Friday, March 07, 2008

LOST: Season 4 Episode 6 - The Other Woman

Hello LOSTIES! I'm sure most of us are still racking our brain from last week's fantastic DESMOND episode "The Constant." A record 72 COMMENTS on the last blog is proof enough for that! But here we are with a brand new episode to discuss. LOST usually does a pretty good job of letting our brains settle down the following week after a mind blowing episode in the previous week. That's why I was happy to see this Juliet-centric episode "The Other Woman (appropriately titled for 4 reasons that I have found)" follow a more advance plot, provide MEATY ANSWER, have FLASHBACK tie into all island story lines type of episode. As great as this season has been, they sure have been making it tough to recap with these flash forwards, 4 different character flashbacks, people traveling all over, etc... It's actually refreshing to get back to the standard format of a LOST episode as well as for the BLOG (for at least one week! I'll be ready for another brain twisting ride by next week!). Obviously, it's tough for "The Other Woman" to follow up "The Constant" and be as exciting. But I thought it did a good job and I shall award it with a WOW! rating (one WOW, one exclamation point...we'll have to determine what this all means in a spin-off blog!)

"The Other Woman" follows Juliet through more of her past and present and tells the tale of of a mischievous, jealous and brilliant OTHER deriving scenarios to get the upper hand and get what he wants. That Ben "always has a plan" doesn't he? Once again Michael Emerson AND Elizabeth Mitchell shine with their fantastic characters. Throw in a little Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet rectangle suspense, yet another HATCH, a threat to kill all islanders, and those crazy "should we trust/not trust" freighter folk and you have yourself a solid show!

Juliet Flashback

We begin our episode with the LOST brains trying to pull a clever one on us. Juliet is meeting with therapist Harper Stanhope (Andrea Roth from Rescue Me) and complaining about being a celebrity. We immediately think "yep, flash forward Juliet is somehow one of the Oceanic 6!" Ahhh those crazy LOST folk! They did try to pull a similar stunt with Juliet's FIRST flashback in "Not in Portland." Turns out we are right on the island and in the barracks shortly after Juliet arrived on the island. This flashback is intended to provide more background on Juliet's relationship to Goodwin (which we saw a glimpse of last season), as well as show a bit more of Ben and Juliet's relationship. Let's dive into the important tidbits from this storyline!

  • Most importantly, TOM is seen with a crazy mustache! I really wish I had a screenshot of that! It was fantastic!
  • Harper and Goodwin were a married couple on the island and Juliet was the "OTHER WOMAN" (there's #1!)
  • Juliet is an OTHER and a WOMAN! (There's #2!)
  • We find out Ben had Goodwin working with some chemicals (showing burns on his arm) prior to the crash of flight 815. He stated that with the wrong flick of a switch he could be responsible for killing everyone on the island.
  • We find out Ben has a obsessive crush on Juliet and EVERYONE knows about it. This further goes into Tom's "They have history" comment that he told Jack after Jack sliced open Ben's Kidney sack. As upset as Harper is for stalking and getting a peep show on Juliet and Goodwin she is more concerned for Goodwin's life as she thinks their will be consequences if Ben finds out.
  • Alright theory time: Harper tells Juliet that it's obvious Ben likes her because "YOU LOOK JUST LIKE HER" Stay with me here, I think I'm about to uncover some juicy mythology! Who is HER? Well, my immediate thoughts go to Ben's only childhood friend Annie whom he still appears affectionate to in the present day (keeping the doll she gave him). We still don't know what happened to Annie. But do you remember the Season 3 episode where Ben tells Jack that Juliet bears the striking resemblance to his Ex-Wife Sarah? (granted, I did not agree with Ben at the time) Would they be throwing these 2 comments into the show and not intend us to tie them together? What if Annie IS Sarah? What would be the repercussions of that? There is still this whole mystery of how on earth Jack FIXED Sarah from that car accident. Last season Ben seemed to be surprised that a Spinal Surgeon fell out of the sky when he found out he had cancer. In this episode, he seemed to brush it aside to show Juliet something else as if he may have already known. We do know Ben is one crazy mastermind. COULD Ben be linked to the plane crashing intentionally? COULD Sarah, Juliet, Ben, Jack all be linked somehow? Or are we just supposed to think Juliet bears a striking resemblance to a lot of people???
  • REVISED (forgot to include this): In either case, "You look just like her" refers to a woman important to Ben...making Juliet yet again "THE OTHER WOMAN" (#3!!!!)
  • Okay so what else...right...apparently Ben did catch wind of Juliet and Goodwin and when Flight 815 crashes we now find out that Ben sent Goodwin to the tail section in hopes that he would most certainly be killed. They also superimposed Harper into the big OTHERS scene witnessing the crash.
  • Then there was that creepy dinner that Ben made for Juliet where she thought it was a dinner party. Emerson played a fantastically pathetic man with a crush! He brings up the whole Ana Lucia thing where Goodwin was trying to make a case for her being an asset. This had been mentioned back in season 2 also I believe.
  • To make a long story short Ben brings Juliet to Goodwin's body to show her what he is capable of. He creepily tells Juliet "YOU'RE MINE" and then complains about how much he has gone through to make sure she stays: Yeah, well he brought her flowers, gave her her own house, lied about her sister's cancer (said he would cure it when she probably already was cured), oh right...and had her lover sent to his death by the stick of Ana Lucia. Yeah, they sure have history!
  • For all you "Pregnant Women Die on the Island" fans, we are told a little tidbit that apparently it is Immune System related and that it turns on the fetus in the 2nd trimester. But Juliet is uncertain why. It sounded like she was about to tell Ben that she is curious if these woman could carry a pregnancy if conceived OFF island. Which we found out is most certainly true (Claire).
  • Juliet refers to watching over some of the tail section kids: Zack and Emma (probably the ones we met in "The other 48 Days" season 2 episode. Ben mentions they were on the LIST (Jacob's list I would guess) and who are they to argue with the list. Now that we're not sure Ben actually talks to Jacob, perhaps they're really on Ben's list?

Bottom Line....the flashback shows us Ben will go to many lengths to ensure that Juliet remains HIS and it still affects Juliet in the present day.

Ben and regaining the Upper Hand

Back at the barracks, more mind games await Locke. The residents are getting worried that their fearless leader does NOT have a plan (told to us by Ben, but seen through Claire wanting to talk to Miles). We see Ben weasel his way out of the basement by supposedly giving Locke his "LAST" pieces of information further giving Locke direction and purpose (which he always needs!). Here's what was uncovered!

  • No sense in delaying...Ben's big reveal is that Charles Widmore (yep Penny's Dad and head of the Widmore corporation) is the owner of the Freighter sitting offshore. So, we were right to keep assuming this was the case. And this would make sense since Penny knows about the island (probably researching behind her father's back). Widmore is probably also the man that Ben is hunting down in the future with Sayid. (Also, our previous guess). It's funny, sometimes it's more fun to speculate who the person is than actually getting the answer we were hoping for! But still, the dramatic way Michael Emerson delivered the news to us made it all worth it.
  • Comparing Widmore wanting to get to the island to 5000 people flocking to MOLD in the shape of the Virgin Mary in Gainsville, Florida was perfect. John Locke (among others) survived a Plane Crash onto this special island. John Locke was crippled prior and now can walk. Rose was cured from Cancer. How many people would flock to the island to see Mr. Locke? Good question. But does Widmore know about John Locke? Perhaps through Ben's blindfolded man that he interrogated? We also notice Widmore sees the camera. So how did Ben get the tape?

  • "Charles Widmore wants to exploit this island and he'll do everything in his power to possess it." Crazy crazy stuff.
  • Ben claims he doesn't know how Widmore knows about island. Is it from the Black Rock journal? Or possibly before that? Why would Widmore be interested in the journal in the first place? Is Widmore behind planting the FAKE plane in the Indian Ocean? Or was he behind the expedition team that FOUND the plane while searching for the Black Rock? Many higher powers are at play here and still many many questions to be answered!
  • In any case, Ben gives Locke the Widmore File saying it was his only bargaining chip he had left.
  • Alas, Locke demands also for the name of his man on the boat. Ben's about to tell us! He tells us we may want to sit down! Here it comes!!!......... NOOOOOOOO Commercial! Conveniently they did not return to give us that answer! But I would guess Locke is now in the know. Would we really want to sit down if it's Michael? Is that really so shocking? Is this tied to the coming attractions for next week that we'll see a face that we thought we'd never see again??? Is that really true for ANY character on LOST? We always anticipate seeing people in some form or another! Well, we'll find out soon enough!
  • In other random news - Safe Combo: 36-15-28 I really don't think it means anything but there they are!
  • Locke with the 3.2 million comment and giving Ben the dollar was a good time. We still don't know what the 3.2 is about and if it was code from Miles to Ben.
  • Locke served Ben Rabbit and Ben asked if it had a number on it before it was cooked. Remember the Bunny with the 8 on it? Remember Ben's Bunny as a child? And if you've seen the Orchid video, remember the possible Time Traveling Bunny? Was Ben concerned for a "concerned-experimental bunny" reason about this bunny? Or just due to sentimental attachments to HIS bunny?
  • "If my people still wanted me they would've stormed the barracks" says Ben. Well apparently Ben still has communication with SOME if not ALL of his people. So apparently everything is going according to plan! But does this all somehow tie into what happened at the TEMPEST station? Was THAT according to Ben's plan? I'm a little confused why he'd want to kill everyone on the island! But of course...we're not there yet!
  • Also worth noting that the Red Sox tape that Jack watched was taped over with the Widmore Security Camera feed. Significance? Well...I guess it depends how they're getting the videos from the mainland!

Journey to the Tempest

Speaking of unrest, it's happening on the beach too. The only 2 KNOWN uninvolved castaways (Jin and Sun) are still questioning Jack's leadership in regards to the Freighter folk. Jin spoke a little more English "YOU....SAID...THAT...THEY....WERE.....FRIENDS" And then we save the rest of their spotlight time for next week! The big news? Charlotte and Dan have disappeared! Jack becomes concerned. Juliet and Jack run after them guns blazin! And then the rain begins. Here's what went down:
  • Juliet runs into HARPER (whom we just met in a flashback). Of course, at the time we suspected she might be a ghost of sorts. Harper delivers a message from Ben to Juliet (and eventually Jack) "Dan and Charlotte are on their way to the Tempest and there's a chance everyone will die. KILL THEM at all costs! Love - Ben"
  • Harper also mentions that Ben is exactly where he wants to be. As I was saying before, it would seem Ben still has contact with some of the other OTHERS.
  • Then the whispering begins again....They look around and Harper is gone! woaaa....was she not really there? Was this WALT-like magic of being 2 places at one time? Or was it the disappearing act that Locke and Cindy have done in the past? That is one crazy Island I'm telling you! But, I don't think that we should be too concerned over that mystery right now! I did wonder if there was a possibility that Harper was DEAD in present day and she was just a ghost-like thing...but Jack saw her and talked to her too. Not that this means anything! Okay okay...I'm rambling! Moving on!!
  • We catch up with Dan and Charlotte and they have a map of the island! Where did they get it? Is it possibly from the Black Rock journal? I don't think we've actually seen the SHAPE of the island before have we? We saw the blacklight map in the Hatch but that was more the DHARMA station layout. Whose instructions are Dan/Charlotte following to go to the TEMPEST? Widmore's? Someone else's?
  • If you look at the hand drawn map there are lots of Lots of "UNKNOWNS" marked but then letters and numbers to certain points of interest? Lots of scribbles i can't make out. But then there's the DHARMA logo at one place on the map! Does this tie to Charlotte's excitement at seeing the DHARMA logo in Tunisia on the Polar Bear

  • Dan is concerned he won't be able to complete his task. Charlotte had faith in him.
  • Enter Kate returning from the barracks! She gets suspicious. Charlotte knocks her out. DUM DUM DUUUMMMMM
  • We return to Jack and Juliet in pursuit. Juliet asks Jack to trust him
  • We find out the Tempest is an Electrical Station that powers the island. (yeah controls poisonous gas! I guess we found out how the DHARMA PURGE went down!)
  • I liked the exchange between Juliet and Jack and how Juliet says they all have things in their past they'd rather not talk about. Jack retaliating with Juliet reading his report. Juliet stating "You don't want to read mine!" Ooooh damaged Juliet! Damaged Jack! Love is in the air!!
  • But just as things are about to heat up....they find Kate! with a bloody head no less! Jack's attention momentarily leaves Juliet and goes to his one true love! And Juliet takes this opportunity to double time it to the tempest.
  • Jack and Kate exchange information about what they've both been up to and then head after Juliet.
  • By the way did you know Kate can not only track multiple trails but can tell at what TIME each person walked by? That's pretty impressive Kate! I couldn't help but laugh at the whole "Juliet is a half hour ahead of us" type of comment. (not even sure I got it right!)
  • Okay, so Juliet shows up at the TEMPEST station. Pretty crazy place...check it out! 2nd picture has a shot of the logo if you click on it to enlarge. I mean...after the ORCHID, I think there will be plenty of stations on the island. We can stop adding them now guys!!

  • So the tale that is told after some immense Charlotte/Juliet cat fighting is that Dan is trying to STOP the gas from killing everyone on the island. And at the last minute he sure does! Feel free to analyze what all of the monitors said!
  • My question did they know the gas was being deployed at that particular moment? Is it possible that they started the deployment process only to shut it down as they were getting caught. And possibly that this may have all been intentional to gain the trust of Jack and crew? They stated that they know Ben has used it before and who says he wasn't going to use it again? What exactly did Dan do? Did he stop the attempt to GAS the island for that one time? Or did he permanently stop it? As I said above...I just don't know why Ben would want to kill everyone on the island when HE is one of the people on it! If Juliet killed Dan and Charlotte, everyone would have died. So that just leads me to think that Dan and Charlotte initiated the Gassing in order to shut it down either to intentionally get caught in the act or for some kind of permanent shut down. Am I over thinking this? Did I miss something? Anyone out there...feel free to set me straight! The fact of the matter is, whether they initiated it or not Dan and Charlotte DID save everyone on the island.
  • Jack and Kate eventually get there. Kate does not trust anyone. Jack sees Juliet is okay with the situation and since he trusts Juliet, he is calm. While Kate goes in to investigate. Juliet pours her heart out to Jack.
  • Juliet says Ben is waging war against the freighter folk and that somehow he got to her to kill Dan And Charlotte. Based on her past experience with Goodwin and the fact that Ben feels Juliet is his Juliet fears for Jack and admits she has feelings for him, which Ben apparently knows also. (Well kissed him in the season 3 finale!)
  • Of course Jack did tell Kate he loved her in the season finale. But I guess Jack isn't going to wait around for Kate to tell him that she loves him too because he went ahead and kissed Juliet after her big reveal. He also pretty much told Ben to "BRING IT ON!" Jack sure loves those damaged women and trying to FIX situations! And thus, since we know the Jack/Kate saga is far from over we have our #4 shout out to Juliet being "THE OTHER WOMAN."

End Scene

  • Sawyer and Hurley found another game to keep them busy on the island. This time it is HORSESHOES! Nothing like watching Sawyer lose every game he plays against people on the island (poker, ping pong and now horseshoes!) Hurley mentions luck (has his bad luck turned around?). Sawyer and Hurley see Ben with folded clothes heading into a house. "SEE YOU GUYS AT DINNER!" BOOOM LOST!

Yep, Ben was all over this episode tonight. We saw all sides of him from being a jealous murderous stalker, a prisoner gaining freedom, and assigning Juliet to kill his enemies (still baffles me how he would have given a message to Harper. Maybe he never did??) I guess they should've just called this episode "THE MAN" instead!!

Okay, so that's it for this week. Next week we are going to discover a face that we never expected to see again? Who could it be? Well, I wouldn't put it past ABC to overhype the return of Michael even though everyone already knows about it (afterall, even if you didn't find out last summer, his name has been in the credits since the 1st episode this season!) We just don't know WHEN he is coming and HOW. According to the producers we will have our official Oceanic 6 by the end of next week's episode. If we're still uncertain, they will provide a definitive list! Judging by the previews, I think we can kinda render who will be at least ONE of them, and we've been guessing it since the first episode this season. But I'll refrain from saying just in case people would think THAT is a spoiler! (it's hard to figure out what people consider a Spoiler and what people don't these days isn't it? I have my own bizarre method of figuring it out!) Hope you all enjoyed my ramblings. I'm sure this episode won't generate 72 Comments worth of discussion but I'm excited to start discussing anyway! See you next week!


Mike V. said...

Yeah I probably over thought it...this pretty much sums up what I was trying to say about what the Freighter folk were up to. Good ol' Doc Jensen!

"Their mission all along was to neutralize the chemical stockpile in order to prevent Ben from pulling another Purge."

So I guess they initiated the manual override to try to stop the gas for good! I should've been able to catch onto that I guess! lol

Anonymous said...

You said you had 4 theories on the 'Other Woman', but you only listed 3, unless I missed one. What was the last one???

Chris Stedman said...

OK, good episode, not much action but the dialog more than made up for it.

Mike, like the Annie IS Sarah theory!! Although why would she change her name off island? Was Ben just as jealous with her and she changed it to stay away from him?

My first thought on “you look just like her” was did Ben have a wife that died in child birth that looked just like Juliet? That would explain why he’s hung up on the childbirth issues and transferred his felling to Juliet. Could his wife that died be Annie?

So how did Ben get the tape? Ben did say “I taped over the game” Did Ben tape the Widmore beating himself? We know he’s been off the island.

Mike V. said...

oh crap...i forgot one! lol thanks for calling that out. #3 was supposed to be if Annie is Ben's Woman...then Juliet would be his OTHER WOMAN!

I'll add that in! Thanks!

Mike V. said...

Yeah not sure why she would change her name...but if she knew SUPER AGENT BEN with all of his passports and aliases then I guess she could be a name changer too! She could be on assignment by Ben. Who knows??? It's all a big stretch but it could be true!

I like the theory that maybe Annie died in childbirth as did Ben's Mother so this could lead to his further obsessivness with finding a way to fix it!

Anonymous said...

Also, we can assume that tape was made recently since he just showed Jack the Red Sox tape a few weeks ago in Lost time.

Anonymous said...

Well, as usual, someone is lying somewhere! I'm not buying the Dan and Charlotte story at face value. You'd think they'd know that Ben is not trusted by our heroes so why not just tell Jack et al about their plan to save them from Ben's purge redux plan? Or is their story true and it was just written that way for good TV drama? And irony, too, since someone said "I want to know why they aren't here to rescue us..." or something like that, which of course is false if you believe they DID rescue them from Ben's evil plan.

And if the boat is owned by Widmore, and Dan and Charlotte work for Widmore, who, according to Ben, does not know where the island is, then how does Dan and Charlotte have a map of the island? And how do they know about the gas?

Yet Ben told Juliet to shoot D & C. What if she did? We were never told that the Purge was initiated, were we?

BOTTOM LINE: We were previously led to believe that getting Ben is a primary objective of the freighter folk. Ben is locked up. If they want, they can have him. Shoot him, take him, whatever they want. I don't see how neutralizng the gas ties in with their "objective". I think it was a ruse to build trust with the Losties, as Mike mentioned in the main blog.

Chris Stedman said...

It was never said that getting Ben was their primary objective, Ben just said they were her for him. I think their objective is just removing all the threats Ben has on the island including Ben himself.

And unlike the people on the island they are getting it done.

Looking back Walk told Locke not to open the hatch. He did which eventually caused the island to be seen by the outside.

Walt told Locke not to let them call the boat with the sat. phone. They made the call.

Ben told Juliet not to let them release the gas. They did, although they did it with out killing everyone.

Did I miss any?

Everyone on the island keeps failing in there missions and the island is going to suffer the consequences. These events all help pave the way for Widmore (the bad guy?) to eventually get safely on the island.

I think Ben never wanted to gas the 815ers. It was his last resort and he would be willing to use it if a threat ever took over the island.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I'm leaning towards-what if the man on the boat was the Captain of the Black Rock? And what if the captain of the Black Rock was someone we've already seen on the island, someone who doesn't appear to age, someone like Richard. Richard just sort of disappeared from the show and we all assumed it was because the actor was working on a different show, but maybe that was just a convenient coincidence, after all Richard was the man who basically trained Ben. So we know he was on the Island way before Ben was. Now with the time travel and time differential established, in addition to the healing properties we've already seen from the island, isn't it entirely possible that someone could manipulate the island in such a way that they could live indefinitely? And we know Richard is doing something to not have aged. The Black Rock keeps coming up so we know it has to be a major factor in this thing. It would also explain how the captain's journal that Widmore bought at the auction ended up in Madagascar, if the captain had been out and about on freighters

Anonymous said...

Could it be possible that the person we never thought we see again be Charlie. Because that guy that never seems to die could have saved him and took him to the boat; if he is the spy for Ben; or even to the island. Charlie did say he was dead but still there. So he could be dead to the world because of the cover up but still be there on the island. I really just want him to come back, He is the whole reason I started watching this show. Plus Im really going to be mad if its Micheal or Walt solely because thats way to obvious

Anonymous said...

Have you guys noticed that Hurley wins at everything? Beats Jack in HORSE, defeats Sawyer in Ping Pong and Horseshoes, and wins the lottery? Don't play cards against guys with city's as their last name or against Hurley!!

Mike V. said...

Sted, it was more than just Ben saying "they want me" Miles also shows a picture of Ben to jack after saying "You want to know why we're here...I'll tell you why we're here!!!!" and further goes to explaining they want Ben Linus.

But good point on diffusing any dangerous situations for Widmore to finally get to the island.

I wonder how they'll deal with SMOKEY! lol

Pokey, Yeah we don't know how old Richard is....but the captain of the Black rock being the captain of the freighter? yikes..I guess it COULD be. It seems like a bit of a stretch but you're right...they have been bringing up the Black Rock an awful lot lately. And it seems to be heading somewhere. I'm sure we'll find out in the coming episodes who that captain is. Or at least we'll meet him!

Danielle, I'm a big Charlie fan too....but it has been confirmed by the producers that he is certifiably dead. Now...we don't know for sure if Ben is getting is information from some sort of GHOST lol That would make me want to sit down if he tried to explain that to me! So...MAYBE Charlie's ghost? I doubt it though. Michael or Walt just seems like the obvious answer...and unfortunately..if that is the case..a lot of people are going to be disappointed. But it's the producers' own fault for telling us that Michael is coming back this season. Of course, we would've seen his name in the credits anyway if they hadn't told us. (apparently it's a contractual thing...they HAVE to show the names in the opening credits depending on # of episodes you're scheduled to be in)

I thought I had something else to say too...but I forget! This should do for now!

Mike V. said...

Good point anonymous...i forgot about the game of Horse when I was listing games that Hurley won at (of course I was thinking of it more as Sawyer losing games)....

But based on the numbers bringing him BAD luck after the lottery....maybe going to the island has changed his luck??? about him getting that VAN started right before hitting the rocks too? Interesting stuff!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog. Good stuff all around! And yeah, I'm a bit clueless too as to the whole manual override on the gas thing. Seemed way too convenient that they just happened to save everyone at the last second, right in front of Juliet...

I was also way disappointed in Kate for being knocked unconscious so easily. Obviously she didn't trust Dan and Charlotte, so why's she turn her back on one of them? And Charlotte's wayyy too quick to shoot, kill or knock people out, if she's really there to save everyone. "Oops. Sorry I almost killed you with a lead pipe. But look, we saved your asses, so let's all be friends now, okay?"

Anonymous said...

Wine Connection:
How about the wine that Goodwin & Juliet drank on the beach being the same kind of wine that Desmond had at the monastery (loaded Penny's car with it)?? Draws a connection btwn the head of the monastery/Widmore's/Ben/Desmond

Anonymous said...

I know that it may not be a major plot point, but isn't it weird that Naomi's body was never shown or discussed in "The Constant"? You would think that the crew, doctor, etc. would have done something with her body like examine it for how she died, etc.

I think that the Losties are going to get into the middle of an all out war for the island between Widmore's people, Ben's people (who now includes Locke), and maybe the Dharma people which will result in some of them (O6) being split off from the rest or given a chance to get off the island, but knowing that some of their friends were still left behind?

A different take on who Juliet looks like: could she look just like Ben's mother? I haven't seen that episode in a while, but I still think Ben's mother dying during his childbirth either has something to do with women dying during childbirth on the island or at least his obsession with it.

Also, did anyone else find it weird that Juliet says the body starts to attack the embryo during the second trimester? Wouldn't that result in the baby dying instead of the mother during childbirth? Do we know for sure if the baby also dies? Someone please answer this question.

Even though it won't be much of a surprise, the captain almost has to be Michael. You can tell from the preview that it is someone Desmond and Sayid recognize. Plus, as far as the story line goes, having Michael on the boat allows for a lot of questions to eventually be answered like what happened to him and Walt, how did he end up on the boat, is he Ben's spy, did he and Sun sleep together, etc.?

Assuming that it is Michael, how on earth did he become captain of the boat. Remember that time on the island (as far as we know) moves slower than time off the island, so he has been off the island about 30 days in on-island time.

I still think the captain is Michael, but some other interesting candidates would be a grown up Walt or the Hanso guy from the movie.

Finally, as for the gas, I think that Dan and Charlotte were trying to eliminate one of Ben's weapons in defending the island. I think Widmore is after the island's effects of eternal youth (Richard) or its healing powers (Locke, etc.), but will need someone (Ben?) to help him figure out the secrets of the island. Otherwise, why wouldn't have Dan and Charlotte gased everyone on the island including Ben?


Mike V. said...

Crazy..didn't even pick up on the wine thing. Thanks for the comment!

Welcome to the Blog Andrew! I agree...some very contrived situations drawn up for this episode. You'd think they will have some way to explain why they did things the way they did them. But I'm guessing mostly it was all for dramatic effect lol. The only other explanation would seem to be that they really did want to "get caught in the act" at The Tempest to earn trust. But I guess we'll find out!!!

Mike V. said...

Addict...can't get to all of that right now lol but here's a few thoughts:

They probably just didn't cast the actress playing Naomi for such a small role when arriving to the freighter. Kinda like Rose and Bernard have all of a sudden disappeared too. They just can't keep them in Hawaii until they need them. The actors are only contracted for so many episodes.

No idea about the baby/mother thing. It IS interesting though that the immune system turns on the fetus. But I would guess that both the baby AND mother die since it's so early in the pregnancy.

As for the Michael thing...not sure if he's the Captain...but you mentioned Desmond recognizing. Keep in mind...Desmond actually never met Michael!

I'll check out the rest later unless someone gets to it first! lol

justinian said...

"Juliet is an OTHER and a WOMAN!" Funny!

And I completely believe that Sun and Michael got it on and are going to be the last two of the Oceanic Six. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I understand your point of paying an actress, but you would think that a little dialogue about taking the body to a certain part of the ship or something would've done. They just made such a big deal about who the three passengers were going to be with Sayid insisting that Nadia be the third since no one else wanted to go. Why not bury her in the jungle instead of taking her to the boat to just have her "disapper". Anyways, who am I to question the writers/producers, I am sure they have a reason for what happened, but half the fun of this blog is guessing/discussing possible theories.


Mike V. said...

good point addict lol I guess they shouldve said something! Maybe they will!

On my phone so can't type long! Good luck with your theory Justinian! Lol but I think that almost kiss in the missing pieces is as close as those 2 got to being am item! Lol

Anonymous said...

Wow! Mike would say. I loved that episode I thought it was better than the week before. I totally agree with you Mike; I think that Annie is the woman that Harper was referencing. This season has been awesome and I dread the fact that we are going to be lostless in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Charles Widmore could be captain of the freighter since it is his operation and he wants the island so much, that he probably would like to see it himself. On the other hand, it would be unlikely for a man of his power to actually be involved on the forefront of the operation. It would be like a General fighting on the front line.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why on earth that Michael would be the captain of the boat? Why would he even agree to it? How could he possibly be qualified to captain a boat? and why would Widmore hire him knowing he was an Oceanic survivor? Do we know for sure Ben's man on the boat is the captain of the boat? I just think that the only real surprise Locke would have to "sit down" for is if it is someone that they already think is dead - but who I have no idea.

Finally, what does everyone think of the video and who the blindfolded man is? It must have some significance if they showed it in the episode. In addition to the coffin watch, maybe we should start a "man in the video watch."

Mike - love this blog! I never miss it and love your take on the show.

Anonymous said...

I thought of Ben's mom with the 'You lool just like her' comment - but can't remember what she looked like. Have always thought part of Ben's obsession with women dying in childbirth had roots to his mom dying giving birth to him.

Mike V. said...

Yeah...that kinda makes sense with Juliet looking like Ben's Mom (and definitely a closer match than Juliet looking like Sarah which I never understood how anyone would make that mistake!) So it could be less of Ben being infatuated with Juliet and wanting a relationship and more of Ben seeing his mother in her. Crazy either way!

Thanks anonymous for the compliments! Glad you're enjoying the blog. I enjoy writing it! Anyways...I totally agree that Michael is probably not the Captain nor understand why he would be. I still do feel that he could be Ben's MAN on the boat. But agree that Locke needing to sit down for it doesn't really make sense. I was thinking (for a very brief second) that the fact that Locke would need to sit down was because LOCKE HIMSELF could be the man on the boat. But with the whole "ONE TIMELINE" approach Lost is sticking to and so far all we have seen is "Consciousness" Time Travel and not "Entire Physical Self" time travel...probably not the case. So then I would come to the same conclusion as you that it would have to be someone we thought was (or IS) dead. But if that's the case...the LOST crew would have to tread on very thin ice on the believability scale. Afterall, we already have Miles talking to Ghosts! Then again we've seen Eko talking to his Dead Brother Yemi (who set fire to his tent and proved) and Kate pet a horse from her past. But we have been able to attribute their existence due to possible Smoke Monster Manifestations. Charlie talking to Hurley OFF ISLAND? clue. Dead Guy on Boat??? Okay...maybe getting a little crazy. And if it's Mikhail coming back from the dead AGAIN??? I dunno...that would just be nuts.

I agree that we probably have not seen the last of the Blindfolded Man too. They rarely introduce a character like that and not want us to be curious about it! Whether it's someone we know or not...I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Enough rambling for now!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Mike that you point out that Desmond never met Michael - so how could he be surprised ??

Someone here - I think - has already stated that Ben's contact and the captain are probably not the same person. And - are we assuming that the person who have been helping Sayid and Des is Ben's contact ??

Could be we will be meeting several surprise persons in the next couple of weeks. Can't help but feel that the producers would not ruin such a big surprise so many months in advance - so am feeling that while Michael has a big role, there is still a major surprise for us.

Liking the thought that Mike is the father of Sun's baby. They were very pointed in that little conversation when Sun said My Baby and Jin said - don't you mean ours !

**Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert**

Agree - can't tell what some will consider spoilers - I see that the next 2 eps are called Ji Yeon, and Meet Kevin Johnson.

Is Ji the name of the guy Sun had the affair with in Korea?

In a promo for next week Sayid and Des get a note thru the door stating "Do not trust Captain" with Sayid reminding Des that Ben claimed to have a man on the boat.

Anonymous said...

**Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert **

Below is what Wikipedia has for next weeks Lost Ep. It shows a picture of the Captain with Sayid and Des. Also states that the cast themselves feel this ep is the seasons most shocking.

That is all I am saying for those who don't like to know things in advance - but if you want to know who the captain is - go look.

Anonymous said...

mj, your 9:32 am comment this morning almost makes me think that you actually read my 3:11 pm post last Friday (3/7) about Ben's obsession with his mother dying during childbirth and that Juliet probably looks just like her.


Anonymous said...

Addict - sadly I did not. I was off-line since thursday night.
Guessing that we are thinking alike, huh ?

Mike V. said...

Yeah addict...sorry I did read that the other day and meant to get back to you on it lol Should've given you both props for the theory!

In regards to Ben's mother dying during childbirth...I agree it is definitely linked to his obsession with "FIXING" the island issue...but I don't think it is a direct REASON for the issue on the island.

But yeah...the "looking like her" definitely makes sense if it's Ben's Mom. My only question would it general knowledge on the island to what Ben's Mom looked like? Sure I know we live in a world where photographs exist and where the others track down information as needed....but just curious.... orrr maybe at least HARPER has seen pictures of Ben's mother. lol Probably looking a little too much into it. But back to the Sarah theory (which I'm guessing is not really the case lol) if Sarah was working undercover for the OTHERS (and IS, in fact, ANNIE) then Harper would easily be able to mutter under her breath a sarcastic comment like "of course he does you look just like her" I dunno...I could see it going either way. I just think there has to be a reason Ben mentioned Juliet looks like Sarah to Jack and Harper mentioned Juliet looks just like someone. I mean how many people does Juliet look like? lol

Mike V. said...

As for the whole Jin/Michael Baby Daddy thing. I really can't buy into the Michael being the daddy.....yeah there was all of that flirtation and forshadowing that went nowhere in season 1 and then the added Missing Pieces mobisode that showed them "ALMOST" kissing. And maybe that is additional forshadowing...but here's the thing.

What about Season 3's episode "DOC" where we went through an entire episode wondering if the baby was JAE's (i.e. Dubbed Baldy #2 in the Lost Addicts Blog!) or Jin's??? What would have been the whole point of Juliet telling us that Men are X # of times more fertile on the island than OFF and that if the DOC was PRE Island it would be Jae's and POST Island it would be Jin's if that wasn't going to be the case?? I would just think making MICHAEL the father would be adding a twist just for the sake of adding a twist and I personally wouldn't be too happy with the direction the show was taking.

Then again...I am confused why Sun mentioned the "MY BABY" and Jin having to correct her. It may have more to do with their previous marital issues and the way Sun is viewing this pregnancy. Sure, she's happy it's Jin's baby but she still may have reservations? It might be more of a forshadowing that maybe SUN is the only one of the Sun/Jin combo that makes it off of the island and part of the Oceanic. Like Sun will do anything to NOT die and to have her baby...even if this means leaving her husband (which she had intended to do before the crash anyway). I'm just rambling again and really don't think that will be the case. She might get split up from Jin but probably against her will. Just all speculation. But my main point is....I really don't see the producers going with a game changer in the form of Michael being the daddy...adding complication to an already complicated storyline that seems to have been resolved already. (in other words..the producers already confirmed that DOC would reveal the father...why would they revisit it?)

Whew...I think I'm finished rambling about THAT subject now! lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike - had no recollection that the producers confirmed that DOC answered the parentage question definitely.

Wondering if any one else is thinking that Ben has done his own conscienceness time-travel
and that when Harper says "Ben says to kill Dan and Charlotte" that it really is that Ben
has told them this in advance since he knows exactly how things are about to play out ? Would
explain ALOT about how Ben always seems to be ahead of everyone else if he has already seen the
future. Like - sending Goodwin to play a tailie was no guarantee that Goodwin would not come back
unless Ben had already seen Goodwin die.

Chris Stedman said...

I’ve been thinking about how Ben could still be in contact with the others and here’s what I’ve come up with. It involves time travel, Dan’s payload and future Ben.

Dan’s payload was 31 minutes off from the freighter to the island. So want if depending on which direction, slope, altitude and distance from the island a payload is shot you can control when the payload arrives. We know Ben if off the island in the future so what if he knows how to send a message using those variables and can contact the others from the future. It could explain why he seems to always know what’s going on and is 15 steps ahead of everyone else. The whispers might also be an after effect of when time is bent on the island, echoes of what might have been. I love thinking of time theories lol.

Mike V. said...

I do like this line of thinking. I just wonder how much the producers will delve into this TIME stuff and not confuse the mass audience. It's a fine line! lol But they have introduced TIME as a major theme this season (while hinting at it in the past seasons). So, it's definitely all plausible! So are we suggesting that once you've established contact with your CONSTANT that maybe you'll be able to TIME TRAVEL at WILL and not experience RANDOM effects such as Dan suggested?

Interesting with the whispers too. Of course there have been 2 occurences with Whispers where characters have appeared/disappeared now. (maybe more...i can only think of Harper and Cindy right now).

Also..what do we think about Harper appearing in the jungle to Juliet and Jack. Was she really there? Or was she a WALT-LIKE appearance that multiple people could see? Or a smoke monster manifestation? Then...are the WHISPERS and the Smoke Monster linked somehow or 2 different entities on the island? (we didn't hear the smoke monster "cranking" sound that usually accompanies its appearance when Harper showed up) The thing about Harper was...the rain was definitely hitting her she seemed very real. But I dunno..something seemed very strange with her in that scene especially with the appearing and disappearing.

Not sure where I was going with that rambling. But I rarely do! I just like bringing up stuff!

Chris Stedman said...

Yea it is a fine line, not everyone who watches the show goes online to lookup all the minuet hints and book references they give out, but they should lol.

That would be cool if Desmond could time travel at will and possibly become a major thorn in Bens side, maybe even side with Widmore to finally earn his respect. But I wasn’t suggesting that Ben has found his constant or can throw his mind through time; just send messages to himself and the other using the time difference going to and from the island.

About the others, I don’t like the way they have been handled the last few seasons. In season 1 and 2 they were strong, sneaky, and moved silently through the jungle. When they introduced us to otherville most of them were clumsy, weak and easily killed. It could be explained that the others are different, pre-purge others are strong and sneaky while others brought to the island by Ben are the weak clumsy ones. I don’t know.

Chris Stedman said...

I think Harper was there, either whatever emi was or just very quick to find a hiding place. Cindy was taken by the others when climbing the hill with Sawyer in the stretcher before the whispers happened.

Mike V. said...

Yeah...I guess I kinda ad-libbed from what you wrote. lol The sending messages from the future is interesting too! Also would link to that 1930's radio broadcast Sayid and Hurley got that one time. Maybe they have a particular station they are tuned into somewhere that gets messages from Ben.

I agree with you though about the OTHERS. Besides Ben and Juliet being very interesting characters they really took away from that season 1 mystique that surrounded the likes of SUPER-OTHER ETHAN who just wouldn't go down until Charlie shot him.

Then again...there is MIKHAIL who seemed to never die either. Maybe there is a linking there?

Ethan may have been a native like RICHARD as well And I think Mikhail was too (based on what he told Locke, Sayid and Kate after he was taken out of the FLAME) So it's probably something we SHOULD be still wondering about. As for the sneakiness, barefootness of the OTHERS...yeah still no real explanation for that (or the costumes and everything).

I'll have to go watch "Collision" again from season 2 to double check on that whisper thing. I could've sworn they were hearing it while they were climbing the hill too. But I'm sure you're right lol

Mike V. said...

My bad..wrong episode! "ABANDONED" lol A PRE-BLOG episode! lol

Mike V. said...

interesting...if you go to;guide and click on episodes where there were whispering...they have possible deciphering of what the whispers said. (not updated for this recent episode yet). They claim to have isolated the whispers and were able to understand them. Bizarre....

Also...speaking of book references....not sure why I never brought up THE TEMPEST being a Shakespeare play about a guy on an island who could communicate with spirits which could control the weather. PERHAPS this station is responsible for such TIMED Weather (Locke's predictable rain storms) related events on the island in addition to controlling GAS and "powering" the island. The man in the tempest also uses his power for revenge against those who have usurped his power. Sounds a lot like a certain bug-eyed prisoner/former HEAD OTHER we love to hate!

Chris Stedman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Stedman said...

*****Possible spoiler*****

And another point about the tempest is the logo had a wave on it. On dec. 26 2004 was the giant tsunami in the Indian Ocean that killed thousands of people. I had heard rumors that possibly lost might reflect these events on the show. And seeing as that’s about 1 day away in lost time we'll see. Could be just the logo acknowledges the event.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, some people had mentioned that to me as well (referring to potential spoiler post). It would definitely have to be in the next episode or 2 if they're going to reflect it. And it might somehow shed some light on WHY things from the Indian Ocean keep showing up in the middle of the Pacific! lol Or the producers feel they NEED to reflect these events based on the ties between the Indian and Pacific Ocean in LOST LAND....who knows? I guess we'll see!

Mike V. said...

Okay, producer's podcast was yesterday. Some tidbits:

- 2 hour finale will air in 2 parts due to Grey's Anatomy getting a 2 hour timeslot Thursday May 22. So part one will air May 15 and part 2 May 22. (the first 3 of the post strike episodes are close to being completely written. And they are storyboarding the FINALE!!
- The TEMPEST is a very important station that will be revisited. It WAS on Radzinsky and Kelvin's Hatch Map. (i'll have to look at that again!) I think what we were alluding to in earlier comments may come back into play!
- We WILL see the Smoke Monster again this season. They said that they don't want to overuse it and every time that they've showed it they have revealed another FACET of the Smoke Monster. So we can expect to learn more when it does appear!
- Large discussion over what is considered CANON and NOT Canon when it comes to LOST. This was mentioned in that article too but they were explaining it a little further. They explained while there are nuggets of information that BECOMES factual in the NON-Canon material (FIND 815, Lost Experience, Bad Twin) they are still NOT part of Canon...therefore they don't have to stick to the storylines from this supplemental matterial. The VIDEO GAME LOST: Via Domus (which I just finished playing) is also not considered Canon....but it did have a MEATY ENDING that Damon Lindelof was closely involved with. And let me tell was awesome! Not sure if it will play a part in the REAL LOST-Universe (which consists of the MAIN SHOW and the Mobisodes which are non-essential viewing but considered canon). Maybe I'll post the ending of the game in the BLOG Friday (but BLACK IT OUT in case people don't want to read). Of course, I'm sure you could just GOOGLE it too! lol
- They stressed again that they are not into "DREAM" storytelling. While characters may have dreams ON the one is EVER going to wake up and realize that the whole show was a dream! lol I remember everyone going crazy after that Hurley episode with "DAVE" not realizing that the producers like to mess with people that DO subscribe to this and the purgatory theories! lol

More Spoilerish Stuff Below (but not really)

- We should be finding out who Ben's Man on the boat is VERY SOON (i'd say how soon but fear that people would consider that a spoiler! lol)
- If you couldn't tell from the title "Ji Yeon" Thursday's episode will be a Jin/Sun-centric episode. Of course...if it's entirely a Flash Forward...that may give us our Oceanic 6 answer already. But I am still going to say a twist is probably coming our way with BOTH not necessarily getting off the island. We'll see!
- While Ben was not lying about Charles Widmore sending the freighter (I think I got that from what they were saying)...he probably is lying about not knowing WHY Charles wants to get to this island. That should be revealed to us by the end of the season.

Chris Stedman said...

Lost Trek

nuff said lol

Anonymous said...

I had not had a chance to read your blog, but I always enjoy them. This episode was great, it is just hard to follow up any Desmond and Penny episode, there is always some crazy twist. I think that Perhaps you are right about Dan and Charlotte trying to get Jack and them to trust them. I also think that it was there intention to turn it off, so that when Widmore came in to exploite the island, Ben could not "Purge" again, this is the islands only defense, at this point it seems, exept the smoke monster which did it go away after Echo died? Anyway, I don't think that Ben had turned it on I have to agree.

Also, I loved the Sarah, and Annie conncetion...hmmmm this just gets crazier and crazier.....

Coffin idea, I know people have been speculating that it could be Micheal in the coffin, I believe it to be true. The reason is that they know that he killed Ana Lucia and Libby, in cold blood then if that was not bad enough he set them all up to be trapped by the "others" he only cared about himself and his son.

Mike V. said...

Thanks Anonymous! Glad you're enjoying the blog.

Agree with your points about Dan/Charlotte making the island "SAFE" for Widmore. I think someone else may have commented on that too and it definitely makes sense.

Smokey has shown itself since Eko died. Remember the episode with Juliet and Kate rolling around in Mud in the jungle? Smokey was there and we saw the bright white FLASHING strobe light on Juliet. We also got confirmation that The monster shall return this season as well.

Yep...the pieces all seem to fit for Michael to be in the coffin. But then we think 2 mysteries will have the SAME answer? i.e. "Who is Ben's Man on the boat?" and "Who is in the coffin?" I think the fans would be disappointed if both answers (or EITHER answer) was Michael! lol We should be getting ONE of those answers shortly!

Anonymous said...

Mike, if Michael is the answer to one or both questions, it might be a little bit of a let down, but I wouldn't put it past the writers to give us a few twists and turns along the way.

Most real fans have properly guessed the Oceanic 6, but that hasn't stopped our curiosity about how they got off the island, why they want to go back, etc.

Since Lost is so much about time travel, I think it is important for us as fans to remember that there are lots of threads (flash backs and flash forwards, not to mention events on the island) in the rope (time-line)that connect the beginning of the story to the end.


Anonymous said...

Newest Doc Jensen article.,,20183737,00.html

Mike V. said...

indeed addict indeed. Even if it does turn out to be Michael...there are still lots of questions to be asked. And the doc jensen article that MJ references delves into that. It's a good time!

There's also an interview with Elizabeth Mitchell on

Getting excited for the big show tonight!!!

Miles Balzard said...

Hooray, I finally got another Juliet flashback! Ben showed us a whole new dimension of his creepiness with his possessive obsession with Juliet, who I am also a little obsessed with. So I'm jealous of Ben!

This whole episode turned out be pretty good, but of course nothing could really match the power of the previous ep. I do love watching Sayid and Desmond together. They have a real chemistry together. I also love Juliet's pursed smile whenever she's reacting to something she disagrees with. For that matter, reacting to almost anything.

I really love how the show maintains the make-up for injuries the characters sustain. Even though the island tends to heal people quickly, it's nice that there's continuity on injuries that were suffered in the previous episode, which is often just the previous day.

Ben just gets better and better. Not only is he one of the funniest characters, he's becoming one of my favorite characters, despite being evil and crazy and scary. I find myself rooting for him in almost every confrontation because I want to see him survive all the way to the series finale!

As for what Widmore is behind, it increasingly seems apparent that it would be easier to ask what he's not behind. He's behind everything!

Ben gets rabbit for dinner: "Did it happen to have a number on it?"
Ben heads into the house with folded clothes: "See you guys at dinner!"

Two more classic lines to add to Ben's repertoire.

Can't tell who I should be shipping nowadays. This is more confusing than an old ep of Love, American Style. I just hope they make sure Sawyer has somebody to bed down in the future. All this rejection has gotta be hurting his ego and his libido!

Mike V. said...

Good point on the "injury make-up". I noticed it mostly in season 1, but Locke still even has his scar around his eye from his big cut in the crash which is cool. Yeah, this ep definitely wasn't received well after the awesomeness of "THE CONSTANT". But, it was still decent. And yes..Ben is awesome!! Never would've expected him to make such a long run after the show when he was first introduced as a recurring guest star in season 2. He and Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) really made their episodes count and got invited to stick around!

Widmore - yeah, he's highly involved in stuff. Episodes 1-8 were pre-writer's strike. Everything else was POST-writer's strike. Just wait until they get to episode 9. Things really kick into full throttle!

Don't you worry about Sawyer. He's quite the ladies' man. He might land himself a girl. Whether that's Kate or someone else...I am not telling!

Leta said...

I found this episode quite enjoyable - nothing like the previous one, of course, but better that most so far this season. Juliet is such an awesome character. And Ben has gained several levels in creepiness (not that he needed any more!) His "You're mine" line was just so sick.

I was confused about whether this was going to be a flashback or flashforward. Juliet didn't seem so sure of herself as she is in the present, so at first I thought this must be the past. But they managed to trick me when she mentioned her celebrity status :)

Not surprised about the Charles Widmore revelation, as there's been much speculation that he must be behind some things going on there. What I found interesting was Ben's explanation of his motives. It just never occurred to me someone could simply be wanting to exploit the island's properties for personal gain. Money, power, etc. I seem to recall some character early in the show making a comment how this could be a great holiday destination? Or am I just dreaming things up? Anyway, I can imagine what would happen if it became public knowledge that someone in the Pacific there's a place where miracles happen. What a possible gold mine!

When Ben said to Locke "You're going to want to sit down for this", I immediately thought it was Locke on the freighter! I know it's been confirmed we're not dealing with alternate timelines, but that's what happens when time travel is introduced into the equation - you start seeing it everywhere and thinking crazy things!

Krista said...

Hi Leta! How fun, someone who's watching Lost at the exact same time as me, and at the same spot in the show!

This episode was great. Filling out more of Juliet's backstory is totally necessary to her character's motivations. And, wow, creepy Ben is CREEPY. Just when you think that guy can't get weirder he pulls out that 'You're Mine!' line. Ick.

Will be interesting to see how that plays out with Jack. I assume Juliet doesn't get off of the island. If that's the case, and both Ben and Jack are off the island, what happened?

I will say that people on Lost sure do get knocked out super easily. One blow to her head and Kate's out? They love hitting people in the head with guns on this show.

It was also good to see Goodwin and Tom again. Missed those crazy others! :)

Mike V. said...

Okay, I'll try to keep up with you 2 but I may fall behind on responses! :-) But please keep posting!

@Leta - The Island where there's a rogue smoke monster just randomly killing people, scary whispers, super magnetic properties a holiday destination!? Maybe for the people that created Jurassic Park! LOL I don't recall discussing that, but maybe it was. As for exploiting the island for its properties and money....absolutely could be in play!

Interesting theories on alternate timelines! I'm going to stay quiet and continue on my stance that if anything time travel related happens in the future, I probably have stated my opinions (and possible facts, given the show's coverage) on what is/isn't possible! :-) But, that's only IF there are more time-related elements coming. Granted, you would hope they wouldn't tease time travel unless they were planning to cover it again!

A lot of people thought this episode was a letdown after The Constant. How could anything NOT be after that one? I enjoyed it too and always loved Juliet's character. Good stuff!

@Krista - Agreed on adding depth to both Juliet and Ben's characters as Leta mentioned too! All good questions on why some people got off and why people stayed! Yes, pointing guns at people and knocking people on the heads with guns...all the time. It's hysterical. I think there's a YouTube video out there of how many times Sawyer got beaten up too. lol There definitely is one where he says all of the nicknames...or that might just be a website that tracked them.

Nice thing about Flashbacks, always opportunities to see old friends! lol

Simon Sandiford said...

Ooh creepy lost moment earlier when I closed my eyes for a second, realised I had fallen asleep as I woke up and looked at the clock 1.08 😳

Big revelation for me is that I've finally realised who Charles Widmore is... Jim Robinson from Neighbours! Took me ages to remember him. So it is now obvious... The captain will be surely Harold Bishop or Mrs Mangel 😂

Mike V. said...

Nice on the 108! I see the numbers everywhere still! Funny on Widmore. I never saw Neighbours, but I had already known Alan Dale (the actor) from The O.C. Where he played a pretty menacing role for a teenage nighttime soap. Lol He’s been in tons of stuff since. A small role as a military official in Indiana Jones 4 comes to mind.