Friday, February 15, 2008

LOST: Season 4 Episode 3 - The Economist

Whew...Happy Post V-Day everyone! As I stated last week, I'm a little late getting started on this thing. But, I didn't watch the show until around midnight so I think everyone can understand I needed some sleep to provide proper analysis of one crazy episode of LOST! They are unloading new mysteries on us at record pace, always, I was digging it! The one thing I need to adjust to is the quicker pace of the show with these abbreviated seasons (and a defined target end date). Our Islanders seem to be finding their way across the island to its various locales very efficiently, in comparison to prior seasons where it seemed to take everyone 3 episodes to get across the island (or multiple days on the island). Yet sure enough...last night's episode all seemed to happen in an afternoon! Granted, with some new "LOST TIME" elements developing in "The Economist" maybe we're supposed to be picking up on this! But I doubt it! Anyway, I'm willing to look past the time constraints for a good story! And, I know the LOST brains are heading somewhere great! After letting the impact of this episode set in overnight, I will go ahead and stamp this episode with my WOW approval rating (really, does this mean anything anymore? I give every episode a WOW!).

So basically this episode delved a little more into the mystery of the Freighter Folk's REAL objective on the island. Some Locke and Sayid play a chess game with their "hostages" and another member of the Oceanic 6 has been revealed (a correct prediction of mine!). Let's dive into the episode and see if we can sort out all of the craziness! Since the cast was moving around to all different locations, I'm going to break the storyline down into locations and the flash forward. Let's see how that works!

Jacob's House

Team Locke arrives at the circle of ash where Locke originally encountered Jacob's house. But guess what? The house ain't there! We know that Hurley saw it in a totally different location and it seemed to be hopping around. What is that all about? This Jacob guy is starting to drive me nuts! Here are a few things to note:

  • New Sawyer nickname for Ben: Gizmo (Fantastic! Yoda was pretty good last week too)
  • We see Hurley begins to show doubts of his decision to go with Locke. He is not a big fan of being involved in a hostage situation.
  • Sawyer talking about torturing Ben to give up the name led to another great exchange (let's start with the big toe and send that piggy to market, then move onto the roast beef!)
  • Locke gets scared when Jacob's house isn't there. He doesn't know what to do next. He is still being driven by any directions the island gives him. But he did come up with the hostage situation at the barracks all by himself. And everyone was willing to listen!

The Barracks
Sayid, Kate and Miles head to the barracks (in record time considering Ethan couldn't make it to the crash site from the barracks until nightfall and the chopper is only an hour from the crash site. oh well! on with the story!) to get Charlotte. Hurley plays his role in the trickery by saying he was left behind. Sawyer captures Kate, and Locke gets Sayid when Kate screams for help. Can't they all just get along???

  • Sawyer states to Kate his intentions of staying on the island. And he questions what Kate wants to go back so badly for? In so many words, Sawyer says he wants to live a happy life on the island with Kate. awwwww just like on Little House? I was just glad Sawyer finally addressed the big question of why Kate wants to leave the island so much with her Jail-bound. Granted, we didn't hear Kate's response, but she definitely didn't go back to Jack afterwards. Apparently, the jail thing IS a big concern for Kate. I'm confused why she was willing to leave then! (and of course, why she eventually does!)
  • Loved Hurley's one liner about Miles calling him Tubby "Oh great, the boat sent another Sawyer!"
  • Sayid discovers a secret room in Ben's house. Looks like Ben has quite a Jason Bourne thing going on. Lots of passports, and various amounts of currency from all over the world. Ben has been doing some traveling, but why and of course...HOW??
  • The passport suggest's Ben's Alias is Dean Moriarity. Here is a wikipedia reference on the name

    "Dean Moriarty is one of the protagonists in Jack Kerouac's novel On the Road. Dean grew up in Colorado with a hobo/bum for a father for whom he searches on many occasions. Dean's fanatic personality races from journey to journey and pulls other people along. His various fixations include drugs, women, intellectualism and finally, his father and family life. His marriage and divorce with Camille and Mary Lou and his last affair with Inez are a few examples of his romantic entanglements." Also said that the novel suggests that Moriarity is the great grandson of Sherlock Holmes's rival Professor Moriarity. Sounds like just another literary reference. But the FATHER fixation fits ben.
  • Sayid and Ben, as Lockian prisoners, have an interesting discussion prior to Locke arriving. Seemed pretty inconsequential at the time. But may hold more weight after certain other scenes transpired! But loved Ben's "I owe Locke a dollar" line. They are executing their one-liners at great success!
  • Like this one too: Ben has a contact on their boat. Sayid "who is it" Ben "it's a secret" hysterical!
  • Anyway, Sayid and Locke continue their chess game and end up trading "prisoners." Should be fun to see crazy Miles interacting with Sawyer, Ben, Hurley, Locke and crew.

Jack is pretty much in a holding pattern for most of this episode, giving out orders and remaining behind to hang out with the Freigher guys. He sends Kate with Sayid saying Sawyer won't let anything happen to her. (The irony of Jack getting left behind and Kate enjoying it was a good time. And Jack had some good comebacks also. Ahhh gotta love Jack and Kate scenes. There weren't many of those in season 3!) Jack also disperses Juliet to go get Desmond (in 2 hours) because of the picture Naomi was carrying. What is their real objective? Well the freighter guys are sticking to their story that they didn't know.

  • As for them trying to get Ben? Miles says he doesn't know who Ben is, he was told by the people that hired him to find him. Doesn't sound like Miles has any vendetta against Ben. But why was he so fired up about it then last episode?
  • Loved when Sayid told Jack he'd like to avoid bloodshed when dealing with Locke referencing Psycho Jack's pulling of the trigger at Locke's head. "That is not good diplomacy!"
  • I am a little confused at why it took them so long to ask them about Naomi's relationship to Penny. They all had to have known about the picture before unless Desmond only dished the firt to Charlie, Jin and Hurley. But we always assume eventually everyone gets brought into the loop. Especially when you're bringing a whole crew to a radio tower while keeping some behind to go drown or kill others. Surely, you would bring up how the people on the freighter are within 6 degrees of Desmond? Oh well, it's a TV show right???
  • Jack (oops it was Desmond!! )did start questioning Frank and he said that Naomi was ranking officer, they didn't discuss things. I'm still thinking they all had their own mission on the island.

    (REVISED SINCE ORIGINAL POSTING) Actually Desmond questioned Frank and when Desmond said "i'm going to ask you one more time...tell me you never heard the name Penelope Widmore" Both Frank and Dan looked at each other with a concerned look....but made no comment. HMMMMMMM interesting!
  • Dan conducts experiment with all his crazy gizmos. Before we get into the experiment. How about all of this Mankowski/Regina stuff going on? Frank said "if Mankowski answers...hang up" Dan wanted to talk to Regina. Last episode Miles wanted to talk to Mankowski and NOT Regina. What is going on over there???
  • Anyway, Dan asks Regina to fire a payload towards his coordinates. They timed it....Regina kept noting the distance of when it was supposed to get there but it didn't until 31 minutes later. Anyone get a Back to the Future flashback here? You know when Doc sent Einstein (his dog) 1 minute into the future? This had to be an homage to that scene with the clocks side by side and the difference..but at the same time further expanding out understanding of the crazy time elements of this island.
  • Dan later warns Frank to head out on the same exact bearing they came in on. Remember when Ben told Michael and Walt to take a specific bearing when they left the island? Based on the experiment, what if somehow both Michael AND Walt aged or went to the future or something? I bizarre. Does Island transcend times? Does this tie into Desmond's visions of the future? Yikes...seems like we're finally getting somewhere with that. But not quite yet!
  • When Sayid returns with just Charlotte (no Miles and Kate), Frank at first seemed concerned but then noted his disgust for Miles. These 4 people seem to all be there for their own purpose.
  • Speaking of which, when heading back to the freighter, Charlotte and Dan decide to stay. They say they have work to do. We know Dan has already begun conducting his experiments on Time. We can only hope that he comes to some resolution with that! And we know Charlotte has a DHARMA/Polar Bear fixation, so we'll see if that heads somewhere!
  • Sayid, Desmond, and Frank take Naomi's body and head back to freighter. My big question is...are we ever going to see this freighter??? With things moving so quickly on this show, I guess we may find out soon enough!
Flash Forward
  • Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6! Can I get a pat on the back please? Thanks! We did not see him linked to Nadia yet as I suspected (since she was in LA in that last Locke flashback we saw), but I guess it's always a possibility in an another Flash Forward at an earlier date? We don't know exactly when this flashforward takes place in relation to the other ones. But it seems like Sayid has been on his current mission for quite some time.
  • Sayid mentions he was a recipient of a large settlement from the Oceanic Mess. So this begs the question, did Hurley end up with a large amount of money too even though he didn't want it? Was Kate a benefactor of a large settlement with her past record allowing her to be motivated again to leave the island? Based on the preview for next week, doesn't look like Kate is in hiding! yikes! I'm getting ahead of myself.
  • Sayid is taking orders from a mysterious man to kill people on a list. Well, we sure know who likes making lists don't we? Anyway we'll get to that in a bit. Who are these people on the list? The guy at the golf course (Mr. Averdale?? Couldn't make that one out) looked really nervous once Sayid revealed he was an Oceanic 6er. He also seemed to have a lot of money since they were on some private Golf Course. Are they working their way to a Charles Widmore perhaps???
  • Sayid is seen wooing a woman in Berlin the rest of the episode, Elsa. Perhaps a shout-out to the German woman from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? (new teaser trailer is available for Indy 4 btw. Check yahoo!) Sayid is working to get to Elsa's boss (a supposed "Economist" working in emerging markets) but falls for her. Elsa turned out to be working Sayid from their "chance" meeting as well and gets a shot out on him. Sayid survives the shootout but kills Elsa. So was he really going for Elsa's boss or was Elsa the target? I'm thinking he failed his mission to get to her boss. Which again, I ask....Charles Widmore? Who knows? But Sayid's mysterious boss sure wants him dead!
  • Elsa was wearing a bracelet that looked very similar to the one that Naomi's corpse was wearing, which had the following inscription "I will always be with you - R.G." So here's a question, were Elsa and Naomi working for the same man? Is Elsa actually wearing Naomi's bracelet? Do we know anyone with the initials R.G.?? It's a good thing lots of people read this thing now, so you can all post comments on your theories! I'm drawing a blank!:
  • We see a wounded Sayid walk into some kind of Kennel/Vet/Animal testing establishment. It is revealed to us that none other than LIST LOVING Ben is the mastermind. woaaaa. Looks like Ben WILL be able to fix his current imprisonment on the island. So the question is, when did Ben learn how to remove bullets? Who are they working to kill? Is it for the benefit of the Oceanic 815ers as well as the island? Pretty crazy stuff!
  • Ben discusses with Sayid not to let woman could his judgment. "These people don't deserve our sympathies" Are we still talking about the same people that are behind the Freighter operations? Elsa wanted to know who Sayid worked for. Are they still trying to get to Ben? What on earth is that Island and what on earth is Ben protecting on it????
  • Ben also mentions that Sayid has let love of a woman cloud his judgement before. Sayid mentions that Ben used her to recruit him to killing for her. Who was he referring to? Obviously, something we haven't seen yet. Could it be Nadia? Maybe not, sounds like something that happened on the island (of course, Ben knows how to bring people ONTO the island...see Locke's Dad). Perhaps it's a woman on the freighter since that's where Sayid is going next? or maybe Charlotte? Someone else? Who knows? Turns out Sayid is quite the Iraqi Ladies' Man! Why would Ben turn Sayid into a killing machine, he mentions it's to protect his friends? But Ben sure does love protecting that crazy island. Ahhh the mysteries of LOST!
  • Ben states to Sayid that he has another name for him. Sayid states now that he killed Elsa they know he's after them now. Ben creepily says "GOOOOOOD!" Boom....LOST!

Coffin Watch
I'm postponing this discussion until we get something to work with. I guess with Ben being off the island, he IS a possibility. But I still say that neighborhood doesn't suit him! Plus, we see him in Germany in this latest flash forward. But I'm gonna guess they're trekking the globe to hunt these people down. Oh and does Ben have a way to get back to the island? He seems to have traveled back and forth before. Does Jack know Ben is off of the island? Why wouldn't he be looking for him to get back instead of flying everwhere hoping for a crash? Of course, maybe upon hearing of his death....(and we know he goes by many aliases based on the maybe they found his US Passport that has him living in New York).....Jack realized that his best chance to get back to the island is now gone. Well look at that! We DID have something to talk about! Man I'm good!

Strike Update
Well, in case you guys haven't been following, or at least reading the comments in last week's blog. The Writer's Strike has ended and the LOST crew has a plan!!! Looks like they will continue to air the current string of episodes up until Episode 7 (instead of 8). They suggested that episode 7 is a more logical break point. 4 weeks later they will resume airing 6 episodes for a total of 13 Lost episodes (i'm guessing 2 of them will count as the 2 hour finale). The 3 remaining hours that were supposed to be filmed will not be "LOST" as they will be carried over between seasons 5 and 6. Additional news? Sounds like LOST will assume the 10:00pm EST Timeslot following Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights. This is GREAT for LOST. Since Grey's is a Ratings Behemoth (well American Idol would be the Behemoth, Grey's would be merely a Giant). But as for people who like to watch Lost on its own night and analyze the hell out of it (like yours truly)....this is a nightmare! I'm sure I'll find a way to manage. I'll have to learn how because it sounds like this might be a permanent location for LOST for the remainder of the show's run! Also, the 13 episodes will cover the story that was meant to be told in 16. So we will still be left with a great cliffhanger at the season's end! Fantastic news! Just wanted to share!
That's it folks! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always. As stated before, I am out of I probably won't be responding to many comments. But, I'm guessing the hit count will be lower today considering most people were out with their Valentine's last night and not watching LOST! The horror! See you next week as we reveal one more member of the Oceanic 6!

Disclaimer: Many thanks again to Sledgeweb ( for always having the ability to capture so many wonderful screen stills from the show! If I had the technology to do it myself, you bet I would! But since I don't, it's nice to know someone out there does!


Chris Stedman said...

Wow! Another great episode. Is Sayid cool or what, like an Iraqi James Bond. Anyway, I’ve liked what they have been doing this season, giving us answers to questions we didn’t know existed. Hurley is sorry he went with Locke. Why? Sayid is working for Ben. Why?

My thoughts on the episode.

I love the banter between Ben and Locke. Locke still doesn’t know what he’s doing and making decisions on the fly and that is putting serious doubts in his groups head. Could lead to another slit in his group.

Dan’s time experiment, time moves slower on the island. The start of explaining why Walt is now “taller Ghost Walt” off the island.

The big question, Sayid is working for Ben. Why is Ben off the island? Better question, why is he alive? The freighter 4 is on the island to take him. It’s safe to say the mission becomes a failure and Ben gets away from them. If Ben is off the island does that mean even he can’t go back? Ever sense the sky turned purple they have lost contact with the outside. Ben even said that once Jack left on the sub there would be no return trip, though he could have been lying. And with this episode Ben just shot up to number 1 as person in the coffin.

Ben and Sayid’s last conversation was interesting as well. Ben said 'Need I remind you what happened the last time you thought with your heart instead of your gun.'' Sayid's response ''You used that girl to recruit me into killing for you.'' Could that girl be Nadia? She could also be his man on the boat.

Apparently Ben is making lists off the island to. It has to be people involved with Matthew Abbadon that he wants dead. Elsa had the same bracelet that Naomi had on. The economists may or may not have been Abbadon but he defenatly worked for him. I haven’t decided who is the real bad guy yet, Ben or Abbadon. Yet another mystery to figure out. My guess (I reserve the right to change this theory after next episode proves me wrong ) Ben and Abbadon are the same. They are both power hungry for the island and the outside. Right now Ben controls the island and Abbadon controls the outside and they are at each others throat to control both. Series predictions, this season ends with the deaths of all the freighter people but Ben and the oceanic 6 are stuck on the boat as it heads to the outside. Ben covers up the crash. Season 5 the war between Ben and Abbadon heats up on the outside. Locke is on the island and learns all its secrets. Abbadon learns how to get to the island, Ben tries to stop him but is killed, man in coffin. Season 6 Abbadon makes it to the island somehow the oceanic 6 hitch a ride. The war between Locke and Abbadon starts on the island, lot of people die.

Anonymous said...

I think it's important to note that Nadia's bracelet inscription starts with "N" - makes you think it is meant for Nadia. And not likely that Elsa is wearing the exact same one, but maybe hers has "E"?
Also, I'm really curious whom Sayid is protecting. Would he go to these lengths (working for Ben!) to protect any of the current islanders?? Not sure he has that strong of a relationship w/any of them.

Chris Stedman said...

Your right, I didn't mean it's the exact bracelet, it must be Abbadon's signature trademark. He gives all the ladies one.

Other thoughts that just hit me. I’m surprised Miles didn’t start twitching uncontrollably when he entered otherian. Because of the purge there had to be hundreds of pissed off ghost floating around there?

The time issue. Walt is about two years older after leaving the island what a month ago. But Juliet has been on the island for three years and when Ben showed her that her sister was alive after Jacob saved her, her baby was still an infant. Shouldn’t the kid be a teenager by now off the island?

Anonymous said...

Great episode, but did anyone else think Sayid had a weird obsession with Naomi? He kept starring at her and at one point it looked like he was praying next to her.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that Sayid had affections for Naomi and that he knew her.

Mike, did Kate "stay" or is she Sawyer's prisoner?

Regarding Sayid's "large settlement", I am assuming that is a lie and he is simply working for Ben and funded by Ben (or whoever is bigger than Ben).

The bracelets must be the same (why show them otherwise) - did anyone get a closeup of Elsa's?

I'm assuming Elsa's boss is the target, that's why Sayid needs the pager to go off so he can find the boss. But why did Elsa wait so long to shoot Sayid. I forget the conversation she had on the phone with her boss; did the boss want Sayid alive?

Anonymous said...

Seeing the many passports of Ben/Dean - it's like they want us to go down the path that the obit for Jeremy Bentham was really Ben's. LOL

Could RG be yet even another Ben alias???

Loved Sayid stating to Locke that the day he trusts Ben is the day he's sold his soul - then flash forward to Sayid playing hitman for Ben.

Did any one know that the repeats before the new eps are 'enhanced' with popups ? I didn't til a coworker told me this am that the woman getting Daniel his lunch was his 'caretaker'.

Would Sayid, when talking to ben at the vet, refer to Nadia as 'that girl'. Seems odd - so I'm thinking it is not Nadia that Ben/Sayid refer to.

Another great ep - and another great recap. Maybe you need to start adding exclamations to the WOW. Like Wow with 3 !!!. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hmmm! Some peeps are saying it's RC and not RG on the bracelet. Can't quite decide by the pics on Cubit.

Also - R could be Regina on the boat ??

Anonymous said...

THE RED SOX COMMENT?!?!?!?!?! (from Jack to the bearded pilot)

the fact that it happened right after the whole "time on the island is longer than real life discovery" makes me think, that Jack was asking about the first win (in 04) but the way the pilot answered made me thinking he was talking about their 07 win.
Perhaps this will be the explanation as to why Walt has grown so much.

Maybe that's why they took all the kids? To see how their growth was effected by this "time difference" on the island.

Anonymous said...

Did the bracelet say R.C or R.G??? I thought RC until reading this post.

Anonymous said...

Horseman, Elsa was an agent for her boss like Sayid is..she was trying to get information and the identity of Sayid's boss.
I am loving this season of Lost! The questions it creates! The answers, though teasing, they give. So much detail has been put into this show.
I love the flash forwards....and that fact that each character's ff don't occur at the same point in the future.... Jack's ff, he had a beard and was obsessed with getting back TO the island.... in Hurley's ff-seems it was at an earlier "future" time- Jack didn't have a beard...and Jack commented to Hurley, he was thinking about growing a beard...Hurley's reply was "dude, you'd look weird with a beard". Hurley ff, Hurley also said to Jack something like 'we've got to go back' Jack responded to him that they'll NEVER go back...and his mannerism/bodylanguage indicated he didn't WANT to go back at that point. So...what happened to change his mind in the future? And how much time had passed to cause him to change his mind?
Sayid... has fallen to Ben's manipulation. How does Ben have him under his control as he does? I thought the voice at the end sounded a lot like Ben... but thought it might be a diversion on the Lost writers to have us think it was Ben...I didn't think they'd give up the identity as they did!
As far as Sayid and Nadia having a history together...maybe..or maybe not.....they intimated that Sayid is spiritual..he prays.... the irony of him being an assassin, but yet caring/sensitive to those who have been killed (maybe in his eyes without warrant). I'm sure there is more to the reasoning behind this....they just haven't revealed that to us yet!
Excellent season thus far....I do hope the quality of the show continues...I also hope the series finale of Lost is four hours long to answer ALL these questions we have!

Anonymous said...

In regards to the initials on Naomi's bracelet. I was going thru the scene in slow mo, I'm pretty certain that it says RC. As far as who's initials they are I have one thought other than Regina from the freighter. Does anyone happen to know what Ben's right hand man, Richards' last name is? Just a thought, since he seems to be able to leave the island. He could have very well positioned himself to be on that freighter. Mike, I'm loving this site. Keep up the great work!

Mike V. said...

hey everyone! Thanks for all of the compliments on the blog and for keeping the comments going in my absence. Lol. I'll keep this short since I am on my phone. Interesting with the initials comments. I didnt really think there was any question that it was a "g" I zoomed in on that picture and I can almost make out a line going across which would idicate a G lol. But i don't think it really matters at this point because we don't know amy rc or rg yet! Richard and Regina are good guesses though! I guess as always we will find out! Keep the discussion going and I will check back in when I can!

Mike V. said...

oops! That should be "any" not amy! Lol crazy phone!

Mike V. said...

You know...I'm an idiot...I don't think I realized until right now that the Clock on the rocket was the one that was 31 minutes ahead. lol Now that it's digesting a little more...this is starting to make sense. Maybe time is going slower on the island....and maybe it IS PRESENT day off the island??? yikes...this would explain the aging walt. And whoever commented about maybe Frank was referring to the 2nd Red Sox world series....that would be kinda nuts to. Of course....Frank's comments about the Yankees really refers more to the 2004 World Series that the Sox came back from 0-3 against the Yanks. of course then how does this all relate to when Sayid and Hurley were listening to a Radio broadcast from the 1930's? Crazy crazy stuff....I'm loving the time twists...just want more info!!! lol

boardreader said...

Another fantastic episode but maybe not a "WOW" show IMHO. But as usual, Lost has left us with more mysteries, more unsolved dilemmas and of course, a brand new set of questions that demand answers, if possible. Here's just a few of mine:

1.) Jack did say that this was day 100 correct? If so---and someone please check my rotten mathematical skills---then we should know exactly what day it is on the island. The plane crashed on September 22, 2004. Add 100 days and we get what? I think that makes it January 1, 2005. Happy New Year's Losties!!!

2.) Maybe I'm just a silly old fool, but I didn't realize that Sayid was a southpaw. Ok, maybe he's ambidextrous. I just know he plays golf left-handed and shoots his weapon right-handed. Anything of importance here? Maybe not.

3.) Speaking of Sayid, why does a well-trained Iraqi soldier fall for so many cons? Remember how he walks into Rousseau's trap in season one? Or how he becomes a hostage of three of the Others whom they fail to kill at the beach in Season Three's finale? Or how he falls for Locke's trap at the barracks---with (gasp!) Hurley's help and is totally conned by Elsa while still in bed with her? There's probably a couple more I'm missing but I think I sense a pattern. ;)

4.) Speaking of Elsa, what, if any, significance was behind the pager system she had? Since, Sayid mentioned there was better technology and since she we now know she was conning him, why keep old technology around instead of, say, a cellphone? And who is The Economist anyway?

5.) Didn't Sayid and Elsa's act remind you of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith where they're both spies intent on killing the other?

6.) Was Elsa's bracelet the exact same bracelet that Naomi wore? I think we can all accept that the "N" on the bracelet was actually Naomi. As far as the "R.G." goes, my thoughts are that Elsa is not who she says she is and her real name may have those initials. But if so, when did give this gift to Naomi and how and when did she receive the bracelet back?

7.) Since we know Sayid has been identified as Ben's "headhunter", whose head will he be hunting next and why? What kind of blackmail does Ben have on Sayid? Anything to do with Nadia perhaps?

8.) What will happen to the helicopter and those on board IF Frank does not use the same bearing to get off the island as he did when he got on?

9.) Since Locke is seemingly unsure of himself at times---especially when we saw him trying to locate Jacob's cabin---could we surmise that the cabin can only be seen at night?

10.)Does the 31 minute discrepency between ship time and island time have anything to do with Daniel's previous comment that the light scattering was different on the island?

11.) When Sayid was nearing Elsa's table when they first met, some are speculating that Rosseau's distress signal could be heard in the background. My wife mentioned this as well but I am not convinced. Anybody hear this?

12.) Kate pointing a gun at Sawyer??? How cool was that? LOL

Ok Mike, good luck at answering these questions. I always look forward to your blog and this one was exceptional in every way. Keep up the good work!

David said...

I like (part of) cdstedman's theory about Abbaddon and is the way I am thinking as well..I know Mike, you said something in your blog about who the people Sayid killed were and who it was for the benifit of but let me go further...

Ben said to Sayid something about protecting his Friends right? Was he talking about his fellow Oceanic 6ers or was he talking about the Islanders? - I have mulled this over and he could mean both...

As mentioned, The people he killed could've been the same as Matthew Abbaddon, wanting to know about whether 'they' were still alive...Elsa could've been playing the Romance approach instead of the fake ID approach that Abbaddon did... - The other bloke that Sayid popped a cap into..Mr Averley or something(?)...could've been similar, wanting to know the same as Abbaddon..he seemed nervous when telling Sayid that he had read about 815...

Killing these people could be protecting both the Islanders and the 6ers in that killing people who would harrass the 6ers for information about the Islanders would keep the Islanders on the Island and happily alive(as far as we know)..

It's a little vague and sounded better in my head but its something to chew on I guess...

And one last point about something Elsa said...her boss is only in Berlin two days a year or while this could've been a lie, is it plausible that her boss is also Ben? He only comes off the Island twice a year and resides in Berlin? Now I don't know what an Economist is and I can't really be bothered to read the Wikipedia page about it but its something to do with money right? Could this tie in with all the money that Sayid found in the drawer?

Again, its vague but still its something to chew on...

(PS I didn't read all of the comments before typing this so there were lots of changes to acknowledge what people had said so sorry if some of it doesn't make sense or is completely stupid.. :P )

Chris Stedman said...

Boardreader some coments about a few of your questions.

4. The significance of the old pager could be nothing or everything. The only person I can think of that doesn't like technology is Jacob. If Ben is killing people loyal to Jacob I have had a theory that surprisingly still hold up. Let me know if you want me to post it.

9. Yes we have only seen Jacob's cabin at night but I think it's more of what Ben told Locke the firs time they went. Jacob is not someone you go see, you are summoned by him.

Anonymous said...

To cdstedman:

Yes - I want to hear your theory ! {;-D

Anonymous said...

I, too, am open to your theory and any relevant revelations you might think are pertinent.

On a sidenote, if Ben is killing any that are loyal to Jacob as you propose, then I can only imagine how shocked he was to see Locke reimerge from the dead after he shot him in cold blood. We know the island has healing capabilities...but not to all! Wonder why that is?

Also, I just thought of who the "he" is that Kate mentioned to Jack back in last year's finale during their flashforward. Many have speculated that it was Sawyer but now, with what we know at this time, could it have been Ben? If so, this would confirm to us that she is definitely one of the Oceanic 6 (along with Jack, Hurley and Sayid) plus confirm the power that Ben still possesses over all of them for as yet an undiclosed reason.

Chris Stedman said...

Ok, My theory.

Jacob wants to get rid of Ben. Ben is special that he can talk to Jacob and lead the others under his direction. What that direction is for the others or the island no one knows. But Ben has used his power for his own personal gain both on and off the island. Ben has lied and manipulated to keep his power and this has upset Jacob and the others are tired of it as well. As we have seen Jacob let Ben get cancer and Richard helped Locke with his dad problem with the hope the others would follow him. Now we get to our 815ers. What better way of getting rid of someone special but still have someone you can talk to and lead the others than to load a plane full of special people and have it crash on the island. Locke and Walt are Jacob’s number one and two, but everyone has had visionary experiences there. Jack has seen his dead dad, Kate and the horse, Sawyer and the boar, Charlie and the moth, and most recently Hurley has seen Jacob’s cabin. Everyone on the island is special and has the potential of replacing Ben. The problem is no one has fully embraced the island, not even Locke, he still needs guidance and for now he’s satisfied by letting Ben dish out little information about the island just to keep himself alive. And as we have seen Ben is still alive in the future so it has worked but has Jacob’s plan worked and is Ben no longer connected to the island? Is Ben’s new list people connect to the island and he’s taking revenge on them? Is the economist Locke or even Walt (he should be much older by the time we catch up to the flash forwards)? We’ll see.

Anonymous said...

Very very interesting theory !

Anonymous said...

I can't see how your theory accounts for Sayid be willing to 'assist' Ben with the list.

Chris Stedman said...

Could be as simple as Ben being a very good liar and manipulator. Wouldn't be the first time Sayid was tricked, happened twice last episode by Hurley and Elsa.

Anonymous said...

A friend todaysent me this great website that someone put together with some really thought out theory(s) of what is going on in Lost. Haven't been able to read it all yet - but it's very detailed and intriguing. Thought I'd spread the wealth.

Mike V. said...

Yikes...I missed a lot over the weekend. I'll see what I can respond to.

Board Reader: Here's my shots at your questions

1.) Yep, your calculations are correct. It theoretically is New Year's Day to our LOSTIES. That kinda sucks...i thought for sure we were going to see a very special LOST Christmas Episode lol Damon and Carlton had made mention of it before. Probably better to not tread there!

2.) Maybe Sayid is Ambi-Dextrous? I mean there's all of those Mirror Theories out there too. And sometimes depending on if the shot looks better...they editor may flip the picture. Did I just make that up? I dunno. In any case...I'm sure there's not much to look into there!

3.) Yep, I think we've seen over the season's that Sayid's major weakness is Women lol And now we can add Hurley to this. I mean didn't he get kicked out of the military for helping Nadia escape? Maybe he didn't...Season 1 is really reaching for me. But you can see then that helping the love of his life was close to getting him into trouble.

4.) I thought CDStedman your theory here is a pretty good one with the whole "not liking technology" and the linking to Jacob. Although...wouldn't a PAGER itself still be considered technology? I mean..Jacob flipped out at the mere site of a flashlight. Of course...maybe this flashlight can be tied to LIGHT itself, which is why we haven't seen the cabin during the daytime. I'm straying...but yeah don't know what that's all about and am looking forward to learning more. I think whenever they drop clues like that (not a fan of new technology), it's more often going to be TRUE even if the character telling them turns out to be lying about other things. (kinda like Mikhail explaining the DHARMA Purge to us even though he lied about being a member of DHARMA).

5.) I think I did get a Mr and Mrs Smith vibe for a brief moment in time lol

6.) I'm thinking yeah...we're supposed to link that Elsa's bracelet was "SIMILAR" to Naomi's but not necessarily the same exact one. And perhaps Elsa's has an inscription as well. And following up on a previous post....i'm pretty darn sure it says RG and not RC! lol I'm also guessing we haven't seen the last of ELSA....either an earlier flashforward, a flashback or a present day island sighting may link her to Naomi or someone else on the island...and perhaps link them all to an RG which could be Regina, Richard, or various other R's that we haven't even met yet! lol

7.) My initial thought was that Ben has something on Nadia. And maybe he used that whole "MAGIC BOX" trick on Sayid just like he did with Locke and brings Nadia to the island. Or hell...maybe Nadia is in on the whole thing too! lol She has been linked to various other castaways (locke, charlie come to mind) As for who he is hunting next? very good question! And obviously we have no idea. But I gotta think at some point we need to start connecting the dots to these RICH DADDY'S that we've always assumed are linked to the island somehow....Sun's Dad, Charles Widmore, and of course maybe even Christian Shephard himself (I will still maintain that he is DEAD!)

8.) "What will happen to the helicopter and those on board IF Frank does not use the same bearing to get off the island as he did when he got on?"

Good question! I wonder if we're going to get to find out! lol

9.) I think I made mention of the Cabin at night in another question lol

10.)I would definitely say yes to Dan's LIGHT scattering comment and the 31 minute time difference being linked.

11.) I didn't hear Rousseau's distress signal...but I haven't listened. I'm sure you have by now...any updates?

12.) "Kate pointing a gun at Sawyer??? How cool was that? LOL" Kate screaming for Sayid at the sight of Sawyer?? Even cooler! lol

everyone take note...i've created a custom domain name. If you're trying to pass this on to anyone and wanted something quick and easy to remember it by.! The old URL will still re-direct you here. Maybe we'll get some new blood in here!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea. Just a speculation. What if, and it's a big what if, Ben's secret passport room actually is the point of time transference? That would explain how Ben could be in so many places. Also would explain why Ben told Michael and Walt which coordinates to take so as not to interfere with this one spot. Also, who says R as in R.G. is a man? May be a woman...

David said...

Thought I'd post it here as well as Confirmed Dead because this is where the conversation is at..Anyone who listened to the Podcast (or who didn't actually) - The Polar Bear from "Confirmed Dead" - Damon said for people to look at the Orchid Training Video on the 'net to understand it a bit more(we will come across it soon)...Clones?

(Sorry to people who haven't seen the Video if I have spoiled it a bit..)

Anonymous said...

if you haven't seen the video yet, and don't want me to ruin it, then stop reading. i've seen the orchid video, and i didn't really think clones as much as i did time travel. like they were running an experiment that sent that bunny back in time, (say they shot the video at 2 in the afternoon, then at 6pm they sent the bunny back in time to 2:05 pm, so then during the video-shoot the bunny would simply appear), and when that time came the bunny just appeared on that shelf, because it was sent to a specific time, and that is why they didn't want the bunnies to be close to each other, because they were actually the same bunny existing in seperate entities at the same time. (kind of like marty mcfly, but withouth the flux capacitor). that was an amazing run-on sentence, and not a very good explanation, but just a thought.

Mike V. said...,,20179125,00.html

Great interview with Damon and Carlton.

Also, just wanted to give everyone a heads up. There's a chance I may not be able to get to the blog tomorrow or before next week sometime. Have some personal matters to attend to. I'll try to post a new section so you guys can discuss in the event that I can't get to it. I hope everyone understands!

Anonymous said...

Veeery interesting article. Great reading, and they actually give some answers and clues to us !

Makes the theory website that I found, and posted here on 2/19, seem even closer to seeming to fit with all that is going on. I don't know who created this 'theory' but I'm telling ya - it's a good one.

Anonymous said...

Man o man what a killer ending.

Miles Balzard said...

It appears that Hurley has become the moral compass of the show, and he's beginning to recognize Locke for what he is becoming, which is beginning to change my opinion of Locke as well.

Locke, if not my favorite character, was the man I most identified with in the first three seasons (minus an episode or two). But now I'm seeing the emergence of a new side of his personality that I'm not liking too much. I still admire many of his character traits, but his driving force has turned from an internal pursuit of destiny to an external pursuit of power (driven by the mysteries of the island), and this really turns me away from him.

One of the biggest mysteries about the Oceanic 6 is WHY did Kate want to leave the island when she was almost certainly going to face murder charges? That answer still awaits us, but I'm pretty sure it will be driven by selfish reasons rather than altruistic ones. Kate is just not a good person in my mind. YES, I do like her as a character (I love her as a character), but I'd like to know when will be the first time she truly makes a sacrifice of her own desires to benefit someone she loves. I don't think I've ever seen it before, but perhaps she will finally do it in the future. Either way, my sympathy for Kate could scarcely dredge any lower.

When Desmond questions Frank and Daniel about Penelope Widmore, I think Frank and Daniel give a look of concern to each other because they don't know anyone named Penelope. But that WIDMORE name sure rang a bell: namely Charles Widmore, who probably financed this whole expedition to get Ben! Still not clear on why Chuckie wants Ben SO bad, but he's emerging as a key figure in the whole enterprise.

I'm quickly elevating Daniel to favorite character status! My 16-year-old son is considering a career as a physicist (he's smarter than his old man), so I have a fondness for science geeks.

The time difference in the payload's projected arrival and actual arrival was a huge reveal. It was real-world evidence that time-shifting and maybe even time-travel is possible on the island, which makes Desmond's time travel more like an actual event and less like a fantasy or dream. I've read on the blog that the producers said Desmond's time travel was real, but I wanted to see some sort of confirmation on the show. We didn't quite get a full confirmation, but it was pretty good evidence that we've only seen the tip of the time-traveling iceberg.

Will Daniel be the one to harness the incredible power of time traveling? What would that mean for him, and more importantly, what would it mean for everyone on the island? Or the world? It's good to have a real brainiac on the island!

I'm glad Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6 and it was fascinating to watch his flash forward. I was really surprised to see Ben at the end, but does that mean he is ALSO one of the six? I don't think I saw this addressed in the recap or any of the comments. Since the freighters wanted to capture Ben, I presume he wasn't one of the six but somehow sneaked back to the real world undetected. Or he's time traveling. How will we ever really know who's time traveling and who isn't? It was hard enough keeping track of Des when he did it for one day!

I haven't mentioned it before, but the musical score to Lost has been incredibly effective, plying our emotions in one direction or another. It feels like a major movie release instead of an average TV series.

Mike V. said...

Hurley - Yeah clearly the moral compass of the show and still the audience's voice on the show.

Locke - I would think that his pursuit of "power", in his mind, is part of what he thinks is his destiny. But, yeah...his actions in season 4 are a little antagonistic. Of course he has his reasons, and Jack has his reasons. We just happen to know a little more than them about what's coming.

Kate - One thing they like to hit us over the head with is that Kate likes to "run" whenever she gets the chance. So, maybe her motivation to get off the island was to be able to keep doing so. I doesn't make much sense. But, I don't know if we ever really get an answer to why she wanted off the island. But we do see the result in the next episode. As for what you want to see in Kate's arc, I think you may enjoy what's coming for her eventually.

Nice observation on the Desmond/Frank/Daniel conversation! That's all I'll say. :)

Daniel is a pretty great character. And if you like him already, just wait until some of the stuff coming up!

Great observations with the payload. And no comment on time travel! (but there may be plenty of conversations about it coming up. So maybe "MANY" comments on time travel? lol)

I would not assume Ben Linus is one of the Oceanic 6. But, I would start wondering why/how he got off the island!

Ahh yes, the Michael Giacchino score to LOST. Some of the best television score that's ever been composed. I'd rank it up there with some film scores as well. He's JJ Abrams' go to composer. He's scored the new Star Trek movies, Mission Impossible III, UP (won the Oscar for that), Alias, I think some of Fringe, etc.... He's awesome. And, this is where I get to do some bragging (but not really)....we went to the same High School! And I'm guessing he was in the music program there, as I was too. So, we share some kind of common thread in our lives. Of course, he's making big bucks scoring movies and television, and I just write about them for free! lol

MRC said...

Mike--wondering if, after all this time, you are still reading comments. Just started watching the show for the first time (well, I had previously watched the first 6 eps about 4 years ago). When I first heard Hurley use the term "Oceanic Six" I immediately thought Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, Rose & Bernard. I figured, though, that the term would only apply to the American Survivors and that Claire, Aaron, Jin, Sun, and Sayid all still got off the island. Now I'm really confused after seeing that Sayid is one of the Oceanic Six and concerned that some of my favorites did not make it. Charlie's death was the worst--I wondered why he couldn't have tried to swim out through the porthole? Is he really dead, though? Also, from Jack's flash forward I now wonder if Christian is really dead. The show gets more confusing by the minute, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. Generally getting through about 2 eps a day, sometimes more.

Mike V. said...

Hi mrc yes I still read comments! I respond more quickly sometimes than other times. :)

I don't want to say too much about your theories for fear of spoiling. But we know that some people got off the island and some didn't. We just didn't know who got off and why. That's pretty much the story season 4 is telling. But jack clearly wants to go back in that flash forward! As for Christian yes his story gets more crazy before it is resolved. And I think we still had to debate it after the end before we finally came to a conclusion we agreed on. Lol

Anyway enjoy the show and feel free to keep commenting!

Rishabh said...

Hey Mike,
I have recently joined the "LOSTIES club" and the show is awesome. And so is your blog. I found out about your blog when I was in the 3rd season (and thats about a week ago). I just wanna say that your recaps are splendid, and the way you are able to pay attention to the smallest details; its just fantastic!!
Anyway..I like Dan the most among the FREIGHTIES (thats what we are calling them, right?) I think that he's the person who can give us some answers, who can "science the shit out of it"...
And I cant imagine how you people waited for a week after each episode??!!! I cant even wait for a minute!! I am already watching "The Constant"

Mike V. said...

Hi Rishabh, Glad you were able to find my blog and find it useful! I appreciate the kind words on the recaps. I certainly had a lot more time on my hands those days and was able to occupy most of my brain with all things LOST! lol These days, the wife and kids pretty much took up real estate up there. But, fortunately my long term LOST memory remains! :)

Daniel Faraday is a great character, agreed. The other ones have their time to shine too before all is said and done. I think I did call them the Freighties back then. lol

The waiting for each episode was painful, but it gave us time to have these big discussions that you're reading now! Especially the wait between season 3 and 4, 4 and 5 and 5 and 6....we were waiting from May until January/February for those premieres. But we had great discussions. The problem is...some people may have over thought things out and then ended up being disappointed in the end. The show is pretty binge-watching proof though in terms of satisfaction. Those that don't live with this show for 6 years before getting to the end can walk away happy from their experience. I was able to appreciate both the discussions, theorizing and the show as a great drama so I was happy with how things wrapped up!

No spoilers here though, just vague expectation setting as I always like to do with the new bingers! :)

I see you commented on the Constant. You probably are now aware that you have watched one of the greatest episodes of television EVER! I'll check your response. :)