Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 12 - Fire + Water

If you were like me last night, when the episode ended you probably said something to this effect: "okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" in conjunction with a confused look on your face. Definitely one of those headscratching episodes last night that usually follows an intense and exciting episode with a lot of plot development. But some wheels were still set in motion...Especially with Charlie, Locke, Claire, and Aaron (well even Hurley and Libby). I'm going to try something new this week. It seems like I waste a lot of time typing up a recap of the stories in the episode when people are getting paid to do it and more accurately than I do! So I'm just going to link over to the official site for anyone that wants to read the episode recap...and I'll dig right into my interesting observations. what's going on here on the island and in London?

Well, one thing's for sure Charlie is having some seriously messed up dream sequences. One would think these kind of dreams could only come from someone that's using the angel dust. But we are on a mysterious island where people have been having many hallucinations (some more real than others)...and Charlie was quick to point this out to Locke. Some things to point out from Charlie's dreams:

  • The first dream Christmas morning in Charlie's childhood home focuses on a painting on the wall. Apparently the painting is John the Baptist baptizing Jesus. A caller from Preston and Steve say that the face of John the Baptist looks surprisingly like Locke. Judge for yourself Examine that pic a bit. There's some crazy stuff in there that are in later the White Dove, and the 2 angels kneeling. Notice how the Black Dove is above John the Baptist. Is that supposed to mean he should be recruiting Eko's help? or that the Baptist is Evil? And if the Baptist DOES resemble LOCKE evil?
  • The dream on the island with the angels (freaaky!) showed Claire and Charlie's Mom as the two angels. Looked more like the Virgin Mary and someone else hanging out with her though. When the White Dove crashes to the ground you can hear the sound a Prop Plane (similar to the Nigerian Drug Plane). Again, was this symbolic that Eko should be baptising the child? or just something else? But one thing to Note...Hurley in the robes was hysterical. Was he supposed to be Jesus?
  • Also in the first dream....Liam got VOLTRON as a gift! Not sure if that was as symbolic as it was just plain cool that VOLTRON was in Lost! I guess only guys who grew up in the 80's will understand how great this reference really was!

With Charlie's Flashbacks, he is again portrayed as the guy trying to save others and he ends up being the one getting crapped on (same as on the island). His bro ends up cleaning up his act and selling Charlie's piano to buy a one way ticket to Sydney....kinda messed up! Some things to note from the flashback:

  • From the Lost Podcast, Damon Lindeloff (co-creator and co-producer) noted to look for a shot of the London Skyline and there is a building with huge musical significance as well as "signage" on it that could play a part in later episodes. Well there was only one shot of a building anywhere in the episode and it was after Charlie and band leave the set of the commercial....I could kinda make out something on the building but it wasn't very clear. I read on some message board that they saw the word "SHAI" on a building. Apparently this is sorta like the Greek word for "Fate" (which Charlie has previously had written on his well as in his dream tonight). Check out link for more on SHAI
  • And did you see the Polar Bears in the crib during the diaper commercial shoot of "You All Every BUBBIES" ??? lol outstanding
  • Also...the subway stop in London that Liam got on at was Brixton Underground. I don't think there's much significance...but there it is. more on the Locke, Claire, Charlie stuff. We know that Claire received a psychic reading that told her that only she can raise her child so he will be used as a force for good. Well now we have 2 people creeping in on her to help Claire with the baby. (well not now...this all started in season 1 with Charlie hitting on Claire, and Locke building the crib). But now the question is....which one of them has evil intent? Or do both of them have evil intent? From tonight's was left very ambiguous. Locke sure looks like he's plotting some evil scheme. And what was up with him beating the begeezus out of Charlie? Sure Charlie was doing some messed up stuff..but he handed over the baby....and Locke just went to town! More on this trio:

  • Locke did not destroy the heroin....instead...he changes the combination to the locks in the hatch (probably to delay the developing ARMY too) and then puts the statues in there??? WHAAAAT? This is what sealed it for me. He put them in there so they can be used as future bait for Charlie. Johnny boy is scheming for something. Which actually is refreshing...because for the first half of the season he's been the GOOD GUY again. This is going somewhere really good. I can feel it!
  • Locke also seemed pretty dismissive about it was a bad idea. Some crazy lost board posters are totally convinced that Locke is Satan. I wouldn't go that far....but I'm inclined to believe that there is definitely a plot of evil going on.
  • Although Claire is avoiding Charlie directly...she is still following his advice to baptize the child. She still cares for him and believes in him.....but while he's being tempted by the dark side....she's going to keep her baby away from him.

Okay..time for miscellaneous stuff:

  • Eko marks the trees that he likes. Did he envision Charlie's fire before it even happened? Or was he marking the trees for the brewing war to help build weaponry? Or was it just crazy Eko being Eko? I was also confused on if what was burned was where those trees were.
  • Libby pretty much lies to Hurley about their past meetings. There are some inaccuracies in her story of Hurley arriving last on the plane. She said that Hurley stepped on her foot on the way in...and that he was wearing headphones. Hurley didn't put the headphones on until he sat down....(i think)...and wasn't LIBBY in the back of the plane? Why would she even know that?? I still think this girl has something up her sleeve and could be a plant from the OTHERS. But boy..did she clean up good! She's a little hottie isn't she? Anyways...the other obvious link of Libby and Hurley is that Libby claims to be a Clinical Psychologist and Hurley was a mental patient. Hurley definitely recognized her.....maybe from the mental institution? This rumor's been flying around ever since Libby said that to Sawyer....which I believe she also was shady with the information she gave him too. And yes..hurley has the hots for Libby too.
  • Another thing with Libby...she pointed out that the Washer and Dryer look newer than everything else. And that was a big thing that people pointed out after we first saw the hatch. So either the writers are messing with us...or that IS an important thing to take note of!
  • Star Wars references: Sawyer added another nickname to his arsenal and called Hurley, Jabba. And Preston and Steve noted that when Charlie put the hood over his head at the end of the episode it was kinda like when Anakin went evil and had the hood over his head. I thought that was a stretch. I think Sawyer also called the Others...."the ewoks in the jungle" I wish i had heard that...that's pretty damn funny.
  • What the hell was Sayid doing in the jungle that he needed help with???
  • And funniest line of the night goes to our favorite character, Ana Lucia when she questions Jack about Kate "You hittin that?"

Man...I thought I'd save some time by not doing a recap. This one might be longer! Well anyway..hope you enjoyed..and please share anything you find! Also...take a look at the links in the right hand corner. There's some good reference stuff there as well as the Preston and Steve Lost Blog.

See you in 2 weeks for the Sawyer flashback!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 11 - The Hunting Party

Crazy episode last night. Gotta love the Jack episodes. Well I guess I'll get right into it. I'm going to try and be brief with the episode plot (probably will turn out to be a novel) and get right into the hidden stuff. Also, this Blog is meant to be an interactive discussion. If you guys hear anything or find anything that I missed, feel free to add comments so we can all share information.

Storylines tonight

Flashback - Jack

Ever since Jack miraculously fixed his future wife, Sarah, he has been referred to as a miracle worker (hmmm...Jack "Shepard"....Miracle Worker....definitely some Christian overtones here). Some good looking Russian lady (don't remember nationality..we'll go with Russian) wanted to save her father who has a pretty bad spinal injury (just looking at the XRAY you could tell that. It would take a miracle to save her...jack's Dad says, so that's why they came to see Jack. And Jack being as persistent at saving people as he is (and always having a sore spot for the ladies), he takes on the task. This means, less time with his wife and more time with the Russian lady. It begins to take a toll on his marriage as he arrives at sunrise and wife is getting up to start her day. By the end of the episode, the Russian Dad dies and the daughter is looking for comfort and kisses Jack....and Jack kisses back but then refuses to continue. He returns home..and like the great guy that he is...admits to her right away what happens. Sarah one ups him by saying that she's seeing someone and is leaving him. I believe I saw the luggage packed in the background before Jack even came clean. My immediate thought (as well as many others) that Sarah was seeing Desmond. This is obviously based on the Jack/Desmond conversation in the jungle as Dessy ran from the hatch. Also...there's that crazy picture in the hatch that Jack looked at. It didn't look like Sarah with Desmond, but that's always been the theory. Maybe it's someone that is associated with Sarah. Who knows!? But anyways....the key comment is when Sarah says "you will always need to fix something." And this is what makes Jack a loner....and why he has commitment issues.....and why he can't close the deal with Kate. (of the end of the episode Kate is looking to fix something too).

The Hunting Party

After Michael goes completely off the deep end and is determined to find his son (man....the Commodore 64 Instant Messenger must really be getting to him), he knocks out Locke in the Gun closet...and then locks Jack in there with him. Michael then runs off. There is the "button" issue that is immediately a concern for our main rivals. But Kate, looking out for her other man, escorts Sawyer to the hatch to get new dressings for his wound. Once they arrive...kate goes for button...and sawyer unlocks closet. you can start to hear the combination...which we touched on before. Locke was saying something like "Right 3 times to 25, Left 3 times to 29, and the 3rd part was very hard to understand....gotta check the closed captioning!" Then Jack, matrix style, loads up in the armory and tells Locke that he is going with him to get Michael. Sawyer then says he's going with. When they get outside and find a trail (not necessarily Michael's trail!), they head out. Kate asks for a gun and Jack is adamant (as always) about her not coming. Someone needs to stay behind and push the button! This fight goes on for a little bit...but then they leave her behind. (sidenote: Kate gets Hurley to push the button and she heads off to find the 3 lead characters). Sawyer, Jack, and Locke have some brilliant words exchanged on their trek through the jungle. Jack mentions in passing that Sawyer is in love with Kate.....and Sawyer is confused. Sawyer calls Locke "Mr. Clean" and tells him all he needs is a mop and an earing and he fits the bill. Which leads to the unveiling of Sawyer's real name. Locke then calls out Sawyer and asks where he got the the manifest lists him as James ____ (can't believe I forget the name already, anyone out there know it??) Rumor has it that Sawyer may be the name of Locke's conman "DAD" as well. But the whole exchange was awesome because Locke got the last laugh on Sawyer.

Locke also realizes that Michael is not going back the way the Tail Section crew came. (Maybe he was....and the Hunting Party was following a false trail). Eventually...they hear 7 gun shots and run towards them. They find 3 bullets, assume they are michaels, Locke suggests the go back, Jack and Locke get in a verbal dispute and then the Gordon's Fisherman arrives! Rumor has it that this guy (from the boat in the finale) is the HEAD of The Others and also a member of the DeGroot family (in orientation video, heavily involved with Dharma). Sawyer calls him Zeke. Not sure where this name comes from (does Sawyer know him? or is it another nickname?), but it seems to be what everyone has attached to, so that's what we'll call him for now. Zeke asks Locke to start a fire. He states that Jack and crew are trespassing on their island and the only reason they are there is because THE OTHERS allow them to be there. Jack calls Zeke out after they get shot at (with what??? Sawyer was bleeding again!). That there is one other person shooting at them and Zeke and they're creating an illusion. He also said Ethan was sent by them to spy on them (contrary to my beliefs!).....Zeke states this is an interesting theory...then requests for The Others to come out in the open. We see torches light up all around our 3 heros. Long story short....Kate has been captured.....Michael is nowhere to be get Kate back...they have to hand over their weapons...Jack gets pissed at Kate but does save her. So did they bring ALL of the weapons with them?

Kate is then adamant about "fixing" her relationship with Jack and keeps apologizing to him for going after them. This could be seen as Kate leaning towards Jack over Sawyer....but I think it will have the opposite effect. I think Jack is going to distance himself from Kate bringing her closer to Sawyer in the short-run. Doesn't help that our Rectangle reforms as Jack immediately goes to Ana Lucia. Of course, his intentions are ALL Business. Jack goes to Ana Lucia and questions her being a cop....and how she killed "one of THEM" (the others). Jack then asks her help in creating an ARMY. It's time for WAR people! Let's just point out that he went to Ana Lucia over Sayid. This has to cause some friction in the upcoming episodes.

Miscellaneous Storylines:

Sun and Jin spice up their marriage. Sun was in the boss's chair for the day and they have decided to be more of a couple than a Jin Dictatorship. Jin wanted to go find Michael, but Sun wants him to stay. Hurley delivers some fantastic one liners about everyone going after Michael (who went nuts)....and then having to go to the Hatch. He brings Charlie along with him. And they have a fantastic heart to heart about their blooming and deteriorating relationships with the ladies. Hurley admits he kinda has a thing for Libby (which we see in the musical montage in last week's episode)....and he states that it's a perfect "desert island" scenario and thinks he has a shot. Charlie discusses how he misses Claire and hopes she misses him. The musical selection was interesting. I don't know the record they put on but they discussed Geronimo Jackson whom neither knew. I didn't either but I did some research. Apparently it's a 1970's band who released one album and had a big hit. Sound familiar??? I believe it was meant to be a little pun on how Charlie feels Drive Shaft is huge but they are has beens and no one will remember them. But who knows...could have a totally different meaning. Sayid also comes in with a fantastic line "The music is depressing." Obviously sayid is still mourning the loss of Shannon, but that line was hysterical. Best scene of the night! I lied about the short recap. Here's the stuff that we should all take note of:
  • Zeke quoted Alvar Hanso "a man more intelligent that any of us here" or something like that. the quote is “From the dawn of our species, Man has been blessed with curiosity. Our most precious gift, without exception, is the desire to know more - to look beyond what is accepted as the truth and to imagine what is possible.”
  • Zeke calls for ALEX to bring Kate out. Alex is the name of Rousseau's daugther that was taken from her (the french chick)
  • great picture of the ring of fire. You can see "The Others" next to the torches
  • Big did Zeke know everyone's names? Did Walt tell them? Are they spying on them? Or maybe Kate told them before they got there?
  • Did Michael head back the way the Tailies arrive...and the OTHERS create false tracks for the the Hunting Party to follow? Or is Michael captured as well? Was it all part of their plan to lure him into a trap and convert him and his son?
  • The book of Ezekial in the bible mentions a ring of fire. And Ezekial was priest who was in exile for the later part of his life. (didn't look that just taking someone's word for it!)
  • Good picture of Zeke vs Degroot
  • Zeke apparently was holding a Luger pistol, which was has long been associated with the Nazi's.

I could keep going on. But I'm sure we'll find things as the day goes on. Feel free to post comments here with any of your findings. And I will do the same.

Great episode and it has set up a larger plot that will probably run for the remainder of the season, if not longer. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 10 - The 23rd Psalm

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green [1] pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest [2] my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever."

There it is kids. The 23rd Psalm. So, did our favorite writers/producers (currently on TV) come up with the #23 initially to refer back to this psalm? Or did they look through the book of psalms, find psalm 23...realize it was one of the most famous psalms, and THEN write an episode based on it? Ahhh these are the things that keep me up at night. Kinda like the whole Chicken/Egg mystery (Don't even get me started.)

Okay, before I go any further, I would like to apologize for just getting my notes to you now. I've been a little preoccupied with 80 degree weather, tropical drinks, and well....all things Miami. Please find it in your hearts to forgive me!

So what is there to say about our long awaited episode that hasn't already been shared while I was out of the office? Well, I really can't say since I just watched the episode last night and listened to our buddies Preston and Steve and their Thursday Podcast to see what I missed. So I'll just share what I found very intriguing, and anyone else can feel free to chime in with whatever they may have discovered.

So, this was the EKO flashback episode. And, many have been gossiping and theorizing that he would somehow be linked to the Nigerian Drug Smugglers and the yellow plane (yes I said yellow! more on that in a bit) found crashed in the trees of the jungle on Fantasy Island... (well they were right!) The same plane that brought Boone to his ultimate end and brought a whole bunch of questions about our buddy John Locke. But it was also the same plane that Sayid and Charlie conveniently came across in their search for the black smoke (in the season 1 finale) and Claire's baby. To our knowledge Charlie snatched up "one" of the Virgin Mary statues jam packed with heroin, a favorite pastime of the has been rocker. Eko has a friendly chat with Claire...they discuss Eko's "Jesus Stick" (kudos to Charlie for that gem! more on the stick in a bit) which leads to the unveiling of the Virgin Mary statue....a fight between Claire and Charlie, and a whirlwind adventure for the unlikely duo of Eko and Charlie.

We find out in flashbacks that Eko was a good Nigerian kid who saved his brother from a task of killing a priest by doing it himself. Eko was taken away by a local gang and is corrupted into a life of crime which would eventually bring him back to his brother (now a priest) for assistance on smuggling drugs out of Nigeria. The Virigin Mary statues were being sold to raise money for a Polio vaccine by the church. Eko, in his mind, is doing a good deed by completing the fundraiser and getting drugs out of Nigeria so they can't be used by their people. Either that, or he was just trying to convince his brother to sign Eko access to the church plane and dress them up as priests. By the end of the flashback....Eko's bro calls the cops (or the military???) to stop the plane....but tries to save Eko in the process. People get shot....including Eko's bro....and GOLD TOOTH GUY comes to rescue.....he pulls Eko's bro onto the plane....and kicks Eko to the curb....the plane takes off....and Eko resumes his life as a GOOD and HOLY man, and we assume that he is inspired to repent for his sins by taking over his brother's task in life (that of a Priest).

On our favorite Island....Eko is adamant about finding the plane and forces Charlie to take him to it. Charlie lies in the process...takes him to the wrong place. Eko gets violent....and calls Charlie out on the lying. Then Charlie is asked to climb a tree. Charlie: "We're Lost!" (haha...good one writers!). Charlie does climb the tree....and then there's the noise. That clicking noise that can't be mistaken. The Black Smoke "Security System" Monster has returned for another viewing. And guess what? It's the first appearance since the season 1 finale! We've been too busy with the Others and the Tailies to even notice. Well, we got an interesting view of it this time as it crawled up beside Eko and stared him in the face (The Abyss anyone??).

I immediately drew a parallel to Locke's first experience with the "monster".....the monster came right up to Locke and he made the same face that Eko did....and he stood there and stared at it. Locke had noted that what he saw in the monster was "HOPE." Eko noted that he was unafraid. So, has anyone watched the episode a second time yet (or rewound their TiVo's?) to take a closer look at this scene? Apparently there are images in the smoke.....memories of Eko's Past....(which happened to be his flashbacks).

You can see all pictures here (031)

What does this signify? Did Charlie see something different? Feel Free to debate! We eventually track the plane down with Eko and find his dead brother and gold tooth man... And Eko gives his brother a proper ceremonial funeral and burns the plane. We can only assume Eko had never known if his brother survived when he got on the plane.

Other storyline follows Michael and his prepping for his Walt Rescue. Apparently Michael did not inform anyone he used the computer to communicate with "someone" (are we sure it's Walt? I'm not sold!) Rumors are going around that maybe Michael is imagining the whole thing, since the screen was blank when Jack came around the corner and looked. Either that or Michael was able to mask the screen or even idle time will make the messages disappear. "walt" said that he is okay.....but that "you have to co..." oh crap....Jack came in! Michael saw the rest of the message but we didn't! And I'm sure many will theorize on what the rest of the message says. But I'm going to go with the fact that it was an urgent message to come and get him! Until I'm sold otherwise, at least. Michael also did some Rifle training with Locke....and apparently has the same keen sense of aim as his son (remember the knife throwing?) Michael blew up a canister of Dharma Ranch dressing in one shot. (I guess Hurley didn't share ALL of the food??). the way...when locke set the lock (haha) combination for the guns.....he went RIGHT 25 and LEFT 29. What does this mean? probably absolutely nothing. But I thought I'd mention since I took note of it. That was pretty much it for the Michael story. So has word of the extra film (orientation video) spread to entire lostaways?? I would think we'd be informed somehow if it did. But somehow Michael knows not to tell anyone what he's doing. So that's a bit confusing.

Oh..few more things....Sawyer got a haircut....I'm sure all of the ladies were happy about this. And we got a bit more Love Triangle fun with Jack bringing Sawyer his medicine while kate and sawyer were having a jolly ol time. We also had our musical ending once again (i keep forgetting to count and see if it's every 4th episode). Claire kicks Charlie out....(if Charlie is continuing a life of evil...he cannot help Claire raise the baby)....and we see that Charlie is a little more obsessed with the Mary's than he led he has a secret stash of about a dozen of them! We do know Charlie is religious from his flashbacks....but it's most likely the candy inside that is making him feel better. But I don't think he has dipped back into using just yet. It's only a matter of time.

Ok...time to get into some questions that are bugging me as well as some hidden stuff in episode:

  • Ok...why is the Plane in the flashback Orange and White and the one on the Island, yellow?? Is it the lighting? Is it decay? is it a different Plane?
  • And how does one fly in such a small plane from Nigeria to the South Pacific? (since that's where we assume they are?) Does this mean they refueled somewhere and/or changed planes? Where was their destination? Could it also mean that this island isn't located anywhere on Earth's Map? (aka...another dimension...time? Ahh yes these rumors have returned!)
  • Was there a 3rd person on that plane? I have to watch again but it seems that the plane took off very quickly after slamming the door on Eko. Maybe this 3rd person can reveal how they ended up on the island?
  • Could we see Eko's brother again on the we have seen Jack's dad on the island? Do the dead rise again? Always a fun rumor to bring back!
  • Eko's "Jesus Stick" has the following inscriptions: 23rd Psalm, Revelations:3, "Hateth," Colesians T14, Titus:3, Psalm 144 A Preston/Steve(P&S) emailer mentioned a few things on possible meanings. I can respond with comments later with that information.

That's it for now. I'll try to get pictures up later. Was having problems this morning. But you can see them all from the link above. Again, I apologize for the delay....and I will try to get the next one to you sooner (at some point on thursday!)

Have a wonderful Day!

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Season 2 Episode 10 Recap Will Be Delayed

I apologize, but I won't even get to see the episode until Monday 1/16. I'll be soaking up some rays in Miami Beach! But trust me, once I get back I will get you my recap. Feel free to post comments in here if you want to discuss amongst yourselves.
A little meet n greet of people I know, people who know people I know, and the lovely random people who are surfing blogs. Seems too exciting to pass up!

Enjoy and look for a recap on 1/16 or 1/17.

Lost Season 2 episode 9 Recap - What Kate Did

Lost episode 209 What Kate Did

In a word.... "Wow" much happened in last night's episode, I don't even know where to start. So let's start with some comedy.... "So, Rose's Husband is white!.........didn't see THAT comin" This show cracks me up. They're always finding ways to incorporate what the audience is thinking. I'm sure the ladies loved seeing topless Jin after a night of crazy relations with his wife.....but I preferred the thumbs up from Hurley!

Well, the episode didn't leave much to the imaginiation on what we'd be finding out last night (due to the fabulous title) and they didn't make us wait too long to find out EXACTLY what Kate did. What we did need to watch the episode for was WHY....and that came in the redemption scene near the final minutes. So what did Kate do? She blew up a house......what was in the house? Her abusive/molesting step-father who turns out to be her real father. Something to note on second viewing....WAYNE (??) asked "what's that smell?" as camera panned to the oven....and Kate said "probably your breath".....well obviously we're dealing with some gas leakage....and not Wayne's posterior either. So we see Kate doing what she does best....trying to run from the law....and our favorite Air Marshall makes a cameo but gets shalacked by the reincarnated Black Horse Wayne in a convenient car accident allowing our anti-heroine to escape his clutches. We find out that the Seargent that was portrayed as Kate's father (you know...the guy that taught her all the tracking skills she used to help rescue Charlie and Claire in season 1)....was in fact...NOT kate's father. But he was playing the part to keep Kate from knowing the truth which would ultimately result in her killing Wayno... Well...guess she found out somehow! So did anyone recognize Kate's Mom from the episode when Kate visits her in the hospital? Yeah...I didn't until Kate said "Mom."

So while Kate is reliving the above experience in her head....on Fantasy Island she's trying to fight her feelings and keep her from going truly insane. NEWS BREAK: We finally know who Kate likes!'s Jack!'s Sawyer!!! As producer damon lindeloff said in last week's podcast (yeah...i'm getting dorkier by the minute) "Jack and Sawyer are both half of the perfect man and Kate cannot decide between the two" Well don't take that verbatum...but it was something like that. So...she kisses Jack then runs away....then tells Wayne who's supposedly hiding in Sawyer's body (Hurley discussing Transferrence anyone??) that she tries to have feelings for Sawyer but keeps thinking of him. Woa...female version of Oedipus Rex stuff there...nice.

I mentioned the Horse above. Now I know there are some biblical meanings behind the horse being black and stuff (I think it's references to Satan or evil)....but I'm going to look at it from the angle of what we've seen in prior episodes. We've seen multiple characters coping with personal deaths (whether they be Murder or of loved ones)..... All of these deaths are accompanied by some form of an animal counterpart. We see Sawyer (accompanied by Kate) dealing with the abusive Boar in season 1.....the Boar is haunting him...messing with his stuff. In his flashback we learn that Sawyer killed the wrong guy that he was hunting....i believe sawyer ends up killing the boar and feels better. (or he just makes his peace with it...gotta watch again). When Boone dies...Walt gives Shannon his dog (2nd time in 3 days i forget that damn dog's name!) for her to watch after. Jack also has visions of his father (when he was sleep deprived) early in season 1 who's dead body was supposedly on the plane (we still don't know for sure!).... The title of that episode? White Rabbit. (yeah...that one's a stretch lol)..... but the similarity between Jack and Kate's that they were both having hallucinations.....except in Kate's story....that hallucination turned out to be real. She pet the horse...and Sawyer saw it too. Does that mean Jack's vision was real too? who knows....this show is crazy! OOOOH while we're on the visions thing...we have confirmation that Sayid DID see Walt in the jungle. (more on walt in a bit!) Anyways...all this redemption on the island stuff....still reflects back to the Purgatory theme....but we are told that it is NOT purgatory. But we do know that many of Fantasy Island's guests have ghosts in their past.....and these people have NOT been abducted by The Others yet. ahhh yes Goodwyn "Nathan was not a good person"

As if all of those plotlines weren't enough.....that wasn't even the best part of the episode! Sure there was Shannon's funeral (who is the 3rd body in the cemetary? Is that the drowned girl? Arzt???....the air marshall was buried in the jungle so it's not him). We have the everybody hates Ana Lucia thing going on. (Which Jack rememered what kind of drink she liked? Yeah...we have our Love Rectangle in Motion....)

But then we have the Michael, Locke, Eko storyline...which....I gotta say....was outstanding!!!! Locke mentions the orientation video which peaks Michael and Eko's interest. They watch the video (and we get reminded of some parts of it....not like we needed to....i've watched that video tons of times!).....and they finally mention that there are some glitches or skips on the film. We can only assume there was more information (which we've known for weeks!)......i don't know if anyone else cracked up when Locke asked Eko's opinion of the film...and he just got up and walked away. I'm sure we're in for many outstanding scenes between these two crazy cooks in upcoming episodes (that is....unless Eko gets eaten up by the black smoke monster in the next episode)..... We learn what is in the Bible that Eko had found in the other hatch.....but of course we have to listen "FROM THE BEGINNING".....which happens to be in Biblical times! lol....loved Locke's comment to Eko there. Now I'm sure there's tons of meaning behind the story Eko told...but the payoff was the best part.....The missing film!!! Didn't see it coming at all. We also find out that Locke and Eko aren't exact parallels of each other. While they both may be men of Faith.....Locke is a man of "FATE" which is a path Eko was not keen to. "Don't mistake Coincidence for Fate" So the missing film explains that the computer should not be used for any other purpose than entering the numbers (which how could it? they couldn't enter anything until the alarm sounds!).....and they suggest that communication OFF of the island could be made and lead to another "incident." Meanwhile....Michael has been scoping out the hatch. Notices the blast doors! So this baby is definitely equipped for specific "incidents".....what will trigger those blast doors? I can only assume we'll find out. After Michael watches the film with Eko and Locke...he begins to examine the "hardware"...or 1950's computer server.... Doesn't look like he really touches anything....but a different alarm sounds....and the "108" clock stops at 51 (did it stop? or am i crazy?) what does that number mean? who knows....but only thing I could come up with was the original 48 survivors + 4 Tailies - Walt. But that's kind of silly. There is a message on the computer waiting for its viewer.... "Hello?" Intrigued Michael...(as giddy as a child)....responds "Hello." "Who is this" "This is Michael. Who are you?" ..........."DAD?"


Like i a word...."WOW" but so much more going on in that episode. All i could think about was the Reverse Talking Walt "Don't push the button the button is bad!" ......and now we're meant to think Walt is talking on the computer? (which ruins the integrity of the experiment...preventing them to push the button?)..... could be Walt...could be a trick.

Well this, my friends, is what they call the PAYOFF EPISODE......we have episodes in between that seem uneventful (while deep in character development)...dropping little hints along the way.....and they pay off in these Amazing cliffhanging episodes. I relate this one to the episode when Clarie and Charlie get abducted last year. That episode really set season 1 on a non-stop rollercoaster of a ride to the finale. And it just happened to be a cliffhanger before the Long Christmas (Holiday for our non christians) TV Break. That's right....we have 6 weeks until the next new episode. And that's one of the reasons for the long Write-up today. Because I know I have 6 weeks to rest my fingers!

At this time I'd like to apologize for the DANNY linking to Kate. Someone that called into Preston and Steve was full of crap..... Kate's childhood friend that she got killed was Tom not Danny.

I usually have a bulletized list of crazy easter eggs from the show. Only one I've heard so far is that Sayid was on TV in handcuffs during Kate's flashback!

That's awesome!!!!! I hope everyone enjoyed the episode as much as me...(My opinion? Best one of Season 2!).....And I'm sure we're going to find out much more after some wonderful Post Lost Day Research.

Lost Recap: Season 2 Episode 8 - Collision

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Unfortunately the one thing the holiday does is delay the Lost discussion! Monday is a long time from last wednesday to try and recap Lost but here goes. Some little tidbits from Collision:
  • Crossword Puzzle: clue 42 down (they love their numbers): Ekindu's Friend Answer: Gilgamesh If anyone wants to brush up on your knowledge of the story of Gilgamesh , feel free.
  • Ana's cop car # 816
  • Someone in Ana Lucia's flashback mentions Danny. Possible connection to Kate. Kate's ex-boyfriend was Danny (the one with the time capsule that she ends up getting killed by driving through a police barricade). It's a stretch but maybe Ana Lucia was the wife that was out of town when Kate visited. And maybe after she kills the dude that shot her....she loses her badge and becomes a bounty hunter....and that's why she was in Austrailia (looking for Kate). Don't worry...i didn't come up with this on my own. Little help from my buddies Preston and Steve. We may not have to wait too long on this, because this week should be a Kate flashback (previews suggest we find out what she well as the episode title "What Kate Did" lol) Sidenote: Theory may be already blown because I think Danny had kids. But there still could be a different kind of Ana Lucia/Danny linking besides being married. Guess we'll see! (update: this theory is bogus...)
  • Question: Is Ana Lucia a name that's memorable enough for Jack to remember 50 days after a plane crash? She must've made one hell of an impression on him.
  • Got chills when Locke met bizarro locke (or the "Black Locke" no pun intended with the "Black Rock"), Eko. That was a good time. Nothing too much revealed here just some stellar acting scenes.
  • oh yeah...anyone still think Shannon is alive? lol
  • Sayid and Ana Lucia both mention that they're already dead. I'm definitely off the purgatory bandwagon, but it's still funny that the writers try to keep people considering it.
  • Love Rectangle has been introduced between Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Ana Lucia with plenty of tension between the 4 of them (some, based on above theories, yet to be introduced).
  • I think someone had mentioned previously that every 4th episode or so...has a slow motion ending with the sappy music. I keep forgetting to count. But this one was a quality one with the Tailies and Fronties reuniting. Not to mention the romantic reunion of Michael and Walt's Dog. Gotta love the slow motion running towards each other with unabashed glee. And of course Charlie and Jin's touching embrace (since they've bonded so much with each other in prior And of course...Bernard and Rose reuniting was a long awaited moment as well as Sun and Jin. Good stuff.
Note from previous episode: I actually thought of this a few episodes ago, when Cindy disappeared (one of the tail section survivors)...she was dressed like a flight attendant. And I was thinking....hey she looks a little like the flight attendant that gives Jack alcohol on the plane (season 1 pilot). Plus she had some knowledge of the plane changing its course (which had many confused). yup, it's been confirmed by P&S. Same person. I'm very proud of myself on this one! Not much else to sum up...I loved this episode! Definitely no sophomore slump for this show. They just keep churning out quality episodes. That's all I have for now. Another new episode in 2 days!

Lost Recap Season 2 Episode 7 - The Other 48 Days

Episode 207 - The Other 48 Days

Wow...crazy episode. Guess it's a pretty safe bet that Shannon is a goner at this point. But previews have been deceiving in the past. Ana Lucia could be saying "I killed the woman he loved" before she's even dead. and Jack's "Shannon's dead" may be a portion of a sentence (Don't tell me shannon's dead!) lol....i dunno. But combined with the articles.....we are meant to think she is. If she isn't. Then the Lost crew will have succeeded in fooling us all. Oh wait.....How does the gun have more bullets? Does ana take sayid's gun? But that was just with the previews of next week.This's what we learn:The Dharma Station that the Tailies have been staying in is the "ARROW" station. (symbol had an arrow instead of a swan) One of the previous residents has a glass eye fetish. and is religious. Goodwyn was not on the plane....but is he one of THE OTHERS? I still maintain that Ethan was not one of THE OTHERS and that there are 2 separate groups on the island. Preston and Steve noted the similarities between the name Ethan and Nathan (guy suspected as an OTHER). Both said they were from canada. But Ethan had super-strength, and well Goodwyn had no problems killing Nathan (who was "not a good person"). Was Nathan bad too? And I still don't think Libby is in the clear. Her attire is similiar to that of the people that were taking the children (the ragged clothes and the bare feet).... but while they are fast...they don't seem to have super strength. Also...are the KIDS OTHERS NOW? ("they're better off now") we did see them dragging the bear in a couple episodes back. Obviously we're meant to see some play on words in Goodwyn's and Ana's discussion "They weren't on the list. They're in a better place now" almost like the ones chosen to leave purgatory. This will cause some internet discussion even though the Purgatory rumor has already been dismissed. But then there's the cannibalism feel to it. The strong people....more meat....good to eat. Definitely not where this is going....but they did joke about it on preston and steve. Preston and Steve were discussing "what ARE good people?" From season 1 we learn from flashbacks that everyone on the front section of the plane definitely have demons in their past and most of them are NOT good people. All children are being taken while they're innocent and are still impressionable. We do know that Dharma has a history of socialist behavior.....are "good people" those that fit the mold? (ethnic cleansing?) Not sure if Walt would've been taken then. Then is their a social class structure to the others? Goodwyn was clean shaven, well dressed while these people that were stealing people at night were ragged and barefoot. are they slaves? Lots more questions. Love this show!!! And who else was excited that we got to see the other side of Boone's transmission?? that was a good time. And don't you worry....i went back and watched the end of Deus ex Machina and confirmed the dialogue is the same (i thought boone had said "Flight eight fifteen" not "flight eight one five".....i was pleasantly surprised). and what's up with Eko?? the 40 day thing? is that an islamic thing? Was he mourning for the dead or for his sins (the people he killed)? We did see him notching the days on his stick. so he was keeping track. That's all i have for now....i'm sure there's much more.