Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 17 - Lockdown

No, fellow losties, it's no coincidence that this episode was called "LOCK" Down. For as we did see an actual lockdown in the Hatch, we coincidedly saw "LOCKE" go down in several ways. In the physical sense, we saw him trapped under the Blast door, and in the psychological sense we saw him DOWN on himself for having fear of abandonment. Yes, saw a whole new side to John Locke tonight. And we'll get to that in a bit. But let me get the routine comments out of the way first. "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!" God, does anyone love this show as much as me? I mean, I think I can find enjoyment in the worst episodes out there! (hello? Fire + Water? I'm talking about you!) But this was far from the worst episodes. It may have been one of the most suspensful and fact revealing episodes to date in Lost. Yes, it may seem like we learned nothing tonight at first glance. But we learned a WHOLE BUNCH! And naturally, with every answered question, we opened up a few more in each of their places. The beauty of the writing strategy behind our favorite show. So, I have tons of goodies (some interesting, some ridiculous) to get into. And I'm sure some of you already researched and found them yourself. So let's just pass the ABC Recap link here and get underway!

Locke Flashback:

  • Okay first and foremost we finally saw how Helen (aka Peggy Bundy) leaves John Locke. This adds a bit more to the first flashback we see of Locke (in season 1) when he's talking to a person over the phone that he calls Helen (thought to be a "pay per minute type of lady that lets the crazy guy call her Helen"). John has got some serious abandonment issues that he's dealing with which may be what's leading him to look for more answers in life. Notice how when "HENRY" (if we can call him that) returns to the scene of the crime after "Supposedly" entering in the numbers; all that Locke cares about is that he didn't leave him. Can you blame him for having issues? His Dad used him for a Kidney and for transferring money to him so that he could start a new life after faking his death. And then when John tried to talk to the guy, he had an Oceanic Flight to catch.
  • Yeah, the 2 planes that flew by were Oceanic flights. I doubt there is much significance...kinda like the stuffed Polar Bear that Michael bought for Walt in Michael's flashback this season. They just like to throw little stuff like that in our face.
  • But what IS worth noting is the lady that Locke was talking to as he was doing his Home Inspector Job (Hmm, didn't he work for a Box Company prior to the crash?). guessed's Sayid's love of a lifetime - NADIA. And I think the key thing we found out in this exchange is that she is NOT married.
  • Also, Locke's starting to bald more from his previous flashbacks. But he does look a LOT older on the island doesn't he? So when did all this stuff take place?
  • So Locke's "Dad" conned a family out of $700,000. Can we assume that this is SAWYER's family? (which would definitely date this flasback quite a few years since Sawyer was a kid when his Dad killed his wife then shot himself) There were rumors before that Locke and Sawyer might be related after Locke knew Sawyer's real name, "James Ford" but we got nothing to tie this together by finding out Locke's Dad's name is Anthony Cooper (unless it's another alias). But a clean way to tie it together would be if Locke's "DAD" is the conman Sawyer was/is looking for. And, hmmm maybe if he DID catch an Oceanic flight out of LA, maybe HE's on the island too! ( I'm just getting crazy!)
  • I looked this one up, don't know the significance. When Helen sees Locke's Dad she asks "Are you Him?" remember this from anywhere? Yep, Desmond asked Locke the same question in the hatch.
  • When Locke went to retrieve the money - the "Lock"box in bank was 1516 (15, 16 are 2 of the numbers ....we all know that by now!)

Jack/Sawyer Poker Game

"Should I go get a ruler?" Good one Kate! Yes, the testosterone battle between Jack and Sawyer continued, but this time Jack had other things on his mind. And with his best poker face he hustled Sawyer out of the medical supplies. We did start to find out that Jack has been to some crazy locations in his life where he learned how to play poker, and may have gotten his crazy tatoo (which is Matthew Fox's tatoo that we were told would eventually play significance in Lost). Maybe someone can help me out and remind me where exactly Jack said he had been. All I remember is that Sawyer got a "burning sensation" from a visit to the hole of America, Tallahassee.

Hatch/Beacon/Henry Business

All storylines tonight seemed to merge together by the end of the episode. That being the Search party of Sayid, Charlie, and Ana Lucia; Jack running into Kate while heading back to the Hatch after this poker game; and the Locke/Henry antics in the hatch during the "LOCKDOWN" I know, this is the stuff that really has our heads spinning and that's why I saved it for the last subject. Let's see if we can make some sense of everything.

  • So our resident prisoner "Henry Gale" made a last strategic move to get John Locke on his side prior to the truth being uncovered. Locke, with all of his abandonment issues, now seems to have a debt to Henry for not leaving him when he was stuck under the blast door. It'll be interesting to see how Locke reacts to the news that this guy isn't even "Henry Gale"
  • Okay, so the blast doors closed in the hatch. Why on earth did that happen? There was a countdown that came on the speakers and then BOOM....Locke was "LOCKED" in the hatch. Naturally, his first concern was getting to the numbers. Which got him into the predicament of getting his legs crushed. Ever notice how scared Locke gets when he fears not being able to get to the computer to enter the numbers? It's almost like he's scared of upsetting the powers that be. He believes that more answers will come if he keeps pushing that button. That is HIS job until he is told otherwise.
  • I've talked to some and heard on P&S this morning that perhaps the LOCKDOWN procedure was to lock the Hatch residents in the Hatch as Supplies were dropped off. Maybe so they couldn't see "HOW" the supplies were dropped off? All we saw was a parachute and a bunch of Dharma food and a Beacon. Was this really a food drop-off from a plane? I just don't think we have enough information. But the closing of the blast doors seems to be an independent function from the entering of the numbers and it seemed to coincide with this food showing up.
  • Another mystery is if Henry even entered the numbers which led to the blacklight display of the Bunkers on the Island. Maybe this was just "The Others" messing with Locke one more time to give him one more vision. Or...based on the information on the Map....maybe Desmond wrote this up after years of investigating the island and punching in the numbers? He couldn't have wandered too far to learn about the other hatches if he had to punch in #'s every 108 minutes.
  • Here's a detailed version of what's on the map if you want to examine (click on Image then on bottom right corner of image you can expand even larger)
    (much much clearer if you use this link
  • Black and White photo with details (click on image)
    (if too small still go to

Some helpful Latin Translations from map (Why was everything in LATIN? Who would've written this stuff?):

Aegrescit medendo - The disease worsens with the treatment. The remedy is worse than the disease
Sursum corda - Lift up your hearts (to God)
Credo nos in fluctu eodem esse - I think we're on the same wavelength
Malum consilium quod mutari non potest - It's a bad plan that can't be changed.
Cogito ergo doleo - I think therefore I am depressed
Ut sit magna, tamen certe lenta ira deorum est - The wrath of the gods may be great, but it certainly is slow
Hic sunt dracones - Here be dragons

  • mapped out yet? Lot of information to digest on there. But at a high level, there is the Swan Station (occupied by our fellow survivors), the Arrow Station (where the Tailies were hanging out), the Medical Station (discovered a couple episodes ago), and now we can make out the FLAME STATION. Hmm, wonder what happens there? And of course we have that big question mark in the middle with some 3 dimensional drawing surrounding it. Is this what's beyond the concrete wall in the Swan Hatch that is causing the magnetic pull? And did Desmond use this map to figure out where he was going to run towards when he ditched Jack and Locke in the hatch? And again, did this map display because of the Clock going to 0 or because of the lockdown, or because SOMEONE (maybe fake Henry???) activated it knowing that Locke was the only one that would see it? All interesting questions....and more answers to follow (hopefully this season! lol)
  • Just remembered, notice how Fake Henry knew the numbers very quickly when Locke told them to him. I really don't think "Fake Henry" had enough time to climb through the grate and punch the numbers into that computer. I think he did something else instead that activated the blacklight map. This would indicate that nothing happens with the clock runs to 0. But who knows?
  • So besides all the Map craziness we also finally found house about "Henry Gale." His aliby almost checked out (they found the Smiley Face Balloon and a Grave), but detail oriented Sayid dug up his "wife's" grave and found the REAL HENRY GALE buried there. Note that his address is "815" Walnut Ridge and that his zip code adds up to 23. And btw...I was a big dork and looked up the address on Google Maps...doesn't exist, but the TOWN Does...and in that town there is a GALE Road! What does this mean? I'm going to guess ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Okay, I've gone nuts with the details this week and did so much theorizing that probably none of this makes sense. But cut me some slack...this took me a lot of time! lol. We're inching closer and closer to that Season Finale and bringing the conflict with "The Others" to a whole new plateau of significance. And this episode did a fantastic job of continuing to set that stage. Looks like next week will be a new episode again. Not sure if you read the comments on the previous Blog but I noted the Season Finale will be May 24th. Based on this information, we can probably assume we'll have 2 more weeks of reruns between now and the finale. Let's go ahead and guess that they're going to happen April 12th and 19th! We'll know soon enough!

Have a good rest of your day. And please post comments on any theories or facts you've uncovered!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 16 - The Whole Truth

Okay okay. Crazy early work meetings. Dont they know I have to write a Lost Recap today? And what is up with Preston and Steve taking a vacation this week? Maybe they thought the show was on hiatus until April too and scheduled their vacation time around it. They probably are reading this blog and got confused! lol. Well I hope everyone else didn't get thrown off by my last blog and forget to tune into another fantastic outing for Lost last night. I apologize once again for my misinformation. But I CAN guarantee there is a new episode NEXT week too! I cannot, however, let you know about April 5th just yet. I'm guessing rerun though. But CHECK your TV GUIDES before taking my word for it! (until I become a more reliable source).

Okay, anyway, so last night's episode seemed a little uneventful in terms of ISLAND MYTHOLOGY, but they're continuing to set up a huge conflict for the season's end. And, it's always great to see the Sun and Jin flashback episodes. It just goes to show how engaging this show is that their fanbase is willing to read for the majority of the episode. It also eliminates any potential reading-challenged viewers. Sorry Fantasia!!!! (whoops..wrong blog).

Before I go any further, if you fell into complete trust with me and decided not to watch TV until April 1st, then here's the link to the recap of last night's episode. But I suggest you download ITUNES on your computer and BUY the episode for 2 bucks if you missed it! (Have I mentioned how much I love the Video ipod?)

Ok, so since there's not many tidbits to discuss today, I'm going to break this write-up into 4 sections: The Sun/Jin Saga, The High Comedy Factor, the Henry Gale Drama, and Easter Eggs. Here we go:


Ok, so Sun is two-timing her Husband!! Well, not exactly. But now we know who she learned English from. It's that crazy bald blind date guy from the flashback earlier this season. And he definitely was showing an additional interest than just teaching her the American Way. Here's a crazy question? How did Sun go from struggling to say something in English in the 1st flashback segment to speaking fluently by the last flashback? Are we meant to think that much time passed during the episode flashback sequence? I'll just take a guess with yes. But they were talking about Jin's Bloody Hand massacre in the 1st sequence, which I always believed wasn't long before she decided to flee to America. So...I'm a little confused on the timeline there. Barry Baldy (I don't remember his name) also told Sun she's been speaking fluently for 2 months at the end.

Okay, so we also are informed that Jin thinks Sun can't have children, and Sun thinks Jin can't procreate. Now we are meant to think that this is because it would lead to problems if someone working for Sun's father was informed that HE was the problem. I think there's potentially a lot more going on here. And it's how I've come up with 2 possible theories:

  1. Sun DID cheat on Jin with Baldy and it's HIS child she's pregnant with. The look on Sun's face when she told Jin that she never has been unfaithful was mildly unsettling. She has more that she kept from him but couldn't bring herself to tell Jin "The Whole Truth" as Jack suggested she do. If Baldy is the Dad this could lead to many crazy things. There's always been a long-running rumor ever since the Orientation Video that some of the financial backers of Dharma could be from Korean descent. And theory goes on to connect Dharma to Sun's Korean Mobster father. There was a potential linking in last night's episode that would support the theory which we'll get to a bit later. But if this is true, who is to say that BALDY, who was originally fixed up with Sun on the blind date by Sun's Father (I think), doesn't work for Dharma himself? Is there a chance we could see him on the island in the future? I'd say it's a definite possibility. Whatever the case, we need another Sun flashback to unfold the missing pieces of the puzzle. The problem this theory presents is that Sun would have to have been pregnant since before the crash. Now only 2 months and change have passed, but she was just starting to show symptoms of being pregnant on the island in this episode. (But I typed up this beautiful theory, so I'm going to leave it!)
  2. Sun didn't cheat on Jin and in fact they were BOTH lied to. But each of them think it's the other person's fault that they can't have children. With this theory we can still link back to Dharma with crazy Baldy, and Daddy, but now we can include the Doctor that hunted Sun down to break the news to her that it was JIN who's got no mojo. But if this theory pans out, then we start to get back into the Mind games that are being played with our fellow survivors. And it reminded me of a theory I came up with after the Season Premiere this season with crazy Desmond and Jack performing a "MIRACLE" on his future wife Sarah. There have been several other miracles now haven't there? Sun is pregnant, Jack saved his wife from certain paralysis, and here it comes.....LOCKE recovered from paralysis upon landing on the island. Anyone think that Locke may have never been paralyzed either but was under the impression that he was? That was a loose theory that I thought about 16 episodes ago, and if this Sun theory #2 pans out, then I would be more convinced than ever. Speaking of Desmond, we now know where he's been hiding all of this time. He's been impersonating some German Spy on 24!

Amazing how I can write that much about an episode that gave us very little isn't it? Well we're not even halfway finished yet!

The High Comedy Factor

Let's lighten up this blog to talk about some comedians on the show.

  • Locke: Shaving with Jack in the shower provided tons of comedy in last night's episode. And then talking about the possibility of informing Ana Lucia about the crazy Wizard of Oz Hatch Guy. Jack "I'll talk to her" Locke "Already Did! ..... She's in there now!" Outstanding! Love how these 2 are just so into their mind games with each other that they're losing track of what's really going on, on the island.
  • Charlie: With the whole gun thing with Ana Lucia and Sayid. And also with the whole "are you talking about the guy in the hatch?" conversation with Ana Lucia. I've missed light-hearted Charlie and this was a nice change to see. But we shouldn't think for one second that he's in the clear for his past actions just yet. Afterall, he DOES have a gun. Which we weren't aware of until today. Which any smart person on the island should figure out that he helped out Sawyer to steal the guns. But...Jack and Locke are too busy one-upping each other to even care.
  • Hurley: Just the fact that he said, "Later Dude" to Sun had me going. But we now know that it's not just Ranch Dressing and Peanut Butter that Hurley's hiding in his stash. He has some fresh UN-MELTED Dharma Candy Bars too. Good times.

The Henry Gale Experiment

Sounds like a reject band from the 80's doesn't it? Well, we already got a little into the whole Jack/Locke leadership feud that is causing disarray amongst the survivors. This has caused the new Trio of Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie to form a search party for the Balloon from OZ that that apparently is a HAPPY BALLOON complete with a smiley face. Awesome. This adventure led to probably the best scene of the night when Ana Lucia apologized to Sayid for killing Shannon. We found out that he wasn't angry at Ana, but at the OTHERS. For if it wasn't for Fear of them, Shannon wouldn't be hanging out with Boone in the afterlife, which coincidentally is NOT on the crazy Island! And was it just me or was Ana Lucia actually likeable last night? I think this is all part of the show's design. We're continually getting more frustrated with Jack and Locke and now are leaning towards rooting for Ana Lucia to succeed in her quest.

Well Gale, while eating Dharma Cereal (where did the cereal come from? I thought they ATE everything that Hurley isn't hiding!) he started to entertain the idea that maybe he IS who they say he might be. And that he may have drawn a map that leads to the certain capture of our 3 new heroes; which would turn them into a bargaining chip for Henry's return to "The Others." I don't think they would go through all of this hinting and evil glares from Henry if he wasn't up to no good. Then again, he may just be bitter about his capture and is intentionally trying to be complicated. But from the previews for next week it DOES look like they're going to find that balloon. But that means nothing. This could all be a setup by the OTHERS, and we'd be ignorant NOT to think that. This whole SEASON has been about them and with 7 episodes left, it's gotta be leading somewhere juicy!

Easter Eggs
Like I said, there's not many that I'm aware of, but we can note the ones that there were! One was a dooooozy!
  • The Pregnancy Test - said something to the effect of "WIDMORE LABS PREGNANCY TEST" If you recall from earlier blogs, that in the ABC Lost Podcast they told us we were meant to see signage on the building shown during Charlie's flashback that said "WIDMORE CONSTRUCTION." We were also told this name may hold something in the regard of DHARMA significance. So, if that's the case, then the question becomes Whose pregnancy test was it and where did they get it? I'm going to say the test WAS Sun's. I mean, why would she even ask Sawyer if he had one if she didn't know there WAS one to look for. So if that's the case is WIDMORE a company that is a MOB Front for her father? That would be a convenient linking wouldn't it? Well, if we were trying to Link Daddy to Dharma. But why would Sun even be flying with a pregnancy test? Maybe she thought she might be pregnant because she cheated on Jin with Baldy? Again, there's more information that needs to be uncovered. Also, I wonder if WIDMORE CONSTRUCTION is a company that Michael ever worked for when he was in the construction profession.
  • Sawyer's Book - Judy Blume's one and only "Are you there God? It's me Margaret" Your guess is as good as mine for what the point of him reading that book is. I would've preferred Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing or Superfudge. But I had to share the high comedy plot synopsis from I seriously couldn't stop laughing at the concept of Sawyer reading this book:
    "If anyone tried to determine the most common rite of passage for preteen girls in North America, a girl's first reading of Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret would rank near the top of the list. Judy Blume and her character Margaret Simon were the first to say out loud (and in a book even) that it is normal for girls to wonder when they are ever going to fill out their training bras. Puberty is a curious and annoying time. Girls' bodies begin to do freakish things--or, as in Margaret's case, they don't do freakish things nearly as fast as girls wish they would. Adolescents are often so relieved to discover that someone understands their body-angst that they miss one of the book's deeper explorations: a young person's relationship with God. Margaret has a very private relationship with God, and it's only after she moves to New Jersey and hangs out with a new friend that she discovers that it might be weird to talk to God without a priest or a rabbi to mediate. Margaret just wants to fit in! Who is God, and where is He when she needs Him? She begins to look into the cups of her training bra for answers ... " I mean seriously....TRAINING BRA? God....we have some comedians on the Lost Writing Staff!
  • The map was drawn on the back of the cover page of the book Locke gave to Gale to read Dostoevsky's "the Brothers Karamazov" Significance? Only thing I can come up with is that it was the most convenient piece of paper that he could find and I'll leave it at that! lol

That's it for now. You guys catch anything else? I'm at a loss without my Preston and Steve Roundtable discussion. I think I still was able to give you tons of bathroom reading material at work. So enjoy! And see you next week for 5 LIFE ALTERING EVENTS THAT WILL HAPPEN IN ONE EPISODE!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Next New Episodes March 22, March 29th!

Sorry everyone, I know in my last blog I had noted that there were no new episodes until April. I apologize. I got my reference from which is usually pretty good with the schedule. It lists the "airdate' for every episode of every show. The next Lost episode was listed as April. There may have been a reschedule. So we're getting 2 in March. Which means probably a couple reruns in April too. So, I hope no one takes these blogs as bible and forget to watch these!

Until March 22nd then!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 15 - Maternity Leave

Ok, so I've pretty much said this at the beginning of each recap. "WOW!!" But one wow just doesn't cut it for this episode. WOW WOW!! Why is it that the Claire episodes rank among the best episodes ever? Outstanding stuff. And well, with every really good episode, comes weeks and weeks to digest the information. That's right kids, no new episode until April! But think about it...that means we're sailing with no breaks to the finale when it comes back! Okay, much to cover in this recaps so I'll just get started. In case for some odd reason you're reading this without having watched the episode. Here's a link to ABC's recap:

Man, I don't even know where to start....there's so much! Well let's just dive in! Something we have not yet seen on Lost before is that a character flashback goes back to a previous experience on the island. Claire slowly regained her memory of the missing 2 weeks from her vacation on the lovely island resort. What did we learn?
  • Ethan is more of a psycho than we thought! Has anyone missed Tom Cruise's cousin being on the show? I sure did! Was great to revisit his character. He opened up to Claire about her having to die to save the baby. And how he was going to miss her. Of course this was right after he drugged her with some Dharma Punch. That dude is just flat out psychotic! But he did keep revisiting the concept of "We're Good people" They were obviously trying to earn Claire's trust of leaving the baby. Not sure why...since they were going to kill her anyway.
  • The Lost producers refer to him as "Mr. Friendly," Sawyer and fans refer to him as Zeke. But now what do we call him? Gordon's Fisherman Impersonator? The dude is putting on a disguise for our fellow survivors. Kate found Zeke's hidden stash of his infamous Hat, the beard, and the "Theatrical Glue" So....anyone want to revisit the TRUMAN SHOW theory? Yeah, me either...but it's always fun to think that they're all on a Live TV show. If that was the answer to the mystery...I think I'd be more upset than if it was Purgatory! So what's the logical conclusion then? Maybe Zeke has run into our survivors PRIOR to Island life. And he needs to disguise himself so he isn't recognized. He also made a reference to "HIM not being happy" common guesses are that he was referring to Alvar Hanso.....since even Zeke himself has quoted him before as a GREAT MAN. But, that just seems too easy. Looks like someone higher up is in charge on this island? Who else could it be? Locke's "DAD"? Sun's DAD (The Korean linking in the Dharma video)? Hell, it could even be JACK's Dad for all we know! I'm not convinced he's dead (corpse and all)! Yes, I'm obsessed with it being a character's dad. It could be someone else.
  • So, while Ethan was pretending to be a doctor (along with Zeke)....(or maybe he IS a doctor..who knows)....Ethan injected the Baby with some kind of Vaccine. We have confirmation that the vaccine is the same one that Desmond was injecting himself with. It seems like this disease is something that eventually is going to start taking victims on the island. You know the one that causes Quarantine to be written on the inside of the HATCHES?
  • yep..I said Hatches. I totally forgot to mention we have a new Hatch! A new Dharma station with the medical symbol. I mean, we already knew from the previews, but it was still exciting. And this puppy comes complete with a BABY ROOM! There's tons of stuff to play with and there's that crazy mobile of spinning oceanic planes. Anyone notice the song playing? It was "Catch a Falling Star and Put it in Your Pocket" Anyone know the significance of this song? I suggest we all revisit season 1 and the Claire flashback episode "Raised by Another" hmmmmm Raised by AN OTHER? niiiiice. But anyway, my point being that Claire, while in the lawyer's office with the adopting parents, asks the new parents to sing to the baby "Catch A Falling Star" when putting the baby to sleep. This raises many questions. Was the lawyer one of the OTHERS? Were the adopted parents in on the plan? And more importantly, that crazy Psychic (you know the Russian President on 24) that KNEW the plane was going to crash put Claire on it! Maybe he was included in the Truman Show script! (just kidding!) But seriously, maybe there is more to the psychic than we originally thought.
  • Also in the baby room were more methods of transportation....TRAINS (like the mechanical sound that accompanies the smoke monster), Boats (like Walt was taken on)....and of course the Planes. All speculation on the P&S blogs.
  • Another comment about our new Hatch. Apparently there was a sign on one of the doors in the hallway that clearly said "ESCAPE HATCH" but this sign was only there during the flashbacks. In the present day, there was no sign. hmmmmm
  • We also finally met Alex. And she's not such a bad girl! She saved Claire right before she was going to be chopped up to get the baby out of her! Way to go Alex. We also found out Rousseau isn't up to anything fishy (for now at least) and actually was trying to save Claire....we finally saw the entire scratching of the arms scene.....and Rousseau knocked Claire out (who was still drugged)...and carried her back to where Locke and Boone found her. Good stuff.
  • Jury's still out with Libby. I'm still not convinced she's one of the survivor's and not a Plant from the Others. She's always acting so shady! But we did catch her talking to Hurley once again. There has to be a good story coming up there (in flashbacks...and/or on the island!)
  • Oh, and we find out that Jack was right about Aaron, he didn't have anything more than a cold or something....and finally recovered. But at least Claire went all Mom crazy anyway and went looking for answers!
  • Speaking of Jack, all this talk and we still haven't even touched on Jack, Locke and their little prisoner! Listening to the podcast they explained the concept of the prisoner in the hatch. We are not meant to know if Henry is an OTHER or Not. And it doesn't really matter on the surface. What the situation brings is that he is an unknown person on the island...and there are roughly 40 something people trying to co-exist in a community. But there is still no Social Structure and no LAWS on this island. Kinda like the start of Deadwood! (I know..I'm the only one that watches!) So, it raises a lot of questions on how to treat newcomers to their group? And how far is too far in interrogation? Well, based on what we've seen of Henry, he's either really bitter and trying to cause problems, or he is intentionally there to cause problems. And he is going to spark some major controversy between Jack and Locke. Back to the social structure.....Henry questioned why Locke let Jack call all the shots. Locke says that they make decisions together. Henry didn't see it that way....which caused Locke to go all psycho and break plates that they served fruit mush on. Major conflict is brewing!
  • There was also the whole debate about Hemingway and Dostoevsky and their two different styles. I'm not going to say I understood any of it besides the fact that Henry was looking to cause conflict between Jack and Locke. But the book was Dostoevsky's "the Brothers Karamazov" here's a link An entry on the P&S blog had the following to say ""The book is written on two levels: on the surface it is the story of a patricide in which all of the murdered man's sons share varying degrees of complicity but, on a deeper level, it is a spiritual drama of the moral struggles between faith, doubt, reason, and free will. ""
  • Okay....and what is up with EKO??? He marks up these trees and tells Charlie that "these are the ones I like" (I guess they didn't burn down???).....and then he starts chopping them down? And he needed a saw. What's he making? Firewood or something else? Then of course he went all crazy with meeting Henry and pulled a knife out and apologized to Henry. (because he needed to tell someone? Is that so? There must be more to it) But I guess he was growing those 2 little goatee extensions as a penance for killing the two men. And then he chopped them off with the knife. Gotta love crazy Eko.
  • may want to go have a look at a video about the Dharma Initiative (FYI, this link should bring your media player right up) I think it's pretty bogus, but it looks authentic until they start showing people at the end. But someone went to great lengths to make it. So check it out!

Yep, I said there was a lot. And I'm sure I missed a lot. And I'm expecting there to be much discussion! (not sure one EVER comments!) Please submit anything else you have found that I didn't cover! Share people!

So hope you enjoyed my thoughts and hope it's enough reading material to last you until April. By my math, there are 9 episodes left, with probably a 2 hour finale (which counts as 2 episodes) 8 weeks of episodes should take us straight from April to the Final episode. That sounds like an offer too good to pass up! It's funny that every show since the invention of Television has gone through a 24 or 22 episode cycle from September to May, but people just seem to notice all of the breaks more with LOST than any other show! But that's because it's such gripping television! Well LostHeads....see you in about 4 weeks!