Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LOST: Season 5 Sneak Peak Video 2

Whew, another video is finally here! Thanks to EW's Doc Jensen for referencing it. Gotta love this clip with all of the Jack/Ben goodness. But the clip is exactly what it sets out to be...a tease and nothing more. The major reveal in the clip has to do with the fate of Future (or present) Jack's Beard. What do you guys think? DISCUSS! (and enjoy!) 34 more days!!


David said...

First Big Question....Who died??? Jack says Locke told him Sawyer, Juiliet, and the people from the boat 'would die too' who died? Unless I have missed a trick there or misheard them?

Do you think Ben knows what happened to them? I think maybe he chose where to send the island...or when, if you like.

Mike V. said...

good catch with the "TOO" david. Unless Locke already knew he was on his way to his death. Or it was assumed that whatever killed Locke would kill them too.

No clue if Ben knows...but i'm already developing some theories...

I think i mentioned in the blog when it aired...but the big talk between hurley and ben at the dharma grave made it know that there was definitely another leader of the others before Ben who ordered the purge. What if Widmore was the leader before Ben? What if he ordered the purge? It would make sense...we've been assuming widmore was DHARMA but he may have actually been the one that killed them.

so i don't know if that really means Ben would know what happened to them....but i was just thinking it lol

But new thought...what if the island was just moved to the future 3 know...where the oceanic 6 and Ben are in the now present day? Would make things awfully convenient for them to get back wouldn't it? lol

that's about all i have for now!

Anonymous said...

Awesome ! Yes - it was just a tease - but it was a whole scene rather than just little snippets. Very interesting too.

Anonymous said...

Here's an article from a reviewer on Zap2it with some scoop from the first 2 eps that she has already seen.

I'm getting soooo psyched !

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link mj! I think this is where I need to draw the line though. That sounds like an article ripe with spoilers! Lol just gotta make it 22 more days!

Anonymous said...

And TV Guide has now posted their comments after having viewed the forst two eps !

Anonymous said...

Mike - not outright spoilers - but hints.

Both Zap2it and TV Guide stated clearly that they cannot give much away as the producers have sworn all of those getting the advanced eps to secrecy.

I could not resist - I can't wait 22 more days ! Aargh !

But I hear ya - wanting to stay spoiler free

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Just found this blog today after plowing through this entire series over the past couple weeks. I can't believe I missed watching this great show for the past few years! Anyway, I have a couple thoughts that I haven't seen mentioned here (although I haven't read everything so forgive me if I missed it)- first, if Kate goes back to the island she will be violating her probation. Does anyone think that issue will come up? And second, Claire's psychic said she had to be the one to raise Aaron. So will it be bad for him to be raised by Kate? Maybe that's part of why they have to go back? To get Aaron back to Claire, if she is still alive there? Anyway thanks for all the awesome posts! I'm going to keep perusing the older posts for anything I missed. =)

Anonymous said...

Doc Jensen is back - reviewing the season premiere. Not too spoilery, just little factoids.

Mike V. said...

thanks for the link MJ. I forgot to mention in the comments that I ended up reading Doc Jensen last week AND the TV Guide article. I think I made it 2hours before I caved! LOL

Both were good reads and I'm super psyched for the premiere!

I just finished season 4 on blu-ray this week, special features and all. Man it was a good time!

Bring on Season 5, my fingers are rested and ready to start typing again!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this season is going to be totally awesome. I cannot wait for the premiere.

You guys should check out this article here which gives a lot of insight into what unanswered questions might be answered this new season.

Lost Season 5 Preview

Some interesting speculations..

Mike V. said...

new doc jensen,,20251960,00.html

Anonymous said...

las respuestas a todo están en 'ajira airways'

Mike V. said...

thanks! (gracias) however it's actually www.ajiraairways.COM :-)

Mike V. said...


"Exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof say these questions will be 
answered within the first eight episodes: Where did the island go? When did the 
island go? How did Locke die, and how did he get back home? How will the Oceanic 6 get back to the island, and will they all go back? Look for Ben to drive a lot of the action: ''His master plan is badly out of whack, and he's forced to improvise to get it back on track,'' says Emerson. Episodes will bring a new spin on flashback/flash-forward storytelling, thanks to a bold 
embrace of time-travel sci-fi. Old faces 
will return, and key 
 moments will be 
revisited and given provocative new 
context. ''More than ever, I find myself getting scripts that leave me saying, 'You've got to be 
kidding me,''' says 
 Emerson. ''The writers have both you and me exactly where they want us.'' —Jeff Jensen

Anyone see the clip of the new episode that aired with the S4 Finale Wednesday night? Exciting stuff!!!

David said...

Over the past few days I have seen the start of Season 5 adverted on television...a particular part of the clip has got me thinking...It shows everyone's favourite example that anti-aging cream is good for you, Richard Alpert saying to Locke "The only way to save the island, to bring your people back." That coupled with the billboards I have seen up around my city questioning "We Know Locke's Dead...Right?" has lead me to thinking that maybe Locke isn't actually dead, that he has faked his own death or something to that effect.

It would kind of help explain how they would be able to get his seemingly dead body back to the island. I think Ben is in on it as well, him being the King of mind games and stuff...he knew that the way to convince Jack to go back would be to send Locke and if it didn't work, for him to appear dead so that Jack would regret not listening to him and, upon Ben's visit to him Jack would listen to him and agree to return.

We know that the Island doesn't let people kill themselves or die at all until they have served their purpose, or, in Michael's case to redeem a past mistake. According to the Newspaper article he did supposedly hang himself right? Anyway something to chew on.

Does anyone have any thoughts or advances on that theory?

Mike V. said...

All interesting stuff theories at this point but I guess "you never know" lol

I did want to pass on some producer video interviews though! it's a 3 parter with Doc Jensen. Enjoy,,1550612_20245764,00.html?bcpid=4396297001&bclid=4370457001&bctid=8439878001

Mike V. said...

interview with Jorge Garcia (hurley):

Mike V. said...

Doc Jensen:,,1550612_20250233_20253740,00.html

Plus 2 more video clips are on my previous link to (2 posts ago)

There's also a new podcast with the producers but it's just a 6 minute video podcast. Still entertaining!

Big blog should be up sometime tomorrow morning (hopefully)!

Mike V. said...

and TV Guide posted a "Catchup" Column today too!

Start getting excited! 5 more hours until showtime!!!