Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Next New Episodes March 22, March 29th!

Sorry everyone, I know in my last blog I had noted that there were no new episodes until April. I apologize. I got my reference from www.tv.com which is usually pretty good with the schedule. It lists the "airdate' for every episode of every show. The next Lost episode was listed as April. There may have been a reschedule. So we're getting 2 in March. Which means probably a couple reruns in April too. So, I hope no one takes these blogs as bible and forget to watch these!

Until March 22nd then!


Anonymous said...


Great Blog!!!! Thanks for writing it!!!! Can't wait for the new episode tonight!! 11 hours 20 minutes and counting...


Mike V. said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoy the write-ups. Check back in tomorrow!