Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LOST: Series Finale Countdown - 23 Mysteries Revisited and Then Some

HELLO LOSTIES!!!!  You knew I wouldn't let you down, right?  I just couldn't let a week go by in the final season without posting something.   We have 5 hours left (4 episodes) in the final season of LOST. What is my season verdict so far?  I'm sure most of you know: WOW!!!!!   I'm sure others disagree and are still clamoring for answers.  This seemed like a good time to catch our breath and consider the answers that we HAVE received.  And, well, some that we didn't! 

 If you all recall, I posted back in January (23 days before the premiere) with my 23 Mysteries to Ponder in the Final Season of LOST (You might want to read it as a refresher as I don't really rehash my questions as much as continue the discussions below).  I'm here to say that we're doing pretty well on answers folks!  But you don't have to take my word for it, you can read on to see how we're doing!   But, naturally, with any season of LOST new questions are always being introduced.  And, to many fans' frustrations, we have gotten LOTS of new things to ponder as we head towards the finale.  I will name a few of these in Section #2 of the posting.  The 3rd section will be a miscellaneous section of other questions that I raised in the original blog posting that didn't make the 23 Cut.    Hope you're excited for more reading material, because I think I went overboard again.  

23 Mysteries From January 2010 - REVISITED

1.) What's up with Walt? Well, we haven't learned much more about Walt than we have known since the beginning of the season.  We know the ghost of his father is trapped on the Island.   We know that the producers were actively trying to figure out a way to write Walt back into the show for an appearance.  But we still don't know what THE OTHERS wanted with him and why they got more than they bargained for with him.  We don't know anything about his "special powers" or why he was having crazy dreams about Locke off the island.  We don't know why "Taller Ghost Walt" appeared to Locke and if it was actually Walt.  Yes, we could acknowledge the kid aged....but we also know that they specifically brought up that he was taller on the show.    And can we relate this to the other Kid that is appearing on the Island to certain candidates?  He seems to be aging in every appearance as well.   Jury is still out on if we'll get some Walt resolution in the final 5 hours. 

2.) Desmond's Incomplete Story - Well, I think we're going to focus more on these "rules not applying to Desmond" more than finding out why he was in Military Prison back in the day.  And hey, that's the more interesting part of the equation anyway.  We know Eloise told him the Island wasn't done with him and we know Widmore brought him back.  So now what?  Well, Desmond has witnessed both the Island and Sideways timelines by his respective selves and is on some crazy mission in both timelines.  Desmond is seen with Jacob-like omniscience in both lands.  Is this significant?  Did he turn Sayid back to the LIGHT SIDE after the well incident?  Why did he really run over Locke in the Sideways timeline?  (revenge on Flocke for throwing him in a well, or to "WAKE JOHN UP in Sideways land?) Time will tell, but our resident Hatch imploder definitely will play a pivotal role in the end game.

3.) Eloise Hawking's Knowledge of the Future (and now Sideway!) - Well, we don't know how she knew that Red Shoes man was going to die back in season 3's "Flashes Before Your Eyes" but now we have bigger problems.  Not only did she know what was going on in the Island timeline, she seems to have a leg up on everyone in the Sideways timeline as well.  She even told Desmond that he finally has Charles Widmore's approval, which is what he wanted more than anything in his Island existence.  How does she know this?  Is she aware that the events they put in motion at the end of season 5...the events that she spent her whole adult live doing (raising her child and sending him to his ultimate death) has potentially led to this sideways existence?  Is she content with that knowledge?  Then why did she tell Desmond that he wasn't ready to know the truth "YET?"   Ahhh the crazy YET thrown in there to make us keep pondering.

4.) Who are Adam and Eve?  The theories on this have been running wild.  There have been allusions in season 6 that this answer is coming.  Jack and Hurley visited the caves.  Hurley talked about them time traveling again to Dinosaur times and that the bodies might be 2 of them (the LOSTIES).  This was in reference to many of us speculating last season that 2 of the time traveling LOSTIES might be Adam and Eve.  It is still possible, maybe it WILL be Rose and Bernard?   Maybe it will be Sawyer and Kate as people have pointed out Sideways Sawyer giving Sideways Kate an Apple.  Eh, maybe.  I'm not seeing it!   Me?  I've thrown my own crazy theory out there that perhaps Adam is the Man in Black and Eve his his LOVE that possibly was killed.  Something that MIB blames Jacob for and it ended their long-standing friendship.  It's a stretch, or is it really?  MIB told Sawyer that he used to be a man, that he once suffered LOSS.  I am not ruling it out yet.   But why the bodies or the decomposition of the clothes are 40-50 years old?  Eh, can't explain that one.   Some people have disregarded Jack's initial analysis since he is a spinal surgeon and gave an estimate.  It's possible, but the WRITERS wrote the script, not Jack!  I guess it could be related to the purging of the US Military in the 1950's but I don't think people would be satisfied with that answer.  Damon and Carlton promised when we found out their identities we would know they had a plan since the beginning.  I'm still doubting anything could prove that, but I'm still excited to find out who they are!

5.) The Tale of the REAL Henry Gale - Yep, we may as well just forget about this one! 

6.) Libby's Stay at the Mental Institution - Well, how about a compromise on this one?  We found out why she was nuts in the Sideways timeline. Because she saw Hurley on a TV commercial and recognized him!  Turns out Libby and Hurley are star-crossed lovers and destined to be with each other.  TRUE LOVE.  Does this explain why she was married to some David guy who had a boat?  Does it explain why Hurley was seeing a ghost or a figment of his imagination named DAVE?   No, but we can still theorize that David and Dave are the same guy.   Does it explain why Libby looked insane and obsessive over Hurley in the Institution?  Nope, but I'm guessing we're not getting that answer.  I'm a little saddened by this, but hey, we still got a great Hurley Sideways episode this season.  And I wouldn't trade that up for that answer!  Hurley found some love!  Will it last?  Well, that depends on how Sideways ends up.

7.) The Whole Richard Not Aging thing - CHECK!  We got an answer.  Richard "CHOSE" to be that way and Jacob granted it.  Is that the answer we all wanted?  Probably not.  But how awesome was Ab Aeterno?  An instant classic episode that joins the ranks of THE CONSTANT and THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.  ( I still rank these 2 higher though).

8.) Where is our Black Rock backstory? CHECK!  They tied it into the Richard story.  Of course, we're left with more questions than answers.  Why was this story set in 1867 when we know that the Black Rock left Portsmouth England in the 1840's, and the journal of the first mate was found in the 1850s.  ALL BEFORE 1867!  (I hear the Enhanced Version of this episode that aired last night explains these inconsistencies.  I'm going to have to watch that!)  And I thought it was really interesting that we never saw Magnus Hanso's face.  Just like we barely saw Alvar Hanso's face either.  This Hanso family is shrouded with mystery.  This led many of us to speculate that perhaps the Black Rock had come to the Island SEVERAL times prior to its final voyage with Richard.  Maybe the Hanso family was assisting Jacob in shuttling people to the Island (how DID DHARMA end up there in the first place anyway?).  Or...perhaps Hanso = Jacob!  Maybe we'll never know.  

9.) How did the 4-toed Statue (Taweret) get destroyed only to leave the one foot (Jacob's home)? - Ab Aeterno answered all 3 of these questions in one shot!  The Black Rock caught onto a huge wave and took down the statue on its way inland.  That's all well and good, but now we're wondering why Jacob and MIB were talking in the middle of the day when the Black Rock was arriving (yes folks, it WAS the Black Rock) and then it was totally night time when it hit that statue.  Does anyone remember Charlie talking in the season 1 episode about if the weather changing so suddenly was normal?  (Day turning into night, end of the world type weather)    Sources tell me (in other words: Damon and Carlton in their podcast) that we will be seeing more with the WEATHER on the Island before the show is over.  So they were totally implying that this storm may have been summoned up pretty quickly as the Black Rock was arriving to the Island.   Perhaps Jacob can control the weather?  Maybe the ISLAND gets all crazy with weather to welcome new visitors?   Correct me if I'm wrong, but it rained when Jack, Kate and Charlie went to the fuselage, it rained as the Black Rock arrived to the Island, and it rained when the helicopter came off the freighter with Daniel and crew.  I don't think it rained when Naomi parachuted onto the Island.  Or when 316 came back.  It was a stretch!  But definitely plan to see more here!  

10.) What IS the Smoke Monster?  CHECK!!  The awesome part of this is, a lot of us had thrown out the possibility that the Man in Black aka Fake Locke was indeed the Smoke monster!   But even when it was confirmed for us on the show, we got an awesome reveal with Smokey ripping up Jacob's bodyguards (another answer) and then Flocke telling Ben "I'm sorry you had to see me like that."   NICE!!!  Great stuff.   Of course, we still don't know the ORIGIN of the Smoke Monster.  We don't know the Man in Black's backstory or his name.  We don't know how he BECAME the Smoke Monster.  Was it a position bestowed on him by Jacob?  Did he have some sort of ACCIDENT?  Did he jump into the Island volcano? (that we have yet to see)  Created from Lava hence his aversion to ASH?    Can he be Smokey OFF of the Island if he gets loose or is there some properties on the Island that make him that way?   Like I mentioned in the original 23 Mysteries Post, I don't think we're going to get into the physical decomposition of what makes smokey, Smokey but it would be nice to get an origin story to the Man in Black!  There's only so much time left!   I'd also like to know why Ben was able to summon Smokey especially if the TEMPLE OTHERS are so fearful of him.  Maybe they were only fearful of him because Jacob was dead.  Maybe they were "untouchable" before then.   And the same with Dogen.  Smokey couldn't get into the Temple until Dogen was dead.   But for Smokey to actually do something FOR Ben?  Was it for his ultimate goal?  To get Ben to leave the Island followed by Locke, Ben to Kill Locke and Jack to bring him back?  Eh, you got me!   I'm not sure we'll get an answer to it either, but it was still one awesome scene to watch Smokey rip up the freighter crew!

11.) The Interconnected Lives of our Island Dwellers - SORTA CHECK!   We are kind of seeing that these people were meant to interact in the Island life AND in the Sideways life.  But why?  Jacob did touch some of them pushing these people towards the Island.  We found out that many of them have been candidates to replace Jacob and protect the world from Evil.  We know that Jacob was watching all of these people from this Lighthouse.  But I still want more!  I don't even know what I want, but I'm sure the big answers will become very clear in the final hours (Or ambiguously clear if not very!)

12.) The eternal Love Triangle (Jack/Kate/Sawyer). How will it End? - This one is still anyone's guess.  Maybe neither of them get the girl in the end.  Right now Sawyer has a leg up in Sideways land, but I think we have yet to see our big Jack/Kate moment.  And with LOVE playing a big part in connecting the Sideways land to the Island Timeline, I would think some resolution will be coming here.  Of course, we still have to consider that not all 3 of these people will be standing alive in the end.  Time will tell.

13.) Desmond's Vision of Claire and "baby" getting into a Helicopter - Yep, we still haven't seen this one and there is no baby and no helicopter in sight.  Some people suggest that Desmond had "told Charlie what he needed to hear" to get him to punch in that code and drown to save Claire and Aaron.  I don't buy it.  I believe Desmond did see this vision.  I read or heard a theory recently where this person suggested that maybe we'll see Claire give birth in sideways land and for some reason her and the baby will need to be air-lifted somewhere from there.  Possible and would be interesting that Desmond saw a sideways vision way back in season 3.  But I just don't know.  Right now I'm thinking that we won't be seeing this one!   Maybe Man in Black (confirmed that he was portraying Christian Shephard) interfered with this vision becoming a reality and took Claire off of the grid intentionally to CHANGE that vision.  Maybe it played into his end game.  Will we get that confirmed on the show?  I don't know.  5 hours left, it's anyone's guess what is important!

"I did this for Claire!" 
(ummm Where's Claire?)

14.) The Ghosts, The Dreams and the Crazy Animals (and the whispers!)- I added the whispers in here since we got an answer.  We learned there are Ghosts trapped on the island and they make up the Whispers.  Many people had associated whispers with The Others.  Damon and Carlton jumped in on their podcast and suggested that maybe the whispers began to get louder as a "WARNING" when the Others were around.   Maybe, I dunno.   What does it mean that Ghosts are trapped on the island?   Michael said it was because of what he did (kill Ana Lucia and Libby).  Does that mean he is not in Sideways Land?  Maybe ghosts trapped on the Island can't exist in that Sideways place?   We saw Eko, Ana Lucia and Charlie as Ghosts OFF Island (we didn't see Eko actually but we know he was there).  So were they not punished for killing Ethan or various others?  Or Ana Lucia wasn't punished for shooting a man in cold blood PRE-ISLAND?   I dunno.   We also have seen Christian Shephard off Island but that's a totally different topic.  We'll get there!    As for the Dreams - Some suggest they were initiated by the MIB.  I don't know if we know he can do such a thing yet!  Not sure if we'll get an answer to this one.  We'll see.    Crazy Animals - Kate's Horse, the Hurley Bird, Sawyer's Boar.  I don't know if we'll get anything on them either.  But Kate definitely saw a Black Horse on that Island and it seemed to be the same horse that helped her get free from the Marshal at one point.  Perhaps this was Jacob somehow interacting with Kate to make sure she stayed on track?  So now he's an animangus?! (how's that for some Harry Potter talk?)   I just don't know.  I'm not too concerned about that stuff though.  Mainly the Ghosts.

15.) Is Ben really a villain or truly a good guy who had done bad things to get the job done? - Well what do you know, "Dr. Linus" focused on this issue specifically!  Ben seems to have repented, but last we saw he went with Richard and Miles to blow up a plane.  Jury is still out if he'll stay repented.  But it would seem we'll may still have a Ben vs. Widmore battle after all!

16.) Christian Shephard - The long lasting enigma of LOST. We finally got some answers in the last episode. But we still have questions! Yes Smokey has been impersonating Christian. He came to Claire and took her off the map when the Oceanic 6 left the island. He apparently came clean to Claire that he was NOT her dead father but somehow befriended Claire. But we still have questions on Christian. I have given up on the mystery around his murder in Australia. Maybe Christian really did drink himself to death. Why he left the wallet in the hotel room? Eh, we'll never know. But I cannot believe that every appearance of Christian was the Smoke Monster. Remember off island when Ghost Charlie told Hurley (off camera) that Jack is going to get a visitor too? Remember that Jack was at the hospital and saw his dead father back in the suit sitting on a seat and he yelled "JACK" to get his son's attention? Yeah, remember how we learned Smokey is trapped on the island? So what gives!? The ironic part of all of this is that the smoke detector was beeping right before Ghost Christian showed up! Red Herring? I know I totally thought it was smoke monster induced back in season 4. But based on our knowledge of Smokey's Island prison, I have now changed my mind. There also is the instance where Flannel Shirt Christian shows up to Michael right before the freighter blows up and he says "you can go now." WHAT WAS THAT?!?! Smokey can't fly across the water, he already stated this. So was this THE ISLAND speaking to Michael? Was it ghost Christian again? Or was it somehow Smokey? Yikes...lots of questions. One thing that I'm convinced will happen before the end of this show: Jack and Christian will have a conversation. It has to be the Ghost version, right? Smokey is stuck as Locke since Jacob was killed, so I guess we'll see. I wonder how Christian's missing corpse in Sideways land will play into all of this as well? You would think that would come back into this. Anyway, since Christian was one of the first mysteries on the show, it would be fitting if it was one of the last ones resolved. I sure hope this is on Darlton's agenda!

17. The Psychic Malkin in Australia - I think I'm giving up on this one too. He seemed to be such a pivotal role in season 1 when he KNEW Flight 815 was going to crash and proclaimed the importance of Claire's unborn child being raised by her. Then in season 2 he admits to Eko that he's a fraud. I thought we were going to find out that he played a part in getting people to the Island. But, perhaps not. As I mentioned in January, this theme has continued throughout the series of Claire needing to raise Aaron (as we see - Kate raised her and now this has caused issues with Crazy Claire! And we learned that MIB had a crazy mother.). If we found out that Aaron somehow ends up being the Man in Black then the psychic's fears would be explained. But, do we really think that is going to happen? We have swallowed a lot of what the writers have sent our way (Time Travel, Island moving Donkey wheels, Ghosts, Smokey Monsters) but do we see them going somewhere with this that Aaron will end up being the Man in Black and will have time traveled back to the past and got caught in an eternal feud with Jacob? I'm not seeing it! So I'm willing to let the need for more information on Malkin go.

18. ) What's in the Guitar Case? - CHECK!  We found this out very quickly in season 6.  It was a large wooden ankh that had the list of Jacob's candidates inside.  Of course, we're still debating who the "6" living candidates are (since John Locke is dead).  But, it might not really matter because we'll probably be finding out soon who the "CHOSEN ONE" is.   Is it too obvious that it could be Jack?  I'm thinking that way too, but how could it NOT be Jack?  We even saw Jacob telling Hurley that Jack saw what he needed to see and now he had to think about it after the LIGHTHOUSE.  It would seem like Jacob is grooming Jack to be the man.  But we haven't even confirmed if Jacob is indeed THE GOOD GUY!  Or if there even is a definitive Good and Evil on this Island.  But I'm getting ahead of myself!

19.) Who are the Shadow of the Statue people? CHECK! The Shadow of the Statue people were trained as bodyguards for Jacob (not very good ones) and at the very least, Ilana was trained to protect the CANDIDATES from ol' Smokey. Now, we can sit here and talk about all of the inconsistencies and why Ilana let Sun out of her sights in season 5 when she went traipsing around with Lapidus lookign for Jin. But let's just accept that this happened and the writers do tend to flush things out more from season to season. There are still questions to why Bram tried to recruit Miles and to NOT go with Charles Widmore to the Island. He clearly said that he was on the "wrong side". But now Widmore seemed like he wanted to HELP the Losties when he finally returned to the Island. Of course, he just broke off his deal with Sawyer. This could be for various reasons. He overheard Sawyer's plan to break the deal himself and steal the sub or he was just playing Sawyer from the start. So then does this mean Widmore is on Smokey's side? I don't think so. Smokey pretty much declared war on Widmore quoting Charles himself with something he told John "A war is coming to the Island and if you're not back there, the wrong side is going to win." Yikes, this stuff is getting kind of confusing! I'm sure it will lead to one epic conclusion, but I hope we're able to follow who is on what side! My guess is though, as long as we're rooting for our LOSTIES, we'll know what side is supposed to win!   Oh yeah, and while we're on the subject - how awesome was it that Ilana blew up "Arzt Style" a couple episodes ago!?? 

20.) What is the Temple? - CHECK! We finally saw the Temple, and did this very early in season 6 as well! I know people were very underwhelmed by the 6 hours we spent in temple land and compare it to the 6 hours we spent in Polar Bear cages in season 3. Yeah, I guess it was similar but we definitely got some answers during our time there. No, the Temple didn't turn out to be a gateway to OFF of the Island (but was the Lighthouse one?) so we still don't know how Richard, Tom Friendly and others came and went freely from the island and so quickly. (I'd imagine the sub ride took awhile which does not explain how Richard grabbed Anthony Cooper from a car crash and brought him instantly to the Island). But the Temple did certainly have a healing spring that somehow resurrected Sayid Jarrah from his season 5 gunshot wound. Sure, he seems to have been "CLAIMED" (whatever that means) by the Smoke Monster, but no one can deny that he is walking around after being dead for 2 hours. Does this have something to do with Sideways land and near death or ACTUAL death experiences? Time will tell. We do know that the water normally wasn't discolored in the spring. So when Ben was healed in it, it was clear water and he must have been revived instantly. He probably wasn't claimed by Smokey but Richard did discuss the "taking of his innocence" when he took Ben from Kate and Sawyer. What does it all mean? Your guess is as good as mine, but I'm guessing we won't be revisiting any Temple stuff. So we are free to speculate as we like! Oh right, and the Temple was the last sanctuary away from Smokey, but since Smokey got to Sayid ...he was able to remove Dogen from power (i.e. Sayid killed him) and then Smokey was free to come into the temple and wreak havoc on any OTHERS that didn't join him. Cindy and the Kids survive. Do we think all of the OTHERS believe MIB that they have been lied to all of their time on the Island? We know that Ben was trying to keep people on the island even though some wanted to leave (season 3 discussion with Locke before he blew up the sub). Has Jacob really trapped these people on the Island? Is MIB really trying to get people off of the Island with him? (It's kill or be killed...and I don't want to be killed!) Time will tell.

21.) Who or What is Jacob? - Looks like I was onto something with my speculations in January of Jacob. Especially how he became a "Ben Kenobi" like character (Loved the scenes so far with Hurley and Jacob interacting....but where has Jacob been the past 7-ish episodes?) We still don't know much about this mysterious man. We've been spending more time getting to know the Man in Black (who is still mysterious). The biggest scene we got with Jacob was his conversation with Richard in 1867 on the beach near the destructed 4-toed statue. Jacob and MIB have some kind of POINT their trying to prove to each other. Jacob thinks people are inherently good, MIB thinks all people are corruptible. I guess Jacob things he only has to succeed once to prove his point "It only ends once." Well, maybe twice. Because we did see MIB try to coerce Richard into killing Jacob, but he failed. Richard ended up working for Jacob. Of course, the fact that Richard and Jacob may have wiped out an entire US Military for whatever reason doesn't make us feel warm inside. Richard said something like "we had to do it" to Daniel. Huh? And who is responsible for ordering that Purge of the DHARMA initiative? If it ends up being Jacob, it would shed him in a new light wouldn't it? Jacob also showed a pretty mean side to Richard before he started boozing up on wine any everything. But, from what we can gather, Jacob has been watching all of his candidates their entire lives and he has been GUARDING the Island, protecting it's one prisoner of ULTIMATE Evil (Smokey? The Trapped Ghost Whisperers?? both?) from ever leaving the Island. And the people that he PUSHED to the Island (Our 815ers plus others), were mainly candidates to replace him when he was killed. Even those few comments of mine may not be actual fact, but it's what we've been led to believe. Yet still, Damon and Carlton give us reason to doubt that Jacob is the almighty GOOD PERSON on this Island. They suggest that MIB might be justified in his cause. It would seem that every character on LOST has justified reasons for acting the way they do. We just need learn their backstories to find out exactly what those reasons are! And something tells me this might just happen before the end.

22.) Is Locke Really Dead? - I think we know the answer to this now.  He most certainly is dead in the Island timeline.  We know people are "waking up in the Sideways timeline."  Some, including myself, have speculated that the John Locke we see in the Sideways Timeline is actually the Man in Black.  An injured Sun seeing an injured Locke in the hospital seems to recognize him as pure evil as well.  But she may be remembering the Island timeline.  I cannot honestly believe that John Locke is gone in both timelines at this juncture.  And I do not believe we have seen the last of island John Locke.  Yes, maybe he'll be a ghost when we see him.  But there has to be some kind of redemption scene for everything he's gone through.  Say what you want about the character, he was one of the most beloved LOST characters from the minute he wiggled his toes and stood up on that Island.  For the Man in Black to go as far as calling Locke a "SUCKER" makes me think that they're setting us up for a big Locke scene before the end.  How?  No clue, but that's the beauty of LOST!

23.) What is the Island? - Can you believe it?  We actually doubted we'd get an answer to this one and we got one.  One so descriptive, Damon and Carlton realized it was almost over when their Wine Bottle and Cork analogy ended up in the actual episode Ab Aeterno, right smack in the middle of the season.  They were planning to "avoid the question" again and then they realized, you know what?  This is the final season, we have someone who knows something talking about the Island to someone else.  THIS IS THE TIME to unveil the answer!  What is the Island?  A CORK!  More specifically, something STOPPING some kind of Evil from being unleashed into the world.  Jacob is the guardian of said Cork and making sure that this evil does not leave the Island.  We already discussed this above.  What is the evil?  Well, my first instinct and probably my 2nd and 3rd instinct is to believe that Jacob believes the Smoke Monster must be kept on this Island.  The Man in Black, whomever he is.   Of course, we also know that there are ghosts that have done "not so great things" that are trapped on this island, hence the whispers.  Does MIB getting off the Island signify the release of these Ghosts?  Is that why Michael was so adamant about Hurley getting to Flocke?  Eh, we have 5 more hours to figure that out.    Now, as for how this Island has all of these scientific elemental properties (huge whopping loads of Electro-magnetic energy), well we don't quite know that.  Some suggest that it could be related to this volcano that we have never seen on the Island.   I have heard on good faith that we will be hearing or seeing more about this volcano before the end too.   SO MAYBE!   What about the Island's healing powers?  Do we still believe that the Island healed Locke, healed Rose, kept Jack from needing his appendix removed until he decided he was going to leave the Island?   Or do we think this was all Jacob?  A human with supernatural healing powers all on his own?  I think I'm more inclined to believe of a magical island before I believe in a magical man!  But that's just me.  I want to believe this Island was still a character on the show and it wasn't just the people on it that were setting these rules.  But that's just me.   Back when the show started, did I want specific explanations to why Locke was walking again?  Why people were getting healed?  Yeah.   Do I want the curtain unveiled now and have the writers make up scientific explanations for why it happened or do we just want to believe that this fictional place exists where crazy things happen to normal people put into these situations?   You know, I could go either way on it still.   I do want answers, I'm not going to lie.  But, I still want my intrigue at the end of the day.  I want to be able to go back and rewatch the show with some sense of mystery and magic with what is going on to these characters.   I know I drink the producer Kool-aid but I think their explanation of going all "midi-chlorian" on us is a great one.  Did anyone want to know how THE FORCE worked in Star Wars?  Did we need to know that there were tiny organisms living inside the Jedi's bodies?  REALLY GEORGE?!?!?    Granted, 2 different types of show.  Star Wars was action/adventure/fantasy.  LOST is MYSTERY/Adventure/Science-Fiction/Fantasy.   It's the mystery part that kind of ruins the analogy.  Most mysteries are resolved at the end.    I still say we will have a very satisfying conclusion and I am going to hold all of my complaints about the NON-ANSWERS until we've had time to mourn the ending of the greatest TV SHOW to ever grace TV! 

    Season 6 Questions to Ponder in the Final Hours

    • What is up with the Flash Sideways? We learned that after THE INCIDENT, life went on in the present as we knew it for our LOSTIES.  Whatever Happened did certainly still happen.  Oh, but it wasn't that easy was it?  This whole Flash Sideways timeline came into existence.  If you believe Sideways Faraday, then it was most certainly caused by Jughead.  But I still want confirmation by someone in the know! (like maybe Faraday's mother herself.)   What exactly is the sideways?  Well, we're not quite sure.  But we know that the LOSTIES are "waking up" due to near death experiences and connecting with TRUE LOVES from their Island existence.  We also know that Juliet saw herself having coffee with Sawyer right before she died on the Island.  Her dying thoughts were "It worked!"   So, did it?   Are these LOSTIES destined to live a life of bliss in Sideways Land?  Do they all need to die on the Island first?  I don't really think that's where this is going.  But I do think the timelines will converge into one somehow.  And Desmond seems to be the key in both timelines to opening the LOSTIES' collective eyes.  Right now, it seems like Island Jack might be having the next vision of  his sideways existence.  Afterall, he did just fly 20 feet after being thrown from a Widmore Bomb Blast!   And does that cut on his neck after the bomb match up with his cut on his neck on Flight 815 in the sideways universe? And speaking of mirrors, why do they keep showing the sideways crew looking into their reflections!?  Yes, LOST has thrown us many curveballs but it has saved its riskiest for its final act.  Showing us 2 timelines all season and not letting us in on what's going on until the very end.   It's a gamble, and I'm sure hoping it pays off! 
    • UPDATED:  Cannot believe I forgot this ->  Why is the Island Underwater in Sideways Land? - Is it a result of Jughead? Is it a result of events yet to happen in the Island Timeline present? Is it a result of something totally different? We know that Ben and his father Roger were on that Island at one point in the Sideways timeline. What would have happened to cause that Island to sink? We see that the Statue only has one the Black Rock must have crashed into the statue. We see that the DHARMA Barracks and Shark are there so all of that fun stuff still happened. What CHANGED? Time will tell I hope!
    • How important are Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking? They seem to have a lot of knowledge with what is going on.  Eloise, we learned, had Daniel's journal to guide her through the future events of her life (yes we've discussed this at length many times.  Some the things she knew didn't add up).  But in Sideways Land, she seems to know everything that's going on there too!  It's almost like she sent Daniel on the path back to the Island to get killed by her so that it would set off the chain of events to blowing up Jughead and create this Sideways world where she would have her son again.  Crazy, right?  So is this show!   As for Widmore, well he's always been very mysterious in his intentions.  The one thing that we knew he has always wanted was THE ISLAND.  He wanted it back from Ben.  Ever since that infamous scene in season 4, he has seemed nothing but genuinely wanting to help the LOSTIES.  But he makes comments to Sawyer about how he knows so little of what's going on.  Thus implying that Charles Widmore may know A LOT of what is going on.  Somebody better spill the beans before people start getting offed!     
    • Who should we believe, MIB or Jacob?  How about both? We are being led to believe that MIB is the BAD GUY and Jacob is the GOOD GUY but nothing is ever clean cut on LOST, right?  The producers keep feeding us that bug that MIB may be truly just in his actions.  Like I said, a backstory on these 2 might clear this whole situation right up!  Or at least, give us more things to ponder.  I've been keeping a running theory that all I care about is ALL OF THE LOSTIES fighting for one cause in the end.  And I have even stated that there is a possibility that they don't listen to Jacob or MIB in the end.  Of course, that seems to be what Sawyer's plan was and that isn't working too well.   Seems like all hope lies in Jack, Desmond and maybe Sayid right now.   Of course, who knows how Richard, Miles and Ben will play into this with their grenades and stuff! 
    • Who will be the Chosen Candidate? As I mentioned above, all signs seem to be pointing to Jack.  But that seems too obvious doesn't it?   We know that Hurley has a special connection with Ghost Jacob, so that could be an interesting twist.  We know that Kate's name was not on the WALL (or MIB implied it was crossed off), but we also know her name was on Jacob's Lighthouse Dial and NOT crossed off.  The producers indicated that her name may have been left off the wall to throw MIB off the scent of her.   Then of course, there is omnipotent Desmond!  His name hasn't been thrown around as a candidate either, but everyone is mentioning his Jacob-like tendencies.  Time will tell!  
    • What is Desmond up to? Well, we discussed this a bit too.  But ever since he got to witness the sideways land with his own eyes and sideways Desmond witnessed the Island life - these 2 versions of Desmond seem to be on a joint mission.  Are they AWARE of things happening in both timelines simultaneously?  That would be kinda nuts, right?   It might explain why he ran over Locke in sideways after Flocke threw him in the well though.   But, Desmond also seemingly knew exactly what to say to Sayid to possibly snatch him from MIB's CLAIMED clutches.  And he seemed to be able to get Sideways Hugo to witness his Island past after he shared a kiss with Sideways Libby.   Seems drastic but maybe this is how he needed to wake LOCKE up.  After all, Charlie did turn Desmond's car into the bay to show "HIM" what he needed to see.    Can't wait to see what is going on! 
    • How is Sayid still alive? We have said it again and again: Dead is Dead  Even last season perplexed us with Locke and the answer was right in front of our face.  It wasn't Locke, it was Smokey!  Miles - the death expert, explains to Sayid that he was dead for 2 hours and now he is walking around like everything is fine.  Well, except that he was highly emotional when he woke up (and a bit of a whiny baby!) and after he started doing MIB's bidding, he began to feel NOTHING.   Even though the producers joked about a zombie season 7 on their podcast over the years, we have been promised that there would be no ZOMBIES on LOST.  So what gives?   Is this our latest mystery to figure out how he's still walking around?  Really, the only thing I can come up with is somehow tying this to Sideways stuff.   But I still don't get how that would work!  I guess we may find something out in the 5 hours.   Also, what did/does Flocke have in store for Sayid where he told him it would be better that he couldn't feel anything?   Well, for one, he has tried to get him to kill Desmond (someone who is also seeing this ghost boy roaming around).    My running theory is that MIB won't be able to kill the candidates, it's all part of these "RULES".  So, he may try to get Sayid to do it for him.  But now that Sayid may be "back on the light side" that could be difficult for Flocke!  
    • Is there any hope for Claire? I mean, Kate did convince her to come with them and now she's in Widmore's clutches.  But she still seems a little crazy right?  Smokey sure did a number on her.  But, one has to hope that sweet little Claire with her invisible peanut butter love can return!   Maybe, again, this will have to do with some merging of the minds of Sideways and Island versions of these Losties.  I guess we'll see! 
    • Where are Rose and Bernard? We know they aren't regular cast members and tend to show up in season premieres, potentially an episode within the season, and then the FINALES!  In sideways land, we see that Rose is working for Hugo at a temp agency and is happily united with Bernard.  What about Island versions?  Are they still with Vincent in 1977?  Did their retirement signify "no time jump" for them?  And of course, producers have promised us that Vincent will live to see the end of the show.  I'm sure we'll see these guys in the series finale, but where they will be will be absolutely interesting.  Because nobody seems to be worried about them!   And, I'm sure some people are still considering them top candidates for Adam and Eve.  But they would have had to die pretty soon after the Incident to be the bodies in that cave.  And that's not a very happy ending for them! 
    • Whose side is everyone on? How will it all end? MIB is trying to get off of the Island.  Sawyer and crew are trying to get off of the Island.  Jack never wants to leave the Island (a la the old Locke) and feels they were brought here for a reason.  Ben, Richard and Miles want to blow up the Ajira plane.  Jacob wants MIB to stay on the Island.  Widmore just broke his deal with Sawyer and has people hostage!  Desmond seems to have a plan of his own too. Everyone has potentially slightly different motives?  Will we see alliances formed to mutually benefit some groups?   As I mentioned, I see the LOSTIES working together in the finale (I can't escape the Live Together Die Alone mantra).  But, I potentially see how some may leave the Island for good (Sun/Jin to get back to Ji Yeon, Claire to get back to Aaron, Desmond if he survives to get back to his family) and some possibly staying:  Jack and Kate - what do they really have to go back to in the Island timeline?  Sawyer?  Eh, well I still think at least 1 of those 3 (Jack, Kate and Sawyer) will not survive to the end of the show.  But, of course, none of this is factoring in the Sideways Land.  How will this play into it all?  I just don't know.  And the producers said that if we are still confused on how it will end going into the 2 hour finale, then they have done their job!   GREAT! 
    I'm sure there are many more, but that's what we have comments for! 


    Here are some other long standing questions that we got semi-answers to or didn't get any.  And of course, my thoughts on them.  As a heads up, on August 24, 2010, when the Season 6 DVD/Blu-Rays will be released there will also be an official LOST Encyclopedia released that may contain answers to some of these questions that they never could answer on the show!  I may be referring to it a few times below.  

    • Dharma Food Drops - Producers have gone on record indicating this won't be answered in the show itself.  If they ever had an opportunity it would have had to be season 5 during DHARMA Times, but they just didn't have time to address it.  I'm guessing this is an encyclopedia candidate.  But there is also a segment that Damon and Carlton are pre-recording for the Jimmy Kimmel Aloha show that will air after the series finale.  There's a chance they may answer some of these crazy questions that came up throughout the 6 year run! 
    • Why do Pregnant Women die on the Island and when did it start? - I'm still holding onto hope that we get an answer to this one.  It seemed to be a running theme from seasons 1-5, they can't just ignore it in the final season, can they?  When Juliet delivered Ethan in season 5, Sawyer said that "maybe whatever happened to cause pregnant women dying hasn't happened yet" and it most certainly did NOT happen yet.  Doesn't that seem to indicate an answer is coming?  I always linked the issue to the PURGE.  I have no idea why the purge would cause it, but that seems to be the big event between the 70's and Oceanic 815 crashing.   
    • The story of Kelvin and how he went from training Sayid to be a torturer to working for DHARMA - Yeah, I think they already said they never planned to have this story.  But I always was interested!
    • What are the Numbers? - We actually DID get an answer to this, and I think some fans weren't too happy.  I'm sure it was never their original intent but they did try to give us some explanation to them this season.  The numbers seem to be associated with the candidates.  And there were MANY numbers on that dial.  But 4 - Locke, 8 - Reyes , 15 - Ford , 16 Jarrah, 23 - Shephard and 42 -Kwon were associated with THE LOSTIES.  Does it explain why the numbers were cursed and caused Hurley to win the lottery?  Does it explain why they were on that Radio Tower message and that it sounded like Hurley's voice?  Does it explain why they were the serial number on the Hatch or the numbers they entered into the computer?  NOPE  But, it does explain that these numbers have always been associated with the candidates.  And they've been a long-standing theme on the show or an "inside joke" if you will where they keep popping up everywhere.  I'm fine with their answer.  There was no possible way that they could provide an actual answer to these numbers and they even admitted that in season 1!  So, I like that they still tied it in somehow. Also, we should mention that Austin (Kate) is 51 which is 15 reversed.  And Wallace was 108 - which some people died to Desmond due to the Scottish origin of the name.   
    • How/Why did the Island prevent people from Dying before their work was done? - This theme has continued in season 6 with Ilana blowing up after she told the Candidates what their job is.  Ben brought it up as they were heading to the Black Rock.  We also saw that Richard couldn't kill himself and we saw that Jack lit the dynamite and sat there with Richard to prove that they wouldn't die.  They believe it has something to do with Jacob touching them.  Jack believes that he has something to do on this Island before he can die and now he believes that it is stopping MIB.   Does this explain why he couldn't kill himself off Island?  Yes, I would think so.  Does it explain why Michael couldn't kill himself until he helped his friends?  Sure looks that way (jury still is out on who or what was portraying Christian and telling him "he can go now.")  Richard seems to think that the only way to die is if other people kill them.  Is this why Locke was prevented from killing himself twice and then finally murdered by Ben?  I still question if Sawyer should have been shot by the OTHERS in 1974 but it seemed like the bullets whizzed right past him.  Eh, I could guess forever.  I still think there will be more on this one. 
    • Who built the Lamp Post station?  - Eloise talked of a man so brilliant that created it.  We have all speculated it was what Faraday was working on OFF Island during 1974-1977.   Maybe he designed the station, but it was built afterwards?  Maybe this will be in the encyclopedia.  Unless it shows back up in Sideways land! 
    • Will we learn more about Ben's Childhood friend Annie? - Bottom line: NO   According to the producers, this storyline was meant to tie into his infatuation with Juliet.   He never had strong female attachments.  His mother died at childbirth and he had a really close friend in Annie.  He never had a relationship with a female and became very obsessive with Juliet.  Harper Stanhope (Goodwin's wife) suggested that Juliet looks just like "HER" which is why Ben was so obsessed.  I had my crazy theory that Annie became Sarah (Jack's ex-wife) because Ben told Jack that Juliet looked just like Sarah.   WHICH SHE DOESN'T!   Anyway, that doesn't seem to be right.  It probably was more in reference to Ben's mother or something like that.  Which of course, we all know Ben's mother was played by Michael Emerson's wife Carrie Preston.  How is that for creepy!?
    • Why did some people on Flight 316 go to 1977 when others went to 2007? - The producers said they won't give us this answer outright, but we should be able to figure it out from everything we learn in season 6.  The best theory going around right now is that only the CANDIDATES went back in time.  We saw Faraday, Lewis, Burke and Straume on that wall crossed off.   And they all time traveled back too.  The only questionable one was KWON, because Sun stayed in the present.  Some look at this as evidence that JIN is one of the candidates and Sun is not.   I just don't know.  Littleton was also on that wall, but she was crossed off too.  Maybe because MIB claimed her it prevented her from moving with her friends?   
    Again, I could go on and on!  And I'm sure some people will in the comments.  There definitely are lots of questions still to be answered, and they won't possibly get to them all.   But I think this was a good exercise to see what answers they HAVE provided over the course of the season.   They may not be to everyone's satisfaction, but they are providing answers along the way in a show that still needs to TELL A STORY in this final season.   You can imagine how entertaining it would be if they just sat there for 18 hours and ranted off answers to us.   I think the big answers will be saved for that final 2 hours.  Some of the little answers we want: maybe on Jimmy Kimmel's show after and more likely in the LOST Encyclopedia (8/24!).  You can be assured that I'll be posting more information on this blog when I get that encyclopedia, if anyone cares by then!  

    I am going into these 5 final hours with an open mind.  I'm not going to sit there with my checklist and demand answers or resolve to be unsatisfied.  There are 5 hours left in the greatest TV drama of all time. And I'm going to savor each moment we have left.  And I have faith that they will not let us down!  I suggest we all do the same.  There will be plenty of time to complain or discuss unanswered questions afterwards.   But in the meantime, if you have any gripes or praises for the show or any additional questions you want answered feel free to post them in the comments and let's chat!   I'll be back next week with my normal Recaps (we need to savor those as well!)  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week!   NAMASTE! 

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    Jenn said...

    YEAH Mike! Thank you so much - I was going through withdrawal this week. Thanks for giving me my fix! It's not much, but I am glad that I can at least show my appreciation for your efforts by registering page views for you.

    Mike V. said...

    Thanks Jenn! Hey, I appreciate all the clicks on those Gather links I can get! This one will be a tough sell to get GOOGLE searchers to find it on Gather, so the more clicks from this blog the better!

    And you're totally welcome for the blog. It's the least I could do for all of the readers who have shown their dedication to the blog every week! :-)

    April411 said...

    Thanks Mike! The recap was great and I enjoyed catching up on some questions. I can't believe there are only 5 hours left... gulp.. what am I going to do? Hopefully the last 5 hours are as good as the rest of this season. Thank you again for all your hard work. I know this must take a lot of time and effort!

    AUStarwars said...

    Hello All,

    I offered to help Mike out with the “Mysteries of Lost” and give my spin on them. Now to me, the pessimist and general anit-powers that be reviewer that I am, I have seen very few of these answers come to light this season. Those that have, most of us answered before the season began. I write this after watching the Richard centric episode again, which I liked a lot more viewing it a few weeks later. The “enhanced” nature of it did little to shed light on anything, other than imho put more towards the theory that Jacob/MIB are the same person. Without further ado, my thought on Mike’s 23 mysteries:

    1. Walt: Walt is the first of many times where I see the writers essentially deciding to not only shift the story in the 3rd season, adding a cohesive story that made more sense to the overall plot, but left the mysteries of the first two seasons in a state that will never be answered. Walt, by nature of the fact that he was played by a child that would age, was left behind and the show shifted focus. What does this mean? Well, essentially we have the first example of TPTB introducing the theory of “lets throw things up on the wall and see what sticks.” Unfortunately, it is not the first time.
    2. Desmond: This was another example of shotty writing. As the show went on more and more characters were introduced, including the awful first part of this season with the seemingly important Temple agents Dogen and Lennon (oops, guess they weren’t, more examples of TPTB simply liking actors, so let’s give em a shot!), so there just wasn’t time to focus on everyone’s back stories. So now we have Desmond as the focus of saving the castaways, but his back story, seemingly “unimportant.” Well, I guess that depends on who you ask.
    3. Eloise: One of the big mysteries of the show, if we ever get answers and a full backstory on widmore and Eloise, we will get our answers. I believe personally she is trying to find a loophole to the whole mess, much like the MIB (which I’ll get to later). I think the reason Eloise knows so much gets back to the “Time Loop Theory of Lost” (put it into Google..). The more that is revealed on the show, the more it makes sense.
    4. Adam/Eve: I do not really think it necessarily “matters” who they are, but in the end it will just be something that links the seasons together
    5. Henry Gale: good luck with that one lol
    6. Libby: Clearly this story was not answered even CLOSE to the way it should have been. Compromise? We are supposed to care that she represents true love for Hurley and that is a good enough answer to the mystery of her being in the mental institution. Mike, come on, don’t let them off that easily..please…example #2 of season 1 or 2 mysteries that were conveniently forgotten
    7. Richard: We got this one, but it really wasn’t much of a mystery. We pretty much knew it was Jacob related. Ab Aeterno an instant classic behind 2 of the best of the shows? The Incident is also a better episode. Ab Aeterno is really just a longer retelling of the beginning of the Incident with a few scenes in there to answer questions, like how the statue was destroyed (you know, by a wooden boat somehow getting a million feet in the air and gaining enough momentum to do it, you know, like breaking the laws of physics for the sake of good television..they might as well just had Godzilla bring down the statue, its just as believable). It also served as an episode to mirror Dogen giving the same dagger to Sayid..woo hoo, more justification for the bad Temple episodes. I hope in the end this gains more weight and stands as an amazing episode, but right now its nothing new to me that wasn’t stated already in past episodes or can at least be inferred by them.
    8. Black Rock: Well lets just forget that the timetable is WRONG according to the Constant, which the enhanced AA tried to fix by for some reason restating it, but again proving it wrong…sloppy, sloppy
    9. Statue: again, answered, though not physically possible

    AUStarwars said...

    10. Smokey/MIB: Again, if you needed to be told that MIB was Smokey after The Incident, I really think you shouldn’t be reading these type of indepth blogs. There is so much left to answer with Smokey/MIB and the inconsistencies throughout the seasons, I can only list it as additional questions. I think the extended AA did help in proving the “MIB and Jacob are the same person” though, when they revealed that Smokey punished Ilana’s oh so effective crew by killing them for entering the statue without permission…

    My personal List of Smokey Questions:

    1. How does MIB "choose" who lives or dies? Why would he kill Echo and not others?

    2. What is the "loophole" MIB and Jacob discussed? (which to me really says "is there a time loop going on")

    3. Why did the Smoke Monster "answer to Ben" to kill Keamy and the mercs? (again, this is just a "cool effect vs. plot point" to me)

    11. The Interconnected Lives: Is this a question? I see no “reason” why it is these folks other than they were chosen for some reason, we’ll never know why.
    12. The Love Triangle: Affairs of the Heart on Lost are best discussed by those that actually care. Personally I have been trying to watch a sci fi show not Days of Our Lives ;-)
    13. Desmond’s Vision: interesting take on what may happen, but overall not a mystery that will ever be addressed imho
    14. The Ghosts and such: The answer on the Whispers was and remains pathetically weak…and now from AA we find out Isabella’s ghost WAS MIB/Smokey..huh?! so when is and when isn’t she Smokey? The dreams are just dreams, and the animals are our 3rd recorded example of TPTB putting “cool things” in the story, with no point to ever readdress (like Dave also)
    15. Ben: Everyone on the show is shades of grey, he is just another example. Even if in the end he saves the day, he still has a marked past.
    16. Christian: sometimes it was MIB, sometimes it wasn’t. No matter what is said in the end, unless we all agree that Jacob and MIB are the same person, none of it is going to make sense. It explains why “Christian” is both on and off the island when Smokey seemingly cant cross water (I guess hes a 6th grader, props if you get the ref!), but Jacob cant go anywhere (anywhen?).

    AUStarwars said...

    17. Malkin: This helps the Jacob/MIB/AARON are the same person, which by definition would also help the time loop theory as well. The man himself, as a potential extension of the Island or an “other”, well that was just never addressed or revisited (cause you know it was during seasons 1 and 2 before we got all caught up in 50,000 characters, freighters, and conflicts between aspects of a god)
    18. Guitar Case: solved
    19. Shadow of the Statue People: if you look closely, they all wear Red Shirts
    20. Temple: the temple is a place where writers go to kill six weeks of the momentum of the show making us think it matters, when in the end, all it did was add flavor that didn’t need to be there and kill time to establish the sideways world…got it
    21. Jacob: I have hinted my thoughts in other sections, but this is really the mystery of the entire show, and we have been given literally no more this season. He is still the more manipulative of the 2 aspects, but in the end, this will not be answered until the end, if at all
    22. Locke: dead, yup
    23. The Island: again, the main mystery of the show, and we still have no hints

    Season 6 Final Questions:

    Flash Sideways: No matter what is said it is going to be hard to convince me that the Flash Sideways in integral to the ENTIRE six season plot..not just season six..but I am holding out some hope it will be fixed

    Charles/Eloise: talked about before

    MIB/Jacob: I personally believe MIB

    Chosen Candidate: Pretty sure this is Jack, really hope its not Kate

    Desmond: He is clearly trying to bring the two worlds together. I think he feels that once again the wool is being pulled over his eyes and he wants to have some say over his destiny. He just wants to get back to Penny.

    Sayid: I don’t think we will get an answer as to “why” he is the way he is. I think it is clearly a Dark Side/Light Side kind of Jedi thing going on..and I would guess in the end he will redeem himself. This is more evidence imho that Jacob/MIB are the same, since it always seemed to be Jacob with the healing/eternal life kind of powers.

    Claire: I honestly don’t even know why they brought her back…its annoying

    Rose/Bernard: Stopped caring after season 2

    How will it end: no clue lol

    Miscellaneous (or as I like to call it, Plot Holes TPTB created and never fixed):

    Exhibits 4-a million of sloppy writing, go ahead, prove me wrong lol..when a producer says “oh we aren’t going to give that answer” it means it never should have been brought up..

    Mike V. said...

    @April - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the recap. You're totally welcome for the effort! It takes a lot of time, but I'm going all out for the final weeks of this great show. I can sleep when it's over! lol

    @AUStarWars - Well done with your responses! First of all, I may have mislead in the post that Ab Aeterno is #3 on my All Time list. I was simply stating that THE CONSTANT and Through the Looking Glass are my favorite episodes. There were many classic episodes under that! And yes, The Incident (and every other season finale) are all classics.

    I still refuse to believe that Jacob and MIB are one of the same entity, but many people do share your theory. I agree with you that priorities probably shifted after they announced that end date, and many of the season 1 and 2 mysteries could get left unanswered. But, I will bring up that in season 3, they did start answering LOTS of questions. I always go back to the Anthony Cooper, John Locke, Sawyer connection. We had all pondered that one and they closed that story in an awesome way! There were others, but they're escaping me right now. Oh Locke ended up in the wheelchair! So yeah, they didn't get to them all, but we got some quality ones! And I hope we get more, but I do agree some may just get missed. We can hope the encyclopedia can fill some voids. I think the weather aspects of destroying the statue with the Black Rock are still not fully answered. Damon and Calrton promised more on the crazy weather on the island...and maybe that will answer how a tidal wave of massive proportions could have been conjured up so quickly (as well as day turning to night)....the boat may have had a little help by the power of the water in destroying that statue. And as for being told that Smokey and MIB were one of the same. yes we all speculated it and were pretty certain of ourselves....but there are people out there that hadn't even thought about it. And when someone is watching this series 5 years from now who has never seen the show, they'll go right from The Incident to LA X and get their answer right away. No need to speculate over 9 months. This show is made for EVERYONE, not just the intense scrutinizing folks like us who are watching the show as it airs!

    Not going to try to prove you wrong on the "sloppy writing"....all I will say is...with this kind of show, it was bound to happen! Is that a good answer? Now, but it's something I can forgive the writers long as the ending makes sense!

    I can't get to all of your points, but like I said. WELL DONE! lol

    Anonymous said...

    As it has been made abundantly clear by the producers by the middle of season six, that the Man in Black is a prisoner of the island, yet, except for the natural barrier (water) this "prison" has no buildings for imprisonment like for example previously Alcatraz in the bay of San Francico. Alcatraz had a double system for protetion: The cell blocks inside the prison building AND the icy cold water surrounding Alcatraz Island.

    It is fair to assume that the island's electromagnetic properties (and pushing the button every 108 minutes in the Hatch) have provided the means to keep the Man in Black "chained" (think of the Alcatraz cell block as an analogy / allegory). The Man in Black had been manipulating events to the outcome that the electromagnetic energy had been released in the Discharge caused by Desmond and further depleted by the turning of the Frozen Wheel. Now, the Man in Black has actually gotten out of his "cell" and merely has to overcome the remaining natural barrier (water) to leave the island.

    It seems necessary to relocate the Man in Black into his "cell" by restoring the island's electromagnetic energy (this is why Zoe interrogates Jin about his survey of the electromagnetic pockets). How this could be accomplished currently remains unclear but probably requires someone immune to electromagnetic energy (= Desmond). To this end Widmore has brought Desmond to Hydra Island, tested his resistance to electromagnetic energy and allowed Desmond to be captured by "Team MiB" that takes him to the main island, where he is going to execute a yet unknown task (should Desmond fail, Widmore can still blow up the plane as a last resort...).

    More to follow.....


    Anonymous said...

    Desmond is not Jacob, but has taken on Jacob's role in the flash-sideways; he is the "winning" candidate.

    Restoring a pocket of electomagnet energy seems like a plausible way to keep the prison intact; however, I don't even think the LOST writers can explain how that would be done.

    Desmond is to DESTROY the remaining pockets of energy -- sinking the island. Assuming these things keep the island afloat, it would be a big problem for Flocke McSmokey. He can take a boat to the Hydra, so I can't see there being any barrier around the island; however, apparantly he can't swim at all.

    In "LA X", the island is shown underwater. This and the fact that the losties are all remembering stuff from the main storyline, makes me a firm believer in flash-forwards, not sideways. Due to the successful sinking of the island, the losties need not endure the hardships that led them all to the island. This is why their pasts have changed.

    Desmond, being the only one that remembers in a very different world, believes John Locke is still MiB. That is why he performed his hit and run. Desmond's sacrafice will come when the authorities catch up with him.


    Mike V. said...

    Jackson, I was with you all the way until the end! (the Flash Forward (sideways)) Yeah, it makes sense due to a natural progression of events that the Island may sink at the end of the Island timeline. I'm not sure how this would cause the sideways to happen. But don't forget, Juliet ALSO saw her sideways self....granted she also was in that hole and blowing up a nuclear core to negate a pocket of electromagnetic energy. It could be similar to why Desmond was able to see things as well. Anyway, regardless of how they pull in the Sideways to things, I do like all of your ideas around the PRISON and the electromagnetic properties. A very nice read!

    Anonymous said...

    In reference to Henry Gale. I believe that he is the future version of Walt who was on the balloon voyage for the sole purpose of finding the Island again.

    Since we most likely will not hear about these two characters again, I am just forcing myself to believe this theoryand make some sense of them. I just want to put my mind at ease knowing I will never know the truth behind them. hahaha

    Anonymous said...

    btw, the above comments was mine. I forgot to put a signature.


    David Salako said...

    The enhanced version of "Ab Aeterno" did add some nice little bits that fleshed out the episode a little more. The ones that stand out to me:
    - The doctor was trying to con Ricardo so Isabella would have died either way. There was no cure for tuberculosis at that time in history.
    - They reinforced the Black Rock disappearing in 1845 and Ricardo's journey taking place in 1867.
    - MIB's Isabella apparition appeared n the 3rd day in the jungle marooned Black Rock to Ricardo.
    - Mirrors MIB-Christian Shephard appearing to Jack for the first time on the 3rd day.
    - MIB gives Ricardo water on the 6th day inside the jungle marooned Black Rock.
    - MIB-Christian Shephard leads Jack Shephard to the water in the caves on his 6th day on the island.
    - Ricardo never got to bury his dead wife so that makes the burying of the necklace make more sense.

    David Salako said...

    Maybe the Smoke Monster gets "created" out of the volcano lava much like Anakin became Darth Vader out of an encounter with molten lava.

    Candidate said...

    I am going a little out of order today as I haven't read your post yet. I was so moved again with last nights Ab Aeterno. First off the enhanced version does confirm a few things that needs confirmimng and I learned a thing or 2... Like the medicine the doctor was going to sell to Ricardo was fake. Medicine for Isabellas sickness (TB) hadn't been devolped yet in this time period. The big revelation/confirmation was that the scene when Richard was still in chains MIB took the form of Isabella. I'm gonna go one step furthur and say that he (MIB) was able to take form of Isabella because he had the cross.
    Mr. Nestor C. WOW!!! "You make a grown man cry." The acting was so great, The Cinematography was beyond beautiful, Editing direction, sound fx, other audio mixing and everything else makes this ep one of my all time favorites if not my #1 fave (so far). Although hard to pick which is my #1 Fave. Had it been a 2 hour Episode It may have absolutely made the top of my little list.
    The Scene where Richard buries the cross made me cry. Serious Waterworks... just getting teary eyed thinking of it. A beautiful episode and one of the greatest hours (Scripted) broadcasted. OK Whew now to start reading the mysteries.

    Richard said...

    Thanks for your work!

    After watching the enhanced ep last night it occurred to me that we(maybe just me) may be missing a discussion of a key element. Jacob has been looking for that "it only happens once" person for a very long time(maybe more than one/who knows?). Seems one of the central themes of why what happens, happens. So, can that person be considered a recruit? If so, maybe it's Jack for now?

    Since we are nearing the end of the series, maybe it's in the finding/trials of that person where we have a logical conclusion. Which means a Jacob replacement or MIB objective may become moot??

    If we don't find that person, then a Jacob replacement and/or a Smokey escape/capture become the foci

    crashriprock said...

    Osacr Wilde once said " In this world there are only two trageties ; one not getting what one wants... the other is getting it"
    Oscar Wilde must have know my first wife.
    I have been showing some philisophical comparisons to classic literature to this show in my previous posts. (there are tons)
    My point has been that since the discovery of the new world there has been a shift in literature toward man being the master of his own fate, sometimes reaping a reward and sometimes not. I may have found some symbolism in "Ab Aeterno" that may help clarify what I have been saying.
    If you look at the wine bottle scene with Jacob and Richard Jacob says that the island is like a cork in a bottle and it keeps the evil inside the bottle.
    So lets look at the classical vision that this conjures up.
    We could say that the cork keeps the Genie in the bottle and by letting it out we may get what you want, but we will may have to suffer the conciquenses of such wishes. This is a common theme in alot of literary classics but the one that comes to mind is a little more modern. It was the twilight zone episode "The man in the bottle" In one of his wishes the protaganist in the story wishes to be the leader of a powerful country in which he could not be voted out of office. He becomes Adolf Hitler
    You gotta love Rod Sterling.

    The underlying theme here seems to be that the desire to change oneself for the selfless benifit of OTHERS can yield great rewards. However when you are given the chance to change or eliminate OTHERS for your own selfish benifit. There are tremendous conciqueses that can lead to your own disctruction.

    I hope that helps.

    crashriprock said...


    Jack never got to bury his dad either... good stuff.

    gnni4 said...

    Walt astral projecting... failed attempt to cover butts on Walt’s aging; he looks taller in vision form. For me that was answered, as answered as we are going to get. Ignore the man behind the curtain; Peg Bundy was never pregnant/do over/we just won’t talk about it.

    Kate’s horse? Answered for me. Charles rides a horse when Ben was a child. There were/are still horses, at least, one black one. Maybe Jacob took the shape of that horse and saved Kate, or maybe it was just another black horse. I am not stressing on that one. Sometimes a black horse IS JUST a black horse.

    Christian’s murder in Australia? I don’t think I ever heard that. I always thought it was alcohol related natural causes.

    Ilana said MIB is stuck as Locke, but I haven’t understood it. (Especially because he was Alex in the temple basement while judging Ben). Was that an oversight or exception? Smokey can still become smoke even ‘stuck’ as Locke, he became smoke to judge Ben in the temple basement, in the Foot to wipe out Bram, then to run through the temple.

    The ugly giant Ankh in the guitar case = lame. If they feel that they need just make up something lame to give us answers, I prefer having the questions still.

    Richard said...

    BTW, I liked learning about the midi chlorians in Star Wars. I liked getting answers.

    justin6case said...

    Was it just me or did ABC cut out a few scenes last night to show us more commercials? I did not see the smoke monster scan Richard in the Black Rock. Also, I don't remember seeing the whole scene after Richard goes to find MIB. The scene where Jack finds out about Locke and Hurley talks to Isabella on the beach before going after Richard. Please tell me I just missed them and that ABC didn't just remove them.

    David Salako said...

    Those scenes were removed.

    justin6case said...

    On Hulu, Ab Aeterno episode is 48:02. Enhanced version is 43:22, almost five minutes shorter.

    Weasel said...

    Isn't that the week that the show was 5 minutes longer? Maybe they had to cut that 5 minutes out...

    Mike V. said...

    @Jackson - NICE on the Henry Gale is Walt theory lol Maybe I'll join you with this pretend belief lol I'm still holding onto hope that we'll learn more about Walt before the end though!

    @David - thanks for the heads up on the Enhanced Ab Aeterno info. I definitely need to watch it. Ahhh nice comparison to Anakin becoming Vader to the Smokey/Lava thing! lol

    @Candidate - Thanks also for the Ab Aeterno info! Can't wait to watch again! I did love that episode.

    @Richard - You're totally welcome! I still think Jack was the last "attempted" recruit with Flocke. We are unsure if he succeeded or not. It sure seems like Jack is ready to do whatever Jacob wants him to do. I totally agree with a conclusion over CONTINUING the LOOP of Next Jacob vs. MIB. I want an ENDING! Not something that indicates things can continue! That may not be what you meant, but it led me to make that statement! lol As for the midichlorians - my point is...we never asked what the FORCE was...and George just decided to answer it anyway! As for if someone likes that answer or not...I guess that's a different thing. But most people considered it overexplanation of something that didn't need an answer! That's how I felt anyway (and I would assume Damon and Carlton did too hence why they don't want to fall into the same trap!)

    @Crash - I love Oscar Wilde quotes lol Very insightful information that followed as well!

    @Gnni - I disagree that Walt was ever officially answered. Powers, Aging, Appearing in other places...."more than we bargained for"....But, I do agree that we may have gotten all we're going to get. I will hold out hope though!

    Kate's horse - yeah I was gonna bring up Charles's horse...but instead I focused on the "BLACK" aspect of the horse and how this horse was seen on and off island... The Widmore Horse was not black. Yes, sometimes a black horse is just a black horse....I agree...and I'm willing to accept that. But the fact that it "assisted" Kate in getting away from the Marshal...and the fact that she said she KNEW that horse on the Island....I dunno. And it was the same episode where Kate was talking to WAYNE who was speaking out of Sawyer's body. it was just a crazy episode!!

    Christian's murder - it was a theory of mine. Like I said..I've given up on it! lol

    I will try and be as clear as possible. Ever since Jacob was KILLED....Smokey has been stuck in Locke form. He cannot look like anyone else now. He appeared as Christian and Alex BEFORE Jacob was killed.

    As for lame answers - I think the producers feel the same way! lol It's best to just leave them unanswered.

    gnni4 said...

    The island is a cork, remove it and the volcano blows. The volcano releases rather than creates smoke/Smokie. Eloise says, “and God help us all.” Maybe Smokie being released is what causes God to help us all.

    When Smokie judged Ben, he came out from the grate at the bottom of the basement of the section under The Temple. That is pretty far under. Maybe WAAAYYY deep, like the well, or the electromagnetic energy. Smokie judged ben, if released will he judge us all?

    You mention the Frozen Donkey Wheel, but don’t ask what it is…that is something that I really want answered.

    Mike V. said...

    Yeah, Ab Aeterno was an "extended" episode the week it originally aired. That's crazy that they cut it down for this airing.

    Mike V. said...

    @gnni - i'd love an answer on the donkey wheel and I hope we get an answer, but I'm not holding out much hope!

    I can't cover ALL of the questions! That's why I asked you guys to chime in! lol

    gnni4 said...


    "He appeared as Christian and Alex BEFORE Jacob was killed."

    Oh, you are right, I forgot that Ben was judged before he killed Jacob. ooops, sorry, just forget that!

    David Salako said...

    ABC probably cut down the episode because they cannot charge advertising rates as high as they can for a new episode.

    gnni4 said...

    But that's crazy. Hey! I hadn't even given that much thought before...

    WHY is he stuck as John?

    He has appeared as other dead people, not just ones that died on the island. So why get stuck as Locke? Is it because Jacob is dead?

    David Salako said...

    I suspect MIB ability to physically impersonate people may have been some sort of gift he asked for or bargain he entered into without realizing the FULL consequences. Be careful what you wish for scenario. That's my suspicion anyway.
    Now that Jacob is dead, the gift or whatever it is begin to wear off. I am sure Richard will begin to age gradually to.

    Candidate said...

    Yeah justin there was some gross cuts in that rerun... but still glad to watch it as posted above

    Snafu11 said...

    Mike love the recap and the tabla rasa for this weeks discussions.

    In last night re-air of AE, they made a point to tell us that MIB portrayed Isabella to Richard. We always assumed, that Hugo is talking to the actually ghost of Isabella, but I don't believe they actually confirmed it was her ghost (trapped or otherwise). I was wondering if that was a purposeful ommision or did I just miss it? (to those who watched last night).

    Now that Jacob has lost his humanity can he be impersonating ghost to Hugo? Or has he always had the ability, which would explain Christian off island appearances, as well as Hugo's many visitors.

    This would feed into the writers stating that Jacob might not be all good. He could be just as devious as MIB in his manipulations + he has a passport off the island ;-).

    Of course a ghost is sometime just a ghost. just like an apple is an apple & a horse is horse of course of course, unless... nevermind, LOST my train of thought.

    crashriprock said...

    Well if MIB is stuck maybe "The Canidate" might be a flashback centric of MIB or Jacob. Doesnt have to be one of the current canidates .

    Anonymous said...

    I'm not sure about the continuity of storyline, but how cool would it be if
    Locke wakes up under surgery looks in the mirror and the smoke alarm goes off at
    the hospital.

    Gary H

    Coop said...

    Whatever happened to the Looking Glass station? Could that be a reason for Whitmore using subs? Maybe Whitmore wants to stash some personnel down there. Even better, wouldn't that be a great place to trap MIB?
    Just a few thoughts.

    Jenn said...

    Sooo confused about the Isabella reveal. I didn't see the enhanced version, but I assume that the Isabella that Hurley spoke with was indeed her ghost and not the MIB, right? Because the MIB can only take the form of John Locke now?

    I have to say, I have similar opinions to AUStarwars about this season. The beauty about how mysteries were unveiled in previous seasons was that they showed you the answer. Now, a character tells us the answers in a sentence or two! This season just feels so rushed. The producers knew the endpoint of this series several seasons ago and could have provided answers more gradually throughout the remaining seasons.

    The mysteries that I want to see answered are mostly the big ones: what is the island? why do the preganancies kill the mother? what is MIB's backstory? what's the Egyptian link about? etc. I am still peeved that we probably won't get answers to all of the smaller mysteries, but I guess I just have to accept that.

    I also think that the food drops aren't really a mystery. Dharma was part of the Hanso Foundation. Even after the purge, I have to think that the Hanso Foundation was still in business. They knew about the incident and need to push the button every 108 minutes. They must have learned about the purge, and even if not, they had to have assumed something happened when they stopped communicating with anyone or having anyone come back via sub. But since "the world didn't end," they assumed that SOMEONE had to have still been pushing the button. So, Hanso kept dropping off food and supplies to whoever was in the hatch pushing the button. Why the supplies still said Dharma and not Hanso, who knows? Maybe Hanso didn't want any association with these food drops and left Dharma on the labels.

    After watching the "Mysteries of the Universe," I think that Kelvin was either recruited by Hanso or answered an ad in the paper after his 20 years in the army were up. I don't think that they were completely honest with him about the new job, though.

    Candidate said...

    Great post Mike V. The original 23 mysteries post was my first encounter w/ Lost Addicts and at this time, I feel a personal full circle with your blog. I think it was the Sundown recap that I got my google account and jumped on board here but as I said I started reading faithfully since LAX...and love every word posted. Oh yes and I will also plug the Gather site ...Click it and support Mike V....I do and often! (Great summaries on Walt BTW)

    I've decided to comment on each mystery post by post if it's alright with everyone.

    #1 Walt.
    I have a feeling we may learn more about walt through doiologue...I am gonna guess through Ben and perhaps Richard to Hurley??? But I had a thought Walt could be Wallace. That may be a stretch though because Wallace is more than likely a surname. I think we had our chance with Walt in S4 but Locke felt that "He's been through enough." I had a thought of the producers may CG walt somehow but that would take a large budget to make it come off as real or acceptable to us fans as we have come to expect alot. Walt is/was special but we all know Team Darlton has steered clear away from the Walt story. I would personally like to see the story covered by a Frank Miller type of graphic novel as we have discussed a little bit about the fan fiction possabilties. Maybe this blog could be a forum for Lost fan fiction.
    It would be great to have one
    more appearance of a modern Walt. Maybe he can visit Hugo or Des from the future. O.k. I gotta take a break and will then read and ponder mystery #2

    Richard said...

    You're right, I would like an ending and believe we are building in that direction. Which leaves at least one question. Who is the person or persons that will fulfill the requirements of "ending it once"? This is probably more important than who will replace Jacob, since he won't be replaced.

    It also brings up what happens to Smokey? What happens to the island? If there is proven at least one good person, does that mean evil can be released? Because as it is, since they haven't found someone yet, the cork stays in the bottle.

    Maybe that's why we saw the island sunk--the cork was popped because what Jacob was looking for happened?

    BTW, I am surprised that there are like 40 comments already after a repeat episode--what a blog.

    Weasel said...

    @austarwars: As far as the statue being destroyed by the ship... you have to remember, that the ship was on water. Have you seen what waves that big can do to structures (yes, even concrete). So, I don't think it is too much of a stretch that the wave/ship knocked it down.

    Candidate said...

    @Jackson I agree with Mike. I think you might have almost nailed it with the elctro magnet prison. A great theory and fun to read.
    Mike I think You're gonna get a few posts this week.

    David Salako said...

    There is an expression in the Yoruba language that goes: "water has no enemies".

    Water is sustaining, nourishing, refreshing, cleansing, life sustaining, spiritually rejuvenating, healing etc.
    It can also be murderous, eroding, destructive, suppressing, overwhelming etc.
    In short when water is used in nature it can be pretty formidable, powerful and unstoppable as in a destructive tsunami or act as a natural barrier as in THE ISLAND prison.

    Candidate said...

    oops I am trying to cosolidate my posts here but I almost forgot to mention that we learned a "Rule" last night. Of course we already knew the rule... but I for one didn't know that counted as one of the official rules. And as requested in the vote poll to post and elaborate on the answers, I would like to know the rules... all of them. The rules is near the top on my list of "need to know"

    Weasel said...

    @Candidate: I agree that "what exactly are the rules?" needs to be answered.

    Stevie said...

    This is my first time reading your blog. I love it!!
    Definetely ALOT to ponder!

    Anonymous said...

    What would I do without this blog??? (go stir crazy)... I must admit Mike, I am not only addicted to Lost but also your Blog - your writing is so well done and with a show that is so confusing you articulate the recaps so well!!....
    Anyway - does anyone think that the producers purposely chose that particular episode (Ab aeterno) to re-run last night, I have a feeling that we were suppose to see it again as it is a key to the finale...


    Mike V. said...

    Whew...fell behind once again! LOL

    @gnni - Good question on why get stuck as Locke...well, that's just who he used to get into the foot with Ben...Reason #1 Reason #2 - So Terry O'Quinn could be on the show until the end! You can't kick off one of the Emmy Winners! LOL Plus, I still think Locke will have some sort of redemption scene.

    @David - i like the idea that Richard may be AGING now...of course, with 5 hours left to go in the show, we may never get to witness that! Unless it's a RAPID AGING to catch up to how hold he should be....which eventually leads him to die. Then again, he still couldn't kill himself nor could Jack when they lit the dynamite. So who knows who is controlling what? But yeah...the whole MIB ASKING for that ability is an interesting angle.

    Sidenote: Can you believe I wrote up season 6 mysteries and FORGOT to ask Why the Island is underwater? Man, I'm an idiot! lol

    @Snafu - Thanks!! Love that you used Tabula Rasa instead of just saying "CLEAN SLATE"! lol I still think that was Isabella's ghost at the end btw....but yeah, i think we assumed it was Smokey in the black rock....but it is still confusing since smokey sounded like he was off in the distance! Then again...I just brought this up to some co-workers. We have never seen Smokey BECOME a Person and Vice Versa....We always see the smoke or hear it....then out of nowhere someone APPEARS. I refuse to believe this is due to budgetary constraints on LOST! lol

    As for Jacob losing humanity...some of those off island appearances happened BEFORE Jacob died so I don't know if he's impersonating anyone. I guess it is always possible that these ghosts aren't ACTUALLY the spirits of these dead people. We had speculated that before. But I don't know if it's Jacob! Jacob did seem to know a thing or 2 about Hurley seeing Ghosts though...and he didn't think it was weird that Hurley was seeing the people he loved. He called it a "GIFT" Jacob could be INVOLVED with whatever is going on.

    @Crash - Regarding an MIB/Jacob backstory, I don't want to reveal what I know in case some people don't want to know! But I will say that I do not think those backstories are next Tuesday. But I think if we're going to get them...they will be fairly soon. (can you crack that code? LOL)

    @Gary - that would be hysterical if the smoke alarm went off during surgery. Of course, depressing at the same time since it would mean John Locke is truly gone! LOL

    @Coop - I'm sure Widmore used the Sub because it was the only sure-fire way to get back to the Island. Maybe it has something to do with the Lighthouse mirrors breaking too...I dunno. But yeah...the looking glass would be a pretty decent place to trap MIB! I loved the Looking Glass Station, so any chance to go back to it would be great. Of course...the place may have flooded after Mikhail dropped that grenade. I know charlie closed the door and all....but would that hold forever?

    Mike V. said...

    @Jenn - Yes...Isabella was a GHOST at the end. Richard didn't see her either. Everyone can see MIB! MIB was Isabella in the Black Rock...which makes no sense because he needed Locke's body on the Island to become him...but he didn't need Isabella's body? I know we've discussed this before...but I still get thrown off! lol I won't disagree that we could have gotten some answers earlier. The show isn't perfect, but I'm still enjoying it! Good question about that Egyptian stuff...we still have seen the glyphs and everything this season and the statue of course...but you'd think they'd want to explain that more. Maybe it plays into Jacob and MIB's backstory.

    I think the big question on the food drops is..HOW DID THEY OCCUR? Where did the plane come from that dropped all of these materials? They obviously weren't using the SUB! Did they use the Lamp post station? And if so...why didn't they lose all power like Ajira 316 did when it entered the Island realm? I know the FLAME Station could order food drops...but I just think there was more to the story but they just didn't have a way to answer it within the context of where the story went.

    @Candidate -'re gonna respond to all 23? Oh boy! LOL I'll see if I can respond to it all. I appreciate the story of how you joined in on the blog reading and the huge props! and the GATHER PLUG! :-) Probably doesn't register ever click you make, but I appreciate the gesture! lol ooooh...Fan Fiction??? yikes, I'm not sure I'm on board with turning the blog into that! LOL Of course, the name of the site sure would apply :-) I could see some walt answers through dialogue...i know Darlton were working on incorporating WALT into the show I'm optimistic! I love how we want this guy with some rough acting skills to return to the show just for answers! LOL

    @Richard - Good question on who will "END IT ONCE" - And I have no idea! I think I read someone suggesting that Hurley would be the one. Is he easily corruptable? Not really. Sure he does what people say a lot, but not if he doesn't think it's the RIGHT thing to do. I guess it's possible that if they prove there is one good person in the world that could be how it ends. Would we feel cheated if that is how it ends? lol I dunno...I guess it would depend on how it is executed. I'm shocked about the # of comments already as well!! Hard to keep up!

    @Weasel - Nice, I made this comment too...let's gang up on AUStarWars! LOL

    @Candidate - Yep, it should be a pretty fun week full of blog comments! It's great to have a post to reflect on the show as a whole rather than a specific episode.

    @Candidate and Weasel - Totally agree on THE RULES too...I want to know them! I want to follow them...I want to BE THEM! LOL

    @David - Love all the info on WATER. Definitely a KEY ELEMENT to be considering in these final hours!

    @Stevie - A little late to the party but WELCOME!!!! Glad you found it before the end. Glad you like what you saw and feel free to read all of the past few years of blogs and comments if you like :-) And of course...thanks for the props!!

    Mike V. said...

    Wow, Ally! Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoy the posts! Just think if I had all the time in the world to edit and proofread these things! I'm sure you guys find lots of typos and bad sentence structures here and there. But hopefully, that adds more character than anything to the blog :-) Seriously, I appreciate the major props!

    I'm sure they reaired that episode because it was one of the critical gems of this season...but you could be right that it had certain keys to the end game! I sure am looking forward to re-watching it considering how everyone has something to say about it this week!

    Mike V. said...

    BTW...I added this to the Blog Post under Season 6 Mysteries. I'm such a doofus for forgetting it!!

    "UPDATED: Cannot believe I forgot this -> Why is the Island Underwater in Sideways Land? - Is it a result of Jughead? Is it a result of events yet to happen in the Island Timeline present? Is it a result of something totally different? We know that Ben and his father Roger were on that Island at one point in the Sideways timeline. What would have happened to cause that Island to sink? We see that the Statue only has one the Black Rock must have crashed into the statue. We see that the DHARMA Barracks and Shark are there so all of that fun stuff still happened. What CHANGED? Time will tell I hope! "

    David Salako said...

    Sideways world has only revealed Eloise, Charles, Ben, Roger, Mikhail and Pierre as the only Dharma/Others folks so far. All of whom suspiciously had died or left the island by the time of the Jughead event. With the exception of Pierre that it is - whom we are not even sure is still alive in the original timeline.
    And Cindy of course - who is still a flight attendant.
    Richard Alpert hasn't been shown yet in Sideways world nor has Frank Lapidus.

    Anonymous said...

    Regarding the food drops:

    Assuming various theories suggested by the producers (as on the answers show before "Through the Looking Glass") and various members of the Lost community regarding the Island as a time machine are correct, the drops may occur not because someone regularly comes to the Island and delivers food, but because the DHARMA Initiative dropped the food in the future, which would instantly cause the food to appear on a regular basis from "nowhere." You would not hear a plane because it would only exist in the future, not the present, and the drops would still occur (even after the DHARMA Initiative has been destroyed) because DHARMA would have already made the drops to the future in the past (a little deep).

    Daniel Faraday's Payload experiment demonstrated that objects traveling to the island ballisticaly arrive much later than they appear and would be expected to arrive. It's possible this exact effect cause be utilized to one degree or another to distribute PRD


    Anonymous said...


    you are missing Ethan from your list. And should we include juliet as well? We know she is in the sideways even though we havent seen her yet.


    gnni4 said...

    @ DavidSalako

    Don't forget Aldo and Alex, they were both Dharmalite others.

    We also have seen - or a sideways charactor saw:
    Keemy's little goon friend
    (anyone else?)

    David Salako said...

    And why is Miles' last name still Straume in Sideways land? He knows his dad very well it seems. Maybe the evacuation of THE ISLAND still occurred and Mile was raised by his mother on her own? Later reconnecting with Pierre Chang later in life?

    gnni4 said...

    I had a theory that the food drops were in some kind of time loop, and that the same food kept being dropped. I like your thought.

    David Salako said...

    @Gnni4 - yep, you are correct - all dead. Who is Aldo again? My memory fails me.

    gnni4 said...

    I was Lostomancic last night, and saw this:

    'Electromagnetism' was first discovered in 1820 by Hans Christian Orsted, a Danish physicist and chemist.

    Magnetism is a force that affects the interaction of materials or moving charged particles, by developing attractive or repulsive forces between them.

    The short definition of electromagnetic energy can be given as:
    the energy source required to transmit information (in the form of waves) from one place (material) to another. This information can be in the form of light, heat, or in any other form (such a Flocke).

    and candidate (I think it was you, I don't feel like going back to check) feel free to use my post from last week, just credit LostAddictsBlog commenter gnni4.

    gnni4 said...

    Aldo was guarding room 23 when they had Karl locked up there. He was a sideways EMT.

    Played by the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, anyone?

    David Salako said...

    Oh yeah - Aldo - I guess he left THE ISLAND when he was younger to?!
    He looked like he was barely out of his teens when he was guarding Karl in Room 23 back in season 4.

    Anonymous said...

    Found this interesting theory on why the island is under water. Not sure I buy it though. Enjoy some interesting thinking though

    "When the earth colided with Theia to form the moon, Theia hit earth at the island location in the south pacific, as a result of this the smaller iron core from theia was lodged miles under the pacific, leeching magnetism from the magma dynamo that causes earth's magnetic field. This iron core has enough magnetism to repel the ocean up several miles creating a bubble. The island therefore is not an island but merely a dry patch of the pacific sea bed. When judhead was denoted it destroyed the magnetism of the miniture iron core, therefore the bubble protecting the island no longer existed, with nothing to hold the ocean up the so called 'island' was flooded, as evidenced by LAX part 1. The Dharma initiative was trying to see if the earths magnetic field could be harnessed into usable electricity providing enough energy for fossil feuls to become obsolete, and thus changing the climate change element of the valenzetti equation. When desmond let the magnetism get out of control, the bubble got so large that it created a hole in the ocean surface allowing objects from the outside world in, such as flight 815. This also gives reason as to why submarines are the only feasable way in. The layer of water in the sky between them and the sun explains the unusal light scattering that farday mentions. "

    To me, this just raises the question as to how desmond, the freighter, and michaeland walt left and arrived to the island via boat.


    Mike V. said...

    @David - agree with jackson that Ethan is missing from list....and good point about Richard and Frank. Yeah I just figured Chang died in the purge, but we don't know for sure!

    @Jackson - Interesting theory on the food drops! Even if it's wrong...I like it! lol

    @gnni - totally didn't see Aldo in sideways (good point about Alex) Btw...his name is Rob Mclhenny (i can't spell! LOL) Aldo was also killed on the island in the beginning of this season by Claire when jin cgot caught in the trap!

    Nice Electromagnetism research as well!

    Mike V. said...

    Agreed Jackson...interesting theory...but I still question anyone that says the Island is "stationary in the Pacific"....the Nigerian Plane and the Black Rock are specific examples of why they told us the island is moving through "SPACE" and time. And why the Lamp Post station was needed to determine where and when the island will be at any given time.

    But still interesting!

    crashriprock said...

    Farraday also found that by passing a magnet through a copper coil it produced electricity. :)

    gnni4 said...

    oops, Rob McElhenney was not in sideways, he was still island bound at the temple and was with Jin when in Not in Portland.

    my error.

    Candidate said...

    Isabellas Ghost.

    I really think Isabellas Ghost was speaking through Hurley. There Is a slight chance that it could could've been Jacob impersonating her ghost but I really don't think so.
    I believe there was no indication in the enhanced scroll with a positive ID on that scene so ya never know...but I think the scene was to pure to be anything but Isabellas Ghost. Of course I'm not 100% sure so we'll see.

    Candidate said...

    Mystery # 2 I think we will get most of our questions answered concerning Desmond Hume. Not sure if the prison question will be answered. With 5 hours left I think they've got bigger fish to fry. But I trust Desmonds story will be told properly until the end (NPI)

    @Davidlasko I've thought about Frank and Richard not in sideways land as well. Richard may not exist in SW but I think we may Mr. Lapidus in SW land as the man who makes the 2 timelines merge

    @ Florin caught your response about Juliet/Michael and great points on Juliet with risking her ex's freedome and reputation and all. Fun discussion.

    David Salako said...

    Funny watching season 5's "Some Like It Hoth" - Pierre Chang, Horace Goodspeed, Radzinsky and company kept using the code words "The Package" to refer to the corpse of the Dharma dude that had his tooth filling blow through his brain like a bullet.

    Floreen said...

    @Mike V - Weather. Interestingly in this season, it did not rained again ever since Jacob was killed. The light and the weather I think where ways to open portals to the island or protect it, I wonder? Did Jacob released that water through rain and since the island is not really on the surface of the ocean but under a bubble like the computer room in the hatch may be suggesting, the light is scattered and the weather is so sudden in changes.

    Walt. Didn’t he and Michael made home to NY and Walt is well and alive, not wanting to have anything to do with is father after learning what he did to get themselves of the island? Didn’t walt visited Hugo in the Santa Ana institution and was Alive? Why is his ghost stuck on the island? That doesn’t make any sense.

    We did re-watched those episodes and unfortunately it either rained right there or nearby and a storm was present, the fact is that this weather and rain is elusive still.

    Smokey could be smoke from the volcano sipping through to the surface?

    The ghosts, the whispers and the psychic I think the writers/producers dropped the ball. They screwed up. I got more reading, but nice points so all, especially the whole and the Pacific bed. At one point I was thinking about Richard been so emphatic about ‘We’re all dead’. Could it be that those characters were dead in one dimension, been ghosts themselves and alive in the other? Is strange, I don’t quite buy it myself, but it’s Lost.

    Thank you Candidate.

    crashriprock said...

    I didnt really snap to this before but I just watched Ab Aeterno again. In the story of Jacob in the bible Jacob buys his brother Esau's birth rite with a bowl of stew because Esau was hungry. Then Jacob tricks Issac his father into giving him his blessing instead of Esau. Jacob flees and has twelve children who become the twelve tribes of Israel. What I missed was at one point Jacob returns to Canaan Esau is going to meet Jacob with a small army Jacob moves his family then.... he wrestles with a being and it is a bit ambiguous as to what or whom Jacob wresteled with.
    Then when I watched Ab Aeterno again and saw that Richard is the only one who hd wrestled with Jacob.
    In the Bible Esau was forbiden to kill Jacob was this entity sent to wrestle the real Jacob the same as Richard being sent to kill Jacob.

    The thing is in the bible version the entity touched Jacob after their smack down and gave Jacob a limp. At the end of the Island fight match Jacob touches Richard and gives him eternal live.

    Does this mean anything or is it just one more red herring in the Lost fishing pond of symbolism?

    Candidate said...

    Mysteries # 3 and 4
    Eloise I've been discussing for weeks now. Pretty exhausted w/ talking about her for now.

    Adam and Eve I liked Florins MIB and Ellie theory. My guess is Widmore and Eloise.

    Richard aging...I think he's stuck with that gift/curse although I too vote that it would be cool to see him age rapidly.

    @ ginni4 Thanks for your permission and I will give credit where credit is due. I just loved that post and want to share it w/ some non lostie friends on my FB. Believe it or not many of my friends have never even heard of LOST.

    gnni4 said...

    I am at times stuck with discussing lost with chickens and goats...

    gnni4 said...

    The goats keep saying, "It's purgatory!" the chickens say "It's a video game!"

    crashriprock said...

    Veni. Vidi. Vici.

    Julius Caecar 47 bc.

    I came. I saw. I conquered.

    Veni Vidi Vici
    is also on the logo of the Phillip Morris copmany
    Its on a pack of marlboros.
    So I guess now we know what the smoke monster is

    David Salako said...

    I think Team Darlton have gotten the definition of Purgatory a bit confused like they have with some other Catholic doctrines on the show.
    What the show has shown us so far in many ways is that THE ISLAND is a kind of prison in a sense and most of the folk who end up there never return to the outside world. They die there or become pseudo-immortals. Some leave but it seems they end up returning one way or another. The nature of the place IS what the New Testament (1 Peter 3:18-20, 4:6) describes as "prison", a temporary place. Catholics just named that temporary state of being - "Purge-atory". To be "purged" of sins not fully atoned for.
    What Michael describes and what we have seen characters like Richard Alpert endure - it is definitely a state of purgation.

    Floreen said...

    It's a purgaprison folks. ;-)

    @crash - Jacob fought with God fearing Esau would kill him upon the meeting. God didn't touch Jacob, he smacked him over the hip to let go. Jacob needed his brothers' blessings so he went there fighting for Gods' protection to be with him. There’s nowhere said Esa couldn’t kill but incidentally not only that Esau had no intention to kill his brother who wronged him after all, he met him with open arms and it turned out that he was even richer than Jacob. Jacob had his Mother actively working with him - Jacob, to steal Esau blessing as a first born. So one can find a lot of parallels with the Biblical story here.

    Floreen said...

    @Mike V - I did advanced some time ago the theory of a dome of energy been over the island and protecting the island, keeping it invisible and out of sync with the outside world. Des not pushing the button because he was away from the hatch only opened the door for Oceanic 815 to go right through. With Des punching the button in the last moment, the portal was closed again.

    I developed that from looking at the computer room in the hatch and the decorative skeleton by the wall of the cave drilled as a dome. Anonymous brought the theory that the island was the bedrock on the Pacific bottom and the dome etc. which is a nice tie, except that the island moves??? Maybe the plates moves and the island is stationary? I thought that the island is on the surface protected by that dome, yet how does an island moves in space and time unless is not anchored on the tectonic plate.

    So my revised theory is with an island that is not anchored, which is floating on the water and it can move with the energy dome over it that keeps it safe. That dome would explain to an extent why a sub is needed to reach the island and why boats and planes can go there only when the dome’s door is open and we have a permanent open door on the bearing 3.5.0. The Faraday experiment with the missile, the delay in travelling to the freighter and back, fall nicely in place, plus it explains the light and why the the weather is so weird. A storm brews outside the dome. Because of the time delay, by the moment the storm hits the island, is already full blown, which might explain why the BR is coming to the shore on a calm day, then it’s a tsunami blowing the ship right on.

    I wouldn’t want to be Jacob living in the foot of the statue on a storm like that, so I wonder where was he and MiB when that happened.

    crashriprock said...

    I may be able to return to work soon. Ill find out tomorrow. Having been sequestered all week in a make shift hospital bed Im looking foward to returning to my active life of pandimonium and chaos.
    I have one more thought on the dual nature of Jacob and the Man in Black. I could cite examples from the show that could fill a set of Lost Britanicas. Instead Im just going to come out and say it I think that Jacob and the M.I.B. represent the seperation of the church and the state.
    I know that sounds wierd even for lost. But its not the total of the story and we wont be left with some great Jeremany Bantum line about the seperation for "the greater good". These charactors are obviously capable of multitasking with supernatural powers.
    Im just talking about the underlying story between the line symbolism. When you think about it thats what the new world gave us, it freed us from yesterdays dogma to persue a new age of science and personal freedom and by doing so we may very well have become the agents of our own distruction.
    But dont worry Im sure they wont make the end that obvious and boring :)

    crashriprock said...

    -Florin in the Talmud it isnt clear what Jacob fought. Even in the Septuagint Greek version its left pretty ambiguous.

    Floreen said...

    @crash - Got your point.

    Mike V. said...

    Gonna get to the comments in a second, but I have to get my thoughts out there about Smokey appearing as Isabella. I've probably already discussed this but whatever! So we all seem to be thinking that Smokey used the Gold Cross to appear as Isabella. Okay fine, I'll accept it. So let's keep going with the theory that Eloise is in cahoots with MIB. She told Jack to bring something of CHRISTIAN's with him to "recreate the flight blah blah blah" ....what if Smokey needed those shoes to portray Christian? WHY? I have absolutely no idea. He had been portraying Christian previously to Claire, to Jack, to Locke.... But we do know that he took the form of Christian to Sun and Frank...and THEN took the form of Locke. And we know that Flocke told Jack that he needed Locke's body to BECOME him. That's what throws me off. No body for Isabella...maybe the gold chain....maybe the SHOES for Christian. Maybe Jacob stole Christian's body? Maybe when the Island moved Christian's body disappeared somehow?? After all, his body is missing in Sideways land as well. No idea where I'm going with this....but I thought I'd just throw that THOUGHT out into the universe that MIB needed Christian's shoes for some reason...and something to show that the Gold Cross is not an isolated incident!

    Okay, now that I got that off my chest, onto the comments! :-)

    Mike V. said...

    @gnni - whew, glad you cleared that up on Aldo. I wouldn't have forgiven myself if I missed something like that! lol

    @Candidate - It certainly seems that the ghosts are truly the ghosts of these characters. In season 1 or 2, we wouldn't have bought it. We would have wanted a pseudo-scientific explanation...of course, now we've learned that the Ghost we saw in season 1 was explained to be the smoke monster! lol But these other Ghosts are definitely something different...and I agree that it's a SMALL percentage that Jacob is behind them...but I'm not sold on it either.

    Agree that Desmond will have his story told (besides the military thing)

    @David - Nice on "Some Like it Hoth"....I just watched it too and totally missed that lol

    @Florin - Hmmm it hasn't rained in season 6? Say it isn't so! Oh wait, I remember a rained when Sayid was talking to the TEMPLETONS and giving them a chance to leave the temple and follow MIB. Of course, I think even Jorge Garcia brought up on his podcast that sometimes it's just raining and they have to film anyway. There are other scenes where it is raining in Hawaii but they try to make it look like it's NOT raining. There was one scene on the beach this season where I saw some drops. But there hasn't been any "day turning into night" downpours on the Island! I definitely think we'll be learning more about Island Weather, so we'll see if you're right with your questions!

    As for Walt, yep - that's one of the questions. We learned in season 5 that he was dreaming about Locke, so I started theorizing that maybe when he sleeps he starts appearing in places he shouldn't be. Why? I have no idea! Why does he see pictures of Polar Bears and Birds and they just appear? lol

    Smokey as Smoke from the Volcano? Interesting...perhaps!

    As for the Ghosts, whispers, Malkin - your guess is as good as mine! lol But yeah, they may have dropped the ball.

    @Crash - Yeah...over last summer, many were calling MIB, "Esau" and referring to this story. Interesting to compare the story to Richard instead. I dunno...I'm going with biblical symbolism as they always do! lol

    @Candidate - (3 and 4) - Yep, we sure have talked about Eloise a lot! Interesting on Adam/Eve....I still like MIB as Adam....but Eloise as EVE? It's possible! I guess it could make sense if they're in cahoots and all. It probably won't end up being either of them though. We'll see!

    Mike V. said...

    @Gnni - good times....I love when people come up to me and tell me the ol "Purgatory" line. You see how I react on the blogs...imagine real life eye rolling!!

    @Crash - LOL LOST = Best Anti-Smoking Campaign

    @David - Yeah...everything SEEMS like purgatory....I think what Darlton have told us from the beginning is that it's not the ACTUAL PURGATORY between Heaven and Hell. And it was referring to ALL of the 815ers walking around on the Island are NOT Dead and in Purgatory! So yeah, what Michael "SEEMS" to be going through is "purgatory-like" or like Florin says...PURGA PRISON lol So, I don't think they have confused the definition at all. And even if they knew they had dead spirits trapped on the Island in some sort of purgatory in season 6...they certainly weren't going to tell us "'re KINDA RIGHT" in season 1 when we inquired! lol Because all we kept saying was "they're all dead!! It's purgatory!"

    by the way...a little bit of trivia...the word "PURGATORY' is NOT in the Bible. And if you believe whatever this site is selling...apparently we (i'm Catholic) believe that if you go to Purgatory, you WILL eventually go to Heaven. Anyone destined for Hell goes immediately there. lol


    Well, that was fun. I'm convinced..."It's purgatory y'all!!!!" TOTALLY KIDDING :-)

    Mike V. said...

    @Florin - I too used to think there is some "DOME" of sorts over the know the ol "SNOWGLOBE" theory. I never advanced the theory as much as you have though....definitely some interesting ideas! Could be! We have 5 hours to find out! lol

    Where was Jacob when the Black Rock came? I'll tell you where he was...he was sitting on a log next to the Man in Black on a sunny day eating a red herring! lol Then Day suddenly turned to night and the Black Rock caught a big wave and hit the statue. That scene, I'm convinced, was a continuation of the scene when the ship was approaching the Island and MIB professed his desire to kill Jacob. WHY things changed so suddenly? Darlton told us we'll find out. I trust them!

    @Crash - glad to hear you're recovering well! As for Church and State.....well, if you think about it...LOST has always had the Science vs. Faith aspect to it....Darlton now say this has morphed into Free Will vs. Destiny...So makes sense that MIB and Jacob may represent these things in a sort of way. But I totally didn't find Jack and Locke's Science vs. Faith debate in the season 1 finale boring! :-)

    Okay...caught up and now I can go to work! lol

    Mike V. said...

    Just realized I'm in meetings "ALL DAY" today! ugh, I'm definitely gonna fall behind in the comments LOL. Enjoy guys!

    Candidate said...

    Mystery # 6 Libby
    In the final scene of the ep Dave shows Libby in the mental institution. The writers wrote themselves into a wall on this one but I do have a theory on that scene.. which would be that was the first flash sideways scene. Like a foreshadow into sideways land...Maybe?? Dave was probably a ghost visiting Hurley before he knew had the ability to talk to dead people (As mentioned in Mikes posting.)

    Candidate said...

    @ginni4 Chickens and goats??? a great laugh to start my morning. Cheerz

    David Salako said...

    I thought that was funny regarding "The Package" in Dharma times. Also even funnier is the way the poor Dharma guy died - a metallic filling pulled out of his tooth and through his brain - Desmond mentioned way back in season 2 that every time he walked by the heavily concreted wall in the Swan Hatch - his fillings hurt. He was destined to become "The Package" of the future.

    The actual word "Purge-atory" is not in the Bible but the place it clearly defines is. Checkout the earlier reference I posted. There are more. Jews refer to the same "place" as "Sheoul". Other words not explicitly in the Bible but that are used to clearly define a concept or doctrine that is implied and was believed in the Tradition sense - Trinity, Incarnation and Assumption.

    Mike V. said...

    @Candidate - I like the idea that this was the first Flash Sideways scene...but then why would Libby look SOOOOO crazy? And why would Hurley be checked into the institution? Remember...that scene showed Hurley doing his scene with DAVE while the dr. guy was taking the picture (except no Dave was there)....and then the camera pans to a Libby who was watching. So I think it clearly was all part of the flashback where Hurley checked himself into an institution because he killed/injured a bunch of people on a deck because he was fat lol But for DAVE...would totally make sense if he was a Ghost...or whatever Hurley has been seeing since then. I guess the question then is...has Hurley always been able to see things..or did it happen at some point in time?

    @David - well okay....that might be tying the 2 "PACKAGE" concepts together a little too far but I like it anyway! LOL As for the fillings yeah, I totally thought about that the first time I watched and this most recent time. I love any time they connect older episodes with the newer episodes!

    Oh yeah, I'm not denying the concept purgatory is in there...I just thought it was ironic that the word was not! lol

    David Salako said...

    I was tipping my hats off to the clever writers of the show cleverly mirroring and repeating things regarding "The Package" and the tooth fillings. I don't think there is an explicit connection between the two events - aside from EM that is!

    Mike V. said...

    I gotcha lol Then, I shall join you in the hat tipping :-)

    Anonymous said...


    In the comment section of mikes previous fantastic recap post. I posted a list of mirrored scenes and events that have occured and that are memorable. If you are interested, they are towards the end of the postings on the second page.
    Nice pickup on the fillings too!


    Mike V. said...

    @Jackson - thanks for the indirect props! And that reminds me that I still have to read them too! lol

    Anonymous said...


    I will repost them here in a little bit to make it easier for people to find them.


    Anonymous said...

    I can't help but think that the vast majority of viewers are missing an amazing aspect of how the story of Lost is told. I see a lot of people complaining about how Ilana died, this week. In and of itself, Ilana's death was contrived and lame.

    But her death was not a stand-alone thing. It is part of a huge story that has been carefully crafted and woven together since Season 1. They say history repeats itself, but on this island, this is true to the Nth degree. We are seeing the same situations and scenarios play out, over and over again. It mostly follows a patter of Season 6 mirroring Season 1..... and 5 mirroring 2 .... and 4 mirroring 3. So it is kind of like an A-B-C-C-B-A pattern. Mirror image. (Hence the mirror references in the final season, to draw attention to the idea of mirror-imaging.) The show has always been about duality -- black&white, free will&destiny, the Losties and vs Others, Locke vs Ben, the beach vs the jungle/cave, Jacob vs the MIB, and on and on and on. Even that stupid novel manuscript "bad twin." What a goofy form of foreshadowing that was... from Season 1 to Season 6, that is! Duality is at the heart of the design of the whole show, and the mirror-image structure of th! e storytelling is a major tool to demonstrate this in both obvious and subtle ways.

    I could go on for pages and pages of examples of this phenomenon, and this is actually my single favorite aspect of the storytelling on the show! And Ilana's death is YET another example of this pattern. Her death replicates the death of Arzt in Season 1, and this is intentional, part of an intentional, grander and more intricate pattern. Here are a few other, quick examples:

    Remember how Sayid was tied down on a table, electrical wires attached to him to shock him, in order to aquire information about him, in a dwelling place that is hidden within the jungle. This was carried out by someone who lost their child and doesn't know if they'll ever see their child again. This happened in Season 1 . . . and Season 6!

    More following........


    Anonymous said...

    SEASON 1 - While searching for answers to the island's mysteries, Jack is led by a mysterious man to find a cave, next to water. Inside is a black stone and a white stone, and various personal belongings, including a baseball bat. Alongside the cave is Charlie's guitar. Christian's body appears to have been removed. Jack almost fell off a cliff while searching for his father, and this led him to the cave. But, Locke reached out and took his hand and saved him.

    SEASON 6 - While searching for answers to the island's mysteries, Sawyer is led by a mysterious man (FLocke) to a cave next to water. Inside is a black stone and a white stone, and various personal belongings, including a baseball glove. Just inside the cave is a lute (an ancient guitar). The name of Locke (who took Christian's place on Ajira 816) is removed, crossed out. Sawyer almost falls of a cliff while being taken to this cave, but FLocke reaches out and takes his hand and saves him.

    SEASON 1 - Sun, an Asian character who hides many secrets, shows her skill at healing with herbal remedies.

    SEASON 6 - Dogen, an Asian character who hides many secrets, shows his skill in the use of herbal medicines.

    SEASON 1 - Sun can speak English, while Jin can't.

    SEASON 6 - Jin can speak English, while Sun can't.

    SEASON 1 - Sayid is a man who is ashamed of his violent past, and of how certain authority figures pressed him into service to them, to hurt innocent people for his boss's gain. Sayid's leg is injured in the process of being caught in a trap. He is caught by the person who set the trap, Rousseau. He passes out, and she takes him to her hidden home, where she interrogates him about her child, which she says was kidnapped by the Others.

    SEASON 6 - Jin is a man who is ashamed of his violent past, and of how certain authority figures pressed him into service to them, to hurt innocent people for his boss's gain. Jin's leg is injured when he is caught in a trap. He is caught by the person who set the trap, Claire. He passes out, and she takes him to her hidden home, where she interrogates someone else she captured along with Jin, asking him about her child, which she says was kidnapped by the Others.

    more following.....


    Anonymous said...

    SEASON 1 - Hurley decides that everyone needs to know who each other is, so he starts a census, which leads him to getting the ship manifest with the list of all the survivors on it. Many of the names are crossed off, having been "eliminated" (by death) in the crash or immediately afterward. By going over the list, Hurley figures out that one of the survivors is not a survivor, but is really an outsider pretending to be one of them... someone who had already been on the island for a long time!

    SEASON 6 - Hurley is used by Jacob to take Jack to the Lighthouse, where they find the mirrors and the giant dial with the names of all of the candidates written on it. Many of the names are crossed out, having been eliminated. Meanwhile, FLocke takes Sawyer (who in Season 1 had the manifest) to the cave by the sea, and also shows him the names of candidates. Many are crossed off. It is around this time that Sawyer also learns that Locke is not really Locke, at all. He is an outsider pretending to be a survivor... but is really someone who had already been on the island for a long time!

    SEASON 2 - Desmond is waiting for his replacement, and uses a riddle as a password to determine whether a person is there to help with his mission. (What did one snowman say to the other snowman? "Smells like carrots.") Note: this riddle also appeared in Season 1, briefly, before Desmond ever appeared.

    SEASON 5 - Ilana is searching for Jacob's replacement, and uses a riddle as a password to determine whether someone is involved in her mission. (What lies in the shadow of the statue? "He who will save us all.") Note: this riddle also appears in Season 6, thus mirroring Season 1, while 2 mirrors 5.

    SEASON 2 - Jin appears to have been completely lost at sea, possibly dead, after the raft he's on is destroyed by an explosive. There is no sign of him. However, later, he is found on the island, having washed ashore there.

    SEASON 5 - Jin appears to have been completely lost at sea, possibly dead, after the ship he's on is destroyed by an explosive. There is no sign of him. However, later, he is found on the island, having washed ashore there.

    SEASON 2 - Sawyer tells Jin his arm is going to fall off.

    SEASON 5 - Jin sees the French science team member's arm ripped off.

    SEASON 2: The survivors explored a lot of the various hatches and locations of Dharma. Several of the survivors are taken prisoner by the Others and stay with them for a while in one of the Dharma locations. They are gone from the survivors camp for nearly 3 weeks.

    SEASON 5: Some of the survivors went to the Dharma village, where they lived for 3 years among the Dharma people, going around to a lot of the Dharma hatches and locations.

    SEASON 2: Sawyer gets possession of all of the guns and declares himself "sheriff"

    SEASON 5: Sawyer is put in charge of the guns as he becomes the Dharma sheriff

    SEASON 2: Ben (aka Henry Gale) is tortured by Sayid and held captive by Jack and other survivors, but one of the survivors betrays the rest by risking everything to rescue Ben, even though he knows Ben is the leader of the Others and is responsible for many terrible things.

    SEASON 5: A young Ben is shot by Sayid. Jack and others stand by and refuse to help Ben, but another survivor takes it upon herself to risk everything to rescue young Ben, even knowing he will be the leader of the Others and will be responsible for many terrible things.

    more to follow....


    Anonymous said...

    SEASON 2: They found their way to the hatch. They argued over whether to do something (push the button) in the hatch. The season ended with a lot of arguing over whether to push the button, and finally they don't push the button, and BOOM!

    SEASON 5: They found their way to (what would be) the hatch, where they argued over whether to use some modern technology (bomb) to counteract the island's dangerous "energy." And then "pushed the button" and blew it up (or more accurately, it imploded, just like the hatch did in Season 2).

    (Note: "Pushing the button" is an old euphemism from the Cold War days that referred to dropping a nuclear weapon.)

    SEASON 3 - Introduces mystery of the people from the Kahana

    SEASON 4 - Reveals the truth about the people from the Kahana

    SEASON 3 - Juliet tries to conspire to kill Ben when he is helpless, but Jack refuses and saves him. Ben lives.

    SEASON 4 - Sayid conspires to kill Ben when he is helpless (a child), Jack refuses to save him. Ben lives.

    SEASON 3 - Ben shoots Locke and leaves him for dead in the mass grave. Locke tries to commit suicide, but fails.

    SEASON 4 - Locke tries to commit suicide, but fails. Then, Ben kills Locke. (Reverse order from what happened in Season 3)

    SEASON 3 - Hatch catastrophically implodes, causing Desmond to bounce around in time

    SEASON 4 - Donkey Wheel breaks, catastrophically effecting the island and causing survivors to bounce around in time
    . . . . . [note: in Season 2, Locke lowers Kate down into the hatch flume, but something interrupts it and she disappears,
    and then in Season 5, Locke is lowered into the well above the Donkey Wheel, but is interrupted and he falls and disappears]

    SEASON 4 - Ben turns donkey wheel, goes to outside world and recruits Sayid

    SEASON 5 - Locke turns donkey wheel, goes to outside world to recruit other survivors

    SEASON 4 - Desmond starts out without Penny, ends up with her

    SEASON 5 - Desmond starts with Penny, ends up shot and thus taken away from her

    . . .

    One of my favorite (although more minor) examples is the "return" of Charlie's peanut butter, a couple episodes ago in Season 6. Remember Charlie's (imaginary) peanut butter, which he offered to Claire to try to lift her spirits in Season 1? Just recently, in the Smoking Club's camp, Sawyer came up next to Kate and offered her some "hot cocoa" to try to make her feel better. She asked where she found some hot cocoa on the island...? "I didn't," he said. "Just pretend." I had to laugh out loud at that one!

    There are other examples I could cite. This is just a few, because the list is too long to post here, completely. But these show a clear and definite pattern. And Ilana's death is a part of that very intentional pattern. Yes, it's contrived... for a reason. Season 1 was giving us numerous pictures of what we would see in the final season! And Season 2 showed us many things we could expect to see in the next-to-last season, and so on! And I, for one, think it's awesome! On this island, history repeats itself... to the extreme. And no matter how much free will you try to exercise... this "curse" will catch up with you and make you a part of its mirror-image storytelling.


    Mike V. said...

    Thanks Jackson, I actually did read them right before I went to my entire afternoon of meetings. Good stuff! Some of them obviously better than others!

    As with the Sheriff one..don't forget that Sawyer threw the Air Marshal badge at Kate calling her the sheriff in season even more connections lol

    crashriprock said...

    I was told today Im going to have to wear a temp back suppost belt and all I could think about was how much John Lockes charator in "walk about" mirrored Don Quixote.

    Yes I would say I have a fever,
    and Im affraid the only cure is more Lost cow-bell.

    Floreen said...

    @Mike V - I was wondering when the weather changed to quickly Jacob and MiB would've been washed away in the jungle along with the BR ship. lol

    I did used the dome theory to explain the sudden changes in weather and etc.

    I think I posted in the last episode or so that Walt's gift was to make things happen through visualization just like Locke told him when he was teaching him - Walt how to throw a knife.

    When you miss something is good for me to remind you.

    Mike V. said...

    Florin, I think you're misunderstanding me. I didn't miss anything! I want to know HOW Walt can visualize these things and make them happen with his mind. I remember the knife scene! lol Now, I'm very doubtful we're going to get this I'm just going to have to accept that he could.

    Yeah, I had thought about a controlled weather environment when I was thinking about the dome before too....(kinda like that crazy movie THE TRUMAN SHOW lol) But I really don't think that's what is going on.

    Floreen said...

    Oh, that one with the How, I' sorry, didn't caught that one either.

    Mike V. said...

    Well, yeah...I asked WHY...but what I really meant was HOW. I was just giving examples of things Walt could do on the Island. But yeah...I think everyone is right and the writers just dropped the ball on this one. Switched gears. Happens on every TV show. Just hard to accept it when it's LOST! lol

    Candidate said...

    Just getting caught up with yesterdays and todays comments
    @ Jackson more great theories posted. Its all starting to make sense (of course in a Lost kind of way)

    @ginni4 I love your food drop theory of it being the same food drop in a loop. very cool. Recycle Reuse!

    Candidate said...

    @ Mike and everyone
    Good point on both Hurley and Libby being in the same room...that last scene of the ep Dave.
    O.K. that said I'm not so sure on that theory I posted on Libby... When I saw the SW version of Libby and Hugo together on the date they never had (but did) lol... I had this "AHA!" moment and thought I figured it aaaallllll out. LOL

    Mystery # 12 The happy loving couple triangles. Not so much a mystery but I never really cared about who Kate ends up with. Jack and Kate I thought was O.K. in season 1 but got old quick.
    In Season 4 off Island Jack and Kate, I thought was a big yawn. My opinion...
    Evi the actress in a few of Kates scenes were performed very poorly. IMHO.
    She has performed many other scenes wonderfully and I'm not saying she is a poor actress, but I just don't think she and Mr. Fox had the chemistry in season 4 to make little 'ol me want to buy into the Jack and Kate thing. It just played out way too long...kinda like this post.

    Other relationships were great and some were tacky.
    Tacky Like the Mobisode where Nikki and Paulo are using Jacks tent eeoooo
    and tries to get Claire to talk about her and Charlie.....O.k. I will spare you all the rest.

    Desmond and Penny rule here in true romantic love. (and I hope Penny is not Davids Mother In SW Land)

    Shannon and Sayid=Lame

    Mixed feelings on Claire and Charlie but heroic in the end

    Sawyer and Juliet. Good match. He really loves her. She loves him but is often scared and confused of her own love. fear of abandonment. Prone to make snap bad descisions because of a look.

    Sawyer and Kate ... good for a stint but not the real deal (Love that is.)

    Bernard and Rose...A nice retired couple. just nice people all the way around. I still think and pretty sure the place where Bernard visited is one of the vortexs connected to the Island. Probably negative side of the vortex was in Australia and the positive side was the uh..moving Island

    Love is still the answer in all timelines.

    Candidate said...

    How did Walt do all those things with visualization???

    I got 3 words for you

    Jedi Mind Tricks

    Mike V. said...

    @Candidate, it was a good theory, and I apologize for "finding the loophole!" :-)

    As for the love triangle....totally agree Jack and Kate nor Jack and Sawyer made for the best chemistry on the show. Yes, season 1 was the most convincing Jack/Kate stuff. Maybe the poker episode in season 2 as well (Lockdown) when Kate asks if she should get a ruler. That was a good time too. But yeah...I totally agree EVI does have some weak scenes. They just have never bothered me too much. Like it or not...this IS one of the mysteries of the show though. Will she pick one in the she DESTINED for one in the end? Or will NOTHING happen in the end? All possibilities.

    But far Desmond/Penny have the greatest Love Story on LOST. Sawyer and Juliet was very convincing to me too.....and of course Rose and Bernard!

    Jedi Mind Tricks....LOVE IT!

    David Salako said...

    ..and Jin and Sun as well as Ricardo and Isabella!
    John Locke and Helen in Sideways and maybe even Hugo and Libby!

    David Salako said...

    Evangeline Lily was appealing in the first couple of seasons, but now she is kind of annoying.

    Mike V. said...

    Good call on the other couples David!

    MJ said...

    Above article with Damon re the finale. Not spoilerish - but interesting

    Mike V. said...

    Thanks MJ! Definitely VERY interesting. Many people reading that might get more frustrated though lol

    I'm excited!

    Snafu11 said...

    I kinda like the moving island dome theory but as Mike stated this Theory has been out there before.

    Here's a site where I first came across it back in 2006!!!

    It goes into great detail on how the island moves and pinpointing it in time to event that occurred on the island.

    There are other interesting theories that probably have been proven wrong but still something fresh to read. The Blog has been abandonned since 2008.

    Check it out, and let me know what you think.

    Snafu11 said...

    typo I meant 2007.

    Mike V. said...

    Ahhh yes Snafu..the infamous MIRROR MATTER site lol I remember getting that one sent to me many times. Someone definitely put a lot of thought into that crazy one. The Time Loop theory was another classic (which still might be in play to some degree...we'll see!)

    Thanks for sharing the site!

    David Salako said...

    Was never sure if we were ever to make something of the fact that Libby noticed that the washing machine and dryer in the Swan Hatch both seemed very contemporary compared to all the 70s stuff in there?

    Yet another mystery fallen by the wayside? lol!

    Weasel said...

    I don't think that Elly and MIB will be Adam and Eve. It HAS to be people from season 1, as the producers have said that they will prove to us that they knew what they were doing with them when they first showed them.

    Anonymous said...


    Maybe we knew who Elly and MIB were in season but we didnt know it at the time. ;)


    Mike V. said...

    @David - I'm guessing PROBABLY on the washer/dryer thing. As in a mysery fallen by the wayside. lol Or one of the DHARMA Food Drops dropped off those units too! lol

    @Weasel - Agreed that I'd lean towards season 1 characters as well (of course...if Bernard was one...I'd allow that too since his name was mentioned!) And like I've said a few times...I still think that we won't be convinced they knew all along who Adam and Eve were. But they definitely have said that it will no doubt proved they knew what they were doing from early on. I'll believe it when I see it! lol

    @Jackson - I would agree we knew smokey in season 1! lol But Eloise? Naaaa

    Candidate said...

    @ David. Richard and Isabella, My goodness how could I have forgotten to post that. (The statement) "We Will always be together." Was Isabellas Ghost on the Island the entire time (200 years) because of this statement?... Jin and Sun we've waited for a long time for their reunion. I'm hoping for a little more on that maybe next ep.
    Hugo and Libby is sweet but I have a feeling we may have seen the last of Libby so its hard to count a love relationship on one date but what a date it was. Kiss of a lifetime.

    David Salako said...

    Wonder if Jacob ever had a "love interest" of his own? We know MIB seems to have loved and lost.

    David Salako said...

    @Candidate - Sayid and Nadia don't qualify? Or Sayid and spoiled Shannon? Or Paulo and Nikki?
    I would love for Paulo and Nikki to make a brief cameo in the finale!
    I know they were hated but that wasn't the fault of the actors...

    crashriprock said...

    possible conciderations for Adam and Eve
    Jack and Kate
    Sawyer and Kate
    Charlie and Claire
    Charles Whidmore and Eloise
    Daniel and Charlotte
    Barnard and Rose
    Jin and Sun
    Sawyer and Juliet
    Desmond and Penny
    Paulo and Nikki
    Hurley and some curly fries

    crashriprock said...

    Farraday, Michael--- physicist
    Lewis, Clive Staples -- storyteller

    Maybe Adam and Eve are Daniel Faraday and Charlottes Staples Lewis and Eloise doesnt want Desmond to do anything that might send her son back.

    Anonymous said...

    Thirteenth Time Poster (TTP)

    Whew, thank the makers for flight delays. First off, Mike, how can you forget the biggest outstanding mystery of the show – How on earth does Sawyer not know who Anakin is, when he knows about Jabba, the Jawas, and the Ewoks????? Hugo’s look off utter amazement at Sawyer’s ignorance speaks for us all.

    Some Bullets on the Unsolved Mysteries

    I thought that the child birth question had been answered – its all the radiation and electromagnetism released after the Incident that have caused the pregnancy complications.

    Eloise and Charles seem like the off island versions of MIB and Jacob.

    Walt has this physic connection with Jacob, that’s why he’s drenched in water on several appearances. Don’t know how they will work this into the story.

    Christian Shepard – I believe that, on occasion, Christian has been possessed by both MIB and Jacob. The off island and freighter Christian is Jacob. Also, the Charlie that appeared to Hugo in the loonie bin was Jacob, not a ghost. I say this because another patient also saw Charlie in addition to Hugo. One note on the smoke alarm, I thought that Jack said that smoke alarm was sounding because of depleted batteries??????

    The Island - Assuming that Ben was telling the truth, he told Locke that the Island is the Smoke Monster.

    On another note……

    The Shepard Tragedy

    Of all the off-island Losties, Jack has the most stable life. He has a great career and a most loving son. Under no circumstances would he leave for the Island, unless an unforeseen tragedy occurs. I’m afraid that poor David will die and a distraught Jack will be Island bound. Or, Jack might have to make a deal with Jacob to keep his son alive.

    Snafu11 said...

    @Anon. TTP

    You make an interesting point/comparison with Jack possible losing David, similar to the Dogen storyline. Maybe its Desmond that makes the offer to Jack to spare his sons life ala Jacob.

    Jack has not had his awakening yet, it will be interesting to see what he sees, when he does. Maybe this week.

    @Mike V - How tough was it for you to even type the words "I'm convinced...It's purgatory"---LOL.

    The true Definition of purgatory:
    Waiting an extra week for the best show on TV to return and suffering through blog postings about the island being purgatory after 6 years of "it's NOT purgatory"--LOL.

    I'm just kidding lest someone gets thier knickers in a twist.


    crashriprock said...

    There is no smoke or smoking in purgatory. I know because I have sat on jury duty.

    David Salako said...

    If Charles and Eloise are natives to THE ISLAND - we are not sure one way or the other if they are - why do they have very distinctively different accents from the rest of their people? Maybe they to were "brought" to THE ISLAND under some interesting circumstance?

    Widmore seems to really believe that he has a claim to THE ISLAND. Wonder if anything is fueling this belief apart from a lust for power?

    Candidate said...

    Still reading and pondering the 23 mysteries. (Adjusting to new work schedules makes time mngt. an issue for me at times) but of course I am preaching to the choir Mike V.
    And don't worry Mike I wont comment on all 23 mysteries. We got quite a few answers checked off and I have many of the same questions as you.

    I too would like to see closure on Malkin. Could happen in SW land maybe,Hope so, but creepy Des has got things covered with Claire so not sure how Malkin would come into play.

    I would like to see Christians Ghost appear to Michaels Ghost and say "You Can Go Now." At that point Michaels ghost would leave the island and be at Peace somewhere finally to have his redemption. Like the Island was TRULY done with him (body and soul and/or ghost.) That would take care
    of Christian doesn't = MIB ALL of the time.

    Yes Florin, how bout that for a change of heart

    Candidate said...

    I forgot to add another thought to my last post
    Midi Chlorians or however it's spelled. When I was a young lad (about 10 or 11) long before Star Wars EP1
    I kind of wanted to know how THE FORCE worked. The living organisms as I understood it, are in all things. Trees, insects and all other life forms. Even rocks. Eveybody has some Midi Chlorians within them. Some have more than others. I gotta say that I liked that answer that George gave us as told through the great actor Liam Neison. Too bad I cant say the word great in front of the other actors and actresses. My point is that in the Lost universe you (Mike) have discussed that you want to know HOW walt can do what he can do. Where am I going w/ all this??? It's too bad that we dont have time for every Midi Chlorian answer in Lost but I feel the need to criticize that Highly publicized statement. In real life interviews, Defining answers that wont be given, using a term from another fictional universe (Star Wars) to explain themselves in the direction of the Lost universe I think is kind of lame.
    Although I do like Hurleys references to Star Wars in the script which I see as something different. Did that make any sense. Probably not.

    Candidate said...

    @ David well I mentioned Nikki and Paulo and I got a crazy feeling we may see them one more time. I am basing this on nothing other than my own thoughts. I Agree that the actors were good who played Nikki and Paulo. I thought their portrayal was well executed. My problem was that N and P were introduced abruptly and suddenly. and they were sort of tack as I mentioned above INHO. It was hard to accept them as equals to Hurley Sayid and everyone else that we already knew.

    Sayid and Nadia. The Idea of Sayid loving Nadia drove him and kept him going through the tough times. The Idea of love is different than true love. It could've been possible to have true love between Sayid and Nadia but Jacob seriously interfered w/ it. Why?
    Not sure. I'd like to know why on Earth would Jacob do something like that.

    Candidate said...

    I would like to start a new fun kind of thread. I plan on putting together an audio production in tribute to Lost. I'm waiting for replies on permission from TPTB on certain aspects in regards to using their sound FX and so on. If it does happen it would be before the grande finale.

    I thought it may be fun to ask for input/suggestions for a popular song relating to either a Lost Character or Lost scene/situation.

    For example

    Song for Smokey = Smoke On The Water


    Song for Frank Lapidus=I'm Your Captain

    Candidate said...

    other ideas for songs that I had
    Nikki and Paulo
    Spiders and Snakes or The Black Widow by Alice Cooper

    Deadringer said...

    I took a physics class last semester that dealt with electricity, magnetism, and then electromagnetism. (Obviously, when I heard "Faraday", I perked up.)

    Something that I thought was really interesting involves how electromagnetism works, and I'll try to make it as understandable as possible. First, electromagnetic fields are two fields with electricity running in one direction, y, and the magnetic field (on an x, y, z axis) running in the z direction (it runs perpendicular to y, but "into the wall" so to speak). When a charged particle is placed in this field without a velocity, only the electric field creates a force on the particle, while the magnetic field does nothing to it; however, when that particle is given a velocity, a force is created by both in the x direction. This force, depending on the velocity, is put on the particle constantly, and since velocity has direction, the force also changes direction. What is thus created, is the particle oscillating, it is put into a never-ending loop. Now, say you want the velocity to go straight through the two fields. In order to do that, there is a relationship used to find what is known as the "Velocity Selector", the specific velocity (which includes direction, remember) to get through the electromagnetic field.

    Where this ties into Lost... loops, bearings and obviously electromagnetism...

    There is also something to be said about the electromagnetism "prison". It is my understanding that fusion energy (like what the Sun creates) requires a complicated means in which to hold the particles so that the holding contraptions aren't completely destroyed. The way they are doing this is with magnetism.

    I just thought velocity selector stuff was interesting and wanted to share since I had never seen it talked about. I hope I was understandable.

    crashriprock said...

    Jump-n Jack Flash---- Jack

    Black Horse and a cherry tree - Kate

    Tow Sawyer - Rush --- Sawyer

    Tubthumpin - Chumbawamba - Locke

    Kashmir - zepplin - Jacob

    Baby come back ----- Claire lol

    Ben - M. Jackson --- Ben

    Sympathy for the devil --- Widmore

    when Im 64 -------- Richard

    eat it - Wierd Al -- Hurley

    Floreen said...

    @Mary - Very nice, that would explain a lot about the island.

    @candidate - right on, no arguments here. Heck, I would try to convince MiB to Not leave the island and get redemption by playing the Island Open continuously. Why come into our world and endure unemployment, foreclosures, etc. when he can enjoy a tax free living on the island.

    gnni4 said...

    Feels like more than a couple of days since I’ve read the comments!37 hours in 3 days, gotta love month end! Back to my 4 days off and real life.

    @Jackson and DavidSalako - Enjoyed your pointing out all the mirroring instances.

    @Candidate, was I naïve thinking that Libby was in the hospital because her husband died? I just assumed that she dealt with the grief and checked herself out. Makes me wonder...Do we have any kind of reference to WHEN Libby and Hurley were in the hospital? I figured that it was several years before flight 815, Libby and Hurley both had dealt with their issues and returned to ‘normal’ (whatever THAT is!). Libby gave Desmond The Elizabeth when she got out of the hospital, and I never even questioned it…or am I doing too much assuming?

    I agree - Love has been a central theme to the whole show. Exciting and new!

    gnni4 said...

    Just saw a Bud Light commercial with Pierre Chang, wasn't really paying attenting till it was over!

    plumbarius said...

    Usually I'm pretty good at reading all the comments before posting but haven't had the time, so apologies if this has already come up.

    Adam and Eve; Last season, Rose and Bernard didn't seem to care much when told of the plan that Jack had involving Jughead and the Hatch. (they were together and that was all that was important)

    My scenario is simple; maybe Rose and Bernard sighed, shrugged their shoulders and walked hand in hand to the cave, layed down side by side and waited for the inevitable to happen. Boom, explosion, dying together and being discovered thirty years later by Jack.

    I would be more than OK with my possible resolution to this big enigma.

    Live together, die together :-)

    David Salako said...

    @plumbarius - the Rose and Bernard scenario proposed could be but then why would they have the black and white stones in the little pouch that was found with the skeletons?
    Someone with a knowledge of Jacob's and MIB's battle of philosophies placed those bodies there or they - "Adam and Eve" - had that knowledge to and went to die there.

    plumbarius said...


    Duuuuh! Forgot about the stones!

    I was trying to get back to a simple explanation v. all the overly complicated scenarios that pop up.

    Although, as I typing this...Bernard (white), Rose (black) Coincidence...hmmmmm??


    David Salako said...

    Bernard and Rose are an inter-racial couple however, I doubt that the show creators will use that in their "black and white" tapestry in the show. Besides, humans aren't really black or white in the true sense of the colors! I also don't think that the fact Jacob wears white clothes or MIB prefers black really ties in clearly to who is really good or bad.

    Mike V. said...

    What's up guys? Looks like there's been some good conversation over the wknd. I'm catching up now!

    @David - Good question on the Jacob Love Interest thing. Considering LOVE is Key...I wouldn't doubt it. Maybe we'll find out in a week and 2 days...not that I'm suggesting anything by that statement :-)

    As for Paulo and Nikki...I wouldn't count on them reappaering but it would be a good time lol

    @Crash - definitely Hurley and the Fries! lol

    @TTP - (I think that TTP has worked for many different names for you!) with the anakin thing, I think I answered this mystery in that episode recap....I said he wasn't a prequel fan and maybe just forgot it was mentioned in Return of the Jedi! LOL I could see Sawyer as someone who wouldn't care to see the prequels!

    - Yeah...that makes sense on the pregnancy thing with the electromagnetism. If they just said that on the show, I'd be happy. And hey, maybe they will.

    - As for Eloise and they really? I dunno about that. Are you saying because they seem like rivals? Or just seem to know stuff? lol I don't think we've seen anything to suggest that one is trying to kill the other though. But Eloise had a mean right hook in that slap she gave him! lol

    - Don't understand why Walt would be drenched in water to have a connection with Jacob....because Jacob is a water guy? Because he dunked Richard in water? Or Because we're going to find out that Jacob can summon huge tidal waves that send trade ships into big statues? LOL

    - I think the loony bin guy may have been pointing to someone OTHER than Charlie in the background. But if he did see him...maybe crazy people are just more tuned into seeing these ghostly beings. I think whatever Charlie the same as off island Christian, Ana Lucia, Eko and (libby i guess because she says "hey") It may be related to Jacob...I sure hope we will find out. Okay...with the depleted batteries in the smoke alarm. That's definitely why it was doing that....but WHY did they go out of their way to write that into the episode? At the time it seemed very much to indicate it was SMOKEY related. But...maybe it was a red herring.

    I don't think there was ever a quote on the show where Ben said "the island is the smoke monster" was there? But when Locke asked Ben in season 4 what the Smoke Monster said....Ben said "I don't know" It sure seemed when Ben learned Locke was the smoke monster in season 6, he was shocked to learn this and never considered the possibility that this was what was going on. So, I don't think Ben would have given any details to explain that the Island "IS" smokey. The Island is some kind of prison for EVIL...but what that means? I don't think we fully know yet.

    With the Shephard Tragedy, I guess you're referring to SIDEWAYS Losties - looks like you and David are on the same page that David may die in Sideways land. I still don't know if we know that Jacob exists in Sideways land. But it's a interesting theory regardless!

    @Snafu - Even to write the joke about Purgatory...yes very painful!!! lol Loved your true definition of it as well!

    @Crash - good times with the jury duty/purgatory line too lol

    @David - I figured Eloise and Charles were brought to the island just like everyone else....but I'd sure love to know WHEN and why this happened. It clearly was before 1954. Maybe we'll find out in a week and 2 days! Not that I'm suggesting anything by that statement! :-) lol

    Mike V. said...

    @Candidate - Please feel free to comment on all 23 mysteries (and then some)..i'm enjoying it! lol

    Interesting idea with Christian's GHOST and Michael...we'll see! As for Malkin, yeah I thought that was going to play a much larger role and would've liked to seen it. Just don't know now.

    As for Midichlorians...back in 1999 I tried to convince myself that I wanted to know what made up the Force...but in the end, I just know I never questioned it! it was a FANTASY SHOW and that was just one aspect of it that made it "MAGICAL"....when I was a child, I just wanted to HAVE THE FORCE (who am I kidding? I still do!) I never needed to know how it worked...I just wanted it to work for me! lol But, everyone will have different opinions on this one.

    What you're saying makes sense, I just disagree with the conclusion! lol I think answering EVERYTHING in LOST would truly take some of the mystery away from the show. Yes, could be seen as a cop out by the producers, but I'm fine with it. This is not saying I won't complain about some of the stuff AFTER the show is over! lol

    Okay - so with the music stuff. I know you wanted stuff for each Character....but I heard one over the wknd and it reminded me of the scene on the raft when Sawyer was singing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song"....and of course Michael says "man who doesn't love Bob Marley?" This show as always been a show about Redemption, so I would think this song needs to be on your list for ALL Characters! :-) lol

    @Mary - I think I followed as best as I could for most of it! lol Definitely interesting stuff. and thanks for sharing! And of course whenever you throw the word "LOOP" around in LOST discussions, it definitely generates some discussion lol

    @Crash - love the tunes lol

    @gnni - I don't know if we know exactly WHEN Libby and Hurley were in the institution. It was definitely before Hurley won the lottery because he played the numbers he learned from Leonard there. I would guess it's a few years before like you said. Now whether Libby was nuts BEFORE or AFTER her meeting with Desmond, that I don't know. But apparently, it's not important because they're never gonna answer it! LOL And yes, that bud light commercial is a good time! I think it aired during the Super Bowl

    @plumb/David - both interesting comments and counter arguments to the Rose/Berard = Adam/Eve thing. I'm sure if they wanted to they could work a way into them having those white and black stones. Maybe Jacob visited Rose and Bernard right after Sawyer and crew left them in 1977...gave him the stones..and then they walked to the cave. That, yes, would be super stupid! but it could have happened lol I dunno...i still don't think it's them but we'll see!

    Candidate said...

    @ Crash very funny song suggerstions. Eat I nearly howled at that one

    @ginni4. Nope def not naive on your part. Mike found a loophole to my theory on Libby. I actually missed something in the ep Dave that pretty much discredits Libby in SW land in that eps final scene.
    There are a few Bud Light commercials that uses actors or references to Lost. The other add I'm thinking of has a mock scene where the plane crashes on the Island w/look alike actors Kate and Sayid trying to fix the radio. Some dude that looks like Charlie discovers a huge supply of Bud Light and the beach party begins. Charlies double rockin out w/ 2 hotties in a hot tub and they all live happily together on the island except for the Kate look alike who is still trying to get rescued. Good times

    Candidate said...

    @ Mike Redemption Song will absolutely play for all characters on Lost. This song list thing is very loose and open to any/all possible scenarios scenes.
    Kate and Sawyer Life In The Fast Lane

    Sayid Pain and Pleasure lol

    @Florin Yes,Redemption for everybody even MIB. The way you put it is like a no brainer. Foeclosures unemp etc, Why leave the Island when you can stay tax free. Hendrix's management bought their own island for tax reasons and those guys were financial geniuses. I think your onto something Florin. Wanted...Unclaimed Island with beach caves Electromagnetic pockets Free Food Drop offs. Must have healing Spring.

    crashriprock said...

    What if its Einstein's Unified field theory. You know like the Philidephia experiment Lost style.

    We have a strong electromagnetic field, perhaps the donkey wheel is a gravitational generator and throw in an H-bomb and boom time travel.

    crashriprock said...

    Tell the truth.
    When you first heard Anikan had elivated levels of Midi-chlorians
    how many of you went to the GNC vitamin store and tryed to buy some?

    Floreen said...

    @Mary and crash - The Philly Experiment, why didn't I thought of that?

    @candidate - Food drops - yes and a security system will be need it too. Smokey's got a job again.

    Candidate said...

    @ Mike

    I don't need or want EVERY question answered on LOST. I'm just sayin' that I would like more answers than they have time for. I like the idea of psuedo scientific explanations but I too feel that I won't be let down no matter what happens or doesn't in the final 5 hours. Except for maybe 2 episodes in S3 I can honestly say this show has never let me down. Again, I just think that Darlton should've kept the Star Wars references in the script and not define the Lost Universe with a reference of the Star Wars universe in a real life press release. My opinion. IMHO
    Of course we all love Darlton even if they aren't perfect... I'm pretty sure they have a high count of Midi Chlorians. Off to the Vitamin store LOL

    Anonymous said...

    MTP (Multiple Time Poster)

    Ooops!! My apologies Mike, I missed your points about Sawyer and Anakin. I should not be simultaneously looking at Singapore Air Flight Attendants and reading your blog. Anywhoo, I believe you previously mentioned that somebody associated with Lost is linked with the Star Trek Franchise, is this correct???? I ask this because Lost seems too use sooo many themes from the original Star Trek.

    ♡Kim♡ said...

    Regarding the poll - to tell the truth, I am one of the few viewers to say, I don't really care about my "questions." I want to see what will happen to all of them, but the questions....just part of the show, imho. I do want to see Sawyer do something heroic by the end and not go out negatively or "turning to the dark side" - that's one of my main concerns. The only question I really want answered is "what will happen to them?"

    Mike V. said...

    @Candidate - nice on "Redemption Song" I'll try to think of some more, but I'm drawing a blank right now!

    Oh duh....O.A.R. - BLACK ROCK! lol

    @Crash - nice name drop on the Philadelphia Experiment. And the GNC/Anakin comment was great too! lol

    @Candidate - I can see your point that maybe Darlton should've used the Midi-Chlorian argument to get their point across. But, I think they were issuing it out there as a sort of "WARNING". To set people's expectations. If we all came into season 6 expecting a braindump of answers, there may have been more people upset than are right now. Yikes, this weekend I was hanging out with a bunch of LOST Watchers and every single one of them was disappointed in this season! I couldn't believe it! I guess we were all watching different shows this whole time lol I'm hoping when all is said and done and we rewatch this series and season with the knowledge of where things are going, people will appreciate this final season more than they have. But we shall see!

    @MTP - No need for an apology on the Anakin thing. It was a joke more than anything! lol Well, J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof are BOTH linked to the NEW Star Trek franchise. (along with a couple other people here and there I think) But yeah, as far back as season 1, the whole 'RED SHIRT' discussion started coming up on LOST..... LOST falls into the same GEEKOSPHERE where Star Trek and Star Wars fans might be tuning in to watch it. But, at the same time, the show has maintained some kind of "COOL EDGE" to it where mainstream audiences don't mind being associated with it at the same time! lol Granted, as the show has gone on, some of the mainstreams dropped off and most or all of the GEEKS stuck around! :-) Good times

    @Kim - I think what you're hoping for in this final season is EXACTLY the ideal category that producers would hope we ALL fall into. We just want to know what happens to these characters we have watched for 6 seasons. And honestly, that is 85% what I'm looking for on this first pass through season 6. I just want to know how it ends! Yes, I want some answers along the way...I have my small checklist within the LARGE checklist of questions I want answered (i.e. I need Christian Shephard closure! lol) I think once the show is done....the REAL nitpicking and discussions will begin for all questions that weren't seemingly answered. And I'm sure I'll be right in the thick of those discussions. But, as long as I am satisfied by how the show ends....I don't think I'll be too angry if they didn't answer certain things. We'll see though!

    Mike V. said...

    Whoops! Typo in comment to candidate. I meant shouldn't have not should have! (midichlorians debate)

    crashriprock said...

    Redemtion Charactor songs for canidate.
    Hit the Road jack------- Jack

    Horse with no name - America- Kate

    Rambling Man- W.Jenning-- Sawyer

    Johnny B Good --------- Locke

    Bad to the Bone ------ Flocke

    Take me to the Pilot -- Lapedus

    Asia -- Steely Dan --- Jin Sun

    Yesterday - Beatles -- Richard

    Seven Spanish angels --- Jacob

    Since I lost my baby - Temtations

    Running withe the Devil - Van Halen--- Whidmore

    Junk Food Junky - Larry Groce -- Hurley

    Island girl -- Elton John -- Cindy

    Killer Queen - Queen -- Elloise

    You Dropped a Bomb on me - the Gap band-- Julia

    Candidate said...

    @ crash song suggestions.
    thanks for another round. Junk food Junkie..You dropped the bomb on me. HA! great stuff.

    Candidate said...

    I like your thoughts of the press release warning. Yeah season 6 has gotten alot of backlash. Quite a few other recaps have been quite negative including a couple of official ABC live blogs. Most people seem to be saying "I want answers." and get angry or freaked out when they dont like the answer given. I have enjoyed season 6 so far and love the fact that there are new questions. I actually like the fact that we pent some time in the temple. My only gripe is the left over templetons have no speaking parts. (Which has been discussed here already.) I am totally enjoying this ride that were on. Pick up the tempo on Davids piece of music was a nice clue on the pace of the show. excited for a new hour tommorow.

    Mike V. said...

    @Candidate - Yeah, I've been a fan of this season as well. And I think I'll enjoy it even more when I rewatch it all when all is said and done. I guess everyone was expecting an entire season where Hurley has a sit down with Jacob for 17 hours and asks him all of the questions that have piled up over the years. And Jacob would just tell us the answers and then we'd all be happy. Then of course, the final hour would be EXPLOSIONS!!! LOL I'm perfectly fine with one last season of more mysteries. I'm fine with the show ending on a mysterious long as there is CONCLUSION. I think I had more to say, but I got interrupted by a coworker who was discussing LOST too LOL

    The Templetons...yeah a big gripe...I am guessing these are like the background oceanic passengers from the first few seasons. Sure, they should have a lot more to say...but we just need to accept it! But, I did always want more information on why Cindy so quickly joined the OTHERS. As if maybe she was already with them.

    I'm with you though....enjoying the ride while we still have one!

    David Salako said...

    I think trusting the writers and makers of the show is the only way to really enjoy this show.

    They have taken it in directions I would never have fathomed and yes I do have a lot of questions BUT I am trusting that they know what they are doing and that I will enjoy it even more in future repeat viewings!

    We thoroughly enjoyed the re-trek through season 1-5 so I am guessing it will be the same once season 6 is over.

    The DVDs will have lots of additional missing scenes to from this season I am certain.

    Mike V. said...

    Agree 100% David!

    crashriprock said...

    If I were a writer on this show I might be able to answer alot of questions if there was a Jacob Centric Flashback or maybe an MIB flashback.

    Mike V. said...

    Sure sounds like something they should do before the end shouldn't it?

    Man, if only they had that on the agenda before the end...Seems like it would be a great "let's catch up with what these characters have been up to since the beginning" episode right before they dive into the final endgame of the show. (again, being as intentionally vague as possible to avoid spoiling but at the same time, being absolutely transparent LOL)

    Anonymous said...


    Brace yourself, because I suspect there will be an MIB-Jacob backstory very soon.
    And I also feel that major mysteries will be answered which we have been wondering for a while now. Especially in regard to Mibby and Jacboy(& Meyers).


    Mike V. said...

    so much for me trying to be vague about it! :-)

    Anonymous said...


    I think that majority of people are expecting it and can sense that its coming.

    Mike V. said...

    I know, but it's still fun to speak in riddles! LOL

    crashriprock said...

    Here is a LOST riddle.

    If Smokey wants off the Island and an Ominpresent Entity Jacob is no longer there to stop Smokey and there are an Island full of people who are trying to protect the Canidates who will take Jacobs place and thus save the world by protecting an Island that can be moved and by doing so moves through time... How many popsicle sticks would it take to fill up the Empire State building?

    Unknown said...


    Forgive me ignorance but why do you end your posts with NAMASTE!

    I've seen the episode but I can't make the connection.


    Anonymous said...


    4,815,162,342 popsicle sticks. duh....


    I dont think you belong on this
    board buddy. :P jk.


    crashriprock said...


    crashriprock said...

    Namaste is a Hindu greeting like aloha
    Its Napal translation means
    the God in me bows to the God in you.

    Weasel said...


    {montage of deaths on the show} = Bodies (Drowning Pool)

    crashriprock said...

    Hey if there is going to be montages. Do one of all Shannon's bikini scenes to the song

    She's my cherry pie

    Mike V. said...

    @Kevin - I'll go incredibly easy on you, but you might be hitting yourself afterwards! lol NAMASTE has been used on the show throughout its run, mainly associated with the DHARMA Initiative (or you know...100% associated with DHARMA lol) Pierre Chang ends each of his orientation videos with the salutation....Kelvin says it to Desmond when he was sarcastically talking about joining up with DHARMA....and of course there is an episode in season 5 ENTITLED "NAMASTE" when Jack and Crew arrive back in 1977 and join up with the DHARMA Initiative. I believe many LOSTIES have also adopted this into their vocabulary when discussing the show. So, it kinda just became tradition for me to end the blog with it. I'm sure there are many other symbolic reasons why Namaste made it into the LOST world, but I mainly use it because of its large association with the show. lol Looks like Crash gave the definition for it too but here's the wiki entry

    Love the riddle and love Jackson's answer to it!

    Mike V. said...

    I just got this email from someone who wrote an article about LOST Series-Finale Themed cocktails. Thought I would share with everyone!

    LOST Series Finale Cocktail Recipes

    Mike V. said...

    I think I'll stick to my DHARMA Beer that I brewed...It's a little more manly! lol

    btw...last night I grilled up some Steaks and washed it down with one of my DHARMA Beers...and I poured it into one of the 12 frosted DHARMA Pint Glasses that my lovely wife has bought me over the years mmmmmmm....good stuff.

    crashriprock said...

    The Guys that run the convience store by my house are from Napal.
    I told them Namaste was in the show and they started watching.
    Now everytime I go in I have to stand there and answer questions and most of my answers are

    I dont know.
    I dont know.
    I dont know.

    David Salako said...

    Weird that all the official ABC stuff as well as Team Darlton still keep referring to our MIB as "John Locke".

    Mike V. said...

    David - Are you suggesting that it might end up that it was Locke all of the time? lol I think they pretty much implied they just call him Locke out of ease of calling him something else. But you never know!

    David Salako said...

    No implication on my part!
    I clearly know nothing as far as this crazy ride goes!
    Just weird that they have stuck to it all season!

    crashriprock said...

    I read somewhere that in the script MIB Locke is called

    Mike V. said...

    Maybe it shows up that way in the script but Darlton have pretty much confirmed that in the writers' room they were calling him Locke. So who knows??

    But yeah, crazy that they stuck with it. I still hope we see Island John Locke in some form before this show ends!

    crashriprock said...

    I like Flocke tho
    as in :
    He scared the Flocke out of me.

    Anonymous said...

    I read somewhere that MIB Locke in the script is called



    Mike V. said...

    Nice on both Crash and Jackson lol

    Of would be very interesting in an MIB flashback if we learn that his name actually IS "Locke" That would just be super nuts lol

    crashriprock said...

    What I want to know is what was his name when he first talked to Jacob on the beach (as another actor) before he became Flocke.

    another thing I want to know is if I use 3d glasses will I see these word scrambles better.

    crashriprock said...

    Well my cousins,daughter's,teacher's,hairdresser's,dog's,vet's,sister-inlaw's,brother's,machanic's,life coach said Flocke's name was

    David Salako said...

    Desmond did say "you're John Locke"...

    Mike V. said...

    Yes David, he sure did!

    Happy lost day folks!! Only 3 more times we can say that! Btw they finished editing the finale last night. It's all done. Kinda depressing I know!

    Anyway, totally lost is up on!! I'll post a link when I'm at a computer but it will be a bit. Oh and guess what? The videos are iPhone compatible now!! Enjoy!

    ♡Kim♡ said...

    @Mike - regarding "@Kim - I think what you're hoping for in this final season is EXACTLY the ideal category that producers would hope we ALL fall into. We just want to know what happens to these characters we have watched for 6 seasons. And honestly, that is 85% what I'm looking for on this first pass through season 6. I just want to know how it ends! Yes, I want some answers along the way..."

    Well, let's say this, what puzzles you about Christian? To me, it's a slight bit clear already...but I am wondering what is bugging you....I'd love to see your list of questions. I guess the only question that REMOTELY bugs me is what happened to WAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLT. Other than that, I can deal with whatever they throw us, because, aren't we supposed to have unanswered questions in our lives? Of course. So why can't the characters have that also? I do kind of want to know what's the deal between Jacob and MIB, but I think we will find that out soon enough. Share your questions and prioritize them!! That will be fun.

    And just off the record here, I was rewatching Season 6 because my son is watching that for the first time on computer (just completed seasons 1 - 5 on DVD) and noticed that when Desmond is on the plane next to Jack in LA X, he is in the same suit he is in when visiting Claire at the lawyer's office and I think when running down Locke in the wheelchair and I sort of thought that maybe he was time traveling when on the plane next to Jack (disappears, etc) What do you think about that?

    Mike V. said...

    Ugh, i got to work and my Internet is down! Link is coming but seriously just go to and go to like the 4th "picture headline" it's there.

    Kim you realize this is my "23 mysteries that I want answered" post right? LOL just kidding, I know lots of those won't be answered but I think I kinda get into which ones I definitely want more on. With christian, even the totally lost video I'm referring to gets into the questions I have. Yes they confirmed that "on island" christian was smokey (though doc jensen expresses some doubt that this is entirely true). But my concern and theirs too is who represented Christian "off island" at the hospital in jack's season 4 flash forward ep; and who was on the freighter telling Michael he can go? I'll try to write a bit more after a meeting and when I'm not typing on my phone!!

    Anonymous said...

    What About Horace? Doesn't he play a pivotal role in the endgame?

    Mike V. said...

    @Anonymous - he might, but I'm not counting on it. I think they told that DHARMA story last season. Not sure how much they're going to revisit it. But I wouldn't be disappointed if they did!

    Btw is TOTALLY LOST link finally. Now off to another meeting!

    Totally Lost!

    crashriprock said...

    When Whidmore sent Keamy to the Island Ben said at one point I think (and I'm sure I will be corrected) "they are coming to kill everyone on the Island..."
    Do you think at that point maybe Whidmore thought everyone on the Island was in the same state Sayid was in his after death experience?
    ie Whidmore was gooing to kill everyone like Dogen wanted Jack to kill Sayid?
    Tonight's not lost night for me:(
    I watch it on HULU so I will only have a few more posts until tomorrow,

    MJ said...

    Totally Lost was extra great this week - maybe since they haven't done any in a few weeks.

    But - one of their clues for tonight was a little more spoilery than usual - so spoiler-phobes beware.

    Mike V. said...

    @Crash - interesting thought with Widmore. Even Sawyer brought up the fact THIS season that Widmore sent the people to kill everyone on the island. I don't think Widmore even really denied it, right? He just said how amazed he was how little Sawyer knew about what was going on. That sucks you gotta wait for hulu! If I had to do that, these posts would never go up when they do! lol

    @MJ - Agree one of the clues seemed to be a bit spoilerish...but i'm intrigued to what it means! lol And yes...Totally LOST was fantastic...loved the pop culture references with Star Wars and the commentary they provided .....(chewie growling about incest when Luke and Leia kissed lol)

    Mike V. said...

    @Kim - as is more to my last post. Yeah, I definitely want some closure on WALT. I want closure for Jack and Christian. I do want to know about Jacob and MIB as you mentioned and agree we will find out. Agree that there will be unanswered questions...that's why my list is smaller. I don't even think I meant I had a DEFINED list...I'll have to review my 23 mysteries again and see which ones are priority. You guys may laugh but I want resolution to the Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle....even if it is that NONE of them end up together. I want CLOSURE on it! Anyway, I'll check out my 23 mysteries again and let you know if I can come up with a short list lol

    As for time traveling Desmond in sideways. Whew...I guess it's possible but I dunno. I'm more intrigued by the fact that he's wearing a wedding ring on Flight 815 but then when he gets OFF of the plane and meets with Minkowski we learn very specifically that he is NOT married. What is THAT all about? Granted, the fact that Dez had a ring on on the plane was a very quick glance....but then Damon Lindelof went ahead and retweeted someone's question about it on Twitter causing us all to think it's important! So who knows??

    crashriprock said...

    Well it got to the point where the only TV I watched was five shows I had Tvo'd and I was paying almost $200 just for that Hulu is like Tvo its just delayed. I could go watch it at a friends but thier house is crazy all the time and it would be like watching tv on a gameboy size hand tv in the middle of the final four play offs in the stands:D

    The only way I see Walt coming back is if they producers shot the end of this (the very end) in the first season. The last scene with Walt would be him waking up like Dorthy and saying he had the weidest dream and starts pointing at the Losties saying "..and you were there and you..."
    And we pan Down to his feet and instead of seeing ruby slippers we see ...sand on his tennis shoes
    duhn duhn duhn!

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