Wednesday, May 05, 2010

LOST: Season 6 Episode 14 - The Candidate

Hello LOSTIES!  And welcome to one bittersweet day in the waning hours of LOST.  I am totally flabbergasted and unable to formulate sentences right now with any sort of significance!  3!!!  I mean....3?  In one episode?  (okay...2 and a half)   But WOW!  Dear sweet Jacob in Ghostland WOW!  The LOST writers just did something very bold.  Why did they do it?  Glad you asked.  Entertainment Weekly's own Jeff "Doc" Jensen had a chance to sit down with Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to discuss this event of huge emotional proportions.  They explain exactly why they did it.   Based on the way we always discuss our recaps here, I'll refrain from discussing until we get there.  But, let's just say this.  The producers have been telling us that this season boils down to a battle of Good and Evil, and well, they delivered the EVIL!   Did I mention that I loved the episode?  Probably not, because I just finally got the guts to say it.  Good news folks, I found my voice again and we're ready to get into the recap!

In case you didn't tune in last week (during the rerun), I did happen to post my revisiting to the 23 Mysteries I jotted down before the season.  Check it out if you're still looking for more after this recap!

The Candidate - We supposedly had 6 remaining "candidates" for the protector of the Island.  But, by the end of this episode, we supposedly have our "Chosen One."  I'm not sure anyone will go out on a limb and say it yet.  But there are 2 things leading in that direction.  Sayid tells Jack "It's going to be you" and the the Sideways story was yet another almost entirely Jack-centric (he was in every scene).  Pretty crazy that Jack could be the Last Recruit and the Candidate in back to back episodes, right?   Well, come on, we always knew he was the main character!   Anyway, our sideways story follows Jack as he tries to uncover what happened to Locke to get him in his wheelchair in sideways land.  He ends up uncovering a lot about Oceanic Flight 815.  It can't all be coincidental and it was quite intriguing if you ask me!   On the Island, Sawyer has gotten all of the LOSTIES captured by Widmore and his science goons and Flocke recruits Jack to help them break them free.  Hmmm, maybe we should reconsider this!  Too late!   Let's dive in.

Flash Sideways - Jack Shephard

When we last left Jack and Locke they were just going into surgery and Jack recognized Locke.  We rejoin them after the surgery. 

  • When Locke wakes up he recognizes Jack.  We think he is going to to recognize him from the Island timeline, but no such luck.  Jack quickly reminds him that they were on Oceanic Flight 815 together. Jack, at this point, has run into Desmond, Charlie and Locke again and recognized them all from the flight.  He also ran into Claire, but didn't see her yet.  Anyway, he certainly must be putting this all together that there is some kind of twisted fate that he's running into them all right?

  • Jack explains to Locke what happened and that he is going to be okay.  But Jack also said that he investigated the initial injury that is causing his paralysis and said there is some low risk experimental treatments where he could regain feeling to his legs and possibly even walk again.  I fact, the exact word Jack uses is that he thinks John is a "candidate".   Now, I think they just threw this in there as a play on words and maybe as a double meaning for the sideways storyline.  I don't think they're trying to tell us that John Locke is the chosen CANDIDATE to replace Jacob.  But hey, who knows? Stranger things have happened right? 

  • Locke firmly says no to Jack.  This is the 2nd time he has turned down the opportunity for Jack to possibly fix him.  (Jack does use those words "I can fix you" as he always loved to do in the Island timeline)  If you recall in "The Substitute" he tells Helen he is content the way he is.  In this Sideways story, we dig more into WHY he is content (or not content as it turns out).  
  • Helen arrives and is very thankful to Jack for saving John's life.  Always nice to see Helen, but there's not much else to say about it! 

Jack keeps Digging
Jack cannot understand why Locke would not want to be fixed and he seems determined to figure it out. Why?  Well, I can't put my finger on it either.  But it would seem that Jack must feel that these encounters with his fellow 815 passengers are not happening by chance.  Is he possibly taking on a man of faith perspective here?   Does he feel it is his DESTINY to fix Locke? 
  • So, Jack starts diving into Locke's medical records which leads him to a DENTIST!   Apparently, Locke needed an emergency oral surgery after a different accident about 3 years ago.  The Dentist?  Well of course it's Bernard Nadler folks!  

  • This Bernard seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder though.  He didn't understand why Jack was so interested.  Jack explains that they met a week ago on the same flight back from Australia.  Cue the creepy music...Bernard remembers Oceanic 815 as well as he sat right across from Jack.   Now, Jack is really starting to think this is strange! 
  • Of course Bernard remembers the history a little differently than Jack as he suggested Jack was flirting with Rose when he was in the bathroom!  Ahhh good times.   Jack definitely acknowledges the fact that running into Bernard, Desmond, Charlie and Locke after this accident is VERY weird. 
  • Things get weirder when Bernard remembers there was another patient that was in the accident with Locke that he had to treat.   Anthony Cooper!  Now, anyone that has watched LOST from season 1 knows that Anthony Cooper is John Locke's biological father.  Anyone, that is just starting to watch from season 6 might recall that Sawyer is looking for an Anthony Cooper  to kill for being a conman that caused Sawyer's father to kill his mother and then himself (And, well he was looking to do so in the Island timeline as well and succeeded on the Island with Locke's help).  
  • But Jack doesn't know all of this about Anthony Cooper, he is just wondering how Bernard remembers this without looking up any files.  The surgeries were 3 years ago.  All Bernard creepily says is "Of course I do, Jack."   He also didn't seem too surprised about them being on the same flight either.  Come to think of it, did Rose seem to be in on something on the LA X flight when she told Jack "Looks like we made it."?    Aren't there other people that seem to have some knowledge of what's going on?  Eloise Hawking, Daniel Faraday, Desmond Hume, Charlie Pace. Interesting...Maybe Desmond already got to Bernard after the flight?   Big maybe...  There definitely seems to be something going on here that we can't just pass by.  But, I'm going to just point it out for now.  I'm sure more will come later. 
  • Also, the Anthony Cooper connection.  Do we think this might connect Sawyer, Kate, Jack and Locke somehow?   And, we've already discussed this but it would seem Anthony Cooper was still a conman in this sideways timeline so why would he and Locke still be in communication?  Was it because of the accident?   I'm getting ahead of myself. 
  • Bernard tells Jack "Good Luck" and that he hopes he finds what he's looking for.  And we can't seem but wonder if Bernard meant more than finding out the cause of Locke's injury. 
Anthony Cooper
Jack does end up finding out that Anthony Cooper is a nursing home.  And he runs into Helen while he's there. 
  • Jack tells Helen he's here to see Anthony Cooper to talk to him about the accident he was in with Locke.  Helen tells Jack just to go and that John does NOT want the surgery.  Saving his life should be enough.  All Jack wants to do is help Locke and saving his life is not enough.  
  • Helen seems to understand Jack is not giving up and introduces him to Anthony Cooper.  Yep, that's him alright except a couple differences.  He is in a wheelchair too and he's a vegetable!   And we all say out loud "KARMA IS A FICKLE B**C*!"  After all, Locke's Dad did push John out an 8 story window causing his paralysis in the Island Timeline (well, might have caused his death and possibly resurrected into paralysis by Jacob)  

  • But that's kind of crazy, right?  Is this karma with a sense of humor?  Anthony was a bad man in the other timeline and an accident causes him to become like this in the Sideways timeline?  Eh who knows?  But we learn more in a little bit. 
Back at the Hospital
  • Jack is in Locke's room and is asking if he could hear him.   Locke seems to be unconscious but he is ranting off some quotes from his Island self!!  "Push the Button!" (ahh Hatch memories) "I wish you had believed me" (ahh memories of Locke's suicide letter to Jack)  
  • Once again we have a connection of Island and Sideways.  Locke is sleeping here and connected to the other timeline.  What does it all mean?  Seems like they're going to make us wait until the very end to find out! 
  • Meanwhile, Claire just happens to walk by outside of Locke's room and Jack sees her.   She was looking for Jack and wanted to talk to him.  (Is it important that Ilana told her where he worked?  Well, I guess any lawyer working for Jack would know that.  But this lawyer happens to be friends with Desmond too so who knows?)
  • Jack gets an Apollo bar out of the vending machine.  Yes, my friends, Apollo bars exist in Sideways land too! 

  • After the small talk and apologies subside, Claire gets down to business.  We learn that she never met Christian Shephard.  Interesting, of course, I guess the only reason she and Christian met in the Island timeline is because Claire's mother was in a coma.  But Christian did see her as a baby and I believe used to sing "Catch a Falling Star " to her (in the Island timeline).
  • Anyway, Ilana gave Claire one of things that Christian ESPECIALLY wanted her to have.   It sure looked like a music box.  (I almost thought it would be the same music box Rousseau had with her on the Island but I knew the song it would play when it opened!)   Jack didn't seem to recognize it. 

  • Claire asked how Christian died.   Sounds like we get confirmation that it's the same way he died in the Island timeline.  So much for my "Murder-Conspiracy Theory" that would be uncovered in the final season!   Christian died of drinking himself to death and was found in an alley in Australia.  Are we to assume that he went back there for the same reason?  To see his daughter?  Are we to assume that Jack still caused Christian to return to drinking and kill a patient while operating under the influence like he did in the Island timeline?  Are we to assume that Sawyer and Christian still met in this timeline in that bar in Sydney?   Lots of questions that will probably never have answers.  But what we do know is that Christian died the same way. 
  • Jack explains that he flew in from Sydney to bring his body back but the airline lost it.  And then Claire mentions she flew in a few days ago too.  Jack asks her if it was Oceanic 815.   And sure enough, it was!  And now Jack is beside himself with all of these coincidences.  He now wants to look in the music box.
  • And when it opens, there is yet ANOTHER Mirror in there which Claire and Jack both look into. Another Oceanic connection and another glance into the reflection.  And the music playing?  "Catch a Falling Star".   The song that Christian sang to Claire as a child and the one that she wanted sung to Aaron when she gave him up for adoption and the song that Kate sang to Aaron when she was raising him off Island in the other timeline.   Nice. 
  • Jack had no idea why their father wanted her to have that music box, but I think we may have figured it out with the song.   Then again, maybe it was somehow to bring Jack and Claire together.  Maybe it was because Christian was aware of both timelines and why his body is absolutely missing in the sideways timeline.  Of course, now I'm just talking crazy talk.  But I always wanted Christian to be more involved in this whole Island Mystery!  Maybe there's still hope! 
  • In the meantime, Jack makes an offer to Claire to stay with him instead of a motel since they are family.  awwwwwwww  Precious!  
Jack and Locke
We next follow Locke in his wheelchair as he is leaving the hospital.  He passes by Jin with flowers (for Sun) and seems to recognize him for a second.  Of course, seeing Jin here means a whole lot more to us in the chronology that we see this scene!   But we'll get to that later. 
  • Locke is planning to get picked up by Helen but runs into Jack on the way out who wanted to say goodbye to him.   Locke thanks him again and says goodbye. 
  • But Jack gets into the fact that he went to see John's father.  John is taken aback by this.   Jack said he had to find out why he didn't want the surgery and maybe if he found out why John was in the wheelchair he could know why. 
  • Ironically, we learn that Locke was in a plane crash.  He had a private pilot's license for a week and begged his father to be the first passenger.  Cooper was terrified of flying but Locke told him to "trust him."  They barely got off the ground and he doesn't even remember what he did wrong.  (Maybe he DIDN'T do anything wrong?  Maybe something caused that plan to crash?  Am I looking too far into it?  Probably)  
  • But this was a very emotional scene and fantastically delivered by Terry O'Quinn.  He could never live with the fact that he could be healed when he caused his father to be the way that he was.   A father he loved more than anything in the world (sure doesn't sound like the conman that conned John out of a Kidney).  

  • Jack brings up the first time that they met at the Airport when Locke told him that his father was gone.  It hurt Jack to hear that but he knew John was right.  Jack implies that Cooper is essentially gone too which Locke denies.  But Jack insists that John stop punishing himself.  And we get that infamous LOSTIAN phrase once again "What Happened Happened!"  Jack tells Locke to let it go.  Something Jack has a problem with too but his hoping John can lead the way.  
  • Locke pretty much laughs Jack off and then says an emotional goodbye.  And Jack yells after him "I can help you John.  I wish you believed me."   Then John stops as if he just heard something very familiar.  Did he?  Did he remember saying it in his sleep?  Did Jack remember John saying it as well?   We don't know for sure, but something tells me this story isn't over yet.  

I can't help thinking, ESPECIALLY after this episode, that maybe this Sideways story IS where it's all supposed to end up.  I know I go back and forth.  But I'm remembering that discussion from season 5's finale "The Incident" between Jack and Sawyer.  Sawyer brought up the fact that Kate won't know Jack and she'll be a fugitive if they reset time and all of that crazy stuff.  And Jack says that he blew his chance with Kate on the Island.   He also makes a comment "If it's meant to be it's meant to be."   Like FATE will find a way.  Fate or SOMETHING seems to be drawing all of our LOSTIES together in the Sideways timeline, but things are certainly looking like there's a chance for a brighter future there than on the Island, right?  Of course, we know that LOST won't necessarily end on a happy note.  But what if Jack convinces Locke to go through with the surgery and he's healed?  Could John be happy in this life? Could he live with what he did to his father?  Will Jack and David have a happy life together or was there some dark foreshadowing ahead because the last time we saw them together was OVERLY HAPPY?  Jin and Sun seem to be in a good place now.  Kate's situation is still unknown.   We know that Sawyer and Juliet still have a coffee date coming up!   Is this where it's headed?   I just don't know.  Desmond is making sure all of these people get connected, but to what end?  So that they know the good things they had?  So they know what they all went through to GET to this Sideways life?  

Eh, I dunno.  I still have reservations because we have followed their Island lives for 6 seasons.  Those are the characters we are really invested in.   Maybe everyone who was theorizing on a choice between these lives are right.  Maybe in the end they're going to have to make some big choices.  CHOICE has been a big theme of this final season as well as at the end of last season when Jacob gave Ben a choice.  But I think it has to be all or nothing.  One timeline must prevail in the end, right?   I guess we'll see.   But I'm sure I just rambled on about nothing for a long time.   Time to get to that Island timeline! 

Island Timeline  

Last we left our LOSTIES, the majority were captured by Charles Widmore.   And Jack had jumped ship seeking a greater purpose on the Island.  He felt he was meant to stop Flocke from leaving the Island.  When he arrived back on the beach Widmore sent some mortars towards Smokey to try and kill him and caught Jack in the crossfire.  Flocke had claimed that Jack was with him now.  We continue here!

The Captured Losties
  • Not sure if anyone else called this one, but I had a feeling we would have to see these Polar Bear cages one more time!  Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, Hurley, Claire and Frank were being escorted to these cages as other science goons were trying to get the pylons up and running in a new location.
  • Mr. Intimidator Science Guy tries to force Sawyer into the cage.  Gotta love his resistance to go back into that place after 6 slow hours in season 3 of cage time!   Intimidator guy says that he's the one with the gun and Sawyer quickly turns the table on him and snatches the gun!  LOVED IT!   Also loved the nickname "Doughboy" too!  So I'm done with calling him intimidator! 

  • Of course, Widmore ruins the party by firing his pistol in the air and grabbing Kate and threatening to shoot her.   Sawyer tries to call a bluff and says that he won't shoot her.   
  • Widmore says he has a list of names (hmmm) "Ford, Reyes and The Kwons (both?)"   He mentions that Kate is NOT on the list.  I must remind people that Kate IS on the Lighthouse dial as #51 and was not crossed off.  We learn tonight for sure that she WAS on the cave wall but crossed off.  Darlton have stated in a podcast that perhaps the CAVE was a diversion for Man in Black and that the Lighthouse is the ACTUAL list of candidates.  Does it really matter in the end since we think we have our winner?  Maybe not.  

  • What does matter is that Sawyer saw that Cave wall and knew Widmore was serious about shooting Kate.   So he drops the gun. 
  • Here's a question: does this mean Widmore is working for Jacob?  How did he get the list?  Did he get it from Jacob himself?   So maybe his deal with Sawyer was off for their protection?  I'm sure we'll find out eventually. 
  • Gotta love also that Doughboy got a shot in on Sawyer when he handed the gun over.  And of course, they all are put into the cages. 
  • Widmore says that he is doing this for their own good.  He also asks about if the fence is live.  They say it'll be live in about an hour.  Widmore knows they don't have that kind of time since Smokey is on his way!
  • Later on in the cages Sawyer is reminiscing about the last time he and Kate were in the cages.  Seems like their repeating things except this time the gun was to Kate's head instead of his.  (I know people didn't like those first 6 episodes of season 3.  I argue that they're not bad on a rewatch and those last moments of episode 6 "I Do" were pretty darn intense!).  Sawyer explains to Kate about the cave and how her name was crossed off.  Widmore definitely would have killed her if he had to. 
  • Meanwhile, Jin and Sun are catching up in their end of one of the cages.  We find out that Ji Yeon is with Sun's mother right now.   Jin explains to Sun how he saw pictures of Ji Yeon on her camera that was found on the plane.  He talks about about beautiful she is.  How weird was it to watch them carry on a conversation in English?  Then Sun gave Jin his ring back (the one Jin gave to Locke to give to Sun and tell her that he died on the Island.  The one that Ben took from Locke after he killed him and used to convince Sun to come back to the Island).   She put the ring back on Jin's hand and everything was happy for a moment.   In hindsight, this scene was pretty essential in reminding us that Jin still did learn of Ji Yeon and we learned that she might be okay, even if it's not an ideal situation.   Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself but it's hard not to point these things out you know! 

Jack, Sayid and Flocke on Hydra
  • Jack wakes up in one of the outriggers.  I should note that when he does wake up it was right out of a flash sideways sequence where he was starting at Locke.  My first thought was that he was seeing this.  Of course, if he was he didn't mention it to anyone.  So, maybe not.  

  • Anyway Sayid welcomes Jack to Hydra Island and even gets in a snarky comment about him having to do all of the paddling himself (well, maybe Flocke helped). 

  • We find out that many Templetons (Others) died in the mortar attacks and the ones that didn't scattered into the jungle of the main Island.  It is just the 3 of them now and Sayid states that Flocke saved Jack.
  • Jack wants to know whey he's on Hydra Island.  Flocke shows up out of nowhere and says that they need to rescue his friends who got captured.  Flocke tells him that Widmore won't give a straight answer of WHY he captured them.  His plan is to break them free, run for the plane (that last I checked is not operational) and break free before Widmore knows what hit him.  
  • Jack isn't an easy sell.  He says that they're not his people and he has no intention of leaving the Island.  Flocke tells Jack that he still hopes he'll change his mind.   Flocke essentially asks Jack to help his friends and convince them that the can trust ol' Smokey.  Why?  Because he hasn't killed any of them when he has had the chance to and he wants to save them just like he saved Jack's life.   See, I knew right then that he was kind of lying.  Remember Ghost Boy told Flocke that he can't kill Sawyer?  He probably meant all of the candidates.  Anyway, regardless of why Jack did it he does help Flocke because he wants to help his friends. 

The Rescue
After the sweet moment with Jin and Sun, the power is turned down and the Hydra Station.   This includes the power to the pylons.  We get a classic line from Frank trying to redeem himself from last episode's "Looks like someone's got their voice back" in hit simple delivery of "Uh oh...".   Then we hear that oh so familiar sound announcing the arrival of Smokey!  Hurley: "And...we're dead!"

  • Widmore's Science Tough Guys lined up with their guns to prepare for the arrival of something they possibly can't prepare for.  (Note: Absent from this scene are Widmore and Zoe.  Where are they?  Good question)
  • Smokey comes out of the trees in all of his glory and Science Goons start shooting away at it to no success.  First Victim?  DOUGHBOY!  And the crowd cheers! 

  • Smokey continues his rampage.  By the way, we can safely assume now that A.) Flocke/MIB can still become Smokey even though he has not in awhile.  B.) He can become Smokey on Hydra Island which we thought that maybe he couldn't.   Now, what would happen if he left the Island?  Well, we still don't know that. 
  • Doughboy falls dead flat on his back in front of the cage housing Sawyer, Kate and crew.  Kate thinks she can reach the keys.   Frank decides that he isn't going to wait for Kate to get the keys.  He starts trying to kick down the door.  Are we meaning to say that this was possible back in season 3 and Sawyer never tried it?   Yes yes, I know Ben pretended to put a pacemaker in his heart and showed him that there was no escape since they were on another Island and all, but what about before that?  I guess he was too busy learning how to get a fish biscuit!  Or from Karl just unlocking cages for him!  And, of course, Frank never really got a chance to find out if his "kick down the door" routine actually would work. 
  • Why not?  Because Jack showed up and grabbed the keys off of Doughboy!   Kate asks Jack what he's doing there.   You gotta love when Jack looks back at Smokey on his rampage and says "I'm with him."  After that they all break free and head out into the Hydra jungle. 

  • Naturally, night suddenly turns to day, just like in last episode and the LOSTIES are on their way to the Ajira Plane.  I'm not even going to question this stuff unless they tell me I'm supposed to.  Maybe, again, the rescue scene was right before dawn and now it's daytime.  I dunno.   Maybe it was a long walk to the plane too I guess.  Because they all seemed out of breath and there was still a quarter mile to the plane.
  • So, here we are!  All of our LOSTIES together again.  Kate seems excited by the prospect that Jack is coming with them.  He tells her that he's taking them to the plane but he isn't getting on it.   He says that he's not meant to go.  

  • Sawyer then thanks Jack for coming back for them.  Well, he better after the way he kicked him off the boat.  And, well after this episode it sure looks like Jack has been right all of this time (gotta love that too!)
  • Then Sayid comes to the party by surprise.  Jack clears Sayid saying that he is with them and turned off the generators, to which Sawyer just all of a sudden is okay with!  "The more the merrier."   Very bizarre how Sayid was acting in this episode.  By the end of it, he seemed almost like normal Sayid again, but in these earlier scenes he seemed a little like Zombie Sayid.  

  • Sayid says that they need to go. "Locke is waiting."  And the LOSTIES pick up their pace towards the plane.  
The Ajira Plane
We join Flocke who is a little ahead of the group.   He is met with a hail of gunfire by 2 more Science Goons.  Naturally, nothing hits Smokey and he walks right up to them.   He quickly snaps on of their necks (did anyone else cringe?) and then grabs the gun and shoots the other one.  Problem solved!

  • What seemed like a meaningless scene at first, Flocke grabs a watch off of one of the dead bodies.   Then he heads onto a newly constructed Bamboo Stairway to the plane.  Did Widmore's crew construct this?   I guess if we're meant to believe that Widmore was planning to blow up the LOSTIES and/or Flocke, maybe they did. 

  • Flocke arrives on the plane and starts his investigation.  He sees some wiring in one of the overhead compartments and then discovers something that would turn out to be C4 planted on the plane.  It IS a bit ironic that we spent an episode trying to get explosives for the plane: blowing up Ilana and blowing up the Black Rock when there was already C4 planted on the plane anyway right?   I mean Ben, Richard and Miles went back to the Barracks to GET explosives or grenades or something to blow up that plane.  I'd suggest that maybe THEY put the C4 on there, but they don't seem to be anywhere in sight yet.  
  • The LOSTIES show up to the plane and Frank finally says what we've been waiting to hear. "Alright, let's see what it will take to get this baby to fly!"  Because, last we checked, this plane was not in flying condition!  I mean, isn't the cockpit window busted with a tree branch sticking through a dead body?  Unless they already cleaned that up! 

  • They stumble upon the 2 dead bodies near the plane and we get a classic "S.O.B." line from Sawyer.   Sayid detects that one of their necks had been broken.  Flocke exits the plane to announce that HE broke it!  And then he goes into his whole explanation of how this was Widmore's plan all along.  The guards were only for show and Widmore knew that Flocke would kill them.  He suggests that this is why he moved the fences too.  He wanted to get the LOSTIES into a confined space with MIB with no hope of getting out and then kill them all in one shot (I still argue if that is even a valid way to kill the Smoke monster).  Of course, we do find out the irony of this statement not too long from now.   Anyway, the C4 turned out to be wired to the electrical system of the plane.  If they would have turned the plane on.......BOOM! (nice call back to the season 4 finale with Desmond and Jin trading Booms while looking at the big mountain of C4 in front of them)

  • Flocke then says that they cannot be sure there aren't more explosives on the plane, so he says they should take the sub.  Interesting, I thought for sure that Smokey wouldn't be able to leave the Island via Sub.  Of course, something tells me we will never find out if he could!  Anyway, Sawyer starts playing his "con" game again and says that he's been saying all along they should take the sub.   Hurley tries to chime in and say that Smokey isn't supposed to leave the Island and that Alpert said that.....  Sawyer cuts him off and says "Screw Alpert!"   Sawyer has no intention of letting Flocke on that sub but he plays the part and tells him that he saved their butts twice and he was wrong about him.  
  • Flocke says that the sub will be heavily defended and they'll need as much help as they can get.  Jack said that he will help but he's not going with them.  Flocke kind of just nods in approval (like he already had a plan anyway).  

  • Claire immediately runs up to Flocke and apologizes for leaving.  He forgives her and says he understands why she went.  Man, he really did a number on that girl! 
  • Sawyer holds Jack up a bit to talk to him about the "REAL PLAN".  He doesn't trust Flocke at all and wants to make sure he doesn't get on that sub.  He asks Jack if he can stop him from getting on it.  Jack isn't sure how he's supposed to do that, but Sawyer tells him to just get Smokey in the water and he'll handle the rest.   Interesting, I thought for sure that this was going to show us Smokey's Kryptonite of water (which we've only speculated) somehow.   Since Sawyer knew that Smokey can't fly over the water in Smoke form, what would happen if he was submerged in water in "human" form?  Well, we found out.  But we'll get there in a second! 

The Arrival at the Sub
All of our favorite LOSTIES arrive at the sub.  Sawyer scouts the area and states that there probably are goons ON the sub even though they're not outside.  He splits the team in 2.  He says that Jin, Sun, Lapidus and Hugo are going with him.   Kate, Sayid, Jack and Flocke stay behind for the 2nd wave in 30 seconds.   Sawyer asked Jack if "You Two" can get their backs.  I can only imagine he means Flocke here as the other one (even though Kate and Sayid are right there too).  In any case, Jack is really confirming that he will help Sawyer in their previous sidebar discussion.  

  • Wave 1 heads towards the sub.  One by one they head into the Sub.  This is where things start getting a little crazy (Big surprise!) 

  • Sawyer and Frank move inside and come across one of the Widmore cronies inside the sub.  They neutralize the threat before he's even a threat.  Sawyer requests to see the Captain.  They move on towards the cockpit or whatever you call it on a submarine.  The Bridge?  (thinking Star Trek here)   Frank knocks out the first guy they met up with and says "Nothing Personal."  Good times!   And then Sawyer asks the Captain to fire up the sub.  (well, at least we know how he planned to pilot that sub now!)

  • Frank stays in the room to make sure the Captain continues to follow orders and prepare the sub for departure.   Sawyer heads back out to assist the rest of the crew. 
  • Wave #2 prepares to head towards the dock (Kate, Sayid, Claire).  Flocke and Jack stay behind a little longer.  Flocke grabs 2 backpacks, and upon re-watching you might notice it looks like he hands Jack a different one than his own.  Anyone keeping track of mirroring scenes might recall that when they drew straws in the season 1 finale to determine who would carry the dynamite Kate and Locke drew the short ones.  But Jack still switched up his and Kate's backpack so that he was carrying the dynamite.  There is an ironic twist this time around when Flocke does it to Jack! 

  • Jack and Flocke start following behind Kate and crew.  Flocke asks if he'll reconsider going.   Whoever told him that he needed to stay had no idea what they were talking about.  And I did feel a little sense of pride in how far we have come when Jack responded with "John Locke told me to stay" (and I added in my head "And he's not a sucker!!!")  Jack pushed Flocke right into the water, GOOD TIMES! 
  • Kate turns around and is totally confused about what happened and then a gunshot goes off and hits her right in the chest.  OH NO!!!  And of course it's Kate that gets shot because she's not on the list.  Now, do we find it curious that Kate wasn't shot until Flocke was pushed into the water?  Perhaps Widmore's crew IS helping Flocke?  I just can't imagine that is the case.  It would never explain the scene where Flocke and Widmore declared war at the Pylon meeting.  Maybe Widmore is really trying to prevent the LOSTIES from leaving on that sub.  In any case, Kate got shot and this drives Jack and crew into a panic!  And of course Claire looks like a lost puppy with her master in the water. 
  • A gunfight breaks out between the LOSTIES and the Widmore-ites.  Jack runs out of ammo and runs for Kate.  Sayid and Claire cover them.  And how about Claire's impeccable aim?  Woa.  Sayid yells after Claire that they need to go, but she just keeps firing away.  

  • Meanwhile, Flocke climbs out of the water, seemingly unaffected by being thrown into it.   Well, maybe a little affected as he is slow to get out.  I am going to guess that Widmore's crew does NOT have a deal with Flocke because he just picks them off with his pistol one by one.  

  • On the sub, Sawyer gets updated on the situation as Jack and Sayid bring in a wounded Kate.  Jack asks Hurley for a first aid kit and pandemonium is at an all time high! 

  • Sawyer heads back up outside of the sub to get Claire.  He yells for Claire but Flocke is out of the water and starts running towards him.  It's too late to get Claire and Sawyer closes up the sub.  Once again Claire gets left behind.  But this time, it's a good thing!  Sawyer shouts over an intercom to Lapidus that they need to begin diving.  

  • The sub begins to move and Claire is running towards it.  Jack is annoyed because he's still ON the sub taking care of Kate but has no intention of leaving.   Outside Flocke stops Claire and tells her that she does not want to be on that sub.  Uh oh... And just as he says it, we remember what MIB said to Jacob all of those years ago when he said he would kill all of Jacob's replacements.  And then we realize that every single one of the candidates is on board that Sub.   Checkmate?  Black wins Backgammon?   Well, I'll tell you one thing.  Even if not, it's not good!

Inside the Sub
The sub begins its descent.  We still have an injured Kate, but that becomes the least of their worries as the real issue begins to unfold.

  • Kate begins complaining that they cannot leave without Claire.  Jack tries to calm her down.  Hurley cannot find a first aid kit so Jack asks Jin to look in his backpack to see if there is a shirt they can use to apply pressure.  (Sidebar: You know we are very close to the end if the Female Lead is getting shot close to the heart!)   Jin hands Jack the pack.  Jack explains that he thinks the bullet went straight through so Kate should be okay.  Whew.... Granted, I'm sure a lot of Kate haters were hoping for the opposite! 

  • Jack opens up his backpack and a whole new level of realization hits them.   Yep, Flocke pulled the ol' Switcheroo with the backpacks.  The 4 bricks of C4 are on the sub with them.  And even better?  That watch that Flocke stole is on there too as a timer.  Oh no!!

  • Jack realizes that they did exactly what Flocke wanted the whole time.   They need to get to the surface PRONTO!   Jin phones Lapidus and tells him to take the Sub up.   (Did anyone notice there's a first aid kit in the room with Lapidus and the Captain?  Good times ('s time for GOOD TIMES anymore!) 

  • All of the candidates can do nothing except stare at each other and figure out what to do with that bomb.   Sayid tries to analyze the bomb just like in the good ol' days (like I said, we got Normal Sayid back for a brief stint).   The watch is rigged to the battery and the battery detonates the explosives.  (Sidenote: 5 minutes until they can get to the surface....not enough time)  Technically the bomb should be inert if they pull the wires from the battery simultaneously.  Sawyer pushes Sayid aside is about to pull the wires, since he's hesitating.   
  • Then Jack begins to think clearly and remembers his stint in the Black Rock with Richard.  He tells them that nothing is going to happen.  He tells Sawyer not to pull the wires out.   He realizes that Flocke can't kill them.  Everything he has done is to get them all there.  He wanted them all in the same place at the same time in a confined space with no hope of an exit (see the irony now?).   Flocke told them he can't leave the Island without them, but Jack thinks that he can't leave the Island with them all alive!  There you go Jack!  Flocke told Jack that he could kill any one of them whenever he wanted, but what if he hasn't because he's not allowed to?   Ahhh, THE RULES anyone?   Ahhh the GHOST BOY anyone?   Jack finally suggests that maybe Flocke is trying to get them to kill each other!   I wasn't far off with my suggestion that Sayid would be Flocke's weapon to kill the LOSTIES.   Instead, they all were his weapons against each of them.  

  • And in this case, it's Sawyer that escalates Flocke's plan.  He sees Jack talking all crazy again and tells him to steer clear.   Jack tries to explain that the very fact that there is a timer on it suggests that Flocke needs them to kill each other.  Flocke could have just thrown the C4 inside and killed them all.  Sawyer is tired of listening, he is not going to just sit there and do nothing.  Jack grabs him and tells him they're going to be okay and to trust him.  One might think Sawyer considered the "JUGHEAD" incident and how Juliet died before he decided but he tells the Doc that he does NOT trust him.  He pulls the wires out.  

  • The timer stops and there is a brief pause of relief.  But it didn't last long as the timer started up again but moving faster!  Oh man, nice job Sawyer! 
  • All hope seems to be lost.  Then Sayid jumps into action.  He tells Jack to listen carefully.  He tells Jack about a well on the Island half a mile south of the camp they just left.  He explains that Desmond is inside of it (I guess he didn't kill him!  But he didn't help him out of the well either).  Sayid says that Flocke wants Desmond dead which means they are going to need him.   Jack asks why Sayid is telling him this.  Then Sayid says "Because it's going to be you Jack."   We can only assume that he means that Jack is the chosen one, protector of the Island, replacement of Jacob, right?   Why would Sayid know this?  Well, maybe Desmond told him.  Maybe he realized that Jack's take charge attitude and the only one that believed in listening to Jacob until the very end made him THE CANDIDATE.  

  • All I know for now is, we may never find out how Sayid rose from the dead, how he essentially turned out to be GOOD in the end.  But we did know that there would be some "sacrifices" made before the end of this show.  And I think we can all state that Sayid went out nobly helping his friends.  He grabbed the C4 and ran to the other end of the sub before the timer hit zero.  And then BOOM!!!    No more Sayid.  RIP Sayid (again).  What an awesome character for 6 years of LOST.  We are truly near the end.  This would have been enough to upset us, right?   Well keep reading! 

  • Naturally, this explosion created a big hole in the sub, so the rest of them do not have much time to get out!   We see Frank leave the "pilot chamber" (still can't think of the darn name!)   He gets hit with a big steel door that got pushed in with the pressure of water coming in.  "AW HELL!"   And, actually, I'm not quite sure that Frank made it out or not!  Maybe I'll see as I'm re-watching for these final few bullets. 
  • The water begins to flow in where the rest of the LOSTIES were and they are called into action.   Jack dives under to grab Kate.  Hurley keeps asking where Sayid is.    
  • We hear Sun screaming as she is stuck between some big contraption!  Oh no! 

  • Jin asks Sawyer for help to try and break her loose, but it's not enough!   
  • Jack gives Kate to Hurley and tells him to go to the surface.  Jack will go for everyone else.  Hurley said he has to go after Sayid.   Jack responds "There is no Sayid!"  Oh man.   Anyway, Jack gives Hurley an Oxygen tank and sends it with Hurley so that he and Kate will have it for the way up.  He tells Hurley that he can do this and sends him on his way.   

  • Jack joins Sawyer and Jin in trying to break Sun free.  They do get the contraption off of her but there is more pinning her down! 

  • The sub shakes a bit and a beam or something hits Sawyer right in the head (another knock to the head.  Perhaps a sideways connection awaits?).   Regardless, this knocks Sawyer out of commission and makes a complicated situation even worse! 

  • Jack grabs Sawyer and is keeping him afloat.  So he can't help Jin break Sun free.  Jin keeps trying though but it won't budge!!  Sun starts her pleading for Jin to leave her.  Jin refuses to leave her behind and continues trying to break her free. 

  • The water is filing up.  Jin tells Jack to leave and get Sawyer to the surface.  Jack does not leave easily.  He wants to help.  Jin lies but he says that he will get Sun out.  Jack goes for the last oxygen tank and tries to give it to Jin, but he refuses saying that Jack can't get Sawyer out without it.  And at that point, I think we knew what was about to happen (getting chills and practically tearing up just thinking about what I need to write next). 

  • Jack takes a long pause realizing what is going to happen as well, and then he starts swimming Sawyer out of the sub.  It's not an easy task, but they make it out.
  • Michael Giacchino's "Life and Death" theme begins to play as we start spending our final moments with Jin and Sun.  Sun pleads with Jin to leave her there.  But he refuses.  He still thinks he can break her free, but Sun knows that he cannot.  

  • There is barely any time left, Sun begs one more time for him to go, but he will not.  And he speaks in Korean "I won't leave you.  I will never leave you again."  Just as he promised when they reunited last episode.  They both tell each other that they love each other and then all they can do is wait.  We watch the sub continue to descent into the ocean.  We are left with a shot of Jin and Sun's hands locked together for their final moment and then they slowly float apart.  

  • RIP Jin and Sun - One of the great romance stories of LOST.  You will not have died in vain!

The Beach
Whew, sorry guys, I'm still recovering from that section above.  I couldn't taint it all with talking about Frank Lapidus, but he is nowhere to be found!  Did he drown with Jin and Sun?  It would be an awful way to send off his character without any confirmation wouldn't it?   Oh well, we'll save that for another day.   We join Hurley, Kate, Jack and Sawyer on the beach (of Hydra? or the Main Island?) after their swim back to the surface.

  • No mouth to mouth necessary, Sawyer was breathing fine.  Kate seems okay too.  I would hope so after losing 3 season 1 characters within minutes!  Kate was scared that Jack and Sawyer didn't make it.  She hugs Jack saying that she couldn't find him?  Perhaps this is an indication that there is still a hope fo the 2 of them?   Not the time to be discussing it folks.  

  • Well, if there were only 4 original castaways that should be left standing for the final episode, I think we all would have guessed it would be Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley.  And of course Terry O'Quinn is still on the show as well as Crazy Claire.   Of course, now with everyone else dying, I'm not so sure I see either Sawyer or Jack dying by the end.  Unless, they all have to die for a greater cause...THE SIDEWAYS realm.  Time will tell. 
  • For now though, Kate asks what happened to Jin and Sun.  Jack's look says it all.   And then we're up for another round of crying ourselves when Hurley loses it.  
  • Jack steps away and heads to the shore to take everyone in.  And Jack too begins to cry.  This was rough stuff guys!  I'm crying just typing this! 

  • I think we'll leave these guys to mourn their losses so they can live to fight another day.  On the bright side, we still have Desmond, Ben, Richard and Miles around somewhere!  And it would appear they (and possibly Widmore) are all on the same side now.  We'll see! 
Flocke and Claire
Flocke is still standing on the dock where we just left them.  He just happens to know that the sub sunk and he just happens to know that not ALL of them died.  Maybe he would have felt something inside him?  Like some sense of freedom and the ability to leave?  Finally, Claire shows some sense of humanity.  She is concerned that all of her friends just died. 

  • Claire asks if they're all dead.  Flocke answers her stating that not all of them died.  Locke grabs his gun and backpack and heads off.  Claire asks where he's going. 


Wow!!  I mean, after reflecting more about what happened and digesting the interview with Damon and Calrton (that I linked to at the beginning of the post), everything seems to make sense.  It obviously was a very engaging hour of TV.  It was very sad and it would be hard for anyone to say they LOVED it.  (Even though I did above).  But no one can deny it was executed wonderfully.  They may just not like what happened.  But Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse argue that it NEEDED to happen.  Season 6 has been one "long con" (as many of us had theorized at one point) by the Man in Black.  He has been trying to recruit the LOSTIES to kill them off.  We heard all we needed to hear in Ab Aeterno when he told Jacob he would kill them all.  But the friendly face of John Locke seemed to lure everyone into the trap.  Even when they didn't trust the guy completely.  So what do Darlton say was supposed to happen after this episode?  The lines of Good vs. Evil are INDEED defined now.  Flocke tried to kill ALL of the LOSTIES, he managed to kill off 3 of them.  (or like I said earlier, 2.5)   This was a significant way to undoubtedly prove to us that The Man in Black is Evil and he must be stopped.  Many may argue there was a different way to do it.   But come on guys, it's the END of LOST!  There are 3 episodes left!  Things like this were bound to happen.  And, in hindsight, I like how they handled it.  And besides, they're all still alive for now in Sideways so we have not seen the last of anyone.   All we can do now is to hold our breaths and enjoy the final 4 hours of the show.

Oh wait a second!  It's 4 and a HALF hours of the show.  Because ALSO last night, it was confirmed that the Series Finale will be 2.5 hours!  NICE!!!!  We received word Monday night from Damon and Calrton that the Series Finale was edited and finished. (No more LOST to be produced)   I guess they realized that there was no way to cut anything out of the EPIC Finale (that the entire cast is raving about).   So, now we can enjoy 5.5 hours of LOST related stuff on Sunday, May 23rd.  If you live on the East Coast of the United States the schedule will work like this:   7-9: LOST Retrospective, 9-11:30: LOST Series Finale, then some time after the local news airs (I would assume): Jimmy Kimmel Live "Aloha LOST" Special where the Producers will have pretaped an appearance the Friday before but apparently the majority of the CAST will be present live at the show.  EXCITING times folks!       

Well, that's all I have for now kids.  Can't wait to discuss this episode with everyone.  Commence Commenting!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always.  Rest in Peace to all of our fallen comrades and NAMASTE!

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MJ said...

I haven't read the recap yet - but I'm just a little devastated. But I had a baaaad feeling when they showed Sun and Jin talking about Ji Yeon and how Jin saw her in the camera. SIGH And I'm also mourning Sayid. I know that he'd gone all dark-side this season but Sayid has always been one of my faves and I almost feel like his death was kinda glossed over to get to the big emotional Jin/Sun death scene. I'm missing him too.

And we all KNEW that Flocke was not to be trusted ! I don't blame Sawyer for not believing Jack - but dang it !

MJ said...

'Jack cannot understand why Locke would not want to be fixed and he seems determined to figure it out. But it would seem that Jack must feel that these encounters with his fellow 815 passengers are not happening by chance. Is he possibly taking on a man of faith perspective here? Does he feel it is his DESTINY to fix Locke?' I think he is starting to wonder about the run-in with fellow passengers - but I really think it's the doctor or fixer in him that cannot understand how a person would refuse an operation that has the potential to allow them to walk again. This would be incomprehensible to any surgeon I think.

David Salako said...

The punch to the gut of those 3 confirmed deaths was very moving, even though I knew some of them had to die, it was still very sad.
The watery tomb of the sunken submarine is an iconic image now.
The final scene on the beach was played very well by all 4 actors. Well done guys!
We kept thinking of little Ji-Yeon growing up without both parents and seeking out THE ISLAND someday.
No idea if Lapidus made it?
I guess "everything changes" when ALL the Candidates are dead? That's how FLocke knew that they weren't all dead at the bottom of the sea?
I still don't understand Sayid's status and his second death? I guess they are doing a similar annoying thing like the Battlestar Galactica folks did with Starbuck in the end?

AUStarwars said...


I havent read it yet, but are you like me and still holding out hope that things are not as black and white as they seem (no pun intended..)

This epsisode moved faster than the first 10 of this season combined! The Temple...

Snafu11 said...

It was a great episode and things are playing out as they should or rather as they have to.

Sayid's final scene reminds me of the heart-to-heart Jack and he share in the finale of season 3, before storming the beach. I think we all knew he could not make it to the end and would go out a hero.

Nice to see Jack for restore his mojo. Tough watching Saywer lossing his cool, hope he bounces back quick.

If Jack had to perform mouth to mouth on Sawyer, would have added a odd twist to that love triangle--LOL.

Sun and Jin exit was shocking but not unexpected, in retrospect. We knew there would be casualties along the way. Again the similarty to Charlie drowning.

Lapidus is most certainly dead. Loved his character but in all honesty he did not serve a purpose other then flying the plane--which we know cannot happen now right?

I like the fact that there are only a few players left on the score card--makes it easier to keep score.

Love that we are getting an extra half hour finale--it would be great if it were nearly commercial free to boot :-)

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Yeah...they gave us all the signs! I was still shocked they did it! I think the whole problem with the awesome Sayid death...was that he already died! So was he destined to "really die" anyway? I still loved it though and am definitely mourning him too.

Yeah...there was lots of mirroring in this Jack vs. Sawyer thing with the Season 5 finale....Now both of them have been kind of wrong about blowing up a bomb. Of course....maybe not since this seems to have been the plan all along. Jack returned them to the present day to fulfill their duties and the Sideways Timeline exists also...but we're unsure how exactly it will fit into things. So I dunno... The whole thing was...none of them really trusted Locke....but they still fell into the trap anyway!

Good point on Jack not understanding the why Locke wanted the surgery...but come many surgeons would start investigating the patient's backstory to figure out why? Going to a dentist and a nursing home? I think his Fix It mentality AND all of these coincidences go hand in hand. But that's me! :-)

@David - Agree with all points! And...thanks for the spoiler on BSG...I'm still in season 1 lol (don't worry, I already heard about that one)

@AuStarwars - I think there is still a chance that Jacob isn't entirely good either. But Darlton pretty much confirmed there are no redeeming qualities to Flocke at all...and these 3 deaths signify that. We'll see!
@Snafu - WOW...Thanks for the major props! I thought about that season 3 scene too before Sayid marched off to his death. It was a good time. And "TOTAL" redemption for his earlier acts this season (maybe the whole series). LOVE seeing Jack with the mojo. I think we all knew (well..most of us) this is where is destructive arc was leading. A reborn leader on the island. I'm sure Sawyer will bounce back...the 4 of them plus Des, Miles, Ben and Richard (and maybe Claire and Widmore) have their work cut out for them!

Very true on the Mouth to Mouth with Sawyer! lol nice call. I think there is still a possibility that the plane will fly in the end. I still think Claire has to leave the Island to get to Aaron (or Aaron has to come to her somehow) Maybe Frank was able to get up from the door...and go out the hole that it left?
I wouldn't count on those "minimal" commercials!

They're getting near 1 Million dollars for every 30 second spot!

plumbarius said...

Awesome episode!!
Still need to read recap but wow, losing four characters so quickly, the end game is near :-(

plumbarius said...

I wonder if Jin is really dead? They showed Sun and Jin's hands separating as in death but I wonder if there is a chance that Jin actually is alive?? Assuming he was the candidate??

Richard said...

Thanks for getting it up quickly. I would like to say that the drowning of Sun and Jin was handled very well vs the typical tired drowning scenes where you see people gasping for air.

Also Richard, Ben and MIles not being in this episode is kind of a let down. Particularly since two episodes ago they were going to go blow up the plane. Given my suspicion of Ben being on MIBs side (a spy of sorts) it's like a big hole in the story line. Even if he's not a "spy", the plane scene without them involved after two episodes is a little frustrating. Maybe they left the C4 (and MIB knew because of Ben?)?

If the series is to end and the Jacob/MIB saga is to end at near the same time, then we are almost forced to end up in SW land--if you want a happy ending. Especially since it looks like more will die in IW.

BTW, Sawyer's sub plan if you were the Kwon's or Frank would seem pretty weak, when you could just send in smokey.

plumbarius said...

Spoiler alert? In case you did not watch promos.

Next weeks episode might have potential to go down as one of best episodes ever!

Mike V. said...

@Plumbarius - I say Frank is still TBD, but definitely 3 characters. And agree the end game is near. And no, Jin is definitely dead...the producers confirmed it! lol They didn't confirm FRANK though! As for your spoiler alert - totally agree. Can't wait! I still am gonna refrain on discussing it in the comments for now. Maybe next week I'll start loosening up as always.

Which reminds me...I'm going to be away this weekend and in all day meetings tomorrrow so there's a chance I will not be commenting much on this episode after today. Of course, the episode pretty much speaks for itself. Consider it my mourning period! :-) lol


You're totally welcome on getting the post up quickly. I only need to do it 2 more times where I have work on the same day. I hope you all can grant me some slack for the finale. 2.5 hours and I'm off the next day. I want to take my time with it!

Agree on the handling of Jin/Sun drowning. It was tastefully done. Yeah, I did question if Ben and crew planted the C4...I guess it's possible, but we don't know for sure yet. I can't help thinking Sideways Land will be the happily ever after at this point. But I'm not 100% sold just yet! We'll see how this all pans out.

Sibila said...

Great recap Mike! WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm still recuperating after last night's epi, so emotional! Hurley's sobs made me cry (again) like a baby!!

I have two 'theories' I'd like to add here.

1) Maybe Jacob's touch is to keep them alive once they get to the island, and not to 'bring' them to the island as a lot of people say? Jacob knows they'll get to the island on that timeline anyways and his touch is a 'protective shield' from death/MIB as long as they're candidates?

2) I believe Flocke planted the bomb on the plane BEFORE our Losties got to this chapter of his plan. I also believe Flocke was the one who killed all of the Ajira passengers as Smokie (now that we know he can be the Smoke Monster on Hydra island and get wet in Locke's form), and once he killed the passengers he planted the bomb on the plane in order to use is as a leverage to gain even more trust from our Losties.

Mike V. said...

@ Sibila - Thanks! Yeah, that episode would be a tough one for anyone to get through without some tears. Which, even if people didn't "enjoy the experience" it means it was a GREAT episode! As for the theories:

1.) Yeah, that's kind of what it seems like. Jacob's touch makes these candidates "untouchable" by MIB but they can harm each other but not themselves. Richard couldn't kill himself, Locke couldn't kill himself, Jack couldn't kill himself. I think this is part of the "RULES" it works? Eh...I think this will fall into the magical/mystical element of the Island!

2.) Good call on Smokey killing all of the Ajira folks since we confirmed he can be smokey. He also had told Ben that after they visit Jacob they'll have to deal with the other Ajira passengers...when Ben said "what do you mean?" He said "You know what I mean!" We just assumed he was referring to the shadow of the statue people...but it could have been the ajira folk that were left behind. As for Flocke planting the bomb....i seemed like he was really investigating that setup...if he planted it he would have known exactly where it was...and why would he set it up in the first place if no one was going to see it? I like the idea that maybe it was Ben, Richard and Miles. Of course...that would mean that they wouldn't have cared if they killed the other people on the plane. Greater Good I guess. But it was Widmore's goons outside of the plane so they surely knew it was rigged to blow. So, then it's Widmore with the "greater good" motive. I'm going with Team Widmore or Team Richard!

Max said...

Thanks again Mike V. I thought it was odd that outside of the sub, the consensus plan wasn't to send in the invincible Flocke as the first wave of the attack. Great show, great blog!

jeff said...

Yes flock obviously knew about the c4 before entering the plane as he took the wrist watch before entering the plane. I am looking at all these events as flock not being as smart as he thinks he is. Jacob is all about free will and unpredictable actions. Flock seems to think everyhting is controllable. It seems like Flock plans these events but has to keep altering his plan because Jack and company keep evolving and changing their plans.

Richard said...


You are very quick to get these up and great job.

The Jin/Sun drowning I thought was handled the best I have ever seen. It is so tired/old school to see the characters gasping for air as they drown.

Richard, Miles and Ben not being in the program for two episodes is a little frustrating particularly this one where the plane was involved. I still think Ben is a MIB "spy" Actually I wonder if Ben didn't tell MIB about the C4 on the plane? He seemed to know about where it was.

If you were the Kwon's, Frank, Claire or even Kate--dont' you think you would wonder if the sub attack plan wouldn't be better if smokey was leading the charge? He's obviously OK on boats and they wouldn't likely know about his water problem anyway. Maybe picky. If I were Jack I would also question why he doesn't lead the charge, particularly since I don't want to leave the island and MIB says he does--using the sub. Kind of weak, at least to me.

Mike V. said...

@Max - No problem on the blog. Thank you for the props! Yeah, I guess everyone was just following Sawyer's lead. He had been calling the shots. It was all a big setup for him to be humbled by Jack being right this time. But, I think deep down, no one trusted Flocke. (maybe Claire did though) Still a good point though! I wonder if Flocke would have protested if they tried to do that since his plan was to not board.

@Jeff - Good point about picking up the watch. He may have known the C4 was there, but that doesn't mean he planted it. I agree though that MIB will be outsmarted in the end. Good point about MIB being all about controllable, predictable....and of course CORRUPTABLE was the key word Jacob used in describing MIB's ideals. Vs. Jacob's ideals for choice and unpredictablity...and his hope that Ben would change his mind on killing him. Should be interesting to see where they go with it! And funny because Max brought up the Smokey leading the charge thing above. I made my comments on that above!

@Richard - I try my best...thanks! Wait a minute...didn't I already respond to some version of this post? lol Looks like the last paragraph is new lol

Anonymous said...

So there are three candidates left. Jack (23), Sawyer (15), and Hurley (8).

8 + 15 = 23
23- 15 = 8

Just something to speculate over.

So there is balance here in the numerology. And No, the first equation does not mean that if Hurley eats sawyer he will turn into jack!


Mike V. said...

Ahh but Jackson you left something out! Naturally 23-8 =15 too! LOL

I still say we can't rule out 51 - Kate which is a backwards 15!

Funny on Hurley eating jack too! lol

Mike V. said...

And I think I would go out on a 98% limb saying that Jack is our chosen replacement for Jacob. Whether he lives to fulfill that destiny is another story!

Richard said...

What about Ben telling MIB about the C4?

Mike V. said...

@Richard - Did he tell him? Or are you suggesting that maybe he did? lol

off to lunch, be back in a bit!

gnni4 said...

I don't think that your WOW's were big enough for this episode.

I'm glad I didn't watch Totaly Lost before the show, saw it last night and was glad I waited.

I am still shaken from the episode. I was so scared for Frank when he went charging willy nilly towards the plane, I was afraid it was going to blow and wipe him out. My son was screaming at the television, "NO FRANK!" and when it didn't blow up we both knew that Frank was going to die in that episode somehow. I think it was a given that when Frank saw the sub door about to go, that he knew he was a gonner, that door blew off and took him out, no question in my mind.

Hurley breaking down on the beach...heart wrenchingly good. My son loves the Hurley charactor and fell apart. I almost missed what was happening next because he was going off about if Hurley dies he is going to never forgive Darlton and will even write them a letter telling them he will never watch any of their shows again. (OH NO! So extreme that my 11yr old will WRITE a letter! That is tough!) I thought he was going to miss the bus today he was STILL going off about it. I'm going to have to keep him home from school the day after the finale, he is demanding to stay up to watch Kimmel, and I can't refuse, he got me hooked on Lost, been watching it with his babysitter since he was in 1st grade!

crashriprock said...

C-4 four get it
There goes my Jin and Sun theory.

We found out in sideways land that Locke can fly a plane. Interesting.
We also found out that smokey is a swimmer. Im pretty sure Flocke checked the palne for more explosives before he told the others about the first one he found. He just needed to get them together and let them kill them selves since he cant kill jack himself.

and its funny that the only one left who is now motivated to kill Jack is Claire

So question Flocke can fly and swim but Flocke wouldnt know that Locke could fly unless he knows about sideways world??

Richard said...

I still think that Ben could be bad, on MIBs side. And so informed Flocke about the C4.

It would certainly explain how Flocke immediately identified where the wiring for the C4 was. It also helps explain why we haven't seen Ben, Richard or Miles in a while--lots of mischief can go on in off camera land.

Enjoy lunch

Anonymous said...


I dont understand what you mean about Claire's intentions towards Jack. Am I missing something here or not remembering correctly?


gnni4 said...

Jack offered Clair an Apollo bar? Very Jacobesk.

Desmond is alive!!!!! We all knew it, he had to be, but soooo good to have it confirmed.

I think that Widmore was trying to protect them all, he is working for Jacob, has been all along. I did find it too easy for Sayid to just cut the power, even if the sonic fence had been set up, if just cutting the power would have shut it down? I thought that was a little lame, but we are supposed to just ignor that kind of stuff for the greater good.

I don't think that there are any Widdies left beside Zoe now, are there? I mean, really, how many people could that sub have carried anyway? Where did Charles and Zoe go to? and Where the heck are the 3 Otherteers?

I just can't wait till next week!

crashriprock said...

Well on the current Island where everyone came back Claire was left behind and Flocke found her and helped her. In "the last recruit"
she pulls a gun on Sawyer and company when they are steeling the boat. Kate says that she promises to take Claire with them. So in this episode Claire got locked out of the sub and left with Flocke so Claire is motivated to kill maybe not Jack but defenetly Kate and Sawyer. Remeber Flocke cant kill the canidates someone else has to and we are running out out people on both sides.

Kelly said...

great recap as always, i'm going to miss them when the show is over (although for now we still have flashforward).
i believe the sub section where the pilot is is in fact called the cockpit, though for some reason i can't find the info anywhere!
frank, you better not be dead!
i held it together with jin and sun's death.. and then they showed the shot of their lifeless hands letting go of one another. very effective in starting up the waterworks. yeah, i figured they'd die but it was definitely well done.
i cannot wait until next week's episode, it looks like a good one!

noel said...

The area on the sub you are referring to is the "con" or conning tower. (as in "Mr Spock, you have the con").
If Ben and Richard planted the C4, why would they have tied the trigger to the electrical system? Their plan was to just blow up the plane so no one could leave, not kill those on the plane. My vote is it was a Widmore plot.
Now that we know MIB's plan, it will be interesting to see how the remaining Losties battle him.
Next week should be VERY interesting, and very different.

Anonymous said...


I think youre just grasping at straws there buddy. Idk if you can say that Claire is definately motivated to harm the candidates. If anything I think she is motivated to harm MIB since she knows he intentionally tried to harm the losties.

Have to disagree with you on that one dude.


MJ said...

'we have followed their Island lives for 6 seasons. Those are the characters we are really invested in' . I disagree Mike V. These are the same characters with just some different shadings and realities - but their cores are the same. But they are still who they are and personally I am invested in their LA timeline as well. It is because we already know them that I am able to become invested so quickly in their slightlty altered selves.

I too wonder if LA will be their reward ! If Des's whole goal is to make the island version happen and erase the LA one, then why go to the trouble to meet Penny and set up a coffee date? He'd already had his flash of his life with her - so hooking up in LA was unnecessary. So LA has to mean more than just something that has to be changed.

'The Bridge? (thinking Star Trek here)'. It is, indeed, the bridge. ;-D

crashriprock said...

The wheelhouse is where a ship is steered. The helm is the ships steering system.

crashriprock said...

Then Flocke is screwed.
Who's left? Ben?

April411 said...


Again another great recap! Thank you for all your work. I was completely blown away with this episode. When Sayid redeemed himself I was so happy since I always loved his character. However, a minute later I was beside myself with the death of Jin, Sun, Sayid, and possibly Lapidus. They were all great characters and I wanted them to live so badly. Especially since I do not want their daughter to be an orphan. But to think about that... I guess she already was. There was no guarantee that Jin was still alive on the island and when Sun left and the plane crashed it left her orphaned in the world.

About MIB/Flocke, I wonder why he didn't turn into the smoke monster after he thrown in the water. He was angered enough to...maybe water is his achilles heal? Maybe being wet stops him from turning. I know I am reaching but thought that was odd.

I am so glad Desmond is alive. I guess he has a bit of the Jacob touch himself to change Sayid's heart after Smokey claimed him. I know Sayid said that Jack was the one but I wonder if that was for something else and that Desmond is the next in line. Maybe Jacob's plan had candidates as a lure for Smokey for the real candidate to be safe? Maybe that is why Whitmore did not want Penny with Desmond. He knew that Desmond would spend the rest of eternity defending the island. He wouldn't want his daughter to suffer the loss. Again reaching but just thought that Desmond is such a likable fellow why would Whitmore have such an issue with him?

Also, I think someone said that MIB thinks that he knows how people will react so he thinks he is smarter than he is. I think the Free Will thing is a challenge to him that he does not realize. That by being able to choose good vs evil, dark vs light, that we are able to enjoy as humans is frustrating. Especially if you think everyone is inherently evil as does MIB. People always have the choice to be good as we have seen in Sayid. If you think of his character, how much we should hate him. He was a torturer, he killed countless people, but there is something about him that is noble and good. The evil was there for awhile but in the end he choose goodness. MIB probably never thought Sayid could go back. Was it Desmond's influence on Sayid or was the good just so inherent that MIB could not know. Again, just throwing that out there.

I am looking forward to the next episode. It looks like we will finally find out about Jacob and the Man in Black. I just hope we see Desmond, Richard, Miles, Ben, Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, and Kate again. I couldn't wait two weeks to see all of them again.

MJ said...

Next week : non-spoilery
Something we see next week will tell us that the producers were not making it up as they went. Next week we will need to be paying CLOSE attention to a non-regular character says and and their face. Rumor is that this next one will be highly re-watched !

Next week - more spoilery, but not horrilby - so avoid below if you don't want to know. ;-D

Next Week Is Unlike Anything You've Seen on Lost Before. Swear. And though we've all been told that none of the series regulars appear, that is actually not true. Spoiler Alert: You will see three of the main leads in a very surprising throwback moment that lets you know that the producers totally knew what they were doing as of season one. (Boo-ya!) Allison Janney guest stars, along with two other actors you know, and a few others you don't. You'll learn much much more about the history of the island and the evil, and light, within. Pay close attention to every line Allison's character says and every line (or lack thereof) on her face. Oh, and DVR it. 'Cause you'll need to watch it twice.

Yankeescov said...

I haven't read anything yet but I just wanted to get out my theory before I forget lol. Is it just me or is Flocke a little too close to claire? Maybe he really is Aaron. It just seems odd that he would be so protective over her, and so forgiving.

Snafu11 said...

One thing we learned is Locke/Flocke absolutely hates submarines. He blew two subs using C4 both times.

Similiar occurance with Locke and water. Wasn't there a question as to Locke coming out of the first sub wet, or that he was dry when he should have been wet? (or some oddity)

C4 was available to the Others (as seen at the Flame), so I'd like to believe Richard and Ben were behind it, with an assist to Widmore for the two well placed red shirts out front.

If it was Widmore alone then what the heck is taking those guys so long to arrive... Maybe they were side tracked by shooting at Sawyer in the missing outrigger scene... LOL-Just kidding Mike V. Is that scene even possible after last night with Jin's death or was he not on that time jumping outrigger yet?

crashriprock said...

Maybe Jin Sun Michael and Sayids ghosts come back to get Flocke.


crashriprock said...

My new question or maybe mystery number 24 is still.

How did Flocke know Locke could fly a plane?

In the first time line Locke's dad Cooper pushed him out a window. So does anyone remeber if the first time line LOcke ever mentioned anything about being able to fly?

Rukshan said...

Nothing to say, just :( and a WoW for taking TV to a new level. S'hame that a few losties had to die, Im sure there will be a happy ending possible in the alternate time-line.. cant wait for the next few eps, but a part of me doesn't want the show to end.

MJ said...

The con is a nickname for the Helm or wheel - the literal steerer of the vessel. So you are on the bridge, but only 1 officer 'has the con' as in they are giving the orders for navigation (what degrees to steer to). Wheelhouse is a nickname for the bridge as it is often a wheel - but not always any more.

Funny how so many are assuming Frank is dead. If that is true I'd feel a little bad for not already missing him. LOL But I'm not sure that he is yet dead. I'd have hoped that they'd at least show his body floating somewhere or something. While not a major character - I'd wish him a better send off.

heidijthorne said...

Mike, I really enjoy reading your recaps and happy that you have them up so fast. I have to say I really hated this episode only because they killed off my two favorite characters, Sun and Jin, I feel like I lost family members and I cried, even more so when Hurley, Jack and Kate broke down, I was blubbering like someone had just run over my puppy. I had no clue that they were to die or that they planned on killing our Lostaways, I must sleepwalk thru episodes because I miss small items that others pick up on, I have started to grasp some of them thanks to reading your blogs and now catch them while watching.

I almost don't want to watch any further if they plan on killing off more, Hurley is my next fave.

Next week's episode looks like it's a back story on the MIB and Jacob, maybe now we'll finally get his name and what their purpose really is.

Great job as always, thanks for all the great insights.

MJ said...

Ok - what did I miss ? Why is everyone talking about Flocke knowing that Locke took some flying lessons ? There is NO way that plane is flying out of there - they don't even have wheels to taxi on, never mind that the windshield is broken and lord only knows what else is broke !

crashriprock said...

It just seems weird that all of a sudden Locke in 2004 knows how to fly and that is what messed up his father and he feels guilty enough about it not to have Jack fix his back. So if Flocke knew Lapedus was on the sub with the bomb then he must know how to fly a plane. If Flocke has Lockes memories how does he have Lockes flying memories?

As far as the condition of the plane, didnt Lapedus already say it could happen.

David Salako said...

I am not entirely sure that we should be assuming that because FLocke wants to "leave the island" or "go home" this means that he wants to leave using the aircraft.

David Salako said...

The nugget of Locke knowing how to fly in Sideways is intriguing though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, nice blog this week.

Two quick comments. I don't think that Flocke knows that anyone survivied the crash. I might change my mind after watching the show a second time, but I thought that he was referring to Alpert.

Second, off-the-wall comment, Claire's baby is MIB (already theorized by others) but also Kate and Jack are Jacob's parents???

Mike V. said...

Okay, I have a little bit of time before a 2 hour I'll try to chime in for a bit.

@Gnni - Sorry the Wow's didn't cut it for you. Like I said...I REALLY loved this episode, but I think I was "mourning the dead" a bit in my opening statement so I didn't feel I should get overly excited :-) But don't you worry, it was great and I'd vote "5" on this one!

I'm still holding out hope for Frank since no one has confirmed his death! He was a series regular this season, and they should at least mention if he died! Even Damon and Carlton didn't confirm his death. Yeah, I'd say 75% liklihood he's dead, but I'm holding out hope.

You guys won't be the only ones "skipping class or work" the Monday after the finale. I have no choice but to! lol Anyway, I think Hurley HAS to be the safest character on the show, but I could be wrong.

@Crash - it happens! lol (and lol on the C-4 Four) Yes, interesting that Locke can fly a plane. Are you thinking he'll be doing some flying before the end? I'm with Jackson and I'm gonna have to read on to your next comment to see why Claire would be motivated to kill Jack. Not sure where you're going with Locke flying vs. Flocke flying either! lol

@Richard - I gotcha on Ben tipping off MIB now. It's possible. But I'm still believing in a redeemed Ben that can still get his "evil" moment by Killing Widmore or something like that.

@Gnni - indeed on the apollo bar! Definitely great to have it confirmed that Desmond is alive! I'm fine with ignoring how easy it was to cut the power. The whole thing is that Flocke has to get people to HELP him with these objectives...and he got Sayid and Jack to help him this time. It could explain why Widmore was locking everyone else up in a cage. I agree that for now we must assume Widmore is working for Jacob.

@Crash - I think Claire was more befuddled by the fact that MIB just tried to kill all of her friends. I'm thinking she might have finally switched back over to "almost normal Claire"...she may let bygones be bygones since she possibly could have died if she was on the sub.

@Kelly - Thanks!! Yes, we do have FlashForward and while it's getting better, it will never be quite the same experience we're having with LOST right now! Thanks for the heads up on the cockpit thing (looks like Noel is saying it's the CON too). I was entertaining myself more than anything by changing the "pilot station" name for the sub each time lol Yeah, I'm sure it won't be the first or last time I agree with everyone...the death scene was handled wonderfully!

@Noel - Ahhhh the "CON" You're right I should have gotten that from even referencing Star Trek! lol Thanks! I think they wanted to prevent Flocke from leaving at all if they tied it to the electrical system that might do it. But, do Richard, Ben and Miles have that expertise to wire that? probably not. Of course, Richard is over 150 years old so maybe he learned it! lol I'm leaning towards Widmore too... Yep, I'm very interested to see what we learn next week and then how the end game processes afterwards! (another one of my transparent riddles that I have enjoyed so much over the past week lol)

@Jackson - Don't worry, I agree with your disagreement!

@MJ - I'm invested in Sideways too...don't get me wrong. I just question if this story we've been following for one year would be the one that wins out over the one we've followed for 6 years. I get that all the characters are basically the same and you make a good point that we are invested because of the fact that they are so similar. I am leaning towards Sideways winning out right now...we'll see! we have Cockpit, Bridge and Con! How about we just say it's all of them! lol Okay...and Helm and Wheelhouse! whew

Mike V. said...

@April - Thank you! You're totally welcome for the work. Only have to do it 3 more times :-) (well 3 more recaps...I'm sure i'll post something else eventually) Good point that Ji Yeon may have already been orphaned in either case. I think most people have been speculating that "WATER" (as I mentioned in the blog) might be MIB's kryptonite....or as you say achilles heel. Yeah, now that we know he can be submerged in HUMAN form...we still are not sure about smoke form. And maybe he couldn't "turn into smokey" when he was wet. Maybe he can die if he's drowned? Should be interesting in any case!
People are still speculating that Desmond, too, is a possible replacement for Jacob with the way he's been acting. If not, he's still very important to the end game of LOST. It's not very much a reach...I think the only reach is that Desmond promised Penny he'd never leave her I'm sure whatever outcome he is striving includes Penny and his son Charlie. We'll see!

Good point on Sayid choosing the Good...and MIB not planning for that. That may have been his one mistake. If Sayid didn't choose to blow himself up..they ALL would have died...and if Desmond didn't talk to Sayid maybe he wouldn't have made that choice. Good stuff!

I'm looking forward to next week too...and for the sake of those remaining spoiler free...I will refrain to repeat what you said :-) lol As for your last 2 sentences...I'm thinking they may let us mourn for that period so we'll be prepared for the end game...and then we can rejoin where we left off! (sorry for being cryptic...I'm refraining from talking about next week until next's tough though with being so close to the end! Very tempting!)

@MJ - Interesting comments on next week! I'm intrigued! I did hear about the guest "actor" too...and I think i figured out who they are playing. But we'll see! Where did you get that blurb from btw? And with comments like that...I wonder if Adam/Eve will be resolved!

@Yankeescov - I was thinking that too at one point last night (about Aaron=MIB again). While improbable it could be possible! lol We'll see!

@Snafu - yep...good mirroring point about Locke/Flocke and the C4 on the subs! Yeah...we never found out why Locke was so wet when he planted C4 on the sub. Almost like he was swimming under it or something. Nice thought bringing that back into the discussion! Although, I always considered that a coninuity issue or some error in editing. I still am torn between Richard Crew vs. Widmore crew for the C4 on the plane!

I think any scene with the outrigger is still in play because we never saw who was on the boat that was shooting at the time traveling losties....yeah Jin was still floating in the ocean and time traveling with the other guys so we're good! I still hope we'll see that scene! Maybe it will be a murder obsessed MIB who is shooting at the people on the boat. Who knows?

@Crash - I wouldn't doubt we might be seeing lots of ghosts before the end! But to get Flocke? I'll just "LOL" at that too :-) I still don't know what you're talking about how Flocke knew Locke could fly a plane. When did he mention this? Do we know if ISLAND Locke knew how to fly a plane too? Let's say he could.....if he could...MIB has all of that guy's memories so I guess technically he would know how to fly a plane too. But I think we learned that SIDEWAYS Locke could fly a plane...and I don't know if Flocke would know that or not.

@Rukshan - Well said!

@MJ - Okay fine fine...I'll go with you. It's the Bridge! LOL I'm still not assuming Frank is dead! He's still a Series Regular this season and while the other 3 were bigger...they would have confirmed it in a bigger way than no confirmation at all.

Mike V. said...

Whew that took awhile and I'm sure there are more comments now...I unfortunately have a 2 hour meeting to go to! Keep it up folks...I'll respond to what I can but I'm gonna be pretty busy from now until next Tuesday! lol

MJ said...

davidsalako - true that Flocke having Lockes LA flying knowledge could be intriguing.

But agree that we should not be assuming that Flocke wants that plane to leave. I'm still not sure that 'leaving' is a physical thing like the losties leaving for home afterall.

Have read that someone 'found' a call sheet for the finale - and have posted it online. I have not read it nor am I going to try to find it. But I know some like their big-time spoilers so I figured I'd share that.

And I must hae been wiping my eyes or something cause I missed where they told of the extra half hour last night. I start late and watch thru the DVR recording to avoid commercials too - so probably how I missed it.

Mike V. said...

Okay, I think most of those comments I covered in what I've already said and questioned lol!

So I'll just say thanks everyone for the blog props!

@heidijthorne - you owe it to yourself to finish watching the show...but it's okay to be upset along the way! :-)

And that last Anonymous with the off the wall theories - They're definitely OFF THE WALL! LOL But you gotta like the thinking outside the box! :-)

Enjoy the discussions folks, I'll post when I can.

Mike V. said...

Don't post that CALL SHEET anyone! I heard about it too. I don't want to know about it!

Okay, really I'm going now! lol

crashriprock said...

There was a link that you posted yesterday or the day before. It was a LOST review there were three of them.
Each one of them had a Spoiler hint
the first was There is more than one Pilot on the island.
Then second was Smokey takes a swim.
Im forgetting the third but I will look it up.Why would they say and even make the point that there was more than one pilot on the island?
When they said that I thought maybe Desmond was the other piolot. Then in sideways land we find out that sideways Locke is a pilot.
So why would a second pi;ot being on the Island be a spoiler?

Butterball Turkey said...

Snafu11 - There was a scene earlier on when Locke entered the sub through the top, walked around, and the next thing we knew he was walking around soaking wet. I'm still totally baffled by that!!

If Lapidus is still alive I hope to god that somebody gives the guy a clean shirt. Our losties do laundry and have access to other clothes, why is Frank still toodling around in his pilot garb? Maybe the powers that be are afraid that we'd forget that he's the plane guy?

Butterball Turkey said...

Oh, and AWESOME recap!! Thank you!!

MJ said...

Mike V - I wondered if that blurb was pointing to A&E as well ! LOL

Here's the whole link for the blurb. Again people - this is the link to a blog that has some spoilery stuff for next week's ep !

Weasel said...

It is the BRIDGE.

That is all

heidijthorne said...


Oh I'm sure I won't be able to stay away from the rest of the episodes, I said at the beginning I'd tape them all and have a LOST-a-thon at the end but that never happened.

I guess someone posted that Locke has blown up the sub twice now, once when it belonged to the Othertons and now in last night's episode, good catch I'd forgotten about that, but the minute he told Claire that she didn't want to be on the sub I knew it was going to blow up.

I figured since they didn't show Lapedius dead that he would somehow wind up washing up on shore and they'll find him in an episode or two, I don't think he died, however, LOL to Butterball Turkey, yes, I wish he'd change his pilots shirt.

crashriprock said...

Ok it was called Totaly Losy it was on an EW website
They were called "teasers"
1st more than one piolot
2nd Mib takes a dip
3rd Jack and Claire take a hard look at themselves

the only mention of there being another pilot on the island and the only pilot mentioned was in sideways land.

Maybe EW messed up.

crashriprock said...

Ok it was called Totaly Lost is was on an EW website. They were called TEASERS

1st There is more than one pilot on the island

2nd Smokey takes a dip.

3rd Jack and Claire take a hard look at themselves

when I saw the Teaser I thought it was Desmond that was the second pilot on the ISLAND.
But the only mention of a pilot was in the sideways episode.

Maybe EW messed up.

crashriprock said...

soryy didnt know the first one posted :)

Anonymous said...

I think it would be quite a stretch for Flock to fly that plane, considering he crashed a plane on his first flight! LOL!!

I agree with everyone on the Jin/Sun death scene - very well done.

I didn't even think about Lapidus dying -- but if they don't get off the island on that plane, how are any of them ever going to get off? I guess Widmore could call someone on his satelite phone to come and pick them up?

I thought it was very clever of Flocke to set up the bomb the way he did. He couldn't kill them himself, but he knew someone would panic and pull those wires, which is what actually activated the bomb, causing them to kill themselves. Jack was right, nothing would have happened if they had left it alone.

I thought it was a bit of a stretch for Jack to push so hard for info about Locke and his accident. That would not happen in real life - doesn't he know about HIPAA laws? Apparently Bernard did! I thought Terry O'Quinn did an AMAZING job during that last scene with Jack.

I now think Adam and Eve are Kate and Sawyer. I think they get put in the cave since they are both injured, and they die there, leaving Jack as the new Jacob with Hurley as his "Richard." I have to believe that Adam and Eve die around the same time, or one would have buried the other, right?

Trying to think of who we have NOT seen in Sideways timeline yet -- of the island people, Juliette and Shannon, Ana Lucia, others include Sarah and David's mother (maybe Sarah). Anybody else?

I thought Sayid's death was inevitable, and I liked the fact that he sacrificed his life for the others (although I feel like we lost him a long time ago).

Overall a great episode, definitely my second favorite of this season! Thanks again Mike for your efforts! Cajun QT

crashriprock said...

whats a call sheet?

MJ said...

Cajun - in Sideways we haven't seen Michael or Walt - and we might not yet.

MJ said...

My understanding - and it's not great - is that a call sheet is an overview of what actors will be on the set at what time, also any props and information for that filming session. So it could be highly spoilerish for a series finale.

crashriprock said...

thanks MJ

justin6case said...

I don't think Flocke ever intended to leave the island on that plane. I think he's simply been using the premise of trying to leave the island to get all of the candidates together and somehow kill them. I'm not sure why Richard/Miles/Ben or Widmore would rig up the plane though. Who were they hoping to kill or was there some other motivation? I'm also a little confused to as to why Flocke didn't let them kill themselves on the plane. Why did he have to use the sub? Did he want the sub destroyed? I think the fact that he knew not all of the candidates were dead also is a big hint. I'll bet something happens to Flocke once they're all dead, if that were to happen.

Richard said...

Guys and Gals,
Doesn't it seem a little weird that Flocke would rather gather all the Candidates on the sub to kill them when he could perhaps even more easily had them on the airplane? They were ready to walk up the steps, all Flocke had to do was set the timer and excuse himself for a second(or not as he could perhaps have survived the explosion). So that begs the question, is he trying to preserve the airplane? Which seems to tie into his SW flying capability. He planned on Frank and everybody on that sub dying. It was indeed perhaps Sayid's sacrifice(pointed out by someone else) that Flocke did not take into account.

Weasel said...

I am pretty sure it was Widmore that planted the bomb.

First off, Richard said that they were going to blow up the cockpit so nobody could leave. However, the bomb was in the passenger cabin.

Second, why would MIB plant it and then "find" it without anyone to witness said finding. It would make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

UNLESS: What if Widmore and FLocke are working together? Maybe it is all a ruse to get the Losties to trust Widmore. Only Widmore and FLocke are in on it, though, and Widmore had his guys plant the bomb. That would explain how FLocke knew to grab the watch from the dead guy...

Anonymous said...


Flocke did just set a time and walk away from the plane because it wouldnt have worked. Remember, he can't kill them. They have to do it themselves. The plane they could have just ran out if they noticed a bomb. The sub was perfect because there was no escape and the where to throw the thing. Thus forcing them to take action with it and pull the wires.


crashriprock said...

IMHO the bomb was just a back-up Whidmore placed in case something went wrong you know like Sayid turning off the generator and Flocke killing his men and the Losties escaping.

crashriprock said...

I do think at one point maybe many years ago Eloise made a deal with MIB to get her son back.
and it does start to seem a little weird that everyone in 2004 sideways land has gotten what Flocke had promised them.

Stacie said...

Wow. That's all I can say. Let me divulge that I've already heard a few nuggets about next week's episode that I in no way, shape or form will reveal here, and again all I can say

Anonymous said...

I'm confused - I thought the candidates couldn't die? But both Jin and Sun are dead. Because, Jack couldn't kill Richard. Think of their poor baby! Does look like we get some sort of Jacob/MIB history next week. Here's hoping!!

Lost in MT

Anonymous said...

Lost in MT,

A candidate cannot harm themselves, although they can harm eachother. The reason jack didnt blow up in the black rock was because he lit the fuse and was sitting right there. Thus unable to harm richard because he would have been as well. Smokey can hurt the candidates either, which is why he needed one of them to set it off since only a candidate can hurt another candidate. This makes me wonder if Sawyer pulled a Sayid and ran off with the bomb, if it would have went off....hmmmm....


crashriprock said...

lol Jackson

jeffk said...

I have to disagree that unlock is the bad guy. I believe it is Jacob. If the MIB can be a smoke monster, why can’t Jacob also be a smoke monster, and the actual one who has done most of the killings? We just assume it was the MIB who killed the sailors on Richards ship. Why couldn’t it have been Jacob? Because he says he is the good one? Remember, it is Jacobs that has brought people to island over the centuries to ultimately die, not the MIB.

Yes, Jin and Sun died on the island, but they didn’t die in the flash-sideways. Jin walks past Jack and Flocke into Sun’s hospital room at the end of the show. I believe they all have to die on the island for all of them to have their true (better) sideways life–the life they would have had if Jacob had not interfered in their lives. Unlock is not trying to leave the island, that has just been part of his story to get the candidates to follow his plan and free them from the evils of Jacob.

Stacie said...


Darlton confirmed after last night's episode that MIB IS the bad guy. Now whether or not Jacob is completely good is left to be seen, but he is definitely the lesser of two evils, and that has been confirmed.

Anonymous said...

@crashriprock.. 2:04 pm Jack had mentioned that he had taken flying lessons. He could possibly be the other pilot on the island.

Other ways to leave the Island:
Frozen donkey wheel- most obvious way- it is straight shot to Tunisian desert
The Elizabeth, Desmond’s ship- provided they have the correct heading
Henry Gale’s Balloon- they can use hot air from the volcano to fill it
Outrigger canoe-paddle/sail to Fiji


Mike V. said...

This is word verification is "MONTAN!" LOL

Anyway...yikes 30 comments and I have 30 mintues before I need to leave for home. I'm sorry guys but I'm going to fall way behind this week. I'm just gonna have let you all talk and I'll chime in when I can!

This all day meeting tomorrow is really throwing me off! :-(

Anonymous said...

Lost Fan,

I hope you are joking with Henry Gail's balloon option. Thats more rediculous than me forcing closure upon myself in regard to walt with him being Henry Gail.


justin6case said...

@Jackson - I wasn't saying Flocke should have set a timer on the bomb on the plane. I was thinking more along the lines of him rigging it up so that when one of the Losties does something, the bomb would go off and they would effectively kill themselves. Maybe that would be against the rules though.

Mike V. said...

@Crash - yeah those were the teasers from the Totally LOST video. I gotcha on the Pilot thing. It's a good question that if Flocke is planning to leave the Island on his own...maybe he's going to use Locke's piloting skills to do so. But we don't know if ISLAND Locke had those flying skills. We do know sideways does...and that does seem pretty interesting. I just think it's a leap of faith right now to assume that Flocke knows how to fly because of Island Locke. If he's aware of SIDEWAYS locke...then yes...he may kinda know how to fly! lol

@Butterball - LOL on Lapidus's shirt! lol And thank you for the props on the recap! FYI - If i've commented earlier on stuff you guys are talking about (i.e. Locke on the Sub and wet after)...I think I'm just gonna have to skip it in order to catch up! lol

@MJ - Wow, when I saw A&E I was thinking of the TV channel...but I figured it out :-) Thanks for the link...clearly I have no time now but I might check it out now!

@Weasel - Thanks for your vote of confidence! I'm going with it!

@Heidi - I definitely will be doing my LOST REWATCH when this is all over. I know my wife is already dreading it since I just did one for seasons 1-5 prior to 6. Can't wait!

@Crash - if Flocke is not a may have just been a hint that we're going to see another PILOT in the episode. You're right, maybe EW messed up. But it does pose an intriguing question of how Flocke plans to leave the Island. Of course, it may not matter if he can't leave until everyone is dead!

@Cajun - LOL on SLOCKE crashing on his first flight! Yeah...who knows how they're all gonna get off that Island. I gotta think Lapidus is not dead yet. Yeah it didn't look bright for him...but it didn't look like Jin could survive that freighter explosion either! Yeah...and when did Flocke become an explosives expert and able to timer rig a bomb with a wristwatch? LOL Ahhh good times. As with Sideways Locke - That's why I think his meetings with all of these sideways LOSTIES had to make him more interested in the LOCKE case than normal. Why would Kate and Sawyer be Adam and Eve though? We're in 2007? They saw those 50 year old decomposed bodies in 2004! I think it has to be something else...But we'll see! EKO is another one we haven't seen in sideways but we never will :-( contract issues. You're totally welcome for the efforts! And agree with MJ on Michael and Walt. I'm thinking because Michael's ghost is trapped on the island might have something to do with him not being there...and possibly walt not existing in sideways.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - yeah...that's kinda what i heard too on the call sheet. No interest whatsoever! LOL I've even heard the script is online....who on earth would want to see that!?

@Justin - MIB did beg Jacob to let him go home in 1867....I think his desire to leave the island is very real. If you recall Richard said to Jack and crew "Don't get in our way" if they rigged the plane to explode...they may have been hoping that the LOSTIES would know better than to get on it. But I'm not counting out Widmore yet. But yeah...Flocke seemed to be waiting to "FEEL" something when they all died...and when they didn't...he knew his work wasn't finished. We'll see what happens!

@Richard - He might be trying to preserve the airplane...but the issue with the plane wasn't in flying shape yet...the sub was in moving shape...and once they're under water...there is no escape until they hit the surface. The LOSTIES could have escaped the plane if it was still grounded. The timed bomb put them at odds with each other on deciding what to do. Since Flocke couldn't kill them himself, he needed them to make the decision to kill them all. That's my thought anyway.

@Weasel - good point with Richard mentioning the cockpit...i forgot that. I too made that point about MIB "finding it"...doesn't make sense. So yeah...if those are both the sure would seem like Widmore planted it. We'll see! If Widmore and Flocke are in on it together...then what was up with the scene by the pylons when they declared war on each other? For them to fool Widmore's people too?

@Jackson - Yep, probably could've just read yours and agreed instead of typing up another letter! LOL

@Crash - good thought on the "back-up" plan for Widmore. Also a good point Eloise and MIB making a deal. That is very possible!

@Jerry/Stacie - Thank you for your discretion! and I'm ready for a big WOW next week! the week after and the sunday after that!

@LOST in MT - Sawyer pulled the plugs out of the bomb...therefore HE caused the bomb exploding....if they didn't touch it...they all would have been fine because it would have been FLOCKE trying to kill them. The timer was set on purpose for them to start doubting that they could just sit there and wait for it not to go off.

@Jackson - See my last comment to you LOL

@Jeffk - Read the article that I linked in the beginning of my blog post. Damon and Calrton (the executive producers and showrunners of LOST) said themselves that FLOCKE is the bad guy. That doesn't prove that Jacob is a GOOD guy whatsoever. We have proven thus far that MIB is BAD without a shadow of a doubt! I'm going with the people who write the show on this one :-)

@Jerry/Stacie - whew...i really don't need to comment. You guys have this covered! lol

@LOST Fan - Good call on the other ways to leave the island. Of course the donkey wheel would be a time traveling nightmare! lol Agree with Jackson on the balloon!

Mike V. said...

800 hits away from 250,000 (my latest goal for the FINALE)...hmm...might have to set sights on 300,000 taking the finale bump into consideration!

You guys ROCK! Thanks for all of your support!

gnni4 said...

@AnnonomousCajun QT
We have been told that there will be no more time traveling, we are done with that plot device, so Adam and Eve can't be Kate and Sawyer.

A&E were not buried side by side, so I have always questioned them being a couple. They were laid to rest in the cave, by who we do not know. It was a point in time further back than our losties were stuck, most likely right around, or before Jughead. Maybe A&E are some of the Army people that were wiped out when Richard and Ellie were teens, or when they came to the island.

If it is going to tie into season one to show that Darlton always knew where they were going, it must be a relative of someone we knew from season one, or be connected to smokie somehow. I am not that vested in knowing who they are, I fear it will be a weak link to say, "see, we did have a plan." I hope to be wrong.

I also wonder why FLock has not killed Claire, is he using her as bait or does he have a soft spot for her since he had a crazy mother also? I don't think that he is Aaron because of the no more time traveling, but it doesn't seem right, unless they don't really need her but she is a main charactor -- like my wondering why Cindy was still getting air time.

Weasle, great spot that FLock grabbed the watch BEFORE going into the plane and finding the bomb...hmmmmm

Jackson, good thinking, if Sawyer had grabbed the bomb and run what would have happened?

This show pickles my brain!

crashriprock said...

no Im saying it the other way around. Im saying Flocke is using sideways Lockes memories.

Im doing something Ive never done which is rewatching everything. Till now Ive only re-watched Ab Aeterno because of the tannerife thing. But I wont know for a few days weather Jack ever said he took flying lessons or not.

It is weird that when Locke falls out of his dad's building and Jacob walks up

he looks exactly like he did in the last recruit.

Mike V. said...

Gotcha Crash. It will be interesting if MIB has the Sideways Locke in his head too. mentioned Jack...Jack did take some flying lessons. He mentioned it in the season 1 PILOT episode. He told Kate "took a couple flying lessons. Wasn't for me"

As for Locke looking similar in the 2 instances...well that might be just Terry O'Quinn's "INJURED" face :-) lol

Anyway...gotta run....happy commenting all! I'll do what I can to catch up when I can.

and WOW...90 comments at 5pm the day after the episode? Definite new record!

Anonymous said...

I can see your point on Locke can't kill them, but I thought Michael couldn't be shot? In an earlier season/episode. That's why Christian had to tell him it was ok to "go" when the freighter blew up. Again, I could be completely wrong. It is hard to keep up sometimes, especially since I just found this blog for the final season.
Thanks for all the insights!
-Lost in MT

Weasel said...

@Mike V.: Yeah, if FLocke and Widmore were in on it together, the confrontation may have just been a show for Widmore's people and/or they were speaking in code...

gnni4 said...

Watching again now on ABC and the guy that say's, "somebody cut the power" to doughboy at the cages, then doughboy responds, "get a crew to that generator NOW" He looks like Wil Wheaton. Hard to tell cause everytime I hit pause the screen minimizes to a stupid fashon ad. Anyone have this taped to see it? I have looked for cast online, but it doesn't show bit parts. Would be pretty funny if it was, probably not though.

Anonymous said...

Dang - did they really have to kill off all the minorities in one episode??

Anonymous said...

Nevermind - we still got Miles!

crashriprock said...

Have you tryed watching it on HULU?

gnni4 said...

I have not Crash, thanks! The boy just got home from school, time to switch to mom mode. I will try Hulu for my next rewatch.

Candidate said...

Great Recap Mike. I don't know how you do it. The Force must be strong within you.
My heart is still racing after last nights episode. WOW to the infinite power.

I am absolutely on board w/ Frank is alive and will somehow wash up to shore with a funny one-liner.

Back @ Mike enjoy some breathing time this weekend


I think that the Kwon on the candidate list is Ji Yeon. This may have been posted before but that theory was quite appearant to me in my first viewing of The Incident.

@ ginni4. Gotta agree w/you on Adam and Eve. Might not be a couple... and hope it's not one of those (the writers have to proove something to us ) answers. I think we all can agree that Darlton has already proven themselves. Oh yes FRANK LIVES. he's just gotta come out of this one alive. Lost is pretty heavy for a youngin'. He must be smart and tough w/heart o gold. Loved the letter writing threat... and I too plan on taking monday after the finale off completely.

@ Jackson and Mike interesting equations and numerlogy

crashriprock said...

Maybe Adam and Eve were two production asst's that leaked script notes in season one.

Anyway has anyone ever answered why only the Losties and the crew from the Khana could travel thru time?

In LAX1 why did Jin say to Hurley that they had just moved thru time?

And in the Incident 2 Jacob said "they're coming" just as Julia and the big flash happened

has any of these things been resolved?

crashriprock said...

I have a new theory.
I think this blog is the Island.
Mike is Jacob.
and the more we try to figure out what is going on the more LOST we become.

David Salako said...

@crashriprock - In "LA X" Jin explained to Hurley that they had just moved through time because Hurley like the rest of the "oceanic 6" was not present on THE ISLAND when it or some of our losties began to skip through time. It was a new experience for Hurley as it had happened to him only once before - flashing off of the Ajira flight to groovy '77.

crashriprock said...

I got that but why are the Losties and the crew of the Khana (Daniel, Miles, Charlotte) the only ones that move thru time
Flocke and Richard didnt
the others didnt
the Dharma people didnt
and the statue didnt(notthat that matters) but its only the losties and the khana crew that flash thru time

oh and Desmond.

David Salako said...

I used to think that the reason some of our losties plus Juliet, Miles, Charlotte and Daniel were "special" and flashed through different timeframes on THE ISLAND was because somehow they or their ancestors had in some crazy way been to THE ISLAND before. I thought that "Ab Aeterno" would show this but I was proven wrong.

crashriprock said...

This show is like one of those finger puzzles that when you put your fingers in you cant remove them and the harder you try to remove them the more they get stuck.

I'm about ready to buy old smokey two first class tickets off the island if he just tells me WTF is going on.

Afan said...










Candidate said...

About the call sheets. Yeah I actually saw the casting call sheets on next week episode before season 6 started. These are not the same as what is posted on-line. What I saw was a list to the casting directors. for example we need a latino female aged 14-15 with dark hair and green eyes, Speaking role to play a relative of Ana-Lucia. That example was not on the list but for merely an example.

Spoiler Alert

All I can say is next weeks ep will be introducing characters we haven't met yet.

End Spoiler Alert

@ Crash great adam and eve theory. I think you've got it. and yeah agreed Mike is Jacob-like

@ Davidlasko. I've been thinking about ancestors of some characters and that possibility of they (ancestors) may have been brought to the island

Floreen said...

Nice comments and theories all.

@Mike V - Once again, great, great job. Not for bragging but I said that the cave was Smokey’s place not Jacob’s and I still think that wall in the ep with Michael was a remnant of it after a earlier confrontation MiB vs Jacob. We know when it was the first time MiB wanted to kill Jacob and it can’t be the only one.

Correction when you get a chance - 3 characters lost in one season within minutes, on the main blog.

@Kelly - In Navy lingo, the place for the captain it’s called bridge for surface vessels because it sits over the area bellow which is generally for storage and it’s one transversal whole room from side to side.

A con tower is used only for the submarines because that’s what it looks like a tower with a bit of con shape.

In the air force lingo the cockpit is where the pilot sit at the controls and that little space is called so although originally in the early years of aviation it was called only by the word pit.

Claire is still alive so Flocke can use her to kill that which he can’t, I’ll reckon if the rules aren’t changed.

Sayid could’ve been brought back to the good side by Desmond. That’s what the last conversation in between was about.

I will say that despite the WoW-WoW quality ep, a few balls were dropped again. Day to night and vice versa, Smokey/Flocke and water. Why in some ep's is he so careful not to get wet, and here he’s pushed into it and comes out alive. Obviously, subs and water are no problem for him with a human body and the only reason he can’t live the island is because if on candidate is alive, Jacob’s legacy will hunt him down.

Floreen said...

After all One good candidate is all it takes to keep Smokey in prison.

I feel for all who mourn the loss of candidates on or off the list but - I don't because I expected to happen, BUT more important, is because I keep hope that a SW version they get all they wanted because Smokey was kept in prison and Jacob rewarded them for their help and cooperation.

crashriprock said...

Isnt it a little strange that everyone in sideways land has gotten what Flocke promised?

Floreen said...

@crash - Yes it is just as strange as Locke talking in his sleep about 'pushing the button'.

Was it remorse for his lack of faith which lead to the hatch implosion by forcing Des to turn the key? What was that? Is he living in the side way life with the memory from the island? Is he feeling sorry that that moment started to turn the tide against Smokey? Is it Locke in or Smokey? Yes, it is strange. I can't differentiate Smokey from Locke any more.

@Mike V - I like the goons including the dough boy! What's up with hate against the actors/actresses playing the roles? Just kidding... with a point.

Floreen said...

@crash - Yes it is strange.

Was it Locke saying 'push the button' or Smokey? I cannot differentiate the two of them anymore and I had the feeling that Locke was claimed by Smokey long ago.
They got everything they wanted as Smokey promised so that's discomforting when you really think about. What if that SW is Smokey's world and Des and Charlie etc. is working to reset that because that's a world of Smokey not Jacob. We'll see.

Floreen said...

Sorry for the double post, my email digest got me this time.

EJ said...

A few episodes back, in ST, Jin is giving Sun flowers in her hospital bed and saying something like, "We are all alright now." Is that bouquet the same one he was carrying past Locke in last night's episode? Could this mean Jin is really reassuring Sun that the entire Kwon family is okay in ST and free of Island Time (and we only thought Jin meant Sun and baby were okay after the restaurant shoot out because of the chronology of the story in that episode)???

When Kate was saying "I couldn't find you!" to Jack, I think it's because she had traveled to ST where she and Jack have no connection (yet).

Mike V. said...

Okay guys...time to catch up. But I only have like 30 minutes then off to my all day I'll be picking and choosing! (yeah right...i always say that.)

First off @Florin on the correction - I meant exactly what I said. 3 "SEASON 1" Characters. In other words, Jin, Sun and Sayid have been with us since the beginning and we lost all of them within minutes!

@Lost in MT - Michael could be killed apparently. But he could not kill himself! The island wasn't done with him. Every chance that he had to die was when he would have initiated something that would have killed him...the gun, the car, the bomb on the freighter. Until the C4 incident where he was trying to stop it....and then "The island" or "christian shehpard" or whoever came and told him he could go! you're totally welcome for the insights!

@Weasel on the meeting "just for show" - I gotcha...definitely possible...especially if Widmore is quoting the same "list" that is on the Wall that doesn't have Kate's name on it. It would seem that the Temple people were trying to protect Kate, right? Of course, they didn't care when she left too much.

@gnni - i doubt it was wil wheaton but you never know! lol He has been making appearances on the Big Bang Theory lately. Hysterical appearances.

@Anonymous with the minoriy kills - You are correct with Miles...but it was pretty funny anyway! lol Ironically, I didn't even pick up on it until Kimmel joked about it later that night. Just goes to show how greatly LOST integrated such a diverse CAST into the show!

@Candidate - I don't know how I do it either but thanks! (3 more!) Thanks for the best wishes on "breathing time" me...I'd like to be keeping up with the comments, but it's gonna be tough! As for the equations...I was just messing around! Not sure if Jackson was :-) lol

@Crash - I think the best guess right now is that "the candidates" moved through time...that would suggest KATE may have been a candidate...and Jin also over Sun. Ben was on the wall but crossed off. THE annointed OTHERS may have been in some "time travel free" bubble lol I dunno... As for why Jin said they moved through time...he said he remembered what it felt like. That was supposed to answer for us why they were there. The White Flash was them time traveling. "They're Coming" is "THE CANDIDATES" It was a setup for all of season 6.

The producers said they wouldn't outright explain why some people time traveled and some didn't but that we'd be able to figure it out on our own. That, to me, means it must be "candidate" related.

And thank you for referring to me as Jacob! Love the analogies :-) lol

As for Flocke not moving through time...i think that would depend on "WHEN" that scene between Locke and Smokey took place at the Donkey Wheel. They were back in the WAY past when that happened. unless Locke flashed to the present day when he fell into that deep hole!

@Afan - I read that 2 about Hurley, Kate, Sawyer and Jack being the ones summoned in season 2's finale. It could have possibly been some foreshadowing. But that really seemed like Ben was just trying to recruit them so he could get his surgery done. Some elaborate scheme. Then again..he did get Kate and Sawyer to help build that runway lol Good point on the bullet not killing Kate...But I still don't think Candidates are invincible! Maybe a little luckier than usual (Locke got shot where his kidney used to be and survived....but eventually he got killed!) . Interesting theory that Widmore wants to become the new Smokey! We shall see!

@Candidate - Gotcha on the call sheet! I'm more concerned about the FINALE one than anything. But yes I had heard about next week's episode for awhile. I'm still remaining mum for now!

Mike V. said...

@Florin - Thanks for the props on the blog! Not sure what wall you're referring to with Michael. The Cave may be SMOKEY'S place...but if Jacob was trying to fool him...then Smokey would actually think it was "JACOB'S place" lol

I think we have made a lot of assumptions on our own with Smokey/Flocke getting wet and that being a kryptonite. It has been a popular theory...and it might still be true of him in "SMOKE FORM"....but he did seem a little disgruntled and troubled when he got out of that water. Maybe he was reduced to HUMAN form at that point? Why didn't he turn to smoke to kill all of the Widmore peeps?

Looks like Doc Jensen is subscribing to one of my earliest theories this season on Flocke. Maybe he doesn't want to escape at all. Maybe he just wants to CEASE TO EXIST. Maybe he can't die while all of the candidates survive. Of course, then why would Jacob be worried if that would be all that happened. Maybe the whole world would cease to exist as they know it. Just throwing stuff out there lol

As for the GOONS - Hey I have no hate towards the goons, but we never got a name for DOUGHBOY so I've been resorted to making fun of him (yeah i know his name is on imdb, but I'm too lazy to look it up!) It's all in good fun. Sometimes I like to keep a good joke (in my opinion) running! lol

I think it Sideways Locke was speaking some Island Locke in that sleep sequence...not SMOKEY. But, I guess it could be Smokey since he has all of Island Locke's memories. I refuse to believe Island Locke is gone for good from this show. We need some kind of redemption story for him! Even in death!

@EJ - good point on the Jin Flowers - I didn't even think about the chronology here. I guess they could have been showing us a scene last episode that took place after Jack had completed the surgery on Locke and while they were having their big discussion. Sounds very LOST-like to do. Very interesting idea that Jin was saying "we're okay" to indicate being free of the Island timeline. Very interesting.

And also very interesting on Kate and the "I couldn't find you" possibly being a reference to sideways. With Sawyer unconscious right now...perhaps he is experiencing some sideways stuff too. I mean we gotta face it...they don't have much time to wrap this stuff would definitely make sense if that's what they meant. We'll see! to work unfortunately...I'll try to post some during my lunch break lol Keep on commenting folks!

David Salako said...

Great catch on Jin with the flowers in the hallway of the hospital. I don't know why but we are still saddened by the Kwons aquatic death in the original timeline even though they are alive in this Sideways world.
Maybe it is because we still don't like this odd looking reality?
Perhaps it is because the Kwons in Sideways are not the Kwons whose challenges, experiences and journey we have come to know so well and root for?
How did Jack suddenly start talking "rules"? Maybe his connection to THE ISLAND is getting stronger?

Anonymous said...

DOUGHBOY is "Seamus" on LOST, real name Frederick Koehler, probably best known as Alex, the oldest boy of Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom. He has had appearances on many many TV shows over the last several years, most recently Castle.

I'm kinda liking the theory about Desmond possibly being a pilot -- we never did see what he did in the Royal military --

TOTALLY forgot about the frozen donkey wheel as a way of escaping the island, and we know Widmore knows about that!

Cajun QT

rhinoceros said...

A great episode.

Not great that we lost characters, but it is a story not real life and these things must happen. Very emotional episiode.

Good write up

MJ said...

Crashriprock "Maybe Adam and Eve were two production asst's that leaked script notes in season one." Good one !

Kimmel made some joke about Lost killing off all the minorities as well. So good one anonymous to point out we still have Miles.

Mike V. said...

Got a quick break in my meeting:

Regarding the Jin/Flowers - Rethinking this more...wasn't Jin already in the room and sleeping when Sun woke him up and then they talked about being okay? I gotta rewatch this stuff....I loaded up the last 3 episodes on my iphone for my trip this wknd...I'm gonna guess I'll be able to watch them all! lol

Thanks Cajun on the Seamus info. I still like Doughboy! :-) Good call on Widmore knowing about the Wheel too! Desmond as a pilot...interesting!

@Rhino - Thanks!!

@Everyone - Might want to pick up this week's Entertainment's a LOST Collector's edition. I'm hoping mine comes in the mail today or else I'll be buying it at the airport! lol Vanity Fair is going to have a write-up on LOST as well....the article is already up online. Google LOST Vanity Fair and you'll find it!

Back to work! :-(

crashriprock said...

If Harvey Bernhard had not used it to death in OMEN 1 and OMEN 2

I think a righteous theme song for some parts of this show would be.

" O Fortuna " by Carl Orf

But Hollywood has used this tune in so many movies that hearing it just brings up demonic or satanic overtones.

Carl Orf basicly put music to the 13th century poem.

Carmina Burana

O Fortune,
just as the moon
Stands constantly changing,
always increasing
or decreasing;
Detestable life
now difficult
and then easy
Deceptive sharp mind;
it melts them like ice.

and empty,
you whirling wheel,
stand malevolent,
well-being is vain
and always fades to nothing,
and veiled
you plague me too;
now through the game,
my bare back
I bring to your villainy.

Fate, in health
and in virtue,
is now against me
driven on
and weighted down,
always enslaved.
So at this hour
without delay
pluck the vibrating string;
since through Fate
strikes down the strong,
everyone weep with me!

Carl Orf wrote his tune in 1935.

But like I said its been way way over played.

Mike V. said...

always a fitting song though Crash! lol

Never knew the lyrics though! Definitely very relevant when considering LOST! Thanks for sharing.

We are so fortunate to have Michael Giacchino scoring the show. And, as I've beaten into the ground, I'm proud to say that he went to the same high school as me and I would guess was in the same music programs as me! lol He's done an excellent job on LOST and on everything else he's done! Can't wait to hear what he brings to the epic finale!

Anonymous said...

Mike. Wow, where was this high school? Did you know him at all?

Mike V. said...

It was Holy Cross high school in delran, nj. Naaa I never knew him. I'm sure he graduated a few years before me! Lol

Weasel said...

From Wiki:
The conning tower of a submarine was a small watertight compartment within its sail, from which the periscopes were used to direct the boat and launch torpedo attacks. It should not be confused with the submarine's control room, which was directly below it in the main pressure hull, or the bridge, a small exposed platform in the top of the sail. As improvements in technology allowed the periscopes to be made longer—then to be eliminated altogether, as in the Virginia-class—it became unnecessary to raise the conning station above the main pressure hull. The additional pressure hull was eliminated and the functions of the conning tower were added to the command and control center. Thus it is incorrect to refer to the sail of a modern submarine as a conning tower.

Weasel said...

Wacky thought on Jin:
IF Jin was/is a candidate, he should still be alive... Sure FLocke set off the explosive, but Jin was not trapped and did not die in the explosion; Therefore, by staying with Sun he was KILLING HIMSELF, which a candidate cannot do!

Weasel said...

... on previous post... unless the island was done with him.

Snafu11 said...

@ Mike V On - 'Flocke seemed to be waiting to "FEEL" something when they all died...and when they didn't...he knew his work wasn't finished.'

I think your right in that when all of the candidates have died, he will regain his humanity. He probably will not be able to become smoky anymore & he can only leave the island if he is Smoke-free. Rule 108 sections 15-16 of the unofficial make-up-the-rules as I go book.

Rule 51 states that once his keeper has be killed (Jacob), he will be restricted to the last corporal personna he's assumed.

crashriprock said...

Im not saying the music on the show is bad.

But imagine hearing O Fortuna for the first time on the show and knowing the lyrics.

I think it would be cool

crashriprock said...

Im also thinking if I had access to All the dvds, I could reedit this show and come up with a cross between:

Fantasy Island
Needful Things

With Jacob as Mr Rourke

Flocke as Max Vonsydos part

and Ben as tatoo

'Dee plane boss dee plane

MJ said...

Look! A Countdown to Lost Finale clock on the Watcher blog. Too funny.

MJ said...

Duh! Forgot the link !

MJ said...

Don't know if anyone is a watcher of Modern Family - but the mom on the show is the actress that played Jack's wife ! They did a nice shout out to Lost in their last ep. ;-D

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog, first time posting, hats tipped to you Addicts.
Not sure if anyones mentioned this yet, I haven't read all the comments but the only way to get Jack on the sub was to shoot Kate. Is it possible that Widmore and MIB are in cohoots?

Mike V. said...

Can't comment much now but...thanks for the link MJ and definitely saw Modern Family last night.

Last Anonymous..good point with getting Jack on the sub by shooting Kate. People are definitely speculating that maybe MIB and Widmore are in cahoots. And if Eloise already is....maybe this is even further proof!

I'll post more later!

crashriprock said...

Ok so you're saying Whidmore brought Desmond back so smokey could kill him?

Then why did he test Desmond?

David Salako said...

BTW - I saw Julie Bowen on "Kimmel" the other night and she said she wasn't "doing anything on lost".

Maybe she was being coy but I think this MAY clear up the mystery surrounding David Shephard's mother? lol!

Steve said...

Ok, I'm back. Two quick thoughts:

1) I don't think this episode says anything about Locke's dad's intentions, or about him being a good guy here (we know he still screwed sawyers mom). Think about it this way, what would have happened if, during bird shooting (in the original time-line with Locke) Locke had accidentally shot his dad and made him a vegetable? He would have been wracked with guilt and never forgiven himself, because he didn't KNOW he was a conman. For all we know, Lock was being conned, but it backfired.

2) I'm not QUITE ready to give up on my "MIB as the good guy" theory yet, but it's getting much more difficult, I must say. Here is my only refuge (and imagine how good I will look if I'm right?): Let's postulate that, in order for time to "reset" properly, and for the island "prison" to be destroyed, Jacob must be killed. Now, since there are candidates, they must be killed as well. Now, imagine that, once dead, time actually resets itself back to where we saw it go (or time changes so that people get to live their lives without the island interfering). Now, if that were the case, wouldn't the MIB be completely justified in killing them? I mean, it isn't REALLY killing them if they all come back in the end (which we know they do), so, if that were the case, not killing them all would actually be the same as killing everyone who had already died.

Yeah, I went there. I know it's not popular right now, but hey, who knows.

Mike V. said...

I wasn't saying anything really...just saying that people are suggesting that Wid and MIB could be in cahoots. Good retort with Desmond tough! lol

Oh and btw...I also wasn't suggesting you didn't like the LOST Score...i was agreeing that O Fortuna would be very fitting for LOST too!

Still just picking and choosing meetings should be over soon then I can catch up!

And David - That sucks about Julie Bowen...Carlton Cuse seemed to tease that she might be on it since they were in Hawaii filming Modern Family.

crashriprock said...

I know, have a good time this weekend.

I think Whidmore has gone back on a deal Eloise made.

David Salako said...

Julie Bowen may have been "economical with the truth"...

Steve said...

Oh, and btw: yes, I've read the comments from the producers, and I don't believe them (call me crazy if you want). I think they are protesting TOO much. In fact, they haven't really done that much to make people like flocke, even when they made him semi-likable, there was always that "he has a plan" feeling behind it. Frankly, I think the true long con is on us, that, in fact, the producers are trying to throw us a bone, but the WRONG bone on purpose.

Seriously, can you think of any other time when the producers have said anything like this? Have clarified who the bad guy was? Can you think of a reason to do it now other than to throw people off the scent?

Of course, I could be completely wrong, but then I would just be disappointed, because most people have ALWAYS thought flocke was the bad guy, so "convincing us he was good just make him truly evil" either failed miserably, or they have another trick up their sleeves.

crashriprock said...

Oh and Mike
If you lose a candy bar in a vending machine and a tall blonde guy tries to give it back to you...


lol just kidding

have fun

Mike V. said...

@Weasel - This is hysterical how much conversation that me not knowing what to call the SUB PILOT STATION has caused! lol Good point on Jin too...I guess we could consider that the WATER killed him! Or you could be right, the Island may have been done with him too. Who knows???

@Snafu - I guess that's possible with him "losing his smoke mojo" if they all died. But what trips me up is that MIB told Richard that "Jacob took my body" in the Ab Aeterno what does that mean? I'm sure next week may be very enlightening.

Nice on the RULES as you go too lol

@Steve - Good point that maybe Locke was being conned anyway (in sideways)! The only reason I will not agree with any theories that state "MIB is a good guy" is simply because Damon and Carlton finally broke the silence after this past episode and stated 100% certainly that they killed off 3 main characters in one episode to certifiably prove that MIB was evil! But I'll leave 1% doubt in my mind to entertain your theory! lol There may be a way to justify the deaths if the Sideways timeline is the one that exists in the end. (like i said...only 1% onboard with the theory! lol)

Mike V. said...

@David - touche'

@Steve - I won't call you crazy! The only time they clarified who a bad guy was with KEAMY. They said HE was a bad guy on their podcast. but they also said that Season 6 will be the classic battle of Good vs. Evil and defining who is on which side. So they finally unveiled the curtain that MIB is evil. Not a stretch beyond our wildest imaginations, but they definitely did kill off 3 main characters in the process of showing us that. I think at some point, we just need to trust the producers. And I'm guessing that the breaking point of when that happens is with 4 hours left in the show (4.5 actually) lol

@Crash - Thanks for the tip! LOL

Steve said...

See, that's where you're wrong. The time to be trusting the producers about what they say on the show the second after the final "Boom LOST" shows up on the screen, and not a second before. After that, they have no ulterior motive to say anything that isn't true, before that, they want to keep us guessing. My problem is, they have always said "you don't know who's good or evil". They always say "we'll be surprised". Well, would anyone here be "surprised" if flocke turns out to be evil? Was there ever a point where the majority of people thought "flock is the good guy"? Probably not. Sure, there were times when people questioned, but there was never a time where they were sure, or almost sure, that flocke was good. Without that belief, there is no surprise, and it's just a boring "hey, dude is a bad guy, just like we've always known" ending.

I'm just holding out for a true twist in this final season. Without one, to me, the season is a big failure.

But I'm happy to be the only one preaching the gospel of Flocke. If I'm right, I get all the credit you see :)

Mike V. said...

@Steve - You're absolutely right...if you're right, then you'll get a lot of credit! lol So may as well go down in a blaze of glory! But, if there isn't an EPIC twist before the finale...I would not say this season is an epic failure. I think they achieved their biggest twist already with the bombshell they dropped in the end of season 3. That was an amazing finale and twist for the entire series. No one had ever expected this show to get to a point where they'd leave this island but want to come back! There could be a big twist in the Sideways realm and how significant it will be in the end. Maybe whatever note they leave us on (final images) will leave us with interesting takes on the show to discuss. maybe there will be a way to justify MIB's desire to leave the island after next week.....but I just don't think there is any way to dispute the fact that the dude was purely acting out of evil intentions. Yes...if what he is doing will eventually cause them all to wake up in sideways land...then maybe you can justify it. I dunno....the dude is just BAD! And hey...i'm not saying Jacob is NOT bad either!

Anyway, I'm just rambling right now. you bring up some good points, but I'm choosing to trust Darlton as I always have. I'd say they usually speak the truth to us when the time is appropriate. And makes sense that we shouldn't trust anything they say until the final LOST shows on the screen. But, I really don't think they'd mislead us with information like that. Just my opinion though!

hg said...

So if Smokey took over Locke's body as a vessel to exist, wouldn't it be logical to think that Jacob took over the body he's currently in and was some form of something else as well (white smoke)?

Memory is fuzzy: when Ben killed Jacob in the temple, did Jacob speak to Ben first? Wasn't the fire the actual cause of his death after Ben stabbed him? Thinking that Smokey has to be stabbed and thrown in water to be killed? good/evil; fire/water; yin/yang

just sayin'

hg said...

I suddenly want to break out in Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat "opposites attract"...sorry, I'll go away now.

Mike V. said...

@Holly - one thing I always try to clarify. Smokey never "took over" ANYONE's body. He appears as them but he isn't using any bodies. Remember...Locke's body is buried underground. But yeah...the Jacob = white smoke has been thrown around. And kinda makes sense since attempts were made to kill MIB and Jacob with the same dagger and they had to be done before either of them talked. But I dunno. Jacob definitely spoke to Ben though.....he said "remember, you have a choice" And choice has been a big theme of this final season.

no need to go away with your MC Skat Kat talk....that animated cat just cracks me up! lol

Anonymous said...

A couple of people are commenting that everyone got what Locke promised in SW, but what about Sayid. He did not get the girl, and now he is going to jail. Just a thought
-Lost in MT

crashriprock said...

Sayid was kidnapped in sideways land and killed bad guys in self defence
so I dont think Sayids story is done yet in sideways land

EJ said...

@ Mike -- You're right about Jin in the chair at Sun's bedside in ST.

Once I read your post, I remembered it that way, too. I just rewatched it, and Jin is asleep in the chair when Sun wakes up, but he DOES say to her, "It's over... and we're all going to be okay." I could be reading too much into it -- Jin could easily have meant "Life with Father Paik" or the scare that comes with a pregnant woman being shot in a foreign country.... (Poor Sun -- she took it in the gut in BOTH timelines!)

The camera then pans to the hallway where Jack and David's mutual admiration fest is happening while Jack is walking in to do Locke's surgery, so I was definitely wrong about chronology of the flowers going past post-op Locke as he heads out of the hospital.

It just really struck me, though -- maybe I was thinking about the flash back where Jin carried the big stuffed bear into a hospital. LOL.

It could also just be my desperate denial in overdrive, wanting Sun and Jin to come out with a happy ending, coupled with knowing there is often double speak in LOST!

Mike V. said...

It's okay EJ! It was a really good theory and even if things don't match up EXACTLY like that, there still could be some truth to it. i.e. maybe there's a happy ending in there somewhere for somebody! But I don't think it will be for everyone! It's LOST after all!

As for the other conversation about Sayid in Sideways...I agree..the story is far from complete (well..not far but you know what i mean lol there's more to tell!) I really want to know what that Sideways is all about! 4.5 more hours...and we'll know as much as we'll know....until August 24th lol

Btw...I'm reading my LOST Entertainment Weekly (AWESOME btw...I got the Locke cover...check my recent tweet @lostaddictsblog!) The producers are saying they will go into radio silence (i know we already knew this)....and allow us to speculate on this finale just like we have done with every other one. But it sounds like they will emerge from their hiding at some point and tell us some of their interpretations of the show. My guess will be around August 24th! lol You know...since there may be episode commentary and special features...and maybe interviews with them as they promote the release of that and the LOST encyclopedia.

So, even though it's ending 5/23....we'll still have loads more to discuss folks! And I won't consider my Blogging job complete until we're tired of talking about it! (hmm...does that mean never?? :-))

rhinoceros said...

Crazy Final scene of finale prediction again;

The whole lost saga on Island turns out to be a conveyancing dispute. Hurley buys out all parties and builds Chicken Joint over site of first hatch. Last shot - Hurley working a way through a bucket.


Floreen said...

@weasel - With the new designs in subs and surface vessels, the bridges and conning towers will be a thing of the past although not eliminated. In the Russian Navy the conning towers do have the control room, periscopes, etc. plus windows for visual observation. The body of the sub below the con tower is reserved for the other things, ammo, engines, storage for water and food so the subs can stay submerged and out at sea for longer times up to five years or more.

Floreen said...

@crash - Anonymous said something about a couple people talking about that in the SW everybody got what they wanted and he points out correctly so that Sayid didn’t. Wait... that was us ;-)

That made me think for a minute. They all got what they wanted yet they were Not Happy with what they got as if they got all they wanted but for one piece: True Love, True Belonging to where they were and what they got. Des got what he wanted, except for Penny. Charlie didn’t got the girl he loved either, Sayid didn’t, Ben didn’t got the vice-principal position and leaving Dharma is interpreted by his father as a mistake, etc. In that world it seems the Smokey got them what they wanted but less than promised and with a lot of strings attached.
Eloise is the only one who got all what she wanted and thinking back even she’s afraid she might loose it if Des interferes. So is safe to say that Smokey in the end tricked all the characters into a superficial, unreal world.

Anonymous said...

Theories I agree with:

1) Sayid gained some of his humanity back after speaking to Desmond. I definitely think what Desmond said struck a cord with him, certainly enough to convince Sayid not to kill Desmond. That's when Sayid began to rebel against Smokey's influence! Like everyone else, I'm glad he went out with honor. I'll never forget his expression as he was running to the end of the sub. He proved once and for all that he is good. I really like that because he's been one of my fave characters since the beginning.

And even though I want him to have a happy ending in Sideways world, I get the feeling that by the end even Sideways World will cease to exist. Remember? Dead is dead. Which makes me question why no one in Sideways World is remembering their deaths and suffering on the island? They're only remembering the good stuff. You know, maybe the finale will reveal some sort of third reality which is the truth and where everyone will end up. I just thought of something else. Every thinks Sideways world could be the timeline without Jacob's interference, right? And we also know that the purpose of the island is contain the evil that is MIB. but in sideways world, the island has sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor. So could this also be the timeline with none of MIB's influence either? No Jacob AND no MIB?

2) Ben and crew teamed up with Widmore. They got the C4 in exchange that Widmore's people do the dirty work of blowing up the plane. Except they lie about it and rig the plane to blow up thinking they've outsmarted MIB.

3) Lapidus is alive. He better not be dead because that would have been a HORRIBLE way to go. He probably got back up off screen and made his escape or the water forcefully sucked him out and in a couple of days our once again stranded Losties will fnd him unconscious on the shoreline. Oh! I just thought of something. Everybody went out the hole, so if Lapidus had still been knocked out in the hall, somebody would have noticed him! but he was nowhere in sight. That or he was trampled over by 4 pairs of feet. Totally undignified way to die. I'm sticking to that he's alive.


Floreen said...

@Mike V - Okay, I thought that under the stress of loosing three loveable characters you confused the words and said three seasons number one were lost in a few minutes, but you meant 3 characters who’ve been with us from the beginning (season one) were lost in a mater of minutes.

I feel you with the goons and the names, I feel for the people playing those characters. I guess the thing which gets me is the sheer carelessness with which ‘the players’ plays gods with other peoples lives, like Seamus for example. They think that human life is so cheap?

Lapidus - let’s just say that comparing it to Sawyer, he got whacked by the wheel and the hatch door threw him on the floor and fell right on the top of him and flooded with water. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he is dead in the end. I like the guy and I’ve seen a lot fo movies with Faye, but just saying that his chances to survive are pretty slim.

Anyone caught a Mr Friendly as a sheriff in the pilot ep of Happy Town?

MiB Not wanting to leave the island after all as speculated by some? Not a chance. He said he wants to leave, he’ll kill Jacob and the candidates, boom, gone.

If we have a such a twist Steve talks about I Would Be EXTREMELY Disappointed. I think the prods/writes spoke clearly that Flockey is bad. I do wonder how did Jacob took his body? And does that means he could only be smoke from the volcano with an image of a human? The wall and Michael, I was thinking about what we talked in the Lighthouse ep.

Nice play unto the paradox about the cave tough. That reminds me of the Free Will vs Predictable. Flockey doesn’t seems to understand or grasp that concept that not everybody is evil or chooses so

Flockey disgruntled for what happened to him been so unceremoniously thrown in the water? Heck, I would be to. Maybe that wasn’t his initial plan so that’s why he was pissed. I still think that the clues and end result plus the plot doesn’t add up. He doesn’t have a real body, His Smokiness only looks like Locke yet he’s pretty solid body for a piece of smoke.

crashriprock said...

Charlie hasnt seen claire...YET

Sayid is going to be cleared of charges

Jin and Sun Get the baby.

So will kate and Id like to point out how small her record is in sw time.

Claire is getting her baby.

Sawyer is off the island and is a good guy not a con.

Hurley is getting Libby back

Eloise got Daniel

Jack has a son and isnt in his dads SHADOW

everyone got what they wanted.

except me ... I just want to know WTF the smoke monster is

although I did notice that when Hurley is cranking the light house mirrors it sounded alot like the one of the sounds the smoke monster makes

crashriprock said...

Im not saying sideways world is happy ever after

I just pointing out that everything Flocke promised them has come true. It may not be exact but it is technicaly what they wanted.

crashriprock said...

oh yeah
Lostpedia (sorry Mike)
has had alot of people ( I dont know who)
posting spoilers
so much so they have closed the site to everyone who signed up after april 15.....

my word puzzle is "sting" lol

crashriprock said...

Im rewatching "Sundown"
RIght after Sayid's failed atempt to kill Flocke. Flocke Tells Sayid what if I told you you could have anything you want.Sayid says the only thing he ever wanted died in his arms. The Flocke tells him that it is possible for Sayid to have what ever he wants.

Cut to

Sayid in the livingromm with Nadia.

(personaly I dont think Sayid meant Nadia but who knows)

gnni4 said...

I suddenly understand why Patchy seemed invincible, he must have been a candidate at some time. I wonder if Ms. Klugh knew about sideways, and that is why she didn't seem to bat an eye about having someone shoot her to save the info (that ALWAYS bothered me.)

I can't believe that I didn't figure out these folks were candidates before, seems so clear now. I don't have a clip of the cave wall, were they on it?

And really, just because Smokie might be bad, does NOT AT ALL mean that Jacob is good. I think that could be the final twist, they are both bad!

crashriprock said...

I dont Klugh on the list.

gnni4 said...

It just seems weird, if she wasn't a candidate, she MUST have thought she could get to sideways. She begs Patchy to shoot her rather than give any information, the info wasn't that important. I always wondered why she would give her life for nothing.

crashriprock said...

gnni4 here is the link to the list
maybe Im missing something
(dont get mad Mike)

gnni4 said...

Thanks Crash, should have thought to check that myself. I was thinking of a clip, BOY that list was extensive!

Just watched a cool Star Trek Next Generation rerun I had forgotten about, 'Masks'. With 2 aliens,Korgano and Massaka forever chasing eachother. They turn out to be Sun and Moon, always circling, each eventually 'killing' each other...
wondered if Jacob/MIB might be pitted against eachother i some similar cat and mouse. If Jacob were the Sun/light/good being, and he is now dead, could that be why the night/day light/dark is so out of whack on the island now?

Just random sleep deprived thoughts.

Anonymous said...

my theory for the end game:

I think all the remaining candidates will die, except Jack who is Jacob's replacement and director of all the island's future pawns. then all of the candidates we ever got to meet will become/are permanent spirit residents of the island (in island timeline) for the rest of eternity along with all the previous candidates of ages past. and with their unique spirit abilities they haunt the off-island people of the world telling them where they need to go and have to do just like Eloise Hawking. and because they work for the island directly now, they "just know" all the decisions/actions that the people they talk to have to make. they connect to said non-yet-island-affiliated-people by channeling their consciousnesses through their other selves in sideways world. GASP! NO WAIT! maybe sideways world and the island timeline are in fact a single timeline. Like Juliet said, the bomb worked and sideways world became the new reality as a result. However, since dead is dead, all the people who have died, well same thing as I said before, they can only exist because the island is harboring their souls which in connection to the island are being transmitted to their new selves. something like that... uuugh my mind is exhausted.

well, the one thing I know for sure is that LOST will have a bittersweet ending. and I think that means that either not eveyone gets a happy ending or everyone does get a hapy ending but with a catch. personally I think its the latter.


Mike V. said...

Crash - you don't have to apologize every time you link to clearly is the best reference site for LOST! I just like to comment sometimes that it's kind of cool that stuff can be found on this blog pretty easily these days too. And it's just from writing the recaps for every episode. As for the Candidate List? Lospedia did a fantastic job putting that together.

However...gnni - I'm not so sure this has anything to do with why Mikhail wouldn't die so easily. I really think he just got lucky a few times in a row and it became more of a joke than anything at the end. The pylons were on a non-lethal setting. Yes, he did get shot with a harpoon, but he had some extra padding on him too lol I dunno. As for Klugh being willing to die...your guess is as good as mine....but they all were working for Jacob....and Ben had them brainwashed to think they were doing something for the benefit of the Island. (for protection of the Island)

@Rhino - great final scene theory...and then if someone finishes the Starbucks (Eko's Church) buy the finale they'd be in great shape! LOL

@Lauren's first post - Agree with you on Sayid. Yeah, agree there's more going on in Sideways too. Possibly it's a life without Jacob AND MIB, we just don't know enough yet. But I do agree that one timeline needs to cease to exist in the end. And I do agree that Dead has always been Dead! lol (except in Sayid's case apparently! but he is dead now!) Still don't know about Ben and crew....interesting that you think they teamed up with Widmore. Just doesn't seem like something BEN would want to do. I have a feeling that we'll be able to witness Ben and Widmore's INITIAL "reacquaintence" on the Island! lol And I totally want to believe that Lapidus is alive. And I think there has to be more to his story considering they didn't confirm the death!

Mike V. said...

@Florin - I do appreciate you looking for typos! Just had to clarify that one was what I meant! Really, guys...I know that I make lots of typos with no time to look for them. So if you find any funny ones...let me know! lol Yeah, I think the reason Widmore's goons were all dorky and wimpy was because they were all scientists who were asked to take on some extra responsibilities. It was all intentional...but the first time we saw them, I was just like "REALLY!?!?!?!" So that feeling kinda stuck with me more in a joking manner than anything! But, in LOST, we know the minor players are just there to get blown up and killed whenever needed! I hear you on feeling for them, but it's just human nature that we care about our main cast members! :-)

Agree that MIB is trying to get off of that island in one way or another. Even if something happens to him when all of the candidates are dead and he doesn't PHYSICALLY have to leave the island. We'll see!

Agree that Smokey is bad. Their interview said "There is NO ambiguity"....I think they're trying to be clear with us on this one. I gotcha on Michael and the wall Florin. And agree that Smokey still thinks everyone is corruptible. But since "it only ends once" I think we found our crew that won't be!

@crash - interesting with the sound effects for the lighthouse dial....never thought to compare it to the Smokey sound. Although, I'm guessing it's a coincidence! But you never know! Nuts about the spoilers on lostpedia too. Can't believe some people are like that but there are all kinds of folks in this world! It's probably NON-Fans trying to ruin it for people!

As for Sayid not meaning's entirely possible. I rejected the idea at first when people were bringing it up on the "SUNDOWN" recap....but I'm coming around on it. I have a feeling we'll see Sayid meeting Shannon in Sideways land. But we'll see!

@Gnni - totally agree that Jacob may not be a very good person either. He may have better intentions than Flocke, but he is still responsible for many deaths. We'll see if he ends up being PURE evil too!

@Lauren Post #2 - I'll let your theory speak for itself as I exhausted my mind reading it too! It's a good one though! :-) lol I agree the ending of LOST will be bittersweet. Can't wait to see it!

I once threw the theory out there that maybe these Sideways LOSTIES are the Ghosts we've been seeing...the ones that have been visiting Hurley. I don't really know how they'd pull that off...but I like to keep the concept out there in case it turns out to be at least 1% right. Then I can claim it for my own! :-) lol Never really flushed that theory out....just had my 1 sentence theory! I really think the Sideways is more than that...but if anything could explain the Ghosts in an interesting way...that certainly would be interesting! Based on reading this week's EW...Jensen (who must have witnessed some of the finale) is agreeing with the producers that the sideways story was definitely essential to tell. We'll see!

crashriprock said...

Here is an alternative ending.

Hurley goes back to the cave to check the ID of Adam and Eve. Strange ghosts keep him from his task but Hurley is determined.

Jack and Sawyer find an old beached 20' white sea cruiser with a patch on its side. As they aproach it they are attacked from the jungle.

Kate trying to dress her wound finds a Bill Blass fashion dress a bit worn and when she starts to tear it she hears to female voices from the jungle.

Ben Richard and Miles are trying to find Desmond, they hear a strange wind and tiki tak noise and suddenly an old man appears. The old man tells the three they have to go to the beach and help Jack and Sawyer who are under attack.

Hurley gets up the nerve to get Adam's wallet. Then a spider pops down and he drops the wallet into a box under Adam and Eve the Box is a trunk with the initials T.H.III

The old man dissappears and Richard leads Ben and Miles to the beach to help Jack and Sawyer.

Kate peers into the jungle and sees the outline of two women one tall the other short in shorts.

Richard Ben and Miles come up from behind the two that are attacking Jack and Sawyer....TBC

maninblack said...

Lost the Candidate best scene

crashriprock said...

... As Richard Ben and Miles take the attackers by suprise the attackers stop and stand up, one is wearing a red shirt the other is wearing a blue shirt.

Kate gets a better look at her shodowy charactors and sees one woman is a tall red head and the other is a short bruenete.

Hurley Is reaching best he can to get the wallet. He does and opens it real slowly. He wipes debree of the wallets id ans sees the name but only partialy Hurley reads it out loud. "usrten owl..."

The attack on the beach has ended ans Richard and Miles march the attackers toward Jack and Sawyer . The attacker with the blue shirt on takes his hat off and hits the attacker in red on the head.
The attacker in red says...
"Im sorry skipper I didnt see them coming"

The two women in the jungle step out to greet Kate since Kate already knows they are there. The brunnete looks at Kates wound and tells the tall red head. "Ginger she is hurt she needs to tear your good dress to bandage her wound."

Hurley is repeating the name "Ursten Owl"
when Adam suddenly sits up and says " its Thursten you idiot Thursten Howl the third"

The old man shows up at the beach carrying an radio made of cocanuts.
Kate, Ginger and Maryanne soon follow Lost reunion music starts as they all meet and greet. Hurley comes down the beach with the elder Adam and Eve aka Lovey.

The theme music from Gilligan'
s Island cues up as all of the people on the beach begin to realize the writers will never let them off the Island.

Mike V. said...

@ManinBlack - not a big Kate fan eh? lol

@Crash - LOL ....I was wondering where you were going with your little Fanfic....but very nice ending! That said...if the show ever decided to end like that....I would blow up my blog! LOL

David Salako said...

Not too many comments regarding Dr. Bernard Nadler's slightly omniscient demeanor and interaction with Jack Shephard in Sideways world? Are the older characters somehow automatically wiser in Sideways? Eloise, Rose and now Bernard?

Bill [PA] said...

I have to rewatch to be certain, but I don't thik the C4 was ever planted on the plane. fLocke had it in his backpack, picked up the watch, went on the plane to get the wires he needed, and then came out and lied about the plane being rigged to explode. Was there ever a shot of the C4 actually in an overhead compartment?

Haven't ever trusted Widmore and still don't. He had everyone rounded up in the cage for fLocke to "rescue", then was conveniently and suspiciously absent.

Sawyer: "OK, Smokey, if you're on our side, go clear out the sub and we'll be along when it's safe." Why didn't that happen? Would've made more sense.

Why do bullets pass through fLocke but Jack's hand didn't?

Mike V. said...

@David - Touche', I touched on it in the blog but then the comments are mostly concerned about who planted that C4! lol Interesting to play the AGE card into this. I guess the older you get the closer to DEATH you may be? (a stretch on near-death situations lol) So the question would be if Charles Widmore knew everything as well.

@Bill - No they actually never did show the C4...i thought they were trying to be all mysterious about it only to reveal it was C4 lol But I guess it's possible it was never planted. But then where did Flocke get the explosives?

I'm with you on not trusting Widmore...but what he's actually up to? No clue... But I'm liking the idea that he and MIB may be working together (especially if Eloise is working with MIB too) seems like that discussion outside the hospital when they were talking about sacrificing things could hold a lot more weight if we learn that. I just don't know how Desmond plays into it then.

Btw...i don't think we've seen bullets pass "THROUGH" flocke...they just seemed to miss him.....we saw a knife go right through Flocke too. Maybe it's electromagnetism related? Bullets are metal...Smokey is...well...i dunno...we don't know what smokey is!

Mike V. said...

Hey Guys, I'm getting emails from the people behind the TIMES TALK LIVE and they asked me to remind everyone that the big interview with Damon and Carlton in New York is being simulcast in HD in various movie theaters around the country. I booked my tickets for May 20th! With 3 days before the finale, it's going to be great to hear Darlton talk about their vision and their construction of the finale (hopefully spoiler free LOL I'm sure it will be). You can check the theaters and submit questions to Damon and Carlton for the interview here!

Times Talk Live with Damon and Carlton - Info

crashriprock said...

Maybe Flocke is related to Santa Claus
I never could figure out why they sent a fat man down the chimney and not one of the tiny little elves.

David Salako said...

A few episodes back I commented on FLocke's backpack and what on earth could be in it as the camera seemed to make sure that we noticed he had it all season long. If he didn't get it from the Ajira plan, he could have got it from the Dharmaville before he approached a drunken and grieving Sawyer.

Mike V. said...

@Crash - you may have just solved one of life's greatest mysteries!

@David -'s possible!

crashriprock said...

Well if you think about it what comes out of a chimney...smoke.
And when the smoke dissipates Santa Claus appears just Like smokey.
Then in exchange for milk and cookies Santa leaves you the thing you want most.
I think they could just stop all the killing right now if they just gave Flocke some milk and cookies

MJ said...

Mike V and Steve - you are both right ! LOL Mike - you are right in that so far Darlton have not overtly lied to us. BUT - in many many interviews earlier this season they said evil is not so black and white or clear cut, and now they are saying the Flocke is bad - which makes Steve right that they might be setting us up. It can't be both - Flocke is evil, but evil is not something that clear cut. So in some way they are toying with us yet.

Mike V. said...

@Crash nice lol

@MJ - yeah...I can see that I guess. But when they say stuff like "NO AMBIGUITY"....I begin to think their intention is that Smokey is evil! But I dunno...I'm willing to accept any way they go in these final hours!

And with that...I'm out folks. I have a meeting the rest of the afternoon and then I'm heading out on my trip. I will not be commenting much, if at all, over the wknd. If I am, bear with me because I'll be fighting through bad phone service to send a message on my phone! lol

Enjoy the conversating over the wknd and Monday and I'll catch up on what I can on Tuesday! NAMASTE LOSTIES!

hg said...

I was thinking that because he's Smokey, maybe the bullets repelled off of him because he's electromagnetized or something like that, then why didn't the knife Sayid jabbed through him get repelled too....not sure where I'm going with this.

Everything is opposite days between Original Timeline (OT), Sideways Land (SW). I love to think of all the opposite symbolisms too....what else?

Locke: OT - wants to walkabout; SW - wants to be paralyzed

Sawyer: OT - conman; SW - cop

Kate: OT - murderer; SW - she's 'innocent' (still need more of her backstoory on SW)

Claire: OT - give up baby; SW - keep baby

Sun/Jin: OT - married & unhappy; SW - unmarried & happy

Sayid: OT - torturer; SW - tortured soul

Ben: OT - weasel; SW - helper/caring

Hurley: OT - $ made him crazy; SW - $ made him successful

Jack: OT - science; SW - faith

Black (MIB)/White (Jacob); Freewill/Destiny; fire/water; temple/cave; mirrors reflect oppositie image; magnetitism repels

yadda yadda yadda, time for my siesta

crashriprock said...

I think this is dualism's attempt to become a triplex.
Im just curious to see how they ground it.

hg said...

there's only 2 sides to my brain, I don't think I can handle triplism

crashriprock said...

triplex is easier than quads

this show has Dualism a little backwards.
Black is positive
white is negative
Neutral is not shades of grey

If black is the presence of all color

and white is the absence of all color

then neutral is color

not a blurred line between black and white

MJ said...

Mike V - if they are having you schill tickets for them then they should be giving YOU your tickets for free LOL.

Not only is Voorhees not selling until that day - I called the theater and they guy on the phone had no idea what I was talking about.

have a good weekend

Floreen said...
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Floreen said...

@crash - So we’re on the same page. The people got what they wanted in the SW but with a bit of unclear if it’s everything 100% or Sflockey still holds an ace under his sleeve, which I suspect he does.

Here’s another loop if it wans’t posted yet.

Locke of the Mainland Time - MT

He’s unsure, easy to be coned. Always looking for friends.

IT. He’s sure and he’s conning others. He wants to be everybody’s friend.

Yeah, What’s up? Is he Smokey, Jelly-o, Smokio, Solid, etc. I guess we should get an answer in the next week ep.

crashriprock said...

Im starting to look at the relationship between the numbers and the rules of the island in relationship to the game Backgammon

Here's a link if you want to check it out its interesting

Floreen said...

@Mike V - Hey, hey... ;-) I wasn’t looking for typos, God knows I am full of them. I thought at the first reading that in your grief you might’ve inverted 3 Candidates for 3 seasons. I have a passion for doing such hilarious word-inversions in my speech when I go fast. But glad to help when I find something.

The bricks of C4 had to be planted by the Ben and Crew or by Widmore and crew or together. Sflockey couldn’t had them prior. The explosives could’ve been taken by the Ben and crew from the Communication station where Mikhail was working in the IT. That’s where Locke got the one that he used to blow up the sub in the IT.

I would surely get pissed with Widmore if I would hired as a scientist and then do battles in the jungle. I feel for the underdogs. See if you can comment o some of my other points.

Mikhail and Others who were on the List/s could’ve lost their status and got crossed off when they chose to do evil. Mikhail and his consort did so and pouf they went at one point or another.

It should be clear after the prod/writers stmt that Smokio or Smokey-O if you prefer is bad. I was solid that Locke was no good on the island from the ep ‘Enter 77’ and subsequent ones. I had a bad feeling about him before that ep but I had no evidence. Now we know that Smokey-O had something on Locke for a long time.

Why is Jacob not so good or even some bad as some implies? Jacob did not stopped bad things from happening, that’s true. That would nullify the Choice clause if he did. I can’t hold Jacob responsible for the fact that people Chooses to be stupid and do bad on their own account.

I would be Very Displeased to see in the next ep a plot that makes Jacob not so ‘white as snow’ and/or Smokey-O not so bad as it looks like because we like to be relativists and find a reason why people do bad and expects to be excused for. Sure Kate wanted the best for her mom, but killing on her own choice? Eloise wants her son back after she killed him herself, but at what price and who will pay that price? I could go on and on here with Michael, Juliet, etc. I think and hope we will get a clear delimitation in this upcoming episode.

crashriprock said...

How could I have missed this.
They are playing a game of backgammon.

gnni4 said...

Think about the Tai Chi symbol. White/Black - 2 sides,opposites following each other. But it is not all yin and all yang, there is always a little yin within yang and a little yang within yin.

crashriprock said...

Im done looking I found it.
There is black and white and a roll of the dice.

If you want to know
the name of the game they are playing is TAPA you can google it.If you want to know more.
Its a form of backgammon. I was researching the origin of backgammon and found it.

Pharmer said...

Frederick Koehler (Doughboy, Mr Intimidater) was in Mr Mom. The main character was named Jack. Jack was played by Michael Keaton. Michael Keaton was initially supposed to be Jack on Lost. Maybe the Wubbie is the Island??

Mike V. said...

Hey guys! I tried to post from my phone earlier but it didn't take. Here is attemp #2! Check out darlton's penultimte official abc lost podcast on iTunes or Lots of great info and tidbits on what we've seen already. There's gonna be only one more podcast. Once I heard them say that, it really set in that things are ending! :-( doc jensen also posted some stuff today discussing the podcast.

Oh and the entertainment weekly dedicated to lost this week is fantastic! If anyone wants to get me a gift for all of my hard work for 5 years, I'd like all 10 ew lost covers please! :-) (just kidding on the gift part lol)

Anyway I'm still on my trip so I'll post when I can and catch up on Tuesday with other comments!

Laughed hysterically at the woobie comment though lol finally made me realize which mr mom kid doughboy was! Lol

DK MD said...

You do a great job ! Several thoughts:
-- Since time is not time on Lost, perhaps death is not death; we've seen that multiple times.
-- In the same way, good-evil might be mirror images , depending on the side one is on.
-- In a universe where death is not death, killing might be seen as, not evil, but a door opening to the good. A transformation, so to speak
--You said, Mike: “One timeline must prevail in the end, right? “ But is that necessarily so?
--Since "what happened, happened", one cannot go backwards, but one can split off in a tree-like fashion, arbor-like, with the branches still "present" and each influencing the other.
--Note that the many-worlds interpretation, more than one split-off timeline can coexist with others (see Michael Clyde Price's 1995 FAQ: (
--Maybe the writers have in mind this sort of underlying structure of time...that the past is determined, but the future is undetermined; and the present is the nexus of choice that underlies splits that may occur (roads taken, not taken)
--Consider, in this regard, Ricardo's three "wishes." The first two involve changing the past, which Jacob cannot grant. Only the third involves the future, which is accessible to him.

Not that this answers any or all of questions in Lost...but just food for thought...

Thanks again, Mike.

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