Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Lost" Season 2 Episode 22 - Three Minutes

Wait for's coming..........just one.....more.........second.......... WOW!!!!!!

Ok, so it wasn't a "WOW" type of episode, but I have a reputation to keep these days! Can't upset the readers! Tonight's episode filled in a lot of the missing holes that were created during Michael's absence (if you read the spoilers from last week's blog, you would've already known that!). We got to see a new Flashback format (the 2nd different kind we were treated to this season), and we got to learn a LITTLE bit more about the so-called "OTHERS." I put them in quotes, because a certain boy has revealed a bit more information to us that really gets us no closer to knowing the truth!

So, I realize the blogs have slowly been growing with each passing new episode. I will try my best to control myself with this one. And there is no better episode to attempt a smaller write-up than with last night's. I can make no promises for the FINALE RECAP except that it will be delivered later than usual. I'm sorry! But come on you have like 5 months to read it! Here I go Rambling again. Let's get into some stuff from tonight's episode!

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Charlie/Claire (AND MUCH MUCH MORE!)

  • Okay so Charlie found some VACCINE on the Food pallet (don't even know how to spell that word). Did he know that Claire was looking for this vaccine in the other hatch? The one Ethan was injecting the baby? Again, is this the same thing Desmond was injecting himself with? Whatever Charlie knew...apparently it helped him get back in Claire's good graces. He even tried the stuff on himself. I figured he knew how to use the "needle gun" (for lack of remembering the actual name) by prior heroin experimentations...
  • Speaking of Heroin...VINCENT THE DOG has a few cameos tonight. One where he becomes the smartest (and most evil) dog in the world by bringing a Mary statue to Charlie. But Charlie was able to resist temptations this time as he threw away the rest of the drugs with Locke overlooking. But I don't think Charlie will be out of the doghouse for long.....there's still that whole SUN situation that needs to be resolved. Something tells me that may be coming back to haunt him next week.
  • Speaking of Locke. After his doubting of faith with the hatch (which Eko has contently taken over Locke's Role of the FAITH guy) he cuts his splints and limps away from the funeral (he didn't go to the funeral, did he?). Just as Rose had suggested, it wasn't going to take long for Locke to heal. Was he inspired by Charlie's tossing of the dolls into the Ocean? Or maybe he's going to give the island one more chance? I think he's going to need a bit more convincing. And maybe that's where he was going? Is he taking Henry up on his offer? "I came to get you" That dude wants some serious answers.

War Preparation (Jack and Crew)
So the main boys are ready to go kick some OTHERS' BUTTS. A few things to take note of here.

  • Sawyer bluntly tells Jack "I screwed her" then tries to speak in a language Jack would understand "We got Caught in a Net." probably the funniest dialogue of the night. Sawyer apparently things Jack and Kate had relations out in the jungle when they found Walt. was kinda a "Joey from Friends" moment for our boy James Ford, but gosh darnit (redneck talk) if I didn't find it hysterical!
  • Sawyer also scores some points with the Heroic/Sometimes Manic Doctor by calling him the closest thing to a friend he has on the island. Really didn't see THAT one coming. But I guess I should've. The people you pretend to despise the most, are sometimes the people that you admire the most. (Yeah...I'm all ready to start dishing out therapy sessions now!)
  • Sayid has a run-in with Michael (which we'll kinda touch on below) which is enough to convince him that Michael is not the same as we last saw him. Sayid tells Jack that Michael is compromised. Apparently they're going to devise a plan where Michael thinks he's in control. I'm guessing Sayid will be taking a 2nd Party and tailing our Main Characters. I think it's a safe bet that SOMEONE of this WAR Party is going to perish the ultimate sacrifice. All my money is on Michael. And while I would hate to see Sayid bite the bullet, it seems like he might be the most expendable at this point from the cast. I can't see them getting rid of The Red beret though. Not in season 2!

Michael - 13 Days Ago - Present
Okay, so I'm merging the Flashback and Present Michael stuff because they are pretty closely tied together.

  • Apparently Michael got snagged up by Zeke and crew not long after he left. He talked to someone on the computer that claimed to be Walt and rushed out to find him. The flashbacks were interspersed with scenes from THE HUNTING PARTY episode so we could follow along to when these Michael events took place.
  • Michael got to hang out with the likes of ZEKE ("We need him!"), Alex ("How is Claire? Did she have the baby?"), and Pickett (yeah...don't know who Pickett is but Erikah Badu mentioned him. )
  • Okay okay, it's not Erikah Badu, but come on! Miss Klugh has a striking resemblance! What a freaky lady Klugh is! (I checked the closed captioning for the spelling. I'm not THAT good!) I'm just going to list all of the questions she asked Michael rapidly upon meeting him

    Is Walt your Biological Son
    How old was he when he began to speak?
    Did he ever suffer from Illness growing up? Headaches? Fainting Spells?
    Did he Appear in places he wasn't supposed to be? DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUM!!! You say you were half-way around the world...did you see him?

    Crazy questions. Implies that Michael may have seen a vision of Walt during his time away from him (pre-island) Not sure what the illness stuff is referring to. Biological Son, maybe they suspect Michael had similar "powers?" We are also reminded of the Images we've seen of Walt ON the island with the Reverse Talking. Appearances to Shannon...and then also Sayid when Shannon gets shot. Nothing really explained here. But it is stressed how IMPORTANT Walt is to the OTHERS. Apparently the questions continue with Michael for another 10 days.
  • Then Miss Badu gives Michael a list with 4 names
    Jack Shepard, Kate Austen, James Ford, Hugo Reyes

    Few things interesting about this. All 4 of these crazy kids have seen VISIONS on the Island. Jack saw his Dad, Kate saw the Horse (which became real though), Sawyer saw the Horse (anything else? he did have the run-in with the Boar...but that was real I think), Hurley saw Dave. Other than that....I can think of nothing else except it's 3 of the main characters and Hurley. But KLUGH wants these people recruited by any means possible. How do the OTHERS know their real names? (JAMES FORD) This goes back to my whole recruitment theory for the island. How else would they have the information? Unless the OTHERS are being supplied with the information from a higher power? Perhaps the OTHERS are part of the Dharma experiment too? I would say maybe they're bringing in these 4 because they can be considered GOOD PEOPLE but there's too much to argue against that with Kate and Sawyer. Let's just let the show take it's course and maybe we'll find out next week!
  • 3 Minutes (the episode title) apparently refers to the 3 minutes that Michael had to talk to Walt. Which is crazy since they may have talked for about 1 minute. What was revealed by Walt's chances to talk?

    Walt: They're not who they say they are. They're pretending! They make me take tests! Help me! (Klugh responds "do you want me to put you in the room again?") Ahh more questions to ponder. What kind of tests are they putting Walt through? He looked genuinely scared (for the Stellar Acting abilities (sarcasm) possessed by Malcom David Kelly (Walt)) of the Others. Some have suggested that Walt was TOLD to say those things to make Michael think he has no choice but to recruit Jack and crew. Maybe he was. But the whole "put you in the room again" had my head spinning. What is going on in that room? If this Michael/Walt story is going to be closed next week, we may not have long to wait before we get some answers.
  • And Michael also said he'd bring back the 4 in exchange for the BOAT (because he wants off that island with his son!) That same boat that we saw in the season finale last year. I don't think we saw anyone accept those terms.
  • So let's backtrack and talk about what we learned when we saw the OTHERS' Camp. We see the new Dharma Station. Looks like the logo is the classic octagon with a rectangle in the middle. Your guess is as good as mine what that means.
  • How about the Island's mock Stonehenge? Well it look like ruins of some sort. We see a window and a couple walls. What could this imply? I have no thoughts.
  • I will admit when I falsely predict things. I thought we'd see the Others leading Michael to Jack and Kate when Jack was screaming in the jungle. That never happened. But we did get to see what led up to Michael showing up there.

Funeral & Surprises

  • I'm sorry, but some of the acting in this episode was laughable. Once Jack said that Hurley was going to give the Eulogy for Libby, I knew we were going to be in for some unintentional comedy. And it's times like these I wish the blog had an "AUDIO" feature because I would rehash this scene for us all to indulge. "LIBBY WAS A PSYCHOLOGIST! OR A PSYCHIATRIST! OR SOMETHING! SHE WAS MY FRIEND!!!" lol....I'm sorry. It was a good time. But come on...even Jack's speech about Ana Lucia "Ana Lucia was a woman of few words, so I'm going to take a page out of her book. Rest in peace!" I remembered what he said last night, but now that'll have to do. Someone can feel free to correct me in comments.
  • But NOTHING...and I say NOTHING compares to Sun's shocking revelation that she forgot English and was trying to remember the word for what she saw in the water.....and then exclaimed "BOAT!!! BOAT!!!! BOAT!!!" wow....good times. Maybe we can't blame the actors. It looked like a new director had taken the reigns for this episode....but that was one painful scene. So what was sun referring to when she so convincingly said "BOAT?"
  • You guessed it. A Sailboat. My first thoughts are that this is Desmond's sailboat. We've all be wondering where he went running off to. He took a bunch of supplies and fled the hatch. And he arrived to the island via Sailboat (from his trip around the world). Maybe he took the supplies and has been living on his sailboat for a month. We'll find out next week!

Scavenger Hunt:

Commerical this week was paid for by Jeep and here's the site referenced:

I looked at it briefly and I didn't feel like figuring it out. Anyone out there bored enough to try?

Season 3 Rumors:

Due to fan protests this year with the many reruns, Lost is considering airing episodes in 2 chunks. 7 Episodes straight in the fall, a 13 week break, and then non-stop episodes upon returning (which would be about 17 episodes). I'm sure this will still annoy people, but I think it might be a better solution. And with the writers having this information in advance, they can make sure there is one doozy of a cliffhanger after that 7th episode to keep people coming back for more in 13 weeks!

Well it's finally here. The 2-Hour Explosive and Supposedly shocking Season Finale with Cliffhangers to have us talking all summer and beyond. I have faith Lost won't disappoint! We'll all have our eyes glued to the TV next Wednesday to find out for ourselves!

So, that's all I got for this week. Like I said before, be patient next week. It definitely won't be Thursday morning when you'll get the write-up. I'll try to get it to you by the afternoon. If not, we're looking at a THURSDAY NIGHT Read! But I want to give the blog the time it deserves, so be patient. If you're lucky, it may actually take you 5 months to read it! Have a great day!



Mike V. said...

PS: Thanks Stacey for enlightening me on the fact that Locke did NOT attend the funeral, which I originally thought he did. HAPPY NOW? lol

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you!

Mike V. said...

hmmm I know Hurley had told SOME people his name was Hugo (I think Locke??), not sure about Michael. But according to the flashback, Michael knew who everyone was except JAMES FORD...and the bizarre thing was that the OTHERS new he goes by "SAWYER" indicating that they know quite a bit about the survivors....perhaps even have been keeping tabs on them PRE-CRASH. Still a nice catch! You could be onto something.

BTW...I forgot to discuss in the blog about them taking blood from Michael. I have no idea WHY they took blood from him...but it's probably worth noting for future reference. I wonder if they're going to do a paternity test to see if Michael actually IS the biological father of Walt. What else would they be doing with it?

They also just happened to have ziplock bags and syringes handy on the island. Interesting.......

Mike V. said...

Definitely remember Walt appearing to was the season premiere when he was drenched, right? never had heard about the submerging to channel ESP abilities. very interesting concept. That's a pretty good theory with the ROOM too.

Of course, I still like to think that there has to be a non-mystical explanation to everything. Maybe somehow the Others are projecting Walt's video image (and other images (Jack's Dad) with some advanced technology on the island. The objective? no idea whatsoever....let's hope tomorrow provides SOME answers to these puzzles!

I'm sure we'll be seeing the Other's Camp one more maybe we'll get into that hatch too!

Can't wait!