Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST: Season 6 Episode 10 - The Package

Hello LOSTIES!!  Was anyone expecting a letdown after last week's spectacular Richard-centric episode? I half-way was, but I am happy to say that I enjoyed it just as much as I have been enjoying all season.  Granted, I am providing the LOST writers/producers lots of patience for them to tell the story that they want to tell.  I am putting a lot of faith into the storytelling device they have chosen to use this season.  It could all come crashing down one week and I will be as disappointed as many others are with this final season of LOST.  But it hasn't happened yet!  I'm still loving the mystery and I want more of it!  It's what the show thrives on, and who are we to ask them to take that away from us?  We'll get the answers that are important, just be patient folks.   And I thought we got LOTS of answers tonight.  Answers to people's intentions but not necessarily who is right and who is wrong.  It's going to be hard to figure that one out until we actually start seeing the conflict play out.  But we're getting there!  So with an intense Island Story progressing towards a climatic battle, a Sideways Storyline progressing towards lots more character crossing and hints of TIES between the 2 stories starting to appear a little more here and there, I provide this episode with yet another WOW!!!

The Package - A Jin/Sun centric episode where the sideways story has Jin delivering a Watch and potentially some money to some familiar friends.  The package also refers to Widmore's secret stashed away on the sub (you can all thank me later for calling this one! And yes, many others did as well!)   We were all over the place in this episode.  No character out of the ensemble was left out.  We had the Beach Story with Team Jacob, the Flockies in the Jungle and Charles "Charlie" Widmore and his cronies!  The pieces were moving into place all episode, some of the stakes for certain characters was clarified, hands were extended, only one was taken.  And we'll get there folks!

One more comment before moving on: Yes, I too saw the 60 minute countdown to the return of V throughout the entire episode.  While I like that show, nothing should take away any part of the screen of the beautifully shot show we know and love as LOST!

Let's get on with the show!

Flash Sideways - Sun and Jin

We got a break from Sideways Land last week and now we return to the land of things being "a little different" and the land of crazy mirrors!  When we last left Sun and Jin, they were at customs with a whole lot of money.  We questioned why they called Sun "Miss Paik" (you're welcome btw), we wondered if Sun really couldn't speak English and we wondered what was going on with Jin and the money.  Then in Sayid's Flash Sideways, we saw Sayid have a run-in with Sideways Keamy and Omar who are trying to collect from his brother.  Sayid goes on a shoot-a-thon and then opens a fridge to find Jin tied up in there.  Well, it's safe to say we get answers to how all of this ends up!  But it doesn't quite end there as we are left with yet another Sideways Cliffhanger.  This all seems to be going somewhere crazy folks! Keep the faith.  Let's dive in! 

  • So, it turns out that Customs is confiscating the $25,000 that Jin brought from Korea.  He needed paperwork to claim it.  

  • We find out that Jin missed his meeting at the restaurant.  Immediately, we know the restaurant they are referring to is the same one Sayid found him in.  (I didn't make note of this before, but the restaurant looks very similar to where Naomi took Miles to "audition" and do his ghost talking thing to the dead corpse)
  • We found out the money was from Mr. Paik (Sun's Dad) and Jin didn't ask any questions.  He does what he is told.  
  • There is a mix-up at the front desk and Jin clearly clarifies that they booked "2" rooms, and shows his hand indicating that they are NOT married!  As we suspected, Sun being called "Miss Paik" was no accident.  

  • We find out that Sun's story was that she was going "SHOPPING" in America and Jin was going as a body guard.   But we soon find out that they have been carrying on a relationship in "secret" as Sun's father would forbid any relationship with people he employs.  
  • Interesting, in the Island timeline Mr. Paik gives Jin the job after he knows about their relationship.  So, it would seem that maybe Jin met Sun AFTER already working for Paik in this timeline.  Crazy.  
  • Anyway, Jin still wanted to deliver the package (the watch) that night but Sun convinced him out of it with a little bit of her charm and things get hot and heavy! 
  • The next day, we find out they are in love and that Sun wants to run away with Jin so that they can be together.   And that she also has a secret.  Again, probably easy to guess what it was as I did right away, but we'll save it for a little later!  
  • There is a knock on the door and on Sun's way to answer she takes a nice long look in the mirror. Do I need to restate all of these again?  For all of the Flash Sideways episodes we have seen our LOSTIES looking at reflections.  Sometimes, it seems like they're sensing something is off.  And most of the time something Island related is right around the corner.  Let's recap:

    LA X - Jack looks in mirror and sees a mark on his neck in the mirror.  He doesn't know where it came from.  When he leaves the bathroom he runs into Kate.  Coincidence?  Maybe.

    What Kate Does - Kate looks in a mirror while at the mechanic's shop.  Then she opens Claires bag and sees some of future Aaron's stuff including a stuffed whale that Kate actually gives to Aaron in the Island timeline (after she is raising Aaron off island).

    The Substitute - Locke is in the bathroom, we see his face in the mirror but he doesn't look.  He is looking at Jack Shephard's card and decides to call him.   But then he changes his mind.

    Lighthouse - Jack looks in mirror and sees Appendix Scar and asks his mother when he had it removed (he doesn't remember).  In Sideways it was removed as a child.  On the Island, it was removed by Juliet when he was getting ready to leave the Island.

    Sundown - Sayid sees his reflection in Nadia's door.  According to Jorge Garcia's podcast (geronimo jacksbeard), the script says that something is "OFF" in the reflection.  It's tough to see it in the episode.

    Dr. Linus - Ben sees his reflection in the Microwave right before he talks to his father about previously being on the Island and right before he gives his father "GAS" not to kill him (like on the island) but to give him oxygen to keep him alive.

    Recon - Miles calls Sawyer out on going to Australia on flight 815 instead of going to Palm Springs as he said.  Sawyer looks in the mirror and punches it smashing it into pieces.

    Ab Aeterno - Flashback episode.  I will argue this until I am blue in the face.  Try me!  That being said, there is always the possibility that whatever is different in the sideways timeline STARTS at a point in time AFTER the Richard story.  If that's the case, then it's still a Flashback!

    The Package - Sun looks in a mirror and it seems like she senses something off as well.  Ironically, something flickered on my screen in the mirror and I thought it was a big tip off on the Flash Sideways for a second!  But I think it was just some pixelation on the cable feed!  Oh well.    One thing is for certain, these Mirror scenes are definitely intentional! 

  • And what happened right after Sun looks in the mirror?  She gets greeted my none other than Martin Keamy! 

  • Long story short, the watch was to be delivered to Keamy (we saw him wearing it in "Sundown") but also the $25,000.   We find out Sun does NOT speak English in Sideways land.  So Jin, who Omar retrieves from the bathroom, and Sun keep talking back and forth in Korean.  I loved Keamy saying that he felt like he was in a Godzilla movie (Ironic, because I compared Smokey getting off the Island to something Godzilla-ish last week!).  But in this case it was just hysterical! 

  • This may have been a stretch but I still liked it.  They brought in Mikhail, the Russian OTHER, as a translator for Sun and Jin!  Apparently, he speaks 9 languages not just Russian and English.  All of these former Island visitors, not just the LOSTIES, seem to be involved in each other's lives as well.  And they all live in Los Angeles!  How convenient!? 

  • Anyway, Keamy wants his money and he's getting nowhere.  Sun says that she will pay Keamy with her own money.  And Jin's only condition is that no one tells her father about the secret relationship.  Keamy seems to agree with this approach and takes Jin to the restaurant while Sun goes to the bank. 
  • Things didn't turn out too well for Sun and Mikhail at the bank.  Her account has been closed by none other than Mr. Paik himself.  Hmmm, why would he do that?  Well we're about to find out! 

The Restaurant

  • Omar takes Jin into the fridge that we have seen in Sayid's Flash Sideways.  He accidentally bangs Jin's head on the door.  I only bring this up because Sun bangs her head on the Island in this episode too.   I am going to explore it a little more in the Island storyline. 
  • Keamy orders Omar to go get the Arab guy (Sayid).  Omar takes offense as he is Arab too.  Good times!   I did wonder for a second if there was more to Keamy being involved in Jin and Sayid's capturing.  Like he is in the know that all of these people are tied together.  But I don't see any evidence to really support that yet!  
  • Keamy unveils to Jin that he already knew about Jin and Sun's secret affair.  He was actually hired by Mr. Paik to kill Jin.  The $25,000 was his fee for doing the deed. 
  • Keamy goes on a whole speech about how the heart wants what the heart wants.  He ties up Jin.  And Jin strangely says "Thank You."  Maybe it was because he didn't understand one word of what Keamy was saying.  Because I think Keamy still had every intention of killing Jin after he dealt with Sayid.  Keamy leaves Jin saying "Some people just aren't meant to be together."  I don't know about that Keamy! 
  • Jin sees a razor blade on the shelf but cannot reach it.  He hears the "Sayid Events" taking place and the gun shots go off.  And then before we know it Sayid is in the room.  
  • This time we get a translation for Jin.  He begged Sayid to not kill him and to just let him go.  It turns out Sayid isn't going to help Jin very much as he doesn't even care.  Seems like the emotionless Sayid that is wandering around the Island these days!  He does hand him a razor blade and wishes him luck! 

  • Next thing we see is Mikhail and Sun arriving at the restaurant to see a bunch of bodies on the floor.  And of course, just like I had hoped, Keamy wasn't quite dead yet (actually, he may have never died).  Mikhail leaned over and it turns out Jin did get free and had a gun to his head.

  • Things get kind of crazy, Jin doesn't shoot quick enough, Mikhail attacks Jin, Jin fights back, Mikhail fires shots,  Jin grabs a gun again, Mikhail grabs a knife and then Jin shoots him.  Woa...crazy scene.  A little different then the crazy Kung Fu stuff we saw on the Island when Jin fights Mikhail.  

  • But here's the thing.  Mikhail got shot in the EYE!!  Woa, what?  We always wanted to know how Mikhail lost his eye in the Island timeline.  I could start doing some crazy speculation about how this Mikhail might be the same Mikhail that was on the Island in the Island timeline, but that would be crazy, right?   Of course, Mikhail looked most certainly dead, as most people shot in the eye would!   This was probably just a fun nod to fans who would love to see Mikhail losing his eye as much as they'd love to see Keamy get shot and not quite be dead yet.  In other words: GOOD TIMES! 

  • But the other kicker is, Sun got shot by Mikhail!   Looks like it was right in the stomach too.  And yes, as I was guessing earlier in the episode (and many others probably did too), she's pregnant!  

  • Couple things to speculate now:  Once again we are seeing a sideways storyline that didn't quite end on a high note for the characters like some of the earlier episodes did.  And we're seeing a continuation of the story.  Naturally, this story lends itself to going to a Hospital, right?  Do we know who is a surgeon that could possibly help Sun?  Jack came to mind first for me as well.  But he's a spinal surgeon, it might not fit.   But Sun is PREGNANT, right?  Hmmmm, perhaps Juliet will be her doctor OFF Island as well?   Wouldn't it be interesting if all of these stories started intersecting into the same place?  Sayid is probably heading back to the hospital to check on his brother, right?   Sawyer, Kate and Miles are in one place with a chance of running into Charlie and Ana Lucia at the police station.  Locke could always change his mind and go to see Jack as well.  Lots of potential here. Where is it all heading?  Well, who knows?  But it's going to intersect at some point so let's just enjoy the ride!
  • One more thing - Sun is PREGNANT?  Wasn't Jin supposedly "infertile"?  How does one become all of a sudden "FERTILE" in a different timeline.  Sure, he may not be the father but it would make sense if he is.  This would be the first biological difference in the 2 different timelines.  The only thing that I can think of that might be different is that Jacob never touched Jin in this timeline which goes back to our "this sideways story is the story where there is no involvement from Jacob".   I guess it could be something else, but we'll have to keep watching to find out.  Please speculate in the comments! 

The Beach - Jacob's Crew
So while Richard was off having his Island revelation with Hurley, the rest of the crew was still hanging out on the beach pondering their next move.  Ilana's plan of action didn't sit well with everyone.

Waiting for Richard

  • Frank and Miles are playing cards and meanwhile Ben and Ilana are having a heated debate about waiting for Richard to return.  Ilana is "PRO-Richard waiting".   Sun is listening in as well and Jack shows up in the middle of the conversation.  Ben is all up in arms that Richard has gone crazy, but Ilana stays cool and collected.  She is convinced that Jacob would never lie to her and thinks that Hurley will track down Richard and return with him. 

  • Had to love Miles saying "Unless Alpert is covered in bacon grease I'm not sure Hurley can track anything"   and Frank one-upping him with "Hey, don't talk about Bacon!"  (oh great, now I'm hungry!) 
  • It kind of makes me wonder about what others are speculating though.  Richard will eventually come back to the beach with all kinds of purpose, just like Jacob had apparently known (since he told Ilana that Richard would know what to do).  Maybe these Ghost Visions are all of Jacob's doing.  Or Jacob may just have a little more knowledge on the ghosts and knew that Richard would be visited by his dead wife who never even set foot on the island.  Oh well, just something to think about.  
  • But one person who doesn't want to think about any of this is Sun.  She flips out and throws her mango knife into the table out of frustration of "WAITING" any longer.  Well, it's better than just saying "I want to find Jin" one more time! 

  • Jack follows Sun into the jungle and we visit yet another old setting from previous seasons.   Sun's Garden!  Of course, the tomatos have all died off since no one has been caring for the garden.   Jack revisits memory lane and refers to it seeming like 110 years ago since they had last been to the garden.  

  • Jack then brings up the whole candidate thing and asks what Sun thinks about it.  She has no care in the world about it.  All she wants to do is find Jin.  It's the whole reason she came back the Island.  Jack goes on about their purpose, of being brought to the Island for a reason.  He talks about Jacob's Lighthouse with the mirrors.  We have said this many times, but Jack has truly become the old John Locke just like Locke foresaw in season 1's finale.  Jack "I don't believe in destiny" Locke "Yes you do.  You just don't know you do yet"  
  • Anyway, Sun is having none of it, she just wants to be left alone!  Jack obliges. 

Flocke Visits Sun

  • While Sun was working in the garden, she cuts her hand and then gets a surprise visitor.  Yep, Flocke left his Camp of Zombie Peeps, and as he promised Jin, came to try and recruit Sun.   As always Flocke is beyond nice and apologizes for startling Sun. 

  • He tells Sun that he can provide her the one thing she truly wants most (just like every other person he has tried to recruit).  In this case, he has found Jin.  He is totally honest though saying that Jin is at their camp right now.  (of course, he doesn't know that Jin has been captured)   The thing that ISN'T true about his conversation with Sun is that he told Sun before that he would bring her to Jin but his ultimate goal was to kill Jacob.   And then he told Ben that he never planned to get Sun to Jin (all at the end of season 5).  But Flocke is talking to Sun as if he has been looking all this time.  Jin just happened to stumble upon Claire and right into his master plan.  Now, whether his master plan is actually the RIGHT plan to be supporting, that apparently remains to be seen.  (Darlton have stressed that MIB could still be justified in his actions and Jacob  could be a huge fat liar.  I guess we'll see!)   I still don't know how we could see this guy as good when he even told Jacob he plans to kill any of his successors!  Yeah, he's telling them they're all leaving the Island, but is that really his plan?  
  • Now, once again we see Flocke offer his hand out, this time to Sun.  Once again she doesn't take it.  I guess the whole hand offering could be all metaphoric but we have seen it over and over again.  Kate didn't take Flocke's hand either.  I still wonder if MIB's touch does something in relation to Jacob's touch.  But I just wanted to point this out. 
  • Sun goes on and on about how bad of a person Flocke is and how he killed all of the people at the temple.  Flocke went into his whole "I didn't want to hurt them.  They were misinformed about me and they had the chance to join me" speech.  Well, that wasn't very convincing!  He then says he is offering the same choice to Sun.  Flocke then tells Sun he wouldn't make her do anything against her will.  Hmmm a little Free Will vs. Destiny here?
  • Well, if it's a choice Sun has, she chooses to RUN!  And run she does.  Flocke follows her yelling after her.   And they keep running until Sun runs right into a tree, bangs her head and falls down.   We never see if Flocke just leaves or if he does anything before he leaves.  But she definitely is a little different when she wakes up. 

Sun Injured

  • Ben is first on the scene and wakes Sun up.  She is speaking in Korean and saying how Flocke chased her.  Ben, doesn't understand and just asks who did this to her.  She says "Locke".

  • Next, we return to the beach and Jack is looking at Sun.   You gotta love how no one can still trust Ben and Ilana figures that he did this to Sun.  And her justification for thinking he's lying?  "Because you're speaking"   
  • Jack does his best concussion analysis.  We figure out that Sun can understand English still but can only speak Korean.  HUH?  Jack attributes this to possibly being aphasia which triggers language issues in the brain.  But forgetting just ONE language?  Come on!  Don't we know another version of Sun that only speaks Korean?  That's right, the SIDEWAYS Sun!  What if somehow their minds are fused together somehow?  Which is why Sun still remembers everything on the Island and still understands English when she hears it, but she hits her head and inherits a trait from her Sideways self.   It's a thought.  The producers said they're going to be dropping some clues here and there into the episodes.  This is the first noticeable one that I have seen, if it's anything.   And of course, this is why I brought up Sideways Jin bumping his head too.  It didn't seem like he did anything out of the ordinary afterwards except maybe say "Thank You" to Keamy after his big speech.  That still struck me as odd.  Anyway, let's move on.  I'm just theorizing like a crazy man right now!  Jack says that aphasia is usually temporary.  
  • Miles "She hits her head and forgets English.  Are we supposed to buy that?"  Frank "Asks the man who communes with the dead"   LOVE IT!  

Richard Returns

  • While the Sun analysis is going on, Richard and Hurley return to the beach.  Richard has a a confident and determined aura around him as he tells them all to pack their bags.  

  • Richard asks Ben where Locke is.  He knows that Flocke attempted to recruit Ben and we know that Flocke told him that they were headed to the Hydra Island.   Ben passes on this information.   So then Richard knows that it's the plane that Flocke is after.  Richard confirms that the plane is the only way Flocke can leave the Island.  Is that because he doesn't know about the sub or do we get into this whole WATER conversation again with Smokey?   We'll talk about that a little later.  
  • Once again Miles and Hurley generate some good comic timing.  Miles "This is your fault isn't it?"  Hurley "Sorta"
  • Richard says that they're going to destroy the Ajira Plane so that Smokey cannot leave.   Sun FLIPS out at this.  She wants off of this island once she finds Jin!   She rants in Korean about who she has no intentions of saving the world.  She just wants Jin and wants out.  She says that she is not going anywhere.  
  • Hurley: "I don't think she wants to come"   Good times!
Jack and Sun

  • Later on, Sun is sitting by a fire on the beach and Jack comes to talk to her.  He refers back to a patient in his residency.  He was in a car crash and when he woke up he couldn't speak.  But Jack thought maybe he would still be able to write.  And Jack offers Sun a Pen and a notebook.  To which Sun does write in english back to Jack.  
  • Jack said he went back to the garden looking for Flocke, but he wasn't there.  But he did find a "stubborn" tomato that was still alive ("no one told it that it was supposed to die").  I'm sure this scene is ripe (no pun intended) with symbolism.  But I just saw it as a sweet scene between Jack and Sun.  But the stubborn part of the conversation is Jack still working on Sun to come with him.

  • Sun writes down that she is sorry (with a frowny face and everything!)  and Jack is already over her telling him to leave her alone.  
  • Jack asks what Locke said to her and she writes that "He has Jin."  Jack wonders why she didn't go with him.  And she responds that she doesn't trust Locke.  

  • So then Jack asks if Sun trusts him, and she nods yes.  awwww  Jack offers the same thing that Flocke offered in season 5.  "Come with us and I'll help you find Jin. "  He says he'll get them on that plane and they can fly as far away from the Island as they can get.  And then he promises while extending his hand out (just like Flocke has been doing).   But this time, Sun DOES take Jack's hand.  awwwwwww  Such a sweet scene. 

  • And by the way, I'm sure people are tired of me harping on it now, but you guys might recall that I suggested in the end, that the LOSTIES will all team up for their own cause and that Jack will be leading the charge.  This promise of Jack's to get Sun on that plane directly goes against Richard's plan of blowing up the plane.  Now, we do know that Sawyer has intentions of taking the SUB off of the island, so there are multiple forms for transportation to leave if they need it.  Anyway, I'm just happy to see a confident Jack back on the Island!  
  • Which makes me still wonder what the end game of LOST will be.  Will all want to leave the Island?   Will some (the chosen candidate maybe) want to stay?  Do we continue the cycle of Island Protector keeping Smokey at bay in the end, or do we break the cycle completely?   I'm sure the Sideways timeline plays into it somehow, but I'm still interested to find out how!   Anyway, just speculating again.   Whatever the case, it does seem like we are in for a showdown on Hydra Island!  Everyone is moving in that direction.  

Camp Flocke
The entire episode opened up with Widmore's cronies in nightvision goggles watching over Flocke's band of merry men, women and children.  They are hearing every word said.  And it is very clear that we see Sawyer and Kate talking about cocoa (Sawyer saying "it's not really cocoa just pretend!").  Which makes me wonder if Widmore is "in the know" on Sawyer's ultimate plan to take the sub.   We see Flocke have a few conversations with the LOSTIES and there is an invasion we should probably discuss too!

Flocke and Jin

  • Flocke checks in on Jin and asks how the leg is.  Jin says that it still hurts.  Flocke suggests leaving the bandage off as the air will do it some good.  I wonder if he is referring to the Island's magical healing powers?  
  • Flocke then discusses the "CAVE with the Candidates" with Jin.  He was already aware of it as Sawyer filled him in (off-screen).   Flocke discusses the importance of the people without their names crossed off being together when they leave.  It's the only way they can leave the Island.  He also stresses that he doesn't know if Kwon is him or Sun but it is implied that he wants them both to leave with him just in case.
  • I wonder if Flocke just wants to round them all up so he can kill them all at one time and there is no danger of anyone taking over for Jacob?
  • Jin expresses concern that Sun isn't with them to which Flocke smiles and tells Jin to take care of his leg and he's already working on Sun.  (Which we already saw.  He didn't do to well as she is going with Jack.   And of course, Jack or Hurley have yet to get a recruitment attempt from Flockey)  
  • We see Claire listening in on the conversation and beginning to become concerned. We'll discuss that in a bit. 

Flocke and Sayid

  • Flocke tells Sayid that he has an errand to run so he is leaving for a little while.  He'll be back in the morning and told Sayid to keep an eye on the camp.  
  • Sayid tells Flocke that he feels NO EMOTION.  Anger, happiness, pain, he doesn't feel any of it anymore.  Flocke suggests that maybe this is best to help him get through what is coming.   Creepy!!  What is going on with SAYID!?   I'm still confused to how he is even walking around.  Maybe Flocke is going to need Sayid to kill the rest of the candidates for him.  Remember, that little boy suggested that there are rules and that he can't kill "HIM" (to which I assumed Sawyer at the time)    Maybe Flocke is unable to kill candidates.  I'd have to look at that wall and lighthouse dial again to see if there is anyone on there that Smokey did kill!  Of course, maybe once the name is crossed off, he can do as he pleases.  
  • In any case, Sayid is just getting weirder and weirder and I'm sure it won't be getting any more normal soon!    
  • Once Flocke leaves the camp, Jin begins to gather his things.  Sawyer gets concerned and checks in on him.  Sawyer reminds Jin of his deal with Widmore (hmmm, did Sawyer only tell Kate the truth?) but Jin doesn't care.  He wants to find Sun.  He plans to head to the temple and then the beach until he finds her.  
  • And then the whole camp gets shot with tranquilizer darts!  And Widmore's cronies come in and look around.  They then see Jin and Tina Fey (Zoe) and Mr. "Intimidating" acknowledge they found their guy.   They grab Jin and leave the camp.   

  • The next morning Flocke arrives and is very disturbed by seeing his people passed out all over the jungle.  He wakes Sayid up to find out what happened and realizes that Jin is gone.  

  • He informs Sayid that they're going to go get Jin back and asks if Sayid is a good swimmer. He says "good enough." We saw Sayid swim underwater with Jack to get to Jughead near the end of season 5 last season.   He hands Sayid a gun and says they're going to take the outrigger.

Flocke and Claire
  • Flocke addresses Claire's concerns.  She wants to know if her name was on the Candidate Wall.   Flocke tells her that it isn't (he did hesitate before saying it though).  We know that "LITTLETON" is on the wall but it's crossed off.  It could mean Aaron, but I'm thinking Flocke just lied to Claire.  

  • Claire then thinks she is off the hook and doesn't need to get on the plane with them.  Flocke assures her that he needs her.  She begins to become concerned that Aaron isn't going to know who she is.  He thinks that Kate is his mother.  She then asks if Kate's name is on the wall to which Flocke says that it isn't.  But he says "Not Anymore".  Maybe we just didn't see it but maybe Austen was on there but crossed off.  Regardless, we do know Austen is on the Lighthouse Dial and NOT Crossed off.  The producers have suggested that Jacob may have allowed Flocke to find that cave and threw him off by not having Kate's name on the wall (or crossing it off).  Maybe it throws MIB off the scent of Kate and maybe she is very important.  We'll see! 
  • Flocke says that she needs Kate though.  Flocke says that he is 3 people shy of getting them off the Island and Kate can help.  Looks like Flocke knows he won't be able to convince Sun, Jack and Hurley to go with him.  And of course Kate always has Jack's attention! 
  • Then Flocke makes a comment that once Kate DOES help him, then "Whatever Happens Happens."   Obviously, this is a call back to last season and all of the crazy time travel discussions.  But did he just suggest to Claire that he'll kill Kate after he gets what he needs?  And did we sense a bit of satisfaction in Claire's eyes?   Interesting....stay tuned on this one! 

Flocke and Sawyer

  • Sawyer then inquires about what Flocke and Sayid are heading out to do.  Flocke says they're taking a boat to the other Island.  The Sawyer has the best line of the night and excuse my mild profanity but it must be said to get the joke just right!  "What do you need a boat for?  Can't you just turn into smoke and fly our ass over the water?"  

  • Flocke says "Do you think if I could do that that I would still be on THIS Island?"  to which Sawyer sarcastically says that would be ridiculous.   But hmmm, this goes into speculation about Smokey and water.  We have never really seen Ol' Smokey in his SMOKE form near the water.  He has always been in the jungle or indoors (the Statue) when he turns into smoke.   I do question though some of the scenes where there is RAIN.  I have to look back at the Juliet/Kate encounter with smokey to see if it was raining.  And of course, the scene where the Pilot is taken in the first episode.  I do recall it raining when Kate counted to 5.  But Smokey was gone then.   Anyway, it's a loose theory.  
  • But what we do know is that Flocke can't cross the water as Smokey.  We also know that when he last took an outrigger between Islands with Ben, he took his shoes off and then put them back on when he crossed.  (we don't see him do this in this episode though, so maybe it was nothing)    I guess this conversation was also trying to explain that Flocke can't leave "THE ISLAND" in general (Main Island or Hydra Island) as a cloud of smoke which is why he's trapped there.
  • Flocke tells Sawyer that one of their people is taken and he's going to get him back.   I do love that Sawyer has started calling Widmore - "Charlie Widmore".   Flocke and Sayid head on their way to the outrigger.    
  • We'll get to Flocke's "Jin retrieval" in a bit.  

Hydra Island
The next we see of Jin, he is in ol' Room 23 at the Hydra Station.  You all might recall Kate, Sawyer and Alex busting Karl out of there in season 3.  

Room 23 
  • Jin has never been in this room so he does not recognize where he is.  He flips the switch and we see the "brainwashing" film go back on.  You know, the one that said "God Loves you as Jacob Does" or something like that.  It seemed to be the same messaging as last time that we saw.  "Think about Your Life"  "Everything Changes" "We are the Causes of our own Suffering" And of course we see a shot of DHARMA founder Gerald DeGroot. 

  • Zoe comes in and explains that this room was for DHARMA's experimentations on subliminal messaging.  Not so subliminal if you ask me!   But then she knows that Jin knows all about the DHARMA initiative.  
  • She begins asking Jin about a map that DHARMA used to identify pockets of electromagnetism.  And that whoever signed them could really help her out.  She thinks the signature is Jin's.   WHAAAT???  Oh wait, we do know that Jin was working the grids in 1977.  So maybe he was helping to identify these pockets of electromagnetic activity?   We are aware of the Swan Site and the Orchid site as 2 of the pockets of activity.   Why is Zoe interested in this information?  Will it come into play in the end game of LOST?  And will we finally learn why that darn sky turned purple at the end of season 2?!

  • Jin plays hardball and says he wants to talk to Widmore before he gives any answers.   To which Zoe says that Widmore would like to see him too! 
Smokey Visits Widmore

  • As I mentioned before, we see Flocke arrive on Hydra with no taking off of his shoes or whatever.  And Sayid is clearly not with him.   Mr. Intimidator and Crew come out with their guns.  Flocke walks the line of Pylons and says that he comes in peace. 

  • Widmore comes out to talk to Flocke.  They both acknowledge that they know who each other are.  Well Widmore acknowledges that he knows he's NOT John Locke and then goes into the myth, ghost stories and jungle noises in the night of Smokey that he has heard.  Flocke knows that Widmore knows more about Smokey based on the pylons.  

  • Flocke accuses Widmore of taking one of his people, Jin Kwon.  Widmore denies it.  They stare at each other for awhile and then Flocke says "A wise man once said that war was coming to this Island.  I think it just got here"  And of course, with Flocke knowing all of Locke's prior thoughts and memories, he knows that Charles Widmore told John Locke this very information when he retrieved him from the Tunisian desert in last season's episode "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham".  
  • This was a nice brief scene of 2 leaders meeting before a big battle.  It's just getting more and more amped up for the final showdown!  It's going to be EPIC, it's going to be, wait for it,  LEGENDARY! 
Charles Widmore and Jin

  • It seems that perhaps Charles Widmore was telling the truth when he told Flocke he didn't know they took Jin.  Because he comes in and starts yelling at Zoe for not sticking to the plan.  They weren't supposed to get Jin for days.  They have a time table their sticking to.  Interesting.  Zoe said that they panicked because Jin was leaving the camp.  Widmore said they should have let Jin leave and taken him in the jungle.  
  • Zoe then says Widmore should have put a mercenary in charge instead of a Geo-physicist.  (hmmm, a Mercenary like Keamy whom Widmore sent before?)   And what does Widmore need with a geo-physicist for this final battle?  Obviously, it's the same questions to why she's investigating the electromagnetic activity on the Island. 
  • We find out Jin has been listening to the conversation.  Widmore tells Zoe to take the package from the sub and bring to the infirmary (once I heard that, I was 99% convinced that our speculations of what was behind that door were correct)

  • Everyone leaves Charles and Jin.  He apologizes profusely for what Jin has been through.  Widmore then says they searched the Ajira plane and found some of Sun's baggage.  In it was a digital camera.  And what came next was one of those tear inducing moments on LOST.  It was pictures of Jin's child Ji Yeon.    AWWWWWWW   This is the first time he is seeing her!   Great stuff.   Jin is so happy! 

  • And yes, I'm wondering too if that's the same dog that Jin took from his first "Mr. Paik mission" and gave to Sun!  That would be pretty funny if it was, but definitely not necessary to resolve the remaining mysteries of LOST!  
  • Widmore then identifies with Jin and says he has a daughter too (Penny, of course, who probably will not be making an appearance any time soon with her FlashForward day job).  He knows what it's like to be kept apart.  He knows how great it would be for him to be reunited with his wife and daughter.   But he suggests that it would be short-lived if that "THING" gets off of the Island.  
  • Widmore suggests that everything they know and love would "simply cease to be" if Smokey were to leave the Island.  Okay, so we can take this 2 ways right?  Either we go with my Godzilla theory where Smokey is rampaging around the world and making everyone evil, spreading his darkness throughout the land.    ORRRRR  Perhaps this is suggesting more of that "Epilogue Theory" where when Smokey leaves the Island, the timeline that they have known their whole lives would cease to exist.  And things would be rebooted to an Island-less existence.  We see that Jin is not married to Sun nor does he have a child yet in the sideways timeline.  But it looks like those things are imminent, granted in a different timeframe (2004 vs. 2007).  Of course it also looks like Sun may die and with it, their child.  Things aren't looking very happy for everyone anymore in this island existence (as I had predicted earlier in the season).    
  • Naturally, we do not know WHAT Widmore is referring to or who informed him of what would happen if Smokey left (Jacob?).  What we do know is that he is very determined to prevent Smokey from accomplishing his mission and he is very convincing in doing so.  Stay Tuned and please speculate in the comments! 

The Package
Flocke Returns
  • We see Sawyer and Kate huddled over a campfire.  Kate wants to know why Sawyer isn't worried.  Sawyer confirms that he is worried but is just pretending.  He has a feeling that it will all be over soon.  While the writers are nodding to the audience that the show is almost over with this line, Sawyer thinks that Flocke is going to get what is coming to him when he goes to visit Widmore.  And if that doesn't happened, then they're screwed! 

  • What do you know but Flocke returns!  And Kate and Sawyer note that he is neither with Jin nor Sayid.  Flocke tells them that Widmore said they didn't have Jin.   Flocke didn't believe them but he just left anyway.  It appears his main mission was with Sayid doing some RECON on what was in the Locked Room on the sub. 
  • Widmore says he has a way to prevent Smokey from getting his way.  He takes Jin to see "The Package" which we find out is not a thing but a WHO!  (yep, it's who we thought it was!) 
Back at the Sub
  • We see Sayid pop his head out of the water near the sub as folks are pulling a drugged man out of it.  They said they knocked him out for the trip. 

  • Sayid gets a good glimpse of who the Package is and it's none other than Desmond Hume!!! FINALLY!  And we see that Desmond recognizes Sayid.  But he's so out of it he could just think it's weird that there's a guy in the water. 
  • Mr. Intimidator says "Let's Go Mr. Hume" and they carry him away as Sayid creepily watches.


Nice! Desmond is finally back!  Is that why Widmore was in Los Angeles meeting with Eloise at the hospital?  To go grab Desmond?  Did Widmore need Desmond to get to the Island?  Will we find out what Desmond has been up to?   Do we think there is a tie between needing Zoe, an geo-physicist studying electromagnetism, to Desmond's blowing of the hatch which gave him massive exposure to electro-magnetism?   How is Desmond important to preventing Smokey from leaving the Island? Will we find out if there is a tie between Desmond's Sideways story and the Island story or if they're one of the same?  I would hope that these answers would be coming shortly, and I would hope a Desmond-centric episode is in our near future!

Hey, at this point, I'm just glad to have one of the best LOST characters ever back on the Island and probably for the remainder of the show!  And with that, I am going to wrap things up.  I look forward to our discussions in the comments.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week!  NAMASTE! 

Ending Credits
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