate visits. Not to mention him watching Xanadu! And Sawyer's new nickname for him "Montezuma" when his new roommate flushed the toilet.
  • Kate's not pregnant but she got a reaction from Sawyer of huge relief. Sawyer gets all fired up and makes a comment that she'll come running back to him after she's done with Jack. And man did she lay one huge smackdown on Sawyer! Yep SKATERS, I think Sawyer and Kate are through for now, if not ever!
  • Oh about Locke pulling the pin out of grenade and sticking it in Miles's mouth? He introduced himself and said he's responsible for the well-being of this island. And he demands information from Miles about who he is and who the boat people are why they're so interested in Ben. But for awhile he's going to let Miles sit there with a grenade in his mouth, having to chew down to not explode. Wow John...I underestimated you! We'll see if that gets us any info!
  • I guess we also need to note that when Sawyer did go talk to Locke, they played some Backgammon, Locke's favorite Island past-time. It's difficult to tell if Sawyer was helping Kate or really just playing both sides to lookout for himself. But Kate DID mention she didn't trust Sawyer.
  • In the end though, Locke banishes Kate from his happy encampment. And while Sawyer tried to "UNBANISH" her, Kate had already made up her mind that she was going to the beach. And what we see in her flashes, she is willing to deal with her past in the future!

Communications Issues

Jack, Juliet, Dan and Charlotte return to the beach. Communication with the freighter has ceased causing a stir among the Jack followers. Drama ensues:

  • We revisit Sun and Jin (oh they're on this show? Totally Forgot!). Jin's english is coming along quite nicely. He's looking for places to settle in America. But Sun decides she wants to raise HER baby in Korea. To which Jin asks..."you mean our baby?" Well we confirmed the baby is Jin's, so I'm not sure where they were going with this. Of course Jin still doesn't know that the child and Sun are in danger by staying on the island. (Which still leads me to believe that at LEAST Sun is one of the Oceanic 6, but who knows??)
  • Jack is trying to get in touch with Sayid and Desmond on the freighter but the phone is not working. Juliet jokingly asks to try calling a different number. Apparently we may learn next week how exactly the satellite phone works and what it can and can't call.
  • So Dan and Charlotte begin their Island investigation by playing with some cards. We see Dan guessing what 3 cards are in front of him. When Dan guesses 2 out of 3, Charlotte states that he's improving but Dan only gets more frustrated. Reminds me of Swan Orientation video and their whole interest into parapsychology. Which also brings a little bit of Walt to mind and his ability to see things in his mind and then make them happen. Dan's Guesses: Queen of Diamonds, 6 of Clubs, Red 10 of Hearts. Got the 1st 2, but the 3rd one was 3 of Spades. Why would he say RED 10 of hearts? Probably looking too much into it! Well're much smarter than me...analyze this scene!
  • Charlotte reveals another number that should only be used in emergencies to which Juliet states this IS an emergency. They call up Regina who is confused and concerned that they are using the number. But the biggest concern that comes to mind is that the chopper never arrived to the freighter. Uh oh....Dan did warn them to stick to a bearing...and based on the previews for next doesn't look like the island is going to allow that to be an easy task. Who knows WHERE or WHEN they are now??? If only Doc Brown was there to save them!

The Trial of Katherine Ann Austen

Well no sense in denying it anymore. Kate is officially one of the Oceanic 6. Of course, from the producer's interview, they never really meant for this to be a shocker. We were supposed to assume she was one of the 6. So, then the question is...if the promos say we would reveal another member of the 6 in this episode, should we be assuming the twist at the end has revealed another member? I have tons of questions on that little scene, but we have to build up to it first! Kate has been off the island for some time, but still hasn't been imprisoned for her crimes. I guess we can assume that the Court system is flawed and it's taking time to get her case to the stand. Here's what went down:

  • During her POST-island life, Kate has become one of the world's most famous faces. She has become a Hero but she hasn't answered yet for her past crimes. Her lawyer tried to make a case for her character and not for the evidence of her past. Kate pleaded not guilty to her list of offences. She ends up having to serve time in jail until the court hearing.
  • Kate is offered various types of settlements but all include jail time which she didn't want. And reveals that she has a son she needs to take care of. Throughout the episode we are meant to wonder what is going on with this son. Was she pregnant by Sawyer? or perhaps even Jack??? And of course that non-subtle scene with Claire led me to think other things as well.
  • But we continue on with the charade of the trial. Kate's mother is the main witness against her due to the fact that Kate confessed her crime. But Kate's lawyer tries to sell her character to the judges. They bring in none other than Jack Shephard to the stand. And we are given another brain dump of information. Yes folks...the "STORY" that the Oceanic 6 are sticking to.

    Here's how it goes:
    September 22, 2004 Kate (Miss Austen) and I were both passengers on flight 815 which crash landed in the South Pacific. Jack learned eventually that Kate was a fugitive, but not from the air marshall who died in crash...Jack never spoke to him. Miss Austen told her. Jack never asked if she was guilty. He assumed there had been some kind of mistake. Only 8 survived the crash, landed in water. Jack was hurt pretty badly. If it weren't for Kate he would've never made it to the shore. She took care of all of them. She found water, found food, shelter. She tried to save the other 2 but they didn't make it.

    Kate stops Jack at this point, clearly pained by the lies Jack is telling.

    Prosecution begins:
    "Do you love the defendent?" Judge allows the question... Jack's response "No, not anymore" Jaters begin to cry :-(
  • Wow...more questions now right?? Only 8 survived the crash? Who are the 6 (we know most of them), who are the 2 that they claim died (could one be Claire who gave birth to Aaron then died? oh right..we're not there yet. ) The public at large still believe the plane is in the bottom of the ocean...but off the coast of Bali. Isn't that more in the Indian Ocean than the Pacific Ocean? I'm sure this isn't meant to be looked into...but I thought I should raise it. So that is one big whopper of a story they're telling. And we still don't know why and WHO everyone involved is. Stay tuned!
  • Oh yeah...guess what? Kate's Mom is still alive. Last we saw her (chronologically), she was in a hospital and not looking too good. She cried for help at the sight of Kate and they never saw each other since. Kate's Mom mentions that she's had 6 months to live for 4 years and something has kept her going. long has it's been? Kate's mom may have been sick for awhile before the crash. But the child we see at the end looks a bit older. Could they possibly have been off the island for YEARS before the trial? And then the question much time is passing on the island as they are OFF of the island? Anyway, Kate's mom pretty much says she doesn't want to testify anymore as she's had a change of heart from the Oceanic 6 stories and she wants to see her Grandson. Kate refuses to let her see the grandson...but Mom still sticks to the story.
  • The story that saves Kate from prison time: Kate saved 5 others people on an island. Nearly starving to death. Rescued her mother from an abusive husband.
  • The Deal Kate accepts: Time Served, plus 10 years probation as long as she doesn't leave the state. She doesn't plan on leaving since she wants to raise her child.
  • When Kate is secretly leaving the building. Jack runs into her noting that the lawyer owed him one (I'm guessing because he took the stand, but maybe more?). Kate mentions that Jack has told the STORY so many times she feels he's starting to believe it. Jack told Kate he didn't mean what he said on the stand about not loving her. JATERS begin to cheer! Kate, very excited by this, tries to convince Jack to come home with her to see the baby (whom we still are meant to think is Sawyer's at the time). Kate understands why Jack doesn't want to see the child, but refuses to "HAVE COFFEE" or "Get caught in a net" until Jack comes to terms with the situation. Jack is not ready...but Kate leaves an open invitation. (much different than eons later with Bearded Jack not being able to get ahold of Kate but finally does)
  • We follow Kate to her house which she seems to have been residing at for some time. Her MAID welcomes her home and says she's been taking care of the child. We go upstairs into the child's bedroom....and we see a child of 3 or 4 years old? And his name is........AARON! dum dum dummmmmmmm BOOM LOST!
  • Anyone else get flashbacks to season one when Claire was giving birth and Kate made the cheesy (at the time) comment "This is not just your baby..this is all of ours!" about foreshadowing! Anyway...I must tip my hat to some of our readers here who suggested that the "HE" Kate refers to in our season 3 finale might have been Baby Aaron when she said "he's going to wonder where I am." It sure looks like that's the case now. But now that we know it's a fact....what does this mean? What happened to Claire? Desmond sees Claire getting on a helicopter in a vision. Is that vision still going to come true? We find out this week that Desmond and Sayid aren't doing too well on their chopper journey. And of course...why doesn't Jack want to see Aaron? Does he know that Aaron is his nephew? (for the slow people out there, Jack and Claire are half-brother/sister but don't know it yet. Christian Shephard is their father) Did something happen to Claire that would make it painful for him to see Aaron? Or is it the situation that they're in that causes it? Remember when the psychic (whom we still don't know if he's the real deal or not) Malkin tells Claire that only SHE can raise the baby and if not the child could turn out to be EVIL? Great danger surrounds the raising of this child. Yikes.....How far into the future are we going to go and will Aaron return to save the island?? Is Aaron Jacob? (yeah just thought I'd throw something crazy like that in there!) More realistically, is Aaron a descendent of Jacob?? How do people believe Kate has a son? Do they think SHE gave birth or that she's adopting. Is claire one of the 8 that survived the crash (in the fake story) but didn't survive ON the island...but was able to give birth and Kate took on Aaron as if he was her own son? There's no way Kate could've gotten pregnant on the island and given birth unless they were there for a lot more time, right? I don't think they're going in that direction. YIKES. Lots and lots of questions. I don't even think I asked them all. Anyone else have some?

Crazy crazy fantasically good episode! And wow...does the preview for next week look awesome or what? Look closely at the last scene. It is a beardless Desmond talking to Dan! More crazy time traveling? A prior flashback connection? From what I hear next week's episode does mess with Time and was hard to write/produce....but they think they have a winner on their hands. Should be fun!

Coffin Watch

  • I liked my Ben theories last week with the Aliases. I have nothing to add this week, as it's definitely not Aaron in the coffin. Still a chance for Michael or Walt. But the news I do have to share is that the producers confirmed that they know they owe us the answer to this prior to season 4's end!
Well, I didn't think I was going to get to this recap today. But I really don't know how I would've been able to let a great episode like this pass us by. Hope you all enjoyed my ramblings.

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See you all next week!

Disclaimer: Many thanks again to Sledgeweb ( for always having the ability to capture so many wonderful screen stills from the show! If I had the technology to do it myself, you bet I would! But since I don't, it's nice to know someone out there does!


Chris Stedman said...

Well add last nights episode to the list of Kate centric that I didn’t like. I don’t know what it is about here flashes that make her act so irrationally. I know Kate and Jack have this big secret that their suppose to keep but come on, your dieing mother wants make amends and not testify against you and all she wants is to meet her only grandson. Come on Kate throw her a bone. It reminded me of another of her bad episodes with the marshals’ case. Just tell Jack there are some personal items in there you want he’ll understand and give it to you. Kate rant is over now.

And for the big revel the Kate’s baby was Aaron, they spent so much time trying to convince me that it was Sawyer’s that I saw it was Aaron a mile away.

Dan had an interesting scene with the cards. I first thought he was trying a physic experiment but Charlotte asked him what he remembered. I think he is a genius that has memory issues. Just like it took him a scene to remember his name when Jack asked and he didn’t remember the code “tell my sister I love her”. Maybe he’s hoping the islands healing power will help him.

I liked Miles until this episode as well. If doesn’t start talking to the whispers on the island soon his character has no value to the show. Although I agree with Ben, why 3.2 million, did a ghost tell him there was 3.2 on the island?

Jin and Sun finally had a scene this season and it doesn’t look good as usual for their relationship. My prediction is Sun is one of the oceanic 6 because of the baby island issues. Jin will either be off the island with her or stay on the island; either way separation or divorce is in their future.

And finally is Clare dead or just still on the island? My guess is she’s dead and Jack is somehow directly involved. The only reason he wouldn’t what to see the baby is guilt over something.

Mike V. said...

So in other words..again pretty much everything I brought up, but in your own words right? lol

Sorry to hear you didn't like the episode. I thought it was quite good...regardless of any "plot stretches" they took. The story moved forward and we learned a few things and we still remain intrigued by mystery. Pretty much what I look for in LOST!

I agree though, Kate has had some pretty weird flashes in the past. They're not always the most interesting. But this one I felt was necessary.

Chris Stedman said...

Yea, but I said it better. lol

In season 1 I felt the island and flashes were equal in the story telling.

Season 2 and 3 the flashes fell off and I wasn't as interested in them as the island story.

In season 4 the flashes have come back and are more interesting than the island story and this episode fell short.

Mike V. said...

yeah yeah yeah lol

I'll agree that the flashback format got very old unless we were dealing with NEW Characters (a la Desmond, Juliet, Ben, maybe Eko too...not so much Ana Lucia). And of course the big Locke Flashback in season 3 when we finally got the payoff for the wheelchair.

Flashforwards have brought a new flavor to the show, so I agree it feels fresh. While the Court case did seem to be drawn out a bit too much. And the "SUBTLETY" of the Sawyer/Aaron twist was too heavy handed, I felt that the ends justified the means. The information we got was far much more valuable than the way it was executed.

But, that's the problem with me....I could never be a critic of this show because I just love it so much...I'm blind to its faults! lol

So I'm glad some people can come in and keep me honest!

Anonymous said...

Mike, love the blog man! Definitely the best one out there. Keep it up, I look forward to it every week. Here's my question -- did Kate really say "Aaron" in the last scene? I could of sworn she called her child "Eric." Did it say "Aaron" on the closed captioning?? Maybe I'm hearing things, but I was listening very closely to hear every little detail and I'm almost positive she said "Eric!!" Oh well, thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Mike, you said "The public at large still believe the plane is in the bottom of the ocean...but off the coast of Bali."

How do we know that everyone still thinks that? How could the whole plane have sunk to the bottom of the ocean, but Kate, injured Jack, and the other 6 swam to shore? I know they're all about lying about what happened, but do you think they would really go along with the cover-up that was shown on tv?

Anonymous said...

Kate story doesn't really do it for me. Obviously its not a
sayid/desmond/hurley story but I'm talking about Kate in general. I'm
not angry that it blows my whole, "Kate cannot be a part of the O-6,
she's a criminal" theory, I'm angry on how they wrapped it up so nice
and clean.

First off.....Kate's wanted for murder and all kinds of stuff. The FBI
had been looking for her. The FBI even chased her to Australia. The
FBI put like 10 guys on her mom hoping that Kate would come back.
Obviously they had a case against her. But becuz her mom won't testify
against her, she's able to avoid 15+ years of prison? Their whole
case was based on her mom testifying? I'm not buying that.

Mike V. said...

Anonymous 1 - Yep...definitely Aaron. I don't think they'd try to confuse us there. That was definitely a cliffhanger leading into the "LOST" tag. Thanks for the props on the blog too!

Anonymous 2 - I guess I just meant, based on the knowledge we would seem the public at large thinks the plane crashed at the bottom of the ocean. We haven't been told to think otherwise yet, right? I'm thinking they have no choice but to go along with the story. And perhaps it's similar to Sayid working for Ben in order to protect his friends. Remember..Jack says at the end of season 3 "I'm sick of lying!" He is ready to go back and confront the powers that be. We'll just have to see how they clear all of that up!

Anonymous 3 - I think on top of Kate's Mom not testifying it's the Character case they built up for Kate based on the lies of the Oceanic 6. Instead of Jack being the savior of 48+ people, Kate becomes the hero of 6 (plus 2 that died)....they twisted the killing of Kate's father to be also her SAVING her mother. I was a bit clean. But the LIE/Coverup of what's going on on the island still dirties it up a bit.

That's my thoughts anyway!

Chris Stedman said...

It's more than just a new flavor. The flashbacks tried to tell a story about each characters past which explained why the made the decisions they made on the island. They complemented the island story. The flash forwards are a part of the overall story, not a complement. Like Lindelof said in the interview you linked the island story is working toward the flash forwards.

And don’t get me wrong I love the show to, I think my expectations are to high sometimes.

Mike V. said...

CD - bad choice of wording I guess. I just meant for the Format of the show...Flashbacks were getting stale...Flashforwards have made things more interesting because, like you said..we're working towards something.

yeah, I would think I would get disappointed once in awhile with high expectations, but I think I just have a lot of faith in Darlton/Abram's vision for the show and am just enjoying the ride! lol They have a story to tell, and they'll tell us what we need to know when they want us to know it. Like I said...I'm just enjoying the ride! As long as we get no more Jack Tats and Aaron Baptism Hiccups...I probably won't complain too much about the show! lol

Anonymous said...

Whoo-Hoo ! FOr the first time in4 years I actually guessed something right about Lost. Usually I'm blind-sided. Either last week or 2 wks ago I said that the baby was Aaron or Sun's kid. LOL. Ok - over myself now.

Mike - thanks so much for finding the time to post. What a pleasant surprise since you said you'd probably not !

Fave line : 'I've been Scooby-doo'd'

Locke's contention that he is 'responsible for the island' was creepy to me. And why do they make this character so idiotic at times? I mean, in front of Ben he totally acts like Ben isn't getting to him, but then walks out the door and goes a few yards and throws the tray ! DUH! Think ben can't hear? Locke did that in the hatch too. If you go to the trouble to try to make someone believe they don't affect you - you carry that thru until you are far away from them ! Just a thing that bugs me.

Kate has always been very uneven - have always had problems getting her psyche down! WHy get so mad at Sawyer when he's relieved she's not preggers ?!? Agree unrealistic that she'd not let mom see the kid if it got her out of jail time.

BUT - obviously mom and everyone else thinks this is Kate's flesh and blood ! Mom would not feel such a strong pull to see this kid if Kate came back and said I'm raising this kid as my own.

So - could Kate's refusal to allow her mom near the kid have to do with keeping up the lie somehow ?? Why make such a big deal about Kate NOT allowing it if there wasn't something more there. I know - sometimes a bracelet is just a bracelet - LOL - but this feels like something.

Loved Sawyer's dig to Kate that she'd be running back after Jack pissed her off - or some such thing.

I belive that Aaron is one of the Oceanic 6 - but still don't believe Ben is. I know, lots of theories out there how Ben has all these ID's and knew the manifest. But - you can't just pic a person who has no family and pretend to be them. Even if no family they worked somewhere, lived next to someone. Had a drivers licence or something that would prove that the person who's ID was taken looked nothing like the current person saying he's them. I think we have only met 5 or the 6 as of yet now.

After reading that theory I found on the web (posted here earlier in the week) and reading the producers article that Mike posted yesterday - could this 'emergency' number actally be calling the boat in another time ?? Could explain why no helo yet !

And yes - if you ever followed a trial - it can take 2 or 3 years before the actual case is in court with a jury.

Not being able to leave the state was a very strange stipulation !

Whew - didn't mean to ramble on so much. Sorry ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share some thoughts of mine and see if anyone agreed with them.

First, I think it is possible that it is Hurley in the coffin and the reason Kate doesnt want to see him is because he told the truth about what happened which may have caused problems for her since everyone is claiming she is the hero and thats what seems to have got her out of jail time.

Second, Ben said something about Sayid using his heart instead of his gun and Sayid claims thats how Ben recruited him. I think that that has something to do with Shannon. Because Charlie said He is dead but He is still there. So I think this applies to everyone that has been on the show especailly Boone(unfinished business with Locke) and Libby(Libby is listed in upcoming episodes on I dont know why; I think this is all coming from the fact that I just want Charlie back.

Last is I believe that they are on a different plane of existance. Its the first thing I thought of after seeing the promotional pic of them on the island while the city is the reflection in the water. Which would would work with the fact that they have to stay on a certain course to get out. And maybe explain the time travel but who knows. Also if you look up Planes one Wikipedia you will find that they are somtimes referred to as "eggs" I know you dont think that was worth looking into but I found it interesting.

I am new to this site so Im not sure if you have ever covered any of this. Love this site and cant wait till next weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

Kate doesn't want her mom to ever see the baby because it is not hers and her mom is not Aaron's grandmother.

Kate's trial took so long to start because she somehow was on the run after returning. She only got caught because her mom yelled out for help when she came to visit her.

Mike V. said...

Wow...I gotta run out so I probably won't be able to respond to much the rest of the day. But MJ yes...good call on the AARON thing. Scooby doo line...definitely loved that line and totally forgot to add to blog!

Still don't know about Kate being mom vs. adoption story...I just don't know how they could plausibly say Kate was preggars!

Planes of existence poster - WELCOME! Thanks for checking us out. I think I have read theories about that before, but not sure if I have ever covered it. something is definitely up on that island...whether it's in another dimension or just invisible to the world...i have no idea! lol but I'm dying to find out!

Last anonymous...Kate's encounter with her MOm happened in a Season 1 flashback. As far as we know..Kate was not on the run after being "rescued" from the island. She is one of the Oceanic 6 and a hero (according to the story)....of course Jack is referred to as "The Hero" in his flash forward too...but maybe it was just referring to him saving the woman in the car. point is...There was one Kate flashback where Kate's mom says "the next time I see you...i will cry for help" in season 1's flashback..we see kate trying to see her mom in the hospital and gets her childhood sweetheart to arrange it...they find their time capsule and it's very cute and such..blah blah blah (ahh i remember the days when I had a theory that the HATCH was a Time Capsule! lolol) Anyway...kate sees her Mom lying on a hospital bed...and she yells HELP!!!! Then while running she ends up getting her childhood sweetie killed. All flashback...not POST rescue.

Just thought I could help clarify.

Keep on discussing folks and I'll check in later this weekend if I can!

Anonymous said...

I believe that the producers have stated that there is only one plane of existance - cause we all thought that one for awhile. Jsut like we all thought purgatory/hell and they came out and said no on that too. LOL

The article that Mike posted wednesday with the producers had them talking about time travel though.

This will be my last mention - promise ! - of the site my friend found this week. It's a very long and involved theory. After reading it alot seems to fall into place, and then reading the producers article after it - seemed like they were pointing that way too.

I no longer, after reading it, ponder things like how could kate even pretend to have gotten pregnant while on this island !

Chris Stedman said...

Mike: Lol “Stranger in a strange land” was a stinker wasn’t it. On a related note Bai Ling was recently arrested for shoplifting 2 magazines. With next week possibly being a Desmond time travel episode maybe Desmond have a vision of her being arrested and went back in time to warn the writers and she was fired after that episode. Worked for Anna, Libby and Eco. Time travel theorist react!

Anonymous said...

I don't want this to sound silly but...I have been going round and round as to how Kate can possibly have custody of Aaron. [Guess that will remain a mystery for now.] That improbabilty leads me to think that Aaron must be hers. But she kept saying she was not pregnant. And even if she was, and had the baby, naming it Aaron would be a dirty trick by the producers. So looking for "proof" that Kate is telling the truth about being not pregnant, leads me to her conversation on the bed with Sawyer. I concluded from that conversation (I think it was the morning after) that Kate did not have sex with Sawyer and knows she is not pregnant because of the same reason: she is menstruating.

justinian said...

My two bits on the Kate/Preggers question: sometimes malnurished women don't show when they are pregnant. This means that in rare cases, a woman could be in the last tri-mester and still not look pregnant. So that could be the story the Oceanic Six tell the press and the authorities after they get off the island.

Also, thank god Sun showed up this episode! She makes my day!

And I bug everyone I know with this but... I think the father of Sun's baby is Michael.

In last season's "D.O.C." Sun was told by Juliet that her baby was concieved on-island. Sun was initially concerned, but then Juliet stated that the island would help Jin's fertility. But from what I remember from Season 1, Sun and Jin were rarely happy with eachother. And they were rarely happy enough with eachother to have sex.

Didn't Sun take the pregnancy test mid-to-late season 2? Women usually suspect that they are pregnant about a month after conception when they miss their period. So wouldn't that make the date of conception around mid-to-late season 1?

For the last half of season 1 Jin and Sun weren't even living together. Jin left her when he found out that she could speak english. And at this time Sun was close friends with Michael...

Sun has had atleast one affair before. She was planning on leaving Jin and everyone she knows about three months ago. And Jin still doesn't know about either decepetion. It isn't a stetch to think that Sun had an affiar while she was on the island.

And if she did have an affair, Michael would be more likely to impregnate Sun than Jin. We know that the island makes everyone slightly superhuman. In men, it increases their sperm count. But Michael, who we know had enough to make a child off-island, would be more likely than Jin, who was previously sterile.

If you've read all this, thanks for taking the time out of your day. And yes, I know I think too much about the reproduction of fictional characters.

Anonymous said...

I liked how we got a glimpse of Locke's eye up close in the beginning of the episode. This could add to the debate (if there still is one) to who's eye it was that peered out of Jacob's cabin at Hurley a few episodes back. If we are confident that is was Locke, then this probably confirms it.

Anonymous said...

What about the idea that Charlotte staples Lewis is a call out to C.S. Lewis. Who wrote a lion a witch and a wardrobe. A story about four kids who find a land they can reach by going through a wardrobe. What if Ben can do that and that is why they know he can get the money he can pop around different places and can use his i.d.s wherever he goes and can get things, just like he went and got locke's dad. Or another thought, What if Ben is like Aslan he can call things onto the island? It would explain the time difference between "worlds". Just like in the book time moves at a different rate then on the island.

Anonymous said...

Juliette is basing whether Sun get pregnant soley on the size of the fetus. If time moves more slowly on the island (plus we know some trime travel is also involved) then is it not possible that the baby could grow slower ? So then this baby could be fathered by that guy she was having the affair with !

Anonymous said...

To Justinian:

I don't think Kate was preggers at all. But - she was sooo adamant that she wasn't that it makes me wonder if she can't get pregnant ?

She refused to allow Aaron in the courtroom, refused to allow her mom to see the kid. Why ? She's told the world that Aaron is hers - Kate's mom called him her grand child. Somehow, someway if mom sees this kid she will know it is not Kates. OR - she is hiding Aaron away due to the whole 'if he is raised by someone who is not his mom it will be bad' thing.

We all are guessing that Jack is guilty in some way and that is why he won't see Aaron - but something happens with Aaron that makes Jack afraid of him? Sounds silly, I know - but Aaron is supposed to be scary if not raised by mommy

Chris Stedman said...

I've heard several people mention the if Aaron is not raise by Clare bad things would happen. But I believe it was in Eco's last flashback Clare’s physic was in it and he admitted he was a fraud. So I don't think bad things are in store for Aaron, unless you count mommy dieing. ;)

Anonymous said...

I find it highly unlikely that the producers would make an episode called "Raised By Another" devoted to the idea that Aaron would be evil if raised by anyone besides Claire, and then reveal that the whole thing was made up by a fraud physic. That would be a complete letdown.

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts:
- I like the blog.
- I think Hurley is in the coffin - whatever caused his death is what has set off Jack to try to kill himself. When they met in the asylum, Hurley told Jack they weren't supposed to leave the island and Jack told him he was wrong; when Jack saw Kate in the first flash forward - which occurred chronologically after he saw Hurley - HE told HER they weren't supposed to leave the island. Hurley's death made him realize that Hurley was right. Hurley died through the same bad luck that plagued him when he originally won the lottery - it finally got him.
- I thought the "eye" in Jacob's cabin looked like Charley. The figure in the rocking chair was Jack's father (the producers basically acknowledged that in the EW interview this week) - perhaps the cabin is the last stop for departed souls on the island. That scene occurred on the day of Charley's death, right?
- Maybe Kate's baby is actually named "Erin" and has nothing to do with Claire's baby? Maybe Kate didn't get pregnant until this most recent encounter with Sawyer, which would fit with why Jack won't see the child.
- Last thought: The man that Ben has on the freighter is...Ben, of course. The freighter folk don't realize that - he uses a different identity off-island.
- OK - one more - anyone look closely at the currency that was in the drawer that Sayid found? Was it pre-Euro currency, and does that suggest when Ben was last off the island? Perhaps this is at odds with my last thought. A lot of my thoughts are like that...

Mike V. said...

I'm kinda torn with the whole MALKIN thing. Sometimes things are built up on the show for us to theorize about the supernatural possibilities when it is eventually explained by something much simpler. Like is Malkin really a psychic? Or did he do his homework, or was he tipped off by ...say...Christian Shephard (in his final trip to Sydney) about Claire and Flight 815? The Eko episode may have shed that light on us....but then again...we see his daughter tell Eko that she really did die and that she saw YEMI on "the other side." More mindgames or did this actually happen? But I tend to side with Rob too that they wouldn't have gone to all of that trouble in season 1 to freak us out with that episode and especially title it "Raised by another" if there were not some impacts down the line. I'm going to say that the producers probably WANT us to be asking all of these questions. There obviously has to be a link to Kate raising the child and the season 1 episode "Raised by another" But how much of an impact? Remains to be seen! lol

Mike V. said...

btw...i still think that eye in the cabin (in the Hurley episode) looked like Locke's eye. What the significance of this is? I'm still befuddled.

Thanks anonymous for blog props.

And MJ...don't worry..i saw the timeloop link and was emailed it several times by some other people lol I just haven't had the time or patience to read it yet! but maybe I'll get around to it lol

Chris Stedman said...

The Malkin issue could be argued both ways. We don't know if they will tie it all back together or not. I think Malkin is a fraud, he got Claire's money and got her out of the country so he won't bother him after the fact. Now that's not to say maybe his daughter did die and had a vision about Yemi, but with Eco dead and gone that story line might not be revisited. Allthough it would be cool if in a Jack flashforward she met him in the airport during his weekend golden ticket rides and gave him some important imformation about geeting back to the island.

Anonymous said...

I recently commented on planes of existance and decided to get a name, because I know I will have lots of question. Heres the first one.
Is Jack tryin to Kill himself? because I didnt take anything that way. I took it as he wanted the plane to crash to get back to the island. Have I missed something?

And I wanted to add one thing about Hurley being in the coffin that I left out on my first comment. By Hurley coming forward with the truth it forced Kate back into hiding with Arron because people would know he wasnt hers. And didnt Jack say something about her being hard to get ahold of.

Anonymous said...


Could defintitely be Hurley in the coffin. Everyone seemed to think the coffin was smallish - but I didn't see that.

One thing though - Kate and Sawyer stated that they did not have sex that last night in last weeks ep - so she coul dnot have gotten preggers then.

Eye being Charley and not Locke is interesting - especially since Locke can't seem to find this cabin or Jacob again. Could also be Christian - we did not see the chair and the eye at the same moment.

About Malkin - I can't remember that far back but didn't he say he really was a fraud - but then state that with Claire something really came to him ??

Ben being his own contact on the boat would be amusing. Especially with the time travel that producers are not hinting at.

I'm feeling that time travel has messed this all up and when the O6 return home the same amount of time has not passed for the world as it had for the O6. I think that is part of what drives Jack so close to the edge - I think that when they get back that 9/22/04 (crash date) will not have yet happened - but that they know their fate is to die on that date and as it draws closer it weighs alot on them and the fake lives they are living. They know some of the future and can't stop it. (I did not create all the above theory - but I like it). Desmond kept trying to stop the future - and fate just finding another way. And I think Christian is alive. Jack's comment - go upstairs and ask my dad in the finale, added to the whole time loop travel thing - it's starting to add up and point this way.

I'm not even sure if what I typed makes sense cause I was trying to be brief. LOL

Mike V. said...

Danielle, congrats on getting a name! lol Welcome to the club! When we refer to jack killing is the one scene in the flash forward where he is standing on a bridge, looking down at his eventual doom...then saying something like "forgive me" and getting ready to jump....but before he can...a car swerved into the median, distracted by potentially Jumping Jack. So yeah...we can pretty much assume he was about to kill himself! As for wanting the planes to he wanted to get back to the island. And he is so distraught about events that have transpired to get them off the island, and for whatever is left for them ON the island that he is desperate to get back. And maybe he is so desperate, he'd rather kill himself then live with the guilt of leaving the island.

MJ interesting with all of the time stuff. You all know my opinion is to BELIEVE the producers who have said countless times that Christian Shephard is DEAD. Jack's comments to go "UPSTAIRS" and get his father were either out of dillusion or sarcasm(comments to Christian drinking and being drunk in heaven). As for the O6 arriving home BEFORE the crash? yikes...that gets complicated. Especially with Naomi telling them about the crash. Granted if she knows about the elements of the "UNSTABLE" island. She may be able to tell them about things that have not yet come to pass. We have to keep in mind that with all of this messing with time on the show...the LOST brains will have to be able to portray it to the masses without really going over a lot of peoples' heads. Once you start dealing with a lot of different timelines...they're going to start losing people. Time being slower on the island is one thing....but then if you say time is SLOWER OFF of the island to top it off? That will really confuse the viewer. Think OLDER WALT. He is most likely off of the island, right? How can Walt have gotten YEARS older...and then when the O6 get off of the island...the crash hasn't happened yet? I don't know if I can buy it. But it's an interesting theory nonetheless!

BTW...someone just commented to me offline about maybe MILES being Ben's man on the boat and the 3.2 Million dollars being a codeword. interesting thought!

Anonymous said...

Oh dang I completely forgot about that scene...I really need to go back and watch that episode its been way to long since I have seen it!!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting really nervous about the fate of Sawyer.
It seems that there is really no where left for his story line to go.
He accomplished killing the real "Sawyer" and now it looks as though the love triangle of him, Kate and Jack has to come to end.

Have the producers alluded to any deaths of 815'ers this season?

Mike V. said...

I don't know (nor do I want to know) anything for certain, but it would probably be a safe bet to think someone's life is in danger before this season ends! lol

I just can't see this show moving forward without Sawyer as part of it. But I agree, I'm not sure where his story will go next. Unless his DAUGHTER Clementine comes into the picture at some point (in the "future"). I guess we'll see!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike...Another great blog! Keep up the great work. I've been super, suoer busy so I haven't had a chance to chime in 'til now.
Here's some questions I hope you can answer:

1.) I believe in season 1, it was Claire's intent on giving the baby up for adoption, right? Perhaps she DID decide to finally do this and she let Kate adopt Aaron.

2.) Many are speculating that Claire is dead because Aaron is with Kate and not her. But didn't the show's producers claim that some of the Oceanic 815 would decide to stay on the island instead of being rescued? For that matter, I can't even remember why Claire was on the plane in the first place. LOL

3.) We know Kate blew up her step-father in Iowa. Why was she being charged with this crime (among others) in California? I'm not up-to-date on matters of jurisdiction on what happens when you have numerous crimes committed in numerous states, so if anyone has a valid response, I'd appreciate it.

4.) During Kate's trial, I kept looking in the background to see if anybody we knew had decided to attend. Outside of Jack's brief appearance, I saw nobody familiar. Did you?

5.) Diane Janssen, Kate's mom, was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, correct? Kate visited her just before she left for Australia. Since that time, Diane mentioned that doctors have given her six months to live for the past four years. Does this mean that Kate's flashforward is now in the year 2008?

6.) With Jack asking Kate to go out with him for a cup of coffee, can we assume that Juliet is nowhere around now?

7.) Couldn't the $3.2M that Miles was trying to extort from Ben just be a play on "the numbers" that we get almost every week in some weird and non-sensical fashion?

8.) And just because my mind doesn't remember all that much, maybe someone could help me out with this. When Claire attached the note to the seagull back in season three, is it possible that this time-lapse we now know about, prevented it from returning from whereever it came from? Consequently, I just can't see how it is possible for all the answers to all of our questions over the past three+ seasons can or will be accounted for satisfactorily.

For what it's worth, I think Season 4 is absolutely great so far. I know we have a ways to go yet but I gotta say, I am really bemoaning the fact that one day Lost will no longer air. There isn't a show on TV that can match its intensity, its storytelling, its science vs. faith dynamics, its superb cast of characters and thought-provoking scenerios played out in such an artistic manner.

Mike V. said...

boardreader...I'm gonna have to take a raincheck on responding to that one! lol Maybe later today.

But I wanted to share this news from Ausiello: Man I wish they would just make up their mind already! Apparently, we're getting all 8 pre-strike episodes before the month break now

"Question: Happy birthday! I hope you'll celebrate by giving us some scoop on anything besides Lost. — Lauren

Ausiello: One hot piece of Lost scoop comin' your way, Lauren: Sources confirm what was first reported by my frenemy on Monday: ABC has opted to end the current, pre-strike arc with Episode 8, not 7 as was the original plan. So, just to recap, this is what Lost's revised sked looks like.
Episode 5: Feb. 28
Episode 6: March 6
Episode 7: March 13
Episode 8: March 20
Episode 9: April 24
Episode 10: May 1
Episode 11: May 8
Episode 12: May 15
Episode 13: May 22 (season finale)


Anonymous said...


Claire was on the plane because she was going to LA to meet the persons who were going to adopt her baby. She HAD decided to put the baby up for adoption.

But it doesn't make sense that she would let anyone adopt him now - she's grown to love him.

The only way that would make sense for Claire to give that baby up now is that she dies, or that him leaving/her staying is they only way to do what is best for Aaron - you know - the parent's sacrfice thing.

Mike V. said...

Okay Boardreader…I’ll give it a shot now! Lol Thanks again for the blog props. I’ve been pretty busy myself but now have had a little time to check in on the Blog Readers and some of their great comments! One of my favorite things to do is DISCUSS the show, not just write my big speech about it on Fridays. It’s pretty much the reason I started the blog (that and the whole aspiration that someone out there finds it and decides to start paying me to do it! Lol) Anyways, here goes my thoughts on your questions.

1.) Claire’s intent initially was to give the baby up for adoption but then she got cold feet and couldn’t sign the papers. When she was intent on raising the baby herself, Malkin comes back into the picture and asks her to meet with a family in L.A. and that she HAS to take flight 815. I’m a little hazy on the details here too. I did it last year, but it might be time to start watching from the beginning again! Lol I’m pretty sure that Claire decided ON ISLAND that she was MEANT to raise the child herself. So there are definitely events that need to be filled in to get us from point A to Point B where Kate is off-island raising Aaron.

2.) Well, obviously we need to consider that Claire might be dead. But knowing the producers…that seems to be a bit too easy. There might be an ultimatum placed in front of Claire…or someone is interested in Claire’s child and she has no choice but to stay behind but get her child as far away from the island as possible. There are lots of possibilities here! And we’re stuck asking questions about EVERY one of them! Lol I think I answered the question about why Claire was on the plane in question 1 lol

3.) I was wondering the same thing. I forget where the Bank robbery was, it was probably LA right? And we also know that Kate was flying back to LA from Sydney…so maybe we’re just meant to assume that whatever crimes she committed she was going to be charged there. But yeah….I don’t know all the laws and stuff so maybe someone out there can state if this is valid!

4.) Didn’t see anyone besides Jack at Kate’s trial worth noting. Of course, apparently the lawyer played a character in the movie Frequency called JACK SHEPHARD. And Frequency is all about talking on a radio to a different time period and stuff. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence though!

5.) I’m still confused on the timeline here and when everything takes place in the future. I don’t think we know for sure about her being diagnosed in 2004. It may have been earlier than that. Unless they stated this in the episode and I just don’t remember? Maybe it’s just supposed to be easy math and we’re meant to think that it is 4 years after the crash.

6.) I don’t think we can make any assumptions about Juliet. But we can probably assume she’s not a primary concern of Jack’s at that moment.

7.) Play on the numbers eh? 3.2 as in 23??? I dunno…why wouldn’t it have been 2.3 million then? I think the best thing I heard is that it is another CODE and that Miles may be his man on the boat. But who knows? I’m sure someone does and we’ll find out eventually! lol

8.) Maybe the freighter folk were the ones that sent the birds in the first place and they are the ones that found the message? The birds also could’ve been released ON ISLAND too. But yeah, they might be impacted by the whole TIME thing. And I agree, they won’t be able to answer every question they put out there, plus they keep throwing more out there. But there are some very big questions that tie a lot of it together and they’re going to eventually address those! The answer to the numbers was a letdown with the whole Valzenetti Equation (or however you spell it) and answering it in the LOST Experience rather than the show itself. But there was no way they were going to be able to have a good answer for that! As long as they answer the big questions like Why are they on the Island, How did the plane crash and leave 60ish survivors (I know the Electro Magnetic event caused it but we never saw the actual crash of the fuselage)?, What’s up with the Time Travel?, the Smoke Monster?, The Ghosts, the 4 toed statue…..I’ll be happy! I guess there is always a concern that when they do answer these questions that the whole show will be a letdown. But I’m a firm believer that the journey on this show is the rewarding part. I’m sure they’ll reveal the stuff to us in a fashion that will make it a good and satisfying pay-off!

And I agree with your sentiments of the show itself and am loving season 4 so far as well! Hope I helped add to your confusion! And thanks as always for posting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thought Mike. I appreciate it.

From what I now understand/remember:

Kate's bank robbery ruse was in New Mexico not LA. In fact, the whole purpose was to obtain a toy airplane that I think was in safety deposit box #815. Coincidence? I think not. LOL

Also, I think I need to make a correction. I recall that the Marshal said, before putting Kate on Oceanic 815, that her friend Tom had died a couple of years before. Since Kate used him to get to her mother in the hospital, this would make Diane's hospital stay in 2002, not 2004.

Therefore, the flashforward we just saw would have taken place in 2006, not 2008. Clear as mud? LOL

My personal thoughts are that the final flashforwards will probably be dated in the final year of Lost. It has to be that way, doesn't it?

Now with Kate adopting Aaron, that makes her what....the stepmother of Jack's stepnephew? LOL

This is one show that I never tire of.

Mike V. said...

new doc jensen and potential "cheat sheet" for tonight,,20180747,00.html

Sounds like we may finally revisit what happened during that Hatch implosion! Funny, I was just wondering about that yesterday!

Anonymous said...

I heard somewhere that when Lost sadly ends that it would still leave us with lots of guestions. But there would be a Movie. Which I think would be amazing. Has anyone else heard anything about this. Or is this something a site was just saying could happen and didnt really come from Lost ppl.

Mike V. said...

Danielle, prior to last year's announcement of the 3 seasons of 16 episodes each, there were speculations by the producers of doing 2 more seasons and then a movie to wrap everything up. Or something like that. But I am pretty certain that once they finalized the deal, the movie idea went out the window. I agree...LOST as a movie would probably be a pretty cool idea to explore, but only if it was relevant. From what DARLTON have said, after the 16th episode of season 6, the show will be OVER! But, you never know with those crazy guys!

Anonymous said...

FOund a couple of clips from tonight's episode ! Looks really cool guys !,0,3244488.wmvfile,0,2916807.wmvfile

Chris Stedman said...

I think the idea of a movie is a bad idea anyway. In order to make the movie accessible to everyone the studio would make the writers recap the series within the movie and that would take 3 hours right there. lol

Miles Balzard said...

Another great recap Mike and you and your commenters did such a great job I scarcely have any questions left!

It was a solid episode for me, but I'm still getting used to the flash forwards and the celebrity status of the Oceanic 6. But it certainly moved the plot along in a most entertaining way! It was nice to see that Kate would finally have to face the consequences of her actions, but then she ended up getting no jail time. I agree with those who say that was a little too easy for her, but I'm not going to whine about it, since we do have a show to move along here! Having Kate in jail for three years or seven years or whatever would not have fit into the arc of the story. But some day she might actually regret not having gone to a quiet, safe low-security prison!

Being the dummy that I am, I was shocked when Kate called the baby Aaron. Kudos to those who guessed it because you could've knocked me down with a feather! And I'm wondering like everyone else how the hell Aaron ended up in Kate's arms? Believe it or not, as much as I waffle back and forth about Kate, I think this time she may have done something magnanimous to end up with Aaron.

I was glad to see Sun and Jin get some air time! These two were my favorite characters for quite a while, but they just didn't get enough story to stay at the top of my list. I still love the characters and I'm really glad we can finally say once and for all that the baby is Jin's! (um…right?) If so, I've never been so glad to be wrong. I hope we see a lot more of them during this season and beyond!

The coffin mystery is a fun guessing game but I'm not guessing. I'd only be wrong, anyway. I like having mysteries and I'm usually happy to let the writers clue me in at the moment they know will have the most impact. I'd really rather not know until we all find out together! Of course, that hasn't stopped me from making up a few theories on the island or the mythology of the show!

Miles and the $3.2 million: Dude has balls, I'll grant him that. Don't care for him as a person, but as a two-bit villain he's pretty entertaining. And he's got mad skillz at communicating with dead people and ghosts!

Mike V. said...

Thanks Miles!

I read the comments, and I'm afraid to say too much. So, I'll have to go with the tried and true "just wait!!"

Sun/Jin - Yes, we can assume the baby is Jin's at this point. As for seeing a lot more of them....I'm not going to answer that!! (and I don't think you wanted me to)

Miles - Definitely an interesting character. But, you know what happens with the those that "SEEM" like villains. He may grow on you! lol

Coffin mystery - Yeah, best to just let the show play out!

Krista said...

Well, I think I'm starting to be a pretty good case study for how binge-watching Lost can make you crazy. I'm now literally dreaming about it every night. I may need to take a break soon. Ha!

Anyway, I loved this episode. Reading through the comments I see that Kate can be kind of a polarizing character. Some people get annoyed by her, some people just don't like her and then others love her. Put me in the love camp! Kate is one of my favourite characters, and I always enjoy her episodes.

I figured out the baby was Aaron during that heavy-handed scene with her and claire. I had a feeling they wouldn't get her pregnant on the island (already dealing with that with Sun). When she and Jack have that convo by the taxi a small part of me started questioning that maybe THEY had a baby together post-rescue. But no, as soon as I saw that blonde haired baby I knew it was Aaron. I love this twist. What in the world has happened to Claire? This also makes the fact that Kate delivered Aaron so much more powerful.

I also loved the courtroom scene when Jack testifies. I got so excited when they called his name and then my head was spinning when he got up there and just lied so casually, on oath, about the true events of the crash. Wow. The most important questions for me, right now, are - 1) How the heck do the Oceanic 6 get off the island? and 2) what were they threatened with to keep this all a secret? It must be a HUGE threat to have someone like Jack go along with that cover story. And to have Sayid killing people all over town and working for Ben. What are they afraid of?? Who are they afraid of? They've really set up an excellent mystery around all of that.

My theory right now is that some big war happens between Ben and the frieghters for the island, with our guys stuck in the middle of it. To cover up the existence of the island, they (not sure who 'they' is yet) take 6 of ours off the island and make them all go by the same cover story. They now know that there are survivors of the crash, and those survivors will obviously want to talk about the island once saved. A huge theme is protecting the island, so these 6 are taken, threatened and force fed this cover story. It's interesting how they all stick to the same, rehearsed story, and how all of them refuse to acknowledge the existence of anyone else from the plane or the island itself. And, again, if JACK is lying? Must be for something massive. Does that mean that, if these 6 are taken off deliberately, everyone else is still back on the island? Trapped? Wow. Head is spinning for sure. That would make Jack's eventual breakdown (from the end of season 3) completely justified. He's been lying about what really happened, and there are people still on the island. He has to go back!! Haha.

(Oh and I would just like to pat myself on the back for guessing that only some of them get off the island. Woo!)

Mike V. said...

lol I didn't want to say anything but yeah I was quite impressed with your thoughts after the season 3 finale and guessing only some would get off the island! Of course, now you just have to find out exactly who. By episode 4, I don't think they revealed everyone yet.

Nice on the dreaming about LOST. That still happens to me on occassion, but during that 6 year run it happened a lot! It was just always on my mind.

Yeah, Kate didn't bother me at all, but there certainly was a large group that hated her and all of her drama. lol And her episodes were always rated lower than others. But, I liked her!

Yep, I think I figured out it was Aaron by the end of that ep too. Still was awesome! Yes, makes Kate's delivery of Claire more powerful...and of course Claire's first flashback episode was called "Raised by Another" and that fraud psychic went on and on about how Claire MUST raise this baby. Granted, don't expect a payoff to all of that but it's cool that they kept playing with that theme with Kate raising him off island.

All good questions on Jack testifying and what's up with the Oceanic 6 departure from the island and all the lying. Lips sealed over here! (Fingers mittened?? lol)

I will say your theories are interesting! I wish I could tell you but you'll get there soon enough!

I'm enjoying reading about your progress through the series, so keep the updates coming when you have time! Someone else just commented yesterday and was at the beginning of season 3. So funny that this stuff usually happens in pairs! :)

Rob UK said...

Just checking in, loving season 4 so far and still reading the recaps, alas I don't have enough time to read all the comments through, but looks like some great discussions were had. I guess at the rate I'm getting lost in Lost, there's little time for speculation before I hit play on the next episode, but I love the blog for little details and easter eggs etc I tend to miss on the way!

Lori said...

This is where I am in my binge watching, and I know that I'm so late to the ballgame that I've missed all the discussion, but I just have to get this out there. I believe the casket holDS Kate's mother. I never would have suspected that until this episode, when it showed her still alive. I thought she was dying when kate visited her, causing her sweetheart's death.

Mike V. said...

Hi Lori! Interesting speculation! Obviously, I can't say anything. :) Enjoy your binge and feel free to comment more along your way.

Doug B. said...

Hi Mike,

Yes, there are still people watching Lost for the first time here in late 2016! I started about a year ago, and I was pretty disciplined about watching one episode per week through most of season one, but then I did some binging during the amazing end of season one and beginning of season two, and now during the last episodes of season 3 and the first episodes of season 4, I've been doing 2 to 4 episodes per week. I can't imagine how tough it must've been to wait weeks or months between episodes. However, in exchange for immediate gratification, I don't get to share in the original community discussion. I've found about five blogs that are still up, each of which have spoiler-free discussions of each episode like yours, so I read those after each episode and get to re-live the discussion that way. Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site.

For fun, I've tried to work out my theory of who the 6th member of the Oceanic Six could be. Here's my analysis (I'm sure it'll be shot down in the next episode or two, but oh well...):

1) I'm going to assume it's a major character (i.e., someone who's had at least one flashback episode). This means I have the following list:
2) While Rose & Bernard did have a flashback episode, I think they are the least likely. After all, Rose has made it clear she doesn't want to leave the island, so I assume those two are out.
3) With Kate now raising Aaron, it's not looking good for Claire, so while it's possible there is some weird twist that allows her to be the sixth, and that would by typical of Lost to do that, I'm going to assume for now she doesn't make it off the island.
4) Both Locke and Sawyer have made it clear they don't want to leave the island, so I'm going to assume they don't go.
5) It's really hard to speculate about Michael and Walt, since they've been gone so long. My theory is that Ben's spy on the boat is Michael. The situation with Walt seems to be freaky, so I just don't know. I also assume that the person in the coffin is either Michael or Walt. They made it clear that Jack went to a black neighborhood for the funeral, and while that isn't a guarantee, it suggests that the deceased was probably black. However, the article Jack read was a small story, not worthy of what one of the FAMOUS Oceanic Six would receive, so I'm assuming Michael and/or Walt made it off the island but not as one of the Six.
6) That leaves us with Sun and Jin. For now, all we know is that Sun has the Island Pregnancy Death Sentence on her, so I have to assume she doesn't survive.

So, that leaves me with the theory that Jin is Number Six. That just seems like a weird conclusion, and there are certainly many assumptions in my theory, any of which could be wrong, and make my conclusion wrong. I just thought it would be fun to drop my theory out there and see how it holds up.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Mike V. said...

Hi Doug! Always glad to see people checking this blog out for their first watch. Nice to know there are some other sites you use to read archived discussions as well. And you're very welcome for keeping the site around. There's too much history to just let it go! :) Plus, it's fairly easy to maintain these days with the comments coming in at a slower pace than back in season 6. It was almost a full time job keeping up with the comments let alone writing the in-depth recaps lol

I love all the theorizing you did. Obviously, I can't really comment on it but you have some well thought out analysis and I can say you're on track with what we were thinking too. I don't want to really say much more for fear I'll say too much and spoil. :)

Enjoy the ride and feel free to continue commenting along your journey. Depending on what time of day you catch me I may respond fairly quickly (Case in point - see this response lol) Sometimes it takes a little longer. :)

texedmunds said...

just wanted to stop by and say in 2018 the blog is being read still! thanks for the insight, love reading the posts after watching each show on Hulu.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for dropping a note Tex! I’m glad Hulu picked up the show after Netflix dropped it. Don’t have Hulu but at least I have my blu rays if I ever get desperate to rewatch again! Enjoy the ride!

Onigirli said...

So far season 4's been having the strongest run of beginning episodes (I'm still dining out on the experience in the premiere of Hurley doing the canonball even if precedes him finding out about Charlie (RIP, for such an abrasive character he went out like a real champ)). This was the first unimpressive episode for me. Unfortunately Kate's flash-forward just isn't that compelling on its own, which is kind of a bummer because I was downright thrilled by everyone else's - such an odd choice for Sayid to be one of the Oceanic 6 but it did wonders for his character development. I'll only remember this episode for 2 reasons: that AMAZINGLY haunting reveal about Aaron at the end (seriously, even knowing the whole deal doesn't take away the effect), and Kate totally shutting down her mother while still somehow having her retract her statement. I've never loved Kate more than in that scene where she told her she'll never meet her grandson, although it would've been the perfect capper if she strangled her with her nose-breathing tube right there like Sawyer did to Sawyer with his chains. But I'm happy with what I got and I hope it's the last we see of the mother, because I imagine she'd only return to get some redemption and frankly I'd rather just have her wither away to death off-screen.

I couldn't remember whether it was season 4 or season 5 I deemed my favourite so it's gonna be fun to get confirmation on that, and how you feel about those seasons since I totally agree with you on your praise towards the last third of season 3. Daniel Faraday's nervous enthusiasm makes him my favourite of the new 4 arrivals so I can't wait to see more of him.

Simon Sandiford said...

I'm back on it 100% now... The FFs feel much more natural and essential to the story now and not just like a spoiler that we didn't want to see... The newer Miles etc characters are more embedded into things now so all is good... Interesting that Ben is the big man off the island, at least in the context we've seen with Sayid... We've had no specifics about who exactly he is killing so it is likely to be linked to the corporation doing the research on the island thta threatens the Others way of life. I wonder if they will ever get the prognancy problem resolved so that Ben can eventually get a happy community living there...

Talking of Claire, I took it that she was brought to the island as someone that would have been happy to give up her baby, so Ethan took her and indeed she was initially happy to hand it over in the hatch to them. But Alex insisted she would die and led her to escape (she was in the room where the mothers go to die) but as it was conceived off the island, that wasn't going to happen... But that implant the gave her that juliette then gave medicine to correct... What if claire dying is a delayed reaction to that somehow.

So it looks like the Oceanic 6 story has been played out for a bit and Hurley and Jack are tired of lying. That mental institution must be linked somehow to things... So I wonder if the rest of the survivors will be rescued by a return the island by the 6 or if they all wanted to stay to incorporate into the others... After all there are other survivors who already did that like the stewardess and those kids... I'm surprised more effort hasn't been given to trying to get them back.

Mike V. said...

The pregnancy thing. - no comments. That reminds me of something though. I already told you to keep an eye out for a longer series finale than the one that just starts right after the episode before. After you’re finished the show there is an epilogue that was exclusive to the dvd/Blu-ray. It’s on YouTube now. It’s like 12 minutes and covers some answers that may not have been clear enough in the show itself (even though they were covered). I don’t want to tell you the name of it in fear of spoilers. But I do have a recap of it on this blog too.

Glad you’re enjoying the season more now. Best episode of all time is soon!