Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One Month Till Season 3! Here's some stuff to Hold you over!

Hey Lostheads. How's your summer been? Mine's been fantastic. Resting my fingers for the intense 6 week run of Lost this Fall. (Everyone's Calendars marked for October 4th?) So I know I promised if I heard anything about The Lost Experience this summer (aka the scavenger hunt) I would post a blog. I'll admit it. I haven't been too into it this summer....but I have been checking in from time to time with it. Ultimately, what we found out (or are in the process of finding out) is more about Alvar Hanso, what DHARMA stands for, and still waiting to find out what the NUMBERS mean. What was hidden all over the web were bits and pieces of video clips that had to be spliced together at hansoexposed.com. I didn't have the patience for that! But had a hunch that someone else would be and eventually share it with the internet community! So I figured I'd post a little blog to share it with you!

You can check out the video from Youtube in the link below:


Pretty interesting stuff. Don't know the significance of it all, but I'm sure it won't matter once Season 3 starts because anything we need to know will probably be explained on the show! But if you need a Lost Fix...then maybe this is your solution!

Other things I've heard about season 3 that you might find interesting:

  • It's supposed to get back to a more season 1 feel this year. Less focus on the deep mythology of the show and more focus on the relationships. Perhaps a conclusion to the Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle? Or at least more exploration of it. They're all in captivity together! And I'm guessing they will be with the Others for at LEAST the first 6 weeks.
  • There will be new characters this season. I've read a list of the actors/actresses being added to the cast, but I forget them. I'm sure a few episodes in they'll be as intriguing and memorable as Mr. Eko became last season. One thing you might like to know is that Desmond and Henry are full-time additions to the show now. Good times. Guess it's a safe bet that everyone survived that crazy explosion! But we still don't know what condition Locke will be in! But I think I also read rumors that he'd be back in "season1 Locke" form and less whiney and Hatch-obsessed. So who knows? It's all speculation at this point!
  • As expected since the show is split into 2 "pods" of episodes...the 6 week "mini-series" this fall will conclude with a Huge Cliffhanger...to keep us wanting more until they return in the Winter. I still like this method better....When Lost is ON it is ON. I guess it will come back in Late January/ Early February for Sweeps and run straight through to May. And when you think about it...who wants to watch Lost the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or during December when the Holdays are taking up most of our time? It's a smart move by ABC and a great solution for the fans.

    Of course this solution poses a problem for me because I have to write something every week when it's on! But I put myself in this situation! I'll just ask you all to bear with me this season as I try to balance 2 blogs (in the winter/spring), my work responsibilities, and my social life (and no..they don't rank in that order of priority!). I can't promise to have the blog up consistently on Thursday mornings for Post Lost Day discussion. But you'll get it eventually! And I'll try to never ever write one as long as the finale blog last May! Even I'll admit that was a bit much!

Only other tidbit I have is that Season 2 came out on DVD today! 35 bucks at Best Buy! Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy to refresh! We're all gonna need it! Plus it will help kill time over the next month as we anticipate the Season premiere!

Anyone else hear anything about Season 3 or more about the Lost Experience? Or just have any theories you've been mulling over all summer? You can take the opportunity now to share your thoughts!

I'll see everyone back here in a Month!