Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Finale Blog WILL be delayed but DISCUSS anyway!

Hello Losties! I know I've warned you all already, but this is a confirmation that I will not have time to draft up the Season 2 Finale Blog (episodes 23/24 Live Together, Die Alone) during the workday of Thursday, May 26th. Crazy thing, my JOB is actually getting in the way! Go Figure! But, alas, I am posting this mini write-up to try and fill the void in your lives while we wait.

So please, discuss the finale to your heart's desires. If you have any questions you'd like me to try and address in the write-up, post them here too! You can look for the write-up to go up sometime Thursday night, so there will be plenty of reading material on Friday morning as you start waiting for your Memorial Day vacations to begin!

Here's a summary of my thoughts after just watching and not really thinking about the episode in too much detail yet. I will expand on these thoughts and more in our Finale Write-up!


  • Woaaaaa How about the Hatch stuff? What on earth happened there? What was that crazy Light? Did Henry know what it was?
  • Green Eagle yelling "Hurley?" Was it a Philadelphia Eagle?
  • Michael and Walt try to leave the Island again. Will it work THIS time? (yeah right)
  • Crazy WIDMORE family! It's President Palmer's old Vice-President and Caleb Nichol from The OC! And the girl in the picture, Penny, is that girl from HBO's "Mind of the Married Man"
  • Are Locke, Eko, and Desmond alive? The former 2 have to be, right?
  • What about the crazy Russians in the North Pole (well that's my initial guess anyway) searching for electromagnetic activity? (Hmm North Pole, Magnets....)
  • Did we or Did we NOT find out how the Plane crashed?
  • Do we like Zeke or Tom better? Klugh or Bea?
  • Crazy Seargent (General or whatever) from the Gulph War that encountered Sayid is Kelvin....woa!!!
  • Libby's dead husband's name is "David." is that related to imaginary DAVE that Hurley has been seeing?
  • So is Henry the head cheese of the Others or the "Good Guys" as he calls them? Where are they going to take our 3 main heroes?

Was it a more satisfying season ender for you guys than season 1's? Feel free to post your own comments on the finale, and I'll get you guys a full (LONG-WINDED) blog as soon as humanly possible. Thanks for your patience!


Anonymous said...


Desmond's full name is Desmond David Hume, an undisguised and obvious reference to 18th Century Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711-1776). Hume was influenced by the works of John Locke, and also a critic of some of Locke's theories, such as the people's consent of government, man in the state of nature, etc. Hume also believed that all reality was relative and might be a figment of one's imagination.

Anonymous said...

Mike i love it!