Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LOST: Post Finale & Pre BluRay/DVD Discussion

Hello LOSTIES!   Hard to believe it has only been a little less than 2 months since LOST rocked our world (or totally destroyed depending who you talk to) with the fabulous series finale!  This is not going to be a long post, but I wanted to give anyone who is still checking out the blog a new COMMENTING section.  Lesson learned, after 600 comments, it gets really frustrating to check them!

But, while I'm here I figured I would post about a few things!

8/4 Updated - I have embedded a teaser clip from the Epilogue on the Season 6 and Complete Series DVD/Blu-Ray Sets!

LOST Related Stuff

  • Season 6 DVD/Blu-Ray - Release date is 8/24.  There will be 12-14 minute epilogue attached to both Season 6 and The Complete Series discs.  Rumor has it that it will include Hurley and Ben and a glimpse at what their Island reign looked like.   I have also heard rumors of Walt being in this.  There have also been rumors that there will be 20 minutes total of LOST Footage.   Possibly some other things answering questions that we have long asked.  The big ones that I have read or heard the producers talk about are DHARMA Food Drops and Why pregnant women died on the Island.  I'm not sure if these answers will come in the form of Q&A's with the producers or if there will be actual footage.   But I understand that with the route they went with season 5 and season 6, some of these questions really couldn't be answered in the course of the main show.   It would be cool if they were able to film some extra stuff for the DVD.    Don't forget the LOST Encyclopedia comes out the same day!  There definitely will be a blog posting some time after both of these items are released.  And much more discussion to be had! 
  • LOST Rewatches - I tried to work my way through season 6 again just to see how the Flash Sideways holds up.  I still think it does very well.  Yeah, maybe it is a little drawn out once you know what they are, but they did drop clues here and there.   Charlie asking if he was dead on the flight, Sawyer watching Little House and them pondering what happens when you die, etc...  I'm on the LAST Recruit, so maybe I can wrap that up! (or maybe I'll just wait for my blu-rays!)  I have watched the series finale 2 times since it aired.  And, I will say that I was moved both additional times I watched it.   It holds up for me.  Great great close to a great great show!    I do plan to watch seasons 1-6 in their entirety, but right now it just seems too soon for me.  I can't even fathom doing it!  This might be because there are so many other shows that I have wanted to watch for so long but my LOST obsession kept me from doing it!  (Finished BSG this past Sunday!  WOW, I can't believe I was missing out on that for so long!!  Great show, and if anyone wants to discuss it, maybe we can find a way here without spoiling anyone else.)    Anyway, I am not sure how much I'll post during my LOST Re-watch, but you never know when I'll get inspired!  
  • 12 Emmy Nominations - A HUGE congratulations to everyone involved with LOST for scoring 12 nominations for the final season! (and if you include the online documentary about DHARMA, 13 nominations!)  Best Drama category is tough this year, but for LOST to be included 5 out of 6 years (I still argue that with Through the Looking Glass, it should have been nominated for season 3 too), it's just an amazing feat.  But how about the acting nods?  Yeah, no surprise that Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson got there deserved nods.  But MATTHEW FOX?!   That is awesome.  Outstanding Lead Actor nomination.  There is no one in the cast that deserves it more.  His character has gone on such a crazy ride through the 6 seasons.  And it was enough for many fans to start hating him.   He was always a favorite character of mine!  Allison Janney and Elizabeth Mitchell scored Guest Actress Nominations as well.  And we can't forget Michael Giacchino for his fabulous score, Jack Bender for his fabulous directing, Damon and Carlton for their fabulous finale script, etc...  For a full list of nominations check here
8/4 Update - Here is the teaser clip of the LOST Epilogue: "The New Man in Charge"

That's it for LOST stuff right now.  I'm not ready to start writing about the show again just yet.  I want to see what the DVD/Blu-ray has in store for us!  Then we can start griping about questions that were never answered! 

I am still pondering where I will focus my future blogging efforts.  There are a few potential shows coming out, but I have learned my lesson with the FlashForward blog.  Nothing is a certifiable sure thing.  I have pondered having a site where I will just post about anything I am watching whenever I have the time to post something (even if it's something that already aired like BSG).  But, I need a good name for that blog and am open to ideas! (Update: I have secured the URL for a new blog.  There are no updates there and it is a work in progress but I think it will work for what I'm looking to do!  http://www.tvaddictsblog.com).    I figured I would wait to see what generates some big buzz at Comic-Con.  In our 600 comments on the finale, we bounced around ideas on some shows: The Event, No Ordinary Family, Terra Nova.   We'll see what happens!  But with my above idea, this would allow me to post about already established shows, such as Fringe, which I absolutely love!  But of course, I just don't know how much time I'll have to do all of this.   Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still thinking about it.  And stay tuned! 

So that's all I have for now folks.  Hope you're all having a great POST-LOST summer.  If you're still reading, I look forward to further discussions in the comments with all of you!  And with that, the floor is yours!  NAMASTE! 


Ian said...

Hey Mike! I'm in the middle of Season 3 right now in my entire series re-watch (just finished "Catch-22") so that I can rank them all on my blog. I discovered that others have ranked every episode as well, but I don't think any of them have done it after watching the entire series from beginning to end, so perhaps my perspective will be a little better.

I'm looking forward to that DVD release! I'm sure the bonus features will be fascinating. I'd like to see a bit of Hurley and Ben running the island. I just hope Ben isn't up to his old tricks. The Ben we knew for most of the series would probably try to con his way into the protector position. I'd like to believe that by the time the finale ends he's truly a changed man and committed to doing good. We'll see, I guess!

Kelly said...

good to see you back! i'm so happy to hear you finished BSG- i loved the ending and thought it was very clever.. i've actually been itching to rewatch everything again but i'm trying to find someone i know with the blurays, lol.
i started watching persons unknown, which is great for discussions.. but it's halfway through the season and they already moved it to another time slot, so i'm not holding out hope that they'll pick up the show for a second season. it's an intruiging show but sometimes i roll my eyes at it..
the event seems like it'll be good (lots of hype from nbc), but we'll see..
i can't wait for the blu ray release of season 6.. and if you do a rewatch of the whole series i'll do one too! i watched 1-5 before season 6 started, but i'll do it all over again any time!
hope all is well

Mike V. said...

Sounds like a good idea Ian. Definitely share your results! Yikes, I wouldn't even know how to rank them all. I guess after each episode you just ask yourself was it better or worse than the episode(s) before it? LOL

I still think I'd rank The Constant and Through the Looking Glass at the top. Still don't know where THE END falls...but I sure did love it!

Yeah, I'm really interested to see this epilogue! If it ends up on YouTube, I'll definitely post it on the blog lol (however long it lasts on there) Carlton and Damon have hinted that there are other cast members in the epilogue and they don't want to spoil it. Perhaps Hurley and Ben stay in communication with the survivors who left on Ajira? Not sure how much they can do in 12 minutes! lol

BTW to everyone, it's a work in progress but I secured the URL: http://www.tvaddictsblog.com Can't get any more generic than that, right? LOL Now I have to see if I'm able to import my 3 blogs into there so I can have an all in one experience!

It's a shame I didn't consider this before when there was lots of traffic coming to the site! lol

MJ said...

Congrats to joing the BSG fandom. Enjoyed the show greatly - but was one of those who did not like the ending.

Watched B5 and am now on Farscape. Don't think I'll squeeze BSG in for this summer.

Mike V. said...

Thanks Kelly! Yeah, I really did love BSG. The ending took me a bit by surprise (not the post battle ending and where they ended up...i figured that would happen...just some of the more spiritual nature of the ending). But, after digesting it and thinking about it a little more, I accepted it, just like I did with LOST! lol Yeah, if I'm gonna watch em again, I'd probably want to do Blu as well. My dad had the DVDs, so I borrowed them all! I'm sure my wife would be absolutely thrilled if I wanted to rewatch BSG after just watching it all (she jumped ship in season 2...just couldn't keep up with me! LOL)

I haven't heard much about Persons Unknown. Maybe I'll check it out, but with an already full slate of TV (even this summer...yikes!) not sure if I'll find the time! Right now I'm watching True Blood, Rescue Me, Entourage, Hung (it really is awful, not sure why I can't stop watching lol), and of course I just finished BSG. Breaking Bad will be in the mail shortly! (love Netflix!) And if I catch up on that, THE WIRE will be next. But with Mad Men starting in a couple weeks and then Weeds and Dexter and the onslaught of Fall TV (not to mention new HBO Scorcese show Boardwalk Empire)...I have no idea how I'll catch up on the old stuff!

I watched Seasons 1-5 before 6 started as well. It took me from July to December of 2009...but I definitely paced it out lol I just want to do it again after seeing how they wrapped it all up. See if it all ties together. Or SOMEWHAT ties together. I'll keep everyone posted if I do start. Maybe I can just post quick updates here and there to let you all know where I am. If anything stands out I can add that too.

I'm liking my new idea of TV ADDICTS BLOG. It potentially will let me touch on a lot of shows. Maybe just not full recaps for everything. There is just isn't enough time in a day for that! lol

Thanks for checking in and stay tuned!!

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ! I can see why people wouldn't like the ending. I think with me just barreling through the seasons, it didn't leave me much time to ponder a lot of the stuff that a lot of the hardcore fans probably pondered. Very similar to LOST and how much people dissected that show and were inevitably disappointed in the end. Just plowing through shows like this has its merits, but I really feel like I missed out on some good BSG discussions.

I'm listening to the Ronald Moore podcast that he did for the final episode......crazy how he took the total opposite approach with the fans than Damon and Carlton did....he is talking about the finale the day after it aired...why they decided to do this vs. that....and he's very open about making up a lot of it as they went along. LOL I admire both approaches, but this is a refreshing change!

Weasel said...

Gratz on finishing BSG. I really liked the show and the ending...

Mike V. said...

Thanks Weasel!

Breaking Bad S1 Discs 1 and 2 come today. Some more exciting TV ahead!

MJ said...

Yup - Breaking Bad is a great series. Truly an original.

Mike V. said...

I'll let you guys know what I think of it when I get started (BB)...but have to go see Inception tonight. I'm hearing great things!

Anyway, thought you guys want might to see and speculate...first promotional photo from the LOST Epilogue. Looks very DHARMA Food-Dropish doesn't it? lol

Epilogue Promo Photo

Anonymous said...

I recently watched two films that made me think of LOST.
I watched the film Passengers (2008 thriller) starring Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson. It had a plot similar to LOST Season 6 Sideways world.
Psychotherapist Claire Summers is called upon to treat a group of five survivors of a recent plane crash. Eric, one of the survivors, makes major life changes. As Claire and Eric grow closer, Claire's patients begin to disappear. She forms a theory that the airline is targeting them to prevent fears about a mechanical failure from spreading. Claire visits her estranged sister's house after Eric suggests that she make peace with her. Her sister is absent but she is greeted by an official from the airline who has been advising her not to investigate the crash. He reveals that all of the plane's passengers died in the crash. He leaves behind a briefcase that contains a manifest of passengers' names. Claire discovers that she, too, was on the ill-fated flight, and in a flashback remembers everything that happened. She realizes that everyone she came into contact with over the last few weeks was actually dead. The "ghosts" of friends and family were trying to help her come to terms that she and the other passengers have died. These ghosts were trying to help all of them “move along” to the other side.

G-Force, a 2009 spy-fi comedy film, had a character named Hurley, a guinea pig. He used the expressions “dude” and “hey guys” often during the film. He was obsessed with food. This could be a nod to the LOST TV show.
Have a great summer!

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the insight LOST Fan! Of course, with G-Force, I don't know about that one! lol There are lots of people that say DUDE out there! :-)

Couple updates on my summer:

Saw Inception. LOVED IT!

Started Breaking Bad - LOVE IT! (2 episodes in) What annoys me is that I know I'm gonna catch up to season 3 and be trying to find it somewhere. AMC says on their site they're going to start encore airings of it on 7/25 with Mad Men. But it's not on the TiVo! ugh

Also, if you guys haven't been there yet, feel free to head over and check out my new site! http://www.tvaddictsblog.com I haven't done much with it yet, but I did put up a post and ask for recommendations if anyone has any! I'd appreciate the input. Also trying to figure out a way to make those links to my other 3 blogs just be LINKS to the blog sites and not new pages in the new blog! If anyone knows how to manipulate the HTML templates that blogger provides, I'm all ears! :-)

Glenn R. said...

Interesting interview with Matthew Fox:


Mike V. said...

Thanks for posting the link Glenn! I read that one as well. Totally understand Matthew Fox wanting to move on from TV after spending 12 years doing it. I know it's a long shot but I hope he gets that Emmy!

Of course, based on seeing Michael C. Hall's, Jon Hamm, and now just being introduced to Bryan Cranston's character on Breaking Bad....I know how competitive that category is! And of course...we cannot leave out the awesome Kyle Chandler who deserves an emmy for every season of FNL. And I don't watch House but I know Hugh Laurie does a great job as well.

Still want FOX to win! :-)

Glenn R. said...

hehe, in case you were wondering what Richard did with his life after Lapidus flew he and the others back to the mainland... well, he became an actor. See below:


(in all seriousness, it's a funny scene Nestor Carbonell did in the series Suddenly Susan)

Anonymous said...

Mike - FYI, I would definitely read your recaps of Fringe. I love that show almost as much as Lost. This is going to be a good season. Also, how about Dexter recaps?

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the heads up anonymous! I love Fringe and love Dexter so I'm definitely going to be watching both! The problem with recaps are that they're so time consuming. I'm going to have to pick and choose which shows I will recap and if I will be a dedicated recapper for that show. But I plan to write about a lot of shows (including the 2 you mentioned)...Check out my new site and vote in the poll!


Mike V. said...

by the way folks...I'm into season 2 of Breaking Bad and OMG...what an awesome show! Thanks so much for everyone that recommended it. SOOOO good!

Mike V. said...

Some cool LOST-Related stuff that was shared today:

Matthew Fox was on Kimmel talking about LOST Finale and the upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray Sets:

Fox on Kimmel

Exclusive Deleted Finale Scene from the Season 6 Sets!

Lost Finale Deleted Scene

Mike V. said...

Hey guys, short notice (and if you were following me on Twitter you'd know now!). A clip from the LOST Epilogue is going to air tonight on Access Hollywood. Here is an interview with Emerson about it:

Sneak Peak at Epilogue

Of course, now that I'm not on my phone, I can see that this link actually has the video clip lol

Mike V. said...

They have already identified that the scene takes place on 8/24/2010 (just happens to be the release date of the DVD/Blu-Ray). Ahhh those silly writers lol

Mike V. said...

Hey guys...just letting you know that the latest Entertainment Weekly (with James Bond on the cover) has an 8 page spread from Doc Jensen about the LOST Season 6 DVD/Blu-Ray, Complete set compilation AND the first interview with Damon and Carlton! It's some pretty awesome stuff. I recommend picking it up...and I'm more excited than ever for picking up season 6 on 8/24. I'd also check ew.com as I'm sure some of it will be posted there.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear about the man in Black being named finally? Samuel?


Mike V. said...

Hi Samantha. Actually, I did hear it from Pop Candy (USA Today Blogger) back in the weeks after the finale. And then it has come back up recently with the LOST Auction creating some buzz.

But it has also been confirmed since this buzz that Samuel was used on the casting sheets but that is all. They went on to say that the Man in Black officially has no name.

I know...who cares if he's Samuel, right? But that's the official word. No Name! lol

BTW to everyone - There is a full leaked version of the epilogue out there, but I'm staying spoiler free one last time for old time's sake! I want to see it in all of its Blu-Ray glory on 8/24 and then blog about it here!

Mike V. said...

Doc Jensen teases the EW article and also mentions he'll be doing a column once the DVD hits.

Doc Jensen article

Glenn R. said...

Wow, the entire 12- minute epilogue was leaked and is available to watch online... but it won't be for long, so if you are interested, go soon!



Mike V. said...

Thanks Glenn, yeah it's been out there since the 6th. I commented above about it. I'm still staying strong and being "DVD" spoiler free lol Not really sure why. We'll see how long I can stick to it!

Even if most people have seen it before the 24th, I'm still gonna hold off on blogging until after then.

I have seen a list of what "answers" the epilogue covers and I'm pretty impressed at what they were able to cover in such a short time. Of course, I'm sure people won't be pleased with all of them. Damon Lindelof has already tweeted something like "I'm so glad we made "the new man in charge". I missed getting yelled at." lol

MJ said...

Well - was on vacation and missed the whole leak thing. LOL

But anyone who wants a few spoilers can read this...


Have to admit that I probably will try to find the footage as I won't be getting my DVD's til xmas now. So won't be able to resist that long.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, not sure why I'm sticking to my guns on this one but I'm gonna try to wait! lol

MJ said...

Had to laugh - I am a Survivor fan and they came out the the cast for the new fall series this week and besides ahve Jimmy Johnson on they have one guy who's name is .....Ben "Benry" Henry. Remember when we call Ben Benry ?? Good times!

Mike V. said...

Niiiice! Totally remember the Benry thing. I remember thinking how dumb it was to change his name and that I'd forever call him Henry or Benry, and of course....I can't think of him ever being anything BUT Ben now!

I've seen a couple seasons of Survivor but I never have been a hardcore fan. But I know it well enough to think this Jimmy Johnson idea is ridiculous! lol

Anyway, I updated this on my new site but I'm halfway through season 3 of Breaking Bad. Thank you everyone who recommended it to me. The show is absolutely awesome and I can't wait to finish the episodes I have left!

Definitely tons of shows to talk about in the wake of LOST ending. TV Addicts Blog should be a busy place, pending I can keep up with it! lol

MJ said...

I didn't know the site was up and running ! Will def check it out.

Looking forward to The Event of course. No Ordinary Family could be interesting. And Sons of Anarchy will be back as well as Dexter, and some other faves (Fringe & Supernatural)

Mike V. said...

UP? Yes. Running? well, we'll get there! lol

I heard Sons of Anarchy is another great show I need to get into. It's just impossible to keep up with it all!! Maybe if the site gets too busy, I'll start recruiting writers for these shows I don't watch, or ones I just can't keep up with recapping! :-) lol

Mike V. said...

One Week until Season 6 BLU/DVDs!! :-)

One last hoorah for the Lost Addicts Blog. :-(

until a LOST movie or somehow comes to be lol or I decide to blog when I rewatch!

Dan147 said...

Hey mike, Just wanted to thank you for the amazing blog before it totally dries up here.

My story is that I hated Lost. I watched the first season then gave up and didn't watch it again, I was just too impatient and never satisfied at the end of each episode. So, anyway, midway through season 5 I discovered your blog whilst looking for something interesting to read in the office.

After reading it all I went back and watched the first 5 seasons, usually 2 episodes a day. Reading your blog gave me an understanding that helped so much. I wasn't even frustrated when I ran out of new episodes to watch because I could just read the comments here to get a logical idae of what might happen.

Anyways, without you Mike I would never have watched/enjoyed Lost so THANK YOU!!!!

Looking forward to the new post even if the extra scenes were a bit of an anti-climax.

Dan from Wales, GB.

Oh and,


Those are for you!!!

Mike V. said...

@Dan - WOW, thanks for the wonderfully kind words of your LOST experience! I cannot believe you read the entire blog without having watched all of the show and then went back to watch! lol What an interesting and unique way to experience LOST. I have to say I am honored even though I would never recommend that as a way to work your way through the amazing show. But I totally understand how you could have gotten impatient, especially with season 2 and season 3. Once they set that end date, I think it roped in a lot of the viewers for the full ride because they knew there was a plan to end the show.

I haven't expected the epilogue to be much more than a "DVD/Blu-Ray" extra but it is exciting that it is "NEW LOST FOOTAGE" that is considered canon. I still haven't watched it but I'm excited to see what they came up with tomorrow! Maybe you'll enjoy even those 12 minutes a little more after I write about them! lol j/k

Anyway, thank you so much for sending in your kind words, and don't forget in the FALL I am starting up a new venture. It won't be like the LOST ride we've been on, but it can at least keep discussions alive on a lot of quality TV! http://www.tvaddictsblog.com

Anonymous said...

Picked up my Season 6 today at lunch time - can't wait to watch it! I've been catching up on previous years and have made it up to all but the last disc of season 5 - almost there, then I want to watch the extras before diving into Season 6 again. My husband really thinks I've "LOST" it! Cajun

Mike V. said...

Nice!! I'm watching some of the extras now. Waiting for my wife to wake up from a nap so we can watch "the new man in charge"! Lol then I'll do some writing tonight. :-) enjoy!

Unknown said...

We only started watching Lost this year. The wife found season 1 browsing at the DVD store. After watching the first few episodes we bought all six seasons. Then I found your blog and have enjoyed it almost as much as watching the episodes - thank you for the effort and the insight. WOW!!!! and GOOD TIMES. Eric from Johannesburg.

Unknown said...

We only started watching Lost this year. The wife found season 1 browsing at the DVD store. After watching the first few episodes we bought all six seasons. Then I found your blog and have enjoyed it almost as much as watching the episodes - thank you for the effort and the insight. WOW!!!! and GOOD TIMES. Eric from Johannesburg.

Mike V. said...

Wow thanks Eric! Always nice to hear people are still benefitting from the blog. Seems that it was future proofed for bingers since the recap and the comments only spoke to what we knew at the time that episode airs! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the comment!