Saturday, December 15, 2007

LOST: Season 4 Premiere Scheduled and Trailers!

Hey losties! Just a quick update. For at least the first 8 episodes, LOST will be assuming the Grey's Anatomy slot on the ABC schedule. Starting Thursday January 31st at 9:00pm ET Season 4 of LOST will commence! Pretty exciting stuff! Still no word on whether the writer's strike will be over by then and how the rest of the TV season will be affected. But we're at least getting the 8 episodes. I guess there's no way to tell if this is really a good idea or not until we've seen the episodes. But the producers were really advocates AGAINST airing half of a season. Oh well, ABC made the decision so let's bring us back some LOST! Have you guys seen the trailer yet? It's some good creepy stuff! I'm lovin it! Check it out below. And after you've watched it 100 times, head on over to darkufo to check out screen captures from the end of the trailer!

Yeah, i thought the same thing. Sure looks like Charlie to me too! GET EXCITED FOLKS! Christmas has come early! Lost is coming back!

12/18 - Extended "Chill-Inducing" trailer!

You can bet I'll be here with a blog on February 1st to recap all of the goodness of the great return of LOST! Start spreading the word that the Lost Addicts Blog is coming back to life! Also, share your thoughts about the trailers!