Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 21 - ?

Alright....different kind of "WOW" this week. Seems like there are 2 kinds of Lost episodes that will come our way from week to week (or month to month depending on reruns!) There are the straight-forward suspenseful thriller kind of episodes. Then there are the episodes that CONFUSE THE BEJEEZUS out of us! Thus, we have the aptly named "?" episode. Now, obviously the episode was named this due to the oddly timed search for the "question mark hatch," which we will delve into in a bit. They also named the episode with the "?" due to the fact that the episode was originally supposed to be directed by Darren Arrenovsky (I'm not going to pretend I know how to spell it) who wrote and directed the film "PI" (now picture the symbol for PI, and then you'll kinda see where they were going with it!) Unfortunately, the acclaimed director was unable to take on the reigns due to last minute conflicts. But, I like to think that they also named the episode "?" because it raised a bunch more questions than it answered, in true Lost Fashion! Maybe we'll get some more answers this year. Maybe not. But what it did do was reinforce some of the mystical nature in Lost where there seems to be some things going on that can't be explained by UN-supernatural events! We, as viewers, know by now that everything WILL be able to be explained, as the producers have told us. But in the meantime, we're faced with some perplexing "?'s" coming out of the episode formerly named as Prince (well it really wasn't, but how can you have a symbol discussion without talking about Prince!?)

Ok, so here are the links to the ABC Recap and to view the episode online if you so choose:

Here we go!

The Hatch Saga Continues

We return to see our heroes heading back to the hatch rather quickly to try and put a stop to any Shoot-Out that was going to happen! Too late guys! We see Michael trying to cover his tracks, we get a confirmation on Ana Lucia's expiration, but we find out that Libby is still alive! This allows us to put the attack on the others on hold for an episode while Jack tends to the wounded, adds some emotional weight to what's at stake, and allows Eko and Locke to go on an adventure. Here's what came out of the Hatch Story:

  • We find out Sawyer's stash of Drugs and Guns has been in his tent all along. And of course Jack sending Kate along on this mission only brings Kate and Sawyer closer together again. Smart move Jack!
  • Jack gets Libby High on Heroin for her final moments.
  • Michael seems worried that Libby is going to rat him out for killing her!
  • Our favorite Hatch prisoner is GONE by the way!
  • Hurley delivers the most emotional line of the night with his apology for forgetting the blankets. Poor guy, finally found a girl and then his "BAD LUCK" takes her away from him. Hmmm....Was it those crazy lottery numbers again?
  • Libby's final word "MICHAEL!" with a scared look on her face. And idiot Jack doesn't catch on. It would seem he will need Sayid's help next week in convincing him on what's going on.
Yeah, I'm stretching with that storyline. Not much really happened. We were in a holding pattern while the Eko and Locke story took center stage. So let's just move on!


So these were some messed up dreams. So, we've seen several dreams now over the course of 2 seasons that have actually led people to do crazy things. And the content of these dreams are usually pretty factual. How is this happening? Well, some may argue that all of the survivors are already in a dream state and that someone is feeding them information from other lives. Don't know if I want to buy that theory just yet, but sometimes it's tough not to! How else are they having these dreams and hallucinations? I mean these dreams are very DETAILED! Before we get into Eko and Locke's Dream let's recap some old dreams

  • Boone hallucinates and sees Shannon shot to death in season 1 (or mauled by a polar bear). She is shot to death in season 2.
  • Locke Dreams of a Nigerian Drug Plane crashing into a Tree. And also hear's Boone saying "Jill falls up the stairs, Jill Falls down the stairs" (or something like that)...a very personal memory of Boone's.
  • Charlie has some crazy dreams about baptizing Aaron. Well, that was just a weird episode, so let's skip it!
  • Hurley has a dream with Jin Speaking english (well...if he does, he hides it well!) but where he's drinking from a Milk Carton with a picture of "WALT" and the text "MISSING" on it. Meanwhile, Hurley was not informed that the Raft had blown up yet or that Walt was indeed kidnapped by the Others.
Crazy stuff right? Well add on the crazy dreams that Eko and Locke had tonight, and you got one hell of a mystery brewing!
Eko's Dream
  • Eko has a Vision of Ana Lucia who is telling him to have John lead him to the "question mark."
  • Slowly but surely, we see Ana Lucia spitting up blood and looking very weak.
  • A flash of images go by. I paused the TiVo and wrote them down (you can also go to Investigations and see all of the images)
    Plane Crash (tailies), smoke monster, body in water, Cross, the Others' feet, teddy bear, Locke, Nigerian Plane, Blind folded guy, Dharma Swan symbol, the Orientation guy (more on him in a bit) and brother Yemi
  • Brother Yemi says that he's on the island and also says that John should lead him to question mark and to bring an Ax.
Locke's Dream
  • Locke has a dream with Eko's Brother luring Eko up the vines of a cliff. I believe these are the same vines that Boone climbed to get into the plane. At the top of the cliff Yemi is sitting in a lawn chair and tells John to wake up (I think...I'm drawing blanks!) and then Eko falls to his death. John Wakes up.
  • This dream leads John to be paranoid to a similar outcome for Eko that Boone met.

Eko's Flashback
So, in Ana Lucia fashion, we continue Eko's story in his 2nd flashback to see how he ended up on the Plane to our favorite getaway island! Eko's "mission" as a "priest" (which we confirm he is only pretending to be) somehow led him to be serving time in Australia, and he was in dire need to go to the United States. I don't know if we really find out WHY he wanted to go there. I think some blanks were left intentionally which lets us know his story is not finished just yet! (as Ana Lucia's was)

we interrupt this Blog to report that Preston and Steve JUST got J.J. Abrams to confirm something on the phone. The quote says this
"This is J.J. Abrams and LOST is NOT Purgatory!"

I know that our following of readers here are informed enough to know that this was dismissed ages ago. But it's always nice to hear straight from the Creators of the show!

Ok back to the blog!

So where were we? oh right, Australia. Eko is getting all of his ducks in a row to flee Australia and head to the states. But someone tries to delay this with a "MIRACLE." That's right, someone's daughter apparently drowns, dies and then comes back to life during an autopsy. We learn some interesting stuff here, and I have tons of pictures (as always you can click on them and zoom for a larger look!) Here we go:

  • We get to hear the coroner's tape recording of the autopsy where the girl begins to scream at the end. Pretty freaky stuff, but nothing really confirms that she was ever dead. Unless we want to believe the coroner. The image below is of the medical report underneath the tape recorder. It seems to be a production error as it mentions Honolulu, Hawaii where the show is filmed. Nothing too exciting, just worth mentioning!
  • Eko's Fake Passport contains the information that includes the infamous numbers:

    4 = April and 2004
    8 = August 23
    15 = April 15
    16 = April 16
    23 = August 23
  • Anyone recognize the father of the resurrected Daughter? It was none other than the crazy psychic that told Claire that she must raise her son and that she MUST take Flight 815 to Los Angeles. His name? Richard Malkin. What he tells Eko is that he's a fraud. He gathers intelligence on his clients and then exploits it to his advantage. So what is he telling us here? Is what he told Claire not right either? Is he doing the same thing with Eko? Does he know that Eko's Brother died and he wants to convince Eko that he is getting visited by his brother from the beyond? Did Malkin use his daughter in the process to succeed in this? In previous blogs I've touched on the fact that I thought Malkin was involved in recruiting people for the island (mainly Claire). He knew Flight 815 was going to end up on that Island where Claire would have to raise the baby. Some will argue that maybe Malkin was a fraud until he met Claire and actually felt something real. I don't buy it! I think he's playing them both! Naturally, I do because it plays into my whole "recruiting people for the island" theory. Hopefully we're going to find out if my recruitment theory is on the right path by the season finale! Tons of answers (yet)!
  • But continuing with the concept that everything is plausible, we have Malkin's Daughter meet up with Eko in the airport where she tries to prove that she DID in fact have a near-death experience. She claims that she saw his brother and that he had the following message for Eko "You were a good priest." Something like this could lead Eko to actually BECOME a man of faith and believe that his brother IS speaking to him from the beyond when he gets to the island! Could lead the man to mourn people he kills, to build a church. I think Malkin told Eko the truth that he IS a fraud. He gathered intel on Eko, and used it against him to give him purpose when he arrived on the Island. May be a stretch, but it sounds plausible! Come on, people coming back to life? The producers already promised us NO ZOMBIES on LOST! Once people are dead, the only way they come back is in Flashbacks and Dreams!
  • Also we see Libby in the flashback breaking up a potential fight. I didn't see much significance!
So, the major portion of this episode dealt with Eko and Locke finally getting to share an adventure together. As I said before, this was an oddly timed adventure considering the tragedy in the Swan Station. This is why Eko lured John (based on the dream) out of the Hatch to help track down the "others." At least this is what he claims until Locke starts questioning what is driving Eko deeper and deeper into the jungle. What we get to see in this story is how Locke has been losing faith ever since mindlessly pushing that button and having Henry meddle with his mind. It seems now that Eko is here to help restore John's faith. Long-story short, they do find the "?" Hatch from the Map but the fun was in getting there and what we found!
  • Locke called Boone's Death a "Sacrifice the Island Demanded" almost realizing how ridiculous it sounded after he said it. Another sign of him losing faith in everything.
  • Anyone get a sense of deja vu when Locke was watching Eko climb up the cliff? Yep...he laid on the ground quite like that (also with bad legs) and watched Boone go up there. This time however, Eko made it up top Okay. And how convenient is it that another hatch was waiting for them right where they found the Drug Plane....and right where Eko's brother was found? And of course, when Eko looked from the top of the cliff, he saw the salted earth formed, you guessed it! a QUESTION MARK!
We Saw Locke grow eager with anticipation as they discovered the new hatch, hoping to find the answers he was looking for. What did we find out? We found out that they were in Station 5 - The Pearl.

Here's what was inside:
  • 9 TV Screens, an Air Shoot (chute?) like you see at a Bank Drive-through, a VCR, an Orientation Video Tape, some smoked cigarettes, empty notebooks, a computer and printer, 2 recliners and a video camera
  • Of course, what seems to be a CIG and Ashes on first glance, may not be. But I have no idea what it is. felt the need to point it out I will too!
  • When Locke turned all of the TV's on, 1 gave static, many didn't even go on, and then one showed the Swan Station and Jack walking around. Before we even get into the orientation video, there is speculation that if these cameras have an actual video feed, maybe there will be a way to rewind and determine what actually happened in the Hatch during the shoot-out. crazy stuff!
  • So the Orientation Video. Some things to note. The Korean Guy calls himself
    Dr. Mark Whitman, however on the Swan video he calls himself Dr. Marvin Candle. Sure looks like the same guy doesn't it? It is also noted that the video is from 1980. Not sure when the Swan video was from. But Preston pointed out that the Guy had one prosthetic hand in the Swan Video, and here he has 2 fully functioning hands. I don't recall that. I'll have to go back and watch ORIENTATION again! ugh
  • Also in the video we are told that the mission for the residents of this hatch are to work in 8 hour shifts and observe everything happening in the other hatches. And note down any subtleties that they find odd and send the reports into the Air-Mail thing. We pretty much are led to believe that the residents pushing the button in the Swan Station are guinea pigs who are meant to believe what they are doing is important, but it really isn't (something Jack has been saying all along) and something Locke begins to believe. However, Echo, all faithed up due to visions of his brother believes this video only reinforces the importance of pushing the button. Locke has a nervous breakdown during this scene about his whole life is a joke. That guy has some serious issues. All very interesting stuff....but we still have questions on everything! The producers have told us that the story of the hatch will be completely told by the end of Season 2. Here's hoping!
  • I think Korean Doctor guy also made a reference to a boat (or river?) that they should be taking after their job is completed? I didn't bother to watch again yet to make sure I heard exactly what he said. But I'll just jot it down here.
  • As for the Camera in the PEARL hatch, is someone still watching them too? crazy stuff.
  • Locke also sends his drawing of the map through the Air-Chute. What was the objective of this? To see if it worked? or to let someone know he's there?
  • The other computer's function seems to be to print logs of when people have successfully pushed the button in the Swan Hatch. The numbers on the report show all similar numbers except the iteration of when they executed the resetting of the clock. This report SHOULD be able to tell us if Henry did in fact push that button or not. Also, is this the computer that "WALT" talked from? or is it somewhere else? I'm guessing there has to be some other station (maybe the one Michael discusses) that has a computer as well.
Scavenger Hunt
Okay new Hanso commercial! Well same one, but they added a website to this one. If you go to this website (paid for by sprite), you click on the screens one at a time. # of clicks go in the following progression 4-8-15-16-23-42 (I think...I don't think I clicked on any of them 42 times...but this is what I read) hear the Lost sound effect, and then it gives you a code "Heir Apparent" that you supposedly need to enter on somewhere. I haven't really looked into it much. But there's some info! Also is tracking this scavenger hunt. If you're lazy like me, they'll find out all the answers for you!
Ok, I am privy to some information about our final episodes. As always, I'll black them out and you can just highlight them if you want to read!
  • Next week is a Michael Flashback where we will learn what happened to him on the island when he left the survivors. This should play into my theory that we'll see that scene with Jack screaming again from a different perspective!
  • The finale will feature AT LEAST a Desmond Flashback, and supposedly Libby will be featured in it.
  • The ultimate major cliffhanging part of the finale is still kept under wraps. The only people that know about it are the cast members that were involved for the filming. It has been referenced as (THE Challah). It is rumored to be a more satisfying ending than last year's cliffhanger with the Raft blowing up, Walt being kidnapped, and looking into the Hatch (named THE BAGEL!). This is in direct response to people's outcries from last year's finale being a disappointment (hell, I loved it!) They still say it will end on a cliffhanger, but apparently one more satisfying. Take from that what you will!
Okay, I think I wrote enough on this episode. Next week's episode looks like it'll be a bit more actioned packed and it should set up our Season finale pretty well. Just a side-note, these final 2 blogs may become a bit delayed due to my increased popularity at job #1. And because I'm learning that these write-ups are becoming increasingly more complicated and taking a lot more time to write! But be patient with me! I am just as anxious to write them as you are to read them! I will do my best to meet up with the demands! So, with that, I will say Have a good day and see you next week!


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog Mike....

2 things - I thought Boone's vision was that Shannon was malled to death by the polar bear or whatever it was...

It looked to me that Eco's brother was in a wheel chair rather than a lawn chair in John's dream and he says "Wake up John"...?

Looks like Zeke is back next week, but he looks more like Charlton Heston in the Ten Commandments than fake beard jungle guy...

Mike V. said...

may have been a polar bear on the Shannon dream. i wasn't sure. i just think i recall hearing a gun shot. i'm sure i'll be rewatching this summer!

Hmmm wheel chair, interesting. you're probably right. I'll probably be rewatching this afternoon!

Zeke is definitely back but it looks like he was capturing Michael.....(Definitely looked like Charlton Heston but it IS the first time we're seeing him during the day) I'm gonna guess that that is part of Michael's flashback when they initially capture him (just a hunch) but we'll see next Wednesday!

Mike V. said...


Mike V. said...


"Okay, Libby's death wasn't quite the jaw-dropping shocker Ana Lucia's was, since we'd been prepared for it not only by last week's episode, but by news last month that Cynthia Watros (pictured) had signed on for a ''guest'' role in a CBS pilot. About which, Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have much to say. Like last week, they gave an immediate post-show scoop to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello to explain why they killed off Libby and the real-world trade reports that led viewers to correctly predict her imminent demise.
Lindelof and Cuse insist that, despite Libby's burgeoning relationship with Hurley, the creators felt her story wasn't going to go anywhere in Season 3, and they liked the idea of shocking the audience by killing her off just as things were getting interesting, and before we'd had a chance to learn her backstory. (Which will be revealed eventually in the flashbacks of others.) Regarding reports of Watros' pilot deal, the producers shrug and note that it's not fair to a performer's career to stifle news that could help her find work, and they felt they owed her moral support after she took very hard the news that she'd be leaving Lost.
Speaking of island mysteries, do you have room in your brain for one more online attempt to decipher the Dharma mythology? There's a well-organized article at that neatly lays out all we know about the Dharma Initiative (though it doesn't yet include last night's revelations about the Pearl monitoring station, Dr. Whitman/Candle of the orientation video, and the nature of the button-pushing exercise), as well as the major theories about what it all means (including those put forth by's own Doc Jensen). Check it out."

Mike V. said...

Thanks. Yeah the wheel chair thing makes sense. I'm not really sure how I even missed that. You know when you start looking so closely at things that you miss the obvious?

Yep...that's me!

Anonymous said...

Some people think that Locke was just pretending to be upset in the Pearl hatch because he thought that somebody else could be watching him through the camera he eyed in the corner.

Mike V. said...

yeah, I heard that too. They DID show him checking out that Camera suspiciously. And I'm still confused to why he sent his Map through the Air-thingy.

He also agreed with Jack last week when Jack went on his rant about how the OTHERS are Liars and we need to do something. John (after talking with henry) said "I couldn't agree more" Maybe there was some extra discussion between Henry and Locke that we haven't seen. Maybe something happened that made him either DOUBT his purpose...or believe in it even more!

who knows.

Miles Balzard said...

What threw me out of sync in this ep was how the shooting of Libby and Ana-Lucia happened during the day (as Hurley was trying to have an afternoon picnic with Libby), and then Jack, Kate, Locke and Eko don't show up at the hatch until it's night time; yet Michael tells Jack the shooting happened 20 or 30 minutes ago (and really, it couldn't have been a huge stretch because of the sequence of events presented). Then Eko and Locke go on the hunt for the question mark during the night, but Kate doesn't get the heroin (to ease Libby's pain) from Sawyer until the next day. The awkward chronology bugged me a bit.

But I really liked this episode a lot. I did recognize the crazy psychic as Claire's psychic the second I saw him (binge-watching has many advantages). The psychic labeling himself as a fake really seemed to be a ploy for Eko. Not that he wasn't a fake, but remember, the psychic was pleading with Claire for FOUR months that she had to raise the baby before he "changed his mind" and offered her a plane ticket to L.A. to meet "the perfect couple" for adopting her baby.

In other words, fake or not fake, that was a very elaborate long con to get Claire recruited for flight 815!

The Swan video definitely had a copyright date of 1980, same as the Pearl video. I always take note of copyright notices on movies and shows.

Considering how long that old laser printer was printing out the confirmation codes (not very long) and the length of paper printed out (also not very long, as seen when Locke propped it up from the printer), it appears that somebody else had been at the Pearl hatch not all that long ago to print out the confirmation codes. The "reset code" has to be punched in about 13 times a day, which means the survivors have done it well over 500 times since Desmond left. All this doesn't mean much, except that I don't think the Pearl hatch has been unvisited for very long.

Damn, I wish Libby had lived just a few seconds longer so she could've dimed out Michael!

Hurley broke my heart as his own heart was breaking. Poor rich dude.

Unlike some people, I will miss Ana-Lucia. Not that I liked her much, but I'll miss the spice she gave to everyone she related with. But I won't miss her as much as Boone or Shannon.

Thank goodness this series isn't about Purgatory! I sort of get how the idea cropped up, but so much of the story does not really fit in with a Purgatory story.

Mike V. said...

Hmmm...I thought it was closer to evening. Like Hurley was going to have a "romantic eventing" with Libby on the beach. takes a little time to walk to the hatch. It's close to their camp, but not a hop skip and a jump. So, it would make sense that some time passed. They were usually pretty good with chronology. Of course, once season 4 hit (the seasons were shorter since they compromised with ABC for 3 16 episode seasons to end the series...but the writer's strike changed the count for season 4 and added to season 5 and 6)...they were flying all over the island at record times. lol It worked for the first 3 seasons to have crossing the island take episodes at a time because they were trying to milk that island story for all it was worth.

Nice observations on the Pearl hatch. You could be onto something!

Mild Spoiler alert (i.e. a plotline that I'm advising not to waste your time worrying about lol) I just wish Libby would have lived long enough to know why she was in the mental hospital with Hurley!! lol I do have theories about possibly where that was going, but I'll have to wait until you get further in the series to share that.

Nice that Ana Lucia got love from some fans of the show. :-) She didn't bother me too much but she definitely was the least liked. Though, I'd say the kid that played Walt was probably the worst actor on the show. lol

There are some things you said in this comment that I'm going to have to try to remember to discuss with you when you finish the series!

Miles Balzard said...

Ah, MIke, you do have the upper hand here, knowing how everything plays out while I foolishly thrash through the underbrush trying to find daylight! HAHA, I would enjoy being in your shoes watching a newbie like me puzzle over these odd twists, missing 90% of what was REALLY going on but occasionally and accidentally stumbling into something that makes you think "well, even a broken watch is right twice a day."

I really appreciate you commenting on my comments and holding back from spoiling things. To be honest, I run into spoilers for other shows I love quite a bit and it doesn't really bother me because my short-term memory sucks and I end up getting surprised anyway when I watch the show later, lol.

At this early juncture, I can already see how Lost bears even more fruit upon multiple viewings. Not that I will tackle a second watch right away, but perhaps we will meet again in a few years and do this all over again!

Mike V. said...

Absolutely LOST gets better upon rewatch. I highly recommend it. I'm already getting the itch again just discussing it here. lol Of course, I'm doing my own catch-ups on shows this summer.

I would never want to spoil the surprises in store for you! So, it's more envy than anything that you get to see these things for the first time!

tarantino88 said...

What's up, great blog I have to say. I actually found about it while I was searching for that Hurley/Libby/Nuthouse episode recap and trying to figure out what the f**k was going on there :D Anyway, then I went back and read other episodes' recaps by you, and man, I can't believe this blog didn't caught fire earlier (I think you mentioned somewhere it became popular around ending of season 3?!), you have fresh and humourous way of explaining your theories and I like you wandering off during recap when you come up with some crazy theory lol... and finally, I will be reading this along as I watch them episodes, maybe post a comment ocassionally, like I said, I really enjoy your writing style. One more thing, do you write blogs/recaps on any of newer shows, similar to Lost in the sense of mystery and crazy theories, like Person of Interest or The 100, and if you do can you provide me with the link please, thanks. Cheers

Mike V. said...

Hello Tarantino, thanks for the props and for appreciating my writing style. :)

LOL on you searching for the Hurley/Libby stuff helping you find this blog. I wish I could say if you'll get that answer or not eventually, but I don't want to spoil anyone's experience! :-) But, it certainly is something that was speculated on by me and others.

Yeah, the blog initially started out as an email that I'd just send to coworkers and friends. Just my observations for each episode. But then I got scared of sharing it on work email and heard of these new-fangled BLOGS. So then I'd just start posting them online and sharing the link to my email distribution. In season 3, I may have put a few well placed links on certain entertainment sites, and it took hold and never looked back! Once it got into the top google search results many people were coming and contributing their excellent thoughts to each recap. It became a really great place to have a good LOST discussion and weeded out a lot of the complainers most of the time.

Definitely share your thoughts along the way! As you can see, I have been keeping up with everyone who has been binging LOST and finding the blog. It always excites me that this site has found continued life after the show's original air dates.

NEW blogs...check out my new site that covers any/all TV. I'm married with children now so my blogging isn't as in-depth as it used to be. Plus, not much really challenges my brain the way LOST did. I loved that show and couldn't stop thinking about it. I have been covering Walking Dead and Game of Thrones recently, but I also went on to recap the 2nd half of FRINGE, Revolution, The Event, Flashforward (, Terra Nova and various other stuff. There's also a group of us that share our thoughts in a Weekly Discussion post about any and all television shows. I'd say of all of those, THRONES is my newest obsession....I've read the books on those but never spoil them until that plot is covered on the show.

Unfortunately, I gave up on Person of Interest not too far into season 1....and The 100 I only watched the pilot episode before being consumed by too much television! But, those weekly posts are there for anyone to bring up anything. You never know who's out there reading the blog and watches those shows too.

Thanks again for your comment, and I look forward to seeing you on this blog and the other one!

tarantino88 said...

Yes I can understand what are you saying (about new shows). This is actually not my FIRST first time to watch LOST, I have already watched seasons 1, 2, 3 back in the day when they originally aired, however I was 16 year old back then and only at this point I realize how much details have I missed. My point being, about rewatching, even 10 years later show still seems fresh and original!

Mike V. said...

I agree, the show definitely holds up well so far! And I think it will for a long time. Sounds like you quit the show just when things were getting crazy! You have some good story ahead of you!

Anonymous said...

If you look closely in this episode, when sawyer is told to get the guns, he and jack walk off in separate directions. But as sawyer walks away for a brief second you can see him do some sort of hand gesture that clearly wasn't scripted

Mike V. said...

Nice catch! I never saw that and will definitely have to rewatch some time to check. :)