Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 12 - Fire + Water

If you were like me last night, when the episode ended you probably said something to this effect: "okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" in conjunction with a confused look on your face. Definitely one of those headscratching episodes last night that usually follows an intense and exciting episode with a lot of plot development. But some wheels were still set in motion...Especially with Charlie, Locke, Claire, and Aaron (well even Hurley and Libby). I'm going to try something new this week. It seems like I waste a lot of time typing up a recap of the stories in the episode when people are getting paid to do it and more accurately than I do! So I'm just going to link over to the official site for anyone that wants to read the episode recap...and I'll dig right into my interesting observations. what's going on here on the island and in London?

Well, one thing's for sure Charlie is having some seriously messed up dream sequences. One would think these kind of dreams could only come from someone that's using the angel dust. But we are on a mysterious island where people have been having many hallucinations (some more real than others)...and Charlie was quick to point this out to Locke. Some things to point out from Charlie's dreams:

  • The first dream Christmas morning in Charlie's childhood home focuses on a painting on the wall. Apparently the painting is John the Baptist baptizing Jesus. A caller from Preston and Steve say that the face of John the Baptist looks surprisingly like Locke. Judge for yourself Examine that pic a bit. There's some crazy stuff in there that are in later the White Dove, and the 2 angels kneeling. Notice how the Black Dove is above John the Baptist. Is that supposed to mean he should be recruiting Eko's help? or that the Baptist is Evil? And if the Baptist DOES resemble LOCKE evil?
  • The dream on the island with the angels (freaaky!) showed Claire and Charlie's Mom as the two angels. Looked more like the Virgin Mary and someone else hanging out with her though. When the White Dove crashes to the ground you can hear the sound a Prop Plane (similar to the Nigerian Drug Plane). Again, was this symbolic that Eko should be baptising the child? or just something else? But one thing to Note...Hurley in the robes was hysterical. Was he supposed to be Jesus?
  • Also in the first dream....Liam got VOLTRON as a gift! Not sure if that was as symbolic as it was just plain cool that VOLTRON was in Lost! I guess only guys who grew up in the 80's will understand how great this reference really was!

With Charlie's Flashbacks, he is again portrayed as the guy trying to save others and he ends up being the one getting crapped on (same as on the island). His bro ends up cleaning up his act and selling Charlie's piano to buy a one way ticket to Sydney....kinda messed up! Some things to note from the flashback:

  • From the Lost Podcast, Damon Lindeloff (co-creator and co-producer) noted to look for a shot of the London Skyline and there is a building with huge musical significance as well as "signage" on it that could play a part in later episodes. Well there was only one shot of a building anywhere in the episode and it was after Charlie and band leave the set of the commercial....I could kinda make out something on the building but it wasn't very clear. I read on some message board that they saw the word "SHAI" on a building. Apparently this is sorta like the Greek word for "Fate" (which Charlie has previously had written on his well as in his dream tonight). Check out link for more on SHAI
  • And did you see the Polar Bears in the crib during the diaper commercial shoot of "You All Every BUBBIES" ??? lol outstanding
  • Also...the subway stop in London that Liam got on at was Brixton Underground. I don't think there's much significance...but there it is. more on the Locke, Claire, Charlie stuff. We know that Claire received a psychic reading that told her that only she can raise her child so he will be used as a force for good. Well now we have 2 people creeping in on her to help Claire with the baby. (well not now...this all started in season 1 with Charlie hitting on Claire, and Locke building the crib). But now the question is....which one of them has evil intent? Or do both of them have evil intent? From tonight's was left very ambiguous. Locke sure looks like he's plotting some evil scheme. And what was up with him beating the begeezus out of Charlie? Sure Charlie was doing some messed up stuff..but he handed over the baby....and Locke just went to town! More on this trio:

  • Locke did not destroy the heroin....instead...he changes the combination to the locks in the hatch (probably to delay the developing ARMY too) and then puts the statues in there??? WHAAAAT? This is what sealed it for me. He put them in there so they can be used as future bait for Charlie. Johnny boy is scheming for something. Which actually is refreshing...because for the first half of the season he's been the GOOD GUY again. This is going somewhere really good. I can feel it!
  • Locke also seemed pretty dismissive about it was a bad idea. Some crazy lost board posters are totally convinced that Locke is Satan. I wouldn't go that far....but I'm inclined to believe that there is definitely a plot of evil going on.
  • Although Claire is avoiding Charlie directly...she is still following his advice to baptize the child. She still cares for him and believes in him.....but while he's being tempted by the dark side....she's going to keep her baby away from him.

Okay..time for miscellaneous stuff:

  • Eko marks the trees that he likes. Did he envision Charlie's fire before it even happened? Or was he marking the trees for the brewing war to help build weaponry? Or was it just crazy Eko being Eko? I was also confused on if what was burned was where those trees were.
  • Libby pretty much lies to Hurley about their past meetings. There are some inaccuracies in her story of Hurley arriving last on the plane. She said that Hurley stepped on her foot on the way in...and that he was wearing headphones. Hurley didn't put the headphones on until he sat down....(i think)...and wasn't LIBBY in the back of the plane? Why would she even know that?? I still think this girl has something up her sleeve and could be a plant from the OTHERS. But boy..did she clean up good! She's a little hottie isn't she? Anyways...the other obvious link of Libby and Hurley is that Libby claims to be a Clinical Psychologist and Hurley was a mental patient. Hurley definitely recognized her.....maybe from the mental institution? This rumor's been flying around ever since Libby said that to Sawyer....which I believe she also was shady with the information she gave him too. And yes..hurley has the hots for Libby too.
  • Another thing with Libby...she pointed out that the Washer and Dryer look newer than everything else. And that was a big thing that people pointed out after we first saw the hatch. So either the writers are messing with us...or that IS an important thing to take note of!
  • Star Wars references: Sawyer added another nickname to his arsenal and called Hurley, Jabba. And Preston and Steve noted that when Charlie put the hood over his head at the end of the episode it was kinda like when Anakin went evil and had the hood over his head. I thought that was a stretch. I think Sawyer also called the Others...."the ewoks in the jungle" I wish i had heard that...that's pretty damn funny.
  • What the hell was Sayid doing in the jungle that he needed help with???
  • And funniest line of the night goes to our favorite character, Ana Lucia when she questions Jack about Kate "You hittin that?"

Man...I thought I'd save some time by not doing a recap. This one might be longer! Well anyway..hope you enjoyed..and please share anything you find! Also...take a look at the links in the right hand corner. There's some good reference stuff there as well as the Preston and Steve Lost Blog.

See you in 2 weeks for the Sawyer flashback!


Mike V. said...

oh right...the playing cards had dharma logos on them. But this isn't exciting to me anymore since we know there's tons of crap in the Hatch with the logo.

Mike V. said... that building was the building in question. Don't know if SHAI is written on it though
A post from Preston & Steve's Blog:

In last night's episode there is a shot of the same factory that's on the cover of Pink Floyd's album 'Animals.'
Here are some pics. Kinda cool.....

Link to pics:
Album cover:

Scene from Lost:

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Sawyer also called Hurley "Hoss" last night. He had called Michael that in a previous episode. Now I definitely think that "Zeke" was just a nickname he came up with for the bearded "other" guy in the jungle.

Also, was last night the first time that we heard the survivors actually use the word "tailies?" If so, do you think the writers got the word from online blogs and fans, or do you think they thought of it themselves?

Mike V. said...

I'll respond!!! (since we're the only ones making use of this comment section)

Yeah Zeke is just a nickname. On the podcast, the producers and cast actually call the guy "Mr. Friendly" because he always seems so friendly. lol

Anyways...I think the term "tailies" actually came FROM the producers/cast. These podcasts have been pretty big this year. I can only assume that in an early season 2 podcast they called them "tailies" and then it spread throughout the internet.

Evangeline (Kate) has explained on many talk shows that they do, indeed, call the rear section cast "The Tailies" and hoped they didn't get offended by it. lol

Have I mentioned that these podcasts are a good time? If you have itunes, you can subscribe to them or download them from the offial lost page on

Anonymous said...

why do i not get excited about podcasts?

and what the hell does pink floyd have to do with anything....i think they randomly draw things out of a hat just to see if the people addicted to the show can somehow find a connection to all the other random things....this is all just a little game that they like to play!

Mike V. said...

well in Damon's defense he said the SIGNAGE on the building is what would come into play in later episodes (if SHAI is even on there). He said MUSIC fans will recognize the building...that's all. I don't think Pink Floyd has any relation to anything on Lost...unless it's subject matter of the album in question.

Mike V. said...

Some good tidbits, but just an interesting article about LOST OBSESSION

Georges Reivres said...

Locke hell. I was already familiar with the painting and everyone I've ever shown it to says it looks just like Abraham Lincoln.