Thursday, May 24, 2007

LOST: Season 3 Episode 22/23 - Through the Looking Glass

Well....that should hold us over for 9 months, shouldn't it? That was one super crazy TWISTY/TURNY spectacular ride of an episode! And one WELL deserving of my very frequently handed out WOWs! One might say even the MOST deserving! I don't know how many WOW's need to be said though to explain the magnitude of this episode! Action, Suspense, Mystery, Romance, DEATH and a twist so crazy that it has everyone debating at what point in the episode they figured it out! (Motorola RAZR anyone?) The producers claim that they don't want to be safe because that's when they become predictable. Well...they took some giant risks with this episode, and we'll have to discuss the ramifications of it all below. But for now....all I can keep saying is WOW!

So, anyone that has become familiar with the LOST Addicts Blogs will know that I can be a bit wordy at times! So, a recap of a 2 hour episode might imply that this thing is going to be extremely long! I'll try my best to make the blog readable! Let's get to work!

Premise of "Through the Looking Glass": Jack leads survivors on an expedition to the Radio Tower to be rescued, Sayid/Bernard/Jin stay back to blow up The Others with a few setbacks, Ben does some plotting to sabotage the survivor's plan (For good or evil? remains to be seen), Juliet/Sawyer/Hurley return help Sayid and crew finish the job, Locke is "reborn," Charlie deals with his fate in the Looking Glass station with some assistance from Desmond, and we follow a "FLASH" about Jack throughout the entire episode. Should be simple enough to sum up, right?

Miscellaneous/Intersecting Storylines

There were several events that occurred in the episode that triggered events in the main storylines, but not deserving of their own section. We'll try and sum them up here!

Ben's departure from the OTHERS

  • We have a shot of Ben writing in a Diary. There may be some goodies in these writings, but for now it's a little too much to decipher. Here is an initial attempt to decipher, courtesy of Sledgeweb (, of which we can be very thankful each and every week for their fabulous screenshots!

  • Through Radio communication Ben learns of Juliet's deception and gives an assignment to Mikhail to head to the Looking Glass to stop Charlie, and gives orders to Ryan and Tom to hold Jin, Sayid and Bernard captive until given further orders. There seems to be a general lack of trust with Ben though with the disappearance of Locke after their meeting with Jacob and also with the fact that he lied about the Looking Glass Station.
  • Ben tells Richard to continue taking their people to the TEMPLE as planned. We do not see this temple. Was this a season 4 setup? Could this temple tie into the giant FOOT we saw in last season's finale?
  • Ben says he will meet up with Jack and crew and CONVINCE them that they have to stay. This will hold more weight later in the blog!
  • Ben also learns of Alex's deception and how Karl was an informant to the survivor's. He brings Alex with him to deliver her to her "NEW FAMILY."
  • Ben insists to Alex that he CANNOT let the survivor's leave the island. He seemed pretty sincere with this statement. Does that mean everything he tells Jack and crew is true? It's really hard to believe ANYTHING Ben says!
  • Our prior suspicions seem to be correct of why Ben wanted to keep Karl and Alex apart. He was afraid of Alex getting pregnant.

Locke's Rebirth

  • We revisit Locke in the DHARMA Grave about to shoot himself in the head to end his pain. WALT shows up! An older looking Walt (well duh Malcom David Kelly has kept aging!) telling Locke that he CAN get up and that he has work to do. Locke had claimed that he could not move his legs. Had he lost faith in the island? Was the vision of WALT a message from Jacob? Or was it really Walt? The producers had said before that they have addressed the "WALT" aging situation. If this is true, we did not get an explanation in this episode! Also note that Walt's clothes are brand new and are nothing that he wore when he was ON the island. Maybe we are to believe that WALT does have the ability to appear to people? Still a mystery folks!

  • Speaking of Michael and Walt, I believe someone may have commented on this in a previous blog, which is why it's stuck in my head....if they left the island and were rescued, then why would people OFF the island still not know there were survivors of flight 815?
  • And what about Locke being shot? He still seemed to be limping and holding his chest later in the episode. Are we to assume he is just going to heal from this?

Sawyer/Juliet/Hurley's Return To Beach

After it seems the Beach invasion does not go as planned, Sawyer and Juliet depart from the Radio Tower expedition to go help. A couple things to note below:

  • Sawyer asks what were those rocks for on Alcatraz 2.0....Juliet says they were building a runway. Then jokingly says "for the aliens." If it was a runway they were building, what is the runway for? Then again, the whole thing may have been a joke. As there probably were crazy theories out there that there is some ALIEN connection to the Island and that the OTHERS are building a runway for their UFO. I wouldn't put it past any of the crazy theorists out there! But...probably still worth mentioning, even if the RUNWAY thing was a joke.
  • Speaking of runway, this caused me to have some random thoughts. There was the speculation after the Ben flashback that the DHARMA initiative might have had a PLANE, but then we dismissed this as a closed captioning error thinking that they meant the "FLAME" Station. Of course, now thinking about this more, where are the DHARMA food drops coming from? Are they coming from OFF the island somewhere where people still believe the DHARMA initiative is still up and running? And of course, if the food drop came somehow from ON the island, then wouldn't they already HAVE a runway?
  • Hurley wants to help rescue their friends but Sawyer rejects the offer. Sawyer, like Charlie, implied that Hurley was too FAT to be of any help. He'd just get in the way. These comments may have saved them all!
  • Best joke of the night: Sawyer "So, are you screwing Jack yet" Juliet's comeback "No, are you?" Good times!

Sayid, Bernard, Jin and the OTHERS invasion

I'm sure we all were biting our nails during this whole encounter. Once we saw Sayid and Bernard blow 7 others to bits, it seemed like everything was going to go in the survivor's favor. But then Jin, with his pistol, had problems hitting the target. The tables are turned and Ryan/Tom and the remaining OTHER capture the 3 of them. Then we get ANOTHER scare when Ben orders them to be killed and we hear 3 gun shots through the radio. Of course, whenever you HEAR gunshots and don't see the result, it was usually done for dramatic effect! Well, IT WORKED! If anyone read stuff leading up to this episode, then we knew there were at LEAST 5 deaths in the season finale. Speculation was running of who it could possibly be. Naturally, the writers played it up keeping us guessing the entire episode! Here are some things to note from this storyline:

  • We learn that the OTHERS defy Ben's orders to kill our trio and that they shoot 3 shots into the sand. Now, I'm not sure who said what but either Ryan or Tom said that they should've just killed them. And the other said that Ben has been acting fishy. I THOUGHT Tom was the one that was siding with the survivors, but I heard the opposite on the radio this morning. I guess, in the end it doesn't matter. Because they're both gone! It may just impact your feelings on Sawyer!I'm sure I wasn't the only one cringing as that gun was pointed at Jin. I was relieved but very fired up at Bernard for spilling EVERY single piece of information to the OTHERS (and Ben via Radio) about what the survivors have been up to! I almost wished they shot that crazy dentist! Fortunately for him he was redeemed!
  • Yes, since Juliet lies about the guns (it was the only way Jack would let them go) Sawyer and Juliet have no plan to save Sayid, Jin and Bernard......but then you hear a familiar sound coming from the jungle. Who else screamed "HURLEY!!!!" at their TV before the DHARMA van flew out of the jungle and right over RYAN? Totally didn't expect that turn of events. But it's fantastic how relevant the Hurley Flashback episode became (and it seemed so irrelevant at the time) after this episode and Ben's flashback episode. I mean, it's almost like the writers HAD a plan, isn't it?! Like we never should've doubted them, right??!!! COME ON PEOPLE, you know who you are!!!
  • Another great line of the night from Sawyer "Stay in the van, Hero!" Sawyer grabs the gun and turns the tables on the remaining others. Random guy gets his neck snapped by bound Sayid's legs and then all that's left is our pal Zeke...A.K.A. Mr. Friendly A.K.A. Tom
  • Now, keep in mind Tom has come a long way since we first met him. We thought he was the LEADER of this ragged band of OTHERS who just happened to have a fishing boat and and some interest in WALT and Claire's unborn baby. He was nothing but nice to Jack and Kate when they were captured by the others. But he mocked Sawyer in the Cage and he also threatened Kate's life in the jungle when Jack, Sawyer and Locke were going after Michael. If you recall...Sawyer made a comment to him "You and Me ain't done, Zeke" Well....they indeed weren't. Just as TOM surrenders, Sawyer shoots Tom "That's for taking the boy off of the raft" .... People questioned Sawyer's motives for going after the Others in season 2 (Michael, Jack)....and that he just wanted revenge for being shot. Well, it seems that all he wanted was revenge for them taking Walt. This all wrapped up nicely by Hurley's "Dude, he surrendered" and Sawyer's "Well, I didn't believe him." What a show! We may have predicted the majority of people that were going to die....but I never saw any of them coming!

Charlie, Desmond, and the Looking Glass

Well, after last week's introduction to the LOOKING GLASS station, I may have gotten ahead of myself with all of my crazy thoughts on the possibilities that we may learn from this station. None of which were revealed tonight. Instead, the station's purpose was just as Juliet explained...they were jamming communications with the outside world. Nothing further was revealed about Desmond's premonitions except that he stopped having them, but his final one pans out exactly as he describes with some pieces filled in. But what we get is an engaging tale of heroism and acceptance. But who were those crazy women that were holding Charlie at gunpoint?

  • Well it would seem that they were just 2 random OTHERS: Bonnie and Greta. They were under direct Orders by Ben to continue Jamming communications with the outside world. The rest of the OTHERS clan were under the assumption that the 2 women were no longer on the island, but in Canada? Interesting stuff.
  • Mikhail arrives at the looking glass and shoots at Desmond which inevitably drives Dezzy down to the hatch and hides trying to figure out how to save Charlie. And of course Mikhail goes down to the underwater hatch as well for a lovely showdown under the sea!
  • Charlie tries to create some mistrust (or actually is just being honest) with Bonnie, Gretta and Mikhail by telling them that Ben lied about the flooding of the Hatch. Why in fact DID he Lie?
  • Well over the Radio Ben tells Mikhail that it was for EVERYONE'S safety. He has specific orders from Jacob to protect the island, which is under assault from forces not seen in years. It's hard to believe all of this due to the fact that we don't know if Ben is actually getting orders from Jacob! But at the same time, it's easy to believe based on information revealed in this very hatch that validates some things that Ben says to Jack (we're getting there!)
  • Mikhail puts aside the lies that Ben told and accepts his apology. Ben orders Mikhail to kill Charlie, Greta and Bonnie (because they know too much?). He succeeds in killing Greta and shoots Bonnie...but before he can finish her Desmond shows up with the very Spear Gun Bonnie was about to go get to torture Charlie. And BAM....Mikhail, the man with 9 lives, gets HARPOONED! ( nasty did he look without that eyepatch? I wonder if we're going to learn how he lost that crazy eye at some point in the remaining 48 episodes and if that Glass Eye in the ARROW Hatch was his (it would be kinda stupid if it wasn't!)
  • So now we have Charlie and Dezzy trying to get information from Bonnie on the code to enter to UNJAM communications. I lost track of writing down all of the numbers but that's's to the tune of Good Vibrations! I tried to think of any significance to choosing that song. But I got nothing except that the whole island vibrated when the sky turned purple during the Hatch implosion! But why on earth tie those 2 things together? Perhaps the key to the whole thing was that the code was programmed by a musician? Well, we only met 2 people on the island with musical talent (Charlie and Jack), so perhaps there is another? Ben is the only one remaining that supposedly knew the code. And we didn't see HIM learning any musical instruments. I'm guessing this "musician" thing is something to keep tabs on....even though in THIS episode it was just symbolizing that it was FATE that Charlie was the one that had to de-activate the jamming.
  • Charlie and Dezzy discover Scuba equipment. Desmond prepares the equipment for their escape as Charlie goes into the room with the Yellow Light. Naturally, Charlie knew exactly what buttons to push in order to get Good Vibrations to play (maybe he remembered SOME of the numbers?)
  • Once the communications are unjammed, there is immediately an incoming message. From who? Well Penny Widmore of course! She just happened to be sitting in front of her "communications device" too? That seems a little crazy. Unless, we're to believe in all of this FATE stuff. Charlie and Penny have a nice little chat about Flight 815 (I think he mentioned that, right?) and Desmond. Naturally, Desmond couldn't hear Charlie screaming for him to show up. The KEY fact revealed was that Penny has no knowledge of Naomi or the ship that was sent. I guess we were right to assume Naomi was NOT an OTHER, but perhaps I was a bit ahead of myself to assume that she WAS not lying about being sent by Penny. (of course, I'm sure I covered myself in previous Blogs saying that perhaps Naomi is from a brand new group we've never met!) We'll discuss Naomi a bit more in the next section. For now though, if Penny didn't send Naomi then A.) How did Naomi know that Penny had coordinates B.) What is going on with the crazy guys in the Snow? Has Penny been trying to communicate somehow with the Island based on the information received after the "Electro-magnetic event"? Did the coordinates allow her to focus communications to a particular location? PENNY in on the whole thing too? We just assumed that Charles Widmore was in on any conspiracy taking place. What about Penny? So many crazy questions!
  • Meanwhile Charlie thinks he has escaped the fate of Desmond's premonition until......woa wait a second! There's that crazy Mikhail again! (I mean seriously? How many fatal injuries can this guy withstand?) He's outside the window of the Looking Glass station with a hand grenade! Within seconds, Charlie knows what he has to do (as he looks at the Yellow Light that is no longer on). He closes the door as Desmond rushes towards him and allows the window to blow and fill up with water.
  • Before we continue with Charlie, does this mean Mikhail died? I mean, you would think, right? I'm will assume it one more time! But if he turns up alive again...I give up!
  • Charlie has heroically accepted his fate. Such a sad scene, but at the same couldn't help but be proud of the little hobbit! And before he ultimately drowned he was able to take out his favorite Sharpie and write "NOT PENNY'S BOAT" on his hand in order to communicate one final message to his Friends. :-( This one hurt, didn't it? Boone, was sad but he wasn't my favorite. Shannon, eh...she was kinda useless after Boone was gone. Eko? Well he was a we kinda figured it would happen eventually. But CHARLIE? Wow. I kinda figured they'd do it, but I just kept hoping they wouldn't. The Driveshaft member was one of mine and many other people's favorites. But based on interviews with the producers (available immediately after the show aired), it seems it was the right thing to do. Check them out! (TV Guide Interview, EW Interview)
  • So big question: Did Charlie close the door because he knew it was the only way to save Claire? Or did he want to prevent the Looking Glass from becoming completely flooded perhaps trying to save Desmond? It could've been muti-purposed, but the most touching way to look at it is that he felt he HAD to make Desmond's premonition come true in order to save Claire. Fantastic stuff!

The Radio Tower Expedition
The whole story of the Radio Tower expedition focuses on Jack and the survivors following Rousseau to the Radio Tower. Sayid tells Jack to keep moving and don't worry about anything that happens to them. DO NOT GO BACK. Things obviously go wrong and they don't see the 3 explosions nor do Sayid, Bernard and Jin catch up with the survivors the next day. As explained above, this causes confusion and starts rumblings of people going back. But Jack stays on the mission to RESCUE everyone! (as any true leader would!). Here's some tidbits of what happened on their journey!

  • Kate and Sawyer discuss the possibility that Kate might be pregnant. Kate is clearly worried about it. Sawyer is too busy being a closed book ever since killing Locke's father. Maybe is what motivates him to go back and save the others. As for Kate being pregnant, well...stay tuned to season 4!
  • Prior to Sawyer and Juliet heading out on the Rescue Mission, Juliet gives Jack a nice little smooch, observed by Kate. What is going on there? Clearly we got our answer from Sawyer and Juliet on what is NOT going on there! Jack and Kate have a moment in the woods where Jack explains that Sawyer was only trying to protect Kate by not wanting her to come. Why would Jack say such a thing? "Because I love you" Why did Jack try to rescue "Sawyer and Kate" from Alcatraz 2.0 by messing up the surgery? "Because he loves Kate" very touching stuff!
  • It seems everything Jack, while for everyone's benefit, he has personally has done for Kate. Kinda like everything Charlie is doing if for Claire.To no one's surprise Ben shows up (with Alex) and asks to speak to Jack alone leading to one intense scene. Ben tells Jack that Naomi not who they think she is and that communicating with the freighter off of the island will only lead to 40+ people's deaths (kinda like Ben made a decision that would kill the 40+ members of the DHARMA Initiative). With us finding out that Penny has no connection to Naomi, it's hard NOT to believe Ben. But that dude is such a good liar! Plus, the storyline that I've YET to even focus on would seem to suggest that Ben IS lying! Ahhh this crazy show! Key thing that Ben does ask Jack though (and I believe I mentioned this in the 2nd blog this season) what is Jack so eager to get back to? His wife left him, his father is dead, does he want to get back to that hospital? This obviously plays a part in Jack's Flash.
  • After the intense scene with Ben giving an ultimatum of Jack giving Ben the Satellite Phone or his friends die. Jack allows that clock to run down and for Sayid and crew to be shot. Some crazy toying with the audience's emotions here! Jack lets out his frustration on Ben and then declares that he tells Tom that he is going to kill him (over the Radio) and later tells Kate that after they get rescued, he will also kill Ben (ahhhh but will he?)
  • Alex and Rousseau FINALLY meet each other! Very interesting that Ben introduces them. We still don't know if Rousseau and Ben have ever interacted before! But what a great scene to have those two kids together and for Rousseau's first words to be "Will you help me tie him up?" ahhhhh gotta love Mother/Daughter bonding!
  • forward some touchy stuff (everyone finds out Sayid, Bernard and Jin are alive and Hurley saved the day, Claire looks for an update on Charlie (will be an upsetting scene once she finds out what happened)) and we get to the Radio Tower! Rousseau ends the transmission and states that she started it 2 days before Alex was born. Immediately after the transmission is turned off, we get a signal and they make a call to Naomi's freighter. BEN gives one final warning...And then BAM, just like that a knife goes into Naomi's back. John Locke returns to try and end yet another chance at rescue! (I don't think a knife makes a BAM sound, but let me have that one!)Locke has the gun pointed at Jack but just can't go through with killing him. But man, after Charlie dying, I thought he just might pull that trigger for a second! Locke states something to the effect that "we are not meant to leave this island" but then walks away as the Freighter (or someone else) picks up the call.
  • Jack: "We are the survivors of Flight 815! We're with Naomi!" Response: "Naomi, you found her? We'll be there in a few minutes!" Or something to that effect. And that's where we end our Present Day story for season 3. With the hope of Rescue, With the fear that it is NOT Rescue. But even if they are rescued, would that be the end of our story on LOST? Let's dive into our final section to ponder the possibilities that were introduced!

Jumping Jack's FLASH

Okay, so when did YOU figure it out? Well, I had my speculations immediately from the 2nd flashback when I saw a Motorola RAZR phone in Jack's hand. This phone was NOT available at the time of Flight 815's crash. But in order to REALLY look at these Jack "FLASHES" we have to state upfront the reveal that happened at the end of the episode. Yes, in fact we were getting a sneak peak at Jack's life AFTER being rescued. It was indeed a FLASH FORWARD! I kept trying to figure out the timeline the entire episode. When could this have happened? Was he flying back from Thailand? Christian Shepard isn't the chief of Surgery? How is that possible then? What is up with that crazy Beard? Why is Jack a crazy DRUNK and Drug addict? Why is he suicidal? None of it made sense. I start thinking at one point that it was an Alternate reality where Jack never WENT to the island and how his life ended up. But each scene became much more relevant AFTER Kate stepped out of that car! Here are our NEW questions to ponder in LOST!

  • Did they mention how long after rescue this was? Was it a couple years? Should we think that it is the PRESENT day? (2007?)
  • First off - Jack refers to his father Christian Shepard in the present tense TWICE! He says to the new Chief of Surgery (Dr. Hamill - as in Mark Hamill?) to go upstairs and see how drunk his father is. Sure, this could've been a metaphoric reference to HEAVEN. Jack also claims that a perscription for his medication is from his father Dr. Christian Shepard who is "out of town." Maybe Drunk Jack is delusional? Or maybe there is more to look into with this?
  • We see Jack flying on an Oceanic Plane (later revealed that he keeps flying that plane every Friday in hopes to return to the island. And that all of the survivors received a GOLD PASS to fly for free for the rest of their lives). On the plane he reads a Newspaper Article revealing that SOMEONE (from the island? from the crash) has died. There is one screenshot of the article that, if you look closely that the person that died's name begins with a J and is from New York (this could be James Ford, Jin, Jacob, John Locke or as Sledgeweb suggests...possibly: Jeremy Bentham (which also seems you can make out this name from the visible words in the article) who is some crazy philosopher that I don't care about)

    These are the words they made out from the article
    "The body of J --- entham of
    New York was --- shortly after 4
    a.m. in the ---- of Grand
    ------------------- at The
    ---------------------- loud
    ---------------------- man's loft.
    -------------------- safety, he
    ----------------------- the
    -------------------- the
    -------------- a beam in the"
  • Several times Jack is referred to as "THE HERO" that saved people in the crash and it was seen on the news. It was assumed that they were talking about the car crash. But looking was probably referring to Flight 815. When they are rescued, Jack is probably referred to as the Hero that saved them all.
  • As mentioned before Jack attempted suicide but ended up saving victims of a car crash (which was caused by Jack's suicide attempt). I just wanted to note that the crash was explained as a car being hit from behind into a median. The very SAME story that Cooper told Locke of how he ended up on the island. Is there relevance? who knows!
  • We see a scene of Jack in his living room surrounded by Maps. Looking back, he seemed obsessed with finding that island and returning.
  • Jack later goes to the funeral Parlor and we see the name is HOFFS/DRAWLAR. In case you haven't heard, this is an Anagram for FLASH FORWARD. niiiiice
  • So when Jack shows up to the Viewing, no one is there. He is asked if the person was friend or family. Jack said NEITHER. This immediately screams out Ben. Jack is clearly broken up about this person dying. Ben seems to have told Jack that they should not leave the island. Ben wouldn't have had any friends in the real world having lived on the island his whole life. And it wouldn't seem that anyone would want to show up to his funeral. But what about John Locke? If he was rescued, would he return to a life of being crippled and want to END his life? I read rumors that maybe it was ROSE, whose cancer came back (and she WAS from New York) when they were rescued. Speaking of which...Why did Rose not object to everyone going to the Radio tower?? Weird. Anyways....I'm going to guess that if this WAS in fact an ACTUAL depiction of life AFTER the island, then we're not going to find out anytime soon who was in that coffin. Because then it would pretty much tell us WHO survives the show! Of course...unless the upcoming seasons DEAL with LIFE after the island and attempts at getting BACK to the island!
  • But I'm getting ahead of myself, obviously we need to discuss Jack meeting Kate at the airport and revealing all. Kate is clearly with someone else and thought it was best NOT to talk to Jack. It would seem that she is WITH Sawyer. But is that TOO obvious? Jack tells Kate that they never should've left the island and then BOOM.....LOST. Hmmm indeed what DID Jack have to go back to? He didn't get Kate, he doesn't have his wife (Sarah was in the episode and pregnant! still listed as emergency contact), father situation is even more clouded now, it doesn't seem he is needed at the hospital and his days of being a HERO are behind him (well, except for the car crash he caused).
  • So what on earth is going on here? Are we seeing a hint of things to come? Are flashbacks finished on LOST? I don't think so....I think there is plenty of more story to tell with our remaining survivors (especially relative newcomer Desmond). Was this some sort of POSSIBLE vision of the future? (kinda like that Heroes episode a few weeks ago) Well, I thought that, but now not so much. What if next season they DO get rescued? What if we follow the events immediately FOLLOWING the rescue and then everyone's attempt to get BACK to the island? Of course...if they know where the island is and were able to Rescue Jack and Co....then why does Jack need MAPS or need to take random flights HOPING to find the island again?
  • Or Perhaps Naomi's freighter presents the next conflict for the survivors and they do not get immediately rescued. Maybe we'll continue to have more FLASH forwards of life AFTER the island? And we'll learn how things end up this way?
  • Perhaps the entire flash forward were visions placed in Jack's head? or maybe even a premonition from Desmond? We really could go anywhere with this!
  • But the producers stated that after the season 3 finale, we will see exactly how there is so much more story to tell and how many more rooms to explore. INDEED, producers! As always, I'm totally on board!!!!

Well, I think I've talked plenty! Hope you were able to read all of this without falling asleep! This is our final Recap Blog of the season. I hope everyone is encouraged to keep commenting throughout the "off-season" if you have any theories or read any newsworthy information! I'll try to post any blogs during the summer/fall if anything noteworthy happens! Until then....I hope you all saved this episode on your TiVo's because we have LOTS and LOTS of rewatching to do! I can't wait!

Bookmark the blog and PLEASE COME BACK Next Season! As always hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next year!


Mike V. said...

Already forgot something! Kate wasn't in jail in the FLASH FORWARD. Was she no longer considered a fugitive? Pardoned from all past crimes? Probably something they'll revisit.

Also..Jeff Jensen in the TV Watch suggests the possibility of shifting gears and that the FUTURE will be the new PRESENT with Flashbacks taking place ON the island. Maybe eventually?? But I think there's still plenty to explore in people's pasts before we make that jump. But interesting nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I actually watched it last night! So glad I did. That was def a WOW WOW WOW episode.

Great blog. I have nothing more to add. Ha.

Mike V. said...

Wow, very impressive Jen! They delivered quite the birthday present for you, didn't they? lol

Thanks for the compliments!

Anonymous said...

It's possible they'll work backwards from Jack and Kate at the airport at the very end and the flashbacks will be back to the island to tell the rest of the story. The show is so well written we don't want a "yay they all got rescued" cheesy ending. We can see what happens in their lives after the rescue plus answer the question of who is in the coffin, but still put the pieces of the whole story together by flashing back to the island. No one seems to want the island not to be part of the story next season... there are just too many questions to answer there. The survivors getting rescued is the climax of the story, but now we have to wait until 2010 to see what REALLY happens by learning the pieces backward to that point. (Wasn't it mentioned that living backwards is part of Alice in Wonderland??) Just a thought.... what do you all think?

Mike V. said...

Pretty good theory! I like the concept. And I'm sure whatever concept the writers choose will be a very engaging way to tell the story.

Perhaps they will address WALT'S aging due to the whole FUTURE setting (or present day 2007). We could catch up with Michael and Walt in the years following their time on the island. And perhaps Walt's appearances on the island ARE actually from this future. We've already been introduced to TIME Travel with the Island. So would it be THAT far fetched?

So many possibilities! But I do agree that a cheesy "RESCUE" ending wouldn't be the ideal way to end it. I like the concept of finding out what happens AFTER their rescue. Those questions WERE starting to pop up more frequently in the Producer Podcasts. Perhaps the answer to the mysteries of the island are only answered by finding out what happens POST-ISLAND?

I'm totally rambling! lol
Amazing show!

Anonymous said...

Of course, we have seen through Desmond's travels that while certain events will happen, how we get there can vary...from charlie's death to the guy getting whacked in the bar with a cricket mallet.

So, was the future shown last night part of a necessary end point, or is it "optional", or even a paralle dimension kind of thing?

Don't know, but I am feeling blue. Jericho canceled, FNL and Lost off until the fall/winter...guess I'll go mow th grass.

I am putting my money on Michael being the dead guy, with it turning out Michael was his middle name.

Curt Sminkey said...

Great Blog as always, Butzo. Such a fitting end to a season that we could discuss the possibilities all summer long, atleast it feels that way now.

In building the suspense to read your blog this morning, Doug, Driscoll and I have been sending a few emails back and forth . . .

"The producers said on the summary show that aired at 8:00 that the island is not purgatory and is, in fact, a true place. But what i found intriguing is that they said the island exists somewhere in the "space-time continuum". I find it feasible that somewhere between trips to and from the island, they have traveled back in time. They've created this alternate reality. People always talk about the main concept of the show isn't about where the island is and what the smoke monster is, but what the island represents and what the smoke monster represents. Possibly they get off the island and travel back to a controversial time in their life, the times that we have learned from the past 3 seasons of flashbacks. Kate is no longer a running fugitive because she decided not to blow up her step-dad, Hurley doesn't have his long run of bad luck because he never plays those numbers in the lottery. However it seems that Jack has never learned from his mistakes and he never "embraced" the island as Locke would put it and now that he's off the island, he's completely out of place. He needs to go back and stop the old Biff from giving the young Biff the sports almanac."

Anonymous said...

the only logical reason for charlie drowing himself was to correctly finish desmond's premonition ending in rescue. he could have easily left the door open while the water was gushing in and he and desmond would still have had ample time to mount the scuba gear and get out of there.

Mike V. said...

Very interesting with Michael in the coffin and middle name thing. That makes a lot of sense why people wouldn't want to be at his funeral.

As for parallel dimension vs real future? I guess that's really the whole debate isn't it? I have no idea, but I'd like to think that everything they show us is actually happening. My initial thoughts were that it was an ALTERNATE FUTURE of what MIGHT happen (kinda like Heroes). But I like the idea more of that we're actually beginning to learn what happens when they leave the island.

Unless the show ends with them NEVER leaving the island and we're learning WHY they end up NOT leaving. lol

Ugh! I'm flip/flopping where I stand more often than John Kerry! lol

Mike V. said...

I agree with your Charlie's reasoning for closing the door. Of course, an additional OUTCOME of his decision may result in the fact that the remainder of the Looking Glass Hatch was preserved from being flooded. It seems that there's more to that station than what we saw. But who knows? lol

Marc Mores said...

Mike - did you ever consider that the coffin was not the proper size for an adult? It seemed small to me when Jack was standing next to it. I immediately thought of Walt based on him reappearing to Locke. Not sure. Maybe I'm wrong - I didn't recheck my DVR but that was my intial reaction.

Again, thanks for doing this. Excellent job!

Anonymous said...

Another GREAT recap Mike. Sheesh - where to start.

This has to be a possible future, or another dimension. Jack's father still alive ??? I really don't think the 'go up and see if he's more drunk than me' was a reference to heaven.

My guess - which are rarely right LOL - is that Ben was not lying about those coming to 'rescue' are gonna want to kill them. Probably Dharms peeps looking for payback that Ben and the hostiles killed their peeps and took over the island.

This will force the crashies and the others to form an unholy alliance. Many will die trying to defend them selves - which is why future Jack is so messed up. His actions would have directly caused the battle therefore - from a docs perspective - he is responsible for the deaths that will ensue. This explains his angst about being back and having to lie about it all.

Ben seems the logical person at the funeral and Sawyer with Kate also seems logical. But - logic never leads us to the right place with this show.

It could be any one that in the future does something that alienates them from the group, hence the no one showing up.

Have to admit - I didn't get it being the future until that very end. Duh to me ! And no - did not pick up on the Razr. My husband has had a razor for quite awhile - don't know that it's been 3 years though.

Anonymous said...

I am not convinced that this was a flashforward, though the anagram of the funeral parlor and the RAZR does lean me in that direction. If it is a flashforward, does Jack "see" it? And if he sees it, why would he want to leave the island? Life does not look so good in the flashforward! Can we discuss what it means if this WAS a flashback?

Anonymous said...

Still a doubting Thomas, I had to check. Officially, the Motorola RAZR was introduced in 2004 (per Motorola's web site).

Anonymous said...

I had that same thought... could it in fact be that the FLASH FORWARD was current time and the time we see the characters on the island is ACTUALLY A FLASH BACK???

Yesterday I visited a few spoiler sites b/c I heard so many things about the finale... one of the things I read said that the reason John survived was b/c the bullet was shot thru the area of his body where the Kidney was taken from so it passed thru and was purged from his body...

I also read somewhere (sorry can't remember where) that the woman & 8 yr old child Jack "saves" in the FLASH - were actually Juliet's sister and the son she had while Juliet was on the island!!!

Anonymous said...

I read on one site that Jack had a Krazr in one scene and a Razr in another... what year was that introduced? I am convinced it was a flash forward, compare Jack's face... he looks a lot older... in his other flashback in Thailand he looks younger... he's not old enough to look so different over the course of so few years... I think it was drunken babble about his father, and he was trying to use a dead doctors name to score refills... that's why he didn't want the pharmacist to call the office.

Anonymous said...

The KRZR was introduced in Sept 2006.

Anonymous said...

I didnt think that was Ben or Locke on the coffin because, why would Jack get so upset about either of their deaths to the point of trying to commit suicide? But then i thought, maybe he's so obssesed on going back to the island that the only two people that can actually help him or GO with back with him would be Ben or Locke...I do think it was a FLASHFOWARD, and no i wouldnt want the show to be a PRESENT show and and flashbacks to the island because like you said before, then we'r going to find out who dies and who survives the island, and thats the point of everything, not knowing who's dying next!

Again, very nice recap and i yes it took me all morning and part of my afternoon to finish it all but it was well worth it, lol...

So lets keep it rolling, what do you guys think?

Mike V. said...

Wow...i missed a lot of comments lol. Totally skipped yours Smikey (Curt to everyone else!) That's some very deep stuff. And very interesting! I would struggle with how the writers could possibly keep everyone's stories straight without messing up if each character's past has changed except Jack's. I'm sure they could figure it out somehow though!

Marc - Yeah I think someone had mentioned to me that the coffin was kinda small. I'll have to watch again though. I'm not sure why WALT would be on anyone's "HATE" list at this point in time though. And why Michael wouldn't be at the funeral if that was the case. Obviously though, if this FUTURE WAS real, then there still is much more story left to tell!

MJ - Thanks again! Already expressed my views on the OTHER DIMENSION thing so I'll skip the the FREIGHTER stuff lol. It could be entirely possible that the freighter IS related to the DHARMA initiative in same way and coming back for REVENGE. Perhaps this is why Ben was so insistent on jamming communications since he was responsible for having everyone killed! Very interesting!

And Horseman! - I thought about the RAZR thing a little more also and that it came out in 2004. But if you notice it was also the BLACK RAZR, which wasn't introduced by Cingular until 2005 or 2006 lol (i know i got it whenever it came out, I just forget when that was! But it was definitely after the 1st season of Lost!) Also, if this was a TRUE flashback and it was PRIOR to Flight 815 and prior to Christian Dying...then wouldn't this probably date the episode possibly BEFORE 2004? And then how on earth would he know Kate? Sorry..I can't buy that one! Unless it's a TOTALLY made up Past!

As for Jack seeing his future vision? That I have no idea. But I don't know if they've ever officially confirmed that the flashbacks always refer back to what the character in question is thinking. In some cases, the flashbacks tie in more nicely to the events on the island than other cases. It's all one great mystery!

Anonymous said...

I agree, it has to be either Locke or Ben... either one would be miserable enough back in reality to commit suicide, and Jack would feel enough GUILT over the fact that he caused it to want to commit suicide himself. I posted before about going backwards. I don't think they will do the show in the present, last night will be as much as they tell of that from that point back to the rescue. Think about it... with flashbacks to the island instead of flashbacks to the past it would be the same show only backwards... or "game changing" as stated by the producers. Do we have any more to really gain from peoples pasts? We know how all of them ended up on the island....

Mike V. said...

And of course there were more comments as i was responding! lol

Schelli "I also read somewhere (sorry can't remember where) that the woman & 8 yr old child Jack "saves" in the FLASH - were actually Juliet's sister and the son she had while Juliet was on the island!!! "

ahhhhh very interesting! I thought that we might eventually learn that the crash victims might tie in somehow. Would be cool if that's the case!

Thanks G for the compliments! I figured Jack would be upset if it was Ben or Locke because they had both advised him to NOT leave the island and in this particular FLASH, they ended up being RIGHT.

If I happen to disappear for the rest of the's because I'm heading out of town for the weekend. I'll try and check in every now and then when possible! KEEP ON COMMENTING! This is a great stuff!

Thanks everyone for reading the blog!

Mike V. said...

As for people's pasts...we have been promised by the producers Rousseau Flashbacks in season 4...more of Libby in season 4....I would expect more information on Desmond's issues in the ARMY in season 4.... I think there is much more to learn of the DHARMA Initiative and also the NATIVES (Richard) and how THEY got to the island. But for our CORE survivors? I would agree that I can't see much more information on their pasts that would help us! But as stated prior about LIBBY, that's the only way we're going to get information about her!

Also, I think the producers said how season 3 focused a lot on DADDY issues....MOMMIES might be getting the spotlight in season 4! Who knows? We'll see though! i'm really leaving! (unless there's more comments again! lol)

Anonymous said...

The idea that we will now start seeing the future as present, and the island as past is very intriguing.

And the variable future - based on what you did in the past is definitely big here.

And they have practically rammed down our throats the references to Alice which has time running backwards.

It's all been about what what these people did in their lives that got them in this situation to begin with. And whether they can find some redemption for themselves.

SO - maybe the island time and the future time will run parallel for us viewers? As decisions are made on the island the future once off the island changes ??

Still thinking that same bad stuff is coming with the freighter and that Jack is wracked with guilt as he didn't listen to Ben and Lock and feels responsible.

Anonymous said...

Found this on EW :

the real-life Jeremy Bentham was a founder of "Utilitarianism" simply put, the philosophy that a moral
act is one which produces the greatest happiness for the
greatest number of people. In terms of the show, if he
DIES - did utilitarianism die on the island - was some great
mistake made that affected everyone being rescued and
could that be what Jack meant by "we made a mistake"?


Don't think that coffin was that small. I'm not a tall person (5'2") but Walt looked to be about my height or more. Last time we saw him with Michael he'd almost caught up to him in height afterall.

Anonymous said...

thanks mike.

it was a good one. the show is still supporting a solipsistic & eternal return hypothesis'. consider how we the viewer have been integrated into the show. the show is very responsive to our comments and feedback. Ex. Sawyer asking "Who the hell is Nikki?", Michael Emerson (Ben) sticking around due to fan feedback, etc. with the shift towards a fast-forward narrative we've been given access to the very premonitions that have been haunting desmond. our participation will no doubt influence what is to come in the final 3 seasons. consider this the half-way point in which the show will begin to come around full-circle and land squarely in our living room once it is all said and done. in the same way that the characters of the show are working to set things right, so are we with the show itself (as well as ourself).

just some food for thought.

David said...

No-one has picked up on the fact that just as Jack is about to jump from the bridge after reading the obituary article, he sobs "forgive me" - I don't know what that could possibly mean for who it is in the coffin but worth mentioning to fuel the fire of everyone else's thoughts...

Also, could the anagram of the funeral directors suggest maybe it was DESMOND who was in the wooden box, considering he had all them FLASHES FORWARD? It's a long shot but what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't get a chance to read through all the comments yet, so excuse me if somebody already mentioned this, but I just wanted to say that Charlie's death got even sadder when I realized that Claire will probably never get his list of greatest moments since Desmond jumped into the water with the paper in his shirt pocket. So sad...

Dawn said...

Hi Mike, love love love this site! Did you think it could have been Juilette in the coffen = because Jack asked Kate - did you go to the funeral and she said sarcastically why would I go?

David said...

That would go a long way in explaining why he was suicidal and stuff, Dawn, interesting is also said that the letters in the article had the letter J in it which would also make sense...

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wierd that during the flash foward no one aknolegded the plane crash and subsequent rescue. When Jack says to the chief of surgery " you don't know what I have been through"- don't you think he would have known very well of his sufferings......a theory out there is that every one resucued was centivized/threatened/brainwashed to forget the events that have transpired. They in turn would be given something- ie kate's pardon, supported by her lack of willingness to even discuss the island with jack.

Anonymous said...

Assuming it was a flashforward and bad things happened to our Losties, and Jack is "responsible", what do you think the timeframe is between the last scene on the island and when Jack is on the bridge? Do you think the rescue copters show up right after Jack makes the call and they go immediately back to civilization? And who goes? And who stays? I'm guessing either the Losties have a little "detour" and get roughed up a bit, or, more likely, they do go back to civilzation and bad things start happening. Maybe they all start dying off and Juliet or whoever is the "last one" to die. Ben's prediction comes true but not obviously at first. And if Jack feels guilty, why does he want to go back to the island? Is it to escape his current reality or is it to go back in time and undo what he did (getting rescued)? Or go back and "pass the test this time". Reading all the excellent discussion on this and other blogs, there are many illogical paths of story to be realized! What does anything we have seen so far (Dharma, the button, the numbers, etc.) have to do with anything? Who or what is Jacob? If they got rescued and it is a "CNN Event", then Jack wouldn't need a plane crash to get back to the island; so it must not happen like that. If they are brainwashed, it is not total brainwashing since future Jack obviously remembers the island. And who or what does the brainwashing? Plenty there for Season 4!

Anonymous said...

has anyone thought of the possibility of jacob being in the coffin?

Anonymous said...

Words on other blogs is that the obit newspaper said April 07 - our present. I don't know if this is true though.

So if they crashed in Sept 04 - and have been there approx 90 days - then it's christmas time of 04 on the island.

So Jack's fast forward places him ahead by 2 1/2 years.

Imagine that ! And there's 2 years/3 season left of the show.


Mike V. said...

ugh...i just typed this up 2 times and lost it accidentally both times! Let's try it again! Just checking in for the day!

Some thoughts:

David - For Jack's "forgive me" I think he was just praying to God before killing himself. (you know...since it's an unforgiveable act). Can't think of much else to look into there! lol

Some thoughts on that last scene. Jack says "I'm sick of lying" what are he/they lying about? Lying about his feelings for Kate? Lying about some coverup? (as we alluded to in our discussions here) Lying about what actually happened on the island? Lying about their lives being better since rescue? Jack also says "We were not supposed to leave" very similar to Locke saying "You are not supposed to do this" prior to the phone making the connection. So this leads me to my "Locke is in the coffin" resolution for TODAY! I'm sure it will change tomorrow! But we can rule out WOMEN (including ROSE) for the coffin since the newspaper obit says "MAN FOUND" lol And I know Locke isn't from New York, that's probably what will make me change my mind tomorrow! lol

God, I hope this posts this time! Anyway...also just wanted to thank everyone once again for reading the blog and for your compliments. It's a shame that the blog was just gaining momentum as the season came to a close (record number of hits yesterday!) Hopefully, we can keep the momentum going through the "off-season!" KEEP IN TOUCH! lol

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether or not this is an important issue. Naomi, however, showed Jack how the phone works "in case anything happens to me [Naomi]." Did she know that she was going to die? In that case, this would provide some clues about the "time line" theories. In any case, our "MacGyver" Sayid would be able to figure it out, wouldn't he?

Furthermore, I was wondering about her statement to Charlie about DS' greatest hits release in episode "Greatest Hits". Didn't that sound as if she remembered a long-ago past? Is it reasonable to assume that such a thing would be released only 90 days - minus the days it would take for a search - after the crash? Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

I really hope that this discussion on this show goes on up until it comes back! I'd read the EW blog and that doesn't hold a candle to this one. Thanks, Mike, for the work you put into this. Also, it seems to me that this site definitely attracts the most intelligent people. It's pure pleasure!

Jenn said...

I only discovered this blog a few weeks ago, so maybe this has been addressed already. (If so, SORRY)

Given that Charlie entered a numeric code which ended up being the tune of Good Vibration, do the original "type them in every 108 minutes" numbers create any kind of recognizable tune??

JunieGirl said...

I think Claire will still be able to read Charlie's Greatest Hits list, as long as the paper itself hasn't completely deteriorated. He wrote it with a Sharpie, which is permanent ink.

So if Desmond pulls the list out of his pocket and lets the paper dry, she'll have Charlie's farewell.

Mike V. said...

I agree about the permanent marker. It's TV, I don't think they're going to let that letter deteriorate before Claire sees it! It will make for some early tear-jerkers in season 4 (or season 6 if we go backwards in time starting from season 4! lol)

Leonard, I think you bring up a good point with the whole "Greatest Hits" album and 90 day thing. It adds to the suspicions of Naomi and who she says she is. Same with the bodies being found and the entire plane at the bottom of the ocean. Then again, if everything she says WAS could still be justified. If the plane WAS found and there was lots of news coverage around the passengers of Flight 815, then I'm sure DS's label would want to cash in on the World being interested in the they got the band back together and quickly compiled a greatest hits album and release it in November with anticipation for big revenues from Holiday Sales lol

as for Good Vibrations on the keypad and the HATCH Numbers....well, I'm still trying to figure out how Charlie knew exactly what buttons to push on the first try. I know Bonnie started rambling off the numbers, but for Charlie to remember that and get it exactly right without trial and error? SEEMS like TV magic to me! so being able to tell what notes play for what numbers and then figure out what 4-8-1-5-1-6-2-3-4-2 would play, would seem like an impossible task to me! lol But who knows? interesting thought though!

I agree though that the comments on here have been AWESOME and definitely better than some of the stuff I see posted on ew and other places (we seemed to have weeded out stuff like "come on! It's so obvious it's purgatory now!" even's boards are infested with that stuff) But I don't want to turn away potential posters by saying that, all comments are welcome here! I'm sure I say a lot of silly things in the Blog and in these comments! Can't discriminate others from doing the same thing! lol Keep on discussing! Loving this!

Anonymous said...

As far as the OTHERS on the beach defying Ben's orders - they didn't. Tom ask why they DIDN'T defy his orders to fire into the sand. He said they should have just killed them because they killed the 7 others that came to the beach with them.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the catch Weasel. Someone actually emailed me that a few days ago and I saw on my 2nd viewing. Naturally, I forgot to update the blog! lol Just justifies Sawyer shooting Tom a little more! Also shows that, in the end, Ben may have been truly looking out for the good of everyone. Time will tell. Good stuff!

Dawn said...

Hi just a thought, does anyone think Desmond is in on this whole others thing. Everyone seems to trust him, and he led Charlie to his death! and even made him accept it as fate = hmmmmmm

Mike V. said...

new Jensen column at Thought I'd just post it here in case anyone wants to discuss. I thought he actually made some SANE points this time lol,,20040589,00.html

Dawn, interesting theory on Desmond, but I can't really buy it. Based on his 3 Flashback episodes (well one pseudo flashback/time travel), it would seem he is legitimately as LOST as the rest of the survivors on the island. I think if the producers went ahead and flipped Desmond to the DARK SIDE, they'd have some upset fans on their hands. I'm not sure if they really left any room in his flashbacks for him to have encountered the OTHERS. Except when he goes sailing for a couple weeks only to show back up at the island. I guess one could say, maybe he WASN'T sailing that entire time. And he also made a comment to Charlie like "You guys killed one of them first" and lets Mikhail go. So yeah...the more I think about it...there is some evidence to back him working for the OTHERS. But there's also enough HEROIC evidendece suggesting that he's just a damn cool character! lol I don't want Dezzy to be bad! Thanks for making me think this early in the morning though! lol

Mike V. said...

fyi Season 3 DVD will be available December 11th 2007. As expected, it will be timed appropriately (instead of a September release) to prepare people for Season 4 in February! Here is some information:

Anonymous said...

All that Planet of the Ape stuff is classic Doc Jenson. LOL

Desmond working in conjunction with the Others ? Very interesting Dawn and Mike !

But nah! Doesn't seem to fit. When we met Des he was a gerbil in the wheel pressing the button and desperate to get out. He was devastated to find himself back after sailing away. Plus - he knew about the key and what he could do all those years. I just can't see how he was one of 'them'.

Anonymous said...

My theory is that the man in the coffin was actually Jack. So jack's answer to friend or family of "neither" was correct because the answer was "self".

The only person to leave the island and come back was desmond (presume he sailed far enough away), and not too long after that he started getting premonitions of what he was supposed to do.

My guess is that when the losties leave the island and go back to the real world (which is back in time), they get premonitions and have to follow them in order for things to be OK. That's why Kate was saying they weren't supposed to talk.

Jack's the only one not following the orders of fate and that's why he's going crazy. He tries to kill himself because he's already dead?


Anonymous said...

Here is a snippet of an interview Cuse did with TV Guide's Mike Ausiello about next season. It's not spoilery - but hinty so be careful if you don't want to know.

"The four-toed statue is something we will get to next season,"
Cuse revealed. "Sometimes we're surprised by the things people
get fixated on. We tried to answer a fair number of questions
this year, but that's one we just didn't get to." Benry's
barely visible boss man will also be back, he confirms.
"There will definitely be a lot more of Jacob in Season 4."

Mike Ausiello also states he believes the man Kate was in such a hurry to get home to is someone we have not met yet. He's usually pretty dead-on about these things.

Mike V. said...

I read that yesterday too lol. Thanks for posting! Yeah, my first guess on returning characters would be Michael and Walt, since the producers have already said months ago that we'd revisit their story in season 4 lol.

For the Man Kate refers to in the flashforward...yeah, I thought Sawyer was too obvious of a choice even though that was supposed to be our initial reaction. We don't even know if Kate is referring to a Man that she is WITH vs. a Man that is watching over her and watching her every move lol. Should be interesting to see what happens.

And yeah...the comment about the 4 toed statue makes me think that we'll still be on the island (PRESENT DAY) in season 4. There's still so much to answer on that island that I can't see them just focusing on it through flashbacks. I'm sticking with the "Rescue Freighter presents the next challenge for the survivors" theory lol. I DO think, however, that we may have a MIX of Flashbacks and Flashfowards in season 4.

So funny to ponder all of this stuff and end up being so far off when the season actually starts! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey all, great season, great comments! I'd like to address the comment from Naomi saying the plane was found at the bottom of the ocean and all the bodies were found... in other words she's saying "you're all dead". But... with the flashforward... Jack is living life with people he knows, ex wife, collegues, etc.. surely they would have heard his body was found and he was dead.... how would he/oceanic/whoever, explain his return 'from the dead' so to speak? Just something else to think about! :)

Anonymous said...

Had a real 'DOH!' moment this weekend. Was talking to the hubby who is a fan but doesn't do all the blogs and theories so much - telling him some of the crazier ones out there.

When I mentioned how people were tripping over Kate not being in jail he pointed out that if Christian is alive to due it being another time line then Kate probably never killed her dad in this timeline so therefore was never a fugitive.

Like I said DOH! I have not seen this stated anywhere so thought I'd share it.

Mike V. said...

Kudos on comment #50! Exciting stuff!

I know I'll be onboard if they do it, but I really hope they don't go down this altering time-lines path. I'm sure it's all in the execution, but it just seems like they'll have a mess on their hands if they try it. There's a lot of interweaving plotlines and a lot of character backgrounds that they would have to fix. And it could ultimately destroy the great show they've created over 3 seasons.

But that's really just me being concerned about it. I'm sure if anyone could pull it off and easily explain it to their audience, it would be the masterminds behind LOST.

I Kate not being in prison could be explained other some kind of Parole...or they're all still caught up in some conspiracy off the island...and she is reporting to someone else in order to stay OUT of prison. And that's why Jack is "sick of lying"..... I dunno...lots of ways they can go! lol

Nothing is ever as it seems on this show, is it?

Anonymous said...

Geez. Some of you surely have totally insane ideas. For most normal people the show has jumped the shark long ago and makes absolutely no sense whatsover. There's a reason the ratings drop more and more. For me the flash forward was the final insult. It ruins the excitement of NOT knowing who will live or die. Now we KNOW Jack and Kate will survive. Whenever they are in danger don't worry,they'll survive we know it. Lame. The writers are totally beyond saving.

Mike V. said...

Studies have proven that the core audience is still with the show, in various forms. Lost is the most watched show on DVR and one of the Top Downloaded/Web-Streaming watched shows out there. And of course, you can't discount DVD purchases either. The late timeslot affected who would stay up on Wednesday Night to watch. But you can be sure they DVR'd and still watched.

And're still watching aren't you? And you sure went to great lengths to discover this blog, didn't you? Just my observations though. Thanks for your opinion!

- Proud to be NOT normal.

David said...

I like the idea that Kate DIDN'T kill her Father ergo isn't in prison - my first thought remembering her father the way I do, being controlling and abusive, I thought maybe that is who is waiting for her? I may have forgotten a detail in the dialogue that said she was married or with someone but that is the first thing that came to mind on that one...

The point I made a while back, Mike about Jack's "Forgive Me" I was thinking along the lines of it being to the person who had died, leading to him standing on the bridge about to jump? Like he didn't get the say sorry while they were alive so he is saying sorry and then jumping to join them...

Mike V. said...

David, yeah I figured that's what you meant. And I've read other speculation since then that there may have been more to what he meant. But usually in Movies or TV when someone's about to jump or kill themselves in someway....they say something like "forgive me" while looking to the sky lol. But yeah, there definitely could be more meaning in a show like LOST!

To the anonymous poster hating the show, you did bring up some good points. I just had to initially respond to the "normal" people comment, naturally! lol But how many times has LOST gone somewhere with the show and it end up not being exactly as it seems? Some people discuss alternate futures. Some people discuss that that last scene is where the show will continue from so it won't matter if we saw Jack and Kate are alive. It's a good point though about Flash forwards in general, that the more we see, the more we'd discover how things end up POST ISLAND and who is alive. That's why I think the produucers of the show have something else up their sleeve that isn't something we're thinking of immediately after (or even 2 weeks after) viewing the finale. Don't lose faith in the show! It's still a thrill of a ride!

Unknown said...

The more this series unravels or should I say re-wraps itself the more I keep thinking that this will end as an insane asylum resident's long drawn out dream, where a few of the "patients" wether they really need to BE patients or not escape.

The escape will be the show finale featuring Jack and Kate, and probably some others and the patient dreaming all of this up will end up being Hurly.

Mark my times factors in the story can be easily explained in reality, other times they can't, but some of the directions the show us led us on can only result in complete science fiction which leads me to believe it is in the imagination of some crazy individual.

Nuff said :P

Anonymous said...

I think if you follow the progression of the facts you find that it is possible that Jack's flashforwards are not necessarily relevant to how next season will start out. I base this theory on the visions that Desmond saw and told to Charlie. Desmond told Charlie that he saw Claire and her baby being rescued from the island. He then said that for that to happen that Charlie would have to die. What I think is important is that his vision only saw Claire and the Baby being rescued from the island. It is understandable that with Jack's flashforwards that we would conclude that they were all rescued and off the island. But that is not what Desmond saw or communicated to Charlie. In conclusion, I believe that we will see Claire and the baby leaving in a helicopter but that something will go wrong and Jack will understand that they may not necessarily be being rescued. Jack will recognize his mistake in using the radio, no more people will leave the island, and the plot will develop from there.

Mike V. said...

Finally, some news to chew on! Not much though! lol

For anyone with Verizon, they'll be treated to Mobi-sodes in the fall to keep people hyped for the DVD release in December. Also, Damon and Carlton, although they loved the Sopranos finale, promised they would not end LOST the same way lol. (don't want to spoil the Sopranos for anyone who hasn't seen it yet). And, the producers' "Radio Silence" about the Season Finale of LOST will be broken in July at Comic Con where they do their annual meet and great and press conference with the fans. I'll try and post a blog at that time to recap what they discussed and allow us to theorize on any clues they give us!

Things have inevitably died down around here, but if you're checking in now and then....don't forget to bookmark this site for February and keep spreading the word!

Anonymous said...

Mike V. said...

These videos are circulating around today but they were created some time ago I believe. Some nice montages of the Plane Crash spliced together in order with 3 seasons worth of clips.

Jack, Kate, Desomnd, Others (5 Minutes)

Jack/Kate/Charlie/Others (8 minutes)

Nice for a June LOST fix. lol

David said...

Sorry if I am being a tad slow but I realised something last night when I was rewatching the Season 2 has made me think of Desmond and the whole changing the course of life and the alternate timeline idea...

If I am being slow please tell me but I remembered that Charlie was in the hatch when it..imploded when Desomond turned the failsafe key - when they let the clock tick down and then everything started flying around, I think Charlie was meant to die, via the flying fork or the big computer thing that flies toward him - I think now that the course has been corrected and Charlie has died, we are seeing, in the flashforwards, the alternate reality that was created..its a big 'out there' and vague but still...I think I'll lie down now after that brainwave...

Anonymous said...

To David

DANG ! Not slow - but pretty clever actually. That's when Des's visions all started, after Charle survives the hatch blowing.

Mike V. said...

Almost 2 months down, 7 to go! lol At least some good news is coming. Comic Con is about 2 weeks away! Hopefully they give some information worth blogging about!

Anonymous said...

I have been rewatching the first season and I saw two things that were very interesting.
1. A few days after the crash, Locke is sitting on the beach and takes one black and one white marble out of a pouch and holds them up to his eyes. Then, when the group goes to the cave for the first time, someome (I can't remember who) takes a pouch off the skeleton and empties the contents into their hand: one black and one white marble. Theory: the skeletons in the cave are Locke and Rouseau?

2. A few days after the crash, Charlie tells Jack that there is someone on the water drowning and says he can't rescure her because he can't swim. Yet, in the last episodes of season 3, we learn that Charlie is a great swimmer and volunteers to go to the Looking Glass. Was it being a chicken that accounted for him claiming he couldn't swim and Charlie finally found his balls at the end or is there another reason for the lie?
-CMS in Birmingham

Mike V. said...

Good observations CMS! There's always been some mystery behind the Locke's fascination of the Black and White objects on the island, the 2 sides of everything. I believe he is playing backgammon on the beach with Walt and explaining the pieces as Black, White, Dark, Light..etc.... And Locke is actually the person that discovers the Black and White marbles/stones in the cave. And calls them our very own Adam and Eve. Producers have mentioned that they placed those skeletons in the first season as something that when the whole show is over we can look back and say "OOOOH THEY DID KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING!" lol So, interesting theory with it being Locke and Rousseau....I guess it could be! But we'll have to keep watching to find out!

As for the Charlie not being able to swim and then swimming crazy in the final episodes. We actually discussed that in the GREATEST HITS Blog. There could be a few reasons...Charlie could've been so messed up on drugs at the time that he said he couldn't swim, he lied about not being able to swim to protect the heroin in his pocket, or the far fetched one....Somehow with Desmond messing with time....Charlie's life has changed in which he actually could swim (if you watch the flashback where little charlie is jumping into the pool in the GREATEST HITS episode) you can hear a child calling for "DESMOND" in the background. CONNECTION? maybe??? no one knows! lol but it sure makes for interesting discussion!

COMIC CON IS THIS WEEK! Hopefully we'll be getting a brain dump of information from Damon and Carlton! Probably will be over the weekend, so whenever the podcast is posted, I'll listen and reflect in a blog!

Mike V. said...

Some Season 4 news for everyone:

btw...Comic Con session with Damon and Carlton is tomorrow at 5pm Pacific Time (8 Eastern). Not sure when the podcast will be available, but just thought I'd keep people updated!

Anonymous said...

Here's a few random blogs I found from someone who was at the Comic-con Lost panel.

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ, I posted your links in the latest blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike - any word on when these webisodes will be happening ??

Mike V. said...

Haven't heard anything yet, but I would think some time this FALL unless they have some more setbacks like they did last year. You would think we would've heard something by now!

I did hear that they're releasing Season 3 on Blu-Ray in December which has me really excited, since I finally went BLU! lol

Anonymous said...

Actually, funniest line was "If you say 'live together, die alone' to me, Jack, I'm going to punch you in your face" by Rose.

Miles Balzard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miles Balzard said...

Lol, I wrote "shorelines" instead of "storylines" in the 2nd paragraph above. Given this is an island, it almost makes sense! But I think it was an autocorrection from TextEdit, which I recently resorted to using to compile my thoughts and comments while reading through Mike's increasingly longer blogs and the comments.

Yes, I see how the Lost Addicts Blog became quite a hit! It's well earned celebrity, Mike, but I'm not going to your new blog until I'm completely done watching Lost. I'm trying to do EVERYTHING in the right chronological order!

Miles Balzard said...

Reposted comment with "shorelines" corrected (it was driving me crazy!)

Alas, my tragic-death candidate 1B was the Chosen One for the finale. I will really miss Charlie, presuming that he's really dead, which is not always a given on this show. Charlie's death was portrayed with great poignancy and he died heroically.

The Jack flash forward story: I'm such a dope, I didn't realize it was a flash forward until Kate met Jack at the airport. Even then, when Kate first stepped out of the car I thought "Oh wow, Kate and Jack knew each other before the crash!" Then reality finally slapped me upside the head. Bottom line, this throws open some very intriguing storylines for season 4, as Mike so adeptly summarizes.

The food drop conundrum Mike alludes to is one of the reasons why I feel (with or without a submarine) there is always a way on or off the island, if you know the oddball rules of physics of the island and its biosphere. It's a funky place, and maybe it's a rough journey, but it can be done. Walt's reappearance, which I'm guessing is real, is a potential example of that (I'm still not sure he went very far with Michael when they left).

Sayid and Bernard blow up and kill seven Others: I'm beyond making moral judgments about what happens on the island. Well, that's actually untrue. There is a tally of immoral acts being kept somewhere. But because this act was motivated by the human instinct for survival, I can live with it. In a sense, this is war, and that's why I cheered when Jack said last week, "we'll blow them all to hell." I also cheered when they blew up the Others this week.

What a great moment when Hurley came barreling through the jungle in his van to rescue the day! I was so thrilled they made use of the van again in the show, getting two of the happiest moments of season 3 out of it! We all love Hurley!

Sawyer kills Tom: Another example of a satisfying revenge kill. But Hurley knows what I get so worked up about: "Dude, he surrendered."

The question is, if and when the dust settles, will there be an accounting of what happened on the island? In the midst of the adventure, it all seems normal, almost like a game. But imagine the FBI conducting a forensic investigation of this mess; this was a seriously screwed up place with some seriously morally-corrupt people from both the survivors and the Others' teams.

Mikhail didn't die. Next time he shows up he'll just be missing a hand, lol.

Thank goodness Rousseau finally met Alex. They could both die in the first ep of season 4, but at least they finally met! I have a feeling they will become a tandem from this point on, and never underestimate them! I will be rooting for them.

It's interesting reading this blog because I am utterly removed from the media coverage and hype that occurred when the show aired live. I also have little knowledge about the ratings, though the show clearly started off pretty strong with all the media and fan hype. Did the ratings go down by season 3? People gave up on the show? Some came back?

Season 1 was great because we are first learning about the island and the characters. Season 2 was also great, but I agree with Mike that season 3 was perhaps the best yet. The last eight hours were riveting and I can't wait to begin season 4.

Hey Mike, I'm sorry that I'm practically hijacking your blog into my own blog! I have really fallen in love with the show and I'm leveraging ALL of your great work to give myself a platform for expressing my love.

Mike V. said...

Celebrity - HA! Thanks Miles. I may have achieved a minor form of celebrity-ness (like that word?) during the LOST run, but it was short-lived. A handful of people have stuck around for the next phase of my hobby! We still have great discussions, but it's nowhere near on the craziness that LOST blogging became. Which is actually sort of a relief. I did have to pay the bills afterall! :-) But thank you for the praise. I truly appreciate it!

I love how you keep bringing the food drop up. You may have to hunt down the special features of season 6 one day to see the "epilogue". Some of the answers they couldn't get to in the series were on there. Of course, you could always read my recap of it too. lol Anyway, the food drop may or may not be answered on there. :-)

You're not a dope...that was one of the greatest twists in television history. I really thought the razr phone (or the other motorola phone that was similar) was a continuity error when watching the episode for the first time. And your realization to what was going on was very similar to mine. I think that's how they wanted it to play. Really worth a rewatch one of these days for you. Great great episode.

Yep...Hurley used the van! I made reference to that in the Tricia Tanaka is Dead comments to you. That while the episode was stand-alone there were payoffs from it. This and Ben's flashback to Roger being his father were those payoffs. We literally cheered the first time we watched the episode. lol

Funny on Mikhail. I think we can officially say he kicked the bucket after that one. But what a way to go out!! Poor Chaaaalie :-(

Nice to hear you agree about season 3. All the seasons have their high points. (I actually find season 5 the most rewatchable even though it all pretty much is) Season 4 has the best episode to ever air on television (not just on LOST). Season 1 was groundbreaking and awesome! Season 2...well, that's actually the toughest on rewatch but I obsessed over it the first time through. All of the DHARMA details. Great stuff. Season 6...master class on closing up a story, regardless of what the naysayers say!

No problem "hijacking" the blog! I enjoy reading your thoughts!

Krista said...

Well, like Miles said in his comment from last year, I was TOTALLY fooled that Jack's Flashes were Flash Forwards. Not until the very end, when I saw him with all those maps laid out everywhere and the Oceanic ticket sitting on top did I start to figure it out. And still, when Kate got out of the car I was all 'WTF? They knew each other before? Oh WAIT.' Hahahaha so it worked and they got me. Although, through each Flash I had SO many questions about when this all was happening, and nothing was making sense, so I knew something was fishy.

Just brilliant. Totally brilliant. Maybe one of the best twist endings ever.

I've re watched that final scene 5 times now. What is Jack sick of lying about? Why doesn't Kate want him to contact her? Why does Kate cry so easily in the conversation? What does she mean by 'This is not gonna change'? Ahhhh! So good.

My first thought is that their rescue didn't go perfectly and maybe not all of them get rescued? Maybe some people (the beach people?) were left behind. There's so much about people being left behind this season. If that's the case, then Jack would have intense guilt about not getting everyone off and wanting to go back. But if some were rescued, then the location of the island would be known and they'd be able to go back for them. Unless it's just not that easy (why would Jack be searching so hard if the location was known? It must not be known.) Hmmm not sure.

I love the idea of altered timelines. As in, if they were rescued and went back to their normal lives, that would throw a kink into the universe. For example, if Jack hadn't ever been rescued, he wouldn't have been on that bridge and the car accident wouldn't ever have happened. I think that's why he was so concerned about fixing the victim, because it's his fault. Love that.

The person in the coffin has me totally intrigued. Since no one went to the viewing, Jack said the person is neither friend nor family and Kate basically spit out 'why would I go to the funeral?' I'm guessing it's Ben? It has to be someone connected to all of this, but who wasn't a part of the original castaways. Weird. I don't know.

I know I'm years late to the discussion, and you know if I'm right or wrong about this stuff, but it's fun to come here and post my thoughts. Totally loved this finale. Oh and poor poor Charlie. A hero's death for sure!

I'm kind of sad that I'm now halfway done the series, but wow. What a show. Amazing storytelling.

Mike V. said...

Yes!! One of the best twists EVER!! Apparently there were spoilers circulating around before the episode aired, so some people were already spoiled and annoyed that they were. I stayed as far away as I could because I wanted to enjoy the episode as it was meant to. And my jaw just dropped. First of all...RIDICULOUSLY good season finale episode. One of the best ever. Then throw the twist on top??? Amazing. This was LOST storytelling at its finest. And easily one of the best episodes of the show. There is one that most will argue is the best ever and it's coming your way soon.

Your eventual realization and questions during the episode were the same as mine. The last we had seen of Jack in flashbacks was his tattoo disaster, which may have sent him on a downward spiral. But the timing just didn't make sense. Rewatching that episode knowing that it's a flash forward is certainly interesting. Especially after you learn some stuff coming up in season 4. But, that's for another time. Keep plowing along! lol

All of those questions you ask about that final scene are absolutely worth bringing up! Wow...very good questions and very interesting observations! I don't want to say anything else.

Interesting on altered timelines...I forget some of the discussions we have but that's very interesting. And I can't say why. lol

Yes, I do know if you're right or wrong. My mind changed so many times along the way! It certainly is interesting.

And yes...RIP Charlie. What a way to go out. Probably one of the most impactful deaths on the show. Of course, that's not saying there aren't more emotional moments to come!

Savor the episodes you have left. They're great too...I'm still jealous you're watching for the first time. But this show rewards in rewatches too. So, if you miss it that much when you're done, just watch it again!! You'll pick up a lot of stuff you may have missed the first time.

Rob UK said...

Got to be brief as just watched the last 5 episodes of season 3 in a row and need to go to bed!

But in brief.... WOW! :-)

I did start to think about the Jack sections being some kind of alternate scenario but didn't fully twig until the end, never saw Kate coming out of the shadows until she did!

No idea on the ID of the person n the coffin.

See what you mean about the comments starting to really pick up.

Oh and yes, I did punch the air and shot "HURLEY!" when Hurley came hurtling out of the jungle in the van :-)

Rob UK said...

Damn keyboard and eyes are playing up, apologies for typos! Must be excitement and don't have to wait months for season 4, yay!

Mike V. said...

lol, nice Rob! I'm sure I've said time and time again that this is one of my favorite episodes. Favorite season finale by far, but there's an episode coming up in season 4 that may be one of the greatest episodes of TELEVISION of all time. Not to overhype. :)

Pretty impressive to watch 5 in a row! I speculate a lot about who's in that coffin in season 4....I was gonna say more but then I realized it would be spoilery to do so, so just keep watching! lol

And yeah, Hurley coming with the van is a GREAT unexpected moment!

Didn't even notice the typos, but I'm hard on myself when I do them too!

Enjoy season 4!

Anonymous said...

Just watching Lost now for the first time. I love it! Panicked last week when Netflix dropped it and I was only at beginning of season 3. Thank goodness Hulu picked it up!

Mike V. said...

I’m glad bingers will still have access to the show! Was sad to see it leave Netflix but glad Hulu picked up enjoy the show and feel free to comment on he recaps as you work your way through if you feel the needs :) thanks for checking out the blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ! Quick question: I think in season 3 Juliette says to jack ( I think in front of Kate)
"You should tell her jack" " no not yet" back and forth a few times
Did I miss something ? Do they reveal that secret ?

Mike V. said...

Hello! It sounded so familiar. I had to do some googling and then it all came back to me. I think basically this was that Jack and Juliet knew the Others were coming, but Jack wasn't ready to tell everyone is plan. Remember when he made the big display with blowing up the tree or whatever and said, "We're gonna blow them all to hell!"? I think that was what it was. He was just delaying telling Kate the plan. This is when he was keeping his distance from her because of the whole Kate/Sawyer thing.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh ok thank you ! Just started season 4 and I look forward to reading your blog afterwards!

Mike V. said...

Awesome! Thanks for reading! Glad you found the blog. :) you have some good eps coming up. Enjoy!!

Patty said...

I am in the process of re-watching Lost (on Hulu). I haven't seen any of the episodes since it first aired. I discovered your blog in Season 2 and have read it after each episode and have gained a whole new perspective on the show. It's pretty pathetic how much I don't remember! LOL. Even when they were doing this Flash, I hadn't remembered it was Kate he was going to meet until she stepped out of the car. Then it was like "oh yeah!!" LOL. But the one thing I DO remember from the show and will be etched in my brain forever is those 3 words: NOT PENNY'S BOAT. That is something I'll never forget! I remember being PISSED off that they killed off Charlie. And I'm still pissed off after re-watching it. I loved Charlie!! Anyway, thank you for the blog and I wanted to let you know that even in 2019 it is still being read :)

Mike V. said...

Thanks for commenting Patty! I appreciate you dropping a note. Every once in awhile we get a first time binge watcher here but just recently I’m seeing “re” watchers! Didn’t expect that! Charlie’s death was probably the toughest one to go through but it made that episode incredibly powerful. Well that and the reveal of the flash forward! All these latest comments I’ve been readying are motivating to finally do another rewatch (haven’t done since 2012). Maybe after game of thrones is done I’ll take on that challenge! Enjoy the rest of your binge!

Victoria said...

Long time no chat! My boyfriend’s been away on business and we were left with JUST THE FINALE left of season 3 (you can imagine my self control in not watching it without him!). We’ve only watched the first part but WOW, I love how Charlie is playing the people in the Looking Glass against each other (will they find Desmond??? I’m praying that his vision was wrong and somehow he’ll rescue them both!), and WHY DID BERNARD JUST TELL THE OTHERS EVERYTHING?? What a stupid, stupid man, he could have at least made something up or just told part of the truth!! I’m also gutted for Hurley, he just keeps offering to help and I know that people reject him because they want to keep him safe but it really got to me how they did that, I just want to hug him :(( I’ve restrained myself from reading any of your comments (Saving it for when we watch the next one) but I’ll be back shortly!

Mike V. said...

Yikes from your comments I’m guessing you just watched the first hour of the finale?? Yeah definitely don’t read the recap or the comments yet! Lol It aired as a 2 hour finale and that’s always how I watched it. I’ll wait to respond fully until you finish! Good luck waiting! :)

Victoria said...

OH MY GOD, words defy me!!!! That second part was tears (Jin, Sayid, not so much Bernard dying!), joy (they're alive!!!!), confusion (is Ben telling the truth? I kind of believe him but surely he's just lying to get his way), realisation (...oh so it wasn't Penelope's boat?? So Ben was telling the truth? But why wouldn't they rescue them? Who are they? Aghh I need answers), tears again (CHARLIE!!!!!! Absolutely heartbroken, why didn't he just leave and close the door on the way out?? Surely he could have survived it! So so sad, and he just looked so peaceful, and poor Claire :(((() and then WTF! All through the flashbacks I was trying to place where in time Jack was, and then he saw Kate and I was like ??? did they know each other before the crash but just never admitted it? Is there something sinister behind that? and then it just kind of dawned on me... Whose funeral was it?? Ben's? We were thinking Sawyer originally but then Kate said 'he'll be wondering where I am' so I guess she's talking about Sawyer? And the other islanders would have attended his funeral anyway right? Ahhh so many questions!!!!!!

Victoria said...

Just finished reading your recap and some of the comments (wanted to comment myself while all the emotions were still fresh) and I feel so stupid for getting that it was a flash forward so late! Seems like everyone got it way before me :( I need to be more observant! I enjoyed reading your recap after writing my comment though because we wrote the same thing several times!

Mike V. said...

You shouldn’t feel stupid. I didn’t get that it was a flash forward until that last scene with Jack and Kate. I was dumbfounded. The newer phone threw me off but I thought it was a prop error. Lol There are certainly a lot of Easter eggs to look at after the fact when you rewatch it but on first watch it was a shocker. Back then there were spoilers leaked and people that read them were furious because it was such a mind blowing twist! This episode is tied with another episode (still coming) as the best episode of LOST! LOVED. IT!

Definitely stick to this blog with all those questions you have. If you look anywhere else on the internet you’re bound to be spoiled! Keep speculating away. I won’t spill. :).

As for Charlie not leaving I always interpreted it as he had to make sure Desmond’s vision of Claire getting off the island comes true. He was willing to sacrifice himself to save her. Whether that happens? I can’t say!

My personal update on rewatch - just watched season 2 The Hunting Party when they go after Michael and run into “TOM” (aka ZEKE). Always loved that episode. I’m making progress but there’s no way i’ll catch up to you! Enjoy season 4! Season 4 was interesting. There was the writer’s strike when all of TV shut down. They had 8 episodes in the can before the strike so they made those. Then after the strike was resolved they had time to wrap up with like 3 episodes and then a 3 part finale. (6 hours) The original plan after season 3 was to make 3 more seasons at 16 episodes each. But because of the strike it ended up being 14, 17 and 17. Remember when I mentioned Stranger in a Strange Land being the worst episode of LOST? (Jack’s tattoo ep) It was episodes like that and Jack, Kate and Sawyer locked in cages that helped them negotiate an end date with ABC (where it originally aired). They were milking things to get to this moment in the finale. They knew that once they had an end date they could move forward with the plot point that people get off the island and that’s not the end of the story. But they had to wait until they knew when the show was ending to pull it off. There’s a lot less filler in what’s coming now. It makes you enjoy episodes like Tricia Tanaka is Dead (Hurley’s ep with the Dharma Van) more. Great character development episodes before it’s mostly plot driven going forward (of course, there was so much time invested in these characters that it’s still impactful). Okay, I said more than I planned there, but none of it is spoilers! Go me! :).

Victoria said...

Thanks for taking the time to explain the backstory behind the show, I obviously would have never known about the writers’ strike and it’s interesting to hear how you all must have felt while the show was airing! I’m gutted that there are fewer episodes in the following seasons though (I never want it to end!!!) and that I’ve now passed one of the best episodes :((( I’m now quite a bit into season 4 but wasn’t commenting because I was on holiday but I’ve been keeping an eye on the blog and am loving reading all the theories still (I’m not very good at writing comments though because I often feel that everything I think has already been said! But even if I’m not commenting I’m definitely still lurking haha)

Mike V. said...

No problem! Oh don’t worry there’s still another one that is considered the best coming (depending how far into season 4 you are) but there are still all time greats all the way up through the final season. Don’t worry about not commenting! The blog is here for venting when you need it! Lol (I’m at s3 triciaTanaka is dead in my rewatch. I love that ep!)

Anonymous said...

I started watching this show in 2019 June.
You are doing a great job Mike.

Mike V. said...

Thank you! I’m doing a rewatch right now and just a little behind you! :)

Elliott A said...

Almost 12 and a half years late but I'm just going through lost now, I think I was a bit lost and confused at times during this season, but this blog has really helped me to understand and appreciate this great show! So thank you Mike, for all of your top work all those years ago!

Mike V. said...

Hi Elliott, always glad to see the blog still helping people all these years later. You’re welcome and thanks for finding it! :)

Simon Sandiford said...

I have just gone to the blog after Amazon Prime cut out after episode 22 and refused to let me watch 23 even though it is 11.35pm. It could have at least let me watch the last one... But luckily before I read the blog I noticed it waa reviewing both the last 2 episodes at once. All I know is that an older Walt has appeared telling Locke to get up and get some work done... Now I'm going to have to crank up the PC and see if I can find the episode online somewhere... When I've watched Ep 23 I'll come back on and tell you what I thought... So far though poor Hurley. I hope he becomes the Hero Hurley somehow.

Simon Sandiford said...

3 hours later and I managed to find the episode online and watched it wearing headphones and it was a much better experience than just watching it on TV... I felt like I was there. I honestly had to pause the show a couple of times as I was convinced some of the noises were from outside my house, not on the show...

Plus it now takes longer to read the blog and comments than actually to watch the episode... Finished the episode at about 1am and it is now 3.15am writing this!

Main comments are Yes we did get Hero Hurley! Plus I was thinking that Bernard was a really poor choice for shooter as he had promised Rose that he didn't want to leave the island due to the cancer likely returning if they left... So that must have been why he blabbed the plans to the Others at the 1st opportunity, so the plans are ruined and they have to stay longer!

I thought it was apt that Jim missed the target as he has been missing Sun's target off the island... Is that too obscure to be intentional?

And yes I managed to watch the flash forwards without paying anything like enough attention and I was thinking the funeral was Jack's dad's somehow and I was thinking that she looks very much like Kate, oh so be did know her... Eh hang on? Ooooh 😂

Mike V. said...

Glad you got to watch it and enjoyed the experience. This is my 2nd favorite episode of lost (season 4 has the best) and my favorite season finale of all time. The end of season 3 is some of the best television ever. Glad you’ were able to stay unspoiled with the jaw dropping reveal! Still more great television to come. Can’t believe you spent 2 hours reading the comments! That’s dedication! Lol

LostIn2022 said...

Mike - thanks for this blog. First time watchers are still finding it!! I'm watching through Lost on DVD. I'd seen a lot of episodes from season 1 and 2 when it first aired but I think I was too young to appreciate it, and the wait between episodes was too much for me to handle with all the questions each episode raised.

Anyway - season 3 was entirely new to me and what a ride it has been! I think I watched the entire thing in less than a week.

There is so much to be said on this episode, but hasn't everyone said it all? Except one thing that I didn't see mentioned:

As soon as the woman at the Looking Glass Station mentioned the code was to the tune of Good Vibrations, I was silently praying and hoping - please, please be the tune from the bridge not from the chorus. You know - 🎵 "Gotta keep those lovin good, vibrations happening with her" not 🎵 "I'm picking up the good vibrations. She's giving me the excitations."

I just knew it needed to be the bridge - It's just how it has to happen, brutha. But I was really worried it wouldn't be. I feel like more people are familiar with the chorus so I thought maybe they'd just default to that. Of all the crazy things that happened this episode - the emotions, reveals, and suspense - waiting to hear what tune Charlie would type in had me holding my breath. I was so glad when he typed the tune I wanted to hear. Great work writers / Island. You're moving things along how fate intended :D

Random I know, but I wonder if anyone else was as invested in this little aspect of this episode.

RIP Charlie - I hope we get to see many future flashes about you <3

LostIn2022 said...

P.S. to add - I guess I should say I hope we get to see many flashbacks about Charlie in future episodes. Since apparently flashes to the future are now also a thing, but I don't expect to see our heroic Charlie in those :( (Unless Mikhail, who clearly, is immortal drags him out through the window all the water came in, brings him to the surface, and shares some of his immortality to bring him back to life? I can hope...)

Mike V. said...

Hi Lost in 2022! Thanks for dropping a comment! Always glad to see the blog is still finding use for new watchers! Glad you’re giving the show another shot too!

That’s a nice hope and call for good vibrations! I actually did always wonder how Charlie knew it would be that part of the song. But I guess based on the part of the code he could remember he figured it out being the musician he was! Yep rip Charlie. That was an emotional one. My lips are sealed on how, if, when Charlie may show up again. :)

Feel free to drop comments along the way and enjoy the rest of the ride!