Wednesday, May 05, 2010

LOST: Season 6 Episode 14 - The Candidate

Hello LOSTIES!  And welcome to one bittersweet day in the waning hours of LOST.  I am totally flabbergasted and unable to formulate sentences right now with any sort of significance!  3!!!  I mean....3?  In one episode?  (okay...2 and a half)   But WOW!  Dear sweet Jacob in Ghostland WOW!  The LOST writers just did something very bold.  Why did they do it?  Glad you asked.  Entertainment Weekly's own Jeff "Doc" Jensen had a chance to sit down with Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to discuss this event of huge emotional proportions.  They explain exactly why they did it.   Based on the way we always discuss our recaps here, I'll refrain from discussing until we get there.  But, let's just say this.  The producers have been telling us that this season boils down to a battle of Good and Evil, and well, they delivered the EVIL!   Did I mention that I loved the episode?  Probably not, because I just finally got the guts to say it.  Good news folks, I found my voice again and we're ready to get into the recap!

In case you didn't tune in last week (during the rerun), I did happen to post my revisiting to the 23 Mysteries I jotted down before the season.  Check it out if you're still looking for more after this recap!

The Candidate - We supposedly had 6 remaining "candidates" for the protector of the Island.  But, by the end of this episode, we supposedly have our "Chosen One."  I'm not sure anyone will go out on a limb and say it yet.  But there are 2 things leading in that direction.  Sayid tells Jack "It's going to be you" and the the Sideways story was yet another almost entirely Jack-centric (he was in every scene).  Pretty crazy that Jack could be the Last Recruit and the Candidate in back to back episodes, right?   Well, come on, we always knew he was the main character!   Anyway, our sideways story follows Jack as he tries to uncover what happened to Locke to get him in his wheelchair in sideways land.  He ends up uncovering a lot about Oceanic Flight 815.  It can't all be coincidental and it was quite intriguing if you ask me!   On the Island, Sawyer has gotten all of the LOSTIES captured by Widmore and his science goons and Flocke recruits Jack to help them break them free.  Hmmm, maybe we should reconsider this!  Too late!   Let's dive in.

Flash Sideways - Jack Shephard

When we last left Jack and Locke they were just going into surgery and Jack recognized Locke.  We rejoin them after the surgery. 

  • When Locke wakes up he recognizes Jack.  We think he is going to to recognize him from the Island timeline, but no such luck.  Jack quickly reminds him that they were on Oceanic Flight 815 together. Jack, at this point, has run into Desmond, Charlie and Locke again and recognized them all from the flight.  He also ran into Claire, but didn't see her yet.  Anyway, he certainly must be putting this all together that there is some kind of twisted fate that he's running into them all right?

  • Jack explains to Locke what happened and that he is going to be okay.  But Jack also said that he investigated the initial injury that is causing his paralysis and said there is some low risk experimental treatments where he could regain feeling to his legs and possibly even walk again.  I fact, the exact word Jack uses is that he thinks John is a "candidate".   Now, I think they just threw this in there as a play on words and maybe as a double meaning for the sideways storyline.  I don't think they're trying to tell us that John Locke is the chosen CANDIDATE to replace Jacob.  But hey, who knows? Stranger things have happened right? 

  • Locke firmly says no to Jack.  This is the 2nd time he has turned down the opportunity for Jack to possibly fix him.  (Jack does use those words "I can fix you" as he always loved to do in the Island timeline)  If you recall in "The Substitute" he tells Helen he is content the way he is.  In this Sideways story, we dig more into WHY he is content (or not content as it turns out).  
  • Helen arrives and is very thankful to Jack for saving John's life.  Always nice to see Helen, but there's not much else to say about it! 

Jack keeps Digging
Jack cannot understand why Locke would not want to be fixed and he seems determined to figure it out. Why?  Well, I can't put my finger on it either.  But it would seem that Jack must feel that these encounters with his fellow 815 passengers are not happening by chance.  Is he possibly taking on a man of faith perspective here?   Does he feel it is his DESTINY to fix Locke? 
  • So, Jack starts diving into Locke's medical records which leads him to a DENTIST!   Apparently, Locke needed an emergency oral surgery after a different accident about 3 years ago.  The Dentist?  Well of course it's Bernard Nadler folks!  

  • This Bernard seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder though.  He didn't understand why Jack was so interested.  Jack explains that they met a week ago on the same flight back from Australia.  Cue the creepy music...Bernard remembers Oceanic 815 as well as he sat right across from Jack.   Now, Jack is really starting to think this is strange! 
  • Of course Bernard remembers the history a little differently than Jack as he suggested Jack was flirting with Rose when he was in the bathroom!  Ahhh good times.   Jack definitely acknowledges the fact that running into Bernard, Desmond, Charlie and Locke after this accident is VERY weird. 
  • Things get weirder when Bernard remembers there was another patient that was in the accident with Locke that he had to treat.   Anthony Cooper!  Now, anyone that has watched LOST from season 1 knows that Anthony Cooper is John Locke's biological father.  Anyone, that is just starting to watch from season 6 might recall that Sawyer is looking for an Anthony Cooper  to kill for being a conman that caused Sawyer's father to kill his mother and then himself (And, well he was looking to do so in the Island timeline as well and succeeded on the Island with Locke's help).  
  • But Jack doesn't know all of this about Anthony Cooper, he is just wondering how Bernard remembers this without looking up any files.  The surgeries were 3 years ago.  All Bernard creepily says is "Of course I do, Jack."   He also didn't seem too surprised about them being on the same flight either.  Come to think of it, did Rose seem to be in on something on the LA X flight when she told Jack "Looks like we made it."?    Aren't there other people that seem to have some knowledge of what's going on?  Eloise Hawking, Daniel Faraday, Desmond Hume, Charlie Pace. Interesting...Maybe Desmond already got to Bernard after the flight?   Big maybe...  There definitely seems to be something going on here that we can't just pass by.  But, I'm going to just point it out for now.  I'm sure more will come later. 
  • Also, the Anthony Cooper connection.  Do we think this might connect Sawyer, Kate, Jack and Locke somehow?   And, we've already discussed this but it would seem Anthony Cooper was still a conman in this sideways timeline so why would he and Locke still be in communication?  Was it because of the accident?   I'm getting ahead of myself. 
  • Bernard tells Jack "Good Luck" and that he hopes he finds what he's looking for.  And we can't seem but wonder if Bernard meant more than finding out the cause of Locke's injury. 
Anthony Cooper
Jack does end up finding out that Anthony Cooper is a nursing home.  And he runs into Helen while he's there. 
  • Jack tells Helen he's here to see Anthony Cooper to talk to him about the accident he was in with Locke.  Helen tells Jack just to go and that John does NOT want the surgery.  Saving his life should be enough.  All Jack wants to do is help Locke and saving his life is not enough.  
  • Helen seems to understand Jack is not giving up and introduces him to Anthony Cooper.  Yep, that's him alright except a couple differences.  He is in a wheelchair too and he's a vegetable!   And we all say out loud "KARMA IS A FICKLE B**C*!"  After all, Locke's Dad did push John out an 8 story window causing his paralysis in the Island Timeline (well, might have caused his death and possibly resurrected into paralysis by Jacob)  

  • But that's kind of crazy, right?  Is this karma with a sense of humor?  Anthony was a bad man in the other timeline and an accident causes him to become like this in the Sideways timeline?  Eh who knows?  But we learn more in a little bit. 
Back at the Hospital
  • Jack is in Locke's room and is asking if he could hear him.   Locke seems to be unconscious but he is ranting off some quotes from his Island self!!  "Push the Button!" (ahh Hatch memories) "I wish you had believed me" (ahh memories of Locke's suicide letter to Jack)  
  • Once again we have a connection of Island and Sideways.  Locke is sleeping here and connected to the other timeline.  What does it all mean?  Seems like they're going to make us wait until the very end to find out! 
  • Meanwhile, Claire just happens to walk by outside of Locke's room and Jack sees her.   She was looking for Jack and wanted to talk to him.  (Is it important that Ilana told her where he worked?  Well, I guess any lawyer working for Jack would know that.  But this lawyer happens to be friends with Desmond too so who knows?)
  • Jack gets an Apollo bar out of the vending machine.  Yes, my friends, Apollo bars exist in Sideways land too! 

  • After the small talk and apologies subside, Claire gets down to business.  We learn that she never met Christian Shephard.  Interesting, of course, I guess the only reason she and Christian met in the Island timeline is because Claire's mother was in a coma.  But Christian did see her as a baby and I believe used to sing "Catch a Falling Star " to her (in the Island timeline).
  • Anyway, Ilana gave Claire one of things that Christian ESPECIALLY wanted her to have.   It sure looked like a music box.  (I almost thought it would be the same music box Rousseau had with her on the Island but I knew the song it would play when it opened!)   Jack didn't seem to recognize it. 

  • Claire asked how Christian died.   Sounds like we get confirmation that it's the same way he died in the Island timeline.  So much for my "Murder-Conspiracy Theory" that would be uncovered in the final season!   Christian died of drinking himself to death and was found in an alley in Australia.  Are we to assume that he went back there for the same reason?  To see his daughter?  Are we to assume that Jack still caused Christian to return to drinking and kill a patient while operating under the influence like he did in the Island timeline?  Are we to assume that Sawyer and Christian still met in this timeline in that bar in Sydney?   Lots of questions that will probably never have answers.  But what we do know is that Christian died the same way. 
  • Jack explains that he flew in from Sydney to bring his body back but the airline lost it.  And then Claire mentions she flew in a few days ago too.  Jack asks her if it was Oceanic 815.   And sure enough, it was!  And now Jack is beside himself with all of these coincidences.  He now wants to look in the music box.
  • And when it opens, there is yet ANOTHER Mirror in there which Claire and Jack both look into. Another Oceanic connection and another glance into the reflection.  And the music playing?  "Catch a Falling Star".   The song that Christian sang to Claire as a child and the one that she wanted sung to Aaron when she gave him up for adoption and the song that Kate sang to Aaron when she was raising him off Island in the other timeline.   Nice. 
  • Jack had no idea why their father wanted her to have that music box, but I think we may have figured it out with the song.   Then again, maybe it was somehow to bring Jack and Claire together.  Maybe it was because Christian was aware of both timelines and why his body is absolutely missing in the sideways timeline.  Of course, now I'm just talking crazy talk.  But I always wanted Christian to be more involved in this whole Island Mystery!  Maybe there's still hope! 
  • In the meantime, Jack makes an offer to Claire to stay with him instead of a motel since they are family.  awwwwwwww  Precious!  
Jack and Locke
We next follow Locke in his wheelchair as he is leaving the hospital.  He passes by Jin with flowers (for Sun) and seems to recognize him for a second.  Of course, seeing Jin here means a whole lot more to us in the chronology that we see this scene!   But we'll get to that later. 
  • Locke is planning to get picked up by Helen but runs into Jack on the way out who wanted to say goodbye to him.   Locke thanks him again and says goodbye. 
  • But Jack gets into the fact that he went to see John's father.  John is taken aback by this.   Jack said he had to find out why he didn't want the surgery and maybe if he found out why John was in the wheelchair he could know why. 
  • Ironically, we learn that Locke was in a plane crash.  He had a private pilot's license for a week and begged his father to be the first passenger.  Cooper was terrified of flying but Locke told him to "trust him."  They barely got off the ground and he doesn't even remember what he did wrong.  (Maybe he DIDN'T do anything wrong?  Maybe something caused that plan to crash?  Am I looking too far into it?  Probably)  
  • But this was a very emotional scene and fantastically delivered by Terry O'Quinn.  He could never live with the fact that he could be healed when he caused his father to be the way that he was.   A father he loved more than anything in the world (sure doesn't sound like the conman that conned John out of a Kidney).  

  • Jack brings up the first time that they met at the Airport when Locke told him that his father was gone.  It hurt Jack to hear that but he knew John was right.  Jack implies that Cooper is essentially gone too which Locke denies.  But Jack insists that John stop punishing himself.  And we get that infamous LOSTIAN phrase once again "What Happened Happened!"  Jack tells Locke to let it go.  Something Jack has a problem with too but his hoping John can lead the way.  
  • Locke pretty much laughs Jack off and then says an emotional goodbye.  And Jack yells after him "I can help you John.  I wish you believed me."   Then John stops as if he just heard something very familiar.  Did he?  Did he remember saying it in his sleep?  Did Jack remember John saying it as well?   We don't know for sure, but something tells me this story isn't over yet.  

I can't help thinking, ESPECIALLY after this episode, that maybe this Sideways story IS where it's all supposed to end up.  I know I go back and forth.  But I'm remembering that discussion from season 5's finale "The Incident" between Jack and Sawyer.  Sawyer brought up the fact that Kate won't know Jack and she'll be a fugitive if they reset time and all of that crazy stuff.  And Jack says that he blew his chance with Kate on the Island.   He also makes a comment "If it's meant to be it's meant to be."   Like FATE will find a way.  Fate or SOMETHING seems to be drawing all of our LOSTIES together in the Sideways timeline, but things are certainly looking like there's a chance for a brighter future there than on the Island, right?  Of course, we know that LOST won't necessarily end on a happy note.  But what if Jack convinces Locke to go through with the surgery and he's healed?  Could John be happy in this life? Could he live with what he did to his father?  Will Jack and David have a happy life together or was there some dark foreshadowing ahead because the last time we saw them together was OVERLY HAPPY?  Jin and Sun seem to be in a good place now.  Kate's situation is still unknown.   We know that Sawyer and Juliet still have a coffee date coming up!   Is this where it's headed?   I just don't know.  Desmond is making sure all of these people get connected, but to what end?  So that they know the good things they had?  So they know what they all went through to GET to this Sideways life?  

Eh, I dunno.  I still have reservations because we have followed their Island lives for 6 seasons.  Those are the characters we are really invested in.   Maybe everyone who was theorizing on a choice between these lives are right.  Maybe in the end they're going to have to make some big choices.  CHOICE has been a big theme of this final season as well as at the end of last season when Jacob gave Ben a choice.  But I think it has to be all or nothing.  One timeline must prevail in the end, right?   I guess we'll see.   But I'm sure I just rambled on about nothing for a long time.   Time to get to that Island timeline! 

Island Timeline  

Last we left our LOSTIES, the majority were captured by Charles Widmore.   And Jack had jumped ship seeking a greater purpose on the Island.  He felt he was meant to stop Flocke from leaving the Island.  When he arrived back on the beach Widmore sent some mortars towards Smokey to try and kill him and caught Jack in the crossfire.  Flocke had claimed that Jack was with him now.  We continue here!

The Captured Losties
  • Not sure if anyone else called this one, but I had a feeling we would have to see these Polar Bear cages one more time!  Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, Hurley, Claire and Frank were being escorted to these cages as other science goons were trying to get the pylons up and running in a new location.
  • Mr. Intimidator Science Guy tries to force Sawyer into the cage.  Gotta love his resistance to go back into that place after 6 slow hours in season 3 of cage time!   Intimidator guy says that he's the one with the gun and Sawyer quickly turns the table on him and snatches the gun!  LOVED IT!   Also loved the nickname "Doughboy" too!  So I'm done with calling him intimidator! 

  • Of course, Widmore ruins the party by firing his pistol in the air and grabbing Kate and threatening to shoot her.   Sawyer tries to call a bluff and says that he won't shoot her.   
  • Widmore says he has a list of names (hmmm) "Ford, Reyes and The Kwons (both?)"   He mentions that Kate is NOT on the list.  I must remind people that Kate IS on the Lighthouse dial as #51 and was not crossed off.  We learn tonight for sure that she WAS on the cave wall but crossed off.  Darlton have stated in a podcast that perhaps the CAVE was a diversion for Man in Black and that the Lighthouse is the ACTUAL list of candidates.  Does it really matter in the end since we think we have our winner?  Maybe not.  

  • What does matter is that Sawyer saw that Cave wall and knew Widmore was serious about shooting Kate.   So he drops the gun. 
  • Here's a question: does this mean Widmore is working for Jacob?  How did he get the list?  Did he get it from Jacob himself?   So maybe his deal with Sawyer was off for their protection?  I'm sure we'll find out eventually. 
  • Gotta love also that Doughboy got a shot in on Sawyer when he handed the gun over.  And of course, they all are put into the cages. 
  • Widmore says that he is doing this for their own good.  He also asks about if the fence is live.  They say it'll be live in about an hour.  Widmore knows they don't have that kind of time since Smokey is on his way!
  • Later on in the cages Sawyer is reminiscing about the last time he and Kate were in the cages.  Seems like their repeating things except this time the gun was to Kate's head instead of his.  (I know people didn't like those first 6 episodes of season 3.  I argue that they're not bad on a rewatch and those last moments of episode 6 "I Do" were pretty darn intense!).  Sawyer explains to Kate about the cave and how her name was crossed off.  Widmore definitely would have killed her if he had to. 
  • Meanwhile, Jin and Sun are catching up in their end of one of the cages.  We find out that Ji Yeon is with Sun's mother right now.   Jin explains to Sun how he saw pictures of Ji Yeon on her camera that was found on the plane.  He talks about about beautiful she is.  How weird was it to watch them carry on a conversation in English?  Then Sun gave Jin his ring back (the one Jin gave to Locke to give to Sun and tell her that he died on the Island.  The one that Ben took from Locke after he killed him and used to convince Sun to come back to the Island).   She put the ring back on Jin's hand and everything was happy for a moment.   In hindsight, this scene was pretty essential in reminding us that Jin still did learn of Ji Yeon and we learned that she might be okay, even if it's not an ideal situation.   Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself but it's hard not to point these things out you know! 

Jack, Sayid and Flocke on Hydra
  • Jack wakes up in one of the outriggers.  I should note that when he does wake up it was right out of a flash sideways sequence where he was starting at Locke.  My first thought was that he was seeing this.  Of course, if he was he didn't mention it to anyone.  So, maybe not.  

  • Anyway Sayid welcomes Jack to Hydra Island and even gets in a snarky comment about him having to do all of the paddling himself (well, maybe Flocke helped). 

  • We find out that many Templetons (Others) died in the mortar attacks and the ones that didn't scattered into the jungle of the main Island.  It is just the 3 of them now and Sayid states that Flocke saved Jack.
  • Jack wants to know whey he's on Hydra Island.  Flocke shows up out of nowhere and says that they need to rescue his friends who got captured.  Flocke tells him that Widmore won't give a straight answer of WHY he captured them.  His plan is to break them free, run for the plane (that last I checked is not operational) and break free before Widmore knows what hit him.  
  • Jack isn't an easy sell.  He says that they're not his people and he has no intention of leaving the Island.  Flocke tells Jack that he still hopes he'll change his mind.   Flocke essentially asks Jack to help his friends and convince them that the can trust ol' Smokey.  Why?  Because he hasn't killed any of them when he has had the chance to and he wants to save them just like he saved Jack's life.   See, I knew right then that he was kind of lying.  Remember Ghost Boy told Flocke that he can't kill Sawyer?  He probably meant all of the candidates.  Anyway, regardless of why Jack did it he does help Flocke because he wants to help his friends. 

The Rescue
After the sweet moment with Jin and Sun, the power is turned down and the Hydra Station.   This includes the power to the pylons.  We get a classic line from Frank trying to redeem himself from last episode's "Looks like someone's got their voice back" in hit simple delivery of "Uh oh...".   Then we hear that oh so familiar sound announcing the arrival of Smokey!  Hurley: "And...we're dead!"

  • Widmore's Science Tough Guys lined up with their guns to prepare for the arrival of something they possibly can't prepare for.  (Note: Absent from this scene are Widmore and Zoe.  Where are they?  Good question)
  • Smokey comes out of the trees in all of his glory and Science Goons start shooting away at it to no success.  First Victim?  DOUGHBOY!  And the crowd cheers! 

  • Smokey continues his rampage.  By the way, we can safely assume now that A.) Flocke/MIB can still become Smokey even though he has not in awhile.  B.) He can become Smokey on Hydra Island which we thought that maybe he couldn't.   Now, what would happen if he left the Island?  Well, we still don't know that. 
  • Doughboy falls dead flat on his back in front of the cage housing Sawyer, Kate and crew.  Kate thinks she can reach the keys.   Frank decides that he isn't going to wait for Kate to get the keys.  He starts trying to kick down the door.  Are we meaning to say that this was possible back in season 3 and Sawyer never tried it?   Yes yes, I know Ben pretended to put a pacemaker in his heart and showed him that there was no escape since they were on another Island and all, but what about before that?  I guess he was too busy learning how to get a fish biscuit!  Or from Karl just unlocking cages for him!  And, of course, Frank never really got a chance to find out if his "kick down the door" routine actually would work. 
  • Why not?  Because Jack showed up and grabbed the keys off of Doughboy!   Kate asks Jack what he's doing there.   You gotta love when Jack looks back at Smokey on his rampage and says "I'm with him."  After that they all break free and head out into the Hydra jungle. 

  • Naturally, night suddenly turns to day, just like in last episode and the LOSTIES are on their way to the Ajira Plane.  I'm not even going to question this stuff unless they tell me I'm supposed to.  Maybe, again, the rescue scene was right before dawn and now it's daytime.  I dunno.   Maybe it was a long walk to the plane too I guess.  Because they all seemed out of breath and there was still a quarter mile to the plane.
  • So, here we are!  All of our LOSTIES together again.  Kate seems excited by the prospect that Jack is coming with them.  He tells her that he's taking them to the plane but he isn't getting on it.   He says that he's not meant to go.  

  • Sawyer then thanks Jack for coming back for them.  Well, he better after the way he kicked him off the boat.  And, well after this episode it sure looks like Jack has been right all of this time (gotta love that too!)
  • Then Sayid comes to the party by surprise.  Jack clears Sayid saying that he is with them and turned off the generators, to which Sawyer just all of a sudden is okay with!  "The more the merrier."   Very bizarre how Sayid was acting in this episode.  By the end of it, he seemed almost like normal Sayid again, but in these earlier scenes he seemed a little like Zombie Sayid.  

  • Sayid says that they need to go. "Locke is waiting."  And the LOSTIES pick up their pace towards the plane.  
The Ajira Plane
We join Flocke who is a little ahead of the group.   He is met with a hail of gunfire by 2 more Science Goons.  Naturally, nothing hits Smokey and he walks right up to them.   He quickly snaps on of their necks (did anyone else cringe?) and then grabs the gun and shoots the other one.  Problem solved!

  • What seemed like a meaningless scene at first, Flocke grabs a watch off of one of the dead bodies.   Then he heads onto a newly constructed Bamboo Stairway to the plane.  Did Widmore's crew construct this?   I guess if we're meant to believe that Widmore was planning to blow up the LOSTIES and/or Flocke, maybe they did. 

  • Flocke arrives on the plane and starts his investigation.  He sees some wiring in one of the overhead compartments and then discovers something that would turn out to be C4 planted on the plane.  It IS a bit ironic that we spent an episode trying to get explosives for the plane: blowing up Ilana and blowing up the Black Rock when there was already C4 planted on the plane anyway right?   I mean Ben, Richard and Miles went back to the Barracks to GET explosives or grenades or something to blow up that plane.  I'd suggest that maybe THEY put the C4 on there, but they don't seem to be anywhere in sight yet.  
  • The LOSTIES show up to the plane and Frank finally says what we've been waiting to hear. "Alright, let's see what it will take to get this baby to fly!"  Because, last we checked, this plane was not in flying condition!  I mean, isn't the cockpit window busted with a tree branch sticking through a dead body?  Unless they already cleaned that up! 

  • They stumble upon the 2 dead bodies near the plane and we get a classic "S.O.B." line from Sawyer.   Sayid detects that one of their necks had been broken.  Flocke exits the plane to announce that HE broke it!  And then he goes into his whole explanation of how this was Widmore's plan all along.  The guards were only for show and Widmore knew that Flocke would kill them.  He suggests that this is why he moved the fences too.  He wanted to get the LOSTIES into a confined space with MIB with no hope of getting out and then kill them all in one shot (I still argue if that is even a valid way to kill the Smoke monster).  Of course, we do find out the irony of this statement not too long from now.   Anyway, the C4 turned out to be wired to the electrical system of the plane.  If they would have turned the plane on.......BOOM! (nice call back to the season 4 finale with Desmond and Jin trading Booms while looking at the big mountain of C4 in front of them)

  • Flocke then says that they cannot be sure there aren't more explosives on the plane, so he says they should take the sub.  Interesting, I thought for sure that Smokey wouldn't be able to leave the Island via Sub.  Of course, something tells me we will never find out if he could!  Anyway, Sawyer starts playing his "con" game again and says that he's been saying all along they should take the sub.   Hurley tries to chime in and say that Smokey isn't supposed to leave the Island and that Alpert said that.....  Sawyer cuts him off and says "Screw Alpert!"   Sawyer has no intention of letting Flocke on that sub but he plays the part and tells him that he saved their butts twice and he was wrong about him.  
  • Flocke says that the sub will be heavily defended and they'll need as much help as they can get.  Jack said that he will help but he's not going with them.  Flocke kind of just nods in approval (like he already had a plan anyway).  

  • Claire immediately runs up to Flocke and apologizes for leaving.  He forgives her and says he understands why she went.  Man, he really did a number on that girl! 
  • Sawyer holds Jack up a bit to talk to him about the "REAL PLAN".  He doesn't trust Flocke at all and wants to make sure he doesn't get on that sub.  He asks Jack if he can stop him from getting on it.  Jack isn't sure how he's supposed to do that, but Sawyer tells him to just get Smokey in the water and he'll handle the rest.   Interesting, I thought for sure that this was going to show us Smokey's Kryptonite of water (which we've only speculated) somehow.   Since Sawyer knew that Smokey can't fly over the water in Smoke form, what would happen if he was submerged in water in "human" form?  Well, we found out.  But we'll get there in a second! 

The Arrival at the Sub
All of our favorite LOSTIES arrive at the sub.  Sawyer scouts the area and states that there probably are goons ON the sub even though they're not outside.  He splits the team in 2.  He says that Jin, Sun, Lapidus and Hugo are going with him.   Kate, Sayid, Jack and Flocke stay behind for the 2nd wave in 30 seconds.   Sawyer asked Jack if "You Two" can get their backs.  I can only imagine he means Flocke here as the other one (even though Kate and Sayid are right there too).  In any case, Jack is really confirming that he will help Sawyer in their previous sidebar discussion.  

  • Wave 1 heads towards the sub.  One by one they head into the Sub.  This is where things start getting a little crazy (Big surprise!) 

  • Sawyer and Frank move inside and come across one of the Widmore cronies inside the sub.  They neutralize the threat before he's even a threat.  Sawyer requests to see the Captain.  They move on towards the cockpit or whatever you call it on a submarine.  The Bridge?  (thinking Star Trek here)   Frank knocks out the first guy they met up with and says "Nothing Personal."  Good times!   And then Sawyer asks the Captain to fire up the sub.  (well, at least we know how he planned to pilot that sub now!)

  • Frank stays in the room to make sure the Captain continues to follow orders and prepare the sub for departure.   Sawyer heads back out to assist the rest of the crew. 
  • Wave #2 prepares to head towards the dock (Kate, Sayid, Claire).  Flocke and Jack stay behind a little longer.  Flocke grabs 2 backpacks, and upon re-watching you might notice it looks like he hands Jack a different one than his own.  Anyone keeping track of mirroring scenes might recall that when they drew straws in the season 1 finale to determine who would carry the dynamite Kate and Locke drew the short ones.  But Jack still switched up his and Kate's backpack so that he was carrying the dynamite.  There is an ironic twist this time around when Flocke does it to Jack! 

  • Jack and Flocke start following behind Kate and crew.  Flocke asks if he'll reconsider going.   Whoever told him that he needed to stay had no idea what they were talking about.  And I did feel a little sense of pride in how far we have come when Jack responded with "John Locke told me to stay" (and I added in my head "And he's not a sucker!!!")  Jack pushed Flocke right into the water, GOOD TIMES! 
  • Kate turns around and is totally confused about what happened and then a gunshot goes off and hits her right in the chest.  OH NO!!!  And of course it's Kate that gets shot because she's not on the list.  Now, do we find it curious that Kate wasn't shot until Flocke was pushed into the water?  Perhaps Widmore's crew IS helping Flocke?  I just can't imagine that is the case.  It would never explain the scene where Flocke and Widmore declared war at the Pylon meeting.  Maybe Widmore is really trying to prevent the LOSTIES from leaving on that sub.  In any case, Kate got shot and this drives Jack and crew into a panic!  And of course Claire looks like a lost puppy with her master in the water. 
  • A gunfight breaks out between the LOSTIES and the Widmore-ites.  Jack runs out of ammo and runs for Kate.  Sayid and Claire cover them.  And how about Claire's impeccable aim?  Woa.  Sayid yells after Claire that they need to go, but she just keeps firing away.  

  • Meanwhile, Flocke climbs out of the water, seemingly unaffected by being thrown into it.   Well, maybe a little affected as he is slow to get out.  I am going to guess that Widmore's crew does NOT have a deal with Flocke because he just picks them off with his pistol one by one.  

  • On the sub, Sawyer gets updated on the situation as Jack and Sayid bring in a wounded Kate.  Jack asks Hurley for a first aid kit and pandemonium is at an all time high! 

  • Sawyer heads back up outside of the sub to get Claire.  He yells for Claire but Flocke is out of the water and starts running towards him.  It's too late to get Claire and Sawyer closes up the sub.  Once again Claire gets left behind.  But this time, it's a good thing!  Sawyer shouts over an intercom to Lapidus that they need to begin diving.  

  • The sub begins to move and Claire is running towards it.  Jack is annoyed because he's still ON the sub taking care of Kate but has no intention of leaving.   Outside Flocke stops Claire and tells her that she does not want to be on that sub.  Uh oh... And just as he says it, we remember what MIB said to Jacob all of those years ago when he said he would kill all of Jacob's replacements.  And then we realize that every single one of the candidates is on board that Sub.   Checkmate?  Black wins Backgammon?   Well, I'll tell you one thing.  Even if not, it's not good!

Inside the Sub
The sub begins its descent.  We still have an injured Kate, but that becomes the least of their worries as the real issue begins to unfold.

  • Kate begins complaining that they cannot leave without Claire.  Jack tries to calm her down.  Hurley cannot find a first aid kit so Jack asks Jin to look in his backpack to see if there is a shirt they can use to apply pressure.  (Sidebar: You know we are very close to the end if the Female Lead is getting shot close to the heart!)   Jin hands Jack the pack.  Jack explains that he thinks the bullet went straight through so Kate should be okay.  Whew.... Granted, I'm sure a lot of Kate haters were hoping for the opposite! 

  • Jack opens up his backpack and a whole new level of realization hits them.   Yep, Flocke pulled the ol' Switcheroo with the backpacks.  The 4 bricks of C4 are on the sub with them.  And even better?  That watch that Flocke stole is on there too as a timer.  Oh no!!

  • Jack realizes that they did exactly what Flocke wanted the whole time.   They need to get to the surface PRONTO!   Jin phones Lapidus and tells him to take the Sub up.   (Did anyone notice there's a first aid kit in the room with Lapidus and the Captain?  Good times ('s time for GOOD TIMES anymore!) 

  • All of the candidates can do nothing except stare at each other and figure out what to do with that bomb.   Sayid tries to analyze the bomb just like in the good ol' days (like I said, we got Normal Sayid back for a brief stint).   The watch is rigged to the battery and the battery detonates the explosives.  (Sidenote: 5 minutes until they can get to the surface....not enough time)  Technically the bomb should be inert if they pull the wires from the battery simultaneously.  Sawyer pushes Sayid aside is about to pull the wires, since he's hesitating.   
  • Then Jack begins to think clearly and remembers his stint in the Black Rock with Richard.  He tells them that nothing is going to happen.  He tells Sawyer not to pull the wires out.   He realizes that Flocke can't kill them.  Everything he has done is to get them all there.  He wanted them all in the same place at the same time in a confined space with no hope of an exit (see the irony now?).   Flocke told them he can't leave the Island without them, but Jack thinks that he can't leave the Island with them all alive!  There you go Jack!  Flocke told Jack that he could kill any one of them whenever he wanted, but what if he hasn't because he's not allowed to?   Ahhh, THE RULES anyone?   Ahhh the GHOST BOY anyone?   Jack finally suggests that maybe Flocke is trying to get them to kill each other!   I wasn't far off with my suggestion that Sayid would be Flocke's weapon to kill the LOSTIES.   Instead, they all were his weapons against each of them.  

  • And in this case, it's Sawyer that escalates Flocke's plan.  He sees Jack talking all crazy again and tells him to steer clear.   Jack tries to explain that the very fact that there is a timer on it suggests that Flocke needs them to kill each other.  Flocke could have just thrown the C4 inside and killed them all.  Sawyer is tired of listening, he is not going to just sit there and do nothing.  Jack grabs him and tells him they're going to be okay and to trust him.  One might think Sawyer considered the "JUGHEAD" incident and how Juliet died before he decided but he tells the Doc that he does NOT trust him.  He pulls the wires out.  

  • The timer stops and there is a brief pause of relief.  But it didn't last long as the timer started up again but moving faster!  Oh man, nice job Sawyer! 
  • All hope seems to be lost.  Then Sayid jumps into action.  He tells Jack to listen carefully.  He tells Jack about a well on the Island half a mile south of the camp they just left.  He explains that Desmond is inside of it (I guess he didn't kill him!  But he didn't help him out of the well either).  Sayid says that Flocke wants Desmond dead which means they are going to need him.   Jack asks why Sayid is telling him this.  Then Sayid says "Because it's going to be you Jack."   We can only assume that he means that Jack is the chosen one, protector of the Island, replacement of Jacob, right?   Why would Sayid know this?  Well, maybe Desmond told him.  Maybe he realized that Jack's take charge attitude and the only one that believed in listening to Jacob until the very end made him THE CANDIDATE.  

  • All I know for now is, we may never find out how Sayid rose from the dead, how he essentially turned out to be GOOD in the end.  But we did know that there would be some "sacrifices" made before the end of this show.  And I think we can all state that Sayid went out nobly helping his friends.  He grabbed the C4 and ran to the other end of the sub before the timer hit zero.  And then BOOM!!!    No more Sayid.  RIP Sayid (again).  What an awesome character for 6 years of LOST.  We are truly near the end.  This would have been enough to upset us, right?   Well keep reading! 

  • Naturally, this explosion created a big hole in the sub, so the rest of them do not have much time to get out!   We see Frank leave the "pilot chamber" (still can't think of the darn name!)   He gets hit with a big steel door that got pushed in with the pressure of water coming in.  "AW HELL!"   And, actually, I'm not quite sure that Frank made it out or not!  Maybe I'll see as I'm re-watching for these final few bullets. 
  • The water begins to flow in where the rest of the LOSTIES were and they are called into action.   Jack dives under to grab Kate.  Hurley keeps asking where Sayid is.    
  • We hear Sun screaming as she is stuck between some big contraption!  Oh no! 

  • Jin asks Sawyer for help to try and break her loose, but it's not enough!   
  • Jack gives Kate to Hurley and tells him to go to the surface.  Jack will go for everyone else.  Hurley said he has to go after Sayid.   Jack responds "There is no Sayid!"  Oh man.   Anyway, Jack gives Hurley an Oxygen tank and sends it with Hurley so that he and Kate will have it for the way up.  He tells Hurley that he can do this and sends him on his way.   

  • Jack joins Sawyer and Jin in trying to break Sun free.  They do get the contraption off of her but there is more pinning her down! 

  • The sub shakes a bit and a beam or something hits Sawyer right in the head (another knock to the head.  Perhaps a sideways connection awaits?).   Regardless, this knocks Sawyer out of commission and makes a complicated situation even worse! 

  • Jack grabs Sawyer and is keeping him afloat.  So he can't help Jin break Sun free.  Jin keeps trying though but it won't budge!!  Sun starts her pleading for Jin to leave her.  Jin refuses to leave her behind and continues trying to break her free. 

  • The water is filing up.  Jin tells Jack to leave and get Sawyer to the surface.  Jack does not leave easily.  He wants to help.  Jin lies but he says that he will get Sun out.  Jack goes for the last oxygen tank and tries to give it to Jin, but he refuses saying that Jack can't get Sawyer out without it.  And at that point, I think we knew what was about to happen (getting chills and practically tearing up just thinking about what I need to write next). 

  • Jack takes a long pause realizing what is going to happen as well, and then he starts swimming Sawyer out of the sub.  It's not an easy task, but they make it out.
  • Michael Giacchino's "Life and Death" theme begins to play as we start spending our final moments with Jin and Sun.  Sun pleads with Jin to leave her there.  But he refuses.  He still thinks he can break her free, but Sun knows that he cannot.  

  • There is barely any time left, Sun begs one more time for him to go, but he will not.  And he speaks in Korean "I won't leave you.  I will never leave you again."  Just as he promised when they reunited last episode.  They both tell each other that they love each other and then all they can do is wait.  We watch the sub continue to descent into the ocean.  We are left with a shot of Jin and Sun's hands locked together for their final moment and then they slowly float apart.  

  • RIP Jin and Sun - One of the great romance stories of LOST.  You will not have died in vain!

The Beach
Whew, sorry guys, I'm still recovering from that section above.  I couldn't taint it all with talking about Frank Lapidus, but he is nowhere to be found!  Did he drown with Jin and Sun?  It would be an awful way to send off his character without any confirmation wouldn't it?   Oh well, we'll save that for another day.   We join Hurley, Kate, Jack and Sawyer on the beach (of Hydra? or the Main Island?) after their swim back to the surface.

  • No mouth to mouth necessary, Sawyer was breathing fine.  Kate seems okay too.  I would hope so after losing 3 season 1 characters within minutes!  Kate was scared that Jack and Sawyer didn't make it.  She hugs Jack saying that she couldn't find him?  Perhaps this is an indication that there is still a hope fo the 2 of them?   Not the time to be discussing it folks.  

  • Well, if there were only 4 original castaways that should be left standing for the final episode, I think we all would have guessed it would be Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley.  And of course Terry O'Quinn is still on the show as well as Crazy Claire.   Of course, now with everyone else dying, I'm not so sure I see either Sawyer or Jack dying by the end.  Unless, they all have to die for a greater cause...THE SIDEWAYS realm.  Time will tell. 
  • For now though, Kate asks what happened to Jin and Sun.  Jack's look says it all.   And then we're up for another round of crying ourselves when Hurley loses it.  
  • Jack steps away and heads to the shore to take everyone in.  And Jack too begins to cry.  This was rough stuff guys!  I'm crying just typing this! 

  • I think we'll leave these guys to mourn their losses so they can live to fight another day.  On the bright side, we still have Desmond, Ben, Richard and Miles around somewhere!  And it would appear they (and possibly Widmore) are all on the same side now.  We'll see! 
Flocke and Claire
Flocke is still standing on the dock where we just left them.  He just happens to know that the sub sunk and he just happens to know that not ALL of them died.  Maybe he would have felt something inside him?  Like some sense of freedom and the ability to leave?  Finally, Claire shows some sense of humanity.  She is concerned that all of her friends just died. 

  • Claire asks if they're all dead.  Flocke answers her stating that not all of them died.  Locke grabs his gun and backpack and heads off.  Claire asks where he's going. 


Wow!!  I mean, after reflecting more about what happened and digesting the interview with Damon and Calrton (that I linked to at the beginning of the post), everything seems to make sense.  It obviously was a very engaging hour of TV.  It was very sad and it would be hard for anyone to say they LOVED it.  (Even though I did above).  But no one can deny it was executed wonderfully.  They may just not like what happened.  But Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse argue that it NEEDED to happen.  Season 6 has been one "long con" (as many of us had theorized at one point) by the Man in Black.  He has been trying to recruit the LOSTIES to kill them off.  We heard all we needed to hear in Ab Aeterno when he told Jacob he would kill them all.  But the friendly face of John Locke seemed to lure everyone into the trap.  Even when they didn't trust the guy completely.  So what do Darlton say was supposed to happen after this episode?  The lines of Good vs. Evil are INDEED defined now.  Flocke tried to kill ALL of the LOSTIES, he managed to kill off 3 of them.  (or like I said earlier, 2.5)   This was a significant way to undoubtedly prove to us that The Man in Black is Evil and he must be stopped.  Many may argue there was a different way to do it.   But come on guys, it's the END of LOST!  There are 3 episodes left!  Things like this were bound to happen.  And, in hindsight, I like how they handled it.  And besides, they're all still alive for now in Sideways so we have not seen the last of anyone.   All we can do now is to hold our breaths and enjoy the final 4 hours of the show.

Oh wait a second!  It's 4 and a HALF hours of the show.  Because ALSO last night, it was confirmed that the Series Finale will be 2.5 hours!  NICE!!!!  We received word Monday night from Damon and Calrton that the Series Finale was edited and finished. (No more LOST to be produced)   I guess they realized that there was no way to cut anything out of the EPIC Finale (that the entire cast is raving about).   So, now we can enjoy 5.5 hours of LOST related stuff on Sunday, May 23rd.  If you live on the East Coast of the United States the schedule will work like this:   7-9: LOST Retrospective, 9-11:30: LOST Series Finale, then some time after the local news airs (I would assume): Jimmy Kimmel Live "Aloha LOST" Special where the Producers will have pretaped an appearance the Friday before but apparently the majority of the CAST will be present live at the show.  EXCITING times folks!       

Well, that's all I have for now kids.  Can't wait to discuss this episode with everyone.  Commence Commenting!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always.  Rest in Peace to all of our fallen comrades and NAMASTE!

Ending Credits
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crashriprock said...

I dont know if there is a store called half price books where you are from. But there is a good chance they will have at least one or two of the older EW mags.

crashriprock said...

At this point DK
the only question I have is Who ever heard of a returaunt named Spanish Johnnys

crashriprock said...

I found some EW mags on Ebay and posted only a few links
(sorry the links are so long)

Mike V. said...

Thanks crash! Lol I have them all. I was talking about the 10 different versions of the latest issue! I got Locke in the mail but there are 9 other collectibles lol I'd love to get all 10 and frame em!

crashriprock said...

Im glad you explained it to me before I went went over to The Village to see what they had because parking there is eat dog.

crashriprock said...

so mike
I looking on the web and Im guessing its the May 14 2010 EW Lost covers you want?
and you have Locke for that weeks issue.
Because they have Ben for that issue on ebay
and Hurley for that issue on amazon.

Mike V. said...

Yup that's the one crash! Thanks for the heads up on a couple of them. I'm just all talk though, I doubt I'll actually try to get all 10! Lol I appreciate you looking into it!

crashriprock said...

I dont mind helping
I will need you to do me a favor tho...
take care of Desmond!

crashriprock said...

I just watched "the Canidate" again.
Lapedus Sun and Jin were never with or made a deal with Flocke and they were all wearing white shirts everyone else was wearing black shirts.

Just before Jack sees Claire at the hospital he is watching Locke sleep and Locke is mumbling things."..Push the numbers"
" I wish you beleived me..."

After Locke tells Jack about the plane crash he was in with his father and as he was leaving Jack Said " I wish you bleived me..."

crashriprock said...

and in the last shot of Jin and Sun when their hands drift apart under water there is a red flashing light that is flashing between them almost like a pulse...

gnni4 said...

DK MD, I really enjoyed your thoughts, it seems very plausible when you point out Richards 3 requests, 2 being to change the past.

Crash, interesting to me that most people immediately connected Spanish Johnny to Springsteen...

My bluegrassy mind went straight to Emmylou Harris -- Spanish Johnny -- from her 1981 album Evangeline.

Hmmm, that name, Evangeline, sounds familiar! I have always been in the Kate not-quite-so-hate-but-definitely-not-love camp… oh the irony if she ends up being more than just a 'female sex interest' to the story. :)

crashriprock said...

I thought Richards three requests sounded alot like the three choices Floke gave Sawyer in the cave (Ill be paraphrasing)

Stay- Live forever

Become Jacob- absolution

Leave - Be with Isabella

crashriprock said...

Im sure you guys have discussed at some point that out of all the numbers 23 is the only prime number.

23 is a popular number with fiction writers some say because of the 23rd psalm and others believe its because we have 23 chromosomes.

So I was curious because of the references to the numbers in the show and I checked out the book of Numbers in the bible 4 15 16 are interesting but 23 peaked my interest most.

I also found out that Carlton Cuse was a history major at Harvard. This may explain a lot for me when it comes to allllllllll the philosophical references that I have enjoyed in this seires.

There was a quote from Jeramy Bantham (the real one) that I always liked.

"We only serve two masters one is pleasure the other is pain."
Jeramy Banthams remains (the bones) are on display at the london college sort of a real/wax museum like thing its called an "Auto-Icon"

MJ said...

Mike V - I'm just saying that if we take 'no ambiguity - MIB is all evil' at it's word - then they mislead us a few weeks ago when they said good and evil is not a line easily drawn. So that makes both of you right - they are telling the truth, and they have been misleading us.

MJ said...

Cashriprock - both Sun and Jin were with Flocke at one time. Sun ran from him and hit her head, Jin was with Crazy Claire recuperating when Flocke came with Sawyer.

crashriprock said...

Sun and Jin were with Flocke in company only.
They wanted to get away from him and didnt make or except any deals even when it came to finding the other.
Sun ran away from Flocke and Jin was going to leave Flockes camp when he was taken by Cloe.

Candidate said...

On Backgammon. I started also doing a little research on the game and history of it. The game Senet is brought up. Thanks for the link Crash. I think the game Senet has been brought up in these comments before... The rules of this game are unclear although some historians have defined the rules for modern day society but they are in contradiction. Does anyone know how to annunciate Senet? Is it like....Sinay?? or Sinet?? or??
Oh Yes Carmina Baurana
is mentioned w/ Backgammmon and variations of the game.

BTW still hoping for more input on music / songs to go w/characters.

crashriprock said...

In one time line the Losties crash. In the other time line the Losties dont crash and I think there is a contest to see which time line wins.

crashriprock said...

My guess would be that the second e in Senet is an a sound because that is the alternative name of the game SENAT

crashriprock said...

this is a link to a hyrogliphics translator its interesting to see what the SENET looks like in hyrogliphics

MJ said...

The latest podcast was a hoot ! At the end they ponder if they have to have some sort of ceremony at the end of the show on the 23rd to seperate from Darlton.

Anonymous said...

Hey all. Not sure if this has been mentioned above, not enough time to read all posts!

When they got onto the sub it is clearly middle of the day (daylight anyway) and approx 5 minutes later it is pitch black, middle of the night. I don't know what it means, and I know we are told to look out for weather changes etc but that was a fairly dramatic chagne of time. I am assuming it was intentional...


crashriprock said...

check this link out

I went backwards from Carmina Burana to the games it mentions.

Rene said...

Hey Mike,
Thanks for the tip on the Lost Live event. I told my son about it and he got me a ticket as part of my Mothers Day present! woo hoo! I also am loving the EW special issue. I cannot wait until tomorrow, and I am seriously considering taking off May 24th too! Ahhh so bittersweet the ending will be....
By the way, did you catch in the article Matthew Fox said that noone has guessed the ending...I hope he is right!

Mike V. said...

Hey guys just letting you know I'm keeping up with the comments. Travelling back home today so I'll catch up on responses tomorrow! (another LOST day!!) keep it up!

hg said...

I got the Kate cover...why oh why couldn't I get Sayid's, it's such a HOT picture.

Anyway - I work for the printer who produces Entertainment Weekly. I'll try to see if I can get copies of all of them for you Mike's not done at my plant so may take a few string pulling.,

Anonymous said...

What about a connection between MIB and Eloise? Eloise helped orchestrate the return of the oceanic 6, as well as stress the importance of bringing John Locke's body back with them. Did MIB only decide to use John Locke's body because it was available, or was it available because he wanted it?

hg said...

Mike V - I've contacted my counterparts and have the covers, all 10, coming to me soon. How can I get them to you?

Mike V. said...

Wow Holly that's awesome!! Thanks! You totally didn't have to do all that, but it's not like I'll turn it down lol I think at the bottom of the blog post there is a way to email me. Give that a shot and I'll let you know where to send them. Probably will be tomorow since I'm travelling lol thanks again!!

hg said...

I might have to keep Sayid's cover :-)

Bryan said...

Just read a great interview of Michael Emerson at Fancast that isn't very spoilery. A couple minor spoilers including a possible answer to the question of who planted the C4 on the plane... so if you don't want to know, then don't click the link.

@Holly - That is so cool of you to get Mike V. those covers! He deserves it for responding to all our comments :).

Anonymous said...

Given the title of tomorrows episode is it possible it takes place off THE island?

crashriprock said...

anyone else familiar with the song "Beyond the Sea" sung by George Benson?

Somewhere beyond the sea,
Somewhere waiting for me,
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailing.

Somewhere beyond the sea
She's there watching for me.
If I could fly like birds on high
Then straight to her arms I'd go sailing

It's far beyond the star,
It's near beyond the moon.
I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon

We'll meet beyond the shore
We'll kiss just as before
And happy we'll be beyond the sea
And never again I'll go sailing

I dont think it has anything to do with the show its just interesting

congrats on the covers

Mike V. said...

Thanks crash!

As for that song, I'd say all lost fans should know the song since Shannon sang the French version of it (after a cheesy reference to finding nemo was made) in season 1! Apparently a crazy Rousseau wrote it all over the maps of the island. Good times!

It is possible that some of tomorrow's ep is off island. We shall see!

At tha airport getting ready to come home. I'll catch up on comment responses from the wknd tomorrow! (I know I'm repeating myself lol)

rhinoceros said...

The end of the show has to be related to the sinking of the island.

There has to be a link.

But how do they set it all up in the little time remaining.

As far as I can tell; off island is slowly gathering pace to a big meet and greet.

On island is slowly doing the reverse I suppose in separating everybodies lives. Jacob issue to seen too.

There needs to be a link.

Liek with all stories, I think they are building up the tension that will be ripped to shreads with some sort of denouement.

Looking forward to this weeks ep.

crashriprock said...

Maybe Darlton are planning a Mel Brooks ending.
Where the camera pans out from the set to reveal two sets. Then the Losties from the Island set start fighting the Losties from the Sideways set. Like in Blazing Saddles.

Mike V. said...

Whew...I'm back folks! Could take me some time to catch up on the comments but I'm gonna start back all the way on May 7th since my 1:26 post. If there are any comments I already responded to, I'll skip those and if there are any that were just conversations, I MAY add my 2 cents! :-) HAPPY LOST DAY BTW!! I'm sure a TOTALLY LOST and Doc Jensen Countdown post will be on the way on EW soon!

@Holly - I was thinking similar with the electromagnetism with Smokey (maybe) but then got thrown off with the knife too! lol Of course, there was no blood when he was stabbed...Hopefully tonight will enlighten a little bit more of what makes smokey, SMOKEY!

As for opposites in Sideways, yes there are some things that are clearly opposites, yet character traits remain the same for most of them. BTW...SIdeways Locke did want to go on a walkabout too and had the same "blowup" moment in australia that his Island-bound counterpart did. But it would seem like Jack and Locke have switched roles here. Jack seems more rooted in the fact that it's his destiny to help John...and John wants nothing to do with it. So "LOOSELY" I guess we could say John is the man of Science here. But not really LOL

Not touching the TRIPLEX STUFF! lol

@MJ - That is hysterical that the Voorhees folk have no idea what you were talking about. But touche' on the fact that they should be giving me free tix! Someone did respond to me on twitter telling me they bought tix because of yeah..come on! Where's my free tix!? lol (i guess it could have been on the blog too...I'll keep reading!

@Crash - thanks for the link on backgammon stuff...I may check it out later if I have some time! Will be good to brush up for tonight!

@Florin - I know no one is looking for typos! I'm just saying I don't mind if people point them out! lol I don't have a full time editor (sometimes my wife will catch stuff) so if anyone sees anything glaring, please point it out! As for the C4 battle and who planted it....I think I've said enough to defend both sides (or I guess 3 sides if Flocke and Widmore were in cahoots) of the argument lol I'm gonna wait to see what the show states (if they do)....

As for Jacob not being good or bad....I revert to 2 big events that we do not have many details on....THE PURGE (and who ordered it) and the killing of all of the US Military folks in the 1950's. Richard made such a big point of defending their actions to Daniel They had no choice but to kill them. Was this Jacob interfering or did he just bring the people to the Island...and then Richard kind of watched the OTHERS of the time make the decision to kill off the US Military? Same with the PURGE? That said...he still brought Oceanic Flight 815 to the Island where many "unimportant" passengers died just so he could get his candidates here. There's something to be said about that! But yes, it would seem like the show is moving in a direction where Jacob is fighting for the greater good. But we shall see! As people have mentioned, LOST is always ready to throw a good twist our way!

Mike V. said...

@DK - Thanks! Quick response to your questions

- Still think DEAD is DEAD. But Sideways was a way around that statement! lol As for Sayid, we may never be able to explain that one fully.

- Interesting with the mirror idea and good and evil!

- I don't know if one timeline must prevail, but I kinda just assumed that's where this was all heading. But since "no one" has guessed the ending of the show yet, I guess it's possible that my assumption is incorrect! LOL

Interesting food for thought with the future being wide open. Reminds me of the cheesiest scene in the Back to the Future trilogy where NEW Jennifer asks Doc Brown why the "YOU'RE FIRED" printout erased..... And doc says "of course it is! Because you're future isn't written...neither of yours have. So make it a good one!!" (awwww shucks!) Good times lol Definitely good food for thought though.

You're totally welcome!

Okay...I'll get to the page 2 comments when I get to work. There aren't many that didn't deal with my quest for the EW covers! Thanks again Crash and Holly for the help!

MJ said...

For those trying to stay spoiler-free - the song 'Beyond the Sea' that some were discussing is not the title of the episode tonight.

Can't wait for tonight. I heard this ep is absolutly awesome ! Heard we'll all be re-watching this one. LOL

Hint - not spoiling - read (and posted earlier in the week) that we should listen very carefully to the woman speaking, and watch her face carefully, more specificly the lines on her face. I know who the woman is - but won't spoil that for those that don't want to know.

Anonymous said...

Looping Poster (LP)

Very interesting that in the Alt timeline, a plane crash caused Locke’s handicap, while on the Island timeline, a plane crash healed his paralysis. I also suspect that Locke was actually trying to kill his father on the plane – a murder suicide type of deal.

The Water Thing

Smokey looked awfully feeble trying to bring himself out of the water – that is his Achilles Heel. There have been five major deaths on Lost – Charlie, Locke, Sayid, and the Kwons. All of the deaths, except Locke’s, have involved water. Once again, it’s the elemental Jacob comforting and embracing the Losties in their time of death on the Island.

The Timelines Theory Du Jour

By blowing up the nuke, Jack created a temporary, alternative timeline. Given that the nuke was a WW II era device, the nuke’s effect on the island should last between 25 to 30 years. As such, the two timelines have to merge during this period. Post merger, the individuals who died on the island will go on and live their lives off island, ie the Kwons will go on and raise their daughter, Sayid will get together with Nadia or Shannon, and Charlie and Clair getting together (Clair is sure to die on island, as well as Sawyer).

The Lost Boy

Have not seen too much discussion lately on the lost boy tormenting Smokey. The first time we saw the kid he had “blood on his hands” – symbolizing a tragic occurrence. From what I know of the show, three characters had a tragic occurrence in their childhood Locke, Sawyer, and Boone. Ergo, its gonna be one of those three - I think.


Lapidus is still alive – I hope. We need a commercial licensed pilot to fly the Aljira plane. Guess who was Locke’s flight instructor??? Lapidus of course!!

Kate Is Special

Kate is Jacob’s ace in the hole. Smokey is under the impression that Kate is not a candidate, when actually she is. Its like Master Yoda and Ben hiding Princess Leia from Vader.

Mike V. said...

OKAY...I'm back for my encore in comment responses! Here we go.

@Crash - Don't forget Spanish Johnny's and the name Rosality was also a reference to some Bruce Springsteen stuff. Both the song "Rosalita" and the song that mentions Spanish Johnny "Incident on 52nd Street" are on the same album. So the writers of that episode dropped some clues that they were big BRUCE fans. I forget who pointed that out a few weeks ago, but it was definitely a good call! Can't believe I didn't put it all together being a pseudo Bruce fan myself and loving that album!

As for "the Candidate" rewatch...I'm on my 3rd time as well. (gotta love plane rides and iphones!) Interesting with Lapidus, Sun and Jin all wearing white shirts. BTW...if anyone listened to the podcast with Darlton or Jorge Garcia...they do confirm Lapidus's status. Apparently, it wasn't meant to be much of a mystery.

( awesome was it that I totally called why Sawyer didn't know who Anakin was! lol Darlton jokingly accepted from a multiple choice offering that Sawyer was a big Star Wars fan but not a hardcore GEEK fan...and didn't care to watch the prequels lol So even though Anakin was mentioned in ROTJ, he just didn't remember. LOVE IT! lol)

As for what Locke said in his sleep...yep..mentioned that in the blog. And also mentioned what Jack said to Locke. And it was all in reference to Locke's suicide note to Jack in the Island timeline. (well besides the "push the button" being a callback to the hatch) - And now I'm waiting on the anonymous poster to comment on me commenting about how I know everything and always mention how I have already said something!

@Gnni - I think it was the connection of Rosalita to Spanish Johnny that immediately drew the "Springsteen Comparison" Interesting about Evangeline though! If I was less lazy I may look up when Bruce's album came out to see if maybe he was inspired by that album to use the name. I still don't understand all of the Kate hate...I think she has had a fairly MEATY story in recent seasons other than being a "sex interest" to Jack and Sawyer. Now as for the actress that plays is she bad at interviewing! I've seen many of her Late Night appearances and they're all pretty bad. But last night with Letterman? EPIC FAIL! LOL It was so painful.

Mike V. said...

@Crash - Hmmm...not sure if we ever talked about 23 being the only "PRIME" number. So that might be a first! If it was mentioned it was a long time ago! Cool that Carlton was a Harvard History major too...I'm sure he was behind a lot of the philosphical themed stuff.

@MJ - Yeah I know what you mean. I don't remember them saying a few weeks ago that good and evil is not a line easily drawn. Maybe they did....but they also said at the beginning of the season that this season is THEIR version of the battle of Good vs. Evil that all mythology stories essentially wind down to. So maybe the lines weren't easily drawn in GETTING here...but I think with 4.5 hours left....they're going to clearly show us a battle of 2 sides...and we're going to pick a side to root for....which side is that? Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley - and anyone else that joins their cause - Ben, Miles, Richard most likely. Widmore? Still up in the air. So yeah...we may learn tonight MIB's motivation for why he is the way he is....but I still feel we're going to see the LOSTIES attempt to stop him at whatever he plans to do. For me...that's a good enough definition of Good Guys vs. Bad Guys that I've been striving for since the beginning of the season.

@Candidate - I think you're right that Senet was brought up in the comments before. Can't wait for tonight! As for songs...I haven't been able to think of many! But I'll keep trying. Did I ask you before if this broadcast would be online somewhere? Or I guess the other question would be...did you answer? lol

@Crash - What's the prize for the winning timeline? lol and how DO you win?

@MJ - I got a little choked up when they talk about Separating Darlton :-( All the talk about it being over was getting to me. This is going to be tough over the next 13 days!

@Matt - Yeah there's been a lot of talk about day turning to night and all of that fun stuff. No one mentioned the transition from Pre-Sub to Post-Sub though.....We can assume that it may have taken them a long time to swim to the surface and then swim back to shore. Sometimes it could be just the filming schedules. But you could be could be very intentional. And maybe the answer to the weather stuff will come into play in answering the night/day switches. Although, it wasn't raining when they came to who knows?

Mike V. said...

@Rene - No problem on the TIMES TALK LIVE tip! That's awesome that you got it as a Mother's Day present! Don't even consider taking off the 24th...just do it! :-) lol I did catch the Matthew Fox interview...I think that was in the EW, right? Well, one that that makes me happy about is that so many are still predicting 2 people sitting on the beach one being Jack and the other being Flocke (or some variation of that)....and they repeat the scene from the beginning of season 5's finale. I just don't see it going down like that, and if Matthew Fox knows what people have been speculating, then it's good to know that it's incorrect! lol Maybe he doesn't know about my "Jack's eye closes" perfect ending though! :-)

@Bryan - thanks for the link, I'll check it out! Although, I don't know if I want to know about the C4 yet. hmmmm

@Rhino - I agree that the Island Sinking needs to play into the end somehow. I still don't know how! It does sure seem like everything is being set up for this Island story to end...and the Sideways to go maybe it has been an "epilogue" story all along. Time will tell!

@Crash - Funny stuff on the Mel Brooks ending!

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Yeah, I know that's not the episode title, but the season 1 reference was still relevant to the song brought up! :-) And it's CLOSE to the title. I heard the same stuff about tonight's episode. I guess we read the same thing lol Oh posted it...duuuh! :-) I know who the actress is....I'm guessing I know who she's playing....but I heard she is AWESOME in the ep...looking forward to it!

@LP - Interseting idea that Locke was trying to kill his father and himself (in sideways time)....very interesting. Cooper is definitely still a conman as we learned from Sawyer's it will be interesting to see if that's where they go with it! Smokey did look a little rough coming out of the water...but he still was moving around and everything. Maybe he couldn't become smokey though. As for major deaths...Poor Boone and Shannon getting left off of the list! lol (and the poor non season 1'ers with emotional deaths - Juliet, Libby, Eko, Daniel - getting left off! Who cares about Ana Lucia or Charlotte? lol)

Interesting timeline theory of the day - ( What's the Soup du Jour? - it's the soup of the day - that sounds good I'll have that!) - I'll let it speak for itself and instead quote Dumb and Dumber! Oh...and I had no intentions of implying that's how the theory I just love that movie and every time I hear Du Jour I think of it :-) They theory was a good one!

Lost boy - I think we're gonna get more on him in tonight's episode and then his appearances will all make sense! Just my opinion though, not a spoiler!

Lapidus - Like I mentioned above - if you check the Darlton podcast (official ABC Lost podcast) or Jorge's podcast (Geronimo Jack's Beard)'ll get your answer to lapidus. That would be funny if Lapidus was Locke's flight instructor though!

Kate - I agree...I still think the fact that she was uncrossed on the light house is important. And Darlton said we're definitely going to get more information on why she was "crossed off" in the cave. They have already hinted at a possible reason for the discrepency between the cave and the lighthouse. But we'll see if they were red herring'ing us.

MJ said...

" All of the deaths, except Locke’s, have involved water "

Interestingly the producers stated that if they could describe the final 3 eps it would be 'water'. yet that does not encompass The Candidate. LOL Maybe they should have said 4 eps

crashriprock said...

I hate to say this but I'm not much of a springsteen fan. I am an Emylou Harris fan but that name had escaped my meory along with most of the seventies.
Of all the things I have lost
I miss my mind the most.

The losties arnt competing the players are.(too much detail may be a spoiler)

crashriprock said...

The water deaths included an explosion as well.

MJ said...

'if anyone listened to the podcast with Darlton or Jorge Garcia...they do confirm Lapidus's status. Apparently, it wasn't meant to be much of a mystery. ' So what is the status Mike ? You didn't say THAT ! LOL

I'm going to assume alive since I did listen to their podcast and know what they did say.

Mike V. said...

MJ - I didn't want to spoil!! But if you want me to...I'm going to separate it by my SPOILER WARNING! See below if you want to know if Frank is dead or alive!

*****************SPOILER ALERT************************

MJ - Take your assumption and now think the OPPOSITE! :-( Darlton said that they wanted to focus on Jin, Sun and Sayid since they have been with the show since day 1....but they will "CORRECT" this oversight in a future episode to give Frank his due.


Okay, I still spoke in code in my spoiler in case anyone saw it by accident. You'll have to do a little work to figure it out! lol

crashriprock said...

I was being sarcastic about the Spanish Johnny thing because I said "the only question I have is..."
So Ill rephrase it.

At this point the only question I have is, why is Davids voice deeper than Jacks?

Mike V. said...

Oh...Darlton also talked in the podcast about questions regarding the GHOSTS and if some of them are supporting the Man in Black. They said that this was never their intention. Michael was just being helpful to Hurley by pointing him in the right direction.

They also talked at length explaining how there are Ghosts and Smoke Monster manifestations. They wanted to clearly state that they have not ALL been Smokey....they used Isabella as the example where she appeared 2 times on the Island. 1st time was Smokey....2nd time was Ghost. Most of us assumed this but they just want to be clear.

I think this is telling us also that Christian Shephard has appeared as a Ghost too on this show. Hopefully, they will clarify on the show though. I still feel he and Jack need to have a scene before this is over!

Mike V. said...

Gotcha Crash lol I thought you might be but wasn't sure!

MJ said...

Mike V -

SPOILER warning - discussing Frank's fate.

I TOTALLY took the opposite away from the podcast. That they did not want to ruin the moment with 'where's Frank' - but I thought that when they said it would be addressed it would be that Frank joins them on the beach after having swam further down the beach !

MJ said...

RMike V - relistened to the podcast about Frank. Guess you are right.

spoiler below

It sucks that poor Frank (and the actor) have been ignored all week then. Each and every article and blog have talked about the THREE deaths last week. LOL Poor Frank.

MJ said...

I never understood all the Kate-haters either. She got alot of crap about going back and forth between Jack and Sawyer - but those guys didn't make it easy to stick with them either, and they both had their own dalliances and no one gave them crap about it ! Ah - chauvanism still lives. LOL

I taped Letterman last night so haven't seen it yet. Maybe I won't bother now.

No - at the beginning of the season they were all over the place stating that don't assume what is good an what is evil - it's not always clear. And that made each and every one of us try to see how MIB could be not so evil. Don't get me wrong - I'm ok with the misdirection - but they did lead us where they wanted us to go for that time.

I was just warning people who are spoilerphobes that they did not have to avoid those posts about the song really.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Totally agree about everything with the Frank stuff! Like I sounds like they will "Fix this" in a future episode.

As for the Kate Hate - Yeah...the guys didn't help the situation either lol Well, you should still watch the Letterman thing just for the awkwardness of the whole interview! lol It was painful but it was a trainwreck I couldn't stop watching either .

Okay, so yeah they did mislead us all season into thinking that MIB could be good...I agree with you there. But they also said in the first podcast or the interview with Doc Jensen available after the premiere that season 6 IS the Battle of Good vs. Evil. They seemed pretty clear with that. But I see what you're saying! lol

And gotcha on the song!

crashriprock said...

Maybe this will help then I have to get ready.
Do you really see gravity or do you see its effect. You can test gravity by dropping something then make judgements on gravities effect on that thing, speed,impact,bounce...

But just sitting is it posible to judge gravity, something you cannot see?
Now ask this question
Is it possible to see good or evil if it is not Tested?

hg said...

Mike V - e-mailing you pictures of the covers I have so far...Let me just say that Sayid's & Sawyer's are by far the BEST! Hurley is so cute, I want to put him on my mantle.
The newsstand version of the EW covers is a compilation of all characters, anyone can go buy that one. The individual characters are for subsribers only....who you get is who you get. I got Kate.

Mike V. said...

touche' Crash!

Mike V. said...

Nice, thanks Holly! Yeah, I got Locke's in the mail. I may have to go pick up that newstand one...although, since it's all of the same pictures...maybe I don't really need it lol

crashriprock said...

Maybe the Island wants you to have Kate.

hg said...

@Crash - Kate is 'special' so maybe that's a sign. Maybe if I was on the "other" team, but sorry Sayid is my man...Barbara Hershey better hang on to him...hmmm, she was in the movie Beaches, Lost is on the beach, wonder when Better Midler will make a cameo. Is she the special guest tonight, LOL :-)

MikeV got Locke - hmmmm

Mike V. said...

yeah...maybe it's a sign that Flocke ISN'T so bad :-)

Candidate said...

Whats the name of the Springsteen Song? and the Emmylou (Sp) Song again??? I'm not a huge Bruce fan but if Darlton is than I gotta do it. I'm thinking about playing both Spanish Johnny songs back to back. I never answered if my Lost tribute broadcast will be available on-line...YES. It will be streaming Live and posted for (free) download. (no sign ups or banner adds either)
I will post that info as we get closer to the broadcast. I've been doing some major prep work on it. which includes sound fx, Diologue clips and my own fiction of getting to the Island...Mostly just checking out the sites as if we were tourists.

Can someone tell me the name of the fake fortune teller that Hugos Father hired and was working for Mr. Reyes in SW timeline??(I gotta call Hugos Father Cheech but would also like to know his real name.)

@Crash thanks for the links on Senet. I will have to check that out early this eve before showtime.
I checked out the candidate list link that you also posted. Wow thats alot of candidates and a fun time studying the list. Speculating the names on the list that we don't know will be a good time after the finale.

gnni4 said...

Welcome back Mike, so admit it, did you have a couple little bottles of vodka in your pocket for the flight, just in case?

hg said...

@Candidate: Lynn Karnoff is character name of Fortune Teller

Mike V. said...

@Candidate - For Bruce - Look at "Rosalita" and "Incident on 52nd Street" or something like that. They're on the same album...The Wild, The innocent, and the E-Street Shuffle or something like that. I don't really think the song has anything to do with LOST. I think some people in the writer's room just wanted to get some BRUCE homage's in the show. lol Doesn't hurt that the word "INCIDENT" was in the name of the song though! Sounds good on the broadcast! Hopefully, I'll be around to listen to it.

As for the names of some of those things...I'd check my recap of Tricia Tanaka is Dead (Season 3...check the right hand side of the blog...all the ep recaps are linked there)....And the Substitute Recap may have her name from Sideways. i'm not sure if that woman had names though. They might be on IMDB too. I'd look it up for you but I'm kinda swamped right now!

@Gnni - LOL No, but I did have a beer! :-) And watched lots of LOST and read my EW on the plane!

Mike V. said...

I double checked Holly's comment and her name is the SAME in the Substitute!

As for Cheech - his name was David Reyes

crashriprock said...


gnni4 said...

Song: Incident on 57th Street by Springsteen Album: The Wild, The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle - 1973

Song: Spanish Johnny by Emmylou Harris
Album: Evangeline - 1981
(based on a poem by Willa Cather)

crashriprock said...

canidate pt2

crashriprock said...

lol gnni4

I had to post something because my word puzzle was ... "lostem"

Mike V. said...

ahhh my bad..thanks Gnni. 57th street not 52nd lol In my defense, Billy Joel has an album called 52nd Street. CLASSIC btw!

Floreen said...

@Mike V - Okay with corrections, although I may want to do that in private and welcome back, I hope you had a good little vacation..

Well I guess with Frank and the C4 is said, and I don't mind spoilers myself, but I read the interviews on ew and so on. I don't get the podcasts, slow to load etc.

With Kate yes, some people are good at one thing but not so good at others. You would think that she would prep and learn so she can be good at all things acting, but we're all human. I am glad she does a good job int he show, that's what matters at the end.

With the MiB and Jacob, I still think that if they blur the lines in between good and evil is going to weaken the plot. Sure Jacob brings people to the island, but is he responsible for their demise? He could, but my point is I haven't seen Him - Jacob, killing anyone. Maybe he wanted the plane to land safely and MiB made it crash for an an example. Jacob is about Free Will and Choice I'll take it in not doing evil and giving a clean plate. Smokey-O on the other hand... enough said.

crashriprock said...

Its like Sawyer Gump once said
" Life is like a box of Losties, you never know what your going to get..."

Bryan said...

I listened to the podcast and I don't believe it... I think if Frank was dead they would have showed us in the episode. I'm going to cling to my (perhaps false) hope that Lapidus lives until they show us his dead body.

MJ said...

Good one Gnni4 on the little vodka bottles - too too funny !

hg said...

I see dead Lost people...

I really need to do some work today, but I'm too excited about tonight.

hg said...

Love these pictures, very cool with the eyes closed

hg said...


MJ said...

Jensen's preview

Haven't read it yet - but I know he has the links to the abc promos for tonights ep in there - and he says HE regrets watching them. So I won't then

But I don't see totally Lost !

MJ said...

OMG - Jensen posted this site - vids of old TV shows and how Lost should end like them. Hysterical

MJ said...

Scooby, mash and Planet of the Apes was my faves. Don't get the last one at all though.

crashriprock said...

or maybe it ends like Seinfeld
and they all end up in jail for not being good samaritans

MJ said...

LOL Crashriprock !

Anonymous said...



Just saw the leaked episode ;)

gnni4 said...

that was too funny. The last one was The Sopranos I think. I loved the Scooby one and the Quantum Leap one! Thank you for that link!

MJ said...

Gnni4 - you are absolutely right ! Duh ! The Sopranos. I also loved QLeap, forgot that one.

Anonymous said...

When John Locke turned the icy wheel, a duplicate of himself was sent to Tunisia in present day, while the original was left stuck in the far past (at least prior to the digging of the well over the icy wheel). Evidence is that the Orchid had a Dharma video that showed a rabbit getting duplicated in the Orchid, and a man saying that the rabbits could not touch each other. When John Locke was about to touch the wheel, the MiB as Christian refused to touch him to help him to his feet.

The duplicate went on to get himself killed by Ben. Meanwhile, the original John Locke was stuck on the Island, unaging because of Jacob's touch (when he fell out the building).

Other evidence for:

The current MiB has used Locke's phrase, "No one tells me what I can and cannot do."
The MiB ridicules John Locke, because he despises the naiveté of his younger self at thinking the island was special and getting himself stuck there.
The MiB said his mother was crazy. John Locke's mother had schizophrenia.
John Locke alone thought the smoke monster was beautiful when he saw it. Everyone else who saw it had to run for their life.
The MiB's name has not been revealed for a long time, suggesting that the writers know that he is another form of an established character.
John Locke in Season One was talking all about light and dark backgammon pieces. When he said this, he had the personality of Season Six John Locke, not Season One.
The smoke monster has used the form of John Locke exclusively ever since he had the ability to. Fondness for his true form?
Desmond smugly told the MiB that he knew he was John Locke. Desmond seems to have a lot more knowledge about what's going on ever since his last electromagnetic incident.


crashriprock said...

Maybe it will end like Frasier
only Locke is on a plain sitting next to the chick from Flash Dance
and she leans over and tells Locke she wants to see his smoke monster.

(sorry ladies)

hg said...

I loved the L*O*S*T parody the best.
I'm a M*A*S*H junkie, such a geek am I.

"It was Purgatory", lol

David Salako said...

No Richard Alpert or Desmond Hume EW covers?
Guess I'll get the John Locke cover! That expression on Terry's face is priceless.

crashriprock said...

or maybe the very last shot will be Mulder and Scully walking down the beach and Mulder is saying to Scully
"I'm telling you he was right here,and the Cancer Man turned into a giant smoke thing..."

Mike V. said...

Okay, obviously can't respond to it all! Sorry guys I had a 4 hour meeting this afternoon. Fun stuff! But I'm definitely gonna check out all of the links. I saw the Jensen and Dead LOSTIES posts on ew as well.

For the record - LOVE QUANTUM LEAP and still waiting for a movie! I read that Scott and Dean are still interested in it!

As for the joking spoiler on tonight!! FUNNY STUFF! lol

@Jackson - woa...crazy stretch on that MIB = John...but entertaining! Perhaps we will get a name tonight!

Probably will let you guys keep commeting here but I'm gonna start focusing on the next blog! :-) So as always, great comments everyone and see you for another round tomorrow!

Candidate said...

@ everyone
LOL some very funny comments.
A fun time reading the comments this week...
thanks all for the help on the Spanish Johnnys music Ginni and Mike V
and Holly thanks for the info on Cheech (David Reyes) and Lynn Karnoff

Candidate said...

@ Crash.. thanks for your help too on the music. I just checked out the other game links that you posted. Lost and Lostaddictsblog has taught me a thing or 2. The Hieroglyphics translater is totally fun. Everyone should check it out. Four Hours and 19 minutes until showtime for me. I'm probably gonna watch it twice tonite.
My puzzle for this post is ovessea. Is that a spoiler??

Mike V. said...

Loved the Scooby Doo ending! lol Polar Bear as Scooby. Classic. Sopranos one was pretty good too. Usual Suspects ending was a good time too but had lots more potential!

Thanks for the link!

Mike V. said...'s a little late but here's TOTALLY LOST!

Totally LOST!

Candidate said...

28 minutes to go for me..I got the jitters

Anonymous said...

With tonight's teaser for next week with "The Doors - The End," the Apocalypse Now references are undeniable:
Col. Kurtz... John Locke

Capt. Willard.... Jack Shepard

The End... "The End"
[Fill in Lost finale once it airs]

Miles Balzard said...

Oh no, Lost, NOOO! Not Sun and Jin!!!

Well Mike, you knew I was going to be heartbroken after watching this episode, and I certainly was! To be honest, I was blubbering like a baby when my favorite love couple went down with the sub. Every TV-fan veteran has experienced the death of a favorite character some time or another and I knew that Lost wasn't going to let all of our favorites survive this journey. But this was the saddest character demise I can ever remember having on TV.

Some of my memories are of deaths that took place off screen (Colonel Blake on MASH, Edith on All in the Family...I know I'm dating myself here) and some were from long illnesses (Dr. Greene on E.R.) but only a few were sudden (Rita Morgan on Dexter, Mike on Breaking Bad) and even those weren't as unpredictable or sad as Sun and Jin. And then to throw Sayid on top of that! was just a hard episode to watch, but obviously I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

I was glad to learn that Locke wasn't conned out of a kidney by his dad and correctly guessed that nature's "course correction" would cause him to be paralyzed by some other means. No matter how much Locke regrets making his dad an invalid, it's still better than having your dad try to murder you!

I'm done theorizing on the Sideways Timeline. But I knew from the beginning that these sideways stories would be very meaningful and not just some throwaway "what if" fantasy. I didn't know they would become such a dominant theme throughout the season, making it obvious they were very meaningful.

Of course, the whole Island Timeline story just leads to the conflict on Hydra Island and the Candidates ending up on the sub. And then in a span of a few minutes we get three of the most surprising deaths on TV imaginable. I was barely recovering when Jack let the rest of the survivors on the beach know that Sun and Jin didn't make it. And then Hurley cried and then I lost it all over again, as I imagine we all did. Damn you, Lost!

I did read the interview with Damon and Carlton on the EW page that you linked, Mike (yay, the link still works). Despite the heartbreak, I'm in 100% agreement with the creative decisions they made in this episode. Indeed, the stage has now been clearly set for a battle of good vs. evil and the villain has been unequivocally identified. This is absolutely what needed to happen and the remaining hours of the show can give us a thrilling ride as we witness the good guys triumph! The good guys will triumph, right???

This was a memorable episode and the deaths of Sun and Jin were beautifully portrayed in every aspect; music, acting, cinematography, editing. I don't know if the show can top that emotional moment for me, since I held Sun and Jin so near to my heart. But I'm more than willing to let them try.

It took me too long to get to this episode, but my day job was a killer this week. I work at home for a huge corporation, so some weeks I have a lot of flexibility and other weeks I'm totally slammed. I finished a huge project today and unfortunately have an even bigger project with a tight deadline right after it. So it may take a little longer than I hoped to finish the series. But in a way, the delayed gratification makes it easier to cherish the remaining episodes, which seems rather appropriate, does it not?

Mike V. said...

So sorry for that turn of events Miles! I knew the more you got attached to them that you would definitely be heartbroken. And then when they FINALLY got together, you mentioned Jin better not leave her side...I almost hinted "oh don't you worry, he doesn't!"....but I had to leave you spoiler free. This definitely was a sad moment for me on LOST. But, I think Charlie's always affected me the most. But don't worry you're not done bawling at Lost! And that doesn't necessarily mean more people die. It's just a very emotional close to the show! And Michael Giacchino (composer) worked some kind of magic in the score!

I can't tell you if the "good guys" triumph or not. But, I would say that was my expectation as well. lol

Totally hear you on the day job. It's like they don't realize more important things are going on in the world, right? I'm sure it's no surprise to you that my day job got in the way many times with me maintaining this blog! But, a lot of people at work read it, so there was a bit of an unspoken understanding that I was providing them a bit of entertainment to get them through the day. lol (at least that's what I tell myself) Take your time with the final eps! I'm going on vacation next week so my comments may be delayed a bit if you don't get to the finale until then! Something tells me you're going to power through though at some point!

Leta said...

What, what, WHAT???

I'm not going to comment on anything, else, I'm beyond theorizing at this point and I'm basically just waiting to see how everything turns out. But, really, WHAT? 3 characters in one episode? Important, beloved characters, who've been with us since the very beginning?

This is evil.

Leta said...

Now that I got over the initial shock, I sure hope this isn't how they're going to leave Sayid's story. I think this might be it, though, because I remember you saying that you were still not sure about what happened with him, Mike.

If this is the case, then it's going to be my first major conflict with the show. I've let some things slide in the past, thinking that they weren't important to the overall story, but this is something different. We've been told time and again that dead people don't come to life in Lost, yet when this seemingly happens, we get no explanation? Same with Sayid supposedly "going over to the Dark Side": he was the favorite of many (mine too, for a long time, if not perhaps two latter seasons), and this seems a poor way of sending him off. Granted, it did look like he came back to himself, and he certainly died a hero's death. But still, his coming back to life was a major WTF, and to leave it unexplained is just wrong.

Rant over.

Mike V. said...

I hear you Leta. This was a rough one. Obviously we had to expect some casualties before the end. They had to definitively prove mib was the bad guy. Their final conflict.

As for sayid. Let's talk after the next episode. There's something mentioned in that one that we might be able to apply to his situation. But I agree it could've used better explanation. I can guarantee it's not the last you see of sayid though. Lol

On my phone so I'll comment more later or just on the next episode comments. :)

Rishabh said...

That was simply WOOWWW!!!! I mean sure there were some really sad moments but this is what an action-filled thrilling episode looks like. I can't believe we are so close to the end...
The dock scene was really awesome. It was kinda weird that Widmore's goons started shooting only after Jack pushed Flocke into the water. I mean it looked like they were hiding in the bushes. So were'nt they supposed to shoot them when they were first entering the sub??? Anyway.... I loved the way JACK started shooting everyone after Kate got shot. It reminded me of the time when Roger shot Sayid and Jack went berserk and started shooting instead of running for cover. And FLOCKE climbing out of the water and killing all the goons....that was thrilling and also a bit scary.
Then again loved the way Jack figured everything out in the sub. He has come a really long way to become a believer. And I love this new Jack!!
But what happened to Frankie?? I hope he didn't die...because he deserves atleast a better farewell.
And how did Flocke know that some of them had survived?? Would he be free the very moment that all the candidates die? I guess I'll find out sooner than I think....
Btw great recap!! Brought the whole dock and sub scene back to life.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the comments and props Rishabh! I agree it was an exciting episode and very sad. But the sadness was expected so close to the end! Someone had to go right?!

As for your questions yeah just keep watching. At this point no need in even hinting. You're almost there! Probably already finished by the time I got to responding to this! :)

Simon Sandiford said...

Great episode and of course blog Mike. .. Hope Lapudus survived but probably not. I'm going with the Nadia is well but not his, so maybe Sayid will meet Shannon... Though the logic of her arriving in LA after all seems a bit far fetched... But this is Lost!

I think the smoke must be related to volcano but it seems that they purposely lead us to think things then twist it... After all why would they want us to work out the ending before we get there.

I was thinking morbidly to myself what would I do if I found out I only had a couple of days left to live... Admittedly I probably wouldn't watch every remaining episode but I would definitely look up how it ends as you can't go not knowing!

Mike V. said...

Lol totally morbid but yeah guess you’d have to skip to the end! I had to go back and read some of the recap on this one. I obviously remember how it ended but some of what led to it was hazy. Wish I could tell you what’s going on but you’re so close!

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