Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 16 - The Whole Truth

Okay okay. Crazy early work meetings. Dont they know I have to write a Lost Recap today? And what is up with Preston and Steve taking a vacation this week? Maybe they thought the show was on hiatus until April too and scheduled their vacation time around it. They probably are reading this blog and got confused! lol. Well I hope everyone else didn't get thrown off by my last blog and forget to tune into another fantastic outing for Lost last night. I apologize once again for my misinformation. But I CAN guarantee there is a new episode NEXT week too! I cannot, however, let you know about April 5th just yet. I'm guessing rerun though. But CHECK your TV GUIDES before taking my word for it! (until I become a more reliable source).

Okay, anyway, so last night's episode seemed a little uneventful in terms of ISLAND MYTHOLOGY, but they're continuing to set up a huge conflict for the season's end. And, it's always great to see the Sun and Jin flashback episodes. It just goes to show how engaging this show is that their fanbase is willing to read for the majority of the episode. It also eliminates any potential reading-challenged viewers. Sorry Fantasia!!!! (whoops..wrong blog).

Before I go any further, if you fell into complete trust with me and decided not to watch TV until April 1st, then here's the link to the recap of last night's episode. But I suggest you download ITUNES on your computer and BUY the episode for 2 bucks if you missed it! (Have I mentioned how much I love the Video ipod?)

Ok, so since there's not many tidbits to discuss today, I'm going to break this write-up into 4 sections: The Sun/Jin Saga, The High Comedy Factor, the Henry Gale Drama, and Easter Eggs. Here we go:


Ok, so Sun is two-timing her Husband!! Well, not exactly. But now we know who she learned English from. It's that crazy bald blind date guy from the flashback earlier this season. And he definitely was showing an additional interest than just teaching her the American Way. Here's a crazy question? How did Sun go from struggling to say something in English in the 1st flashback segment to speaking fluently by the last flashback? Are we meant to think that much time passed during the episode flashback sequence? I'll just take a guess with yes. But they were talking about Jin's Bloody Hand massacre in the 1st sequence, which I always believed wasn't long before she decided to flee to America. So...I'm a little confused on the timeline there. Barry Baldy (I don't remember his name) also told Sun she's been speaking fluently for 2 months at the end.

Okay, so we also are informed that Jin thinks Sun can't have children, and Sun thinks Jin can't procreate. Now we are meant to think that this is because it would lead to problems if someone working for Sun's father was informed that HE was the problem. I think there's potentially a lot more going on here. And it's how I've come up with 2 possible theories:

  1. Sun DID cheat on Jin with Baldy and it's HIS child she's pregnant with. The look on Sun's face when she told Jin that she never has been unfaithful was mildly unsettling. She has more that she kept from him but couldn't bring herself to tell Jin "The Whole Truth" as Jack suggested she do. If Baldy is the Dad this could lead to many crazy things. There's always been a long-running rumor ever since the Orientation Video that some of the financial backers of Dharma could be from Korean descent. And theory goes on to connect Dharma to Sun's Korean Mobster father. There was a potential linking in last night's episode that would support the theory which we'll get to a bit later. But if this is true, who is to say that BALDY, who was originally fixed up with Sun on the blind date by Sun's Father (I think), doesn't work for Dharma himself? Is there a chance we could see him on the island in the future? I'd say it's a definite possibility. Whatever the case, we need another Sun flashback to unfold the missing pieces of the puzzle. The problem this theory presents is that Sun would have to have been pregnant since before the crash. Now only 2 months and change have passed, but she was just starting to show symptoms of being pregnant on the island in this episode. (But I typed up this beautiful theory, so I'm going to leave it!)
  2. Sun didn't cheat on Jin and in fact they were BOTH lied to. But each of them think it's the other person's fault that they can't have children. With this theory we can still link back to Dharma with crazy Baldy, and Daddy, but now we can include the Doctor that hunted Sun down to break the news to her that it was JIN who's got no mojo. But if this theory pans out, then we start to get back into the Mind games that are being played with our fellow survivors. And it reminded me of a theory I came up with after the Season Premiere this season with crazy Desmond and Jack performing a "MIRACLE" on his future wife Sarah. There have been several other miracles now haven't there? Sun is pregnant, Jack saved his wife from certain paralysis, and here it comes.....LOCKE recovered from paralysis upon landing on the island. Anyone think that Locke may have never been paralyzed either but was under the impression that he was? That was a loose theory that I thought about 16 episodes ago, and if this Sun theory #2 pans out, then I would be more convinced than ever. Speaking of Desmond, we now know where he's been hiding all of this time. He's been impersonating some German Spy on 24!

Amazing how I can write that much about an episode that gave us very little isn't it? Well we're not even halfway finished yet!

The High Comedy Factor

Let's lighten up this blog to talk about some comedians on the show.

  • Locke: Shaving with Jack in the shower provided tons of comedy in last night's episode. And then talking about the possibility of informing Ana Lucia about the crazy Wizard of Oz Hatch Guy. Jack "I'll talk to her" Locke "Already Did! ..... She's in there now!" Outstanding! Love how these 2 are just so into their mind games with each other that they're losing track of what's really going on, on the island.
  • Charlie: With the whole gun thing with Ana Lucia and Sayid. And also with the whole "are you talking about the guy in the hatch?" conversation with Ana Lucia. I've missed light-hearted Charlie and this was a nice change to see. But we shouldn't think for one second that he's in the clear for his past actions just yet. Afterall, he DOES have a gun. Which we weren't aware of until today. Which any smart person on the island should figure out that he helped out Sawyer to steal the guns. But...Jack and Locke are too busy one-upping each other to even care.
  • Hurley: Just the fact that he said, "Later Dude" to Sun had me going. But we now know that it's not just Ranch Dressing and Peanut Butter that Hurley's hiding in his stash. He has some fresh UN-MELTED Dharma Candy Bars too. Good times.

The Henry Gale Experiment

Sounds like a reject band from the 80's doesn't it? Well, we already got a little into the whole Jack/Locke leadership feud that is causing disarray amongst the survivors. This has caused the new Trio of Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie to form a search party for the Balloon from OZ that that apparently is a HAPPY BALLOON complete with a smiley face. Awesome. This adventure led to probably the best scene of the night when Ana Lucia apologized to Sayid for killing Shannon. We found out that he wasn't angry at Ana, but at the OTHERS. For if it wasn't for Fear of them, Shannon wouldn't be hanging out with Boone in the afterlife, which coincidentally is NOT on the crazy Island! And was it just me or was Ana Lucia actually likeable last night? I think this is all part of the show's design. We're continually getting more frustrated with Jack and Locke and now are leaning towards rooting for Ana Lucia to succeed in her quest.

Well Gale, while eating Dharma Cereal (where did the cereal come from? I thought they ATE everything that Hurley isn't hiding!) he started to entertain the idea that maybe he IS who they say he might be. And that he may have drawn a map that leads to the certain capture of our 3 new heroes; which would turn them into a bargaining chip for Henry's return to "The Others." I don't think they would go through all of this hinting and evil glares from Henry if he wasn't up to no good. Then again, he may just be bitter about his capture and is intentionally trying to be complicated. But from the previews for next week it DOES look like they're going to find that balloon. But that means nothing. This could all be a setup by the OTHERS, and we'd be ignorant NOT to think that. This whole SEASON has been about them and with 7 episodes left, it's gotta be leading somewhere juicy!

Easter Eggs
Like I said, there's not many that I'm aware of, but we can note the ones that there were! One was a dooooozy!
  • The Pregnancy Test - said something to the effect of "WIDMORE LABS PREGNANCY TEST" If you recall from earlier blogs, that in the ABC Lost Podcast they told us we were meant to see signage on the building shown during Charlie's flashback that said "WIDMORE CONSTRUCTION." We were also told this name may hold something in the regard of DHARMA significance. So, if that's the case, then the question becomes Whose pregnancy test was it and where did they get it? I'm going to say the test WAS Sun's. I mean, why would she even ask Sawyer if he had one if she didn't know there WAS one to look for. So if that's the case is WIDMORE a company that is a MOB Front for her father? That would be a convenient linking wouldn't it? Well, if we were trying to Link Daddy to Dharma. But why would Sun even be flying with a pregnancy test? Maybe she thought she might be pregnant because she cheated on Jin with Baldy? Again, there's more information that needs to be uncovered. Also, I wonder if WIDMORE CONSTRUCTION is a company that Michael ever worked for when he was in the construction profession.
  • Sawyer's Book - Judy Blume's one and only "Are you there God? It's me Margaret" Your guess is as good as mine for what the point of him reading that book is. I would've preferred Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing or Superfudge. But I had to share the high comedy plot synopsis from I seriously couldn't stop laughing at the concept of Sawyer reading this book:
    "If anyone tried to determine the most common rite of passage for preteen girls in North America, a girl's first reading of Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret would rank near the top of the list. Judy Blume and her character Margaret Simon were the first to say out loud (and in a book even) that it is normal for girls to wonder when they are ever going to fill out their training bras. Puberty is a curious and annoying time. Girls' bodies begin to do freakish things--or, as in Margaret's case, they don't do freakish things nearly as fast as girls wish they would. Adolescents are often so relieved to discover that someone understands their body-angst that they miss one of the book's deeper explorations: a young person's relationship with God. Margaret has a very private relationship with God, and it's only after she moves to New Jersey and hangs out with a new friend that she discovers that it might be weird to talk to God without a priest or a rabbi to mediate. Margaret just wants to fit in! Who is God, and where is He when she needs Him? She begins to look into the cups of her training bra for answers ... " I mean seriously....TRAINING BRA? God....we have some comedians on the Lost Writing Staff!
  • The map was drawn on the back of the cover page of the book Locke gave to Gale to read Dostoevsky's "the Brothers Karamazov" Significance? Only thing I can come up with is that it was the most convenient piece of paper that he could find and I'll leave it at that! lol

That's it for now. You guys catch anything else? I'm at a loss without my Preston and Steve Roundtable discussion. I think I still was able to give you tons of bathroom reading material at work. So enjoy! And see you next week for 5 LIFE ALTERING EVENTS THAT WILL HAPPEN IN ONE EPISODE!


Anonymous said...

1) What if Sun got artificially inseminated right before the trip so that she could get pregnant and prove to Jin that she's not infertile? But wait, why would she do that if she was going to leave him and she said she was happy when she found out she wasn't able to have kids? Well, it might not be likely, but then at least she wouldn't be lying when she said the she had never been with another man.

2) Another funny moment that most people probably didn't catch because it wasn't sub-titled...When Sun told Jin she was pregnant, and he finally realized what Sawyer was saying to Bernard on the beach, he said, "Daddy-O" in his Korean accent. So silly!

3) I bet the Others are going to use the big balloon as a net/trap to capture the 3 Musketeers.

Mike V. said...

oh man...i totally wanted to mention DADDY-O! Totally forgot! Nice

As for Sun lying...yeah I think she definitely wasn't totally honest with Jin, but she that doesn't necessarily mean she was lying about being faithful.

ahh didn't even think of the balloon as a trap...good times.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write up!!

Two other funny moments

1. When Bernard and Rose were walking up the beach discussing that he forgot her birthday. He said that he didn't even know what day it was and she replied Saturday.

2. Adding to comment number 2 from Joy, when Sawyer approached Jin and Bernard on the beach and they were talking about the fact that Jin could be a father. Hearing the conversation from Jin's perpective ...great writing!!!

Mike V. said...

nicely done! Forgot to mention that scene as well.

Glad you're enjoying the write-ups. And I'm glad you both are brave enough to post comments!

Afterall, this blog was designed to be an interactive discussion!

Mike V. said...

By the way. In case anyone cares to know, I did find out that the Lost Season Finale will be Wednesday May 24th. We have 8 hours worth of episodes to air in 9 weeks. But I'm guessing they'll do the 2 hour finale. So, we're almost guaranteed 2 weeks of Reruns. I'm guessing April 5th and May 3rd. But it's just a guess. I'll keep you posted with what I find out!

Mike V. said...

Rewatching the entire series for the first time since the series ended. Nothing to add at this point but I'm cringing as I read back my own words and just had to laugh at this:

"Have I mentioned how much I love the Video ipod?"

This post sure is dated now. How far technology has come since season 2 of LOST!! You wouldn't catch me on a desert island with one of those antiques! LOL

Anonymous said...

I was very very late to the LOST party. Binge watching the series on Netflix. I found this blog around season 2 Ep.10 and it has been so much fun to read back through these after each episode. Feels like I am experiencing the series just like you did 10 years ago! Thanks again for taking the time to write these up each week! Looking forward to the craziness to come ;)

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the comment dwhit! Funny you found the blog just as I was getting started so you didn't miss much! Originated in emails to friends/coworkers/family discussing clues from episodes, but then eventually the distribution got too big so I upgraded to blogging! :) You'll see you're not the only one late to the party in the comments. Several binge watchers are finding the blog. I try to keep up with everyone checking out the recaps these days so feel free to comment along the way and I'll respond when I can!

There's also a lot more discussion from people who find the blog later in season 3, so lots more opinions than just my own as you get further in.

Enjoy the show and the blog!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess I was just got lucky when I stumbled upon it! By now I would say I am pretty much addicted to the show, and I really enjoy reading these blogs after each episode. Are there any other sources out there like your blog that I could read along with? I've heard you mention P&S before I think? Not really sure what that is though. I really like reliving the experience with you guys and just wanna join in on the fun!

Mike V. said...

Local Philly radio show Preston and Steve. Probably not gonna work! :) but they may archive their shows on podcasts. Not sure how far.

From comments from other bingers they appreciated the way this blog was laid out because each post was an episode recap and only stuck to discussing that episode and everything before. I'm sure you might be able to dig up Jeff Jensen recaps (went by doc jensen eventually) he got a little nuts with his theories but it was all in good fun!

Dark ufo and lostpedia were good sites to check but I'd be careful. I'm sure theyre loaded with spoilers now!

The comments here eventually get out of control! When the site for found it just blew up exponentially until the end. Lots of great discussion!

Thanks again for the props and for checking it out!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Thanks for your help. I'll probably be hanging around your blog. You have so much to say about things that I don't even catch sometimes! And you do a great job of keeping it spoiler free.. Probably bc you wrote after each new episode. Once again, Thanks! This site is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Here I am, as many others before me, late to the Lost watching party. I randomly found this blog googling things about the show. So grateful I did because how fun it has been to read each recap & the comments as I watch for the first time. In a way I feel like it’s 2006 & I get to enjoying the excitement with everyone. I found the blog at the beginning of season 2, I read after each episode & wasn’t going to comment but had to after reading “ Have I mentioned how much I love the video iPod?” I lost it, I laughed too hard! Reminded me it is not 2006 & I am getting old 😂😩 & your comment after your rewatch in 2012 you stated it was an antique. Well in 2023 it really is! Thank you for making this blog, bet it’s crazy to know people are still enjoying it 17 years later!

Mike V. said...

Hi there! Yep still get excited to see the blog continuing its usefulness. Lol But you actually quoting a dated reference is hilarious! Man I forgot about the video iPod. How far we’ve come! But I really did love rewatching lost episodes on that thing! Now I’m streaming live television on my phone. Might have to do it today for sixers game 7! Lol

Thanks for reaching out and commenting. As I’m sure you’ve seen me comment the recaps and the comments sections only get crazier over time! Enjoy!