Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lost Recap: Season 2 Episode 8 - Collision

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Unfortunately the one thing the holiday does is delay the Lost discussion! Monday is a long time from last wednesday to try and recap Lost but here goes. Some little tidbits from Collision:
  • Crossword Puzzle: clue 42 down (they love their numbers): Ekindu's Friend Answer: Gilgamesh If anyone wants to brush up on your knowledge of the story of Gilgamesh , feel free.
  • Ana's cop car # 816
  • Someone in Ana Lucia's flashback mentions Danny. Possible connection to Kate. Kate's ex-boyfriend was Danny (the one with the time capsule that she ends up getting killed by driving through a police barricade). It's a stretch but maybe Ana Lucia was the wife that was out of town when Kate visited. And maybe after she kills the dude that shot her....she loses her badge and becomes a bounty hunter....and that's why she was in Austrailia (looking for Kate). Don't worry...i didn't come up with this on my own. Little help from my buddies Preston and Steve. We may not have to wait too long on this, because this week should be a Kate flashback (previews suggest we find out what she well as the episode title "What Kate Did" lol) Sidenote: Theory may be already blown because I think Danny had kids. But there still could be a different kind of Ana Lucia/Danny linking besides being married. Guess we'll see! (update: this theory is bogus...)
  • Question: Is Ana Lucia a name that's memorable enough for Jack to remember 50 days after a plane crash? She must've made one hell of an impression on him.
  • Got chills when Locke met bizarro locke (or the "Black Locke" no pun intended with the "Black Rock"), Eko. That was a good time. Nothing too much revealed here just some stellar acting scenes.
  • oh yeah...anyone still think Shannon is alive? lol
  • Sayid and Ana Lucia both mention that they're already dead. I'm definitely off the purgatory bandwagon, but it's still funny that the writers try to keep people considering it.
  • Love Rectangle has been introduced between Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Ana Lucia with plenty of tension between the 4 of them (some, based on above theories, yet to be introduced).
  • I think someone had mentioned previously that every 4th episode or so...has a slow motion ending with the sappy music. I keep forgetting to count. But this one was a quality one with the Tailies and Fronties reuniting. Not to mention the romantic reunion of Michael and Walt's Dog. Gotta love the slow motion running towards each other with unabashed glee. And of course Charlie and Jin's touching embrace (since they've bonded so much with each other in prior And of course...Bernard and Rose reuniting was a long awaited moment as well as Sun and Jin. Good stuff.
Note from previous episode: I actually thought of this a few episodes ago, when Cindy disappeared (one of the tail section survivors)...she was dressed like a flight attendant. And I was thinking....hey she looks a little like the flight attendant that gives Jack alcohol on the plane (season 1 pilot). Plus she had some knowledge of the plane changing its course (which had many confused). yup, it's been confirmed by P&S. Same person. I'm very proud of myself on this one! Not much else to sum up...I loved this episode! Definitely no sophomore slump for this show. They just keep churning out quality episodes. That's all I have for now. Another new episode in 2 days!

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