Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lost Recap Season 2 Episode 7 - The Other 48 Days

Episode 207 - The Other 48 Days

Wow...crazy episode. Guess it's a pretty safe bet that Shannon is a goner at this point. But previews have been deceiving in the past. Ana Lucia could be saying "I killed the woman he loved" before she's even dead. and Jack's "Shannon's dead" may be a portion of a sentence (Don't tell me shannon's dead!) lol....i dunno. But combined with the articles.....we are meant to think she is. If she isn't. Then the Lost crew will have succeeded in fooling us all. Oh wait.....How does the gun have more bullets? Does ana take sayid's gun? But that was just with the previews of next week.This's what we learn:The Dharma Station that the Tailies have been staying in is the "ARROW" station. (symbol had an arrow instead of a swan) One of the previous residents has a glass eye fetish. and is religious. Goodwyn was not on the plane....but is he one of THE OTHERS? I still maintain that Ethan was not one of THE OTHERS and that there are 2 separate groups on the island. Preston and Steve noted the similarities between the name Ethan and Nathan (guy suspected as an OTHER). Both said they were from canada. But Ethan had super-strength, and well Goodwyn had no problems killing Nathan (who was "not a good person"). Was Nathan bad too? And I still don't think Libby is in the clear. Her attire is similiar to that of the people that were taking the children (the ragged clothes and the bare feet).... but while they are fast...they don't seem to have super strength. Also...are the KIDS OTHERS NOW? ("they're better off now") we did see them dragging the bear in a couple episodes back. Obviously we're meant to see some play on words in Goodwyn's and Ana's discussion "They weren't on the list. They're in a better place now" almost like the ones chosen to leave purgatory. This will cause some internet discussion even though the Purgatory rumor has already been dismissed. But then there's the cannibalism feel to it. The strong people....more meat....good to eat. Definitely not where this is going....but they did joke about it on preston and steve. Preston and Steve were discussing "what ARE good people?" From season 1 we learn from flashbacks that everyone on the front section of the plane definitely have demons in their past and most of them are NOT good people. All children are being taken while they're innocent and are still impressionable. We do know that Dharma has a history of socialist behavior.....are "good people" those that fit the mold? (ethnic cleansing?) Not sure if Walt would've been taken then. Then is their a social class structure to the others? Goodwyn was clean shaven, well dressed while these people that were stealing people at night were ragged and barefoot. are they slaves? Lots more questions. Love this show!!! And who else was excited that we got to see the other side of Boone's transmission?? that was a good time. And don't you worry....i went back and watched the end of Deus ex Machina and confirmed the dialogue is the same (i thought boone had said "Flight eight fifteen" not "flight eight one five".....i was pleasantly surprised). and what's up with Eko?? the 40 day thing? is that an islamic thing? Was he mourning for the dead or for his sins (the people he killed)? We did see him notching the days on his stick. so he was keeping track. That's all i have for now....i'm sure there's much more.

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