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LOST: Season 5 Episode 7 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Well, my fellow LOSTIES, there's only one word I can think of to describe the most anticipated episode of Season 5, one we've anticipated ever since we got the name of it back in the fall of 2008. That word would be.......wait for it....... WOW!!!!!! Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I say that about every episode. But, I think you all would be upset if I stopped doing it. So consider it my ongoing trademark! The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham accomplished exactly what it set out to do. But it didn't stop there! We kinda assumed Locke would hit roadblocks on his off-Island journey. But we didn't know who he might run into, the information that would be divulged on his venture. Oh, and the way they kept the ISLAND as part of the episode was simply fantastic. I must agree that the producers picked the right order for these 2 episodes (316 and The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham were written simultaneously and supposedly could air in either order). I'm excited to see where this story goes from here. But before we begin speculating, we must recap what we learned in this fabulous episode! Here goes nothing!

When we last left Locke (alive), we saw him turn the crazy "unfrozen" donkey wheel which transported himself off the Island. The last time we saw Locke in the PRESENT DAY (Oceanic 6 timeline) was in a coffin being prepared to board Ajira Flight 316 - Destination ISLAND! Last week, we only saw Jack, Kate and Hurley return to the Island in what appeared to be in the DHARMA Past where they ran into Jin in a DHARMA Jumpsuit. DUM DUM DUMMMMMMM! (Don't worry, we'll get to them at a later date!) How about everyone else? Where/When did THEY end up? Let's dive in and find out!

The Island

We are fooled for a minute or two with our new characters Caesar and Ilana. (introduced on Flight 316 briefly last week. Caesar expressed condolences to Jack about his friend's (Locke's) death and Ilana had Sayid in custody) Caesar was looking around someone's office, finding maps of the Island and Guns and Flashlights. But it is not long before we find out that this is after Flight 316 left Los Angeles and we're back in Island territory!
  • Caesar finds a page from Daniel Faraday's journal and the map of the Island he had in season 4. Also found with these pages is Rousseau's Map of the Island which Sayid snatched from her in season 1 and used in season 2 for his boating expedition around the Island. (I can't take credit for these observations. It's all Sledgeweb) Somehow all of these materials end up at the Hydra Station at some point in time. (AKA the smaller Island next to THE Island and what I like to call Alcatraz 2.0!) We'll get to that in a second. Have we seen Daniel's drawing below before? Could these be the unique pockets of energy that his mother explained to Jack, Ben, Desmond and Sun?

  • Caesar quickly flips through an old Life Magazine from 1954 that has a H-Bomb explosion on the cover. Perhaps Richard grabbed a copy during his travels to see the birth of John Locke? I'm sure in the vast spectrum of answers we're looking to get, this falls at the bottom of the priority list! Just a little Easter Egg in the show. For all we know, the OTHERS or someone was doing research on their 1954 visitors.

  • Also when he's flipping through the magazine we get a quick snippet from what appears to the "The Creature from the Black Lagoon." Don't know much about the story, but with an expedition team sent to the Amazon Jungle and monsters killing people and stuff, you could probably make some ties to LOST!
  • Caesar finds a gun while he's looking around. When Ilana comes into the office, he doesn't show it to her. He gives her the flashlight instead. This dude just looks like he's there for maniacal reasons (which, it's tough to know if we should stay under that impression. We used to think JIN was a bad dude afterall!) But something at least to keep in the back of your mind. Why did he take the gun?
  • Ilana informs Caesar that they found a man standing in the water and that he wasn't on the plane. Caesar makes reference to people that "disappeared" but we'll get more into that later.
  • They then pass by the Ajira plane which appears to have veered off of a "RUNWAY!" Man, I love it when our speculation turns out to be dead on! Here's a refresher. When Sawyer and Kate were kidnapped by The Others and lived in cages for the grueling first 6 episodes of season 3, they were put to work breaking rocks. At the end of season 3, Sawyer asks Juliet what they were building anyway. Juliet says "a runway." She jokes "for the aliens" but we knew it would come in handy at some point. Perhaps Future Locke or Jacob (unless it's the same thing) instructs Ben or Richard or someone to begin construction of this runway because they knew they were going to need it to land this plane? And way to go Frank Lapidus on another excellent landing on/near the Island!
  • Anyway, it is revealed that this man that was standing in the water is none other than John Locke! REBORN! Okay, so he is resurrected. This show has officially crossed into some new territory. First we had ghosts which could've been dismissed as visions or apparitions of the smoke monster. This season we have time traveling LOSTIES and Resurrecting Losties! But before we get too crazy. IS he alive again? Or is he the same kind of "ALIVE" as Christian Shephard, who SEEMS very much alive. He held Aaron but also disappeared when Jack got too close to him. And he "appeared" OFF-Island to Jack too and disappeared. It would seem to me that everyone is seeing Locke and able to interact with him. And come on...Locke ate a mango and loved it! There is something NEW going on here.
  • The next morning Ilana talks to Locke (you know..the Mango eating scene!) and John stares at his beloved Island. This is where we can confirm we're on the Hydra Island. Locke is very up-front with them that he is confused to how he ended up there.
  • We see 2 Canoes on the beach and Locke asks Ilana if they are theirs. She said that they were already on the island. And that there used to be 3. The pilot and a woman took off in the middle of the night. (hmmmm Frank and Sun?)
  • Okay, so it's confirmed. Some people are in the present day from Flight 316, and others ended up in the DHARMA Past. I'm surprised that in the poll on the site, the majority assumed they'd be in the same time period! So did they really separate Sun and Jin through time? I guess that would make sense to still create some drama about them reuniting. Not sure I can think of what OTHER woman would just hop on a boat with Frank Lapidus, unless it's one of the flight attendants!
  • I guess we can also assume these boats were the OTHERS' boats? Which I'm not sure why Juliet wouldn't recognize them unless because it was 3 years in the future. And that these new castaways were the ones shooting at our original castaways a few episodes back. I'm sure we will see this all play out!
  • Another note, it seems like a day or 2 have passed before Locke showed up in the water. I guess you could make more Christian ties to this with the 3 days before the resurrection. But, I'd kinda like to know where he has been and what happened to him!
  • Anyway, Locke says he remembers a lot of things, but doesn't remember the plane. And explains that the suit he was wearing (along with Christian's shoes that are on the beach now) was probably what he was intended to be buried in. He told Ilana that he remembered dying. CUE FLASHBACK!

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

We learn that Locke ends up in the same exact location that Ben did a couple years back. Except, Locke traveled 3 years into the future when Ben only traveled about 10 months. From Locke's perspective, it was only really a 4-6 since Ben left. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Locke shows up laying on the ground and still in much pain from the bone sticking out of his knee! He cries out for help for a long time. Night falls, and finally a pickup truck runs right up to him.

  • We see very familiar Middle-Eastern folk come and get Locke and put him in a truck.
  • We should also note that there was a camera planted there pointing right at Locke's location. (hmmm, was that there when Ben ended up there too? I don't think so)
  • Locke is rushed to some kind of medical facility. We see Matthew Abbadon there watching over the whole scene. A doctor resets Locke's leg. Locke passes out. Very suspenseful stuff and very painful to watch!
  • But the meat of this story happens after Locke wakes up. Who is there to great him but none other than Charles Widmore! Widmore explains that he had a specialist flown in to reset his leg properly.
  • "It's nice to see you again John" Widmore hasn't seen Locke since 1954 on the Island. (when Widmore was 17) And he is amazed that it's only been about 4 days from Locke's perspective.
  • Locke doesn't seem to recognize Widmore even though he saw Ben's video of him last season. Oh well, we'll let it slide!
  • We find out that the camera was planted by Widmore because he knew that was the "EXIT" from the Island. Interesting using the term Exit, and I'm sure much can be theorized on it. But I'm going to keep going!
  • So here's the big question, OLD Widmore remembers his encounter with Locke in 1954, but WHEN did he remember it? We'll discuss later in this recap that plans were set in action in order to bring Locke to the Island. Was this because he already knew he had to go there? Or did Charles just suddenly get the memory 4 days ago, which is why he planted the camera in the desert? We know Desmond didn't remember his encounter with Faraday in the past until it happened from Faraday's perspective. Same with the reverse when Desmond went to talk to Dan at Oxford in 1996. But we also know that Desmond is "uniquely special" so who knows??? Ugh, even in an episode with barely any time travel I still can't get my head around it all!
  • Charles explains that he was afraid Ben might fool Locke into leaving the Island. He claims that Ben exiled Widmore after he was leader of the others for over 30 years (he called them "his people"). They had a reign of peace for 30 years he claims. By the way, I sooooooo called that Widmore was the leader of the others at one point! Not that anyone will remember that I did, and I'm too lazy to reference the old blog post!
  • Here's the thing though, I assumed that Widmore was the one that ordered the DHARMA Purge, since Ben was not the leader yet. Or was that right around when Ben fooled Charles into turning that wheel? I don't think Widmore was the LEADER at 17 on the Island. The purge happened in 1992-1993 (since Goodspeed mentions he was dead for 12 years to Locke in a dream). So 30 years before that would be 1962/1963ish. Widmore would be in his 20's. Hmmm wait a second...maybe Penny was born on the Island too? Who is her mother!!? Here's where we speculate again that maybe Charles and Eloise were an ITEM on the Island. And that perhaps Dan and Penny are siblings separated at birth. Interesting theory. I thought I found plot holes in it before, but I can't think of them right now!
  • Widmore explains that the C4 and the freighter were all ploys to get rid of Ben and clear the way for Locke to lead on the Island. Great things are expected of him.
  • Locke explains how he needs to bring the people that left back. And Widmore offers his help. He also claims that he is watching over all of the Oceanic 6. So now both Ben AND Widmore were keeping tabs on them. So I wonder which one behind attacking Sayid and Hurley? That didn't happen until Locke died. And since we know how Locke died now (getting there) that might add some weight to things.
  • Widmore explains that it is necessary for John to be back on the Island (he may have been referring to them all). Locke also mentions to Widmore that Richard told him he was going to die. Widmore promises that he won't let that happen. A War is coming, and the wrong side will win if he's not there. it a Ben vs. Charles war? Or something else entirely?
  • It is important to note that everyone Ben, Charles, Richard keep telling Locke how special he is. I really hope all this "SPECIAL" talk pays off in the end! We all knew that Neo was The Chosen One expected for great things in The Matrix. But then....the 2 sequels happened!
  • I'm getting sidetracked. SOMEONE is lying right? Ben or Widmore. They both present very convincing cases. Even with the fake flight 815 plane crash both cases are convincing. Maybe BOTH of them are lying. Here's where I get a little confused with Widmore's story. He claims that he thinks Ben may have convinced Locke to turn the wheel. Yet Widmore has SEEN Ben off of the Island. Ben came to visit him in October of 2005 claiming he's going to kill Penny. So would Widmore really have assumed that Ben returned to the Island since then? Ahh interesting stuff but we can only speculate for now.
  • We should also note that with the "EXIT" being in Tunisia, we can assume that Ben has left the Island via Donkey Wheel before which explains why Ben had stayed at the hotel in Tunisia before. This may explain all of the passports and foreign currency. Hmmm, so if he's left before I guess that means he has been able to get back before too. But Widmore knows Ben is after his daughter and wouldn't return to the Island until that job was done. (or attempted to be done!) Have I mentioned I'm still confused?!
  • Later on we find out Widmore is the one that supplied Locke with the name Jeremy Bentham an English philosopher. It was a good time when he mentioned John Locke's parents had a sense of humor naming him, so why couldn't he too!
  • Okay, so the passport says he is Canadian but born in New York. I almost just cried fowl on the producers because I didn't see the New York piece! We knew that the obituary mentioned New York. So job well done writers!
  • Big reveal here also. Matthew Abbadon is an employee of Charles Widmore! Which makes sense since we saw him giving the tasks to the Freighter 4 last season. I guess we still had speculations to whether those 4 were tied to the Mercenaries (Keamy and crew). Well, now we know it was all funded by Widmore.
  • We also know that Locke and Abbadon met in the past but Locke pretends to not know him at this point. Abbadon is going to "get Locke to wherever he needs to go." And he supplies a Wheelchair. ouch. Sorry Locke!
  • Widmore supplies the known whereabouts of all the people that left the Island and they are off to the airport. Also an emergency cell phone that if you dial 2, 3 (23!) Locke can contact him. First up....Santo Domingo and Sayid!
  • Abbadon claims he can find anyone for Locke that he wants to find (past family members, etc...). Locke ignores him for now and just tells him to drive.

Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

  • Sayid seems to be working for a Habitat for Humanity type project (called "Build Our World). It looks like he is helping build a school. He seems to be REPENTING for past sins.
  • Locke comes to visit him in wheelchair and all.
  • Sayid is not sold on Locke convincing him to go back. He explains for 2 years he was manipulated by Ben into believing he was protecting everyone on the Island. He asks who is manipulating John. John claims no one, but I guess we just don't know!
  • Sayid explains that only because she left the Island was he able to find his true love Nadia and be with her for the best 9 months of his life. Alas, she died. (I guess we can note here that John Locke also ran into Nadia back in a season 2 flashback when he was servicing her cable or something like that. It's how we knew she was still alive at the time and in Los Angeles)
  • Sayid mentions Nadia was murdered and then asks why Locke really needs to go back. Is it because he has nowhere else to go? (the Locke being Lonely concept seems to become a common theme before the climatic scene of the episode)
  • Locke explains to Sayid that if he changes his mind he is staying in L.A. as Jeremy Bentham in L.A. at the Westerfield Hotel.

New York City

  • Locke and Abbadon are parked outside of a School waiting for WAAAAAAAAAALT! Locke mentions that he wants Abbadon to find his old squeeze Helen Norwood.
  • Walt comes out of the school. Abbadon says "So that's Michael Dawson's son? The boy has gotten big!" clearly indicating that he's been keeping tabs on these people for some time!
  • Walt knew that Locke was in a wheelchair before but he asks what happened. Locke just mentions he hurt his leg.
  • Walt says he's been having dreams about Locke. He was on the Island, wearing a suit and there were people all around him. They wanted to hurt him. Hmmmm our Ajira folk?
  • This makes me think, what if Walt dreamed about Locke the day he was shot by Ben which is how he appeared to him and appeared to be older? Same with when he appeared to Shannon and Sayid in season 2? We know Walt has some crazy telekenetic ability, maybe it's through dreams too or something? Eh, still too open ended right now but thought I'd throw that out there!
  • Walt asks about his Dad. If he's at the Island. He hasn't talked to him in 3 years. Locke just says last he heard Michael was on a freighter near the Island. I guess he didn't have the heart to tell him that he died. And then didn't have the heart to ask him to come back to the Island.
  • Locke changes his mind and just tells him he stopped by to make sure he was okay. Note that he never mentioned the name Jeremy Bentham, but Walt told Hurley that Jeremy Bentham came to see him. I guess I shouldn't look much into it, but come on!
  • Abbadon tells Locke he's 0 for 2 and starts taunting Locke about failing his mission. Locke claims Walt has been through enough.
  • Locke says he only needs to convince one and if he can do that, the rest will come. I'll bet he never thought Jack would be that one!
  • We also note here that creepy Ben is watching them. uh oh!

Santa Rosa, California

  • Locke next visits Hurley.
  • Hurley is drawing a picture of what appears to be the Sphinx. Look into it as much as you want. Locke was in the desert, Hurley is drawing the desert. Eh, this isn't Heroes! I'd like to think Hurley isn't a Pre-Cog or whatever they call Isaac the Painter and his subsequent future painters!
  • Hurley thinks Locke is a ghost because he's been visited by many of them. He figures Locke didn't make it on the Island. He then asks around if he is talking to anyone. Funny that he asked because one of the crazies pointed right at Charlie last season! But he then believed Locke was alive.
  • Locke fails at convincing Hurley pretty much because Hurley saw Abbadon and recognized him as the Oceanic Guy that asked if there were any other survivors. He said that the man is evil! (well yeah...his last name encompases the very root of evil!)
  • Abbadon ups the tally to 3 failed visits. And he finally breaks the tension around their pre-Island meeting. Abbadon is the man that pushed Locke around in the rehab facility in the wheel chair and told him to go on a Walkabout. It was Abbadon who got Locke on flight 815. "I help people get to where they need to get to."
  • So did Widmore know where flight 815 was going? I had a theory way back in season 1 that everyone on that Island was recruited for some purpose on the Island. Maybe not everyone, but at least the ones we came to know over the seasons. Was Widmore behind getting those people on the plane? Crazy crazy stuff. More to come I'm sure on this!

Los Angeles, CA

  • Ahh the most EXCITING trip of the episode (sarcasm). Locke visits Kate.
  • Kate essentially asks Locke about his love life and says he has no one which is why he never wanted to leave the Island. Locke talks about Helen but then how he ruined the relationship because he was angry and obsessive (good ol' Daddy issues!) Kate makes it worse by telling Locke he really hasn't come far from then!
  • Kate is a no go!
  • Locke asks Abbadon about Helen again. And while Abbadon was reluctant he takes him to her.

Santa Monica, CA

  • We arrive at a cemetary. Helen died of a brain aneurysm on April 8, 2006. (April = 4, and 8 are numbers naturally!)
  • Abbadon starts talking about fate and how her path ended here and how Locke's path leads back to the Island. Locke begins to even doubt fate asking how he can say it like it's inevitable. Abbadon mentions that Richard says Locke is going to die, is that really a choice?
  • Hmm, so that reminds me. I wonder if resurrected Locke in the future tells Richard what happens and THAT version of Richard is the one that runs into Locke from the past and tells him that he has to die? That would make sense since Richard knows the Oceanic 6 are alive off of the Island at the time too. I guess we already figured this one out, but worth bringing up again!
  • Just as Locke and Abbadon are getting ready to depart the cemetary, Abbadon is shot and killed. (farewell Matthew, now you can go be on FRINGE full time! Love that show by the way!)
  • Locke races off in the car and gets slammed in an intersection by 2 cars. Ouch!


  • No fear, when Locke wakes up he has a visitor waiting for HIM! It's bearded Jack! (but we must note the beard is not as crazy as it gets. A period of time must pass between this scene and the Hotel scene.
  • Jack asks what Locke is doing here. Locke says that they have to go back and that the people he left behind need their help (never says that terrible things happened after they left as Jack tells Ben. ugh....why can't they just stick to the script sometimes?!)
  • Jack is not buying it. It's more of this DESTINY/FATE talk from Locke. Locke has renewed faith in seeing Jack. He was brought to Jack's hospital, they were supposed to have this encounter. Jack says it's probability not fate and based on where the accident was.
  • Locke says it was no accident, someone is trying to kill him. (Jack assumed Locke was murdered probably by this comment. I guess his assumption wasn't very wrong!) Locke says that they don't want him to succeed. They don't want him to get back because he is important.
  • Jack puts the final nail in the coffin on lonliness. Tells Locke that his delusions of being special and important are not real. Maybe he is just a lonely old man that crashed on an Island. I still don't get why Locke would never tell anyone that he was paralyzed. Maybe they wouldn't believe him? I dunno. Rose saw him in a wheelchair! He finally told Sawyer, but naturally everyone was too busy for him to ever tell anyone else. Just another example of no one telling people information on LOST!
  • As Jack is leaving, Locke uses his last remaining card (other than the wheelchair one!). Your father says hello! I'll give myself a pat on the back on this one too. Locke was able to deduce by who left the Island that Christian was talking about Jack because Hurley and Sayid didn't fit the ethnic profiling! (I know, not very impressive, but you should see some of the theories that went on in the comments of a previous blog post!)
  • Jack just loses it. He goes on his whole MY FATHER IS DEAD! Rant. Disregarding the fact that he has seen Christian on the Island. Locke helped him hunt down his White Rabbit in season 1. He knows Christian is Claire's father and all the crazy stuff going on on the Island. But denies that anything Locke is saying can be real. Locke explains that Christian told him to move the Island and how to bring them all back.
  • Locke said that he didn't look dead to him. Jack mentions how he put him in the coffin. We can now tie this back to last week's episode when he knows Locke was dead and going to the Island. We can only imagine what Jack is tying together in his head.
  • Locke says Jack is the only one that can convince the rest of them. That he is supposed to help him. Jack says It's OVER! It's done. We left and we were never important. You can still sense a hint of Jack's regret in that statement. He asks Locke to leave him and the rest of them alone. Oh boy....if that venture through his prior acquaintences doesn't make you feel alone and wanting to put an end to things....well I dunno!

Hotel Westerfield (at an undisclosed time later)
I say undisclosed time because of the information provided in this scene and the size of Jack's beard! We'll discuss in more detail in the bullets.

  • We see Locke write the now infamous suicide note that we saw in last week's episode. Probably another reason they decided to air "316" before this episode.
  • We see Locke toss Widmore's RAZR phone in the Trash. (I wonder if we'll be doing another jump into the future at some point and get some iPhones on the show!)
  • Locke pulls out what looks like WIRE (not rope) and begins to make his noose. Cuts out some of the ceiling, hangs the wire and puts the loop around his neck. It really seems like Locke WANTS to kill himself and not because he's doing it out of fate. Just as he's about to jump off the table......KNOCK KNOCK!
  • Ben breaks through the door. He urges John to reconsider. Locke claims he's a failure. He couldn't get anyone to believe me. Ben talks about how important John is. How SPECIAL he is. He talks about how John has TOO MUCH WORK TO DO (a common theme in these later sesons).
  • He admits to killing Abbadon before he killed Locke. He goes on the whole rant that Widmore is the bad one. He's the reason he moved the Island so Locke could lead. Again, we're getting 2 stories.
  • He admits to watching all of the Oceanic 6 and keeping them safe. But we're not sure who has been the THREAT to the Oceanic 6.
  • Ben informs Locke that he DID suceed. Jack booked a plane ticket to Sydney. Whatever Locke said to him worked. Okay, so was Jack returning from Sydney in the Season 3 flash forward? He told Kate he's been flying A LOT. And he mentions a few locations and all of them were attempts to get back to the Island. And like I said...his beard was a LOT longer and Jack was a lot more drunk and much more drugged! And he reads the obituary on the plane ride back. If Locke's body was in a hotel room, I'm sure they found him pretty soon after!
  • Locke comes out of the noose begins to cry. Ben talks about how he hasn't talked to Sun yet. And Locke reveals that Jin is alive (BINGO! The missing piece!). He told Ben he promised not to go to Sun and would not bring her back to the Island. Ben says a promise is a promise.
  • Locke then explains that he knows what has to be done. He has to go talk to Eloise Hawking once he gets them all together. and BAM.....Ben looks at Locke. WHAT did you say?
  • Ben says he knows her. But something very shady is going on. Maybe he knows that Charles Widmore knows her. Maybe he also exiled Ellie back in the day too. But does he know that it's Daniel Faraday's mother before Desmond reveals it? Maybe he knows if Jacob or Christian who speaks for Jacob mentions Eloise Hawking, he now knows that Jacob is against Ben which means Locke is against Ben. Or maybe he now has the missing piece of information which is why he was keeping Locke alive. Or MAYBE he knows that Locke has to die based on the information provided. Lots of MAYBES!
  • But one thing is for sure, as many suspected, Benjamen Linus killed Jeremy Bentham (aka John Locke) with the rope (wire) in the Hotel room. (Ahhh I miss Clue. Good thing they're making a new movie!) He strangled him almost immediately after he mentioned Eloise's name. After he cleaned up the crime scene and made it look like a suicide, he must've grabbed Jin's wedding ring and left the room.
  • Before he left though he seemed to sincerely say "I'll miss you John. I really will." Well HUH????
  • I mean, now we're back to assuming Ben is the big bad guy right? But many of us believe that Ben will be redeemed when everything is said and done. That all of his actions will be for a reason. Tough to see right now. He just KILLED Matthew Abbadon AND John Locke! And he MIGHT have killed Penny. How could he possibly be good? But we still see Widmore potentially lying to Locke too. Lots of questions!
  • But for now, a very dramatic finish to the life of Jeremy Bentham.

Back to the Island
(after Flight 316)

  • Locke comes into the Hydra office where Caesar is reading up on some stuff. He explains that he had been on the Island for 100 days at some time in the past. And that an organization called DHARMA used to do experimentations here.
  • He explains the timing of it all will confuse Caesar.
  • Caesar then explains some confusion of his own. On the plane, they saw a bright light and then a big curly haired guy (Hurley) and some others vanished out of nowhere. He asks Locke to explain that. Well now we know that Caesar saw the flash. Kate/Claire didn't see the flash when Sawyer witnessed Aaron's birth. Hmmm weird. But this certifiably proves that some people are in the past and some are in the present (in case people were STILL doubting!)
  • Locke claims to know how they got back. He asks for the manifest (which he asked Ilana for earlier. I forgot to mention!) . Caesar doesn't have it. He asks if everyone on the plane besides those that disappeared are accounted for. Caesar says yes. And everyone survived but there are some people that are hurt.
  • Locke walks past a few of the hurt passengers and stumbles upon BEN Last! All bloodied up (could still be from his before-island encounter). Caesar asked if Locke knew him. Locke said that he is the one who killed him.


Whew, that is one long night and day of blogging folks! But totally worth it. Hopefully, I cleared things up as much as I confused things further! (always my goal!) I hope you enjoyed my ramblings. I think I have tons more questions, but I will save them for the comments!

If discussion on this blog isn't enough to get your LOST fix, I will be also posting the blog at for a new audience. Feel free to come over and check it out there too!

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and see you next week! And NAMASTE!

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LOST: Season 5 Episode 6 - 316

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, blog post over. NAMASTE, see you next week!


Okay, I'm kidding obviously. But I'm still trying to digest everything we just learned in that episode. Answers galore, and a brilliant beginning to the episode mirroring the pilot episode. Well a brilliant beginning, middle and end to the episode. Just great all around! I was almost upset that I had to feverishly jot down notes the whole time instead of just sitting back and enjoying the episode. But that's what Thursdays after work are for!

Without further adieu, I present to you my best attempt at recapping what Ms. Hawking was talking about and then getting to the rest of my normal disjointed thoughts! Here we go!

Pilot Episode Redeux

If you didn't watch the "Previously on LOST" prior to starting the episode, you may have thought the sort-of delayed Analog to Digital transition screwed up your cable feed and sent your TV back in time to 2004! Because we opened up on Jack's eye with him lying in the jungle in a suit! Wait a minute, something is different. This is NOT the pilot episode! He's back on the Island! How awesome is that?! Just when you think they're going to abandon character-centric stories forever, it's like we start the show all over again with Jack on the Island. The details to be filled in over this season and possibly next probably in re-energized flashbacks. Geniuses these writers. That's all I can say! After this opening sequence, the entire episode essentially ends up being a Jack-centric flashback to who ends up back on the Island and how they got there. So anyway, Back to Jack! He's in the jungle. He seems disoriented for a second. But then you see a hint of a smile (he did it!). And then in the distance we hear Hurley scream. Jack, like in the pilot, begins to run to go start fixing things (oh how he misses running in the jungle!). Confusion ensues....

  • When Jack wakes up, we see a piece of paper in Jack's hand with the words "I wish" on it. We wonder if this is going to be something that won't be explained until next year sometime. No fear, we just have to wait until the end of the episode!
  • Jack arrives at the waterfall where Kate and Sawyer found the briefcase with the guns way back in season 1. He sees Hurley unable to keep afloat in the water, hanging onto a Guitar case for dear life. (hmmmm...Hurley plays guitar? Maybe he packed a video game system with a couple guitar hero guitars in there hoping he could plug in at a DHARMA station? Or maybe he brought it upon a certain ghost Charlie's request? I just thought of that. There was after all a guitar on Flight 815! More on this in a bit.)
  • Oh and Kate is there too! Unconscious. Jack is tired of performing CPR to everyone. Kissing Kate back to life just isn't the same as kissing Charlie and Desmond I guess. So he just kinda shakes her and tells her to wake up. And BAM.....Kate's awake! Jack is one miracle doctor! He can even make paralyzed future wives walk again and dance at weddings!
  • The 3 of them wonder how they got do we do we.... Stay tuned!

The Lamp Post
(46 Hours Earlier)

Professor Hawking's Class in Session

You'll have to forgive me if I get too wordy in this section below. But there was a massive brain dump in 15 minutes worth of time. I felt everything was essential information! But I will try my best to put my spin on it! We last left Jack, Sun, Ben and Desmond with Ms. Hawking at the church with a zillion candles. Ms. Hawking informed everyone "We better get started." Well, she immediately takes them down into that crazy science filled basement of hers. Or was it hers after all? "THIS is how they found the Island!!!!!"

  • We are informed that the DHARMA Initiative called this station the Lamp Post. off-Island DHARMA Station! That confirms why the DHARMA-like computer was in this station as well. We can assume that they called it the Lamp Post as a literary reference to C.S. Lewis's novel "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" the first published book in the Chronicles of Narnia. The Lamp Post served as a gateway between the real world, and the magical land of Narnia. We know the writers love getting C.S. Lewis references in there. Much like Charlotte Staples Lewis's name and her introduction (which we learned last week was a re-introduction) to the Island. Very much like when our 4 protagonists return to Narnia in " Prince Caspian" (Book 2). Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked!
  • Jack asks Ben if he knew about the station. He says no. Jack asks Eloise (nope, I don't like it yet. I'll keep calling her Hawking!) if Ben is lying. She says Probably! Ahh, "Ben Lying" jokes are a delight aren't they? You can't help but think there is more to his lying though. Lots of discussion last week was with people being infected by the Smoke Monster (like Rousseau's crew). Surely it can't be just them that were infected. John Locke came in contact with Smokey, and was crazy ever since. We know Ben knew how to SUMMON Smokey, so he may have come in contact before. And man, does he know how to lie! Could be all coincidental. But I just don't know!
  • Taped to a Chalkboard full of formulas, we get a glimpse of a U.S. Army Photo from 1954 (the assumption would be this picture was taken when the military was doing their H-Bomb testing) The date on the Photo? September 23, 1954. 49 years 364 days before Flight 815 crashed on the Island. Should we be looking into that? Eh who knows???
  • We learn from Hawking that the room was constructed years ago over a unique pocket of electromagnetic energy which is connected to similar pockets all over the world. (this sounds similar to that crazy FAITH HEALER that Rose went to see in Australia who talks about there being different energies all over the world) The people that created the Lamp Post, however, were only interested in ONE pocket. Dum dum dummmmmm Yes my friends, THE ISLAND!
  • First they gathered proof that it existed (I'm guessing the 1954 Photo helped a bit!) They knew it was out there somewhere but they just couldn't find it.
  • Then a "clever fellow" decided to build the Pendulum. I'm going to guess it wasn't Focault himself! The theory was that they needed to stop looking for the Island where it was SUPPOSED to be but where it was GOING to be. The new tidbit we learned tonight? The Island is ALWAYS moving! huh? Then what did Ben do when he pushed the crazy Donkey wheel? Did this have no relevance to making the Island disappear? Or did the Island always used to move, but then SOMEONE "froze" it in one place in time and space? AKA DHARMA? (possibly even Daniel Faraday?). And once Ben thawed chipped away at the ice...the Island started moving again? I know I know. I making no sense. But that room was not as COLD when Locke was in there as it was when Ben was in there! There has to be a reason for the temperature!
  • More Pictures from the Lamp Post (constantly updating coordinates across the globe, and the map of the globe that the Pendulum swings over.
  • So Hawking also asks "Why do you think you were never rescued?" I'm confused. Penny followed coordinates based on Desmond's phone call. And she found them right outside where the Island was. So it couldn't have been moving too quickly then! Widmore and crew found the Island (was that with Hawking's help? or because Penny's crew found the Island when the Hatch blew?) I guess we don't have enough information to go on quite yet. Well, at least I hope we don't because I'm still confused! And I think I'm already contradicting my FROZEN DONKEY WHEEL theory with this bullet point right here!
  • Anyway, this man and his team created a series of equations (see chalkboard) which tell us with a high degree of probability where the Island will be at a certain point in time. Windows, while open, provide a route back. And Jack and crew's window closes in 36 hours. So there's a 10 hour differential between them being on the Island and the window closing? I'm not even going to bother theorizing on that.
  • What I want to theorize on is WHO is this man that created the DHARMA station? Is it Pierre Chang (Dr. Marvin Candle) himself? Or could it be the crazy Psychic in Australia, Malkin? Or maybe the Monk that Hawking is pictured with at Desmond's Monastery? Or someone else? For all we know, it could've been Daniel Faraday! I doubt it's Malkin, but one of the things Hawking said tonight reminded me a lot of what Malkin said to Claire before she got on flight 815. More on that in a second. We need to let Desmond flip out for a little bit.
  • Dez is shocked that they are all planning to go back to the Island willingly. He explains to Hawking that he came to deliver a message. That Daniel Faraday needed HER help, not the rest of the lot. (sounds like a phrase a Scot or Brit would say!) Hawking insists that she is helping. And then it came. Desmond explained to them all that he knows Hawking and that he wasted 4 years of his life because she told him he was destined to go to the Island. That it was his bloody purpose. Ahhhhh Desmond remembers previously running into Hawking. When he traveled back in his own consciousness and relived some key moments in his life after he blew the Hatch. "Flashes Before Your Eyes -Season 3"
  • Desmond tells Jack that they're being used as part of a game and to not listen to anything she says. Hawking tells Desmond that the Island isn't done with him yet. Desmond says he is done with the Island! Ahhh take that ELOISE! So the big question is, what WILL Desmond's purpose be? We sure got hints of something in this episode, we just don't know what yet! Does Ben kill Penny? Does Desmond beat the crap out of Ben? We're not quite there yet. But the bigger question is...will Desmond have motivation to return to the Island? All signs point to -----MOST LIKELY!
  • Break is over! Back to Hawking's lesson. She gives Jack a Binder which has coordinates of where she believes the Island will be in a little more than a day from now. There is a commercial airline flying from L.A. to Guam that will fly right through the window, Flight 316. It MUST be that flight. And right there is where she sounded like Malkin. He told claire it MUST be this flight. Flight 815! Coincidence? Naaa I think this guy was always in on something with getting these people to the Island. Whether Christian paid off Malkin to get her there or Malkin serves a higher purpose, I don't know. Well, here I go rambling again!
  • By the way, who had bets that 316 would be the Bible verse referenced on Eko's stick? John 3:16? Well, I'm sure it's no coincidence that they used the same number again! besides the fact that 16 IS one of the numbers!
  • UPDATE: Nevermind it was 3:05!
  • Hawking's final tip for Jack, Sun and Ben? They need to recreate as many of the circumstances of how the Oceanic 6 got there in the first place. And they need as many people as they can get. If they can't get everyone the results would be unpredictable. How unpredictable? And how does Ben fit into this equation? Does he just get a free ride back to the Island? This is why I started contemplating that Hurley brought the guitar on the plane because of Charlie's guitar being on 815. We don't quite know how Hurley ended up at the airport and on that flight, but could he have been visited by Ghost Charlie?
  • There is probably tons to theorize here with the recreation of the circumstances for the flight, but we will continue to discuss throughout the rest of the blog.
  • We learn that getting everyone on that flight is basically the mission, but Hawking has another private mission for Jack.

Hawking and Jack

  • Hawking takes Jack into her office and gives him a letter addressed to him. She tells him it was Locke's suicide note. ahhhhh So Locke kills himself? It was the most common guess. I'm not entirely sold on it quite yet. We had some theorists on the blog last week that Ben kills Locke after we learned Ben went to see him. Then again, previews for next week's episode shows Locke hanging the noose from the ceiling.
  • Anyway, we'll get to that next week. Jack takes the news pretty hard that it was a suicide.
  • We learn that Locke is going to help them get back to the Island by acting as a proxy (substitute) for Christian Shephard. ahhh! She instructs Jack to get something that belonged to Christian and give it to Locke. This is when Jack starts to lose his faith again. How could he not? It all sounds absurd!
  • Hawking says to stop thinking of how ridiculous it sounds and start wondering whether or not you believe it's going to work. Jack has come a long way since those early days on the Island. The Man of Science now needs to take a Leap of faith!

Ben and Jack

  • Sun left and at this point we're not sure if she's going to join them for this crazy journey.
  • If I weren't mistaken, I would think Ben was a little jealous that Jack got some alone time with ol' Eloise. He wanted to know what was said, but Jack didn't spill. And when Jack asked who she was, Ben starts to explain the story of doubting Thomas the Apostle.
  • I heard this story enough times in religion class growing up, but for everyone who didn't go to Catholic school, Ben does a pretty good job re-telling the story. He initially talks of how when Jesus had to return to Judea knowing he would be killed, Thomas bravely said "Let us also go, that we might die with him."
  • But Thomas was most remembered for doubting the resurrection of Jesus. He needed to see it with his own eyes and touch his wounds from the cross to be convinced. And eventually he WAS convinced. Ben explains to Jack that "we're all convinced eventually" This reminds me of "Exodus" (the season 1 finale of LOST) where Locke and Jack have their first Man of Science/Man of Faith debate. Jack tells Locke "I don't believe in Destiny." Locke tells him "Yes you do, you just don't know you do yet." about tying things together!
  • Now was Ben talking about the resurrection of Locke? That remains to be seen.
  • Of course, then the darker Ben comes back with his comment to Jack while walking out of the church. He said he had a promise to keep to an old friend. We all know he is referring to Charles Widmore. And he's going after Desmond who will lead him to Penny! Oh no! "See you at the airport Jack"

The Preparation
After the big brain dumping of information, we now follow Jack putting the plan in motion. Well, really the plan being put in motion FOR Jack as he tries to have a few drinks!

Grandpa Ray Shephard

  • We visit Jack at some flashy bar getting some final drinks in before he's Island-bound. He stares at his drink in deep thought. And he gets a mysterious phone call. "He did what?"
  • I'll spare the suspense, Jack goes to a nursing home and finds out his grandfather (Christian's father) Ray has attempted to leave the premises 4 times.
  • We enter a Magic show where the magician unveils a rabbit (in no doubt, a writer's shout-out to the DHARMA rabbits, but I don't think we need to look into it more than that.
  • We meet Ray, and Jack rescues him from the magic show.
  • Okay, so let's talk about this before we learn more about Ray. Lots of rumors going around that maybe the Island is directly related to the Shephard lineage. And maybe since Christian isn't Jacob that perhaps Christian's father might be Jacob. Well, we now see that RAY is off of the Island. But he says certain things during this meeting with Jack that makes you think that he's been there before. He doesn't give off an awe-inspiring aura about him that you would think the almighty Jacob would do. So do we think that this feeble man could be the one and only Jacob? Well I don't know, but I'm just throwing it out there because we've all been discussing the possibility of it. Also, listen to his voice and then listen to the voice from season 3's "The Man Behind the Curtain" when Jacob says "HELP MEEEEEEE" to Locke. Do you notice the resemblance? I could be grasping at straws, but I couldn't help but think they sounded familiar.
  • Okay, so Ray (which is what we will call him until told otherwise!), explained to Jack that he essentially wants to leave the nursing facility. Jack asked where the bus was headed, and Ray said that it didn't matter because any place is better than here.
  • Ray even packed a bag and told Jack one of these times he'll actually get away and that "they won't ever find me either." Hmmmm, sounds like Island speak doesn't it?
  • Ray asks if Jack is seeing Kate still (called her "the girl with the freckles" a shout-out to Sawyer's grandest nickname of all). Jack says he's not seeing her anymore.
  • Jack explains to Ray that he might be going away for awhile as he's unpacking the suitcase. Where is away? Somewhere better than here. Touche'. Ray just seems to be "in the know" of what Jack is up to. I mean come on, this scene had to be in there for more of a reason than for Jack to get a pair of shoes!!
  • Speaking of, Jack sees that in the bag was packed a pair of shoes, that were NOT, in fact, Ray's. They belonged to Christian Shephard! Any keen eye would have noted here that whenever we've seen Christian on the island, he's sporting a nifty pair of sneakers (or tennis shoes as some people call them) with his funeral suit. (well, that is until he somehow got changed on the island in the latter half of season 4 and this season. Maybe there is a Macy's for Ghosts on the Island?) So Jack has indeed found what he needs to GIVE to Locke.
  • Ray explains that Jack's mother sent a box of Christian's stuff when he died. And that the shoes must've gotten mixed in when he packed for a quick getaway. Hmmmm seems awfully convenient! Come on, it seems like Ray was trying to get to the Island, doesn't it?
  • Jack asks to take the shoes and Ray with the most serious look ever says "be my guest." I just have a sneaky suspicion we have not seen the last of Ray Shephard!

Jack's Apartment (another chance for a drink? naaaa)

  • Jack attempts to pour himself a drink in his kitchen and then hears a noise in his apartment.
  • Kate's in his bed, crying.
  • Kate asks if Jack is going back to the Island and tells him that she is going with him. She seemed very determined to do so. Aaron is clearly missing.
  • When Jack asks where Aaron is, all Kate says is "If you won't me to go with you, you will NEVER ASK THAT QUESTION again." And she's clearly upset about it. Hmmmm.....what on earth happened to Aaron? You have to think back to when Dan Norton said "you're going to lose the child." Well, here we are. She lost the child. Was it DAN that took the child? Ben has been kinda busy! Was Aaron killed? That would seem kind of anti-climatic considering Aaron is supposed to serve a higher purpose in the world. Well kids, here's our first piece of NEW Off-Island mystery that will allow room for more flashbacks in the future. Theorize away!
  • But for now, Kate decides to have one more night of passion with Jacky boy. Because after that, she's going to be torn again between him and Sawyer! Ahhh the good ol' Days. But I wonder if we'll find out that Sawyer is shacked up with a doctor himself by the time they get back to the Island. Hmmmm. The Love QUADRANGLE continues!
  • The next morning Kate and Jack are together for a quick coffee. Kate sees Christian's shoes. Jack explains to Kate the story of why Christian was wearing sneakers in the coffin. When he went to pick up the body he didn't have any nice shoes. His mother wanted to have the funeral as soon as he landed in L.A. and he thought who the hell would see his feet? So the tennis shoes turned out to be Jack's old shoes. Jack requested that they were put on Christian's body because he wasn't worth a nice pair of shoes to him. Just as Kate asks why he doesn't get rid of the shoes, the phone rings. Kate flees the scene and uses the line of the night "I'll see you at the airport"
  • Ben is on the phone. Not just any Ben. A clearly flustered and BLOODY Ben! Ben, almost crying, tells Jack he was "sidetracked" and needs Jack to pick up Locke's body. Coffin is at Simon's Butcher Shop on the corner of Grant and Hayes (2 presidents? Eh I'm not gonna look into it!). Ben doesn't explain his predicament and I think we've left room for yet another flashback. Did he fulfill his mission to kill Penny? I hope not! But one would think this would sure motivate Desmond to go back to the Island and find Ben. One thing is for sure, he is definitely bloody! I guess we'll find out eventually! Theorize away folks!

The Butcher Shop

  • Jack meets Jill the Butcher and they certainly didn't fetch a pail of water! Jill tells Jack that she knows who he is. We already knew she knew from Ben. So nothing really extra provided here about who Jill is. As suspected, Locke his hanging out in the Meat Locker, "chilling out" (no pun intended). Jill asks what's in Jack's bag (the shoes) but doesn't persist. She goes to get the van for Jack and leaves Jack alone with the body.
  • Jack opens the coffin and begins the process of changing the shoes. He starts to laugh while doing it. This was a good time. "Wherever you are John you must be laughing your ass off that I'm actually doing this! Because this is even crazier than you were!" He also gives the suicide note back to Locke telling him he can have it back. He's already heard everything John has to say. "You wanted me to go back? I'm going back." (I guess we'll see what Locke says to Jack next week!) "REST IN PEACE," Jack says and closes the coffin. Chilling stuff, and not because we're still in the meat locker!

Ajira Flight 316

In Airport

  • We have a scene mirroring season 1 when Jack is explaining at the check-in counter of why he needs to stow a body on the plane. Reason for transporting Bentham to Guam? Jack says they were his wishes. He wanted to be buried there. Recipient of the deceased? Jack will escort the body. Relation to the deceased? He was a friend.
  • Jack sees Kate arrive at the airport, looking much more somber than the last time we saw them. It seems like her attitude towards Jack has changed since the apartment. Why? Maybe reality is setting in about what happened to Aaron. Or maybe something else happened since the apartment.
  • The check-in guy tells Jack they need to inspect the body and that it's standard procedure. Jack agrees.
  • We get our first glimpse of a new character on the show. The actor's name is Saïd Taghmaoui and he will play a man named Caesar. If you'd like to know what the casting call sheet said about Caesar, go ahead and check this site out. We know there will be a woman named Ilana joining the cast too. Perhaps it's who has Sayid in custody (we're not there yet!) And of course, Michelle Dessler (oops...old 24 habits! Reiko Ayesworth) will be joining the cast at some point too!

  • Caesar tells Jack that he is sorry for his loss. The dude just looks evil doesn't he? He will be onboard flight 316. Perhaps he arrives to the Island in future-land where people are shooting at Sawyer and crew in the boat? Maybe that's where the plane ends up while some people (i.e. at least Jack, Kate and Hurley) end up some time else? I know I'm getting ahead of myself....but I'm starting to think more about this and wanted to get it out there! We know there is an Ajira Airways bottle on the Island at some point in the future afterall!
  • When Jack is entering security he runs in to Sun! She says she must be on that plane if there is any truth to Jin being alive. No sign of Ji Yeon, naturally! (not that there was time to get her) Everything is coming together!
  • We get a shot of a cop of some sorts escorting Sayid through Security. Sun, Jack and Kate all see it. What on earth happened there??? Maybe they caught him for one of his assasinations? Maybe it happened in Guam and he needs to be tried there? Maybe it's the same reason Sayid cannot stand the sight of Ben again? Lots of maybe's. Sounds like another flashback waiting to happen!
  • We see Hurley is through security and reading a new comic book! It's called "El Ultimo Hombre" I did some Google Work and this was a spanish translation for the film "The Omega Man" starring Charlton Heston as Robert Neville, the last man on earth after an apolcalyptic war using biological weapons. Fun!! I think the bigger thing to note is that Hurley has a spanish comic book, similar to what he was reading on flight 815. Someone seems to have tipped him off that he needs to be on that flight, that he needs to make everything as similar as possible to that original flight. It explains the guitar and the comic book. And I'm just guessing it was Charlie! Flashback opportunity!
  • UPDATE: I totally messed this one up. The comic book was a Spanish version of Y: The Last Man. It is about the only man to survive a mysterious simultaneous death to every male mammal on earth (according to Wikipedia). Also, one of the comic's authors is Brian K. Vaughan, one of the principal writers on LOST. MAN, did I REALLY mess that up! Hope you all will forgive me!
  • We learn that Hurley buys all the remaining seats on Flight 316 as he is scared the plane is going to crash. "they can take the next plane"
  • Jack and Hurley have a quick discussion. Jack is surprised to see him. "All that matters is that I'm here, right?" Jack is happy he's here. Hurley doesn't look as thrilled.
  • They board the plane. Jack is in Row 8 (another number! He was seat 23b on flight 815). Sayid sees Jack and realizes what might be going on. He didn't seem to be in the know before.
  • He passes by Sun who looks up at him. He passes by Kate and is happy she made it. Her? again, not so happy. Hurley boards with the guitar.
  • Ben is a last minute arrival in a sling. Hmmmm. Ben's face looks all scratched and cut up. It looks like he DID take some sort of beating for sure! Hopefully, Desmond gave Ben a little lesson!
  • Sayid definitely looks surprised to see Ben too.
  • This is hysterical when Hurley causes a scene saying Ben isn't supposed to be there. Jack calms him down saying this is how it has to be. Hurely says that no one told him that Ben was going to be there. Ben asks who told him to be there. Obviously, we don't get an answer, but we have our theories!
  • The flight attendant gives Jack back the suicide note saying that security found it. He just can't get rid of it!
  • Jack asks what will happen to the other people on the plane. Gotta love Ben's response...."Who cares?"
  • I think I noted this earlier, but Sayid being in custody of a Cop or Air Marshall is helping to recreate the scenario of flight 815 as well.

The Flight

Flight 316 takes to the air, and we have some final moments before we return to Paradise Island!

  • Jack visits Kate Jack seems to be starting to become a believer in fate. He tells Kate how crazy it is that they all ended up on that flight. That they're all together again. Kate takes on more of the Jack role in not believing in fate. She says we're all here, but that doesn't mean we're together. Not sure if she was implying that she and Jack are not together or if all of the Oceanic 6 (really 5) are there for different purposes. Could be a dual meaning line!
  • Just as Kate is finishing her statement, the pilot comes on the loud speaker. And it's none other than FRANK Lapidus!!! At this Kate looks a little befuddled. If you recall, Frank was SUPPOSED to be flying Flight 815. Is this more of recreating the circumstances?
  • Jack finds a way to get the flight attendant to talk to Frank and have him come out to talk to Jack. Looks like Jack isn't the only one who shaved their beard. Frank looked totally different and was explaining to Jack how he picked up the route to Guam awhile back. And while he's talking he looks into the cabin and sees ALL of the oceanic crew sitting on the flight. "We're not going to Guam....are we?" CLASSIC!!! I wonder if Frank ends up on the Island too and when?
  • Fast forward to night time. Jack is becoming restless. Ben is reading a book. It's James Joyce's Ulysses. Read all about it at the link. I'm getting tired of doing Book Reports in the blog! (I already went to Ms. Hawking's class!) Feel free to share what you learn!
  • The best line of the night was Jack asking Ben "How can you read?" and Ben responds "My mother taught me." Ahhhh as much as I want to despise Ben, he cracks me up!
  • Anyway, he tells Jack reading is better than what Jack is doing and that's "waiting for something to happen."
  • Jack begins to tell Ben about Locke's suicide note and how he keeps ending up with it. He said he feels like Locke NEEDS him to read it. Ben tells Jack essentially to stop feeling sorry for himself and guilty for Locke's death. It wasn't his fault and to read the damn letter!
  • Ben gives Jack privacy and Jack opens the letter. It simply says


    I wish you had believed me.

    - J.L."

    Yikes. Talk about holding a grudge! What did Locke mean? Was he told to write this letter by Hawking? Or was it simply that he knows he had to die to get them back and it's because Jack took everyone off of the Island? I'm sure we'll find out more about this next week in Locke's Bentham episode. The producers told us that this episode and next week's episode were written simultaneously and could've been aired either way, but there was information in 316 that would be helpful when watching "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham." I'm guessing it's Locke's "Suicide" and his suicide note.
  • Then...the turbulence begins! Hurley tells Caesar to buckle up. Everyone prepares for a crash landing and then....a familiar flashing sound happens. The same light and the same noise that was made when Sawyer and crew were flashing through time. hmmmmm. More on this in the Questions section!

We're Baaaaaaaaack!
We return to the Island and Jack's eye once again, but this time we have the knowledge of how they arrived there. We see Jack with the piece of the suicide note in his hand again, now knowing it was a suicide note (why did the rest of it not come with him?). We watch him dive in the water and save Hurley again, avoid kissing Kate with CPR techniques. And then we hear Kate ask how they got there again.

  • Jack says all he remembers is the flash and then he woke up in the jungle. Did the plane not crash? Did 815 only crash because of Desmond not pushing the button in time that one time? Did everyone survive 815 unscathed because they were destined to complete something on the Island? Ahh tons of questions, and I have more after we get through the recap.
  • In the meantime, Jack, Kate and Hurley are wondering where everyone else is. Jack suggests they split up and look for everyone. But before they can get too far, a vehicle is coming their way! Don't know the song was playing but I'm guessing it was something from the 70's or early 80's. It's a brand spanking new DHARMA VAN!
  • A man gets out with a rifle and points it at our Ajira 3 (get it? man I'm so creative!). But it's not just anyone. It's JIN! In a DHARMA Suit!


WOW!!! Okay, I think many of us knew that whoever returned was going to end up in the DHARMA Past. We knew that Faraday was going to be back there because we saw him there in the season premiere. We saw him working for DHARMA which suggested he was there longer than for a brief FLASH. We also knew that he told Charlotte not to come back to the Island. Entertainment Weekly also showed us a picture in their feature of Jack, Hurley and Sun arriving to OTHERSVILE (or the DHARMA Barracks) in a time that seemed like the DHARMA age. I've avoided spoiling that for everyone until now! I was intrigued by the photo, but a little annoyed that I saw it! So this is exciting stuff. We are going to experience the DHARMA days first hand. And apparently our survivors played a role in DHARMA all of this time. Should be interesting to how it all unfolds. But there is still room for plenty of questions!

Questions to ponder

  • Okay, so are they ALL stuck in the age of DHARMA? Are Sun, Sayid and Ben there too? What about the Ajira people in the future that were shooting at Sawyer and crew? Could it be this Caesar guy and his band of survivors that were shooting at the other boat?
  • Update: Duh forgot the most important. WHERE/WHEN is LOCKE and what happened to him???
  • The tail section of the plane was FULL of new people. Do they crash on the Island? Perhaps they don't travel back in time like our former Island residents? And they go in THEIR Present time which is the same time that we saw Sawyer, Locke and crew on the boat heading to the Orchid? We saw an Ajira Airways bottle afterall.
  • Does Jack and crew ending up in the past have something to do with the UNPREDICTABLE nature of returning? They recreated the flight pretty well didn't they?
  • How about Flight 815? If all of the above is true. Were there people on Flight 815 that had been there before? Cindy sure seemed to be comfortable settling into her role as an OTHER. What about Christian Shephard's body? Was it returned to the past maybe kinda like Jack and crew were this time? Would that explain why his GHOST was in the Donkey Wheel Cave before the well and Orchid were built? Or again, can GHOSTS transcend time? Or can SMOKEY who has taken human form before transcend time?
  • Did Frank Lapidus end up on the Island too? I hope so....that guy is awesome!
  • How long have Jin and crew been in the past at this point in time? Will it have been 3 years for them too so that they've all evened out in age? If that much time has passed, they may have lost hope that LOCKE succeeded in his mission. It seems that the writers have found a way to get us back into flashback mode for everyone. There are plotholes still left out there when the Oceanic 6 were off of the Island. And there could be a lot that happened after Locke turned the wheel that we might not see right away. I could be wrong on that piece though!
  • Okay, so with locating the Island in order to return to it. Is this just some convoluted way that DHARMA came up with to find the Island? What about Richard's ability to get to and from the Island? And Tom (a.k.a. Mr. Friendly?)? I guess Juliet getting to the Island via Submarine fits into this equation too. Surely, they're not going to expect us to assume that Hawking's explanation of the constantly moving island explains all of THAT too! Right?

Whew, I have tons of questions and I'm sure I'll think of more in the comments. I'm sorry if I got too crazy with theories for this episode and for my wordiness in some places. But this episode really got the wheels turning. So much information, and the episode was just a great piece of dramatic television also. Like I said in the beginning. I can't wait to go home and just watch it again and just enjoy it for the GREAT TV it was!

Next week's episode should be equally awesome! The story of Off-Island John Locke. From the previews it looks like he'll be able to walk still. Interesting stuff! Hope you all enjoyed my ramblings and I look forward to reading all of yours! Now, for real this time....NAMASTE and See you next week!

Thanks again to Sledgeweb ( who provides excellent pictures on their site that I shamelessly "borrow!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LOST: Season 5 Episode 5 - This Place is Death

Hello there Losties! Whew, another crazy episode into the history books. You know, for the past few seasons I had been excited at the thought of a whole episode dedicated to learning about Rousseau's past. After this episode, I'm glad that they kept that storyline to a minimum. We saw the things that we really wanted to see, and that's about it! And naturally, it still raised more questions (or re-emphasized certain questions). The core of this story revolved around Jin and Sun. And it's not the first time that we've had an episode that told their story in 2 different times (see Season 4), but it's the first time we were in the know! Well, I'm all out of wordiness at the moment, so let's skip my over-zealous and over-worded review for today, give the episode another "WOW!!!" and move on to the good stuff!

This episode yet again advances the OFF-ISLAND storyline to get back to the Island. On the Island, we follow Jin's path to meeting up with the other "Left Behinders" and their quest to get to the Orchid. Drama, Death, and Comedy ensues. Let's dive in!

Oceanic "5" & Ben

We continue the story as most of the Oceanic 6 (no Hurley) are assembled with Ben. Sun, in her car, has gun in hand and is ready to put an end to Ben for good. The phone rings...

  • It's Ji Yeon and Nanny (or Sun's Mom? I don't think it's quite important to the story!). Sun talks to Ji Yeon about meeting a new friend for her (Aaron). Funniest thing though, Ji Yeon is younger than Aaron but speaking much better than Aaron is! Maybe he's just a quiet kid. And I guess, in the scheme of things, they're only maybe 6 months apart in age. (Only estimating folks, no need to do the actual math!)
  • You'd think this phone call might bring Sun back down to earth from taking someone's life, but when she gets off the phone she is more motivated than ever. Sun comes out of car, gun blazing and points it right at Ben. She blames him for Jin's Death. (stay tuned for my rant on how on earth did she find out Ben might be responsible)
  • Ben, of course, is prepared for Sun and tells Sun that Jin is very much alive and he has proof. He needs 30 minutes to take her to Mrs. Hawking for an explanation. They really did get us to trust Ben again starting last season and coming into this season didn't they? I guess we should've listened to Sayid! (more to come on this too!)
  • Ben also mentions that this person is the same person that's going to help them all get back to the Island. Well, Kate is having none of that! She assumes Jack "pretended" to care about Aaron's well-being to get her back to the Island. She flips out gets in the car and screeches off. (Thanks to ABC promos, we know this delay on Kate's part doesn't look like it will last long. I really have to learn to stop watching them!)
  • Apparently, Sayid wasn't in the know on what Jack's ultimate plan was either. Because he walked away and made threats to both Jack and Ben if he sees them again. I believe the exact words were "it won't be pleasant for any of us." Maybe some breakdancing neck snapping moves in their future? Ahh good times. So Sayid is another problem now.
  • Jack and Sun continue on with Ben. Sun wants that information! Apparently the drive takes longer than 30 minutes which Ben responds to with his traffic comment. Man that dude cracks me up with everything he says.
  • Jack apologizes to Sun for leaving Jin behind on the freighter. He says that everything happened so quickly and they should have waited for him. (and of course, neither of them brought up that they would've been blown to bits. Or would they have??? Jin wasn't!) When Sun asks why Jack is bringing this up now and if it's to get her to NOT kill Ben...Jack reflects his true feelings again for Ben. He's not happy with what Ben did to Kate (trying to take Aaron from her) and if Sun doesn't kill Ben, he will! Yeah Jack!!
  • Van screeches to a half and Ben flips out. That man gets NO love and all he wants to do is help people! "What I'm doing is helping you! And if you had any idea what I've done to keep you safe, keep you're friends safe, you'd never stop thanking me!" Is he referring to all of the people he had Sayid kill on his way to the still unknown Economist (still suspected to be Charles Widmore)? Considering that's kinda what he told Sayid last season, it's probably a good assumption. Apparently, this is enough to convince Jack and Sun to keep following ol' Ben for now.
  • Stay tuned until the end of the blog for the rest of this storyline!

The Island Through the Ages (Many Ages)

We begin our Island story with Jin and Rousseau's crew. But what we witness throughout the episode is much more rapid flashes through time. Things are becoming critical for the "Left Behinders" and it races to an exciting climax by the episode's end.

Rousseau's Story

  • First off, let me apologize that I messed up last week in naming Robert and Montaun. Apparently the Blonde haired guy is Montaun and Robert was the guy with black hair and Rousseau's husband.
  • We start off with Montaun checking their transceiver and hearing the numbers transmission from the radio tower. That was pretty cool to hear that since old Rousseau told Hurley about it in season 1.
  • Jin's English became much better since the freighter explosion. I guess when you're forced to speak it, you just start speaking it? Seriously...I was reminded of Hiro on Heroes learning English within 1 episode! But of course, later in the episode, he had trouble speaking again. I guess you have to look past this stuff. I just found it comical!
  • Jin finds out that he has run into a crew that left Tahiti on 11/15/1988. Well, I guess Sayid was estimating when he told everyone the message was playing for 16 years, since they crashed in September of 2004. By the time Rousseau gets to that Radio tower, all of her people are dead (since it says it on the transmission "they're all dead"). But what's a few months I guess?
  • Jin wants to find his camp because he's still confused of where/when he is. He wants to find his wife.
  • Rousseau's crew wants to find the Radio Tower, which apparently Jin knows where it is (ummmm, he didn't go to the radio tower in season 3! oh well, we'll let it slide since they don't actually get there with Jin)
  • Jin agrees to take them to the tower because he knows his way back to camp from there.
  • On their way, we find out Rousseau is 7 months pregnant and that Robert wanted to name the baby Alexander if it was a boy. Rousseau was convinced it was a girl and it would be Alexandria.
  • Oh right, and then ol' Smokey comes and kills Nadine! Jin tries to convince them of a monster, Montaun doesn't believe. They continue on. Eventually Nadine falls from the sky and Smokey uproots a tree. And in true LOST fashion, Jin instructs them all to RUN! (man, I how I've missed running in the jungle scenes!)
  • And then, the moment we've all been waiting for. Finding out how Montaun lost his arm. I believe we did know it happened in the "Dark Territory" that Rousseau spoke of. But I guess we never knew that it was Smokey! Smokey inspects Montaun and then grabs him, and like Locke in season one, tries to drag him down one of his holes (which we still don't know where that goes!) Everyone tries to pull him out. And then Smokey wraps some smoke around Montaun's arm and yanks the rest of his body away from the arm. And the Montaun's arm goes flying! Woo hoo!!!! Sure, maybe some people were grossed out, but if you've been listening to Damon and Carlton (producers) for a few seasons on the podcasts, then you know that they found the whole story of Montaun losing his arm comical. It used to just be a line in the script to make Rousseau's character even more damaged. So when we see that arm flying, you just get the impression that the writers were loving every minute of it! I sure did!
  • So why didn't Smokey try to rip Locke's arm off when Jack saved him from the pit of despair!?
  • And when everyone goes into that hole after Montaun did they get him out? We don't see see him again in the next flash.
  • Jin keeps Rousseau from going into the hole saying she needs to protect the baby. And of course she and Alex stays alive for 16 more years! (then that's it folks!)
  • Oh, we finally get to see the Temple, first referred to in season 3 and where Ben sent Rousseau, Alex and Karl in season 4. (Why did Rousseau need the map then?) These are more ancient ruins on the Island signifying how old the Island is. There are more hieroglyphics on the temple. If anyone cares to translate, that would be fantastic!
  • When Jin flashes, Rousseau does not appear to see the flash (similar to other episodes). She asks Jin what is wrong with him as he is holding his ears.
  • Jin flashes to a time later than when he just was. Montaun's arm looks a little older!
  • He goes back to the beach, sees that the Frenchies have set up a pseudo-camp. We also see Danielle's Music Box from season 1. You know, the one Sayid fixed when he was her prisoner.
  • Jin comes across 2 dead bodies (the 2 Frenchies whose names we never learned) We can assume Rousseau killed them since she tells Sayid she killed all of her men. (but maybe not Montaun? We see no evidence that he's dead, but I doubt we'll see a one-armed man walking around the Island in the present day (if they ever get back to the present day))
  • We see Rousseau with a gun pointed at Robert. She claims he has changed and that the monster changed him, made him sick. (hmmmm ANOTHER sickness? Were we wrong to assume it was time-related?) She claimed that he was no longer Robert.
  • And if we can assume that Robert is speaking from Smokey's perspective, he states that it is not a monster but a security system for the temple. Hmmmmm Well what is it protecting? Ben's metaphorical magic box??! And yes, we know that Rousseau called the smoke monster a security system in season 1, so now we know WHY she did. We've also seen Smokey summoned by Ben in Othersville, which is NOT near the Temple. So, are we sure it's just guarding the temple?
  • Anyway, long story short (too late!) Rousseau lowers her gun, and Robert tries to kill her with his gun. But the gun jams!!! Ahhh perhaps Fate or Time intervening again? Did Rousseau and Alex still have work to do on the Island? Rousseau raises her gun and kills Robert.
  • She then sees Jin and accuses him of disappearing and that he is sick too. She shoots at him a couple times and then he flashes out of Frenchieville!
  • So the big question on everyone's does Present-Day Rousseau not recognize Jin? Well, I guess you could argue that it was 16 years ago, and she has gone a little crazy since then. You could argue that Jin's hair has grown out and looks totally different than he did in season 1. You could argue that Jin and Rousseau never really spent much screentime together. You could argue that the writers just decided now to put Jin in the past with her (probably true!) But I guess the bigger thing going on here is people from the future or present going back and interacting with people from the past. When Desmond goes to see Dan in 1996, present Dan does not recall that conversation until after Desmond goes back in time and does it. When Dan talks to Desmond in the past on the Island, Desmond gets the memory at a later date. Oh, and we're going to find out in a couple sections down, that Charlotte starts getting some memories randomly. I would think it has more to do with that!
  • And thus, ends our history lesson with Rousseau and crew.


  • The next flash finds Jin all alone but not for long. Sawyer holds a gun towards Jin's back. (Not knowing who it is). But the moment that followed was pure comedy Gold! Sawyer's excitement over seeing Jin alive was fantastic! He was totally confused, Jin speaks in broken English again saying he was in water. And Sawyer gives a great line "Well, whattya say!?" I try to avoid these in the actual blog posts but that deserves an LOL!
  • Dan explains that the blast of the freighter must've blown Jin into the Radius of the Island. Hmmmm that's a bit of a stretch. And does this mean that it wasn't time for Jin to die yet? Was he fated to survive also?
  • Sawyer explaining time travel to Jin was kinda priceless too!
  • Looks like Charlotte knowing Korean has an advantage with Sun gone, because Jin makes her translate to Locke "How do you know Sun is alive?" So you know we never really talked about why Charlotte may know Korean. Is Dr. Chang Korean? Could he have possibly raised her as a child? Maybe that wasn't baby Chang but baby Charlotte in the season premiere? hmmm interesting. We'll get more into Charlotte's backstory in a minute.
  • Locke told Jin he knows Sun is alive because he just knows and that she never should've left. He's going to leave the Island to bring them all back.
  • And they continue down the yellow-brick road to the Orchid station.
  • Dan and Charlotte share a moment about her speaking another language. Locke mentions not knowing how to leave the Island quite yet. And then they flash again.....and then again immediately after! Charlotte collapses, Juliet's nose is bleeding, and now Sawyers is too! oh boy! And why not Locke's? Wasn't he there the same amount of time as Sawyer?
  • Charlotte starts talking crazy "Don't Let them Bring her back" in Korean and then English. "This Place is Death!" She then starts talking about what her mother would say if she knew she was marrying an American. (I'm going to have to re-check this scene later to hear exactly what she said...unless any friendly commenters want to post it!) They flash again. It's getting out of control.
  • Update: Charlotte said "I know more about Ancient Carthage than Hannibal himself" This is modern day Tunisia where we know Charlotte spent time. Read all about it here!
  • Oh right and then Charlotte says she loves Geronimo Jackson. (The made up Band that Lost has been pimping since season 2!)
  • Dan says he's going to stay with Charlotte as the rest rush to the Orchid. When they say they don't know if the Orchid will be there, Charlotte chimes in "look for a well! You'll find it at the well." Hmmm, is she remembering something or is the Island speaking through her? (I'm leaning towards remembering considering what was to follow.)
  • So the team splits up

Dan and Charlotte

  • Charlotte confesses to Dan that she has been to the Island before. She was with the DHARMA Initiative. She moved away with her mother and never saw her father again. Her mother tried to convince her that her thoughts of the Island were not real. Charlotte became an anthropologist to find the Island. She's looked her whole life.
  • The reason she begins to tell Dan all of this is because she remembered something (a sudden memory? hmmmmm kinda like Desmond?). A scary man told her something when she was little. She had to leave the Island and never come back. And if she did, she would die. Here's the kicker...she thinks that scary man was Daniel!!!! Woaaaa Wait a second. So even after Daniel tells everyone that you can't change the future, he tried anyway? Should we be looking into that? Clearly Daniel doesn't remember doing that yet, so it hasn't happened from his perspective yet. Where exactly are these guys going to end up when they stop their crazy flashing?
  • Dan tries to tell Charlotte things are going to be okay and that he talked to Desmond at the hatch and that he's going to find his mother. Charlotte tells Dan "I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner" and then is gone. RIP Charlotte Staples Lewis. Will she be alive in an alternate future? Probably not, but I'm guessing we haven't seen the last of her!

Locke's Crew and the Well

Locke and crew journey on towards the Orchid and are at some point in the future where the Orchid exists but is run down.

  • Juliet asks what the odds are that they'd be in a time where it exists. And then they flash to a time where it doesn't. Sawyer: "You had to ask, didn't you?!" Good times.
  • Locke looks around for the well and finds it. Miles wonders how Charlotte knew about it. Hmmm and he knew that Charlotte was born there. Weird. Maybe there is something else going on there?
  • Locke plans to jump down the well using the rope. He says goodbye to everyone and that he'd see them when he got back. (hmmm he knows he has to die! maybe he didn't want to alert them of his plan)
  • Jin makes Locke promise to not bring Sun back. Locke refuses for awhile but then promises he won't try to find her. But what if she finds him? Jin gives his wedding ring to Locke and tells him to lie and say he died and washed ashore and was buried. I thought this was a perfect explanation for Sun's motivation to kill Ben until we got to the twist at the end of the episode! More on that in a bit!
  • Juliet thanks Locke for doing what he's about to do (if it works naturally)
  • As Locke jumps into the well, they flash again...Sawyer grabs the rope and they go to a time where the well no longer exists (or never did exist?) I guess because sawyer is holding the moved with them?

  • Sawyer and crew fear the worst for Locke, but based on Juliet's "We can't help him now" I think they're holding on to some hope that he survived and isn't just buried in dirt!
  • Meanwhile Locke falls quite a distance (we've seen him fall out of a building before!) and hits the ground in a familiar looking cave!
  • He screams out in agony. We see a shot of his knee. Is that bone sticking out or did something stab him? Either way, it's nasty!
  • While he lay there, we hear footsteps. The man grabs a lantern and it's none other than Christian Shephard!
  • Christian says he's there to help him on the rest of the way. He also said that he told LOCKE to move the Island. And essentially that you should never listen to Benjamen Linus. Oh man, we've been duped again!! How on earth did I(we) not think of the simple fact that Ben wasn't the one that was supposed to move the Island? Well, we never heard what Christian exactly said to Locke. Locke had intended to move the Island, but then Ben took the job from him last minute. What on earth is Ben's plan? What would have happened if Locke initially moved the Island? Would he have left the Island? Would he have never flashed back to 1954 and told Richard to find him as a child? Would the Island have been saved and the show would be over? I'm very confused by all of this. But we have to be a bit worried about Ben's motivations again.
  • Christian tells Locke to go see Eloise Hawking. Wow, everyone needs to go see this crazy woman! So if he does go see her, and she is working with Ben...then maybe they all ARE playing for the same team? Again I'm confused! Widmore freely sent Desmond to Hawking too!
  • Locke tells Christian that Richard told him he had to die. Christian says "I guess that's why they call it sacrifice" Hmmm..."Christian" talking to Locke about sacrifice? How he needs to die only to come back to the Island and potentially be ressurrected? Tough not to see the similarities there!
  • Locke asks Christian if he can help him up. Christian says that he can't. then he is a Ghost? Or can he not interfere with Locke's destiny? How did Charlie slap Hurley? Was it a dream, was it real? Yikes.
  • Locke limps towards the Donkey wheel which is spinning all out of control. (could this represent the unstableness of the Island and/or the "Left Behinders?" Christian says all the wheel needs is a little nudge.
  • Note that the area is not as Frozen as we last saw it. What's that all about? And how did Ben know it would be cold the time that he went?
  • And of course, he tells Locke to "tell my son hello" When Locke asks who his son is, it's too late, as he had turned the wheel and was leaving the Island! Will Locke tell Jack that his Father has been giving him instructions?
  • And when will we meet Jacob? We know Christian can speak for Jacob but isn't actually Jacob. I was under the impression that maybe Jacob is Locke from the future. But then the producers made a comment like that in passing on the latest podcast. And well, if they're talking about it freely, then it's probably not the case! Well, stay tuned!

Meeting Eloise Hawking plus a Very Special Guest!

Ben and crew arrive at the church, and Ben is ready to unveil his proof to Sun that Jin is alive.

  • Ben reaches into his pocket and pulls out Jin's ring. He tells Sun that John gave it to her.
  • Love the Jack/Ben exchange: Jack "You said John never came to see you?" Ben: "That's true Jack, I went to see him!" Ahh good ol' Ben.
  • Okay, maybe this is all going to get cleared up in episode 7 when we get the Jeremy Bentham saga, but in tonight's episode we had a few twists into how Sun gets the motivation to kill Ben. First, I thought Locke wouldn't find out Jin was alive before he left the Island (wrong!), then Jin tells Locke what to tell Sun if they run into each other (well that apparently didn't happen either!). Sun asks why Locke didn't tell her himself. Ben says he doesn't know and that maybe he didn't get the chance. I could see maybe Locke still going to Sun but being instructed by Ben to convince her that he caused Jin's death. But then it wouldn't explain Sun's question to Ben. Oh well, it would seem by all the twists in this subplot, the writers have thought it out, so we'll find out in 2 weeks! (maybe)
  • For now, Sun is on board to go back to the Island and get to Jin (but what about Ji Yeon???)
  • Did I mention Desmond showed up too? Nice! Ben is shocked to see him. And when Desmond asks if he's looking for Faraday's mother too, Ben actually looks like he just learned something new. Oh boy, where is Penny?? Is Ben planning to go back with the others? Or is he going to go after her? Can Ben even go back? He told Locke once you leave the Island you can't go back. But he also lied about needing to be the one that moved the Island. Plus, they're planning on bringing Locke back (it sounds like in more ways than 1 too!)
  • By the way, as if we didn't know already, this episode pretty much confirms that Ms. Hawking is Faraday's mother. And confirms her name is Eloise (the same name as Dan's Rat). And probably confirms that "Ellie" 50 years ago is in fact Eloise Hawking. CRAZY!
  • Anyway, the 4 of them go into the Church and Eloise Hawking is waiting for them. Desmond looks at her as if he's seen her before (well duh!! The ring shop in his time traveled past!).
  • Eloise is concerned that not everyone is there. Ben says this is all he could get on short noice. She says this will have to do for now. And then one more cliffhanging line "Alright! Let's.....get started!"
Crazy episode! No need in speculating what Hawking will tell everyone. Seems like we're going to find out next week! At the end of the episode, we're led to think that these are the people that will go back first. But the previews suggest otherwise. And, I know I complained about the previews giving away too much, I gotta week's episode looks awesome! But I'm not going to get into recapping the preview, we'll wait until next week!

Sorry for the delay with the blog everyone. I was having technical difficulties this morning and you know until people start paying me for this, the day job takes precedence! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I look forward to discussing with eveyrone! NAMASTE and see you next week!