Wednesday, February 03, 2010

LOST: Season 6 Episode 1 and Episode 2 - LA X

WELCOME BACK LOSTIES!!!!!  Whew, I don't even know where to begin.  It's been almost 9 months since we have had some new material to digest.  That was plenty of time to re-watch the show for me, plenty of time to get questions fresh in the head (if you missed it last month, check out my 23 Mysteries to Be Resolved post. We got a couple in this episode!)   I'm sure many of you had LOST viewing parties or maybe some of you wanted to watch in seclusion to have it all to yourself!   Me, I had my lovely new wife throw me a surprise LOST party for 2 (Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3)!  DHARMA stuff everywhere in the basement, Peanut Butter, Mangos and Hurley Hot Pockets for dinner.   What can I say?  You're all jealous!    It's a bittersweet time folks.  The final season of one of the greatest shows of all time is upon us.  But, it's going to be a thrilling ride to the finish!  This is what we have been waiting for.  We put our faith in Team Darlton (Exec Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse) that they know what they're doing and they're going to take us to the end in a fantastical way.   Well, here we are!   We have seen 2 hours.  What do I have to say about it?   Oh, I think you guys already know by now:    "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I mean, what to the what?!  That was some crazy stuff.   Yes, a lot of what we have been speculating over the months is turning out to be not far from the truth (they ARE back in the present, but there is some kind of alternate timeline).   The big question is, where are they going with this?   Are the storylines going to merge at some point?   Are they really just showing us what happened if Flight 815 didn't crash?  Is this further going to emphasize how interconnected these people's lives are Island or no Island?   All I can say is, there is crazy stuff going on in the timeline we are familiar with and also with the timeline that we kinda sorta know, but don't know!    Yes, we're all confused.  The producers knew we'd be confused and have been worried that we wouldn't like where they're going with this.   NEVER doubt Team Darlton, they know how to pull at our strings of confusion while they're getting us all emotional over these characters.   So many crazy things happening, but we still are invested and still think it is awesome!   I'm going to stop this preamble now so that we can get into the EXTRA LARGE RECAP (due to the 2 hour premiere).  Don't worry guys, I took the day off from work, so I put my all into this!

Here we go:

Flight 815 - Take 2
(No Crash Zone)
When we last left off: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Miles, Jin, Sawyer and Juliet were trapped in 1977.  Jack and rallied the troops, based on a plan by Daniel Faraday (RIP), to detonate a nuclear weapon and the future location of the SWAN HATCH in an attempt to prevent Oceanic 815 from ever crashing on the Island and changing everything we have ever learned in the past 5 seasons.  (From Jack's perspective, changing all of the bad things that have happened)   Well, in our new storytelling device of the season, it looks like we are going to see what happened if indeed that came true.   We do not know if these stories we see will turn out to be relevant or if it is really just serving a greater purpose to show how these characters are connected.   How they are destined to work together.   So, fellow LOSTIES, let's dive into the realm of Bizarro LOST!
Jack's Story
We begin the episode with Jack looking out the window of Oceanic 815.  His hair is noticeably longer than it was in the Season 1 Pilot episode, but I think we're are just expected to accept changes in hairstyles for the sake of the story!  His initial moments are eerily similar to the moments we witnessed in Season 1 with distinct differences.   We begin Jack's story:

  • Jack makes a face like he is confused what is happening.  Maybe having some sort of Deja Vu or something.  But then he is interrupted in thought by Cindy the flight attendant.  Their conversation is very similar to the pilot episode except she only hands him one vodka bottle instead of 2.  And Jack doesn't talk about breaking Federal regulations.  

  • There is turbulence and Jack braces, looking nervous.  Across the aisle is Rose!  In this reality, Rose is the one that tells Jack "It's Normal"  (it was the reverse in the pilot episode).  She talks about Bernard in the bathroom, Jack still offers to keep her company.   Charlie does not race by cutting off Jack in this scenario.  There is more turbulence and this would be when Desmond was off killing Kelvin and couldn't make it to hit the button.  The plane would split apart and land on the island.  But no, there is no crash.   Jack still bracing for impact, Rose tells him "you can let go".     Jack - "I guess we made it"  Rose - "Yeah, We sure did."  Seemed like Rose and Jack were in the know on something here of what happened in their previous lives.    
  • And Bernard comes back from the bathroom!  He told Rose he's going to hold it next time and how he almost died in the bathroom.  They get all lovey dovey and tell each other they missed each other for the 10 minutes they were apart.  I wonder if Rose has cancer in this alternate world? 
  • Jack heads to the bathroom (I thought for a second he was heading to 42F to see Ana Lucia, but we can be thankful that didn't happen!). 
  • Note that Rose is reading Outdoor Woodsman Magazine and on the back of the magazine there is a shout-out to X-files "The Truth is Out There"   Could be very relevant to this show as well, but it better not be aliens! 

  • He takes a good look in the mirror and then notices a crazy red mark on his neck.  Is he noticing this for the first time?  Could it be from the 1977 incident or is this something that happened in the alternate world?
  • Jack returns to his seat and who is sitting in his row but Desmond Hume!  Woaaaaaa weird!  Desmond is reading a book called Midnight Children by Salmon Rushdie.  A book about India's transition from British Colonialism to Independence.  It is also referred to as having "magical realism" on ol' Wikipedia.  That seems more relevant than Indian Independence but what do I know?!

  • Desmond, moved to Jack's row because the guy in his row was snoring since they took off.  The flight attendants told him no one was sitting there.   Jack looks perplexed.  He apparently recognizes Desmond.  And asks if they know each other.  Desmond does not recognize Jack.   Hmmm, I wonder if they even met at the stadium in this alternate world?  Maybe in this world, Desmond doesn't run away from things and is happily with Penny?    But the irony that should not be looked past is Desmond's signature line he said in so many episodes "See you in another life brothaaaaa"   Hmmmmm, did the writers know what they were doing all along?   Was that line in there as a clue?   Or are they just making us think that!?  (genius either way!)   Anyway, Desmond and Jack introduce themselves and that's that.  
The Island
We need to pause from Jack's story because at this moment, the camera goes out the window and down to the water below the plane.  It doesn't stop at the surface but keeps on moving!  Going under further and further until we're seeing familiar sites like Othersville/Dharmaville and a swingset and finally stopping at the 4 toed statue FOOT of Tawaret (still only the foot in 2004 and not the rest of the statue).   The Island is under water!!!  WHAAAAT?????  When did this happen?  Is it because of the bomb blowing up?  Did it blow the island under water?  It doesn't appear so if everyone is alive and well in present day on NON-bizarro LOST land!  (who are we kidding? It's all bizarre, but it's more normal that what we're seeing in these flash-somethings or whatever)     Perhaps, when the island moves it can go under water?   At the end of season 4, it did look like the Island when UNDER water as opposed to disappearing.  There was kind of a drain look to the water when it disappeared.   But if the Island is under water, could there be anyone living on it?   One would think not.   Or, in this version of reality, has the Island been underwater for a very very long time?   And if there are many versions of LOST timelines is there only one version of Jacob and the Man in Black?   Perhaps the "It always ends the same, they come, fight, corrupt, destroy" thing has to do with this alternate version of reality.   Maybe there are different versions of the Oceanic 815 storyline that "always seem to end the same".    They 815ers will still end up on the island in this reality too.  But how will they get to an underwater island?     Man, I'm confused, but I love speculation!  And based on them showing the Man in Black and Jacob saying that exact dialog in the "Previously on LOST" section of the episode, it makes me think that this IS what is happening.   Why it's happening?  You got me.   But "it only ends once, and anything that happens before that is just progress."   Seems to mean a little more thinking this way doesn't it? 

  • Note: we definitely saw the DHARMA Shark underwater again!  So this proves DHARMA still existed in this version of reality.

Jack's story (continued)
  • In bizarro land, Jack apparently has a small bladder.  We've never seen the man go to the bathroom once in seasons 1 to 5, but he's on his 2nd trip now!   He runs into Edward Mars, the air marshall waiting for Kate to get out of the bathroom.   When she does, Kate bumps into Jack (more on that later), and then they look at each other for a brief second.  
  • Later in the flight, Cindy is on the intercom looking for a doctor on board.  DESTINY people!  Jack is called into action to save someone.   Jack heads up to the front bathroom.  I think we all know it's Charlie at this point!  But the door is locked and they can't get it open.  Sayid comes up and kicks the door in.   Jack and Sayid working together to solve a problem.  Here we go!   There's Charlie, and he's not breathing.  There is something blocking his air passage.  Jack starts asking for a pen and he can't find his that was in his pocket (more on that later!).  But you may not recall, but Boone suggested to Jack that they use a pen to create an air passage for Rose.   Jack told Boone it was a good idea, but only to get him distracted with something else while the doc saved everyone himself!  Jack reaches into Charlie's mouth and further back and is able to latch on and pull out a bag of heroin.  He tried to swallow the evidence?  Dude, the toilet was a better idea!     
  • Charlie was not thankful for his rescue though as he was taken in cuffs by on air security/police.  "I was supposed to die man!"  Another ironic thing as Charlie did die and Desmond had visions of it many times and told Charlie that he's supposed to die.  

  • Jack returns to his seat and Desmond is gone!  What???  Rose said she and Bernard were sleeping so didn't see him get up.  Was he ever even there?  Weird.  
  • Captain Seth Norris gets on the mic (I thought Lapidus might be flying 815 in this scenario, guess not!) and says they're going to land shortly. 
  • When the plane lands, everyone gets off except Jack and Locke stay behind.  Jack grabs his bag and looks a row behind him, and Locke looks at him and they do a head nod exchange.  Very similar to when they got on flight 815 in the season finale of season 1.   It was very meaningful then because of the polar opposite relationship they developed on the Island, and it was meaningful to see it again in an alternate world where they could have a chance to have a clean slate.  But more on that later as well. 
  • So things get interesting here.  We see all the 815ers we know and love hanging out at LAX.  Jack is summoned to the customer service counter.  It turns out there was a mix-up with his father's coffin.  It didn't get on the plane.  Immediately we are thinking that in "Opposite Land" after Jack's emotional speech in the Sydney airport, that they did put the coffin on the plane because Jack didn't have the papers.  Ugh, that Chrissy! (representative of Oceanic in Sydney)  She couldn't do Jack a favor.   But that isn't what happened, Jack finds out that Oceanic cannot find the body anywhere!  They have no idea where it is.  WHAT?!?   Okay, so Christian still dies in this reality. Does that eliminate any foul-play in Sydney that led to his death?  I'm still not so sure.  I want more info there still!   But his body just vanishes?  That sounds like the work of the Island doesn't it?    So could the body perhaps have been on the plane, but then it FLASHED off of the plane like some of the crew did on Ajira 316?  But what would have happened, it flash onto the Island underwater?   So now we have OFF-Island, Alternate world Mysteries going on.   Are you keeping track of all this?  We have 16 hours left to resolve all of these issues!   But I am still loving that we're getting more puzzlers!  I have faith it will be cleared up by the end in an ambiguous sort of way!  (like that line? I made it up mysel!)
  • More on Jack's story later

Random Notes (Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid)

  • On the flight, Arzt recognizes Hurely as the owner of Mr. Cluck's chicken.  This is in line with the commercial we saw from Comic-Con over the summer with Hurley advertising the new Outback Roasters and referring to himself as the luckiest guy alive.   Arzt asks Hurley how he got to have the money to buy Mr. Cluck's.  Hurley tells him he won the lottery.   
  • Sawyer, listening in, advises Hurley to not tell people he's won the lottery or they'll take advantage of him.  This is when Hurley refers to himself as the luckiest man alive!  Obviously, we're meant to take from this that in this version of reality, Hurley is the exact opposite of what we have known for 5 seasons where he thought he was cursed (and clearly bad things happened around him but never to him!)
  • Sawyer gets in a nickname in bizarro land too.  He calls Cindy Earhart!  Hysterical!! 
  • We should note that we do see Sayid staring at pictures of Nadia that he received from the FBI.  He helped them prevent a terrorist attack in Sydney and lost a friend to suicide in the process.   Chances are he'll probably track her down.   
Kate's Story

  • When Kate gets back to her seat, she has a Lasagna waiting for her.  But of course, Ed won't let her use her silverware.  She puts her hands under the seat-back tray and looks like she's doing something suspicious. 
  • Sawyer walks by and exchanges glances with Kate.  He smiles and likes what he sees! 
  • When they get off the plane, they are going through customs where Edward declares his murderer!   So she still killed someone, but not her father Wayne.  If the comic-con videos are true, then in this reality, she blew up a building where Wayne was a respectable plumber.  But Wayne was on a date with Austen's mother and sent his apprentice Ryan Milner to work instead.  Ryan is the one that blows up in a building instead of Wayne in his house.  We may find out if this is actually true in a Kate-centric episode (I would say when that is happening, but I would hate to be minorly spoilerish!)  Instead Check out my comic-con post for the video on Kate (and Hurley if you want to watch that too)
  • Anyway, Kate requests to go to the bathroom.  Ed doesn't want to allow this but eventually caves in.  He goes into the ladies room with her and stays there while she goes into the stall.   At this point, Kate takes out a pen.  Yep, she stole it from Jack when they bumped into each other on the plane!   She takes it apart to work on getting her cuffs off, but the spring falls under and out of the stall.   Ed sees it and tries to get Kate to open the door.  Kate busts through the stall and knocks Ed unconscious.  YEAH KATE!   Some girls come into the ladies room and Kate tells them she was attacked.  She runs to the elevator which Sawyer just happens to be on.  He holds the door for her.

  • Sawyer gets all flirty with Kate right away.  He spotted the handcuffs on Kate and decided to help her out.  Some TSA folks come onto the elevator at the next stop.  They get a call in for a 341.  It was hysterical when Sawyer asked about the 341.  "What's a 341?"  "That's confidential"  "Well if it's confidential then how will I know if I see one?"   Ahh good times!  
  • We see Kate hiding out at Baggage Claim.  Sayid and Arzt are there collecting their bags.  Cops are looking for her.  She sneaks out and tries to get in a taxi cab.  But Frogurt is there to ruin things.  "Hey there's a line!"  So she ends up behind Hurley in line.  But then she sees Ed, and Ed sees her, so she darts for a cab and gets in it.   The cab driver "I already have a passenger!".  Kate pulls out a gun and tells him to go.  (I guess she got the gun from Ed, but I missed that!)   But hey, guess who else was in the cab?  CLAIRE!!!!  She's back!!!   And looking very scared.  Now, Claire was on her way to Los Angeles to give her unborn baby away for adoption.  Will things change in this reality?  As we see, it looks like Kate and Claire's paths are tied together for the foreseeable alternate future.  Which is very ironic because Kate was the one raising Aaron off of the island in the other timeline.   Crazy stuff!  I am totally digging all this wacky stuff they're throwing at us.  I just hope it all makes sense in the end!  

Jin/Sun's Story

  • We have a brief scene with Jin and Sun on the plane.  Sun is staring longingly at Rose and Bernard who seem to be so in love.   Once again, Jin and Sun are in an unhappy marriage.    Jin instructs Sun to button her sweater (just like old times)    I must note, it was very impressive that they got Jin and Sun's hair looking the way it did in season 1.   Even Hurley looks a little Season 1-ish.  Amazing what no beard will do for the guy! 
  • At customs, Jin gets questioned about the watch.  The watch he was tasked with bringing to Los Angeles, that Michael ended up getting on the Island.  (Speaking of: noticeably missing from the episode are Michael and Walt.  But, they ARE having a hard time figuring out a way to bring Walt back with his age.  Hopefully, they'll think of something! We need answers!)    
  • Anyway, because Jin doesn't speak english he cannot explain what his business is in the US.  Sun does know english but she's not leading on that she does.  They open Jin's bag and there is a boatload of cash in it.  Jin was planning (in season 1) to flee Korea to start a new life with Sun in Los Angeles.  Of course, there was that american dude at the Sydney airport that knew Korean and advised him not to do that.  Will we see him again in THIS reality?   
  • Anyway, they take Jin in for questioning.  They tell Sun that if she understands what is going on that she should clear it up.  But she continues to say she doesn't understand english.  I hope they don't drag that one out forever in this alternate land!       
Locke's Story

  • We first see Locke on Oceanic 815 reading a safety manual.   Boone is there!  He tells Locke he's wasting his time and that if the plane goes down, there is not a good chance they'll survive.  (Lots of plays on words in this discussion on what we know about the other Oceanic 815 and the 48 + 23 survivors of the fuselage and tail section).    Locke argues that they could have a safe water landing.  
  • Note: Neil Frogurt is sitting between Boone and Locke.  And there is an empty seat where Shannon would be.

  • Locke explains to Boone that he was on a Walkabout.  In this version of reality, he did get to go on the walkabout. (Or he at least lied to Boone and really didn't get to go)  But he explains all of the stuff he did about hunting for food, setting up camp, exploring, you name it.  Sounds like exactly what they all did on the Island.   Boone makes 2 comments.  One, that he never would survive doing that (ironic because he did for a little while, but then died because of Locke's crazy missions for the Island)    The 2nd comment was that if the plane does go down, he is going to stick with Locke!  Ironic again, because Boone did team up with Locke on the Island.    There is probably more than irony and jokes here though.  It just seems that these people were meant to be in each other's lives.   But, if Boone died in season 1, maybe he is not part of the Island's (or Jacob/MIB's) ultimate plan.   So it will leave Boone time to go be a vampire on Vampire Diaries again! 
  • Anyway, Boone tells Locke that he went down to Australia to save his sister Shannon from an abusive boyfriend, but it turns out she didn't want to be saved.  So in this version, he leaves Shannon there.  So maybe in this version he didn't have intimate relations with his sister! ewwwww!   This also was due to a casting issue.  The writers said they still would like to work something out with Maggie Grace, but the actress was booked at the time of filming the premiere.
  • I did begin to think that maybe Locke wasn't paralyzed in this world, but he certainly was and after his exchange with Jack, they brought in the airplane wheel chair to get Locke out.   Ironically, in season 1, they didn't have one to get him on so the crew had to carry him onto the plane. 
Another awesome Jack and Locke discussion

  • So Jack is in the lost baggage area of the airport.  He is talking to his mother on the phone saying that they can't have the funeral without the body and he doesn't know what's going on.  He says he will keep her posted. 
  • Locke is there and also lost a bag (turns out to be his knives.  Remember that creepy scene when Locke first opens the case and shows everyone the knives?)  
  • Locke gets all spiritual when Jack says they lost his father.  "How could they know where he is? They only lost a body."   Implications of an afterlife and also irony again at play because Locke has been murdered in the other land but his thoughts carry on in another form.   We're getting there! 
  • Jack asks Locke what happened to get him in the wheelchair.  (note: In all 5 seasons of LOST, Jack never found out that Locke was paralyzed before the Island.  Only Sawyer and Rose knew from the 815ers.  Unless Sawyer told people off camera, but I doubt he did)    Jack mentions that he's a spinal surgeon.  Locke says that what happened to him is irreversible.  The miracle doctor says that "nothing is irreversible."  Jack offers Locke a surgical consult on the house!  awwwww Did anyone else get a little caught up in the moment here?   Jack and Locke are interacting.  Somehow they're connected, but this time there are no life and death stakes of the island and they are almost friends towards each other.  WOW,   This show blows my mind!  
  • So the question is, did Locke still get pushed out a window (my guess is yes).  Did Jacob still revive him from an almost deceased slumber?  (again, I'm thinking yes but the underwater island thing still confuses me)  So we are left with many questions.
Many questions of how this alternate universe will play out, and how it ties into what his happening in the universe we know.  I'm digging the new storytelling device though.  Even though it is much like what some of what we guessed, there is a lot of intrigue to how this plays out and what it all means.  I keep going back to the Jacob/Man in Black discussion.  It has to be relevant to the situation.   Let's stay tuned!  (and definitely share your thoughts in the comments)   Of course, we have much more to discuss!  

Jacob's Death Aftermath (Man in Black)
When Season 5 ended, too much had happened for me to think that there would be a complete reset in store for the 815ers.  Especially the entire storyline with the Man In Black assuming the role of John Locke and those crazy "Shadow of the Statue" people marching to the 4 toed foot.  Let's not forget Ben killing Jacob!   Way too much happened there to just say "okay, forget it.  Let's reset time and never address this again!"  So here we are, in the exact moments after Jacob's death.  Finding out what happens next:

Ben and Man in Black (Locke)
I haven't decided what to call this incarnation of Locke yet, so I may change throughout this recap, but you'll know who I'm talking about! 

  • So Ben is staring at the empty flame where the Man in Blocke (hahaha, I'm so funny!) kicked Jacob.  But, there is NOTHING there.  No Jacob, no nothing.  Wha?   Fake Locke tells Ben to stop staring and that Jacob is gone. 

  • Fake Locke cut a piece of red tapestry on the floor to wipe off the knife.    
  • Ben is confused why Jacob didn't fight back.  Aren't we all?  I had suggested that perhaps Jacob has some Obi-Wan like tendencies in my previous blog.  Maybe when he dies he becomes more powerful than you could possibly imagine!  (and from the looks of it, it looks like he might be communicating through Hurley since Hurley can talk to Ghosts.  But we'll get there!)
  • MIB/Locke instructs Ben to go outside and summon Richard.   He needs to talk to him and it's none of Ben's concern.  
Outside the Statue

  • Meanwhile, everyone is still trying to cope with what has been happening outside.  Ilana and crew have revealed that John Locke is still dead!  His body is still laying on the beach.  
  • Sun asks Frank about who Ilana and crew are.  Frank says all that he knows is they knocked him out and brought them along, burned a cabin in the jungle and claim to be the good guys.  They still aren't buying it.  But, we really don't know who the good guys are do we?   It seems like Team Jacob is the good side guy right now, but it could be all an elaborate tease! (I tried to not do the Twilight reference, but it was there for the taking!)    Anyway, Frank and Sun are being cautious with these new folk.
  • Richard is trying to keep Ilana, Bram and crew from entering the statue since Jacob didn't summon anyone.  Ilana says they are there to protect Jacob.  
  • Ben comes out as his usual lying self and claims that everything is fine.  He tries to get Richard to come in to talk to Locke, but then Richard drags Ben over to see the dead Locke!  Oh boy!  
  • Richard tries to get information out of Ben on what happened in the statue.  Ben says he has to go in to find out.   Instead Bram takes control and forces Ben in with the rest of the crew (minus Ilana).  
Mutiny in the Statue

  • Faux Locke sees Ben return and asks where Richard is.  Bram comes in behind.  Flocke assumes they are Jacob's bodyguards and lets them know that he is already dead so there is nothing to protect.  That is when things get interesting.   Bram shoots FLOCKE, but they find the bullet bent and on the ground.   And he is nowhere to be found.  Oh but do you hear that noise?  It's SMOKEY!!!!  
  • Smokey comes in and whoops the living daylights out of the crew.  But Bram, has seen this before.  He gets ash out of his pocket or something and creates a circle around him.  Ahhhh the CIRCLE OF ASH around the cabin was meant to protect Jacob!?   Or the Cabin?   And they saw that the ash had been broken and that someone else was using the cabin.  All makes sense if it was smokey!  (Christian Shephard....oh no...where is Claire!!??  I'm getting ahead of myself) 
  • Anyway, Smokey is too smart to be stopped by the ash.  It forms a fist and pushes the ceiling and gets Bram out of the circle.  Bram meets a very bloody death.   In fact, all of the crew besides Ben that were in there met their demise. 

  • Flocke returns and says "I'm sorry you had to see me that way"!!!!
  • And there we go, THE ANSWERS are coming folks!  No more beating around the bush.   As many of us speculated, The Smoke Monster = The Man in Black = Christian Shephard = New John Locke (and Yemi and Alex).   All dead people whose bodies are on the Island.   Smokey/MIB has been using them all as pawns in his game, none more than John Locke who he made think it was his destiny to do something special with his life.   But, we're only seeing half of the story.  Jacob was involved somehow in Locke's life too so we have yet to see that play out.    But wow, we certainly got more information on SMOKEY!   I wonder what would have happened if he pulled Locke into that hole in the season 1 finale?  And what happened when Locke first came into contact with the monster during the "Walkabout" episode?   Ahhh good stuff.    But a hearty pat on the back for everyone that connected the dots from season 1 to 5 to figure out who the Man in Black truly was.   Of course, we still don't have a name and we still don't know how he got that way!  16 hours left folks.  16 hours. 
  • So Ben accuses Smokey/Flocke/MIB of being the monster!   He accuses the godly/devilish being to using him to kill Jacob.  Why couldn't Smokey do it himself?  Another question to be resolved? 
  • Smokey changes the subject on Ben saying "He was very confused when you killed him"  but not referring to Jacob.  He was referring to Locke.  Very creepy to watch Terry O'Quinn in the form of Locke talking to Ben about how Ben killed Locke.  But creepily awesome and more Emmy material!  Smokey referred to Locke as a very sad man.  A weak, pathetic, broken (irreparable) man.  There's that irreversible theme again in play.  The only admirable thing about him was that he was the only one of the Oceanic 815ers that didn't want to leave the Island.   The only one who realized how pitiful his life was.   So, is that the connection between the 815ers?  They all had miserable lives and came to the Island for a better one?   We have always known that all of the 815ers were on redemption paths.  So this is nothing new, but nice to hear it in dialogue on the show!  
  • But Smokey wants exactly the opposite of what John wanted.  He wants to go home!  What on earth does that mean?  How does this ageless creature just leave the island?  Can he be uncursed to not be the monster?  And if so, then what?   Where is home?  When is home?   Or does he just want to die?  Is death his home?   And what did Jacob have to do with Smokey's current status.  Perhaps he made him that way just like he made richard an ageless being?  Lots of things to speculate, but we need more info.   I'm always interested to hear comments though! 
  • The final scene with Flocke/Smokey has him coming out of the statue.   Lapidus says "I see it but I still don't believe it" (join the club)   Flocke yells at everyone "I'm very disappointed in all of you!"  
  • Ilana has the gun pointed at Flocke, but Richard advises her not to shoot. 

  • Flocke sees Richard and tells him that it was good to see him out of those chains.  Ahhhhh, did anyone else flash on the Black Rock in season 1?  All of the dead bodies chained to the walls of the ship?  Slaves?  Everyone has been assuming that Richard was a member of the Black Rock.  I have no doubt we'll be finding out exactly what happened to him.   But Richard definitely recognized who Fake Locke truly was.  The Locke imposter grabs Richard and walks away with him.   
  • So like I said before, where on earth is Claire right now?   Does Fake Locke have her hostage somewhere?  Is she still alive or are we only going to see alive Claire and Locke in alternate reality land?    Lots of questions...16 hours! 

The Incident Aftermath (Island)
Okay, so we saw what happened if Oceanic 815 never crashed (and will continue seeing) and this seems like it was Incident related.  But now we'll see what happened to our present-minded people when jughead blew.   

Everyone Wakes Up

  • We first see Kate and the audio is very muffled.  I'm sure I wasn't the only one reaching for the remote and turning it up.   She is stuck up in a tree.  She climbs down and is wearing the same clothes she was in 1977.   She runs into Miles who is still wearing the DHARMA jumpsuit.  He cannot hear anything she is saying.  Kate's ears are improving.  Kate sees the Swan Station's main door and realizes they are back and it "didn't work".  She runs over and sees the giant crater from when the hatch imploded after Desmond turned the failsafe key.  
  • They find Sawyer and Jack.  Jack is informed that the hatch is there.  "They Built it??"  Before we know it Sawyer punches Jack into the crater.  "IT DIDN'T WORK!"   He clearly is upset because he has lost Juliet (or has he?)   Jack apologizes but is still confused why it didn't work.  
  • Meanwhile, Hurley, Sayid and Jin are there with the DHARMA Van (I guess it moved in time with them).  Jin explains that he's gone through the whole hearing problem before.  He thinks they moved through time.   Hurley overhears Sawyer screaming at Jack and sends Jin to go get Sayid help.   Sayid is still bleeding from the gunshot wound he got in the Battle with DHARMA.  
  • So before we move on, this is always what I envisioned happening.  I figured they played their role in 1977 that they were always supposed to play and then they would be returned to the present day.   It seems that is what happened, but there is definitely a twist with the parallel universe thing going on.   So maybe the Incident did work for another version of them, just not them specifically.   I wonder if this really IS like the Matrix (as many have suspected).  But not like the AWESOME Matrix, but the Matrix 2 and 3 were there were many versions of THE ONE and only the version we saw was the one that succeeded.   Of course, where the Matrix 2 and 3 were awful, LOST would succeed!   But maybe there's more to it than that! 
  • We should also point out that there is no sign of Rose and Bernard.  Unless, they beamed back to 2007 on the other side of the Island.  You know, in retirement village.   There is still a chance that they could be the Adam and Eve skeletons in the cave (from season 1), but the timeline doesn't work out for it to be them.   The bodies were decaying for roughly 40 years.   And they had the black and white stones with them.    We'll definitely get that answer this season, but who knows when?    Anyway, Rose and Bernard, again are missing!  
Hurley, Sayid and Special Guest Jacob!

  • Hurley looks after Sayid while Jin goes to get Jack.  Sayid rambles on about what will happen when he dies.  His life is unredeemable for the things he has done.  
  • And then Jacob shows up.  He is there as a ghost that only Hurley can see.  He tells Hurley that he died an hour ago.  "That sucks dude"  Only Hurley could get a laugh out of that! 

  • Jacob tells Hurley that Jack will not be able to fix Sayid and that he must be brought to the temple.  Jacob knows that Jin had been to the temple wall before (in 1988 with Roussea's crew) and instructs Hurley to tell Jin to take him there.  
  • Jacob also introduces himself to Hurley.   At this point I thought of Hurley being able to see the cabin in season 4 and being important in Jacob's plan.  (of course, now I thought that smokey was in the cabin.  But maybe the circle of ash was intact then.  So was Christian Shephard working for Jacob?  Ugh, I'm so confused!!)   
  • Jacob instructs Hurley to bring the guitar as well.  Ahhh finally, we get to see what that's all about! 
  • Jin returns to get the DHARMA Van and bring Sayid and the Van to Jack and crew.   Hurley asks about the wall with the hole in it and the French team.   Jin knew what he was talking about.  Hurley says he's going to need to go there. 

Mission Rescue Juliet
  • Jin arrives to the Hatch site and tells Jack that Sayid still needs help. 
  • Kate is looking around and hears Juliet screaming under the rubble in the crater.  Woa, she's still alive! 
  • They can't get to her, the beams are too heavy.  They send Jin to get the van to try and pull the beam off with the chains.  
  • Sawyer tells Jack if she dies he is going to kill him.  He looks pretty serious! 
  • They do manage to get the beam off and Sawyer dives underneath to Juliet.   They have a sweet and sad discussion as she lays there helpless in his arms.  She tells him that she hit the bomb.  That she wanted him to live a life off of the island.   She realizes that they're still on the island but Sawyer tells her that they're all going to go home together now.  

  • Juliet then starts talking a little strange and says that they'll go for Coffee sometime.  And that they can go dutch.  This is more relevant in a little bit.  
  • She then requests a kiss from Sawyer and you know it will be the last.  "You got it Blondie"  everyone gets welled up.  
  • She then says she has to tell Sawyer something very very important.  But she never gets that word out.  And thus, we say goodbye to another great character on LOST.  RIP Juliet.  Maybe we will see you in another life sista!!!
  • Sawyer cries a bit then brings the body out of the rubble looking directly at Jack "You did this!!!"   
  • What did "It worked" mean?  The whole coffee thing.  Between worlds? 
The Team Splits up

  • Jack checks out Sayid and realizes that he can't save him.  Hurley chimes in and knows he can.  Before Jack can get one of his speeches out.  Hurley lectures him and says that Jacob told him how.  Jack had never heard the name Jacob before but Hurley said, "if you can't save him you have let me try!"   And new-fangled Jack lets him.
  • Sawyer says he's not going with the rest of them to the temple and that he's going to bury Juliet.  He asks Miles to stick around (even though Kate offers).   He also says he's not planning on meeting up with them later.  
  • I did like when Miles asked if they're going to play "Koombaya" when they get to the Temple, after seeing the guitar.  
  • And so the 2 teams embark on their journeys.  

Sawyer's Mourning

  • Sawyer and Miles finish burying Juliet.  But then Sawyer asks him to talk to her to find out the last thing she said.  Once again Miles says that it doesn't work that way.  Yeah, Miles we know, you feel their last thoughts.  Well it basically achieves the same goal, right?  Speaking of which, didn't Smokey know John Locke's last thoughts?   Granted, he knew all of the thoughts but is there a connection here?  
  • Anyway, Sawyer forces Miles down to the grave and makes him work his magic.   Miles does get a read on Juliet.  And 2 words never made us wonder what is going on more than the 2 that Juliet was thinking.   "IT WORKED!!!" 
  • ummm.....what?   So Juliet must have passed out or was between worlds or something when she was thinking about the coffee and splitting the bill.   Did she see her and Sawyer having coffee?    Are these 2 realities linked somehow?  Clearly Bizarro Jack recognized Desmond and seems to be a little off with everything.  Getting scared when the plane shook, etc...    What exactly is the connection?   I'm sure we'll find out.   But IT WORKED?   Consider me awesomely baffled! 
Save Sayid

  • When they get to the Temple Wall, Hurley instructs them all that they're going under the wall and not through it.   They crawl into the same hole that Flocke and Ben went into.  (we might want to note now for certain that we never saw Fake Locke and Smokey at the same time when Ben went to see the monster.  We also should note that this is why Locke knew where to go to find the monster.  Because he WAS the monster!)  
  • We see where Ben fell through the floor to Smokey's lair.  Hmm if Smokey was the security system for the temple, then why are the people inside so scared of him?  (seems like there's a story there.  But we haven't even gotten to the people inside the temple yet!) 
  • They run into the skeleton of Montaun and his missing arm!   He had a book, I didn't catch the name but I'll update this if I find it.  
  • Long story short, we start hearing whispers, Kate disappears (Cindy style) and eventually everyone including Jack gets nabbed up by THE OTHERS!  But not just any old OTHERS!  Those crazy stealthy others that I always wanted to know more about!   And now, we may just get our chance.   Because Jack and crew are taken out of the cave and to the grounds outside of the TEMPLE!  There it is!  THE TEMPLE!!!!  I figured this was a series finale type of reveal.  But there it is!
The Temple (Hurely, "Guess we found the Temple")

  • We see a Japanese man come out and appear to be a type of leader in The Others organization.  He is a well known Japanese actor that was cast, but we did not receive a name.  Hiroyuki Sanada is the actor's name.  We'll call him Japanese Guy for now!  He has a translator and it's John Hawkes who played Sol Star on Deadwood.  (Even if that show never did have an ending at least the actors found great roles on LOST!)   I was going to call him glasses but then consulted IMDB to remember that his name will turn out to be Lennon.  Makes sense since he kind of resembles John Lennon with those glasses! 

  • Japanese guy wants to know who these people are.   And there's long haired Cindy explaining they were on the FIRST PLANE with her.  Oceanic 815.    I really would love to see how Cindy became assimilated into THE OTHERS!   The Japanese man instructs them all to be shot!

  • But Hurley yells "Jacob sent us!"  and said that they are supposed to help their friend. 
  • He proves it with the guitar case.  Inside the guitar case is an extra large Ankh which we have seen in episodes last season.  Tawaret has them on the statue, Amy's husband wore won in 1974 before the Others killed him, and now this one in the guitar.  Of course, the Japanese guy just broke the thing open to reveal a letter.   

  • In a past season of LOST we may not have gotten any information on the letter but when the Others start helping out our LOSTIEs and Hurley demands to know what the letter says?  We know it's the season of answers because they gave us something right off the bat.   Lennon says that the letter says if they don't help Sayid, they're all in a lot of trouble.   Hmmm, well, maybe we still need more information! 
  • They bring Sayid inside the temple to THE FOUNTAIN.   Yes, most of us start thinking "I knew it!  The fountain of youth is on the Island!"  but come on, maybe it's just a special LOST fountain and nothing to do with the actual mythical Fountain of Youth!   Anyway, the water is red in the fountain and they are wondering why it isn't clear.  Huh?   No idea what that's about but should we assume it has something to do with Jacob dying?  
  • Lennon asks who did this to Sayid and Jack takes the blame, not for shooting but for getting him in the situation.  Lennon mentions there will be risks and Jack instructs them to do what they have to do.   Hmmmm Risks?   Well, either he lives or dies right?   Risks?  Yeah, something else is going on here, right? 
  • They remove Sayid's jumpsuit and put him in the water.  There is some crazy large hourglass and once they put Sayid in face first and submerge him, they turn the hourglass over.    Sayid begins to struggle.   The LOSTIES are yelling at them to pull him up and that he looks like he's okay.   Jack runs over and Japanese Guy levels him!   Gotta love Hurley's "Can unconscious people hold breath?" 
  • The hourglass empties and they pull Sayid out.   And eventually pronounce him dead.   Huh?  Sayid is dead too?  What?  They're killing people off left and right!  Hold on...let's talk a little more.
  • Jack refuses to believe it and goes over and starts compressions and mouth to mouth.  Very reminiscent of him saving Charlie in season 1 with Kate telling him to stop.  But this time, eventually Jack did stop.  
  • Some time passes.  Cindy calls for Zach and Emma to bring them all something to drink.  I thought we might see those kids again 3 years older!  
  • We see that the others picked up Sawyer and Miles too.  Apparently, Sawyer took 4 of them out before they finally hit him with a rock.  Whatever that letter said, they need all of these guys!  Of course, we should note that we haven't seen Jacob touch Miles prior to the Island.  Then again, Miles was born on the Island so I don't know where I'm going with this!  Moving on! 
  • Hurley is summoned to talk to Lennon and the Japanese guy.  We soon find out that the Japanese guy does speak english but he doesn't like the way it tastes on his tongue.  (that was a good time!) 
  • They wanted to know what Jacob told Hurley.  He told them that Jacob was dead but thought that they already knew.  Once they heard that....the whole Temple community went into full alert.  TO YOUR POSTS!!!  PREPARE THE ASH!!  They started pouring ash everywhere.   Did anyone else start thinking of Widmore talking to Locke  "A War is coming, and the wrong side is going to win if you don't go back."   hmmmm  All of the Oceanic Crew or just a deceased John? 
  • Lennon tells Hurley that they're not trying to keep them all in there, it's to keep HIM out! (Smokey)
  • Later on - Hurley talks to dead Sayid and says "goodbye dude."  Miles is looking very strangely at the whole encounter.  Did he sense something weird about Sayid?  
  • Sawyer wakes up and asks Kate where they are.  They get a good laugh about being captured by The Others again, but this time they seem to be helping.   Kate apologizes about Juliet.  And she tries to let him know that Jack was just trying to help.  Sawyer says he isn't going to kill Jack and said that he deserves to suffer just like all of them.  
  • Lennon returns, this time to summon Jack.  They want to speak to Jack privately.  Jack says to tell him right there or to leave him alone.  The man is clearly broken right now.  Lennon says they were asking politely but they'll take him by force.  Jack looks ready to get in another fight when Hurley screams.  JACK!!!! 
  • Everyone turns around.  Sayid is awake.  "WHAT HAPPENED?"


Wow!!!  What???  Okay, so is that even Sayid?  What was up with the red water? Why was Jacob so determined to get him to the Temple?  What really was on that letter?   Why did they ask Hurley for more information on what Jacob told him?  Here's the question - Smokey has assumed the role of Locke.  Would Jacob want Sayid's body?   Does that make any sense?   And would we be terribly sad if Sayid was dead for real?  I sure would be.  The producers always say Dead is Dead.  And he definitely died.  Oh boy.   Oh and I guess they probably put young Ben in that same fountain when he was shot by Sayid.  (ahhh karma....dharma...neato!)     Anyway, the good news is that we still will see more of John Locke and Sayid Jarrah as their actual selves in this alternate reality.   So they're not totally out of our lives.   I am very intrigued with how this season has started and I'm excited to start reading what everyone else thinks!   So with that I will leave it to the comments.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and see you next week folks! It's good to be back! 


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Leta said...

So, the last season of Lost. It's bittersweet like you said, Mike: I want to race through it to find out how it ends, but I don't want it to end!

But seriously, what the hell did I just see??? Yes, they didn't reset the timeline, just like I thought it'd be... or did they? It seems the alternate story we're seeing might be more than just what-might-have-been. I have no idea where they're going with this, but it's awesome to see people who died on the island alive and well again.

RIP Juliet. Another of my favorites gone. Hell, if this keeps up, soon I'll won't have anyone left to root for on the island! I just hope that she and Sawyer find some way to get together in that alternate-whatever, like she hinted might happen.

We finally learned who, or what, Smokey is. Unlike some viewers, I didn't put it together that Smokey and Man in Black may be the same thing, so it was a bit of surprise for me. The purpose of mysterious ash circles was revealed as well. This reminds me of various mythologies, where a drawn circle is capable of keeping evil things out.

When I saw the red water, I immediately thought of one very old Lithuanian folk tale, where the husband, a sea-dwelling being, comes to his wife in the form of white sea foam if he's alive, and red if dead. This looks very similar to me. So I'm sure the red water is because of Jacob's death.

Is Sayid still Sayid? It sure looked like he was dead, and we know dead people just don't come back to life on Lost. Even if it sometimes seems that they do.

I only now understood what a tragic character Locke was. When he came to the island, he thought he finally got away from his sad excuse of a life. That he could start over in this miraculous place. He was convinced by various people that he was special, destined for great things. Turns out that the entire time this Man in Black was using him for his own purpose. Just like Locke's father used him in his previous life. So, so sad.

No way I'm going to comb the comments sections looking for your epiphany, Mike! I'm not even reading them anymore, it's just too much. Maybe I'll go through them during my post - show withdrawal period :)

BTW, you spoiled The Matrix sequels for me! Hard to believe, but I still haven't seen them, even though I have them on DVD like forever. Pathetic, I know. But still!

Mike V. said...

This is gonna be tough, there's so much I want to say but just can't! I can say we had many theories or maybe just a few theories along the way. You will find out, but in the meantime just appreciate it as a great plot device for the final season. Whenever I think of a show getting to be able to end on its own terms, I kind of want to see them come full circle with how it got started.....reminisce about the good times had along the way. LOST had its way to do that by reminding us kinda what our characters were like in season 1 and how far they've come. On Island, you'll get to see some of the familiar sites from our 6 year journey and it's an amazing case of least it was for me. I think they did it right. Others??? well they may not agree. Hopefully, that wasn't too spoilery...I just think it helps to get you in the right mindset. You're on a "Grand Farewell to the Island and Friends" tour and you should appreciate that! You still get a crazy story along the way too.

Here's the deal...You want to feel like you've earned something by watching this show right? Like everything you watched isn't going to be was important, right? That's how I felt leading into the season 5 finale. I couldn't imagine that they would try to P.O. fans by rebooting in the final season. With this format, they also got the chance to have their cake and eat it too. lol But, all may not be as it seems! You'll have to keep watching!

As for deaths..well it IS the final season. No one is safe! But the Flash Sideways certainly gives the opportunity for us to see old friends again!

Yep, I thought for awhile they might be 2 separate things (Smokey/MIB), but I probably threw around the idea they might be one in the same. I was even skating around that topic in my interview with the news (immediately after s5 finale...posted on youtube now) I at least had heard the theory before going into that episode. We had LOOOOOTS of discussions, you know. :)

Hmm...interesting stuff with the water. Can't say if they really ever explain it but that totally makes sense that it would be red because of Jacob's death.

Ahh Sayid - Again, don't want to comment too much on that one, yet. But this may be one case where a little extra explanation may have helped. But you're not there yet...maybe you'll pick up on something I didn't! was a pretty cruel trick the writers played on us with Locke. We thought he was destined for great things...but he may just have been. He had an important role to play. You would hope his character would get some vindication by the end. We'll see! ( great was that scene between Jack/Locke in the Sideways where he offered to take a look at his condition and said "nothing is irreversible" or whatever. I think i teared up!)

Yikes...I'm not even sure I remember what I said about the Matrix Sequels, I'll have to check. Sorry about that! Maybe I'll add a spoiler warning lol. But, I think you should consider yourself lucky that you were spoiled on them. They were awful! :-)

Mike V. said...

Okay, maybe I spoiled The Matrix sequels, but I barely gave ANY details on what happened. If you thought the Matrix trilogy would end in any way other than some kind of success, I can't help you! But there certainly are more details that make the movies worth (or not worth) watching! :-) I barely scratched the surface.

Actually, in particular there's one scene near the end of Matrix reloaded that is constantly brought up as an exact reason WHY LOST didn't just recite answers to the audience in the final would've played out as boring as that scene in Matrix Reloaded. lol One word: Architect. Watch the movies and you'll know what I mean!

Onigirli said...

God I loved that lol. And there was something erotically funny about Locke telling Richard it was good to see him out of chains only to knock him unconscious and carry his body off to somewhere mysterious

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