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LOST: Season 4 Episode 12 - There's No Place Like Home (Part 1)

WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Okay got that out of the way! After "There's No Place Like Home (part 1)" ended last night, I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, with paper and pen in hand, and my mouth wide open just starting at my TiVo screen saying "do you want to keep or delete this recording?" It took me a couple minutes to regain my composure. No, the episode didn't throw me for a loop like THE CONSTANT (although where it's leading may do so!) but I couldn't help but marvel at the sheer AWESOMENESS of this show. The amazing gift that we have been treated to for 4 years now. And I couldn't help but wonder "How on earth do they manage to write Finale after Finale that are so engaging and suspenseful and how on earth is any TV show ever going to match up to the brilliance of this show in the future?" The crazy thing? We're only an hour in and have 2 more to go! Yeah, that's one obsessed Lost Fan's reaction! But man, you put aside all of the mysteries of the show that we analyze to death, and you still have a fantastic drama with a whole slew of wonderfully portrayed characters in which we're all invested. You think the stakes can't get any higher each season, but they do! The fate of the island, the fate of their rescue are at stake. Lots of people are in harm's way. Adding to that the crazy LOST mythology with the mysterious Orchid Station? Well, that's the icing on the cake folks! Quality quality stuff!

Tonight's episode was pretty much a setup episode for the final 2 hours, very similar to season 1's Exodus Part 1. But they revealed a slew of good stuff about the Oceanic 6. I have to give a little kudos to myself for figuring out how the Flash Forward would operate. Similar to season 1's Finale Flashes where we watched as all of our 815 passengers prepared to board Flight 815, we saw the events that immediately led to them getting onto the island (if you skip the actual plane flight/crash). The Flash Forwards? Well, we see the events of all of our Oceanic 6 that occur as they head back home. We've already been treated to a bunch of crazy information. I'm just assuming that part 2 will continue following our characters towards the paths of their respective depressions! As for current day Island activities? Characters that haven't seen each other for the majority of the season are reuniting, most are trying to get OFF of the island while Ben and Locke are still working towards saving it from the likes of Keamy (supposedly working off of Charles Widmore's Plan B orders). No need to delay any further! Time to dive in!

Oceanic 6 Homecoming

We open up with our Oceanic 6 on a Coast Guard plane enroute to Hawaii. Our producers have told us that there needs to be a point where Island Present meets Island Future on the show. It would seem that the present day events during this finale should lead us to this opening moment of the episode. But, we've been duped before! But even from this opening shot there are questions to ask. And then it just unravels from there!

  • We get our first sighting of 2 rabbit's feet in this episode. The Co-Pilot is nervous with the passengers they are currently carrying. Nervous because they've been on a plane crash? Or for some other reason? Probably looking too much into this one!
  • Miss Decker (Dekker?), from Oceanic Airlines (we think), is asked to brief the Oceanic 6 whom we actually see receive this "catchy" label.
  • The faces on the 5 (I won't count Aaron!) speak miles for what has happened to them. All of them are rather upset about the situation they're in. Jack seems to be the only one staying positive and telling everyone to "stick to the story" and not answer any questions they don't know how to answer. Add in Sun's comment "We are in Shock" and it just speaks volumes. Are they mad at Jack for decisions he made on the Island to get them in this position? Did the events of them leaving the island happen so quickly and randomly that they haven't had time to digest it yet? Did something happen to Jin? Did they ever find Claire? Why are THESE 6 the chosen people? Why did Sawyer choose to stay? Did they get picked up by this plane on the Island? Did they take the freighter full of C4? Did they fly the chopper to somewhere before they run out of fuel? Well, I could keep going! Lots to answer, but they are definitely not thrilled with returning home.
  • That is, until the plane hatch opens and FAMILY awaits. Hurley's Parents, Jack's Mom (we haven't seen her since season 1), Sun's parents (I don't think we've ever seen her mother before?). We clearly see that Sayid and Kate/Aaron are alone. Hurley pulls in Sayid to meet his family. All is well for a brief moment in time.
  • Then the Press Conference, we've were treated to the Cliff's Notes version of the "Fake Oceanic 815" crash story, but get a few more details on this one. We still don't know who is forcing them to lie and tell this story (Widmore? Ben? Oceanic Airlines? Someone else?), but something tells me this will be answered before the season ends, as well as who is in that crazy coffin!!
  • FYI - This is the first time we're seeing Hawaii being filmed actually AS Hawaii for LOST. Miss Decker says they are being taken to a Military Base west of Honolulu. Not sure why I looked this up, but the Plane said Barber's Point. And there actually is a small airport called Kalaeloa Airport that is quite close to Pearl Harbor and the Luallualei Naval Reservation. I don't think this holds any relevance on the show except that it looks like they did their research!

The Oceanic 6 "Fake Crash" Story

  • Our wonderful Maps to reference courtesy as always of Sledgeweb. Click on picture to enlarge.

  • Location of crash site (Indonesia): South of small uninhabited island Membata. Plane carried by ocean's current to that island where they stayed for 103 days. (Note: Membata is an Indonesian word that means "uncertainty.")
  • Day 103 - Typhoon washed up remnants of an Indonesian Fishing boat with basic supplies and survival raft. (103 days puts this pretty close if not dead on to the events of the real-life Tsunami. I wonder if this Typhoon is a result, or at least a loosely based reference to the event)
  • Remaining 6 survivors (the Miss Decker clearly convinces the press that this includes baby Aaron) used the boat to travel to an island called Sumba.
  • They came ashore through a village called Manukannga. There is a picture of them at this siting. So was this picture actually at Manukannga? Or from somewhere else? Or was it photo shopped? And where is Aaron in the picture? Also, I googled Manukannga ,there are no search results for this town. I put the word into an Anagram finder and all I got was Manana Gunk! (tomorrow gunk?? yeah, I'm thinking that isn't what they're going for!) Not sure if we're meant to look into this stuff, but why make up fake names of Indonesian towns?
  • REVISED: How's this for irony? First of all disregard my analysis on the madeup Manukannga since I spelled it wrong! it's Manukangga and does exist! But second, now when you google "manukannga" THIS blog comes up instead of no search results and the trend seems to be continuing! Some useless pointless ridiculous knowledge for everyone right there!
  • Once it was discovered who they were, they were transported to Honolulu by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Press Conference Q&A

  1. Q: Dr. Shephard - Can you tell us what it was like when the plane hit the ocean? How you survived?

    A: Jack recounts how fast it happened, remembered the impact, the plane filling up with water and a few of them going for the emergency door to get out. They had cushions and life jackets and were in water for over a day before the current took them in. There were 8 of them left.

    NOTE: For the real crash of 815, I still wonder how they all were placed on the Island the way they were! Did they have to climb out of the fuselage? Sayid mentions (in season 1) they spiraled through the jungle and many of them don't have a scratch on them. I guess, we have to hope they'll show these events before the show is over!

  2. Q: Considering being on a deserted island for over 100 days, you all look pretty healthy. Hurley interrupts. Woman changes question "How does it feel to know you'll be getting your money back?"

    A: I don't want the money, it's bad luck!

    Note: Was the woman referring to the large settlement the Oceanic 6 were receiving? Or did she mean since Hurley was not dead, his lottery winnings would return to him? Why wouldn't the money have continued to be paid to the family anyway? I know Hurley referenced this in episode 1 this season. But just wanted to bring up again. Not that there's any sense in exploring it!

  3. Q: (to Sun) Was your husband one of people that died on island?

    A: Sun didn't know how to answer at first, but then said no, he never made it off the plane.

    Note: Could this be a hint to Jin never making it off the island? That he could be alive? Based on another comment she makes in these flashes, it seems to imply the other way. But with all of the lies the Oceanic 6 are telling, who knows? We'll find out after 2 more hours!

  4. Q: (to Kate) What was it like giving birth on island? (Kate: Scary) Your son, how old is he? (Kate: 5 weeks) So that makes you 6 months pregnant when you were arrested is that correct?

    A: Miss Decker states that there will be no questions about Kate's pending arrest.

    Note: Okay, so Aaron is obviously older than 5 weeks (and looks it!). Did they do this to try and make it passable that Kate had the baby? If Kate was 6 months pregnant when she was arrested, she probably would have been showing a bit! There must still be some conspiracy theorists out there on the Mainland, like Frank Lapidus himself. Of course, because it's LOST, they sure know how to cut things off before they write themselves into a disaster!

  5. Q: (to Sayid) Is it possible there are any other survivors?

    A: No, absolutely not.

    Note: I just kinda got the same vibe from this comment as when Abaddon says "There were no survivors of Oceanic Flight 815." to Naomi. I'm not saying he's behind the fake story, because Hurley obviously didn't recognize him in episode 1 this season. But, just noting the similar tone!

Flashes to follow:

We then proceed into individual flashes for 5 of our Oceanic 6. Here are tidbits we learn:

  • We see the Sayid and Nadia reunion. Enjoy it while it lasts Sayid! She is sooooo getting whacked!
  • Sun takes over her father's Company using the Oceanic Settlement. She blames Mr. Paik for Jin and her being on the plane. She is mad that he ruined Jin's life. Then she mentions two people are responsible for his death and that he is one of them. Now this is a comment we can take on the surface as, Jin was on the plane because he was doing a task for Sun's father. OR we can look into it more that possibly Mr. Paik has been involved with the Island, as we've always assumed and intentionally put them both on that plane. We also need to speculate, is Sun reflecting on Jin's ACTUAL death or just that he's still stuck on that island? AND - who is the OTHER person responsible for his death? Sun herself? Jin himself? Or possibly someone else that killed him on the island? Interesting stuff nonetheless!
  • Hurley's Dad (aka CHEECH!) fixes the Camaro they were working on before daddy skipped town. How about the Odometer and Trip Meter folks? It's easy to please me whenever they throw the numbers back into things! I sure missed them! What's it all about? Probably a reminder that the Island is not through with Hurley yet. We already know we are not getting an answer to the significance of the numbers beyond the "The Valenzetti Equation" revealed to us during the summer Internet extravaganza THE LOST EXPERIENCE!
  • 2nd Rabbit's foot siting on the Camaro keychain. Ironic because of Hurley's previous bad luck!
  • During this same flash, Hurley is thrown a Surprise Party Luau. The coconut, the whispering was all a nice touch. But nothing topped Sayid stating that it was an interesting theme and Hurley stating about his parents "they don't get it!"
  • Jack has memorial service for father. Jack says that he loves his father and misses him. And just as he's about to finally make peace with it all, Claire's Mom is out of her coma and there to reveal the connection of Jack and Claire! Woaaaaa never in a million years would I predict this is how Jack would find out! Them writers are CRAZY! Claire's Mom woke up??? Do we tie this into Kate's mother never succumbing to cancer also? Loved when she says to Kate that she has a beautiful child (since it's her grandson!). Jack's look after this revelation was priceless. This must be what drives him away from Aaron and Kate for the time being. And ultimately what drives him and Kate apart with the whole "You're not even related to him!" comment. The question is, is Claire still alive? Are the Oceanic 6 aware of her whereabouts prior to leaving the island? Did Christian take Claire as bait for Jack to return to the island? Very exciting stuff people!
  • It's worth noting that all but Sun show up to Oceanic 6 events (birthday parties, funerals, etc...) Is this because she's in Korea? Or because she doesn't want anything to do with Jack, Kate, Sayid, Aaron? Remember Hurley is the only one that showed up in Korea when Ji Yeon is born. Hopefully we'll get more on this in the finale!
Jack's Rescue Mission

Lots of people all over the Island in this episode. We begin with Jack and Kate resolving to follow the signal on the SAT Phone for chances that Sayid and Desmond were on the chopper. He also wants that helicopter, for it's the only way off of the island (supposedly) Jack is still on his "I promised I would save everyone" kick. Juliet was very distraught by Jack's pending quest due to Jack's recent surgery. And for good reason as Jack starts bleeding not long after their trek into the Jungle. Not long after they ship out they run into Miles, Sawyer and Aaron. Here's what went down:

  • Sawyer fills them in on Claire walking off into the jungle and how they looked for her for a day.
  • How the Freighter Folk blew up New Otherton (nice name!) and how Locke was right.
  • Jack instructs Kate to take Aaron and Miles back to the beach.
  • Sawyer reluctantly follows Jack with a great line "You don't get to die alone!" Which, maybe not in line with Sawyer's intention, goes along with the mantra "Live Together, Die Alone." I've missed Jack/Sawyer interactions!
  • Jack and Sawyer find the helicopter with Frank Lapidus there willing to lend a helping hand. Frank fills them in on what Keamy has in store for the Island and that everyone best be off of it. And Sawyer then realizes that Hurley is the midst of danger being with Ben and Locke. Gotta love Jack using Sawyer's favorite line "Son of a B***ch!" (sorry kids, we were in PG-13 territory last week, had to bump us down to PG mode this week!)
  • Thus, we see Jack and Sawyer running off towards danger to rescue their portly friend!

Jacob Braintrust

Our favorite new version of the 3 Amigos (Ben, Locke and Hurley) are resolved now to MOVE the Island. It isn't long before Ben reveals that they are headed to the Orchid Station, a greenhouse.

  • For some reason, I immediately thought of the Greenhouse Effect and while normal greenhouses do not emit radiation, perhaps the Orchid does! If we're dealing with Time Travel, didn't Dan make a reference to Radiation in The Constant as what causes the Consciousness Time Travel? Anyway, I won't claim to be an expert on the Greenhouse Effect, but I'm sure some out there are. So theorize away!
  • Hurely asked a very logical question in if they're going to move the island, wouldn't the bad guys move with it? Ben said yes. Hurley wants to get off the island. Locke says it's too late for that! (oh yeahhh Locke? well maybe you haven't heard about Jack and Sawyer and a little thing called the Oceanic 6!!!)
  • Ben brings the other 2 goofballs to a tree where there is some type of survival kit complete with 15 year old saltines, binoculars and a mirror. Hurley proceeds to eat crackers. Ben uses mirror to signal his buddies (we must assume). Perhaps High up on that mountain is where this "TEMPLE/SANCTUARY" is as Ben had instructed them to go there at the end of season 3. He also told Alex to go there too.
  • Ben makes a comment about why they hadn't moved the island before. He states it's both dangerous and unpredictable and to be used as a last resort only. Hmmmm All roads point to moving this thing through space and time. And with rumors of Particle Acceleration being involved, my curiosity is peaked!
  • They arrive to the Orchid Station, but too late as Keamy and crew have already planted themselves there.
  • Ben states that Widmore knows what is in there and that he lied before when he said he didn't know what he wanted. Hmmmm All that we know WAS in there was Edgar Hallowax and a couple of the same bunnies! Curiosity still peaked!
  • Ben begins to unravel a plan that has Locke crawling through a hole and activating an elevator. Hurley is confused. Locke asks how they'll get past the troops.
  • "How many times do I have to tell you? I always have a plan!!" You sure do Ben, you suuuuure do! And this reminds us of his captivity by Jack/Locke/Sayid in season 2, his captivity by Locke again in season 4, and the fact that he is now leading this expedition to the Orchid. Does Ben's plan revolve around time warping himself into the Tunisian desert? If the actions of the Orchid are unpredictable, was he moved to a different time/location than the island was? And will he also not know how to get back to the Island? And what will happen to everyone else when the Orchid is activated? Does this factor into how the Oceanic 6 leave the island? Well....we have 2 weeks before we find out!
Operation: Retrieve Jack/Sawyer - courtesty of Sayid/Kate
Not long after Jack leaves the beach, Sayid returns to the beach stating everyone needs to get off of the Island, 6 people at a time. Kate returns to the beach and fills Sayid in on where Jack and Sawyer went. She can track them but needs Sayid's help. Daniel takes over the rescue mission (Have I mentioned how nice and helpful the Freighter 4 are these days? Well, besides Miles).

Kate recognizes that the tracks they are following are fresh, double backed on them and NOT Jack and Sawyer. They turn around, guns aimed. Who comes out of the Jungle? RICHARD ALPERT!!! YAY! he's in the finale too! He stares them down not even scared of being held at gunpoint. Why? Well could be because he knows he can't die. ORRRR It could be because many many of THE OTHERS are there!!!! Man, who would've thought last season that seeing The Others would be a welcome thing! And who knew there were that many of The Others left and with THAT many guns?? (all pointing at Sayid and Kate by the way). Perhaps, THESE are the stealthy others that we have seen/heard in season 2 and wondered where they have been ever since the domesticated Others revelation of season 3? You know the ones that TOOK the children from the tail section, the ones that walked barefoot and silently through the jungle in front of Eko and Jin. I'm sure they're still in cahoots with Ben, but ever since season 3, we lost that MYSTIQUE surrounding the others. But THESE guys, they sure looked like the Island natives under the command of Richard Alpert. But we shall see! My guess is while they have Kate and Sayid captured right now, they will all be working together against a common enemy in our 2 hour finale.

Operation: Bring People to Freighter and get Freighter Moving
  • This is kinda out of order, but when Dan realizes the direction Keamy is headed he knows that Plan B has been initiated and that they are heading to the Orchid. He flips open his trusty notebook. We've seen the logo before, but notice the SPIRAL/Whirpool type effect it has. This plus Ben's comments about the Orchid station seem to imply we're in for quite a ride through space (and possibly time) by the season's end. If Time-Traveling Obsessee Dan is now obsessed with getting everyone off of the island PRONTO, we gotta think it's related, right? And if that wasn't enough to start the assumptions, note in the picture, that Dan's notes reference "Space like factors," "time like factors" and "possible!" woaaaa
  • Dan begins to bring people to freighter. Sun and Jin are on first boat out (thanks to Juliet). Keep in mind, Jin already made a deal with Charlotte to get Sun off island. I have to think this will still be in play before the season is over!
  • Notice Dan's look to Charlotte and Charlotte's clear concern for Dan's safety. Ahh romance yet again blooms on Paradise Island!
  • Dan gets first crop of survivors to the Freighter. Desmond is there to bring them aboard. Michael mentions that the Engine is fixed and then it happens. Jin and Sun see Michael....ooooh and they're angry!!!
  • We FINALLY get an explanation of how Michael and Walt got off of the island. They took Ben's boat, followed his bearing and came to an island that had people on it. The sold the boat and hopped a cargo ferry back to the states and told no one who they were.
  • How Sun knew that Michael was working for Ben, I'm not sure. Since they had no communication with Ben and Team Locke until right when they got on the raft to head to the freighter. I don't think I recall Sayid or Miles telling Sun. Or Sawyer telling Kate who told Sun! But whatever, I can look past this and just assumed it happened!
  • Anyway, Michael states that he's there to HELP and make up for what he did. Not work for Ben! He asks Sun to translate to Jin but he understood. Does that mean all is well between Han and Chewie? Well, time will tell...but in the meantime there's an emergency!
  • Desmond goes to try out the new engine with the "Ship driver???" (I don't know what you call those people...Navigator??? Gilligan??) and clearly says that they must take the 305 bearing. I thought that the guy was just going to drive off (away from the island) for some reason, but he DID put the bearing to 305. The monitors however were jammed and he said he couldn't see the reef. Something is broadcasting off of the freighter. Desmond is confused since the communications equipment was down.
  • interesting thing to note - Why was Desmond so determined to bring the freighter to the Island when he didn't want to go near that place again? I guess the savior complex got to him too?
  • He heads to communication room and yells for Michael. Jin, Sun and Aaron follow. What do they find? The communications room is jam packed with C4! Uh oh! Jin says something to Sun which seems to be "get up on the deck ASAP!" What is going on here? Is the plan to blow up the freighter? Or they going to run the freighter into the island and blow it up? (I highly doubt that would torch the entire thing!) Will Michael, Jin and Desmond blow up with it? They can't possibly can they? Or will they be on the next raft back to the Island? Something tells me Sun and Aaron will be at least! Which could bring Charlotte's promise back in play.

Final Montage

In the closing suspenseful moments of the show, we see Sun and Aaron on the deck of the Freighter, Kate and Sayid captured by Richard and the OTHERS, Jack and Sawyer trekking towards certain doom at the Orchid and then we center in on Ben turning himself in. Keamy comes out with and points his gun at Ben. Ben stares down the barrell of the gun and like Richard, doesn't seem very worried. Why? Well, he could have the Michael Dawson disease and can't die either just yet. Keamy resists the urge to shoot Ben on the spot and slams him in the head with his gun.


Now THAT is an episode folks! Right now our Oceanic 6 are scattered all across the Island. Jack and Hurley are about to be paired up. Sayid and Kate are together. And Sun and Aaron are aboard a freighter that is basically a ticking time bomb. Not to mention Locke and Ben are literally trying to "change the course" of the Island forever! What's in store in the final 2 hours? We'll see the circumstances in which the 6 get off the island. We'll find out who is in that coffin in the future. We will see Sawyer make a decision to stay behind. Will we find out what's up with Claire? Will we see the Oceanic 6 in a further future time working together to get BACK to the Island? Are we ready for the big SECRET Cliffhanger this season entitled "THE FROZEN DONKEY WHEEL?" Will the frozen part have something to do with the Parka that Ben was wearing in the Tunisian desert?

Lots of Questions folks and just 1 more 2 hour episode this season. It shall air on May 29th. And we'll be debating this one all the way up until that date! And THEN, we'll have yet another 9 months to debate all that is LOST! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I look forward now to yours! SEE YOU IN 2 WEEKS!


Chris Stedman said...

Random thoughts

I liked the return of the music montage at the end, it’s been too long.

Favorite scene when Sun told dad she now controls his company. That will be interesting next season.

The C4 probably has something to do with Keamy’s device on his arm. Like a failsafe if Keamy dies the freighter blows up.

Mike V. said...

touche' on the C4/Failsafe. How quickly I forget things from the episode before!

And agreed on the music montage!

Anonymous said...

Don't know why but I thought Claire's mom had died ! So I was really shocked to have her there. LOL. I agree with you Mike - this is the start of Jacks guilt over the lies they are telling the world - Claire's mom is right there and he can never say - this is your grandchild.

Felt so sorry for Kate that there was no one there for her !

Laughed out loud at Ben's instructions to Locke for the Orchid station - turn left at the blah blah blah flowers.

Loved loved loved Sun telling off her dad. Her 'two people are responsible for Jin's death and you are one of them' was great !

cdstedman: I re-watched last week's before the new ep last night and a single line struck me. Regarding our discussions on whether Abaddon and Richard are on opposite sides, or if there is a third side, found it interesting that Richard was almost mad that young John chose the knife, but that Abaddon specifically stated that walkabout is nothing but yourself and a knife ! Very opposing reactions/statements about a knife.

Anonymous said...

Also - found it very interesting that the first boat load of peeps to the freighter were Jin, Sun and Aaron and a few 'red shirts'.

And while Sawyer and Sayid have joined the group at the beach - they have all splintered off again so we still do NOT have the O6 in one place yet.

The coming attractions for next ep - with Sawyer in the helo that is low on fuel - I can only guess at how brutal that scene is going to be if they are going to do what I think they will ! UGH!

Anonymous said...

When Dan was leaving the island, I think the look that Charlotte was giving him was not worry for him but worry for herself. Earlier, they said they had to get off the island "NOW", but Dan was leaving without her to go to the freighter.

Mike V. said...

Naturally, I forgot to bring up the most obvious:

"No Place Like Home" being another Wizard of Oz reference. I've known about the episode title for so long, I just forgot to bring it up!

But it reminds me, I wonder if we'll get any Henry Gale info in the finale? I thought we were supposed to get SOMETHING this season. Then again, that may have been yet another casualty of the strike!

Chris Stedman said...


Very good catch. Hopefully we’ll see Abaddon in two weeks and learn more about him. And I wonder what Locke will owe him when he sees him again and if Locke even feels he’s owed anything at all, knowing him he probably will.

I felt sorry for Kate as well. I would have thought her dad would have been there.

Anonymous said...

We know from the previews that Jack, Kate, Aaron, Sayid, Hurley and Sawyer are on the helicopter which is low on fuel. We hear Frank say that he should head back to the island. Then someone (Sayid or Sawyer) says DON'T DO THAT! Sawyer kisses Kate and then. . .

I am guessing does the obvious and jumps out of the helicopter into the ocean to save Kate and his friends.

Based on the amount of C4 on the freightor, I am guessing that it is going to blow up. I am also guessing that Michael, Desmond, and Jin or some combination will die trying to disarm the bomb. Agree that the device on Keamy's arm is communicating with the bomb. Is it affected by temporal distortion, lol?

I am guessing that the helicopter makes it to the freightor, just barely and the O6 get off the freightor with the returning raft or that Sun gets on the raft and gets the other O6 out of the ocean after the helicopter crashes.

What if the rest of the O6 story is somewhat legit? That they used the raft to get to the next island?
I mean it is plausible that they can't explain how the island disappeared and all of the other events that went on. Plus, who would believe them?


Anonymous said...


Have you read the last post on last week's blog (by Steve?). Although there are some things that don't seem right, it is a fairly complete theory for what could be going on.

If nothing else, it is interesting.


Anonymous said...

Another thought,

I think the other two people who died in the O6 story are legit. I am guessing that possible candidates include Sawyer (too hurt from his jump to live long, but long enough to tell Kate what he needs her to do), Frank, and Dan depending on the raft and helicopter scenarios.


Mike V. said...


Great point about temporal distortion. I wonder how that device on Keamys arm communicates with the freighter? Via Satellite (XM Radio as alluded to before) or Radio Waves? Would be interesting to see if time gets screwed up with the explosion of the freighter. (pending Keamy dies naturally)

I saw the post on the last blog, but didn't have a chance to read it too much just yet as I was knee deep in blog writing! lol I'll try to take a look later.

As for the story being somewhat legit. I agree that parts of the story could be them possibly going to another island first. But I do recall the producers telling us that it doesn't matter who the "2 that died" are because it was just a fake story anyway lol Who knows? They always can reserve the right to change their mind!

Just watched that preview again...Aaron wasn't on the chopper...whew I was starting to wonder what was going on lol Didn't hear a "don't do that"....but i heard a "what did you do?" at the end of the preview. Interesting with Sawyer self-sacrificing himself. I guess a lot of the blanks need to be filled in still to where/when that whole scene takes place. It's gonna be a good time!

Anonymous said...

Any chance the C4 goes boom and causes the Typhoon/Tsunami that they talk about in the rescue details?

Chris Stedman said...


I read Steve’s post and you’re right. It is a very good and well thought out theory but some of the examples he brought up can be contradicted by event already shown on the show. But it is interesting and worth considering, good work Steve.

Anonymous said...

Typhoons and Tsunamis are totally unrelated, and there is nor cause/effect between the two.

Mike V. said...

Well, the Typhoon happened on Day 103, according to the story, right? I thought we were past Day 103 already, but thinking back now...if Christmas Eve was Episode 5 of this season, that was around day 94, right? We know The Constant (episode 5 this season). I thought we had heard someone say 100 days had passed at some point (maybe Jack?) Anyway...I guess it could be, but I'm not so sure. lol

Addict, I read Steve's comment in the other blog...yeah a lot of inaccuracies with some of the characters in there but interesting theory overall. Is he on your payroll? lol

Anonymous said...

Wow - I have cut/pasted Steve's post and will read later - very long and am at work and can't do it now.

cdstedman: I'm like doing 20 things right now - but you are confusing me. Kate's dad ?? Thought she did not have a dad and killed her step-dad !

MikeV: The helmsman drives the ship (c: Also - my take on the reporter asking "How does it feel to know you'll be getting your money back?" i took that to be the lottery winnings as she said 'back'. The settlement would not fit with that phrase. So I assumed that Cheech and wife were getting Hurley's monies during this 103 days but now Hurley would start getting it again - to which he says no thanks.

Loved seeing the rabbits foots and the tie in to the Orchid Vid with the rabbit re-appearing from another time. LOL

I also thought of Ben seeming to just appear in Tunisia with a shot in the arm when Keemy was pointing that gun. Like when this island moves is Ben going to be tossed off it for some reason as it moves? Could explain why he asks the date and year when he is checking into the hotel !

Mike V. said...

damn..all this time I thought it was gilligan! lol Thanks for the heads up on the appropriate term that I'll probably never use. I think this guy has to be Gilligan now!

I think Stedman is referring to Kate's Step-Dad..the military guy. He didn't die as far as we know.

Hmmm thinking about this whole Island Moving business and the Parka even more now. what IF...the island DOES move physical locations and moves to a colder climate? Remember Hurley said the bad guys will move with the island too.....and maybe that's how the polar bears got on the island in the first place???? Now, this doesn't mean that it might not move in TIME also....but for the moment I'm thinking that maybe Ben's leap to Tunisia October 2005 may not happen until season 5 sometime... And with the island in a brand new colder climate, perhaps wearing the PARKA is just a way of life...someone shoots Ben and he transports off the island to tunisia or something.

Yeah..lots of holes in that one...but come on FROZEN DONKEY WHEEL? Tying the Polar bears in??? I like it!!! No more Tropical LOST next year. The White Witch is gonna make the Island WINTER all year long! lol (narnia reference i know!)

any thoughts? am i crazy? lol

Mike V. said...

I got so invested about my idea I left some of my thoughts incomplete lol

the reason i mentioned the bad guys moving with the Island because obviously Ben gets some kind of injury before heading to Tunisia...i was just thinking in contrast with my original thinking...that maybe it doesn't have to happen at the end of this season but could happen sometime NEXT season. hmmmmmmm

of course....the island could move to a colder climate and THEN Ben could put on the parka and get thrown to Tunisia in 2005 lol Man what I wouldn't give for the script right now!

Anonymous said...

MikeV: LOVING that theory that we are about to go to a colder climate ! From a production standpoint I guess they would not film in Hawaii any more either, which has caused them some issues.

I kept thinking of Frozen Donkey wheel as something to do with being frozen in time or something like that - not then knowing the island was gonna move.

Yup - I'm liking this track of thought.

Anonymous said...

was there any significance to ben giving up his club to locke to hold? because if he gets transported to tunisia in the melee that is about to ensue, that wouldn't make sense unless he got it back from locke, because he has it in his pocket in tunisia. and maybe it doesn't have anything to do with anything, i just thought it was interesting that ben gave up a weapon to locke.

Mike V. said...

it certainly would be interesting. but you raise a great point of production in Hawaii. Granted, they did film the arctic before...but it probably wasn't a location shot or it was CGI or something.

Maybe Hawaii is in store for some really cold weather for say..i dunno..about a year? lol

Either that or you just convinced me that there's no chance of this idea ever panning out!

Mike V. said...

hmmm...didn't notice the weapon transfer! I guess a lot can happen in 2 hours for him to get it back (and get a Parka lol) or it goes more in line with my recent idea that Ben's transportation to Tunisia may not be happening quite yet at the end of this season.

Thanks for pointing that out!

Anonymous said...


Yeah I made a blunder in saying that Aaron was on the chopper. The basics of my theory for the events playing out for the O6 remain the same, just have Aaron with Sun instead.


Anonymous said...

I think Steve has a good grasp on the whole time travel theory, but wonder how close he watches the show because a lot of his character references or examples were off based.

I give him a lot of credit from the science stand point, but think he may be more a fan of physics and not as much of a fan of "Lost".

And, no he isn't on the payroll, at least that I know of, lol.


Mike V. said...

Addict - yeah I just got confused on the Aaron thing lol but it's probably a good theory on how things will turn out. Add that into my moving the island to Santa Claus's workshop theory and you have quite a finale! LOL (I think i felt like Jeff Jensen for a brief moment in time with my wild theory that will never happen!)

As for Steve, yeah...definitely knows a lot about science and research on time travel. And I like the whole concept of not being able to kill certain people because of the "Grandfather Theory" Definitely something that could be tied into what's going on with LOST. Preventing Paradoxes and stuff. But the character descriptions were WAY off! lol

Anonymous said...

Steve I wish you would write more of your theories. I thought you did a great job explaining your them. Please please please keep writing!!! I can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...


I think the island does move to a colder climate, but whether or not this is the first move or the next, I don't know.

More on my theory that part of the O6 story is correct. Everyone would be in shock (like Sun said) if the whole island disappears and the freightor blows up. In waiting for their rescue from the island that they finally make it to, they could come up with a cover story since all evidence of the island, freightor, etc. is no longer around. Aaron would have to be Kate's baby since Sun is already pregnant. I am also guessing by Jack's conviction in sticking to the story that he feels vindicated for getting the people he could off the island and maybe even fabricated the entire cover story.

I think this is more plausible than Oceanic Airlines devising the cover story because no amount of money could make Hurley "turn" on the remaining people on the island. Also, why would Sun say that Jin never made it off the plane? I can't imagine money being able to convince her to do that. Also, Jack with all of his right and wrong convictions wouldn't "roll over" for money. I think at this point in the story, the O6 are "in shock" because they don't know what the heck happened and are trying to stick to a story that is somewhat plausible. I am also skeptical that Oceanic Airlines devised the cover story and would be willing to take a risk that Aaron could be found to not be Kate's son. If Oceanic Airlines had any involvement or knowledge of the true story, I think that they would have killed the O6 or put them in isolation if their guns "wouldn't work" or whatever, lol to prevent the truth from getting out. I view the settlement money as more of a please forgive us for our plane crashing and us not finding you.

A few big questions (assuming the above theory is anywhere close to correct):

1. What event or events happen to let Jack and others know that the island still exists? We know that Hurley and Jack both express guilt of leaving others behind later in the timeline.

2. Who is in the casket and does it tie into #1 above?

3. Where and how does the island move? Does it move more than once?

A couple of other random thoughts:

What if the injury Ben has with him in Tunisia is from a knife wound and not a bullet wound? Maybe a disagreement between Locke and Ben causes Locke to use his knife, something that was not meant to happen if John was the "chosen one" (as indicated by John selecting the knife and Richard being upset by it).

Also is there some event that will let the O6 know that the island survived "the move"? If so, this could cause Sun and Hurley to resent Jack for the cover story and cause a rift among the O6. Maybe this is why Hurley is glad none of the others came to see Sun and her baby. Sayid is off consumed with hate over the killing of his wife and working with Ben. Kate seems content with her life caring for Aaron and no longer being a fugitive. And Jack may even try to convince himself and the others that he did the right thing until he becomes consumed with guilt over knowing that he was wrong to call the boat, create (or help create)the cover story, etc. that leads to his downward spiral that we saw at the end of last season.



Mike V. said...

I view the settlement money as more of a please forgive us for our plane crashing and us not finding you.

I think I had always viewed the Golden Passes and the Settlement Money as part of this and not for the cover story. (not sure if we'd heard about the settlement before, I thought we did...or just assumed with the nice house Kate was set up in!)

Knife wound is entirely possible. Not sure why we keep saying he was shot lol We really just know he is injured that's all!

I like the idea of the island disappearing and freighter blowing up and all of that craziness. Don't know if it will play out that way or not...but to answer your question on how they know the island still exists.....Hurley is being haunted by Charlie, Jack is being haunted by Christian and they're saying things like "THEY NEED YOU" and "YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO RAISE HIM" pretty much all indications to go back to the island. Whether they think they're going crazy or not...this is probably motivating them to go back.

And potentially whoever is in that coffin is the proverbial "NAIL IN THE COFFIN" in Jack determining that they MUST go back.

And let's not forget Jack saying "We made a mistake" we had originally assumed this was him making the phone call to the freighter. But it might be tied more to how they eventually get off the island.

"I'm sick of lying" hmmm Jack making up the story is an interesting idea. But how do we explain how they all feel like they're being followed? (well Sayid comments on it, we already know Abaddon seeks out Hurley)

All I know is I'm excited to see what happens!

Anonymous said...

By the way - 103 days after 9/22/04 would be January 3, 2005

Anonymous said...

My birthday!!! Woo!

Anonymous said...


I can see your point with Hurley being constantly haunted by Charlie, but don't forget that Jack also saw his father on the island, so I don't know if that is enough to make him "know" the island still exists.

Your "nail in the coffin" comment and my theory that Michael is going to get blown up with the C4 makes me return to Frank or even Ben being in the coffin. Since Jack is still being recognized (beard and drunk), I doubt it is an O6 member (I know I made a case for Hurley not too long ago, but why no media or parents?). Who else might have made it off the island? Do you still think it is Michael?

As for the O6 being followed, I think that is more Widmore keeping tabs on them in case they are able to find the island again. Remember, I don't think Widmore's man killed Sayid's wife, I think Ben was behind it. If Widmore is familiar enough with the island, maybe he knows that one or more of the O6 will find their way back or even that someone on the island will be able to bring them back (like Locke's father).


Anonymous said...

did anyone else see the other person on the rescue plane?

Anonymous said...

Could someone help me remember if we know where Jin's father is from. Because I think the "fisherman" in the photo could be his father.

Anonymous said...

Can we stop with every single sentence ending in lol?

Mike V. said...

Whew...lots to respond to.

FIRST OFF: I think the only thing more annoying than ending every sentence with the "LAUGHING OUT LOUD" abbreviation (which i'll admit, is an annoying habit of mine that I'm trying to quit!) is people posting as Anonymous. I mean, come on! It's easy enough to sign off with a name or click on the NAME/URL option right above anonymous! If you're asking a question, don't you want people to address you directly instead of anonymous #1, #2, etc... ?

So forgive me for my LOL obsession. In my defense, I thought it would be okay, you know...since I am the author of the blog and all. But Mr. Anonymous #3, I will try to make you happy! (ha ha)

Anonymous #1: I had heard a rumor about another person on the plane. I had checked once and didn't notice it....but then I looked again. Right when she's coming out of the cockpit, she stumbles and looks to her left (our right)...smiles and mouths the word "hi" I think for a brief second we can see another person there. Whether it's one of our non-oceanic passengers or not...or someone else? who knows???

Anonymous #2 - I don't think we can clearly see anyone's face in that picture except for Sayid, Kate, Jack and Hurley. Jin's father is from Korea. But I guess there is always a chance it could be him. (fighting the urge to use my trademark laugh!)

Addict - I was just thinking the mere visitation from Christian to Jack would acknowledge the existence of the Island. Considering he didn't have crazy visions BEFORE the island. Especially after all the stuff happened to Hurley right before him.

Like I said, I never have officially THOUGHT it was Michael. I just keep saying all the facts fit for it to be Michael. I agree with you that it is too obvious. But nothing we've seen all season as given me any evidence that it could be someone else! I do agree however, that it is probably not a member of the Oceanic 6. Of course I guess there's the chance it could be whatever guy Miss Decker acknowledged on the plane! (oh come on...why can't i use the laughing thing!!?!?!?!)

Yeah, as for Widmore following them, that all makes sense. Also with Ben luring Sayid to his "side." I guess I've just kept thinking that in the end, Ben will ultimately have been doing things for a good outcome. That he would be redeemed. But it can easily go the other way! The show is nice and ambiguous like that!

Oh right - Anonymous #3: LOL

Anonymous said...


I loved your last post, lol.

I can't wait till the season finale.

I wonder if there will be any more crazy posts before then, lol.


Anonymous said...

Hi I just asked my husband who did flight nursing for the Airforce about the other man on the airplane. Other blogs are saying he is the "loadmaster". My hubby stated that if they were near landing that the loadmaster would be going through a checklist and walking around doing his thing, not just sitting in the dark.

Anonymous said...

A great non -Sawyer line by Hurley's Mum "Don't use Jesus as a weapon."

Mike V. said...

For everyone out in the business world, I was sent an email with the following article attached.

"10 Things Every Manager Should Learn from "LOST""

Something a little different from the NORMAL discussion! (HA HA - still sticking to my reduced use of the other laughing expression!)

Other comments:
Agreed on Hurley's Mom's insta-classic quote!

Very interesting stuff about the loadmaster. I guess we just don't know how much we were supposed to look into this very subtle reference in the episode. But we should get some clarification in next Thursday's finale!

Anonymous said...

Personally - I like the LOL's Mike, as well as the multiple WOW's.

Anonymous said...


I second mj's opinion. Hence my previous post, lol.


Chris Stedman said...

Bring back the lol’s. HA HA is one extra keystroke and life’s to short for that.

Now if we can just get you to stop using multiple !!!!!!!!!!!!!’s. lol

Chris Stedman said...

By the way, if any of you go to any other Lost sites be careful right now if you don’t want to be spoiled for the final. The same person (lostfan108) that sent a scene by scene recap last year before the final aired is back and has done it again.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the heads up stedman. I definitely am against being spoiled. And would've been pretty fired up if I had been last season. Did you read the post?

Thanks for all of the positive comments on the "LOL Embargo of 2008." I will take them under advisement, but the jury is still out!

As for the excessive Exclamation points. Come on, Stedman, don't kick me when I'm down! lol (whoops!)

Anonymous said...


I don't know if I believe your theory of other "Lost" sites existing (lol), but if your theory is correct, then why bother with any site other than the best (which is this one by the way)?


Anonymous said...

I'm a LOL addict myself, (As Mike can attest to) I say we keep them too!!!!!!!! ;-)

I would also like to add that I am glad there is peace amongst us once again! Lol

Oh yeah, and that was me posting about my birthday...I clicked the wrong button before I posted.

Chris Stedman said...


No I didn’t read it, Darkufo got a lot of heat last year for posting it, he’s being more careful this time and the text is on a slideshow but with over a week till it airs expect someone else to take the time to type it out and spread it around everywhere.


Yes your right, I was using "faulty logic" when I went to lesser quality Lost sites instead of just this one. Lol.

Anonymous said...

If you get a chance you should check out the new TV Guide with LOST on the cover. Great article and shows a timeline of the Oceanic 6 post-rescue events to date.

Mike V. said...

Listened to the Final Producer's Podcast of the Season today! Exciting stuff. Download it on itunes or go to and find it!


- Discussion of anti-pods on the world. i.e. if you journeyed from one point on the globe, through the center of the globe, where would you end up? Is this how the Island moves? (is that how people ended up in Tunisia? Or things from Nigeria ended up on Island?) Carlton said it's a very intriguing theory about the possibility of antipods but some of the assumptions made by the questioner were most likely flawed. (hmmmmmmmm!!!!)

- Abaddon - Work for Ben? Widmore? Someone else? They said he definitely works for someone, he's not high man on the food chain. But we are meant to question if it's Ben, Widmore or even someone else.

- Do Stormtroopers know they're evil? Do Bad people on LOST know they're evil? Damon suggests that Stormtroopers should know they're evil because they murdered Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen! lol But suggested that Keamy is a bad person and is fully aware of it lol But that the actor playing him (Kevin Durand) has done standup comedy in the past.

- Damon not only doesn't wear pants for podcasts, but he also now has a wooden leg which he claims Carlton promised he'd never bring up. (ahhh gotta love those crazy guys!)

- When Damon and Carlton petitioned for an additional hour for the finale they pitched the idea of knowing the Oceanic 6 are off the island but the cliffhanger of them being scattered across the island (Sun/Aaron on boat, Sayid and Kate captured, Jack going after Hurley). And ABC were sold big time on it.

- Apparently, there were able to show episodes from this season to a panel of viewers that do NOT watch LOST to find out which one could stand on its own and be submitted for Emmy recognition. (my guess is The Constant) We might see some Emmy nods this year!! Hopefully they do, they deserve it! But I'd still submit Michael Emerson's Ben-Centric episode. That guy deserves some props!

- Probably going to see the ACTUAL Orchid Orientation Film during the finale since we saw the Bloopers at Comic-Con. They thought it was really cool that they were able to tease a finale set piece all the way back in Last July.

I'm probably missing some stuff but I forget! lol They said they will be in Radio Silence once again until Comic-Con this summer. And promised to do a couple podcasts before the start of next season!

Good stuff!

Mike V. said...

Duh, forgot the most important thing they mentioned!

They are reairing Part 1 next thursday at 8/7c and the Press Conference Scene will be extended. Darlton said they had a chance to answer a few more questions that the audience wanted answeres (such as...who were the other 2 survivors that died???) They said it won't be much longer, but that it certainly would be extended!

Brian Erzen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

brian erzen,

I cannot take credit for this great blog. I like you, am just a big fan of "Lost" and this is by far the best site for an in-depth recap of each episode with minimal insertion of the author's theories within the recap (he saves that for the comment section, lol).

Anyways, all of the credit for this site goes to Mike.


Brian Erzen said...

Mike - I love your site, each week I look forward to reading about the previous nights episode, and learn all about the details. I'm a fan, but some how I didn't even know about the Comic Con / DVD Orchid film till about 2 weeks ago.

Steve - Your theories are great and well thought out, you blew my mind with what you had to say. Please go on.

I'm looking forward to next week, I'm curious as to what the Oceanic 6 does, and if this episode catches us up timeline wise, it seems like that might be possible but doubtful....

(Corrected my comment, thanks Addict)

Chris Stedman said...

Here’s a interview with Michael Emerson if anyone wants to read it. No spilers of course, one interesting thing, it was Emerson’s wife that played his mom in Ben’s flashback.


Mike V. said...

I don't care who Random Anonymous guy was...THAT whole exchange deserves an LOL!

Thanks Addict for clarifying and props (glad you like my Non-Theory-esque recaps)! And thanks Brian for the compliments as well.

I'll check out that interview Stedman. I actually did know that Emerson's wife played Ben's Mother in season 3. Not sure where I knew that from (maybe a podcast of the S3 Blu-Ray extras) but still very weird! Thanks for the link!

(hmmm there's probably going to be a Doc Jensen today too, right? I'll have to look into that)

Anonymous said...

Doc Jensen's article ! Interesting in parts, and as out there as usual. LOL,,20201750,00.html

Chris Stedman said...

I seemed to see Lost related stuff all weekend. Widmore had a small role in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Watched Rescue Dawn and Daniel was a P.O.W. that talked just like he does on Lost. And caught part of Executive Decision and realized the plane that’s hijacked is and Oceanic flight, coincidence or will we learn Jacob is really Steve Seagal?

Mike V. said...

I too saw ol' Widmore in Indy IV. Weird seeing Alan Dale on the "GOOD SIDE" considering he's the "go-to bad guy" for tv shows these days!

Steven Segal as Jacob? Would it be any weirder than Billy Dee Williams being the big bad? lol

I've been doing my homework over the weekend watching TV Guide's recommended 5 episodes prior to the Thursday finale.

Season 1: Pilot (check!), White Rabbit (Check!)

Still on "To Do" list
Season 2: Live Together Die Alone Season 3: Through the Looking Glass
Season 4: The Shape of Things to Come

I'm through the season 1 episodes. (in addition, finished my umpteenth run through of season 1 from the beginning that I started a couple months ago)

I'm totally amped up for the season 4 finale. I just can't wait to have that awful feeling back that it won't be 9 months until we see more LOST! lol

Of course, as always, it will be a nice break for my fingers and those long-winded recaps!

LOL Count for post (not including that one): 2

Anonymous said...

Lost interview with Michael Emerson (Ben) - part 1 or 2 any way - on TV Not spoilery

Anonymous said...

Oops! Was supposed to say part 1 OF 2.

Anonymous said...

Here's one with Keamy:

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the links guys! that was good stuff.

Here's part 2 of the Emerson Interview!

TV Guide Emerson Interview Part II

Mike V. said...

I know it's a stretch..but I still think we can't rule out "SARAH" as the "HER" that was referred to in "The Other Woman"

Ben tried to convince Jack in season 3 that Juliet looked like his ex-wife Sarah.

And then Harper sarcastically mumbles under her breath TO Juliet that Ben is obsessed with her because she looks just like "her"

Coincidence??? When are there coincidences in LOST-Land? lol

But I agree with Emerson, probably haven't seen the last of Annie either (and there's always that crazy theory I had that maybe Annie IS Sarah lol) - Which could explain possibly why she miraculously healed during Jack's surgery. It might be tied to that whole "you can't die because you still have work to do - the island won't let you die" thing.

I easy to start rambling on about these crazy theories of mine!

LOL Count = 2 (again! man i'm getting good!)

Mike V. said...

Doc Jensen

Mike V. said...

ugh...this Jensen reader soooooo stole my theory!

"''Here is what I think the season finale will reveal about the 'On-Islanders.' When Ben moves the Island, it won't be to a different time, as you have speculated, but to a different place, one very far from the South Pacific: the arctic! I am thinking that the Orchid Station controls the location of the Island, that it has moved before, and that it has been in the arctic — hence the Polar Bears. Also, if the current Island moves to the arctic, it would explain why flash-forward Ben was wearing a Dharka, and may be why Penny's people were looking for Desmond in the arctic. Plus, what a season-ender it would be to have Ben push some buttons and suddenly the Island is covered in snow!'' — Rob Nuttall from Halifax, Nova Scotia"

Anonymous said...

ok - I waited all day to see if anyone else read the very last Ask Ausiello over at tv (last since he announced he was moving to EW) and were going to make any guesses as to whom he is talking about.

No one ??

****spoilers ahead***** Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled

Mike Ausiello states that 3 original cast members will die in tonights finale ! Holy Frak!

So - we know Kate, Jack, Sayid, Sun, Hurley and Aaron are in the future.

They aren't going to kill Locke. Bernard is not an original cast memeber - we didn't meet him til season 2, I think ?? Des isn't an original, neither is Richard.

Unless ... we did meet Des in season 1 when we saw him running in Jacks flashback. But they better not kill Des !!!

So that would leave Jin, Michael and Rose !!!!!

Anonymous said...


1 of the 3 is definitely going to be right (Michael). I am convinced he isn't in the coffin and will die trying to disarm the C4. As for the other two, Jin may be one, but I think the last will be the answer to the whole coffin question.

I know that Michael makes the most sense to be in the coffin, but he went to the island to help his friends and to be able to rid himself of his guilt by dying. I just don't see him traveling all the way back to America to die.

I know that much earlier in the year I speculated that maybe Aaron was in the coffin, but I know now that isn't the case. I am convinced that none of the O6'ers are in the coffin because the press would be all over it because drunk, bearded Jack was still recognized at the pharmacy at the end of last season.

So who does that leave who we know? Sawyer, Ben, Jin, Locke, Desmond, Benard, Daniel, Frank, or Miles are all good candidates as well as Walt, but I think it comes down to Ben or Locke. I think Kate would have gone to Sawyer's, Desmond's or Benard's funeral. On the other hand, I don't think Jack would expect Kate to go to one of the freighties' funerals.

Walt would work, but I think his grandmother or even Kate would have gone to his funeral.

Now what if it is Ben or Locke? That would be the kind of season finale that we have come to expect from "Lost".

If it is Ben, how did he die? He has survived countless beatings, a tumor, mysterious travel through what appears to be time and space and would the island even allow him to die? It did allow him to get a tumor, but seems to have helped him escape Keamy and his crew.

If it is Locke, how did he get off the island, did he get thrown to some remote location like Ben did (if he was near Ben when the island moved)? If he is off the island, is he back in the wheel chair and would this be enough for him to kill himself? Would this mean that Locke isn't the chosen one or that the island wanted him to die? Did Richard realize this when John selected the knife?

Does this allow for the possibity of Aaron or Walt being the chosen one?

If Ben or Locke is the one in the coffin, does this allow him to be Jacob? I don't know if your allowed to see a ghost of yourself in time travel theory or not?

Final thought, do we know for sure that Locke is older than Ben? It appears to be the case and that may allow for Ben to be a chosen one (until Aaron or Walt comes along). Maybe Richard found Ben after discovering that Locke wasn't the "one". Also, Aaron and Walt arrived on the island at the same time that Ben found out about his tumor.


Anonymous said...

Oops, in all of my tangent ramblings, I forgot to mention that I said earlier this season that it would be in typical "Lost" fashion to have one of the Losties be in the coffin who isn't one of the O6'ers.

Oh well, Mike, if it is Michael, I will give credit where credit is due (which would be you, lol, in all of your "Lost" wisdom).


Mike V. said...

So, I was trying to avoid that Ausiello thing all yesterday and today...and then someone emailed me about it and blew the whole thing! Drives me crazy being the famous BLOGGER sometimes! lol

But still an intriguing spoiler. I would say whoever is in the coffin could count against that number. And then Jin's survival is still a well as Claire's right? We shall see lol

As for the coffin, don't worry Addict. I'm not seeking any credit with the Michael thing. Like you, I might feel a little cheated if Michael ends up being the one in the coffin. As I've always stated, all of the facts seem to fit for him the most based on what we know.

The most likely for the coffin?
Locke, Ben or Michael. They seemed to be the top 3 prospects at the end of season 3...and they all continue to be prospects in my opinion. Let's put it this way...if it were any of those 3...i wouldn't be surprised at the reveal tonight. If it's anyone else...they're going to blow my mind! lol Which, like i said, could be their way of solving the mystery but opening up more questions for next season (like...why was Jack a wreck over the death? Why was Kate so reluctant to go to Funeral? Maybe even, "how did THAT person get off the island?" Why did no one show up to the funeral? etc....)

But I'd like to throw a hearty congratulations to Team Darlton for keeping us guessing for exactly 1 year and 1 week! lol Those crazy kids can sure weave a nice mystery!

As for Michael dying in "real-time" on the Island and not in the "future"? Yeah...i had the thought too that he'd sacrifice himself for his friends. But that just kinda sucks for Harold Perrineau returning as a full-time cast member and having his season get shortened due to the strike. Really...his return was hyped up and he had one episode dedicated to him and then a handful of scenes here and there.

Eh...such is life on LOST, right? They had to cut Eko's time short on the show too due to that 6 episode "POD" in the fall of season 3.

Only about 8 hours until we can answer some of these questions!

Let me also take this opportunity to ask everyone to please be patient as the blog is in the works tomorrow. Being a recap of the 2 hour episode could cause a delay from the normal time of posting.'s the last recap of the season...don't want to short change you guys!

Chris Stedman said...

Mike, I didn’t know you were “famous”! I bet you get to hang with all the stars now. Was that you holding back Lindsay Lohan hair as she was puking in the gutter on TMZ the other day? Good times. Lol.

Since you’re famous now you better keep your fan base happy and get to that recap in a timely fashion or you’ll get dropped faster than a Lost character with a DWI in Hawaii.

Mike V. said...

I will do my best to keep the legion of LOST ADDICTS at bay! lol

Anonymous said...

My guess is that it is Locke in the coffin. I think this would solicit the reaction we saw Jack have when he read the OBIT. Also, anyone think that Matthew Abaddon could be "future" Walt?
Can't wait for tonight!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an awesome episode.
Can't wait for the new thread.

I give it a WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say thanks for the in-depth re-cap. I love this show and never want it to end, though it will. As a believer in all the possibilities of the universe, LOST piques my imagination. Can't wait for your thoughts on the season finale.

Anonymous said...

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Miles Balzard said...

Yes, this was a terrific episode and I can't wait to see the final two hours! I'll try to be brief, but like Mike I can get carried away at times.

Remember when I said some time ago that I can't imagine the island is actually moving? I still believe that. I also said in the same post that the island could be cloaked from view. I still believe that might be true in some form or fashion.

I don't think "moving the island" means it changes physical location as much as it means it changes its plane of existence. In other words, one minute it would be sitting there in the water completely visible, and then, like David Copperfield would do it, the next moment it *POOF!* disappears. The only plausible way it *poofs* (ha, I used plausible when writing about this show!) is that it "moves" to another plane of existence, and everything within a certain, very nearby radius of the island (plants, birds, people) goes with it.

Any actual physical disappearance of the island would involve the displacement of a gigantic volume of matter in the Pacific and result in the greatest tsunami in history. So I'm betting it disappears (and reappears somewhere) with barely a ripple. Which still means it's a real place (and not a dream), but a real place of consciousness rather than an uncharted island in our material world.

Did I just state the blatantly obvious? I haven't read all the comments, but I'm guessing no one on this blog is even suggesting that the island is going to physically move and cause a tsunami. Geez I can waste time on the most trivial of things! And I suppose the island's next plane of existence could be a place of consciousness with a very cold climate.

The crux of my supposition is that in order to change planes of existence, the island can't be a material structure in a physical location to begin with. Not that it has to be heaven or hell or purgatory and that everyone there has to be dead. We've probably seen too much traveling back and forth for that to be the case. But if the island is a state of consciousness instead of a physical location, that could explain why it can be difficult to get to and to get away from. It can only be accessed or deserted by those with special gifts, or because the island wants itself to be accessed or deserted.

Anyway, I know I'm not saying anything that others haven't stated already, but I'm throwing in with them as soon as the island *poofs* from this particular Pacific Ocean. And my thoughts have certainly changed from the first season or two.

So now we basically have our Oceanic 6 fabricated cover story. I imagine this big fat lie will have to haunt the 6 for quite some time, clearly well into the next season.

I loved Sun finally turning the tables on her old man. For me, thousands of years of culture do not excuse misogyny. It's amazing how many world cultures perpetuate the belief of women as beings "incapable" of running a business or running the world. Sun is a small yet measurable victory for all oppressed people.

I have to say it; knowing who the Oceanic 6 are does defuse some of the tension of the action. Sure, it's very exciting and all, and we don't know the fate of those who aren't part of the 6, but we do already know who makes it back to the real world. As I posted recently though, I've never seen a show juggle these types of timelines while sustaining the suspense so effectively.

Mike V. said...

Hmm...don't think the Island is moving eh? Then how do you explain the plane from Nigeria ending up on the Island? (with Yemi, Eko's brother) That said, your theory of what happens to the island is quite intriguing! That's all I'll say.

I never considered a tsunami from the island potentially moving/disappearing. But, I do recall discussions of tsunami's before when it came to LOST discussions.

Maybe knowing who the Oceanic 6 diffuses some tension...but did you observe how they ended this episode? All 6 are on different parts of the Island? How do they all end up together!? That's the mystery they introduced that gives us some tension. And it certainly will get more tense before the season ends.


aly said...

Hi Mike,

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend! East coaster, eh? That makes a lot more sense why some of your comments say they were posted at 5AM, haha. Good to hear you're also a Breaking Bad fan. Any other shows you watch right now? Seeing as you have good taste and I am looking for something to fill the void after Lost, I am open to any of your recs.

I know I dished out a lot of hate for Sayid last season (and I am STILL annoyed at how quickly he forgot Shannon and is all about Nadia again) but I still can't help but go back to Ben's comment about him, about "Remember what happened the last time you thought with your heart and not your gun?" It really leads me to believe that there is way more to Nadia that we don't know about (she's appeared so many places!) and that perhaps she is not so "good." Perhaps she betrayed Sayid in a major way but because he thought with his heart when it came to her, bad stuff happened to him. Who she's connected to, I don't know. But the only other girl Sayid SEEMED to care for was Shannon and she didn't betray him so Ben's comment wouldn't make sense regarding her. It's GOT to be Nadia.

I like your island moving to the arctic theory. Though it raises a lot of questions. It does explain why at the end of season 2 we saw the Europeans saying to Penny they'd found the island. So perhaps that might've been a flashforward or even a flashback (and not current island time) to a time where the island WAS in the arctic!

As far as the coffin goes, I definitely thought it was Michael this whole time too. It just made the most sense. Still, though, even if Michael did all that he did, if he actually died, I still think that Walt or his mom or even his ex-gf would've gone to his funeral. Especially if it was some noble death.

It can't be one of the O6 otherwise there would be a lot of people at the funeral due to media attention.

It can't be an original cast member. How does one of the original cast members die off the island and not be one of the O6? I suppose Locke kind of makes sense if he somehow ended up off island (why would he leave?), but I don't want it to be so, I like his character too much.

Could it be someone from Kate's past that Jack knows about, since they've been so intimate? Her ex-husband? Her stepfather? Both of them could've spiraled downward & ended up in a bad part of town, but that's stretching.

Right before Sun confronted her dad, we see him discussing stuff with fellow businessmen. Could it have been related to the island? There was no translation.

Whew! So that's all I've got as far as questions/theories for now. lol ;)

I'm so glad you are posting the highlights of the podcasts you listened to, seeing as they're probably gone now and I won't know what was being said. lol

I see Doc Jensen being mentioned a lot in the comments throughout. Who is he and what kind of stuff was he saying? lol

I loved the lol war of the comments this time around. lol

Mike V. said...

Hi aly! Sorry for the delay on my response! But I certainly did enjoy my vacation. If you keep reading the comments, somewhere in season 6 I mentioned to Miles my thoughts on some of the shows he was considering to watch next. I'm not sure what you have and haven't watched so I don't know what to recommend. But obviously the top shows from this age of television are Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Wire and for me LOST! But other great great shows and worth being included in the discussion are Friday Night Lights, Fringe, Homeland, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Game of Thrones, etc... That's just off the top of my head right now.

Good points on Sayid and his love for Shannon vs. Nadia. All I can say is, this might be eventually addressed. As for speculation on Nadia, I don't want to ruin your theories so I'll stay silent. :-)

I certainly did like my "moving to the arctic" theory at the time. lol Of course, I forget if I even thought to consider the logistics of filming the show in hawaii and having all of that snow! lol

All great speculation and theories! Glad you're taking the time to have some theories as you work your way through the show! I'm sure you're a little past this episode now so you may have some answers by now. Not sure if those podcasts are still up or not, but they sure were a fun listen at the time. It was called "The Official LOST Podcast" if you want to search for it.

Doc Jensen is Jeff Jensen, a columnist at Entertainment Weekly. He recapped LOST since the beginning. The first couple seasons though, they were straight up recaps with no analysis, and he started getting harassed by fans of the show, including yours truly who even used it as a chance to promote this site. But, at some point he went into overdrive with crazy over the top analysis recaps, a direct link to the writers of the show for interviews and discussions of this theories and whatever. He became well known for his crazy theories and those theories actually got him a job working on the new Disney movie TOMORROWLAND with Mr. LOST co-creator himself Damon Lindelof. Not too bad for an EW recapper! So, I'd like to say that I helped mold his career by helping force him to up the ante with his LOST recaps! :-) lol

Man, I can't even remember what the comments war was about, but I certainly remember it happening! Catch up with you later in the series!

6 seasons, 12days said...

Hi Mike

first - great blog! thanks for all the hard work you put in writing these. it's a great follow up after an episode to see if i've missed anything

second - my question / point that's bothering me. in previous episodes, we've seen the effects if timey wimey stuff and from what i see things happen quicker on the island than off it. Howcome dan and the rest in the boat made it to the freighter and back in record time? just seemed abit inconsistent. what are your views? or will this be explained in future episodes?

Mike V. said...

6 seasons, 12 days eh? Are you really attempting that? That's commitment! Lol

Thanks for the props. I appreciate it!

There definitely will be coverage of the crazy time aspects of the island in future episodes but I wouldn't worry about the inconsistencies too much. i don't want to give away too much but the island is a crazy place with crazy properties and something is a little off with traveling back and forth from it.

But I think they probably skipped over the boring parts with Dan traveling back and forth. Lol it probably wasn't an instant trip. I forget at this point if the freighter is moving towards the island or not but that might explain it too. (Actually it's starting to be so long ago that I forget if the freighter actually moved towards the island! Lol)

Enjoy your run through the show!

Katie S. said...

I’m laughing at how obsessed everyone was with who could be in the coffin. I just turned to my husband and asked if he was wondering who was in the coffin. He thought for a second and then said, yeah, that was pretty weird. I said “but are you plagued by the question of who it could be?” He said no, and refused to even take a guess. Also reading about the cover of TV Guide, with the cast on it. Remember TV Guide?! Loving the blog as usual, and it definitely helps when I’m watching and didn’t understand something to think, I’ll just read the blog later, someone will have explained it. LOL (I am a big fan of the LOLs, by the way!) also, thanks Mike for the show recommendations. I see someone else asked for those here as well!

Mike V. said...

It certainly helped that i had “COFFIN WATCH” segments on these recaps, I think. Lol But yeah I think everyone was thinking about it. When binging though, I don’t think a lot of the stuff we analyzed gets questioned as much. It can be a good thing with how people view how it all ends. But it was totally fun to guess along the way and form that virtual community. LOST was the first of its kind to hit the internet by storm (at least in size. It was a mainstream show with a large internet following. Sure x-files and twin peaks had its online nerds (no offense meant! I’m one too!) obsessing...but this was on another level of fandom because it was a huge hit.). Nice on the LOLs. I remember some people telling me to stop. I’m still obsessed with LOLing....if I don’t do it I feel like people misunderstand my sentiment... I usually have a sarcastic/joking tone to most of what I write. But one thing I avoided was “LOLing” in the actual recaps. I tried to maintain some sort of professionalism! I do remember TV guide! Awesome that the blog is helping you get answers you’re looking for. Not just from me (who was wrong a lot of the time lol) but from the community too! That’s what made this place so fun. Enjoy the continued binge. Great that you’re close to season 5’s so much fun on a rewatch! Probably my favorite to rewatch. I like to call it a perfect season!

Simon Sandiford said...

I'm excited now as I will just have time to watch the double episode rest of the finale tonight before being back at work tomorrow...

Too many questions... But my main thought is that the mean character liked to the bomb Keamy... He looks so much like David Walliams of Little Britain fame... I had to look it up to make sure it wasn't actually him.

Also Mike there are 3 spams not far above the bottom of the comments... 2 are Nigerian-style scams from Panama!

Simon Sandiford said...

*linked to the bomb, not liked! Stupid spelling correction!

Mike V. said...

Keamy is probably be best “love to hate” unambiguous villain character ever on LOST. Enjoy the final eps! Thanks for heads up on spam. I usually delete them but miss them on occasion. Lol