Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 19 - S.O.S.

Ahhh yes. The Rose and Bernard episode. I'll admit it, I didn't think they'd ever give the intriguing subplot of the happy couple any flashback time, that is until I listened to the official Lost Podcast earlier this week! And the result? We got another fantastic episode to add to the Lost Lore. Not much to talk about with respect to hidden Easter Eggs in the episode, but I'm sure we'll find SOMETHING to talk about. When you're as long winded and rambling as me, you always find something! So here we go!

Henry and the Hatch

This guy is getting creepier and creepier as the weeks go by. And clearly he is definitely getting to people. He's driven Jack out on a rampage to try and set up a trade for Walt. And he's driven Locke to madness on the importance/unimportance of entering in the numbers. And the best part about it all? He said only 6 words this week, but they will resonate with Lost fans for who knows how long? (maybe the rest of the series?) If you want to hear more about the man behind the fake Henry, Preston and Steve had an interview with Michael Emerson yesterday. He is a resident of New York, and there's a good chance that he may be stopping in for the Lost Finale Party that P&S are setting up. Anyway, he lets some goods out by the end of the interview (nothing hugely spoilerish...but a sign of things to come....a sign of where all these episodes are building towards) Just click on the link and listen away!
  • "They'll Never Give You Walt" - That accompanied by a laugh was Henry's money line of the week. This accompanied with Zeke's "We're gonna have to take the boy" from the season 1 finale, reinforces the fact that Walt is one special kid. And from what we saw of him last season, he seems to have some crazy abilities. Of course it could be all coincidental. Some of the text on the map we saw a couple weeks ago was Latin for Polar Bears. So, maybe Walt didn't create the Polar Bear from reading Hurley's Spanish comic book as we previously thought. Maybe he didn't make a rare bird fly into his window in Australia and die after reading about the very same bird. But these seem way too coincidental if you ask me! Hey I'm still wondering why we've never revisited that crazy coconut juice that Locke put on Boone's head and made him hallucinate and see Shannon die in season 1. Of course....I wonder if this is related to why Boone and Shannon are dead now? This is what happens when there's not much to talk about in an mind starts to wander! But seriously....I hope all of those things aren't red herrings and that we'll be getting back to them! And as Michael Emerson tells us in his little interview, the producers already have things plotted out for 2 seasons in advance. They are expecting someone that has already left return in 2 years! That's crazy! (obviously, it will probably be in a flashback..but still! Yes...the producers promised us that no people will come back to life after they have died! The podcasts are a good time!)
  • My big question is....if we DO see Walt again this season or the next...we're supposed to believe that only 2 months have passed. Walt is going to hit his growth spurt and his voice is going to change. Are we supposed to assume that it happened in these few months that he was away? Anyone see him on "My Name Is Earl?" his voice is a bit deeper now! But hey...maybe people age quicker on the mystery island where paralysis is cured and cancer goes away! We'll get to that in a bit.
  • So Henry is definitely getting to Locke with these numbers. We see Locke this week trying to recreate the map and getting frustrated in the process. This boy is looking for some serious answers and direction. Supposedly, I read somewhere that he was writing on top of a book with French Writing. I don't know if anyone has translated this yet. But if I find anything, I'll post it in comments later.
  • And Henry is definitely getting Jack impatient with his lack of information. You have to think that Henry told Jack and Locke of the concept of the "TRADE" for a reason. Is this all one big elaborate setup by the Others? And if that's the case, is Rousseau part of the conspiracy (since she captured Henry and told them that he will Lie for awhile). Not to mention that we saw a Rousseau trap in this episode, but the bait was a doll! If it wasn't Alex's doll, then was it one from the Medical Hatch (the baby room?)? I'm getting ahead of myself.... but we have to think that we saw that doll for a reason. Either way it looks like that doll was pretty beaten it had been there for quite some time.
  • Ana Lucia was messing around with something in the hatch, was that a Can Opener? A "Jack" in the box? What in the world was she doing? Just thought it was worth mentioning, I have no answers.
  • One more thing about Henry. Anyone see the previews for the next episode? Looks like Henry has been leading them on to how weak he is. It looks like he makes a violent move on Ana Lucia.....with Ethan-like strength. ooooh fun!

Rose/Bernard's crazy lovefest

  • Ok, the big reveal of the night: Rose had Cancer. Had being the key word, because now she believes that she's cured. This explains a bit why she's been so positive yet mysterious since they've crashed on the island. And it might explain why she's married to the teacher from Growing Pains! She had a 1-year limit on life and Bernard was a Bachelor for 57 years!
  • And we also saw the linking between Locke and Rose prior to getting on the plane. And Rose saw Locke in that wheelchair! Someone KNOWS his secret! She also suggested that Locke's current leg injury would heal in less than 4 weeks. (I checked the episode last week again, and Jack actually said "a couple weeks")
  • So we're meant to think that there's some ultimate healing power on the island. Let's look at some of the crazy miracles that supposedly have happened since coming to the island
    - Locke was cured from paralysis
    - Rose was cured from cancer and certain death
    - Unconfirmed - Jin is now able to pro-create. From the look on Sun's face at the end of last night's episode, I'd say we're still not sure about this!
    - And let's not forget the crazy Miracle of Jack fixing his future wife Sarah. This was off the island but it still happened.
    - Is Libby no longer insane? (we need more information on her still)

    I still am a firm believer that nothing is as it seems. I have been saying all of this season that I think Locke was somehow meant to think he was paralyzed when he never really was. Maybe Rose was meant to think she had Cancer? She says she feels different. But that could all be from the shock of Locke walking on the island. Same with Hurley as we learned last week. I mean, DAVE certainly looked real with all the stuff he was throwing at Hurley, didn't he? Maybe Hurley was meant to think that he was delirious when he never was. It's all speculation, but it would certainly be an explanation of how people are reacting to the Island. Plus I like to be different than the common theories where people just think that the Island is a miracle! Sure, the Dream theory and Purgatory theory come into play here too. But if they're already dead...why is Locke injured? And if it's a dream? well it's not a dream! lol...yeah a Dream theory would resolve everything, but it's not going to be that easy!
  • So, let's put aside whether the miracles are real or not..what does this all boil down to? Some people do NOT want to leave the island. As Eko said while building his Church (confirmed!), "We are all found in different ways." Yeah that wasn't verbatim, but we get the gist. And is Charlie trying to repent for his recent sins by helping out Eko with the Church? Now that Bernard is on board....he's almost embarrassed of even trying to create the S.O.S. sign with the .....ummm...."BLACK ROCKS!" Was that just a play on words there or is there significance that they used rocks of the same name as Rousseau's ship? I'll vote for play on words. But someone said on the radio this morning...that when the camera panned out at the end to show the unfinished sign, the rocks were in the shape of a Frown :-( If I find a picture later, I'll post that too!
  • Was anyone else looking for as much detail as they possibly could in the Rose/Bernard Flashback? I laughed listening to Preston and Steve this morning as they were talking about trying to read Rose's license plate in the first scene. I was trying to also! I think the only thing we got from that is that they met in New York. But we could've been able to tell that from them eating on the American Side of Niagara Falls a bit later when Bernard Proposed.
  • So what else did we learn in the flashbacks? Well, there was that whole Faith Healer scene. And the guy's reaction seemed very similar (not as freaky) as Claire's psychic when he did her reading. The healer just washed his hands of the whole thing because the energy wasn't right. Some other kind of energy was needed to cure Rose. Magnetic Energy perhaps? ahh who knows? It's all fake anyway, right? lol
  • Not exactly Bernard/Rose related but we can expect some backlash from the revelation that Jack now has a gun. Sawyer is quite aware that Charlie had a gun....but is not aware that he lost it to Ana Lucia who has now given the gun to Jack. And it looks like Jack's threat "when I need the guns, I'll get the guns" will come to reality in the next episode.

The Jack/Kate Reconciliation

  • Yes, the moment everyone's been waiting for. The moment where Jack and Kate ALMOST get together! We've never seen that before! In all seriousness, this was a fun and interesting storyline tonight. We had the whole Return of the Jedi scene where Chewie (Kate) falls for the bait and puts our heroes into a bind. And of course this intentionally puts our lovelorn anti-couple in a forced intimate scenario where they had to shoot their way out of the trap. We've already discussed the validity to if the trap was indeed set by Rousseau. I don't think we have enough information at this time to know for sure what the deal is with the doll.
  • We finally got a scene that helps answer the any of these people talk about things going on? For instance, the finding of the Medical Hatch. Apparently, the ladies kept this discovery to well as the finding of the theatrical outfits that the Others were wearing (or at least Zeke aka Mr. Friendly was sporting). This caused the inevitable argument between Kate and Jack where Jack has been ignoring Kate and didn't even tell her about their little Hatch Guest.
  • It was revealed that Jack's theory about he and Kate going to the jungle to propose the trade was a safe move because both of them are NOT Wanted by The Others. And as Kate said...They are "damaged goods" This harkens back to the LIST that the Others Have and who they are trying to recruit. And we must not forget that baby Aaron is on that list and of great importance!
  • Just for laughs...I thought it would be worth mentioning that the idiots roaming around the message boards have nicknamed the Jack/Kate potential couple in Bennifer fashion with the term "JATE" It's things like this that make me hate my obsession with pop culture!
  • And of course what would be a JATE section of the blog without talking about the whole Kate :"I'm sorry I kissed you," Jack: "I'm Not" almost kissing scene that is cut off by a noise in the jungle? there we go...we discussed!
  • Speaking of that noise in the jungle...for some reason I caught on immediately who our mystery runner was going to be. It just sounded like someone was RUNNING away from something and not TOWARDS our heroes. And what did our cliffhanger reveal? MICHAEL'S BACK! But is he back as the same Michael we've known in the past? I'm not so sure. Based on what we see of the next episode....Michael is telling them "I saw the others....they are unarmed....we can take them!!!" Guess who else is unarmed as he stumbled upon Jack and Kate? Yep, Michael did not seem to have his crazy rifle with him. Here's my guess on what's going to happen. The Others promised Michael that he would get Walt back if he helped set up a trap for his fellow survivors. We already know that all that Michael wants is his son back and that he will do anything to get him back. Little does Michael know that the others will NEVER give up Walt. Either looks like May Sweeps is shaping up to be one exciting group of episodes!
The Musical Montage!
  • Has anyone missed these? It's been so long since we ended an episode with the crazy music playing and the happy little scenes of people just chilling. This one was all about the couples.... Bernard/Rose happy to be together on the island, Sun/Jin excited about their eventual parenthood (except Sun's look of despair), Hurley/Libby and shadow puppets, Claire and Aaron, Sawyer and his main squeeze, Vincent! (yes we finally saw the dog again!), and then of course Jack and Kate and their almost kissing scene.
  • Here's a crazy thing that some people have caught onto. And I have no patience to determine how accurate it is at this time. But has anyone noticed that most of the music that we hear on Lost are performed by people that have died? Not only died, but in plane crashes for some of them. Glenn Miller a few episodes back, Mama Cass in the Season premiere, I believe we heard John Denver in a flashback. Patsy Cline was another. Tonight's? Otis Reading's "These Arms Are Mine." I am intrigued by this and may dig into it a bit more. But I thought it would just be worth mentioning here.

One final crazy thing to mention folks (and I'm pretty certain THIS time!). There will be no NEW episode until Wednesday May 3rd. There are 5 episodes left to air including the 2-part finale on May 25th. Which means we have 4 weeks of new episodes left. Next week will be a rerun. April 26th will be a recap episode. And we'll return with our adventures after that. So with that....I will bid adieu for the time being. Hope you are enjoying my crazy and ridiculous theories. I'm sure I'll have a bunch more when we resume and view the final episodes of season 2 leading up to the EXPLOSIVE CATASTROPHIC (as rumored) Finale! Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

These are the 3 artists that I found who have died in plane crashes...of the others...a couple had cancer, Mama Cass had a heart attack...some guy bled to they are. lol

Who knows where Otis Redding's career path might have taken him. All we know is that when his twin-engine Beechcraft crashed into Lake Monona, in Madison, Wisconsin, December 10, 1967... The World Lost A Musical Legend!

In the Fall of 1944, the band was scheduled to be sent on a six-week tour of Europe and would be stationed in Paris during that time. Miller decided to go ahead, in order to make the proper arrangements for the group's arrival. And so, on December 15th, Glenn Miller boarded a transport plane to Paris, never to be seen again.

Country music lost a magical entertainer in Patsy Cline when her career was ended in an airplane crash in Tennessee, in 1963.

Mike V. said...

Nice, Thanks for doing the legwork on this! But it sounds like even if they didn't die in a Plane crash...that most of the musicians featured are coming from the Great Beyond.

Let's not forget Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea" (that shannon sings in French). How did he die?

I'm sure it's not always the case as we have heard Billy Joel and Dave Matthews Band too (of course they were in flashbacks).

Anonymous said...

One website said that Mama Cass died from choking on a ham sandwich. lololol

Mike V. said...

niiiiiice! So maybe that will tie into Hurley's eating problem eventually? lol.

BTW...Bobby Darin died in an open heart surgery.

Anonymous said...

Nice pick up on the ROTJ moment....I was thinking that the whole time except I couldn't think of an appropriate Jack (Han) follow up line...."great Kate (Chewie), great.. nice work...always thinking with your---why the hell would you pick up a doll in the middle of the jungle--(stomach).."

regarding Walt the actor's maturation - perhaps they have already filmed or done voice tracks with the actor and will insert them later...or put a hood over Walt's head for the rest of the series...ala Ewan McGregor--ROTS at the end

Miles Balzard said...

I thought I'd be less interested when they got into flashbacks of "minor" characters like Rose and Bernard, especially since I never took a hankering to Bernard anyway and felt even more animosity in this episode...but they pulled me right back in again with a great flashback! Damn you Lost!

I, for one, am absolutely positive that Sun's baby is not Jin's. That look on her face was not only despair, but guilt.

It really, really irked me that Kate fell for that old doll lying on the ground. Come on, after all this time on the island and everything she's been through in her devious life, this smart, cautious woman wouldn't see a trap like this? At the very least, she would know not to pick it up. The show went a little absurd with this trope to get her and Jack trapped in a net together. It was disappointing.

I'm not with ya, Mike, that nothing is as it seems. I'm such a sucker that way. But I bet I'll only be proven half wrong! Which means you'll be half right! One thing's for sure: Michael wasn't stuck with the Others for such a long time without some devastating voodoo going on!

Ah, good ol' Vincent. He's always makin' pals with the loneliest and/or most ostracized members of the group.

Mike V. said...

Trust me....the "caught in a net" thing is worth it in the long run. You may have already seen why in a future episode. lol But yeah...maybe it was a little contrived. I still think for the Return of the Jedi shout out alone it was worth it.

It's true though, the flashbacks on this show had a great way of doing character 180s better than any other show I've seen. Of course, I never really saw Bernard that way. He was pretty annoying in the island story in this episode though. But, when we found out everything else going on in the backstory it certainly felt earned.

I'll leave your comments about The Others and Sun's baby alone for now. :-)