Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TV Addicts Blog is Live!

Hello LOSTIES!  I just wanted to let you know that I have posted my first recap on the TV Addicts Blog for The Event.  I definitely enjoyed the pilot and look forward to its potential!  Fringe will get the recap treatment later this week as well.   And I plan to comment on a variety of other shows as they air so that we can discuss them.   Come check it out, follow me on twitter and sign up for email updates on the new site so you don't fall out of touch!   Thanks for your continued readership as always!  NAMASTE!


Glenn R. said...

Long and interesting interview with Adewale. Some references to Lost:


Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link Glenn, I'll check it out!

You should come visit on the TV Addicts Blog too! Not watching the Event or Fringe? Shame on you! lol j/k

BTW, in case no one heard yesterday, Set your DVRs for the Spike Scream awards on 10/19 at 9pm Eastern time. Darlton and some/most of the LOST cast are being reunited for a grand tribute! And if that wasn't enough, the Back to the Future cast is being reunited too! Awesome.

Anyways, there is a cool promo out there with pierre chang for the awards show. Check out Doc Jensen's quick column on it (with the embedded promo)

Doc Jensen: Spike Scream Awards info

stella said...

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Glenn R. said...

Do you want me to post these things over there? Do you have a Lost area at your other blog?

Check this news out though... Damon and some other senior writers from Lost are pitching their new show, a "fairytale themed drama."


Mike V. said...

Naa Glenn, you can post LOST stuff here. I still plan to write LOST stuff eventually. Afterall, that encyclopedia just came out! I didn't get it yet but I will soon enough.

I just heard about this Kitsis/Horowitz TV pitch today too. Fairy tales eh? Sounds interesting lol I'm sure I'll watch!

Mike V. said...

Got my LOST encyclopedia last night folks! It's a big 400 page masterpiece and I'm on page 2! When I feel like I've read enough to comment, I might be back with a new post! Don't hold your breath though...it's gonna take awhile! lol

Glenn R. said...

Hey Mike! How 'r ya? How's the Lost Encyclo reading coming along?

Did you hear what Damon just said about the lost ending, in retrospect? After finding himself disappointed with the latest Harry Potter movie, he retracted some of his statements about the fans of Lost who were unhappy with his ending.

Read more here:


Here are some of his comments:

“They should not have split the [final Harry Potter] book into two halves. Order of the Phoenix had more pages and they did just fine with that one.

I felt dirty. I felt… taken advantage of. I know, I know, people in glass houses—but, still!


My point is that I’m still a fan [of the Harry Potter movies]. A huge fan. Huge.

And so I sincerely and genuinely apologize to all those whom I have stripped of their Lost fandom just for complaining about the stuff you didn’t like. It doesn’t make you any less a fan. In fact…

It just makes you honest.

I respect that. And I’m genuinely sorry for ever feeling otherwise.”

Mike V. said...

Hi Glenn! I wish I could say I'm just flying through the LOST encyclopedia but I just haven't had time! What I have read has been very enjoyable though. Sometimes informative, sometimes just nice to relive some of the great and/or forgotten moments of the show.

I have heard that LOSTpedia has put together a list of inconsistencies and just flat out mistakes in the book. But I'm sure these can be taken with a grain of salt. I don't think that signifies that they made up other information and didn't consult Damon, Carlton and the writers. The fact that Darlton wrote a forward BLESSING the encyclopedia is enough proof for me that they were consulted.

As far as Damon seeing Harry Potter and seeing the light....yes, I read it! It was retweeted my many a twitterers after Deathly Hallows was released. That is great that he is able to sympathize with the people that hated the finale. I personally did not hate it. And I also personally LOVED Harry Potter and the DH part 1! Yes, there were parts that I wish were different, but that's because I loved the books so much. Most of the things that were changed made sense for the movie. But I wasn't expecting much more than we got in that 1st parter. The payoff is in part 2. But there were still some great moments in this one. Yes, maybe it all could have been done in 1 movie but I don't think Warner Bros is trying to rip people off. I remember reading the book and thinking (how are they going to cut ANY of this out???) So I'm glad we're getting the 2 movie adaptation.

I do wish they set up the cliffhanger a bit differently. I like where they split the movies but I remember re-reading it knowing when the split was going to be and that moment is so suspenseful in the book because Harry is actively making decisions on what route he is going to take while Voldy is doing something else. Anyway...this is a LOST blog not a harry blog!

I can't make any promises to when I'll write about that encyclopedia....all I can say is I WANT TO and I HOPE TO eventually! I'll try my best!

Glenn R. said...

Really great interview with Adewale here:


Mike V. said...

It's been 1 year since the final season of LOST began. Definitely sinking in more that the show is really over! (Okay, it already had sunk in...but it's still painful!) Anyway, thought I'd share these links to Cuse and Lindelof's reflections. I'd love to post my own reflections in a new blog posting but I'm pretty swamped today. Maybe I'll get to that whenever I reflect on the encyclopedia! LOL I still have not made much progress reading that thing! Anyway, here are the articles:

Lindelof - TV Guide

Cuse - NY Times

Happy Mourning everyone!

Mike V. said...

Damon just tweeted this. He says the guy can't speak for the writers but he sure is smart! lol


I think we deduced the same stuff about the pregnancy issues. I didn't read much further than that.

Mike V. said...

Oooh excited. This week's EW will feature LOST on the cover for a "LIFE AFTER LOST" story. I love that EW can't let go either!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that LOST and Wizards of Waverly Place have TWO of the same characters! I'll tell you who they are:

Alex Russo (WOWP) Alex Russou(?) (LOST)

Dean Moriarty (LOST) Dean Moriarty (LOST)